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(EN) Roseinian People's Direct Action Front
(RK) Дирэкт Акцонс Фронт Росеинского Волк
Direkt Aktions Front Roseinskogo Volk (transliterated)
RPDAF logo.png
Abbreviation (EN) RPDAF, (RK) ДАФРВ, DAFRV (transliterated)
Founded 55 years prior to present day
Ideology Marxism-Leninism
Notable members Georgiy Aleinikov and Karina Vaingartner (co-founders)
Membership Unknown

The Roseinian People's Direct Action Front (Roseinian: Дирэкт Акцонс Фронт Росеинского Волк, tr. Direkt Aktions Front Roseinskogo Volk, commonly shortened to ДАФРВ or DAFRV), also known as the "Aleinikov-Vaingartner Gang", is a far-left terrorist organization operating in the Kingdom of Mobius. Comprised of Roseinian expatriates and Mobian citizens of Roseinian descent, the RPDAF's aim is to overthrow the Royal Government and aid the Roseinian Empire's takeover of the Kingdom. They are responsible for various crimes around Mobius, such as robberies, murders, bombings and kidnappings. Allegedly, they have received funding from the Roseinian government.


During the time of the Roseinian Revolution, a number of Roseinian citizens fled the Roseinian Empire to the Kingdom of Mobius. Officially, they were welcomed with open arms. However, being that many refugees were humans, they experienced discrimination like native Mobian humans, which stoked discontent. Some of these refugees even committed violent acts of retribution against native Mobians.

However, it wasn't until the rise of Genrikh Bolshov in the Roseinian Empire and a radical student movement in Mobius that the seeds of terrorism would truly be planted. Amongst this rise of communism, a couple of significant events occurred: first of all, a student organizer named Victor Warkentin was shot dead by ECPD Officer Alvin Faulhaber, of which Faulhaber was acquitted amongst controversy that he'd been paid off by the Emerald City Mafia. Second of all, Karina Vaingartner – a writer working for the magazine Roseinians Abroad – was arrested for setting fire to a department store and shooting an Emerald City police officer who responded to the scene.

Hearing about Vaingartner's arrest, Georgiy Aleinikov – then a convenience store owner – devised a scheme with Vaingartner's brother Gorst: pose as members of the Royal Mobian Constabulary and gain custody of her under the pretense of transferring her to another facility. Initially, the ruse worked until an ECPD sergeant noticed an error in Aleinikov's uniform. The trio was forced to shoot their way out of the station, but they managed to escape without injury.

After laying low for a while, Aleinikov and Vaingartner rallied up a group of discontented Roseinian immigrants, resulting in the beginnings of the Roseinian People's Direct Action Front. Aleinikov masterminded many of the group's operations, while Vaingartner wrote and/or recorded the group's various manifestos and teachings. For the next few years, the RPDAF committed a string of crimes across Mobius, including robberies, assassinations, kidnappings and general mayhem. During the early years of the Great War, they even organized various antiwar protests, a few of which turned violent.

However, the RPDAF's most infamous work would come amidst the darkest days of the Great War, when they committed actions such as attempting to sabotage firefighters' rescue efforts. Perhaps the height of their mayhem would come three months after Chun-Nan pulled out of the Great War. In that time, the RPDAF seized the Roseinian Embassy in Emerald City and demanded three million Mobiums in addition to the abdication of the Royal Family. While King Maximillian Acorn and Queen Alicia Acorn feigned negotiations with the RPDAF, a strike team from the Royal Mobian Constabulary burst into the embassy and killed or arrested a number of RPDAF members with no Constables or hostages lost, though one Constable was injured in a breaching accident.

After the siege, the RMC put more pressure on the RPDAF until finally, in an action dubbed the "August 29 Raid", many top-ranking members of the RPDAF – including Aleinikov and Vaingartner – were arrested. They were sent to trial, and it appeared that Aleinikov and Vaingartner were due to be sentenced to life in prison. However, before a verdict could be delivered, both Aleinikov and Vaingartner were found dead in their cells of multiple stab wounds, each with improvised shanks on their persons. While Aleinikov and Vaingartner's deaths were seen as suspicious by a number of people, no concrete evidence was produced to implicate anyone for murder.

In spite of Aleinikov and Vaingartner's deaths, and in spite of support for the Roseinian Empire and antiwar protests abating after the end of the Great War, the RPDAF continues to operate. In the meantime, law enforcement agencies such as the Emerald City Police Department and Royal Mobian Constabulary continue to remain vigilant and investigate any possible RPDAF activities. Rumor has it that the Roseinian government has supplied and trained RPDAF members, but little – if any – evidence exists to support this.


Like a number of left-wing terrorist groups, the RPDAF leadership structure is simple, consisting of the overall leader of the group (who remains unknown since the deaths of Aleinikov and Vaingartner), plus the leaders of each trup. Trupska – barring the Emerald City Trup – are named after deceased RPDAF members or deceased left-wing militants. As mentioned before, the ranks are open to either Roseinian immigrants or Mobian citizens with at least 50% Roseinian blood from the patriarchal side of their family. A sample list of each Trup can be found here:

  • Emerald City Trup
  • Georgiy Aleinikov Trup
  • Karina Vaingartner Trup
  • Ariel Atkins Trup
  • Lorraine Christianson Trup
  • Duke Samuel Trup
  • Leila Stanek Trup
  • Dmitriy Shirmer Trup
  • Yevstafiy Kovac Trup
  • Nora Pavlitsky Trup
  • Martin Brotz Trup
  • Svetlana Vagner Trup
  • Yevpraksiya Styuk Trup
  • Emanuel Lavrents Trup

In popular culture

  • Perhaps the first movie made about the RPDAF was The Lost Honor of Gabrielle Morozov, adapted from Diedrich Glass' novel of the same name. Though the RPDAF was not explicitly named, the events in both the novel and film are based on real events.
  • Another movie called Mobius in Autumn details the early days of the RPDAF leading up to the Great War.
  • In both the movie Sixty Seconds to Live and its novelization Love to the Rescue, the RPDAF is not explicitly named, but both are based off of the Roseinian Embassy siege.
  • The action movie Legend of the Death Game features an organization purporting to be the RPDAF, but it is revealed later in the movie that the villains are acting for their own self-interests.

Other trivia

  • The RPDAF is based off of the real-life West German militant group called the Red Army Faction.


The RPDAF makes its first appearance in Terror At the Olympic Games, when twelve members storm the Olympic Village and take all the Mobian athletes – barring Sonic and Espio – hostage. Twelve more are waiting on the plane that is to take them to Nakagrad, and there are twelve plainclothes members in the terminal at Acorn International Airport. They are all killed by the combined forces of Sonic, Espio, Shadow and the Royal Mobian Constabulary.