Luigi's Mansion Theme Remix

Luigi's Mansion Theme Remix

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The Wonderful Haunted World Of Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic & Friends have been tricked by Dr. Eggman into a haunted house. They get locked in and need to find the exit to the house while trying to avoid ghosts, zombies, and criminals. Will they escape, or will the mansion become their tomb?




Heidi The Cat (Apallo)








Static the Cat (Frost the Wolf)

Frost the Wolf (Frost the Wolf)

Crystaline the Wolf and Ebony the Ghost Chao(Frost the Wolf)

Mimic the Mockingbird (Frost the Wolf)







Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Mois (MoisKeroro-GoSFA)

Blade the firehog (Sonichedgehog12)

Honoo "Flame" The PyroFox(Flametfh)

Amagumo the wolf(Sonsofchaos)

(Add your own characters WITHOUT PERMISSION)

Villains and Ghosts


Blitz (Static Nega)

Metal Sonic

Ghost 1

Ghost 2

Ghost 3

Zombie 1

Zombie 2

Tails Doll

Devil the Hedgehog


About the ghosts and Zombies


The ghosts are best at being sneaky and undetected so they can dance around their enemies without being detected. They can easily defeat our heroes because they can sneak.

There are a few friendly ghosts that will give our heroes advise and help.


There are two types of zombies: luring and destroying.

Luring zombies are mischevious and best at scaring and luring. They can make any voice to lure their enemies. EXAMPLE:

Zombie 1: *In AMY'S VOICE* Sonic i found the exit.....

Sonic: Awesome i'm coming!!

So the zombies can catch sonic.

They don't typically try to defeat our hereos. They just try to either capture or scare.

Destroyer zombies are just that, they focus on defeating our heroes. They can only use their hands and chase characters. They are also very stupid and can be easily defeated when alone, but are deadly in swarms. When "killed" the zombies disappear in a puff of black smoke.


1: No godmodding.

2: No foul language of ANY kind. (Darn and heck are okay.)

3: NO sexual activity in this roleplay. Flirting and hugs are tolerated. Kissing would need to be voted on by all the users participating in this roleplay.

4: No gory images or descriptions. Also, our characters CANNOT die. They can be knocked-out, hurt (no gore), or only SEEM to be dead (but not actually dead).

5: If you want to add your character, find a way to introduce him/her in the current chapter.

Ex. (suddenly a cry for help is heard in the next room. Shadow and Silver open the door to find (charcter name), who was being attacked by a zombie.

6: Have fun!

Chapter 1: Eggmans Scary Trick

(Eggmans Ship comes flying thriugh sonics yard)

Sonic: Oh so eggman wants a race eh? I'll show him whose boss *Chases eggman*

(Soon all of sonics friends join sonic)

Tails: Whats up Sonic

Sonic: Me and eggman are hsving a little race

Eggman: heeeheeeheee *Flies right over a haunted mansion*

(Sonic and friends accidentaly run inside of the mansion and the doors slam behind them, causing the room to become pitch black)

Sonic: Uh Oh.

Silver: We're trapped!

Static: Uh, where are we?

Amy: I can't see!

Frost: ...

Blaze: I'll handle this (summons a controled fire to her hands, dimmly illuminating the room)

(Static grabs some large wooden sticks from nearby and uses Blaze's fire to light each of them. Then hands one stick to Sonic, one to Amy, one to Silver, one to Shadow, and keeps the last one for himself).

(The room has an old, rickety staircase leading upstairs dead ahead. On either side of the staircase was a hallway leading in opposite directions from each other. Behind our heroes was the door that they entered by.)

Knuckles: I'll get us out! (starts punching the door, but it doesn't even budge) What?! Not even a dent!

Mois: Hi Sonic! *Comes out of a different room of the house* Why are you here?

Sonic: I was just wondering that myself. What are you doing here?

(Amy turns away from Mois and crosses her arms.)

Mimic: (mockingly) Aw, does the pink hedgehog feel unloved?

(Amy hits Mimic with her hammer. Hard.)

Shadow: It appears we are trapped in here. What does Eggman have in store for us?

Mimic: *Groan*(gets up and looks around) I don't know but ... Wow. Just look at this place! It looks like a haunted mansion!

Static: (looks at Mimic immedietly) Mimic, don't you dare-

(Mimic shapeshifts into a vampire version of himself and starts talking in a perfect Dracula accent) Do not be afraid, orange cat. I don't bite. (starts laughing eerily).

Static: *sigh* you just can't help yourself, can you?

Mois: I thought it was a good impression.

Frost: This gets us nowhere. We need to find exit.

(suddenly a loud groan is heard at the end of the left hall upstairs.)

Mimic: Ooh. Spooky. But I can do better.

Static: No! Don-

(Mimic does an even creepier moan. Suddenly, two zombies run out of the left upstairs hallway heading towards our heroes.)

Amy: Eek! Zombies!

Static: It's just two. We can take them. Just don't get hit!

(Suddenly, six more run from the right upstairs hallway.)

Static: Okay. That's bad. Frost!

(Frost unleashes a wave of icy energy at the zombies, but it doesn't work, it just goes right through them!)

Frost: !?

(suddenly a zombie swipes at Mimic)

Mimic: AAUUGH!! (but the zombie's arm passes harmlessly through him) HUH?!

Everyone: Huh?!

(The zombies fade away and an all to familliar evil laugh fills the room)

Eggman: OH HO HO HO HO HO! (His face appears on a large screen that comes down from the ceiling)

Everyone: Eggman!

Eggman: Welcome, one and all, to my newest creation. The Egg-mansion. This is where you all will meet your-

Static: (interupts) Whoa, whoa, whoa. "The Egg-mansion"? That's the name you came up with for a haunted mansion? You have got to come up with a better name than that if you plan on scaring us with some cheap halloween gimic.

Mimic: Yeah, how about "the House of the Dead". That's a big improvement over "the Egg-mansion."

Eggman: Enough! Call it what you will, but this mansion will be the last thing you ever see.

Sonic: What? You plan to take us out with some fake zombie holograms?

Eggman: No, my dear, little, blue hedgehog. Those were just an appetizer of what awaits you. There are REAL zombies just dying to meet you as well as ghosts.

Marine: GHOSTS?!?! Uh, I mean, we're not scared of any ol' monster you have! (Marine still shudders a little)

Crystaline: (Whispers in Marine's ear) Don't worry. Stay with me and the ghost won't dare come near you.

(Marine casts a greatful look at her and Ebony)

Ebony: (happily) Chao, chao!

Sonic: Yeah! Bring it on.

Eggman: Not so fast. If you want to make it out of here alive, you may want find the exit within the next twenty-four hours, otherwise you may find yourself becoming a ghost.

Sonic: What do ya mean Egg-head?

Eggman: In exactly twenty-four hours, this entire mansion will release a gas that will turn any living thing in it into a member of the unliving.

Silver: Why not just use it now?

Eggman: Where would the fun be in that? I'm hoping this mansion will prove to be my greatest idea. The gas is just in case my precious ghouls don't get you first. Good luck. OH HO HO HO HO!!!!! (the screen retracts into the celiling. But his voice is still heard in the room.)

Eggman: You will have to find the three keys to get to the exit and then find the three Chaos Emeralds to open the exit. But, don't think it will be easy. I have a suprise waiting for you near each key, and even I don't know where the emeralds are. Good luck.

Mois: Well, I know my way around here, I've been here for a while. *smiles* I might need to show you guys around, so you remember.

Chapter 2: Mid-Nightmare Snack

Mois: So, where do you want to go first guys?

Mimic and Static: The kitchen!

Blaze: We should be looking for those Chaos Emeralds.

Mimic: Kitchen first...

Static: We have twenty four hours to find the emeralds. We can spare an hour for food. (suddenly Sonic's stomach growls.)

Sonic: Kitchen sounds good to me!

Frost: Do as you wish. I will scout ahead for the emeralds. (Heads up the stairs)

Mimic: What's his problem?

Crystaline: Wait, Frost! We should stick together!

Frost: (Stops and turns) If anyone wishes to join me, they may do so. If they want to satisfy their stomach, then go ahead to the kitchen.

Static: We can fight at full strength when we have a full stomach, Frost.

Frost: (Quite for a while, then returns to the group.) Fine. (turns to Mois) Lead way.

Mois: K. *walks into kitchen and turns on a dim light* The food in here is always plentyful, and when you eat something out of it, it's back there again when you check later, strange huh?

Mimic: Awsome, an all-you-can-eat buffet!

Frost: A self restocking kitchen? Am I the only one concerned here?

Static: That is weird. But, hey, unlimited food? We better eat something before he eats it all (points at Mimic, who was stuffing his face with pineapple upside down cake).

Mimic: HEY!

(Several of the other characters laugh. Except for Shadow and Frost.)

Frost: This is pointless. (Turns to Shadow) While they're eating, we should probably scout ahead, see what we can use.

Shadow: Good idea. Looks like I'm not the only one concerned about the situation.

Frost: I'm not concerned about situation. Just annoyed with it.

Shadow: (turns to Mois) Do you have a map of this place?

Mois: Yup! *hands him a map that is hand drawn* I made it myself, don't rip it!

Shadow: Thanks.

Frost: May I look at it for a moment. (Shadow hands him the map. Frost looks at it for a few moments, then hands it back.) Alright, I'm ready.

Shadow: Then let's go.

Crystaline: Uh oh! Something's not right.

Marine: Huh? Look at all this food! What's not right is letting it go to waste, mate! What do ya mean "Something's not right"?

(Before Frost and Shadow can leave through one of the doors, it slams shut. One by one, the rest of the doors start to slam shut. The other characters start to try to force open the doors, but no matter what anyone does they don't open. Then a sinister evil laugh echoes thoughout the kitchen.)

Crystaline: (Looks at Marine) That's what I mean by "Something's not right."

Mois: I'm scared... *clings to Sonic and shivers, Amy gets a little jealous*

(Suddenly, an evil, sinister laugh echoes through the room)

Shadow: Who's there? Show yourself!

(Suddenly, all the food in the room gathers in the center. Then, they start to form a giant, menacing image of monster (made out of food of course). The monster is fat and has "eyes" that are on stalks (like a snail).)

Food Monster: GAH HA HA HA!!!

Sonic: Who are you?!

Food Monster: I AM THE GHOST OF THE KITCHEN AND THE GUARDIAN OF THE FIRST KEY! AND, I WILL BE THE ONE WHO DESTROYS YOU!! (Suddenly, he starts shooting food at everyone.)

(Frost creates an ice wall to block the food, everyone gathers behind it except for Mimic and Knuckles, who get pelted with food first. Eventually the make it to the wall, covered with food)

Frost: We need a plan. (Suddenly, a giant ham hits the wall and the ice wall starts to crack) This wall won't hold him off forever.

Sonic: I got this! (He runs out and performs a homing attack on the creature and creates a large hole in its center) Yeah, take that! (The monster regenerates the hole with food) What?! No way! (Repeats his attacks again and again, but the monster keeps reparing itself every time. Sonic makes his way back to the ice wall.) No good! It keeps regenerating itself!

Static: My turn. (He shoots the monster with a small electric discharge. The monster is breifly stunned, but then gets angry.)

Food Monster: RRRAUGH!! (He charges at the ice wall)

Static: Scatter! (Everyone gets out of the way as the monster charges right through the ice wall. Frost flips over one table and Shadow flips the other and our heros take cover behind one of the tables.)

Static: Electricity makes it mad. Good to know. Blaze, try incinerating that thing!

Blaze: On it! (She stands up and summons flames to engulf the monster. The monster seems to burn to a crisp. Everyone cheers. Except Shadow and Frost (Though they are happy that the monster is gone).

Sonic: All right!

Static: Great job Blaze! (Blaze smiles. But then more food starts to form in the center of the room.)

Mimic: Uh, guys? (Points to the food starting to pile in the room.)

Marine: Strewth!

Silver: What?! Not again!

Food Monster: GAH HA HA HA!!! YOU CAN'T BEAT ME THAT EASILY! (He then starts throwing food at them again with incredible force. The characters take cover again.)

Static: Anyone have any ideas?

Crystaline: Let me try something. (Fires a ghostly beam of energy at the monster. It doesn't seem to affect it.) No, that didn't work. It seems to be able to recover from any physical wounds by using the food in the room.

Mimic: (Sarcastically) Really, I didn't notice. (Frost smacks him in the back of the head.) OW!

Mois: Food fight! *throws potatos at the monster* RAWR!!

(The food hits the monster. The food bounces off the monster harmlessly.)


Mimic: You call THAT a throw? Let me show you how it's done! (Picks up a pineapple, shapeshifts into E-123 Omega, and launches the pineapple with tremendous force. The monster staggers back and seems to be hurt a little bit.)

Crystaline: *Gasps* I have an idea!

Static: What is it?

Crystaline: Everyone, throw food at it in combination with your powers and abilities!

Static: So, basically, we have a food fight with the monster while using our powers?

Crystaline: Yes. Like this! (She picks up an apple, and energizes it with a ghostly aura. Then fires it at the monster. The apple goes right through it and seems to make the monster wince in agony.)

Sonic: Sounds like fun!

Silver: Let's do it!

(Everyone starts throwing food in combination with their powers. Sonic grabs food, runs at the monster at high speed, then throws it. Silver uses his telekinesis to hurl food at the monster with tremendous force. Shadow uses his chaos spear, which impales several pieces of food before impaling the Food Monster (Mimic calls it "Chaos Shish Kebab".) Mimic continues his powerful pineapple pummeling. Crystaline continues to throw food imbedded in ghost energy. Frost flash freezes food and hurls it at the colossal creature (Frost actually seemed to be enjoying this one-vs-all food brawl!) Static electrifies everything he finds an chucks it at the Walking Buffet of Doom. Blaze ignites an already flaming hot chile pepper and launches it at the Ghost of Gluttony. Amy uses her Piko Piko Hammer to bat food at her freaky foe. Knuckles uses his fists to punch any hard food at the Menace of Meals. Marine, Tails, and Ebony just throw food as hard as they can. Mois throws pies that are fille with magic and explode in the monsters face. This combination of abilities, force, and a bizarre variety of food are enough to take down their evil enemy.)

Mois: Yay! We did it! He's dead! *jumps around while singing* We Beat 'em!♪ We beat 'em!♪

Amy: All right!

Knuckles: That oughta do the trick.

Food Monster: *groans*

Silver: Look! (points at the monster) He's getting up again!

Sonic: This thing just doesn't quit, does it?

Food Monster: (Staggers to its feet.) URG. TOO... MUCH... FOOD... URRRGGG... (stomach starts to rumble loudly.)

Mimic: Uh, that doesn't sound good...

Static: He looks like he's gonna-

Frost: Take cov-

(Monster explodes, spraying the walls, ceiling, and everyone in the room (except Crystaline and Ebony) with food. A large, golden key drops where the monster once stood. None of the characters were pleased.)

Marine: STREWTH!

Mimic: Did we just get barfed on?!

Sonic: Yuck!

Static: Ugh. (Examines his jacket) I hope this washes out.

Amy: Eeeeeeeeeeeewwww!! Gross!

Blaze: That was... unpleasant.

Frost: Da. But, I've been through worse.

Mois: What is this stuff? Get it off me! *starts frantically wiping off the stuff*

Tails: (notices that Crystaline wasn't covered with food.) Hey, how come you aren't covered in food like the rest of us?

Crystaline: I have ghost like abilities, remember? I can become transparent when I want to, and so can Ebony.

Ebony: Chao, Chao!

Sonic: Hey look! There's a key on the ground. (picks it up) Could this be one of the keys Eggman talked about earlier?

Shadow: Perhaps. We should look for the other ones.

Amy: Can we at least get clean first?

Mois: Ummm... I don't really know where the bathroom is...

Frost: The map didn't show where it was either. I suggest we split up and search the area for anything useful.

Sonic: Okay, sounds good to me. Let's see... I'll go with Tails, Knuckles, and ...

Amy: Me! (immediately at Sonic's side) I'll go with you!

Sonic: Umm... (gets kind of nervous) Well, I kinda was hoping that...

Mimic: You were hoping to go with Magic Girl (nods toward Mois) instead of the Pink and Crazy, right?

Amy: WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?! (grabs her Piko Piko Hammer)

Mimic: Uh oh! (runs behind Frost. Frost grabs Mimic by the scruff of his neck and sets him aside. Amy starts toward Mimic, waving her hammer menacingly, but Static blocks her path)

Static: You can beat him senseless later, Amy. We have other things to worry about.

Amy: (puts her hammer away and crosses her arms) *sigh* Okay...

Chapter 3: No "I" in team (feel free to edit if you come up with a better title)

Suddenly a moaning sound is heard and then loud thumps. As the heroes looked for the source it was right in frount of them. It was a suit of armor. "Help ME" Cried out from the armor.

???: Help Me!

Mimic: A suit of armor asking for help? There's something you don't see everyday.

Shadow: Who are you?

???: I'm Heidi The CAAAAT! PLEASE LET ME OUT OF HERE DR. EGGMAN STOLE MY COPY DRIVE. I CAME BACK BY MISTAKE FROM THE 90's And got seperated from Apallo was still in the 90's. Please let me out!

Mois: Yup! *destroys the armor around Heidi* You ok?

Heidi: Ya. Im ok

Static: You mentioned that Dr. Eggman stole something from you?

Heidi: My Copy Core. When my grandpa gave me this body he gave me 2 copy cores. the outer one is a neklace that Eggman stole...the other one is in my body.

Mois: Wow, Eggman is a bad, bad, man!

Heidi: -nods- Mhm

Static: (confused about what Heidi said about her "Copy Core") "This body"? What do you- *shakes his head* Never mind. Anyway, to fill you in on what's going on: Dr. Eggman trapped us in this haunted mansion, said we had 24 hours to find three keys and three of the Chaos Emeralds and deliver them to the exit to escape. Then we wondered into this room, the kitchen, and ,after a short meal, fought a giant food ghost. It blew up when we defeated it, which is why both us and this room are covered in food, and collected the first key he was guarding. *Looks at the other characters* Did I leave anything out?

Marine: You left out how ripper the battle was!

Static: I'll describe the battle later. Right now I think Frost is right, we need to split up into groups and look around for anything that can help us.

Frost: Sonic, since you know everyone here, it would be best if you organized the teams.

Sonic: All right. *starts thinking* Now, let's see... who should go with who...?

Heidi: Hum....well to answer your question Static. My orgional body died and my brain was the only thing functioning. My grandfather found me and put my brain inside a robot. He then moved me from that one into a special one with a Copy Intrerior Core installed in it. Once he did that he shot me with the Organic-Ray and I became a Mobian again but I still have some robotic ablities like Buster Arms, Beam Swords etc. The Copy Core inside of me has a preset list of weapons and moves that have been recored over time. The one that Eggman took....That one has alot of powerful weapons in it including the specs. for my Ultimate Armor and Angel Form Armor forms. If he unlocks that copy core.....We're done for. And as to who should go with who I think that Sonic sould be a group leader and Shadow be a group leader. -walks over to sonic- And I will follow Sonic. :3

Mois: Me too! *walks over to Sonic and smiles* Who with who? Who's going with our Mr.Sunshine named Shadow?

Frost: We would move faster if we had three groups, two groups of five and the third group group having four people.

Static: I guess that sounds fair. Like Heidi said, Sonic and Shadow can be group leaders. I guess the third leader should be-

Mimic: Me! I know everything there is to know about surviving in a hauted mansion.

Frost: You could not even lead lamb to slaughter, Mimic.

Static: And watching horror movies does not make you an expert.

Mimic: (feeling a insulted) Well.

Static: Frost, you're an expert on survival. Maybe you should-

Frost: Nyet. I will accompany Shadow's team. Static, you can lead the third team.

Static: (suprised) Me? Uh, well, ... okay. (clears his throat) I guess I will pick... Blaze.

Mimic: (under his breath, sarcastically) Well that's a shocker...

Static: And ... Marine.

Marine: Aye aye, Static!

Frost: Sonic, your turn to choose you next member.

Amy: I'll join him! (runs up to Sonic and tries to hug him. Sonic tries to sidestep, but fails)

Heidi: No Amy. You will only try to get rid of my Friend Mois, and try to woo Sonic. I'm with him because I can trust him more to help me! Please Amy....move will only slow us down. :(

Amy: What? No I won't!

Frost: Enough! You are giving me headache.

Static: *sighs* Alright, let's try this again. (Pulls out a sheet of paper and puts on the table, careful not to get food on it.) Does anyone have a pen?

Mois: I have one. Here! (gives a pencil it to Static)

Static: Thanks. (starts ripping the paper into 15 pieces. Then writes the number 1 on five of the pieces, 2 on five other pieces, and 3 on the last five pieces.) Mimic, give me your hat.

Mimic: It's a fedora!

Static: (rolls his eyes) Fine, fedora. Just give it to me.

(Mimic takes off his fedora and grudgingly hands it to Static. Static puts the 15 pieces of paper into the fedora)

Static: Now, I put 15 pieces of paper into this hat.

Mimic: Fedora!

Static: (ignores Mimic) Each piece of paper has a number on it. Each of you is going to pull a number, without looking, to determine what team you will be on. Sonic, you pick a number first.

Sonic: (smiles) Good thinking! This way, no one can argue about who's on who's team. (puts his hand into the fedora and pulls out the number 3.) I got a 3.

Static: Okay. Now, stand over there. (Sonic stands near the enterence) Now, my turn. (pulls out a 1) Okay. I got a one. I will stay where I am. Shadow, your turn.

(Shadow pulls a 2)

Static: Okay. Now stand over near that table. (Shadow walks over to the table) So, If any of you get a 1, stand next to me. If you get a 2, stand next to Shadow. If a 3, then next to Sonic.

(Knuckles got a 1, Tails got a 1, Amy got a 3 [to Amy's delight and everyone else's suprise], Heidi got a 3, Blaze got a 1, Silver got a 1, Frost got a 2, Mois got a 3, Crystaline and Ebony (since they stay together) got a 3. Mimic, and Marine, by default, got a 2.)

Static: Well, looks like the teams have been decided.

Mimic: Good. Now give me back my fedora. (Static tosses the fedora to Mimic)

Mois: So Sonic, where will we check out?

Static: Each team should probably have a map so no one gets lost.

Frost: Shadow already has one.

Static: Really? Shadow, can I borrow it for a moment so I can make a copy for each team?

Shadow: Alright, here. (gives Static the map. Static quickly searches the kitchen for some paper. After finding some, he quickly makes an accurate copy of Mois' map. He hands one map to Sonic and puts the other copy in a pocket inside his jacket. He gives the original map back to Shadow.)

Heidi: -looks at Amy- Amy I'm serious about this. I will need your help Copy Core-

Amy: (rolls her eyes, annoyed with Heidi's distrust) Don't worry, Heidi. I won't slow you down.

Static: We should return to this room after we explore this place a bit. Tell what we find.

Mimic: You know, now that I think about it, we should probably keep an eye out for anyone else who is trapped in this mansion. Probably avoiding the ones that are mean. (slyly points to Heidi)

Heidi: I saw that >.>

Mimic: What? What did I do?

Mois: I didn't explore the whole house guys, many rooms creeped me out, a whole hallway isn't explored either. Here's maps though, so we don't get lost. *hands out a map to everyone*

Static: Wait, you had extra copies?

Mois: Yup!

Static: So, I just made two extra copies for no reason?

Crystaline: Well, at least we now have two extra copies. Right?

Static: (uncertain) I guess...

Frost: We are wasting time standing here. Let's get going. (looks at the map Mois gave him) Our team will explore the northwest of the mansion. Sonic, your team will explore the northeast. Static, your team will explore the southwest. We are already in the south east, so meet back here in one hour. Any questions?

Mimic: Can I switch teams?

Frost: No.

Sonic: Okay, let's go!

(all teams leave through different doors of the kitchen)

Chapter 4, Parts 1-3

(Frost the Wolf: Which team do you guys want to start with? Sonic's, Shadow's, or Static's?)

(Maybe Sonic's..? or have something like part A part B and Part C where it's all the groups, like three sections for each team. ~MKSA)

(How about this: We do half of each team's adventure in chapter 4, parts 1-3 and finish their adventure in Ch. 4, parts 4-6 [When I say "adventure", I don't mean the entire roleplay! Just their current "quest"]. We can start with Sonic's team and find a halfway point to stop, then switch to Shadow's team. Then find a stopping point and switch to Static's team. Then finish their "quest" in Ch. 4, parts 4-6.)

[P.S. To Apallo and Moiskeroro: Please take a quick look through chapter 3. There are a couple of dialogue options that Haidi and Mois may need to fill in.)

Part 1: (create a title here)

(Sonic and Co. enter what appears to be a large music room. Various intruments are displayed in large cases or on stands along the walls. A large, dusty organ sits at the far end of the room.)

Crystaline: Where are we?

Amy: It looks like some kind of music room or something.

Mois: Lookie! An Organ! *runs over to the Organ,dusts it off, and picks it up using her magic* It's a pretty Organ! Lookie!

Crystaline: (sincerly) I'm sure it's pretty, but some of us can't see remember?

Mois: *smile fades* sorry Crystaline...

Crystaline: Don't worry about it. Sometimes I even forget I'm blind. (smiles at Mois) I wonder if there is a key in this room. (closes her eyes, trying to sense anything out of the ordinary)

Mois: (hears a faint sound from within the organ. Unsure what it is, she sets the organ down and goes to the back of the organ where the sound is coming from)

Part 2: In the fireplace lies a cowardly Flame

(Shadow, Frost, Mimic, and Marine are walking down the corridor)

Shadow: According to the map, we should be approaching the upper deck of a boiler room.

Frost: Hmm.

Mimic: What's the matter Frost, afraid of a little heat?

(Frost glares at him, Mimic shrinks back a little)

Flame: *He Falls into a room* Ugh.... W-What just happened? *He rubs his head and looks around* Where...Am I *He gets up and shakes his head* This is creepy, Theres no doors in this room...So how am i supposed to get out...*He Sighs* Oh well I guess I'll wait for someone... *Some zombies appear* ... What...The...

(Flame's Shouting can be heard in the distance.)

Mimic: Do you guys hear something?

Frost: Sounds like someone calling help.

Shadow: It's coming from that room up ahead.

Marine: Hold on, mate! We're coming!

(They run to a door on the left of the hallway. Marine kicks the door open, even though it wasn't locked)

Marine: I'll save you, mate!

(The two destroyer Zombies stop and look at Marine, then start to charge toward her.)

Marine: Eep!

Frost: Get down! (Fires two razor sharp icicles at the zombies, impaling them like an arrow. The zombies fall backwards a little before exploding into black dust.)

Mimic: Let's get some light on in here. (flicks a light switch next to him) Well, looky what we have here. I haven't seen you in a while, Flame.

Frost: You know eachother?

Flame:*He gets up from his cowardly defence* Mimic?...P-Please Tell me whats going on, I was practicing my magic and all of a second I'm here, In this...Place, I just wanna get out of here...So I think I'll just go with you guys, safety in numbers...

Shadow: Fine.

Frost: ... (looks at Flame with a mix of untrust, curiosity, and maybe a faint hint of pity)

Mimic: I guess I should explain what's going on. Basically we, along with several others, are all trapped within this haunted mansion. We have to find three keys and some Chaos Emeralds in order to find the exit and escape. We found the first key after fighting somekind of freak food monster.

Marine: Which blew up and sprayed everyone with food!

Mimic: Which explains why Me, Marine, Shadow, and Frost are caked with food.

Flame: Ok...I think I understand, but at the same time I'm confused... Why the food monster?...Oh, nevermind there's no time for questions... We should just continue on...

Shadow: Agreed.

(the team moves on to the end of the corridor and enters the room. Immediately, a hot wave of heat greets our heroes)

Mimic: Whoa, that's HOT! It must be a hundred degrees in there!

Frost: (encases himself in ice armor)

Shadow: If there is a key or a Chaos Emerald in there, then we need to get it. Let's go.

(the team enters the room, some of the characters already start sweating. There is a short railing along the walkway of the upper part of the room. Below, there is a large furnace in the center of the room.)

Flame: Ugh why is it so hot? *he takes his scarf off* I really hope no zombies or ghost jump out on us... *He looks scared*

Mimic: (fans himself with his fedora) I'm more worried about dying of heat stroke than some stupid zombies.

Frost: Complaining accomplishes nothing. Stay focused.

Marine: Look! (points at something in the furnace) I think I see a Chaos Emerald!

Mimic: Great, the sailer's starting to hallucinate from the heat.

Frost: No, she's right. Look. (Everyone looks closely at the furnace opening and sees a Chaos Emerald within the fire)

Shadow: There's the emerald, but how do we get it?

Mimic: You mean without be turned into barbecue? Let's send Frosty here, he's protected in a six centimeter block of ice. Actually, better yet, let's send Flame.

Flame: *He sighs* I'll try... but my telekinesis can't reach that far... *He disapears and re-appears inside the furnace* Woah! Its really hot in here, I never knew that the inside of a furnace was this...big... *He walks through the flames and grabs the chaos emerald* Ok! I got it... *He teleports out*...Was I the only one who heard really weird noises?

Mimic: (making ominous noises. Everyone looks at him. Mimic slowly comes to a stop. Frost smacks him in the back of the head) Ow!

Flame: That...was you? I don't know whether your making a joke, or if I should hurt you...

Mimic: (frowns) Lighten up, it was a joke.

Frost: We have the emerald. Let's go. Be on guard.

(As they turn to leave, the walkway under them breaks. They all fall down to the first floor of the furnace room. Marine ends up landing on Mimic.)

Mimic: OW! (suddenly notices the floor is hot) OW, OW, OW! Hot, hot, hot! (scrambles to his feet, as does everyone else)

Flame:*Floats above the floor* Ok seriously...What the heck...

(Suddenly, a very eerie noise is heard and the fire in the furnace goes out)

Mimic: Okay, that time it was not me.

(Suddenly, the furnace re-ignites violently with a blue-greenish fire. All characters are startled)

Marine: Strewth!

Mimic: WHOA! Flame, was that you?

Flame: N-No... *Seems freaked out* I...I'm sure its c-copper oxide, That makes...Green flames...

(Suddenly a blue-greenish fireball shoots out of the furnace and floats several feet above our hereos. The fireball forms into the shape of a skull and roars.)


Shadow: Who are you? Identify yourself!


Flame: Ok! not copper oxide! Am i the only one who wants to return the emerald?

Mimic: I might want to a little... (thinks for a moment) Nah. I worked too hard to get that emerald.

Flame: You mean I worked hard to get this emerald, Not you.

Mimic: Well, it was MY idea.

Shadow: (To Furnace Ghost) Sorry, but we need this emerald.

Furnace Ghost: THEN ... THIS PLACE WILL BE YOUR TOMB! (roars, summoning several zombies into the room)

Frost: (spots an open door in the back of the room) Everyone, this way! We can't fight in here!

(all characters run to the door. Just before they get to it, the door begins to close. But Frost freezes the door open with a blast of ice, leaving just enough room for all characters to go through one at a time. The zombies are following close behind, but the Furnace Ghost is nowhere to be seen.)

Frost: Keep running! We need to find another room to fight in!

(at the end of the hallway, a door is left open. All the characters run in and Flame ,being the last in line, slams the door shut behind him and locks it.)

Flame: *sighs with relief* Let's hope that keeps them out for a little bit.

(Our heroes are in a flooded library. They are standing on the first floor. There are some stairs in front of them that lead down to the main floor of the library. The main floor is completly flooded, but our heroes are just out of reach of the water. The books on the two lowest shelves of almost every bookshelf are completley soaked, but the books on the remaining four shelves of each bookshelf are untouched by the water. Suddenly, a zombie arm punches through the door that Flame locked.)

Flaem: Woah! *jumps back, almost falling into the water, but regains his balance and floats above the water*

Mimic: (mockingly) What's the matter? Afraid of a little wa- (stops suddenly and slaps his forehead) Oh, that's right! Water hurts you. (obviously sincere) I'm really sorry about that, Flame!

Flame: Actually water itself doesn't hurt me. It only hurts if I'm shot by it. The reason I float above the water is because...I can't swim...

Mimic: (tries very hard not to even smile. Suprisingly, he succeeds)

(suddenly, the door is broken down. The zombies begins to flood in)

Shadow: Chaos Spear! (throws a Chaos Spear, destroying several zombies.)

Frost: (rapidly fires deadly icicles at the zombies, decimating them) Stay dead this time! (freezes the door opening with a thick layer of ice.) That should stop them.

Flame: *Eyes go red* Its a shame, I wanted a turn... *His eyes go blue* So....Where am i?

[Readers: Keep in mind that the zombies explode into black dust when killed. There is no gore here. :) ]

Mimic: What do you mean "where am I"? You came in here with us! Remember?

Flame: I did? *He scratches his head* Weird...

Shadow: We need to find a way out of here before that thing comes back.

(suddenly, the Furnace Ghost appears above the room. The room glows a bluish-green because of its fire.)


Flame: *Shaking a bit* We cant run anymore, we have to think up a plan! Luckily, Hes a fire being. Fire runs of Oxygen, Fuel, And heat...Water gets rid of fuel. If we have someone fast to run circles around it. That will create a vortex and remove the oxygen...And Frost shoots ice...Heat...Ok...I have a plan... Shadow! Wait for it to get closer, then run circles around it. Frost, shoot ice at it. Marine you and I will attack it with water...*Casts a spell that makes a hose fall* Marine use the hose, I'll throw some water at it.

Mimic: (shrugs) I guess I'll distract it. (climbs on to a book shelf and throws several firecrackers at the Furnace Ghost, which explode a few inches in front of it) Hey! Over here, Hot Head!

Flame: Thats great, Get it closer, Otherwise it will be out of reach. *He telekineticly picks up some water*

Furnace Ghost: (roars and charges at Mimic)

Mimic: Closer.... closer.......... NOW! (Jumps out of the way and lands near Frost)

Flame: GO! *He fires a jet of water at the monster with one hand and a freezing blast of air with the other one* We'll just keep attacking until its no more.

Furnace Ghost: GAH! (he struggles to survive under the pounding stream of water from Marine's hose and Flame's magic, and the blasts of ice coming form both Flame and Frost. Shadow and Mimic stood watching. Soon, the ghost is reduced to a small skull and falls into the water at the base of the flooded library.

Shadow: It worked.

Marine: Yahoo! That was ripper!

Frost: ... (nods his head approvingly)

Flame: I guess I'm not THAT useless afterall...

Mimic: (notices something happening to the skull) Um, guys? (points to the skull in the water)

(The water begins to gather around the skull. Several whirlpools begin to develop in the water as several water tenticals rose up from the surface. A large blob of water rose out of the surface of the water, with the skull inside. Soon the Ghost was ready for round 2.)


Flame: *Flies upto the ceiling* DO NOT LIKE! DO NOT WANT! *He creates a shield around himself and floats* Is this a good time to flee?

Frost: No.

Mimic: Huh. The ghost sounds less... aggressive.

Shadow: We already told you, we can't return the Emerald.

Flood Ghost: WHY NOT?

Flame: We need this Emerald to escape, And survive and errm *He looks at mimic* we have to gather them along with 3 keys within 24 hours, Who knows what will happen to us if we don't.

Marine: So we can't give you the emerald, ya spooky jerk! (sticks her toungue out at the Flood Ghost)

Flood Ghost: (obviously not happy) ...

Flame:Err...You probably shouldn't rub it in...


[Flame: Kinda...He doesn't often because doing so hurts him, But don't worry its not overpowered because I make it so he doesnt use it much]

[Frost: Fair enough. I should ask though, what about Zarex? Can he only use his mind control periodically, or can he use it repeatedly without burning out?)

[Flame: Sorry for my incredibly delayed post, I meant to say this earlier, Anyway, Zarex's mind control is used under the same conditions as flame, Using to much hurts him, although because mind-control is generally very overpowered I made it so it hurts him if he uses it more than once ever 10-20 mins and that it only works for a few seconds]

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