This the an RP created by Famotill! It revolves around time and why it should never be tampered with.



You WILL not:

  1. God-mod
  2. Insult others
  3. Be a troll
  4. Alter the plot drastically (unless it is approved of)
  5. Swear excessively, unless you are going to censor the words
  6. No Sexual Content Allowed (except for simple flirts,kissing,etc)


Places and Planets Involved

Feel Free to add planets that characters may appear on as long as it doesn't affect the plot!!

  • Earth
  • Mobius
  • Moebius
  • The Grand Pendulum
  • The Future
  • The Past
  • Golorxion
  • New Yexia
  • Planet Zime
  • Planet Basilia
  • Mustela Erminea
  • Krathos Mines
  • Quantium
  • Star Village
  • Kingdom Kon
  • Reverse Zone
  • Mobius: Next
  • Timeless Zone(Dezerat's lair)


Characters who help the Keepers of Time to restore hte very fabric of existense. Add your character if they apply!!


Characters with unknown motives. Add your character if they apply!!


Characters who wish to use The Grand Pendelum as a time machine for their own selfish puproses. They also are characters who ally themselves with those who do wish the clock.

Future Characters

These are characters from the future. They can be good or evil to go here.



  • Extena Ferrum (Butterfly the rabbit. Evil technomage planning to rule time, but fails miserably.)
  • Future Trolls (Played by anyone, the future versions of all the Trolls: Any chance to unite with their previous members is welcome!)

Past Characters

These are those from the past. Characters who are deceased in the present as well as children forms go here.



  • Perfect Chaos
  • Solaris
  • Mephiles
  • Metal Overlord


Prologue:The Great Time War Begins

(On Planet Quantium. A large mass of battlesuited animals are gathered together in front of a man standing on top of a platform)

General:After years of searching for this "Grand Pendelum" or late lord Quantos had been speaking of has been located. It is in the center of this universe. Give or take 50 feet. We sill strike the clock and take over. We will use it to bring back Quantos, and once we have control of the clock, we will become the most feared and powerful beings in the multiverses!

  • The army cheers*

Lt.Kane:All ships have been dispatched sir. We have sent the coordinates to their spacecrafts.

General:Excellent! You all realize in a few hours the greatest injustice in history will have been undone. We shall destroy Father Time himself!

  • The army again cheers*

(Meanwhile at The Grand Pendulum)

Jr.Caretaker:Sir it's been ten years. If some one would have located that time amulet then they would have activated it by now!

Grand Father:I am quite aware of the situation Sigmund. However if that amulet were to ever fall into the wrong hands it would grant them unimaginable abilities capable of rewriting the course of history. We must assure that it never falls into the wrong hands.


Photographer: Work it sweety! Lovely! Great! Beautiful! Now look fierce! I looove it!

Manager:And that's about it!

Frenchy:Finally some one smelt liek bad cheese. (To errand boy) Hey! Get me some wine. *Feels the amulet around her neck*

Manager:You okay Frenchy?

Frenchy:Yes it's just that this amulet has been bothering me lately.

Manager:Why don't you just sell the stupid thing?

Frenchy:I get the feeling it's important

Manager:Yes, but so aren't new shoes

Frenchy:No truer words have been spoken!

Manager:C'mon I know where we could sell it without hassle.

Part 1:Heroes of Time

(Famo:You guys can start off if you want.)

(In Ultimate City, J is seen in the backyard (with his Magus robe and his Frozen Staff) training his powers so that he can perfect his Ice powers)

J: All right... [sees himself wearing a Magus robe and his Frozen Staff] Time to put my icy skills to the test! [runs torwards one of the tree stumps, using Arctic Swing] Take this, nature! [swings his staff and the tree stump turns into white powder of snow] Haha! Too easy!

(Will was seen sitting a nearby tree)

Will: Careful, J. Messing with nature is like messing with time. One wrong move and you cause a paradox.

J: Eh. I could'nt afford target dummies to practice my Ice powers. Besides, the Magus robe and this cool Frozen Staff is awesome!

Will: Maybe, but still, it'd be safer if you tried something OTHER than blasting tree stumps.

J: Like Trolls?

(Shima suddenly looks in J's backayard and sees J and Will.)

Shima: Hey there, guys!

J: Hi, Shima!

Shima: Watcha up to?

J: Practicing my awesome Frozen Staff, Shima. And check this out! [materializes his Frozen Staff, which turns into Crystal Sword]

Shima: Sweet!

J: Now I can turn weakling Trolls into frozen ice cubes!

Shima: They'll be Trollcicles!

J: Indeed!


Twister: *to shade on his cell phone* I loved the picture you sent of keira shade. I'll miss ya too...and thanks for helping us with our robot zombie problem...goodbye *hangs up* well I dunno whats next....okay I'm hungry *goes to the kitchen and gets a bag of CC's chips*

  • Twister's phone rings*

Twister: *getting phone* yo.

Bella:*Over Phone* Hey Twister, it's Bella watcha up to?

Twister: meh not much just at home having some CC's. And if you see Jassy say hi to her for me.

Bella:Okay, but my family wants me to visit my cousin Frenchy. I was wondering if maybe I could hang out with you for a bit until they get back. Please?

Twister: ahh what the heck, you can come.....and uhhh between you and me....I HATE your cousin frenchy....seriously my midevial cousin likes her but Not me. and uhhh also I was gonna tell you like before we met. I was in commercials for a corn chip brand.

Bella:I hate her too! I'll be over soon!!

Twister: *hangs up* alright....just act...normal.


Pawn Shop Owner:What can I do for ya toots?

Frenchy:You could start by brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

Manager:What my friend meant to say was she would like to sell something.*Hands him the necklace*

PSO:Wow ladies I got to say this is quite the beauty*Tosses it in the air but drops it on the ground* Oops

Frenchy:You idiot! *The amulet shakes* What was that *The amulet produces a large wormhole* What is it?

PSO: So I'm guessing it's worth more than fifty bucks

(Back with Twister it has been 30 minutes)

Bella:*Knocking at the door* Hey Twister it's me!!

Twister: *opening the door* hey bella I didn't remember it was already half an hour... and uhhh....AWWW JEEZ ITS ON! *heads to the living room (CC's commercial is on)

Bella:Oh I love those chips!

Twister: then you might get the plot, Tails has a bag of CC's I want them and he dares me with a random dare. this one is my favorite *screen shows him going acroos hot coal*

Tails: *on the TV* okay bro now we light 'em *lights the coal*

Announcer:CC's you can't say-

Twister: *on screen* D'OH!

Bella:*Laughs* I didn't relize you were a t.v star Twister!

Twister: yeah I felt great by then...and besides how would ya thin I gotmy lifetime supply of the chips? come on I got something to show ya *goes to his computer*

(Johnny is seen walking around the streets of Ultimate City, minding his own business.)

Johnny: [singing quietly while walking] Ultimate City is such a cool place. I wonder what J and the others are up to?

(Shima: When can we put in the future people? I want to put down Alyssa and Shima's repsonses to each having a daughter in the future!)
(Famo:Soon due to the fact that the first time rift has just been opened and the Grand Pendulum is about to be activated)
(Shima: Ah, okay.)

(Alyssa down the same street and runs into Johnny)

Johnny: [sees Alyssa] Hey, Alyssa!

Alyssa: Oh, hey Johnny! How's it going?

Johnny: Eh. Pretty good, Alyssa. Just wandering around, just wondering where J and the others are.

Alyssa: Ah. Well, I don't know where they are, either. Sorry.

Johnny: No worries, Alyssa.

Alyssa: I can help you look for them, if you want.

Johnny: Okay.

(So the two of them go to find J and the others)

(Meanwhile at The Grand Pendelum)

Jr.Caretaker:Sir we have an intrusions in the fourth sector!!

Father Time: Probably just time leaches. The security cams will take care of them.

Jr.Caretaker:*begins typing fastly* No sir they have breached the security, they have---*A large explosion occurs as planes crash into the walls of the Pendelum. The general of Quantium jumps out of the plane and approaches Father Time*

General:Take us to the clock!

Father Time: I can't do that! Time is not to be tampered with it would rip the very fabric of existense!

General: No matter my men will reach the clock in about T-minus 5,4,3,2,1

Jr.Caretaker: Sir! There's been a breach in the clock!

Soldiers: *Over communicator* Sir the clock,it has shut down.

Jr.Caretaker: I shut it down. None of you will reach it!

General: Ha! You think that is the only way for us to go back in time.

Father Time: What do you mean?

General: My spacecraft picked up on a time rift!

Father Time: The amulet! You won't get away with this *Raises Cepter* I won't let you!

General: You don't have a choice*pulls out a cube and presses a button on it. It draws Father Time into it.* Without you to get in our way there will be no one who can stop us!*General boards the ship and leaves with Fathe Time*

Jr.Caretaker: Sir!!!!

(Back with Johnny and Alyssa, they find J (in his Magus outfit), Shima and Will at J's backyard)

Johnny: [sees J] J!

J: Johnny!

Alyssa: (waves) Hey everybody!

Will: Hey, Alyssa, Johnny. Good to see you two. (Will gives a faint smile, then blinks) I could have sworn I felt something. At least I can remember that paradoxes never affect Shadow.

Johnny: "Paradoxes"?

(A large earthquake ruptures the city. As chaos breaks loose buildings fall, cars are crushed, and screams can be heard. Time is starting to contradict itself)

Johnny: [feels an earthquake] CRAP! EARTHQUAKE!!

J: [feels an earthquake also] Hang on, everyone!!

Desert Hawk: Nano shields activated. [activates nano shields to protect J's house (and his backyard) from an earthquake]

Shima: What in the world...?

  • A small airplane can be seen. It's Tails, Sonic and Knuckles*

Tails:Hey Sonic! I see people down there! C'mon

(Tails flies the tornado down by everyone)

Alyssa: (looks up and see the Tornado) Hey look! It's the Tornado!

Johnny: And it's coming down fast!

J: Hey, Tails!

Tails:Hey guys! We were just going to the epicenter of this earthquake, but my scanner wasn't picking up anything. It's almost as if this isn't an earthquake.

Shima: But if it wasn't an earthquake...then what was it?

???:A time rift.

J: Who said that?

Johnny: And what is "time rift" anyway?

Shima: Oh boy. Here we go...

Desert Hawk: [drives over to J's backyard to meet up with the others] What happened?

???:*Notices Shima and bows* Ma'am I didn't relize you were here. I can see where your daughter gets her good looks.

J: [confused] Ummm.... "daughter"?

Shima: "Daughter"?! Wha-What are you talking about?! I don't have a daughter!

Johnny: Uhhh....

J: [gets an idea] I get it! [to the mystery person] You're from the future!

???:Nile! I thought you said we were still in the present!

  • Another person about the same age as Iruka steps out of a crashed spaceship.*

Nile:No I said were in their present. For us it's the past

???:Stupid worm-hole!

Nile:*approaches the group* It would seem that time is collapsing, and the future as we know is as well. We traveled through some worm-hole that brought us here. I am Nile, but you can call me Ratchet. This is my friend Iruka. *Whispers* He's the sidekick

Iruka:*Rolls his eyes*

Alyssa: Okaaaayyy..

Shima: (still preocupied with the whole daughter-thing) Stupid time rifts..

J: [gets confused] Ooookay...

Johnny: [thinking] I need to lay off biology...

Desert Hawk: What are time rifts?

Alyssa: (shrugs) Dunno.

Johnny: Me neither.

J: Beats me.

Tails:They are mass holes that allow people to travel back or foward in time. People could change time by using one. Scientists believe that the molecular structure of a time rift is present in black-holes. If that was the case then we'd be able to use that to travel back in time to find out how this all happened. Unfourtanetly we don't have the materials to create a spacecraft capable of withstanding the polar energies present in deep space where the black-hole is located.

Alyssa: (holds head) Ow, my head! Too...much..thinking!

Shima: We can't use Chaos Control? It ususally works...

J: [after listening to Tails] Riiight....

Johnny: [rubs his ear] My goodness...

Alyssa: I could never think like that...(rubs head) Oi....

Ratchet: *To Shima* Of course it would work! If you wanted to be crushed by weight of deep space.

J and Johnny: [gasps]


Iruka:Well we believe that tiem rifts are already present here. Our nav units picked up on some strange feeds and here we are!

Shima: (to Ratchet) Hehehe.....Never mind!

Alyssa: Can you close a time rift?

Iruka:We actually aren't sure of what caused the time rifts, and until we found out we can't meaning that the multiverses could potentially destroy themselves. You should also expect to see Moebians soon. No telling what the other dimensions are going through!

J: Uh oh...

Johnny: Oh crap! I really don't want to see my Moebian shooting all willy-nilly and such!

Alyssa: (growls) Alice....

Ratchet:We have to think of something to counteract these time portals.

Iruka:The only way to do that is to use it, I'd guess.

Alyssa: (thinking) Hmm...Wonder if I have any kids in the future...? Probably not.)

Shima: Yep.

J: Great... I wonder what my future self looks like...

Johnny: Oh geez...

Shima: (looks at J and snickers) Probably a wrinkly old man. As for me, I never age! Haha!

J: You're right, Shima... but not before I can find a way to make myself young again and forever! That way, I won't end up like my gramps!

Shima: How are you gonna do that? The Fountain of Youth isn't real, you know.

J: I know that, Shima, but... [is about to say something, but could'nt, knowing that Shima dislikes G.U.N. greatly]


Shima: (to Iruka and J) What?

J: Well...

Shima: (getting impatient) Well what?

Iruka:There is a fountain of youth in the Cortalian Sector, it's pretty far off though

J: I was going to say G.U.N., but knowing that you hate them a lot, Shima...

Shima: (to Iruka) So it does exist! (to J) Ugh...G.U.N....

J: [to Iruka] yes! Now I can make my old self feel like new again! [to Shima] I know how you feel, Shima. They even tried to impound my truck!

Desert Hawk: What would my future-self look like?

Alyssa: Not to be mean, but probably very, very rusty.

Desert Hawk: [sweat drops] ?!

Iruka:I'd have to agree, your a very old model car.

Desert Hawk: So this means I can no longer race in the Mobian Desert? I will look like a rusted-out trophy truck?

J: Yup. But don't worry, Desert Hawk! I'm a mechanic and I can restore you in a jiffy!

Iruka:The best course of action would be to find others that may be going through the same thing.

Shima: Right.

Alyssa: But...How will we know?

Shima: They'll just look out of place.

(Meanwhile, somewhere in space, Dialga senses the disturbance in time and awakens from its slumber!)

  • A Large ships flies by Dialga. It's the Commander of Quantium!*

Commander:Hmm what a strange creature. No time for sight seeing. Looks like the universe is already ripping itself apart!

(Meanwhile in a large forest)

Shamia:What's wrong sir?

Blade: Something feels.... wrong.

Shamia:Maybe it's that *Points to a blue tornado*

Blade:Shamia get out of th--*Before he can finished they are sucked into the mysterious tornado*

(Meanwhile, a blue and black hedgehog appears in the middle of nowhere)

???: What the-Where am I?!

(What if she was in Kingdom Kon!! )
(Shima: Okay!)

Julia:Oh-no we have to get you out of here!*Helps the hedgehog to her feet* I'm Julia, and unfourtanetly you are in Kingdom Kon territory.

???: Kingdom...what? Oh, and I'm Sarianna.

Julia:My father...he'll kill you if he sees you. No tiem to explain right now just follow me*Runs into the forest*

Sarianna: Wait...K-Kill me?! (follows Julia) Wait up!

Julia:*Still running* Yeah anyone who tries to coem into the village that isn't a member will be punished.

Sarianna: (still following) Oh great...So, where are we going?

Julia:*still running*Yeah....uh not so sure right now

Sarianna: Ah.


Julia:*turns around* Nakoma?

Nakoma:Is that an outsider?

Julia:Yes bu---

Nakoma:Your father said that---

Julia:I know what my father said, but please Nakoma just go home, I'll be back soon.

  • Powhatan is hiding behind a tree*

Powhatan:*to himself* Well Julia looks like you've got yourself into trouble again. I will tell your father that way you'll be safe!

(Shima: What if they got caught?)
(It all depends on who they get caught by)
(Shima: Hmm...I don't know. anybody, I guess)

Sarianna: Who was that?

Julia:Oh Nakoma? She's just my friend from the village. She does worries too much that's all.

Sarianna: Oh. I know how that feels...(referencing to Gyro, 'cause he's a little of a worry-wort)

Part 2: Time Warping Is So Overrated!

Frenchy:Uh! I can't believe you pushed me through this crap

PSO:Sorry bout that. I didn't think I'd fall in too!

Manager:I had to come here because if I went back to the agency without you I would've been fired.

Frenchy:Where are we

(PSO is looking through the bushed and giggling)

  • Through the Bushes*

Tifu:I have to go.

Tikal:I know I just wish you didn't

Tifu:I'll be back tomorrow. Tikal *kisses her forehead* I love you.*Leaves*

Frenchy:Wow pretty good actors.

  • Two echidnas are standing behind them with spears*

(meanwhile With Twister and Bella)


Bella:What do you want to show me *Suddenly a new alert appears on the T.V* Huh?

Anchorwoman:Catastrophic disasters have been occurring throughout the universe. No one know the cause of this but a ship labeled "Quantium" was seen making a route here. We will give you a full status update as this story unfolds. I am Leona Bensworth channel 5 news.*News Music Plays*

Twister: I was playing my game I was gonna show ya *pauses it* but uhhhh since the news came on like that....we must be prepared like last time....and uhhh...remember the time we worked together against the zombie? yeah its kinda like that so....I'm gonna be right back *zooms to pack-a-punch machine to pack-a-punch his two guns*

Bella:C'mon we better get outta here *Grabs pistol from her shoe* We'd better hurry before something happens to us.

Twister:way ahead of ya! *comes out with wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ and Porter's X2 ray gun* lets go We'll take my car *gets keys

Bella:*Catches keys* Yeah we wouldn't want a twelve year old driving a car know would we?

Twister: Right...but you'll get a good kick out of it *runs out to the car*

Bella:*Follows after him*

Twister: I'd never think of using my old baby again *points to the green 70's sports car*
The Simpsons Hit & Run Soundtrack-Kang and Kodos Strike Back

The Simpsons Hit & Run Soundtrack-Kang and Kodos Strike Back

The music they go to while driving in the sports car

(Back with the others)

(Will appears to be thinking about something)

Will: Yes... Time Rifts... I've been through one before. Accidental paradox and such. Still, I doubt my kids would really approve...but Maddy and I don't have kids yet...scary thought. Still, as long as we don't end up in Flare's universe, we're fine. I could go TrueChaos and bend the timelines for us, though. Can't cut a timeline unless I fuse.

???: I wouldn't do that, Will.

Johnny: Huh?

J: Who said that?

Will: Huh? I mean, I CAN'T go TrueChaos, unless I absorb other people's powers.

???: That isn't what I mean.

(Everyone turns around to see Ryu, looking grimly serious.)

J and Johnny: [sees Ryu] Ryu?

Alyssa: Oh, hey Ryu!

Johnny: [looks at Ryu, who is serious] Uhhh.... Ryu?

(Ryu-Waiting for Flash to respond.)

Will: And why would I not wish to do that? The Knuckles clan has a history of time alteration, including our bloodline ability, the Sharingan, which sees through time. Ronan can pause or bend time, but why would I not wish to bend time this time, Ryu? I was the one who destroyed the Heartless Invasion! I was the one who defeated an alternate timeline Scourge, both when the space-time continuum was ruined. Why do I not want to do it this time?

(Ryu-Does Will realize that if he screws up, Dialga will be pissed? Cause that's where Ryu's going about this.)

???: Maybe not for the same reasons as that cat, but i also think that would be...unwise,to say the least.

J, Johnny and Desert Hawk: [confused to hear that they're unsure whether it's Ryu or not] .....

Will: Huh? Who's there? I know Ryu was trying to warn me, but who are you? (Will unconsciously clenches his fists, which start to flame up)

(Meanwhile, Dialga continues its trek, towards Mobius. As it does so, it's color begins to change from blue and silver to black and orange! It's going Primal!)

(On Mobius, everyone hears a massive roar.)

Ryu: ?!

J: What was that?!

Johnny: Guess all this future-talk must've provoked someone...

Desert Hawk: Stay alert, people. Danger can strike any moment.

(Looking up in the sky, everyone (except the Desert Hawk, since it cannot stand on two wheels) can see a black mass heading right towards them!)

J: [points to a black mass heading straight towards his backyard] INCOMING!!! [dives out of the way]

Johnny: [sees a black mass heading straight torwards him] YIKES!!! [dives out of the way]

Desert Hawk: [drives out of the way]

(The thing lands with a shuddering thud. Ryu looks up and gasps in horror.)

J: Oh my god... what is that?! [readies his Crystal Sword]

Desert Hawk: It is rampaging through your backyard, J. The results can be catastrophic if it destroys your house.

J: WHAT?! Whoever you are, you better not cause major damage to my house!

Johnny: [walks over to Ryu] ....

Ryu: It''s Dialga...and it's in Primal form!!

J: "Dialga"? [looks at Dialga in its Primal form] Oh crap. I can't believe it's gonna try and level my home!!

Johnny: No...

Desert Hawk: This cannot be good. This house means a lot to J!

P. Dialga: GRYAAAAH!!

Ryu: *thinking* How badly must the time stream be ruined if Dialga's in its Primal form?!

J: I don't get this. My wonderful backyard has turned into a battlefield? What next??

(Primal Dialga is just about to attack with Roar of Time, when suddenly, it stops. It seems as if an invisible force is holding it in place!)

J: Huh? Okay... [runs back inside his home]

Johnny: What just happened?

Desert Hawk: Whatever the reason, somebody stopped it from attacking J's house and his backyard.

(Three strange creatures can be seen! They are holding their paws out in front of them, as if pushing back on an invisible wall!)

Iruka:*Pulls out his two swords* What's going on?!

(One of the creatures, still holding up its paws, walks over to Primal Dialga.)

??? 3: These Mobians are not your enemies, Dialga!

Alyssa: (looks at the creatures) What in the world...?

Will: Oh, great. (Will's fists power down, then he starts glowing as his fur starts changing shape, a sure sign that he's going HyperBlazing)

(One of the remaining two creatures looks at Will.)

??? 1: Do you mean to attack, echidna?

J: Will, let me handle them. [walks over to the mysteriously two creatures] Who are you guys?

(Will powers down, then his hands stray to his swords)

Will: If I must fight, to protect the future, then so be it.

(Strange Creature #1 looks at J.)

??? 1: Now is not the time.

(Primal Dialga stops its thrashing and looks at ??? 3.)

[A blue cat with dialga's wings jumps from a tree]

Temporacat: I must regroup...Dialga's gone primal...Again. [Teleports]

(Will frowns, activating his Sharingan Eyes, but suddenly grabs his head in pain)

Will: AAAHHHH! It's jamming my time-sight! I can't see at all! (Will powers down his eyes and removes the pain) That's better. Who are you, and what is that thing?

J: This can't be good... [activates a switch so his house can go underground for saftey, but nothing happens] Wha...?!

Johnny: [thinking] God, this Jeremy oughta pay for calling me a little baby!!

Desert hawk: What happened?

J: My house/garage won't go down.

Desert Hawk: Then we must protect your house, J.

Shima: Would a Chaos Sheild protect it?

J: Yeah...

Shima: Okay! (jumps on top of J's house. She puts her hands up towards the sky) CHAOS SHIELD! (a large dome of Chaos Energy surrounds the house, protecting it)

J: YES! Thank you, Shima!

Desert Hawk: We appreciate your help.

(Will slides inside the shield, using his inner strength to form a larger outer shield)

Will: Guys! Get in, now! It's safer in one of the shields!

(J, Johnny and the Desert Hawk runs inside Chaos Shield)

J: As long as we're safe inside the Chaos Shield, my house/garage is intact.

Desert Hawk: Indeed, J.

[A temporacat teleports outside the shield,looks around and writes something down, then teleports away again]

Johnny: What the--?

J: Great... [runs inside his house and secures all of his important possessions inside the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and his bedroom; goes inside the garage and secures his collection of cars and closes the garage door shut]

(suddenly, a brown blur comes out of nowhere)

???: Ow....

J: [sees the mystery person] What the--?

Desert Hawk: Who are you?

Johnny: Whoa...

(The brown blur turns out to be a young wolf with glasses. She looks similar to Alyssa)

???: (looks around;scared voice) Wh-Where am I....?

Alyssa: Uh...

Johnny: [to the mystery person] Who are you...?

???: Oh, I'm sorry! I'm Emily. (stares at Alyssa in awe)

J: [standing on the roof of his garage] ....

(suddenly, Emily hugs Alyssa tightly)

Emily: Mother!

Alyssa: !!!

(Will visibly shivers)

Will: Time's breaking! It's barriers are collapsing within these shields as well as around it! I can't equalize temporal effects like this unless I power up! FLARE! HELP!

Johnny: Alyssa's her... mother?!?!

J: Weird...

Desert Hawk: She's too young to be a parent.

(Then, J looks at Johnny, and his face is blushing)

J: [looks at Johnny] Johnny? Why is your face blushing?

Johnny: Alyssa's.... my girlfriend...

Alyssa: (looks around in panic)

Johnny: [runs torwards Alyssa, and attempts to calm her down and rubs her shoulder] D-D-Don't worry, Alyssa! I sure this is all a dream and such...

[several more temporacats teleport in, write something down, and teleport out.]

Desert Hawk: More future Mobians incoming.

J: Oh well... so much for arranging a party in ym house.

Johnny: [holds onto Alyssa and sees temporacats] Oh my...

[A temporacat teleports in front of the desert hawk]

Temporacat:I am not a future mobian, thank you! I'm a tigeroan!

[it teleports out]

Desert Hawk: Oookay.

[two temporacats teleport in]

Temporacat:Think it's ready?

Temporacat 2:Yep. We can teleport 'em

Temporacat:Think they'll attack us?

Temporacat 2:Maybe. Still, orders are orders.

Temporacat:True enough. I'll alert the others.

[both teleport out]

J: This is weirding me out...

Desert Hawk: I know, J. I know.

J: Hmmm... [jumps off the roof of his garage and enters his house and waks inside the garage to see MACH10, RG-15, SkyStar, FR34 and Napalm 4x4]

[the chaos shield surrounding J's house/garage becomes encased in a temporal glow]

Desert Hawk: [sees the shield glowing on J's house] What the--?

J: [looks out the window and the shield starts to glow] Oh no! Vehicles! Activate!

(MACH10, RG-15, SkyStar, FR34 and Napalm 4x4 starts up tehir engines)

MACH10, SkyStar, FR34 and Napalm 4x4: What's going on?

RG-15: And why is the sky glowing for no reason?

J: We're in a time paradox. In my house!!

The Vehicles: WHAT?!

Napalm 4x4: That wasn't supposed to happen.

FR34: Ditto.

RG-15: Oh noes!!!

SkyStar: Whoever started this, we gotta restore the time back to normal.

MACH10: But how?

RG-15: [panicked car horn sounds] I don't want to be turned itno a rust bucket on wheels!!

J: How should I know?! I'm not a time traveler! My house/garage is going to be turned into a mobile time machine!

(Then, a high-tech washing machine with a clock on the front falls from the sky!)

Johnny: [points at the high-tech washing machine] INCOMING!!!

(The washing machine lands on J (who is inside the garage with his vehicles).)

J: OH CRAP! [grabs the washing machine and drops it on the ground] Whew...

???: Oops! Sorry!

J: Kyle??

Napalm 4x4: What's he doing inside J's Garage?

(The lid of the washing machine pops open, and Kyle pops his head out, shakes his quills and looks around.)

Kyle: Woah! Time paradox at outside o' clock!

J: In my wonderful house/garage, Kyle.

Kyle: And WHY is there a time paradox surrounding your house/garage?

J: Ehhh.... you might want to check out my backyard. Everyone else is out there, even "future versions" of themselves.

Kyle: (peeks out into the backyard, his eyeballs pop out of his head, roll along the floor, then bounce back into their sockets) HOLY-

J: Yeah. Sooner or later, my house and garage is gonna turn into a demolition site.

Kyle: Ah. That's... really bad...

J: I know! I spent 6 months turning my house into a wonderful workshop!

(J's vehicles revs their engines in agreement)

[The garage teleports in a blue flash]

J: [sees a blue flash] What the--?!

RG-15: Uh oh...

Napalm 4x4: Get ready...

RG-15: I'm wondering what this portal would have...

SkyStar: Whatever that is, don't freak out.

MACH10 and FR34: Agreed.

[two temporacats teleport in]

Temporacat:I though you saif you had teh coordinates et for life-forms, not buildings.

Temporacat 2:I though i did. Should we try again? The rogues'll kill them if we don't.

Temporacat:ooo...Right. Start recalibrating, immediatly!

The Vehicles and J: ...

(Meanwhile with the others in J's backyard...)

Johnny: [grabs his cellphone and takes the picture of the temproal glow surrounding J's house/garage, along with the sky as well] I gotta let Twister know about this. [texts Twister and sends his picture to Twister's cellphone] There. Emily:(still hugging Alyssa) Wh-what's happening, Mom? Alyssa: I don't- Hey! Stop calling me Mom! (Meanwhile)

Bella:Geez, Twister you talk like your forty or something. *Mockingly* "I never thought I'd use this baby again". Aren't you only twelve?!

Twister: -_- yes I know...and I don't get why...but I can drive perfectly... but you drive...don't want it to look like we're dating or anything... besides you being a flirty female and all...and me being a smart kid helping a freedom fighter with his universal frammistat...going too smart for you aren't I?

(Then, Twister's cellphone beeps, meaning that he received the message from his phone)

Twister: hold on one sec *answers phone* hello?

(Twister looks at the message (which was from Johnny) and it reads: "Yo, Twister! Look what's happening over at J's house!" A picture shows J's house/garage being surrounded by the temporal glow shield and the sky was changing colors due to time paradoxes)

Twister: 0_0 Holy.....bella lets go J's House is sorta not how it seems *takes his tornado bike and zooms off*

(With Ryushu)

[Shahooter's slight screaming is heard...Dialga must've went Primal on him...]

Ryu: ?!

[Shahooter flops right to the side of Ryushu, his Feathers on Dragon-Fire.]

Shahooter: "Who's been messing with time...?"

(Ryu shrugs.)

Johnny: IDK, Shahooter. Whoever's messing with time, it's surrounding J's house/garage!

(Ryu-Hey, did you guys see this?)

(, I'll check it.)

[Cameron was floating, resisting gravity.]

Cameron [feelingless]: "Wheeeeeee..."

Johnny: [sees Cameron] Cameron?

(Ryu's Glalie randomly floats next to Cameron.)

Twister: GAIN WAY!!!! *sliding into a tree* ow...well afe thing is.. I'm alive.. and my gear will be repaired so anyways...wait what the heck is with the sky?

Cameron: "P-D hit me with Roar of Time..." -_-

Johnny: [hears Twister] Twister!

Twister: I'm alright so anyways...what is with the to fact I can sence something between someone from the future who is one of my descendants.....

Johnny: Time paradoxes just went wrong into a whole new level.

(Then, a portal appears, and a rusty brown passing by, its squealing bakes are heard before coming to a stop)

Desert Hawk: What was that?

Twister: don't ask me..ask yourselves...

  • portal opens from above and a fox lands on twister*

Twister: -oof!

???: sir I am SO SORRY!

[An Elderly Shahooter and Cameron come through another portal, however, they still seem to be in good shape...]

Johnny: Whoa...

Desert Hawk (25 Years Later): [sees the original Desert Hawk] Desert.... Hawk....?

Desert Hawk: [sees the rusted-out version of itself] Is that.... ME?!

Shahooter [Older, Voice sounds withered]: "I've always hated time-travel..."

Shahooter: 0_0

Cameron [Older]: "Meh you can deal with it.."

Johnny: O_O OMG....

Desert Hawk (25 Yeas Later): [its engine falls to the ground, since its engine is very old]


Cameron [Older]: "So...DH, Let ol' Cam fix ya up..."

[Elder Cameron's Techpack grows out multiple tools used for fixing Cars, in a couple minutes, Elder Cameron is done fixing Older Desert Hawk.]

Desert Hawk (25 Years Later): Thank... you...

Desert Hawk: J isn't gonna like this... he'll be completely confused.

Twister: it's fine.. by the way who are you?

???: my name is Speedy Prower...

Twister: 0_0 so what your saying is...your my son?

Speedy: -_- yes..

Twister: hug me son *hugs speedy*

Johnny: Weird...

(Then, yet anotehr protal opens, and J's older self emerges out of the portal. He seems to be riding in a motorized wheelchair, he seems to be all wrinkly and has severely limited abilities)

J (25 Years Later): [in a grandpa-like voice] W-W-Where am I? This isn't a bingo game!

Speedy: yeah dad surprised to see me?

Twister: the only thing I need to know is who's the mom

Speedy: -_- shade...your girlfriend..your mopm.....Mina and Tail's sister in law

Twister: 0_0 woah....well anyways I wanna know who your in love with

Speedy: best not to know...plainly me and Will know.


Frenchy:Get your grubby hands off of me!!

Echidna Warrior:Chief Pachacamac we found these three spying

Pachacamac:Were are you from which echidna village seant you. *Grabs Frenchy by the mouth* You don't look like an echidna.

Frenchy:Remind me to take a flea bath when we go home

Manager:Yes Frenchy *Begins writing on her clipboard*

Pachacamac:*Snatches the clipboard and smashes it in half* Your new home is the dungeon


Part 3

(Back near J's house...)

Ryu: (Sees the future people) O_O

Glalie: Glay?

Johnny: Great. Now I'm seeing a grandpa version of J!

J (25 Years Later): Say wha--? What's that you say, sonny? [rubs his ear]

Ryu: Pfffffft *snort* XD

J: [looks out the window from his garage and sees his older version of himself] OMFG!!! That guy looks like me! [points to his older version of himself]

J (25 Years Later): [bickers at Ryu, who cannot keep a straight face]

Ryu: *thinking* My God, how can an 18 year old age so much in 25 years?

J (25 Years Later): [sees J, his younger-self] Oh, hey there, sonny! Wonderful weather were having, eh? [breathes in and out with his oxygen mask]

J: Uhhhhh.... [thinking] I'm gonna pretend that I'm just daydreaming...

Ryu: (Walks over to J) *whispering* How'd you seriously get that old in 25 years?!

J: [leans his head out of the window after opening it] I'm just gonna pretend that I'm only seeing things, Ryu...

(Then another portal opens up, and a silver-furred hedgehog and a white wolf fall out of it.)

???: Ugh! What the-?!

??? 2: What happened...?

Johnny: OMG....

J (25 Years Later): Heeeyyy.... are we having a BBQ party in here?!

J: NO! I have yet to arrange any parties AT ALL! Especially in my house.

Ryu: (To the hedgehog) So...are you and your friend from the future too?

???: Future?

J: Yup...

???: No. And not to be rude...(looks at the white wolf)...but I've never met you before until now.

(J runs back inside his house...)

Johnny: Guess J must've turned himself into a neat freak, huh?

Desert Hawk: Plus, I seem to be a little too identical over my future self.

J: [thinking] Sooner or later, my house/garage is going to be overpopulated if this keeps up!

Ryu: I wonder what the Trolls are doing...

Johnny: Obviosuly, trying to use J's house into their hideout.

(Then, an alarm is triggered from the inside of J's house!)

Johnny: Guess J must be completely freaked out over the time paradox thing...

???: (To the wolf) So, who are you, anyways?

Alucard: My name is Alucard, the Demon Slayer.

???: I've heard tales of're the one who defeated the demon Mephistopheles.

Alucard: Yes.

J: I'm gonna find out on who's been messign with time and space, I'm gonna have to return it to normal.

J (25 Years Later): [panics and spins his wheelschair around] IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!

Alucard: (To the hedgehog) So you are...?

Soma: Soma Cruz.

Ryu: (Looks at Future J) ...........

J (25 Years LAter): [falls asleep all of a sudden, snores]

(Ryu facepalms. Suddenly, there is an explosion. The three strange creatures from before are sent flying into the area.)

Emily: Mom, who are these people?

Alyssa: Stop calling me Mom!

Johnny: Yush. She's too young.

J: [runs out of his house and sees three strange creatures plummetiong torwards his backyard] Not my wonderful backyard...


Desert Hawk: Oh no...

(One of the creatures tries to get up.)

???: He's.....too strong........

J: Oh man! My backyard was desing for combat practice, not for turning it into an aftermath!

[a score of temporacats teleport in]

Desert Hawk: More temporacars...?

J: Okay, I'll admit. It was my fault I turned a tree stump into a powder of snow, but I pulled it out!

(Primal Dialga appears!)

Temporacat:Dialga! Already?! Teleport them,NOW!

Temporacat:Can't! It's not Dialga, but something's blocking me!

J: Oh great... now I'm taking the blame over this! [points to Primal Dialga]

Johnny: It wasn't your fault, J...

Desert Hawk: Yeah.

Temporacat: Er...hello?

Desert Hawk: [turns to Temporacat] What is it?

Temporacat: I didn't know cars talked. Anyway, are any of you gaurding yourselves against teleportation? Becuase we were trying to teleport you somewhere safer, but im being blocked. Uh...Yeah.

Desert Hawk: We are. It's that J has to protect his house from property damage.

Temporacat: Oh...Er...Well, we were'nt too worried about you surviving primal there...But once we found out some of ours went rogue...That is to say blamed most of those present here and went off to kill them...We decided to get you somewhere safer...Which would be where your garage is.

Desert Hawk: Yes. Oh, and J's vehicles talk also, not just me.

(J, who has overhead Temporacat and Desert Hawk's conversation, deactivates the alarm from his house and runs back inside the garage)

[inside the garage, a large portal has opened]

Napalm 4x4: Another portal has opened!

SkyStar: Great...

FR34: I wodner what it contains inside the portal.

RG-15: Dunno, and I do NOT want to know what.

MACH10: Stay alert, vehicles.

J: Who knows? That's only one way to find out...

Temporacat: That's the portal we were gonna use to take you to the Temporacat Temple Complex. But it's not working. Someone here is blocking it, though i think once Vyr'Sai gets here he can deactivate whatever's blocking it. Til then, i'm supposed to stay here, answer questions, and,uh, i don't actually know, really...I'm guessing. There are rogue Temporacats who blame you people for all this and they want to kill you...Which they can and will do if we let them.

[the temporacat looks around a bit, then talks again]

Temporacat: Has anyone seen two strangely built burgundy cats lately? They're missing.


(The three strange creatures seem to have disappeared, along with Dialga...)

Temporacat:Oh,good,they're gone.

[the other temporacats teleport in, among them is a larger temporacat with much larger, glowing wings. This one speaks]

Large Temporacat:I am Vyr'Sai, leader of these temporacats and servant to Dialga. Now then...Let's get that portal working,eh?

Temporacat: the rouge temporacats are closing in. They'll strike soon. We must get these people to safety...Keeping Dialga form Tigeroa has sapped our strength. If we don't act quickly, then these mobians will have to contend with time itself to survive, and they look shaken up too...And with future selves to take care of.

Vyr'Sai:Right,right. Alright. All of you who don't have a death wish, gather round the portal.

[Vyr'Sai looks at Ryushu narrows his eyes]

Vyr'sai:You look...Familiar...Nevermind that.

[Vyr'Sai begins working on the portal]

Desert Hawk: [drives inbside the garage]

J: Whew...

The Vehicles: At least nothing bad happened.


Cameron [Present]: "Heh, sorry we're late, we were getting Sour Sweets..."

J: Riiiight....

Cameron: ....

Ryu: I wonder where Dialga went...

[a Vaporeon walks in and sits in front of Ryushu]

[Primal Dialga suddenly warps in front of them.]

Cameron: "OH SH--!!"

(Epic Lawl)

Johnny: Oh, C'mon now!

J: If that thing destroys my house...

[The Vaporeon flashes rainbow colors and shapeshifts into a copy of primal dialga]

Duplicate Primal Dialga:GYROOOOOOOOO!

Ryu: ????

Cameron: "A Vaporeon that knows Transform..." 0_0

Ryu: But.....but how?!

Johnny: This is all too weird...

Speedy: I know...and my dad is dumbfounded after 3 tries to guess who I like...

[The duplicate Dialga teleports the other away,grins, and transforms into a copy of Ryushu]

Duplicate Ryushu:I'm not just a poke'mon. I'm the shapeshifter...I can take any form i see.

[it sounds exactly like Ryushu. it transforms again, this time into sonic]

Duplicate Sonic: See?

Ryu: Wow....

Alucard: Incredible...

Desert Hawk: [drives off of the garage and goes over the backyard and sees Sonic] Sonic?

Speedy: yo duplicate sonic can ya show my dad in your shapeshifting poewers who I'm in love with *dressed like micheal jackson*

(Emily looks at Johnny, and she really thinks that it's her father (most likely because it's Alyssa's boyfriend))

Emily: .... Dad...?

Johnny: [surprised] D-D-D-Dad?

Alyssa: !!!!!

Emily: Dad! (hugs Johnny)

Johnny: [pats Emily's head and whispers to Alyssa] I'm too young to be a Dad, Alyssa!

Alyssa: (whispers) I know! (scared) What do we do?!

Johnny: We'll go inside the portal with J and the others! [whispers to Alyssa] Let's pretend that she's our.... cousin! [walks inside the garage (with Emily clinging onto him) as he walks torwards the portal]

[he transforms into a vaporeon again]

Shapeshifter: To do that, i'd have to take your form and memory. And copying memory takes it's tolls. I like this form, it's refreshing, and fun to see the look on poke'mon trainers faces.

(Ryu-speaking of Pokemon, have you guys seen this?)
[yes, i did take a look at it. [shivers] a scary reminder of XD:Gale of darkness for gamecube]
(Ryu-I'm thinking about making an RP about it!)

Speedy: oh....then you cn copy me....well sadly you can copy my micheal jackson look..but I still have my memory.

[The shapeshifter transforms again, this time into a downsized version of Arceus]

Afield of red static apperes in the air near teh group]

Vyr'Sai:Well, that's not good. The portal's ready, so anyone who thinks that's dangerous, hop in.

J: Okay. [turns to MACH10, SkyStar, Napalm 4x4, FR34 and RG-15] You vehicles ready?

RG-15, FR34, SkyStar, MACH10 and Napalm 4x4: Yes. [drives over to the portal, warping them inside]

[all temporacats except vyr'sai jump in, and teh shapeshifter changes into Ryuchu again, and also jumps in]

Desert Hawk: [drives back inside the garage and drives inside the portal]

[the desert hawk becomes smaller and smaller as it falls through. It eventually leaves sight]

Desert Hawk: [becomes smaller and its voice pitches higher] Uh oh...

[There's a red thunderclap and Wolfgang and inferno fall to the floor]

Wolfgang: *exaustaed* I-I't worked...

Vyr'Sai:If those two are enemys, just say teh word. If they're allies, throw them in the portal...The rogue temporacats are nearly here, we acn't waste time.

Wolfgang: Wha...?

Ryu: They're allies. (Pushes Wolfgang and Inferna into the portal)

[Vyr'Sai turns to J]

Vyr'Sai:if you want me to teleport the house,too,we can.

J: [nods "yes" to Vyr'Sai, knowing that J has responsibilities of taking care of his house]


[the house and garage disappear]


[two burgundy cats race over. One is grinning, the other looks scared and exhasuted]

???:Im...Raeverai...He's Raeserai...And hes crazy!

Raeserai:Heeheehee! This whole thing is fun! Oh,look,a portal! That's fun!

[he jumps in and raeverai chases after him

Vyr'Sai:that was...sudden.

Shahooter: "Heh, I can mimic voices like a Parrot..."

J: [thinking] As logn as they don't do anything crazy inside my house/garage, I'm safe... [looks around and the Desert Hawk isn't here] Where's Desert Hawk...?

Vyr'SAi:it went in teh portal, as should the rest of you,the rouges are only a few blocks away.

[Vyr'Sai sends out a pulse of temporal energy]

Vyr'Sai:that'll decoy them a little longer. EVERYONE IN!

(Will released his hold on the Chaos Shield, quickly joining with the others)

Will: With this much chaos, the flow-walker will come. He has to!

Ryu: (Follows Will) The who now?!

(Johnny, Alyssa and Emily (who is still holding onto Johnny) walks into the portal)

Shima: Wait up! (runs into the portal)

[a temporacat appears and fires a blast of temporal energy near teh future mobians.]

Vyr'Sai:the rogues! Take THIS!

[vyr'sai fires roar of time twice, once in the rogue's direction, and once near him where another was]

J (25 years Later): [wake sup all of a sudden] Who's up for some bingo-o-o-o-o?! [wheezing laughter]

[Vyr'Sai looks at the future mobians]

Vyr'Sai:You know, i believe my Temporacats set up the bingo room where this portal leads. Supposed to be special candies and recipes as prizes.

J: [to Vyr'Sai] Unfortunately, his brain is really old... [shudders] It makes hims ay random things.

J (25 years Later): Eh? What's that you say, sonny? [rubs his ear] I gots corn in my ears!

Johnny: Uhhh.... how old if your future-self, J?

J: 43 years old....

[Vyr'Sai sighs]

Vyr'Sai:Alright, enough fun.

[He ropes future J in with his tail and pushes Johnny and J in with both paws, and looks around to see if he missed anyone]

Will: The Flow-Walker. Flow-walking is a very rare ability. There are three people who possess it. It requires you to work with the flow of time and space, meaning you can walk between dimensions...or time paradoxes. The further you travel, the less energy it takes. Anyway, one of them follows time itself, fixing it's problems to retain the balence. He should arrive soon.

(The spectral form of a wolf appears within the outer area, materialising as he formed an energy shield simultaneously)

Cameron and Shahooter (Both Dimensions) "OHSHI--!"

Ryu: Whoa!

J: Oh noes! [uses Ice Barrier that surrounds his house.

Johnny: Oh boy...

J (25 Years Later): [yells, then coughs hard and his dentures comes flying out of his mouth]

(The wolf materialized enough for everyone to see the colors, wearing a cortosis-weaved suit that covered up to his neck, with a pistol strapped to his leg and two swords at his waist. His helmet was peaked, with hints of forced down dark brown and red hair shining within it. His hazel eyes were hard as he took in what had happened.)

Ryu: ....

RG-15: Oh no...

Deseert Hawk: We have to protect J's house/garage!

SkyStar, FR34, MACH10, Napalm 4x4 and RG-15: Right!

(Desert Hawk, RG-15, SkyStar, FR34, Napalm 4x4 and MACH10 speeds over to J's house/garage and they pull over so the wolf cannot attack J's house/garage. J's dentures (25 Years Later) lands next to Ryu)


J: That was revolting...

J (25 years Later): [muffles and points to his dentures]


[Shahooter painfully screams due to his high amount of hearing upon hearing Ryu's scream, Both of the Camerons rush to J's house...Shahooter's Ear Tufts seem split.]

(The wolf nods at Ryu, before starting to walk again. His black suit revealed red highlights in fiery patterns as he dematerialized...and walked through the Ice Barrier, before collapsing)

Flow-Walker: old friend.

Ryu: *thinking* Why did he nod at me...?

Will: Sick armor. I'm used to the...

Flow-Walker: Jeans and denim jacket? Can't wear those in a paradox of this magnitude.

Will: You have before.

Flow-Walker: That wasn't this big, and you know that. Freshly forged as well.

Ryu: Paradox? Oh, lemme guess; Trolls.

Flow-Walker: If the Trolls have the Time Stones, than it's plausible. The other time Will's seen me in a paradox like this, he caused it...accidentally. I had to guide him in fixing it.

Ryu: Then if the Trolls don't have Time-Stones, who could have caused this?

(The Flow-Walker unlatched his helmet, still talking all the while)

Flow-Walker: I..don't know. The Time Stones are scattered. At last count, the trolls had 3, enough to shield themselves from a paradox this big, not all seven to create a paradox this big. The answer must be in front of us...and I must say, Ryu, you look more beautiful since the last time I saw you. (He looks at Alyssa) You too. Man, put on a helmet and black n red armor, and nobody recognizes you! Johnny, Cameron, how are you all?

(Ryu looks very surprised, and she blushes.)

Johnny: [gets very confused] Uhhh.....

J: Whatever. I'm getting my old-self's dentures myself... [walks over to J's old self-s dentures and he grabs it] Ew. [walks over to his old-self, holding onto his dentures] Open up, ol' geezer-self.

(Will laughs)

Will: You're a Galaxy-class smooth talker, you know that?

Flow-Walker: How DARE you compare me to Scourge! I'd say more along the lines of Smart-Alec with gift for compliments, but that's my idea.

Will: Whatever.

The Vehicles: "Scourge"?

Cameron: .... "How do you know my name, oh yeah, Will, I'm galaxy-classed too..."

[Cameron seems to have the same exact helmet as Flow-Walker...but his Armor is slightly different and is colored in VS-Style. His weapons look High-Technological...]

J (25 Years Later): [opens his mouth and bites down his dentures, enabling him to speak again] Why thank you, young man! [wheezing laughter] This ol' whipper-snapper is no match for me!

J: Wut-ever. [walks back to the others, and rubs off the saliva from his glove]

Desert Hawk: Who's Scourge?

J: A Moebian coutnerpart of Sonic.

(A fleet of aircrafts fly over head)

Ship:Time entity detected approximately 3,000 miles ahead.

Lt.:*over communicator* Sir, there are a group of people below, they are protected by some time barrier. We will send our time leaches to eradicate the shield, and deal with all possible threats.

General:Excellent this day shall belong to us!

[A slight engine noise is heard...]

J: What the--?! [looks up above and sees aircrafts flying over]

Desert Hawk: This is not good!

RG-15: We gotta protect J's house! We can't let it turn into a warzone!

MACH10: No duh!

Napalm 4x4: Get ready, guys! This could be bad...!

FR34: These guys have NO CLUE that this house/garage means a lot to J!

SkyStar: Ditto!

(The Flow-Walker reconnects his helmet)

Flow-Walker: Get ready. If we live through this, I'll get some of you to a safe least, it's safe for now. I'll make armor and whatever else we need, but we have to defend this place first!

J: That's because it's my house! I can't have these idiots are trying to turn my house/garage into a demolition site!

Ryu: (Pulls out a Pokeball as Glalie floats over to her)

J: [seathes his Crystal Sword from his back] If they destroy my house... I'LL DESTROY THEIRS!!!

Flow-Walker: I'll get ALL of you out, but we need a way to stop everything getting in here. If I flow-walk you out, we can return to this place within a few seconds of leaving, but that also leaves a problem of having nobody let's make sure we've got those few seconds to prepare! (He grabs his pistol from his belt and throws it to Will.) Ranged attacks only, guys. We don't want to go to far away from here.

Ship2:Preparing to close in on time barriers. Initiate time leaches, and prepare for eradication.

  • Small droids form around the barrier and it disapates.*

Ship2:Switching to landing gear *the aircraft switches to a landing gear* Prepare for landing *the plane lands and out comes a tall robot like creatures wearign a long leather cloak-like coat* I suggest your cooperation. Perhaps a fruit basket can be prepared when we conquer this planet.

J: If it means you guys taking over my wonderful house, forget it.

Ryu: (Throws the Pokeball)


(Out comes a Shiny female Ampharos!)

Ampharos: Ampha!!

Lt.Scrap-Metal:You don't have much choice, I'm afraid. *More robotic creatures jump from their own aircrafts as the aircrafts carsh into neighboring houses the robotic legion stand behin the Lt.*

J: No... You can't destroy my house... I won't let you! It took me 6 months to turn my dream house into a reality! [his Crystal Sword flares up]

Lt.Scrap Metal:It's more than your house we will destroy, but your very existences. In due time none of it will matter. All of the world's heroes will have had their greatest achievments erased. Planets destroyed, people in fear, and our race at command.

Part 4

Ryu; Now, Ampharos! Use Thunder!

Ampharos: Ampha-ROOOOOOSSS!! (zaps the robotic creatures)

  • The robots are shocked however after they take the damage the attack is sent back at Ryu*

Ryu: !! (tries to get out of the way but is electrocuted) AAAAAUUUGH!!

Ampharos: Ampha?! D:

J: [squints his eyes] ....

The Vehicles: We cannot allow property damage torwards J's house/garage! We are not from the past or future, but from the present we are!

J: [steps back close to his house] Hmph...

Lt.SM:Hahahaa!!*Large sharp pieces of metal arise from the ground as they quickly make their way towards J and his vehicles*

(Glalie gets in between J and the metal shards!)

Glalie: Glay-LEEE!! (uses Blizzard on the metal, freezing it and making it very fragile)

J: Funny robot, huh?! [slices and dices the pieces of metal with his Crystal Sword] RRRAHHHHH!!!! I've built my house for perfection, so I can pursue my dream of becoming the greatest racing driver! You will NOT shatter my dreams!!!! [his icicles emerges from the ground and furiously plows through metal pieces and torwards Lt. Scrap-Metal]


Skilde: "Here's the Cavalry!"

[Shahooter's Flagship, The Universe hyperspaces to the scene, along with Water Mosquitos! And it has a Pearl-colored Cannon!

The Vehicles: [uses Afterburner and the metal pieces melts down so they can't damage J's house]

[Then the Elder Shahooter's Flagship arrives, the Crewmen look at each other confusingly and merely shrug.]

Shahooter: "Glalie, can we try out our new weapon on the Frozen Metal?"

J: No enemy shall take over my house and will be used as a stronghold! [Swings his Crystal Sword, and sharp icicles, known as Crystal Edge Slash, hurtles torwards Lt. SM]

The Vehicles: We will protect J's house, because it's his only dream of becoming the greatest racing driver!

Starfox-Corneria Rock Remix (Asteroids)

Starfox-Corneria Rock Remix (Asteroids)

Lt.SM:I was hoping you'd be a challenge. Now allow me to demonstrate exactly why I am a leiutenant!! *All metal in the near raduis begins to contort and bend including the army of robots. Lt.SM clutches his fist as the robots burst sending metal pieces flying from all over the place. All other objects made of metal rupture as well.*

Flow-Walker: Ryu, try this: get Glalie to freeze the main flagship, then everybody to pound it as one. That should cause irreparable damage and win us the few seconds it will take for us to flow-walk to...a specific location and back again.

[The Pearl-colored Cannon charges, it seems to have Celestial Energy in it...]

J: NO!! [uses Ice Shield (after striking his open hand on the ground) and it surrounds J's house/garage. The metal parts clashes through the shield, only to leave out cracks and not breaking it completely]

Lt.SM:*Sends metal flying at the rest of the group unexpectedly. Tiem has once again began destroying itself as the city is nearly destroyed.* You riskyour life to protect this little house. Why may I ask?!

Shahooter: "Now Megan!"

J: [to Lt. SM] Because my house IS my life! And if you tear it down... I will rip you to shreds...

Lt.SM:This fortifcation may be your life, but a leader is no good without his army! *The robots begin to come back together. They go to attack the group*

[The cannon is almost charged the whole way!]

(Ryu: (Badly injured) Glalie..(points at the main flagship)..use Sheer Cold!!

J: You've left me no other choice then... [summons 50 Arctic Minions] Arctic Minions! [points at Lt. SM's armies] ATTACK!!!!

(The Flow-Walker races over to Ryu, placing his hands on her chest [although trying to avoid her boobies] and started to reverse the electrocution, absorbing all the tendrils into his own body, allowing himself to take the damage she would have. He then 'expelled' the energy as a massive Thunderbolt straight at Lt.SM)

[The Cannon fires, shattering the enemy Flagship, Tindre drops down without a helmet, with a Healing Device.]

Tindre: "Ryushu, promise me this, your going to be okay right? I need your Consent for my First Aid Skills to work."

Ryu: Y-Yeah...

Glalie: GLAY-LEEEEEEEEE!! (fires Sheer Cold at the enemy's main flagship)

(The Arctic Minions charges torwards Lt. SM's armies)

[A barrage of Kives and chaos darts fly out of nowere at Lt. SM.)

Flow-Walker: She's all yours! I already removed most of the electricity, now it's your turn to heal her! I'm getting into the battle! (The Flow-Walker draws his swords and charges into the army. Will keeps shooting, although he's not a marksman, his a fair few robots.)

The Vehicles: [continues to use Afterburner on Lt. SM's armies]

Iruka:At this rate we won't win! These robots use an ability known as "Suicide Attack" it requires the user to take damage, but in turn sending a more powerful version back at the opponent. It is a suprise attack used against armies to take out those wielding firearms.

(The Flow-Walker throws off his helmet to reveal...Flare the Wolf! His pupils disappear, and the Yusei-styled hair extended down his back to below his waist. He had gone...Perfect! Will runs over to Tindre and Ryu, still providing covering fire)

Will: Ryu, have you realized what he just did? Seeing you get hurt tipped him over the edge...into his Perfect form! It's going to tip the balance, but I have to stop him once he does. (To Tindre) Good luck. He stopped her going into shock, now you just need to save her.

Ryu: Wh-What?! Oh no...!!

J: [to iruka] Not true! My house means a lot to me, and I will NEVER let them use my house as their stronghold!

(Some of the Arctic Minions manage to take down at least 45 Lt. SM's armies)

J: And no matter what happens, my house also contains all the valuable possessions inside!

(Flare forms a dual-element shield around himself of Fire and Electricity, using some of J's Ice Shards and the Metal fragments to form a second layer. He then started manipulating all four elements simultaneously to strike the armies. Both Glalie and Ampharos sense Flare's apocalyptic power.)

Ampharos: Ampharos?!

Lt.SM:*Performs his "Suicide Attack" again making all the robots burst beating J's Artic Minions along with the robots themeselves* This world will be ours soon!

J: Too bad you won't take over my house/garage... [readies his Crystal Sword]

LT.SM:I think that when we have time under our control...I'll rewind time so I can kill you again...and again....AND AGAIN!!!!*Millions of shards fly out at J while SM shields himself in a drill like metal and charges at J as well*

Ampharos: Ampharos!! (uses Thunderbolt on Lt. SM)

The Vehicles: No!! [SkyStar, FR34, MACH10, RG-15, Napalm 4x4 and DEsert Hawk piles in on Lt. SM]

J: Not if I kill you first! [runs so fast (all the shards misses J) and stabs Lt. SM with Crystal Stab with sheer force]

Lt.SM:*His drill shield meets with the blade as the two clash sparks fly*

(Flare growls a wolf's challenge, before lashing out with a massive Corrupted Chaos Blast Beam from his left hand and a equally large IceFlamethrower from his right at Lt.SM, with the elemental shields still up, lashing out at anything near him. Will stared to race towards Flare, powering up his Sharingans at the same time)

Lt.SM:*Swiftly glides behind J pulling him by the back of his shirt using J as a shield*

J: [gets grabbed behind Lt. SM] Mistake! [enlarges is sharp, icy quills, which pierces onto Lt. SM's face]

Lt.SM:*His metal face clashes with the ice quills and J is hit with the brunt of Flare's attack*

J: URRRGGGHHHHH!!!!! [gets hurt, but is still alive, due to his burning passion]

Desert Hawk: J! [runs over Lt. SM, with its engine fan shearing Lt. SM apart]

Lt.SM:*SM has absorbed himself into Desert Hawk due to his control over metal and technology. Desert Hawk/SM revs it's/his engine* Why do you slave for these furries. You are a higher being...Desert Hawk *IT is Desert Hawk vs. SM inside of Desert Hawk*

(Flare cuts off his attack, not because of camaraderie, but because Lt.SM was his target. He teleported behind the two duelists, before howling. The howl was so full of sorrow and sadness, but full of death and darkness as well. Everyone who heard it started to see their deepest fears come true but for Will, who's Sharingan Eyes saw through the illusion)

Ryu: (Cowers upon the ground)

Desert Hawk: [attempts to fight off Lt. SM] Invalid...command.

Lt.SM:I thought that would be your answer *uses the electricty from Ampharos to electricute Desert Hawk as Lt.SM leaves Desert Hawk*

Desert Hawk: [gets electrocuted] Maulfunction...

Johnny: [comforts Ryu] Ryu...

Ryu; *whimpering*

Johnny: Here, let me talk to Rakumei... [places his hand on Ryu's head]

J: You owe me a new truck! [strikes his open hand onto the ground and Lt. SM is completely crushed with icicles] Now.... PERISH!!! [the icicles crushes Lt. SM with such force and power]

(Inside Ryu's mind...)

Johnny: Rakumei... can you hear me...?

(No response...)

Johnny: Huh... no response... [goes back into his own body]

(Back with Johnny...)

Johnny: No response. J is our only hope to save his home, Ryu... [comforts her (since Ryu is still struck with fear)]

(With Flare and Will)

Will: FLARE! (Flare seems to twitch, then glares at Will, making eye contact. Will's Sharingan Eyes appear to spin, and started to gain speed) You're hurting her. You saved her, now you're hurting her. We'll destroy him together, you and me, but right now you have to counteract this Banshee Cry! (Flare twitches again, and his hair retracts to shoulder length, as he gains control of his Semi-Perfect form thanks to Will's Demon Suppression Technique. He then screams, but puts strengh into it. Will could hear empathetic messages aimed at Ryu, J, everyone in earshot. Their names and impulses to break their deepest fears rippled through. He soon stopped)

Flare: Twin strike, Lightning Chidori Smash. (Will nodded, forming a Chidori as Flare channeled Electrical energy into the crushgaunts in his armor)

Shahooter: "FIRE!"

[The main Cannon is fired, Scrapmetal is hit with a power similar to Spacial Rend!]

Ryu: (Stops shivering; looks up) ....huh?

(Will charges straight through the blast with the Chidori, impaling Scrapmetal with it as Flare grabbed him with the lightning-imbued crushgaunt, using it to snap his neck. He looks out towards Ryu, than away, unable to face her)

(SkyStar, FR34, MACH10, Napalm 4x4 and RG-15 races over to the Desert Hawk)

SkyStar: Desert Hawk!!

RG-15: Oh no! That robotic idiot turned its engine deep fried!

MACH10: This cannot be happening...

Napalm 4x4: That robotic freak will pay! Make him suffer, J!

FR34: Turn him into scrap metal of disgrace!

Johnny: [sees Ryu, who has calmed down, smiles] Heh. You're all right, Ryu.

Ryu: What happened?

Johnny: It's J's Desert Hawk. That robot freak nearly destroyed J's valuable trophy truck...

Ryu; ...I have an idea. (pulls out another Pokeball and tosses it)


(Out coems a female shiny Gardevoir!)

Gardevoir: Garde.

Ryu: Gardevoir, I need you to teleport the Desert Hawk to the nearest mechanic.

Johnny: Wait, Ryu. J's a mechanic. He has great responsibilities...

Ryu: Oh yeah...

Flare: No. He's mine. J, I shall finish him. He made me hurt someone I tried to protect, and for that I should finish him.

J: [nods "yes" to Flare]

Lt.SM: Hahaha, is this the best this world has to offer, a group of dimwitted heroes. You see the difference between a "hero" and a "villain" is not what they do, but their state of mind. A hero is a blinded fool who lives his life with false optimism. The hero always has the glory, and always has the victory. It's because of this that they believe the world is a great place when in reality it is cold and unforgiving. The villains realize that we are all little specs of lint on the outfit of the universe. We are unwanted and uneeded space all occupying it's worlds. It spits us out liek garbage while heroes are believed to be noble when all they do is save themselves! The truth is you have a blind sense of morality that twists your physce to believe that you do it for your friends. In reality you do it to make yourself look noble, to make yourself matter, as villains do. We are all the same wandering the world trying to find a way to prove to the universe that we all matter. You all have shortened my life, but I would die a thousand deaths if it meant what is to come. The universe will be under our control! It will have no choice to bow down before us. You see I was just the appitizer. I just stalled you all from the true problem. Now my work is done, and I can rest to knwo that in time I willl be brought back by time itself* Until then! *Opens a latch in his stomach as he blows the circuit and ecases the area in a large explosion nearly leveling the city*

(Flare seems to form a shield around the two of them, restraining the explosion)

Flare: Firstly, I'm wearing clothes made of Cortosis, a near-indestructable metal. Secondly, I'm not a hero, or a villain. I'm between. No hero would demand revenge, would hurt someone they care for, and no hero would purposely create a time-lock with themself and a villain within it to save those they love, but leaving them to watch them die. You see, we're temporally locked. Given time and practice, another flow-walker could rescue me, but not going to happen, so get used to oblivion, fool. (The explosion fills the time-lock, which is when The Trolls arrive with three Time Stones)

Ryu: FLARE!! (clutches chest; she is still injured)

Johnny: [gently holds onto Ryu] Easy, Ryu! You're still injured!

J: [quietly] None of this would have happened if you hadn't attempted to take over my house...

Iruka:What did he mean... did he just stall us?

J: Dunno but... he annihilated my truck... my house/garage is still intact, thankfully.

Mac: I knew the Time Stones were acting up for a reason...that's a Time Lock. Impenetrable unless you have something linking the two sides...or a flow-walker walks in. Still, flow-walkers are rare, so whoever was within that explosion is dead to the universes and all that crap.

Tonic: (To Larry:) You owe me 20 bucks.'


Robot Soldier:Sir, area analysis reveals were are in the ancient times. An ancient Echidna Tribe. Also a status report.

General:Yes what is it Lt. Scrap-Metal

Lt.Scrap-Metal:I...barerly....escaped.... the decoy explosion barely worked. The opponents are strong, and you can only guess more will oppose our intentions.

General:Men we shall change our plans. We will befriend these pitful creatures, and build machines for them. We will use them to find the amulet, and once that happens we will travel two years after this year, and we shall gain control of this army as well.

(Back with Ryushu and the others)

Tindre: "Ryushu, can I initiate First Aid onto you..?"

(Ryu is sobbing for Flare.)

Bella:*crying because of her fear and because she sees Ruu crying*

Johnny: No, Ryu... [comforts Ryu]

J: [looks at the others, before looking back] Hmph.... [drops his Crystal Sword tot eh ground and jumps onto the roof and sits down]

Tindre: .... "Ryushu...."

[Tindre starts to feel empathy for Ryushu, he starts to let off a whimper.]

(Will does the math and realizes something. He races over to Ryu.)

Will: Trolls. 3 Time Stones. I can bring down the Time Lock! Flare was wearing near-indestructible armor, which might just have saved him. If not, at least he can have a funeral. Trust me! (He spins, knocking Mac, Tonic and Fire over and grabbing the three Time Stones. He then placed them around the time-lock, opening all eight Inhibitor Gates at once, forming that familiar fiery aura. He focused, forming three tails of fire that touched a Time Stone each, activating their power as one. The time lock started to collapse, and the remnants of the blast escaped. There was one body on the ground, still moving...slightly. Will grabbed Flare, who twitched on the touch, and raced him over to Ryu and the others) He's nearly gone. I'm no healer, and I can't bring him back from the brink. I can go get Maddy, but I don't know where she is...I'll find her. (Will runs off, leaving Flare with Ryu and Johnny.)

Ryu: Flare!! (wraps her arms weakly around him) Don't die on me...please!!

The Vehicles (except for Desert Hawk): Hang in there, Desert Hawk... [activates auto repair on the Desert Hawk]

J: [buries his face onto his knees in despair]

Bella:*walks over to J and kneels beside him* You okay?

J: No, Bella. [points to the Desert Hawk, its engine was fried] I'm okay, but not my truck.

Bella:*Gets up* Hmmm. *Goes over to Desert Hawk and lifts up the hood. She begins tinkering* Aaaaand...done! Okay J it should work for now. You should get it to a mechanic. Theres some damage to the camshaft and the pistons. Just get it checked out soon okay?!

J: Yeah! Thanks, Bella!

Desert Hawk: [starts up its engine]

RG-15: Desert Hawk! Are you okay?!

Desert Hawk: I am. For now.

Johnny: Guess time travelling went completely haywire... [looks at the Desert Hawk]

(To Shima:Well nothing with Sarianna, but Lt.SM arrived to stall the group from findign the cause of the destruction. He was "defeated" and now everyone is recooperating)

Flare: I...can...try., armor...held. I'm...not...dead...yet...' trails off, collapsing. His heart beat was erratic, but strong enough to indicate he would survive)

(Will returned, looking tired.)

Will: Only found a medpack, and I had to use it to stay upright after going Overcharge. How is he?

Ryu: (She looks up at Will, looking sad)

(Suddenly, the three creatures from before appear!)

Will: What the heck? I don't know what's weirder, the fact that there are weird creatures here, or that a wolf seems to have a crush on a cat...odd...

??? 1: Do not be alarmed. We are here to help.

(Will checks Flare's pulse)

Will: Well, you better be here to help Flare, because he's weakening.

(The three creatures raise their paws, the orbs on the backs of them glowing brightly. A pure white light surrounds Flare, healing him!)

[Tindre drops his First Aid kit.]

(Flare shivers as Will quickly removes the Cortosis armor, revealing just a pair of fur-tight shorts.)

Will: Ooookkkk, he's going to need clothes. I guess he wouldn't want you to see him without those shorts, Ryu. Or maybe he would. I don't know.

Iruka:Wait a second. Where did that large beast go? *Thinks for a few seconds* Can some one tell me what abilities that beast (Dialga) has?

Will: Ryu's the Poke expert, but she's a little...overwhelmed right now. Might have to ask her when a close friend was dying. And emphasis on close. How close, I don't know. I can't read minds, just see the future.

Iruka:*thinks* Well if it arrived after all the time abnormalities then he must have time abilities. *thinks again* That's it! That's why there wasn't any remains from the robot. He created a recorded entity. It must have happened while everyone was distracted with that fear mind trick. If that's the case then he's still alive, and used the beast to save his life from the explosion, and from losing. He has to still be alive there's no way that there wouldn't be any remains.

Bella:*Looks over at Ryu and then at Flare* Hmmm....

Will: What? Is it because Flare only has fur-tight shorts on? He was wearing armor, but he has to have that off for the healing.

Bella:No I was thinking of something else to do with the two of's nothing just a thought.

Will: Hmmmm. I sort of see it, but who knows? I know Flare met one of his own kids once, but he never revealed who the mother was...if he even knew. Still, he's one of the few Flow-Walkers in existance. If he could train Ryu or someone...well, who knows? In events like this, Flow-Walking could be more important than ever.

J: [jumps down from his house and runs inside] I know what to do...

Johnny: I wonder where J is doing right now...?

Twister: *seeing bella* FINALLY!!!

Johnny: Twister!

J: [runs out of his house] All right! Let's see if this works... [presses the button from his TV remote and his house begins to hover] YES!

J (25 Years Later): [sees Twister] Oh hey there, sonny! [wheezing coughs] Fancy meeting you here, eh?

Twister: I know.... it's just nic to see my son Speedy

Speedy: Yo.

Johnny: Yeah. Things went disastrous when these robots are attempting to take over J's house/garage when we are teleported into the future.

J: Indeed. Even though I suffered most of the injuries, that never stopped me from protecting my wonderful home. And this robotic soldier even tried to take over Desert Hawk! At least I managed to fix my truck though.

RG-15: And these robo-freaks better not take over J's house!

SkyStar: Indeed. J's house is also J's dream.

Napalm 4x4: We did everything we could to fend them off.

FR34: Yes. Our owner spent 6 months on building his own dream house and pursue his dream of becoming the greatest racing driver.

MACH10: Not to mention that he's also a great mechanic.

Speedy: My uncle Miles is a good mechanic.

J: "Miles"? You mean Tails, right?

Speedy: yeah I sometimes call him the way if ya wanna know who I'm in love with......ask Will.

J: True that. Oh, and don't worry about my "older" future-self. He's always crazy. [points at his old self befroe he picks up his Crystal Sword from the ground and puts it onto his back]

J (25 Years Later): [stands up from his wheelchair] Let's go play me some che-- [his back crackles] OWWW!!! [sits back down on his wheelchair] Dang-nabbing back of mine....

Speedy: Thats what I liked about him...his crazy self.

Johnny: What's also crazy is that J's old-self.... [whispers to Speedy] He's 43 years old, but looks and acts like a 90-year old.

Speedy: I got ya there. besides I wonder if Will knows who I'm in love with might get a reveal into it

Iruka:Don't you realize you didn't beat him. The explosion was just a decoy. I know everyone isn't in the best condition right now, but we have to figure out what he is planning. If not we all could be doomed.

Johnny: Yes, we know that. J did everything he could to protect his house. Now that his house is safe, maybe we can figure it out on what he's planning to do.

Speedy: okay but can I turn back into normal speedy? I don't get why I'm still king of pop

J: [moves his house front, back, left and right using his TV remote] Now that my house is mobile, I can try installing a high-tech security for my home.

Iruka:Forget the house!! The whole universe is in jeopardy, and you all may be willing to sit back , and let that happen, but I am not. I'm going to find people who can actually take a hit. C'mon Nile.*runs off*

Nile:*looks back at the group sadly and follows after Iruka*

Speedy: YEAH! *follows as well with twister coming close behind*

Johnny: [follows Iruka]

[did'nt most of them jump into the portal? Ah,well, i can adapt...-Tigero]

[Vyr'Sai looks around.]

Vyr'Sai:This is pure chaos...I should take the five we needed and leave, but there's too many...Too much magic and power running throughout the air...Hey, did'nt i teleport that house? And those poeple?

Vyr'Sai:...I hate time messups.At least the rogues are gone. but if everyone who went in teh portal is back then the shapeshifter is probably causing havoc somewhere...

[looks around]

Vyr'Sai:Oh,look,two shahooters

(J emerges out of his house, with a Chaos Emerald in his hand and his house is brought inside the emerald)

J: Heh. You can never leave home without it. [puts his Chaos Emerald away by putting the emerald inside the Magus Robs before walking with the others]

[A second J walks behind him]

(Flare sits up, with a still-shrinking set of scars all over the right side of his face)

Flare: Time's bending in on itself! People, we aren't safe here. I can get us to one of the safest locations in all the universes, my forge, but that's about it. Is it cold here suddenly? (Flare notices that he's only wearing his underwear and blushes, shying away from Ryu)

Ryu: Err...

Flare: Ok, who took me armor? (Will motions to a place where time had consumed everything there) Darn. Ok, looks like I need to get back to my forge, and make people armor. Beskar, Cortosis and a few of the other metals there should do the trick. Now, I just need to see who wishes to see my home, and to experience the flow-walk.

Bella:A safer location?

Flare: Much. My forge is not within this universe, or any of the others around. It was created by a 'friend' of mine, with it's own time and space. Sure, there's only really a barn-sized building with my forge and other gear, but that's why I flow-walk, to deliver the orders I get. Who's up to seeing that?

Cameron: "Flare...."

[Cameron slides a Rectangular Package.]

Flare: What's this?

Cameron: "Open it and find out..."

(Ryu-hey guys...)

(Flare swiftly unlatches it with a well placed swipe, revealing some armor of similar quality to Cameron's)

Flare: Thanks! This should keep me warm, but I really think that the others could use something. (Flare throws Will a book) Read that, in fact, get everyone to read that. It's a guide to flow-walking. Some of you have the power to, but just don't know how. It also has the specific temporal co-ordinates for my forge. (He motions almost a half-farewell, half something gesture to Ryu, nods a goodbye to Cameron and Will, and starts to walk, fading out as he did so until he disappeared)

Will: Ok, I sincerely doubt I have the ability to flow-walk, considering my time-sight and other temporal abilities. Ronan can't either, Flab can, but only in his Time form, Jeff can, but what about you guys? (Will hands Ryu the book) I'm going to try using an orange Time Stone to warp there, but I don't know if that will work.

J: [nods]

  • (Uh, in your hands now, Ryu - FF)

Part 5

(Ryu opens up the book.)

(There was a set of instructions and a note from Flare in there, as well as a small crystal)

Flare (in writing): When you try Flow-Walking, let your body flow with time, but keep a direct fix on where you desire to go. The crystal will guide you. Normally, they say remove all clothing unless it's skin tone, due to cases of people changing color and such. How do you think I got red in my hair? But seriously, there's no time. Just focus on the time and place you desire to be, doesn't need to be exact, and just walk, You'll feel weird for a bit, but as you do, you're sight will double over so you see both worlds, and sometimes the threads of time themselves. Just keep focusing and you'll make it to your target. My forge is coded in that crystal, which will leave it's location in your mind when you touch it. Then, Flow-Walk to me, and hey presto, my forge has people. I can explain stuff there on arrival. Good luck, novice, Flare.

(In Flare's Forge, he quickly starts hunting through his databanks, looking for the other's sizes. He remembers the armor Cameron gave him, so tries on one of the gloves, to discover it was Crystalline armor!)

Flare: (to himself) Sweet. Remind me to make Cameron a gift in return.

(Back with the others)

Speedy: good luck with that... by the way where is will I want him to tell you all who I'm in love with

(Will reappeared, holding an orange time stone)

Will: Speedy loves my older sister, Lara-Su. There you go.

Ryu: Aww, that's sweet. X3

Johnny: [nods] Yeah...

Cameron: "Mhm..."

Speedy: thanks Will....but if you tell Lara I AM GONNA KICK YOUR CARAPASS!!!

J (25 Years Later): Eh, what? Is it cribbage time already?!

J: [shrugs]

Twister: well good thing is We're alive...bad will we stop the paradoxes?

Will: We're ill-equipped...Flare's got the gear...So does Cameron, but I know Flare must be forging gear right now!

(In Flare's Forge, Flare was forging a beskar-cortosis alloy breastplate for himself while his database hunted for the others physical sizes for his armor.)

(In space, the time-paradoxes continue to aggravate fact, two other gods are being stirred into restlessness!)

???: KRIAAAH!!

Speedy: good point...but if we return to our time Will PLEASE don't tell Lara that I love her...

Will: Dude, THIS is my time. If you return to the future, I promise I won't tell her. Now, we must make a decision. Do we go to Flare, or do we wait for more paradoxes...and those Trolls to try to profiteer... (The Trolls were scattered, now at 5 Time Stones and a Chronos Emerald)

Speedy: Thank goodness.....and I snagged this off of one of them *takes out a green time stone*

(In the Reverse Zone...)


(Back with the others)

Will: Sweet! But, we better hurry and decide. A true Time Stone will make this for those who can't flow-walk, but soon we won't be able to flow-walk or anything at all. Ryu, it's your call. What do you wish to do, because soon 3 ultra-powerful pokes will be trying to destroy us.

Ryu: Wh-What?! Then we need to get out of here!!

Speedy: Make it quick...the troll I stole this from is gonna kill us for our time stones.

J: And fast!

The Vehicles: Affirmative.

Will: Then you gotta try to flow-walk. Most of you do. The Vehicles, Speedy and I can warp with the Time Stone and Orange Time Stone/Teleport Stone, as well as anyone who just CAN'T flow-walk, but you got to try first.

Ryu: Okay...(returns Ampharos and Glalie to their Pokeballs, then closes her eyes and begins to focus on flare's workshop) Here I go...(walks forward)

J: [nods and turns to his cars] MACH10, FR34, Napalm 4x4, RG-15, SkyStar and Desert Hawk... you go with Will and Speedy. Good luck.

The Vehicles: Affirmative. [drives over to Will and Speedy]

(Within Flare's Forge, he smiles as he sees a pale, ghostly image of Ryu start to appear)

Flare: You can do it! You can make it! (He looks towards a picture from the Mobian future, of himself with two small wolves, who had told him their mother could flow-walk. Flare shook his head. That was impossible.)

(Ryu solidifies completely within Flare's forge.)

Flare: Welcome to my humble abode! (Flare makes a sweeping gesture, revealing the big blacksmith's forge surrounded by ores, the living area with beds and matresses set up, and the lake with fish and a small glowing building on it's shores outside.) It's not much, but it's my home, and more stuff gets addded to this world...when my friends aren't fighting to keep worlds from paradoxes.

Ryu: Wow.....(looks around) I hope everyone gets here okay...

(Back with the others...)

Bella:*Tries to concentrate but can't* Yeah, I don't think this time walking thing is working for me.

Will: Alright, hop into one of the cars, I'll get us there in one piece, the brute force way!

Bella:Alright! *Hops into Desert Hawk* [To DH] You don't mind do ya?

Desert Hawk: I do not mind.

Will: Ready guys? (In one hand, Will held the green Time Stone, while in the other hand he held an Orange Time Stone/Teleport Stone)

[Elsewhere, Vyr'Sai plans]

Vyr'Sai:Alright, so you say this will work?

???:Doubtless. It did last time.

Vyr'Sai: It may hurt the mobians.

???:Well, they caused it. After all, would you beleive i actually cried when Palkia showed me mobius' spatial status? Rips everywhere!

Vyr'Sai:I wish you would stop bringing that up. Well, go ahead and try.

[Back to Will...]

Twister: yo will I have to get into a vehicle too....seriously....flow walking is working for me...yet I have to walk backwards *shown flow walking while doing the moonwalk*

Will: Heh sweet moves, Twister. Hop in then guys. Hopefully I can time this right, and we should appear with Flare and Ryu...hopefully not making the most of their privacy...if anyone catches my drift.

(Soma and Alucard look at each other, confused. Back in Flare's workshop...)

Ryu: Will said that three legendary Pokemon are enraged...I know one of them's Dialga, and the other might be Palkia...but what about the other two? Unless he meant Dialga as one of the three...

Flare: Yes, Dialga would be one of them...hmmm, I wonder... (Flare was making a rough sketch of Ryu, approximating sizes and shapes from an experienced armor-maker and metalworker's eye. He added metals to a list on the side: Beskar'gam, metal of the Echidnas, Stellerite, metal of the Soleannans, and gold, a metal of it's allustre) Yeah, that'd work. (Flare meets Ryu's eyes) The third one would probably be Giratina, although there is a chance one of the others might be it. Or Will could be wrong, he's a living being. (Flare's eyes stray towards the photo of him and his kids, then back to Ryu). If he's right though, you're clothes will be inadequate protection for the kind of energies your body would be under. (Flare grabs a pair of glasses, and looks at Ryu) Yep, easily seen through with these sights, no elemental imbuing or anything of that sort. Nice body by the way.

(Ryu blushes.)

Flare: (Takes of the glasses, putting them into his pocket) Allow me to explain; the future, unaltered by all this, had me as a father. I met them. They told me their mother could flow-walk. I don't know who, but to flow-walk is every world but my old home. She's probably from there, but still...I want to protect that future, and my friends. I'm designing and going to make armors for everyone, and weapons too if they're interested, just to protect the future. So, make yourself at home, because this will be your home for a week or two...while I work and the others recuperate.

Ryu: Okay. Thanks, Flare...(she goes to sit down, musing over what she just heard; most of it concerns the Legendary Pokemon) Dialga, possibly Palkia and Giratina...but the others? Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, the Regis...I don't see why Celebi, Mew, Jirachi or Manaphy would be attacking...or the three Lake Spirits...(a thought suddenly occurs to her) Wh-what if it's Arceus...?

(Flare looked towards the photo, then smiled. He threw Ryu a silver Pokeball, then continued his design work)

Flare: That's a Silver Master Ball, one of four in existence. I forged it with an order, but never could deliver it. It's yours now. Now, there are a fair few poke's in the lake, and a few other kinds of fish and things. Heck, once I found a merwolf, but I ignored her. Nothing to do with me. Have a look around my home, and I might have some food ready by the time the others get here. They're going with the portal method, huh? There'll be a loud bang, all the timid pokes will flee, and they will be here, probably on the far side of the lake. (Flare started preparing the ore for Ryu's breastplate, placing it into the heat of the forge without blinking at all)

Ryu: A Silver Master Ball? (she looks out towards the lake)

(Meanwhile, again...)

Will: Ready everyone?

Speedy: CHECK!

Twster: check and I'm used to moonwalking

J: Ready.

Johnny: Ready.

The Vehicles: Ready.

(Meanwhile, somewhere else on mobius, Shanoa and Albus discover a small temporal rip...)

Albus: WTF is that?

Shanoa: It looks like a rip in the very temporal fabric of the universe. That would explain the time paradoxes...

Albus: ......I dare you to touch it.

Shanoa: No way! There's no telling what could happen!

Albus: Okay...(picks up a rock)

Shanoa: I doubt that's a good idea...

Albus: (Chucks the rock at the temporal rip)

???: "OW!"

[An older-looking Shahooter seemed to have been in the rip...]

Shahooter [Older]: "WHO threw that!!?"

Albus: OHSHI-

Shanoa: I told you it was a bad idea.

Shahooter [Older]: "Dammit Albus! Wait a've gotten a little...small..."

Albus: Wut...? got older!

(Then a portal opens above Shanoa and Albus, and dumps out two small figures.)


(They both land on Albus.)

Albus: Oof!!

Shahooter [Older]: !!?

???: Ow...

(Shanoa stares at the two small figures.)

Shanoa: Umm....Albus....

Albus: Huh?

Shanoa: I think those two are us...from the past!

Albus: .......wut?

(The two kids stand up. They are indeed the past versions of Shanoa and Albus!)

Albus (Past): Wh-What happened..? Where are we....?

Shahooter [Older]: "Okay, who's been messing with the Space-Time Continuum?"

Shanoa/Albus: The Trolls.

Shanoa (Past): What are Trolls?

Shahooter [Older]: "You do not want to know..."

Albus (Past): A-are they bad...?

[Another Rift opens, the Modern Shahooter steps out.]

Shahooter: "Mhm..."

Albus: Okay, there's Present and Future Shahooter, and now there's Past versions of Shanoa and I...this is really confusing... (Back with Will's group...)

(Will triggers the Time Stone and Teleport Stone simultaneously, warping everyone straight to Flare's Forge, where they emerged)

Flare: On the dot. Seen Mitch back there?

Will: No, and I don't know who Mitch is...

Flare: ...good. Well, get comfortable people. J, I can make any parts you need to fix and upgrade the vehicles, otherwise, I'll be making armor and weapons for everyone.

J: [nods "yes" to Flare]

Speedy; only thing that can worsen this...if Lara came to this time T_T

(Flare pulls out of his forge a near-complete breastplate and backplate for Ryu, setting them down and hammering them with his hands to make sure they retain shape)

Flare: Got to finish them, add the flexible nanotubes, but once their cooled off, you can try them on, make sure they fix. Now, for the parts. What is it you need, J? And Speedy, Lara can't come here. This time is locked so only those who can flow-walk or know where it is in time can get here. She can't follow you here. (Flare starts sketching again, with many pictures to do: Bella, J, Johnny, Alyssa, Speedy, Twister and all the rest)

J: Well, the vehicles do need something so that the robo-freak cannot take control one of my vehicles...

Twister: *still moonwalking* okay I know we stopped flow walking...but this is ridiculous

Ryu: Why? You can't stop moonwalking?

Speedy: I got this *bonks Twister in the ehad like he slammed a button*

Twister: thanks speedy

(Back with the two Shahooters, Shanoa, Albus and their past selves...they're unknowingly being spied upon by some Trolls!)

Mac: Well, let's see here...we got the magic fox, her boyfriend, and what appears to be the present and future owl Maguses...but who're those kids?

Frost: They look an awful lot like the fox and the cat...must be their past selves?

Nightshade: Heehee...I like torturing little kids...I say we take 'em as ransom!

Toxic: Past versions of themselves do not warrant ransoms....unless we have them under threat of death.

Tantrum: Then let's threaten to kil them!

Toxic: First, we have to get close. Those owl Maguses are pains to fight. Even Reaper would have trouble. I know...chips. Use two disease chips, pick them both off, then offer the antidotes for a high price.

Ghost: Brilliant! Hang on...(teleports the older Albus, both Shanoas and both Shahooter's away)

Kyle: Unless I stop you.

Ghost: Too late! (teleports over to Young albus and grabs him)

Albus (Past): AAAAAAAH!!

Kyle: (teleports Young Albus over to him)

Ghost: Grrr! (teleports Young Albus back over to him)

Kyle: (responds accordingly)

(Ghost and Kyle are teleporting Young Albus back and forth.)

Kyle: (pulls out a Trollicide Dart Gun and fires at Ghost)

(Ghost currently has Young Albus...he holds him up in front of him to take the dart. The dart phases through Young Albus, and hits Ghost in the chest.)

Kyle: Projectile Phase Mechanism... gotta love it.

Ghost: Uuuuuughh.....(falls over)

Kyle: Don't think I forgot about all of you! (begins firing on the trolls with his TDG)

(Toxic manages to sneak up on Young Albus and inject him with the Disease Chip.)

Toxic: Gotcha!

Young Albus: Aaagh!!

(Toxic takes a Trollicide Dart to the head and dies. Young Albus, whimpering, scampers away from Toxic's body.)

Kyle: Albus! Come here, quick!

(Young Albus, who is quivering and whimpering, looks at Kyle.)

Kyle: Seriously, Albus! Get over here! Quick!

(Young Albus runs over to Kyle, stumbling slightly.)

Kyle: (checks Albus's arm where Toxic got him with the chip)

Albus (Past): *whimper*

Kyle: Now, how do I get this thing out...

Albus (Past): It hurts...

Kyle: Okay, that's not a good sign...

(Frost appears.)

Frost: Ha! What do you think of our new "Disease Chip", eh? You can't get rid of it!

Kyle: (grins) Maybe not, but I can sure as heck stop it working! (pulls a syringe from his pocket)

Frost: Do the math, genius; syringe + little kid =...

Kyle: Oh, damn. Albus? I really need to give you this injection. It really won't hurt!

(Albus is already running away. Frost is laughing. Cue teh Benny Hill theme!)

(After 10 minutes)

Kyle: H....H....H....Maybe... I should... try a different tactic... (places the syringe into his TDG and takes aim)

(Albus is hiding in a bush.)

Poison: Did we forget to mention just which disease was implanted in the chip, brother?

Frost: Yeah, Poison, we did. It's a specially designed virus, designed to turn all medicines used into poisons. Only two cures exist, and they're only known to us. Good luck with helping the kid, since the chip was activated from the insertion. Also, to prevent you from escaping... (Frost takes a single chip, slots it into Solar's chaingun, and shoots it into Kyle) Silver. You can't teleport with that in your system and a paradox of the size of this around.

Solar: touched Vixen!

Frost: Yes, but I shot the recolor.


Frost: Our work is done. Bring the light-blue and pink Time Stones to our base, and we'll cure young mister Albus. (The surviving trolls Chaos Control out, leaving Kyle with the little cat)

Kyle: (grins) Little do they know... (quickly injects Albus) This ain't a medicine, it's nanobots! Specially designed to release an EMP pulse that will shut down their chip.

(A wolf very similar to Flare walks in. His hair is Yami Yugi styled, and streaked in red, yellow and his main dark brown color. He takes one look at Kyle, Albus and the chip insertion site and instantly tackled Kyle)

???: Don't! If that's a Troll Disease chip, shutting the chip down doesn't reverse the effect, that has to be cured! Shutting down the chip has no true effect with a disease chip. In your case, an Inhibitor Chip, they can be shut down.

Kyle: So what do I do then, Flare?

(The wolf twitched, unsure of how to respond)

???: Let me be clear: I'm not Flare. Secondly, try to remove the chip so we can ID what they shot him with. Otherwise, any healing technique or medicine I use might kill the poor chap. Trolls are know to be slippery characters, and so they've probably shot him with something fatal, or preying on fears.

Kyle: Got it!

(Young Albus starts coughing, although he does his best to pass it off as nothing serious.)

(Ryu-He's actually like that; if he's ill, he does his best to hide it.)


Speedy: so everybody ready?

(Flare's head shot up)

Flare: Ready? For what? Once we get back there, there's no guarantees that whatever gear we have will work, or protect us from radiation. That's why I'm working here. I'm nearly finished with Ryu's breastplate and backplate, but I've got a lot more stuff to do. Besides, Speedy, I have a Time-Jump suit finished and ready, why not go jumping through time and space in that? Anything goes wrong and we've got a Time Stone so Will can rescue you.

[Let's see if i can't get myself back in this tory..-tigero]

[A pulse of mental energy passes quickly through everyone]

(Will twitched and looked around. Flare, on the other hand, continued his nano-tube threading in Ryu's breastplate and backplate, finishing them. He then reached into the forge and pored the ore into a helmet with a Dialga-styled pattern, to make Ryu's headpiece)

[It comes again, but stronger.]

(Flare ignores it again, focused on the helmet. Will, on the other hand, started hunting for it's source)

[It's coming from a forest near the center of Mobius. It comes again, stronger.]

Will: Something's awake on Mobius. Flare, we have GOT to do something!

Flare: Can't. We're not ready. However, if you wear a Time-Suit, you should be able to get there without ill-affects.

(Will quickly suited up, heading off solo in the Time Suit, with the Teleport Stone in his hands)

Speedy: showoff

(Back with Present Albus, both Shanoas, Shahooters, and some other Trolls)

[A Honk is heard, something runs into the Trolls....A...StarPaw Sunderer....?]

Albus: Eh?

Shanoa (Past): What's that?

[A nineteen-year-old Cameron kicks the doors open, his Hair is in the style of a Crew-cut, StarPaw Troopers pour out with their Ancient Weaponry.]

Cameron (6YL): "Where's the Trolls? I wanna torture 'em..."

Johnny: They'll be here soon enough... [rolls eyes as he carries Emily over his shoulder] I really hate babysitting...

J (25 Years Later): Dem trolls taste like raviolis, with a hint of chili peppers in it! [wheezing laughter]

Albus: 0_0

[Cameron (6YL) looks under his Sunderer.]

Cameron: (6YL) "Aw man I just had this thing washed...."

Team Galactic Encounter

Cameron: (6YL) "Johnny, you seem kinda....short..."

Johnny: .... Yeah.

[Cameron sniffles in the air.]

Cameron: (6YL) "Y'smell and talk different too, there's only one explanation, someone's messing with the Space-Time Continuum!"

Albus: It's the Trolls.

Cameron: (6YL) "One can guess Flintlock-Slinger."

Johnny: Yup.

J: [nods] Hm.

Albus: Wut?

J: [facepalms]

Johnny: It's okay, J. We'll find a way to revert the time back to normal.

FR34: Indeed.

Napalm 4x4: We'll find out soon enough.

Cameron (6YL): "It's your nickname I apted for you six years ago Albus." -_-'

(Ryu-i don't recall Cameron calling Albus "Flintlock-Slinger")

Shanoa: Eeehhhh....

(Because Albus and Cameron haven't even seen each other in the Present RPs, Rofl)

(Ryu-Oh! XD)


Modern Cameron: "Je-hesus Christ!"

[Modern Cameron's hit by a Table when he's fighting some Trolls.]


Modern Cameron: "Grrr, It'd be better if I sliced Mandy with this thing!"


[Cameron snaps his flipper with his Thumb.]

Cameron: "BAM! Overheated Vixen."

[Solar's Chaingun over-heats, then it explodes!]


[Cameron then does a Temp-Mega combo on Tantrum.]


Johhny: Obviously, for coming in here at the wrong place at the wrong time.

(How can J be in two places at once?)

(JMB-my bad! I was going to put Johnny, but accidentaly put on J instead!)

Cameron: "You were flirting with Ryushu you wig!"

Tantrum: (Pervy grin) She's HOT! *drool*

Johnny: [grabs Tantrum's shoulder, and uses Burning Palm, which burns Tantrum's fur off] Yeah? Well you're hotter!

[Cameron kicks Tantrum in the crotch, then discombobulates him.]

Tantrum: AAAAAGH!!

Cameron: "Johnny...this'll be bloody..."

[Cameron twirls Executioner, Tantrum is violently stabbed through the heart (While still twirling), Blood scatters everywhere!]

(Johnny covers Emily's eyes (since she's a kid))

Poison: I'd stop if I were you, wolf! (holds up a small remote) Or else a certain little kitty will be in a LOT of pain!

Johnny: What?!

[Poison suddenly is beheaded! Executioner has a Warp Pad on it!]

Tonic: (Facepalms; grabs the remote) We weren't even talking about Ryushu! (presses the button)

Cameron: "Mmmm...Troll Meat....AND YOU ARE THAT GAY!"

[Cameron snarls, licking his lips, he pounces Tonic and starts mauling him!]


[Cameron lets out a lupine laugh.]

Johnny: [moves Emily's head, and her face buries into his legs (since he doesn't want to risk her watching Cameron maul Tonic)]

Cameron: "ARROOOOOOO!"

[Cameron lets out a Lupine howl.]


Johnny: Heh. Nice one, Cameron. [looks at Emily and he bends down, and places his hand onto her shoulder] One day, you'll be just like me, Alyssa and Cameron. You'll be so brave, that the Trolls won't be able to get in your way. [smiles]

[Mac is then shot by Cameron's Lasbolter. The rest of the Trolls manage to Chaos control away.]

Cameron: "YEAH! RUN YOU F(Curse) COWARDS!"

Johnny: Uhhhh... Cameron? [points to Emily, who is gripping his legs in fear]

Cameron: "Oh...sorry...."

Johnny: It's all right. The Trolls are gone, for now.

(With Kyle, Mitch and Mini Albus...)

Albus (Past): Uurrrgh....(clutches his arm) Ow...

Kyle: Maybe, I can get the nanobots to carry the chip out.

(The injection site on Young Albus' arm has turned swollen and discolored beneath his fur. Young Albus whimpers in pain.)

Kyle: Crap...

(Ryu-I wonder where Flash is...?)


Kyle: Umm... Chaos Heal! (his hands glow red)

(Nothing much seems to happen, although the pain in Mini-Albus' arm recedes slightly...)

Kyle: Crap! Why won't it work?

(Mitch had been thinking, and found the solution)

Mitch: Don't! That's a phantom technique! It will lessen the pain in his arm, but if I'm right, the disease will start attacking somewhere else. Let me do it. (Mitch revealed a small surgical scalpel) I can get that chip out manually. If I'm right though, the two cures are indeed hard to get, but no need for the Trolls there.

Kyle: Right.

(Mini-Albus looks at the scalpel in terror. Mitch meets Mini-Albus' eyes, sending reassurance through his eyes, as he gently placed his off hand on Albus' arm, coating it in water and removing the pain as he skillfully got the scalpel in and started working on getting the chip out)

Albus (Past): *fearful whimper*

Mitch: Don't worry little buddy, I...gottit! (Mitch removes the chip, examining it) Just as I thought.

Albus (Past): ?

Mitch: It's a Troll-created disease. It causes healing techniques and medicines to turn into poisons. One of the cures is a plant, and is the safest bet. The other one is risky. Using poisons and poison techniques to heal. Very risky.

(Ryu-Hey Flash! Lookie here!)

Kyle:..........I think we should go with the plant.

Mitch: Well, we better focus, because there are only three places where that plant grows: Rainbow Hill Zone, a greenhouse in the Troll Moon Base and the center of a Chaos Control-proof maze.

(Ryu-Isn't Mini-Albus' arm still cut open?)

Kyle: I can zap to the Troll Base and back in a flash! But Frost shot me with silver, and said it wold stop me teleporting...

(Mitch returned the scalpel into his first-aid kit, removing some gauze and bandages)

Mitch: Brute force, I'm sorry, but it will have to do for now. As for the silver problem, then this might help. (Mitch removed a weird crystal, which resonated with his touch) Phantom Crystal. It uses a phazing effect rather than teleporting, similar to Ghost. You'll appear, grab the stuff, then phaze back. I can watch the kid, no problem.

Kyle: BRB! (grabs the crystal, vanishes)

Part 6

(Primal Dialga, Primal Palkia and Primal Giratina continue to rage. Flare senses the damage, but continues to work, having finished Ryu's armor, he started work on Speedy's.)

???: "Need some help, Flare?"

Flare: Yeah, thanks, uh...

???: "It's me Cam.."

(Back with Mitch and Mini-Albus.....some Trolls have found them!)

Kyle: (reappears with the plant) Found it!

(The plant is snatched from him!)

???: Ah-ah-ah!

Kyle: Damn! (pulls out his TDG and points it at ???)

(It's Frost!)

Frost: Shoot me and I freeze the plant solid! And you should know, this plant cannot tolerate any cold! Also, it's useless when it's dead.

Kyle: You'd die the second I pull the trigger. You wouldn't be able to freeze it.

Frost: O RLY? Try it and see!

[SFX: Chrrkt!]

[Frost's Back feels pain..]

Frost: Here we go...

[Frost's Chest is then Mutilated...]

Frost: GWAAGH!! (he explodes in a burst of freezing air, freezing the plant)

Kyle: CRAP! Now I have to go back and get another one! (sigh) Here we go... (vanishes)

(Other Trolls are spying on Mitch and Mini-Albus...)

Poison: Damn.....he managed to get the chip out of the cat...(turns to Mac) What now?

??? [In unison]: "Hello Fails..."

[Cameron (6YL), Cameron (25YL), and the Modern Cameron were RIGHT behind the trolls.]

(That would be another Troll's Nightmare. XD)

Mac: ........s***.

[All the Trolls are either hit by Psymids, or their Executioners...]


(Ghost manages to avoid the attacks by making himself ephemeral.)

Cameron (Modern): "Ghost? Really Ephemeral? Meheheh..."

[Cameron closes his eyes, he then blasts Ghost with Psychic Energy.]

Ghost: Guh!!

[Modern Cameron feels a mental pulse go through him and leave something behind]

Johnny: Heh. Those trolls are too weak to battle with us.

Ghost: Grrrr........just you wait!! *Chaos Controls away*

Emily: (looks up at Johnny) Daddy, what are Trolls? Are they like the kinds in the stories, that live under bridges?

Johnny: [pinches his bridge from his nose with his fingers; groans as he was called "Daddy"] No. They're recolors, and bad ones also. Plus, they may be "powerful", but they're weak also.

Emily: Oh...Is there one of everybody in the world?

Alyssa: Kind of...Sometimes there are more than one.

[Elsewhere, five figures are seated on a table. One is Vyr'Sai, then 3 cats and a bird]

Vyr'Sai: Sai'Vyr, show me that prophecy again...

Sai'Vyr: When the fourth time Dialga shall go primal, gather ye the guardians of the 5 powers of Tigeroa and rise ye the menta-spires. Find ye the following five for the five powers...Give the power of universe to the electric canine, give the power of space to the sister of chaos, give the power of time to the wise young leader, give the power of reverse dimension to the one who's name is always capitals, and give the power of Kaetievyz to the trainer of many poke'mon. Give unto each of them the five relics, and they shall combine into the ultimate dragon, and defeat Primal Dialga. I wouldn't pay too much attention to this though...I'm not sure this prophecy is genuine.

Vyr'Sai: I was afraid of that. How many of you have found your marks?

???:I did.

Vyr'Sai:Super. Alright, all of you try harder. Meeting over.

[They all teleport out]

(Meanwhile, at the Troll Moon Base...)

Ghost: Toxic, what do we do?! That Flare look-alike managed to get the chip out of the cat!! Now we won't get the Light Blue and Pink Timestones!!

Kyle: I'll tell you what you do. You die!

Ghost: OHSHI-

Kyle: (cracks knuckles) I'm gonna ENJOY this...

Ghost: NO!! NOT ME!! Uh...(grabs the nearby Dismal) BEAT HIM UP INSTEAD!!

Kyle: Or better yet... (uses Chaos Lance to impale both of them)

Dismal: GUH!! *gurgle* Why me...?

Kyle: Because you're a Troll.

Ghost: Rageik....finds...the....Gris.......*dies*

(Meanwhile, with Rageik...he seems to have floated into an Asteroid Belt.)

Rageik: (Is thinking) Hmm...

[He senses others]

???:Who's he? He doesn't look like the mark.

???2:I dunno. We gotta find whoever the sister of chaos is, not some rockhead floating in an asteroid belt. Or had you forgotten why we're here?

???:Riiiiight...Down there, i think

[they fly away]

Rageik: Hmph. (he floats over to an asteroid and lands on it) Hmm...(he punches a hole in the asteroid) HA! (looks inside)...DAMMIT!! The Orbs aren't here either...


Rageik: Hrr?! Who goes there?!

[A jet-black Reversiocat steps out of the shadows]

Reversiocat: That depends on your point of perspective. What do you mean by "orbs'?

Rageik: It's none of your concern.

Reversiocat: If you're looking for Master Giratina's orb, then yes, it is.

Rageik: ....I am not seeking the Griseous Orb.

Reversiocat:Then how do you know it's exact name, and why would you be floating out in this wasteland?

Rageik: 1; Because I am Rageik, and my knowledge of all things is near unmatched. I have read the old legends and understood them. 2; I come out here to think.

Rversiocat:Historian, are ya? Heh. And smashing helps you think. Iv'e been here longer than you think.

Rageik: So you've been spying on me?

Reversiocat:Well, i have to find somebody who's name is always all capitals. That's my explanation for being out here. But the Tigeroan saying is "information is power". SO of course i listened.

Rageik: Hmm...I don't take too kindly to eavesdroppers, I'm afraid...

Reversiocat:You would actually fight the leader of teh Rversiocats? I am Tryv'Ryk...And my power of reverse dimension is strong.

Rageik: I am the true Lord of Mobius. Your little "reverse" powers are no match for my CHAOS FIST!! (strikes Tryv'Ryk with Chaos Fist)

[His fist passed through Tryv'Ryk]

Tryv'Ryk:OOh,sorry, milord. But i exist multidimensionally...As you should know.

[Tryv'Ryk's clawed wings slash at Rageik, but he uses Chaos Shield to block them.]

[He puts one claw in his mouht and whistles]

[Reversiocats appear everywhere, coming out of shadows and hding places]

Tryv'Ryk:Saftey in numbers, don't you agree?

Rageik: Hmm...

Tryv'Ryk:So what's your next move...Demon?

Rageik: *grins wickedly*

Tryv'Ryk:Go ahead. Try it.

Rageik: Try? Try what?

[Tryv'Ryk sighs]

Tryv'Ryk:Forget it. Kill him, reversiocats. I must find the one who's name is always capitals. As for you, Mr. not-the-lord-of-nobius, you should probably disappear about now. We can hit you on both dimensions.

[Tryv'Ryk sinks into his shadow, and thousands of Reversiocats begin firing Reverse beams and Astral beams at Rageik. When the smoke clears...he is still alive!! He intakes energy, then hits the Reversiocats with a shuddering shockwave, which sends them flying! All but a few of the new ones dodge it by going into reverse dimension mode. They quickly come back, and a volley of astral and reverse beams come again, with a few shadow balls. Rageik uses Chaos Control to dodge, then uses Chaos Heal to restore his stamina. About ten Shadow Forces hit him from behind, and the Reversiocats that used it go into the reverse dimension, along with many others. The rest fire another volley of Astral Beams, but again, Rageik retaliates with Endure and Mirror Coat.]

Rageik: GRAAH!! This is a waste of my time!! (he Chaos Controls away)

Reversiocat:Yeah, it's a waste cuz he cant win! haha!

Reversiocat:nevermind that. Warn master Giratina and find the Griseous orb.

[they teleport out]

(Back on Mobius...)

[Several Spaciacats seek "The sister of chaos"]

???: ....I'm hungry.

??? 2: Doesn't matter. We have to find her.

???: So what do we look for?

??? 2: ........

???: Great. That's just great. I'm hungry, and we're looking for someone, supposedly the sister of chaos, and we DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE!!!

[You can probably bring Shima back around here,shima.-Tigero]

(Shima: 'Kay!)

(Somewhere else, a group of Trolls are being led by a blue-grey Antoine D'Coolette recolor.)

Bolt: Can we stop soon, Adolph? I'm tired...

(The Antoine recolor (Adolph) turns to face Bolt. He whacks the hedgehog with his riding crop.)


Bolt: OWWIES!!

Adolph: Vun, you vill ahdress me ahs "Sir"! Two, qvit your vhineeng!

Nighthade: Yeah, Bolt, "qvit your vhineeng"! Hehe. (Adolph whips him) OW!!

Adolph: Deed I reqvest any commentz frohm ze peanut gallery?!

Nightshade: No, sir.

Adolph: Good. Keep up ze mahrch, Trollz.

(The Trolls continue to walk. Eventually, they come across Mitch and Mini-Albus...)

Adolph: Hmm? Vot eez zees? (motions for the Trolls to hide behind a large boulder)

(Back with Kyle...)


(The trolls appear to have fled...)

Kyle: Damn... Now, where could they be... waitaminute... (at the very top of his voice) RRREEEECOOOOOLLLLLLLOOOORRRRRRRSSSSSSSS!

(Back with Adolph's group...)

Solar: Huh?! (pulls out Vixen) RECOLORS!! (begins to fire)


Kyle: (appears behind Solar, taps him on the back)

Solar: ?!

Kyle: Hi-Bye! (shoots Solar between the eyes with his TDG)

Solar: Gaahh!!! (falls over)

Nightshade: Holy-

Adolph: Sohn eines Weibchens!! (pulls out his Dreyse)

Kyle: Wut? Nevermind. (begins firing rapidly upon the Trolls)


Adolph: Ai-yi....Must I do evehryteeng myself...? (fires at Kyle, hitting him in the hand)

Kyle: CRAP! Okay, you asked for it. (rapid-fires at Adolph)

(Adolph skillfully deflects every bullet with his Zweihander!)

Kyle: Okay, you asked for it. (teleports behind Adolph) DODGE THIS! CHAOS STORM! (fires a huge beam of Chaos Energy at point-blank range)

(The beam finally ends after a few seconds. There is no sign of Adolph...)

Kyle: Wow. I actually vaporised him.

(Suddenly, a blade is pressed against Kyle's throat!)

Adolph: You ahre not ze only vun veeth Chaoz Powerz...

Kyle: (smiles)


(Emily spots Shima, and since she's a little kid, she jumps on Shima's back)

Shima: Oof!

Emily: What's your name?


Emily: Hi, Shima! I'm Emily!

Shima:...Hi, Emily.

[Two Spaciacats walk by,arguing]

Spaciacat:I don't CARE if you're hungry!

Spaciacat 2: Well you should care!

Spaciacat:No i should'nt! And niether should you! Have you forgotten!?

Spaciacat 2:No! Sister of chaos, i remember! But you don't even know what in Tigeroa she looks like! For all we know, wer'e looking for a BOAT named the sister of chaos!

Spaciacat:Why would it be a boat!?

Spaciacat 2:I don't care WHAT it is as long as i get to eat soon!

Spaciacat:Is that all you ever think about!?

Spaciacat 2: Yes! Kind of. Mostly.

Spaciacat:[sighs] Fine. FIne. I'm hungry too. We can stop. After all, who's to say the sister of chaos, who or whatever that is, is gonna be outside.

Spaciacat 2:Exactly. How about that place?

Spaciacat:It only serves hamburgers.

Spaciacat 2:So? I like hamburgers

[they walk away, getting into another argument, this time about hamburgers]

J: [sits down and meditates]

Shima: Hmmmm..."sister of chaos"...?

Part 7

(Back with Kyle and Adolph...)

Kyle: Guess what?

Adolph: *sigh* Vot? I do naht like zeez guesseeng gamez...zey are a vayst uf my time.

Kyle: Look up.

Adolph: Votever. I'll humor you. (looks up)

Kyle: Sucker. (sticks him in the stomach with a Trollicide dart)

Adolph: Guh!! leetle...(falls to his knees, holding his stomach)

Kyle: Well, you shouldn't have looked up.

[A couple of laughs is heard.]

Kyle: Thank you, thank you. (bows)

???: "That's what happens to wanna-be Nazis, Germans, Hessians, whatever ya say."

(Meanwhile, in the Great Forest, in the K-9 HQ...)

Corwin: !!

Wolfen: What is it, Corwin?

Corwin: I just got ze deesteenkt feeling zat sohmbody eenzulted my hereetage...

(Back with Kyle...)

Kyle: Isn't that last one a type of sack?

??? (2) [Jokingly]: "No Dumbass, Hessian is another word for German."

Kyle: Whatever. (vanishes)

Adolph: You leetle bastards theenk you've vun?! (he pulls out his Dreyse, and looks towards Mitch and Mini-Albus) Hehehe...un eye for un eye, I say!! (he fires, hitting Mini-Albus)

Mini-Albus: AAAUUGH!! (falls over)

(Mitch stands, rage evident on his face)

Mitch: Unlike Flare, I don't lose control in anger, but this child was under my care, and so, I will prove that you made a mistake there by shooting him. GYAHHHH! (Mitch launches a Hydro Cannon at Adolph, before adding a Hydro Pillar underneath himself into that so he shot 30 feet up in the air, on a tower of water)

Adolph: AAAUUUUUGH!!! (lands on the ground)

(Mini-Albus is curled up on the ground, shuddering and crying in agony.)

Kyle: (appears behind Adolph) STAY DEAD, DAMMIT! (pulls out a stick of dynamite, lights it, and sticks it in Adolph's ear)

(Adolph pulls out the dynamite and throws it.)

Adolph: Vot eez thees, Ze Crack Cohmedy Hour?! Gah...I have no time fohr zees!! Have fun veeth your dying vhelp!! (Chaos Controls away)

[Adolph misteriously warps back.]

Adolph: Let me guess......a Vyrd?

???: "Not just any Wyrd, a Wraithlord..."

[A Silver and Blue Wraithwalker walks in.]

Adolph: Pfeh. You ahre goeeng to keel me? Go ahead. Zat vill noht stop Rageik's planz. Yes......he vill make zees pathetic univerze fall to eetz kneez!!

Shahooter (Wraithlord): "You Trolls are pathetic, Cam was right about all you pukes."

[Wraithlord grabs Adolph with his Left hand and punches him with his Right rapidly. Adoph's body can take no more, and he dies.]


Speedy: *hearing more tremors* Will....THE TREMORS ARE GETTING STRONGER!!!

(Outside, near the lake, Ryu is sitting in front of it, with all six of her Pokemon out; Ampharos, Glalie, Arcanine, Blastoise, Espeon and Zangoose. Ryu is looking at the silver Master Ball that Flare gave to her. Flare was sitting in the workshop, admiring the golden tint of Ryu's armor while working on Speedy's suit. In the Troll Moon Base (which has been protected so that only Trolls can get in or out), Rageik teleports in. He looks annoyed. Some recently revived Trolls are bumming around, moaning over battle scars or just relaxing. This does not please Rageik.)


(The Trolls look up upon hearing his voice.)

Mac: Uhh....j-just resting, Lord Rageik...

Rageik: Tell me, Mac...have you or any of the others even bothered to look for the Adamant, Lustrous and Griseous Orbs?!

Bolt: (Jumping up and down with his hand in the air) Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, pick me!

(Rageik facepalms and points at Bolt.)

Rageik: What is it, Bolt?

Bolt: I found the Addamint Orb!

Nightshade: You mean "Adamant", Bolt...

Bolt: Yeah! That word!

Rageik: Wh-What?! You actually found the Adamant Orb?!

Bolt: Yeah! S'right here! (he pulls out...a large rock; he gives the rock to Rageik)

Rageik: .......Bolt.......

Bolt: Yes, Lord Rageik?

Rageik: .....THIS IS A ROCK, YOU FLOUNDERING BUFFOON!!! (he throws the rock at Bolt's head)

Bolt: AAAH!! (ducks, and the rock hits the wall, where it cracks)


(Bolt looks like he's about to cry. Then...)

Nightshade: Wait, Lord Rageik!! Look at the rock!!

Rageik: (Looks at rock) Wh....what?! O_o

(Inside the rock is a brilliant gleam...)

Rageik: (picks up rock and breaks it; revealing a multi-faceted jewel) .....It's the Adamant Orb!! Adamantorb

[Elsewhere, the Reversiocats converse with Giratina.]

Reversiocat: We think he is after your orb, and possibly you. We are going to leave twoscore to help defend you, and another twoscore to find the orb, lord Giratina.

Giratina: *nods* Ghiiioooh! ("Very well, then.")

[Forty reversiocats fly throughout Giratina's realm, preparing it and reinforcing. The other forty teleport to random areas in Mobius and begin their search. Back in the Troll Moon Base...]

Nightshade: Wow...

Rageik: (Holds up the Adamant Orb) And now...

(The orb begins to glow brightly! Then...)


Frost: ACK!! What was that?!

Rageik: The God of Time...


(Rageik teleports the intruder into the base. It is Dialga!)

Trolls: O_O

Rageik: You obey me now, Dialga!

Dialga: Gyraah!

(The Adamant Orb glows, and the jewel on Dialga's chest glows as well. Dialga bows its head, and Rageik jumps up onto it.)

???: "Tsk tsk tsk..."

Rageik: ?

[A Palkia-design armored Cameron, Palkia at his side was standing about 100 meters away, clapping.]

Rageik: What is this?! Grr....

Modern Cameron: "Palkia and I are working together, don't bother looking for the Lustrous Orb..."

Rageik: If I had the Lustrous Orb, Palkia would have no choice but to obey!

Modern Cameron: "And you are a quite pathetic being."

[something teleports in between the two and floats there. It's a small patterened relic, golden and rough textured]

Rageik: Hmm?

[it slowly begins spinning on it's axis]

Rageik: *thinking* Could it be...? The Griseous Orb...?

[it begins floating towards Cameron]

Rageik: Wh-what?! Ghost, grab it!!

[Ghost runs up and leaps upon the Orb. The relic ignores this and drags ghost across the floor on it's way to Cameron.]

Ghost: Hey!! Get back here!!

[It levels itself with Cameron's chest, it's glowing tip pointing straight at him. it sinks itself into Cameron's chest, and a fuzzy feeling comes over him. Cameron's body glows white, slowly getting brighter]

Cameron: "Okay, ow, that hurt. So, what's this thing doing?"

[a strange new energy awakens in his mind. Cameron's Techpack reacts to this.]

Cameron: "Oh hell Yes..."

[Cameron's armor shifts to a Golden and White color, with Magenta Shoulderpads.]

[Elsewhere, Vyr'Sai meets with teh others again]

Vyr'Sai:Something bad has happened. I can FEEL it. Progres report

Sai'Vyr:We,that is,two of my Spaciacats think they have thier mark.


[sai'vyr winces]


Vyr'Sai:....................I'm sorry, i must not have heard right. Say again?

Sai'Vyr:A hamburger.

[vyr'sai lets his head fall to the table]

Tryv'Ryk:er....We are protecting Giratina, we have found our relic, and we know and are gaurding the location of the griseous orb, ahving placed several decoys

Ryk'Tryv:We are ready to amplify our mark

Vysaekyt:We are still searching.

Vyr'Sai:As am i. Good, i suppose. Meeting done. Oh, and Ryk'Tryv, find and amplify.

[they teleport out. Back with Mitch, the Wraithlord and Mini-Albus...]

Mini-Albus: *whimpering*

Mitch: Be calm, Albus. I'm going to have to try a remedy that isn't assured, but it should counteract the Troll virus. (Mitch takes off his jacket, before grabbing a set of bandages around his chest. He unwrapped enough for a single drop of purple-black liquid to drop into his palm. Quickly he rubbed that black liquid into Mini-Albus's open wound.) I'm sorry, but that liquid was left over from a hit with Poison Slash. It should still be strong enough to counteract the Troll virus, then I should be able to get the bullet out with water.

(Mini-Albus moans softly.)

(Back in the Troll Moon Base, Adolph teleports into one of the many giant labs. Bubonic is in there.)

Bubonic: Ah, Adolph. Did you implant the cat with the latest "project" I developed?

Adolph: Yes. Vot vos een zat anyvayz?

Bubonic: A super-parasite that I've created. It consumes any form of healing magic or ability, as well as medicine, and turns it into more dangerous viruses. The only weakness I can think of was that it reversed poisons and poison techniques as well, healing the person. But it's something they'd never think of doing!

Adolph: You never know, Buboneek. Zere ahre crahfty people out zere.

Bubonic: Ah, but I am crafty as well. You see, the parasite works very quickly; it starts attacking the body 45 seconds upon entering it. Even if someone thought to use poison to cure it, the parasite would have already caused considerable damage. Now, if I can only find a way to make it immune to poison as well...

(Back with Rageik...)

Cameron: "The Creator has chosen me..."

Rageik: Grrrr.......(absorbs the Adamant Orb into his body, then grins) I have a trick up my sleeve as well, wolf!! (his hands begin to glow with black and purple light)

(Dialga begins to glow as well! It's transforming into...Dark Primal Dialga!!)
DarkPrimal Dialga

D.P. Dialga: GHRAAAAA!!

Cameron: .... "That's your best?"

[Cameron stomps on the ground, causing an Earthquake! DarkPrimal Dialga floats slightly in the air, avoiding the earthquake. It retaliates with Dark Pulse.)

Cameron: "If I'll subdue you then I will!"

[Cameron injects himself with a weird Blue Substance...]

D.P. Dialga: GHRAAAAH!! (flies at Cameron, charging up a Roar of Time)

J: [wakes up from his meditation as he hears D.P. Dialga] What happened?! [looks around] What's going on?!

[D.P. Dialga flies right over his head. Cameron jumps up, hitting Dark Primal Dialga with a AMC-charged punch! D.P. Dialga flies back a bit, but hits Cameron with Roar of Time!]

Cameron: "You want some more?"

[Palkia catches Cameron with his Claw as if Cameron was a small football.]

D.P. Dialga: GHRAAAAAH!!

(Suddenly, J manages to free Cameron from the grip of Palkia by using Chaos Illusion!)

J: Got ya!

Palkia: ?

Napalm 4x4: J got Cameron!

RG-15: Sweetness!

(Palkia facepalms. Dark Primal Dialga focuses its attention upon J!)

J: [puts Cameron onto the seat of MACH10, the Formula 1 car] MACH10, take Cameron to safety! [turns to P. Dialga] You're trying to hurt my good friend, aren't you?

MACH10: [speeds away with Cameron to meet up with the other vehicles]

Rageik: *facepalms* You really are an idiot, aren't you, J? Smite him, Dialga!!

D.P. Dialga: GHRAAAAAH!! (uses Flash Cannon on J)

(As soon as the Flash Cannon hits J, he is shielded by Ice Barrier!)

J: Is that it? [turns to Rageik] Now say I'm an idiot, idiot.

Rageik: You're an idiot, idiot.

(J is hit by D.P. Dialga's Fire Blast! However, J simply stands there and he slowly begins to smile.... insanely (as if he's ready to turn into Insane Magus J)!)

J: [smiling insanely] Is... that it? I've taken... worse hits... [slowly unseathes his Crystal Sword from his back]

Rageik: Grrrr......KILL HIM NOW, DIALGA!! KILL!!

(D.P. Dialga rears up on his hind legs, charging up spatial energy into one foreleg!)

Insane Magus J: [smiles insanely even more and charges torwards D.P. Dialga] HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! [jumps up high and impales D.P. Dialga with his Crystal Sword, instantly freezing D.P. Dialga in its tracks; turns to Rageik] Now it's your turn!!! [charges towards Rageik, while laughing insanely]

(D.P. Dialga unfreezes, and swings its foreleg, hitting J with a powerful ChronoBlade!)

(J's body explodes into billions of small icicles after he was hit by D.P. Dialga's ChronoBlade, and it flies towards Rageik, thus inflicting sheer pain inside his body!)

Insane Magus J: [surrounds Rageik, thus inflicting pain on him; laughing insanely] Like I said, I've taken worst hits and survived!

Rageik: Graaah!! (uses Overheat)

Insane Magus J: Ah-ah-ah! You need to chill out! [uses Freeze Palm on Rageik, and is inflicted with sheer coldness as his strength weakens]

Cameron: "J, Palkia's my Partner, now, allow me...."

[Cameron smiles, getting out Plasma-Splitter, he stabs it in Rageik's Shoulder.]

(Both Rageik and Insane Magus J inflicts sheer pain on each other, and Insane Magus J stops smiling insanely and turns back into his normal form. Rageik has both hands on his knees, panting. Back with Mitch and Mini-Albus...)

Mini-Albus: (Tries to get up)

(Mitch focuses on the liquid he had dropped into Albus's open wound, forcing them into Albus's bloodstream.)

Mitch: I'm sorry, but that's all I can do without the plant.

(Mini-Albus coughs, he seems to be in pain. Mitch moves in close, then places a hand on Albus head and arm, appearing to act as a purifying agent, removing each individual particle from Albus and moving them into himself, where his unique immune system destroyed each individual bug.)

Kyle: (reappears holding another plant) Okay, if someone kills this one, I am going to be REALLY ticked off!!

Mini-Albus: (His breathing becomes more normal, but he is still sickly looking) *moan*


Speedy: *in a flustering panic* we're gonna die we're gona die we're gonna die we're gonna die......

Twister: Speedy calm down we're not going to die. *walks to Will* Will don't tell speedy but do this *whispers to bring Lara-Su to this time*


(Will nods, before time jumping again)

Speedy: *more calm* ok we won't die....but a giant pokemon is gonna kill us soon as it finds us......0_0' okay now I'm in a mere input of questions. -_-

(back with J, Rageik and the others...)

J: [looks at Rageik; pants slightly] You ready to call it quits?

Rageik: Heh. (he swats J out of the way) Even if I didn't have Dialga at my command, you are nothing more than an insignificant fly to me...

J: Oh yeah...? [raises his hand, releasing sharp icicles, thus impaling Rageik through] You're a bigger one!

Rageik: Ugh!! (smashes the icicles) I've had enough of you...Dialga!!

(Dark Primal Dialga looks at Rageik.)

Rageik: (Points at J) KILL!!

D.P.Dialga: GYRHAAAAAAHH!! (flies at J)

???: STOP!

Rageik: ?!

J: Huh?

[A score of white cats, with one slightly larger, appear]

???:This must end, by Arceus' will.

J: So much for trying to restore time... [runs to meet up with his vehicles]

[the cat's wings begin glowing]

RG-15: Hey, J! Any luck?

J: [nods "no"]

RG-15: Ah well. So much for restoring time...

Napalm 4x4: If we can't restore time..

FR34: [to Napalm 4x4] Don't say such a thing, Nappa! When there's a will, there's a way! And we're gonna restore time by any means neccesary! In fact... [updates it's GPS radar map] I'm still working on it.

SkyStar: Don't take too long, though!

J: Oh yeah. We WILL restore time and space, and no enemies, not even those weakling Trolls can stop us!

The Vehicles (except the Desert Hawk): Yeah!

J: Let's move!

(So J and the vehicles (with Bella controlling the Desert hawk, J's trophy truck) run off torwards the groups as they search to restore time and space.)

(In the present time of Chaos City (same as Ultimate City), we see three of J's vehicles; Excelsior V8, a dune buggy, Argento GT1, a tuner car, and the Crown Diamond R/T, a police car, as the three performa practice run on Chaos Speedway (the time hasn't affected yet).)

Excelsior V8: I hope J is all right on his adventures.

Argento GT1: Hai. He is competent and brave.

Crown Diamond R/T: Affirmative. In the meantime, let us continue to train ourselves for a practice run on this racetrack.

(The three vehicles performs an excellent drift onto an "S" corner, before they reach torwards the finish line.)

Argento GT1: Practice run complete.

Excelsior V8: Totall-- [its radar picks up something, and spots the sky that are changing colors quickly (as if time was being altered] What the heck? What's wrong with the sky??

Crown Diamond R/T: I am not sure.

Argento GT1: J is in danger, maybe?

Excelsior V8: Could be. If so, then we gotta go and rescue him! [drives off from Chaos Speedway]

Crown Diamond R/T and Argento GT1: Affirmative. [follows the Excelsior V8]

(So the three vehicles make an exit from Chaos Speedway. The exit gate is strangely closed)

Excelsior V8: Wut...?

Argento GT1: Iie (No!)! That gate was open eariler we got there!

Crown Diamond R/T: Hang on. I am going inside the systen and open the exit/entrance gate manually. [drives closer to the entrance/exit gate and its headlights turn into matrix-like code vision, as it tries to open the gate]

(4 hours later, the Crown Diamond manages to open the gate and the three vehicles leave the racetrack, as they search for J or other time warping activities)

Argento GT1: [driving around Chaos City (while an unusual aurora changes colors, due to time paradox activities)] I hope j and the otehrs are all right.

Excelsior V8: This is weird. Everyone isn't there. Even J's house is gone!

Crown Diamond R/T: I am trying to find out what is happening with time and space. [scans with its GPS radar system from its center console]

(5 minutes later...)

Crown Diamond R/T: Unknown location found.

Argento GT1: So this makes finding J and the others hard?

Excelsior V8: I'm afraid so. RG-15, Desert Hawk, FR34 and the other vehicles could be anywhere.

Angernto GT1: Anywhere but Chaos City (Ultimate City).

Crown Diamond R/T: Affirmative. [turns on its mini searchlight and swivels it around in search fro J and the others]

(Back with the wound Rageik and J, D.P Dialga, Cameron and Palkia, and the unknown Cat.)

Cameron: "Excuse me Cat...."

(J puts his Crystal Sword and mis Magus Robe inside the front hood of the RG-15, reverting him back to normal)

RG-15: You're not going to use them?

J: [nods "no"] I'll have to rely on this Chaos Emerald I have, which enables me to use Chaos powers.

RG-15: Ohhhhh oaky. Not a bad idea you have there, J.

(Back with Johnny, Alyssa, Emily and the others, Johnny listens to his Sonic musics from his iPod while Emily looks at him curiously)

Emily: (looks at Johnny curiously) Whatcha listening to?

Johnny: [looks at Emily and takes off his headphones and places them onto Emily's ears and the song she's listening to it is known as Sonic 2006 "Dreams of Absolution (Silvers theme)" Music ]

Emily: (listens, then starts to hum the song) I like it!

Johnny: [smiles] Thanks. [looks at the sky; thinking] Even though I hate being called "daddy", I guess not all kids misbehave badly.

Emily: (crawls onto Johnny's lap (she's only about 6))

Johnny: Hey, Alyssa...?

Alyssa: Hm?

Johnny: Even though we're still freaked out that she thought that she's our "daughter", at least I'm good with kids, [smiles] right?

Alyssa: (smiles back) Right!

Emily: (falls asleep on Johnny's lap while listening to his iPod)

Johnny: Oh, and Alyssa?

Alyssa: Yeah?

(Johnny gets up (while carrying Emily as she wraps him around while sleeping) walks torwards Alyssa and kisses her in the lips)

Part 8

(Back with the Argento GT1, the Crown Diamond R/T and the Excelsior V8 in Chaos City (present time)...)

Excelsior V8: No one's there...

Argento GT1: Weird. Chaos City was never deserted before.

Crown Diamond R/T: Yes. I am not able to find any survivors in Chaos City. We shall continue out search.

Argento GT1 and Excelsior V8: Right.

(As the three vehicles search for the Mobians, they are watched by a group of Trolls, led by Adolph D'Castelle and Gunnie Rabbot!)

Argento GT1: I have a bad feeling about this...

Excelsior V8: Why? Chaos City is deserted. There's barely anybody walking around.

Crown Diamond R/T: Well, neither are enemies. I have yet to find any trace of Mobians yet.

Excelsior V8: Meh. Who knows? [pulls over, along with the Crown Diamond R/T and the Argento GT1]

Argento GT1: We're not alone, are we?

Crown Diamond R/T: I'm afraid so.

(When the vehicles are far enough away, Adolph turns to Gaston.)

Adolph: Talkeeng carz, eh? Ze must belong to ze most rezent uf ze Ulteemate Lifeformz...

Gaston: Right-o.

Adolph: Hmmm.....(looks up at a building near the cars; he then turns to a silver-furred Bunnie Rabbot recolor) Guhnnie, my love...vould you blow up zat buildeeng for me?

Gunnie: Sure thing. (her left arm turns into a rocket launcher and she fires at the building nearest to the vehicles)


(The building topples!)

Crwon Diamond R/T: [drives away]

Argento GT1: TIMBER!! [drives away (thus spinning its rear wheels) from the collapsing building)]

Excelsior V8: Aww geez! Talk about collateral damage! [drives away, inches away as the building crashes down]

Crown Diamond R/T: Let us engage search and destroy on whoever attempted to attack us. [turns on its sirens as its blue lights flash as the three vehicles search for The Trolls]

Argento GT1 and Excelsior V8: Right! [follows the Crown Diamond R/T (the police car)]

Gunnie: (Curses under her breath)

Adolph: Zat's alright, my love. You can steel blow zem up.

Gunnie: Right! (activates the jets in her feet and flies towards the vehicles, firing rockets)

(Then, the Crown Diamond R/T (which reads "Chaos City Patrol Unit 765") turns around, drives into reverse, and its hood opens up a hole, revealing a large mortar and fires at Gunnie!)

Gunnie: !!! (fires a rocket at the mortar, blowing it up in mid-air)

Adolph: Now, Trohllz! CHARGE!!

(Adolph, Gaston, and a bunch of other Trolls leap out from their hiding places and rush at the vehicles!)

Excelsior V8 and Argento GT1: CHARGE! [activates their nitro and goes faster, running over the Trolls besides Adolph and Gaston (who dodged in time).]

Crown Diamond R/T: Enemy will be terminated. [fires another round of mortar and it hurtles torwards Gunnie at incredible speeds]

Gunnie: (Dodges the mortar)

(Although Gunnie manages to dodge the police car's mortal, it explodes when the Crown Diamond activates its destruct button, blasting Gunnie several feet away!)

Gunnie: AAAAAGH!! (crashes through a building)

Adolph: Guhnnie!! (turns to Crown Diamond) You metal B***ARD!! (charges up a Zap Cannon and hurls it at C.R.) HAAA!!

(Although the Zap Cannon manages to hit the patrol car, it only goes faster (as it spins around and drives towards him forward) and slams Adolph head-on, sending him sky high!)

Adolph: YAAAAAGH!! (lands a half-mile away) UGH!! (gets up) Grrr.....

(The three vehicles manage to escape from Adolph, Gunnie and the other Trolls, as they can hear a police siren (from the same patrol car, the Crown Diamond R/T, which belongs to J) fade away)

Gaston: (Runs over to Adolph) Sir, are you alright?!

Adolph: I'm fine, Gastuhn.

Gunnie: Ugh....(staggers out of the wreckage)

Adolph: Gunnie, are you okay?!

Gunnie: Yeah...

(Meanwhile, somewhere else in Chaos City, another group is exploring. Their leader looks a lot like Adolph.....could they be more Trolls?)

Crown Diamond R/T: I am picking up another signal. Not sure whether it's allies or enemies.

Argento GT1: If it involves getting carjacked...

Excelsior V8: Oh c'mon, Argento! There is no way enemies can try and control us. Only our owner can, or his friends.

(Back with the Adolph look-alike's group...)

???: (Holds up one hand) .....did you hear zat?

(A light purple Bunnie recolor perks up her ears.)

??? 2: Yeah...!

(They hear a faint police siren (then a growling tuner engine sound, and a racing dune buggy engine) passing by before the sounds drive away)

??? 3: (Dark red Geoffrey recolor) Survivors...!

??? 2: Should we follow them..?

???: Perhaps.....let'z go.

(The group pursues the vehicles.)

Argento GT1: We're being followed again...

(The three vehicles spins around and their headlights catch Arminius and the others! They rev their engines)

Arminius: !!

(Arminus' groups looks closer and the three vehicles, only to find out that no one is driving!)

??? 3: Wot in the name o' Christ?! There's no one in those cars!!

Arminius: Zat...zat's eempossible!

(They soon find out that the three vehicles are, obviously, anthropomorphic in a way.)

??? 2: (Shakes head) That's crazy...

Argento GT1: Not as crazy as this! [performs a flawless drift around ??? 2 5 times before stopping in front of ??? 2]

??? 2: (Observes the giant "road donut" around her) Wow....

Excelsior V8: Sweet! [revs its engine]

Crown Diamond R/T: [scanning Arminius and the others with its GPS radar system whether they are threats or allies]

Arminius: ........

Crwon Diamond R/T: [turns off its siren lights] They're not threats.

Excelsior V8: Okay. Nice one showing off, Argento. [revs its engine twice]

(Back with Emily, Alyssa, Johnny and the others...)

Emily: (sleeping on Johnny's lap) Zzz...

Alyssa: We should find somewhere comfortable to sleep..

Johnny: Uh-huh. [walks as he holds onto Alyssa's hand, while carrying Emily with his arm]

Alyssa: (finds a spot) There!

(The three head to a spot where Alyssa pointed out. Johnny puts Emily down, and she curls up into a tight ball. Alyssa pulls out a blanket and puts it over Emily)

Alyssa: I'd say my house but... (shakes head)

Johnny: But?

Alyssa: If she was to call you "Daddy" or me "Mommy" in front of my parents.. Yeah..

Johnny: Ouch. [sees the park] Maybe we can go to teh park?

Alyssa: (smiles) That'd be nice! ^_^

Johnny: Cool! [runs to the park, with Alyssa following him, before sitting down behind a tree (with Emily sleeping onto his lap)]

Alyssa: (watches Emily sleep) She's adorable when she's not talking your ear off..

Johnny: I know... [lies his head onto Alyssa's head; smiles] But so do you, and I love you always.

Alyssa: I'll always love you, too.

(After a while, Emily wakes up. She looks at Alyssa)

Emily: (stomach growls) Mommy, I'm hungry.

Alyssa: (sweat drop) Hehehe...

Johnny: [confused] Uhh.... what do you want to eat?

Emily: (shrugs) I dunno.

Johnny: Ookay... [looks at his Bottomless Backpack] Let's see.... ah! [pulls out a candy bay and hands it to Emily]

Emily: Oooh! (takes the candy bar and eats it) Thanks, Daddy!

Johnny: [chuckles nervously, sweat drops] Ehhhh... no problem.

Emily: (finishes the candy bar, then sees that they are at the park) Ooooh! Can I go play? Huh? Huh? Can I? Please!! (gives Johnny and Alyssa the puppy-dog stare)

Johnny: Yeah... just be careful.

Emily: Yaayy! (runs off the play at the playground in the park)

Alyssa: (watches Emily nervously)

Johnny: [grips onto Alyssa gently and nervously] I have a bad feeling about this, Alyssa...

Alyssa: (bites lip and nods)

Johnny: [becomes nervous] Uhhh.... Emily?

Emily: (hanging upside down on the monkey bars by her legs) Yeah?

(Johnny shows her his PSP (because it's his favorite handheld console) to Emily and asks her if she wants to paly with it)

Emily: (thinking, then nods) Okay! (she starts to get down, but she falls!)

Alyssa: Emily! (Emily falls on her arm, which breaks)

Emily: (crying)

(Alyssa and Johnny rush over to her)

Johnny: [nervously] S-S-Stay calm, Emily! I'm here! [comforts Emily (which stops her from crying) and uses Flame Heal onto Emily's broken arm, which heals instantly]

Emily: (sniffs, then hugs Johnny)

Johnny: [hugs Emily back] There, there... are you better now?

Emily: (sniffles) U-Uh-huh..

(Back with J and the Vehicles...)

J: [wanders around] So... wheres this pendulum thing...?

Napalm 4x4: It's not too far.

(Then, J finds The Grand Pendulum!)

J: [sees The Grand Pendulum] Whoa... I guess this is what the fortune cookie has been telling me about it all along! I must use it to restor time and space, thus ending the time paradox! [approaches torwards The Grand Pendulum]

(Alerts sound as water fills the room J is in, the Grand Pendulum has been set to trap mode)

Sigfried:Oh my! An intruder....who are you?

J: What the--?! [sees the floor that is filling up with water] Also, I'm no intruder, I'm J and I'm here to end the time paradox.

Sigfried: *pushes a button lowering the water* Stop the time paradox? If we could do that here, don't you think I would have already. No, time paradoxes must be traced to the source. I have no control over time, that is the Grand Father's job. He was captured, and indicators show is on your planet, J Hedgehog. You must confront the man who holds the Amulet of Time in the Past, Present, and Future. I don't know what their goals are, but I know we have little time until time destroys itself, and we are all erased!!!

J: [nods] All right, so I gotta find out on who's possessing the Amulet of Time so I can restore time and space, right? And then when I find this Amulet, I can find the Grand Father.

Sigried:Correct, but be careful the one whol has the amulet in his possesion is loco, crazy, dizzy, koo-koo, has one screw-loose, and I think you get the point.

Robo-Butler:*To J* Moist-Towlet sir?

Sigfried:Oh, get ouit of here robo-brain no one wants your towels!


(After J listens to Sigfried's instructions, he runs off and meets up with the others)

J: [to the group] I know how to get the Amulet of Time!

J's Vehicles: Really?

J: yeah! We gotta find out who's wielding them, however.

FR34: Then let's go!

MACH10: We gotta end the time paradox once and for all!

Napalm 4x4: Exactly.

(J and the vehicles rushes past the group as he goes on to find a man carrying the Amulet of Time in the Past, Present, and Future. The Desert Hawk has 5 Chaos Emeralds stored inside the glove compartment the whole time, as well as the RG-15, that is carrying at least 2 more Chaos Emeralds udnerneath its hood bonnet)

(Scene: grassy area in the city. A dark-haired woman in a medieval black dress with green décor is lying unconscious on the ground. She awakes.)

Woman: Urrgghh.

(She sits up.)

Woman: Where am I?

(She sees several cars driving at high speeds go past.)

Woman: I’m back in the past.

(She stands up and brushes back her hair with her hand. She hears a slight jingle in her mind.)

Woman: I sense a Chaos Emerald. I don’t know what I’m doing here, or how I got here, but at least it’s a great opportunity to begin my empire a little earlier this time.

(She walks off in the direction of the cars, her black cape trailing behind her on the grass.)

Part 9: Ending the Time Paradox for Good

(With J and the vehicles...)

FR34: How would we find the Amulet of Time anyways? And what about the others?

J: It's a solo mission for me. Sure it's not easy, but that Lt. Dirtbag nearly took control of my Desert Hawk trophy truck AND nearly tried to destroy my home!

RG-15: Well this guy hasn't got any insurance either way.

MACH10: Let's just focus on the mission and hopefully, we can end this time paradox for good.

J: Right.


???: Why should this be a solo mission for you?

J: Huh?

Napalm 4x4: Who said that?

(The three strange creatures from earlier today materialize in front of J and the vehicles.)

MACH10 and RG-15: WHOA!

SkyStar: Talk about unexpected!

(The creatures stand there, as if waiting...)

J: ...

??? #1: Are you going to tell us WHY recovering the Amulet is your job alonee?

J: Because while I'm gonna find the Amulet of Time, my vehicles will keep watch.

RG-15: Exactly!

MACH10: Totally!

napalm 4x4: What they said.

??? #2: So you say you need no help?

J: I can do fine on my own, even with my vehicles.

??? #3: Can you do fine against THAT? (points into the sky)

(A massive black shape is flying towards them...followed by another one!)

MACH10: We gotta keep moving if we're gonna find the Amulet of Time!

El Lobo; Si! Vamonos! [drives away, with other vehicles following it]

J: [drives away (since he's driving the RG-15]

Citrus: *runs than stops* What the...


Citrus: *eyes widen* Oh. My. God.

(What appears to be a DNA fusion of Dialga and Palkia is flying towards Citrus. Following it is DarkPrimal Dialga.)

Dialkia: HHHRAARR!!


Citrus: Any1 here have the Super Emeralds or Chaos Emeralds?

(No response...but Dialkia and DP Dialga simply fly past Citrus! Seems he's not the target...Dialkia and DP Dialga then see J and his vehicles!)

Dialkia: HHHRRAAAAAAHHRRRR!! (fires an Aura Sphere at RG-15)


J: WHOA! [veers out of the way from the Aura Sphere]

El Lobo: Tomate eso! [front flips, using its hydraulics and hits the Aura Sphere back at Dialkia]

(SFX- BOOM!!!!)

El Lobo: [lands on four wheels and resumes following the rest of J's vehicles] That'll teach ya!

(The Aura Sphere doesn't faze Dialkia at all! It continues to gain speed, getting closer, along with DarkPrimal Dialga.)

DP Dialga: GYRAAAAHHH!! (begins to charge up a Roar of Time)

Citrus: SUPER TIME FREEZE!!!!!!!

(Neither were affected, considering that Dialga controls time and Dialkia has 50% of Dialga's DNA!)

Citrus: Shoot! Oh well... I sense the Super Emeralds are around. *collects Super Emeralds and transforms* YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!!! *flies towards Dialkia*

Dialkia: HRRAAAAAAHH!! (flies towards Citrus)

Citrus: *says counter curse* '''OBSCUREM ABSENTIS HUMANIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'''

(DarkPrimal Dialga continues to fly after J.)

(Dialkia releases its Roar of Time at Citrus.)

  • Gothic Power by X-Ray Dog starts playing in background*

Citrus: SUPER ATOMIC BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The attacks collide, creating a power struggle!)

(With DarkPrimal Dialga...)

DP: Dialga: (Charges up a Roar of Time)

Napalm 4x4: We have to find a way to outrun this monster.

SkyStar: How?!

J: By outpacing it. Vehicles, form in group!

(The vehicles (except the RG-15, which was driven by J) form up a line as J attaches one of the Chaos Emeralds onto its center console. In the Troll Moon Base, Rageik is watching all of this through a device he attached to DarkPrimal Dialga.)

Rageik: So, the yellow rat thinks he can outrun the very God of Time himself? *chuckles* We'll see about that...

(Back with DP Dialga and J, J's vehicles form in a snake by connecting themselves into each other's bumpers)

J: Here we go! Chaos Control!

(Both he and the vehicles are teleported elsewhere, just before they were hit by the Roar of Time! In the Moon Base...)

Rageik: matter. He can't hide from a DarkPrimal God!

???: "Even if we interfere?"

[It's Cameron and Pure Stable Palkia!]

(Back with Citrus and Dialkia...)

Hyper Citrus: HYPER ATOMIC BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solor: (to himself) Interesting, this one called Rageik claims he is the God of Time. My father won't be pleased...(gets on knees and prays to Solaris in ancient Soleannaian)

Part 10: Problems Elsewhere

(Topaz is standing on Cosmic Interstate, talking into communicator)

Topaz: So it's really that bad? I see. And this Dark... Primal... whatever is-- yes sir. But if the but then why is our zone as stable as it is? Unless... (thinking) He must know something, he has to. (runs off)

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