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(EN) Roseinian Federation of People's Republics
(RK) Росеинский Бундэштат Республик Народных
Roseinskiy Bundeštat Respublik Narodnikh (transliterated)

Motto: "Крафт через солидаритейт"
"Kraft Čerez Solidariteyt" (translit.)
(EN) "Strength Through Solidarity"
Anthem: "Национал Гимн РБРН"
"Natsional Gimn RBRN"
"National Hymn of the RFPR"

Flag of the RFPR.png


Vital Information

Largest City


Official Language(s) Roseinian
National Language Various dialects depending on region.
Denonym Roseinian
  • President
  • Premier
Socialist single-party state
  • Genrikh Bolshov, Valentin Fridberg (ASMW)
  • Dimitri Trubach (ASMW), Sergey Altshuler (Journeys & War Zone)
Legislature Ultimate Council
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Population 300,070,221 (2XX6)
Land area 8,202,764 sq mi. (est.)
  • Total
  • Per capita
Last estimate
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Currency Ruble (Ɽ)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 7

The Roseinian Federation of People's Republics (Roseinian: Росеинский Бундэштат Республик Народных, tr. Roseinskiy Bundeštat Respublik Narodnikh), commonly known as the Roseinian Empire, is a fictional country in BearfootTruck's fanfics. It is a socialist state that is heavily based on the Soviet Union. In all of BearfootTruck's series, they had been at war with the Kingdom of Mobius at some point or another.


In the real world, the name was derived from David Rosen, the CEO & founder of SEGA Enterprises Ltd. In-universe, the name is derived from "Ros'", the state that preceded modern Roseinia.


After being inhabited by nomadic hunter-gatherers for thousands of years, the earliest form of the country that would become modern Roseinia came into being around 1,100 years ago. This state was known as Khazian Ros' (Хазайский Рось). Inhabited by the Rosein people and a few other ethnic groups, Khazian Ros' prospered for about three centuries before infighting and invasions from other nomadic tribes caused the country to fragment.

The Rosein people moved eastwards across the Grand Steppe to establish a new country, while Khazian Ros' became what is now Dniepria. Establishment of the new country was disrupted by repeated invasions from the Silver Hordes, not to mention the Great Plague. Nevertheless, Anatoly Naka led his people to victory, and became the first leader of the Great Duchy of Naka. Under his 29-year reign, the people enjoyed a new age of prosperity, and by the time he died, a new capital was named in his honor – Nakagrad.

The age of prosperity continued under the reign of Yurgin I, Yurgin II, Igor I, Yurgin III, Igor II & Gunter II. However, things changed with the ascent of Yurgin IV, a.k.a. "Yurgin the Fearsome" – the first Tsar of Roseinia. Just a month prior, the Great Duchy of Naka had fallen into a terrible drought & subsequent famine. During his reign, the country fell into a bloody civil war fought between humans & humanoid animals. Using an iron fist and decisive strategies, Yurgin the Fearsome was able to quell the bloodshed and unite everybody – human and animal – in peace.

With his aggressive strategizing, Yurgin the Fearsome further expanded Roseinia's land area and formed a standing military. However, true to his name, his iron fist policies meant that people were randomly executed during this era, and he is suspected to have been suffering from some sort of mental illness, earning him the nickname "Yurgin the Mad" as well. For all of his conquests, Yurgin failed to conquer the Kingdom of Mobius, the Khanate of Dniepria & the Grand Duchy of Eastland, although he did manage to usurp some land & French fries from Eastland.

After 48 years as ruler, Yurgin the Fearsome died. Since he had no heirs to ascend the throne, the country was thrown into a brutal civil war known as the War of the Ascension. After eight bloody years, a new leader emerged: Berukh the Bat, the first non-human leader of Roseinia. Under the 23-year reign of Tsar Berukh I, the country began to recover from the terrible losses it sustained during the war. He also ushered in a time of peace for Roseinia.

This era of peace continued with Tsar Berukh II and his successors. However, it wasn’t until Poslan the Tiger became Tsar that Roseinia truly established itself on the world stage. For the first time, Roseinia established diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Mobius and also with Chun-Nan. They even assisted the Columbian Colonies in the Independence War, but made little significant contributions. More significantly, Roseinia established significant trade routes with the new country and established the colony of Holoska in the northern part of the continent.

With the arrival of Caroline the Magnificent – the first female Tsar, Roseinia expanded further north & west. The country also went into an age of enlightenment, during which it made numerous scientific contributions to the world. It was during her reign that the country finally became known as the Roseinian Empire. The country expanded further north & south, establishing colonies within Chun-Nan & Ahmadistan. By the time she died, Caroline had left a rich legacy for the Roseinian Empire and its people after 41 years in power. The age of enlightenment continued under Caroline's son, Boris I. However, things were beginning to slow down by this time, although he did manage to gain some territory from Weissruth during this era.

Tsar Boris I was succeeded by Andrey I after 21 years in power. Under Andrey's reign, the Roseinian Empire began to falter. The country went into an economic downturn, the winters became unusually harsh – even for them – and to make matters worse, there was an invasion from the combined forces of Mobius, Dniepria & Weissruth. The resulting conflict was known as the War of the Three Spearheads. After 11 months, the Roseinian Empire managed to repel the invaders, but at great cost: 2 million Roseinian soldiers lost their lives in the conflict, and the Empire lost some of its territory to the three invading countries.

As a result of this, Tsar Andrey I planned to enact some reforms. However, the Roseinian Empire was now a breeding ground for various ideological conflicts. In the midst of such conflict, Andrey died. The cause of his death is unknown, but is suspected to be from eating a radioactive pastry. Andrey would be succeeded by Boris II. Tsar Boris II carried out plenty of reforms himself. For example, he noted that the Roseinian Armed Forces were severely outdated compared to those of other countries, but after his reforms, the country's armed forces became one of the best militaries on the continent of Mercia. Even so, Boris II was unable to quell the internal strife that his country was going through, and he was assassinated.

His son, Boris III took power. Tsar Boris III brought stability to the Roseinian Empire. However, problems remained, and during this era, the foundations were being laid for one of the most significant events in Roseinian history. In the meantime, Boris III sold Holoska to the Federal Republic of Columbia in order to ensure his country's survival. He died after a relatively uneventful 15 years on the throne. To succeed him, Andrey II was chosen.

In the first two years of Andrey II's reign, nothing especially notable happened. However, one autumn, the Roseinian Empire was hit by a deadly fungus, wiping out many of the crops and causing a huge food shortage. This food shortage was played up by socialist reactionaries, who claimed that the rulers of the country were stuffing their faces full while its people suffered. While Andrey II was more than willing to solve the food shortage problem, he grew very suspicious of those who spoke out against the government. In his opinion, he felt that perhaps the Roseinian Empire had lost its way and was disintegrating due to corrupt foreign influences. After thinking it over, he decided to execute socialists and even socialist sympathizers in certain cases.

Taking matters a step further, Andrey II declared war on numerous countries, including the Kingdom of Tedesca, the Republic of Varsovia, the Eastland-Selonian Commonwealth…in short, any countries that he considered to be breeding grounds for socialists. The resulting war – The Reactionary War – dragged on for five years. Many people died, but neither side made significant gains. In fact, the Roseinian Armed Forces suffered the most casualties, brought on mainly by disease & starvation rather than combat injuries.

Finally, the situation at home came to a head when a loose coalition of factory workers, farmers and independent tradesmen staged a wave of uprisings across the Roseinian Empire. In the Roseinian Revolution, Tsar Andrey II & the government were overthrown. After a few months, the Interim Government was replaced by a new socialist government. This government, the Congress of People's Councils, was led by Protneshkov the Marmot, the most well-known figure of the Revolution. With the rise of the new government, the country was now called the Roseinian Socialist People's Republic.

At first, the new government got off to a rocky start. Although Protneshkov's plans called for a tightly-knit central government, some threads couldn’t be tied up at first. The CPC was being challenged by a number of opponents, including Tsarist sympathizers, rebels backed by the Federal Republic of Columbia and even the Columbians themselves. However, their biggest challenge came from the Tedescans, and in the resulting Tedescan-Roseinian War, the Roseinians just barely came out victorious.

Despite such challenges, the new Roseinian government managed to defeat all their enemies. However, Protneshkov's work was far from over. Together with his comrades, Maksim Pugachev – leader of the United People's Red Army, and German Ostrovskiy – Deputy Chairman of the CPC, he attended the Workers' & Artisans' Conference. This conference was also attended by delegates from the Dnieprian People's Republic, the Socialist Republic of Weissruth & the Atlantian Socialist Federation. Together, they formed a new state: The Roseinian Federation of People's Republics.

Upon unification, Protneshkov's first act as leader was to lay down a new plan for the economy, known as the Economic Revival Project. Under the ERP, agricultural surpluses were divided up in order to feed the poor. Additionally, certain parcels of land were seized for the peasants & workers. Most importantly, though, the ERP placed a greater emphasis on industry, and it was under this plan that the first auto plant was constructed in the Roseinian Empire: State Automotive Plant No. 1, located in Nakagrad. Aside from industry, banking, healthcare & public works were placed under state control. Another significant development that occurred under Protneshkov's rule was that women & minorities were given more rights than ever before. In contrast, religion was downplayed, but not outright banned.

After nine years in office, Protneshkov died. He was given a large state funeral, perhaps the largest in Roseinian history. In an unusual move, his body was placed in suspended animation. Even to this day, the techniques employed are unknown to all except a tightly-controlled group. Regardless, the Roseinian Empire was a prosperous & thriving country by the time he left it. On another note, shortly after his death, a group of people stole his body, threatening to revive him so they could kill him again if they weren't paid a large ransom. However, their plot was unsuccessful and they were executed.

That aside, a man named Genrikh Bolshov succeeded Protneshkov as leader. Once the secretary of the CPRE, Bolshov's rule was initially seen as an extension of the groundwork laid out by Protneshkov. Soon after, however, he began to set himself apart from his predecessor. One way he did this was by expanding industry, hoping to transition from an agricultural economy. However, he became more widely known for his Expansionary Adjustment Plan. Not satisfied with the current state of the country, Bolshov took over Eastland, Selonia, Bakun & Yerastan as well, absorbing them into the RFPR. Anyone who disagreed with him was tortured, starved and executed. Among those were former Protneshkov supporters Pugachev & Ostrovskiy. This move allowed Bolshov to further centralize power for himself. As another act of power, he increased taxes and expanded the military, plunging millions into famine. From there, there were three different possibilities…

ASMW timeline

Continuing his aggressive expansion, Bolshov attempted to invade the Kingdom of Mobius next. This event sparked the Great War. At first, the Roseinian military was pushing back the Mobian forces. However, the Crown Armed Forces soon developed superior technology, and the Roseinians fell back. However, Bolshov also had assistance from Communist Chun-Nan, which made things even more difficult for Mobius. Even so, the Mobians persisted, and after Chairman Wang’s death, the Chunanese forces withdrew.

For 25 years, the Roseinian Empire attempted to conquer Mobius, with little success. Then, Bolshov died, and Valentin Fridberg took power. He saw little sense in continuing the war, so he met with King Maximillian Acorn of Mobius. Together, they drew up a peace treaty, thus ending the war. By the time it was over, millions of Roseinians had died, and only a negligible amount of territory was gained by either side. Furthermore, the Roseinian economy was beginning to suffer.

Suddenly, Fridberg found his country being hit by a new foe. This new foe was perhaps Mobian in origin, but it wasn’t from the Mobian government. In fact, it was a robot army led by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a mad scientist who had taken over Mobius shortly after the peace treaty was signed. Left with no choice, the Roseinian Empire resumed the war against Mobius, and has held out for the last ten years…

Sonic Journeys timeline

For years, Genrikh Bolshov had been content to rule the Empire with an iron fist. After the acquisition of Eastland, Selonia, Bakun & Yerastan, he addressed the United Federation, promising not to acquire any further territories. That would all change, however, with the death of Arkady Glushakov, a BSS agent on a mission in the Federal Republic of Columbia. Claiming that Glushakov was an innocent civilian, Bolshov used his death as an excuse to declare war…

Sonic War Zone timeline

Continuing his aggressive expansion, Bolshov attempted to invade the Kingdom of Mobius next. This event sparked the Great War. At first, the Roseinian military was pushing back the Mobian forces. However, the Crown Armed Forces soon developed superior technology, and the Roseinians fell back. However, the Roseinians used their superior numbers to their advantage, and combined with some clever tactics, they have been steadily advancing on the Mobian capital.


By total area, the Roseinian Empire is the largest country in the world. It consists largely of steppes plus stretches of forest in the north and areas of tundra, mainly in the north. There are a few mountain ranges here, one of which borders the Kingdom of Mobius. Numerous seas lead to the Roseinian Empire, and there are several rivers & streams that lead out to the oceans.

The Roseinian Empire is known for its brutally cold winters. The coldest temperature on record is -98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded on January 17, 2XX2. Except for Diamond Dust Zone & some northern tundras, the rest of the country gets hot during the summer, with a very short spring & fall.

Administrative Divisions

Rather than traditional administrative divisions, the Roseinian Empire is made up of eight countries that form a federation of republics. Aside from Roseinia itself, the RFPR includes:

  • Dnieprian SPR (note: SPR = Socialist People's Republic)
  • Weissian SPR
  • Atlantian SPR
  • Eastian SPR
  • Selonian SPR
  • Bakunian SPR
  • Yerastani SPR


The official language of the Roseinian Empire is, of course, Roseinian. While primarily based off of Russian, it also borrows numerous elements from German, particularly vocabulary & grammatical facets. Unlike Russian, Roseinian can be written in Cyrillic or Latin characters, and many signs around the country have wording written in both ways. However, while it is possible for one to get by knowing only how to write in Latin characters, knowing how to write in Roseinian using Cyrillic characters tends to give someone better opportunities in life. In fact, the socialist government has placed a high premium on learning how to write the language in Cyrillic.


There are five main divisions that comprise the Roseinian Armed Forces: Army, Navy, Aeronautics, Airborne Troops and Strategic Missile Troops. The Aeronautics division not only serves as the country's air force, but it also has other responsibilities as well. For example, it is charged with handling certain anti-aircraft weapons as well as tactical nuclear weapons. It also makes forays into space exploration. There is also a National Civil Defence Force, roughly equivalent to the Columbian and Mobian National Guards. In any case, the Armed Forces are controlled by top members of the Roseinian Communist Party. All able-bodied citizens – regardless of gender or species – are required to serve at least two years in the Armed Forces.

Currently, the Roseinian Armed Forces are the largest in the world. The standard issue rifles are the AKM & AK-74. As a sidearm, troops are issued the Makarov pistol, but it's not uncommon to see officers with Tokarevs or Nagant revolvers. Tanker crews & pilots get Stetchkin auto pistols. Marksmen use the Dragunov sniper rifle, but a few Mosin-Nagants remain in use as well. The armed forces has a wide variety of machine guns, from the 7.62X39mm RPK to the 14.5mm KPV. A few energy weapons are being tested, such as the PVN plasma rifle.

Owing to the rough terrain of the Roseinian countryside, the Roseinian Armed Forces have a wide variety of off-road trucks at their disposal. The standard four-wheel-drive is the UAZ-469. For cargo transport, trucks such as the ZIL-131, Ural-4320 & KrAZ-255 are utilized. The MAZ-537 & ZIL-135 are among those that are used for heavy transport. Although the T-72 is the main battle tank, the Roseinian Army still uses heavy tanks, with the T-59 (aka Object 279) as their primary heavy tank. For air support, the MI-24 "Hind" & MI-28 "Havoc" are the main attack choppers, although a new hovercopter has been in development. The MiG-29 "Fulcrum" & MiG-27 "Flogger" are the preferred air & ground attack aircraft of the Aeronautics division, but the MiG 1.44 is scheduled to replace both of them soon.

Overall, compared to the Crown Armed Forces of Mobius, the Roseinian Armed Forces are not as technologically advanced or accurate. However, they make up for it with sheer firepower, larger numbers and advanced tactics & strategies. One of their favorite sayings is "The enemy diversion you ignored will be the main attack." Parallel to this, the Roseinians place a high value on studying their opponents' tactics & strategies, figuring out ways to come out victorious given the Roseinians' limitations. Second of all, every Roseinian is taught to "expect the unexpected". Because of these, the Roseinian Armed Forces have a reputation for being one of the most clever military forces in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, however, Roseinians rarely use nuclear devices for offensive purposes, only for defensive or intimidation purposes. During the Great War, one of the most notable usages of nukes was during the Battle of Gimelskiy Valley.

Notable Areas

Part of Diamond Dust Zone extends into the Roseinian Empire, and has been a source of contention between the Mobians & the Roseinians. In the center of the country, there is the Shrouded Steppe, a region which is constantly covered up by fog. Many urban legends exist about this region, such as people coming from here who seemingly never existed before.

Landmarks & Monuments

Like other countries in BearfootTruck's Fanon, the Roseinian Empire has a few landmarks from the real world, such as the Kremlin & Red Square. State Automotive Plant No. 1 is also a rather notable landmark. Across the country, statues of communist party leaders like Protneshkov & Bolshov can be found, but certain statues were torn down due to people falling out of favor.

Notable Residents



Thus far, the only fanfic to feature the Roseinian Empire is "Sonic, What Are You Doing?. It will also appear in the upcoming fanfic "Sonic War Zone".