It's middle summer, the air is warm, the sun is shining a bright special glow as Little Planet comes for its daily rounds to Mobius! Scotch the Hedehog, a resident, is working part-time with Sonic on Little Planet and traveling, giving advice and directions to wandering tourists, now the people can explore Little Planet freely! And the security defenses are amped up to prevent any robots or fat guys from getting inside the planet.


  • LionPrince13
  • AtlantisUchiha
  • Leeprower1012
  • AndieFennec


  • No Jesus Mode
  • No Sexual Stuff
  • NO gore or killing
  • Have Fun!
  • Canon characters and Fanon characters allowed :)


Little Workers

  • Scotch the Hedgehog: Helper and Hero (LionPrince)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Crime fighter and hero (anyone)


  • Gilgamesh (Atlas)
  • Flyby freeborn (lee)
  • Nicole the lynx (lee)
  • windstorm the megalonon (lee)
  • Burn "Fire" Hedgehog

Roleplay (ongoing)

On the Planet Entrance (15 minutes before arrival)

Scotch was standing on the inner entrance of Little Planet, smiling as he sees Mobius hover towards him, since the human colonization 14 years ago, Scotch has loved humans, and now they get to walk on his home planet. "Sonic, is everything prepared for entry?" Sonic nodded with happiness and Scotch looked on as Mobius drifts closer.

On Mobius, a blonde human with sharp red eyes wearing casual clothing, staring at the sky as Little Planet gets closer. "I say, that's something you don't see everyday. Even during my kingship back in Uruk and Babylon, no other planets appeared in the sky. When it get's here, I shall see it for myself." The blonde human simply walks back into a small house-like cottage that appears in some kind of grasslands as he awaits the arrival for the planet.

Little Planet came into contact with a docking area with a loud crash, sending wind in all directions. Scotch stepped down onto a pedestal and waved his arms out. "HUMANS OF MOBIUS! THE EVER-POPULAR LITTLE PLANET HAS ARRIVED FOR THE SUMMER!" Scotch yelled. "Residents welcome you." he smiled.

Two mobian children of an age too young to be alone came up to the docking station. One resembled a fox/hedgehog mix, the other could be identified as a lynx.

The same human that was on the grassland was at the docks, looking at Little Planet. "Now then, let's see if this Little Planet is worthy for my acceptance." Walking towards the giant thing, he notices the two mobian children at the docking station. "Where are their parents?"

Scotch hopped down to kneel eye level with the children. "Well hi there kids, where're your parents?" Scotch asked. "We need to make sure everyone is safe and sound on this planet." he explained.

The boy spoke up "Well, we're here with someone but she hasn't shown up yet."

A little ways away, a female dragonfly was moving as fast as she could "Oh man. Oh man. How did I forget that was today?". She could see the dock coming into view.

Scotch smiled. "Alright, well how about you go wait by the planet entrance for her? I'll keep an eye out." he said. "But I still have lots of people to tend to." he giggled.

"okay, thank you, sir" he said before obeying scotch

Burn arrives just in time "Did I miss the tour yet?"

The human walks up to the entrance, and looks over to brown hedgehog, and decided to ask him a question. Walking over to the mid-sized hedgehog near the entrance. "Hello there Brown hedgehog, I am wondering how on as this Little Planet existed? I never knew such things can truly be a reality." The human asked the hedgehog.

Scotch looked at Burn. "First off, no, you can go right in but admission is 3 dollars a person. As for the history of Little Planet. I don't know how it came to be, all I know is that it's a multi-reality time bending planet that can warp through space to different planets, and occasionally it comes here to earth."

Windstorm arrives, landing near the group "excuse me? Umm... Have you seen two children? They're about this tall"

Scotch nodded. "They're waiting by the planet entrance for you"

The human male then pulls out 3 very odd gold coins, to he proceeded to hand them to Scotch. "Will this suffice the pay?" The human asked.

Windstorm spoke up, ignoring the human "Ok, thanks!" She walked over, gathering up the children in her charge

Burn wait longer than it takes as he grew tired of stand around "How much Longer?"

He looked at Burn. "Go pay the toll to get in, and yes, that will cover it." he said, taking the gold.

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