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  • Twig Fence the Turtle(Kftf)

Part 3

Gavin: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim' BACK YO!

Lien-DOS: Hello.

Gavin: Not you again.

Lionel: Ummmmm....... this is kind of right next to my house if you didn't notice.

Lien-DOS: *to Gavin* I didn't do anything...

Isaiah: *sitting around on the ground* Hm... so...bored...

Gavin: Bored, eh? why don't you play in the training grounds!

Isaiah: ...And where is that?

Gavin: Inside of Fort Abel, but i doubt youve herd of it.

Jack: (Appears) Hello

Patricia: (Appears on her Flying Broom) Hi Guys

Gavin: Uughh! not another Twerp!

Jack: I'm not a Twerp!

Gavin: Then why are you here for my emerald?

Part 4

Drake: *sneeking over to Jack* Hey, hedgehog wanna meet these hedgehogs from the Dragon Realm, their names are Goku and Vegeta.

Jake: We're here for the emeralds, too!

M.L. Jake made me come here.

Lien-DOS: Careful, don't say you want the emerald around him. *motions towards Gavin*

Isaiah: And you're right.

Lien-DOS: To be honest, my creator wouldn't mind having a scan of the emerald. But he doesn't want to steal it.

Isaiah: And we all know what happens if it isn't on Angel Island anymore...

Lien-DOS: But the master emerald supports Angel Island. This is the life emerald.

Gavin: *to Jake* So, ya wanna steal me's emerald, huh?

Jake: No. I don't steal things.

M.L. I do. >:D

Pyro: (leaning against the wall) sup peoples?

M.L. So many people. This disgusts me.

Isaiah: Dude, are you anti-social?

Part 5

Drake: Goku, Vegeta, lets go find the emerald.

Goku: I thought we were trying to get back to the Dragon Realm.

Vegeta: Rather than finding the emerald.

Isaiah: So you two are really from the Dragon Realm? I thought you guys were mobian counterparts of Goku and Vegeta.

Gavin: EAT THIS, YOU EMERALD-THEIVES!!!*uses the life emerald to freeze M.L.

Pyro: whoa, calm down, man. im not here for any emerald.

Gavin: M.L. quotes that HE STEALS THINGS!!! and he's ready to pounce on my emerald!

Without warning, the emerald vanishes into thin air.


Gavin: ......ROY!!!

Roy:what is it?

Lien-DOS: Oh no!

(stop conflicting me!)

(what is this?! Rapid wasn't on Gavin's head!!!! Flare was!!!! pay attention to who posted that!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, couldn't you guys have waited until the person who posted something to come back before removing their idea and replacing it with another???!!!!! and since when can Rapid turn invisible?! come on, guys think a little!)

(Ike: Couldn't you have told them a little nicer...?)

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(RTH: Sorry...)

(i would pull the RP back so i can set everything straight, but i want to make sure there aren't any objections first. btw, CAN Rapid turn invisible?)

(RTH: Yeah. I just haven't put his abilities on his page yet)

(i see....)

(can we get going with the roleplay already?)

(alright, i think i'll be taking this back so i can set it all straight. Rapid will join later, Flare was on Galvin's head. any objections to me fixing all this?)

(RTH: Nah.)


(fine. we need to rewind a bit. the whole part with Rapid on Galvin's head is false and needs to be fixed. if i can't do it, will you?)



Galvin feels a sudden weight on his head. (that part stays)

Gavin: Woah!!!! They are playing vodo with us!!

A yellow and white hedgehog fades into being on his head. She is holding Galvin's stolen Life Emerald, examining it closely.

Roy*shoots her wit a machine gun*

As soon as the gun goes off, the girl vanishes. Roy feels a sudden pressure against his back. When he turns around, the girl is leaning against his back with her own. "It's impolite to shoot at a woman."


"Is that so?" she asks calmly, "Well then, take it. I have no use for it," she tosses the emerald to him, "I just took it to mess with you."

(who is she?)



M.L. *sheilds eyes* Ugh! It sparkles!

Pyro walks up to the girl. "Hey," he says, "I haven't seen you in a while."

Jake: You two know eachoteher?

"Barely," Pyro replies. He turns back to the girl, "You're a friend of my sister's, right?" She nods slightly, "Ally," she corrects, "We've never been very close."

Roy:*finds Flare attractive*

M.L. What's with that weird look on his face?

(Ike: Should we do this in story or play format? :O)

(I use story. it works better for describing things)

"What was your name again?" Pyro asks her. She responds with "Lumina. Call me Flare."

Roy:*stairing at Flare*oooooooooooo..........

Flare glances over at Roy. There is a strange look in her eyes, as if she is disecting his mind with her eyes.


M.L. *rolls her eyes8 Get your tounge off the floor, dude.

(alright, i gotta go. see ya tomorrow!)

(See ya Friday!)

Part 6

Jack: Are you ok, Roy?

Patricia: Is Roy gonna be ok?

"He'll be fine," Pyro says, "He just likes Flare."

Patricia: Oh ok. So what is the Life Emerald?

Roy: It's a v- very g-good w-wepon. *still stairing at Flare*O_O

M.L.: *smiles* I got this, guys. *smacks Roy to knock some sense into him*

Jack: Hello, who are you?

M.L.: *glares at Jack* What's it to you?

Jake: It's okay, M.L. Jack's cool.

Jack: Hi

Roy:never slap me AGAIN!!!

M.L.: *flips her hair* Why?

Roy: cuz ya don't wanna see me angry!

M.L.: *smiles* Wanna bet?

Jake: No, he doesn't. Aren't we supposed to be paying attention to the Life Emerald or something?

Gavin: So now try to pay attention to MY EMERALD!

M.L.: *folds arms* Well, la-di-da.


M.L.: *tabs a stress ball w/ a switchblade* Stabbin' a stress ball. What of it?

Gavin: you angry or somthin'?

Roy: Flare, there is somthing i wanna tell you................

Jake: Here it comes!

Jack: What's coming?

Patricia: I don't know

"If you want to know, just shut up and watch," Pyro whispers in annoyance. Flare looks over at Roy.

Roy: I know we just met......

Jake: *snickers*

Patricia: (Shrugs) Oh well

????:*To Jack*Isn't it Obivuos?

Jack: Huh? Who's there?

Twig:Me,Twig Fence the turtle.

Jack: Oh, Hi Twig

Patricia: Hello Twig


Jack: How's it going?


Patricia: How's Sweet Scent?

Roy: Flare, will you go with me on a da------ *faints*

M.L.: That's not pathetic.

Patricia: How's it going, M.L.?

Pyro revives Roy with a quick burst of cold water. As soon as Roy is fully awake, Flare answers his unfinished question with, "Sure."

Roy:*jaw drops*O_O................... YESS!!!!!

(is this a yes to Royare?)


(the story of "The Date" will start here.)

(I probably wont be on the rest of the day :( -Numbuh)


Roy: .....................

(yay I was wrong! ^^)

(let's start on this than.)

Jack & Patricia: (Looks at each other & Shrugs)

Twig:Isn't it Obivous,Roy loves Flare.

M.L.: *scoffs* She could do so much better.

Jack: Ohhhhhh, we get it now Twig

Patricia: Oh right

Part 7

Roy:*to M.L.* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack: Oh dear

M.L.: Well, you know it's true.

Roy:*punches M.L.*

M.L. *cvers her nose* Ow! My nose!

Jake: You just punched a girl! :O


Patricia: (Gulps) Ok Guys, let's try to calm down

M.L.: Dude, you've got major issues! *uncovers nose* My nose! It's bleeding!

Twig:*Gives M.L. a tissue*

Roy:Don't mess with me!

Jack: Ok?

M.L.: Ugh! You irk me! *takes Twig's tissue* Thanks, Twig.

Twig:Your Welcome.

Roy:Flare and i have some buisness to catch up on.

M.L.: *under her breath* She could do so much better.

Roy:WHAT did i tell you. DON"T MESS WITH ME!!

M.L.: Why, I didn't say anything. B3


M.L.: Play what? BO

Roy:.........!!!!!!!!!!!!DO YOU WANT TO BE PUNCHED AGAIN?

M.L.: Yep. *holds out her cheek*

Roy:in that case.......*turns his hand into a shotgun*

M.L.: Well, go on.

Jake: M.L.! Are you insane?!

Roy: *to Jake* Don't ruin it for her. I just want to PLAY!!!!!

Jake: You guys have lost your minds! Roy, why would you want to shoot M.L.?! All she did was say Flare could do better. You can't just ignore that?

Roy: Ignore my little Flare? NO WAY!!!!!! *loads gun*

Jake: Roy! What are you doing?! I mean ignore the comment!

Roy: so you wanna go too do ya.....*turns other hand into shotgun*


Jack: Guys, please Calm down


Patricia: (Sighs) They never stop Bickering, do they?

Roy:*aims gun at Patricia*

(support this!)

Patricia: Hey, don't you point that gun at me. (Goes back to Jack)

Jack: Roy, what are you doing?

M.L.: Are ya gonna shoot or not?

Jake: MARIE!!

"ENOUGH!!!!!" the enraged shout came from Flare. She is glaring at M.L. and Roy. "Knock it off you two!"

Jake: Thank goodness, Flare! :D

Roy: They were insulting you!

M.L.: I was insulting you, moron.

Roy: *punches M.L. again*


(Ike: That's M.L. for ya. :P)

M.L.: Ah! *passes out*

Jake: Whoa! M.L.! Are you okay?

Roy:*to Flare* see what they got themselves into!

(may I PLEASE edit now??!!)

Flare ignores Roy's latest question since she never got to respond to his other comment. "No, she wasn't. She said I could do better. She was insulting you."

(that's what happens when I get conflicted. I double post to conflict you)

Part 8

Roy:*to Flare*Let`s go.

Flare remains where she is.

Patricia: Ok? I have no idea what's going on here

(Ike: Flare isn't going with Roy. Probably because he just knocked out M.L., but that's what's going on.)

Jack: M.L. is knocked out, we need to help her

Patricia: (Checks on M.L.) M.L.? M.L. wake up please?

Lien-DOS: *walks over to M.L.* Her vital signs read normal.

Jake: But I don't think she'll be waking up very soon.

Patricia: I hope she'll be ok

Gavin:i got it. *injects an odd needle in Roy*

Roy:-----Oh my god! What have I done?!

Jack: Guys, please?

Duan: Calm down, guys!

Roy: how can I calm down? can't you see I just knocked someone out? *starts to cry*

Flare puts a hand on Roy's shoulder. "Calm down. It's alright. At least your dad never wiped out an entire city like mine did."

Roy:I guess you're right.......

(when is M.L. going to wake up?)

Patricia: We gotta get going, but first someone has to carry M.L. because she's still knocked out

Lien-DOS: Where do we need to go to?

Jack: Hmmm? I don't know. Roy do you know where do we need to go?

Twig:*To Patricia*The worst thing to dso in a case like this is Carry the Passed out Person.

Patricia: Ok (Carries M.L.) I'll carry her

Twig:*Face Palm*I said that was the Worst.

Lien-DOS: You should probably put her down.

Patricia: Sorry (Puts M.L. down) I thought that's what you meant Twig?

Twig:What I Meant was That in this case that is the Worst thing to do is Carry M.L.

M.L.: *wakes up* Whoa... what happened?

(Ike: Sorry; I kinda forgot about this roleplay! :P)

Patricia: You've been knocked out

M.L.: Oh yeah. Now I remember. *looks at Roy* That dude's not gonna punch me in the face again, is he?

Lien-DOS: *looks at Roy* He shouldn't...

"He won't," Flare confirms, looking over at Roy.

M.L.: That's good to know. So... why are we here again?

(Drake went over to see what they were doing)

Drake: Okay Goku, Vegeta, lets tell them what we are trying to do.

Duan: Drake, Goku, Vegeta, what are you trying to do?

Roy:Are you okay, M.L.?

M.L.: Yeah, I'm fine.

Jake: Thank goodness! So where are those emeralds?

Roy:What emeralds?

Jake: Ya know. The Life Emeralds.

Lien-DOS: It's the life emerald, there's one. It's a counterpart to the master emerald.

M.L.: Man, so many emeralds. Why can't we have a diamond or turquoise once in a while?

Jake: So it must be huge.

Jack: I think so

Patricia: How are we gonna carry that big one

Lien-DOS: *quickly glances at Gavin* Be careful, you shouldn't say those that around him.

Gavin: Haven't we gone over this already!? *fuming out his ears*

"Do you guys really not remember the emerald I stole from Gavin when I got here? You guys do know that's the Life Emerald, right?" Flare asks in annoyance.

Lionel: I sure do. B3

Jake: Sorry, I got a bad memory.

M.L.: Well I have an excuse for not remembering. *nonchalontly looks at Roy*

Roy: Sorry! *says sarcaticly*

M.L.: *glares at Roy*

Jake: Calm down, M.L.. No need to glare at Roy.

Roy: Yeah! No need!

M.L.: Whatever. Didn't Flare give that thing back to Gavin anyway?

Gavin: Yeah, and NO ONE is taking it anymore!!!

M.L.: Interesting....

Gavin: And why is that?

Jack: Can you tell us M.L.?

Lien-DOS: You should try to relax a little, Mr. Gavin. Stress is bad for your health and if your health fails then you, well you can't guard the emerald as well.

Part 9

M.L.: *smiles deviously* That's very true, Gavin. You need to relax.

Patricia: I guess we do need to relax

Gavin: I have subs for when i'm sick!

Jack: Ohh

M.L.: Geez. How hard can it be to guard a stupid emerald?

Patricia: We betta keep an eye on it

Gavin: *passes out from stress*

Jack: Gavin are you alright?

Lien-DOS: Oh no! *scans Gavin* His temperature and heart rate are elevated.

"I've got it!" Pyro yells. He kneels next to him and begins healing him with hydrokinesis.

Patricia: I hope this works

(it goes pitch black)

Jake: Who turned out the lights?

Jack: I can't see

Patricia: Me neither

Flare begins to glow brightly, illuminating the room once more. "Better?"

Jake: Sorta.. but the emerald isn't where it was before. Hey, where is it?

Lien-DOS: Oh my, the emerald? Did someone take it?

M.L.: Why else wouldn't it be there?

Lien-DOS: Is this going to be like one of those murder mysteries?

Jake: I hope not. Those are super long and annoying.

M.L.: I've got an idea. I'm giving everybody 5 seconds to cough of the emerald. If nobody has it, they get chickens for eyes.

Patricia: M.L. are you serious?

"Don't look at me," Flare says.

Jack: Uh guys, maybe we should go look for the other Life Emeralds

Jake: That's the only one.

M.L.: Maybe JACK took it!?!

???: Or maybe it was you!?

Jack: (Gulps) Ok M.L. your starting to freak me out

M.L.: Good to know.

Jake: But who said that? It deffinatley wasn't M.L..

???: It was me!!

Niosk: Lionel and I are the subs!

Lien-DOS: Ok, nice to meet you. But who is that racoon?

Niosk: What racoon?

Lien-DOS: The one right there. *gestures towards ???*

June: Im June, June The Raccoon!

Niosk: Give us back the emerald! OR ELSE!

June: Emerld? Im just here on a mission for G.U.N

Niosk: Where is the emerald??

June: I did see something supcieos but im not telling you!

Niosk: Why not!? BP

June: I dont trust you

"Come on, June," Pyro says, "We really need that emerald."

Niosk: You should trust me because i'm the gaurdian of it!

June: Fine i saw Shadow And Mephiles talking and fighting and mephiles had a emerld anyway im going to look for Marine now

Niosk: Was the emerald white?

Patricia: Let's find out

June: Yes... i guess Marine has to wait

Jack: Let's go

June: *Runs towards Mephiles lair*

Niosk: Let's get 'em!

Patricia: Ok (hops on her Flying Broom) Let's go

Lien-DOS: *goes with them*

Jack: (Goes with them)


Lien-DOS: It's spooky here.

Niosk: yeah, some one really needs to clean up this place!

Jack: Let's stay together

Niosk: Nah. I say we split up and serch for him!

Pyro inturrupts, "I've got it." He activates his Ocean Eye. "Alright, I've got him." He begins leading the group toward Mephiles.

Niosk: That's a neat trick!

"Thanks," Pyro replies, "Only my sister and I can use it, though. We're the only living members of our family."

Niosk: That's saaaaaaaaad.

"Yeah." Pyro agrees.

(who was that?)

Patricia: I'm going with Jack

Niosk: Who will go with me?

Jack: I don't know

Lionel: I will.

"There's no need to split up," Pyro reminds them, "I already know where he is, remember?"

Niosk: yeah, but we coul find some useful stuff in these depths.

Lien-DOS: As long as no one goes alone.

"I could go alone," Pyro offers, "I can sense changes in the air. Nothing can sneak up on me."

Lien-DOS: Then it'd probably be good if you helped a group. My sensors help me.

"True," Pyro replies, "I'll go with Flare and Roy."

Jack: That's good enough for me

Patricia: I'll be fine with Jack

Jake: *shows up on a extreme gear* You guys ditched is! BO

M.L.: I didn't really care.

Jake: So what's going on?

(Ike: BBL)

Lien-DOS: We're looking for Mephilis since we think he may have taken the emerald.

Jake: That's bad. Where could he be?

Jack: He must've be in his Throne room, but there's so many rooms in here, I don't know which one is the Throne Room

Part 10

"I've said it twice already and i don't want to say it again," Pyro says in annoyance, "I already know EXACTLY where he is and I could lead us there this second."

Jake: Well, I'm sorry, but I just showed up. *shrugs* It ain't my fault you guys totally ditched us.

M.L.: You coulda just said that. B3

Jake: Didn't you hear that he just said

Patricia: Anyways, let's follow Pyro

Lien-DOS: Yes, let's go or he may do something bad with the emerald.

Roy: So, whitch way, Pyro?

"This way," Pyro replies, walking off in Mephiles' direction. Flare follows him silently.

Patricia: (Stays close with Jack)

Jack: Ok, I guess Patricia can stay close to me

Roy:*follows them*

Patricia: I hope we can find the Life Emerald somehow

Roy:*to Pyro* You can see Mephiles, right?

Pyro nods. "Yeah. With my Ocean Eye active, nothing can escape my sight."

Roy: What is he doing, then?

"Well, I can't exactly see Mephiles himself," Pyro confesses, "He doesn't have bodily fluids like most beings. I can, however, sense the disturbances that his activities cause in the air. I don't know what he's doing, just where he is."

Lien-DOS: Can you tell if the emerald is around?

"Sorry," Pyro replies, "Gems don't have any fluid in them so I can't sense them unless they're in motion."

Lien-DOS: It does have energy, so perhaps I can find it. *concentrates*

Patricia: Maybe I can help (Concentrates also)

Lien-DOS: Pardon, but how can you help with my sensors? Anyway, I've picked something up. The signal's weak but it is coming from the same direction you said Mephilis was in.

Jack: Ok, then let's go

Patricia: Sorry Lien-DOS, it's the only way to get a even Bigger Signal

(skips to the area)

Niosk: I see somthing! What is it?


((I was waiting for someone to say what it was that was seen since I have no clue))

June: Oh no everybody run!!!! Its a army of Metal Sonics!!

Lien-DOS: Oh my! What should we do?

June: Defeat them of course!

Pyro closes his eyes. When he opens them, his Ocean Eye is still active, but now there is a dark blue symbol
Pyro's big advanced ocean eye

Pyro's Advanced Ocean Eye

on his irises.

June: *Throws some bombarangs*

"Stand back, guys," Pyro warns, closing his eyes again "Trust me, you don't want me to see you when I open my eyes."

June: *Grabs Lien-DOS hand and climbs up wall* Dont let go!

Once all the heroes are out of range, Pyro opens his left eye, calling out, "Amaterasu!" Almost immediately, the army of Metal Sonics bursts into inextinguishable black flames.

June: Lien-DOS dont let go ok?

Pyro winces in pain as blood begins to trickle from his left eye socket. He shuts it tightly, shutting off the Amaterasu. The existing black flames continue to burn until all the Metal Sonics who were hit melt away.

Lien-DOS: *holds on* They were all destroyed...

June: *Jumps down*

Lien-DOS: *lands* I, I guess we should keep moving.

Pyro, his hand over his bleeding eye, agrees and continues leading the team in Mephiles' direction.

Lien-DOS: Will your eye be ok?

"Yeah, it'll be fine," Pyro replies, "There's always a negative side-effect to a power like Amaterasu."

Niosk: Hey! I see Mephilis!!

Lien-DOS: Can you see if the emerald's with him? I am picking up a signal.

Jack: You do?

Patricia: Come on, we don't have time to lose

Niosk:Mephiles! STOP!

((Who's controlling Mephiles?))

(I will)

Mephiles:AH!!! How did you find me?

Lien-DOS: It was thanks to Pyro.

Mephiles: Pie-who? What's going on?

Lien-DOS: Do you have the life emerald?

Mepiles: Um, No...... i don't have an emerald.*looks suspisios*

June: You had it early!

Mepiles: What are talking about?

June: Oh never mind! *Thinking* Leading them off trail is good enough for Rooch, right?

Lien-DOS: I'm beginning to loose the emerald's signal. It's as if it's moving away.

June: *Thinking* I hope Pyro cant read minds because i think Rooch has the emerld! Umm gotta go bye!

Lien-DOS: Where are you going?

Pyro seems to be deep in thought and concentrating hard. "Dang," he mutters to himself, "I just wish I had my Advanced Ocean Eye three years earlier. Then I could just warp us to the emerald."

Niosk:who is Rooch?

Lien-DOS: Who said anything about a "Rooch"? ((Can Niosk read minds? 'cause June was thinking))

(actually, yes.)

((Oh, ok. XD))

June: Rooch is a bat who is a friend of mine *Under her breath* And part of Deadly Hunters

Lien-DOS: Ok. Why were you mentioning her, Niosk?

June: No reason! No reason at all! *Looks worried*

Lien-DOS: I asked Niosk why he mentioned her, so why are you saying he had no reason?

Mephiles: *tries to get away*

Jack: He's getting away

Mephiles: MWAHAAAHAAHAAAAA!!!!!!! Now you'll never get that emerald!!!

Lien-DOS: *runs after Mephiles*

Roy:*throws a net at Mephiles* Gotcha!

Lien-DOS: Are you going to tell us where the emerald is?

Mepiles: Ugh. It's in my throne room!

Lien-DOS: Thank you. Let's go get it!

Niosk: Where is the throne room?

Lien-DOS: Can you tell us that, Mephiles?

Mephiles: We're already inside of it, you morons!

Lien-DOS: There's no need to be rude.

Mephiles: You just captured me in my own throne room, so yeah, there is a need to be rude!

(anyone here?)

(BunnieRabbot123: I am!)

(than edit!)

Jack: Oh well

Patricia: I wonder where's the Life Emerald at?

June: *Escapes* Rooch! Over here!

Rooch: *Grabs her* Lets go!

Jack: Rooch, where are you going?

Mephiles: I told you rats already! It's in my throne room!!

Rooch: He is such a liar!!! To Nack!!!

Patricia: Oh right, we'd betta find the Life Emerald & let's scram outta here

Nic: Nack and me are down here!!

Roy:Actually, he's not lieing. it's right here.

(you can't do that!!!)

Jack: (Gulps) Do you think that's a Fake one?


(Oh come on!!!!! it would make life more intresting!!!)

(How much parts do you want this to be????)

(Long :)

(it's already at ten! d'ya want more?)

( Yes!! i love roleplaying!!)

(fine....*sighs* but you relize that mephelis is tied up?)


Roy: Yay! we have the emerald! w- w-wait.... it's not working. Did you guys give him a fake?

Rooch: *Highfives Nack* Oh yeah!!!!


( Um Rooch and June flew off......)


(They didnt want them to know they are part of the Hunter Squad)

Lien-DOS: Oh no! I'm not even picking up a signal for it anymore!

Nic: Ready to go bro?

Nack: Ya!! *Hops on his hoverborad* Go on Rooch!!

(are Nic and Nack on Rooch's side?)

(Ya they make the Hunter Squad!)

Lien-DOS: You're leaving? But we need to find the emerald!

Nack: *Smirks then rides off with the rest of the Hunter Squad*

Lien-DOS: Hey! *flys after Nack*


(Why may i ask?)

('cause this is supposed to end happily ever after!!)

(It will.....if you track down Nack...)

Roy: Avery? Take us to , please.

Avery:*appears from nanites* Sure, sire. *teleports them to

Lien-DOS: Oh! There they are.

Roy: *to Nic, Nack, Rooch and June* Where is the emerald?!?

Rapid: *has energy in his hands* Where is it?! I'll blow you guys to bits if you goons won't tell us!

Lien-DOS: It's very important. Please!

(I don't think he's on)

Jack: Oh right

Patricia: Then what are we gonna do?


(Guys, we gotta continue without him. He's not responding, even when i leave him a note on talk)

???: Hello?

Lien-DOS: Hello. Who are you?

???: My name is Jade the Hedgehog. I'm the sister of Lizzy the Hedgehog and the cousin of Shadow the Hedgehog.

Roy: What is your alighnment?

Lien-DOS: I am not familiar with Lizzy, but I do know of Shadow. Nice to meet you Jade, my name is Lien-DOS.

Jade: You too. (Turns to Roy) And you are?

Roy: I am the leader of this team. But sill, What is your alighnment?

Jade: I can see things from the future of what's happening and I saw what happend to your friend.

Roy: Who?

Jade: Your friend who teleported here. He didn't show up.

Roy: Well, what happened to him?

Jade: He teleported himself into another dimansion after he teleported you two here.

Lien-DOS: Oh my, which friend is this?

Roy: I think he means nic, nack, rooch and june.

Lien-DOS: Didn't Avery teleport us here, though?

???: (Sitting alone)

Roy: Good point.

Lien-DOS: Does this mean Avery is in trouble? Oh and who is that over there?

???: (Sighs)

Jade: Excuse me, but who are you?

???: Jewel the Bat!

Jade: I never seen you before. Did you hear everything I said?

Jewel: (Stands up) Yes!

Roy: Suspisious....

Lien-DOS: Jewel, your features indicate a relationship to Rouge and Shadow. But how is that possible?

Jade: Shadow is in a relationship? How did this happpen?

Jewel: He never told me.

Roy: I KNEW IT!!

Jade: I didn't know my cousin was in a relationship. My little sister never told me.

Lien-DOS: But within the time frame they have known each other, how could Jewel be this old?

Jade: I don't even know her.

Jewel: I came from the future!

Jade: The future? What year?

Jewel: About 25 years later from this Timeline.

Jade: But.... Wait. How old was I in the future?

Jewel: Well, how old are you know?

Jade: 15. I fell asleep for 50 years, so I don't know how old after 50 years I am now. So I'm still 15.

Lien-DOS: Wouldn't that make you 65 now?

Jade: Why yes. I mean I'm still young am I'm?

Lien-DOS: You do look young. Your state of sleep must have been suspended animation.

Jade: Well, after 50 years, I was awoken in a dojo and I was taken care of a blue hedgehog, Sonic.

Roy: Well, we gotta find the life emerald!

Lien-DOS: Yes, after those guys ran off, we do not know where it is!

Jade: Life emerald? I never heard of it.

Jewel: (Pulls out her emerald Tracker) I'll help you!\

Jack: Ok, let's go

Patricia: The More help, the better

Jade: Hmm. I guess I'll help you guys find that life emerald. I want to know what it is.

Roy: Read this. *shows jade a book*

Jade: (Reads, finishs reading) That's very interesting.

Lien-DOS: Yes, so you see why we need to find it?

Luke: Hello! Why did i see Nic run off?

Lien-DOS: She tried to steal the emerald.

Jack: Do you think we should try to follow her?

Lien-DOS: No. She doesn't have it anymore. We need to find it.

Patricia: She's right, we betta keep on moving

Roy: let's go! *leads the group to Avery* Avery, send us to the life emerald.

Avery: Yes, sire. *teleports the group to the Life emerald*

Gabe the Black cat:[comes out of no where and blows up A mountain]

Dean: [jumps out of debris of mountain] Hey, I was in there, you know? Time to scramble this battle up!

Kinetic Scrambler (counts as Dean): Selecting Pyrokinesis. Good luck.

Dean: All right! [blasts fire at Gabe]

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