Rosie Woodchuck is a character that appears in the Marshalia13 Universe. She is a Mobian woodchuck who served as Princess Sally's nanny before fleeing to Knothole with her after Dr. Eggman took over Mobotropolis. There she continued to serve as a caretaker for the princess and the other young refugees of Eggman's tyranny.


Rosie is a brown woodchuck with white hair, round ears and buck teeth. She wears a blue dress with gold/yellow linings. Like most other people, she wears white gloves.


Rosie with Sally

Rosie hugging Sally

Rosie spent a number of years as Princess Sally's nanny and tutor, doing her best to help prepare the young princess for her future role as queen. Some time after Dr. Ellidy departed the kingdom, Rosie came to collect her pupil for lessons only to find her using her new handheld computer Nicole. Sally attempted to convince Rosie that Nicole would make it so that she did not need to take lessons anymore, but the pragmatic Rosie recognized that-at the time-Nicole could only provide logical solutions to problems, and not any that took into account emotion. After confronting Sally with such a problem, she apologized for putting so much pressure on her, and listened with good humor as Sally noted that she did have a lot to learn, but that she hoped Nicole could serve as her adviser.

New Rosie

Rosie waking Sally to escape from Eggman's takeover

One night, Rosie woke up Sally, and told her that they needed to hurry. The pair fled to Knothole in the Wood Zone, two of many refugees escaping from Dr. Eggman's takeover of their home city, Mobotropolis. The pair continued to live in Knothole as Sally grew up, and Rosie continued to act as a caretaker for her and for others in the village. In particular, Rosie helped young Bunnie Rabbot learn to adjust to her new robotic limbs.


Rosie is a caring individual who cares deeply for all younger children, particularly those whom she has served as a nanny for over the years. She is known to have a feisty and fun-loving personality, but can also be quite serious. In particular, she strives to help her charges prepare for the future. She speaks with a slight Scottish accent.

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