"Beautiful Thief" Rouge is main character in Sonic Piece. She is the Treasurer of the Blue Blur Pirates.


Rouge wears Blue shirt, black pants, a red scarf at the waist, a pirate style black bandana in the head, with holes for her ears, and two black bracelets.

After the Bon Giorno Arc, She changed into a black spandex shirt without sleeves and pink lines, Black gloves with gold ring, black pants and boots with wide pink stipes.


Rouge loves treasure, especially jewels. She also enjoys teasing others. She is very self confident, and an expert liar.

The Bon Giorno Arc, it is revealed she holds her friends and family dearly, and will risk her life to protect them.

Powers & Abilities

  • Kick-based Fighting Style: Rouge fights with powerful kicks. She learned how to fight from her sister, and her training with the Wolf Pack made her stronger.
  • Flight: Rouge can fly with her wings, but only for short distances.
  • Lock Picking: Rouge is an expert at picking locks.
  • Hearing: Rouge has incredible hearing, fit for a bat.


  • Smoke Bombs: Rouge carries smoke bombs to blind foes, or to escape.
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