Explore the Negarealm storyline with your characters and find out just how a losing war looks like. Remember heroes are evil and villians are good.


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(Benzene is seen in a jail cell, bloodied up from battle)

War entry 1: -My name is Benzene.... Benzene the Hedgehog. I am a commander of a rebel force known as the heroscape.We are all escapees from the cold grip of the dark emperor's prisons for our kind. I lead my brave men and women into combat, we are young and hopeful.-

-Fades out and then fades it fades into a scene where Benzene is being beaten up by the guards-

War entry 900: -The war has been long and trying.... with no end in sight. The dark emperor has something... a strange army comprised of crystilliane look alikes of my men and his. I call them Manikans.-

-Fades out and then fades into a scene where Benzene is marking up a wall with a rock-

War entry 1527: -The Manikans do not stop coming.... we have no rest. Everyday I watch my young team grow weary and grey before me... it is not long now.-

-Fades out and then fades into a scene where a tray of food is slammed onto the floor, Benzene does not move to get it.-

War entry 1600: -I watch in horror as the Manikans and the Dark Emperor's henchmen take down my men.... we are a little band of renegades from which a great force once stood.

-Fades out and then fades into a scene where Benzene is looking at the skies from behind his cell bars, the sky red with darkness.-

War entry 3478: -This is our final stand... All who remains by my side is Diabloz... we will take this town or die trying. We will not be taken captive again!

-Fades out and then fades into a scene where an explosion is heard, Benzene is seen fleeing from the prison and manages to escape.-

War entry 3479: -Freedom.......-

Part 1:

Benzene: *looks back* Good.... I think I lost them.... *coughs out and cringes in pain* I need to find shelter... I need to find her..... *limps off*

(At Marsha's house)

Benzene: Is she here?

(In the shadows)

???:Who goes there?Are you ally or foe?

Benzene: I am an enemy to the empire and an ally to the free world. Where do you stand?

???:That voice?Benzene is that you?(Steps out the shadows to show Marsha)

Benzene: Marsha.... *goes down on one knee in pain* Good you are still ok.

Marsha:(Goes to him)I wish I could say the same to you.Let's get you to the sofa.(Helps him up)

Benzene: *chuckles as he stands* I have been through worse torture and being in your presence again is lifting my spirits up.

Marsha:(Smiles)Then I'm glad to help.Alots been going on since your capture.

Benzene: I can always count on you for the latest scoop. Fill me in when we are in your place.

(In Marsha home)

Marsha:(Treating his wounds)Alot of the troops put up a good fight,but over time some grow tired and surranded others are still fighting.

Benzene: I see... so their are still platoons operating that is good to hear. *smiles and then cringes a bit* Ouch....

Marsha:Sorry.They sure beat you real bad.

Benzene: Ahh they tried their hardest to break me. Didn't work the way they wanted it to. *smirks* Hey babez do you still have my spare gear?

Marsha:Yes.The day they captured you.I had to sneck by your place to get them and bring them here.

Benzene: What would I do without a gal like you?

Marsha:(Giggles)Having a hard to in this fight.I hide them where only I know,in this house.

Benzene: Under the sofa? *smirks*

(A raven watches them from a window)

Marsha:(Laughs)Correct.Only you would know my movements.

Benzene: Babez... get somewhere safe..... *gets up and reaches for his weapons* Get moving now!

Marsha:Right.(Goes to a safe location)

(A tall pitch black fox in a red robe is floating in the sky)

Lucius: Hmm....what should I do with my son...

(off on a hill)

Traelo: Benzene, is free aye.............well then that won't be tolerated

(off on a mountain)

Nephelis: *swings his sword* I'm coming for you, Marak. *jumps into the air and flies over Benzene*

Emblazon: *sees nephiles* Nephiles *flies up and tackles him* go back to Gale, Demon, i may not see eye to eye to him but i don't tolerate Demons

Traelo: heh someone is doing my job for me

Nephelis: GET OFF!!!!!!!!!!! *stabs his hands with his cleaver and flies faster*

(Last edit for now)


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