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Romana Nurosama is a Party Dimension resident and a member of the United Federation of Freedom; local counterpart to G.U.N and the United Federation it protects. A weasel genetically aligned with the element of Nature, Romana serves as a street racing motorcyclist, scout and mage rolled into one.

Romana Nurosama

Biographical Information
RelativesNurosama Family
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Tan fur with similarly tan skin & cream belly patterning
  • Blonde hair
  • Purple eyes
  • Rose gold headband
  • Rose gold choker
  • Forest brown reinforced greatcoat
  • Black deep V-cut shirt with mesh underlay
  • Black reinforced skinny jeans
  • Black reinforced motorcycle boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Instinctive connection to Nature
  • Highly talented motorcyclist
  • Skilled singer & performer
  • Moderate skill in dance-fighting
  • Moderate skill in acrobatics
  • Basic skill in mechanics
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Romana is fairly plain in appearance, standing roughly three feet tall with rich tan fur over most of her body; her exposed skin is only barely a shade lighter, so at a distance it can be tricky to tell where fur ends and skin begins. Very slimline and aerodynamic; she has a long cream patch running from just above the top of her bust down her belly, though her clothing makes it hard to see quite where the patch ends. A patch the same color lines the tip of her tail. Her hair is the color of golden autumn leaves and is cut short, with Romana preferring a punk undercut to show the area where the blonde and tan mix on the right hand side. Her eyes are a stunning purple; often glittering with an inner calm and warmth.


As a child born and bred within the Science Fantasy district of Filmia; one of the major continents on the primary world within the Party Dimension; Romana tends to dress in a manner that tends the border between fantasy, modern and futuristic all at once. Due to the relatively lax dress code within the Party Dimension as a whole; members of the United Federations of Freedom often get away with wearing the style of their home regions. In the case of Romana, much of her visual impact comes from her attire. While she may not possess much cleavage; her lower shirt is black with a V-cut that just stop short of her belly button, an incredibly fine mesh running over the exposed fur and flesh to help obscure any accidental slips that may occur. With this, she wears a pair of black skinny jeans reinforced with Kevlar; the more rigid substance making defined noises as she walks, and a pair of long black motorcycle boots reinforced similarly with Kevlar and leather.

Over her showy attire comes a forest brown greatcoat; a fairly fanciful long jacket that reaches roughly mid-calf behind her, a clearly defined slit in the back reaching to her rear in order to comfortably show off her tail; though she hardly seems to mind the additional attention drawn to her back end. This jacket is normally worn open to show off her lower clothing, but it is clearly fitted with Kevlar plating and other internal armor in case of an accident as well as some basic protection against the melee weaponry and elemental power rampant within the Party Dimension. The crest of the Guardians of Freedom is etched into the padded shoulders of this jacket. Rather than wearing a helmet, Romana wears a rose-gold headband and choker combination that functions as an impact guard, generating a protective bubble around both portions in case of an accident.

Romana's motorcycle is a new model Top Gear Engineering Blade Runner Sports Bike, in her case kitted out with a "deadman lock" on the throttle to allow her to utilize both hands to cast magic while cruising at high speeds, and a small pillion seat to allow for her to transport another person. Custom painted as per her request; Romana's bike is black with detailing in copper to resemble the natural cracking within a stone to reveal metal ore; signed by the artist himself alongside a copper Guardians of Freedom crest.



As a native to the Party Dimension, Romana possesses a natural rhythm to her movements that projects confidence and courage to outsiders; though her control of her body language does not compare to that of local fighters and actors. Indeed, Romana does have a moderate grasp upon the local dance-fighting, though her variation is closer to traditional mixed martial arts like many from her region. In Romana's case, much of her hand-to-hand fighting style is performed in something of an aerial manner, with a lot of jump kicks and rising uppercuts; her chosen style highly acrobatic and very performative but relying on her control over nature to help with both launching into the air and recovery.

As a woodsel; Romana has an intrinsic connection to the element of Nature; and she has incorporated this into her everyday life very easily. To some degree, Romana is capable of going for extended periods of time without eating thanks to a photosynthetic style of energy production, though this only lasts for an extra week on top of traditional starvation. Similarly, she possesses a heightened healing ability, and the ability to communicate with non-sentient animals. However, it is the more famous control and command of plants that she has incorporated into her day-to-day life to the greatest degree. If Romana needs ramps, paths or bridges and there is any local plant life; she is capable of convincing it to grow immediately and into the form she needs. This has become an aspect of her combat as well; capable of fighting by lashing targets with vines or unleashing bursts of seeds or flowers while roaring along on her motorcycle; her combat magic at full potential when she can perform motions with both hands due to a lack of skill with fully mental command. Thankfully, the deadman throttle lock helps with that.

Outside of combat, Romana has found a way to utilize her natural rhythmic talents and control over nature in a much more supportive way, channeling natural energy into her voice before taking the time to sing. While not as refined a voice as those found in the more musically focused regions; she still has a pleasant alto voice that helps to encourage bones to set and injuries to heal in a hurry.

As a fighter with a heavy emphasis on Nature; Romana has two key elemental weaknesses - Fire and Poison, both of which can kill off her plants before she can fully utilize them. Similarly; her acrobatic fighting style is automatically at a major disadvantage against anybody that can manipulate Wind, as she does not have much confidence fighting with her feet on the ground. Anything that can knock her motorcycle around is also a major flaw, considering she cruises at high speeds either as a scout or as a battle mage, so fighters capable of altering terrain to create hazards are another point of weakness.








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