Cquote1 "When life has choppy waters, there's only one thing you can do, dude. You gotta ride the wave out and hope for the beach. Life sucks sometimes, but we gotta keep paddling." Cquote2



Ronnie is a gray zebra tetra with light grey stripes, black spots, and indigo eyes. For attire, he wears a pair of red surfer shorts, green rubber sandals (flip-flops), and a gold ring on his top fin. He also wears a necklace made out of a thin piece of leather attached to a large pearl.


Being aquatic, you could describe him as a typical surfer dude: adventurous, risky, and down-to-earth. He's also very stubborn, and will do anything it takes to win a surfing competition. However, he adores women and children alike, and will do anything he can to please them, even if what they ask is beyond his control.



He was born to a small family with his mother, father, and a younger sister. His childhood was as normal as could be, with learning lessons and playing around. One day, a team of human scientists dove under the surface and tried to communicate with the sea-dwellers. Using his pearl, Ronnie understood that they needed volunteers for an experiment.

The Experiment

They were wanting to test a new apparatus for divers when they went underwater that would convert salt water into freshwater. Ronnie eagerly accepted, and as a gift, he was allowed to keep it. He had just begun training as a surfer, so he used it as a way to keep him hydrated.


Ronnie has no powers, except for the pearl he wears around his neck. It gives him the ability to communicate with land-dwellers, for the inhabitants of the sea have their own unique language. Therefore, it takes him a while to determine between the two.

Skills and Abilities


Being a tetra, Ronnie has great control over the aquatics. He can swim at a very fast speed, up to 90 mph when the currents are just right.


After years of practice, Ronnie has become an adept surfer. He has won few competitions so far, but plans to keep trying until he makes his mark. He does not use his apparatus when surfing, as the waves provide enough moisture for him.



Being aquatic, Ronnie cannot breathe very well on the surface, so he has a special apparatus that sends water to his gills. Without this, Ronnie could get very dehydrated.

Anger Issues

Ronnie has a serious temper, so much so that he could blow up at any moment if the need comes (to him, at least.)


Though he is accustomed to the ocean, Ronnie hates wide-open spaces on the land. If he is unfamiliar with where he is, he will most likely either panic or hide in the nearest enclosed space.

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