Rose the Hedgehog is an ordinary 15-year-old female hedgehog who only has one problem: somebody's


been 'catfishing' her. Desperate for help, she seeks out the help of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends and soon finds the shocking discovery behind her catfish love triangle that cause her to re-evaluate everything she knew about trust, friendships and betrayal.


Rose is a short, 15-year-old female hedgehog who looks a little like Amy Rose. She has black fur, black quils (similar to Amy's), a short spiky hairstyle with punk rocker bangs and a peach muzzle and green eyes. She wears a dark blue sweater with some dark jeans and white flats. She also sustains some bandages on her arm from a recent fight with Jessica.


Throughout her childhood, she's had lots of friends but the two she felt closet to were a green male hedgehog named Jake and a female blonde fox named Jessica. The trio were inseparable and nothing would come between them.

When they became teenagers however, Rose developed a crush on Jake. At the same time, Jessica maintained her friendship with the now-being-bullied-at-school Rose but unbeknownst to Rose, Jessica started getting snobby and spreading rumors about Rose. Rose heard about the awful things being spread about her but never confronted anyone or even Jessica for that matter.

One day, she gathered the courage to ask Jake out but was dismayed to learn that he was already seeing somebody else. Then she started getting e-mails from him claiming that she missed their date and forgot to tell him about it. Rose was confused by all this as she never even sent Jake e-mails nor was she even dating him. She even tried asking Jessica for help on this but for some reason, Jessica had disappeared. Desperate for help and knowing at the time Sonic and his friends were helping people out at Chris Thorndyke's school, she asked for their help and they helped her. They also asked Jake some questions. Doing the research online, eventually they were able to track down and bring the catfish to meet them at the park where they were all waiting. Only way they got her to come over was by sending an invitation for Rose to meet up. Unfortunately, the real Rose showed up as well and soon everyone as well as Jake and Rose were shocked to discover who the real 'Rose' was online.

Clasping her hands over her mouth, Rose couldn't believe what she was seeing: face to face with her crush and the girl she thought she trusted. Turns out Jessica was the online 'Rose' all along! Angry and betrayed, Rose yells at Jessica and demanding to know where has she been and how could she do such a thing. Jessica tries to be sympathetic and apologizing to Jake and everyone but they're having none of it.Finally dropping the mask, Jessica admits that she too had a crush on Jake but he turned her down and that made her angry. Then she learned that Rose had a crush on him and that made her jealous. She admits that she was the one who was spreading nasty rumors behind Rose's back about her and blatantly admits she was doing this all out of jealousy and insecurity. Despite all this reveal, Rose is in tears and Jessica tries to apologize but Jake tells her to just go and she leaves without even truly apologizing to either Jake, Sonic, Rose or the rest of the group. As some of the gang comforts Rose, the rest went over and followed Jessica to where she lived, told her parents everything that happened and they told Rose's parents and they had a huge fight and eventually prompted Jessica to either apologize to Jake, Rose, Sonic and his friends or deactivate her e-mails and social media profiles. Jessica just chooses the second and Rose is left without a friendship.

After everything has calmed down, Sonic and his friends have a talk with Jake and Rose and she decides to tell him that even though she wasn't the one who was sending him e-mails, she always had a crush on him. Not wanting to rush him or anything, she tells Jake how she feels and then asks him to take some time as long as he wants to see how he feels. Unsurprisingly, Jake reciprocates her crush but agrees that before they should start dating, they should give it a while and let things calm down thanks to the Jessica drama. rose agrees and they both thank Sonic and his friends for their help and both go to their respective houses.

Three months have past since that whole 'Catfish' love triangle and Sonic and his friend get a Skype from Rose who is happy in the arms of Jake, confirming their relationship.

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