Basically this is a contest to decide the greatest hero (or villain) in existence. Held by Laniatus, the Lady of Heroes, and Nemesis, the Lord of Chaos. The tournament will take place in the realm of neutrality (where said lords reside) , Betwixt and Between, and arena's and opponents will be chosen by said lords. Anyone can enter, even villains. I don't think I need to say this, but.......NO GODMODDING!!! Be fair, and everything will be fun.

Feel free to add to any of the categories below!!

'Nemesis + Laniatus's Tournament Rules'

  • 'All fighting is restricted to tournament matches only. Violators will be disqualified'
  • 'Competitors, arenas and match rules shall be chosen by the Lords of Good and Chaos'
  • 'Any fighter who is killed during the tournament will be ressurected once the match has ended. Those who have been defeated will still be able to participate in the RP, just not in any matches.'
  • 'Those not participating in matches can choose to either spectate (Part 1C) or train in Betwixt and Between (Part 1D)
  • 'Outside help is prohibited during matches. Fighters can only rely on their abilities and whatever items they may have or come accross.'
  • 'In rare cases, when a match is obviously won, or if one fighter clearly no longer stands a chance, L+N may intervene and declare a winner.'
  • Also, please be reasonable and realistic during fights. e.g. I don't know anyone with infinite energy/stamina or who can survive lethal attacks, or who can simply dodge high speed attacks. In other words, no God-modding. It will be spotted, and a warning will be given. If it continues, instant disqualification.
  • If possible, try to give detailed descriptions for your character's actions e.g. instead of Person (dodges) put Person(Sees the attack coming, and quikly jumps out of the way) or Person (Ducks under the attack and counterattacks with a ____). Again, trusting judgement on whether you can dodge attacks or not e.g. this is much more avoidable than this. If somehow your character manages to dodge/survive a powerful attack, please give an explanation of how, and DON'T just put (dodges) or (survives).
  • The rule above also applies to attacks. PLEASE don't just say (name of character):(name of attack). Describe your character's attacks to others have an idea on what it is.
  • NO INSTANT-DEATH ATTACKS! An instant death attack is an attack that is unavoidable, unblockable, kills someone instantly and nobody can do anything about it.

I can't stress the no Gmodding issue enough. I know no one wants their character to lose, but it's a tournament. Some ppl have to lose and some have to win. If no one accepts that their character has lost, this RP won't go anywhere. I'm trusting everyone's judgement to be reasonable and know whether they can win or not, but just in cane, myself (Banzai123) and a few other users will be looking around. So, have fun and enjoy the tournament! :)

A good example of a fair, Gmodless fight is Smash and Thetis's match. (Refer to Round 1, Match 3)


(anyone can control official Sonic chars)
Character entry is now CLOSED.

Characters with an X beside their name have been defeated

Characters with an O progress to the next rounds


Sonic the Hedgehog X

Shadow the Hedgehog X

Silver the Hedgehog

Espio the Chameleon X

Knuckles the Echidna X

Banzai the Monkey (Banzai123) O

Monkey Khan X

Duan the Hedgehog (ParaGoomba348) X

Duan's friend no. 1 (ParaGoomba348)

Duan's friend no. 2 (ParaGoomba348)

Duan's friend no. 3 (ParaGoomba348)

Duan's friend no. 4 (ParaGoomba348)

Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania (Numbuh) O

Lumina "Flare" Lightbeam (Numbuh) X

Cold the Hedgehog(Played by Tailsman67) X

Skate the Hedgehog(Played by Tailsman67)

Flame the Hedgehog(Played by Tailsman67)

LT the Mouse(Played by Tailsman67) X

Ichiro Keiken (E-113:Xi)

Smash The Echidna (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Pearl The Echidna (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Kotuumath the Halfbreed (played by Ryu)

Lisa the Iguana (played by Tailsman67)

Gold the Hedgehog (Played by Shadonic12) X

Techno the Hedgehog (Played by Shadonic12) X


Dr. Eggman X

Metal Sonic X

Thetis the Wolf X

Chimera the Forsaken O

RMG-24 (ParaGoomba348)

  • Dragoeith(Drago55)

Ookamoni the Wolf (Wh!te) X

Neutral/Supporting Chars

Miles "Tails" Prower


Amy Rose



Tails Doll

Orbot & Cubot

The Red Baron(Played by Tailsman67)

Shadow Clone(Played by Tailsman67)

Locations/Arenas (Add pictures if neccessary)

Angel Island

Greenhill Zone

Betwixt and Between


Empire City

The moon

Midnight Prairie

Poppy Village ruins

Crystal falls

Betwixt and Between (Chasm of Eternity)

Betwixt and Bewteen (Main Area)

Sanctuary Palace

Betwixt and Between (Hall of Twists)


Part 1 (introduce your characters and get them into the tournament)

Somewhere in Greenhillzone, Sonic is, as usual, running...

Sonic: This place is so nostalgic!

(a letter fals from the sky and lands in front of him)
Sonic: Hm? It's for me? World Hero Tournament? Sounds interesting..

(Sonic suddenly vanishes in a bright white flash)

On Angel Island...

Knuckles: (sitting next to the Master Emerald, stretching, until he notices a mysterious letter next to him) A letter? World Hero Tournament? I wonder what that is? (vanishes)

(At Duan's house)

Duan: (A letter appeared right next to him) A letter? World Hero Tournament?! Too cool!

(With Duan's friends)

Duan's friend no. 1: What's that? (Points at a letter on the ground)

Duan's friend no. 2: Dunno. Kinda looks like a letter.

Duan's friend no. 3: Let me see that... World Hero Tournament... We have got to make this. We need to.

Duan's friend no. 4: Yeah. You're gonna be REALLY frantic planning this. This kind of thing takes work.

Duan's friend no. 3: Who cares, let's go!

(With RMG-24)


(in the ruins of Poppy Village)

Ichiro walked amongst the fallen buildings, searching for something he had lost long ago. Within the rubble, he found a small piece of paper. "Hmm? This is... an invitation? World Hero Tournament... I suppose it wouldn't do to much harm to at least observe this tournament." he said before vanishing.

In Green Flower City, Smash was outside, checking the mail. His sister, Pearl, was sweeping the front porch next to him. "Hm? What's this fancy looking letter here?" Smash pondered aloud. Pearl looked up from her chore, curiously.

"What is it, Smash?" She asked.

"Got some anonymous letter here, and pretty nicely decorated." Smash said, holding the letter up. After observing the envelope, finding no return address, he opened it up and read the letter. "...World Hero Tournament..." He muttered. "Interesting."

"Hey, Lemme see that." She grabbed the letter and read it. "..That's your name right there." She pointed at the bottom. "It's an invitation."

"Yeah, I know. But from who is what I wanna-" Before he could finish his sentence, The both of them disappeared.

Meanwhile, another letter happened to float its way into the face of a sleeping halfbreed dragon. He snorted and woke up to find his vision obscured.

"Whoa! What the heck?!" he said, grabbing at the paper on his face and pulling it off.

"Oh...it's a letter. Pretty official looking one, too..."

He started to read it.

"A World Hero Tournament?"

He looked at the invite at the bottom.


Before he could say anything else, however, he disappeared in a flash of bright light.

In a moonlit Shamar, Ookamoni was wandering around, contemplating...well...everything. He thought about Lorelei, Maxda, everything. It filled him with sorrow, which turned to hatred. Sheer hatred for Mazda for turning Lori against him. He needed to vent his wrath, but how...?

Suddenly, like a snowflake in winter, a letter fell from the sky. It spoke of a tournament, the best hero/villain? This was perfect. Placing the letter in his belt, Ookamoni raced to the site of this titanic battle, ready for the next bloodbath.

Dragoeith: (at the mountain sleeping that is untill he notices a strange letter next to him) A tourment? That sounds interesting. (vanishes)

Part 1B

(Fighters appear in a heavenly area)

Sonic: Whoa! Where the heck am I?

Knuckles: (appears) What the fu-- Sonic? What are you doing here? Wherever, here is.

Cold:(Drops from a tree)Hey Knux hey Bluehog.

Knuckles: You again?

Sonic: Nice to see ya!

Banzai: (appears) Whoa! Where the....Sonic? Knux? Cold? What are you guys doing here?

(Two celestial beings suddenly appear in front of them. One of them is a blonde woman in a long white robe, while the other is a hooded man in a black robe)

Laniatus: Greetings heroes. My name is laniatus, and I am the physical embodiment of all the good in the world.

Nemesis: And I am Nemesis, and I am the physical embodiment of all the evil in the world.

Laniatus: We have brought you here do find out which of you is worth of the title, "Universal Champion."

Nemesis: We have gathered the most powerful heroes and villains in existence to do battle and answer our question.

Sonic: Wait, wait, wait. Villains? I thought this was the World "Hero" Tournament?

Laniatus: That is the name, but we must have fighters representing Nemesis as well.

Banzai: (appears) Whoa! Where the....Sonic? Knux? Cold? What are you guys doing here?

Flame:Ow,what's going on?

The Red Baron:Hmmmm.

LT:Hey dudes.:)

Nemesis: Since people are arriving at random, I'll just put up the rules to the tournament right here.

  • All fighting is restricted to tournament matches only. Violators will be disqualified
  • Competitors, arenas and match rules shall be chosen by the Lords of Good and Chaos
  • Any fighter who is killed during the tournament will be ressurected by us once the match has ended
  • Those not participating in matches can choose to either spectate or train here in Betwixt and Between
  • Outside help is prohibited during matches. Fighters can only rely on their abilities and whatever items they may have or come accross.
  • Between matches, fighters may train in the BB training area, or rest in one of the rooms we have prepared at Sanctuary Palace.

Laniatus: Are there any questions? No? Then prepare for the matches scheduled for tomorrow!

Nemesis: We will summon the fighters here when it is time. For now, rest up and prepare.

Round 1

The fighters are assembled in front of Sanctuary Palace, looking over the scheduled matches for today...

1st match: Flare vs Tsunami vs Knuckles vs Monkey Khan

2nd match: Banzai vs Espio vs LT vs Cold

3th match: Ichiro vs Smash vs Kotuumath vs Thetis

4rd match: Dr. Eggman vs Chimera vs Ookamoni vs Duan

5th match: Shadow Clone vs RMG - 24 vs Metal Sonic vs Silver

6th match: Dragoeith vs Lisa vs Pearl vs Skate

7th match: Sonic vs Gold vs Techno vs Shadow

Laniatus and Nemesis appear.

Laniatus: Are the contenders ready? Speak up if they are here

Tsunami: here.

Flare: here.

Knuckles: here

Khan: Here

Nemesis: One more thing. Any contenders who are not present will be placed in a different match, so be on time. Chances are, you'll be placed in an even more difficult fight.

Laniatus: The 1st match will take place in Crystal Fallsy (refer to above). Are you all ready?

Nemesis: Let us begin! (All fighters in the 1st match are transported to Crystal Falls)


1st Match

At Crystal falls...

Laniatus: You may begin

Knuckles: Hope you guys are ready!

Khan: (pulls out his Atom Bat) Don't get cocky Echidna!

(Meanwhile, back at the Palace, all other characters observe the match on a giant screen)

Sonic: Good luck Knux!

Khan: Dodge this! (swings his atom bat at Tsunami)

Knuckles: (charges after Flare)

Tsunami: (stops the bat with a hookblade made of water. swings the other at Khan)

Flare: (dissappears)

Khan: (Jumps away from Tsunami, but floats in the air) Wow! I can fly!?

Nemesis: Sorry, I uh, forgot. In this match, all contenders have the power to defy gravity and levitate. Proceed.

Laniatus: From now on I'm in charge of the rules.

Knux: Sweet! (Jumps up and floats in the air)

(Knux is hit from behind)

Tsunami: i can do that anyway, but alright. (flies straight toward Khan)

Khan: Come at me! (fires a lightning bolt at Tsunami)

Knux: Arg! All I need to do is focus....

Tsunami: (the lightning swerves around her. she swings her hookblades at Khan)

(Knux is hit in the face by an invisible force)

Knux: (Guards it) Why don't you come out and fight me?

Khan: (Guards with his staff) That the best you can do?

Tsunami: (hooks the blades around the staff and kicks him with both feet)

Flare: (appears in front of Knux, an uncaring look on her face. she is holding a mace made of light over her shoulder)

Knux: There you are. (Punches her in the gut)

Khan: (Grabs her feet and throws her into a neaby mountain)

Tsunami: (water from the falls wraps around her leg and flings her at Khan. a spinning ball of water appears in one hand) Tsunami's Rasengan!

Flare: (explodes in a burst of light. her voice is heard nearby) you don't think i'd actually face you, when i can beat you down unseen, do you?

Knux: Oh yeah? (Drills into the earth)

Khan: Two can play that game! (Charges his staff with a massive amount of electricity) Chidori Blade!

Tsunami: (the rasengan dissapates and she rolls throught the air to the side. the air in her palm begins to distort)

Flare: (appears beside Khan and grabs him by the arm)

Khan: Can't touch this! (Streams electricity through his arm and electrocutes Flare)

Knux: There you are! (Punches flare in the head)

Flare: (explodes in a burst of light)

Tsunami: you keep falling for her light clones! (a ball of electricity appears in her hand, lightning lancing off in all directions. she charges throught the air at Knux) Tsunami's Lightning Blade!

Khan: (appears in front of her and guards with his Chidori Blade)

Knux: I'm starting to hate her..

Khan: What, out of ideas?

Khan: take this! (Swings his electrically charged staff at Tsunami)

(Flame shouldn't be in this match)

Knux: Are you too scared to face me yourself?

Tsunami: (swings her Lightning Blade at Khan)

Flare: (appears behind Knux and swings her mace at him)

Knux: (catches the mace) That all ya got?

Khan: (Ducks under it) Take this! (punches her with an electrically charged fist)

Flare: (kicks Knux in teh groin)

Tsunami: (takes Khan's hit and flies straight up, panting a bit from her own Lightning Blade)

Knux: Ow! That was a dirty move!

Khan: Now, for the finisher! (charges up his staff with a massive amount of electrical energy)

Flare: Tsunami! (throws her mace at Tsunami. it spins in the air)

Tsunami: (sees Flare's strategy. gets in front of the mace. the handle slams into the center of her forehead. a wave of color washes over her streaks, changing them from cyan to yellow)

Nemesis: (Suddenly appears) If you are tranforming into someone else,you should know that the rules forbid it. You must rely on your own abilities for this fight, not someone else's.

Tsunami: (hand on her forehead) these are my abilities. the only thing my other half can do is absorb long-range attacks. useless against a close-range fighter like Khan and Knux. this is my disrupted form.

Nemesis: My apologies. Continue.

Khan: Okay....Where was I? Oh yea...Thunderfall!!

The sky darkened, thunder erupted, and then, out of nowhere, a gigantic bolt of lighting, with a bright flash, struck Tsunami

Tsunami: (holds one hand up. the lightning stops just short of the hand) i never mentioned my powers in disrupted form. normally, im hydrokinetic and therefore any electric attacks take a great deal of power to use. however, in disrupted form, i am electrokinetic. (fires the bolt of lightning back at Khan)

Khan: Dammit. (he dodges for his life!) Knux, wanna switch opponents?

Knux: Sure thing! (flies into the air and punches Tsunami)

Khan: Let's see if I can beat you! (fires 3 balls of electricity at Flare)

Flare: (the light mace reappears in her hand)

Khan: Hah! (the balls explode, creating 3 explosions of bright bluish sparks)

(the smoke clears, revealing a large ball of light. the ball dissappears and three Flare's are floating where it used to be)

Flare 1: (charges at Khan from the left)

Flare 2: (charges at Khan from the right)

Flare 3: (charges at Khan from the front)

Khan: (Swung his staff around him, taking care of all the clones) That the best you can do? Come on you coward.

Flare: (slams into Khan from behind)

Khan: Ah! (he falls on the ground) Nice move, but look at the sky, it's still dark. That means...

(A bolt of lightning suddenly strikes Flare)

Flare: (her mace becomes much longer. she jams one end into the ground and holds the other end above her, using the weapon as a lightning rod)

Khan: Dammit.

Knux: (Punches Flare in the head) Gotcha!

Flare: (takes the hit and kicks him back)

Disrupted Tsunami: (fires a bolt of lightning at Knux) im your opponent!

Khan: (Steps in front of the bolt and absorbs it with his staff) not anymore!

Knux: Heh, you should have dodged that. (catches Flare's kick) Atom Blast! (When KNuckles punched Flare, he split an atom in the air, creating a massive explosion and sending everyone flying)

Flare: (in a ball of light)

D Tsunami: (blocks with a wall of lightning)

Khan: (jumps through the wall, absorbing it with his staff, and jabs the staff into Tsunami's neck)

Knux: Hyah! (Smashes a massive boulder on Flare)

Flare: (a solid bubble of light surrounds her)

D Tsunami: (ducks under the staff at the last second and kicks upward)

Khan: Gwah! (flies upwards)

Knux: (punches the bubble with full force ! )

Force: (the bubble shatters, but she is no longer inside. twenty Flares appeared behind Knux and each one of them attacks)

D Tsunami: (boosts herself with a burst of lightning and begins a combo.) Sharkhanna Barrage!

Knux: Heh. (Punches the ground, causing it to crack and an earthquake, dispatching the clones and sending Flare into the air)

Flare: (all twenty clones explode in a burst of light)

Knux: Grr! (blinded by the light)

Khan: (Damaged by Tsunami's combo) Gyaaaaahhh!!!

D Tsunami: (fires bolts of lightning at Knux)

Knux: (Opens gets electrocuted) Gah!!

Khan and Knux vanish in a flash of light.

Nemesis: Monkey Khan and knuckles have been defeated. It's just you two now.

D Tsunami: all right. (turns to Flare)

Flare: (appears in front of Tsunami) don't hold back.

D Tsunami: you don't have to worry about that. (fires a bolt of lightning at Flare)

Flare: (dodges the bolt and charges at Tsunami head-on)

Tsunami: (disrupted form wears off. she returns to normal. her Rain Hookblades appear in her hands and she swings them at Flare)

Flare: (backflips out of the way and summons her Light Mace. charges again)

Tsunami: (blocks her attack with one hookblade and hooks the other one around Flare's ankle, tripping her)

Flare: (hits the ground and rolls backward. holds her mace up high) Light Mace! Acend! Blinding Flail! (a chain made of light separates the handle of the mace from the spiked ball on the end, turning it into a flail)

Tsunami: (slams her hookblades together above her head) Rain Hookblades! Acend! Flood Trident! (the hookblades combine and change shape, becoming a trident of water)

Flare: (swinging her flail around. charges at Tsunami)

Tsunami: (jabs her trident downward, trapping the chain of the mace between the tines, pinning it to the ground) Weapon Style: Flood Trident! (water begins gushing out of the handle of the trident, gallon after gallon, rising high into the air. the massive stream of water splits in three. the three turned and began heading downward, toward Flare)

Flare: (vanishes)

Tsunami: (the moisture in the air around Flare begins reflecting and refracting the light around her, reversing her invisiblity. the giant gushing rivers all hit Flare at the same time, one from above, one from the right, and one from the left. the trident stops emitting water and soon the gushing rivers dissappear, leaving Tsunami looking a bit tired)

Flare: (falls to one knee) you really are becoming strong. (fires a large lazer at Tsunami)

Tsunami: (moisture in the air reflects and refracts the light in the beam, changing it's course and sending it right back at Flare)

Flare: (the beam swerves around her)

Tsunami: (takes her trident from the ground)

Flare: (grabs her flail and immediately stands and begins to spin it around) your not the only one who can use weapon style. Weapon Style: Blinding Flail! (the flail begins to become brighter until even an experienced photokinetic could hardly see in it. attacks seem to slam into Tsunami from all sides. when the attack ends the light recedes and Flare is crouching and panting)

Tsunami: (falls to one knee from the attack) alright, let's see how you like this! Crushing Tsunami! (a massive wall of water rises up behind her and begins moving in Flare's direction. the water parts like a curtain around Tsunami, then crashes down on Flare in a giant wave)

Flare: (when the waters recede, she is laying there, panting for breath and barely concious)

Tsunami: (falls to both knees now, panting hard)

Nemesis: If neither fighter is strong enough to continue, I will call a draw.

Flare: hold it!

Nemesis: Hm? You still have energy?

Flare: not much, but just enough......to point out that......Tsunami is in much better shape than i am. she is clearly.......the winner......

Nemesis: So...you're forfeiting?

Flare: call it what you will.......

Tsunami: Flare......

Nemesis: All right then, Tsunami is the winner! Now, let's return to the main area (Everyone is fully healed and sent back to the main area)

2nd Match

Nemesis: Might as well begin the next fight. Are all the participants present? Speak up!

2nd match: Banzai vs Espio vs LT vs Cold


Banzai: Ready!

Espio: Hm.

Laniatus: LT?


Cold:(Slaps LT)WAKE UP!

LT:I'M UP MOM....oh lets fight.

Nemesis: *Sigh* The fight will take place in the Chasm of Eternity (refer to above photos). There is no top or bottom of the chasm as it goes on for all....eternity. You may also use the coloured orbs in the arena to teleport to random places. Are you ready?

Laniatus: Then let us begin!

(Transports everyone to the chasam of eternity)

N+L: Begin!

Espio: Shall we get going? (throws a giant shuriken at Cold)

Banzai: Here we go! (Shoot a blast of energy out of his staff at LT)

LT(Jumps in the air)

Banzai: (Jumps after him) You're not getting away!

LT:Music ray!

Banzai: (quickly jumps out of the way) What kind of attack was tha--uh oh (he falls into the chasm) AAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!

Espio: Banzai!

Banzai: (Falls from above and smashes his staff on LT's head) Hyah!!!

Espio: Hm, so, anything that falls down, appears on top. That's how this chasm is eternal.

Cold(Freezes Banzai feet)There you go.

Banzai: What the? GYYYAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhh........(he continues to fall down/up the chasm)

Espio: Shadow Clone Jutsu! (Creates 3 clones and sends them after Cold)

Cold:(Kick one of the clone,stapes one of the clone,and cuts one clone neck)

Espio: (appears behind Cold and throws a kunai at him)

LT:(Kicks Espio)

Cold:Lets end this.

LT:Yeah dude.

Cold&LT:CHAOS KAIO-KEN(both powers up with a power level OVER 9000,and their pupils vanish)!

Cold&LT:(A blot of red and green energy shots up into the sky)

Banzai: (Lands next to Espio) What's that?

Espio: I don't know, but I don't want to find out. Hm! (throws two massive shuriken at Cold and LT)

Cold&LT:(Blot out red and green energy around them,and attacks Shadow,Espio,and Banzai)

Espio and Banzai manage to get out of the way. Banzai then pointed his staff towards Cold and LT ans started charging a large amount of energy into it. "Particle Beam!!" A huge, green energy beam fired out of the tip of his staff was heading towards Cold and LT.

Cold&LT:(Got hit by the beam,but does nothing)

Banzai: What?

Espio: Let's see how this works. (forms hand signs) Fireball Jutsu! (Blows a huge fireball at Cold and LT)

Cold&LT:(Got hit by the fire ball,it hurts them,but they keep going)

Espio: Dammit! (jumps out of the way of Cold&LT's attack)

Banzai: (Spins his staff and tries to block the attack)

Cold&LT:(Goes in the sky and does a chaos bomb that destroys everything in sight)

Banzai: Chaos Control! (teleports out of the blast)

Espio: Gyaaaaahhhh! (disappears in a flash of light.)

Nemesis: Espio is out of the match.

Cold&LT:(Does Super Chaos bomb)

Banzai: I've had just about enough of this. (He charges his staff with a massive amount of chaos energy)

Cold&LT:(Does Super Chaos Bomb at Banzai)

Banzai: (Holding his staff like a bat) HYAH!! (Hits the Super Chaos Bomb back at Cold and LT)

Cold&LT:(Appears behind Banzai and does a two person rock kick)

Banzai: Ah! (Gets hit into a pillar) Grr. Dammit. Fighting two of them is going to be hard. Maybe I can try this. (Charges towards Cold and puts on his goggles)

LT:(Grabs Banzai and throws him)Chaos blast!

Banzai: Got it! (Banzai uses his tail to flip around one of the columns and out of the blast's range. Now, for this! B-Trans! (He disappears in a puff of smoke. A second later, a hedgehog looking a lot like Cold is standing in his place, only with Banzai's signature tail and big ears) Whoa, can't wait to see how you're powers work.

Overpowered Cold:Damn it!

Overpowered LT:What is that?

Banzai tested out his new powers by freezing a nearby pillar, then punching it to pieces. "With my regular strength and your ice powers, I think I might be able to win this!" With that, he charged towards LT and punched him in the face.

Overpowered Cold:(Kicks Banzai)My power is not a joke!

Banzai: (Grabs Cold's leg) Neither is mine! (He throws Cold into a nearby pillar) Now for you! (freezes LT's arms & legs)

Overpowered LT:Damn,I'm trap!

Overpowered Cold:CHAOS BOMB(blows up the area Banzai is on)!

Banzai: Whoa! (get blown away by the explosion) Rrg. Try this! (Shoots a big ball of chaos energy down the chasm)

Overpowered Cold:Okay lets end this(Powers up).

Overpowered LT:(Melts him self)Do it till you lose it(Powers up).

(The energy blast Banzai shot earlier falls from above and hits Cold)

Overpowered Cold:Ow!

Banzai: Good, he's distracted (jumps up, grabs him with his tail and tosses him into the air) Let's end this!

Overpowered Cold:ICE BLAST!

Banzai: I still have your abilities! (charges through the blast) Now, try this!! (His fists start glowing a blazing yellow energy) CHAOS BLITZ!! (Rapidly punches Cold, burning him with fiery punches)

Overpowered Cold:(Blood come out his mouth)You have my powers and my weakness,LT NOW!

Banzai: (Finishes off Cold by kicking him into the Chasm, hard)

Overpowered Cold:Ow!

Overpowered LT: Fire Guster Buster(Hits Banzai and burns him)!

Banzai: Ahhh!!! I'd better ditch Cold's powers before I take too much damage! (Changes back to normal)

Overpowered LT:(Pick Cold up and Fly's to the sky)SUPER CHAOS BOMB(wipes the area clean)!

Banzai: Dammit!! I hope I can hold this! (Tries to absorb as much of the energy as he can into the gem in his staff, but still gets hurt by the blast) *Pant* Not yet.

Overpowered LT:(Tries to wake Cold up)Dude!WAKE UP!

Banzai: *Pant* You there...guy who likes music....take this...(points his staff at LT, and releases the energy from the Super Chaos Bomb and fires it at him)

Overpowered LT:COLD WAKE UP!

Overpowered LT:(Tries to stop it)DAMN IT COLD THE HEDGEHOG IF YOU DON'T WAKE UP!

Banzai: Now, for the final touch! (Charges his staff with energy, and throws it at LT and Cold)

Overpowered LT(Kick Cold in the Crouch)

Overpowered Cold:AHHHHHHHHH,F#^k S$*&%#%$&*A(,my crouch hurts more than my head!

Overpowered LT:'NO time big blast!

Overpowered Cold:(Bleeds)Never mind,I'll help later.

Overpowered LT:(Kick Cold in the Crouch again)NOW!

Overpowered Cold:OKAY OKAY,Chaos blast(shoots a weak blast)!

Overpowered LT:TIME TO REV IT UP,CHAOS BLAST(shoots a strong one)

Banzai: (Makes his staff come back to him.) Might as well go all out!! HYAAA!!!(Charges up a massive amount of energy) HYAA!! (does this and cancels out the Chaos blast(s). The little remaining energy hits LT and Cold)

Overpowered Cold:Wow.

Overpowered LT:Got to admit dude you got spunk.

Banzai: *Pant* Thanks. You too. *Pant* Remember the last Chaos bomb you did? how I used some of that energy? (HIs staff starts glowing) Well I absorbed some from the other blasts before it, so I could use it in case of, y'know, danger. Well, that time's now! (Powers up) ULITMATE CHAOS BLITZ!! (basically, does this to Cold and LT)

Overpowered Cold:My head is killing me

Overpowered LT:CHAOS BLOCK(Protects them),this won't hold for ever!

Banzai: (Relentlessly pounds the barrier with full force)

Overpowered Cold:There*Pants* is only one*pants*way.

Overpowered LT:What is it!?

Overpowered Cold:Mas*pants*ter Blast*pants*,it will take all are energy*pants*.

Overpowered LT:I will do it,just give me power!

Banzai: *Pant* Man you guys *Pant* are stubborn. I haven't *pant* been pushed this far *Pant* since Chimera.

Overpowered Cold:I will*pants*distract him.

Overpowered LT:Okay(Gathers energy)!

Banzai: What are they up to now? Whatever. With all the Chaos attacks, there's bound to be a lot of chaos energy around here. better start gathering it. (Gathers energy)


Banzai: Oh yeah? What are you going to do? I'm surprised your even alive after taking my attacks head on.

Overpowered Cold:Doesn't God does some freaking good things?

Banzai: Funny you mentioned that. (*cough*Gmod*cough*) Anyways, I think I've gotten enough energy for this.

Overpowered Cold:*Pants*What are you talking about*Pants*?

Overpowered Lt:(Still collects energy)Cold you can't even see clear let a lone fight him!

Banzai: *Pant* This is gonna hurt all of us, but I'm really sure you're gonna get hurt more. (A fiery aura surronds Banzai, but then changes to a flowing, green colour) I haven't used Nature Energy in a while.

Overpowered Cold:SUPER CHAOS BLAST!

Banzai: (Holds his staff in front of him) Let's see how much I can absorb! (He manages to store some in his staff, but still gets hit by the blast) Gyah! *Pant* Time I showed you *Pant* what I can really do. (Clasps his hand together)

Suddenly, roots sprout out of the ground Cold and LT are standing on. These roots grow at a very fast rate, soon forming into a massive tree, trapping Cold and LT inside.

Overpowered Cold:(Grabs LT throw while he is still collects power)Can't you run and dot that?!

Overpowered LT:(Still collects energy while running)Oh yeah.

(The tree grew below them, and the tree is about thisx30. Besides, both of them are trapped inside of the tree, and burned to a crisp. I'm sorry but I don't see any realistic way you can espace this.)

Overpowered Cold:(Kicks Banzai)Yeah,but Chaos control.

(After using about a million chaos blasts of varying power, getting beaten the living daylights out of him, and surviving lethal attacks, he still has the energy to do that!? O_o)

Another root shoots out of the ground, wraps around Cold, and pushes him back into the tree with LT

Banzai: Now, *Pant* You may have survived *Pant* my other attacks, *Pant* but after taking those head on, *Pant* there's no way in hell you can survive this. Natural Devastation!!

(The tree starts to grow)

Banzai: (panting heavily) Whew, that took a lot, but it's finally over.

(There's still Numbered Days. They can have more fights there)

Nemesis: The winner is Banzai the Monkey.

Banzai: Ahhhh......Finally....(Collapses)

Everyone returns to the main area (Part 1C), fully healed.

3rd Match

Laniatus: Will all those participating in the 3rd match please report here? (Round 1)

Ichiro walked in saying, "I am ready. And my opponents are?"

"Heh, looks like we're fighting already." Thetis suddenly appears next to him. "Smash and Koutuumath are coming soon."

Kotuumath then walked in.

"Took you long enough," Thetis remarked. Kotuumath regarded him with a glare.

Smash then arrived. "Alright..Huh. So this is a battle royal, is it? This is new." He commented.

A screen appeared, showing a vast, grassy plain, illuminated by the light of a full moon.

"You will be fighting in the Moonlit Prairie. Is everyone ready?"

"And we get different locations with each battle, too?" Smash's eyebrows rose. "Man, I've been in the gritty Blitz Pit for too long." He somewhat joked with himself. "Yeah I'm ready."

"Ah... a full moon," Ichiro sighed, "Excellent. I am ready."

"Let's do this!" said Kotuumath, snorting out white smoke.

Laniatus smiled. "Good. This match has special rules. At certain points during the match, a crystal ball will appear, containing a helpful item, from fire flowers to chaos emeralds. However, their effects are temporary, so use them wisely. Now, let us leave." The goddess and the four fighters vanish in a bright flash of light.

They all reappeared in the moonlit prairie, ready for battle.

The goddess hovered over them. "You may begin." And then she disappeared, and the brawl began.

Smash stroked his chin. "Fire flowers? Never heard of em..." He said to himself. But they then appeared in the grassy field. "Alright. Lets get started.." He got into his traditional battle stance.

Thetis stretched his arms, and then cracked his neck. "Finally. I've been waiting for a chance to show my powers." He extended both arms, and then and invisible force hit Smash, Ichiro and Kotuumath.

The halfbreed flew back, and then returned using his wings. A golden longsword materialized in his left claw.

Ichiro faded upon impact, and reappeared a few feet over. "You're going to have to do better than that, Thetis," he called out.

Smash was struck by the force, but only took a step back. "That can't be all you've got." He said.

Thetis chuckled a bit, then responded. "Fine. Show me what you can do first, then I'll know how much power to use."

"Hmph. That's generally what I do." Smash said.

Ichiro faded once more, then an image of Thetis appeared in front of the real one. "Show yourself," it shouted before jabbing Thetis in the chest.

"You're gonna have to try harder." the other Thetis's fist suddenly stopped centimeters from the real one's chest. "Bye bye." With a flick of his fingers, he blasted the other Thetis a mile away. He then looked to Smash. "Now for you..."

Smash stood his ground, keeping a good eye on him. "Don't think you can shake me off with a flick of your finger." He warned him.

Without warning, the wolf appeared behind him, his hand glowing a strange green colour. "Maybe not, but I can with this!" With amazing speed, he choped Smash in the leg.

Relying solely on instincts, Smash made a quick hop into the air, kicking his legs into a folded position to dodge the attack and landed back on his feet. A bit predictable so far. But he's definitely holding back. Smash thought. He faced the wolf with a calm, yet serious expression on his face. He still didn't make a move.

Thetis had a rather bored expression on his face, but was actually analyzing his opponents. That echidna worries me. He refuses to show any of his abilities, preventing me from forming any strategies. And for the dragon, He seems like the kind who uses brute force. For now I must make the echidna show his strength. "Well if you won't come to me, I'll bring you in." The same invisible force from before struck Smash, only instead of repelling him, he was suddenly pulled into Thetis with great force to meet his glowing palm.

"Well this is interesting." Smash said as he began to slide towards Thetis. He waited until he got close enough to him. If this is what he wants, lets just see what happens once I give it to him. Once he was at the desired position, Smash lashed out with a powerful swing with his arm to knock Thetis' arm away, following up with a straight kick to his stomach.

"Ouch" Thetis held his stomach, surprised by Smash's attack. "Impressive. Most people can't move while I'm pulling them in. However, you should have avoided my hand." Thetis gave him a sly smile as Smash realized he couldn't move his arm. "I severed you muscles and cut off your nerve signals. You shouldn't be able to use that arm for a while.Just be glad I didn't aim for a more vital place."

Smash felt his arm go numb, and fall limp. "I'm surprised it worked when I didn't even touch your hand." He said. "But fighting with one arm shouldn't be a problem." He then took a step back, getting into a defensive position as he quickly scanned the area to see where Kotuumath and Ichiro were. It would be a fatal mistake to leave them out of his sight for too long.

"Don't take your eyes off me." Thetis suddenly appeared in front of Smash, and attempted to jab him in the stomach.

Smash rolled out of the way, knowing that he'd try to catch him off guard. He then faced Thetis as he stood back up. "I'm sure the other two would say the same thing. Can't keep my eyes on all of ya at the same time." He then proceeded to throw a spin kick in Thetis' direction.

"Forgot about this?" With a swing of hist hand, he telekinetically threw Smash to the ground.

Kotuumath looked at Ichiro.

"How about you and me let Smash and Thetis duke it out while we do the same?"

Smash was thrown back, but he coiled his legs back and launched himself back towards Thetis in an attempt to kick him back. He also has his hand over his head, ready to bash him soon afterwards.

With his hands glowing the same green colour, Thetis caught his leg. "That the best you can do?"

When he caught his leg, Smash attempted to use this to his advantage as he performed a backflip, attempting to throw him over his head with his leg.

But Thetis, thinking fast, blasted him away soon after disabling his leg.

Smash was sent flipping in midair. He soon landed in a kneeling position a few feet away. He began to stand, only to find that his leg failed to work. Uh oh. Not good... He thought. I still have so much energy left to burn. But how am I supposed to use it if I can't even stand up straight!? He stayed in his position, looking back up at Thetis. It'd be foolish to charge right back at him, or even stand up. I have to think of something...

"Don't you have any powers? If you don't, then fighting me is suicide."

A vein mark appeared on Smash's head. "Powers?" He asked. "Pfft. I don't have any powers...then again, maybe I do have one." He said. Slowly, he began to force himself to his feet. He was obviously in pain, but he managed to stand up on both feet, despite not feeling anything in his left leg. "I never give up. I don't go down so easily. That's my main power."

Suddenly, a blue crystal ball appeared on the field, between Thetis and Smash.

"Didn't Laniatus say that crystal balls have helpful items in them?" Thetis said, more to himself that to Smash.

Smash's eyes lit up. That was it, just what he needed at a time like this. With his completely disabled leg, he didn't know how he was going to get there. But it didn't matter, He HAD to get there. Without a second thought, He threw himself at the crystal ball, sending himself rolling towards it. He extended his working hand, trying to grab it.

Kotuumath watched Smash throw himself at the crystal ball. He had no inclination to go after it himself; Smash needed it much more than he did.

"Oh no you don't!" Thetis shouted as he tried to bring the ball to himself, only to realize his telekinesis didn't work on it. "Dammit!"

"Ha!" Smash grabbed the Crystal ball and held it over his face to see what would come of it. He was still lying on his back.

Ichiro found himself simply watching Smash and Thetis brawl. He then looked to Kotuumath and answered his previous question. "I suppose we could let them have their moment," he responded. The halfbreed nodded in response.

When Smash broke the crystal ball, he was showered in a sparkling pink mist. He instantly began to feel energized, and regained movement in his arm and leg.

With this new energy flowing in him, Smash leaped back to his feet. Ohhh yeah...! He thought. He faced Thetis again, regaining his regular battle stance. "Now lets do this."

Dammit, Thetis thought. He's fully healed and he knows my powers. I don't want to show everything I can do i nthe 1st rounds, but if this goes on too long I may have to. "Okay then, so you got lucky. But luck isn't enough to beat me!" With those words, he put his palms together and fired a barage of green energy bolts.

Now that I'm fully healed, I have to be more careful. He thought. Anything that has to do with his palm, avoid like the plague. As the green bolts came towards him, He acted quickly, sidestepping and dodging each one of them. With his energy boost, he felt almost hyper, seeing how he barely used up any energy before hand. One bolt grazed his cheek, but that was all the damage he took.

"Damn, you're pretty light on your feet," Thetis said, but he raised his hand and telekinetically blasted Smash a few feet backward.

He was ready to dodge, but this threw him off-literally. He flew a few feet backwards, and ended up doing a backflip on the ground, soon returning to his feet. He brushed himself off, and walked back towards him. As he walked towards him, he began to think of a plan. Once he got relatively close to him, he jumped up like he was going to attack him, his fist cocked back as he put all his strength behind his move, but ended up pounding the ground with great force. The ground around them shook and cracked a bit.

Thetis wasn't expecting that. He momentarily lost his balance and fell over. "What is that echidan up to?" He thought.

This was his chance. With his fist already on the ground, he applied his other hand next to it, "URRGHII!!" and tore out a huge chunk of the earth. Without wasting another second, he hurled it on top of Thetis.

When he regained his senses, the first thing Thetis saw was a massive rock flying at him. He acted quickly, and managed to stop it with his telekinesis. "That the best you can do?" he asked, before hurling the boulder at Smash.

The boulder never hit Smash. Smash wasn't even in the same spot anymore. Instead, he had leaped high into the air, unseen due to the boulder's size, and was just inches away from clobbering Thetis in the face with a powerful punch. His entire body was glowing, and after images of himself could be seen. He threw his fist towards his head, which would emit a bright flash and cause massive damage if it struck.

By the time Thetis realized that Smash wasn't there anymore, he sensed his fist inches away from his head. he reacted quickly and tried to immobilize him, but all he managed to do was soften the blow, but it still sent him flying a couple of feet backwards and cause him great pain. "AAhhh!!" Thetis was clutching his cheek, which was swollen and bleeding. "Not...bad.."

Smash stood up straight, looking directly at him with a serious expression. "Thats...What I call a "Spirit Blast"." He said, before cracking his neck. "I may not have any super natural powers, but who the heck cares? I can kick your butt without em."

"Don't you dare underestimate me!" The earth shook slightly, and Thetis levitated 3 boulders out of the ground. "Let's see how much you're physical abilities work!" He then hurled the boulders at Smash.

"Well this is familiar." Smash said to himself. He braced himself and waited for the boulders to get close, before he leaped at them. He landed on top of the first one, and leaped to the next. With the last one still coming at him, he gathered up all of his strength as he jumped towards it, and threw a mighty punch at it. The boulder cracked and repelled right back towards Thetis, as Smash landed on the ground and proceeded to charge towards him. The best way to defeat someone like this is to overwhelm them. He thought.

Y'know I can read your mind if your close enough, right? The boulder flew over Thetis, who'se hand started glowing again. "Come and get me!" He said.

He saw his glowing hand, and immediately knew it was a trap. But he still kept going. He quickly slid on the ground a few inches before giving him a sweep kick while holding the grass for support, quickly spinning back to his feet afterwards.

Thetis did a backflip and dodged Smash's kick. Once he landed, he rushed towards Smash, ready to strike him with his glowing hand.

Smash stood his ground, waiting for the opportune moment.

Thetis swiped at his neck with his hand.

Smash bent backwards, limbo style, and lifted hist foot to kick him in the stomach. He held his hands back to perform a backflip away from him.

Thetis bent backwards and narrowly avoided Smash's kick. Rrg! I'm a bit out of practice. No matter. He put his hands together, and they started glowing once more. "Let's see you dodge this! PSI Rush!" Immidiately, a barrage of energy shots were rapidly fired at Smash.

Dodging them all wouldn't work with the amount and speed the shots were this time. Smash had begun to dodge a few of them, but then stood his ground. He brought his arm up, and began to knock each blast away from him, deflecting them in random directions. Each blow hurt his arm, but it kept the attacks from hitting anywhere vital. It wasn't long before a burn mark was visible on his arm.

One of the deflected shots flew over Kotuumath's head, and he jumped slightly.

Thetis noticed the burn and a smile trickled on to his face. "Hurt all ready? That was just the warm up. Now it's time for the finale!" With his hand still extended in front of him, he began channeling energy to his arms, and his hands began to glow more and more...

Smash looked at the burn mark on his arm. "Huh. I guess that hurt worse than it felt." He said. He then looked back in front of him, and returned to the defensive. "This doesn't look good..."

This might leave me a bit fatigued, but i need to end this soon. "Psycho Cannon!!" He shouted, and a massive green energy beam shot out of his hands, straight towards Smash.

Smash's eyes shrunk as he saw the blast coming towards him. "Ohh, no..." There was no way he could dodge something that big. He held his hands out in front of him, and attempted to block the blast. The blast stopped against his hands, but shoved him back at least 5 feet. He struggled and strained it hold it back, but it was far too big for him to handle. Soon, the blast overcame him. In a matter of moments, the blast ended and Smash was lying down on his face, even further away. He was badly burnt, and barely conscious.

That last attack left Thetis out of breath. "Looks like that did it...I thought he would have dodged....Oh well...." Thetis breathed a sigh of relief, then looked towards Smash's body. Wait. If I won, shouldn't he like, disappear or something? Unless he's still alive? He carefully walked towards Smash to see if he was conscious.

Smash's hand twitched. He was still conscious. "...nn..nngh.." He grunted lightly. ..I'm..alive? Did I actually survive that? He wondered. He tried to force himself up, but struggled greatly. He could barely get into a kneeling position. "..I'm...not finished..yet..." He struggled to say. He clenched his fists, still not able to get up from the ground.

"Huh? You survived that?" Thetis was surprised to see his opponent still moving. "Most people are vaprized by that attack. I gotta give you credit." He tried using his Psycho Scapel again, but his hand flickered and then stopped glowing altogether. "Dammit, I'm almost out of energy."

Smash's body began to glow slightly. "..I..didn't think I'd..have to resort..to this." He managed to move into a kneeling position, finally. "It's time..that I showed you...just what I'm made of!" The glow around his body grew brighter, and soon, a blast of energy emitted from him. A sky blue aura surrounded him as his fur changed from deep blue to lime greenish cyan.

"Oh crap." Thetis could tell that unless he thought of something, he was doomed. I didn't want to have to use that, but it looks like I have no choice. "Since everyone's transforming already....I guess I might as well do the same!" Then, with the last of his energy, he created an orb-like shell of energy around him.

Smash stood up straight, although still showing signs of weakness. He saw the barrier form around him, and examined it. While I catch my breath and recouperate my energy, I'm gonna see just what that thing can do..if he's gonna do something with it. He thought. He kept a close eye on Thetis, his gaze was sharp and fierce, but he didn't seem to be in a defensive stance.

The orb cracked, and two emerald green blades shot out of it and hovered at its sides. Then the orb completely exploded, revealing Thetis, exhibiting an aqua-green aura and his fur with a slight green tint. "Let's get started," He said as the two swords flew in Smash's direction at high speeds.

Smash ran towards him, seemingly ignoring the swords heading for him. He then suddenly slid across the ground, going right under the swords. He quickly regained his footing and proceeded to rush towards Thetis. He ran with his fist cocked back, as it he were going to clobber him in the face.

Thetis stuck out his hand, and Smash was blown back a couple of feet and right into the two swords from before, which were now returning to their owner.

Smash forced himself through the force that pushed him back. It slowed him down, but he was still coming. He pushed himself harder, knowing that the swords were coming back towards him. He then threw a hard punch towards Thetis' face.

Thetis immediately brought both of the swords in front of him to block the punch. He was still puched back a few feet by the sheer force of the attack. "Is that all!?" He yelled. The then extended both arms toward Smash, and both of the swords exploded into a shower of smaller blades. "Try this!" The tiny blades then flew towards Smash.

Hmph. That didn't go quite as I expected. He thought. Time for a different approach. He leaped backwards as the swords were coming at him. He fled, soon taking cover behind one of the boulders from earlier. Each sword stabbed into it. The boulder then lifted up by Smash's hands, soon to be hurled at Thetis. Smash then punched the other two boulders at him, and charged back towards him much faster than before.

Thetis deflected the boulders away from him, one flew at Kotuumath and another flew towards Ichiro. However, once the boulders left his sight all he saw was Smash rushing towards him. "Oh no!" Calm down, I have about 3 seconds before I can use my telekinesis again. I'll just blast him away.

Kotuumath looked at the oncoming boulder, then readied his sword. It began to glow ice blue, and, once the boulder was close enough, he quickly stabbed at it, turning the boulder itself into ice and shattering it.

Smash's aura tensed up. He was building up more power. His aura flashed green for a second as he was coming at him. The instant it flashed green, he could feel power much more intense than what he was currently using, soon disappearing just as sudden as the flash. He picked up speed, going for a head on frontal attack with his fist cocked back. He lunged at Thetis, putting all his might into his attack, as he threw his most powerful punch which would most likely be fatal if it struck dead on.

3....2....1...."HYAAAHHH!!" Using all his might, Thetis just barely managed to soften Smash's blow using his powers, but still took some damage. He clutched his head in pain, some blood trickling down his face. "This isn't over! Psycho Rush!" He shot a barrage of energy shots again, but this time they were much faster.

Smash flipped back into his regular stance, and let the shots come at him. He deflected them again, this time showing less effort and pain, and more determination in his eyes.

"Rrg!" Thetis was getting annoyed. "That's it, this has gone on for far too long!" He sent his swords flying at Smash, but instead of stabbing him, they went around him. Once behind Smash, the blades connected at the hilts, and started spinning, visibly charging energy as they did so. Thetis, on the other side of Smash, extended his arms and started charging energy as well.

"Hm..I might just have to go all out..." He said to himself. I need to finish him off. And quick. He thought. What should I do? There's gotta be someway I can get the jump on him..I have a feeling I know what he's gonna do, but how to avoid it and take the initiative at the same time...? Only by charging up your own move of course..I don't really wanna scare off the other fighters by showing some of my best skills on the first round, but unless I do something, I'm gonna lose...Smash stood up straight, clenching his fists tightly. "...URRGHII!!" He suddenly cried out as he let out a blast of energy. His aura grew stronger and flowed more intensely than before. He began to charge his energy, slightly coiling up his legs.

"I don't know what you're doing, but I'm not going to give you a chance to do it!" He was finally finished charging his attack. "Disappear!" A huge, continuous blast of energy erupted from Thetis's hands and the two swords behind Smash, while the echidna was trapped in the middle and the two beams closing in on him fast.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, another crystal ball appeared.

Just as I thought. He saw the blasts coming at him from all sides. But he was ready for them. With a mighty leap, he sprung high into the air. All the blasts collided with each other below him. Smash, however, stayed above. He stayed in place in mid-air, as he held his hands up above his head. After channeling one last blast of energy, the dark sky began to turn red. Soon, a massive, burning meteorite floated down from the sky, and landed gently in Smash's hands. It was then when Smash noticed the Crystal ball. And he was sure that Thetis noticed it too..

Kotuumath looked at the humongous meteorite in Smash's hands. That's quite amazing, he thought to himself. Closest I can get to using meteorites is though the Cosmic Blaze attack, and THOSE are tiny by comparison...

Thetis had thought that Smash would do something like that. If he thought he was safe now, he was about to be surprised. "You think that's all?" With a wave of his hand, the two beams formed into one, massive energy ball, about the size of the meteorite smash was holding. I'll get the crystal ball later, he thought. "Now," He waved his hand upwards, and sent the meteor sized orb flying at Smash "Die."

"Looks like this is gonna be big!" Smash hurled the meteorite down towards Thetis. Both of the colossal attacks clashed with each other, stopping in mid-air. The two opposing forces were struggling to get by. However, Thetis' being made of pure energy, as opposed to Smash's meteor, it began to break through it gradually. The meteor slowly began to fall apart. "Hm..This isn't good..." No, What you have to do isn't just throw the meteor on him. He thought quickly. What you have to do is make both attacks hit him at the same time before it's too late! He then cracked his knuckles, and dove down towards the meteor. He punched his fist through it, and began to force it back down towards Thetis. The way it was going now, Both the ball of energy and the meteor would crash back down and destroy whoever was in the way.

Kotuumath was still watching the fight, completely in awe over Thetis' and Smash's attacks. Seeing now what the echidna was trying to do worried the halfbreed slightly. It doesn't matter who it hits, that meteor and that energy ball combined are going to make one hell of a bang...and Ichiro and I will probably get caught in it!

Thetis, seeing how Smash was putting extra force into his meteor, started pushing his energy ball using his telekinesis. "No! I refuse to lose!" Then, to his horror, his arms gave way. "Wha? No...no! Not now!" He was out of energy. He then reverted back to his original form, the swords vanished, and there was nothing he could do to stop the massive attack flying towards him. He smiled. "Well, at least I lost to a powerful opponent." The meteor fell, taking the energy ball with it, and when it hit the ground, it made a massive, supernova-esque explosion. Ichiro, Kotuumath and Smash were blown back and slightly injured by the force of the explosion, while Thetis was vaporized. When the area cleared, Thetis was on the ground, badly burnt and unconscious.

Suddenly, the goddess Laniatus appeared. "Thetis has been defeated." Then, before everyone's eyes, Thetis was fully healed, burns and all, and vanished, along with Laniatus, in a flash of light.

Smash was on the ground in a kneeling position. He was burnt up from the explosion, but still in good enough condition to fight. "I hope he's learned his lesson. I don't need telekinesis or disabling palms or any of that crap." He said as he stood up.

"That sure was a long fight," said Kotuumath.

"Indeed." Smash nodded, closing his eyes. "I may have won the duel. However..." He whirled around and pointed towards Kotuumath and Ichiro's direction. "This match ain't over yet!"

"Hehehe! Finally I get something to do!" The halfbreed pointed his sword at Smash.

The aura from his high tension state flickered a bit as he moved into his battle stance. "You've already seen my skills. Lets see what you've got." He said. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. It took me all of that just to beat one person. And I've got not one but two more to defeat. Will this be a repeat of last year's World Tournament at the Blitz Pit...? He thought to himself. Especially since this guy has a sword, too...

"Iiiit's party time!" the halfbreed yelled, before opening his mouth and firing a dark-looking energy beam at Smash.

Smash took a step back and braced himself for the oncoming attack.

An illusion of Ichiro appears in the path of the beam to take the brunt of the attack. The real Ichiro stood and said to Smash, "You wasted your strength on that arrogant telepath. I suppose it's only fair that I help you compensate." He summoned his weapon and turned to Kotuumath. "Besides, even combined, our powers should be nothing compared to the mighty halfbreed we have in our presence," he continued with a hint of sarcasm.

Smash's eyebrows shot up. "..Thanks. I can't say I expected that."

"I don't like the tone I'm hearing," said Kotuumath, baring his teeth in a snarl. "No need to be sarcastic around ME; show me what you got!!"

"If you insist," Ichiro replied with a smirk. Suddenly, his scales turned gold and began to glow. The metal of his weapon grew white hot, and he let out a primal hiss. "Is thissss the dissssplay you were hoping for?"

"Yes," said the halfbreed. "And now you will DIE!!" He charged forward suddenly, his own sword glowing ice blue.

In a flash, Ichiro disappeared. He showed himself once more passing Kotuumath during the charge, and batted away his sword with the hammered end of his own weapon.

Part of Ichiro's weapon was now frozen solid. Kotumath came to a halt, looking more annoyed than surprised at the fact that he had lost his weapon. The sword in question dematerialized.

The ice quickly melted from the hammer on Ichiro's weapon. He turned around and hissed again. "There'ssss no time for gamessss. You can't even hold onto your own weapon. Are you going to fight sssserioussssly or will I have to go even eassssier?"

The sword then rematerialized in Kotuumath's left claw. He grinned in a feral manner and began to charge Holy energy into the sword.

Smash took the time to watch the two duke it out. In this time, he powered down, his aura diminished and his fur returned to normal. I have to recharge on my strength. He thought. But to completely let my guard down would be a big mista-!... Smash had just remembered something. The Crystal Ball! Nobody had taken it because of our big battle. He then looked around. The crystal ball wasn't in the spot it was in when he first saw it. Hmm...It must have gotten blown away from the explosion, like the rest of us. Lets see, Judging by the direction we went...how far we flew....and the differences in weight between us and the ball...It should have landed somewhere over there. He looked over behind Ichiro and Kotuumath's battle, and saw light reflecting off of a small object in the distance. "There." He said silently. Now I just need to get it without getting anymore involved in their battle... Smash then began to walk towards it, the upper half of his body facing the two opponents as he watched them closely. The look on his face appeared to mean that he was trying to read their movements. He walked a safe distance away from them, his gaze never leaving them.

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Ichiro began charging a strange energy into his blade as well. "Your Holy Sssslash is too plain a move. I can eassssily copy it," he jeered. As the two built power, a second Ichiro appeared in between Smash and the crystal ball. It took a fighting stance and whispered, "Not so fast, echidna."

"Hmph. I didn't think it would be that easy." Smash said with his arms folded. "You gonna try and stop me? That's all you can really do, as I don't think a fake can take the crystal."

Kotuumath grinned. "Is this still too plain a move for you?" he said as he swung his blade, releasing a big crescent of pure Holy energy flying like a bullet at Ichiro.

The real Ichiro swung his own blade, releasing a large crescent of light-bending energy flying like a laser at Kotuumath. The two attacks collided in mid-air, causing an explosion. Kotuumath ran through the explosion, charging at Ichiro.

Meanwhile, the copy said to Smash, "I am not here for the crystal. I am here to prevent you from obtaining it. That, however, does not mean I couldn't use it if I wanted to.

"Hmph. Well, then." He unfolded his arms. "Lets see what you got."

"A warrior never strikes first," the copy replied, "It is dishonorable." It then proceeded to taunt Smash, gesturing for him to come forward.

"Tsk. You all just love stealing my thunder, don'tcha?" He shrugged emphasizingly. Since I can't read his moves by letting him attack first... "Well, if that's the way you want it.." He came at him, throwing a straight punch towards his face.

The Ichiro copy ducked out of the way of the punch, and followed up with an uppercut. "Care to try again," it said with a smirk.

As the uppercut came at him, Smash tilted his head back in order to keep his jaw from taking the blow, and at the same time, wrapped his extended arm around the copy's. "With pleasure." With the copy right where he wanted it, he used his free hand to try and smash it's arm, possibly breaking it.

When the punch made contact, the copy faded. At that moment, the real Ichiro took himself away from Kotuumath and swung the hammer of his weapon at Smash... all in a matter of seconds.

Smash looked around quickly as the fake disappeared, expecting to see him coming out of nowhere and attacking him. He saw the hammer of the real Ichiro's weapon coming at him just in time to guard, but he was still hurt by the attack. "I knew something was up.." He said before shoving the whole weapon back.

"Hey!" Kotuumath barked at Ichiro. "Pick who you're gonna fight already!"

He flew up into the air, sparking with electricity, before releasing a blast of lightning at Ichiro.

Ichiro pointed the blade of his weapon towards Kotuumath, allowing it to absorb the bolt. He swung it around, and the energy was released towards Smash in the form of a beam.

It was then when Smash realized that this was the real one, and the copy had been defeated already. He quickly lunged to the side, rolling out of the way of the blast. He quickly regained his footing and faced his two opponents, taking a few steps back.

The dragon halfbreed looked annoyed with the fact that Ichiro was skipping back and forth between Smash and him.

Ichiro gave Kotuumath an awkward look, and then deactivated his upgraded for. "You know, halfbreed," he began, "I can fight you both at once if you want." Another copy then appeared next to the real Ichiro. Simultaneously, they both said, "But you will never know who is fighting the real one."

"Fine," Kotuumath said, tapping his foot impatiently. He looked strangely agitated...

As soon as Ichiro turned around and began to deactivate his upgraded form, Smash suddenly performed a backflip away from the group. He landed in a kneeling position, right in front of the Crystal Ball. There wasn't anything to stop him from grabbing it now. This had better be freaking worth it. He thought.

Both Ichiro's disappeared for a moment. One reappeared by the Crystal Ball and swung at Smash with the hammer of his weapon, while the other reappeared closer to Kotuumath and slashed at him with the blade of his own weapon.

The halfbreed quickly parried with his sword.

Smash quickly held up his free arm to block, and deflect the weapon away from him. It hurt his arm in the process, but he prevented any serious damage. He took this as his chance to roll away from him to get back to his feet. He still held the Crystal Ball in his right hand.

The Ichiro fighting Smash stabbed towards his right hand, hoping to knock the Crystal Ball out of his grip. The other continued his attack on Kotuumath, alternating between the blade and hammer.

The halfbreed continued parrying with increasing aggression, until finally a swing from the hammer-end of Ichiro's weapon caught him off guard. He growled and thrusted his blade at Ichiro.

By then it was too late. Smash had already broken the Crystal Ball, and sparkles had surrounded him as the shards scattered in every which direction, soon disappearing. His attack, though, sliced his glove. And just knicked his skin enough to let some blood out. Smash ignored the hit, and threw a quick punch towards Ichiro's face, at a force unusually powerful. The blow could have knocked him out cold.

Ichiro1 (fighting Smash) turned his head, and the punch was stopped. His samurai armour appeared, and his helmet absorbed the blunt of the hit. He was, however, thrown off balance, with a ringing in his ears. Ichiro2 (fighting Kotuumath) did the same, allowing Kotuumath's thrust to hit off of his chest plate. The two of them jumped away from their opponents, and stood back to back. They began spinning, with their staffs held outward. Eventually, a small cyclone was formed, and it began rotating across the battlefield.

Black smoke was wafting from the halfbreed's nostrils. Leaping into the air, he held out his sword and performed a Screw Attack, finally smashing into the ground with the blade burrowing into the earth. The impact sent massive stone shards exploding beneath both Ichiros'.

Upon seeing this, Smash stroked his chin. "Hmm...If I can't do anything about that tornado..then this is gonna suck." He said to himself, rather calmly. However, I believe I can do something about it. He thought, confidently. With this newfound strength, I'm feeling like I can do anything...even THIS! He crouched low, and pounded the ground with both fists, causing it to crack. He then grabbed a huge chunk of the earth and held it over his head with ease. He didn't waste any time to throw it into the center of the tornado, hoping to knock Ichiro completely out of it.

The Stone Edge was merely sucked into the vortex, and each shard was thrown in a different direction. The rock, however, was not so easy to stop. The cyclone disapated, and when the dust cleared, Ichiro was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, his voice echoed from all directions saying, "Fools. Simple pebbles will not stop me." Moreso to Kotuumath than Smash, he continued, "It's not very effective. Hmhmhm..."

Smash took a step back, looking around in all directions. Where did he go? He wondered. I can't let him sneak up on me.

"Can't you?" Ichiro whispered as he appeared behind Smash, literally stabbing him in the back.

As he was turning around, he managed to catch Ichiro appearing behind him. He swiped his arm to deflect the weapon away quickly, keeping it from stabbing him.

As the bladed end of Ichiro's staff was hit away, he swung around the other end, striking at Smash's head with the hammer.

Smash quickly held up his other hand to block the attack, but it only prevented a direct hit to his head. It still hurt both his head and his hand, and almost knocked him off balance. He knew he couldn't let up now. With the hand he used to block, he grabbed the weapon and yanked it towards him, hoping to throw him off balance while with his free hand throwing a hard punch towards Ichiro's chest.

Ichiro pivoted to avoid the punch, turning 270 degrees. With the staff behind his back, and Smash holding onto it, Ichiro attempted to flip Smash over his head.

Smash allowed himself to be flipped, and instead, planted his feet on the ground firmly when he landed. Still holding onto the weapon, He rolled forward, attempting to yank Ichiro towards him again and tumble with him, hoping to get the upper hand somehow.

Ichiro leaned into the roll, but used his knees to steady himself on top of Smash. He pulled his staff from Smash's grip and brought it down horizontally over his chest, attempting to pin him with it.

Smash held up his arms to block it, keeping it from completely trapping him, and used both feet to try and kick him in the stomach.

Ichiro flew off of Smash, but landed on his feet. "You're quite good," he commented, "But unfortunately for you, I still have plenty of tricks up my sleeve." After he spoke, Ichiro upchucked a ball for lava at Smash: the Burst Bomb.

Smash backflipped onto his feet, and got back into a defensive position. As he saw the ball of lava coming for him, he remembered something. That crystal ball gave me something else other than more strength...I've been feeling this burning sensation in my heart ever since. That must be it...Instead of dodging, he held his arm to the side and closed his eyes. Soon, his eyes opened, and his whole arm burst into flames as he swung and deflected the ball directly backwards. "Back at ya!"

As the ball was returned, Ichiro jumped into the air and slashed through it with the blade of his weapon. The lava melted over the blade making it white hot. He continued through the air towards Smash, lunging at him with great force.

Now's my chance to actually do some damage. Smash thought as he got into a defensive stance. He began to focus his energy as he watched Ichiro coming towards him. As soon as he got close enough, Smash spontaneously sprung into the air towards him. His fist burst into flames as he delivered an incredibly powerful uppercut, in hopes of breaking through Ichiro's attack. A skyblue aura was beginning to surround him, weak but visible.

Ichiro quickly moved his staff into a more defensive position, blocking the uppercut. Its force was greater than anticipated however, so he was thrown backwards. After steadying himself on the ground, he took the opportunity to strike Smash during his own landing while the blade was still hot.

Smash, seeing him about to strike him while he was wide open, brought down both of his clenched fists to try and knock the blade downward and prevent injury.

The blade struck the ground, but merely followed up with a kick.

This time, Smash was unable to guard himself. He took the hit straight on, but didn't allow himself to be brought down too far. He quickly retaliated with a hard, straight punch towards his chest.

Ichiro allowed the punch to connect, ignoring the immediate pain and trying not to think about how sore he would be later. He then took the opportunity to grab Smash by the arm, and attempted to take him down.

Smash let himself go down, but not without trying to bring him down with him. He landed on his back, and tried to kick Ichiro over his head.

As Ichiro fell, he shifted himself so that the kick hit him in the shoulder. With his other arm, Ichiro brought his elbow down hard upon Smash's chest.

Smash used his free arm to block his elbow, still enduring a bit of pain from the force of the blow. With Ichiro on top of him, he leaned backwards to toss him off with his hands and feet, making sure to try and land a kick before he flew over his head.

Ichiro flew backwards (or forward depending on the perspective). With his guard down, he endured the full force of the kick and the throw. After landing, he quickly climbed to his feet once more. He began to show signs of fatigue, but no signs of letting up.

Smash jumped back to his feet, and turned to face him. He was beginning to feel a little tired from fighting for so long, but he wasn't ready to go down just yet. He flicked his thumb past his nose, a slight grin spreading across his face.

Ichiro returned the grin to Smash. "So he fills his stomach, yet returns to the table for seconds. Persistence... I like that." He summoned his staff once more and took a fighting stance. "Unfortunately for you, I have wasted little power on illusions. You've quite a few more servings to go."

"Oh really? That's nice." He shrugged it off. "Fortunately for me, I'm still famished." He cracked his knuckles and once again returned to his fighting stance.

"En guarde!" Ichrio yelled as he ran towards Smash. He reeled back the hammered end of his staff and swung it low, ready to follow through with the blade if he needed to.

Smash held up his leg just enough to block the attack with his shoe. He quickly shoved it to the side as he threw a fast punch towards his chest.

Just as suspected. Ichiro gladly took the hit to the chest for a chance to strike at Smash's side with the blade of his staff. He swung it quickly and precisely, hoping that this would be the blow to knock Smash out of the tournament. Knowing however that he was not finished, Ichiro mentally prepared his strategy to finish off Kotuumath.

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Smash, with his free hand, instinctively shoved it in front of the blade, and caught it in his hand between his knuckles. He was surprised he was able to do that. But it wasn't a perfect block, the blade had cut his hand through his thick glove, which now had blood dripping from it. If he stayed in this position, Ichiro could take advantage of him and most certainly finish him off. Quickly, he attempted to give a straight, hard kick to his gut, and use him to flip backwards and get a safe distance away from him to regroup.

As Smash dealt the kick, Ichiro let go of his staff, and used his now free hands to grab Smash's leg before he could flip away. With great force, he pivoted several times on one foot and tossed Smash away. Out of nowhere, a powerful bite was dealt to Ichiro's left shoulder. He made himself invisible to once again reach a safe distance. Kotuumath's sudden interruption was unexpected.

Blood dripped from the halfbreed's fangs as he roared, frustrated at losing his prey. His eyes were pure white now.

Smash landed a good distance away, rolling on the ground for a bit. He soon regained his footing and looked around. The first thing he saw was how ferociously bloodthirsty Kotuumath looked. He was definitely not one to be crossed right now. But Ichiro was no where in sight. He looked around all over, but still didn't see him. He clutched his fist tightly, it stung from being sliced.

Slowly, a white mist began to spray from the ground, equally distant from both Smash and Kotuumath. A very faint silhouette of Ichiro could be seen inside.

Smash stood his ground. It could have been a trick. He made sure to keep his guard secure. Kotuumath, however, roared and charged towards the silhouette.

As Kotuumath passed through the mist, Smash's suspicions were proven true. Ichiro was not truly inside, and instead he appeared where Kotuumath once stood.

Although Smash was somewhat happy that he saw through the trick, he took a step back with a sort of "Oh Crap" expression as he noticed that the ferocious halfbreed with blood trickling from his teeth that had been trying to ram into Ichiro, was now headed straight his way. Quickly, He leaped to the side and rolled a good distance away before springing back up to his feet. He whirled around to look at Kotuumath, and then at Ichiro.


He looked back and forth between Ichiro and Smash, with the air of a predator trying to decide on the better meal.

"Hmhmhm... Feeling a little primal, are we?" Ichiro chuckled. He waved his hand to the side, gesturing for Smash to get out of the way. "You might want to move, so I can teach him some manners."

There was no hint of sanity or humanity in the halfbreed's pure-white eyes; only bloodlust.

"Be my guest." Smash said, as if he actually wanted him to do it. "I personally don't like fighting things that want to eat me." He stepped even further back than he already was.

Ichiro cracked his knuckles, and chrome gloves with spiked knuckles appeared on his hands. "I don't use these often, but I bet it will be fun... for the both of us." He ran forward and threw a right hook to Kotuumath's head.

As Ichiro threw his punch, the halfbreed lunged, fangs bared. The spikes of Ichiro's gloves grazed the side of his opponent's head, cutting into his eye, but he didn't seem to notice the injury. He bit down in Ichiro's shoulder.

Ichiro winced in pain. With his opposite hand, he threw a second punch to Kotuumath's gut.

Growling, the halfbreed bit down harder. The bite was suddenly charged with electricity!

With great struggle, Ichiro lowered himself to one knee and punched into the ground, redirecting the electricity. He then rolled backwards, in an attempt to flip Kotuumath away. The halfbreed ended up rolling with Ichiro, and then let go. Quickly, Ichiro climbed back up to his feet. He clutched the bite mark and gave a light hiss. Slowly the wound began to heal, but it wasn't quick enough. Moving to the offensive was clearly a bad idea, so he released a flash of light and disappeared, leaving the halfbreed to Smash.

"Gulp...Not good." He said to himself as he watched from behind a tree. "If he see's me, I'll be in trouble. Dang it, where did Ichiro go?" He looked around, just in case he was hiding somewhere nearby.

The halfbreed began sniffing the air, growling. He had definitely taken some damage, but he didn't seem to notice.

Smash stayed with his back flat against the tree. He was trying to think of something, and fast. And all the while, looking and listening out for Ichiro and Kotuumath.

Without warning, an incredible blast of fire nearly singed Smash. Seems Kotuumath, growing impatient with the lack of "prey", was starting to scorch his surroundings. Smash was nearly hugging the tree after being startled. His eyes were wide and his gritting teeth were bared, and he just barely kept himself from crying out.

As the scenery slow began to burn, the flames shrouding it began to swirl around each other. Slowly, they formed the shape of a serpentine dragon. It spoke a distorted voice, but one could tell that the voice was Ichiro's. "It appears I am going to have to resort to some more drastic measures to defeat you two," it said with discontent, "Allow me to introduce my temporary self: Ka, the flame of Orochi."

Smash looked up at him in awe. "It's...a Dragon..." He whispered to himself. "This really is going to take all I've got, isn't it?" He said aloud, but still to himself.

Kotuumath looked at the flaming dragon and growled. Opening his mouth, he fired a Hydro Pump at it.

Ka roared in agony at the jet of water, but eventually countered with a white hot breath of flame.

Smash watched the two duke it out. "Of course...Water puts out the flames, naturally." He said to himself. "...Which is why I should use these..." He took his gloves off, and let them fall to the ground. He replaced them with aqua colored gloves with blue stripes going across them. He could feel a strange energy flow through him like a gentle stream of water.

Ka flew high into the air, above the range of another possible Hydro Pump. It swirled in a figure eight pattern, as if it were waiting for something.

Smash looked up at it. "What's he doing..?" He wondered aloud. He kept and eye on Ka, and listened out for anything that would need his attention.

Kotuumath then flew up after Ka.

Upon seeing the the halfbreed follow him, Ka shot a burst of flame from his mouth, but not at Kotuumath. The flame split into two smaller dragons, which moved very lifelessly. Ka then flew high into the clouds above allowing the smaller dragons to deal with his opponents. One charged at the oncoming halfbreed, and the other flew to the ground, bombarding Smash with small fireballs.

"COWARD!!" the halfbreed roared, his voice frighteningly distorted. Water surrounded his claws as he slashed at the smaller fire dragon.

The one dragon extinguished from the slash, as the other continued towards Smash. A faint glow could be seen through the clouds.

Smash held his hand out, and a stream of water shot out of his hand towards the dragon, shielding himself from the fireballs. He walked forward as he did this, to keep the fireballs away and close in the distance between them.

The second dragon extinguished as well, and the glow in the clouds grew brighter. Suddenly, a shining mass struck the ground like lightning. It took the same shape as Ka, and spoke in the same distortion of Ichiro's voice, but it was made entirely of electricity. Its voice called out, "Before you is Kaminari: the Spark of Orochi. Shall you try your water attacks again?"

Kotuumath flew back down towards Kaminari, sword in claw. With his sword he hit the ground hard enough to cause a small earthquake.

Smash struggled to keep his balance from the sudden earthquake. "Water and Electricity don't mix either, but it could be bad for both of us..." He said to himself. I'd best use these gloves wisely.

Other than trace amounts of flying debris, Kaminari seemed unaffected. "Pay attention," it scolded, "Have you not noticed that I fly? The shaking of the ground will not effect that which does not walk on it."

With a growl, the halfbreed swung his tail, now shrouded in what seemed to be stone, at Kaminari.

Kaminari swiftly backed away from Kotuumath, and countered with a bolt of lightning, shot from its mouth.

The lightning bolt hit its mark, sending its victim reeling away with an agonized roar.

Satisfied, Kaminari turned to Smash and repeated its attack.

Smash leaped into the air, dodging the attack. He swung both of his arms to shoot a crescent shaped stream of water at Kaminari.

When the attack struck, Kaminari discharged electricity and repeated its own attack once more.

The attack flew over Smash's head as he landed on the ground. He swung his arm again, shooting a horizontal crescent shaped stream of water at him. He then coiled his legs, ready to spring out of the way should the same thing happen again.

The second strike triggered a seemingly painful reaction in Kaminari. It discharged again, and slowy fizzled out of view. A faint glow was left behind that appeared to be growing in intensity, albeit a slight change.

Smash watched it closely. He might be changing forms again. He thought. The next one probably won't be affected by water. He kept his distance from it as he watched it grow.

After a moment, a dragon of light had formed completely. In a more natural voice, it said, "Before you is Hikari: the Light of Orochi. Beware, for I am quite familiar with the powers of this particular spirit."

Smash removed the Aqua Gloves from his hands. "I'm guessing this is gonna be the final stretch, eh?" He rose his eyebrow at the dragon. He fitted on deep green gloves with two curved, blood red spikes on each of them. His hands glowed as he fitted the gloves on. "In that case, I'd best give it my all!"

"'Final stretch'?" Hikari repeated, "I am having far to much fun with this. In my eyes, this is far from over." Like the two dragons before it, Hikari attacked via the mouth, this time with a high powered laser.

Kotuumath managed to get up; that electric attack from earlier did a fair number on him. He began to charge up a Dark Rift attack in his mouth.

Smash rolled out of the way. The laser struck the tree behind him, and completely knocked it over. He began to close in the distance between them.

With a mighty roar, Hikari released a blinding flash of light. Sounds could be heard from several directions, like footsteps, and clanking metal.

A few seconds later the halfbreed released his attack, a large sphere of concentrated darkness hurtling straight for Hikari.

As the light faded, so did Hikari. The dragon was nowhere to be seen, and the attack hit nothing. Silently, Ichiro reappeared behind Kotuumath and swung at him with the hammer of his staff.

It was too late for the halfbreed to react. The staff hit him full across the face as he turned around upon catching Ichiro's scent. He was sent sprawling back a few feet.

Smash whirled around to see Ichiro back in his normal state. He stood his ground and kept his eyes on him in case he did anything fishy.

"You two are so easy to fool," Ichiro chuckled, "The spirits of Orochi could not possibly take physical forms without the warriors' descendants." Looking at the dazed Kotuumath, he then said, "I suppose it's just you and me for now."

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((Sorry. He doesn't have infinite stamina, but keep in mind that most of what Smash and Kotuumath have been fighting were illusions. He has trained with photokinesis, and his staff, for decades, so he is very used to using them. I haven't forgotten about that nasty bit of damage he took from Kotuumath, though, and I'll be sure to make more of an effort to show that. E-113! Code name: Xi 21:43, May 13, 2011 (UTC))

(Okay then. Just checking. Possibilities are Endless - Banzai123 21:44, May 13, 2011 (UTC))

Like I would know anything about your dang dragons. Smash retorted in his mind. "Looks like it." He said, getting back into a fighting stance.

Ichiro chuckled. "No need to get frustrated, boy. I was merely stating a fact." He spun his staff in his right hand, to avoid stress on his wounded shoulder. "Why don't I make this a little easier on you," he suggested, "While our little friend his is incapacitated, I will... ease up, on my illusion. It's only fair for a one on one fight."

((He was just thinking that, y'know.))

"Okay, whatever." He said. "I prefer my fights to be a bit more physical, anyway." though I hate taking pity in battles. He thought in addition to his sentence.

((I know he was thinking that. Ichiro can see peoples thoughts and memories.))

"Don't think of it as pity," Ichiro requested, "Think of it... as a promise. A promise that I will give you a good fight, without any special powers." He stopped spinning his staff and held it behind his back. With his other hand, he gestured for Smash to come forward. "Your move."

"Hm. Fair enough." He said. So he can read minds. I gotta stop being so loose with my thoughts. Though at least I learned something about him. He took a step back, seemingly getting ready to make a move. He suddenly burst out sprinting towards him. At the speed he was going, it seemed like he was going to ram into him.

Ichiro smirked. In a dull flash, his samurai armour reappeared on his body. He planted his feet and held his staff vertically, hammer end down. He waited for Smash to make contact, as if he intended to test Smash's force.

As Smash was running at him, he was actually keeping a very close eye on him. He expected him to switch positions to one he could easily counter in. But he appeared to be going on the defensive, as if he didn't plan to retaliate at all. Hmm..Perhaps I should actually do what it looks like I'm going to do. He thought. If I land a powerful enough hit, even if he's guarding, It should still weaken him. Once he got into range, He suddenly leaped high into the air, performing an uppercut that may or may not have hit him. He gave a quick twirl in the air and came down towards his head, throwing a mighty punch towards his face. The blow would surely knock the wind out of him.

Smash's uppercut knocked Ichiro's head backwards, but he still remained firmly in place. The expression on his face remained the same, and he jerked his head back into place with a crack while Smash was still airborn. Though he didn't show it, the blow was rather painful. Well, that will definitely hurt later, he thought, Still, I can't let him get the better of me. I've handled tougher situations than this before. As Smash descended, ready to deal his second blow, Ichiro tilted his head downward to allow the punch to strike his helmet. The force of the attack took him out of his stance and pushed him back about a foot. His feet dragged to keep him standing, but he was now leaning forward with a firm grip on his staff, which had not moved at all. Before Smash even touched the ground again, Ichiro threw his left hand upward, aiming to jab Smash in the chest. He winced from the stress on his wounded shoulder, but otherwise remained emotionless.

((Ryu-Would you both consider Kotuumath out of the fight?))

((Xi-If that last blow from Ichiro's hammer knocked him out, then probably. You didn't really specify his condition, though, so he could be just dazed. But... it is a pretty big hammer.))

((Ryu-I was actually thinking of him managing to pull one more surprise attack before succumbing to fatigue and injury..))

((Smash: Like Xi said, I'm not really sure how he's holding up after that blow. So I can't really say.))

((Xi-Go right ahead. He's your character after all.))


With little time to react, Smash instinctively closed in his arms and his legs to try and block the attack. His hand got through and hit his chest, but his arms and legs closing in on him would definitely hurt.

Unbeknownst to Ichiro and Smash, Kotuumath was struggling to his feet. Still under the grip of adrenaline, he turned to the other two combatants and began to charge up a white hot ball of energy in his mouth.

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((Xi-Sorry about that...))

As Smash predicted, having his arm clapsed by Smash's arms and legs was painful, but Ichiro shrugged it off. To try and knock him off, Ichiro threw a right hook to his side with his other arm, sill holding his staff. It was then that he turned and noticed Kotuumath. He whispered to himself, "Not good."

The halfbreed's attack was nearly ready to be released. By this time the ball of fire had grown quite large, creating a massive heat shimmer around it.

Smash was knocked to the ground. He landed on his side, skidding a couple of feet away. He was unable to quickly recover due to his preoccupied limbs. As he started to get up, he noticed Ichiro's gaze had drifted elsewhere, and he looked somewhat concerned. Knowing that this couldn't be a good sign, he followed his gaze and slightly gasped. All he could see of Kotuumath was a giant fireball with a pair of legs under it. Or at least that's what it looked like from his view. He quickly jumped back up to his feet, and was about ready to equip his Aqua gloves-Only to find that they were missing. He looked back to the tree he was at before and saw them both lying on the ground in front of the crater. Kotuumath was too close to it to go back and retrieve them. He refrained himself from cursing his bad luck.

Ichiro quickly regained himself, and twirled his staff in one hand once more. He looked over to Smash and said, "This might be a problem if you do not do something about it." He then thrust the staff horizontally in front of himself and grabbed it with his other hand. "What do you say we put a stop to this halfbreed first. Then we can finish are brawl peacefully, so to speak."

Smash nodded. "I'm just gonna have to do this the hard way." He cracked his knuckles. "This is gonna be close. Stay sharp!" He prepared for the oncoming attack.

The giant white fireball was finally released, hurtling towards Smash and Ichiro at high speed.

Ichiro swung his staff, creating a jet of water that slowly formed into a dragon like the three before. Mizu: the Water of Orochi. It hovered in front of Ichiro, with its tail extended towards Smash, but still Ichiro held up a guard. It was as if he didn't think Mizu would stop it.

Smash followed behind the water dragon. He planned to try and stop the fireball with his bare hands if this didn't work.

The fireball continued to fly at them, bringing its incredible heat with it.

Mizu caught the Blast Burn in its hands, but oddly enough it was losing the struggle. It howled in agony as the intense began to evaporate its liquid body. Ichiro appeaded to be sharing in the pain, but he held his stance. Mizu's guard had weakened the attack, but did not stop it. As Ichiro looked onward at the still approaching fireball, he called out to Smash, "Its now or never! We must work as one to stop it!"

"Got it! URRGHII!" Smash cried out as he transformed into his high tension state. He held his hands out in front of him and managed to stop the feiry ball in front of him, at the cost of skidding back and being badly burnt. He held it in place, and faced the pain head on.

Ichiro took his staff in both hands and ran forward. Holding the bladed end downward, he gracefully footstool jumped off of Smash's back, causing him to slightly wince, and flew high above the fireball. His weapon glissened in the moonlight, eminating a bright aura as he stabbed it down upon the fireball, aiming to destroy it.

4th Match

4rd match: Dr. Eggman vs Chimera vs Ookamoni vs Duan

"Would the participants in the 4th match please report here? Please let me know if you've arrived." The goddess spoke in a very gentle yet authoritative tone.

Ookamoni walked over, very leisurely. As he went forward, he glanced at his opponents. Fist he saw Eggman. He's the only one Ookamoni'd even heard of, yet he was sure this fool and his "confounded machines" wouldn't beat him. The other two, he could only guess.

He then paused and stared the godess in the eyes, ready to vent himself...

Duan: Heh... I'm ready as ever! (Duan revealed his guitar)

Chimera appeared on the scene, arms folded, ready to show everyone what he can do. "Ready."

Dr. Eggman wasn't a very formidable fighter, but he seemed to have something up his sleeve, for he was acting pretty confidently. "Let's get this started!"

"Good." Laniatus examined all of them, then summoned a creen to show them where they will be fighting. "Your match will take place in Greenhill Zone. I assume you all know the area. Also, in this match, there are several hazards in this field which you will need to watch out for, such as spikes and bombs. On the bright side, item boxes will appear from time to time to help you in the match, but their effects are temporary. With that said, are you all ready?"

"I'm itching to get started," Chimera said arrogantly.

"Hohohohoho! Ready as I'll ever be!" Eggman was waiting to go.

Duan: If I'm not ready, then my name's not Duan!

"Okay then, let's go!" And with a wave of her hand, Laniatus transported all of the fighters to Greenhill Zone

At Greenhill zone....

"You may begin fighting." With those words, the goddess was gone.

"Let's see what you guys can do," said Chimera, extending his hands, daring someone to attack him.

Flames flew around Ookamoni, burning a massive circle in the ground as he said," Let's get this over with."

Moving quickly, Chimera shot a beam of pure chaos energy at Ookamoni.

He fired a massive ball of fire to parry, creating a cloud of grey smoke. The wind picked up as he kept firing, keeping the Chaos at bay.

A swiching sound fills the air, and Ookamoni sees a sword flying towards his back.

He held one hand out at the sword, the other to the beam. While his flames combating the beam weakened, he could still keep it away from him. But he wasn't quick enough, and the sword stabbed through his left hand.

"GAAAH!" he creamed as blood dripped onto the grass.

"Is that all? And here I thought you were the 2nd strongest here," Chimera gloated.

Ookamoni glared at him, and with a grin increased the power of the fire 100%. As he did, he turned his hand, put the cold, metal blade in his mouth, and took the weapon out of his palm.

"Arrogance doesn't suit you,' he stated, taking the sword with his bad hand, ignoring the paint, and throwing it as Chimera.

"Thank you for returning this to me," Chimera said as the sword flipped in the air, the handle landing perfectly in his palm. "Show me what you've got." Chimera suddenly appeared in front of Ookamoni and slashed him with his sword.

Ookamoni dismissed the flames, drawing his claws in a Wolverine-like fasion. He caught the attack between two of the blades and prepared to kick Chimera from the side.

Chimera thought he would do something like that, so he flicked the blade of the sword, dislodging it from Ookamoni's claws and guarding against his kick. He then placed his hand on Ookamoni's forehead. "Let's see what's on your mind."

He gladly let him search his mind. He let every negative thought, every dark memory, every black act, murder, each drop of devastation flow into his enemy.

"Huh?" Chimera took his hand off his head and jumped back. "You've had a pretty hard time haven't you?"

"Indeed...." he said, creating a small, glowing orb of fire in his palm,"...Lorelei...why did you betray me? Even in death, you mock me Mazda...."

The orb grew bigger with each word, turning into darkness. When he saw Chimera, Ookamoni imagined Mazda, laughing at his failure. His eyes widened, and he became less and less sane, finally tossing the dark energy with a maniacal laugh.

Chimera began to feel uneasy as Ookamoni lost is sanity. When someone was insane, they became more unpredictable, and he hated not knowing what was going to happen. He quikly jumped out of the way of the ball, and fired his own orb of chaos at him.

Ookamoni used his claw to catch the orb, throwing it back at Chimera. He started to look like a ragdoll, his arms swinging at his sides and tripping over his own feet. With a twisted grin, he yelled," IS THAT ALL MAZDA!?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE SECOND STRONGEST HERE!"

Chimera absorbed the orb into his blade, and was greatly unnerved by his opponents sudden transformation. I've got to end this before it gets out of hand. Another Chimera appeared behind Ookamoni, and attempted to stab him.

He took the stab, laughing as black blood dripped instead. From the shadow grew ten, dark, demon wings. Hellfire mode....

He's changing form. I don't want to have to go into Reaper Mode, but if this continues any longer I may have to resort to that. Maybe i can make him sane again... Chimera continued fo form plans in his head, then finally decided on one. The clone that stabbed Ookamoni disappeared, and Chimera teleported to a few feet in front of the mad wolf. "Let's see what you can do!" He shouted as five Chimeras surrounded Ookamoni.

"Heh heh heeeeeeeeeeh" A ring of fire, a gigantic wall surrounded them. The flames seared everything, the intense heat turning the grass black, and the sky red.

Chimera himself then suddenly appeared above Ookamoni. "Chaos Trance!" He shouted ans he put his hand on his forehead once again. Ookamoni then found himself in a world of complete blackness. He could see himself, but nothing more.

"......." nothing, absolutely nothing, came from Ookamoni's mouth His wings retracted, as did his claws, as he waited for his opponents next move.

He heard footsteps, and was expecting Chimera to come and attack him. Instead, the last person he expected to be here was standing before him. "Hello, brother," said Lorelei

He stood, unmoving, unaltered, unfeeling as he looked in her eyes, not uttering a single word.

"Look at yourself. Look at what you've become. I don't know if I can even consider you my brother anymore," she said.

He looked at her, at first silent, but then he smiled and scoffed. Now calm, he crossed his arms and said," You expect me to believe this cheap replica's my sister? Rediculous. I spent every night for two thousand years thinking of her, keeping her memory alive. So don't insult me with an amateur knock-off!"

Meanwhile, in the real world, Chimera stood a few feet away from Ookamoni, enjoying messing with his mind. "This one has a lot of issues. I can use them to my advantage."

Duan: Lightning! (Duan strummed his guitar and stuck everyone with lightning)

"Gr. Forgot about the other ones" Chimera teleported a few feet away from Ookamoni to dodge the lightning, which in turn temporarily freed him from Chimera's Chaos Trance. "Damn! I'm out of range!" Chimera turned towards Duan, angry."You'll pay for that."

Eggman, however was nowhere to be seen.

Chimera suddenly appeared behind Duan. "Sweet dreams," he said as he stabbed him with his sword.

(The real Duan is behind a wall) Duan: My famous hat trick. Just watch.

Fake Duan: No! It can't be! (Fell over)

Chimera scoffed. "You think you're so smart, don't you?" Four purple, glowing points arranged in a square appeared at Duan's feet. "Chaos Prison!" He clenched his fists, and four walls of purple-black energy rose from the ground and trapped Duan inside a box.

Ookamoni escaped his trace. With Chimera distracted, he leaped in the air, floating there to watch their fight.

Duan: It's not like I haven't escaped from something like this before. (Grabbed his guitar, shot an energy blast downward, and fired himself upward to escape the prison) You think you're so smart, don't you? (Fired 15 beams of equal strength)

"I should say the same thing to you," Chimera said, as Duan flew right into a clone, waiting to stab him in the air. "As for these beams." Chimera teleported out of the way of the beams.

Then Dr. Eggman came along, holding a massive laser cannon-like device. "Now let's see you survive this!" With that, he fired a huge blue coloured laserbeam right at Chimera. When it fades, Chimera was nowhere to be seen. "Yes!" The evil doctor cried.

"That's all?" Chimera asked, now standing behind the doctor, "I'm disappointed." He then fired a beam of pure chaos energy at Eggman from point blank range, defeating him. "Now for you," He said, looking at Ookamoni.

"How dull" the blue wolf declared," If all your going to do are sugar-coated party tricks, I might as well walk away right now."

With darkness wrapped around his claws, he smiled and said," I don't like to fight opponents I know are too weak to win."

"That's a lot of talk for someone who hans't even had a glimpse of my power yet," the villain answered. "I don't even need to use Chaos Trance again to defeat you. It'll be over in a flash." On the last word, he suddenly appeared right in front of Ookamoni and stabbed at him with his blade.

The blade bounced off a tentacle of darkness. In an insntant, Ookamoni clapped his hands together, releasing a giant "boom" and a powerful shockwave. With that, a giant red circle glowed under him, protecting him as he recited," Mit diesem Blut mit diesem Blatt, durch die Schwärzung in meinem Herzen… "

Chimera was knocked back, but did a flip, and landed on his feet. "Not bad." What's he doing now? Guess I'll just have to wait. "He's reciting something in German. With this blood in the journal, through the darkness in my heart. What does that even mean?"

"… steht Freigabe die Energie, die Verwüstung, der dieser Hass in…. stilldas Adephagos!"

Hundreds of writing, stretching tentacles of darkness arose around Ookamoni. They surrounded him, engulfed him as he said," This is Adephagos. At least, that's what I call this attack. They say a good offense is a good defense, but Adephagos both defends and attacks."

"Whatever," Chimera said, and then created a huge wall of chaos energy in front of him. "Let's test it's power." The wall then flew at Ookamoni.

Half of the limbs held back the wall, but the other half burrowed underground. Ookamoni was safe inside the core, the red circle acting like a barrier to protect him.

"Well this is interesting." Those other limbs burrowed underground. Better get off of it then. He jumped high into the air and hovered several feet above the ground. "Make your move monster."

Ookamoni stared blankly, unfazed and uninterested by his opponent. Now that he was bored with Chimera, he snapped his fingers and let the Adephagos attack him, both from above and below.

"Hm. Fine, I'll show you my real power." He let himslef get hit from the attack head on.

Ookamoni dismissed the Adephagos, letting the tentacles squirm back to him. "So boring...." he said, watching for Chimera,"....I came here to stop being bored. Heh, maybe it's not me, but you people..."

A massive explosion of pure black energy erupted where Chimera once was, the force hitting Ookamoni. When it faded, Chimera reappeared with long white hair, two horns and a large, black scythe. "Behold, my Reaper Form!" With those words, he slashed his scythe, shooting a crescent shaped bold of powerful energy at Ookamoni.

"Crap," Ookamoni said, taking the hit and falling to the ground. He had a few scratches, a scrape here and there. But, after that he got up and said," There, I lost. I got hit. Later..."

With that, he vanished in a dark portal, ready to leave the dull Green Hill Zone.

Nemesis appeared, blocking Ookamoni's path. "Are you really going to leave? Exiting the stadium is an instant disqualification."

"What does this tell you?" he said, shoving Nemesis out of his way and stomping into the portal, which desintigrated shortly after.

Nemesis was slightly confused, and angered for being ignored by Ookamoni. He turned to Chimera. "All right, it would appear that you're the winner."

Chimera smirked. "Like it wasn't obvious from the start." Everyone was then teleported to the main area, fully healed for the next rounds.

5th Match

5th match: Shadow Clone vs RMG - 24 vs Metal Sonic vs Silver

Nemesis: Contenders for the 6th match come forth!

Shadow Clone:Here.


Metal Sonic: Here

Silver: Here.

Nemesis: Good. Now for this match, you will be fighting on Angel Island. Mystic Ruins to be exact. No special rules here, just plain fighting. Now, If you are all ready, let's go! (teleports everyone to Mystic Ruins) BEGIN!!!

Shadow Clone:Chaos bomb!

Silver: (Repels the energy using Telekinesis) Do better! (Repels Shadow Clone away)

Shadow:CHAOS BOMB(Blows up the area)!

(try to be a bit more decriptive instead of just saying (This happens). Makes ur characters look like robots. No offence, just giving u some tips)

(Okay :))

Metal Sonic: COPYING DATA. *robotic noises*

Silver. Hmph. That the best you can do?

RMG-24: BULLET RAIN! (Fires about 200 bullets upward and they fall down)

Shadow Clone:(Kick Sliver in the face sending him back)

Silver: (catches his kick and sends him flying backwards with his telekinesis)

Metal Sonic: COPY COMPLETE. BULLET RAIN! (fires 200 bullets at RMG - 24)

Silver: (repels the bullets away from him) Is that the best you can do?

RMG-24: IT TAKES MORE THAN THAT TO DEFEAT ME! BIG FIST POUND! (Fist grows gigantic and punches Silver in the face with it)

Silver: (tries to soften the blow with telekinesis, but still gets hit) Arg! That all you got?

Shadow Clone:(In the sky)FEEL MY RAF,HYPER CHAOS BOMB(Blows up the whole area and everything in sight)!

Metal Sonic: Gyah!!! (gets blown up)

Silver: Chaos Control! (teleports out of range)

RMG-24: YOU STILL DON'T KNOW MY WEAKNESS!!! TORPEDO RAIN!!! (Fires about 150 Torpedoes upward and they fall down on the area)

Silver: Forgot about this? (He uses his telekinesis and stops the torpedoes from hitting the ground. He then aims them at RMG - 24) Bye!

Shadow Clone: Hmph,CHAOS BOMB(Blows up the whole area and everything in sight)!

Silver: Again? That's like the 4th time! (teleports out of range once again)

Silver reappears above Shadow Clone and axe kicks him in the head. "Take that!"

Shadow Clone:Ow,now die,Chaos KICK(kicks Silver in the face.).

RMG-24: (Spins around, showing small red panel on the back of his head) DO YOU THINK YOU CAN STILL BEST ME, SILVER?! (Begins using electricity to zap Silver)

Shadow Clone:No but I can,CHAOS SPEARS(aims for RMG-24)!

(There was an explosion, but RMG-24 was still intact)

RMG-24: You will need to SEARCH for my weakness, clone! (Fires a laser)

Shadow Clone:I I'm NO CLONE,I AM SHADOW, SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG,FEAR MY POWER,Chaos Bomb(Blows up the area)!

(RMG-24 falls, revealing a red panel on the back of his head)

Shadow Clone:CHAOS BLAST(gits the red panel)!

(RMG-24's eyes light up)

Shadow Clone:...

RMG-24: MEMORY CONSERVATION MODE! (Grows to the size of an SUV, and grows a glowing red core on his chest) YOU SHALL PAY FOR THAT! BULLET RAIN! (Shoots nearly a thousand bullets into the air, and they fall towards Shadow Clone)

Shadow Clone:Hell no,chaos block(protects himself)!

RMG-24: I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD DO THAT! (As Shadow Clone blocks, RMG-24 jumps up and lands behind him, then fires a single torpedo at his backside)

Shadow Clone:(gets blown away)ah,you will pay for that!


Shadow Clone:I am Shadow THE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM,Chaos Control(transports the radioactive acid on top of RMG)!


Shadow Clone:(Gets up)Hmph.

RMG-24: FORGET IT! THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DEFEAT ME! (Fires a giant blue laser kind of like the Zero Laser from Super Smash Bros. Brawl or the Kamehameha from DBZ)

Shadow Clone:Damn,CHAOS BLAST(Fires a giant yellow beam at RMG)!

RMG-24: (Takes hit) YOU WILL NEVER BEST ME! MISSILE RAIN! (Shoots 300 missiles upward and they all fall down)

Shadow Clone:(Runs and jumps towards the 300 missiles and starts to jump on them hitting them agents each other)Hmph!

RMG-24: AH-HA! (Jumps on Shadow Clone, tackles him, and puts him in a submission) TAP OUT OR ESCAPE!

Shadow Clone:Screw you,Ch......aos...control,ah(disappears)!

RMG-24: I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE! (Fires a large, heat-seeking missile)

"Yeah, but you forgot about me!" Silver said, using telekinesis to redirect the missle at RMG-24.

RMG-24: (Explodes the missile on command) YOU CAN'T USE MY OWN WEAPON AGAINST ME!

6th Match

6th match: Dragoeith vs Lisa vs Pearl vs Skate

The hooded figure known as Nemesis stood in front of the match listings. "Would all of the participants in the 6th match please come forth!"

Dragoeith:Here if you want to know...

Nemesis: Good. Now just wait for everyone else.

Pearl ran into the area, soon skidding to a stop. "I'm here!"


Lisa:Lets get this over wit Skate.

"It's about time," the god said, clearly impatient. "Now, you all shall be fighting in Sweet Mountain Zone, a world of candy and joy and bla bla bla. The only special rule is that there are rings inf the area that replenish your health if you collect them. I control when and where they appear though. Are you all ready?"

"Yes!" Pearl exclaimed excitedly. She couldn't wait to get started.

"All right. Let's go!" He then teleported everyone to the candied paradise known as Sweet Mountain Zone.

"You may begin!"

"Alright!" Pearl got into a fighting stance. Okay, This is for real! No holding back this time! She thought. But I'd best not get carried away. These guys look pretty tough...

Skate:Get ready to use that super strength Lisa.


Dragoeith:I'm not going to lose to Mortals...

"Well, you certainly seem confident." Pearl rose her eyebrow at Dragoeith. "Why don't you show us just why you won't be losing?"

Dragoeith:*uses Thunder-bolt on Pearl*

Pearl quickly rolled to the side to avoid the bolt.

Lisa:(Her paws began to grow)PAWS OF PAIN(Blocks the thunder-bolt from hitting Pearl)!

Skate:CHAOS BLAST(Hits Dragoeith in the stomach)!

Dragoeith:*takes the hit but seems unharmed* How useless it will take at least 100 times more power to beat me...*uses Aerial Ace on Lisa&Skate*

Skate:A 100 times stronger,HOW ABOUT OVER 9000,CHAOS KAIO-KEN(Powers up,with a power level over 9000)!

Dragoeith:*uses Brave Bird Towards Skate*

Overpowered Skate:(Disappears)

Dragoeith:Huh? Where did he go? Nevermind..*uses Overheat on Lisa and Pearl*

Pearl sprinted to the side again, quickly moving out of range. "What's with these people? Going all out in the beginning?" She asked herself.

Lisa:Fire shield!

Skate: SPEED KICK(hits Dragoeith)!

(You might want to say who exactly you're attacking, since there're three different ppl here)

Dragoeith:(takes the hit but seems unharmed) Hmm...your attacks aren't powerful....(uses Flamethrower at Pearl)

(Once again, you should try to describe the skill more clearly. Also, try to avoid auto hitting, referring to Skate.)

Pearl kept running in the same direction, quickly accelerating to keep out of range. "Now it's My turn!" She steered around to charge towards Dragoeith, and attempted to ram into him at full force.

Lisa:(To Pearl)What the!

Skate:Lets go Lisa,take this SOB down!


((Since Drago is taking way too ridiculously long, I'm just going to go ahead and fight you.)) ((Okay.))

Pearl turned to look at Lisa and Skate. "Are you two working together or something? I didn't know there were teams. I could have teamed up with my bro in that case.."

Lisa:Yeah,he is my boss!

Skate:Yeah and sadly Vector is my boss,are you single?


Skate:What can I ask?o_o

Pearl's eyelids lowered. "What..." She shook her head. "Are you serious? "Am I Single?"? Oh I'm gonna single-handedly beat you to the ground! The ring is no place for romance!"

Lisa:(Punches Pearl)Less talk more ACTION!

Lisa:Skate come on!

Skate:....my mom said don't hit girls.:I

Pearl caught the punch easily. "Then I'll fight her one on one!" She said before countering with her own punch towards Lisa's face.

Skate:Wait a minute your the blue Echidna sister aren't you,Cold told me all about him and you(Powers up).>:)

Pearl followed up her attack with an attempt to hurl Lisa over her shoulder and slam her onto the ground. "Yeah, That's me."

Skate:Well that changes everything,CHAOS BLAST(Fires blasts at Pearl)!


(Shouldn't Lisa be showing some sort of sign of being hurt? She just got punched in the face and hurled onto the ground. ) (Oh yeah)

Pearl quickly turned around to see the blast, and gasped softly. She dove out of range, leaving Lisa to get hit, and just barely escaped.

Lisa:(Falls to the ground)

Skate:(Stops the blast before it hits Lisa.)

Pearl performed a somersault as she hit the ground, and sprung back to her feet. She turned around and ran towards Skate, ready to attack.

Skate:Don't even try(appears behind her),I move fast as Sonic.

Without warning, she twirled around quickly and threw a powerful spin kick in his direction. "Well thanks for telling me that!"

Lisa:(Picks up a huge bolder and trows it at Pearl)LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Skate:Chaos*pants*control(moves out the way).

Pearl looked up and gasped. Her eyes shrunk as the boulder was already too close to her to dodge. From Lisa's view, it seemingly crushed her underneath it.

(The bolder moves up)

Skate:(Holding the bolder)Don't thank me for this.

Pearl was standing under it, also holding the boulder. She was straining to hold it up before Skate came to help. "I-I think I could have handled it...but why are you helping me?" She asked. "We're supposed to be fighting eachother.."

Lisa:Yeah WHY?!

Skate:(Trows the bolder)cause I once known a women who was strong,determined,willful like you,but when it came time to save her I was to late.

Pearl fell silent. She wasn't sure how to respond to that. "...I'm sorry.." She finally said. "..But this match..this isn't a fight to the death. You have nothing to worry about." She said.

Lisa:(Throws rocks)Hmph!

((it's spelled "throw". =P))

Pearl smacked the rocks away from her. "Well then. Shall we continue for real this time?"

Skate:Your on.

Pearl returned to her battle stance. "Alright then, Bring it!"

Skate:(Fights Pearl in hand to hand combat)You think we could be friends after this?

Pearl threw a few quick jabs aiming for his chest. "Maybe." She said.

Skate:(Jumps over Pearl)Cool.

Lisa:(Come in and fight along Skate)

Pearl turned around as he jumped over her head, and attempted to sweep kick him just as he landed. She spun and sprung up into the air and tried to spin kick Lisa in the head.


Skate:(Use Chaos Block to protect himself)

Pearl made one last fancy spin, before coming at Skate again with a powerful punch towards his chest.

Lisa:(Protects Skate by grabbing Pearl's fist)I'm strong as Knuckles.>:)

Pearl's eyebrows rose. "Is that so? It's a good thing I'm plenty strong myself!" She grabbed Lisa's wrist with her free hand, and then began to spin her around. She deliberately spun close enough to Skate to slam Lisa into him.

Skate:AH!CHAOS CONTROL(disappears)!


Pearl then let go, throwing her a good several feet away. She had to take a moment to get over the dizziness.

Lisa:(Appears in the sky)Ha.

Skate:(Also Appears in the sky)Chaos BOMB(Blows up everything in site)!

Pearl screamed as the explosion knocked her down the mountain. She managed to grab onto a candy cane sticking out of the side of the cliff. She held on tightly, trying to catch her breath as she looked for a way back up.

Lisa:(Picks up a bolder and throws it at Pearl)Take that!

Pearl looked up at the boulder falling, and then ripped the candy cane out of the wall. She ended up falling down too, but the boulder flew over her head. She stabbed the wall with the candy cane again, and then used it to help her climb back up to the top.

Skate:Chaos Bomb(Blows up the area Pearl was on)!

Pearl was blown from the wall, and fell down to the ground below her. She stayed down there for a few minutes, wincing in pain. But something didn't feel right. The texture of the ground, it was softer than the rest. The ground was slanted, too. She sat up and looked at what she was sitting on. The ground turned out to be a gigantic slice of...chocolate cake. "...I guess I've still got a bit of luck left." She said. She leaned over to the back of the cake and saw the delicious brown icing, and scooped a handful of it. She knew she was supposed to be fighting, but she couldn't help herself. She took a bite of it, and it was heavenly. Her eyes darted from left to right, then she stuffed the rest of the icing in her hands into her mouth and swallowed. She felt a sugar rush coming on. "Tasty!" She wiped her mouth and then ran back to see if there was another route to get back up the mountain.

Lisa:Come on lose!

Pearl rushed back up the mountain, and stood in beside the crater Skate made. She looked up at the two who were still airborne. "I'm not gonna lose yet! I'm only just getting started!" She yelled.


Pearl coiled up her legs, and then sprung up into the air, coming at Lisa with a rising uppercut.

Lisa:(Gets hit)AHHHHHHHHHH!

Pearl quickly twirled around in mid-air to deliver a straight kick, which would send her flying back pretty far.

Skate:Hmph,Chaos Kick(Kicks Pearl down to the ground)!

Pearl fell to the ground, but landed on her feet. She quickly sprung back up into the air, as if she were going to uppercut him too, but instead she brought her hands over her head and attempted to slam her fists down on his head to take him to the ground.

Skate:(Heads to the ground, lands on his feet a runs fast)


Pearl landed on the ground, and looked around. She could still go on for while longer, but she was wondering what else those two could dish out. She spotted Skate, and watched him closely.

Skate:(Run faster and breaks the sound barrier with a sonic boom)

She took a step back, still watching. "What is he doing..?"

Skate:(Run even faster and breaks the 2nd sound barrier with another sonic boom)

Pearl pretty much lost sight of him, but she could somewhat tell where he was by the dust he was kicking up. She then looked to see where Lisa was.

Skate:(Run until he turned into particals and breaks the 3nd sound barrier with another sonic boom)

Lisa:The SHAZAM move!

Pearl blinked. She was now hopelessly confused. She still kept her eye out in case they tried to pull something, but now it didn't seem likely.

Skate's Voice:You can't see me so don't try.

"What're you trying to pull!?" She called out, now more alert.

Skate's Voice:SHAZAM,you can't see me cause I am millions of particles.

Lisa:Which evens the odds!>:)

Pearl's eyelids lowered for a bit, then she shook her head and grinned. "Even the odds, you say? Are you admitting that you were actually losing a two on one battle?"

Skate's Voice:No but with Lisa getting her butt kick.

Lisa:So he will use his second strongest move.

Pearl braced herself. She looked all around to see where he was gonna come from, but she couldn't even see him. This isn't good...how am I supposed to defend myself against something I can't see? She thought, desperately. It was then when she remembered something from her training. "When fighting against an opponent who hides himself, be it an underground opponent, a super fast enemy, or a completely invisible person, Don't count on your eyes. Use your other senses, including your instincts." These were her brother's words. Remembering that now, she stood firmly and closed her eyes, and began to listen closely. Concentration was hard at first, but after calming herself a bit, she was just slightly able to follow his movements.

(A fist can at Pearl's face and disappeared after the fist punches her.)

Pearl quickly moved her hand to block it, but she was a second too late. She took a few steps back after taking the blow to prevent herself from falling over, and continued to concentrate.

Lisa:You won't win.

Pearl completely ignored her, and kept concentrating.

Lisa:(Ran and hide)This is going to be the big one!

Pearl heard Lisa's footsteps leaving the area. The big one, eh? In that case, I had better focus... She clenched her fists and braced herself. This is what Smash always does...

Skate voice:THIS IS IT!

Lisa:(Two miles away)THE BIG ONE!

Pearl had her fist and her teeth clenched hard, trying almost too hard to concentrate. They were pushing her, by telling her each time that it was coming and it was going to be big.

Skate:(Appears in the sky)Got to gather energy.

Pearl stopped, and opened her eyes to look at him in the sky. What...? She thought. All of that and he wasn't even ready yet...? I can't believe that! Wait, this might be a good thing...Ah, yes, I know. She quickly ran towards the boulder that was thrown at her earlier and put her hands under it. "Umph! This thing weighs a ton!" She grunted. "No..it has to work. I got one shot at this..." She struggled and strained to lift it. Suddenly, a slight glow surrounded her body. Slowly, she lifted the boulder above her head. "Here goes nothing...! Yyyyaa!" She hurled the boulder at Skate the best she could. It was heading straight for him.

Skate:(See the bolder)WOW,(stops gathering energy)HUMAN KILL,A MILLION FISTS OF GOD!

The boulder shattered into a million pieces, scattering all over the place. But Pearl was no where to be seen. Moments later, Pearl fell from above with her fist cocked behind her head. "Here it goes, with everything I've got! Divine FIST!" She cried out before attempting to strike Skate in the head, aiming to slam him into the ground and land on top of him.

Skate:(Hits the ground)OW(bleeds),Get off me,LISA!

Pearl jumped straight into the air. "And here comes the finisher!" She cried out as she backflipped in mid air and attempted to crash down on top of him with her shoulder aimed for his chest. This would most likely finish off any other person.

Skate:Crap,Chaos *pants* Block(protects hinself)!

The barrier made her bounce off. She rolled onto the ground, unharmed, and quickly got back to her feet.

Lisa:(Charges towards Pearl)SPEED KICK(aims at Pearl)!

Pearl watched her come at the corner of her eye, and as soon as she got close enough, she threw a nasty punch towards Lisa's chest without warning.

Lisa:(Falls to the ground)


Pearl looked down at Lisa. She appeared to have gone down for the count. Just to be safe, she stepped out of her range in case she tried to attack her from the ground.

Skate:(Pupils disappear)NOOOOOOOOO!!

((If Lisa is truly out, then she should disappear. Just letting you know.))

Alarmed, Pearl's gaze immediately focused on Skate. She knew that this couldn't end well, and got on the defensive.

Skate:(Skin color changes to red)NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

At this rate, She thought desperately. He's going to be too strong for me to handle...I've got to stop his transformation! She ran towards him and quickly threw a powerful punch towards his face.

Skate:(A invisible wall protects him)NOOOOOO(blood comes out his eyes)!!!!!

She held her fist in slight pain from hitting the wall, but was more horrified at the sight in front of her. She did just about what anybody in this situation would do: Run. She sprinted away as fast as her legs could take her.

Skate:(A rope appears)(echo)I'm Black Blade.

Pearl skidded to a stop and turned to face him. She was now several meters away from him. She didn't like how his transformation turned out. It was disturbing. But she was really concerned about what he could possibly do now.

Black Blade:(Floats to Pearl)

Pearl returned to her battle stance. She was on the defensive now.

Black Blade:(Looks at Lisa on the ground and says with a echo voice)Lisa,LISA!!!!!!!!!!(ground shakes).

Pearl stood her ground, almost but not quite thrown off balance by the sudden shaking.

Black Blade:(Powers up and says with a echo voice)LISAAAAAAAAA even!!!!!!!!!!(ground shakes even more)!!!!!

"Geez, Doesn't he even remember that I said everyone will be alright in the end!?" She thought aloud to herself. She took a few steps back, worried about the outcome.

Black Blade:(echo voice)You will pay for this!

Pearl returned to her battle stance. She didn't want to take the initiative due to his current state.

((Think we can stop stalling now and get on with the battle? =/ ))

Black Blade:(echo voice)CHAOS BLAST(Fire it at Pearl)!

Pearl quickly leaped out of the way, but the blast hit the ground where she had been standing and exploded, blowing her farther away than she would have liked. She tumbled forward a bit, but managed to catch herself before she went too far. She stood up and turned around to look at Black Blade. That was WAY too close. She thought. This guy's gotten a lot stronger. I'm not sure if I can beat him now...

Black Blade:(Appears behind Pearl)SPEED KICK(kick Pearl)!

Pearl whirled around to face him, only to take the blow head on. She fell backwards and onto the ground, wincing in pain.

Black Blade:(echo voice)CHAOS BOMB(blows up the area Pearl is on)!

((I'm just gonna say this: I really don't like the way you blow up the entire arena like this. Even if there is plenty of space. This is the third time this same spot got blown to smithereens. Skills like this shouldn't be spammed.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 04:58, April 27, 2011 (UTC)))

((Okay he will just blow up the area Pearl is on.))

((I guess that's better, but still. Don't use it so much.))

The blast knocked Pearl almost out of sight. She ended up landing and hanging from both a candy cane and a liquorice stick coming out of the side of the cliff, and was barely conscious. She used all of her remaining strength just to hang on.

Black Blade:(echo voice)Give up,Chaos Spears(aims for Pearl).

The spears hit the candies she was hanging from, rather than Pearl herself. She began to fall again. And at the bottom, she was going to land on a pile of giant cookies. It was a rather long fall, though. Pearl had little strength left to try and break her fall.

Black Blade:(echo voice)Time to die,Human Kill(Heads toward Pearl).

Lisa:(Wounded)Pearl give up or run!

Pearl finally landed on the pile. It was painful, and her eyesight was starting to blur. She could see Skate, no, Black Blade coming towards her at a high speed. All she could do was roll off the cookie mound, in hopes that he'd miss. She landed on the ground beside it face first. She tried to push herself back to her feet, but she ached all over. That was when she saw her own blood on the ground. She was in bad shape.

Lisa:(Wounded)Pearl give up NOW!

Pearl used the cookie by her side to support her as she stood up. She staggered slightly, but managed to keep her balance. She was breathing heavily. "....No...I will not..give up.." She said weakly. She sounded like she had just a little bit of fight left in her.

((Also, How was Lisa talking to her? Wasn't she knocked out on the top of the cliff? Pearl's at the bottom, and it was a long fall.))

((Yeah I meant to that 2 hours have past,and she is talking to her using telepathy she learned by Skate.))

Black Blade:(Still charging)

((Two hours couldn't possibly have passed in that time. At the very most a half an hour. Two Hours is simply not possible.))

((Okay your the boss))

Pearl looked in his direction before dashing out of the way. She hid behind a ball of vanilla ice cream. I can't stand up to this guy the way he is now...I can't beat him... She thought. She clenched her fists tightly. If only I could use that ability Smash learned... "If only I could..." She whispered to herself as she closed her eyes.

Black Blade:(Stops)

As much as he tried to teach me..I still couldn't do it...She thought. I'm going to need to rely on everything else I've got...I think I've got a plan, though. She peeked out from behind the ice cream to see where he was.

Black Blade:(Stands there)

Good. He's still there. She thought.

The familiar chime every Sonic fan knows rang through the air. A golden ring appeared in the pile of cookies Pearl was on. Another ring appearead at the edge of the cliff Lisa was lying on as well.

A red devil-like being with long black hair was watching over the match, acting as the judge in Nemesis's absence.

Pearl's eyes widened when she saw the ring. That's it! Alright, I need to move quickly. She thought excitedly. She was already feeling some of her strength coming back to her. She scooped up a couple of hand fulls of ice cream, and looked over at Skate from behind the giant scoop. Ready....Aim...Fire! She threw the ice cream at his face, in hopes of getting some in his eyes and temporarily blinding him. She made a break for the pile of cookies, keeping an eye on Skate and having her second handful at the ready.

Black Blade:(Still stands there)

She jumped into the pile of cookies and grabbed the ring with her free hand. It disappeared into sparkles as she heard it chime again. She immediately felt her strength returning to her. "Yes..This is much better!" She said to herself.

Dragoeith:(punches Pearl) Oh really?

Pearl fell over and rolled off the mound. Aw, CRAP! I forgot about Dragoeith! She thought, irritated. She jumped back up to her feet and glared at him. "Yeah, Really! She threw her ball of ice cream at his eyes, and then grabbed one of the giant cookies with both of her hands out of the pile. She spun around a few times before hurling it at him. "Eat Chocolate Chips, you fiend!" She yelled. It flew towards his stomach like a Frisbee, and would probably knock him into Black Blade if he got hit.

Dragoeith:(gets hit and staggers back a bit) Hmph...not bad.....(uses Overheat at Pearl)

Pearl took another cookie and held it with the broad side facing him, and used it to defend herself.

Black Blade:(Glows)

Eventually, the cookie fell over, burning to ashes. Pearl was no where to be seen, however.

Lisa:(Runs fast)RUN For Your LIFE!

Black Blade:Human Kill:Meteoroid(Flies in the sky fast)

Pearl, who was now behind Dragoeith about to slug him in the back of his head, stopped dead in her tracks when she heard what Black Blade said. Lisa running away screaming was another bad sign. She took heed of her words and ran as fast as she could away from the area.

Black Blade:Human Kill:Meteoroid!(Reaches space)

((Can't you describe the skill a little better than that? I don't want this to drag on like Black Blade's transformation. Pearl's already running, and he already said that. Just get it on with and don't leave us in suspense!))

Black Blade:(Heads full speed toward the ground)

Lisa:*Breaths*It's all over!

((I still don't know what happened.))

Lisa: Once he hits Pearl she is done for. ((Ryu: Why does that sound like a god-moddish move? -_-"))

((That's because it pretty much is. I mean, using something that's instant death to everyone in a tournament is not fair.))

(T-man67:I'm not sure how far does a atom bomb reach?)

((I don't know! Why are you using an atomic bomb!? Can't we have a semi-regular battle without blowing up the arena? If you do that, There will be nothing to fight on and he'll most likely get disqualified. Also you erased Banzai's message.))

((Agreed I'm changing it' and what messages?0_o))

((This is what he said:

(What kind of move is that? You can't just say the name of an attack, giving no description of it and expecting everyone to know exactly what it is, and say that everyone is going to die and there is nothing they can do about it. God-modding means basically acting like a god, and that's what you're doing here. I think it goes without saying that instant-death moves are not allowed in a fighting tournament. You need to give people a chance to react or do something to be fair! Possibilities are Endless - Banzai123 19:20, May 10, 2011 (UTC))

Black Blade:(Looks like a Meteoroid head straight for Pearl)

Pearl ran down the mountain, trying to get as low as possible. She hopped down a few small cliffs, and soon saught shelter under a ledge at the bottom of a cliff.

Black Blade:(Still headed for Pearl)

Pearl looked out into the sky, and soon saw Black Blade coming at her. She was about to run again, but then stopped herself. She waited for him to come, and watched him closely.

Black Blade:(About to hit Pearl)

At the right moment, Pearl leaped out of the way, intending to let him smash into the wall.

Black Blade:(Turns normal and walks to Pearl)

Pearl turned to look at him, and immediately got on the defensive.

Black Blade:(Starts to charge at Pearl)

Pearl stood her ground, prepared for the attack.

Black Blade:(Jumps and tries to land on Pearl)

Pearl leaped up into the air and attempted to completely throw off his attack by uppercutting him away.

Black Blade:(Lands on his feet and does the attack again)

Pearl repeated the same counter, except this time she followed up with a twirl in the air and a straight kick towards his stomach.

Black Blade:(Lands on his feet and does the attack but use spindash when he jumps)

Pearl jumped up in the air like before, and attempted to spike him to the ground like a volley ball.

Black Blade:(Bounces off the ground and hits Pearl)

((Wait what? Who the heck is Bad Blood? I think you mean "Black Blade"...~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 08:58, May 22, 2011 (UTC)))

((Sorry,Bad Blood and Black Blade's names sound the same))

((I was really hoping that was a mistake. If some random guy just showed up and attacked, I'd be pretty annoyed.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 23:59, May 22, 2011 (UTC)))

Pearl coiled her legs in the air, and then stomped Black Blade back to the ground.

Black Blade:(Land on the ground)You are strong for a foolish girl.

Pearl landed on the ground in front of him. "A fool, am I? At least I'm not resorting to Dark forms because not one but two of you couldn't beat me." She reminded him, shaking her finger at him.

Black Blade:(Scoffs)You hurt Lisa,Skate didn't have noting to do with this transformation,you did(charges a negative KI blast).

"Whatever. It was bound to happen, SOMEBODY'S gotta get hurt. It's a fighting tournament after all. I already told you everyone would be alright in the end. Sheesh." She scoffed back. She got into the defensive when she saw him charging.

Black Blade:(charges another negative KI blast and pushes the to negatives together).

Pearl wasn't liking the way this was looking. She got ready to run.

(The negative KI blast soon turn black and the wind blows strong)

Pearl noticed it immediately. This is worse than I thought. I should have stopped him when I had the chance. She thought. Now what...!?

Black Blade:Ha,it is amazing how two weak negative ki blast could make a death weapon.

Pearl glared at him as a sweat drop rolled down the side of her face. She didn't say anything, instead she kept an eye on the large ball of energy in his hands, estimating the power concentrated within it, and trying to think of a way to avoid it.

Black Blade:(Pushes the two ki blast closer to each other)

Pearl backed up against the wall, keeping a close eye on him. Her eyes cut to the side, and she soon ripped out a long, thick string of liquorice from the wall. She twirled it around quickly before whipping Black Blade's wrists with it, in an attempt to mess him up.

Black Blade:(Already Pushes the two ki blast together to make a ball and drops it)

((Did you just ignore my attack?~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 19:56, June 10, 2011 (UTC)))

Dragoeith:(rainbow aura appears around him and charges up a large beam of Rainbow energy in his mouth and fires it at Pearl&Black Blade)Hmph.

Black Blade:Dark Ded(Aims at Dragoeith)

Pearl looked at the ball of energy drop to the ground, but then immediately noticed a large beam of rainbow energy heading right towards them. While Black Blade tried to counter it, Pearl didn't want to risk it and leaped out of the way.

(The negative ki ball follows Pearl)

She turned around and saw the ball still coming towards her. She attempted to whip it out of the way with the liqourice string and deflect it into the rainbow beam of energy being fired at Black Blade.


Though she heard her, She was already swinging at full force. She got ready to try and dodge should she need to do so.

(As she hit The Ki ball it bounces towards the to hurling blasts)

((It shouldn't have hit any tree. There was no tree between her and the rainbow blast, which she was aiming to knock it into.))

((Well it needs to bunce off something))

((Why? Why does it need to bounce off of something? Her plan was to knock it into the blast and get rid of it like that. The area she deflected it into shouldn't have anything for it to bounce off of (besides the ground, and that wouldn't really change it's course.) since she was still rather close to the blast, which was rather large by the way. Plus, I highly doubt there are any actual trees in this area. Maybe some sort of sweets resembling a tree, but not an actual tree.))

Lisa:I'm out of here.

With the Ki ball out of the way, She looked to see how Black Blade held up to the rainbow blast.

((Does this mean that Lisa forfeits?))

Dragoeith:(growls and then charges up a large beam of Rainbow energy in his mouth and fires it at Pearl]]Hmph.

Seeing that the beam had ended, She looked to see what Dragoeith was up to, only to see him charge up another one. She prepared for the next wave, and leaped high into the air the moment he fired the beam. She grabbed onto the top of the small cliff they were next to and climbed up. With the higher ground, she contemplated her next move.


Seeing that she had lost him, she made a daring leap off the cliff, coming right down towards him from the side while holding her fist behind her head. She threw a mighty punch towards his head, almost powerful enough to break his skull. This combined with her nearly landing on him would surely knock him off his feet.

Dragoeith:(gets hit and falls down from the force of the attack)Ugh....

After dealing the blow, Pearl followed up with several quick whips with the thick string of liqourice.

Black Blade:What is this?

Black Blade:(Burns)


Pearl ceased her assault against Dragoeith, and turned to face Skate. She wrapped her liquorice across her head, and tied it like a headband. "You about ready to give up? You know you can't win this."

Skate:(Smirks)Sorry I don't kiss and run on the first date(Powers up).

Pearl rolled her eyes, nothing less than disgusted by his joke. She didn't even bother snarking back at that, and returned to her battle stance.

Skate:Chaos Blast(head for Pearl)

Without wasting any time, She ran to the side, avoiding the blast, and steered right towards him. She charged forward, as if she were about to ram into him with her shoulder.

Skate:(Controls it to follow Pearl)

((Since Metal was banned, Dragoeith should be disqualified by default. In story, let's just say that he was defeated by Pearl's attack.))

Pearl looked over her shoulder, noticing the blast curving around to follow her. She continued charging towards him, and once she got close enough, she performed a flip over his head, landing right behind him. She immediately reached her arms backwards to grab him and hold him down, as the blast headed right towards them both.


Lisa:(Blocks the blast)

Lisa(Fights Pearl)

Before Lisa could get around Skate to face her, Pearl swung Skate around in her direction, attempting to slam him into her and let them both topple over.

((Seriously, add more description than just *Fights Pearl*. There is a MASSIVE difference in our posts, I want you to try and learn from me and write more descriptively. Whether you suck at it or not, you'll never get better if you don't even try. The way it is now, it just doesn't feel right.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 03:33, August 31, 2011 (UTC)))

Skate:(does a backflip)Hmph.

Pearl took a few steps back, returning to her regular battle stance. "I'm still wondering why you insist on helping him when this is a "Battle Royale"." She said. "Only one person wins, what'll you do when it's just the two of you?"

Lisa:Yeah,but he is my boss,he showed me the life I could have.

"Well this has nothing to do with that." She said. "It's just a regular tournament! We're not going at eachother for real, It's a contest!" She was getting annoyed trying to explain.

Lisa:It doesn't matter,I will never turn on him.

"Fine, Have it your way." She shook her head. "Not that it matters, I can still take you both on, no sweat."

Skate:Girl you messing with the wrong people.

Lisa:Less Talk,more fight.

She scoffed lightly. "Then Bring it." She motioned for them to make their move.

Skate:Lisa keep her busy(powers up).

Lisa:Got it!

As soon as Lisa got anywhere near her, Pearl suddenly sprung forward. She attempted to ram into her with her shoulder, and then fully knock her down with a spin punch.

Lisa:(Grabs Pearl and attempts to kick her in the gut)

Pearl blocked her kick with her leg, and sent a punch with her free arm towards her face.

Lisa:(Quickly regains energy and starts to try to drain Pearl power)Ha.

Pearl felt her energy slowly diminishing. Immediately knowing what she was doing, she didn't waste a second to try and stop it. In a matter of seconds, she was standing over Lisa, attempting to grab her and hurl her over her head to slam her on the ground behind her. If it worked, she would repeat the move and slam her back on the ground where she was standing before.

Lisa:(Grabs her leg)

((how would she grab her leg when she's being hurled over her head?))

((Flip her on the ground))

Pearl wasn't going to show any mercy, this time around. She stomped Lisa's arms with her other foot to loosen her grip on her leg.


Skate:(Powers up)One more minute!

After making sure Lisa was down, she dashed towards Skate, wanting to stop him before he powered up too much. She threw a hard punch towards his chest, knowing and preparing to counter the risks.


Pearl ended up somersaulting forward, and springing back to her feet. She stood up and looked around, trying to figure out where he would reappear.

Lisa:Your about to lose.

Pearl ignored Lisa, and closed her eyes. She needed to concentrate. She listened carefully for any sounds or signs of him.

Skate:(Behind her)What ya doing?


The moment Skate even opened his mouth to speak, Pearl thrust her elbow backwards, attempting to drive it into his chest. She quickly spun around to follow up with a backhand punch to his face, and swung her other arm at him with enough force to break his jaw.

Skate:(Falls to the ground and gets back up)Hmph. Cheap shot.

"You let your guard down." She said. She then performed a spin kick to his side, soon followed by an uppercut towards his jaw.

Skate:Ow,not this time(charges towards her),I had this think through.

Pearl stepped back and waited for him to come.

Skate:(Stopped and jumped in the air and started to fire ki blasts down at her)

Pearl quickly deflected the blasts away from her with her arms, batting and swatting them all over the place.

Skate:(fired a large one at her)

Almost as if she knew it were coming, she sprung forward and rolled under it, letting the blast hit the ground behind her. She sprung back to her feet and jumped straight up into the air from under him, ready to uppercut him.

Skate:(appears on the ground)Stop with the uppercuts!

She looked down to see him on the ground now, and descended towards him with both of her fists clenched above her head. "Then maybe you'd prefer THIS?" As she landed in front of him, she brought her fists crashing down towards his head. The sheer force of the attack could have knocked him out.

Skate:I'm fast(moves a side).

Her fists instead collided with the ground, breaking it up and sending debris everywhere. She quickly stood up to face him, returning to her battle stance.

Skate:I know that you think I'm weak but I am strong.

"Prove it." She said. She motioned for him to make his move.

Skate:Okay(powers up)

Lisa:Give up.

(Tailsman67:Where is Banzai,he needs to decide who wins.)

(Why don't you go ask him on his talk page? Besides, I don't think he'd just stop the battle and decide a winner until someone goes down.)

Pearl watched closely, never letting her eyes off of the two.

Skate:Espio showed me this,Chaos Clone.(makes clones)Three is the limit.

((since when can Espio use Chaos Powers? Let alone clone himself?))

Pearl gritted her teeth after seeing the technique he used. She kept calm, quietly devising a plan to overcome this new disadvantage.

Skate:Me and Esp go way back,now attack!

"You first. You still haven't proved to me that you can win." She said.

Skate:I'm in great shape,you?

((Okay, I lost you there. What on earth is he talking about?))

Skate Clone 1:(Fires a blast at her)

Skate Clone 2:Melee attacks!

Pearl cartwheeled out of range of the blast, and quickly blocked the second clone's attacks. She thrust her fist towards his chest, hoping to stop him in his tracks.

Skate Clone 1: (Appears behind her.)

Having struck the second clone, she felt the presence of someone directly behind her and thrust her elbow back to jab him in the gut.

Skate Clone 2:(gets up and fuses with Skate)

Pearl turned around to face the first clone and sent a kick to his chest.

Skate Clone 1:Ah!

((I think you mean Skate Clone 1.))

After making sure the clone was down, she turned to face the real Skate and charged towards him. It's time to end this...! She thought.

Skate:Your right(Charges towards her at full speed)

Judging by his speed, it would be difficult for him to stop himself so quickly. She thought. As soon as Pearl got close enough, she stopped and stepped to the side, holding her leg out for him to trip over.

Skate:SUPER DRAGON FIST(a dragon appears),I'm flying off the ground!

Pearl turned to look at him flying, unsure whether he was using that to avoid her or if his attack outright missed her. She frowned at Skate flying above, keeping on the defensive.

Skate:(still going)

Pearl watched, now getting impatient.

Skate:I'm ending this!(Moving at the speed of light)

((I'm ending this))

((Let's see what you got. But is he still flying into the sky?))

Skate:(The red dragon raps around the whole place and comes down on Pearl)

((I don't think I understand. The dragon wrapped around the entire mountain? How is that possible?))

((No just the area))

Lisa:(Tries to run)See ya.

Pearl wasn't believing what she was seeing. She was shocked by the size of the dragon, and ran for shelter. She jumped back up the small cliff they were near, and tried to make sure she was out of range.

(Dragon turns and heads the place Pearl is heading)

When she turned to see if she had lost it, she was surprised to see that it was chasing her now. She was about to run again, but stopped herself. At this point, running won't get me anywhere... She thought. She stood in front of the oncoming dragon, bracing herself as she devised a strategy.

(red dragon turn to black and up sprung up seven head,and they all attacked at once)

Pearl didn't waste anytime thinking about the sudden change of the dragon's appearance, and dashed forward and under the attacks. She quickly made it up to the dragon and punched it as hard as she could.

(3rd head went after her)

She looked towards the heads, and quickly noticed the third one coming after her. She stood close to the body, and braced herself. She didn't want to risk dodging too soon, so she waited to see what it would do.

(Another head sprouts out the body)

Pearl was thoroughly disgusted at the sight, but she didn't let her guard down.

(A dragon comes out the dragon mouth and heads towards her)

The moment it got close enough, she leaped to the side, in hopes of letting it crash into the body of the main dragon.

(Dragons go up in the sky and spreed everywhere)

Pearl watched thim fly and spread, wondering what exactly they were doing now. She returned to a defensive stance, feeling a bit uneasy.

Lisa:(take cover)

Skate:Dragon Rain! (Dragon heads following Pearl.)

Pearl gasped when she saw them flying down towards the ground, realizing what he was trying to do. She ran away as fast as she could, jumping back off the ledge and trying to get down the mountain before she was hit.

(Black Dragons land everywhere tearing the place up)

((Alright, Here's where I have to step in. The whole "Dragon thing" seemed kind of ridiculous to me but I went along with it because technically there wasn't really anything wrong there. However, though it isn't exactly against any of the rules that Banzai listen on there, I do not think that you were supposed to destroy the arena. Basically, You're having around a million black dragons come down and destroy everything. A million dragons smashing up the little area they were on, with that many of them they'd cover up way more than that, they'd destroy the entire mountain. Essentially the only way to survive that is to go out of bounds, meaning off the mountain. And that defeats the purpose of coming to the mountain in the first place. If they don't get off the mountain, then they're pretty much as good as dead. And putting that together, THAT goes against one of the rules, even if just barely.

  • NO INSTANT-DEATH ATTACKS! An instant death attack is an attack that is unavoidable, unblockable, kills someone instantly and nobody can do anything about it.

Now I know that it's won't kill them instantly, but it's unavoidable unless they get off the mountain, unblockable since there's a million of them, and nobody can do anything about it. This really isn't fair. I know you want to end this, but seriously, ending it in godmodding is just not the way to go. ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 01:27, November 26, 2011 (UTC) )) (Are we the only ones here?)

((What does it matter? That has nothing to do with you godmodding.))

Lisa:She's escaping!

7th Match

7th match: Sonic vs Gold vs Techno vs Shadow

Laniatus: Let us start the final match of the 1st rounds! Would everyone please come together?

Sonic: Here

Shadow: Here.

Laniatus: Well, if the others aren't here, I'll have to start without them.

"Fine by me," Sonic said.

"Okay then." The goddess gestured and a screen appeared next to her, showing Sky Canyon Zone. "This is where you will be fighting. knowing the speed of you two, this area isn't the limit. You're free to travel as much as you like, but not too far from your opponents. Are you ready?"

"Ready any time!" Sonic said eagerly.

"Let's get on with it!" Shadow said.

(A classic fight like Sonic vs Shadow cannot be explained in words. Here's a video showing the battle. I didn't make it though.)

After the fight, the two hedgehogs were both panting heavily.

"You...ready...to...give up?" Sonic asked, exhausted.

"Not...a...chance..." Shadow replied, although he couldn't manage another attack either.

"This match is over, for both of you," Laniatus said, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

"What?" Shadow asked, suprised.

"I can sense your energy, and none of you have enough left to fight any longer. I am calling a tie."

"I wanted to win, but," Sonic said, "a tie's good enough for me."

"I refuse to give up!" Shadow said.

"I'm sorry, but my decision is final," Laniatus replied.

She then teleported the hedgehogs back to the main area, fully healed.

Part 1C

(This is what is happening between matches. If your character is not in a fight, insert them here. Defeated characters also come here.)

Sonic: I sure hope Knux is gonna be okay.

Silver: I'd worry more about your own match than him. Looks like your up agains some really tough guys.

Sonic: Yeah right. Like I'm gonna lose.

Nemesis: Are you all prepared for your fights?

Sonic: I'm ready to go!

Silver: I guess.

Nemesis: Well you have some time to wait. Why don't you socialize with the other fighters? See if you can find some weaknesses.

Sonic: What? That wouldn't be fair!

Silver: But it would help is in the future.

A bright light emitted from one spot. In a flash, the light was gone, and in it's place were two echidna's, nearly holding each other's hands now that the letter they were reading was gone.

"Huh? What?" Smash looked around, baffled. "Where the heck are we!?"

"I-I don't know..We were on the front porch a second ago." Pearl stammered, still holding her broom. "And now we're in..wow...Are we in heaven or something?"

"Don't be silly, We're still alive." Smash said. "But...I can see where you're coming from on that." The two began to look around, and immediately noticed some people not far away from them. But only one they recognized. "..Sonic?" Smash asked. "What in the world is he doing here?"

Sonic: Smash! Pearl! How've ya been!

Silver: Who and who?

"We've been alright, I guess." Smash said. He gave Silver a weird look. "And who's this guy?"

Just then, another bright flash of light appeared about 3 feet off the ground, and a figure fell out of it, face-planting onto the ground below.

"OW!! Dammit...!!"

Silver: Great, there's more?

(Sonic explains the tournament to Smash and Pearl and shows them the rules [refer to above])

Ichiro made himself visible. He looked around and observed the others. "This is the tournament?" he began, "Good. Greetings to you all."

Sonic: Who're you?

Ichiro glared oddly at Sonic. "I am Ichiro Keiken of the Orochi clan," he said while bowing, "It is an honour to meet you Sonic, hero of Mobius."

The halfbreed got up, shaking his head, then looked around at the people.

"At least I'm not the only one who this happened to," he muttered to himself.

"Huh. I see..." Smash nodded. "So these are the tournament grounds..." He shrugged. "Seems kinda forceful to me, but I might as well enter."

"Seeing how I'm here, I think I'll give it a try, too." Pearl said.

"Really? This'll be your first tournament." Smash said, with both eyebrows raised. "And from the looks of this place, I can't say it'll be easy on you. Are you sure you're up to it?"

Pearl nodded. "Yeah. I think I can do it." She reassured with a smile.

"You sure about that?" Sonic asked,"These guys are really tough. Look up there." Sonic points to a screen above them, showing Khan's,Knuckles',Tunami's and flare's fight.

"If she wants to fight, let her fight," Silver butted in.

Pearl looked at the screen with interest, while Smash looked over at Sonic and Silver. "Pearl's tougher than she looks. You'd be surprised what she can do." He said. "She's just rarely had a chance to show her capabilities. Starting off in a tournament such as this would be a lot of pressure at once, which is why I was a bit concerned. But if she's confident that she can handle it, I trust her."

"Knuckles is here, too?" She asked, more to herself than anyone else.

"Yeah, pretty much anyone with status is here," Sonic replied,"and now I really wana see you fight Pearl!" Sonic gave her a cheerful thumbs up and a wink.

Pearl looked over at Sonic and giggled. "Thanks!"

"Ah, Looks like you're here too," said a cold voice, full of malice and mystery.

"Gasp! Y-you? You're here!?," said Sonic, thoroughly disturbed. "Chimera?"

"Hmhmhm. Of course I'm here. This game wouldn't be interesting without me. You're lucky unofficial fights are prohibited, otherwise you'd all be dead," said the evil Chimera.

Smash's eyelids lowered halfway as he turned around to face Chimera. "Oy. Don't start with the boasting, would ya?"

The halfbreed glared coldly at Chimera.

"Who's THIS arse?" he asked.

"Ha. I can't wait till I get to fight you, that is, if you get past round one. See you later you souped up lizard." That was the last thing the villain said before teleporting out of sight.

"Man, what a jerk." Pearl muttered. She looked over towards the dragon halfbreed. "If you ever do fight him, teach him an old fashioned lesson, would ya?"

"I'll be glad to," he said. "My name is Kotuumath, by the way. What's yours?"

"Pearl, I'm assuming?" A brown wolf wearing an orange jacket and jeans came on the scene.

Pearl had her mouth opened to introduce herself, only to have someone else do it for her. She looked towards the wolf in surprise. "H-how did you know?" She asked. Smash looked over at the wolf, suspiciously.

"Thetis, is it?" Ichiro asked. He paced for a moment, eying the wolf. He was about to continue, but stopped himself.

"I'm a telepath. Just testing out my powers," the wolf responded. "But how do you know my name?"

"You too? God is all of Evanidus here too?" Sonic asked.

"Where I come from, I was known as the All-Seer," Ichiro explained, "I can learn all that I need with a glance."

"Oh really? Then you should know you don't stand a chance against me," Thetis replied arrogantly.

"Still your tongue, telepath," Ichiro snapped, "Boasting only makes it hurt more."

A sweat drop rolled down the side of her face. "Eheh..well, yeah. That's my name." Pearl answered the previous question awkwardly. "And this is my brother, Smash."

Smash nodded at his name. "Nice to meet ya."

"Normally, I'd be the bad guy, but since this is a tournament and everyone's neutral, Hey Smash, nice to meet you," the wolf replied, disturbing Sonic slightly.

"Wait, you're not working for Chimera?" Sonic asked, quite puzzled.

Thetis gave him a smirk. "Nope. I follow my own rules here."

Smash gave Thetis another suspicious look. His words kept him from trusting him, but they were safe as long as they were here.

The heavenly goddess Laniatus appears, gracing them with her presence. "Smash, Thetis, Ichiro and Koutuumath, please report to the main area."

"Oh. Looks like I'm up." Smash said.

"Good luck, Smash! Give em all you got!" Pearl said.

"Thanks. I'll be back." He then left to attend to his match.

A 3rd screen appeared next to the two already showing the current fights, presumable to show Smash's match.

Sonic stood next to Pearl, and reassuringly put his hand on her shoulder. "He'll be fine. Just you see."

Silver listened, leaning against a beam, thinking to himself. "I hope so. Some of those characters had such power. Anything could happen in this match."

Pearl smiled. "I know he can do it." She said. "They may have all kinds of weird powers, but Smash can overcome them...He's strong and smart, and that's good enough for him. He always finds a way...That's my brother."

(They all watch Smash's match on the screen)

After seeing Thetis's first attack, Silver said, "Told you they all had crazy powers."

"Shut up Silver."

"I'm sure Smash has seen worse..." Pearl said. "But he'd better be careful."

The mysterious, hooded Nemesis appeared behind Sonic and Pearl, startiling the both of them. "There can only be one winner to each fight. All losers will be instantly sent home, so there's no penalty if you don't win."

Pearl nearly jumped two feet into the air. She turned around to face the figure, wide-eyed. "Oh..W-well, that's good to know..I guess." She said, nervously. She was still jumpy after being frightened.

"You know, for a god of evil and chaos, you're not so bad," Sonic said.

"Hm." And with that, the hooded figure was gone

"You're brother's doing pretty good. I really underestimated him," Silver said apologetically.

Pearl gave him a sly smirk. "You're already apologizing?" She asked. "...You haven't seen nothing yet."

"Guys, can we just watch?" Sonic asked.

"Oh, Sorry!" Pearl said before looking back at the screen with another sweat drop.

"Looks like he's been handicapped," Silver remarked.

"Oh no..So early in the match, too..." Pearl gasped softly.

"Ah, he'll be fine." Sonic gave Pearl a wink of reassurance.

"Hey! Sonic!" A familiar two tailed fox came running to greet his best friend

"Tails! What are you doing here?" Sonic asked.

"I got transported here, although I'm not here to fight. I'm just providing support and helpful info."

"Okay, that's cool. I didn't wanna have to fight you buddy," Sonic said, relieved.

"What, you think I can't handle myself?" Tails jokingly asked him.


Silver: Who're you?

Dragoeith:I'm Keith The Dagonolf and Drago The Dragon,got a problem Sliver?

Silver: Just asking. So, to you know who you're fighting agains in your match?

Pearl gasped. "Oh no...Is he...?" She held her hand to her mouth, now very worried about her brother.

Even the cheerful Sonic looked uneasy. Then he sees Smash transform. "Whoa, what's that?"

Espio then suddenly appeared in a bright flash of light. "I...lost?"

Laniatus then arrived to answer his question. "You were defeated, but you can stay and spectate until the tournament is over."

Pearl let out a sigh of relief. "I didn't think he had the strength to pull that off.." She said to herself. "Over the years, Smash learned how to utilize his own energy, and bring it out like this." She explained to Sonic. "It's sort of a Super Transformation, but it's much weaker than a real one. He can't hold it up for long.."

"The other one's done pretty much the same thing," Espio added, "although I doubt he can sustain it for long, after hes used up so much energy before."

"Yeah." Pearl nodded. She soon noticed the flash of green in Smash's form. "..What was that..? Did the monitor mess up the quality for a second there?"

"What do you mean?" Silver asked.

"These aren't any ordinary monitors. Like everything here, they are supernatural. They can't freeze up," Laniatus said.

"...Weird..I thought I had just seen Smash flash green for a second there.." She said, somewhat quietly. "Maybe it was my imagination..?" She then watched the battle further. "..Wow, I haven't seen him use that move in a long time.."

"A meteorite vs a meteor-sized energy beam. I wonder which'll win?" Silver commented.

"Oh! I'm up!" Pearl said. "Wish me luck, guys!" She then ran off to attend to her match.

Thetis then appears, in perfect condition, in a flash of light. "Whoa!" He wasn't upset that he lost. Only fools get angry at something they can't help. He accepted Smash's strength as a fighter, and hoped to have a rematch someday. "Next time, echidna. I promise I won't go easy, haha."

"What are you so happy about? You just lost," Sonic stated.

"Yeah, so what? Let's just watch the rest of the fight," Thetis replied.

(Tsunami and Flare appear)

"So...who won?" Sonic asked Flare and Tsunami.

Tsunami: i did.

Duan: I freakin' lost.

Tsunami: aww. well, on the bright side, that means we don't have to beat each other up.



"Why are people making characters as fast as me?" said Sonic, looking irate. Shadow smacked the back of his head.

"Don't break the fourth wall," he said.

Cold:Hey Sonic.

LT:We loss.

"Ehh, I tied with Shadow," Sonic replied.

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