Rolfe the Raccoon is a character set to appear in a yet untitled upcoming installment of The Legend of Fox the Brave: Rise of Ruin. He is a raccoon thief caught by Lucky's Resistance when he tried to steal from them, and recruited by them in exchange for him not being arrested. He is apart of the Raccoon Clan that became apart of the Wilde Tribe under the agreement they would not cause problems.


Rolfe is a male raccoon about a couple heads shorter than Arrow the Wolf, and bears the typical appearance of a raccoon. He has mostly gray fur with a bushy black-striped tail, a black mask of fur on his face, and black ears, hands, and feet.


Despite being a thief, Rolfe does appear to have honor. He is calm, easy-going, and slick. When caught thieving, he tries to explain it away, before explaining that part of his reasoning for stealing was to help his clan, and his sick mother.


As explained by Rolfe, his clan lived at the edge of cities, often stealing to survive. When Rolfe's mother got sick, he took to thieving to find things to help her get by. When he tried to steal from Longmire the Cat in Wolfhart City, he was caught in the act, and in exchange for being let off, agreed to help the Resistance. He helped them in important missions that required stealing something, and took a liking to being a warrior, begging to join and have his clan become apart of the Wilde Tribe, to which Lucky reluctantly agreed.


As raccoons are commonly associated with thieving, Rolfe is skilled at it, able to snatch things without being noticed, though it's hard to escape a warrior's notice.




Rolfe is the second raccoon character to appear in the series, the first being Ringo, who has since disappeared.

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