Rollout is an unusual elementless technique, which grows stronger continuously when used.


The user pulls themselves into a ball and rolls at the target, similar to a Spindash. However, unlike a Spindash, which typically stops after hitting the target, the user then turns around and charges back, with increased kinetic energy, thus causing increased amounts of damage with each successive hit. Some users with quills or spikes like to extend such, in order to increase the traction they gain on the ground and increase the damage even further. However, activating the technique locks the user into it, preventing them from changing moves until the attack either misses or scores five hits.

If the technique Defense Curl is used before it is activated, the power of the attack doubles.



Parent Technique

Derived Techniques

Technique Rank

Due to the technique's final power, it has an S-rank. However, some claim that it should bear a B-rank, due to starting at the power of a D-ranked attack, before climbing to the S-rank.

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