This is a roleplay created by Celestia879, Chica Nunnally, and Julia Finitevus. The characters in it are Kioura the Angel Hedgehog, Akira Uhura, and Jadzia Ki-ra the Hedgehog and they travel back in time to when Mobians first came into existence in the Post Genesis Wave timeline. Now they must face a great and dangerous threat to the universe during their adventure.

But being hunted down by the early version of G. U. N. doesn't help their situation. And Scarlett The Hedgefox is relentless in her plans, not stopping until they are fulfilled. She time travels back in time, and joins the early version of G.U.N, to destroy the three heroines.


  • Celestia879
  • Chica Nunnally
  • Julia Finitevus


- Protagonists:

- Akira Uhura the Kitsune

- Jadzia Ki-ra the Hedgehog

- Kioura The Angel Hedgehog

- Antagonists:

- Scarlett/Rosica The Hedgefox

- Early Version of G.U.N

Chapter 1

One early morning, a nine-year old angelhog dashed through the dimly lit streets, to visit a best friend. Charging up her stamina, Kioura continued, until it was full, before dashing. She had eaten her breakfast, and was very excited to see her best friend again. 'I wonder if she has awakened yet,' she pondered to herself.

A silver-furred kitsune watched the streets from a nearby two-story house, as if keeping an eye out for Kioura. She was wearing a floral-print lavender nightgown. She had been awake for quite awhile.

She herself had already eaten breakfast, but hadn't bothered to take a shower yet, as evidenced by certain aspects of her appearance, like her messy hair.

Until she heard a knock on her door, Akira opened it to see a bouncy Kioura. The angelhog grinned saying, "It's really early!! I thought that you weren't awake yet!!"

Akira giggled, amused by the nine-year-old's bounciness. "Come in." she said, smiling.

"How are you Akira?" smiled the angel hedgehog. "I've been busy trailing behind Keira's steps!! It's hard!"

Kioura shuddered at the thought, and then regained her usual bounciness again. "I'm glad to see you again!"

"Oh, great." Akira giggled again. She frowned. "Which reminds me, I better take a quick shower. Wait here."

She grabbed some articles of clothing (and accessories), and went to the nearest bathroom to take a shower.

(It's her usual attire and accessories. ~Chica Nunnally)

(Okay then. ~Celestia)

"Okay!! I'll wait!" Kioura replied to her older best friend, as she sat down on the couch to wait. "I'll be making something for us to eat while your showering!!"

And with that, Kioura started making cereal for herself, and Akira. After a few more minutes, Kioura was done, and Akira came out, fully dressed. "Done Akira?" Kioura asked cheerfully. "Cause I made food for you!"

Suddenly Akira would hear a female voice in her head that was most certainly not her own. "I hate time travel, it makes me queasy!"

(She's not intentionally communicating telepathically, Jadzia is just traveling through time and thinking. And her thoughts are being transmitted to Akira due to the quantum energy and whatnot. - Julia Finitevus)

(There you go!! ^^ I'm waiting for Chica to edit now...- Celestia)

Akira paused. Time travel?

When Akira paused and stopped for a while, Kioura tilted her head to the side saying, "Is something the matter, Akira?"

(Um.... Is anyone here editing? -Celestia)

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