The sequel from the first Time Crisis saga from Famo!


After the Heroes has restored time and space, Chaos City (including several other locations) are safe from time paradox... or did they? While the Heroes and all the other people on Mobius are safe from time paradox (including Father Time), new enemies (even returning ones) are on the run to kidnap Father Time and cause time paradox once again. Can our heroes restore time and space and rescue Father Time from the clutches of evil? Find out!


You WILL not:

  1. God-mod
  2. Insult others
  3. Be a troll
  4. Alter the plot drastically (unless it is approved of)
  5. Swear excessively, unless you are going to censor the words
  6. No Sexual Content Allowed (except for simple flirts,kissing,etc)

Characters and Locations

Places and Planets Involved

Feel Free to add planets that characters may appear on as long as it doesn't affect the plot!!

  • Earth
  • Mobius
    • NICOLE's time
    • Other futures
  • Moebius
  • Solius (Solians)
  • The Grand Pendulum
  • The Future
  • The Past
  • Golorxion
  • New Yexia
  • Planet Zime
  • Planet Basilia
  • Mustela Erminea
  • Krathos Mines
  • Quantium
  • Star Village
  • Kingdom Kon
  • Galaxes
  • Reverse Zone
  • The Timespace Vortex
  • Chaos Dimension

The Heroes

Characters who help the Keepers of Time to restore hte very fabric of existense.


Characters with unknown motives.

  • Dr. Eggman (played by anyone; although Dr. Eggman is a villain, he cannot take over Mobius if time and space were drastically altered)
  • Nitro the Hedgehog (played by Nero)
  • Paralleladox (played by Vamp)

The Villains

Characters who wish to use The Grand Pendelum as a time machine for their own selfish puproses.

Future Characters

These are characters from the future. They can be good or evil to go here.


  • Speedy the Fox (played by Twsit)
  • Future Kairu the Bat (played by Vamp)
  • Jonathan the Fox (played by Ryu)
  • Charlotte the Cat (played by Ryu)
  • Pahalia the Furdragon (played by Ryu)
  • Valdugard the Dragara (played by Ryu)
  • Future Elementals (Lead by a future Flare, and including two beings that the current Flare believes to be his kids, Played by Flash)
  • Cameron the Wolf (Future)
  • Christin Ouron (Played by Chaos Kayden and Kaia's girl)
  • Victor the Hedgehog (son of Drako and Jenna in the future)(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Played by Draon029)
  • Blaze the Cat (Wife of Silver, played by Draon029)
  • Rachel the Hedgehog (daughter of Drako and Jenna and sister of Victor)(SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)


  • Future Trolls (played by anyone)
  • Cosmic the Hedgehog (Played by Shadow Gamer)
  • Forge the Dragon (SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)

Past Characters

These are those from the past. Characters who are deceased in the present as well as children forms go here.


  • Young Kairu the Bat (played by Vamp)
  • Young Twister (Played by Twist)
  • Young Shanoa (played by Ryu)
  • Young Albus (played by Ryu)
  • Young Linebeck (played by Ryu)
  • Soma the Hedgehog (played by Ryu)
  • Alucard the Wolf (played by Ryu)
  • Young Kaia (Played by Chaos i hope you don't mind me doing so many roles but then look at Ryu)
  • Leenas (Played by Chaos i can't tell if this is a boy or girl name but she is Kaia's big sis and she kick's but)
  • Young Arsenal the Dragon (SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)
  • Geo the Hedgehog (Played by Draon029)
  • Young Shadow the Hedgehog (played by again SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)


  • Past Trolls (played by anyone)
  • Nightling the Hedgehog (Played by Shadow Gamer)


Prologue: Restarting the Time War

(On Planet Quantium, another large mass of battlesuited animals are gathered together in front of a man standing on top of a platform, in a plot to re-capture Father Time and prevent the Heroes from rescuing Father Time. They have put up "Wanted" images, mainly J and his vehicles (since they caused all this, yet they were trying to restore time and space) which all read "KILL OR CAPTURE".

Part 1: Time Paradox Starts Again!

(At Chaos Speedway in Chaos City...)

Kairu: (lying on the seats, taking up 4 of them) Bored, bored, bored, bored...

[Glacier sits next to him]

Glacier:You're not the only one.

Kairu: Hello, fellow bored person. And who exactly might you be?

Glacier:Glacier. The duck's Vanillus, the cat's Freeze.

[a duck and cat are with him]



Kairu: And the awesome bat in front of you is Kairu. Nice to meet you. (sticks his hand through a shadow nearby, it comes out of Glacier's shadow, and shakes his hand, then does the same for Freeze and Vanillus.)

(At the starting grid, they can see J (who is behind the wheel of the MACH10 F1 car), who is going to get ready to race against 19 other competitors, as their engines rev)

Kairu: And the dude in the F1 is J, and I'm going for him!

[freeze stares at his shadow, then punches it so hard it shatters the chair]

Glacier:silent but tetchy.

Kairu: Woah! Watch it! Ya nearly broke my hand!

(The crowd cheers as J and 19 other racers prepare for the 10-lap endurance race)

Vanillus:Know what would make this race great? pie.

Glacier:It's always something with you...

Vanillus:no, i mean throwing it at the racers

Super Mario Kart Music - Race Start

Super Mario Kart Music - Race Start

Flagman: 3....2....1.... [waves the green flag] GO!!

(J (along with his MACH10) and 19 other racers speed off from the start/finish line, the crowds cheer loudly)

Kairu: So you like pie, eh?

[kairu is immidiatly hit in the face with pie]

Vanillus:pie, pie, all day all night!

Glacier:Yesterday it was cake. The day before that, apples. What's next, linguini!?

J: [thinking, whilst overtaking 7 other racers, and he is in 4th place after navigating through hairpin corners; shifts the MACH10 to 4, then 5 when approaching a straight] This 100 streak win trophy is mine...

[suddenly, pie begins raining!]

J: [sees raining pies] Oh you can't be serious... [weaves away from raining pies (with all the other racers doging the pies as well)]

[the pies stop as Freeze knocks out Vanillus with one punch]



J: [thinking] Whew. That was close. [overtakes another racer, and is now in 1st place]

Glacier;This guy is good.



Twister: *in his gear garage looking at hydra and dragoon gears* well these legendary gears will be safe here....and I might need one of these for later *takes the dragoon and makes it into 3 pieces so it can be easy to hold, same with hydra parts* well I dunno where to go, or what to do, but I bet these will be helpful to my travels.

(Meanwhile, Ryu, Shanoa, Albus, Linebeck and Kotuumath are out doing what they do best; being silly :3.)

Linebeck: (Wearing a blindfold with an apple on his head) Okay, I'm ready!

Shanoa: Are you sure this is a good idea?

Albus: (Pointing Agartha at the apple) Sure! What could possibly go wrong?

Shanoa: Oh, I dunno, you missing your mark and putting a bullet between Linebeck's eyes?

Albus: I happen to have very good aim, thank you very much!

[From a nearby tree, Fudge silently watches. Linebeck gives the double thumbs-up, and Albus fires, hitting the apple dead center. Linebeck removes the blindfold.]

Fudge:[quietly]pretty good....

[the smell of chocolate enters the area, because of Fudge]

Kotuumath: *sniffs air* Does anyone smell chocolate?

Fudge:[thinking] Not good...

(Linebeck immediately turns to his Rattata, thinking that she might be eating chocolate (which he believes can kill her), but she is sitting there, empty-pawed.)

Shanoa: I smell it too...

Fudge:[thinking]Think bird thoughts. YOU are a bird, they can't see you. Tweet, tweet...

(Rattata puts her nose to the ground and begins to follow the scent. Linebeck runs after her.)

Linebeck: Rattata, no! You can't be eating chocolate!

Fudge:[thinking]Oh no...I wonder if that mouse thing can climb trees...Bird,bird,bird...Wait, birds eat mice...

(Rattata arrives at the tree and begins pawing at it.)

Rattata: Ratta! Rattata!

Fudge:[thinking]Great, now they'll find me, and probably mistake me for an echidna, what with the chocolate dreadlocks. Go away, mouse thing!

(The others arrive.)

Ryu: What's she seeing?

Linebeck: *shrug*

Kotuumath: The chocolate smell's stronger here...

Fudge:[thinking]I wonder how close i am to being the same color as the wood of this tree...Think tree thoughts...

(Suddenly, past versions of Linebeck, Albus and Shanoa fall out of a portal!)


Fudge: AAAaA!

[fudge falls out of the tree, and small bits of chocolate bounce everywhere.]

Kotuumath: WTF?!

Fudge;Oh god...Hi?

(They then realize that something isn't right. The time paradoxes are starting again!)

Fudge:oh darn it...Not again...The last thing i need...

[he looks at Kotuu]

Fudge:then again...It could be worse...

(Rattata sniffs Fudge.)

Fudge:good mousie....

Linebeck: Rattata! That isn't polite!

Linebeck(past): *gasp* OMG IT'S A RATTATA!! SOOOOOOO CUTE!!

[Fudge offers some of the chocolate covering him to Rattata]

Fudge:good mousie....

Kotuumath: Diiiiiid he just pull chocolate off of himself....?

Linebeck: NO!! Rattata, you can't eat chocolate!!

Ryu: (Facepalms) Might as well tell him...(to Linebeck) Oy!

Linebeck: Yes?

Ryu: It's safe for Pokemon to eat chocolate.

(Ryu-It's true. Lucario eats chocolate (in the movie...)

Linebeck: is?

Ryu: Yes.

Linebeck: Ooohhhh........

Fudge:[to Kotuu] I am actually very thin. I just have a thick layer of chocolate, beneath that fudge, covering me. I am a hedgehog, despite these dreadlocks.

Kotuumath: ......why chocolate?

Linebeck(past): That is awesome... :3

(Rattata takes the chunk of cocoa in her paws and begins nibbling on it.)

Fudge:Dunno. But I can control the stuff, choco-kinesis or something like that.

Kotuumath: ..........weird.

[Artemis-I have too much free time. Chocokinesis....]

Fudge:Good mousie...

(Back at Chaos Speedway, J is 2 laps to go with his MACH10 and is in the lead; the crowd cheers)

J: [thinking while navigating through numerous of straights and corners (even hairpin corners), even shifting the F1's transmission gear in sync] Piece of cake. I'll be able to win the 100 Winning Streak trophy in no time! Shima, Hali, mom, I will not let you down.

(J isn't aware that some of the Future characters (such as Jonathan and Charlotte) are watching the race behind the barrier from the racetrack!)

Charlotte: Wow! He's really good!

(J crosses the finish line (behind the wheel of his MACH10 F1 car) in 1st place, as the crowds cheer J's victory!)

J: [muffled] Yeah!! [punches his fist from his right hand in the air as he slows his Formula 1 car down]

Jonathan: Cool.

(J grabs his 30-win streak trophy from his hand and jumps around in excitement until he sees Jonathan and Charlotte (Albus and Shanoa's future children). He stops jumping, and the spectators slowly quiet down and turns to see Jonathan and Charlotte)

J: [realizes that something wasn't right; muffled] Uh oh... I thought the time paradox conspiracy has ended. [turns to MACH10] Go to Ryu's, MACH10. Something isn't right here. CHAOS CONTROL! [teleports himself to his house, with his 30-win streak in possession]

MACH10: Right-o! [speeds away from the crowd (including Jonathan and Charlotte) as it leaves Chaos Speedway and races torwards Ryu's house]

(Jonathan and Charlotte look at each other, confused.)

Jonathan: Why did he just leave.....?

(The spectators watches Jonathan and Charlotte and some of them think that they're from the future...)

Charlotte: *whispering* Jonathan, they're staring at us.....

(The two quietly leaves the racetrack stadium to prevent any more suspicions from the spectators)

(At J's house...)

J: [places his 30-win streak trophy from his bedroom] Whoa... [takes off his racing outfit and racing helmet and puts on his original clothes] Time paradox has started again. But how?!

(With the MACH10, it finally arrives at Ryu's house. Unusually, Flare was sitting on the roof, now sporting a headband with a gemstone built into it, mostly hidden by his fur)

Meanwhile in the Chaos Dimension...

(Two figures are seen fighting above a Chaos Emerald.)

Figure 1: Give up!!! Without the Chaos Emerald you are nothing!!!

Figure 2: But i can still help save the universe from you. I wont let you take this dimesion.

(Figure 1 grabs the Chaos Emerald that they where fighting over and dissapears...)

Figure 2: Looks like I'm'a gonna have to go and find out where he went. (Teleports away.)


[Something loud is heard in the Troll Base.]

Mac: WTF?!

Bolt: Derpiness :B?

Nightshade: Oh, shut it, Bolt!

Tantrum: I'm off to find this.... thingamajig, that can control time!

Toxic: I'm with ya there! Rageik won't suspect a thing!

Meanwhile in an unknown area...

(Scarlett the Hedgehog is seen walking down a dirt trail. Then another hedgehog appears.)

Scarlett: AHH!! Cosmic!!!

Cosmic: Yes it's me. I have come to give u a gift. (Pulls out the Chaos Emerald.) Here it is for you.

Scarlett: Thanks. I dont know what to say. Its so beutiful.Where did u ever find something like this?

Cosmic: Lets just say i picked it up from a very olf friend. Now how about we go out tonight?

(They walk off)

(Meanwhile with N and Mecha Sadie at Emerald Coast, just close by to Chaos City, they were playing catch together)

N: [holding onto a beach ball] Go long, robo-sis ^_^!

Mecha Sadie: Okay!

(N throws the beach ball with great speed)

Mecha Sadie: [giggles robotically] here I go! [activates her jets from her heels and quickly catches the beach ball eith ease]

N: Wow! You're so good, Sadie!

Mecha Sadie: Thanks! Catch! [throws the beach ball back to N]

(N races torwards the beach ball that was in mid-air. The sky suddenly changes colors (as if time was altered again, caused by the Quantium Armies)!)

Mecha Sadie: [sees the sky and it's starting to change colors] Huh?

N: [sees the sky as well] Whoa. Looks like the light shows has started already...

(Meanwhile at Casino Night Zone)

Nightling: I've got to find the red emerald. If Cosmic gets it first then where all finished.

(Elxplosion sounds, then massive robot steps into the room.)

Nightling: What the hell is that!!

Robot: I have been ordered for your capture. Please come silently and i will not bring you any harm.

Nightling: How 'bout this. You help me find the red emerald, then tell me who and where you boss is, and i'll teleport there myself. That sound good to you?

Robot: Does not compute. Yes or No. Will you come quietly, or will i have to pursuade you.

Nightling: Well if those are my only choices then i would have to say...NO!!!

(Nightling throws a lightning bolt at the robot, then scatters to the next room. The Robot follows. Nightling countinues to hurl lightning blots at the robot to no effect. The robot pulls out an arm cannon. He fires at Nightling. It hits Nightling, knocks him out, and teleports him away.)

(Some where eles)

Kayden: What is that (look's at sky)

Kaia: Your guess is as good as mine.

(A wolf sat nearby, watching the sky. It was Flare, but for some reason he didn't have the headband he sported before)

???: Is anyone there Leeins-chan, Mama, Papa? Anyone? .... Awwwww (see's Flare i guess?) OH can you help me?

(J's home a girl light bule with siver sricks walk's in without kocking)

???: OLLLLY (hey) J-san where are you?

J: Huh? [he's calmed down, but the time paradox has already been started]

???: J-san your my age what is going on?

(Back with the Trolls)

[Cameron suddenly appears in his Space Phantom Form RIGHT in front of Toxic, presumably scaring the crap out of him.]

Toxic: [sees Cameron] Hey! Who invited you here?!

Tantrum: Yeah! No freeloaders allowed, bub! [flails his fists to Cameron, attempting to bruising him]

[Cameron isn't easily effected, fazing right through Tantrum.]

Cameron [Sarcastically]: "Whoops."

(Note: Phantom.)

Tantrum: Chicken!

Toxic: [smirks, because Rageik and the other Trolls are off to cause time paradox again]

Cameron: "Like Dialga and Palkia, I can control Time and Space! When Time is distorted, I become a Phantom (Like Dark Link in the FourSwords Manga)."

[Cameron grabs Tantrum, despite being Intangible, he could be using his spacial powers to warp his claws.]

Cameron: "Oh, it's just that you, Tantrum, and Toxic, are both too much of pansy-like B****es..."

Toxic: What did you call us, wolf-boy?! Oh, and all the other Trolls aren't in the Moonbase right now so good luck finding them. I bet Dialga and Palkia have gone in their Primal forms!

Cameron: "Even if I have the Lusterous Orb?"

[Cameron raises up the Lusterous Orb, since he has absorbed it in the first Time Crisis. He kicks himself in the air floating, hitting Toxic with a Spacial Fire Blast..]

(Y'know Jon, I still don't know what the Hell the other Orb was...)

(JMB-If Famo was on, he'd tell us. The first RP of TIme Crisis needs to be resetted, unfourtunately.)

Tantrum: Heh. Even if you do beat us, I doubt that you will beat our master Rageik! Even if you have the Orb, I doubt it'll work against him...

Cameron: "Shut up."

[Cameron Phantom Kicks Tantrum in the crotch.]

(Back with J and his vehicles...)

???: (Hugs) J where is mom and dad I don't like this and you were one of dads best pals.

J: [hugs ??? back] Uhhh.... [looks down sadly (because his parents died)]

???: J... are you okay?

J: Yeah... my parents died a long time ago and I'm living by myself, along with my younger brother and my sister.

???: I'm sorry. Oh you don't know mom and dad's names. You don't even know mine.

J: That was a long time ago also. I barely remembered anything several years back. [smiles sightly] But since you knew my name, I'm wondering what your name is, so this way, it'll help refresh my memories from my past.

???: I'm Christin. Christin Ouron. It's good to "Re" meet you.

J: "Christin Ouron"? Hmmm.... [remembers Christin Ouron] Oh yeah! The one Kayden mistook me for Sonic, but he forgave me.

Christin: Wow that's your 100 win trophy!? it look's so new! Hey hold on did you just say Kayden?

J: [chuckles] Yeah, I won it in a race at Chaos Speedway.

Christin: That thing is old why is it looking like a brand new trohpy?

J: That's how they made it unique. Oh and the reason why I knew Kayden because I was caught ina time paradox and Lt. Scrap Heap tried to take over my house for no reason whatsoever.

Christin: Do you know where he is?

J: No, not yet. But we'll find him, though.

Christin: Thank you [thinking] Daddy I'm coming.

(Back with Cameron and the Trolls.)

Cameron: "Goodbye."

[Cameron slices through all of them using Galaxy Rend.]

Toxic: [smirks as he regenerates] You know, that Lustrous Orb you're carrying with is a FAKE!

(Indeed, the fake Lustrous Orb Cameron is carrying is turned into powdered dust!)

Cameron: "Obviously, I knew that, you know why?"

[Cameron grins.]

Cameron: "The very Lustrous Orb is INSIDE of me!"

Everyone (Except Cameron): "WHAAAA?!"

(I feel like we're all gonna get in a mix.)


Tantrum: Also fake. Rageik made an EXACT copy of the Lustrous Orb inside you, which is obviously a poisonous nerve agent that no one, not even you can live it off. [smiles evilly] There's no way reverse the effects in any way.

Toxic: Oh, and by the way. You're not supposed to be here, wolf-boy! [grabs the teleporter gun and fires at Cameron, which causes him to teleport back to Mobius (and he activates a feature to the Moonbase that it can't be hacked or broke back inside by Cameron)]

[Cameron doesn't warp, due to his techpack having a Wyrd.]

Cameron: "Actually, you're a Dumbass."

[Cameron grips Toxic by the throat. Making his skin cure it easily.]

Cameron: "Idiot. You ARE Immune to Poison, but I have Implants....CTB sucker! Makes me use immunity that you own!"

(Chaos: OK ME BACK!)

(Back with J and Christin, the two starts searching for Kayden)

Christin: So is this the past? Your my age and when I know you your just as old as my dad?

J: Who knows, Christin. Who knows...

Part 2

Christin: So J-san how are Violet-kun, N-kun amd Shima-san? Hope there doing alright...

J: They are.

(J and Christin meets up with N and Mecha Sadie)

N: Something's up with the sky! It's changing colors like mad!

Mecha Sadie: It was the time paradox!

J: I know. I managed to restore time and space, but I'm pretty sure someone's out there for revenge...

Christin: This has gone on in the past?

N: Not sure.

J: If it's that Lt. rustbucket and his armies who's causing time and space to turn upside down...

Christin: So then can't we go back somehow and stop this hole thing?

J: We're gonna need all the help we can get, Christin.

Christin: I can help can't I? If we keep going we got to run into Mom and Dad soon right.

J: Let's find out. I'm not much of a time traveller, neither does N and Sadie.

N: But that doesn't mean we can't find a way to restore time and space, right?

J: [nods]

Mecha Sadie: I'll go find Ryu and the others. Okay?

J and N: 'Kay.

Christin: J, N let's go find Mom and Dad we can met back here when we get done.

J and N: Right.

(Back with Ryu, Shanoa, Albus, Linebeck, Rosa, Kotuu, Fudge and the past versions of Shanoa, Albus and Linebeck...)

Albus[past]: W-Wait! (looks around frantically) Where's Ryu?!

Ryu: I'm right here...

Linebeck[past]: No no no, your past version!

Ryu: wat

(Suddenly, there is a scream. The sound of windows is heard crashing.)

???: "Stay away from her!"

(A violet (No not Violet herself) Hedgehog jump's down from no where)

??: What was that?

(Trolls attacking Young Ryu?)
(Elite Pingas Cyborgs to be exact.)


(A small purple cat with blonde hair runs into the area, being followed by a Buizel. Hordes of robots are chasing them! ?? jump's in front of one of the Robot's and blow's it up)

[A Silver Wolf stands in front of the Purple Cat.]

???: (Skids to a halt) Wah!!

(Suddenly, a barrage of Homing Missiles soars through the air towards the EPC's!)

??? (Wolf): "Get behind me!"

(The purple cat does so as the EPC's activate Chaos Shields to block the missiles.)

??: The hell? A Chaos power?

[The Wolf hacks the EPCs somehow!]

??: Ok what is it you two want?

Mecha Sadie: [flies in towards Ryu and the others] Time paradox has started!

??: "Time paradox" Hey robo girl what is going on?

Mecha Sadie: The sky is changing colors like crazy! [sees young Linebeck, Albus and Shanoa] They were teleported to our present time!


(Two Kaia's fly out of the wood's one is small and useing a staf and the other is older and is useing a blade)

??: SIS! (Jump's to the smaller one's ad as Kayden step's up to help older Kaia)

(Back with Christin, J and N, four of J's vehicles follow them)

'Desert Hawk: Hey, J. I hear that the time paradox has started again. And Lt. Sm shouldn't try and tontrol me and the other vehicles.

RG-15: Yeah! 'Cause if he messes with my hardware, I'll give 'em something that he shouldn't to this to us!

Thresher XL: Darn tootin'!

MACH10: Time and space will be restored and it will stay that way!

J: Yeah!

Christin: LOOK (A "Light Show" is the best way to say what is going on as Kayden and the other 3 fight) Can we drive to that?

MACH10: Can do!

J: [jumps onto the cockpit of his MACH10 Formula 1 car] Let's go! [speeds off]

(N, Christin, Thresher XL, RG-15 and Desert Hawk follows J and his MACH10)

(Back with Present Cameron and the Trolls)

[Cameron does a Serpent Strike, instantly killing Toxic.]

Cameron: "Pathetic..."

(Back with Kay)

(Kayden is stuck in the Fight of his live never in the past has he being fight 2 Chaos users at the same time)

Kayden: So you mind tell me who you are?

Leeins: Leeins.

Small Kaia: Kaia

Older Kaia: Kaialee

Kayden: Kayden Ouron

Christin: MOM, DAD!

(Christin Jump's at Leeins but moive's and hit's Kayden who take's this as somone trying to fight him as well and the 3 way fight start's)

(Chaos: Or is it more 4-way cuz we got the robot as well as the others)

J and N: What the--?!

RG-15: That can't be good...

(Chaos: Epic fight song Final fantasy for the win)

(Kayden run's at the 3 Blade up Chaos flying ever where)

(Chaos: I got two end's to this A) Thay can all pass out B) J and the other's can be like "STOP" and talk them off the other)

(Chaos: Sorry got to go mom want's me to do things)

J: Stop with the unneccesary fighting!

N: Yeah! Fighting doesn't solve anything, especially when time paradox has started!

MACH10: Wow...

Thresher XL: Move along, people. Besides, fixing time and space is WAY important than bruising at each other!

(Chaos: Back at last ok let's roll guy's)


Christin: I'm am not

Kayden: Yeah huh right....

Christin: Damn your dum.

Kayden: Don't say that kid.

Christis: You were saying it first.

Kayden: Dang it!

Christin: Now dad don't be mad.

Kayden: "Dad" now i know you lost it.

Christin: But now what i'm i going to do there are two of you mom.

Both Kaia:.....

Leenis: So why were you two fighting?

Both Kaia: She was trying to kill me.

Leenis: Ugggg

Kayden: For real Kai i'm the one pulling this not you.


Kayden: OWWWW

Christin and Leenis: GAH HAHAHA

Small Kaia: HA look at that!

Kaia: Say that one more time.

Kayden: No thank's

Kaia and Leenis: Sorry that's not that right.

(Smack Smash)

Kayden: Stop

Christin: That look's fun can i try?

Kaiai and Leenis: Sure!

Christin: Cool!

Kayden: Oh not cool...

Kaia (Kid): Hey i think they want to talk to us.

Kaia (Older) Let us get done here first.

(Bang Ding)

Kayden: Make it stop. Anyone?

(All of a sudden, Nightshade, Mac and Bubonic attempts to strangle Kayden and Kaia!)

(Chaos: Kid Kai or the Kaia of today?)

Christin: MOM, DAD!!!

Kayden: (Look's at the guy trying to kill him) And ... Who are ..... you? .... Troll's?.... Cain's men?.... Tell me what you want?

(J and N easily kicks Nightshade and Mac away from Kayden and Kaia)

Kayden: Awww i want'ed to do that.

Christin: Dad, Mom

Kaia: Mom?

Kayden: Dad?

Leeins: This is a world where time is mess'ed up she is not form your own.

Kayden: That mean's (Kay and Kai look at the other and at the same time yell) EWWWWW!!!

Small Kaia: I like that guy when i grow up? Ha this must be a joke.

Kaia: Leeins your still here.


Christin: (Look's at the Troll's) Oh shut up!

Bubonic: [looks at Christin] No YOU shut up!

N: [kicks Bubonic in the crotch 10 times] Not cool, are ya?!

(Flare looks up to see a SECOND Flare, this one with the headband, holding a long sword in each hand. He drew his katanas and started moving towards the other, as the second Flare started sneaking behind Bubonic)

Kayden: Whoa a bit over the top N.

N: [to Kayden] What? I like beating the crap out of the Trolls.

Christin: Are you telling me to " Shut up"!?

Bubonic: [holding onto his crotch that was kicked 10 times by N; high-pitched voice] N...No...

Kayden: HAHA Violet is going to love this!

(Suddenly, the tips of two black-and-red broadswords appear around Bubonic's neck)

???: Freeze, Troll, and I'll consider letting you live to fix your paradox!

Bubonic: [still holding his crotch; in a high-pitched voice] I didn't started the time paradox, nimrod!

Kayden: Whoa!

(The swords tighten around Bubonic's neck)

???: You trolls are all the same. All you care about is altering the timeline to make yourselves dominant. This is one of your paradoxes, I can feel it!

Leenis: Who are you?

Bubonic: Well, you're wrong, clueless! Rageik's out to get Father Time all on his own!

J: [spots a large Quantium ship] Uh-oh...

N: What?

J: [points to the large Quantium ship passing by]

Mecha Sadie: A large ship? Never seen one before...

???: I am Flare, head of the Elementals.

Flare: Wrong. I am! (Flare dropped down, looking at the swords. A very similar face looked over Bubonic's shoulder, but something about the eyes and face seemed different, aside for the scars on his muzzle. He also had a headband with a red gemstone in it around his head, under his hair) As for Rageik, then he is a fool. Nobody can control time without destroying themselves. We walk through time, us Elementals, but do not meddle with it.

Leeins and kid kai: What is it?

Kayden and older kai: Got no idea

Christin: (At Flare) Wow that is so COOL! can I be one?

Kayden: ......

Kaia: Yep she's got something form her father alright.

Flare: Maybe, but you must be able to flow-walk. Anyway, we should deal with that.

Future Flare: Allow me, faker. (The second Flare strikes Bubonic in the back of the head, before removing the headband around his head. Quickly, his wings formed, but his body also was rapidly covered by a series of silver, red and flame-like marks across his body. This unusual appearing Flare started to fly away)

Ryu: .........

Flare: Weird...that's new...and I was told I had unlocked all my forms!

(J, N and Mecha Sadie runs torwards J's House, with Kayden, Leeins, Kaia (both kid and older) and Cristin follows J, with four of his vehicles following them as well)

J: [presses the maximum security button from his garage and it starts a lockdown, completely locking the doors from the outside and garage door] Whew.

(J's House/Garage also releases a variety of missile turrets, armor-piercing machine guns, SAM sites, even a satellite disruptor, should the Quantium Armies attempts to capture J's House/Garage, before the weapons hide back underneath the ground)

N: Nice!

Mecha Sadie: talk about maximum security, big bro!

J: [chuckles] Thanks!

(Older) Kaia and Leeins: Whoa.

Kayden and Chrisin: That's just kick@$$ J.

J: Thanks, guys. Lt. rustbucket and his metal armies can't take over my house as if it was actually their hideout.

Chrisin, Older Kaia and Leenis: Can we blow something up?

J: If this giant ship approaches torwards us, then yes. I'm not such a big time-travelling guy myself, yet the time portals just keeps on opening up like mad.

N: Same here.

Mecha Sadie: Yeah!

Kaia (Older), Leeins and Christin: Hehehe

Kayden and Kid Kaia: Uh oh

Kayden: No Kaia bad Kaia!

Kaia: (Roll's eyes) What ever.

Christin: HAHAHA your always geting on to me when I do that.

Kayden: Ok so what do we need to do to stop this?

(Chaos: Why is that bule?)

(JMB- I removed it)
(Chaos: I still want to know why it was doing that so i don't end up doing it again)

(Temporary cliff-hanger.)

(Scene: futuristic laboratory. Dr. Rotor Walrus is on a computer, with King Sonic and Queen Sally stood behind him, anxious.)


Rotor with NICOLE in the handheld device.

King Sonic: Is it done? Does it work?

Dr. Rotor: I think so. I’ve just created a firewall in the NICOLE program that’ll stop anyone from finding out about our time.

(Queen Sally steps closer.)

Queen Sally: But does it work?

Dr. Rotor: I’ll activate it... now!

(Dr. Rotor presses a key on the computer. A new window appears on the screen, with a large title reading “NICOLE”.)

NICOLE: Thank you, Dr. Rotor.

(A group of technological particles stream out of the computer and into a handheld device in Dr. Rotor’s hand. Dr. Rotor turns to King Sonic and Queen Sally.)

Dr. Rotor: Though NICOLE will be able to give detailed facts about Mobius, hackers won’t be able to breach the firewall I’ve put in place.

NICOLE: That is correct, doctor.

King Sonic: Whoa. It’s pretty cool, I’ve give you that much.

Dr. Rotor: It is a she. Although NICOLE may be a computer program, she is still an individual, and she will learn that herself in time.

Queen Sally: So the plan is to send NICOLE back in time to stop this... time disaster?

Dr. Rotor: Exactly! I’ve configured her to do just that.

Queen Sally: Brilliant! Then lets send her on her way!

(Back with J and N...)

N: So waht now?

J: We have to find a way to stop the time paradox again. I don't know who's doing this, but I'm guessing it could be one of the "Quantium Armies". Who knows what.

N: Oh. Well, as long as robo-sis and the others are guarding your house, as well as your cars, let's hope we're not too late.

J: Right.

(Scene: outside J’s house. NICOLE, inside a protective green force-field, zooms like a meteorite out of the sky and onto J’s front garden.)

NICOLE: Force-field deactivation.

(The force-field vanishes, leaving NICOLE in her handheld device outside of the house.)

(Inside J's house)

J's House: Security warning: Force field deactivated.

RG-15: WHAT?!

Thresher XL: How in tarnation is that even possible?

Desert Hawk: Someone has breached the security from J's house.

MACH10: Sadie, was that you?

Mecha Sadie: Nuh-uh! I would never do that?

MACH10: Then who was it anyways?

Mecha Sadie: I dunno.

RG-15: Talk about intense weirdness! And J calls his home "maximum security"!

(Back with the hedgehog brothers...)

J: Well, N, finding the Amulet of Time is now harder than before.

N: I dunno what is the "Amulet of Time" you're talking about, but then again, we still gotta find a way to restore time back to normal.

(Chaos: Where is Kayden's team. With J or Sadie?)

(JMB-With Sadie, since they still ahve to keep watch on J's house while the brothers are still finding a way to restore time and space)

Fuzzy the Hedgehog: 1st RP! Hoot!

(In the houes with Kayden)

Christin: So Dad? What's the game plan?

Kayden: We stay here till we get one.

Christin and Kid Kaia: Awwww no fun!

Kaia and Leena: Do you want to live? (The other two nod) Then shut up!

J's House: Security warning: Force field deactvated.

Kayden: Huh? Who did that?

Christin: Okay was not me if that's what your thinking!

Kaia: I'm going to see if any "Gest" came in or not.

Christin: Carefull mom if you die two of us get killed has well.

Kaia: Okay. (Walks out of the room)

  • Fuzzy starts wandering off*
  • ( \=( what timeline is this part in the future or the past)
  • (Present, with future and past as well. Basically, all time is in the one point)
  • (wit by that do you mean it's all like mashed together or are they still 3 different time lines)
  • (All mixed together - Flash)
  • (ok thanks just needed to know that)

(on the roof of a building in chaos city)

Drako: whoa i wonder whats going on down there

Endac: *pulls binoculars to his face* well what ever is causing the time warp *drops binoculars* it's mashed together the past present and future

Jenna: wait what but how

Endac: we don't know Jenna

Drako: could it be the silvers fault

Endac: *laughes to himself* naaaah silver ain't this stupid

Auron: ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

Jenna: well aurons dead asleep

Drako: riiiight well lets go find another roof cause this one is getting bad view

Endac: what do you............oh yeah right

(In the streets of Chaos City)

Silver: What has happened.....Where is Blaze the the kids?

Geo: Oh Hello are you looking for somebody?

Silver: Yes, my Wife and children are missing....I need to find the King and fast....I'm a good friend of his.

Geo: Ok I'll take you to him.

(Meanwhile, Final Flare (future) was flying through the city, attacking that giant aircraft)

(Also, another meanwhile, in an alternate future, Lunar and Solar, being some of the Enforcers of the time, are kicking the Troll criminals out of their vehicles, literally, Solar landing a kick right in Toxic's face. With the hedgehog brothers, they have no luck in finding the Amulet of Time whatsoever)

N: [sighs and lies his back against the wall] Let's call it a day, J. We've been searching for this "Amulet of Time" thing for hours! The only thing we find is that the sky is acting all weird and such, portals opening up randomly, well, ya guessed it.

J: Well, I can't blame ya, N. The Amulet of Time seems to be more harder to find than I thought. I think we've had enough searching for it for today. We should wait the next day.

N: Right.

(The two brothers then goes to sleep and await the next day after a failed search for the Amulet of Time)

(with Endac and his party)

Drako: well i can see pisees (how ever thats spelled) orion oh and a swirling vortex of death

Endac: yeah i see that.........wait WHAT *pulls up binoculars* thats no vortex o death Drako, thats a inter dimensional portal

Jenna: a interdinetinal what now

Endac: an interdimentional portal Jenna. it means a portal to the past or future

Jenna: oh........

Auron: huh hey cool lets go in it *shoots himself off the roof of Drako's house up throught the portal*

Drako: that idiot.........well if ya can't beat em, join em

Endac: you said it

Jenna: where ever you go i'm coming to Drako

Drako: ok then come on *uses a fire blast to propell himself into the portal hanging onto Jenna (who is blushing)(some sorta lovey dovey thing)*

Endac: *spreads his wings and flies up through the portal*


Isaih: Hey can anybody point me torwards the kings palace? Anybody?

Random Person: no

Random Person: find your own way

Random Hobo: if ya pay me then sure

(in sonic's palace)

Shadow: ahhhhhh *relaxing on the roof* huh *sees the interdimensional portal* oh no..............Drako's been out all night. i wonder whats keeping them so long..............oh well he's with his friends and he can handle himself *ignores the portal*

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