This is my first roleplay of my own creation, so don't be hard on me. Here, 14 edits make one part.

This RP is about the characters trying to get thier hands on The Life Emerald, but all working together, other than gavin, he's the emerald's gaurdian.

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Part 1

Gavin: Today i ain't lettin' no one get the life emerald! Today i will be the best gaurdian there ever was! if ther's anyone out there who wants to plant their mitts on it, come right here and fight me like a man!

Rapid and Handy walked up to Gavin. "What are you yelling about" Handy asked.

Gavin: All i'm tryin' to do is keep the emerald safe!.........HEY! you're not trying to steal my precios emerald, ARE YOU?!

"Of course not!" Handy yelled. Rapid laughed. "I don't need any emeralds. I've got my own."

Gavin: Well I ain't takin' any chanses, so BACK OFF! (shuves rapid)

Lionel: woah! dude! anger management problems!

Lionel: yeah, my friend Niosk the Hedgehog has one of those hedgehog emeralds too, unfortunatly, he's not here.

Rapid punched Gavin in the chin. "You want to fight punk?" Rapid yelled.

Gavin: OOOOh. now i see how it is.......

Gavin: well, take it! UNIVERSAL CONTROL!!!! (Gavin freezes time with the life emerald for a few seconds and punches Rapid a couple times

Handy jumped in between the two. "Stop fighting! It's useless!"

Lionel: That's for sure. but how are we going to convince "mister angrypants" over here, that we don't want that emerald?

Gavin: (takes out a knife and says), "all's fair' in love and war. but i can garuntee that this ain't love!!!! (aims at Handy)

Lien-DOS: *watches from a distance*

Part 2

Lionel: WOW!!! O_O a holographic echidna!! does this mean that you can't get hurt?

Lien-DOS: Well I can't be hurt the same way you can. A virus could hurt me.

Lionel: That's great because we are trying to convince Gavin the wolf that Handy and Rapid don't want the life emerald, so maby you can while he can't attack you.

Gavin: What are you two talking about!!!

Lien-DOS: Hello Mr. Gavin. He was just telling me about the misunderstanding you had earlier.

Gavin: EARLIER? WHAT EARLIER??!! These rats are trying to steal my emerald....NOW!!! (aims a knife at Lien-DOS)

Lien-DOS: But they're not trying to steal it!

Gavin: Oh yeah? Well TAKE THIS!! (throws the knife at Lien-DOS)

Lien-DOS: *disperses her nanites and the knife goes through her*

Gavin: If i can't hurt you that way, it must be The life emerald vs nanites!!!

Lionel: No! not more fighting! no one wants your emerald!!!

Lien-DOS: Please! We mean you no harm!

Roy: (lands slowely from appearing in the sky) Actually, that emerald could be sent to good use in the war against Neojak. so, hand it over!

Lien-DOS: Sir, he's not going to give it like that.

Roy: well, i'll have you know that he's just a kid and i'm an adult! and also the leader of The Resistance! so i am much more powerful than him.

Lien-DOS: I have a file on them. They're similar to the Freedom Fighters?

Roy: Indeed! but much more members are included than the Freedom Fighters.

Lien-DOS: The Freedom Fighters are your friends then? They helped my creator.

Roy: Oh,yeah. Dimitri. He's nice.

Lien-DOS: How did you know who created me?

Rapid yawned.

Roy: I've met the Freedom Fighters who told me about him.

Lien-DOS: Oh, ok. Now what are we going to do about Gavin?

Roy: That's simple. i'll tell him that without the emerald, we will lose the war, and he will probably get killed. how is that?

Lien-DOS: You can try. He's very stubborn.

Roy: Gavin, do you want to win the war?

Gavin: Yeeeeeesssss,

Roy: Then the only way to win is to use the life emerald.

Gavin: I ain't lettin' the old emerald slip from MY paws!

Roy: Look, If we don't use the emerald, we will lose the war. and if we lose the war....... Neojak will take over mobius completely, and kill us all. GOT IT?

Gavin: yeeeeeah, but if i give the emerald away, it will violate my duties as the gaurdian of it.

Roy: It will be in good hands, and you will be the one to use it.

Gavin: Ooooookaaay.........*Gives the emerald over to Roy*

Roy: Thanks!*Flies away*

Lionel: Don't bet bet on the fact that he gave it away, after the war is over, he's gonna want to gaurd it like crazy.

Part 3

This is the part that happened after the war which means that gavin is back with the emerald and will start Here.

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