This is an article about Rosy the Rascal/Mobius Redrawn, a character created by Konnichiku on 11/1/2015.

Rosy the Rascal is a doppelganger of Amy Rose, and one of her best friends.


Rosy looks like Amy, but wears a white blouse with green sleeves, a yellow tutu, and dark blue sneakers with white laces. She carries around a green hammer.


Rosy is kindhearted, caring, and generous. She is bubbly and optimistic like her counterpart, and is an overall sweet little girl. However, she possesses strong and amazing talents like superspeed, and smashes enemies with her so-called "Mighty Mallet".

Strengths and Powers

Rosy can run at the speed of sound, much like Sonic. She can also use ninjutsu, which she learned from Kwai Chang Crane, and harnesses Chaos Control. She also possesses graceful acrobatic skills.

General Info

Rosy helped Sonic and Tails find the Darkling Emeralds, and witnessed Sonic's terrifying transformation into Phantom Sonic with Amy, Sally, and Mina.

Currently she took to traveling with Fiona Fox to locate the seven Charm Emeralds.

Items Currently In Possession


Rosy the Rascal was born on the planet Moebius, near the same time Amy Rose was born. She was raised there. At the age of eight, Rosy moved to Nothole and received the Mighty Mallet. Rosy stayed in Nothole until sometime later, when she got caught in the Null Space sweeping across the world thanks to the Time Eater. She met Amy Rose and her friends Sally Acorn and Mina the Mongoose. When the foursome escaped, Rosy found herself on Mobius. She arrived in Central City and made her way to Station Square. Rosy saw Amy, Sally, and Mina in concert. Excited, she went backstage to see the girls. When she saw them, Amy asked her if she wanted to ride their tour bus on their first world tour. Ecstatic at the opportunity, Rosy said yes.

On the first tour, Rosy rode the bus with Alicia Acorn, Sally's best friend, who was born on Moebius just like Rosy. They became friends and got to sing onstage with Amy, Sally, and Mina.

Rosy is now travelling with Fiona Fox.


  • Null Space
  • Sonic Forces

Relationships with Other Characters

Amy Rose

Rosy is really good friends with Amy Rose. Ever since they met in the Null Space, Amy and Rosy have been hanging out together.

Sally Acorn

Rosy and Sally Acorn have been best friends since their meeting in the Null Space.

Mina the Mongoose

Rosy and Mina the Mongoose met in the Null Space and have been good friends since.

Alicia Acorn

Rosy and Alicia Acorn are friends. They met on Amy, Sally, and Mina's tour bus.

Fun Facts

  • Rosy's original inspiration, Rosy the Rascal from Archie Comics, was a psychopath. The writer of Mobius Redrawn deleted that concept and made Rosy kind.
  • Rosy's favorite thing to do is take pictures with a camera. In issue #19 of the Mobius Redrawn comic, Rosy says that it has been with her since 1994.
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