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Kurahk was homesick, so he wanted a way to get in and out of the Twilight Cage easily. Due to his teleportation powers, he never needed a warp belt. With out a warp belt, he can't get in there, so he stole borrowed Shade's belt, and used it to to get into Nocturne. But, unknown to him, the belt interfered with his teleportation powers, and created a massive worm hole to the Twilight Cage. The worm hole started sucking everyone inside the Twilight Cage, then sacttering them around the colonies. The only hope to get out is to get Kurahk to teleport everyone else back to Earth, or to sneak into Nocturne and steal some warp belts.


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After teleporting himself into the Twilight Cage, Kurahk unknowingly created a massive worhole, dragging people into the Cage. Kurahk himself was thrown into the Kron colony.

Kurahk wakes up after having been thrown to the ground roughly after his awkward teleportation into the Cage. He stands up, then says, " What? Where am I? I though I was heading to Nocturne." He looks around, coughing from a dust and sand blowing around. " Oh well. I can always rent a Kron shuttle to get to Nocturne." He walks off, looking for civilization.

Jesse falls through to the ground behind him, faceplanting and almost breaking his nose. Zero lands with his face in the ground, his head completely submerged.

Kurahk turns around, looking at the two who just fell. " What the karzanhi?"

Zeros voice was muffled by the dirt/ sand. "What the--? Who turned out the lights?"

"Ow god where am I?" Jesse asks, a bit more nasally than normal due to his bleeding nose.

Kurahk walks over to the two, then helps them up. " What in the name of karzanhi are you doing here? I didn't bring anybody else with me. "

Zero woice is still muffled, "You tell me. One minute,I was just walking around, the next, the lights go out!

As he said that yet another figure fell into the dirt, this one a yellow echidna. Moon rubbed her head and looked around. "What? No! How can this be?"

" This is gonna be a bad idea!" Zero charges his recoil rods, then uses them to launch himself out of his predicament, and into a rock wall. "Ow"

Kurahk looks down to see his warp belt smoking and emiting sparks. " Oh God!" Kurahk rips it off, throws it on the ground, then stomps on it. " What the karzanhi cause it to do that?"

"You tell me." Said Zero as he got off the wall, leaving a imprint on it.

"You mind telling me where we are?!" Jesse exclaims angrily, wiping blood off of his face.

"I would like to know that as well!" exclaimed Zero, holding in his anger.

Moon got off the ground and straigtened her back. "This is the Kron Colony. We're in the Twilight Cage."

" We're on the Kron colony, in the Twilight Cage." Says Kurahk, who is still stomping on the now burning belt.

Zero was looking at the interesting and, now burning, technology which had brought them here. "A instant teleportation device, right?"

"Looks ruined," Jesse mutters.

"That screws over our chances of getting out of here" said Zero, keeping his cool.

" I wouldn't say instant, but yeah. A teleportation device" says Kurahk, who finishes stomping in the belt.

"So are we stuck here?" Jesse asks, annoyed.

" You are, I'm not. I can just get another belt from Nocturne." Kurahk says, holding the belt up.

"Well doesn't that mean we can get belts?" Jesse asks.

" Only I can get to Nocturne with out getting myself blown up on sight." Kurahk engages his Nocturnus armor, and tosses the belt away.

"So the second that we," gestures to everyone but Kurahk" are seen, we get a instant death sentance, am I correct?" asked Zero.

" Yep. Everyone but that yellow echidna. I've seen her before." Kurahk says, while looking at the yellow echidna.

"So echinda's get a free pass in? It's a shame we don't have polymorphism technology." Said Zero, with regret in his voice.

" Nope. Only Nocturnus can get in." Says Kurahk, with an annoyed look on his face.

"Okay then, whatever, but we still gotta get off this rock." said Zero.

  • else where*

2 hedgehogs a human and an echidna are straying the area

Red Hedgehog: hey dad...where the heck are we

Human:...uuuuuhhh...not a clue

Echidna: well we're toast

Black hedgehog: *sighs*

Red Hedgehog: well we need to find somebody

Echidna: come on Endac...why'd we bring your kid anyway

Endac: he has a name Felix

Felix:...why'd ya bring Ralon then

Raelon: why'd he bring you

Black Hedgehog: EVERYONE CALM DOWN...or else we'll be eating eachother before another grain of sand moves

Felix: come on Krados...this place is a desert

Krados: most of us have had this experience in harsher weather in less known territory and with out dragons

Raelon: true...since me and dad are fused right now that means Guilder and Pyro came over too

Endac:...lets just get moving...see what we can find

they head off climbing and declineing sand dunes


Back with the group on the Kron colony.

Kurahk looks around, coughing from the dust flying around. " Well, it looks like we're no where near any shuttle, so we got some walking to do."

Moon looked over at Kurahk. "What were you doing here anyway?"

Kurahk looks at Moon, with a slighty guilty look on his face. " Well... I was kinda... Homesick"

"It's hard to imagine anyone being homesick for this place" Moon said, she then looked Kurahk over. "You were one of the young ones weren't you?"

" I guess you can say that. Anyways, I want to know why your here. I thought you left the Cage." says Kurahk, with a confused look.

"I did. I don't know why but some sort of worm hole brought me back here. It was almost like the Argus event all over again." Moon said.

Kurahk shudders at the mention of the Argus Event. " A wormhole? Hmm... What in the name of Karzanhi is a wormhole doing back there?"

Moon put her hands on her hips. "That's what I'd like to know." She kept walking. "But while I'm here it wouldn't hurt to check on the situation of our people."

Kurahk walks ahead, his heavy Nocturnus armor making a large clunck sound with each step. " I wonder if Shade'll be there. I got something to return to her." Kurahk holds up the fried warb belt.

"Shade was the first one to leave, I'm not sure if she's been back or not." said Moon, looking down in thought.

Kurahk shrugs and continues walking. " What I want to know is how that wormhole opened up in the first place"

"With the timing, do you think it has anything to do with your trip here?" Moon asked.

Kurahk ponders this for a moment, then continues walking. "Hmm... Well, the belt was fried after I teleported here, and I feel as if a large amount of my power is drained."

Moon looked at the now destroyed belt in Kurahk's hand. "I've never seen one of the belts malfunction like that, but that seems like it may be the cause." she said.

Kurahk scratches his head, then says "Well, maybe if we get to Nocturne, we can figure out what exactly fried this thing."


  • with Endac and his gang*

Raelon listens closely "heys dad...i hear voices"

Endac looks at him and listens "..."

Felix scoffs "oh forget it, not like there would be anyone out here" he collapses on the ground swaeting.

Krados finishes walking up the dune not even looking a bit tired "oh come on, you can take longer than this Felix"

Felix looks ta him "I'M SO SUNBURNED, MY SKIN IS RED"

Krados cocks an eye brow "your always red

Felix gets up and looks at his skin. "...oh yeah"

"shoosh...i hear it too" Endac says quieting them "this way" he heads down the next dune with the others behind him.


"It feels like it's been so long since I was at Nocturne, but I know with the time here it was probably only yesterday." Moon was saying.

"Yeah. It feels really weird coming back to the strange time here, after just getting used to the time outside the Cage." Said Kurahk.

Moon stopped. "Something just ocurred to me, we need to be on our guard. After the incident with Ix the Kron may not be too happy to see any Nocturnus."

Kurahk stops as well, then faceplams. "Crap! I forgot about them! Our best plan is to sneak around them. Our weapons aren't strong enough to take on the entire popluation of the colony, and plus I'm and no state to fight anything right now."

Moon started walking again. "You probably should have planned your trip better."

Kurahk catches up with Moon, and then says, " I never was one for thinking." Kurahk coughs from the wind blowing the sand up.

Since the wind was picking up Moon activated her helmet to protect herself from the sand. "Not thinking will get you in trouble."

Kurahk activated his helmet as well. The helmet took a moment to start the visual proccessors, but when they did start, Kurahk's vision was implemented with HUD displaying his current health, energy levels, and his natural power levels. " There, that's better. Now, where's the closest operating shuttle?"

Moon looked around at the endless sand and various rock formations. "There should be one there, near Nestor's home." she said, pointing at a large mountain.

Kurahk seems puzzeled after Moon mentioned Nestor, but he then remembered. "Oh yeah, Nestor. Wasn't he the guy who spoke out against Ix, and was exiled for it?"

Moon nodded. "He was a friend of mine. With all he knew of history, I regret I didn't listen to him about Ix sooner."

Kurahk gave a quick nod, then said, "Speaking of Ix, what became of the rest off the tribe? I know that they were defeated and all, but did they ever go back to finding a more foolproof way to get out of the Cage?"

"When I left they were still confused about what to do next with Ix gone. I'm not sure how much progress they have made." Moon said.

"Well, I guess we're going to find out." Kurahk said.

"Hey, Kurahk!" exclaimed Jesse running up to them. "Can't we just go with you in disguises?"

Kurahk looks back through the vizor of his helmet and says " Scanners. Can't beat 'em without Nocturnus armor."

"Well can't you get your hands on some?" Jesse says, a bit annoyed. "Because I am not standing out here in the desert for the rest of my life!" {C {C}Moon shushed them both. "We're almost to the shuttle, and there are Krohn nearby." she whispered.

Kurahk nelt down beside a rock, looking around it to see two Kron standing gaurd infront of the shuttle. " Shi.... Well, unless we can sneak past them, we're gonna have to fight them."

"Well if there's one thing I'm good at," Jesse said, kneeling down next to Kurahk, "it's fighting."

Kurahk takes off a golden bracelt with a red jewel in it, before bending down and grasping his head. He gets back up, and disengages his armor, revealing a large black coat. Kurahk sighs, then says "Lets get this done as soon as possible"

"That's what I wanna hear," Jesse laughed.

" A man can't change the world without getting his hands dirty now can he?" Kurahk mutters under his breath. {C {C}"Just remember their strength is in their tough armor, but they're not very fast." Moon said.

"Speed is my middle name," Jesse said confidently.

Kurahk pulls his sycthe out from behind a rock, then crouches over behind another. He whispers "Follow my lead."

With a squeeze of her hand Moon drew her leech blades that came right out of her advanced armor. They glowed green as she activated them.

Jesse pulls a tactical knife out of his boot. "Hey, this is all I was carrying," he said.

Moon looked a little concerned at Jesse's knife knowing it would never penetrate the Kron's rock hard armor, but she didn't say anything.

"You have a thick head. Use it." In an instant, Kurahk teleports behind one of the Kron, delivers a great slash from his scythe, hitting it's back. The Kron topples over, and Kurahk teleports away again.

Jesse puts his knife back, figuring out what they were both thinking: it wouldn't penetrate.

Moon jumped out and it the downed Kron with one of her leech blades, draining some of his strength. Immediately afterwards she did a back flip back to her hiding spot.

Kurahk jumps out of his hiding spot, firing blasts of fire at the Kron. He then jumps up on him, swinging his sycthe wildly.

"Hey, Moon?" Jesse asks. "How am I gonna attack them? I don't have any elemental pwoers or any weapons good enough."

Kurahk teleports up on a ledge overlooking the shuttle, then fires a blast of fire into the sky. It appears to do nothing at first, but then the sky turns a bright red. Kurahk yells "Take cover!" The sky turns a red-ish black, then a large number of fireballs rains down, bathing the area in a bright red light. The Kron attempt to take cover, but their large size prevents then from moving fast enough. The Kron are pelted by the fireballs, taking massive damage.

"Crap!" Jesse exclaims, dodging the fireballs, and trying to get to the nearest cover.

Zero draws his Z-Buster and shoots charged shots at the Kron, still scrambling for cover.

"I told you to take cover! Now then....." Kurahk jumps off the ledge, landing on one of the Kron. He holds his scythe infront of his neck, then says "Surrender, or die. It's your choice. The same goes for your buddy here."

(Just in front of them, another wormhole opens and out of it falls Falco and Hero. Falco falls on Jesse)

Falco: Ow.

Hero: What the- Where are we?

"Will you get offa me!?" exclaims Jesse angrily.

Falco: Sorry.

(Falco gets off him)

Hero: Where are we?

"Great. Another pair of idoits." Kurahk mutters under his breath. "Now then, what's your answer, Kron?" The Kron says "Fine. You win. Whatever you want, take it." Kurahk lets the Kron up, and they walk away. " Hmm? What's this?" Kurahk bends down, and picks up a large hammer. He then throws the hammer infront of the now flattened Jesse. "You needed a weapon?"

Hero: Um, is anyone gonna answer my question?

Jesse picks up the hammer. "This is gonna be fun."

Falco: Hey, I wanna hammer.

Hero: (sighing) You are both idiots.

Kurahk looks at him and says "Twilight Cage. Kron colony. Does that answer your question?"

Hero: Twilight Cage! How did we get here?

Falco: Hey Jesse, can I borrow your hammer?

"No," Jesse says.

Kurahk points to the wormhole in the sky. "See?"

{C}Falco: I'll fight ya for it.

(Falco punches Jesse in the gut and grabs the hammer)

Falco: Hah!

Hero: Idiots....

Jesse kicks Falco in the crotch and takes his hammer back.

(Falco punches Jesse in the face and grabs the hammer again)

Falco: Stay back or I'll hit you with it.

Hero: (facepalms) Jesus.....

Kurahk looks over at the group, with very annoyed look on his face. "Unless you want to die out here in this god-forsaken desert, I suggest you get in the shuttle."

"This isn't over," Jesse says, stepping into the shuttle. {C}Falco: Yes it is.

(Falco follows him in)

Hero: I want more answers when we get on board.

(Hero follows Falco and Jesse)

Moon put her hand on her forehead and let out an exasperated sigh. She then headed for the shuttle.

Zero dashes into the shuttle.

(On board)

Hero: So who's idea was it to open a wormhole?

The door to the shuttle closes once everybody is aboard. The engines start, the wings unfold, and the shuttle lifts off. Inside Kurahk is piloting the ship. "Remind me why I'm helping you idoits. I can understand why I'm helping Moon, but why I'm I help you." Kurahk mutters under his breath again.

Hero: Because I can actually help you in a fight.

(looks at Falco and Jesse)

Hero: I don't know why they're here.

"So you think you're better off just leaving us to die?" Jesse asks.

Falco: Well I can help because I have a hammer.

Falco: (quietly to Kurahk) Please let me stay, this is the closest thing I get to a brake from my girlfriend.

"That would better,yes. But no, I'm being a nice guy and I'm saving you bunch of nuts from this stupid place when I was meant to come here alone on a sort of vacation! As soon as I get my hands on a bunch of warp belts, I'm sending you out of this stupid place." says Kurahk, with an angry tone in his voice.

Falco: Oh c'mon. I need a vacation too!

Kurahk delivers a threating glare at Falco, but then goes back to steering the ship. " Do you even have a job? Even if you do, I doutb it's a annoying as mine."

"And also, Falco, I was planning on seeing my wife again. I guess seeing my better half is more important to you and yours huh?" Jesse says, annoyed.

{C}Falco: No, mine can just get a bit annoying from time to time. Oh and Kurakh, I don't have a job, I spend most of my time adventuring, just picking up money here and there.

{C}"Unlike most of you, I have a friend to take care of, and I can't exactly do that from in this Cage. I wonder if she ever found that hedgehog she was looking for." says Kurahk, who is still focused on flying the shuttle.

Falco: Who's your friend?

"Lets just say she's a little, unqiue." Kurahk says, with a look of concern on his face.

Falco: C'mon. Tell us.

Hero: Falco, can't you tell its private. Just go play with Jesse.

(Falco glares at him)

Falco: (grinning evilly) Oh go dream about Angel.

"Okay, Hero, that's a little insulting," says Jesse. "I'm not eight."

Falco: And you can go back to your stupid family Jesse.

"My family is not stupid," Jesse says, a lot more angrily.

{C {C {C {C {C {C Moon was just sitting there with her eyes closed, trying to ignore all the bickering

{C {C {C {C {C {C "I'm not gonna saying thing more. Just shut and let me drive. And do not even think about saying 'are we there yet'." Says Kurahk as he wipes the sleep from his eyes.

Falco: (on a roll) Oh whats wrong Jesse, are you upset that I called your stupid family stupid?

Hero: Falco shut up! Sorry Jesse, he's angry cuz he had fight with Target before he came here.

"Hey Kurahk? Can I kill him?" Jesse asks politely.

Falco: Ooh. Jesse thinks he's so tough.

Hero: Seriously Jesse, he's upset but he's trying not to show it. Ignore him!

Kurahk sits there with his eyes closed, thinking about his friend for a moment. He then opens them and resumes flying the shuttle. "Here's a plan. All of you shut up, or I'll burn you all to a crisp."

Zero was just sitting back, with his eyes closed, comtemplating about what had happened so far, then he heard what Kurahk had said, then dismissed it as a empty threat.

Kurahk looks at the group. "Look. I am not afraid to kill you all in cold blood, and without remorse. Because that's what I do for a living. So I suggest you all shut up before I throw you out the airlock."

Zero dismissed it as a empty threat for him, as he knew that he didn't need air to breathe and could withstand the pressure of space, but wasn't so sure about the others in the group.

Kurahk looks back at the screen, focusing on flying the shuttle. "Good. Now that things are quiet again, I can finally fly this thing in peace."

Zero then went back to comtemplating about what he had seen on the colony, and what he should expect to see in the rest of the twilight cage.

Moon still wasn't paying attention to everyone else. She was thinking about the Nocturnus. She wasn't even entirely sure how they would react to the return of those who had left.

Kurahk wipes the sleep from his eyes once more, then puts the ship on auto-pilot. "Man I'm tired. Zero, do you think you can fly this thing? I really need to get some sleep, and you look like your the best one to ask. I'm leaving you in charge for now." Kurahk walks off through a door near the back of the ship, and a soft 'thud' is heard from the room.

"I can fly a shuttle," Jesse comments, cutting Zero off and taking the pilot seat. "I've done it before." He expertly takes the controls and flawlessly starts piloting. {C {C {C {C {C {C Zero then shrugs his shoulders.

"Oh what the Karzanhi?!" A sound that sounds similar to a blade being unseathed comes from Kurahk's room, then a bunch of crashing noises. "Who the Karzanhi...... It can't be! What are you doing here?! And how did you get in this ship?" A second voice, a female one with a slight robotic tone is heard coming from the same room. "Where... Where am I? Kurahk, I don't know." Kurahk speaks again, saying "Oh. I see. I'm just glad your safe." The door to Kurahk's room opens, and he steps out. A gray, female bat comes out too, hugging Kurahk with scared look on her face.

Moon quickly turned around at the sound of all the racket. She was ready for anything when the door opened. The she looked confused when the bat came out. "Another?"

Then hear a loud racket coming back from the main compartment.

"And what's the racket now?!" Jesse exclaims, annoyed.

It had appeared that Falco had been testing his new hammer, it had hit the shelf not on purpose and landed on Zero's head.

The girl looks over at the yellow echidna, with a look that can only be described as a mixture of fear and confusion. Kurahk give a reasuring look at the bat, then says " Relex, she's the friend I was talking about."

"I see, nice to meet you." Moon said, making sure to have a friendly tone to her voice since she noticed the fear on the bat's face.

Kurahk whispers something to the girl, then says aloud, "This is GLaDOS, my... let's just say she's my adopted daughter." GLaDOS hugs Kurahk, then she says, "Kurahk? Were are we? This doesn't look like any place we visited before."

"Isn't GLaDOS the name of the bad guy from Portal?" says Jesse.

Moon gave Jesse a look that said, "that's not what you say when you first meet someone".

GLaDOS looks over at Jesse, but she then burys her face in Kurahk's dreadlocks. Kurahk mouthes "Be quiet!"

"Hey, I'm probably wrong. Don't take it personal," Jesse says, a bit annoyed.

Kurahk strokes GLaDOS' hair, the looks at Jesse and says "Be careful of what you say, she's a bit.... Sensitive."

"Obviously," he mutters, focusing back on flying.

Kurahk glares at Jesse for a second, but then turns to GLaDOS. "How did +

you end up here? And more importantly, how did you get on this ship?" GLaDOS looks at him, then hugs him again. " I... I... I don't know. One moment I was sitting under a tree, the next, I was in this desert, and a sandstorm started, and I ran in here."

Suddenly, Jesse has a great idea. "One of you said that it was a wormhole, right?"

Moon nodded slowly. "Yes. I saw a wormhole." she said.

"So what if I just fly this shuttle into the wormhole, and it'll take us back to our own time?" Jesse sggests adamantly.

"And what if you fly it into a wormhole, and it takes us some place worse?" Moon said, not liking the idea of doing something so unpredictable.

"Well, scientists believe that a wormhole can only be a portal between two locations. So unless that one dissipated and another one somewhere else formed, I think we're fine," Jesse says, in a rare display of scientific knowledge.

"That COULD work, but, my suits sensors detected a great amount of disturbance up there. I don't think this ship can take it." says Kurahk.

Moon has a serious look on her face. "It is possible that a wormhole like that could crush any ship."

"I swear if you guys don't get me a belt soon enough I'm gonna take this rig straight into that thing," Jesse says, seriously.

Kurahk is still stroking GLaDOS' hair. After the mention of flying into the wormhole, Kurahk has been putting some serious thought into this. "Well.... We have two options here. Option one: Fly into the wormhole and die, or option two: Sneak into Nocturne and get some warp belts."

"Personaly, I don't want to make suicide a habit, so I'm all for #2." said Zero, voicing his opinion.

To Moon there was no question that they were going to choose the second option. But there was still the question of how they were going to pull it off. "We could probably pass off Jesse and Hero, but what about the non-echidnas?" she asked.

"Umm... Kurahk.... How are we going to get out of here?" says GLaDOS. Kurahk strokes her hair and says "I don't quite know right now, but we are going to get out of here." Kurahk turns to Moon and says, "Maybe if we find some more armor, but that would be difficult."

"I don't know where we could get armor without actually being on Nocturne." said Moon.

Kurahk scratches head head. "Well, if we found some way to duplicate out existing armor..." Kurahk trailing off, lost in thought.

Hero: I don't think that we could armour in the right sizes for all of us. Maybe just the some people should go. I'll go because I'm an echidna.

Falco: I'll go cuz I'm a master of disguise!

(everyone looks at him)

Falco: Never mind.

Kurahk is quiet for a few minutes, then he looks at GLaDOS. "Aha!" exclaims Kurahk, snapping his fingers. GLaDOS looks up at him, with her head tilted in confusion. Kurahk turns to GLaDOS and says "GLaDOS, you can morph parts of your body into other things right?" GLaDOS gives a quick nod. Kurahk grabs her shoulders and says "So, can't we just replicate your ability to do that and make extra armor, right?" GLaDOS ponders this for a minute.

Falco: So me and my hammer can still come?

Kurahk gives a 'I don't care' look at Falco, then turns back to GLaDOS.

Hero: I don't even need armour. I'm an echidna so they'll accept me.

Moon looked at him, "You'll attract attention in those clothes. They're foreign."

{C}Hero: I can say that I left Mobius and came here to start a new life.

"So you'd tell them you came from the one place they've been trying to get to for years to live in the place they've been so desperate to escape?" Moon asked.

"Moon's right." Kurahk turns to GLaDOS, who is still quiet in thought. "So, will you let me borrow some of your tech? Please?" Kurahk leans over to GLaDOS' ear and whispers "Please, do it for me." GLaDOS looks down, then nods. She shuts down, allowing access to her tech.

Hero: Ok.

Falco: Can I have some armour?

Kurahk opens a panel on GLaDOS' back, revealing a complex amalgamation of wires and circitry. Kurahk pulls out a small chip from GLaDOS, and hands it to Moon. "I'm planning to use the materials on this ship to make a machine using that chip to replicate my armor. It's gonna take a while, but I it do-able." Kurahk closes the panel, and GLaDOS reactivates.

Moon turns the chip over in her hand, inspecting it. "Alright."

Falco: Can I help? I know I'm immature, but I'm really good with tech.

GLaDOS reactivates, then looks at the chip in Moon's hands. Kurahk give her a reasuring smile. "Fine. You can help." says Kurahk.

(Falco walks over and starts fiddling with wires)

Kurahk walks into a back room, coming back with some crates.

Falco: What's in them?

"Judging from the weight, I'm guessing metal or wood." Kurahk puts the crates down, then goes back in the room.

Moon carefully took the chip over to where they were working.

Kurahk comes back out of the room with a third, larger crate labeled 'Eletronics'. He puts it with the rest of the crates, then goes back into the room, coming back with a crowbar. "Man, I feel like I'm Gordan Freeman!" Kurahk then opens the crates, revealing metal scraps, some 2-by-4s, and some eletronics.

"Just so you guys know, I'm gonna want some armor too," Jesse exclaims from the cockpit.

"Don't steer us into an asteriod and you'll get some." said Kurahk, who is rummaging around in the crates.

Moon looked curiously at all the stuff in the crates, it looked a lot like junk to her. "We're going to be able to pull this off with this stuff?"

"Maybe." said Kurahk, who is still rumaging in the crate.

Moon gently sat the chip down and started looking through a crate. She found all sorts of wires and buttons that weren't attached to anything.

"Well, It looks like have enough materials, but I don't have the first clue how to make something like this." said Kurahk, with a hint of confusion on his face.

Moon stopped and stared at Kurahk. "It was your idea and you don't know?"

Kurahk got up and said "Like I said before, I never was one for thinking." After saying that, Kurahk went over to GLaDOS, and put his hands on her shoulders. "GLaDOS, do you think you can come up with a set of blueprints for the machine we're making?"

GLaDOS gave a quick nod, then sat down and started writing and scratching out thing on a paper at a rapid rate. "They shall be ready in a moment"

Moon watched GLaDOS draw out the blueprints, still holding a random control panel she had found in the crate.

Kurahk pulls out a a large roll of cables, tossing them on the floor. He then pulls out a metal rod, and sets with the rest of them.

Moon looked closer at the blueprints. She didn't quite understand them, but as she watched them come together she had a feeling they might actually work.

GLaDOS grabs the chip, turning at over in her hand. She then continues to work on the blueprints.

Kurahk meanwhile, is busy unpacking the crates. He then says "I wonder why someone would just leave these materials here. Most of them are still new."

Moon started thinking. "Something else that's strange. The Kron aren't very big on technology. These materials may have belonged to someone else..."

"Maybe this could have been a pirate ship. Because from the looks of these materials, it looks like their from all the colonies." Said Kurahk, with a puzzled look.

"Perhaps the Kron were able to capture the pirates and that's why this ship was there." Moon said, but after a minute a more serious thought came to her mind. "Or hopefully the pirates weren't still using the ship and are currently on Kron about to find out it was stolen."

"Maybe." Kurahk finished emptying the second crate, the he moved over to the third. "This ship is pretty advanced, so the possiblity of it being a pirate ship is logical. But, what would it be doing on the Kron colony. And we where the Kron gaurding it?"

"Well the Kron guarding it might go with my first idea. Fortunately that it makes the second far less likely." said Moon.

GLaDOS' erratic pencil scratches finally stopped, and she stood up. "Finished."

"Great. What do we need to do?" asked Moon, holding a bunch of parts.

GLaDOS brought the blueprints over to Kurahk, then said "All you have to do is assemble as instructed on the blueprints. Cutting and welding is required some spots, but other then that, it shouldn't be too hard."

Kurahk took the blueprints from GLaDOS, giving her a quick hug. Kurahk then went back to the area which he sorted everything they found in the crates. He laid out the blueprints, then proceeded to look over them. He waved for Moon to come take a look.

Moon looked over the instructions. She was thankful that they were pretty clear, written almost in a step-by-step format. She began picking up pieces that matched the ones on the plans.

Kurahk yawns, wipes the sleep from his eyes, then starts gathering the parts required. "I'll handle the welding, you handle to cutting." As he said that, he sparked a little flame in his palm.

Moon scanned over all the stuff laying around until she found some wire cutters and a hack saw. The plans called for some piping to be a certain length so she measured it out and started sawing.

"Measure twice, cut once." Kurahk looked over the blueprints once more, then proceeded to spark a welder-like fire on the end of his finger. He started cutting the metal into smaller sections, with the plan to make a cube.

After finally getting through the pipe with the less than efficient saw she had found, Moon sanded down the cut end of the pipe so it wouldn't be so rough.

After a few minutes, Kurahk had finished cutting, he stood the parts up in formation, then he welded the thing together. He then cut a rectangle slot in both sides of the box. "That's where the conveyor is gonna go...." He trailed off, looking at the blueprints.

Moon was working on some wiring to get power for it. She was clipping the wire casing with the wire cutters in order to get enough of the wires exposed to effectively attach them together. "So we're going to have to start working with moving parts." she commented at Kurahk's mention of the conveyor.

"Yeah. But hopfully, it's not as hard as it sounds. Kurahk tossed the spare parts away, then grabbed a length of chain. He began welding it together with the intention of making a make-shift conveyor.

Moon finally finished all the wiring, she then started looking at the plans for the actual replication element.

Kurahk finished welding the chain together, and he held it up to the cube to see if it would work. Thankfully, it fits. He then proceed to make to rollers for the conveyor.

Moon found a solderer in order to modify a circuit board to be like the one in the instructions.

Falco: What else do we need to do?

Kurahk grabbed some spare metal pieces and welded them on to the bottom of the cube, as a pair of legs. "Now that that's done...." Kurahk trailed of again, looking at the instructions. Kurahk then welded the rollers in the cube, then attached the make-shift conveyor on them.

Moon showed Falco some of the plans. "Look through that pile over there and find some parts that look like these." she said.

(Falco points into Moon's box)

Falco: Isn't that one of them, just upside down?

Moon picked up the piece he was pointing at. "This? Well yes but I need more than one."

Falco: Not necessarily.

(Falco attaches it to something else and mixes some wires)

Falco: You see, if you connect it via the reddish blue wire, its energy can be multiplied.

"I see, that would make it much more effecient." commented Moon.

Falco: And the way you combined the conjunctive wires the wrong way. That'll slow the whole progress down. Look.

(Falco reconnects the wires through a cyber cable)

Falco: You see? Now it will be far more functional.

Kurahk moved the metal scraps away from his workplace and said "You weren't kidding when you said you could help."

Moon nodded in agreement as she soldered the last piece on to the circuit board.

Kurahk stood the cube up, then said "Well, this is done. Now all we have to put those circuit boards in."

Moon handed Kurahk one of the circuit boards so that he could install it.

Kurahk began working on installing the circuit boards. He looked over at GLaDOS, who was standing over at the window. GLaDOS was looking around frantictly and repeatedly saying "Space? SPACE!" Kurahk turned back to his work and sighed.

Moon glanced over at GLaDOS concernedly. "Is she going to be ok?" she asked.

Kurahk looked back at GLaDOS and said "She should be back to normal soon." Kurahk turned back to the machine. "I hope." he muttered.

Moon looked over what they had done so far. "It looks like we just need all the parts together and then to add GLaDOS' chip."

Kurahk nods. He adds the newly constructed circuit board to the machine, then carefully puts GLaDOS' chip in. The machine whirs to life,becoming fully operational. "And that does it!"

"Whew." said Moon, dusting off her hands. "So now we test it."

Kurahk took off a small knob of his belt, then gently pressed it. The knob turned into Kurahk's advanced self-collapsing Nocturnus armor. He put the armor on the make-shift conveyor, then started the machine. It took a moment, but the conveyor brought the armor through the machine, and when it came out, the armor came out, then it was followed by a second suit of armor. Kurahk did a fist-pump, then said "Yes! It works!"

Moon smiled, thinking that things might be looking up after all. "So I think we need three more. I'm assuming GLaDOS doesn't actually need any?"

Kurahk continued to repilacte more armor and said "No, she doesn't. She can just reconfigure her appearance to match the armor. But...." Kurahk turned and looked at GLaDOS. "I don't like the idea of bring her along. But then again, I don't like leaving her her either."

Falco: Alright, lets try this thing out!

Hero: I hope this works Falco.

Kurahk walks over to GLaDOS, with a concerned look on his face. GLaDOS is staring out the window with unrivaled glee, almost hugging the window to try to get out. Kurahk came over to her, putting his arm around her. Kurahk then lead her into the back room. A large 'whir' sound comes from the room, then Kurahk walks out.

Falco: What was that noise?

Kurahk sighs, and says "GLaDOS. I shut her down for now."

Falco: Lets do this!

Kurahk tosses everybody a suit of armor, then takes his back. He turns it back into a knob, and puts it on his belt again. He then takes GLaDOS' chip from the machine, then returns to the back room.

"You mind flying this rig while I dress up?" Jesse says from the cockpit.

Kurahk said nothing, he just walked over and sat down in the pilot's seat.

(Falco puts his on)

Falco: Sweet, I look seriously dark and mysterious!

Kurahk rubs the sleep from his eyes, and says "When we're done here, you can keep those."

Jesse gets up from the cockpit and gets into his armor.

(Falco takes off the armour for a second and tampers with it, before putting it back on)

Falco: Hey guys, check this out.

(Falco pushes a button and his armour starts glowing red between the black)

"Interesting," Jesse mutters, getting back in the cockpit.

(Falco goes into his room and emerges five minutes later)

Falco: Check this out.

(Falco takes the hammer that was attached to the back of his armour off and swings it, causing a large invisible explosion)

Falco: It's like a gravity hammer from Halo. And I've put a communicator on my wrist. Anyone else want some upgrades?

Kurahk activates his armor and says "No."

Falco: Jesse, Hero?

Hero: Do mine.

(Falco leaves with Hero's and returns)

Falco: I've designed yours so that it amplifies your wind power. And there is a staff on your back which has the same powers as mine, only lightning instead of gravity.

Hero: Cool!

Falco: Jesse? You want an upgrade?

Kurahk looks at Falco and says "I wouldn't modify those too much. Their copies of mine, and mine is fine tuned so that it works exacty like I want it to. If you modify it too much, it might break the armor."

Falco: It's ok. Shade is a friend of mine. Last time she visited us, I examined her armour. I know exactly how it works.

Kurahk pulled something out of the glovebox, and tossed to Falco "You know Shade? Give her this. It's the warp belt I 'borrowed' from her"

Falco: How? I'm staying here for as long as you are.

Hero: (sighing) Falco.....

"When we get out of course. Moron." said Kurahk, with an angry tone.

Falco: I know dude, I'm jokin'. Did I not just work some advanced mechanics and upgrade some armour? I'm not stupid.

Kurahk looks at Falco and says "Are you sure? You look pretty stupid."

Falco: Would an idiot have been able to do this while you were all sleeping?

Falco pushes a button and a disco ball comes down from the roof and music starts playing)

Kurahk removes the armor around his one hand, than shot a blast of fire at the disco ball. The disco ball explodes, spraying flaming glass shards everywhere. "Shut up. I mean it."

"Stop being an idiot," Jesse says, adjusting the altitude of the rocket.

{C}Falco: Don't worry, I have a spare.

(Falco pushes another button and a spare comes out)

Kurhak jumps out of the set, blasts the spare, and runs over to Falco. He grabs Falco's collar and shoves him up against the wall. "Shut Up. Before I kill you." He drops Falco and returns to the controls.

"Feel free to, he's even starting to piss me off," Jesse mutters.

Falco: Fine, I'm going to my room. You guys don't know what fun is!

(Falco leaves)

"I'm almost at that point Jesse." Kurahk replied, with an angry tone.

"At least we agree on something," Jesse laughs.

Kurahk yawns, then asks "Can you fly this rustbucket? I'm really tired."

{C}Hero: Same, I'm going to my room. Oh Jesse, Falco may have made some more 'upgrades' so watch out.

(Hero leaves) {C}"I'm practically an insomniac, I could fly all night if you need," Jesse says.

"Thanks." Kurahk walks away towards his room. When he gets there, a soft 'thud' sound is heard. He fell face first on his bed.

Moon thought about going to bed, but there was too much going on for her to get herself to sleep. Instead she just stayed in her seat and leaned back with her eyes closed.

GLaDOS walked out of Kurahk's room, and sat down in a corner. She put her head on her knees and closed her eyes.

Zero was going to stay up, as he need no sleep to function properly.

GLaDOS took out a book, titled Eragon, and started reading it.

After sitting there awhile Moon got up and started walking around the ship. She absentmindedly looked around at all the various machines and other knick-knacks. She then looked out the window and could see a glimpse of the Voxai colony.

GLaDOS puts the book down, and walks over to the window. She has a look of curiosity on her face.

Moon looked a little unsure at first when GLaDOS came over, but she quickly relaxed. "That's the Voxai Colony." she said. "They're a very advanced group of telepathic aliens."

GLaDOS looked at the colony, and said. "Wow. I didn't know that such a thing exists."

Moon was still looking out the window thoughtfully. "There are a lot of strange things here you don't see anywhere else."

GLaDOS looked over at the slighty visable Zoah colony. She points to it and says "And that one? What lives one that?"

"That's where the Zoah live, a large warrior race. Their civilization is based on fighting." Moon explained.

GLaDOS tilted her head in wonder, then said "I know Kurahk would like them. To me it seems its as if he loves fighting."

Moon looked down. "Does he? Well the thing about fighting, I think, is it gets old after you've seen enough of it."

"Agreed," came Jesse's voice from the cockpit in response. He sounded remorseful.

GLaDOS looked over at Jesse, then turned back to the window.

Moon sighed, still looking out the window. Everything looked so familiar, but at the same time, so foreign.

{C {C {C {C {C {C GLaDOS turned to Moon and asked "Which one of these is Nocturne?" She pointed out the window, scanning the world outside.

Jesse felt bad about himself at the controls. He knew fighting was never the answer, but still went on with it like it was nothing. If he had one wish, it would be for there to be no more fighting, anywhere. But he knew that would never happen. As long as there were people, there would be battles. He sighed. Enough fighting breaks a man.

Moon pointed out the window. "You see the large planetoid in the center? That's it."

GLaDOS looked at it with intrest. "That's were Kurahk grew up?"

Moon nodded. She glanced over at Jesse, noting his contemplative expression.

"That doesn't look like a fun place to grow up in." said GLaDOS, with some confusion in her voice.

He hated violence. But he somehow seemed to keep getting himself in situations that called for it. At least he did his best not to kill anybody. Not to say that it hadn't ever happened. He looked even more disappointed in himself.

"No, fun wasn't exactly part of it. Although when I was growing up Nocturne was still outside the Cage. I can only imagine growing up in here." Moon said. She then stepped over to Jesse. "Are you ok?" she asked him.

"Yeah," Jesse said, obviously lying, and even with a bit of a nervous stutter. "I'm fine."

GLaDOS glanced over at Kurahk's room. A faint snoring sound was coming from the room.

Moon crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow, looking at Jesse. "If you don't feel like flying..."

He sighed. "I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway, might as well..."

"If you're sure..." Moon said, then she sat back down.

GLaDOS turned back to the window. She shivers, and pulls her sweater around her arms more.

Jesse sighed. If he didn't stop thinking about what he could've done right, it would drive him nuts. Instead he focused on what he could do right in the future.

GLaDOS deemed her light sweater insuffecient, and walked into Kurahk's room. She came back out wearing his coat. She zipped it up, and went back over to the window.

(Falco comes out of his room)

Falco: Does anyone have any mystery books with them, preferably Sherlock Holmes? I've got nothing to read.

GLaDOS turned to look at Falco and said "I don't have any mystery books, but I do have this." She holds out a copy of Eragon. "Kurahk gave it to me."

JT: What? Is this some library?

Falco: (is handed the book) Thanks, I haven't read this yet. (thinks for a second) Why haven't I ever seen you before?

GLaDOS jumped when JT spoke. She then quickly regained her senses and entered a combat stance. She reconfigured her arms into large blades, and she pointed them at JT. "Who are you, and how did you get here?!"

Falco: He was probably following me cuz I'm so awesome.

GLaDOS gave Falco a look that said "Shut up."

"Ten to one says he hid in the rocket when he landed in here," Jesse sighs. "Am I right?"

GLaDOS morphed her arms back and said "I don't care who you are, just don't interfear with our mission." She walked back over to the window.

Moon rubbed her eye, she had dozed off a little. "What's our status?" she asked.

"Still good on gas and all that stuff," Jesse said from the cockpit. There was still the tone he used in his earlier denial that anything was wrong.

Moon knew that Jesse wasn't completely ok, but she didn't say anything about it. Instead she simply asked, "And the distance to Nocturne?"

GLaDOS wasn't listening. She was thinking about the other planetoids in the Cage, and what live there.

"We're about twenty minutes out," Jesse said. He was pretty emotionally hurt at that time, as was apparent by his voice.

Moon nodded. She looked sympathetically at Jesse, but she knew he wasn't going to talk about it.

GLaDOS sighed and said "I just want to get out of here." She wrapped her arms around herself.

"We'll find a way out." said Moon.

All of a sudden, very loud techno music comes pounding out of Kurahk's room. Kurahk himself comes out, wearing his headphones and twirling a knife in his hand. The only thing missing from this picture is his coat, which GLaDOS is wearing. "Eh? Did something happen while I was asleep?" Kurahk yelled from the insane volume in which he had his music.

Moon raised an eyebrow at Kurahk, then loudly said "No, not really." so Kurahk could hear her.

Kurahk shruged and went into a side room with a label on the door that said 'Kitchen'. A few minutes later, he came back out with a peanut-butter sandwich and a can of gingerale, all the while with his music playing. He hopped up on a crate near the rear of the ship and started eating.

Moon walked past Kurahk into the kitchen and got a glass of water. She downed it quickly.

Jesse was obviously pretty emotionally hurt. He knew they knew something was wrong, and he knew he'd have to let out his feelings sometime. But he didn't know who he could talk to.

Kurahk finished eating his sandwich, and went to grab his can of gingerale. He grabbed it and chugged at least half of it before setting it back down and letting out a large burp. He then turned his almost deafening music off, and chugged the rest off his gingerale.

Moon sighed and sat down. This trip seemed to be going on forever. She didn't even know what time it was anymore, and the time flow in the Twilight Cage wasn't helping that.

"Fasten your seatbelts," came Jesse's still slightly hurt voice from the cockpit. "We're about to touch down."

Kurahk crushes his pop can, throwing it away. He engages his armor and rushes to one of the seets near the cockpit. He buckles himself in and says "Thank god!"

Moon jumped up and ran to a seat that actually had a seatbelt. "I can't believe we're actually here."

"Believe it or not, rockets are hard to land." Jesse maneuvers the rocket so it's pointing straight up, then lowers the thrusters, allowing for a slow descent.

Kurahk looked around for GLaDOS, but with no luck. He sighed and said "We move an inch forward, and it feels like a year. Now I finally realize that I hate this place. I'm such an idiot!' Kurahk slamed his hand into his forehead. "Stupid stupid stupid!" Kurahk trailed off, grumbling under his breath.

The rocket now had everyone lying on their backs in their seats as it lowered down into the clearing and touched down flawlessly.

"Nice landing. At least we have something going for us." said Moon, who was actually a little nervous to be coming back to Nocturne.

Kurahk goes to say something, but he looses his grip on his chair and falls out, toppling backwards. "OH GOD!' A loud crashing noise came from the back, or the bottom, in this case, of the ship.

Jesse looks after him. "Sorry man!" He gets out of his own chair and tries to walljump down the ship, but smacks into a chair and tumbles down too.

Moon cringed before looking down and calling out, "Are you guys ok?"

Kurahk landed on the crate he was just eatting his lunch on. Thankfully, it was empty. GLaDOS walked over to Kurahk, and helped him up. Kurahk replyed be saying "I think. Nothings broken."

Jesse wasn't as lucky. Obviously, he hadn't been paying as much attention as he would have liked to instead of thinking about his feelings, and went legs first into a crate. One of them was snapped. He held back the scream of pain.

Seeing how little luck Jesse and Kurahk had getting down, Moon began heading down very slowly and carefully. She jumped from various consoles and things on the ship, making her way down. She almost slipped once but was able to catch her self and make it the rest of the way down, landing gracefully on her feet.

Kurahk looked over at Jesse, and grimiced at the sight of his leg. "Oh... That's not good." Kurahk ran over to him, and helped in up. He helped Jesse over to one of the crates that wasn't broken. "Moon! Jesse's leg is badly injured!"

"Try snapped at the knee," Jesse managed to say with a bit of a chuckle. He may not have been the most emotionally stable person around, but he sure could hold in pain when he experienced it.

"Oh no! We need to make a splint." Moon said, looking around for the left over supplies from the replicator.

Kurahk climbed up the control panels and the crates that were held down to the medical room. He came back with an armfull of medical supplies. He dumped them on a crate and said "I have no idea how to do this, you?"

"Lucky for you," Jesse muttered painfully, "I do. Get out the splints."

"I've seen Lien-DOS do this before. Although we never had to do this in the Nocturnus." said Moon as she got two sticks and some cloth.

Kurahk turned to GLaDOS, who was curled up in a corner. He said "GLaDOS, could you please sneak outside and try to find this house?" Kurahk handed her a picture of Kurahk's childhood home. "There's some stuff in there that might help." You could tell Kurahk was serious. His voice was mixed with concern and confusion. "Please?"

GLaDOS got up and said "Alright." And with that, GLaDOS snuk out a back door, and set off.

Moon's focus was on Jesse's leg. She lined up the sticks with his leg and then wrapped the cloth tightly around his leg and the sticks so that his leg would no longer even bend.

Kurahk went back to Jesse and Moon and said "Need any help?"

"I think Moon's got it," Jesse mutters painfully.

Kurahk nods and says "I think we should wait here for now. GLaDOS is gonna be a while to grab what we might need."

"Well I'm not going anywhere," Jesse almost laughs. Almost.

Kurahk stopped paying attention. He was thinking about GLaDOS, and how he forgot to tell her not to kill anyone. He dismissed the thought of that and started thinking about something else. His mind lingered to another, a female echidna. That echidna is the only warrior that Kurahk would trust his back to. He wouldn't admit it, but he would have gratefully accepted the fact that he did something stupid. If anyone has going to mention it, it was the echidna. He sighed, bringing himself back to real world.

After finishing Jesse's splint Moon looked out the window. Her mind was flooded with memories of almost 40 years spent on Nocturne. Some were good, others were better off being forgotten.

Kurahk started thinking about the time he spent here. All the good times he spent with friends, family. He then thought of all the bad things he went through here. He spent five days a week training in to be a soldier, and the years spent wondering whats outside the Cage. He shook off those memories and went over to the wall. He took out a knife and started carving a small picture of a Nocturnus sigil. Kurahk tried to disspell the thoughts of bad times he spent here.

Jesse hadn't been born here, so instead he was thinking about the old times he'd had. Or, at least he was trying. He teared up a little. Ever since-- he didn't even want to think about it.

Kurahk thought of what would happen to GLaDOS if she was found. First he thought of the possiblity of GLaDOS getting captured, or worse, killed. Kurahk shook his head to dispel those thoughts. Kurahk then thought of the echidna again, and wondered if she was here as well.

"So when are we going to get some real medical attention?" Jesse asks, an obvious hint of sadness, not pain, in his voice.

Kurahk looked over at Jesse and said "If GLaDOS is quick, maybe just a few more minutes."

"Let's hope she is. What did you send her to get, anyway?" said Moon.

"A few medical supplies. Pain killers, e.t.c." replyed Kurahk.

Moon nodded. She just sat there looking around. Not really sure what to do until GLaDOS got back.

Kurahk turned back to the wall and started carving more Nocturnus sigils.

Moon watched Kurahk. "That's the Praetorian's mark, isn't it?" she said looking at the more squiggly one he was carving.

"Yep. I don't know why though." said Kurahk.

Moon was thinking again. "Living here so long I would've expected this place to be more familiar. I guess I've really settled in on Mobius."

Kurahk went back to carving. He wouldn't admit it, but he agreed. "The only place I haven't forgot about is my house, and that's only because of the picture I gave GLaDOS." Kurahk went back to the thought of GLaDOS killing someone here, but he quickly shook it off.

"Should one of us have gone with her?" Moon said, getting a little anxious at how long GLaDOS was taking to get back.

Kurahk seemed unsure what to reply with. Instead of answering, he went back to carving.

Kurahk's response, or lack there of, wasn't easing Moon's tension any. She couldn't shake the thought that the other Nocturnus would be mad at her for leaving and going to Mobius while they were still stuck here.

Kurahk jammed the knife into the wall, leaving it vibrating. He then mutters to himself "I wonder if she's here...." Kurahk's mutter was just loud enough for Moon to hear.

Moon looked up. "Who's here?" she asked.

"Huh? Wa? Oh, you heard me. I was talking about a friend. Since GLaDOS got sucked in here, why wouldn't she? The last place I saw her was with GLaDOS, so wouldn't she end up in here as well?"

"It's very likely if she was in the same area. That wormhole had a strong pull." said Moon.

"Tell me about it." Kurahk remembers the faceplant he had did when he landed on the Kron colony.

"How many do you think were sent here anyway? And will they be able to get back..." Moon said, realizing that wormholes could have sucked in many unsuspecting Mobians dropping them on colonies to be trapped possibly forever.

Kurahk seemed to care little for those who got stuck in here. He said "Their not my problem. If they want out, they can find a way out themselves."

Moon could tell that there was no arguing with Kurahk on this matter. She still felt bad about anyone else getting sent here even though it really wasn't her fault.

Kurahk leaned on the wall and said "If that stupid warp belt didn't go nuts this whole thing wouldn't have happened."

"I still wonder how that happened." Moon said. "We used warp belts continually traveling from here to Mobius during Ix's plan and never had any malfunctions."

"I think it might have interfeared with my natural teleportation powers. Mixing natural and tech is not something you want to do. I learned that that hard way." Kurahk took the knife from the wall and slipped into his pocket.

Moon nodded. "Must be. I take it you weren't sent to Mobius during the raids then."

Kurahk hopped up on a crate and sat down. "No. I never was permited to leave the cage."

"I see." said Moon, who had begun fiddling with a metal part that had fallen out of one of the crates.

"The reason I was never permited to leave the cage was because they thought my fighting style was too aggresive. I guess they thought I'd kill someone and reveal our identies." Kurahk didn't say it, but he knew they were right. Kurahk was never good at keeping secrets.

Moon chose not to say anything to that. But she knew if one of the scouts had killed someone, they would have gotten way too much attention before they could get to the master emerald.

"Well, the upside to that was that the friend I mentioned earlier wasn't permited to leave either, so I still had some fun on this misrable rock." Kurahk slammed the side of his fist into the wall. "Now I know why everyone wants to get out of here. This place is a boring rock floating around in space!"

Moon smiled a little. "I don't know if you remember, but believe it or not Nocturne was actually nice before it was brought here."

"Hmmp. I don't care. It could have been a tropical island for all I care. Now it's a gaint cyborg-like rock in this stupid cage." Kurahk was growing irritated from sitting around, and was starting to get insultive.

Moon was getting a little impatient herself. She felt like they should be doing something. She couldn't help but ask, "Where is GLaDOS?"

The hatch that GLaDOS stepped out before opens with a 'wish' sound, and a unfamilar voice said "She's right here." Kurahk turned around and jumped off the crate with surprising speed. Kurahk reconized that voice. GLaDOS came forward, dumping some painkillers and other medical supplies on the crate beside Jesse.

Moon stood up, not sure what to expect from this newcomer. But she realized she was most likely friendly since GLaDOS was back with her having suceeded in her mission.

A black echidna stepped forward, revealing a mess of bright red hair. She was wearing an advanced model of Nocturnus armor, with more red sections then black. The armor had a large metal claw on the right hand, and a leech-blade hidden in the wrist of the left. The helmet was disengaged, showing her bright red hair held up in a spiky style with a black headband. Kurahk looked at her with some shock, trying to realize that his childhood friend was standing right in front of him. The echidna looks at Kurahk and says "What? It's me, Kallen! Don't tell me you forgot about me!" Kurahk looked at GLaDOS, hoping to find an answer for Kallen. GLaDOS simply said "It's not my problem. She's your girlfriend. You deal with her." Kallen gave GLaDOS a look mixed with anger and denial. Kurahk looked at Kallen and said with a slighty nervous voice "Thank god you didn't get dumped on one of the other colonies!" Kurahk went up to her and gave her a quick hug. "How did you get here?"

Moon relaxed seeing that Kurahk and the echidna apparently knew each other and were on friendly terms. She listened to their conversation, gathering that Kallen was another Nocturnus who had left the cage. But had now been brought back thanks to the wormholes.

Kallen roughly poked Kurahk in the chest. "You brought me here! You and your stupid wormhole! GLaDOS told me everything! So this is your fault!" Kallen pokes him harder. She obviously wasn't happy, and she wasn't afraid to show it. "Since you brought me here, your gonna get me out!" Kallen went to poke him again, but Kurahk grabbed her wrist and stopped her. Kallen wrestled her arm free. Kurahk went to speak, but Kallen gave him a slap on the face. Kurahk shook it off as if it was nothing. Kallen then said "Don't even bother saying sorry."

Moon smirked. Kurahk acted different around this girl than he did with anyone else. They apparently had quite a history together.

Kallen walked over to the wall Kurahk was carving Nocturnus sigils into. She looked at them and said "Still haven't kicked habit?" Kurahk went over to the wall, standing beside Kallen. He said "Old habits die hard. I never could give up doing it." Kurahk sighed. He was tired from the wait, and he was a little annoyed with Kallen for sticking him with the responsiblity of getting them out. Kallen walked over to Jesse and Moon, and asked "So who are you? And what happened to his leg?" She thumbed over to Jesse.

"Triarius Moon of the Nocturnus." Moon answered. "And that's Jesse, he um, fell."

"Well, I think you know who I am by now," She glanced over at Kurahk. "I think we should get to work on helping your friend there." Thumbing to Jesse, she started spreading out some of the things GLaDOS brought back.

Moon looked over the supplies. She picked up some of the pain killers and inspected the label. "Why did you have these, anyway?"

"For him there." Kallen looked over at Kurahk for a minute. Kurahk was tossing his knife up in the air, when it comes down, it niks Kurahk thumb, causing it to bleed. Kallen turns back to her work and says "You never know when someone like him'll go and do something stupid like that."

"I understand." said Moon. She then opened the bottle. "It looks like Jesse can take one of these every six hours."

Kallen insected Jesse leg, and then went to back to sorting through the medical supplies. "So what exactly did he do to hurt himself that badly?"

"After he landed the ship he jumped down and landed feet first in that crate over there." said Moon, pointing to a ruined crate. She then stepped into the kitchen and got a glass of water to help Jesse take the pill.

"And what about that one?" Kallen pointed to the crate that Kurahk landed on.

"Kurahk fell on that one." Moon said as she handed Jesse the water and the pill.

"Figures. He's always hurting himself." Kallen picked up a small bottle of pills and looked at the lable. Deciding it wouldn't work, she set it back down. "I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself yet."

"Well he seems pretty tough. Although not very careful..." Moon said. She paused for a minute. "So what's are next course of action?"

"That's Kurahk for you. Never admiting anything." Kallen grabbed another bottle, but then set it back down.

Moon nodded, but she was starting to feel they had other things to do besides talking about Kurahk. Then suddenly they heard a soft thump on the outside of the ship.

Kurahk turned to the sound of the thump. "Oh what the karzanhi?" Kallen and GLaDOS heard it too. Kallen jumped in surprise and activated her armor. GLaDOS on the other hand, jumped behind Kurahk.

Moon drew her blades and walked cautiously towards the entrance to the ship. The slowly looked out the door, ready for anything when suddenly a slimely green shape rushed forward and grabbed her. Moon tensed up in shock but soon realized what was happening. The shape was a N'rrgal drone and it was hugging her. "Moonnn I've founnnd you!" it said.

"Wha-what? A N'rrgal drone?" Kallen was surprised to see on here on Nocturne. "How did it get here?"

Moon's expression was a mixture of relief since she had been expecting danger, but also of dread. "This is G'ling, and I assume him being here involves the wormholes somehow." she said. "Yesss, I saw onnne of the wormmholes and I thought it mmmight lead me to you. And it diddd!" said G'ling.

"Well he looks happy to see you." Kurahk could care less about a N'rrgal drone.

"You don't know the half of it." Moon said. After she had succeeded in pushing G'ling away from her, she stepped over to the others and quietly said, "This one's been stalking me."

Kallen disengaged her armor and said "I wonder why."

"He's been like this ever since I was dispatched to the N'rrgal colony when Ix was occupying it." Moon said, even she didn't understand it.

Kurahk shruged and went back to his carving wall. He didn't say anything, but he hated the N'rrgal. Not only did they creep him out, he once ran into one and started floating around inside it. He shuddered at the memory.

Moon sighed, then looked over at Kurahk. "Shouldn't we be finding some warp belts?"

Kurahk looked at his carvings and said "We should, put we have to find a place to hide dinglenut" Kurahk thumbed to Jesse. "until his leg heals."

Moon nodded. "The ship's probably not a good idea. I'm sure soldiers will be investigating it soon. What about your house?"

Kurahk went to speak, but Kallen cut him off. "We could, but isn't that on the other side of Nocturne?" Kallen looked at Kurahk when she said this. Kurahk gave a quick nod.

Moon didn't say anything but walked over to the window and looked out at the various buildings around. "We may just have to check for something abandoned."

Kurahk looked at Kallen and said "Do you remeber that abandoned warehouse that we used to go to?" Kallen replyed with a nod. "The one near the green dumpster?" Kurahk muttered a quick "Umhum".

"That sounds good. Is it far?" Moon asked.

"No, It's just a few blocks away from here." With that, Kurahk got up and went over to Jesse, and helped him up. Kurahk supported Jesse, and the two walked over to the door. "Well? Are you coming?"

Jesse sighs. "This sucks."

Kurahk hefted Jesse's arm around his neck and said "Shut up and deal with it." Kurahk was getting angry, and impateint.

Moon walked out the door with them, with G'ling following close, a little too close, behind. Moon couldn't help but look around once they got out, Nocturne had gone through quite a few changes.

Kallen was surprised at how much Nocturne had changed. Most of the ground was now almost completely metal, and there were energy conduits on the ground, with a blue energy flowing through them.

Moon noticed that the buildings seemed taller and in general, more industrialized. She had expected there to be more Nocturnus walking around. It was a little strange, but at the same time it was a good thing given there current situation. She looked back at G'ling and had to stop him as he was reaching for one of the energy conduits.

Kurahk was leading the way, weaving in and out of the newly constructed energy pillers. Kurahk didn't care about what happened to Nocturne, wishing he were back outside the cage. "It shouldn't be far now."

Moon peered forward. It was hard to see from how crowded with buildings Nocturne was. Then she caught sight of a green dumpster. Remembering what Kallen said, she knew they were very close.

Kallen saw the dumpster as well, peering over a piller to see it. "There it is! C'mon!" Kallen rushed ahead, scouting the area.

Moon started moving faster as well, all the while constantly looking around for any sort of danger. G'ling was lagging behind though, but kept after Moon diligently.

Kallen was already at the entrance to the warehouse. She was looking around the place, looking for any intruders. "We're all clear! Oh hey! The couch is still here!" After she said that, she rushed in, and a soft 'poosh' sound is heard coming in from the warehouse.

Moon got to the entrance and looked in. Seeing Kallen on the couch she said, "It's probably best we let Jesse sit there."

Kallen got up and said "I was just making sure the couch didn't explode in a poof of dust when I sat on it." Kurahk rolled his eyes at that and said "Likely excuse." Kurahk brought Jesse in the warehouse and set him down on the couch. "Well that's done."

"Yes, but now it's time for the hard part." Moon said. Then she looked at Jesse. "If you need anything there's a communicator in your suit." she told him.

Kurahk walked over to the right side of the entrance, looking at his old carvings. "The next thing on our list of things to do is to sneak into the armory and snatch us some warpbelts." Kurahk grabbed a little bobble-head off the floor. He flicked the head, causing it to wobble back and forth. He mutters "Boom. Headshot."

Jesse was holding his leg in genuine pain. "That'll come in handy," he muttered through gritted teeth.

"If memory serves the armory is not too far north of here, towards the center of Nocturne." said Moon.

Kallen kicked a empty can, sending skittering across the floor. "It is. But getting there won't be easy. It was always heavily guarded."

Moon had been standing in the same spot in the warehouse the whole time. "We need a plan then. They won't let us in without authorization and we can't tell them who we are or we may be considered traitors." she said.

Kurahk had been thinking about those energy pillers the encountered earlier. "Maybe if we destroy those pillers near the armory....." Kurahk trailed off, lost in thought. Kallen finished his sentece, saying "We'll cut the power in the armory, allowing us to get in there!"

"Great. The power-outage will both distract the guards and disable the locks!" said Moon. G'ling got excited. "Cannn I help?" he asked.

Kallen crouched down in front of G'ling and said "Sure, but your going to have to beat Kurahk to it." Kallen got up and turn to look at Kurahk, but Kurahk was already dashing out the door.

G'ling got an apparent look of determination on his strangely shaped face. He then headed out the door considerably fast for a N'rrgal, intent on absorbing the energy out of the pillars before Kurahk could break them. Moon took one last look at Jesse. She hoped he would be ok. Then she dashed out the door after the others.

Kallen ran after Kurahk and Moon, with the intent of beating them to it. "First one there get the first smash!"

Moon hoped they didn't look too conspicuous running like this. But like before she noticed there weren't many Nocturnus walking around. There they ran by that looked at them strangely, but seemed to pass it off as just some crazy people.

GLados didn't follow. She stayed back with Jesse, just in case. GLaDOS walked over to the wall were Kurahk had carved stuff before. She was intrigued with what he carved, as if every carving told a story. She picked up a old notebook, only to find it full of odd poems and phrases, all written by Kurahk. GLaDOS sat down and started reading them, fascinated with what Kurahk wrote.

The features that Moon used to recognize on the way to the armory were so changed it was hard to tell they were heading the right way. When they got close she recognized the area though and stopped behind a building, motioning for the others to come over to her.

Kurahk wasn't thinking about all the new tech on Nocturne. He was thinking about the memories spent in the warehouse. He shook off those memories, focusing on the task at hand. Kurahk ignored Moon's signal, running straight ahead.

Moon sighed when she saw Kurahk keep going, but decided not to worry about him right now. She looked at Kallen and G'ling. "The armory is right around this corner." she said. "We need to take out the conduits without those guards seeing us."

The voice of one of the guards rings out, saying "Hey! Stop right there! I said stop!" Gunfire is then heard, along with the guards screaming. Kurahk came back around the corner were the others were hiding and said "What? These guards?" Kurahk dropped the unconscious guards on the ground.

"So much for a clean approach." Moon said. She then went out from behind the corner and headed for the energy pillars.

"Shall we?" Kurahk went over to a energy piller, and smashed it. "Ohoho, this is gonna be fun."

G'ling wasted no time going straight over to an energy pillar and latching onto it, sucking the energy right out of it. Moon smashed some pillars with her leech blades which served the duel purpose of both destorying them and giving her some extra energy.

Kallen took her one leech blade, and sliced some pillers. "Hehe. Now I realize why I like hanging out with you Kurahk, you make destroying things fun!"

Moon smirked, this was more enjoyable than most of the other things they'd had to do today. G'ling had finished off the energy pillar he was at and moved to the next one.

Kurahk kept slicing through pillers, with each one leaving a smoking mess at his feet. Kurahk laughs manically, causing Kallen to give him a concerned look.

Moon smashed one last pillar. "That's all of them over here!" she called. G'ling was on the last one in his area but was staying on absorbing every last bit of energy, almost like someone slurping their drink.

Kurahk ran over to the next set of pillers, smashing each one. He was enjoying smashing the pillers, perhaps a little to much.

Moon looked around, they had smashed a considerable number of pillars. "That's all we need to shut off the power." she said.

Kurahk ignored her. He went on smashing them, causing a brownout. Kallen walked over to Kurahk, and said "We're done smashing. You can stop now."

"If we smash too many we'll have all of Nocturne after us." Moon said, she then headed straight to the door of the armory.

Kurahk grumbled something, then went in after Moon. When Kurahk entered, he saw dozens of energy blasters, suits of armor, and other Nocturnus tech. He didn't see any warp belts, though.

Moon looked through all of the equipment, becoming more frantic as she found no warp belts. G'ling sat there and watched her running around the armory, but then got distracted by draining the energy out of a blaster.

Kallen was rummaging around in a crate full of tech when she said "Are there even any of those stupid things here?!" Kallen was a little angry from having to stop Kurahk from smashing more pillers.

At this point Moon was literally running through the armory looking everywhere. "They're not here!"

Kurahk grabbed a blaster, and threw it at the wall in anger. "Were the Karzanhi are those stupid belts?!" Kurahk was furious now. He tossed aside a row of armor, flinging them all over in a messy pile. "I swear..... if I find the idiot who moved those belts....." Kurahk trail off, lost in his rage.

Moon was tipping over crates even looking under them. "Where would they have put them? Why?" she said. The franticness of the others scared G'ling some and he was backed in a corner.

Kurahk was about to remove his ring when Kallen stopped him. Kallen said "Don't." Kurahk shoved her away and went over to the wall. He said "I hate this stupid place."

Moon stopped and slumped down against a wall. "This was a waste of time..."

Kurahk leaned up against the wall. "If we wanna get out, we gotta fin some warp belts. And, its obvious there aren't any here, so we're screwed."

Moon ran her hands through her dreadlocks. "They're supposed to be kept here. Why would they move them?" G'ling came out of his corner some. "Donnn't the Nocturrrnus wear themmm?"

"Yep." Kurahk replyed. "The belts are standard issue."

"Then that'sss where they arrre! We can get themmm from the guarrrdsss." G'ling said. Moon looked up, realizing he may have a point.

"The guards I knocked out didn't have them, so they're out." Kurahk replyed, agreeing with G'ling.

(Falco and Hero watch the others)

Hero: Should we go down and help?

Falco: No, stay in the shadows. They might need a surprise saving later.

In the armory

Kallen sat down on a crate and said "Since the belts are standard issue, they shouldn't be to hard to find."

Moon nodded. "It would make sense that the armory guards didn't have them. They didn't need to go anywhere. But if we found some soldiers..."

Kallen noded in agreement. She hated the idea, but it was the only one they had.

"I didn't see many soldiers walking around. But it shouldn't be too hard to get them to come out. Maybe if one of us acted as bait." Moon said, speculating a plan.

Kallen looked at Kurahk, who was lost in thought. Kurahk then said "Or, maybe if we cause a hell of a lot of chaos...."

"We'd have to make sure we aren't overwhelmed." Moon commented, thinking Kurahk's idea seemed risky.

"Whatever seems more fun, I'm in." Kurahk was looking forward to causing some chaos.

Moon was beginning to realize she was just going to have to go with it. A cautious approach probably wasn't going to be possible on this trip anyway. "Alright, so what are we going to do?"

Kurahk sat on the crate beside Kallen and said "Break something, set stuff on fire, make a big boom, what else?"

"Let's hope this works." Moon said as she got up.

Kurahk and Kallen got up, and walked out the armory door. Kurahk was thinking of setting the whole place on fire, but he knew Kallen would stop him. He sighed, and walked on. We really would have enjoyed setting the place on fire, but the act would be to tiring.

Moon looked around, trying to figure out how they could draw attention to themselves. Destructive ideas didn't come easily to her like they did to Kurahk.

Kurahk thought of something. "Maybe if we destroy an important building, it'll draw some attention?"

"It certainly would. And the rumble would give us a good way to ambush the soldiers." said Moon.

"Ohohoho... This is gonna be fun." Kurahk gave a little manical laugh.

Moon wasn't sure if she should be concerned, but shook it off. "Now the question is, which building?"

Kallen pointed north-west. "The training camp. That's sure to cause a hell of a mess."

"Let's get this over with." Moon dashed off in the direction Kallen pointed, followed by G'ling.

Kurahk ran ahead, running in silence. Kurahk knew he was gonna have fun. Kallen quickly caught up to Kurahk, and she said to him "Don't go overboard."

"Here it is." Moon said as they came in view of the training camp. {C {C {C Kurahk took off his ring, allowing him access to his powers. He threw some fireballs at the camp, setting the tents on fire.

Moon took a breath then fired off some energy blasts at the camp. G'ling headed into the camp looking for a source of energy. Some rather unskilled Nocturnus trainees saw him and started chasing him.

Kallen activated her armor and rushed in the camp. She fired a few blasts from her Radaint Wave Surger into the air, scaring of some other trainees. She then took the large claw on her armor and ripped through some tents.

Moon fired on some cables causing signs and rule boards to fall down. G'ling was still running from the trainees, but laughed when they all slipped on his slime and tripped over each other.

Kurahk fired a few more blasts of fire at the camp, setting more tents on fire. He gave a manical laugh, clearly enjoying this act of arson.

Moon was still shooting things, but looking around. She was expecting a group of more experienced soldiers to come and stop them at any minute. That's when their plan would come to fruition.

Kallen actived the wheels on her heels of her armor for more speed, slashing tents all the while. Kallen wasn't enjoying scaring the trainnees, mainly because she was on her self.

"They havvve baterrrrries!" G'ling said excitedly as he was looking through stuff in the camp. He tried to remember to break the stuff.

Kurahk continued to throw fireballs at the camp, but then he stopped. He doubled over in pain, clutching his head. "No! Not... NOW!" Kurahk screamed in pain. Kurahk's dreadlocks grew longer, and the red strips on them turned a very dark red. His pupils disappear, being repleced by cold, deep red reptilian eyes. His hands and feet burst into large claws, with his feet ripping through his boots. Kurahk's tattoos glow the same color as his eyes, and his tail grows much longer, being covered in spikes. He grows large black wings, with spiked tips. After Kurahk was done screaming, he let off a montsrous roar, and dashed of into the camp, flying low to the ground. The trainees screamed with mortal terror when they saw him coming.

Hearing all the racket Moon turned around. "Kurahk I..." she started, but seeing a monster in Kurahk's place stopped and stared in complete shock. A second later her soldier training came back to her and she drew her blades, ready to handle the situation.

Kallen stopped after hearing a trainee screaming, the the sounds of bones breaking. She turned around slowly, unsure of what was going on."Kurahk.........?" Kallen looks at a tent that was burning. You could cleary see through it, and the image one the other side wasn't pretty. Kurahk pounced on a trainee, digging his newly found claws into his helmet, crushing his skull. Kurahk ripped of the skull, tossing it aside. Kurahk roared again and flew over to a running trainee. The trainee never saw it coming.

Moon found a tall platform and climbed up onto it, she shouted to the trainees. "Everyone go to your defensive positions around the camp! This is a code red, not a drill." she said, hoping that the training procedures hadn't changed much since her time there. One of the trainees looked up at her, "Weren't you one of the people who were destroying the camp a few minutes ago?" he said. Moon gave him a look that said it was best not to argue.

Kallen stood there, unable to understand. She was in mortal shock. Her face was mixed with shock and fear. She attemped to speak, but she couldn't. She was terrified, paralyzed with fear. Her heart broke. It wasn't in her nature to cry, but she just let the tears run down her face. Kurahk told Kallen everything. But not this. Kallen had no idea if that was Kurahk, or something else.

Moon hadn't even stopped to consider the fact that the monster might actually be Kurahk. For all she knew it had already gotten him. Right now her focus was on minimizing casualties. She went to the front of where the trainees had gathered and told them to fire on the monster.

Kurahk ignored the blasts, focusing on killing a stray trainee. Kurahk caught up to the trainee, and grabbed him by the torso and waist. He ripped him in two, causing blood and other unmetionable innards to splatter on the ground.

Moon cringed when Kurahk killed the trainee. She then ordered the other trainees to try using stasis grenades. G'ling had been minding his own business when he noticed the monster. Scared, he crammed himself into a corner.

Kallen still stood there, frozen in shock. She didn't understand why Kurahk would do something like this. Kurahk flew up, flying over Kallen, and landed at the bottom of the platform the Moon was standing on. He clawed at the supports, causing the whole thing to start to collapse.

Moon gasped, losing her balance as the platform shifted and crumbled. The trainees started panicing and became disorganized. G'ling's fears were forgotten when he saw Moon in danger and he rushed over to Kurahk. Not really knowing what he should do he latched on to Kurahk's leg.

Kallen saw the platform falling, and used the wheels on her armor to speed over there. Using the large claw on her right arm, she caught Moon as she fell. Kurahk on the other hand, ignored G'ling and flew at some of the trainees. The last thing they saw was a black, dragon like shadow landing on them.

Moon opened her eyes when she had stopped falling and realized what had happened. "Thank you." she managed to say. She looked back and saw the scattered trainees being attacked by Kurahk. When Kurahk started flying G'ling was still on his leg, hanging on for dear life.

Kallen wiped the tears from her face. "If he continues like that, he'll kill everyone here. Let's try to tire him out. Kurahk always did get exhausted easliy. If that thing" She spat out the word, not believing that Kurahk could be that thing."really is Kurahk, that is." Kallen was fighting the urge to run. She was terrified of the beast Kurahk had become.

Moon froze, coming to a realization by what Kallen just said. The colors, the tattoos, the fire... "How...?" she whispered. She shook her head, that was a question for later. Right now they just had to stop him. Moon started running. As risky as it seemed, she tried to get Kurahk's attention.

Kallen drove on ahead, using the wheels on her heels to increase her speed. She fired of a blast from her Radiant Wave Surger, trying to draw Kurahk's attention. Kurahk heard the blast, had he swooped back down towards Kallen. When Kurahk was within grabbing range, Kallen grabbed him with the claw on her armor. She shook him around, then tossed him sideways. She then sped off, weaving in and out of the burning tents. Kurahk roared, and gave a stubborn chase. Kallen pushed her wheels to the max, trying to outrun Kurahk.

Kurahk getting swung around finally got G'ling off his leg. The n'rrgal landed on the ground with a splat. Moon was running off to the side of Kurahk and Kallen, struggling to keep up.

Kallen was weaving in and out of the tents, and Kurahk just flew straight through them. Kallen turned around for a minute and fired at Kurahk. Kurahk was hit by the blast, flying backward. Kurahk regained his sense of balance and continued to fly after Kallen. Kallen turned on the radio in her hemelt and said "GLaDOS! We need you down here! Kurahk's gone crazy!" Ending the transmission, Kallen continued her evasive strategy.

Moon kept running. She couldn't tell if Kurahk was getting tired or not, he still seemed just as determined. But starting to get tired herself she activated the regenerative capabilities in her suit.

Kurahk flew straiht up, then did a dive bomb towards Kallen. Kallen avoided the attack, and continued driving. Kallen was going to run out of energy soon, and she didn't know how long she could keep this up.

Moon noticed Kallen was getting tired. "Come on Kallen." she said quietly, feeling a little helpless in the current situation. G'ling noticed Kallen's dropping energy as well and got an idea. He tried to catch up to her.

Kallen heard Moon and tried to stop, but Kurahk was closing in on her. "I could use a little help here!" she yelled.

"Kallennn I cannn help!" G'ling shouted as he desperately tried to catch up to her. Unfortunately he just wasn't fast enough. Moon noticed this and slowed down to where he was. She grabbed G'ling and started running faster again. Once she was close enough she threw him over to where Kallen was. G'ling latched on to Kallen and started putting energy back into her suit that he had gotten from the batteries the trainees had.

Kallen's armor had regained the energy it had lost. "Thanks G'ling!' She set G'ling down and sped off again.

G'ling quickly moved out of the way as Kurahk rushed by, still pursuing Kallen. Moon was relieved when Kallen regained her energy but she was still unsure how long they could keep this up.

Kurahk landed on another platform overlooking the camp. He roared, breathing heavily. Kurahk was tired. Kallen, seeing this opportunity, blasted the platforms supports. The platform toppled over, and Kurahk flew off it. A piece of metal from the platform hit Kurahk's wing, and he went spiraling downward. He crashed into a tent, ripping the thin roof.

Moon stopped and looked towards the tent where Kurahk fell. She hoped that did it and approached the tent slowly.

Kurahk was out cold. He was covered in blood, and was slowly reverting back to normal. Kallen slowly approached Kurahk, holding out her Radiant Wave Surger. After seeing him, she lowered the weapon, and she began to cry. It wasn't in Kallen's nature to cry, but she couldn't help it.

Moon couldn't believe what she was seeing as she watched Kurahk revert back to normal. It really was Kurahk, somehow. She saw Kallen's response and put her hand on Kallen's shoulder.

A figure came running from across the camp. It was GLaDOS, and she was carrying as much medical supplies as she could. GLaDOS looked at Kurahk for a moment, then she slipped on Kurahk's golden bracelet on his wrist. She then set out to wrapping a pelthera of bandages around his arms and legs. When she was done she said "That's what we're gonna have to deal with until we get back to the warehouse." The way GLaDOS spoke made it seem as if she had seen this before.

Moon moaned at the thought of having to go through that again. She noticed that GLaDOS didn't seem at all surprised by the situation, in fact seeming rather familiar with it. "GLaDOS..." she began, "Do you know something that could help?"

"The best thing right now is to bandage the wounds, clean off the blood, and make sure that when he wakes up that ring" GLaDOS pointed to the ring on Kurahk's wrist. "doesn't come off for a long while." GLaDOS looked at Kallen, who was still crying. GLaDOS went over to her and said "I'm guessing he didn't tell you?" Kallen looked at her with a confused face. She nodded.

As GLaDOS was talking to Kallen Moon was still looking at Kurahk. She wondered if he would even remember anything when he woke up. G'ling came up to her. "Kurrrahk scaresss me." he said.

Kallen was going to say something to G'ling, but her voice failed her. She was in so much shock. Kallen looked at GLaDOS, her face saying "What? How...?" She continued to cry. GLaDOS put a supportive hand on Kallen's shoulder. "Kallen, don't worry. He'll be fine." GLaDOS' words didn't help. Kallen still continued to cry.

After getting over some of her shock, Moon remembered why they had originally came here. She also remembered that some Nocturnus soldiers were probably coming. "We need to get Kurahk out of here." she said.

Kallen said nothing, but instead she went over to Kurahk and picked him up. She then walked over to Moon and GLaDOS, then drove off in the direction of the warehouse.

Moon and G'ling looked at each other, then followed Kallen. This idea hadn't been successful, to say the least.

Kallen drove in silence, still shocked about what happened. She always knew Kurahk was capable of mass destruction, but she never knew the he could do such gruesome things.

Moon was trying not to dwell too much on what had just happened. She didn't want to think about the unsuspecting trainees who had been brutally destroyed. Right now she just wanted to get back to the warehouse as soon as possible.

Kurahk stired in his sleep. Kallen looked down at him. He bloodstained face looked as if he was sorry. Kallen cursed under her breath.

They finally got back to the area where the warehouse was. Moon checked around for any soldiers but the area seemed to be as clear as when they left.

Kallen walked in and set Kurahk down on an old matress. On the wall next to the matress, Kurahk's old carvings covered it, making a strange mental image of what Kurahk's life used to be like. GLaDOS went over to Kurahk, and continued her job of wrapping him in bandages. Kallen disengaged her armor, and fell to her knees beside the matress.

Moon sat down in a chair and leaned her head back, exhausted. G'ling was watching Kurahk, worrying he might do something else.

Kallen got up, taking on last look at the badly injured Kurahk. She walked over to another matress. She fell face first into it, exhausted.

"What arrre we goinggg to do nnnow?" G'ling said, asking the question nobody probably wanted to think about right now.

Kallen responded by slaming her face into the pillow. She meant "Nothing", but her voice failed her again.

G'ling got the gist of Kallen's message and began wandering aimlessly around the warehouse. Moon closed her eyes and sighed. Her week had started out so normal and now all this.

Kallen had begun to silently cry into the pillow. Kallen had remembered the fun times she and Kurahk had spent here. Now, it felt as if those times never existed. With Kurahk's destruction, Kallen had begun to think about what he was like before, and then she compared it to what he was now.

The Twilight Cage seemed even worse now than it did when the Nocturnus were first exiled there. Moon wanted so badly to be home right now. She couldn't stop thinking about how much she missed her friends, especially Luger...

Kallen began to wonder if Kurahk would ever wake up. Kurahk looked like he lost a lot of blood, and his breathing was shallow. She liked Kurahk, and it broke her heart to see him cause such destruction. Kallen continued to cry.

Moon felt bad for Kallen. As shocking as Kurahk's transformation was to everyone, she knew it especially hurt Kallen. Moon carefully walked over to the matress and sat down next to Kallen.

Kallen turned on her side so that her back was to Moon. She quietly said "How could he do something like this?" Her voice sounded weak, as if she was losing it.

"He wasn't in control of himself." Moon said, looking at Kallen even though she had her back to her.

Kallen wiped a tear from her eye and said "Well, if that wasn't him, what could make him to that?!" Kallen was getting angry, she just wanted to be alone. Moon's comforting support was appreciated, but Kallen just wanted to have some silence.

Moon didn't say anything. She really didn't know the answer to that question. She turned and looked at the wall.

The wall Moon was looking at was covered in Kurahk's old carvings, some of them being quotes, poems, or little pictures. One of the quotes said "I am hate and madness given flesh, I am chaos incarnate, I am anarchy given life." Whether Kurahk had written this randomly, or he had for told the future. Kurahk might have known that he would eventually cause mass destruction.

Moon studied the carving then looked over at Kurahk. He must feel or know something, but she still wasn't sure what.

Kurahk stired in his sleep. Kallen didn't even look at him when he did.

Jesse was asleep too. He had no clue what Kurahk had become.

How many times has this happened? Moon thought. She then got up and went back to her chair, glancing at Jesse.

Kallen fell asleep. She was exhausted, and she needed some rest.

Despite all the stuff that was on her mind, Moon tried to go to sleep. It took awhile but eventually she did fall asleep.

GLaDOS stayed active, sitting beside Kurahk incase he woke up.

Moon didn't wake up until a few hours later. Feeling something wet on her face she opened her eyes and found that G'ling was hugging her, asleep himself. Moon sighed.

GLaDOS gave a little chuckle at that.

Moon managed to get G'ling's arms off of herself without waking him up. She got up and stretched some.

GLaDOS looked at Kurahk, then pulled out one of Kurahk's old notebooks. She began reading it.

Moon started looking around the warehouse. She wondered if there were any more clues about Kurahk's situation.

GLaDOS flipped through the notebook, only half reading it. She eventullay tossed it away, sending it skidding across the floor towards Moon.

Moon picked up the notebook. At first she wasn't sure if she should read it but curiosity got the better of her and she opened it.

In the notebook, there were many more quotes like the one on the wall. One of them was meant for Kallen to read. It said "If I ever go out of control or insane because my powers, I want you to shoot me. I know you'll argue, but I want you to do the world a favor and end my inevitable madness. Please."

Moon sat down again, looking at the notebook sadly. Apparently Kurahk did know about the monster, and he hated it.

Kurahk stirred in his sleep. GLaDOS glanced at him, but then turned back to the wall she was looking at.

Moon continued flipping through the pages of the book. "What'sss that?" G'ling asked, waking up. Moon quickly shut the book, she had almost forgotten that G'ling was next to the chair.

Kallen woke up with a great yawn. She had taken off her sweater, revealing a white tank-top underneath. She quickly glanced at Kurahk, then ploped herself down on a chair. "I'm guessing he hasn't moved?" Kallen sounded much less heart broken, and much more like herself.

Moon shook her head. "He's been asleep the whole time." she said.

"Ah." Kallen scratched her arm, then walked over to Kurahk. "It's hard to believe some one as peaceful looking as this could do something like that." Kallen shuddered at the memory.

"I know what you mean." Moon said as she quietly slipped away the notebook. She figured its contents would only reupset Kallen.

Kallen felt as if she had to admit something. "You know, Kurahk was always writing things saying he's insane, or out of control. I think this is what he meant."

"So he really has known all this time..." said Moon. "It must be hard for him."

"I don't think anybody could live with, that.... Thing inside them." Kallen was concerned for Kurahk, but she just wasn't showing it.

"Yes... I've never seen anything like it." Moon said solemnly. "How long do you think he'll take to recover?"

GLaDOS spoke up, saying "It depends. Sometimes it's a week, other just a day." GLaDOS glanced at Kurahk, but then turned to Kallen. "I think your the one he'll talk to first."

Moon nodded. "I'm sure he has a lot of things to tell you."

Kurahk stirred in his sleep. He was waking up, as told by his giant yawn.

Moon and G'ling were just watching Kurahk with anticipation.

Kurahk slowly rose up into a sitting position, with his eyes closed. He yawned again, then opened his eyes. He stared at the group, with a blank expression on his face. He then realized what was going on then said "Eh.... What's going on...?" Kurahk sounded sleepy and exhausted. His face looked tired too, with bags under his eyes.

"How are you feeling?" Moon asked Kurahk, concern evident on her face.

Kurahk wiped his face with his hand. "Tired, exhausted." Kallen wasn't looking at Kurahk, her back turned to him.

"I... understand that." Moon said. She looked at Kallen, but figured it was best not to say anything.

"Does anybody know what happened? Cause I don't." Kurahk honestly didn't remember.

Moon looked a little nervous, unsure how to tell Kurahk. She didn't have to though, because G'ling spoke up. "You werrre ssscarrry! Like a drrragonnn!"

After hearing that, Kurahk dropped his gaze to the floor and said "Oh.... I didn't hurt anybody to seriously, did I?"

Moon looked away. "Well... I mean you..." she started.

Kurahk was still looking at the floor. He didn't want to make eye contact with anybody. Kallen felt the same way, keeping her distance from Kurahk.

Moon sighed she had expected awkwardness when Kurahk woke up, but she really wasn't sure what to do now.

GLaDOS sat down on the matress, sitting next to Kurahk. She gentlely put her hand on Kurahk's shoulder. "From what I heard from her," She thumbed to Kallen. "it got out and got a little out of hand." Kurahk knew what she meant. Kurahk continued to look at the floor.

Moon looked around, avoiding making eye contact with anyone. G'ling looked from each person to the next, he could sense the tension.

Kurahk knew what he had done. He had killed, and he alomst killed Kallen and Moon. Slaming his fist into the wall, Kurahk said "You guys should have killed me. It would have ended this madness."

(Falco drops in)

Falco: Sorry I'm late, had to beat up some Nocturnes!

Moon jumped when Falco dropped in. Then she looked at Kurahk. "We couldn't do that..." she said to him.

Falco: What did I miss?

JT: Hey! Miss me?

Kurahk crushed a can he had picked up. "You should have killed me." Kurahk was either angry or depressed. He couldn't tell.

Moon looked down. She didn't say anything. G'ling looked at the people who had just arrived, a little nervous. "Thisss isss a bad timmme..." he said.

Kallen shifted on the wall she was leaning on. Her consious told her to run, but her heart said stay. She didn't know what to do.

Moon was sitting there just staring at her hands. Clearly Kurahk felt strongly about this, but they couldn't just kill him, could they?

Kurahk slamed his fist into the wall again. "How many more times must this happen!?"

G'ling was watching Kurahk from a bit of a distance. "How mannny timmmes hasss it happennned?" he asked, cautiously.

Kurahk went to speak, but GLaDOS cut him off. "More than it should have."

Moon frowned, considering the implications of that statement.

Kurahk casted a quick glance at Kallen. She still had her back to Kurahk, which made Kurahk feel even worse.

G'ling decided that the awkwardness should stop. He went over to Kallen. "Kallennn?"

Kallen ignored G'ling for a second, but then said "Eh? Oh, sorry G'ling."

"Mmmaybe you ssshould talk to Kurrrahk? He likesss you." G'ling said, hoping he wouldn't upset Kallen.

Kallen shivered. Her tank-top wasn't exactly the warmest thing to wear in a warehouse. Kurahk saw this and he got up and walked over to Kallen. He took of his coat and put it on Kallen's shoulders. Kallen said nothing to this, remaining in silence.

G'ling looked from Kurahk to Kallen, hoping they would say something.

Kurahk but his arm around Kallen's shoulder, trying to find the right words to explain to her what happened. "Kallen... I...." Kurahk was stuttering. He never was good at explaining things like this. "Kallen.... I'm sorry."

Moon hadn't been looking at them. She heard Kurahk, but didn't turn around for fear she might somehow mess it up.

Kallen stood there listening to Kurahk. She was heartbroken. Kurahk sensed her emontinal pain and said "Please, Kallen, listen to me. I never wanted for this to happen."

G'ling was watching them both with large eyes, almost as if it was a soap opera. Not that he had ever seen one.

Kurahk spoke again, saying "Ever since I left the cage, that thing had begun to take me over."

Moon didn't want to interrupt but she was thinking about that and what it could mean.

Kurahk pulled Kallen closer to him. Kallen burst into tears. "That thing began trying to control my mind, my body. It caused destruction and death. And I was helpless."

Moon nodded. She had figured that Kurahk wasn't in control of his actions, but she was still trying to fit in the piece about the timing of it all.

Kallen finally spoke up, her voice weak. "Such a complete disregarde for life..." She buried her face in Kurahk's chest. In responce, Kurahk smoothed out her hair.

"I wish there was something we could do..." Moon said quietly.

Kurahk held up his wrist. His sleeve fell, revealing a gold bracelet with a large red jewel on it. "This thing cancels out my powers... And keeps that thing locked up."

"And you took it off to attack the camp." Moon said, realizing how everything fit together.

"And I lost control." Kurahk finished her sentence.

"So where does this leave us?" asked Moon, still confused but glad to have somewhat of an answer.

"Screwed." Kurahk was still hugging Kallen. She was still crying, and was only half listening. GLaDOS however, spoke up. "I think I know where to go. Anybody heard of the Lambda Sector?"

"The Lambda sector... Didn't they use that place for testing?" Moon asked. G'ling shuddered.

Kurahk's ears perked up when he heard the Lambda Sector being mentioned. "The Lambda Sector? I think I've heard of that place. Why did you mention it?" GLaDOS replied "I think the may have wormhole tech there."

"I'm sketchy on the details, but I think something horrible was supposed to have happened there. But if they have wormhole tech I guess it's worth a shot." Moon said. "Thirrrd timesss the charrrmmm?" G'ling said, recalling that this would be the third place they'd checked for the tech.

Kallen looked at GLaDOS. She wondered how GLaDOS knew about the Lambda Sector. "Wasn't the Sector abandoned after a weapon went loose or something?"

"The N'rrgal havvvve storrriesss about it. They sssay a beassst killed everrryonnne." G'ling said. Moon looked at GLaDOS, waiting to see what she would say, considering she somehow knew about one of the most mysterious parts of the Twilight Cage.

Kurahk laughed a bit. "A beast? I'm sorry, but I don't think I've ever been to the Lambda Sector." Kallen slapped him for this. GLaDOS chuckled, and then said "I think the little vegatation that was on the planetiod my have over run the labs, and the labs are abandoned." GLaDOS didn't know how she knew this. It was just coming to her.

"Well, regardless of what happened there, it seems like our best option right now." Moon said.

GLaDOS stepped outside for a moment. She looked at the area were the Lambda Sector was supposedly located. She felt as if she had to be there, as if it was her duty, or in her programming.

Moon didn't think anything of GLaDOS going outside. "Has everyone rested enough that we can get going?" she asked, really wanting to get home as soon as possible. She was beginning to worry about how much time will have passed on Mobius once they got out.

Kurahk and Kallen both nodded in agreement. GLaDOS went back and said yes. Kurahk looked at Moon and said "I guess it's back to the shuttle?"

"Looks like it." Moon said as she started to walk out of the warehouse, followed by G'ling.

Kallen moved away from Kurahk and headed out the door. She didn't like the plan, and she really didn't like leaving the warehouse. She sighed, and followed Moon. Kurahk grabbed Jesse and followed.

Moon was heading back in the direction they had came, hoping nothing had happened to the shuttle while they were gone.

When the group arrived, the shuttle was still there.

Moon looked over the shuttle. "It doesn't look like anyone's touched it." she said as she went inside.

Kurahk lugged Jesse into a bed on the shuttle. "Thank god." Kurahk sat down in the pilots seat and engaged the engines.

Moon and G'ling got into seats and buckled their seat belts. G'ling looked around the ship. "I ssstowed away onnn a ssship like thisss. Whennn I wasss lookinnng for Moonnn."

Kallen chuckled and said "Your quite obbsessed with her aren't you?"

"Yesss! Moonnn isss amazinnng!" G'ling said, almost dreamily. Moon put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

Kallen chuckled. She sat down on a crate next to the one Kurahk had landed in earlier. On the crate was a crowbar which had fallen of a shelf. Kallen went to put it up on a shelf, but she decided to keep it. She thought it could be useful. Kurahk noticed that, and said "Well, if it isn't Dr. Freeman." He chuckled, and resumed preparing the ship for take off.

Moon smiled a little. But it faded quickly as she returned focus to what they were doing. "What's our ETA?" she asked.

Kurahk flicked a switch on a control panel and the engines roared to life. "10 minutes." The ship left the ground slowly, then rose above the warehouse, and then flew off towards the Lambda Sector.

Moon braced herself as the ship leveled out as they got out of Nocturne's atmosphere. Once they were flying evenly she took off her seatbelt and walked around the ship.

After a few minutes of flying, Kurahk could already see the Lambda Sector. It was overrun with plants and rust, and it did look abandoned. It sent a shiver down his spine. "To think that something supposedly caused this mess."

Moon looked at the planetoid. "I've never actually seen it..." she said. G'ling went over and looked curiously, but quickly shirked away upon seeing it.

Kallen stepped up to the window and looked at the Lambda Sector. "I haven't heard the whole story, but I think a weapon went nuts and....." She paused. "The genocide that followed...." She shuddered. "But I heard only one person survived. He hid in the matainence areas. But he went insane."

"You don't think... he could still be there?" Moon asked, thinking after she said it that it sounded a little far fetched.

Kallen shruged. "Some say he's still there, running around the complex, other's say he died. I'm not sure."

"How could he survive in that place?" Moon asked, still looking at the sector.

"Bring your kid to work day. Billion potato batteries. Maybe even a baking soda volocano." Kurahk joked, but he was considering if it was true.

Moon rolled her eyes at Kurahk but started seriously thinking about the guy surviving. "Maybe the plants there are edible..." she theorized.

"The area is slighty volocanic, so I don't think so." Kurahk replied.

"Well, I don't know. Let's just get there." Moon said.

Kurahk snapped his fingers. "We should be there in a few minutes."

"Ok." Moon said, then she went to the kitchen to get some water.

After a few minutes, the Lambda Sector come into view, and Kurahk began the landing sequence for the ship. He landed just outside the front door. After opening the hatch, he said "Well, shall we go knocking on their front door?"

G'ling was shaking up against the far wall. "I'mmm nnnot goinnng out therrre." he said. Moon smirked, "Ok, but I'm going." she said before walking straight towards the hatch. "Neverrrminnnd, I'll go!" G'ling said.

GLaDOS walked right up to the giant door with a lamdba on it. It produced a horrible screetching noise while it opened. Inside, the front lobby was in ruin. It was covered in plants and everything was decaying. Kurahk caught up and said "No woncer they called it the Lambda Sector. Everything is in a constant decay."

Moon looked around. "This is horrible." she said. G'ling was staying right up against Moon nervously.

Some ominous creeking noises came from below. Kallen shifted umcomfortably. "I wonder if he's still alive...."

Moon looked around at the mess. "It's hard to imagine in this, but at the same time..." she trailed off.

Kurahk picked up a brochure off a table and read it. "Says here the that the last test her was quite some time ago, and it doesn't says there's any more. Think it could have been the weapon?"

Moon nodded. "That would fit." she said. "But it'sss gonnne now, rrright?" G'ling asked.

Kurahk looked over the brochure again. "I hope. It says that it's Test #243, and it says 'Failed'."

"Apparently." Moon said, once again glancing over the wreckage. Then she turned to GLaDOS. "Any idea where we can find the warp tech?" she asked her.

"In the main core room. It's gonna be a hike to get there, running through the maintence areas and all. Maybe we'll even see some scrawling from the survivor." GLaDOS sounded almost sadistic.

"Um, ok." Moon said. She had gotten a lot more information than she expected GLaDOS to have on such a remote place. "I guess we should start then."

GLaDOS went over to a door on the right side of the room and cleared the overgrowth out of the way. "She we?" Kurahk and Kallen went in, activating their armor as they went. Kallen spoke up, saying "I don't like this." She was unnerved by the eerie red lights in the pathway.

Moon activated her helmet. She tried to not let the creepiness of the place get to her. Instead she focused on why they were doing this, to get the warp technology so they could get home. G'ling however couldn't stop imagining horrific things happening at each turn of the hallway.

Kurahk rounded a corner, expecting to see something pop up out of nowhere. However, after seeing nothing appear, he relaxed. "Man, this place is giving me the creeps."

"Looking at it changes the question from 'how could someone to survive here' to 'how could they stand it'." Moon said, pushing her way through more overgrown plants.

Kallen shivered as a cold wind blew through the tunnel. A faint insane rambling could be heard. Kallen froze. "Di... Di-did yo-you guys hear th-that?" Kallen was scared beyond scared. Kurahk sensed this and pulled her closer to him. Kallen instantly felt warmer.

Moon looked around, wide eyed. "...I did." she said quietly. "It'sss commme forrr usss!" G'ling shouted, grabbing onto Moon. Moon shushed him.

Kurahk shuddered. The voice sounded familar, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. Kallen shivered, and pushed herself closer to Kurahk. Kurahk put his arm around her shoulder and said "It's alright, I won't let that happen again." He made an empty promise. He couldn't stop the wind or the voice, but he was trying to make Kallen feel better.

It may have just been her imagination, but to Moon the voice sounded like it kept getting closer but at the same time never arriving. Her mind was flooded with imagines of what it's owner must look like.

GLaDOS had been listening intently, looking for the source of the sound. "It seems the Ratman's ghost is haunting this place."

Moon stopped. "Ghost? That can't be possible..." she said.

GLaDOS chuckled and quietly muttered to herself "I'll find you, you schizophrenic rat...."

Having been snapped out of her fear, Moon slowed inched forward determined not to let some mysterious voice stop her. Then she felt something stop her. She looked back to see G'ling had grabbed her leg. "Moonnn donnn't go!"

Kurahk looked around. There were broken parts of what looked like some kind of oval shaped turrets, some of
Portal 2 OST Volume 2 - Robot Ghost Story

Portal 2 OST Volume 2 - Robot Ghost Story

them on fire. One was still intacted, leaning against the wall. It was almost covered in overgrowth, and a red laser target was lazily blinking on and off.

The turrets that were on fire caught Moon's attention. "These fires would have had to start recently..." she said. G'ling spit slime on one of the fires, putting it out.

Kallen glanced at the fires. "You think it could have been him?"

"I don't know. Something triggered them." Moon said. She began moving forward again, taking advantage of G'ling be distracted by the fires and not holding onto her anymore.

GLaDOS payed no attention to the fires or the turret. She continued walking on, somehow leading the way. "It shouldn't be far now."

Moon finally decided to stop questioning why GLaDOS knew so much about this place, it was helping them greatly. G'ling finished putting out all the fires. "Therrre." he said, then realized he didn't see the others anymore. He started doing the closest thing he could to running to catch up.

After walking through more of the tunnel, they came to an overrun office complex. Kallen looked around, slightly creeped out at the sight. "I really don't like this place...."

Moon looked around at the destroyed offices. "Me neither. But do you think this area might have clues to what happened?" she said, noting several filing cabinets. Meanwhile, G'ling was beginning to panic when he still hadn't caught up to the others.

Kurahk flicked through some files, only to find more reports on the weapon. It didn't say what it was though. "These files don't say anything meaningful." He tossed them aside, and sat down on a chair that was still upright. He glaced at the computer that was on the the desk beside him. "Maybe if I can get this thing on, I can hack the system and figure out what happened." He went to inspect the computer, looking over the computor's tower. It was a little rusty, but otherwise it still looked operational.

Moon walked around the office. While waiting for Kurahk to get the computer working she just looked at everything. She picked up a folder. It was filled with information about test after test and boring statistics about those tests. Some of the things she wondered why they even thought to try them.

GLaDOS sat down on a chair she turned back upright. She was getting impatient. She looked around, observing the overgrowth. It disgusted her to see the place like this.

Moon dropped the file she was looking at onto the top of a cabinet. She went over to the computer Kurahk was at and watched him.

Kurahk smacked the computer's moniter, and it turned on. It showed and orange lambda on a black background, then it loaded a login screen. A command prompt came up, asking for a login. GLaDOS saw that and walked over and typed in "drattmann' for the username and "h0nee" for the password. The system accepted the login, and showed reports of the weapon. It listed it's purpose and and functionality, but still didn't say what it was.

Moon read over the information that was there about the weapon. "Well it's more than we had before, but I find it odd it never names the weapon anywhere." she said.

Kallen looked over the files. "I guess it was top-secret. Wait, what was that? Kurhak, scroll down." Kurahk did as she asked. "It says the project was funded by Ix himself!"

"If Ix took a specific interest in the project, it must have been something big." Moon observed.

Kurahk scrolled down a bit and read off the page "Test Subject 243 was to be a testbed for a new type of being. A bio-mechanical super-soldier made for conquering the other planetiods of the Twilight Cage. It was to be perfect, but a malfunction in the weapons programming caused the super soldier idea to be shot down."

"I wonder if they were trying to create an alternative to the Gizoids." Moon said.

Kurahk shruged and said "I don't know. The Giziods were good, why would they want to replace them?"

Moon shook her head. "I don't know but Ix thought he needed more fighting power for some reason." she said.

Kurahk pulled out a jump-drive from his pocket and plugged it into the computer. He had moved the file from the computer to the drive. Kallen gave him a curious look and said "Why?" Kurahk replyed, saying "For later." Kurahk pulled the jump-drive out of the computer and put it back in his pocket.

Moon looked around. "Hey wait, have you guys seen G'ling?"

Kallen looked around, peering behind some plants. "G'ling? G'LING! Where'd you go?" Kallen was concerned.

Moon started frantically looking around the office. Not seeing him she stuck her head outside the office, "G'ling?"

Kallen and Kurahk were looking around franiticly, looking for G'ling. Kurahk said "I knew he would get into trouble sooner or later!"

Moon put her hand on her forehead. "I really hate this place..." she said before going back into the hall to look for G'ling.

GLaDOS wasn't looking for G'ling. She was sitting there, her eyes completly black, with green ones and zeros running down them. After a minute, she said "He's headed in the general direction of the central core room. He's in a maintenance area."

Moon stopped and looked back at GLaDOS. "Ok so in the same direction we had been heading. Let's go."

GLaDOS lead the way into a hall near the back of the room. It was more or less overgrown than the first, but was still ruined. GLaDOS seemed as if she grew up here, knowning almost everything about the place.

Moon hurried made her way down the hall after GLaDOS, just assuming that she somehow scanned the place. Moon was feeling guilty though about not paying attention to notice G'ling wasn't with them.

Kurahk followed GLaDOS, curious to how she knew the place so well. He decided not to ask and just go with it. "My god, this place is even creeping me out."

Moon was now more sure than ever that she wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. "How close are we?" she asked GLaDOS.

GLaDOS said nothing at first, only observing the hall. "We're not too far. A good ten-thirteen minutes from here." A short moment after GLaDOS had spoken, the same wind blew through the hall. The ghostly voice was there too, this time. It spoken this time, instead of insane rambling. "Do.... Not... Let.... Her.... Get... To... The... Core.... Room..... My..... My....." The ghostly paused, as if it was unsure of speaking. "My.... Son....." After the voice and wind have left the hall, Kallen jumped and pushed herself closer to Kurahk.

Moon looked scared but at the same time confused about what the ghost could possibly be talking about. "Maybe we should go faster so we can get out of here." she said.

Kurahk didn't move. For the first time, he was shocked. He was the only male here, so what could the ghost be talking about? Kurahk didn't even move as Kallen snapped her fingers in his face. Could the ghost be.... It couldn't be. "D-dad?" Kurahk barely found the ability to speak. Kallen looked at him. She was concerned for him. "Kurahk? What's wrong?" Kurahk didn't reply. The ghostly wind blew again, repeating the same message from a minute before. When it was done repeating, it said "Look.... At.... You..... All.... Grown.... Up.......... Take.... Care.... Of..... Your.... Black..... Rose.... My.... Son....... Do.... Not.... Let... Her.....Gain..... Control...." The wind ignored Kallen and the others, focusing on Kurahk.

Moon looked around then her gaze settled on Kurahk. She just stared at him, bewildered by what the ghost was saying.

Kurahk stood there, montionless from what the ghost had said. Kurahk felt as if the voice was trying to tell him something. GLaDOS had payed close attention to the ghost, listening in on everything it said. Seeing this a perfect opportunity, she knocked over some scattered equipment in the hall, causing a distraction. She ran off in the commotion. Kallen looked at GLaDOS, who has now running away. "Kurahk! GLaDOS is running away!" Kurahk said nothing, still frozen on the spot. Kallen slapped him across the face, and Kurahk just ignored it. He fell to his knees.

Moon went over to Kurahk, but since he had Kallen there with him she ended up taking off running after GLaDOS. Moon jumped over piles of scattered equipment as she went.

Kallen glanced at Moon as she left, but then quickly turned to Kurahk. He was on his knees, his face mixed with shock and fear. Kallen crouched down beside him, trying to figure out what happened. "Kurahk...? What's wrong?" Kurahk said nothing for a minute. Frustrated with his silence, Kallen put her arm around his shoulder. Kurahk continued to stare down at the floor. He then said "So... That's what happened to him. He was the one who survived. He...." Kurahk paused. "He... He raised me."

She couldn't have gotten to far. Moon thought, But why did she run off? She kept running, determined not to let GLaDOS get into any trouble.

Kallen said nothing as Kurahk said what he said. Kallen leaned Kurahk's head against her shoulder. Kurahk still said nothing as Kallen did this.

Moon kept running, squinting to see if she could see GLaDOS up ahead. After almost getting tripped up by some vines, she drew her blades and began cutting them as she went.

Kallen stroked Kurahk's hair, but he resisted. Kurahk got up, and took his bracelet of. Kallen saw this and reached up to stop him, but Kurahk teleported away. Kallen cursed and drove after Moon and GLaDOS.

Moon knew it probably wasn't a good thing that the group was getting separated, but that was part of the reason she was going after GLaDOS. However she had run off without Kurahk or Kallen, and G'ling was still missing. In a place like this, that was not a good thing.

Kurahk came out of teleportation running. After running for a minute, he switched to all fours. He seemed to have grown a little more animalistic since GLaDOS had ran. He charged straight into all the overturned desks and the overgrowth. Ignoring the pain, he ran right past Moon, determined to catch GLaDOS.

Moon almost slowed down in shock when Kurahk ran past. "Kurahk..?" she said. She continued running.

"Don't worry! I ain't goin' nuts just YET!" Kurahk sped up, still charging head on into stuff. Kallen drove up to Moon and said "Whatever's going on, it's made him... A little unstable."

Moon really didn't like the sound of that. "How unstable?"

In responce to that question, Kurahk laughed manically. Kallen shuddered. "If he continues like that..." Kallen trailed out, unwilling to finish the sentance. "I'm going after him. Someone's gotta make sure he doesn't kill himself." And with that, she drove off, avoiding a desk in her way.

Moon sighed, this day just kept getting better and better... She kept running despite the fact that Kallen and Kurahk had gotten far past her.

Kurahk continued to run. He ignored the pain from running through all the desks and filing cabnets that GLaDOS had ran over. "Get back here!" he screamed into the hallway. Cursing, Kurahk sped up.

Moon was beginning to get tired from all the running but she couldn't stop now. The hallways couldn't go on forever, GLaDOS had to be up ahead somewhere.

Kallen pushed her wheels to the limit. Kurahk was moving faster than normal. And when Kurahk was moving fast, he was seriously planning to do something. Please, don't go get yourself killed! thought Kallen as she drove.

Moon was hoping and praying that they wouldn't have a repeat of Kurahk's earlier incident. She jumped over a desk.

Kallen finally caught up to Kurahk, who was stil crashing into stuff. Kallen jumped to avoid a desk, but Kurahk ran right through it. Kallen looked at Kurahk and said "Your gonna give yourself brain damage! Stop!" Kurahk ignored her and said "Oh well, I ain't got anything to damage up there!"

Moon finally decided she wasn't going to catch up to them like this. She turned down a side hall with the intent to cut them off.

Kallen continued to follow Kurahk. Damn it! Kurahk, why are you so strange? she thought. Kurahk laughed manically, and coated himself in flames. The heat caused the plants to light up in flames, and desks started to melt.

As Moon continued down the side hall she could smell smoke coming from one of the other branches. She turned that way figuring that had to be where the others were.

GLaDOS was a good ways ahead. She seemed to be heading towards the central core room. Her eyes were completely black. Kurahk, running behind, saw her and sped up. GLaDOS' eyes light up with computer code, and a split second later, a wall panel opened. GLaDOS ran into it, and it closed. Kurahk continued running.

Moon emerged from the side hall right next to the door that GLaDOS had just closed. She looked down the hall and saw Kurahk, flaming, and running towards her. "Wait!" she shouted, fearing that he was just going to smack right into the door.

Kurahk shut off the flames and teleported. He reappeared in the same spot, using the teleport as a sort of emergency brake. Kallen drove up and stopped beside him. Cursing, Kurahk slammed his fist into the wall. "Either she's nuts or she wants me to break her."

"She seemed very focused, like she was on a mission or something." Moon observed, while trying to catch her breath.

Kallen put her hand on Kurahk's shoulder, but he brushed it off. "Well, whatever happened here, I'm going to find out what happened to my dad."

Moon just blinked. They went through all this and he wanted to find out about his... She shook her head. "Whatever you do can you do it while we gather up GLaDOS and G'ling?"

Kurahk grummbled and hit the wall again. "Why is it always me? Why do I have to endure this?" Kurahk had trailed off.

Moon looked down sullenly, not really sure what to say.

Kurahk walked back in the direction of the wall panel. He studied the panel, looking for a way to open it. Kallen disengaged her armour and leaned against the wall. "Looks like it's another one of those days."

Moon stepped over and looked at the panel as well. It had a screen and a keypad, implying it needed a password. She sighed. "It would be nice if something went right..."

Kallen looked around the room. There were overturned and over run filing cabnets. A hallway near the side of the room was light with a flickering red light. "Hey, look at this." Kallen pointed to the hallway.

Moon looked in the direction Kallen was pointing. "It's worth a shot to see what it is." she said.

Kallen walked over to Kurahk and told him about the hallway. Kurahk grumbled again and lead the way into the hallway. The walls off the hallways were lined with odd red lines in odd paterns. Kallen ran her hand over the wall. "Could those be just paint? Or... Blood?"

Moon looked down the wall the 'paint' almost seemed to be making pictures, or messages. "This is... strange." Moon said.

Kallen shuddered, and continued walking down the hall. She stopped when she noticed a message written on the wall. It said "Go down this hall if you want the tru". "truth" was unfinished. Kallen backed up and bumped into Kurahk. "Uhh.... Kurahk? I don't like the sound of this.."

"What?" Moon asked, she then looked at the message Kallen had seen. She looked down the hall, then back at the message, then at the others.

Kurahk read the message over and over again. He said nothing. He continued to walk down the hall. "If that was a message left by my dad, I'm going to see what it says."

"But we don't know-" Moon started, but Kurahk was already walking off. He wouldn't have listened anyway. She followed after Kurahk, but cautiously, not knowing what was down that hall.

Kallen looked around nervously. "I do not like this." Kallen went to talk to Kurahk, but he just ignored her. Kallen lagged behind and went to talk to Moon. "Hey, can I talk to you?"

Moon looked at Kallen. "Yeah, what do you need?" she said.

Kallen was a little nervous about this. "Umm, well... It's about Kurahk."

Moon looked thoughtful for a minute, then looked back at Kallen. "What is it?"

Kallen was a little nervous. She never liked talking about these things. "I, uh... I worried about him. He seems a lot angier than normal."

Moon briefly glanced ahead at Kurahk, then back at Kallen. "I see what you mean..."

Kallen did the same. Kurahk was grumbling and fiddling with his knife. "I just don't know what he's so worked up over. Maybe it's GLaDOS. The way she ran away... That's not like her."

"They've both been acting strange ever since we got here..." Moon observed.

Kallen crossed her arms and glanced at the wall. The "paint" was still there. It was running along the wall in a somewhat straight line. "Well... Kurahk has never really been 'normal'. When we were in classes together, Kurahk would be the guy who would take his work away from the rest of the class. But when it came to combat... That's a different story. And that wind..." Kallen shuddered. "Apparntly he thinks that wind is the ghost of his father. I just don't know what's wrong with him." Kallen looked really worried about Kurahk. She didn't know why though.

Moon looked thoughtful for a minute, everything didn't add up. "Well I guess he's emotional about something, his father, GLaDOS or otherwise."

"I... I just don't know." She fought back some tears. Kallen always did care for Kurahk.

Moon had a growing look of concern on her face. She put a hand on Kallen's shoulder.

Kurahk turned a corner then gasped. "Well... This is... Weird." Kallen snapped out of her concern and rushed over to Kurahk.

Moon did the same, running over to them. "What is it?"

Around the corner was a large metal door, with two very large dents and claw marks on it. There was a large splotch of blood coming from underneath the door. On the wall, there was a control panel, presumably for opening the door.

Moon's eyes widened at the site, especially upon seeing the blood. "Is that..." she started, unable to finish her sentence.

Kurahk knelt beside the pool. "It is. What it came from I don't know."

"Whereever it's from, it's not good..." Moon said, looking at the scene.

Kurahk got up and pointed to the door. "It's coming from on there. To get in, we'll have to..." Kurahk took some steps back, then ran toward the door shoulder first. The door gave way and it toppled inwards.

Moon stepped out of the way when Kurahk rammed the door, wincing at the impact. Then she took a look through it before cautiously stepping in.

Inside was a nightmare. Burnt papers, bloodstains, claw marks, and to top it all off, one smashed holding tank.

Moon walked around, taking in the scene. She stopped by the holding tank. "This glass was broken from the inside..."

Kallen walked in, followed by Kurahk. Kurahk looked at the bloodstains and the claw marks. Something about this room seemed familiar. He just couldn't figure out why.

"I don't like this. But at least it doesn't seem recent." Moon observed, still looking around cautiously, as if something was going to spring out on them.

Kallen was looking at the scorchmarks of the floor around the holding tank. "These burns don't look natural."

"I'm sure they're not. It looks like they were doing something strange here."

"These claw marks don't look natural either. Something made them." Kurahk turned to face the others. "Kallen, jump on that computer and see what you can find. We'll keep looking." Kallen complied.

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