Michael (His original name),Mike,Idiot (only used by Shadow)
Mobian Hedgehog
Black mobian hedgehog with light blue stripes on his quills.
Blue and black goggles,black and white shoes, black fingerless gloves,black hoodie with gray sleeves
None known
Romantic Interest
He doesn't have one
Jokes,Video Games,Running,Protecting people
Evil,Losing,Being powerless to protect somebody,Spiders
Super Speed,Amazing Strenght,Control Over Fire,Spawning Fire,Spin Dash,Homing Attack,Martial Arts
Anyone who messes with his friends or tries to take over Mobius
Regular Super Form,Negative Super Form

Romerus is a 15 year old mobian hedgehog. He can be found running around Station Square. He loves adventure and always tries to help his friends or anybody in trouble

His music theme is Gohan VS Frieza - DBZ

His False Super Form theme is Hell Bells - DBZ


Romerus is a mobian hedgehog with black fur and four glowing light blue stripes on his quills. He wers a black and gray hoodie, fingerless gloves and black and white shoes. Sometimes he is seen with and without his goggles. (This fan-character's resemblance to Sonic and Shadow is intentional as i think all mobian hedgehogs' face and quills look almost the same)


Romerus is usually seen cheerful and ready for action. He likes talking to his friends and usually says a joke or two.In battle he is serious but he sometimes can get cocky if his opponent seems or is weaker than him. He is an obvious DBZ fan as he sometimes tries to imitate the KameHameHa when he fires the chaos spear. He always gives his defeated enemies a chance to leave him and his friends alone and that seems to annoy Shadow greatly. He really enjoys playing video-games in his spare time most of them being fighting or adventure games. He seems to be afraid of spiders.

Special Abilities/Powers

At first he thought he was just a normal mobian, but after getting in a fight at school he discovered that he has some amazing abilities. He can run really fast (slower than Sonic and Shadow) and is really agile, He can get stronger if he feels the positive energy of his friends or other people and he is pretty strong in general.


Romerus is a great hand to hand fighter as he was able to hold his own against Sonic and Shadow for a little while but he soon got overpowered by the two. He can control Chaos Energy but he still hasn't mastered it and that sometimes leads to his defeat. He seems to be able to control his speed pretty well, as he is seen running on walls for a little while and was even able to run through the whole Green Hill Zone in no time. He is quite skilled with a sword but he prefers to have no weapons (uneless it's a really tough melee weapon that cant be broken easily). Romerus can also do the homing attack and the spin dash but his versions are a bit more powerful and a bit slower.

Special Moves

  • Chaos Bullet - A small but deadly Chaos Energy beam fired from the user's index finger. the user hold out his hand with index finger pointed outward and thumb pointed up like a child pretending to use a handgun and shoots out a powerful beam of Chaos Energy from their index finger.
  • KameHameHa? - This is Romerus' weird version of the Chaos Spear he sometimes uses. The user draws his cupped hands to the side and forms a ball of Chaos Energy in his cupped hands.The hands are then thrust forward to shoot out a powerful blue spear of Chaos Energy.
  • Pinball Dash - This is Romerus' special Spindash attack. The user performs this move by curling up into a ball and then spinning at high speeds while also spinning in circles. Then the user blasts off ahead and keeps bouncing from wall to wall at dangerous speeds. This attack is most effective in small rooms.
  • A Mobian's Fury - This is Romerus' rush attack. The user charges at the opponent and attacks with a barrage of punches and kicks.
  • Teleport - As it's name says the user ˝teleports˝ short distances. The use doesn't actually teleport, but moves to the desired destination with amazing speed. This technique is mostly used for combos or to dodge attacks.


One of Romerus' main weaknesses is that he hasn't mastered his control over Chaos Energy. Because of this he sometimes may not be able to use ranged attacks against opponents.He can't swim and drowning him would be a good way of defeating him. If he is fighting a opponent much stronger than him and he doesn't have the Chaos Emeralds to turn super or his friends aren't around so he can't get stronger he is pretty much helpless and he should be killed right away, because his friends might appear and he might get a lot stronger than before.


Regular Super Form

He can turn super if he uses the 7 chaos emeralds. When he is super his speed,strength and durability all greatly increase and he gets the ability to fly.He can use his Chaos moves without a Chaos Emerald. The form lasts as long as Romerus wants it to but if he is using it for too long he will die from exhaustion. When he is transformed he is slightly bigger,his fur turns gold and his eyes and glowing light blue stripes on his quills become crimson red.

Negative Super Form

This super form has the same effects as the Regular Super Form. But what makes it different is how the user's personality changes when they achieve this form. The cheerful Romerus everyone knows became a merciless cold hearted warrior who will not think twice before killing his enemy. In this form Romerus' eyes become completely white and start to glow, his stripes on his quills turn purple and his peach skin becomes gray. Just like the super form, he can use his Chaos moves without a Chaos Emerald


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