Bad drawing character

A drawing of a child…ALIVE!


An art competition is going on in town, an everybody is entered. However, a mystic magic is in the air, and the drawings are coming to life, either good or bad. What is happening? How is the curse working? What will happen?

Some basics

  • Every character you have must have a drawing that comes to life. It must be either good or bad.
  • The drawings never become drawings again.


  1. Me!
  2. Warrior4ever

3. ( hopes she can edit on a iPad)

4.  Notcreepypasta

Involved Characters

Write down your characters drawing next to their name and under your heading.



  • RavenCool the Sol Grey Wolf----Mephiles.EXE, Killer Chaos and Iblis.EXE ( I'm sure this you can see in your head....) (Also why do I keep changing the characters around on mine?)


The true story

Chapter 1–Preparation

Audrey: I'm looking forward to the competition! I've got a drawing in mind.

Fizzlington: Same here! I wonder what everybody'll think…

¶¶¶:*Comes along* Hi everyone!


¶¶¶:Wanna see my drawing? *shows them his drawing*

Audrey:Pilcrow, that's terrible.

Spark:*runs up to them*Hey guys!

Audrey: Hey…what's your name…Spark! Hi spark!

Fizzlington: Hey spark. You doing the art competition?

Spark:Yeah. I'm drawing Death the Kid!

Fizzlington: I'm doing the duke of bananas.

¶¶¶:Hi spark! Do you wanna see Mr.Scribble man?

Audrey: Trust me, you don't.

Spark: Sure! Probabily isn't as bad as I think it is.

¶¶¶: *shows Spark his drawing*

RavenCool: I just hope no one thinks my art is ceepy.....

Fizzlington: People will be more excited by creepy art, so there isn't much you need to worry about.

Audrey: It's just the actual quality of the art.

RavenCool: I just hope nothing bad happens.....

Fizzlington: It's an art competition. What could possibly go wrong?

Audrey: You've been having too many adventures 'n stuff. You need a rest.

RavenCool: You got a good point there. I do need a break from adventuring for a bit.

Fizz: May I see your art?

RavenCool: Sure. *hands Fizz her art* Don't ask why the characters are exes. I may have been pianting one of my nightmares or something.

Fizz: AAARGH!…sorry. It's just…really, really good. Yeah. Shockingly good. Yeah…

???: Mine Is pretty creepy, but not enough to make you scream.

RavenCool: Who's there?

Fizz: Don't fret Ravencool, that's just Voltar.

Voltar: Hello!

RavenCool: Oh ok then. Hello!

Voltar: May I see your picture?

RavenCool: Sure. *hands Voltar her picture*

Emmet: Here're the drawings Sanuq and I made. *holds out 2 drawings while holding his other hand over Sanuq's mouth*

Sanuq: MPPHFFHPPH (He's trying to say how "original" his drawing is)

Entry Board

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