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Cquote1 I'd still be at Flaminge, having my beauty nap, if a certain fox hadn't called me over! ...but hey, this is some deep shit we're looking at, so I guess I can let that slide. Cquote2
Rouge upon being asked why she came back to the group, The Cybermal Onslaught

She definitely knows how to kick some ass, both figuratively and literally! Rouge the Bat is one of GUN’s most valuable stealth experts and spies, as well as a skilled treasure hunter. She is a major character in the Darkness Trigger series, making her series debut in the second installment of the series, The Cybermal Onslaught, in GUN’s efforts to repel a new foe who claims to have been a victim of their actions…


Rouge stands at five feet, two inches and sports white fur around much of her head, which sports a pair of large ears on top of it and a few tufts of fur at the lower back of her head. Meanwhile, much of her voluptuous body, along with her muzzle and inner ears, seems to consist of nothing else other than a tan-colored skin tone. Her eyes bear a teal-colored shade and she wears pink eyeshadow on her eyelids. A large pair of black wings can be seen on her back, providing her the capability of flight.

Her outfit consists of a dark purple skin-tight top with a pink heart-shaped pattern with silver-white edges that exposes much of her chest and back, the latter of which allows for sufficient room for her wings. Wrapped around her lower body is a pair of white, equally skin-tight leggings, as well as a pink belt with a white heart-shaped buckle around her waist. A pair of white, arm-length gloves with pink accents can be seen around her arms and a separate pair of dark purple boots with metallic heels and a pink, heart-shaped emblem on the toe area of each boot is adorned around her legs. She also sports a pink-and-white eyepiece with a greenish-blue lens on the side of her head.


Rouge is best defined as a highly-professional, capable, and somewhat ruthless agent working for GUN, with rather blatant hints of an incredibly flirtatious, seductive, and playful side to her, which can cause people to think of her as something of a ditz. Of course, it should never be forgotten that Rouge is also known for her love for jewelry and other fancy gems that might as well border on pure obsession.

She is also a very disciplined and highly-skilled combatant, often taking the art of fighting rather seriously, something that she takes a lot of pride in. That said, she has been known to opt for a more pragmatic and dirtier approach to fighting rather often, though this is only because she frequently ends up fighting opponents that outmatch her in some aspect. Rouge is also capable of being laidback and simply having fun during her free time, if the fact that she owns her own nightclub over at the Night Babylon district in New Haven City is any indication.

Previously, Rouge was rather selfish and cared only about her personal interests, but this trait has gradually diminished over the years. In present day, she cares a great deal for her allies, her colleagues in GUN, and especially the rest of Team Dark. However, she sometimes does fall back into the habit of becoming distracted by a particularly shiny gem and potentially risk jeopardizing whatever mission she is on should it occur then. In addition, she still likes to tease and flirt with others, though she does this only to get a quick laugh whenever she gets bored.

All in all, however, Rouge has become a more heroic individual and someone who will ultimately set aside her selfishness for the sake of the greater good, as well as the friends she’s come to love and genuinely care for overtime.

History and Appearances



Canon appearances are in bold.


Other Appearances



  • Shadow the Hedgehog - a fellow GUN associate and member of Team Dark, Shadow has been one of Rouge’s closest friends for a long time. While they initially weren’t as close during their first outing, along with Dr. Eggman, several years ago, they have since become true companions and always have each others’ backs.
  • E-123 Omega - another colleague in GUN and Team Dark’s powerhouse, Rouge is also close with Omega, though she is often the first to become exasperated with his trigger-happy tendencies.
  • Knuckles the Echidna - the guardian of the Master Emerald and another treasure hunter, Rouge’s friendly rivalry with the echidna is still present, but it is not nearly as vitriolic as before. Rouge still takes a great deal of delight teasing the echidna, however, and occasionally tries to take the Master Emerald when off-duty albeit only for fun, so she says.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - the world-renowned hero of Mobius and the fastest thing alive, the two are generally on good terms and can even relate to simply having some fun and enjoyment in their lives. Rouge was even the one who gave Sonic her own affectionate nickname of “Big Blue”.
  • Miles "Tails" Prower - a young fox with an incredible knack for machines and an impressive IQ. Rouge has been mentioned to have enjoyed teasing the young fox way back when, but Tails has since gotten used to these advances and does not react just as much anymore. While this does upset Rouge, the two are still close associates of GUN and good friends.
  • Amy Rose -
  • Whirlwind Reyes - Rouge really enjoys getting to annoy Whirlwind, purely because of the way he reacts to her advances. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to feel the same and generally tries to avoid her because of it. That said, the two can still count on each other when it matters.
  • Liam Scarlet -
  • Blitz the Noisemaker
  • Knockout Shadeclaw
  • Raiden


  • Zagan the Gravebringer - the bat doesn’t get to interact with the Gravebringer very often, given his very seclusive nature.


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Derek Gate - a former associate of GUN, the scientist-turned-Cybermal has resurfaced to bring justice to the organization, or so he believes.

Skills and Abilities

Rouge possesses rather impressive lower-body strength - specifically, around her legs and feet - comparable to that of Knuckles’ upper body strength. This immense strength allows her to beat the ever-living tar out of her opponents with either a lightning-fast flurry of kicks or a single, powerful kick that can shatter the opponent’s bones with enough effort. She has been implied to be capable of creating small earthquakes simply by kicking the ground with enough force to cause such an event. Two notable techniques of hers are the Drill Drive, where she rushes towards the opponent feet-first with a high-speed, drill-like attack, and the Lethal Screw, a rising spinning kick attack.

She is also quite acrobatic and agile, being capable of evading blows with relative ease, among other maneuvers in her skillset that require being nimble. Of course, this impressive agility of hers is also present while in midair, being able to dodge attacks coming at her while soaring through the skies with ease.

Rouge has been frequently touted as one of the world’s leading experts in the art of stealth and espionage, with her field of experience in such an area rivaling those of even Espio, a highly-skilled practitioner of ninjutsu and another stealth expert himself. Along with this comes a knack for tracking down valuable treasures, with her main specialty and preference being jewels and other priceless gems.

Another minor ability that Rouge sports is an above-average sense of hearing, largely thanks to her large ears. With this, she can hear even the most subtle of movements without trying too hard. This means that sneaking past her presence is often a difficult ordeal to overcome.


  • Iron Boots - a pair of boots specifically-made to complement Rouge’s kick-oriented fighting style. They come equipped with a tiny compartment where a Chaos Drive is stored, allowing the boots to shoot out bolts of Chaos Energy should Rouge choose to.
  • Bat Crackers - Rouge allows carries a set of these bat-shaped bombs with her, as they make for useful projectiles and are powerful enough to destroy materials that he kicks can’t.
  • Treasure Scope - a specialized eyepiece that aids Rouge in her missions, especially when it comes to tracking down a specific person or object. It’s also useful for scanning other life-forms and their energy signatures.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 7 - Rouge’s legs are incredibly powerful, rivaling that of Knuckles’ fists. This makes her an impressive capable of beating much of the competition with her legs.

Defense: 5 - Her focus on maintaining her momentum in a fight does not leave much for her on the defensive side.

Speed: 7 - Given her powerful legs, Rouge is able to move around and strike her foes just as quickly.

Magic: 0 - Rouge lacks any sort of supernatural powers of any sort.

Evasion: 7 - Coupled with her ability to fly, Rouge's natural nimbleness and agility enables her to make split-second reactions and move around the field with finesse.

Intelligence: 7 - Being a skilled spy and stealth expert requires a good deal of intellect, and Rouge definitely knows how to think her way through several situations.

Skills: 8 - Having trained in her fields of expertise throughout the years has made Rouge quite adept as both a stealth operative and a martial artist.

Accuracy: 8 - Rouge surely knows where to strike her foes to deliver the hurt, and she shows quite an impressive aim when tossing any of her Bat Crackers.

Stamina: 7 - Years of training has made Rouge's body able to keep up a good fight for as long as she needs to.

Tolerance: 5 - Despite all of that, Rouge still feels as much agony as any other Mobian.

Total: 61%


Like Amy, Rouge is primarily a close-ranged combatant in the battefield. However, she does sport some tools that allow her to fight from a distance, and her Trigger move has its uses in confusing the opponent should it take effect. She can then take advantage of the confusion to unleash a powerful barrage of kicks before finishing it with a powerful Critical Trigger for big damage. However, Rouge's focus on maintaining the offensive leaves her relatively frail and can be taken down fairly easily should she become reckless.

  • Black Wave: Rouge’s Trigger move. She emits a wave of Chaos Energy with a powerful kick, inflicting them with the Dizzy Battle State, which completely screws with her opponent’s movement controls for a short time.
  • Ripple Phantom: Rouge’s Limit Break, where her Trigger effect lasts longer and is enhanced in such a manner that the button inputs are scrambled as well. In addition, most of her normals deal multiple hits by shooting out multiple bursts of Chaos Energy from her boots.
  • Heartbreaker: A Command Normal where Rouge performs a swift flurry of kicks upon her opponent.
  • Bat Cracker: Rouge activates one of her bat-shaped bombs and lets it fly forward, detonating either after a few seconds or once it makes contact with her foe.
  • Wing Cutter: Rouge flips forward and performs a mighty overhead axe kick wreathed in Chaos Energy.
  • Lethal Screw: Rouge leaps into the air while performing multiple spinning kicks at impressive speeds.
  • Drill Drive: OK in midair. Rouge rushes forward with a Chaos Energy-wreathed drill kick like a spinning torpedo.
  • Lightning Corkscrew: A Critical Trigger where Rouge surrounds both of her legs with Chaos Energy and performs a powerful drill-like kick that deals heavy damage.
  • Shattered Soul: A Critical Trigger where Rouge performs a lightning-fast flurry of kicks then lands a rising somersault kick, carrying herself and her foe into the air and dealing multiple hits before finishing with a powerful divekick.
  • Lust Rending Heaven: An Adrenaline Mode-only Critical Trigger where Rouge performs a more devastating version of her Wing Cutter move, producing massive shockwaves upon impact.
  • Temptation’s Punishment: Rouge’s Overkill in the series. She entrances her foe with her seductive wiles (which is shown in-game by her simply walking past her foe and giving them a wink and chuckle) while leaving behind a number of Bat Crackers in said opponent’s position. After a few moments, everything goes boom and her foe effectively gets their punishment for falling into their temptation.


One immediate weakness present in her biology is that her large ears leave her vulnerable to particularly loud noises, as her enhanced sense of hearing means she can hear it more clearly. Being a melee-oriented fighter also leaves her options for zoning somewhat limited, with the sole exception of her Bat Cracker.

Rouge is also rather stubborn whenever she does get into a fight. This has put her in some rather dangerous situations at times, often requiring some assistance from others to bail her out. In addition, her skills in stealth are far from flawless, as impressive as they area. This is mostly caused by a case of poor judgment on her part, however, and she has been trying to overcome this issue over the years.


The Cybermal Onslaught

"Aw, how come Shadow gets a warm greeting from you and I don't, Big Blue? How mean!"
—Rouge jokingly calling out on Sonic greeting only Shadow
"It's the least we could do for [Team Thunder's] assistance. Hell, they already had the right to know the moment they offered."
—Rouge agreeing on the notion that Team Thunder should know the truth regarding the Destroyer


  • Out of the official characters showing up in the Black Flame Continuity, Rouge’s redesign was arguably the hardest to come up with.
    • Coming up with her design in the Darkness Trigger series required searching multiple sources before coming up with the final result.
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