Temporal and Tetra have been playing around with some weird chemicals, as a project they wanted to do, but it backfired, and the chemicals exploded onto the two cat's, and now they are Vampire Cats, their fur is the same color, but they grew fangs, their muzzles changed from White to Black, the inside of their ears turned black, the tip of their tail turned black, and half of their arms and legs, plus feet and hands, turned black, but they also have a craving for blood and death.


  • No Making your character a Vampire with these two.
  • No Sexual Stuff, Hugging and Kissing is fine.
  • Only Three Characters allowed per User.
  • Swearing must kept be to a minimum.
  • No GodModing
  • No Fixing their problem at the beginning of the RP.
  • No Killing anyone.
  • Guns are not allowed in the RP.
  • Anyone can Join.
  • Have Fun!!


This RP is Invite Only

(More Invites Coming Soon)






Chapter 1: Food and Blood

Temporal:*walking around with Cass, while Coughing*

Anna:Hey Temp.^^Hey Cess.^^

Cassandra:Hi Anna ^^

Temporal:*coughs* Hi.

Anna:How are you both?

Cassandra:I'm fine ^^

Temporal:I'm OK *scratches his slightly black muzzle*

Anna:That's good.^^

Temporal:Yeah, but my eyes keep watering, and plus the Sun hurts my body some, maybe just a sunburn though.

Anna:Maybe you can carry a umbrella.It might block the sun.

Temporal:hm, yeah, I was thinking about coming out tonight, that's when I've been feeling much much better then I have been.

Anna:At lest you get better.

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