Rosa Smith is a pretty black-furred German Shepherd who is a Storm Fighter, but does not serve as a warrior. She is the mate of Austin Smith, and mother of both Dallas Smith and Dakota Smith.


Rosa is a pretty German Shepherd Dog with long, thick, shaggy, sleek black fur and brown eyes. She does not wear any apparel


Rosa is a sweet, kind-hearted person. She is friendly and easy to get along with. However, Rosa's soft-hearted personality means she does not find herself fit to be a warrior, perfectly happy watching her mate and sons serve the Storm Fighters while she herself works on keeping the Base tidy.


Rosa's past is unknown.

Storm's War: Rosa first appears a few weeks after the Battle of Angel Island, after she has Austin's pups, Dallas and Dakota, and Storm comes to visit her with Austin. After Austin explains his reasoning behind giving Dallas his name, Rosa explains that they agreed on Dakota's name.

Storm's Battle: Rosa is mentioned in the first chapter to be out on patrol while Austin and Storm are watching the former's pups. Later, when an injured Michael Smith reveals who attacked him an unconscious Longmire the Cat and set Dr. Finitevus free, Rosa guides a petrified Austin back to their shared room. During the final chapter, after all the missing warriors are brought home safely, Austin goes with his mate after nuzzling a worried Storm.

Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Together: Rosa is mentioned a couple times, but does not appear.

Dallas and Dakota: Brothers Forever: Rosa is mentioned a couple times, but does not appear.

Dakota's Search: Rosa only appears in the Prologue. When Dakota tries to sneak out, Rosa wakes up, and realizes that her only remaining son is leaving. When Dakota explains himself, Rosa says she understands, adding that his heart cries out for justice against what Finitevus did to Austin and Storm. Later, when Dakota chooses to stay in SwiftClan, Shell the Buizel asks him about his mother, to which he asks her to help Rosa understand that he did it because he loved her, since Austin was gone, Michael was dead, and Dallas had betrayed them all, and he didn't want Finitevus going after his family since Austin won't show himself.

Search for the Lost Warriors: Rosa is mentioned to be watching Cody the Wolfdog pup and Boulder the Rockruff playing when Lucas hears Lycus growling. When Lycus attacks, Lucas knocks Rosa out of the way of his son's Stone Edge attack and jumping on Cody and Boulder to protect them under his belly. Later, in the chapter Fractured Family, Rosa shoves her way through the gathering crowd to reunite with her mate, snarling at an irate Sky Armor when the Skarmory squawks angrily at being shoved aside.




Rosa, along with Austin and Michael, has one of three German Shepherd colorings; in her case, black.

  • Austin and Dakota are brown-and-black, while Michael and Dallas are white.
  • Brown-and-black is the most common, while white is the rarest.
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