This character is a recolor. Please consider drawing some of your own art, or removing the recolored images.
Rose the Seedrian
looks to be between 12 and 15
Skin: pale pink

Hair: Pastel pink

Eyes: bright green

Flower/Rose: White
Ripped purple tanktop and long skirt, loose-off the shoulder purple sleeves with black lining at cuff and top, broken white gem at chest, green triangle hairclips
Small plant-based attacks

sneaking around



Rose was the single child belonging to a couple who run a Library amongst the Seedrians until an accident occured when they were under attack. Her parents were killed and while trying to escape Rose was cold and lonely

Rose looks to be a teenager, and is single considering.... well, the obvious things people Considering that she do not be friends to talk with and is pretty emotional at the thought of her parents and she happens to be very VERY shy.

Rose lived with a kind adult rabbit woman and her daughter as if she was happy to have food and love. Rose is on the good/hero side.


  • Rose has grown up learning to defend herself properly and is great when it comes to defensive skills.
  • She's perfect for sneaking around, dead-silent missions.


  • Cherry Bomb: Rose throws small red glowing seeds that begin a countdown sequence of five seconds. Upon finishing they explode in red smoke.
  • Leach flowers: Summons a white flower which sticks to the target and sap them of their energy.
  • Pearly Vison: Summoning a white flower in each hand, Rose can form tornadoes with them, which then explode into a current of white petals.
  • Poppy: Small multi-colored seed bombs that explode like tiny fire crackers.


, Rose has a meicoomon She can often be seen writing, drawing, or reading. She really loves to tend to flowers also, but she also keeps in mind that she needs to work on communicating with others as well an everyday, every few hours she gives herself lessons and makes objects and signs to aid her.

Often Rose may be training herself in battle, also.


Rose happens to be very self concious and shy and worries over the most trivial of things. She fears others will begin harassing her for not speaking, and since she can't tell them, they would not stop.

Sensitive and timid to a fault, if she feels stress or pressure of any type Rose will normally hide behind the nearest object or shut down completely.


Rose is someone of self-hate, she cannot help it and tries to not be so like this, however it does not help. In private Rose tries to work on these and practice them, so that she can change these unlikeable features. She seems a bit clumsy to others, but is more awkward then-so.

Rose believes she is filled to the brim with bad luck, and will often give it though. Due to this, she has an anxiety with others and prefers to be alone. Some people, who do not know her just think she may be a snob or cold girl who doesn't like others. If she finds out, it really hurts her since its very much untrue...

Rose is smart and capable but she has a really hard time of showing it.


Roses second look

Roses second design

Rose has gone through three re-designs. Her color scheme remained the same but when she first began, she resembled a somewhat recolor of Cosmo. Rose's skin is very pale pink, almost white. With her hair being slightly darker. Her eyes are bright green, while her flowers/roses and gem are white. She wore a purple long sleeve shirt with dark gray cuffs and a pale pink skirt in folded fashion.

Her second design consisted of her losing one of her flowerbuds and gaining a slightly more unique outfit. Her top having a dark gray collar and upside-down V cuffs. While her bangs remained the same, the sides and hair curled out and reached her chest. The skirt became plain with dark gray ruffled lining. Her hairclip gained a brown and red book icon.

Currently, Rose has very messy bangs with part of them covering her right
File:Roses first appearence.png
eye, while the smaller one are brushed to the left along with a very long side part below her flower-bud. Which is now held with small green triangle shaped clips. Her hair is also messier along the bottom.

Her outfit and jewel have been rather messed up and broken now. Both in need of a repair. She wears a dark purple tanktop, ending after her chest and a very pale white pink skirt. Both objects are lined in black.


  • Rose is not related to Thorn, Lullaby, or Sakura. Three Seedrian sisters.
  • Rose has had the most re-designs out of all of authors (Chrismh) characters
  • Rose cannot speak but she can make very quiet, audible sighs.
  • Currenly, Rose has met Tails who has been trying to work on a special object so that she can speak in her mind (thought) and be heard by others.
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