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The flag of the Swarm Empire.


In Eastern Eurish a new united race of Insect clans have banded together under the title of The Swarm. Now they seek to "liberate" themselves from the other species, races, and governments that are non-insecticide. They plan to make their presences  known through invading the kingdoms of Spagonia and then moving on Soleanna. While their technology is Cold War era crude, their numbers and tactics are not to be underestimated. Can your characters stop the incursion of these pesky insects?(This roleplay is free to Join.)





User: SuperSilverXtreme14

Involved Characters

Antagonists (Swarm)

  • Flyboys  (Antagonist and comic relief ) (Jaredthefox92 & WasabiOS)

Antagonists (Other




  • No godmodding (serioulsy people we can do better.)
  • No meta gaming (that includes knowing about the Swarm prior to their introduction.)
  • Now autohitting (only in unavoidable close range melee combat may your strike be a guarenteed hit.)
  • Try not to derail the plot, (I'm here to remind you in a nice fashion should you stray from it too much. :) )
  • Don't kill a character without their users permission. However a character can be knocked out or injured over a period of time. (Flyboys don't count for this rule unless they're very few left for Indwick to be around, they're sort of comic relief that way.)


Part One: The City of Water

It has been a calm and tranquil day so far in the kingdom of Soleanna. Many of the shops were open and preforming their usual business while the citizens of Soleanna partook in commerce, recreation, and their normal business within this gorgeous city Meanwhile Princess Elise was in here royal palace attending to her royal duties as well.

Indwick: *Enters Soleanna with only three of his Flyboys's while being cloaked in brown garment.*

Indwick: Now stay calm men, we don't want to alert too much attention until the time is right. Are we clear?

Flyboy: Yes bzzt.

Suddenly, one flyboy, who was a bit deaf, screamed, alerting Princess Elise.

Indwick: You idiot!

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