Rotor the Walrus is a mobian walrus and one of the Freedom Fighters' main inventors, often working with both Tails and Charles. He also works as an informant, providing data and information to his allies so that they can have an edge against Dr. Eggman and his empire.


Rotor is a purple walrus with peach skin on his muzzle and on his stomach. He also has large tusks and emerald green eyes. Rotor is larger than most of his fellow Freedom Fighters.

For attire, Rotor wears a yellow baseball cap, yellow googles, a teal bomber jacket, a teal tool belt, yellow gloves, and black and white shoes. As a child, Rotor wore his signature yellow cap, red and white sneakers, a green tool-belt over his shoulder, and his yellow gloves.


Rotor was born in an icy region of Gaia and was an inventive child. This often got him into trouble with his father, who may have had a general dislike for Rotor in general. Rotor would then run away to Mobotropolis, only to find out that Dr. Eggman had taken it over. He would soon join up with the refugees and would join the group that would become the Freedom Fighters. He would grow in his abilities until he would create the Sky Patrol, the Freedom Fighters' flying HQ.


Rotor is easy-going and friendly, usually getting along with everyone and rarely has shown aggression. Despite this, he hates Dr. Eggman and his beliefs and will everything in his power to stop him. Rotor is also very protective of his friends, seeing them as his family as his own family life wasn't good, and is a trusting friend.

Powers and Abilities

Rotor is physically strong and a skilled fighter, mostly using his fists. He is the team's strongest swimmer and can fight easily underwater. Ever since he was a child, he has loved to tinker with machines and that love has evolved into where he provides his team with weapons and equipment to give them a cutting edge against the Eggman Empire.




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