Rose is a bright purple hedgehog who stands at average height and weight for her young age. She is very frail and her frame is very slim, often being told that she is too skinny. Her hair is styled downward with two quills cupping her face, and she has pulled a few quills into a side ponytail. All of her quills are tipped with a bright cyan color and that tip is shaped like an arrowhead. Her bangs are large and puffy, and share the same tipped cyan. Her arms, muzzle, and stomach are a pale peach.

She wears a black sleeveless shirt with a navy blue shirt underneath, visible due to the sloping cut on the bottom of the black shirt. Her skirt resembles her shirt, having a navy blue underskirt underneath the black one. She wears long white gloves that reach her elbow and the top of it is edged with green, cyan, navy blue, an red. Her boots are also white and are edged with the same four colors at the toe and top of the boot. Those boots reach her mid calf.


Rose is a sweet, innocent child that loves everyone and everything. She only sees the good in people, and she is quite naive. She is often described as pure, and has a heart of gold. Rose is very polite to the point where she similatily used Miss and Mr. before addressing another person, the only except to this is her "father", Gerald Robotnik, and Sonic. She is also very forgiving, and seems to be unable to hold grudges against others who have harmed her.

While she is described as a sweet child, she is also very mischievous and loves to cause grief to the scientists. She also is a bit of an adventurer, and wants to live her life to the fullest she can. She also seems to lothe being stuck inside all day, and would rather live outside of the lab and die than be stuck inside it and live forever.



Rose-Lily was born on September twenty-fift. Her parents are unknown, And they aband her a month after she was born, as she had been born with and diagnosed with NIDS, and could not afford her even without her deadly sickness. She was then picked up by Dr. Gerald Robotnik a month later, and was raised as his daughter. She often helped him with his attempts to cure the virus that infectEd her and Maria, often being the one to try new antidotes for it.

Because of being raised by Gerald, her life was spent inside the confinements of an old factory, and she often lusted to be able to go and play outside like other children, even with her crippling disease.

Rose met Sonic when she was six, and had a fascination about him since. They had met while she was being taken to her next treatment and Sonic was being led to a lab to be experimented on by the scientists, having been captured only hours before hand. She loved how fast he could go, and often asked to go and visit him, bringing him whatever random things she could find that she thought he wouldn't know about. They made a fast friendship and became great friends.


When she was twelve years old, she and Sonic had crept around the laboratory and we're trying to be agents. They overheard Gerald and another scientist talk about the ARK incident, and learned that Gerald had staged the whole thing with GUN, although actually killing Maria was not his wishes. The two kids didn't know what to do with this information, and having already been considering this idea, decided to run away so that Gerald can't do the same to them.

A few days later they staged their run away and ran off during the gap in time of Sonic's training and were able to sneak past the weak defense. They fled to a nearby village, and were able to blend in fairly well. Sonic's dark color gave him many strange looks, so they had to be in disguises most of the time.

Their haven was soon found out and they were ambushed while on a walk in a forest. Gerald overloaded Sonic with Chaos Energy to the point that he became paralyzed. Rose refused to return with Gerald and tried to get Sonic back to safty. Her refusal and the fact that Gerald was a cruel man made the doctor try to murder her, saying that she was no Maria, and he would lose no sleep over her death. Rose refused to leave Sonic and stood her ground, and she was starting to feel the effects of being without medical treatment, so she couldn't run anyway. Gerald shot her in the stomach, and ordered the troops that he had called in to fall back, and fled the scene.

Sonic tried to save her when the paralysis wore off, but was unable to. Rose died without a care or anger and with a smile.


Rose was a normal hedgehog with no powers. The only power she has is a small amount of super speed, but this trait is common to all hedgehogs.


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Rose's naïve personality allows her to be suceptable to trusting the wrong person, and her hope of good in everyone allows her to easily miss the signs that some won't change.

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