Root the Wolf is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a huge male dire wolf leading the Pack that is now apart of the Wolf Tribe, informally known as Root's Pack(due to Night leading his own Pack of dire wolves). As of a yet-untitled story from Rock's POV, he is now River's mate, making him Rock's stepfather, and the mother of Rock's half-siblings Crow and Frost.


Root is a huge dire wolf around Night's size with amber eyes, thick dark brown fur, and a large sloping back typical of dire wolves.


Unlike Night, Root is a peaceful person, seen when he chose to try to enter the Four Worlds and integrate his Pack peacefully, given that the Worlds thought dire wolves were extinct. Even when arguing with Night, Root remained calm and his pelt remained flat. Later, when Rock revealed the truth about his father, Root expressed sorrow for his old friend Stone, offering to take care of him in Stone's stead, which Rock accepts, while he chooses to remain a Storm Fighter.


Root's past is unknown up until the dire wolves escaped a cave they had been trapped in for many years. When the dire wolves escaped, Root wanted to integrate peacefully, but Night wanted to rule the Four Worlds, believing dire wolves to be superior to all others in the Worlds. Root then banished Night from his Pack, also throwing out those who supported the black wolf. Root sought help from the Storming Alliance, and they helped establish Root's Pack as the Dire Wolf Pack of the Wolf Tribe. However, Night's Pack attacked Root's, but were stopped by Root's Pack with help from the Timber Wolf and Black Bear Packs, and the Storming Alliance, with Root killing Night. Much later, when Rock returned to the Pack to visit after hearing his mother had new pups, Root revealed he was the proud father, though his mood changed when he told his new stepson of a strange creature attacking and badly wounding the dire wolves, though the timberwolves and black bears had already been eliminated as suspects. It's later revealed that the culprit is the vengeful Spirit of Night, who wanted to destroy the Dire Wolf Pack in revenge for his own death. When Night was defeated, Rock told Root the fate of his real father, and Root conveyed his sorrow, and offered his condolences, offering to take care of him in Stone's stead. Rock accepted, but still chose to remain a Storm Fighter.


Like all dire wolves, Root's immense size gives him incredible physical strength.




Night the Wolf

Due to Night's delusion that dire wolves are superior to all Mobians, the black wolf clashed with Root, with their animosity ending in Night's death, and later his return as a vengeful Spirit that was defeated by Rock.

Stone the Wolf

Though Stone never appeared, it was revealed he and Root were good friends. Because of this, Night knew that Root would pick Stone to be his deputy when he became leader, so he killed him and covered it up, though Night would later reveal this while taunting Rock.

River the Wolf

Root became mates with River some time after the battle with Night, and they later had two pups, Crow and Frost, Rock's half-siblings.

Rock the Wolf

Though now Rock's stepfather, Root shows a level of respect toward Rock, possibly due to the younger wolf being a Storm Fighter. When the truth about Rock's father Stone was revealed, Root offered his condolences and to take care of Rock in Stone's stead. Rock accepted, but chose to remain a Storm Fighter.


Root has a voice similar to that of famous English actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who is known for portraying Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) and Sherlock Holmes in the latest iteration of the detective in Sherlock, on the British channel BBC.

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