Just when you thought the trolls were going a little slower they picked up the pace and are invading everywhere. Heroes will fall and traitors will be taken care of. Villains..........................well villains are toast. Will the trolls fail as usually or will they kick eggman off the top villains list?

Troll Characters


Sakura the Hedgehog (Played by Sahura)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Played by Tailsman67)

Miles "Tails" Prower (Played by Tailsman67)

Banzai the Monkey (Played by Banzai123)

Ashura the Hedgehog (Played by Tailsman67)

Droget the frog (Sonicfan919)

Smash The Echidna (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Splice The Hedgehog (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Zap The Hedgehog (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Thunder The Hedgehog (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Crystal The Fox (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Jessie Garnet The Fox (Played by Smash The Echidna)

James Hunter The Fox (Played by Smash The Echidna)

The Reds (played by Twist, the group being grif,simmons,sarge,donut and Lopez)

The Blues (Played by Twist, the group being Church,Tucker,Caboose,Tex,Shelia and Doc)

Turbo (Power Level Reduced to 3000 for balance)

Terron "Quake" Subrock (Numbuh712)

Artixunio Chrahen (Dragonballzfan)

Sythe Harisumi (Dragonballzfan)

Ageha Chrahen (Dragonballzfan)

Abumi Anko the Panda (Played by Famotill)

Yaobai the Panda (Played by Famotill)

Jack Nightmare (played by Battlelord7)(warning this guy is contagious)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Played by Spongebob100)

Amy Rose (Played by Spongebob100)

Darkstorm the Halfbreed (played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Turahk Darkstorm (played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Necrio the Wolf (played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Scar the dark wolf (Yautja trooper (played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Sarge & Capt (Played by UltimateDude127 Knight.png)

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing (Numbuh712)

Aero "Cyclone" Atmos (Numbuh712)

Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania (Numbuh712)

Lumina "Flare" Lightbeam (Numbuh712)

Pyra "Inferna" Fireheart (numbuh712

Fifi the Bear (played by pumpituppartyzone)


Banshee the Hedgehog (The Nerd)

Nova the Wolf (KHGenesis651)

Pain the Demon-cat (KHGenesis651)


Chimera the Forsaken (Banzai 123)

Daniel Scar (NikkieJay

Vine "Growth" Oakwillow (Numbuh712)

Aero The Bandit (Dragonballzfan)

Rex The Assassin (Dragonballzfan)

Xenomorph Darkstorm (played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Chinahx the Queen Xeno(played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Mephiles Darkstorm(played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Chimera Darkstorm (played by DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)


Part 1

(A group of trolls are seen marching through the streets, glue guns in hand)

Tantrum: Why are we using glue guns again?

Troll 1: Because the boss man says if anyone tries to jump us we can use these to-

Krinkinko: Hey loser! (stomps on troll one like a goomba)

Droget:(Kicks Tantrum)

Tantrum: GAH!! (Fires the glue gun)

(Somewhere in the back of the group, Dismal drops his glue gun and runs.)

Toxic: (Sees this) WE GOT A DESERTER!!

Droget: Can't move (sees dismal) HEY GET THE WIMP!

Krinkinko: (Chases dismal) HEY get back here defective troll!

Troll 8: So toxic can we all go to McDonald's now?

Toxic: Yeah.

Troll 6: But I want Burger King! ;A;


Dismal: (Still running) *panting*

Ktinkinko: Where are you running off to? Off to kill more people? You trolls disgust me!

Dismal: B-but I haven't ki-(trips and falls)-UHN!!

Krinkinko: Any last word-

(Suddenly, Commander Tower appears on Krinkinko's holographic wristwatch.)

G.U.N. Commander: STOP! That's Dismal, the good troll! Other trolls beat him. He wouldn't hurt you!

Krinkinko: OH! Hey Dismal want to go to pizza hut or turn all of the trolls underwear pink?

Dismal: ?????

Krinkinko: (Reaches out hand) There isn't anything to be afraid of.

Troll 30: There's the traitor! Get him! (Charges)

Krinkinko: (Kicks him in the face)


Troll 30: UGH!!

(Sees tantrum around the corner)

Krinkinko: Uh-oh a dead end what are we going to do?

Dismal: Uhhh...

Tantrum: Give me the runt!!

Banshee: *appears* Guess who's back?

Tantrum: YOU!!

Banshee: Yeah, it's me.

Dismal: Banshee!

Tantrum: DAI!! [tackles Banshee]

Dismal: H-Hey! G-Get off of him!!

Krinkinko: (Tackles Tantrum)

Tantrum: GAH!! (fires a flamethrower at Dismal)

Dismal: (Catches fire) AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!

(He curls into a ball an rolls all over the place, trying to smother the flames.)

Daniel:*walking by then turns and watches*....

Banshee: *teleports out of Tantrum's grasp and throws a bucket of water at Dismal*

Krinkinko: (Gives some energy to dismal) Now you can preform skydive, bounce, and you have the jump of a frog!

Dismal: (Stops rolling and lays there, badly scalded and now half-bald) Wat

Banshee: *hypnotizes Tantrum* You are getting sleepy...

Tantrum: @_@ Sleepy...

Banshee: Go to sleep...

Tantrum: Sleeeeeep..... (falls over, snoring)

Banshee: *digs hole and buries Tantrum*

Tantrum: *muffled snoring*

Banshee: *grins*

Krinkinko: (To dismal) Since we ditched the trolls want to come to my house?

(Tower reappears on Krinkinko's wristwatch.)

Tower: I think he need medical attention, Agent Krinkinko...

Banshee: No. He's coming with me.

Krinkinko: NO ME! Besides after he's patched up were going to play video games!

Banshee: Forget about that. I've been taking care of him for, like, forever.

Krinkinko : Well he's coming with me!

Fa-La-Stu: (Telaports there) Did you get dismal?

Krinkinko:Trying to!

Banshee: *grabs Dismal* Come on.

Krinkinko: No with me! (Grabs other arm)

Banshee: Back off, jack rabbit!

Krinkinko: I'm a hedgehog! 0_0 (Punches in the face and tosses dismal to Fa-La-Stu) Take him to the base.

Fa-La-Stu: (Starts running)

Banshee: *runs after Fa-La-Stu*

Dismal: ._."

Fa-La-Stu:Don't worry after you get some band aids we will go shopping for video games okay?

Dismal: Uhhh....

Banshee: *rams Fa-La-Stu*

(Fa-La-Stu drops him, picks him up and transports to the G.U.N. base)

Krinkinko: Just you and me now!

Banshee: *laughs* I'm more then prepared.

Krinkinko (Tackles him)

Banshee: *kicks Krinkinko off of him*

A young, dark golden colored hedgehog rode his bike down the street casually. Things were very normal for him, at first, until he stomped on the back pedal brakes. "What on earth...?" In front of him, were a pile of unconscious Trolls, still holding their glue guns. He put the kick stand on his bike and slowly walked towards them. W-who are these people...He thought. What happened to them? And why do they have glue guns? He then noticed something shiny on one of the trolls, and bent down to look at it. It was a Trolls badge. "...Trolls...?" He stood up and looked around. "...I..I should go. I don't wanna get involved." He started to walk away quickly back towards his bike.

Meanwhile, Smash was currently scrubbing down his garage door, with an unconscious troll with a can of spray paint lying nearby. He could be heard grumbling something frustratedly.

Banshee: *teleports to the G.U.N. base*

Later, The young boy arrived at his friend's tree house. He could hear voices coming from inside, which let him know that he was the last one to arrive. He climbed to the top and walked inside. "Er..Sorry I'm late, everyone.." He said meekly.

"Well, look who's here? An older, purple fox girl said, grinning with her hands on her hips. "Alright then, lets get started." She walked behind a desk and stood at it. The other three in the tree house sat together. "Alright, Team Garnet! We've got an assignment!" She announced.

"An assignment?" A dark lavender fox repeated. "What kind of assignment, Jessie?" He gave her a puzzled look.

"I'm getting to that." She said. "Now, Any of you who's picked up a newspaper might have heard of the Trolls recently roaming around town." Zap froze in cold sweat. "They're ranking up high in the criminal industry, see?" She began pacing back and forth. "Now..If we can beat these guys, That will be us standing under the headlines." She pointed with a pointer stick at a photo on the wall, a photo of the entire team together.

"Yeah, that's great-n-all, but how do you expect to find them?" The lavender fox piped up again.

"Why, I'm glad you asked, James." She said in a fake happy voice. "Now, I did some research." She continued pacing back and forth. "And I learned that there is a certain city where they have their hideout. And I've just found out..." She turned and put her hands on the desk firmly. "Where that city is."

"So, you're gonna have us sneak in there?" The fourth member, a silver girl fox asked. "Isn't that a little dangerous?"

"Danger? Ha. I boldly laugh in the face of danger." Jessie grinned mischeviously. "But don't worry, Crystal. Anything goes wrong, I got your back."

"Still, though. We need a plan." James said, seriously. "We can't just go rushing in there, fists flying everywhere. We don't have any idea how many of them their are, or how powerful they are either."

"Don't be like that, I've got it covered." Jessie said. "I wouldn't be leader if I didn't. Now, like you said, we have no idea how many of them their are or how strong they are. That's why we're gonna sneak in and investigate first. We need to get the scoop on these guys. We could find out their motives, weaknesses, etc. And then, we head back here and plan our attack! Got it?"

"Okay!" Crystal agreed.

"Alright, that sounds more like it." James approved.

"What say ye, Zap?" Jessie asked. "What's wrong with you, anyway? You've been quiet this whole time. Usually you have at least one thing to say."

Zap looked up. "Oh..uhh...I'm..fine." He said quietly. "I'll help out the best I can.."

"That's better. But ya still gotta put more punch in your words!" Jessie emphasized with her own fist, uppercutting nothing. "You gotta let people know that they can depend on you!"

Zap straightened up quickly and saluted her. "Yes, Ma'am!" That didn't feel like him at all, but it was better than what he had been doing.

"Now that's more like it!" Jessie grinned. "Since we're all here now, and probably won't get another chance to be together like this for a while, Lets move out! Team Garnet, Dispatch!" With an energetic point towards the horizon. the team left the tree house and headed for the Troll City.

(A tall muscular troll grabbed zap and james)

Random troll: Where do you think your going!?

Jessie and Crystal whirled around to see the Troll grabbing the other two. "Hey, let them go ya big buffoon!"

James, acting quickly, grabbed the Troll's arm and forced his shoulder out of his grasp. "None-ya beezwax. Whatdya want!?"

Zap slowly looked up to see how huge the troll was. He saw the shine of the Troll's badge on his chest, and suddenly began to feel scared.

(A short lean troll walks up)

Troll 2: So you trying to get to one of our city's rainbow hill zone I don't think so (tackles jessie)

Krinkinko: Hey do you guys need help!?

Jessie fell down on her back, and then kicked the troll off over her head. She jumped back to her feet. "Oh, Its ON now! Bring it, shorty!" She got into a fighting stance.

Zap shook his head, snapping out of it. What am I doing? He thougt We're in trouble! I can't just stand here! He straightened his body out, and a large spark of electricity came from him, shocking the tall troll enough to give him a chance to break free.

"Are you okay, Zap?" James asked him, staying by his side.

"I'm fine."

Crystal looked over at Krinkinko. "Umm...I think so." She said, looking back and forth between the two trolls.

Krinkinko: (Grabs the short troll and begin kicking him and playing soccer with crystal using the troll as the ball)

Big troll: (Jumps on zap) Crystal saw the troll coming towards her, and didn't know what to do. She stood there, whimpering slightly, before jumping out the way. Instead, Jessie jumped in and soccer kicked the troll. "Nuh-uh! This guy's mine!" She said, competitively. "He started it with me, and he'll end it like so!" The two kept kicking him around, until Jessie decided to put an end to it by kicking him into a tree. "That's That!" She clapped her hands in a job well done style. Zap yelped, and was pinned down. He sparked his body again, trying to electrocute him and make him get off."Zap!" James cried out. He ran over to the big troll and tried to spin kick him across the face.Crystal and Jessie then saw what happened and ran to try and help. Jessie tried to yank the guy off, while Crystal tried to pull Zap out, but the sparks kept her back. "Krysi, Fight him!" She said. A silver chao flew from behind Crystal and, with a cute little war cry, did a flying kick towards the troll's nose.

(Both trolls were down for the count)

Krinkinko: (Grabs zaps hand) This is getting way to out of hand! Everyone follow me to the G.U.N. base!

Just as soon as Zap was out from under the troll, he pulled away from Krinkinko.

"G.U.N base?" Jessie asked. "What's that? Why are we going there?"

Krinkinko: Because were going get some troll butt-kicking machines!

"Cool! Now THAT's more like it!" Jessie exclaimed excitedly. "Just one question." Her expression turned deadpan. "Who the heck are you."

"Mommy always tells me not to go with strange guys." Crystal looked at him uneasily.

"Ehhh...This guy looks pretty strange to me." James commented. "Those spots are kinda unsettling."

"Are you sick? Do you have the chicken pox?" Crystal asked.

Zap just stood quietly at the side.

Krinkinko: I'm Krinkinko the hedgehog and no I do not have chicken pox I'm a rare jungle hedgehog. (Irritated)

"Jungle hedgehog?" James repeated, eyebrows raised. "If they're rare, it's no wonder I've never heard of them." He said.

"Oohhh...Sorry, I thought you were sick!" Crystal said, sheepishly. "Thank you for helping us, Mr. Krinkinko. But I don't know if we should..-"

"I'm Jessie! Jessie Garnet!" She interrupted. "This here's my team, There's James over there, Crystal here, and the quiet one's Zap." She pointed at them all in order. "Nice to meetcha!"

Krinkinko: Nice to meet you too now off to the base!

"You sure are eager to take us." James commented with an eyebrow rose.

"Don't worry about it, He's on our side." Jessie said. "Lets just go and see what he's got! That's an order!" Everyone else then followed her, who followed Krinkinko to the base.

Part 1B

(In a troll city about thirty troll were marching in theire hands in hand a glued droget)

Droget: You'll never take me alive!

Toxic: But we ARE.

Droget:.....You'll never take me dead!

Troll 76: Um...Toxic why are we going in circles and not the base?

Banshee: *appears* Hey, guys, how's life been treating you?

Troll comander:Good until you showed your ugly mug!

Troll 73: (Throws droget to toxic) RUN!

Banshee: *blasts the commander with a flame shot*

Troll comander: Heh (regenerates, turns giant) were on top of our game now!

Banshee: This is gonna be fun!

Troll comander: (Eats banshee)

Banshee: *flies out of the commander's stomach and mouth* Pfft. Easy.

(A troll starts choking banshee)

Banshee: Why didn't I think of it before? *teleports out of the troll's throat*

Troll: Banshee....I challenge you to a dance contest!

Banshee: *punches the troll in the gut* That's my answer.

(Troll cops come and take Banshee to rainbow hill prison then the trolls resume marching)

Banshee: ... *teleports home*


Troll 1: Where's toxic?

(A mysterious figure appears in front of a group of trolls)

????: You all are known as the trolls, am I correct?

Troll 6: Yeah what's it to ya'?

Chimera: My name is Chimera (takes out a Chaos Emerald) I have a proposition for you.

Troll 6:OOOOOh what is it!?

Chimera: The Chaos Amulets. No doubt you've heard of them. I hear you have a few of them already. The thing is, I need to get all of them for myself, and you all are going to help me. (Chaos Emerald glows) Chaos Nightmare!

(the group of trolls are now in Chimera's control)

Chimera: Hmhmhmhm. Now, the fact that you work for me must be kept a secret for now, okay?

Trolls: Okay.

Chimera: Now then, I need you to go after two fools named Turbo and Banzai, and eliminate them. If they have any Chaos Amulets or emeralds on them, bring them back to me in this spot. Got that?

Part 1C

(In the G.U.N. base)

Fa-La-Stu: We're here dismal or should I say daniel.

Dismal: Wha-...h-how did you know m-my real name...?!

Banshee: *appears* Because those guys are psychos.

Fa-La-Stu: No I know alot about that cutie! (Crying) Please we just want him for three days after that the trolls can start abusing him again!

Banshee: NO. I've been taking good care of him for a long time. I'm not gonna let any pathetic trolls lay a fingertip on Dismal.

Dismal: ..........

Fa-La-Stu: Oh so for the rest of his life he won't meet new people?

Banshee: *sighs* You know you're just giving me a hard time...

Fa-La-Stu: I know we want dismal please sir.

Banshee: I'm not waiting for 3 days! I'm only waiting for 1 day.

Fa-La-Stu:(Nods; To dismal)So want to go to gamestop or the mall?

Dismal: Uhhh....

(He's still badly injured from his burns...)

Banshee: *straps a bunch of band-aids on Dismal*

(A male doctor passes by.)

Doctor: Those are 2nd degree burns; you'll need much more than just bandages...

Banshee: *throws ice cube at the doctor's eye* Genius.

Doctor: Ow!

Fa-La-Stu: (Feeds dismal an emerald shard then uses chaos heal) All better now....mall or gamestop?

Dismal: Uhhh.....

Fa-La-Stu:Don't be shy!

Banshee: Give him some time.

Dismal: ........

Banshee: Be back. I sense trolls are around. *teleports*

Fa-La-Stu: I've been waiting for an hour...mall or gamestop? (Assertive)

Dismal: Uhh...uhh...I-I don't know! DX

Fa-La-Stu:Mall it is!

(At the mall)

Dismal: ........

Fa-La-Stu:Look I know your scared but there are no trolls!...Cutie.

Dismal: !! *blushes heavily*

Fa-La-Stu: Let's buy some video games okay?

Dismal: Uhhh, o-okay...

Part 1C-2

Mean while, somewhere in the city, a lone monkey is sitting in a cafe reading the newspaper. Banzai had heard that Chimera was up and at it again, he felt that it was his responsibility to stop him. As he was reading the papers, he immediately noticed the headline: TROLLS SPOTTED ROAMING CITY. While he was reading, he thought to himself, "Aw man, it's bad enough that Chimera's on the loose again but now these guys are running around?" He thought about leaving the area so as to not get involved, but then he had a thought: "Wait a second, Chimera's usually around wherever there's trouble." He grinned at the thought of getting to kick some troll butt. "I bet if I stay here a while, I'm bound to find something." And with that, he left the cafe and began exploring the city.

(A giant troll pounces on him)

Troll: Haha monkey boy!

Banzai: Whoa! (takes out his staff and hits him away) hey, a troll already? Guess I get to start fighting sooner than I thought!

The troll: Pul-leeze I defeated sun wokong, Monkey khan and kid goku. (Grabs his tail)

Banzai: What? (shoots a blast of chaos energy from his staff at the troll, then drops to the ground) Yeah, I really believe that, troll.

Troll: (Holds a bananana) You know you want it!

Banzai: (eyes it hungrily for a minute, then looks away) Seriously? who do you think I am, DK? (charges staff with energy, then attacks the troll)

Dk: (snatches the banana)

(He is cornered by six trolls)

Banzai: Aw c'mon! Well, didn't think I'd need to use this (Takes out a Power Ring) Chaos Blast!

(blasts the trolls away)

Banzai: Well, I had fun, but I gotta get going if I'm gonna find out anything on Chimera! See ya!

(Leaves the scene)

Turbo:*looking at the Horizon atop a skyscraper* I can't find anything to do. *pulls out a peice of Gold with a Ruby in it* Hope something happens.

(A fast troll snatches the gem)

(For anyone who doesn't know what the trolls are look here)

Turbo:*curls into a ball and gives pursuit* Come back here! You don't know what power your messing with! *thinking* Great, A guy who has no sense of danger at all.

Troll: Yes I do a power bubonic will go apes for! (Runs faster)

Turbo:Chaos........CONTROL!!!!!! *warps ahead of the Troll* Hold it! I'll fight you for the Chaos Amulet!!!!

From on top of a different building, Banzai, still searching for any clues on Chimera, notices the fight between the troll and Turbo. "Oh great, more trolls," He says to himself, "Should I go help? Nah, this guy looks like he can handle himself." With nothing else to do he observes the fight.

The troll: (Punches turbo in the face)

Turbo:*recovers* Chaos Spear! *goes for the throat*

The troll: (Dies)

???: Don't worry he'll come back for you in about two hours we trolls reginerate. We never die!

Turbo:So? I'll kill him again. *Looks up* I'll find you. You know where they are.....

???: (Walks away)

Banzai: HEY! (jumps in front of Turbo) That was pretty amazing! By the way, Who are you?

Turbo: I'm Turbo. You are?

The troll: I'm back (grabs the gem and runs)

Turbo:Chaos........*starts sparking with Chaos Energy* ERASER!!!! *blast a Super destructive blast of energy at the Troll* I hope you like 3rd degree burns!!!!!

Banzai: O_o that was pretty cool. Name's Banzai. So, whats the story with that gem thing? You obviously don't want anyone else getting it. (points to the burning troll)

Turbo:The gem is Called a Chaos Amulet. It's a powerful object capable of enhancing Chaos Powers, mutating organisms, powering up machinery and most importantly helping me stay alive. There Seven in all, Each with the same power, but the Silver one is stronger and capable of controlling the others. That explain it?

Banzai: (looking a bit confused) Erm, a bit. So then, why are you here in the city?

Turbo:I was bored and the Amulets were stolen from me yesterday.

Banzai: Oh. That sucks. Hey, it looks like the trolls are after those amulet-thingies. I'm also after the trolls so I can find someone. Wanna team up? Maybe we can both get some progress if we work together. ^.^

Turbo:Good Idea.....Wait, there a Chaos Amulet about 6 kilometers away from here. We should move towards the plot.

Banzai: Okay. Let me use my goggles to scan the area ahead


Banzai: Okay, I can't see that far ahead, but the road seems to be clear in that direction. C'mon let's go!

(A nerdy troll appears before them)

Troll: Ambush! (Swipes the Chaos amulet)

Banzai: (Quickly smashes the troll with his staff, rendering it unconscious) Seriously? Another one? I take it back; the road ahead is full of trolls :(

Turbo:I got an Idea......Chaos.....Transform!!!!! *transforms to look like a Troll* Like It?

(Just remember ere talking about Trolls)

Banzai: Hehe, you'd fit right in. Is there anything you can't do? But what about me? I can't transform. I'll probably just have to sneak around. I'll still keep close though. C'mon let's go!

Turbo:Just think of what you want to turn into then focus a bit of Chaos Energy all over your body. Or Use Mind Spells........

Troll: Hey why arn't you wearing a badge!?

Turbo:Crud.....Chaos.....SPEAR! *pins the Troll against a cliff* Watcha gonna do sap? Break my ribs?

(Trolls capture turbo and chain in up in the troll cargo device)

(2 hours later they arrive at rainbow hill zone)

Turbo*normal again* Whatever this crates made of, It's Chaos Energy proof.

(Some trolls put him on the mobian to troll transformer and turbo starts to become a troll)

(Banzai appears)

Banzai: CHAOS BLITZ!!!!

(All trolls surrounding the transformer are killed)

Banzai: Hey, missed me?

Turbo:Thanks.....we got somewhere to go: a Troll Base were the Amulet is. *In part 1D*

Banzai: I have a feeling the guy I'm looking for will be there to. Let's go! (heads for the base (and part 1D))

Part 1D

Krinkinko: Okay were at the base! Hey Rachel how many mission points do I have?

Rachel: Let me se......1,000.

Krinkinko: That's more than enough (Buys a troll vacum cleaner, a vsn for the team, a troll freezifier and a troll net)

Krinkinko: OH YEAH!

  • something sparkles in the corner of the room*

James looked at the weird things they were getting. "These look...well..."

"A Bug catching net?" Jessie `looked at the Troll Net suspiciously.

"A vaccum cleaner??" Zap spoke for the first time in a while.

"Well, this thing looks somewhat useful." James said, looking at the Troll freezifier.

"I have no idea what this thing is." Crystal frowned at the VSN. "Could you explain, Mr. Krinkinko?" As she held it up to him, The twinkle in the corner of the room caught the eye of her chao. Curiously, the chao flew over to the twinkle to investigate.

  • A Gold Piece with a Cyan Jewel is in the corner*

Krinkinko: The net closes after the troll is caught and it displays data about the troll. (He looked at crystal) What don't you understand?

"I don't know what it is, or what it does." She said.

The chao landed next to the object. "Oooh...Chaowy.." She whispered to herself. She picked it up with both hands and began to fly again. She flew back towards the group and waited for Crystal to finish talking with Krinkinko.

the weird object causes the Chao to grow Dragon Wings, Dragon Claws and Raccoon Feet*

Krinkinko: Me either. (He turned to jessie) So should we head for the trolls now?

Rachel: Are they your nerdy friends

Jessie put her hands on her hips. "And just who do you think you're calling a nerd?"

The chao's whole body began sparkling, and the sparkles spread out everywhere as if she had taken a small animal or a Chaos drive. With the sudden change in animal parts, She looked rather surprised. The sparkles got everyone's attention. "Krysi? Wha-Oh, my!" Crystal gasped as she put her hand to her mouth. "I don't remember you having those animal parts before!" Krysi held up the jewel to show her, and pointed at the corner where she found it while speaking in chao. "That thing changed you? How odd.." She said.

Little did they know that they were being observed by a malevolent presence, hiding near the roof. "Hm, they look like an interesting bunch," he thought to himself, "They may even be useful." With that, he silently disappeared into the shadows.

"Hey Krink. You know what that is?" Jessie asked, pointing at the jewel.

Krinkinko: That's the jewel of alometta's dragon.

Rachel: Nerds!

"Shut up, Lady!" Jessie snarked back.

Suddenly, a sharp pain started in Crystal's back. "Wh-what's..." Dragon claws ripped through her gloves. She gasped in horror at what was happening.

"Crystal! Are you alright!?" Zap gasped, now really worried.

Dragon wings sprouted from her back, and the pain then subsided. "What's..happened to me..?"

(keep in mind that ANY type of mutation is possible)

(A female troll came behind crystal)

???:You fell in my trap is what's happening!

Realizing what was happening, Krysi threw the jewel as far away as she could.

Zap stood in front of the troll defensively, while Crystal started to cry. "If Mommy see's me like this...she'll be frightened..I don't want mommy to be scared of me!"

"D-Don't come any closer!" Zap said, trying to be brave."I'm not afraid of you!"

James stood beside Zap, getting into a fighting stance. "What did you do to her!?"

Jessie stood beside Crystal, trying to console her.

???: All I did was give her dragon powers!

Krinkinko: How do we know your telling the truth!?

???:Scouts honor!

"For a chao, it's a bit more normal since they can have those parts" James said. "But obviously Crystal doesn't want them! Can't you take them back?"

Nova: *practically appears out of thin air* Hm... where am I? ... Who are you people?

Pain: *materializes beside her*

???: (Takes the parts away but she still has the powers)

"Look, see they're gone!" Jessie said, still trying to cheer her up. "They disappeared, you're back to normal now!"

Crystal let out a sniffle, but stopped crying. She looked at her hands. Her gloves were torn, but it wasn't a big deal now.

"Tell me, Who are you?" James asked the troll, then turned and looked at the two other people. "And who are you?"

Turbo:*breaks down a wall* Okay!!! WHERE IS THAT CHAOS AMULET!!?!?!?!?!?!

The 4 of them jumped, immediately looking at the broken wall. Zap held his hands up as if someone were sticking a gun at him.

Nova: *pokes Zap with a gun made of darkness* Hehe.

Banzai: Was the big entrance REALLY that necessary?

Krinkinko: Wrong base this is the GUN base your looking for the troll base

Rachel: *Gasp* The guy who knocked down the wall is 98% troll!

Turbo:Okay, I know it's in here. Who has the Amulet?

Zap's eyes shrunk as he noticed what was being pointed at him. James gritted his teeth. "Will you people just LEAVE US THE FREAKING HECK ALONE!?!?" He tried to slap the gun out of Nova's hand.

Banzai: What the heck is going on here?

Nova: Back off! *Her gun turns to her scythe* Trust me, you'll want to back off.


Banzai: (Shoots a ball of chaos energy from his staff at Nova)

Nova: *disintegrates into the floor as a shadow*

Banzai: Just great. Now I'm stuck fighting some shadow demon.

(A troll sneaks up on banzai, captures him in the troll cargo truck and puts him in a chaos resistant crate)

Nova: *head peeks out* Where'd the monkey go? *dives back into the darkness and reappears behind Pain*

James put his hand on Jessie's sholder. "Jessie, if this is what we have to go through to get fame, I'm not doing this." He said. "I'm just not. This is too much."

Jessie sighed, and looked at the rest of her team. Crystal had just stopped crying, Zap was just getting over shock from having a gun to his head, and James was doing all he could to try and keep everyone safe and they didn't even begin to head off into danger yet. "I'm sorry, guys...maybe I was a little in over my head about all this..."

Nova: ...? *leans over onto Pain's shoulder* This is slightly touching... I think? I'm sorta confused... Pain?

Pain: *shrugs*

Turbo*has the Amulet* If you give up, the World is Screwed.

(The trolls drive off with banzai and head for rainbow hill zone)

Turbo:That's It! CHAOS CONTROL!!! *warps everyone to Rainbow hill zone*

Nova: *looks annoyed* That was a bit... Hmm... sudden... Can I leave?

Pain: it would be best to see what's happening... so no.

Part 2

(All of them get thrown to a near feild by some muscular trools)

(Banzai is being turned to a troll)

Turbo:If the Trolls Get The Chaos Amulets, the universe will be doomed.

"Oh, GREAT!" Jessie threw her arms down. "Thanks a lot! As soon as I start to change my mind and think about going home you throw me out here!" She snarled. "Who the heck ARE you anyway!?"

"Jessie, look!" James pointed at the trolls. "We have no time to argue, those guys look kinda tough."

Turbo:I'm Turbo. Now lets move!

Nova: *gets up*

Troll: (pulls jessie's hair)

Troll 2: Look! (Waves a icecream cone in jessie's face)

Turbo:Chaos.....ERASER!!!!!! *lights the 2 Trolls on fire*

Artixunio:(Ran up to the group)I'm guessing your looking for trolls like at the city(uses Chaos Emerald to teleport Behind Turbo)unless you were just strolling around here for fun(sarcastically)

Turbo:*sees Artixuno's Chaos Emerald* WHAT IS THAT??

Banzai: Can somebody please get me out of here!?

Jessie screamed in pain, waving her arms around angrily. She accidentally knocked the ice cream onto the ground.

Krysi, still having her dragon parts, flew above the troll holding Jessie's hair and began to breathe fire on his face. Zap charged his fist with electricity and punched the second troll in an attempt to electrocute him. James tried to fend off the first troll to get him to let go of Jessie.

As Banzai lay in the trollification chamber, he realized something: nothing was happening to him. "Hey, I thought I was supposed to be turning into a troll?" he asked himself. Then it hit him: "It must not work because I have chaos energy inside me!"

Turbo:*use his Razor Homing Slash on the Crate that Banzai's in*

Troll: TO LATE. He is now a troll!

(Banzai is released) Banzai: The chaos energy inside me protected me troll face!

Banzai: Thanks for freeing me Turbo! Guess we're even now haha.

(Banzai senses something in the distance)

Banzai: I......I'm feeling his presence. Sorry Turbo, but I'm gonna have to leave you guys for now. I'll make sure to catch up! I just got some business to attend to.

(Banzai jumps off into the distance)

Artixunio:oh well(pulls his sword out and cuts the trolls head off) he's a gonner now

Turbo:Theres a Chaos Amulet that way!!!!! *races after Banzai*

Artixunio:I see your quite fond with that monkey (chases after Turbo)

Troll 35: It doesn't quite work like that Banzai your a troll no doubt about it!

Artixunio:(quickly kills the troll with his sword then uses chaos control to get back to the gun base)

Turbo:*digs underground* (I'm out for the night) :(

Back At Gun Base

Artixunio:(looks around the room to find his friends then spots Sythe and Ageha)lets go meet some gun troops(gestured towards where Krinkinko was then walked over to it)

Once they were free from the two trolls, Team Garnet got together to regroup. "Okay, listen up. We need to get the heck outta here." Jessie said. "I now regret ever wanting to come here. Lets face it, we're not up to par with these guys. Anymore come and nobody else is around, we're in trouble."

"I'm pretty scared right now." Crystal said. "I wanna get home as fast as I can."

"I'm sure we all do." James said. He looked around, putting his hand over his eyes. "Anyone see a way out?"

Artixunio:(walked in)Ah Krinkinko good to see ya again

Krinkinko:Good to see you too but first let's help some people out. (Uses the GUN transporter to get back to the feild)

Krinkinko: Look jessie I understand why you want to leave but would you change your mind if you had backup?

Artixunio:(used Chaos Control to the nearest place somebody was attacked by trolls)I'll help out if you mind (used his sword with swift slashes he cut the trolls to pieces then picked up The civilian and used jump to get to the roof and softly let him go)

Artixunio:(calls for Ageha and Sythe)

Ageha:(teleports with Sythe)yes

Artixunio:we're going to find that troll base ready set search team go!(points with his sword to show them where to look)I've seen a lot in that area go!

Jessie looked at him a bit skeptically. "What kind of backup are we talking about here?" She asked with her arms folded, looking at him at the corner of her eye.

Krinkinko: Me, artixunio,sythe, and Artixunio's brother.

"We don't really know any of you guys, really." She said. "However..We can't really just leave things the way they are now, right?" She looked at the rest of her team. "I say we stop messing around and get serious!"

James looked over at Zap and Crystal. "I don't know how they'd hol-"

"I'll be fine." Zap interrupted him, with a determined look on his face. "If I couldn't help my own friends, I don't know how I'd be able to face my brothers...I won't let them down, and I won't let you all down either!"

Jessie patted Zap on the back. "That's more like it. You're starting to sound like a man, now!" She joked. Zap blushed a little and looked to the side embarrassed.

"If everyone else is going, I'm going too." Crystal said. "It's like Zap said, I can't let you guys down. We need to pull ourselves together!"

Just then, something rushed by them quickly-too quickly for them to get a clear view on what it was. It was headed for the Troll's base.

???: Oh no they can't interfere with our plans!

"What was that?" James asked, looking towards the base.

"I guess it's our first mission to find out!" Jessie grinned. "Team Garnet, Move out!"

The blur slowed to a stop at the entrance, revealing a red and blue multicolored hedgehog. He looked around the area to see if there was a way to sneak in.

Krinkinko: (Taps him on the shoulder)Where do you think your going?

The hedgehog whirled around into a fighting stance. "First tell me where you guys did with it." He said, glaring at him.

Jessie and her team were still catching up.

Krinkinko: Did with what?!

"One of your thug friends stole my ring!" He said. "And I'll kick every last one of your butts to the ends of the earth if I have to!"

Team Garnet stopped beside Krinkinko. "Gah. Warn us when you're gonna run that fast." She said between breaths. She took a moment while panting.

Zap's eyes widened when he saw the hedgehog. "Y-You're..."

The hedgehog looked at the group. "Hey..What are you kids doing all the way out here?"

"I'm not a kid!" Both Jessie and James said in unison. They both exchanged glances at eachother afterwards.

"Mr. Splice, We're here to stop all these bad men who're causing trouble all over town." Crystal said. "Can you help us?"

"First tell me who that is." He said, looking at Krinkinko suspiciously. "Who are you, and why are you with these guys?"

Kinkrinko: I'm krinkinko now the guy who stole your ring.......waht did he look like?

Splice began to describe what seemed to be a generic Troll goon. "There were like 5 of them. I managed to take 3 of em out, but the other two escaped. They were in my house rummaging through my stuff. I don't know what all they took, but I KNOW they got that ring." He said.

Krinkinko: Was he a monkey?

"Monkey? No. Smelled like one, though." He mumbled the last comment to himself. "He was a scruffy looking hedgehog."

Jessie tilted his head to the side. "So, what kind of ring was it, Splice? I'm assuming it wasn't the type of ring you see lying around everywhere if you came all the way out here to find it."

Splice stopped, then looked to the side. "...A special sort of ring.." He said, suddenly quiet. "Anyway, If we both have a bone to pick with these guys, lets go together."

(They head to the city of rainbow hill zone)

Part 2B

"Be careful, guys." Splice said. "Stick close together, and don't wander off. I hear they like kidnapping."

"Gotcha." Jessie said.

Krinkinko: Ready set go! (Krinkinko gets on his board and zooms foward)

"Wha-Hey! Are you even listening!?" Splice yelled at him. His arms drooped and he let out an exasperated sigh. "For those of you who didn't hear, I said "stick together"." He looked over at the others. "I know some of you can't run as fast as me. In fact, I don't think either of you can. So I'll stay and look after ya. But we gotta keep up the pace or we'll lose him." All four of the teammates nodded, and they began to run after Krinkinko.

Jack: someone called? I recieved a message saying I was needed.

The group stopped, and Splice gave him a very weird look. "Who...are..you?" He asked.

Crystal tugged on Splice's shirt. "Mr. Splice, we're gonna lose him."

"Right, right. Well, Sorry sir. It wasn't us. Bye!" With that, the 5 of them took off again, trying to catch up with Krinkinko.

Jack: I... well I'm Jack, Jack Nightmare. I'm just your every day hero... yep just your every day hero(goes to the corner and crying).

Krinkinko: (Comes back with trolls chasing him)

Jack: (prepares an attack against the trolls) [Lions Roar]. Look, I can sing.

Splice skidded to a stop when he saw the situation, and slapped his forehead. "Idiot..." He got into a battle stance. "When they get close enough, I'm gonna hit em all with one attack." He looked at the others. "I'll make a wall of Ice for them to run into. That's your chance to move in"

"Oh! Oh!" Crystal took out the Troll Freezifier. "We could try to use this, too! It's a Freeziefire thingamabob."

Splice gave her a weird look. "I'm not even gonna ask where you got that, but lets try both." He looked at Krinkinko. "Hey, Krinkinko! Fly that board up high over our heads!" He called out to him. "Get ready, guys!"

(Krinkinko then did a triple flip with his board over there heads)

"Crystal, Freeze the floor." Splice said, preparing to make the wall. Once the trolls got close enough, Splice rose his hand. "NOW!" He formed a wall made of ice, while Crystal used the Freezifier to freeze the ground infront of it. The trolls ended up slipping and sliding across the ice, and slammed into the wall.

"I got this one!" James ran to the other side of the wall and activated the Troll Vaccum, trying to suck them all up.

(As the trolls slipped about 50 trolls started marching behind them)

Jack (Spongebob100):(Dives in & Knocks about 75 trolls)COWABUNGA!

(Be more specific in how he did that. And there were 50 of them. The other "25", if there were that many of them, were at the mercy of James and the vaccum.)

After sucking up the trolls, James ran to the other side of the ice wall and got into a battle stance. "Think that guy can handle them all?" He wondered aloud.

Krinkinko: I'm hungry any lunch...

(A troll tries to sneak up on him but he punches it in the gut)

Jack (Spongebob100):(Fight off 10 trolls)Hey get back you trolls(Rolls a Bowling Bowl at the 10 & Strike them down like bowling pins)STRRRRRRRIKE!

Krinkinko: Nice now let's go to a troll laundrmat and make the white clothes pink!

"Nuh-uh." Splice said. "I refuse to come. I came here for a good reason."

"If we did that, wouldn't we be just like them?" Crystal asked. "I don't like being mean for no reason, even if they were mean first."

"I dunno about you guys, but I'M going to get my stuff back." Splice turned around and began to walk away.

"We're coming too." Jessie said. "We have a mission to complete, and we're not taking any detours."

Later, The team made it to the outside of the troll's base. They were hiding in a safe spot to talk. "Okay, so I'm going to get my things back. What exacty are you guys here for?" He asked.

"We planned to just beat these guys up and stop them from roaming the streets." Jessie said.

"So you're just gonna go beat them up? You sure you can handle it?" He asked.

"We can, and we will!" Jessie said confidently.

"Alright then. I'd better call Smash and tell him about where these guys are hidden. I heard he was having some trouble with them as well." He flipped out his cell phone and started dialing his number. After a few moments, Splice hung up. "He said he's on his way. Apparently, they've been causing more problems than I thought..." He put his phone away and looked at the team. "Well, shall we get going?"

(They see a sighn that says off to the east sea base)

"East sea base?" Splice asked. "I dunno where that is, but lets go in anyway. We might find something. If no one's there, it should be safe." He said. The others nodded as they began to sneak inside.

(Inside a big troll is holding splice's ring and looks at him)

Troll: You want it!?

"You..!" Splice growled. "How nice of you to offer to give it back!" His arms burst into flames. "Hand it over, or else.."

Jessie stepped up next to him. "We're gonna kick your butt for messing around our town!" She got into a fighting stance, along with her other teammates.

The troll: Don't need to get defensive (hands it to him)

Splice gave him a weird look, his flames dying down, and then took it back. "..You're one of them, right? Why are you not putting up a fight?"

Troll: No reason.

Splice took a few steps back. Well this is awkward...He thought. "So..Where did all the other guys go? This place is a lot emptier than I thought it'd be."

Troll: At the sea base.

"They wouldn't happen to be planning to mess around Green Flower City again, would they?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah, they made a real mess of things back there." Splice added with a frown.

Troll: No (the modified ring then renders Splice unconsious)but the rest of the universe would do just fine!

Krinkinko: (Barges in) What's up!?

"Splice!" They all cried out. Crystal bent down next to him and tried to get him to wake up.

Jessie looked up at the troll. "You FIEND!" She charged at him and threw a straight punch at his gut.

"Krinkinko, You're late!" James complained. "This guy gave Splice a fake ring!"

Dark krinkinko: But this beating isn't fake! (keeps pounding on the troll until splice wakes up two hours later.

Normal Krinkinko: (Walks over to splice) These guts ain't playing I see.

Splice's eyes popped open, and he jumped to his feet. "What just happened?" He asked, looking around bewildered.

"That ring you got was a fake." Jessie said. "The guy gave it to you so you'd get knocked out, methinks."

Splice growled, clenching his fist tightly. "Lousy..." They heard a crack, and then pieces of the ring fell from the bottom of his fist. "Lets search around here a little more. If it's not here, we'll check at the sea base the guy mentioned...if we can find it."

Krinkinko: Is that it on the computer. (on a computer moniter it reads dream ring gateway to to the master of the universe)

Krinkinko: Splice....that things yours?

Splice looked at it. "..Couldn't be." He shook his head. "That thing's got a massive amount of energy. My ring doesn't have that kind of power. But...The Gateway to the Master of the Universe..." He looked up. "They couldn't mean.....The Mystic Realm..?"

Krinkinko: Yhe mystic realm? Look is the ring yours or not!?

"I Just said NO!" He yelled. "My ring isn't any kind of dreamy powerful object. When I said 'The Mystic Realm', I was contemplating on whether or not that was what they meant by the Gateway to the Master of the Universe."

Krinkinko: What is the mystic realm?

"Yeah, what is the Mystic Realm?" Jessie repeated.

"I'm curious too." James said.

"I'll tell you." Splice turned to face the group. "The Mystic Realm is a very dangerous place in between the dimensions. It is a place made of complete and pure Chaos Energy. With the massive amount of Chaos Energy within it, it could be harmful-even fatal to even set foot in there without the protection of Chaos Energy yourself, like in a Super Form for example. As far as I know, there's only one way to get there, which doesn't seem like what they're trying to do. They could be, if they are trying to get in there, trying to break in from a different way, and who knows how that would end up? It might be disastrous."

"This is getting more and more serious all the time." James said, concerned.

Krinkinko: (Reads a troll to do list which says find all three dream rings to break in the mystic realm to take over the universe)

"These guys don't clean up much, do they?" Crystal commented, looking at the To Do list. Splice looked over his shoulder and read it.

"Aha! Looks like my theory was correct." He said. "Now, I think we'd better find out where this ocean base is, so we can get after them."

Zap spoke up. "When we go...We can talk to my brother, Thunder." He said.

"Oh, that's right." Jessie looked at him. "You guys got a big ol' ship, don't you?" She asked. Zap nodded.

"I know he'll help us."

Krinkinko: By the looks of things it's under the east sea but first lets find my friend droget!

"Droget?" Splice asked.

"Why would one of your friends be in a place like this?" James asked.

Krinkinko: He got captured.

"Captured?" Splice's eyebrows rose. "Well then. We'll just have to find him, if he's here. They'd obviously have put him in the dungeon, so lets try and fi-"

"It's here." Zap said, typing on the computer. He pointed to the screen, showing a map of the entire base.

Krinkinko: (finds him)

Droget: Thanks man. (takes out phone) Is this larry's vehicles? Yeah I need a speed cruise ship ASAP

"A Speed Cruise ship?" Splice asked. "Who are you calling?"

Droget: Larry's vehicles they have everything!

"You know, we kinda already have a ship, if that's what you're ordering." Splice said.

Turbo:*appears* I need your help!

Splice turned around. "Who are you? And how did you know we were here?"

"Heyy..You're that guy who threw us out here in the first place!" Jessie said. "What do you want?"

Turbo:I'm Turbo, and I need your help! I sensed 2 Chaos Amulets on the Moon and getting them won't be easy.

All five of them fell silent, and slowly exchanged glances with eachother.

"Uhhh....Sorry, I've got my own thing to hunt for." Splice said. "And I don't know about taking these kids to the moon."

"What's a Chaos Amulet?" Crystal asked.

Turbo:*holds out a a peice of Gold with a Cyan Gem in it* This is a Chaos Amulet.

Both Crystal and Krysi gasped at the sight of it. Crystal took a step back. "That's...That's that thing..."

"'That Thing'?" Splice asked, confused.

Krysi began to speak excitedly, pointing at the amulet.

"Hey, didn't we see that thing in the G.U.N Base?" James asked.

"Gunbase? What's goin' on here?" Splice started to feel left out of the conversation.

Turbo:I remember now....I sensed it there then went to get it. By the look on your face it burned or mutated you.

Crystal nodded. "I got claws and ugly wings." She held up her hands, showing her torn gloves. "There was this creepy lady who said she gave them to me, and then took them away later."

"We had some bad times up there." James said, looking to the side. "Some random person came and pointed a gun at Zap. I was at the peak of my frustration because of all the random bad things happening. And that was around the time you came flying through the wall like a crazy person."

Turbo:*glares at Crystal* Will you help me or not? (Turbo is a hedgedragon so he found Crystal's comment "offensive"

Crystal stepped back, startled. Zap stood in front of her defensively.

"Hey, back off." Splice said. "Look, I don't think she wants to go near them after one of them just "Mutated" her. So, Why don't we split up? Krinkinko and Droget can help you find those amulets, and the rest of us can go to the ocean base."

Turbo:*looks at Krinkinko and Droget* Ready?

Turbo:LET'S GO!!! *teleports Krinkinko, Droget and himself to the moon*

(Chimera appears, with Banzai?)

Chimera: Chaos Amulets on the moon huh? I wonder how they got there?

Banzai (After giving in to his troll-urges): I dunno.

Chimera: Well we won't find out standing here. Let's follow them, and find those amulets before they do and try to change you back.

Troll Banzai: ......

Chimera: Chaos control. (teleports to the moon with Banzai)

Turbo:*on the moon with oxygen masks on everyone*

(Chimera, unknown to the group, spies on them from a nearby crater)

Part 2C

(At the troll laundrymat)

Jack (Spongbob100):Are you sure that we can do this?

Krinkinko: No prob!

Jack (Spongebob100):Ok(Carries his Pink Wash)It's a Good thing I Ask Amy Rose for this before we do this,But I had a bad feeling about this

Krinkinko: (puts red clothes in with the whites)

Jack (Spongebob100):Oh no,We are not doing this

Krinkinko: Relax the trolls are the bad guys!

Jack (Spongebob100):Why are we doing this?

Krinkinko: Two words. Pay and back!

Jack (Spongebob100):Ohh why do we need Pay Back from those Trolls

Krinkinko: Because they are trying to take over the universe?

Jack (Spongebob100): Alright,Alright I'm just curious,ok,ok(Puts Red clothes in with the Whites)anyways I guess I need to...(Sees a Fimilar Pink Hedgehog)It Can't be?(Follows the Pink Hedgehog out of the Laundrymat)Hey wait up!

????:(Heads to the Alleyway)

Jack (Spongebob100):It is you

The Fimilar Pink Hedgehog was Amy Rose

Amy:Yes,it's Me

Jack (Spongebob100):Well come on,Lets get back to the Laundrymat(Takes Amy to the Laundrymat)

Meanwhile back inside the Troll Laundrymat

Jack (Spongebob100):(Enters in)Guys you never believe this,but I Found Amy Rose

Amy:Hi guys

Krinkinko: (Blushing) Hey amy.

Amy:Hi Guys,Jack the Hedgehog found me & those Trolls came after me

Jack (Spongebob100):Well who is with you

Amy:Well I was following Sonic trying to catch him,but then Sonic tries to stop those Trolls,he Suceed & told me to find reinforcements

Jack (Spongebob100):Whao,looks like we got some useful Information

Amy:Thank you

Part 2D

(Chimera's trolls report back to the rendezvous point)

Chimera: So, have any of you slaves found the monkey, his friends, any amulets or any emeralds?

Troll: (Grins) We stole a powerful ring and now.....the monkey is one of use now!

  • an enormus concentration of Chaos Energy is headed for the base*

Chimera: The monkey boy's a troll? Heheh, he'll make a nice pawn. Give me that power ring.

(takes ring)

Chimera: (senses chaos energy nearby) I suggest you all leave the area. Something is heading in this direction.

Turbo:*land at the rendezvous point* 2 Chaos Amulets are here. *Sees Chimera* I know you have them.

Trolls: *startled* Aaaaaaaahhhh!

Chimera: Well well, look who showed up? Where's your primate friend?

Turbo:I don't know. But I think i can fight the Amulets out of you.

Chimera: (teleports behind Turbo) Really? I'd like to see you try (Slashes at Turbo with his sword)

Turbo:Chaos.....Blast!!! *fires it as a beam of energy*

Chimera: *Creates a wall of chaos to deflect the blast* That the best you can do?

Turbo:*uses the Razor Homing Slash combined with a Boost Dash

(Chimera get hit and vaporizes)

????: That was a cool attack, I must admit.

(Chimera appears from the top of a pile of crates)

Chimera: Good thing that was just a chaos clone. Now, I really must get going. I have other things to do. Trolls, take care of him.

(Teleports away)

(30 Trolls attack Turbo)

Turbo:*spin Dashes through 7 Trolls*

Troll: Quick! Get him!

Turbo:*pulls out a 2 Sword* Die! *slices 5 Trolls into hamburger meat*

Turbo:Chaos...CONTROL!!! *Knocks out Six Trolls by teleporting Metal Crates above their heads.

Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM):(hiss) This isn't good, got to get out of here Darkness CONTROLL!

Turbo:*finishes the remaining 12 Trolls with Light Speed Attack*

Turbo:*focuses his Mind* Theres 2 Chaos Amulets.......On the moon.....of course... *teleports*


Artixunio:(teleports into the battle) CHAOS SOUL!(A grim reaper appears next to Artixunio and starts to suck out the souls)That should finish him

Then Ageha suddenly teleported behind him

Artixunio:Found any trace

Ageha:yes over at Sea

Artixunio:good job(teleports to where he described)

Artxiunio:(looks around and sees the Troll base then noticed Krinkinko on a boat traveling over there)HEY Its me Artixunio!(teleports on the boat)

Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM):(hiss)(Claws elongate and start giving off dark energy)(wings start to apear) Better follow them, if get more info on where I am maybe I can learn their fighting tactic's (runs to a ledge, jumps off and flies off)(in his mind) I just hope that no one has studied up on halfbreeds especially one that are chosen ones in temple prophecises and come to think of it when someone mentioned Chimera's name it sounded familier.

Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM):(gasping from energy loss) Where *PANT* are *PANT* those *PANT* Apocalypse *PANT* Emeralds I *PANT* brought *PANT* with me?, (Regaining his strength) Come to think of it where are those two strangly familier people going?, *YAWNING* might as well call it a night (Falls asleep and turns to stone).

Part 3

(At the moon base with krinkinko and the others)

Krinkinko: Were not at the base yet this is just the city leading to the base guys!

Droget: This is just one of mobius' many moons.

As he said that 5 trolls appeared to attack them!

Turbo:Chaos Spear!

Droget: *Slashes all of them* Let's go to a safer place on this moon.

Turbo:*uses the Chaos Spear to create a shelter* That Work?

Droget: Yep

(Banzai suddenly appears and attacks the group)

Banzai: Guys! run! I can't control myself!

(Again he can control himself he's not evil)

Turbo:CHAOS CONTROL!!!! *puts Banzai in a Time Loop that will continue for ten minutes* WHERE ARE YOU CHIMERA?!?!?!

Chimera: (appears) That was smart thinking, but he's in my control now, so that won't help, hehehe

Turbo:Ten minutes is all I need! So, how about a fight. No running!

Just you and me!

Chimera: Fine, but you are an unworthy opponent. (extends his hands and creates 5 clones)

(clones dash at Turbo and slash with their swords)

Turbo:Roaming Chaos!.**creates an orb of Chaos Energy that follows him* Chaos Boost lv1 *increases his power*

Chimera: You do have some impressive abilities. Not that they would help you though *creates a wall of chaos energy and launches it at Turbo*

Turbo:*starts to try block the wall with his hands*

Chimera:*Dashes through the wall and attempts to stab Turbo*

Turbo:Chimera Stop!!! You don't know what your doing!!

  • Chimera ignores him*

Turbo:*with a scared look he puts the majority of his energy into blocking the wall and Chimera*

Chimera: *seeing as he cannot get to Turbo, teleports behind him and attempts to slash at his back*

Turbo:*hiis irisis and pulpis disapear and become red lines, his claws burst out of his gloves, his spines curve upward, his wings become more demonic and his fur glows red*

???:Hello Chimera.

Chimera: *Jumps away, startled* Who ,might you be?

???:My name is Super Turbo. At one point in Turbo's life he absorbed so much Chaos Energy and Evil power causing me to form. From that day on, If Turbo was Exposed to massive Chaos Energy, extremely stressed or angered or in mortal danger he would turn into me!

Chimera: And I'm assuming i triggered all of those things with that attack. Hm, you do appear a lot more threatening now. No matter! *Snaps fingers*

  • an army of 30 Chimera clones surround Turbo*

Chimera: you may be super, but that still doesn't mean you can defeat me.

Super Turbo:*starts glowing with Bio Electricity* CHAOS ANNIHALITION!!!!!! *destroys all 30 clones* You Should have listened to Turbo!

Chimera: Ugh! *knocked back from the explosion* Don't you dare underestimate me! Luckily, I found these while back on mobius. Now would be a nice time to use them! *Pulls out 3 chaos emerald* You are very powerful. But if you were under my control....Chaos...TRANCE!

  • Chimera starts to take over Turbo's mind*

Super Turbo:Not a chance! CHAOS FISSION KICK! *teleports behind Chimera and kicks him hard* DIE!!!!! *blasts Chimera with Lasers from his Searing Lightning attack*

Chimera: AAAArrrrrrgh! *reels in pain from the kick, but manages to pull out his sword just in time for him to deflect the lasers with it.*

Chimera: You... I cannot fight you in this state. I can't control you either. But....there is one thing I can do! *teleports right up in Turbo's face and grabs his head with his hand, and using all his energy* CHAOS PHANTASM!!!!! *The world suddenly turns dark, and, i his mind, Turbo suffers horrible illusions and hallucinations, causing him to faint*

Chimera: *Pant* You....*Pant*cannot *Pant* win! *Pant* Chaos.......Control! *Teleports*

Turbo:*minutes later Turbo wakes up with no idea what happened* Ba..Banzai.....are you allright? *timeloop has worn of and Banzai should remember everything that happened while he was trapped*

Banzai lies unconcious on the ground as the effects of Chimera's mind control wares off.

Turbo:*in pain*Chaos Heal.....*heals his wounds*Krinkinko!!! DROGOT!!!!! STILL THERE?!

Turbo:Noone.....*teleports Him and Banzai to a small house like Cave*

Turbo:*later* Banzai.....Ban...zaiiiiii. *waves a banana infront of Banzai's nose* Nice Ripe Banana and all the sweet food that you can eat!!!!

  • Banzai doesn't wake up* (its best to leave him there for now)

Turbo:*leaves the Banana and a note saying where he's going next to Banzai* Better take care of the Amulets. Luckily Super Turbo grabbed Chimera's Amulet and Got the other two. *leaves for the Amulet Chamber*

Turbo:*at the Amulet Chamber* Alright. *Takes out the cooler Chaos Amulets are in* Here we go. *places the Chaos Amulets one by one into an energy beam* Now that that taken care of I better get to Banzai.

Turbo:*back a the hut* Banzai are ya there.

  • Turbo sees a note on the ground*

"I figured you could handle yourself for a while, since you handled Chimera pretty well, so I decided I'll go off on my own for a little while. Still got some things to do, ya know? Anyways, I hope, no, I'm sure we'll meet up again soon, after all, both of our missions sorta tie together. So, for now, laters."


Turbo:*smiles* Well everythings back to normal now. The Trolls are still out there. *teleports*

Krinkinko: Where do we start? This place is huge!

(turbo is currently in part 3c)

Part 3B

(At the ocean base)

Artixunio:Well what do we do now

(70 trolls appear around them)

Artixunio:Not what I was expecting CHAOS SOUL(The grim reaper appeared and repeated)

Artixunio:One Base now I'm really sure this is a Troll Base Oh well Better return to G.U.N. and tell them whats happening .CHAOS CONTROL!(teleports back to G.U.N and Commander Tower Appears on his G.U.N. wristband)

Commander Tower:You have done the right thing coming back I'll make a raid with G.U.N. troops right now you rest in your room Malita's sending Ice Cream

Artixunio:If theres one thing I don't give a crap about is Ice Cream you know I was born in The Forest so I'm going to lead the Raid if you mind (teleports back to the Base)

Banshee: Butthead.

Artixunio:(Talks to Banshee threw telapathy)I'll Kill You The Next Time I hear It Banshee

Banshee: Whatever.

Commander Tower:(appears on widescreen TV)Stop It you Two!Artixunio I'm telling the troops that your leading and you will be at the base.go Hurry!

Artixunio:(Ignores Tower then comes through the portal he was in and pulls Banshee with him)Banshee Your helping out

(By Gun Agents if you are in Gun Right now you should join the Raid like I did with Banshee)

Artixunio:(waits for 6 hours for the Gun Agents) Its about time you got here

Gun Agents:(arrives)Yes Sir!

Artixunio:Our Goal is to Kill every Troll and Move them out Are We Clear!

Gun Agents:Yes Sir!

Banshee: I don't take orders from anybody, got that?

Artixunio:Shut Up Banshee If you Don't work I'll finish you with an old Chaos Attack and Fire(A ball of Fire and Chaos energy mix into one in Artixunio hand)

400 Trolls surround them

Artixunio:Now You wanna help out (lunges at twelve and sets blade on fire then cuts each ones head off)

Banshee: 400? Why 400?

Rex:Sir Emiald blast(A black hole appears in his hand then he moves it to the direction trolls were sucking 50 of them)

Banshee: *burns the trolls*

Trolls 300 threw 350:(Grabs Banshee and pins to the ground plus they gave him a nasty bite on his neck)Heh Heheheh

Artixunio:(Uses punching Combo on 50 trolls)B B B BANSHEE!

Banshee: *blasts the trolls with a flame shot*

Artixunio:Fire Bomb!(A bomb made out of fire appeared in Artixunio's hand Artixunio threw it at the rest of the trolls on banshee making them fly straight away)

Artixunio:Banshee!more are coming the only way we're getting out is if we fuse most of the Gun Soldiers have Fled!Thats it I don't care(Artixunio grabbed Banshee and Fused with him)

Barsixunio:YES I FEEL THE POWER(parts of him start to defuse)What the heck(By the time it happened they defused

Artixunio:Just as I thought clean well it looks like their isn't that much more CHAOS SOUL(The Grim Reaper came back and sucked the souls out of the trolls)

Artixunio:well lets get back to G.U.N. Base(Grabs Banshee and teleports him back to the Base)If You want to Go GO!

Off in the distance, A somewhat large white ship sailed towards the ocean base. The side of the hull had a long lightning bolt insignia on it, and the sails had a wind isignia on the front. The ship was rather fast. Commanding the ship, was a yellow hedgehog wearing a purple life vest. "That must be it." He said. He turned to look behind him, at the group who wanted to infiltrate. "Now, Are you sure about this?"

"Sure as can be, Thunder!" Jessie said confidently.

"If everyone else's going, I can't let them go alone." James said.

"Those Trolls stole something important from me." Splice said in a low growl. "I won't rest until I get it back! Who knows what crazy things they'll try to do with it?"

A blue echidna stepped up. "Not to mention they wanted to try and break into the Mystic Realm." He said, concerned. "If they get in there, All hell will break loose. We do NOT want a dimensional paradox again! We need to stop them before they end up causing another disaster."

"They need us, Thunder." Zap said. "Won't you come with us?"

Thunder looked down at Zap, and thought for a bit. "..Yeah, alright. I'll come too. I'll just let Electric take the wheel." He turned around, looking out towards the Sea Base. "So how do you plan to get in?"

"Uhh...er..." Splice's voice trailed off. "I..hadn't thought of that..yet."

Smash stroked his chin. "Lets see. A big ship like this would most likely get spotted." He said. "We could go in a smaller boat, like maybe a life boat. We might need to dive at one point, so we should get some diving gear ready." He looked at the others. "We might also need that grappling hook of yours, Thunder."

Thunder nodded. "Okay, that sounds decent enough to me." He said. "Wait out on the deck, I'll get everything ready." He looked at Zap. "You come with me and help me set up."

Zap nodded. "Right." The two of them walked off into the back to gather everything up, while everyone else waited out on the deck. Soon enough, Thunder and Zap came back with scuba diving suits and a reliable grappling hook.

"Alright everyone, get suited up." Thunder said. Everyone obeyed and put on their diving gear. Thunder then lowered the life boat into the water. "Everyone get in." He said. While everyone was loading into the boat, Thunder looked over at his two brothers, Lightning and Electric. "You two are staying here. Anything goes wrong, contact me." He handed Electric a walky talky. "You two are in command, now. Stay a safe distance away from the base."

"Aye Aye, Captain." Lightning said, saluting.

"Don't worry about us. Just be careful yourselves, alright?" Electric said. Thunder nodded, and left into the boat, leaving them with a salution.

"Wow, I've never gone diving before." Crystal said, once Thunder began to row the boat. "This is gonna be exciting.

"I have." Zap said. "It was pretty down there."

"Remember, we're not here to sight see." Smash said. "This is an enemy territory. There could be mines and other traps even in the waters. We can't be too careful."

After rowing for a good distance, Thunder stopped. "This is far enough." He said. "Everyone stay here. I'm gonna go under and look for an entrance." He said. He dove under water and swam towards the sea base.

Part 3C

Meanwhile at Downtown

Jack (Spongebob100):(Walks with Amy)Well have you seen Anybody yet?

Amy:Nope,not yet

Jack (Spongebob100):(Sees someone)Who's that?

Amy:I know that Hedgehog anywhere,It's SONIC!(Runs after Sonic)

Jack (Spongebob100):Hey wait for Meeee!(Went After Amy)

Amy:(Grabs Sonic)Gotcha Sonic

Sonic:What the?(Sees Amy)Amy,what are you doing here?

Jack (Spongebob100):Amy,wait up(Sees Amy & Sonic)Hey guys

Sonic:Hi Jack

Jack (Spongebob100):Hi Sonic,well what is going on here

Sonic:well I see 10 Trolls coming this way

Jack (Spongebob100):Lets get ready to Rumble

Amy:(Grabs her Piko Piko Hammer)Ok then lets go

Sonic:(Grabs a Troll & Throws the Troll away)Take That

Jack (Spongebob100):I got this(Grabs a Baseball Bat & Whacks a Trol down to the Ground)Strike 3,your out!

Amy:Stand Back Guys (Knocks down 8 trolls with her Piko Piko Hammer)Take That you Trolls

Jack (Spongebob100):Phew, That was Close

Sonic:Anyway why do you want me for?

Jack (Spongebob100):Well we need Reniforcements will you & Amy joins Us?

Sonic & Amy:Ok

Jack (Spongebob100):(Grabs a Chaos Amulet)Then Lets go(Runs to the Direction where he is Going)

Amy & Sonic:(Follows Jack)

Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM):(Yawning) Ok, time to go get some answer's, AH, there are those Apocalypse Emeralds, I was wondering where they were, here I go, APOCALYPTIC CHAOS CONTROL,(teleports himself downtown), Blast I can't let any one see me,(changes into black leather jacket and puts on black and silver sunglasses), I hope nobody notices me,(picks up Sonic's scent), it is time get some answer's on where I am, and why I am here.

Meanwhile Back at G.U.N. Base

Artixunio:Ahh its good to be on my bed again. WAIT!I forgot we didn't move the Trolls I have to get back and FAST!CHAOS CONTROL(teleports back to the Troll base)

(At the Troll Base)

Artixunio:(Looks in the western Door and Realizes their coming back to LIfe)THAT is BAD! AGEHA!

Ageha:(Appears in front of Artixunio)What I was just at Gamestop buying Call of Duty ok



Artixunio:Its Time for Sacred Blast it'll clear out all the bodies(Creates a giant ball of Fire creating a Fire Boulder)

Ageha:(Pulls back a bunch of wind and Arixunio repeats then Ageha made a ball of fire that ravaged his hand)

Artixunio:(Adds some Thunder to his ball then shoves it into Agehas keeping his grip On it)

Artixunio and Ageha:SACRED BLAST!(Releases the ball then when it's gone the base has a giant hole it in it's wall and all the bodies are gone except one and notices it's troll badge then Artixunio picked it up and examined it with a techno gear)

Artixunio:Hmm Made out of some kind of rock(finishes scan)

  • 1500 "Metal Turbo's" jump out and surround everyone*

(the ground begins to shake violently. a brown hedgehog with burnt orange streaks jumps up out of the ground, along with hundreds of clones made of stone)

Quake: hey, what's going on?

Turbo:*appears and grabs Jacks Chaos Amulet* Yep, a fake. :<

Artixunio:What The!Let me see that(Grabs another from Turbo And scans it with his techno gear)This holds an enormous amount of chaos energy if somone was to release it like one of the trolls the EARTH would EXPLODE

???: "What if someone were to stop you?"

Quake: *looks over at ???* who dat?

Artixunio:How am I supposed to know (look's straight into ??? Eyes)Who are you and why are you here(grips sword)

[A Mousrret steps in, it's one of the Glacians..!]

???: "You're quite the rude one..."

[He pulls out a golden-colored Rapier.]

Quake: *a stone pillar rises out of the ground in front of him. parts of it crumble, revealing Rock Smash (his sword). he takes it and prepares to defend himself*

[He glows with a Blazing Orange aura.]

Turbo:Has anyone noticed the Robots? *takes the Chaos Amulet Back*

[The glow intensifies...]

Turbo:Chaos Fire Arrow!!!! *aims a red chaos arrow at 30 Metal Turbo's

Metal Turbo Army:*60 are destroyed and the rest attack*

Turbo:OH JEEZ!!!!!

Solar: "You think I'm afraid of that? Send that over here and get a taste of true power!"

Turbo:The Amulets Power is far beyond that of a Chaos Emerald! I doubt you know how to use it! *thinking* This things legit alright.....but how? I already got the Orange Chaos Amulet....

Solar: "Why don't you prove it then?"

[Solar smirks.]

Turbo:I warned you. CHAOS BLAST!!!!! *knocks out fifty Metal Turbo's*

Solar: "Nova Screen!"

[Solar reflects the Chaos Blast back into the Trolls!]

Turbo:Good! *Razor Spins 40 Metal Turbo's*

Solar: "I understand more than you could possibly know.."

Turbo:You could help me then talk!

Metal Turbo #300-700:CHAOS SPEAR!!!!! *hits Turbo hard with the spears*

Artixunio:Fire Bomb! (a circle appeared in Artixunio's hand then grows around the group of Metal turbos and pulls them to the middle)JUMP!(Jumps up out of the closing circle of robots)It's a Bomb!


???:It seems we meet again Artixunio

Artixunio:wait a second I'd know that voice anywhere.Aero and Rex!

Aero:So?(Punches Artixunio threw a wall with the jewel in his gloves)Now Rex!

Rex:Got It(slipped behind Artixunio holding it's blade that its going to go straight threw Artixunio's heart)

Artixunio:OOOOOOOOH so Powerful(flips over Rex)

Aero:We Need reinforcement's to beat Artixunio Destruction Gang!

DG:(comes threw the big door )what do we do now?

Aero:Attack Artixunio and his little band of friends

DG:Attack!(one launches on to Turbo and signals others to pile on him)

DG:Yes Sir(Launches onto Turbo and covers him completely with DGMs)

DGM:ATTACK! ARTIXUNIO!(they launch onto Artixunio)

Artixunio:Rrrrrrrgggghhh(takes his sword out and kills the DGMs)Crap!

Artixunio:Wait a second(notices a needle in his arm and Faints)

Aero:We did it now we have to give it to the troll guy who hired us(Picks up Artixunio and walks him back to another base)

Artixunio;nnnnnnggghghhhheeee uhh eerrr(stands up sleep walking and slaps Aero to the ground then wakes up standing)What! is going on here! oh well this is not a a ttt troll base(looks ahead and sees a base)No!(runs back to the other base)

Artixunio:Aero!(Ageha and Sythe appear next to him)Aero's here no wait wasn't he lying on the ground when I woke up oh well(looks back and sees Aero)Get IN!We have Top class killers coming after us where do we (notices a spot of pots) in that shelf!(climbs in followed by Sythe and Ageha)

Aero:Lets go and get that turbo Guy (Runs in the door)Turbo! Come with me or the hard way(shows his chaos jewel in his hands)

Turbo:Chaos....Spear! *launches a spear at Aero*Not until I find the "other" Amulets.

Quake: *deflects the spear with his sword*

Aero:I got a bounty for this you know(lunges a speedy punch at Turbo sending him out threw the wall)

Rex:(Flys behind Turbo kicks him up threw the ceiling)

Aero:Death Combo!(a whole bunch of shadow illusions fly up and grab Turbo while he was in the air

  • a red glow appears*

Turbo:CHAOS BOOST LEVEL 2!!!! *knocks away the Illusions* CHAOS LANCE!!!! *fires red Chaos Lances at Aero and Rex*

Turbo:Now, CHAOS UPPER!! *grinds his fist using Chaos Control then punches Aero*

(Krinkinko telaports there somehow)

Krinkinko: What's going on?

Turbo:From what I can gather there another set of Chaos Amulets. And the Trolls have 5 of them.

Droegt: So where are we going?

Turbo:CHAOS CONTROL!!!! *teleports to Hidden Island*

Aero:CHAOS CONTROL!(Teleports with Rex to the hidden island)

Turbo:*holding the other Orange Amulet* Well how do you like the Amulet Chamber?

Aero's Eyes widened

Aero:I've been looking for those(Grabs Turbo and throws him far into the water then unlocks the safe and takes twelve and goes back to the Troll Base)

(A troll that look like krinkinko and droget then goes in the water to ambush turbo)

Turbo:*thinking* D***it! I can't swim. *punches the Troll*

Aero:Here(hands the amulet to a vaguely big troll)Now I want my pay

Troll:Here(Gives him 50 bucks)

Aero:I'm leaving (runs off into the horizon)

Back at the other Troll base

Artixunio:Its now Grab my hand(Sythe and Ageha grab his hand)Chaos Control!(teleports to Turbo)

Artixunio:grab my hand!I can swim its obvious your drowning

Turbo:*grabs his hand and gets out of the water* Thanks!

Artixunio:(swims out)I couldn't let you die anyways you own one of the most important things of the universe I felt your energy dieing down I could say.

Turbo:*pulls out The Silver Amulet* We can use this to Crush the Trolls!

Artixunio:Good Idea but first we should get back to station square I got some G.U.N. warnings of an Troll army attacking.Will you help me out?

Turbo:Totally! If the Trolls Try anything with the Amulets I can use the Silver one to counteract there power!!

Artixunio:Yeah but what If the Chaos Amulets power release when you counteract it?The world would explode.Well we should get to station square there aren't any G.U.N. Agents to protect it.(Grips Turbos hand)Chaos Control!(The two warriors were teleported back to station square)

Turbo:Why do I get the feeling that this place was trashed by a mutated Water Deity?

Artixunio:Because it is.Now lets use the Silver Amulet!

Turbo:Impossible. The Other Amulets have to be present.

(Sonicfan919-If your in Station square you have to RP in part 4)

Part 4

(While all the heroes are out in varioud different bases a army of troll storm into station square)

[Only to be ambushed by the Elite Glacian Windstalkers...]

???: "Cut them down!"

(The trolls glue some glacians to the ground)

[However, most of the Trolls are suffering casualties from the Glacians' advanced weaponry. Even the Trolls that glued their comrades down.]

(Thanks to a pack on the trolls backs they istantly regenerate)

[They then concentrate fire on their backs as they (The Trolls) suffer from a Migraine from regeneration.]

(In my opinion, Trolls suffer Migraines from regeneration. [Shrug.])

Windstalker Crow: "Can't regenerate now, can you?!"

(A giant troll jumps on him)

Windstalker Crow: "Ow?"

[The troll is shot by anti-personnel (Namely missile launchers) weaponry to fling him off of the Crow.]

(Another big troll chains up Windstalker Crow)

[That troll is then shot.]

Glacian Troop: "Die, loyalist scum!"

Artixunio:Turbo!There are one each .(points to a group where they all had one Chaos Amulet)

Quake: *begins cutting down trolls with his sword*

(The real krinkinko runs out a building)

Krinkinko:Hey guys! The commander told me to come here and.....hey (points to turbo) it's that guy who trashed the G.U.N. base!

Artixunio:Its not what you think!(rushes toward Krinkinko) I'm in G.U.N. Too you know If you lay one finger on Turbo your DEAD

Krinkinko:No YOU don't understand! He ran into the base like some mad man looking for his jewlery then transported us out the base!

Artixunio:Shut Up!(Punches him back threw the G.U.N.Wall)Even if he did he was just looking for Chaos Amulets To Protect the Earth!

???: *a voice is heard from underground* Overgrowth! *vines began to burst up out of the ground, wrapping around some trolls*

Krinkinko: (Starts to slash Artixunio with his leaf blade)

Artixunio:(the leaf blade breaks on his hard body)Look Kid If you wanna die thats what your gonna get(Shoots him with a blast of fire with a fire boulder on the end)

???: *large, sharp spikes jut out of the vines, stabbing the trolls*

Quake: *recognizes ???'s voice* oh no. not him! not now!

While Artixunio's rampage he started shooting fireballs everywhere one hit ???

Krinkinko:Real imature atix.....trying to kill 12 year olds shame on you! (fans butt which is on fire)

Artixunio:If you attack him the world could explode do you want to die then attack him go ahead!

???: *a tree rises up out of the ground* grr! what was that about? *the voice came from the tree but there didnt seem to be anyone in it*

Quake: Growth. what are you doing here?

Krinkinko:Fine but he has to fix the base later!

Growth: *razor-sharp thorns began shooting out of the tree, seeming to come out of nowhere*

Artixunio:Krinkinko will you fuse with me are power level will go over 9,000!

Krinkinko:Let's do that on a worst siaution basis. At any rate I need to tarin first.

Artixunio;If you don't I'll make the Commander make you clean the bathroom for the rest of your life!

Krinkinko:That's not possibe my friend. (Shows him a week's pass to be able to fail a mission sighned by the commander)

Growth: *some of the thorns hit Artixunio and Krinkinko*

Quake: *a wall of rock rises in front of him to block the thorns*

Krinkinko:I reaaaaaaaaaly should've fused with you.

Artixunio:(Starts the fusion Dance)You can!

Krinkinko: (Finishes the fusion dance)

Krinkunixio:Okay where is the guy who is shooting spikes?

Artixunio:Right behind me!Now lets Fuse!(Starts to do the Fusion Dance!)

Quake: in the tree. he is brown with green streaks so he blends in.

(They finish the fusion and become Krinkunixio)

Krinkunixio:Hey there's a guy stuck in a tree!

Turbo:Let's do this!!!

Growth: *smirks* you think im stuck do you? take this! *fires more thorns*

Turbo:CHAOS ARROW!!!! *starts matching the thorns with arrows*

Krinkunicio:(Fires fire balls at growth)

(Sonicfan919-You also control the fusion Dragonballzfan)

Growth: *a vine reaches out of the tree and wraps around Turbo* try to block this! *jumps on the vine and grinds along it. a scythe made of wood and a giant thorn appears in his hands*

Krinkunicio:(fires a beam of fire in his other hand and hits Growth)

Krinkunicio:(cuts the vine in half and forced Growth back with a fireball)

Growth: *sees the beam coming and jumps off the vine. the beam hits the vine and sets it on fire* *raises his scythe, ready to slice Krinkunicio*

Krinkunicio:(Cuts the scythe in half then cuts part of growths leg off)

Turbo:Chaos Snap!!! *homes in on Growth*

Growth: *hits the ground and falls apart into a pile of vines*

(the real Growth jumps out of the tree)

Growth: hehe. they fall for the vine clones every time.

Krinkunicio:(rushes toward Growth and cuts his shoulder open)

Krinkunicio:Guys I got an Idea channel all your power in your hand and force into the middle we'll make a giant blast against Growth!

Growth: im out! *dives at the base of the tree, dissappearing into the ground beneath it*

Krinkunicio:Forget That!(Shoots a beam under ground where Growth jumped in hitting him while he was digging)

(They defuse)

Krinkinko:He got away arx let's go....

Artixunio:Don't call me that anyways Aero took me to another base are you going to help me raid it.

Turbo:*reappears* Count me in!

Quake: can i help?

Artixunio:Theres always enough.Krinkinko?well hold my hand if your coming(holds hand out)

Quake: *puts his hand in*

Krinkinko: *Puts hand in*

Artixunio:Turbo follow me.CHAOS CONTROL!(teleports back to the base)

Part 4B

(Back at the base)

Turbo:The base is impressive in terms of technology but my people had stuff that made this look like S***.

Banshee: *appears* What'd I miss?

Quake: we were attacked by my arch-enemy

Artixunio:And now We're raiding this Base wanna help?

Banshee: Already doing that. Why else would I come?

Artixunio:I thought you said you wanted to work alone.

Banshee: Yeah, destroying the trolls.

Turbo:The Amulets are here!!!! I can sense them!!!!!!

Banshee: *dashes off into the base*

Krinkinko: (Follows him)

Quake: Amulets?

Artixunio:(Grabs Krinkinko when he comes)Where do you think you're going kid!

Turbo:The Heart of the Base. That's were they are!

Artixunio:Krinkinko your coming with me!(dashes in the Base)

Turbo:WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!! *follows*

Quake: *follows Artixunio*

Krinkinko: Okay arx but don't call me kid!

(Inside the base...)

Turbo:Razor Spin!!!!! *starts slicing Trolls in half*

Banshee: Special attacks are overrated.

Krinkinko: Are we almost there Turbo?

Quake: *cutting and stabbing Trolls with his sword*

Turbo:Yes, but I got a bad feeling.....

Krinkinko: Look there they are! (Points to them)

Turbo:*pulls out the Silver Amulet* here it goes!

  • The 12 Amulets become six Again*

????:*steals the Amulets including the Silver one*

Artixunio:(Leaps on ???? and starts punching him to the ground)

Artixunio:(snatches the Amulets)Here Turbo(hands them Turbo)

Artixunio:(shoots a beam of fire from his hands cutting straight threw the band of trolls)

Artixunio:(Picks up Krinkinko)Your a kid to me I'm 24

Banshee: *yawns*

Turbo:*puts the Amulets in a Subzero Cooler* CHAOS CONTROL!!!!! *teleports the gang toHidden Island*

Artixunio:The place Turbo almost was killed so enthusiastic.

(Krinkinko finds a note on the ground that reads: Once that the amulets are taken from the base we shall start our next step in world domination -Trolls

Krinkinko: (Ears drooping) Oh no...what have we done?

Artixunio:Kid this is just another step.In life but you Don't Give up!

Part 5

Throughout the world troll messages kept appearing on t.v. screens and radios and the trolls sent threat mail to mobian leaders throughout the globe also the valcono that had been inactive for 900 years (a.ka.a a mountain) had lava bursting out of it)

Turbo:You guys can hide the civilians here on the Island.

Artixunio:Got it(snap fingers and once he's stops everybodys hidden)

Turbo:Now take these. *hands five Amulets to Artixunio*

Artixunio:wait why?

Turbo:You'll Crush the Trolls with them. I need to keep the Green one and the silver one though.

Artixunio:But How?Just Like a Chaos Emerald?

Turbo:There even stronger. They were made by some most intellegent beings in the Galaxies

Krinkinko: We never should of raided that base! (50 trolls appear to attack the island)

Quake: *begins firing boulders at the trolls*

Banshee: *shrugs and attacks the trolls*

Turbo:*puts the Green Amulet in the Power Chamber*

Artixunio:(Holds the amulet out and all the trolls get crushed)

(The trolls regenerate quicker then normal and they all pile up on turbo)

Turbo:Oh god no....... *begins to transform*

Banshee: *sighs* Why?

(a blue hedgehog with cyan streaks is surfing toward the island without a board. a huge wave picks her up and launches her at the trolls)

Quake: Tsunami!

(some trolls get knocked out but the others put a padlock on turbo's power)

Super Turbo:*breaks free* I HAVE RETURNED!!!!!!!!!

Banshee: Good for you.

Artixunio:Everybody grab me!

(Some trolls grab Artixunio)

Artixunio:(Throw the trolls off of him)Grab ME!

Tsunami: *pulls her sword out of the ocean and begins slicing at trolls*

Trolls:We are grabbing you.

Krinkinko: No one wants to grab you dude!

Artixunio:We are going to die if you don't is that what you want(begins killing trolls)

Super Turbo:*kicks Artixunio in the face*

Artixunio:(Grabs Krinkinko)CHAOS CONTROL(he teleported back to the troll base)

Quake: *slicing at trolls with his sword* Tsunami. it's good to see you again.

Tsunami: *slicing at trolls with her sword* you too.

Super Turbo:*starts choking tsunami*

Krinkinko: What do we do now?

Quake: TSUNAMI! *taps Turbo's shoulder* hey guess what.

Banshee: *facepalms*

Super Turbo:*throws Tsunami into Quake then Fires Chaos Lasers at them*

Artixunio:Lets get to the main part of the base!

Banshee: *shrugs* Okay.

Krinkinko: One prob on the t.v. it said all main troll bases were abondoned.

Quake: *collapses into sand. the real one is behind Turbo* nice try. but just so you know, my friends are not to be messed with. now, i have three words for you: YOU MUST SUFFER!!! *his eyes and streaks glow orange and he begins pounding on Turbo with fists made of sharp rocks*

Super Turbo:NOTHING CAN HARM ME!!!!!! *snaps Quakes spine* Little kid:Pwease mista dwagon gwuy could you pwease stwop fighting?

Artixunio:Also on T.V they said this is where the reviver machine is!

Krinkinko: What's that?

Artixunio:How the Trolls revive is with that machine we finally found it!

Krinkinko: *Sigh* You block head trolls are born with the power to regenerate!

Artixunio:Then think what was the machine for?

Artixunio:(Senses trolls)They're still leaving!(Grabs Krinkinko and teleports to find 900 Trolls leaving)

Super Turbo:*fries the little kid with Searing Lightning* Little kid two: You kiiled my buddah! (starts crying)

Turbo:*Regains control* That was close. *looks at Quake*

Krinkinko: (to artixunio) It's an automatic rice cooker now let's go back to the island!

Turbo:CHAOS HEAL!!!! *heals Quake* QUAKE SPEAK TO ME!!!!

(Krinkinko is so scared of the 900 trolls he turns dark and flies away from Artixunio)

Artixunio:(Grabs Dark Krinkinko)Your Fighting!(Chucked Krinkinko at the trolls killing 500 of them making him revert from Dark)

Turbo:*teleports Quake to a hospital* Those Trolls Will Pay!!!!

Krinkinko: Wait I have an idea! (he forces Artixunio to telaport to the mobius grand sewer system).

Part 5B

Krinkinko: We're bound to find clues here!

Artixunio:So you mean Trolls go in sewers man those guys must be desperate wait I'm losing control(smells the stench and faints)

Artixunio:(Twitches then wakes up and starts to look for clues then he notices a troll badge under water and picked it up)Krinkinko!I found something.

Turbo:You guys need help?

Banshee: ...

Krinkinko: No the trolls not in the sewer it just that this connects to almost any toilet in mobius we just keep popping in pathways to find them! Looks like someone flushed their badge! Oh yeah we need help!

Artixunio:This jerk next to me forced me away from the trolls but I know how many are Left.

Krinkinko: There are billions of trolls left artixunio.

Tuirbo:Sorry about earlier. Let's go.

Artixunio:Where do we start,Wait Station Square!They did say they were going for world domination wouldn't they be back attacking people at station square!

(They pop out the mayor of Station square's toilet and see a troll in the mayors chair on the phone)

Artixunio:(Teleports to station square and sees the outrage)(then uses the Chaos amulet to crush them all)

(Sonicfan919-That does not make sense they were already in Station square)


(Sahura-Sorry. >.<)

Artixunio:(started to Run to G.U.N. Base) Troll on the phone:Yeah we have Station square under our control now!

  • a Warship the Size of a city hovers over S.S.*

Krinkinko:What the oak tree!?

Turbo:*dashes after Artixunio*

Artixunio:Chaos Blast!(Shoots a blast of energy powered with the Chaos amulets at the warship)

  • the warship is unharmed and 5000 Trolls Appear the trolls fall out to rampage the city)

Krinkinko:Good going!

Turbo:Light Speed Razor Slash!!!!!! *starts slicing Trolls*

(Krinkinko turns dark and starts to charge his dark spirit bomb)

  • Trolls start to appear by the Dozen*

Artixunio:CHAOS SOUL(Starts to suck the souls out of all the trolls)

(Dark krinkinko fires the spirit bomb but Artixunio also got caught in the blast)

Artixunio:(Finishes sucking the souls out)They can't regenerate and you hit me with a dark spirit bomb!

Krinkinko:Sorry....anyways they can still regenerate but it takes longer hurry let's dispose of them.

Turbo:CHAOS CONTROL!!!!*Teleports the Trolls into deep space*

Krinkinko:You transported them to deep space coney island? Oh well......now let's find the mayor.

Artixunio:You,No way you already got close to killing me I'm Invading that ship

Turbo:No Artixunio. I'm destroying that ship alone!!!

Krinkinko: We have to find the mayor first!!!!!!!!!

Turbo:You 2 find him. I'm taking that ship down!!!!!

???: yeah, you guys keep fighting. meanwhile, we'll go take down that ship. *his voice seemed very familiar.*

Part 5C

(Krinkinko and Artixunio are back in the sewer searching for a patway to get to the mayor)

Krinkinko: Man, I hope Turbo isn't doing anything stupid!

(Turbo meanwhile has absorbed a good Chunk of the Energy from the Green Chaos Amulet which has now become the Master Amulet )

Super Turbo:*appears* YES!!!! I'M FREE!!!!! *sees the Airship* Now i can destroy something!!!!!! *flies toward the Airship*

(Sonicfan919-Can he control himself?)

(No. Super Turbo is insane. see his page)

(the airship is hit by spears of fire, water, rock, air, light, and shadow.)

Super Turbo:*starts tearing the Airship apart* PUNY TROLLS!!!!!! I AM THE STRONGEST BEING ON MOBIUS!!!!!!!!

(there is a flash of bright light from inside the airship. beams of fire, water, rock, air, light, and shadow emerged from it, tearing it in half. two beings floated where the beams came from)

Elem: *to Turbo* what about us?


Krinkinko: Heloooooo? Anybody down here?

Super Turbo:SEARING LIGHTNING!!!! *blasts laser beams from his eyes*

Ental: *waves her hand, stoping the beams* you can't beat a photokinetic with lazers

Super Turbo:CHAOS.....SUPERNOVA!!!! *blasts a beam of destructive Chaos energy at Ental*

Ental: *absorbs the blast* dont even try. im pyrokinetic, photokinetic, and aerokinetic.

Super Turbo:* Razordashes into Elem*

Elem: *stops him with a wall of solid shadow* im hydrokinetic, umbrakinetic, and geokinetic.

Super Turbo:*starts charging himself up* CHAOS ANNIHALATION!!!!! *the blast engulfs Elem and Ental*

Elem: *knocked back, injured*

Ental: *knocked back, injured*

Super Turbo:THIS IS ONLY GONNA HURT ALOT!!!!!! CHAOS LASER!!! *fires hundreds of purple Chaos Spears at Elem and Ental*

(when the smoke clears Elem and Ental are glowing. their wounds healed quickly and soon they looked fresh and ready to fight)

Krinkinko: Turbo fight it...fight the chaos power! We are you friends fight it!

Elem: hey Turbo. remember me? you should at least remember two-thirds of me

Super Turbo:NO!!!! NOOO!!!!! *clutches head* I WON'T GIVE MY FREEDOM UP LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! *reverts to normal*

Ental: *creates a small updraft to keep Turbo in the air*

Turbo:thanks. *get's up* but I can fly without my wings. Krinkinko: Good now let's find the mayor. I have to keep my eye on you Turbo!

Turbo:Good Idea!

(Back in the sewer)

Krinkinko:Turbo where do you think the mayor could be?

Turbo:I don't know why but I feel that he's at the Mystic Ruins.

Krinkinko: Got it! (They pop out the toilet in Tails' workshop in mystic ruins only when they get outside they notice a bunch of trolls....it is now Troll Ruins)

Part 5D

(At The Troll Ruins. Formaly Mystic Ruins)

Turbo:*uses a Med Emitter* Let's go!

Krinkinko: Wow check out all those cute troll girls.......right focus what should we do!?

Turbo:We gotta make a mad dash for Windy Valley Zone then make it to the Jungle.

Krinkinko:Right (They dash through a croud of angry trolls and get to windy valley)why do we need to go here?

Elem: *lands in front of them, Ental by his side*

Turbo:You guys here to help?

Krinkinko: (Running through the level) Who are they?

Elem: yup. *to Krinkinko* im Elem.

Ental: im Ental.

Turbo:Good *reaches the end of the level* Here we are!

Krinkinko: Now what?

Turbo:*Goes over to a cliff* We Jump.

Banshee: Okay. *jumps off cliff*

Krinkinko: For the world! (jumps)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH wait I'm a good jumper this isn't scary at all!

Turbo:Chaos...Control!!! *teleports Banshee and Krinkinko to the ground* Next stop:Sand Hill!!!

Krinkinko: (Gets on his extreme gear and zooms ahead of them)Sand hill here I come!

Turbo:*rushes up to Krinkinko* I bet that thing cant go mach 2.

Banshee: Ouch.

Turbo:*reaches the end of Sand hill and gets a 30,000* Can't move faster than me!!!!

Krinkinko: Oh yeah? (tilts his board upward and quickly disapears into the sky and comes zooming down like a rocket and crahes)So why are we here anyways?

Turbo:The mayor should be around here.....

(The here muffled shrieks of the mayor as he is sinking in quick sand)

Krinkinko:(runs to help the mayor but gets stuck in the quicksand) Ngh help!

Turbo:Chaos...CONTROL!! *teleports the Mayor out of the quicksand* Now Chaos Blast. *blasts the quicksand (and Krinkinko) into the air*

Krinkinko: (Lands expertly when a muscular troll knocks him out)

Troll general: So your the wimp named Turbo I've been hearing about....some nerve to try and foil our plans.

Banshee: *appears behind the troll general* Hi!

Turbo:Lightning Field!!! *creates a magnetic field*

Banshee: *knocks out the general*

Turbo:*drops a load of iron on the general*

The general: (Eats the iron) Thanks for giving me strength. Oh and look who's here the whittle twoll hunta Banshee. HAhahaahahaha. (Throws sand in their eyes then punches them)

Banshee: ... What was that?

Turbo:Lightning Blade!!! *cuts the generals arm*

Troll general: 0_0.......you messed with the wrong troll punk! >:( (Turns into a sand monster and sters a sand storm he then starts to choke banshee) How do you like that now you'll see how we feel!

Banshee: *teleports out of the trolls grasp and appears in front of the general's face* What makes you think I care how you feel?

The general then turns to acid to burn Banshee clean then turns to quicksand and pounces on Turbo)

General: I know no one cares I just want to be oringinal but no!

Turbo:Electric Slime!! *turns into plasma then smothers the general*

Krinkinko: WAIT! Let's hear him out!

Turbo(plasma):*wraps around the genral but uncovers his head*

The general: Look the trolls want to take over the world I won't lie but me and alot of other normal citizen trolls all we want to be is oringinal fan character (sobbing). I'm a good troll really I just don't want to be a stupid recoler!

Turbo:*reverts to normal* t could be worse.

(Why didn't you wait for me?! - -')

(Sonicfan919-Who is this?)

The general: No it couldn't you beat us, you hurt us! Even the inoscent ones

!Krinkinko: (starting to cry)

Turbo:Ya it could. You could be in a Mario Video Game.

The general: So now your going to kill me but before you do just consider this all trolls arn't evil some just want to be oringinal.

Turbo:You could go to Hidden Island. All the Renegade Trolls could.

The general: Thank you turbo we good trolls are in you debt. (walks away)

The mayor: (A plane comes by)I know where the Trolls' new main base is just hop in the plane!

Turbo:WAIT!!! I sense a ton of Chaos Energy near by!!!

Elem: we'll follow. *gives himself wings made of shadows*

Ental: *gives herself wings of light*

(This is Silver. - -')

???: "That is me...the one emitting not Chaos Energy...."

[A Chaos-infused Owl is standing against the wall.]

???: "But Chaos Magic..."

Mayor: We have no time to loligag!

Krinkinko:Who are you anyway?

Turbo:Let's Move!!!

???: "What? You never heard of the Glacian that put the others in it's height of growing glory?"

[It's the former Glacian Leader, Shahooter...holding the Chaos-infused Greatstaff in his talons.]

Mayor: Wait I heard of you...your that rebel that almost destroyed Parkview!

Krinkinko:You What!? That town's jumping with people!

Shahooter: "Hmmm hmm hmm..correct you are..."

[He licks his teeth.]

Shahooter: "Only because they were violating OUR rights. I'm ALSO the one that declared war on Rageik's forces."

Krinkinko: So YOU started this troll invasion?!

Mayor: Well when I visited Parkview they only mentioned you came in there and destroyed everything!

Shahooter: "Idiots! I didn't START the Troll Invasion, I'm the one that's trying to stop it....And YOU!"

[He points at the Mayor.]

Shahooter: "All's fair in War."

Krinkinko: Whe're all trying to stop if you hadn't noticed.

Mayor: I'm defending you Shahooter! Also when I went there they said you were dead and there is a national holiday the day you died.

Shahooter: "No there isn't...Froster (Cameron) stopped that, he ended the National Holiday, ended the hatred against me, so I thought it'd be fit for the Techpriest to Rule."

Mayor: Well it was nice meeting you sir now we have to get on my jet to get to the trolls new base.

Turbo:*grabs Shahooter by the Collar* DID YOU SAY RAGIEK?!?!

[Shahooter kicks Turbo softly.]

Shahooter: "Yes I did, now unhand me."

Krinkinko: Listen he's trying to stop Rageik! (goes into the jet)

Turbo:CHAOS CONTROL!!!!!!! Teleports everyone to Hidden Island*

Krinkinko: (In the jet) Knock it off Turbo let's head to the base!

Turbo:*Gives everyone a Laser Rifle* Now we can go.

Shahooter: .......

Turbo:What? Never knew my Ancesters were part of the most advanced Civilazation in the Arm of the Galaxy.

Part 6

(In the plane)

Krinkinko: Your ansestors are what!?

Turbo:8000 years ago a civilazation Called the Hedgedragons roamed Hidden Island and had technology that had only 1 rival. The even Created The Chaos Amulets. I can't remember why but they were none left but me when I appeared outside the Amulet Chamber.

Krinkinko: Heh maybe you should add that to your page!

(Sonicfan919-Krinkinko what did I tell you about breaking the fourth wall)

Krinkinko: (Reads a note that saysWe have now discovered hedgedragons in our new base.)

Krinkinko: Do you think it's a trick?

Turbo:Later. But I can tell that those Trolls are desprate to get the Amulets back.

Mayor: Were almost there.

Krinkinko: So do you think it's a trick?

Turbo:It IS A trick. No hedgedragons are alive today but me.

Krinkinko: They could have a wing or something.

Mayor:Slowly aproaching our final destination.

Turbo:A True Hedgedragon has 4 fingers with Claws, reptillian slits in there pupils and have Indestructible Wings.

Krinkinko:Dang how they half hedgehog half dragon (the plane gets shot down by a troll beam) anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Turbo:Chaos....I can't belive i'm doing this......RICKROLL! *rick astley appears and Rickrolls the Trolls*

(The trolls seem to like it and they start dancing even Krinkinko starts dancing because he likes the song)

(The femal trolls start to hold Turbo's hand)

Mayor: (Epic facepalm)

Turbo:It's not that bad.....<It's insane>

Krinkinko: Hey quiet Turbo!!! I'm listening to this!


Krinkinko: What? It's a good song!!!

Mayor: Shouldn't we be looking for the troll's base?

Krinkinko: When the song is over!

(After the song)

Krinkinko: I LOVE THAT SONG!


Krinkinko: Now let's find that base!

Turbo:I'm feeling vibrations underground.

Mayor:(Taps Turbo and points to a giant volcano with the words Troll la Valcono engraved on it)

Krinkinko: So that's where they are hiding let's go! (Gets on his extreme gear and zooms ahead)

Turbo:*activates his Rocket skates* Come on mayor!!! *grabs the Mayor*

(Krinkinko reaches the opening of the Valcono)

Krinkinko: Hurry up slo mos I'm not getting any younger!

Turbo:NEVER CALL ME SLOW!!!! *reaches the Volcanic opening*

Krinkinko: (Jumps in and takes out some trolls while the good trolls flee)

Turbo:Razordash Attack! *grinds through Trolls and Trollbots*

Krinkinko: (Starts to grind on invisibe air current when Trollbots pile on Turbo) Not again! (Tries to pry the trolls off but he fails)

Turbo:CHAOS BLAST!!!! *knocks off the Trolls*

Turbo:I won't let Super Turbo out that easy.

Banshee: *appears* What'd I miss?

Turbo:I almost went Super. Nothing else signifigant.

Krinkinko: Lemme' bring you up to speed the general was a good troll then all the good trolls moved to hidden island and now we are in the new troll base. (Some of the lava goes down and they can proceed down)

Turbo:*jumps and hovers down on his Rocket Shoes* Lets go!

Banshee: *dashes off*

  • two Trolls get ready to dump C4 into the Magma*

Turbo: OH SH*T!!!

Krinkinko: Wait with this energy tracker I'm detecting the 7 chaos emeralds,the seven super emeralds, a peice of the master emerald, a rickroll, a light chaos amulet and a dark chaos amulet are all in this valcono!

(HS664:Aren't The Super Emeralds powered up Chaos Emeralds?)

Turbo:CHAOS BARRIER!!!!! *creates a barrier of Chaos Energy to protect him and Krinkinko from the Blast*

(Sonicfan919-Nope two different gems in a way your right though)

Krinkinko:Turbo did you hear that two new chaos amulets.

Turbo:They must be artificial because I can't sense them. Anyway, these "Chaos Emeralds" sound dangerous.

Krinkinko: All they are are weaker versions of your chaos amulets. Those amulets are real because I can sense the dark one. (The lava goes down) Let's go!

Turbo:We're near the core of the volcano. The Chaos Amulets are going nuts!!!

Krinkinko: (Sees the light and dark amulets) I found them!

Turbo:Wait!!! That's not Chaos Energy!!!

Krinkinko: No it isn't it's light and dark chaos energy!

Banshee: He knows that!

Krinkinko: Banshee, where do you run off too?

Banshee: Went to Burger King. *noms on cheeseburger*

Turbo:*clutches his head and falls to his knees* AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Krinkinko: What your hungry for a cheese burger....oh.

Krinkinko: (Turns to Banshee) Since this isn't normal chaos enrgy what will he turn into (horified).

Turbo:Listen!!! The slightest jolt could turn me Super. Lets hope this Volcano isn't active.

Banshee: *shrugs* And?

(a jolt hits him but the light amulet makes sure his mind is in check)


Banshee: Well, I better go off to that G.U.N. base I was at in Part 1C. *dashes off*

Turbo:I'm ok....*gets up* Strange.....I feel like that energy was being focused somewhere.

Krinkinko: Your super and your not crazy!

Super Turbo:It won't last long though. I can feel the Will of Darkness eating away at the light.

Krinkinko: Why we can beat the trolls here but my master will make a new RP.

Super Turbo:I feel a higher concentration of Chaos Energy. *looks at the Chaos Emeralds* We should take those.

Super Turbo:I'm going crazy again!!! Let's hope something improbable happen so I won't attack you!

(A troll comes a chokes Krinkinko)

Krinkinko: Help me

Turbo:*snaps out of his super form* Chaos Eraser!!!! *blasts the Trolls Head off*

Turbo:Let's Go. *grabs the Chaos Emeralds* We need to get to the real battle.

(Krinkinko and him trek through the valcono)

Krinkinko: Shouldn't we wait for banshee?

Turbo:Not really any time. The Trolls should've started there search for Hidden Island. We have to defend it.

(Krinkinko sees a door which the chaos amulets are the keys and behind the door he feels maximum troll energy )

Turbo:*puts 6 Amulets in the slots then opens the door*

Tyunivich: Oh so you finally made it we are just about to wrap things up for world domination. (Holds the ultimate Chaos amulet)

Turbo:*sees that he is missing the Silver Amulet* I must of dropped it when the trolls grabed me!

Turbo:Give me back the Silver Amulet!

Tyunivich: Not on your life! (Hits him with a sledge hammer while Krinkinko tries to hit him)

Krinkinko: He's too strong we need the chaos emeralds first!

Tyunivich: Looking for these? (All the chaos emeralds are in his hand)

Artixunio:(Suddenly teleports into the battle)Don't tell me you were gonna start without me!

Artixunio:(pulls out one Chaos emerald)Take it!(Throws it at Krinkinko)

Turbo:You don't understand! The Silver Amulet can control the power of the others!!! YOU COULD DESTROY THE WHOLE FLIPPING GALAXY WITH THAT THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the Chaos Emeralds start rapidly losing their Positive and Negative energy Causing thenm to flash grey and crack*
    Aero:(teleports in with Rex)You dirty Fiends!You took all my cash when I was walking NOW you must pay!(Charges up a glowing Fist)

Aero:(Eyes begin to glow and his body becomes a Yellowish color,Lightning bolts start to swirl in his fur,The punch he was about to achieve could crack the multiverse in half in time and space)(Really it can)Ultimate Fist!(He releasesd his punch at Tyunivich a Thunder bolt of all elements hit Tyunivich punch and Bolt)

  • the Chaos Emeralds turn completley grey and Crack*

(Dragonballzfan:I know this form is not from a Chaos emerald it comes from how angry he is)

Turbo:*his eyes become maniacal red spirals, all of his teeth turn into jagged fangs, his spines curve up, his fur glow a deep red, his power level goes through the roof and he becomes Super Turbo* I'm baaa-aaaaack!!!!! *smiles maniacally*

Artixunio:T T T TURBO!RRRRGGGHHH(His spine curves up and his body strength raises completely He meets the maximum amount of power and his fur glows Black Red White and Blue)ROOOOAAAR!(Thunder bolts shoot around his body and form into his)

Super Turbo::*sees Artixunio* Finally a challenge!!! STEEL WING!! *wings turn into Diamondega and he strikes Artixunio*

Crypto Artixunio:(Easily knocks Super Turbo Away from him)You cannot beat Maximum!

CA:You don't stand a chance you aren't ME!CHAOS FLAME(A powerful beam of flame shoots straight threw ST,s Torso)

Super Turbo:*dissapears*

???:FOCUS PUNCH X50!!!!!!!! *a flurry of painful punches hits CA's spine* Chaos Clone! Luckily Turbo saw it! Now I can replicate it!!!

CA:(Is not affected at all)Is that all you got!(thinking Super Turbo did it)(Kicks ??? Away then shoots him with a blast of all elements)

Super Turbo:Keep the pain coming!!! CHAOS SUPERNOVA!!!! *blasts a humongus beam of energy next to CA*

CA:(puts his hand out in front of the beam and it reflected against ST)Admit it you've met your match.-_-',Is this guy contagious or what?

Super Turbo:I get a boost you don't. *the energy created from the Chaos Supernova reacts with the lava and Magma hits CA* A boos tin IQ!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO LICK THE BLOOD FROM YOUR FRIED CORPSE!!!!!!

CA:(Eyes begin to Glow and then he guides the Lava away from his body and hit Turbo so Hard it made him :revert)

Turbo:Thanks....*the chaos emeralds reappear but lack energy*

CA:Hey no problem but I have no idea how I transformed it's like when I saw you transform and I started to worry it triggered the transformation now I'm pretty sure I can destroy a galaxy not that I would though.Wait I forgot while fighting you Who is that guy anyways?


Turbo:Razor Spindash!! *slices Aero where it stings O_O*

Turbo:Ya know., I've had enough of this place. who says we should blow this place up?

Turbo:Chaos BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

CA:Chaos DESTROY(in a second the place was blown up and the three characters CA,Turbo,and Krinkinko went flying out knocked out)

CA:(wakes up)Uuuuhhh our attacks just destroyed the whole thing (points to the speck of ash the Volcano used to be)

???:No it's a trick he's in his final form. (The group blinks twice and their in the core of the valcono)

Super Krinkinko:I used the emeralds' enrgy at the last second absorb some of my power! (Holds his hands out to the others)

CA:sorry if I take any more Chaos Energy I'll explode but oh well(takes in the Chaos Energy and luckily he didn't die on the spot)

Super Krinkinko: So..........you in this too?, Turbo I can purify you with the positive chaos energy.

Turbo:Impossible, you can't diminish a source of Evil as strong as Super Turbo. I suggest we find the Chaos Emeralds. I sense one in Station Square.

Krinkinko: Okay let me explain this slowly.....before the energy was drained out of the chaos emeralds (points to the floor). I sucked up their energy and went super now if you hold my hand you can go super and be purified for 40 minutes (not real time, RP time).

Turbo:*accept the power* CHAOS CONTROL!!!!! *teleports everyone to Station Square*



S Krinkinko: THIS IS THE PLOT! (Tyunivich beats Super Turbo with a sledge hammer)

S Krinkinko: (Catches it) GET HIM!

Super Turbo:CRASH CHAOS SUPERNOVA!!!!!!!! *400 Swords made of Chaos Energy Rain down on the area*

Tyunivich: (Throws lava at Super Krinkinko)

S Krinkinko: AAAAH FIRE! Getting weaker..........

  • a sword hits Tyunivich*
  • he shakes it off

Krinkinko: GAH! I lost my...super form. Look I need you to take this, gather all the Chaos energy in the world, and fire it at Tyunivich...it's up to you now. I'm too tired to finish him off. (goes to sleep and hands him a green ball of energy)

CA:(Fire Vanishes)CHAOS VANISH(Shoots a blast of energy the size of a canyon a Tyunivich)CHAOS SET(A whole bunch of fire meteors come parading down on Tyunivich)

Super Turbo:*charges a beam of energy in his mouth* HYPER BEAM X 100!!!!!!!!! *sears Tyunuvich's spine*

Krinkinko: You and Artixunio have to charge that chaos spirit bomb...... NOW THE FAIT OF THIS WORLD DEPENDS ON IT!

Super Turbo:*charges the attack* GWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! *reverts to his evil self because his heart isn't pure and absorbs the Chaos Energy into his body*

CA:(Charges with Turbo and has all his power in it that would return after it missed or hit)FOR THE HEADMASTERS OF ARIO VILLAGE!

Super Turbo:CRASH CHAOS SUPERNOVA X 100!!!!!!!!!!! *400 Swords rain from the sky and wipe out the area*

(The spirit bomb lands a hit and destroys Tyunivich along with the valcono)

CA:(Punches ST so hard it made him revert again)

Part 6B

(At the G.U.N. base with Banshee)

Banshee: *eating fries* Hello? Anyone home?

Fa-La-Stu: Me

Banshee: Good. Where's Dismal?

Fa-La-Stu: (Points to the floor) He's on the floor scared to stand up and use the toilet. I'm over him now I'm now chasing Dagmar, his Moebian self.

Banshee: Hm. I'm going after this Dagmar.

Fa-La-Stu:...and whys that?

Banshee: He's a Moebian Dismal.

Fa-La-Stu: Okay I met him before he's calm, he's mellow, he didn't hurt us, he wouldn't kill us, he dosn't like trolls, like you, he agreed to take me to the movies. He's a nice guy!

Banshee: I'm willing to take my chances.

Fa-La-Stu: (crying) PLEASE DON'T HURT HIM!

Banshee: *walks away*

Fa-La-Stu: Are you going to hurt him?

Banshee: Maybe. Maybe not.

(Meanwhile at the Spookiest part of Downtown)

Jack,Sonic & Amy walks along in the Spookiest part of Downtown

Sonic:I wonder where are the Others?

Jack (Spongebob100):I don't know it's like it's Abandon

Amy:Abandon?! Oh My,it's so Scary

Jack (Spongebob100):Don't worry Amy,Those Trolls can't find us

Sonic:Or do they?!(sees 20 trolls coming thi way)

Jack (Spongebob100):Oh come on,Lets Rumble

Amy & Sonic:Yeah!

Jack (Spongebob100):(grabs the Vaccum)Eat Vaccum you Trolls(Uses the Vaccum to clean up the Troll)You Got Vaccumed!

Sonic:(Spins the Trolls to make them Dizzy)Sorry about that Trolls,your getting Dizzy?Good!

Amy:I guess you are Knocked out(Whacks the Rest of the Trolls with her Piko Piko Hammer)

Jack (Spongebob100):Well done guys,then lets get a Move on(Heads to the Direction where he is Going)

Amy & Sonic:(Follows Jack)

Darkstorm:(Hiding in the shadows while yelling at the top of his lungs) This is wasting my very valuable time, if I don't get any answers on where I am or I am just gonna have to reveal myself them, *SIGH*, I might as well keep following them, but them have 5mins. to tell me where I am or they will get to know me the hard way!

Darkstorm:(Growls Loudly)Grrrr, that's it my pateince has worn thin, Energy Blast!(Throws Sphere of Dark Energy at full speed)

Ental: *flies in out of nowhere. deflects the sphere with a light shield*

Amy:What's that guys?

Sonic:I have no Idea,Ames

Jack (Spongebob100):Well lets keep looking and(Sees Darkstorm)What the?!...Who the heck are you?

Amy:Never mind that,Lets get outta Here(Runs Away to the Direction where she is going)

Jack (Spongebob100)& Sonic:Ok (Follows Amy)

Amy:Come on guys we don't know who this dark guy but,we got a Mission to do,we gotta find Krinkinko

Sonic:Yeah,don't worry there's nothing new

Jack (Spongebob100):Lets go

Darkstorm: You'll regeret letting me help you out, mortals.

Part 6C

(10 Minutes Later)

Sonic,Amy Rose & Jack (Spongebob100) set out to find Krinkinko in Downtown & Went inside the Gag Factory

Amy:Anybody here?


Jack (Spongebob100):Hello Krinkinko,this that you?

Sonic:Where is everybody?

Amy:I don't know,Sonikku

Sonic:Are you sure it's the Gag Factory,Because I'm not Laughing

Jack (Spongebob100):Looks Gagy to me Guys

Amy:Well I guess we'll go have a look


Sonic,Amy & Jack (Spongebob100) looks around in the Gag Factory

Amy:Nope Nothing(Sees 15 Trolls) but more Trolls are coming

Sonic:Again? We'll I guess will teach them a Lesson

Jack (Spongebob100):Lets Fight

And They Did

Sonic:Ok(Lasoes 5 Trolls with the Rope)Yee Haw

Jack (Spongebob100):Oh Trolls,(Holding Electrical Gum)Gum?

5 Trolls touchs the Gum all at the Same Time & get Electrocuted

Jack (Spongebob100):Ohhh Spicy

5 Trolls Fainted after Electric Attack

Amy:STAY AWAY FROM MY SONIC!!!!! (Whacks the last 5 Trolls with her Piko Piko Hammer)Never Mess with Amy Rose!

Jack (Spongebob100):It was only a Trap!

Sonic:Then Lets get outta here

Amy:Ok Hold on to me guys!

Sonic & Jack (Spongebob100):Why?

Amy:Because all this Excercise is making me Faster,even Faster than You Sonic

Sonic:Fast Yes,Faster than Me I don't think you

Jack (Spongebob100):Well Unfortaleny Sonic,she ran about more than 900 miles per hour


Amy:Well Coming hop on my back,cause you are going for a bumpy Ride

Sonic & Jack (Spongebob100):(Hops on Amy)What?!

Amy:(Run in Top Speed about 999 miles per hour)I am Faster aren't I

Jack (Spongebob100):You sure are Amy Rose,You sure are

Part 6D

Darkstorm: (While Flying) Energy Blast(Hit 's the flung trolls perfectly and lands right next to Amy, Jack, and Sonic at his highest speed of 999 mph), thought you three might need me, and you might want to slow down, I am being hunted by Speed Xenomorphs.

Jack (Spongebob100):What's going on here?

Amy:Oh my!

Sonic:Why does he want us now.

Elem: *comes up on their left, propelled by jets of water* hey guys!

Ental: *comes up on their right, propelled by fire* whats up?

Darkstorm: (Hiss)

Elem: what's wrong? never seen six hedgehogs merged into two?

Darkstorm: If I was you I'd move a side, Because there are 3 Speed Xeno's right behind you coming in fast.

Ental: really? cool!

Elem: *to Ental* we should probably split. my three will go take care of some trolls elsewhere.

Ental: right. i'll leave Inferna here to help them. *a flash of light and is suddenly replaced by three other hedgehogs. two run off in different directions while a red and orange one stayed behind*

Elem: *splits as well. his three scatter*

Darkstorm:(Obliterates the Xeno's, but the blood scatters streight at Sonic) Sonic Look out (Jumps at Sonic and pushes Sonic just in time, but the acidic blood His tail) *Roars in Pain* Cut off my tail tip!

Inferna: why? *she flicks her wrist and an ax made of fire appears in it. cuts it off*

Amy:Look out(Grabs Jack (Spongebob100) & Sonic)we gotta find a way to help this Black guy out

Sonic:Yeah,he save my life

Jack (Spongebob100):Well Come on lets help

Amy & Sonic:Yeah!

Jack (Spongebob100),Amy & Sonic:(Helps Darkstorm out)

50 more Trolls are coming this way

Jack:Alright I guess it's time for you to be Mashed Potatos(Squashes 20 Troll with a Bulldozer)

Amy:(Smahes 25 Trolls with Her Piko Piko Hammer)Don't even think about destoring my Sonic

Sonic:I'll finish them off(Spins the Last 5 Trolls like Tops)Lets see if you can take it

5 trolls just got Dizzy & fall Down

Jack:Great what should we do now?

Amy:I guess we can help this Black guy out

Sonic:Lets Do it

Jack:Ok Darkstorm,we'll help you so come on we got to find Krinkinko

Amy:Ok hop on my back

Jack & Sonic:(Hoped on Amy's Back)

Jack:Lets go into High Gear

Amy:Ok, Hold on,cause here we GO!(Runs about 999 Miles per hour)Yaa Hoo

Part 7

(Later in Station Square)

Jack (Spongebob100):Well I guess this is Station Square

Sonic:Well this is my Home

Amy:Wow,Isn't it nice here,Fated Lovers always drawn together Silly (Blinks at Sonic)

Jack (Spongebob100):Um Amy we had a Mission to do

Amy:Ok you got me,I guess we do have Mission to Complete

Sonic(Spots a Blue Chaos Emerald)Hey what's a Chaos Emerald doing here in Station Square?

Jack (Spongebob100):We need to find 6 more Chaos Emeralds

Amy:Ok then,lets go!


(Somewhere on top a building)

Cold:I'm close, I can feel the 7 Chaos Emeralds power,I hope the Trolls don't get there before I do.

(Later back in Station Square)

Jack (Spongebob100):(Holds a List)So you want us to bring Krinkinko,Grapes,Twixes & HoneyBuns?

Sonic:Darkstorm said we should get some at the Store

Amy:It's a good thing we had enough Money

Jack (Spongebob100):Come on lets go in

Jack (Spongebob100),Sonic & Amy Rose went inside the Store

Cashier:Welcome to our store,want do you want?

Jack(Spongebob100):Yeah,uh,we need Grapes,Twixes & Honeybuns Please?

Cashier:That will be a total of $12 please?

Amy:(Gives the Cashier $12)Here you go

Cashier:Thank you(Gives them the Groceries)

Sonic:Thank you

Cashier:Thank you Come again

Jack (Spongebob100):(Spots a Purple Chaos Emerald)Hey I found Another Chaos Emerald,That makes two

Amy:Now Lets Visit Krinkinko


Jack (Spongebob100),Sonic & Amy Rose heads to the Hospital

Artixunio:(Teleports into the area with Krinkinko in his hands)You looking for this guy(drops Krinkinko)

Amy:Oh No(Catches Krinkinko)Gotcha! Your Safe!

Artixunio:He can stand for himself Amy(Makes Amy drop Krinkinko an forces her away)Now why did you want him!

Jack:Because those Trolls are trying to Conquer the whole Universe

Artixunio:Really,the Trolls we can see that we just survived attacking some Troll in there volcano you won't know where there base is now!

Jack:Well we gotta find out where are the Trolls are

Sonic:Anyways,gather everyone because we gonna have a Meeting Tonight at 7pm inside the Church

Artixunio:Whatever (uses Telepathy to order everyone to come)There you happy!

Amy:Ok good Enough

Jack:Meet us inside Church in 7pm

Part 7B

(Later at Church in 7pm)

Jack:Attention Everyone,we have a Major Problem in our Hands,Those Trolls are a Menace to us,If we need to sneak inside the Trolls Base,we need a plan

Amy:Has anyone got one

Darkstorm:(appears) I know someone who does Turahk, my brother, He is a Fear type, he is cool if you don't mention his right arms scars, I know where he lives, he lives in the Parthonon of Fear about 10 kliks away.

Artixunio:(Sighs)Man why do kids cling to me like magnets(Sighs)(Then turns to Darkstorm)Other then you.

Artixunio:(Eyes twitch)Hmm I'm getting some type of Chaos Attack better find out(Teleports back to the Energy)Chaos CONTROL!

Darkstorm:(loud Growl) I am 15 Artixunio.

Jack:Ok ,Ok I guess we need Reniforcements,It's time that we get Turahk

Amy:Ok it's time that we get Reniforcements

Sonic:Yeah Amy,I guess we can get Darkstorm's Brother

Jack:Ok Darkstorm has got a plan,anyone else?

Darkstorm: Does anyone here no how to Lava Surf?

Necrio:(weak and Bleeding badly) Storm!

Darkstorm:(turns and see's Necrio) Necrio!(runs to his side)

Scar:(speaks in ancient tone, then english) This was Xeno's doing Darkstorm.(Teleports to where Chinahx was)

Darkstorm:Impossible I sensed his death!

Jack:Uh ok,we need a way to sneak inside the Trolls Secret Base

Sonic:We need a Distraction to give us Enough time to sneak into the Trolls Base & Destroy them for good

Amy:So who wants to be a Volenteer?

Darkstorm:I'll go and get Turahk, when necrio awakes he'll distract your infestation.

Jack:Looks like we got ourselves a Volenteer

Amy:But how are we gonna Destroy the Trolls Base

Necrio: (Groans) Leave that to me Miss Rose.

Amy:Ok,I guess it'll have to do

Jack:That leaves us with only 1 Problem,if Necrio is gonna help Me,Amy & Sonic Destroy the Base,who is gonna do the Distraction?

Turahk: Look behind you you emotioa morsal and see your canidate!

Darkstorm: Remeber our deal You help us and I realease you from the fear realm!

Sonic:Ok,Turahk is Here & we need Turahk to help us Destroy the Trolls

Amy:Will you help us,Turahk?

Turahk:(Pulls out Fear staff) Of course, between you and me I'd rather help anyway your infestation is making the fear realm crumble(Raises his hand and conjurd up Darkstorms and His Armory) lets sadle up.

Darkstorm: Blast, I've been meaning to ask you guy's something on where I am, because this isn't Moius that lived on to close to 16 years and also as you can plinly tell (Rips off his human skin and reveals his armor like half breed skin) I am Half breed and how many of you know half breed anomoty?

Jack:uhh...Anyways lets Destroy the Trolls Base!

Amy:Come on Guys,Let go!

At Station Square hospital after part 6

Krinkinko: (Wakes up) Ouch my head....well atleast I'm in perfect condition.......Artixunio wake up. (he only says that to Artixunio because Turbo needs the rest)

Darkstorm:(Appearing out of no where) Are you the one Sonic, Jack, and Amy called Krinkinko?

Artixunio:(Picks head up)I never was sleeping you idiot!Anyways I got a plan to suck Turbo's second soul out of his body.

Darkstorm:*CHUCKLES* A soul type are we, Artixunio?

Artixunio:How in Neverworld do you know my name!Anyways it's not my type it's just one abilitie I have>

Darkstorm: your smell gave your name away for one and for two I know types of power, plus, your's isn't hard to define, I happen to carry Soul Edge Katanna.

Krinkinko: I just saw 500 trolls out my window and yeah I'm Krinkinko. Do you want my autograph?

Darkstorm: No, but some friends have been searching for you, maybe you now them, they go by the names of Jack, Sonic, and Amy.

Krinkinko: Why?

Artixunio:May I see your sword?

Darkstorm:(unsheathes the sword and the eye ball open) Be careful the sword is smart if it's master is not near by it delivers a very painful shock (towards Krinkinko) beats me.

Krinkinko: Tell them to come with Grapes, Twixes, and Honeybuns.

Artixunio:(Grips the handle and lets go.Creates an exact replica of the sword using Chaos Copy)Thanks

(Somewhere in Station Square)

Cold:(In shock)Some one is using Chaos Copy,but who 0_0,I got to find who did it.

Turbo:*gets up* Ahh my neck!!!

Artixunio:Turbo!I'm gonna suck your other soul out is it okay?

Darkstorm:(Before teleporting) Energy Blast!

Turbo:*says nothing and Teleports away*

Artixunio:I'll take that as a no anyways(Grabs Krinkinko and teleports to Jack,Sonic,and Amy with the young hedgehog in his hands)

Cold(Hearing a explosion)What was that(bonk himself on the head while talking to him self)you have super speed go check it out :((Zooooooom!).

Turbo:*at the Amulet Chamber working at a computer* DONE!!!

(At the site where Darkstorm did his Energy Blast)

Cold:Wow,hmmmmm(touching the area the blast was fired) it is still fresh,so the person who did this is around here some where.

Cold:At least they don't have the 7th Emerald that I found on Soincs roof,Chaos Control.

Darkstorm: I am closer than you think imbisil, Soul Strike.

Cold:Chaos Block,who are you calling imbisil you dumb little troll,hmmm your not a troll,so hit the road before I freeze you.

Cold:My friends Flame,Ruts,Ruler,K'nuckles,Black,Skate,Sai,Lisa,Ven,Veu,Shell,and Princess Yu should be here with the Time Stones.

Darkstorm: You are speaking to a Halfbreed, now die, Dark Hole w/ Energy blast combo!

Xenomorph: Acid Blast, (Protects Cold), your finished Brother.

Darkstorm: You lost the right to call me brother long ago traitor, APOCOLYPTIC CHAOS CONTROLL (Drops one of the Apocalypse Emeralds after teleporting)

Turbo:*put 1 green ring on each of his limbs* Hope these work.

Necrio: I don't think so, LIGHTNING SPEAR!

Cold:There is allies all over this place,CHAOS BLAST,DIE YOU FOOL.XD

Artixunio:(Teleports in the middle)What in the Neverworld is going on here!

Cold:Hey dude I can't hold him off, have you ever heard of chaos unification.

Cold:I'm sick of you,here is a trick I learned from a friend on Earth in the future,KAMA-HAMA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Artixunio:Crap!(Kicks the blast of energy away from attacking) Soul BLAST!(Shoots a special beam of Souls)

Xenomorph: Acid Claw Strike! I will protect all evil at all costs!

Cold:Chaos block, HA and you called me imbisil,I can control the Kamahama-ha wave(bring the blast back)DIE!


Turbo:*appears* SHADOW SLIME!!!! *dissapears*

Cold:Darn almost had them,Kahmahamaha wave stop!

Cold:Time to tell Sonic about how the Time Stones could kill the trolls,but first got to get the time stones,Chaos Control.

(Five minutes later cold got the Time Stone)

Cold:Got them now where is Sonic?

Turbo(shadowplasm):*follows Cold*

Artixunio:(Follows them)

(This setting takes place in the city, but underground at Tails gang,The League of night men)

Cold:Tails how are you?

Tails:Hey Cold,find.



Cold:Where are the others?

Tails:They went out,so the only people here are Ashura and Shadow.

Cold:Well do you know where Sonic is?




Xenomorph: (loud hiss) put out the lights and I will reveal my self.

Cold:He followed me.

Tails:Ashura turn of the light and kill this guy.

Cold:When did you become so harsh,and are crazy he will kill Ashura.

Ashura:*Turn off the lights*BLACK HOLE GAL-A-GON,show your self or I'm sending us all to HELL,including the city ABOVE Xenomorph!

Shadow:hmmmm he know his name.

Cold:He crazy O_0,you crazy O_o,you all crazy 0_0,What do you want you fool?

Cold:I don't want to die T_T.

Tails:You should have thought about that before you mess with Xenomorph.

Cold:I didn't know he was Xenomorph T_T.

Tails:Look the F*@% at him,what person look like the alien from AVP.


Xenomorph:Your correct Tails but unforunately you are off by a longshot, yes I obey the Queen but I also obey anyone with Chimera's name, now answer me fox do you know someone with Chimera's name?

Turbo(shadowplasm):*watching the conversation*

Xenomorph: Acid Claws (Smoke bellows from his claws and claws turn yellow) you have 60 seconds to answer me!

Artixunio:(Rose into view then unsheathed the blade.He slashed at the Xenomorph killing it)Now you have 1 second to DIE!

Xenomorph:(Regenerating and Laughing sinisterly) CHESTBUSTER CLAWS!(HANDS TURN RED AND REACHING FOR Artixunio's chest)

Turbo(shadow slime):*leaps on the Xenomorph and tries to possess it*

Artixunio:CHAOS SOUL!(Sucks the soul out of the Xenomorph)

Xenomorph: (Jabs both Artixunio and Turbo with rage venom) obey the Xeno-Queen, obey Chimera they are your ture lords, your ture friends (turns to dust just to regenerate in a corpses chest).

Turbo:*reverts to normal and destroys the Xenomorph*

Turbo:I'm my own master you fool.

Xenomorph's skull: (opens mouth and sends a scream to signal the rest of the hive that it is feeding time)

Artixunio:Guys run!(touches everybody and teleports back to Overland)

Chinahx: Join the hive Artixunio, all power shall be your's, the venom the Xeno had injected into you and Turbo is spreading fast there s no escaping the fate.

Artixunio:(Bites himself then sucks out the venom.Artixunio spit out the venom and did the same with Turbo)

Chinahx: (SAYS SOFTLY) Turn around weaklings, look all around you are out numbered, and if you kill me a drone takes my place as the next Queen (The drones around her start laughing at Artixunio).

Artixunio:CHAOS SMASH(Crushes all the Drones)

Scar:(Teleports with mask on next to Artixunio and hands Artixunio a combi-stick) take it, it might come in handy( jumps straight at Chinahx and jabs his spear in her left eye).

Chinahx:(screaming in pain) I know you've got one of use inside you Scar you anly have 2 more days to live, Chaos controll!(teleports away)

Scar:(grabs his chest, it was throbbing in pain)

Artixunio:(Stabs the Soul Edge Katana into Chinahx's chest)

Turbo:*teleports after Chinahx*

Scar: Stop him, he must no leave the saftey of the environment.

Darkstorm: (Appears and targets Turbo) Multipile Energy Blast's!

Artixunio:(Blocks the attack then blasts Chinahx)

Chinahx:You mortals can't kill me I am a goddess (Laughs evilly).

Chimera Darkstorm: Immortality removal!



Ashura:Black Hole Gal-o-gun!


Chimera Darkstorm: Brisinger, you mortals will have to do better then that and I am the Devil and now die, Seven Tailed Brisinger( All seven of his Tails ignite and head streight at Tails)


Cold:Lets do this guys!

Cold,Ashura,Tails,and Shadow:ULTIMATE CONTROL!.

Tails:Ultimate Tails.

Cold:Ultimate Cold.

Ashura:Ultimate Ashura.

Shadow:Ultimate Shadow.

Scar:(Screams then dies)

???:(In a distorted vioe of slim and blood) I am no longer Xenomorph for now on I the ture definition of "Leader of the Hive" I am Predalien!


About ten days after Turbo, Krinkinko, Artixunio, Jack the Hedgehog, Sonic & Amy Rose destroyed the new troll base notable events occurred.

  • Hidden island became a sanctuary for good trolls everywhere.
  • The Evil trolls in general went down in numbers
  • Krinkinko found Droget in the troll sea base.
  • Krinkinko bought Banshee a troll grenade.
  • At hidden island the former troll commander opened a business where you can get turned into a troll if you want.
  • Some of the trolls fled rainbow hill zone and mobians started coming back.
  • A comet crashed at the moon based and about 200 trolls were killed
  • Trolls are now a protected species
  • Turbo got all of the chaos amulets back
  • Jack the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog & Amy Rose puts the Chaos Emeralds back to Angel Island where they belong
  • Cold, Ashura, and Shadow were glad to see that good still wins,and the Emerald was returned to Angel Inland.
  • Predalien (aka Xenomorph) returns to his queen and eventually kills her and becomes the queen.
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