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"What a giant pain in my ass."
—Rose Hellsing

Rose Hellsing is the younger sister of Argent Hellsing and is the user of a powerful Stand named "The Reaper".

She is the current fursona of OmegaExalted, along with Argent.


Rose is an Albino wolf, likewise having the trademark white fur and red eyes. Her hair is shoulder-length and is dyed blonde, fashioned into a side ponytail on her left side. Though she has a relatively strong build, her muscular figure isn't obvious.

Rose wears a white vest with a gold star design where her breasts are and a sort of "wallet chain" hanging from the right side of the collar. The chain hangs under her arm and re-enters the collar halfway across the back. In the front, the chain is adorned with three large charms: From the top down, the charms consist of a gold star with a rose design carved into it; a gold timepiece in the middle; and lastly, an arrow-shaped pendant designed not unlike the Stand Arrows, at the very bottom. Underneath she wears a pink lacey shirt with a small heart-shaped "cleavage hole" and frayed sleeves below her elbows. For pants, she wears your basic blue jeans with a pink star pattern stitched into the thighs. Lastly she wears a pair of black socks and brown steel-toed boots. She doesn't wear gloves.

She frequently wears pink lipstick and gold nail polish on her claws in both her fingers and toes.


Rose often appears to be bored, and is rather indifferent when introduced to new faces. She is often quick to judge others upon first meeting them, believing that the first impression provides a lot of information about a person's nature. That being said, if she sees you as a criminal the first time she meets you, don't be surprised if she proceeds to pummel the living crap out of you. If you do survive this encounter without being hospitalized for months, it will take a bit to change her opinion of you. However, she is not without empathy, and she is not limited to talking with her fists.


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RP History

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Rose is not only strong, but strong-willed; she is a determined fistfighter with a good amount of endurance to match. She's also a profoundly intelligent girl, and is great with tools. In short, she's capable of being both the brains and the brawn.


Solar Cross: She'd built one of these for both Argent and herself; however, she's only limited to the Solar Cross' primary function.

HF-49 Snowstorm: Rose had "persuaded" an OmegaCorp merchant to sell her one of these, keeping it handy for when she needs it.

The Reaper

—The Reaper's battle cry.
The Reaper

Japanese Name



Rose Hellsing


(Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult song)

Chronological Debut


RP Debut

Missing Mobians

Last Appearance ???
Destructive Power


Speed  A -> C
Range  D -> B
Durability  D
Precision  B
Developmental Potential  C

Rose possesses a Stand named The Reaper (ザ・リーパー Za Rīpā). She is a female humanoid Close-Range Stand whos appearance is, likewise, based on the Grim Reaper. Physically, however, she also shares some resemblence to her owner; she has a similarly sized body and closely resembles a Mobian, even sharing some of Rose's facial features. Though she wears a cloak over her head, the hood section seems to imply that she also has animal-like ears. The cloak she wears is long and black, and is draped over her right shoulder; it is secured at the shoulder by three skull-design emblems. Her right breast is covered by cloth wrappings, while her left is covered by a gold armor of sorts. She appears to be wearing some form of chain armor on her arms that appears to be broken apart below the elbow. Lastly she wears a white skirt along the left side of her legs, complimenting the black cloak hanging down her right side, and wears open-toed leggings with star designs etched into the armor. She possesses a wolf-like tail, as well.

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The Stand has no visible personality and is mostly silent, with the exception being her battle cry of "Ora, ora, ora!" when attacking.

Rose had gained The Reaper through her amulet, passed down from her biological mother before she was taken. Unknown to her, the amulet was made from the same meteorite used to create the Stand Arrows. However, this alone wasn't enough to develop a Stand; she had to draw from her stress and her desire for revenge over several years before the Stand manifested itself.

Stand Abilities

  • Super Strength: The Reaper is able to amplify the strength of her blows by sending them through Oblivion, to the point where she can easily level a tall building.
  • Enhanced Speed & Reflexes: The Reaper is capable of moving at the speed of sound when first summoned, able to deliver thousands of punches within a matter of seconds. However, if the Stand is not in Oblivion, her speed will begin to decrease, Additionally, her increased senses can partially anticipate oncoming danger, and allow her to act accordingly and quickly.
  • Sleeper Strike: The Reaper is also able to hide herself in the Oblivion, where she will stay until Rose commands her to attack. When in this state, Rose is able to move farther than the Stand's normal range of manifestation, increasing the distance of the Stand's influence for a short amount of time.
  • Oblivion: The Reaper is able to open a void into a pitch-black pocket dimension of sorts using the scythes on her arms. The dimension is said to be somewhere between life and death; a sort of "purgatory". The Reaper can (temporarily) send someone here by slashing them with one of her scythes. The attack itself is not lethal, however should the person have murdered someone during their lives, they may find their spirits returning for revenge. Rose is also capable of using this for short-range transportation in some cases, or for hiding herself.
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Other Abilities

Rose is capable of using her Stand to traverse large distances.


One possible weakness is that any damage sustained by one's Stand is transmitted to its user. For example, if the Stand's leg were to be ripped off, the user's leg is severed as well. This is a general rule for all Stand users, not just Rose.

Additionally, Rose has to be in a clear state of mind to be able to utilize her Stand to its fullest. If she's sad or scared, her Stand's abilities are greatly weakened. If she's angry, her Stand's abilities aren't affected; however, she may become exhausted trying to sustain it.

Ironically, Rose is also afraid of the dark. She's fine with travelling around the city at night, but she refuses to venture too far into unlit areas; she is afraid that any impairment to her vision could be fatal. If she has any desire to venture outside of the city during the night, she waits until exactly four hours before sunrise.


  • "I'd be careful if I were you. I've sent people to the hospital for less reasons. Some of them are still in there."
  • "Nice watch. Too bad you won't be able to tell the time after I break it. Your face, that is."
  • "Upon closer inspection... good grief, what an ugly watch. But you won't have to worry about that anymore. Because your face is going to end up even uglier."


  • In terms of personality, Rose Hellsing is sort of a mix between Jotaro Kujo and Jolyne Kujo, two main characters from the manga/anime series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the series in which Stands originate from. Additionally, her Stand's battle cry is shared with several of the main characters.
  • Rose's favorite food happens to be fajitas. This is a reference to a running joke in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged series in which Jotaro Kujo is obsessed with fajitas.
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