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It's a short time before Christmas and everyone seems to be enjoying the spirit of the holiday. Twilight has accepted an offer made by a man who prefers to conceal his identity to rid him of the curse hiding within. Remaining optimistic despite his hesitance, the Lycalo would quickly discovered thing will take a devastating turn for the worst as Twilight and Nightmare become separate entities. Without the goodness of Twilight, Nightmare is even more brutal and many times more powerful and this only increases the more he feeds. Can the heroes stand against the oncoming threat, or will the evil now unleashed drench the world in darkness under his brutality.


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Involved Characters


(Those who wish to put an end to Nightmare and save Twilight)


(Those who only wish to survive)


(Those who wish to control Nightmare for their own personal gain or aid in his destruction)

  • Malefor the Sinful (Twi)



Sky blue eyelids fluttered as a wolfbat hybrid fought to regain consciousness. Everything was a swirling blur of colors and his memory was slowly regaining itself. He was slowly recalling the events that transpired however long ago. Twilight the Lycalo had spent his morning visiting various stores for Christmas gifts for his friends and fiancé. Next thing he knew a tall hooded figure wearing an overcoat was attempting to get his attention. Being the curious individual he was, he approached cautiously. The figure was a man in his late 30's who claimed to know of the curse the Lycalo held within him. This had sparked the wolfbat's interested immensely and was more than willing to listen to his words. The man started off by saying it was necessary to conceal his appearance, then went on to state he had a cure for Twilight and asked if he was interested. After much thinking, the hybrid nodded his head. The last thing he remembered was hearing an apology, then something being pressed to his white furred muzzle, where his body lost feeling and his mind went blank.

And now here he was, in what appeared to be a laboratory, but where was completely unknown. Not much was able to be seen with the blinding light gleaming on him. He had felt his limbs regain their feeling, but couldn't move them. Upon inspecting his location, he was lying on a hospital bed that was positioned somewhat diagonally. His wrists, ankles and even his forehead were bonded by metal braces. Given his claustrophobia, not being able to move hardly placed his mind in a state of panic and began to struggle to get free.

“Ease yourself, Twilight.” Came a voice, the same thick German accent he spoke with before. The familiar hooded figure stood beside the wolfbat and seemed to have been waiting for him to awake. This time wearing a white lab coat and black slacks.

“Where am I…? And… what time is it for that matter?” Twilight replied with fear drenching his tone. While his location wasn’t an issue, he desperately wanted to get back home. Allowing the curse to unleash itself through lunar energy was never in his agenda. He began thrashing about in his restraints but to no avail.

“Patience, young wolfbat. We must induce the transformation before my procedure can begin.” The man replied. This didn’t exactly help Twilight with his current state of mind.

“N-not a good idea. I don’t think you know what you’re dealing with.”

The man was calm beyond reason and examined a small silver watch on his wrist.

“Ah, but I do. I’ve been watching you for some time. It’ll be any second now.” He stated, departing from the room before a reply could be given. During his absence, Twilight felt the inner darkness nearing its time. It was this point he decided to just accept things and hope everything turns out for the better. The increasing dark purple aura beginning to surround him wasn’t even a worry. It was at this moment the male figure returned, now equipped with a syringe filled with a glowing red substance. He stood close by, watching the Lycalo painfully transform into his monstrous alter ego. Before long, he watched in awe as the shaggy, black furred beast replaced the sky blue wolfbat, not even deterred by the impressive fangs and razor sharp teeth snapping at him. He stared Nightmare dead into his empty, soulless red eyes like he would stare at anyone else. He was truly fascinated with what he had witnessed, but the straining of the shackles reminded him he needed to act quickly. He plunged the needle with great force into the cursed Lycalo’s heart and injected him with the serum. Nightmare was able to send the man flying against the wall beside him with a swift and deadly backhand before his body froze up and his eyes became solid yellow. The gentleman left a small indent on the metal interior of the room as well as a streak of blood before his limp body fell to the ground.

Something phenomenal happened to the Lycalo at this point. His body was shrouded in a blinding white light, the same light that shows Twilight is moments away from restoring to normal. This instance was strange however as the cyan hybrid was tossed on to the ground in front of the chair while the light continued to fill the room. He got to his feet, shielding his eyes from the intensity. For a moment, he thought the mad doctor accomplished his goal, but he was wrong to an extent as he'd soon find out. Once the light subsided, Twilight looked with horror as the living nightmare remained in the chair, his body still with eyes closed and smoke surfacing from his body. His attention was brought to the anonymous male, but before he can seek out care for him, a sound filled his heart with terror. He slowly fixed his eyes back on the monster, only to see the glowing crimson eyes glaring with deep intensity and his fangs exposed and ready to sink into his flesh. What troubled him more was that the restraints were no match for Nightmare’s incredible strength and within seconds, he was free and standing high above his counterpart. With fear crippling him, Twilight fell victim to the onslaught of claws and teeth. Moments passed and the brute hoisted the helpless wolfbat by his throat and seemed to have the intentions of finishing him off. But something strange occurred. Despite having little intelligence to speak of, it seemed Nightmare was aware he was formally a part of this pathetic creature. For imprisoning him after all this time, death was far less than what he desired for the Lycalo. As such, he dropped the lifeless form to the ground, opting to make him suffer beyond reason. Leaving the 2 where they were, Nightmare departed the facility, which was a seemingly abandoned structure on the outer reaches of Station Square. Once the vile being of darkness was met with the open air of the winter evening, he let out a high pitched howl that could be heard for miles. It was his way of letting the world know he was forever unrestricted and was more than ready to express his freedom.

Part 1

(Starting this now)

Twilight gradually awoke after his encounter with Nightmare. In his diluted state, he wasn't quite sure where he was or what had excatly happened for that matter. He winced in pain, attempting to clear his mind. A light amount of pressure on the right side of his head brought him to reality somewhat. Upon taking a look at what could potentially cause such a thing, the hybrid found himself in slight shock as he saw the man who was essentially responsible for all the events that unfolded. There was a bandaged wrapped around the top of his head, with a decent sized patch of blood on the front corners, likely from the injury he sustained from the brrutal beast. Twilight quickly realized he was in the same chair before, only it had been positioned differently and allowed him to actually sit upright as if it were a normal seat. The man had been attending to the Lycalo's many wounds, which was evident by the numerous wraps and bandages seen across his body. The hybrid glared at the human, his irises strangely becoming orange in color, almost appearing as if they had a hint of red. It seemed he was just about to release unknown amounts of anger and hatred to him much like Nightmare did, but he simply let out a prolonged sigh and sat all the way back, staring blankly at the wall in front of him.

"Mind telling me what the hell that was all about, doc?" Twilight questioned, obviously irritated. The man was sitting on a wheeled stool and had rolled his chair back a small distance sensing the wolfbat wanted some space.

"My most sincere apologies, Twilight. I was painfully unaware of the repercussions." he admitted with a solemn sigh. The Lycalo let out a huff, moving about in the chair to get more comfortable.

"It's fine, I guess. Not like there's much neither of us can do now. I'm gonna at least warn my friends, that is if they don't know already. That thing tends to make everyone know he's out and about." he stated, attempting to sit up, but having a small degree of difficulty. One of the human's hands leant itself to assist the cyan wolfbat, which he accepted after some hesitance.

"Fair enough." the doc replied, pulling Twilight from the chair and helping him regain his footing. The canine stood on wobbly legs and gently pushed the man away, opting to do things himself. "Remember this place. If for any reason you require assistance, please inform me. I want to do everything I can to make up for my mistake." the man went on, a guilty tone present in his voice. With a nod in agreement and understanding, Twilight began to make his way out of the facility, currently unaware one of his allies was either close by, or already inside.

Just as Twilight was about to walk out, a figure appeared around the corner and suddenly stopped in front of him with a gleaming silver crossbow aimed at the Lycalo. It was a rusty-orange dingo wearing an all black outfit. It was Zorovar Hallstrom, though nearly everyone else knew him by his alias, which coincidentally was the same as the Lycalo's name: Twilight. Upon seeing Twilight, the dingo lowered his weapon. "Twilight?" he asked, not only surprised that the Lycalo was there, but completely baffled that he was not in his cursed form. A quick glance into the room told the dingo that a struggle had recently occurred there. "What's going on?" he asked.

Twilight was immensely startled by the dingo's presence. Usually he'd be able to hear his footsteps and catch his scent from far away, but his senses weren't exactly working at their finest right now. The wolfbat had raised his hands in the air with his fingers outstretched, signifying the hostile force he meant no harm. Upon seeing it was a friendly, he lowered his arms and looked at Zorvar with a somewhat troubled look on his face.

"It's... a long story. But I'm actually glad to see you. There's a bit of a problem. There's not much time so I'll explain on the way." He replied. If Zorovar chose to investigate the room Twilight just departed from, the doctor would be missing and the only thing remained was the remnants of Nightmare's chaos and destruction.

Zorovar took one look at the room. "Whatever it is, Nightmare is involved, isn't it?" Zorovar guessed. Having already witnessed Twilight's darker form before and recognizing the amount of destruction, it didn't take Zorovar long to put two and two together. He then followed Twilight out of the building, keeping his crossbow at his side and ready to use.

"Yeah, didn't take you long to figure that out." Twilight replied as the duo exited the building. "If you haven't guessed already, Nightmare and I have become seperated, which is why I'm myself right now. Looks like I really screwed things up." He stated, sighing deeply.

Zorovar looked at Twilight in surprise. "Separated?" he asked. "How? I don't remember reading anything about a cure for your curse. Temporary remodies and ways to control it, yes. But a cure?" Zorovar was dumbfounded, something that Zorovar seldom was whenever it came to anything related to monsters.

Twilight pondered for a moment, thinking about his Vampirc ally's words.

"I wouldn't necessarily say a cure, but I guess redirecting it. I'll consider it a cure when he no longer exists." The Lycalo said, huffing slightly. What neither of them knew, by removing the curse within him, Twilight's life force was removed as well. While this wasn't apparant at the moment, it would swiftly make itself known soon.

Zorovar frowned. "I don't know. When it comes to these things, there's always a catch." he said. Speaking from personal experience, the vampiric dingo knew exactly what he was talking about. However, what he didn't know is what that 'catch' was.

"I'm not really sure at the moment, but I suggest we save this idle chat for later. Nightmare's out there right now and there's no telling what damage has been done so far. From what I can tell, you're a pretty good match against him, so you've got a good chance of bringing him down." Twilight explained. He flapped his azure blue wings to take flight and locate his former darkness, only to fall on his rear the moment he left the ground.

"Looks like I'm not in the best of conditions. Don't let me slow you down. He shouldn't be far and I doubt you'll have a hard time tracking him down." the Lycalo told his ally, wincing from his injuries. The hybrid was beginning to faintly feel the affects of removing his life force, and he was quite unaware of it for the moment.

Zorovar knew that Twilight was right. They had to put a stop to Nightmare before it caused too much damage. He was about to say something when he noticed Twilight take off, only to land back on the ground rather ungracefully. After hearing Twilight tell him to go on ahead, Zorovar nodded. "Alright. Finding your darker ego shouldn't be a challenge. Cleaning up the mess he left behind, well, that's probably another matter." Zorovar then ran off ahead of the Lycalo, leaving him in the dust as the vampiric dingo had seemed to disappear in nothing more than a black and rusty orange blur.

Meanwhile,a dark figure lurked about high above the city of Station Sqare. There was so many choices of prey and the monster couldn't help but lick his fangs in anticipation. He was no longer being held back by his former other self, and he was moments away from letting the world know of such a fact.

"Great time ta be shoppin',don'tcha think so, Deadline?" a voice rang out. It sounded like a man.

"You only dragged me along to babble to me about how much stuff you're going to buy," another man replied dourly.

"Nonsense! Ah'm sure ya gots a family that'd like a present or two!"

Deadline didn't bother to correct his partner. He just let the hyena babble on, and the lizard looked around, a bored expression on his face. Both of them were unaware of the recently-unleashed terror lurking on the rooftops above them.

A young melanistic raccoon looked up at the sky, holding her scythe tightly. She noticed the dark figure, and she groaned.

"Wow," she muttered, but she was going to keep a careful eye upon it to make sure it didn't cause very much destruction.

Lucinda was taking a flight, holding her "daughter" near. Luce flew near the forest where her home was located, and she took a turn to the city. She had to make some last-minute Christmas shopping for some of her friends. Luce suddenly saw the figure, and noticed him immediately; she had seen that figure all too well. Luce stood there in horror and shock. This can't be.

A mobian rabbit like creature could be seen standing outside of a jewelry store as if she were waiting for something, then suddenly, she was approached by a mobian, cat/fox creature in a cloak.

"You shouldn't be here." She said to the rabbit. "I told you that this was my jurisdiction."

The rabbit turned around with her arms folded. "Since when have I ever listened to you." The rabbit scoffed.

The cat fox creature sighed under her breath. "Very well then, but remember, I am not above, killing those who interfere with my work." She turned and walked away, then the rabbit simply chuckled under her breath.

"If you think you can intimidate me, you are so full of it."

At the park, a purple Mobian cat was enjoying a nighttime stroll; she was accompanied by a Nidoqueen of all things.

Grail and Aislinn were hanging out on a rooftop of a high skyscraper in Station Square, looking at the stars. "Ahh... This is a peaceful night, isn't it?," Grail said with a smile.

Aislinn nodded and put herself around his arms. They both lightly blushed at each other and looked down at the city.

Given the time of night, there weren't many out and about. While this annoyed the cursed beast to an extent, his overly acute sense of hearing would pick up a conversation held by two people. Considering this was the first thing he heard, it was now his first target. With a fear inducing howl, Nightmare took off with great speeds towards Deadline and Lockdown.

Lockdown continued to babble, oblivious to his partner. Deadline looked around, then froze as he heard the howl and noticed a silhouette charge towards them. 'Holy...' he thought. Normally he wasn't scared of many things, but the howl and the silhouette instilled a very real fear in his mind.

"MOVE!" he yelled to the hyena, grabbing his jacket and yanking him away. The hyena looked surprised before noticing the silhouette, and started running from the beast with his teammate.

Nightmare loved nothing more then when his prey fled. It made the hunt and the inevitable feast that much more satisfying. He continued on with his blistering speed, his claws and fangs glistening in the moonlight as they urged to tear into both of their frames. With the speed he was travellling, he would likely reach the duo where he'd unleash a torrent of nail and teeth. It seemed their only option was to outmaneuver the cursed Lycalo rather then outrun him.

Deadline glanced behind him and swore - apparently the beast was still behind them and gaining. "Dammit, can't outrun him!"

"We should probably throw stuff down or somethin' so he stumbles and stuff! Should probably split up too!" Lockdown suggested loudly.

Deadline smirked. "Lockdown, that has to be the best idea you've ever had since... well, ever. Let's do it!"

Quickly, the two began to knock all the objects they saw down behind them, then they split up when they reached an intersection of the street - Lockdown going left, Deadline heading right. The sniper hoped this would suffice.

Kenas and his furry companion Ark watched the scene from a few rooftops away. Kenas was standing behind Ark while Ark was sitting on the edge of the rooftop staring sleepily at the thing. Kenas sighed " I haven't seen any of those before, so I guess it's some kind of unique creture or person.." "Probably " Ark replied "Well, I can certainly say he isn't some kind of pushover." 

Grail and Aislinn saw the last bit from their rooftop. "What the heck's happening down there?," Grail exclaimed as he saw Nightmare for a couple of seconds. 'What should we do?,' Aislinn wrote. "We'll just wait here for now. When he gets out, we're tailing him.," Grail said. "Strangely, he looks awfully familiar to me...," Grail said.

At the park, the loud kerfuffle had grabbed the Nidoqueen's attention. She stopped in place and gently nudged her trainer, who looked around as well.

"What is it, Fedelmid?"

The Pokemon grunted and looked towards the scene of the chase, which wasn't that far away.

Luce jumped onto the rooftop next to Grail and Aislinn, retracting her wings. She had watched the previous event, and she walked over to them, and tapped them both on the shoulders.

"Did you see that?" she asked calmly, trying not to sound stressed. She knew she would have to find Twilight as soon as possible, but if Nightmare had taken over his body, Luce would have no idea what to do.

"We saw the last part of it, Luce.," Grail said. "There was some gray wolfbat guy with red gloves and claws chasing two random people. He looked very familar, but I can't put my finger on who he is at all.," Grail said confusingly.

Aislinn wrote, 'Where is Twilight, Luce? He might know something about that evil looking guy.'

On the rooftops sits an odd man of no defined species looking down, curiously watching the silhouette. "I predict this will either be fun or end horribly." he says.

Nightmare had taken more to the skies as he began to see his prey part ways, leaving the obstacles useless. Their tactic seemed to work however as the mosnter had halted his hunt momentarily to decide who to go after. His lack of intelligence was shown at this point and it was crucial for him to feed soon. Relying on predatory insiticts, he was well aware of this and contemplated on feasting on more easy prey.

Luce looked at Aislinn, then Grail. "That is Twilight, Aislinn, Grail. That's his transformation, Nightmare. I might have to go save some people in a bit, so see you two later." Luce then took a dive off the building, to fly after Nightmare.

".....WHAT?!," Grail exclaimed. Damn it! I need to follow her!, Grail thought as he followed Luce by jumping building to building. Aislinn sighed and followed Grail.

Deadline glanced behind him, and noticed the beast wasn't chasing him. "Good, that means he's chasing Lockdown or gave up on us," he said with a smirk. It faded as he realized something. "...oh, crap, that means he might attack anyone!"

He quickly turned around and ran back the path he came from, hoping he could follow the creature.

Meanwhile, Lockdown had already noticed that the beast wasn't chasing him, and so he decided to take a breather on a park bench. Despite being a GUN agent, he still got worn out easily. Coincidentally, the bench he was on happened to be in the same park that the cat and her Nidoqueen were in. He didn't notice though, and just sat there, trying to catch his breath.

Ryu cautiously approached Lockdown.

" okay?"

Lockdown looked up to see the cat girl. "Y-yeah... Ah'm fine... just got away from a furry monster thingy..." He adjusted his hat so it didn't look lopsided.

"A furry monster thing...?"

This seemed to disconcert her.

"That doesn't sound good..."

"Yeah, it had black fur, spiky shoes, huge wings, and a wolf tail, Ah think." Thank the stars for his photographic memory. "It looked mighty nasty."

Just as Nightmare was flying in search of easier prey, it would hear a nearly silent whoosh of wind before being hit directly in the side by a large object. The resulting impact would knock the dark monster onto a nearby rooftop and potentially daze him for a moment. Not too far from him, on the same rooftop, Zorovar would have recovered from the fall onto the roof. He and his dragon had slammed the cursed beast from the side to stop him. Zorovar's dragon was about 10 feet long and solid black with deep purple accents. It was incredibly difficult to see, as it was flying above the rooftopt at a dizzying speed to monitor the action from above.

Nearby, the odd man took notice, and dropped down to avoid involvement for the moment, though continues to watch the conflict above.

Nightmare had heard the whoosh of air and swiftly turned to face the oncoming threat. He had held his arms out to catch the attacking figure, only to plummet to the roof and land with a thud. The monster wasn't phased at all and simply glared at Zorovar with deep hatred. The dingo may be able to see through the Lycalo's eyes that it wasn't the same Nightmare he faced before, but an entirely new and more deadly creature. He let out a series of fearsome roars at the Vampiric warrior, almost as if he was getting a warning to back away. Nightmare yearned to feed and wasn't exactly up for a challenge, but he would swiftly bring any opposing prey down where they would become a part of his feast.

Luce followed close behind Zorovar and Nightmare, flapping her wings at a fast pace. She looked at Zorovar and his dragon, still speeding ahead at an alarming rate. She then continued to beat her wings quickly, in attempt to catch up to the beast.

Zorovar smirked. "Sorry big guy, but not tonight." He drew out his sword handle, and aimed it at the beast. A moment later, the blade erupted from the hilt, forming a long, double-edged broadsword. Even though the sword was just as big as he was, if not bigger, Zorovar held it with one hand with no problem. He then began to walk forward, before dashing towards Nightmare in an attempt to slash him into two.

Nightmare grinned evilly at Zorovar, his formidable fangs glistening in the moonlight. For the dingo, seeing the cursed beast display such a thing may seem odd as Nightmare was typically a beast composed entirely of blind rage. What made things even stranger were the events that followed after.

"You... die later." he stated. His words were slow and were spoken with a grunt. But the fact he spoke at all would suggest this was indeed a different beast altogether despite appearing identical. As Zorovar charged in and swung, the Lycalo stepped to the side, then let out an ear piercing screech. This would likely stun the canine, and if it did do so, Nightmare would vanish in a blur of black as he sped away in search of more easy prey.

Kenas jumped from rooftop to rooftop leaping two at a time due to him using his fire powers as speed and jumping support . Ark followed him close behind standing on a kind of magical disc he made . THey both saw the incident with zorovar and nightmare and was following him now . " Well he's tough " Ark said . Kenas was too concetrated on trailing nightmare to answer though .

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