Hooray! My first real RP! This RP focuses around Mel the Hedgehog, and the characters he meets and interacts with. But, what will come of Mel's experiences?


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  4. Drastically change the plot of this RP
  5. RP with someone else's character without permission
  6. "Crazy Dance"
  7. While anyone is allowed to sign up, a person must ask before their character gets involved in a scenario.


Canon characters are playable as well.



  • Guardian Unit of Nations/G.U.N. (Played by anybody)
  • Team Claw (Played by KP)
  • Glacian Nation (Played by KP, Hero-aligned)
  • Magus Sanctum Order (Played by KP, Hero-aligned)
  • Team Sapphire( organization not team. played by cynder, neutraly aligned)




[Statyx is seen running through a hallway in a G.U.N. Base. He comes to a skidding halt and enters a room. The G.U.N. Commander is seen observing something, and turns to see Statyx]

Abraham: Hello, Statyx.

Statyx: *breathing heavily* You can't... be serious.

Abraham: *turns his attention back to what he was previously observing* I see you've heard about our latest project.

Statyx: *walks towards Abraham* Yeah, I heard about it. And I'm not happy about it! You know how well "projects" like this have gone in the past.

Abraham: Perhaps. But we've learned from our past mistakes.

[Statyx turns to look in the direction Abraham is looking. A large glass window is shown, giving sight into another room. In that room, several scientists are working on a project. In the center of the room is a large tube filled with liquid. In that liquid is an orange blob]

Statyx: .....So that's it, isn't it?

Abraham: Correct.

Statyx: G.U.N.'s latest attempt to create a new "Ultimate Lifeform". Another living weapon...

Abraham: Not quite.

Statyx: *curious look on his face* Hm?

Abraham: As I said before, we've learned from our past failures.

Statyx: Those "failures" happen to be my family, sir.

Abraham: I realise that Statyx. What I meant is that we don't expect this one to simply be a tool.

Statyx: Huh?

Abraham: Our past attempts to create a living weapon have proven that living beings cannot be mere weapons to be used, then disposed of.

Statyx: About time...

Abraham: This time, we're changing tactics. We fully expect this one to be a living being. We expect it to learn and grow through it's own experiences, and become strong through those experiences.

Statyx: Heh, about freakin time you guys figured it out. *turns his attention back to the window. The blob seen is starting to take shape*

Abraham: *looks at Statyx* And we expect you to teach it those experiences.

Statyx: *surprised* What?

Abraham: Well, this one will be your newest sibling, as well as your newest charge. Who better to teach it and protect it?

Statyx: .......Plenty of people aren't gonna be too happy about this. You know that, right?

Abraham: All too well.

Statyx: ......Alright. I don't approve of this, but I suppose it's out of my hands...

[The blob's shape becomes more definined. It takes the shape of a small hedgehog partially curled up, it's eyes closed]


Part 1

(TCUC 14:00)

Shahooter: "I wonder who will knock at the door..." <_<'-->_>'

(Meanwhile with J in his backyard, he is seen sleeping on a hammock, with his magazine (that contains vehicles) covering his face)

J: [asleep with his magazine covering his face] ZZZZZzzzzz......

(A scream wakes him up, and he removes the magazine to see Kyle, on fire, falling towards him!)


J: [wakes up all of a sudden after Kyle lands on top of him, thus ripping the hammock open] No... thanks... I'm... good. What are you doing here. Kyle?

Kyle: *puts out fire* Oh, I was in my lab... and... don't touch the yellow wire with the black one. EVER.

J: Makes sense to me. At least my magazine is still intact.

Kyle: So, watcha readin'?

(J shows Kyle his magazine that contains really cool cars)

???: "Cripes Kyle are you always that blast happy?"

Kyle: N, mostly just when I blow stuff up in the morning. Asplosions always make me happy! :D

J: Yeah, especially when you land on someone... [gets up] Speaking of landing, let's go check out the others, Kyle, and find out what they're up to.

(Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and others (your fan characters may be a part of the group) are seen outside, enjoying themselves. Statyx then walks up)

Sonic: *notices Statyx* Oh, hey Statyx!

Statyx: Hey everybody.

Ryu: So, what's up, Statyx?

Sunny: *walks in* hi everyone *waves* :3

Statyx: Well, I do have some news.

[A Jolteon hears the conversation from the alley, hearing it curiously.]

(Suddenly, a small mustard-yellow hedgehog, which was hiding behind Statyx, shyly peeks out at everybody)

Ryu: *gasp* SQUEEE!! X3

Kyle: Oh, hey guys. *sees the hedgehog* Oh, hey, little guy. What's your name?

J: [sees a small hedgehog] He looks pretty cute.

(The small hedgehog quickly hides behind Statyx again.)

Kyle: Aw, it's okay little dude. I'm your friend. What's your name?

Sunny: aww he's so cute! X3!

(The hedgehog warily peeks out and looks at everybody.)

Ryu: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sunny: *to Statyx* so whats his name?

Statyx: *looks down at the hedgehog, and puts his hand on the hedgehog's head* His name is Mel.

J: Mel, huh? [to Mel] I'm J, J the Hedgehog [smiles at Mel]

Jolteon: -_-'

Jolteon's thoughts: 'It's either me or that Shadow Ball Technical Machine Shahooter gave me is making me faze like a ghost...'

Ryu: Hi, Mel!♥

Sunny: *waves to Mel* hiya Mel! whats up?

[Shahooter came in with a Pizza Box.]

Shahooter: "Hey guys I'm here with the Pizza!" :-D!

Mel: *whimpers slightly and hides behind Statyx again*

Statyx: Heheh, he's a shy fella.

J: [walks over to Shahooter and he opens up the pizza box and grabs a pizza slice and walks over to Mel] Want pizza, Mel? [hands Mel a slice of pizza]

Kyle: It's really good!

Mel: *moves so that Statyx is between him and J*

Statyx: J, could you back up a bit? He's pretty shy.

(J backs up a little bit)

J: Sorry, Statyx. Thought Mel would like pizza.

Sunny: well, i bet Mel will start to interact more if he got to know others a bit more, y'know?

J: Yeah, you're right. [eats a slice of pizza he's holding, cause he's hungry]

Stayx: Exactly.

Kyle: *flips J's pizza onto his head*

J: [feels the pizza land on his head, then grabs his half-eaten pizza from his head and finishes eating the pizza... which flips back onto his head. Kyle starts laughing]

Kyle: Bad manners to play with your food, J!

J: [to Kyle, after finishing eating the pizza slice] You're the one who slapped the pizza away from my hand, Kyle.

Kyle: With Chaos! I developed a new Chaos Power, Chaos Kinesis. I can move things around with it. *J starts to float around* Like that!

Sunny: you guys are SOOOO setting a bad example

(J then feels bad for what Sunny said)

Kyle: *puts on a sad face and drops J on his head* Sorry.

J: It's all right, Kyle. I just wanted to make Mel happy because I wanted to share with him.

(Mel steps out a bit from behind Statyx, still watching everyone nervously.)

Kyle: *starts randomly marching and singing "We're Going To Rule The Universe"*

Sunny: XD what kind of song is that?

Ryu: Lawl.

(Meanwhile, there's a fight going on! The Trolls vs. Kotuumath!)


Kotuumath: Eww!! (kicks Tonic) Get away, you fag!

Tonic: Nuuuuh!

Frost: Eat ice, halfbreed! (blasts Kotuumath with Ice Beam)

Kotuumath: Fire melts ice, dumbass! (uses Fire Blast on Frost)

Frost: (Is now extra crispy) Ow...

Kotuumath: Ah, extra crispy. Just how I lieks mah trolls!


(Kotuumath lunges at Frost, biting down savagely on his head. His large fangs pierce Frost's brain, killing him.)

Solar: Sh*t...

Kotuumath: (Whips around towards the other trolls, Frost's blood dripping from his mouth) *roar*

Toxic: RETREAT!!

(The Trolls flee, with Kotuumath hot on their tails!)

(With the others...)

Kyle: Brannan made it up. Oh, we're-going to rule the universe, the universe...

Phoenix: *Walks up to the group* Hello.

J: [to Phoenix] Yo.

Phoenix: *Holds out his hand* It's a pleasure. My name is Phoenix the Cat.

J: [to Phoenix] I'm J the Hedgehog. [shakes Phoenix's hand]

Phoenix: *looks at the rest of the group after shaking J's hand* .....So what is going on? You all look as though you just discovered something...

Kyle: *still singing*

(J shows Phoenix a yellow hedgehog, Mel, behind Statyx)

Phoenix: *Looks at Mel* Who is this?

J: It's Mel. He's pretty shy, at first.

'Phoenix: *Approaches Mel and holds out his hand* Hello, my name is Phoenix the Cat.

Mel: *moves so that Statyx is between him and Phoenix*

Phoenix: *Looks at Mel, who is hiding behind Stayx* ...Shy type, huh?

Statyx: Yeah.

Phoenix: Hmm.... *Continues to look at Mel* So who is he?

Statyx: Oh. Well uh, he's...

Phoenix: *Looks at Statyx* What?

(Genesjs: Sorry. I fixed Phoenix's question.)

(Something red and something white speed by)

Phoenix: *Notices the red and white entitiy* What's that?

Statyx: My sisters.

Sonic: Hey Shima!

Ryu: Shima! Hali!

(Shima screeches to a halt, and runs back to Sonic)

Shima: Sonic!

(Hali comes to a stop next to her)

Hali: Hey there, guys!

Statyx: Hey Shima, Hali.

(Mel nervously, but curiously, looks at Shima and Hali.)

Hali: (notices Mel, and kneels down to his height) Hey there, little guy!

Phoenix: *Looks curiously at Shima and Hali, then Statyx* ....Sisters?

Statyx: Long story. Which has, gained a new chapter.

J: Hey, Hali! Meet Mel. He's pretty shy, at first, but you'll get to know him more. Hey, Shima!

Phoenix: *Continues to look at Statyx* A new chapter? Can you be a little more specific?

Statyx: Well, you see...

Mel: *steps out a bit from behind Statyx* H....Hi...

J: [ear twitches] Mel said something...

Sunny: awww! look how cute he is!

Phoenix: *Left ear twitches* I heard Mel say "hi"....

Hali: Hi, Mel! (sticks out her hand to him) It's nice to meet you!

Shima: (shies away from Mel) Um, Statyx...Who is this kid?

(Mel shies away from Hali's hand.)

Statyx: *looks at everybody, nervous smile* Wel uhhh, he's.... our new little brother.

(Everyone's expression changes to utter shock.)

Hali and Shima: B-B-Brother?!

Hali: (expression changes from shock to pure joy) Yay!

J: Wow, Statyx. That.... I'm surprised.

Ryu: :O

Sunny: schweet!

Statyx: Yeeeeeeeaaahh.

Phoneix: ...A new Ultimate Lifeform...?

J: Oh my gosh. Statyx, we're proud of ya, man. That's awesome for you to say that...

Sunny: *snicker* lemme guess. you're his babysitter? XD

Shima: (speechless)

Phoenix: *Looks at Statyx* When was Mel created? Do you know?

Statyx: *expression turns frantic, waves his hands around* Whoa whoa whoa! Don't get the wrong idea, he ain't mine!

J: C'mon, Statyx... are you sure?

Sunny: *snicker* oh really? they why is he with you? XD

Hali: Maybe that's what he is: his babysitter!

J: [walks over to Statyx] Listen, Statyx. I know how you feel. I had a little brother, I had a cousin, and I had a nephew, but.... I could'nt find them anywhere, and I was sad... and worried.

Statyx: *bushing* Sh-shut up!! I'm tellin ya he ain't mine!!! The next one who says different is in fr a world of hurt!!!

J: [backs away] Oookay then...

(Shima is still speechless, and is looking at Mel curiously)

Phoenix: So where did you find him, Statyx?

Statyx: Actually, I didn't find him at all.

J: Okay, I'm kinda stumped, Statyx. if you did'nt find him, then what?

Sunny: yeah

Statyx: Well uhh...

J: Yeah?

Phoenix: Are you gonna say that he found you?

Statyx: *somewhat serious look on his face, shakes head. Then looks at Mel* Hey Mel, why don't you go play?

Mel: *looks at the others, then Statyx* O-okay...

J: [thinking] Something is'nt right about Statyx... I'm starting to worry about Statyx...

Sunny: *notices the nervous tone in Statyx's voice* so, what really did happen?

(Hali looks at Statyx in concern)

Statyx: *watches Mel go and play a bit, then turns to the others* Let's go inside, then I'll explain.

(Everyone goes inside.)

Phoenix: So what's up?

Hali: When did you meet this kid?

Statyx: I didn't actually find him. More accurately, I found out about him.

Phoenix: How?

Hali: And by who?

Statyx: *sighs* You see, he hasn't been around for several decades, like the rest of us.

Hali: Really? Huh. So that's why he isn't that old!

Phoenix: Hmm....

J: ...

(Shima continues watching Mel playing)

(J walks over to Shima and joins watches Mel playing shortly before he heads back with the others)

(Kagi: Sorry I was gone so long. Anyway, anyone gonna ask how long he's been around?)
(Shima: Yeah, hold on a sec)
(Kagi: Okay.)

Shima: (without looking at the others) How long has he been here?

Statyx: ............*sighs* Less than a year.

Phoenix: .....

Shima: Hmm....

Hali: That's not very long....

Statyx: Yeah. He's G.U.N.'s latest "project".

(Shima gives a low hiss and clenches her fists)

Hali: Ooohhh...That wasn't a good idea to say that, I think...

Knuckles: So what? He's another living weapon?

Statyx: Not quite. Supposedly, G.U.N. has learned from it's past "failures".

Hali: Hmmm...

(Shima instantly thinks of Bronze, but shakes head to get rid of the thought)

Sonic: *puts his hand on Shima's shoulder, looks at Statyx* What do you mean?

Statyx: I mean, they don't expect him to be a mere weapon. They fully expect him to be a living being, and to learn and grow through his own experiences.

Hali: That's good. So, there's a slim chance he'll turn bad.

Statyx: Actually, there's no chance. They put him under my care.

[Everyone attempts to stifle laughter]

Statyx: Hey! I've done a good job with Fou!

Sonic: Maybe so, but you're not always the best role model.

Statyx: Oh, is that so? Then let's have a poll. Who here has knowledge in child-care? *raises his hand* Well, anyone else? C'mon, don't be shy.

[No one else raises their hand, but instead look around and fidget nervously a bit]

Statyx: Hm? No one else?

Hali: It's not like most of us had little brothers or sisters to look after. (smirks) Unlike you....

Statyx: Yeah, well then let me do my job!

Sonic: Alright, alright, you've made your point. But I have a question. They expect him to learn and grow on his own, right?

Statyx: Yup.

Sonic: Well then, what can he do?

Statyx: Huh?

Sonic: Well, every "Ultimate Lifeform" I've met has had something that makes them really powerful. So, what powers does he have?

Shima: He's right. (She speaks! Finally!)

Hali: Does he need to learn his powers, too?

Statyx: In a word, yes. You see, Mel has no natural connection with Chaos Energy, limited superspeed, and almost no exceptional physical abilities.

Sonic: What!? Then what makes him so special?

Statyx: *grins, wags his finger* He "learns".

Knuckles: What?

Statyx: Tell me, does the name "Emerl" mean anything?

Hali: Huh?

Sonic: Oh yeah, I remember him.

Hali: Never heard of him before.

Shima: Me neither.

Sonic: Well, you two know "Gemerl", right?

(Shima and Hali shakes their heads)

Phoenix: We are talking about that robot that could copy the abilities of other people, correct?

Sonic: Yeah. Emerl was able to copy any ability he saw. Super strength, high speed; he was even able to copy Chaos Attacks!

Shima: Wow. Impressive!

Phoenix: So what you're saying is that Mel has a similar ability?

Statyx: Exactly.

Hali: So who's abilities will he copy?

???: "Presumably all..."

Statyx: Any ability he wants. You see, Mel's powers are beyond even Gemerls.

Sonic: What?

Statyx: You see, his genetic structure is far more malleable. He is able to change almost every aspect of his body. For example *points to Tails* if he saw Tails take flight, Mel would be able to grow two tails, and use them the same way.

Hali: Whoa! That'd be soo cool!

Phoenix: Then if he saw my wing, he'd be able to copy that too? 

[Shahooter Wind Fades in front of Statyx, frightening him.]

Shahooter: "Yet MagiCourse magic is only my Core Magic Abilities, and it does not come from me..."

Amy: *giggles* Hey Sonic, remember when I pretended that Emerl was our baby? Well...

(Everyone groans and/or rolls their eyes.)

Sonic: Amy, don't start with that.

Amy: *puffs out her cheeks* I was making a joke.

(The sound of a scratching record is heard, and everyone looks at Amy in shock.)

Sonic: What?

Amy: What? I'm not allowed to make jokes about moments between me and Sonic?

Shima: (glares at Amy) No.

Statyx: A-anyway, we'll come back to that breakthrough later. As I was saying, Mel can... really Amy?

Amy: *brings out hammer*

Statyx: Okay okay!

Shima: I'd stay on track if I were you...

Statyx: Right. That's one of the things I wanted to talk to you all about.

Shima: Hm?

Statyx: *sighs, and his expression becomes serious* You see, Mel is capable of capable of copying all of our strongest moves. Imagine the type of power each of us weilds, in the hands of a 10-year-old.

Shima: That'd...That'd be insane!

Statyx: Exactly. I've already made the mistake of teaching him some of my most powerful techniques.

Hali: Uh...And what abilities did he copy? (thinking) I'm afraid to know!)

Statyx: Fist of Zeuss and Chaos Shatter.

(Shima and Hali facepalm)

Shima: Oh boy...

Sonic: What!? You're saying you've taught him two moves that can wipe out entire armies!?

Statyx: Well, pretty much.

Shima: That wasn't too smart...

Statyx: I know. And I want you all to avoid making the same mistake. That's why I have to ask a big favor. Whenever Mel is around, I need you guys to hold back in fights unless absolutely neccessary.

Shima: Okay.

Hali: We can do that!

Phoenix: I'll try to avoid fighting whenever I can when Mel is around. You have my word for it.

(Kagi: Thank you. And should we start Part 2?)
(Kagi: Yo KP, you gonna do something with this? Otherwise, it's gone.)

Kyle: Imagine what would happen if he managed to pick up on my Insanity Overdrive!

Statyx: Thank you. I really don't want you guys to use your full power in front of him. That goes especially for you Sonic, Shima, and Shahooter.

Shima: 'Kay.

Phoenix: I won't use my full power around him either.

Shima: Hey Stayx...Why did you point us out? We're not the most powerful here....I don't think...

Statyx: Because, I don't want him to be copying powerful Chaos techniques or "anything else"...

(Shima lightly touches her power crystal)

Shima: (thinking) It won't be safe for me to be around the kid....At all.)

Statyx: ...high-risk high-speed moves...

Sonic: *shrugs nervously*

Statyx: ...super powered magic techniques, or the ability to change into a towering dragon!

Hali: Imagine trying to beat something like that!

Shahooter: ....

[Shahooter gives Statyx a painful kick to the crotch..seemingly he didn't like Statyx insulting Magic, he then warps off.]

Phoenix: ...Or highly powerful pyrokenetic abilities either, correct?

Statyx: D'oh! *winces* Yeah. I, I also need you guys to be careful about what abilities you use around him.

Knuckles: What? I don't get it.

Statyx: *eventually regains his composure* You see, he can copy more than just techniques. He can also copy abilities in general. He's already copied my Chaos manipulation abilities.

Hali: What if he copied my Chaos defensive abilities? Would that be bad?

Statyx: Well, I doubt those abilities could cause much trouble.

Phoenix: Would him copying some of my pyrokenetic deffensive abilities, like my Flame Barrier Technique, be a problem?

Statyx: *shrugs* It all depends on what the ability does.

Phoenix: Okay.

Hali: What if I let Mel copy my Chaos defensive abilities? He would gain some new abilities!

Statyx: Whoa whoa whoa, let's slow down here. *looks at Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy* Let's remember the last time a few people decided to teach their abilities to someone.

Shima: It didn't end good, did it?

Statyx: Let's just say that if it weren't for your crush... *thumbs over to Sonic* ...we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

Shima: (smiles at Sonic)

Hali: But Mel needs to learn something.

Amy: *glares at Shima, giving a low growl*

Statyx: I realise that Hali. But I'm the one who has to decide what he does and does not learn.

(Shima glares back at Amy, and a anime electric spark forms between them)

Hali: You're right...

Statyx: Yeah, but in the mean-time *holds Shima and Amy away from each other* let's keep these two from killing each other, shall we?

Hali: Alrighty!

(She pulls Shima away from Amy.)

Hali: Why don't you go get some fresh air for a bit, okay?


Statyx: And Amy, why don't you-

Amy: I'm staying!

Statyx: Now Amy-

Amy: *brings out the Piko Piko Hammer and holds it up*

Statyx: *looks up at the Piko Piko Hammer. Pupils shrink, takes a big step back* Eheh, nevermind.

(Shima meanwhile sits underneath a tree angrily)

Hali: Now that she's gone, there won't be any fights...

(Amy sits next to Sonic.)

Statyx: For now anyway.

(Meanwhile, Shima is angry. She tries to calm herself down)

Shima: Calm down...Take deep breathes..(takes two deep breathes) (see Mel) Oh, it's that kid...Mel, I think his name was...(thinking) I hope he just stays over there, and doesn't come near me.)

Hali: What do you plan on teaching Mel, Statyx?

Statyx: *shrugs* I don't plan on teaching him anything.

J: [tilts head] ?

Phoenix: *Grins* Leave him with me, and I can teach him how to build a plane.

Statyx: No. You see, Mel's supposed to learn and grow from his own experiences, and that's exactly what I intend to happen. All I'm gonna do is protect him.

J: Eh. Makes sense. But he could learn how to share with us, though.

Hali: This is going to be fun!

Statyx: *looks at Hali with a disapproving and serious look* Hali, this shouldn't be "fun". This isn't just some game. We're going to be teaching Mel abilities he'll be using battles, some of which will be life or death.

Hali: (embarassed) Hehehe...

Shima: (from outside) Can I come back in now?

Statyx: Uhhhhhh.... *looks at Amy and Sonic sitting next to each other* That might not be such a good idea.

(J seems to be worried about Stayx about the way he feels)

J: [thinking] I'm worried about Stayx. I've never seen him act like this before...

Shima: (angrily) GRAAAAAH! (there's a loud crack, then a loud crash) Whoops! Sorry!

Statx: Oh boy, here we go...

Hali: What was that?!

Shima: Um...Nothing!

(Shima is seen standing in front of a fallen tree. There's a large hole the size of a fist in it.)

(Everyone goes outside and sees what Shima did.)

Sonic: *whistles*

Knuckles: Impressive.

Statyx: *facepalms*

J: [looks at the tree that made a huge hole] That... was... AWESOME!!!

Shima: Uh...Thanks?

Hali: Oh boy...


(Suddenly, a similiar crack is heard, followed by another crash)

J: [hears a cracking and crashing sound] What the--?!

Shima: That did not sound good...

(She goes to where the sound came from)

(Everyone looks in the direction the crash came from. They see Mel, smiling proudly, standing next to a fallen tree with a fist-sized hole in it, almost identical to the tree Shima knocked over.)

Hali: M-Mel?!

Shima: Did he...?

J: [looks at Mel] Yep. He's smiling.

Statyx: Yes, he did. He saw you knock down that tree, and copied it.

Shima: (speechless)

Hali: Whoa...

J: [smiles widely] That was awesome to the max!

Statyx: I told you, he can copy any technique he sees.

Shima: (thinking) Thank goodness I didn't go completely out of control...)

J: Ok. So since Mel can copy any moves, can he copy my greatest move, known as Spikedash? [lowers his body and his quills fire off from his back and it pierces through the tree]

(Mel's eyes glow as he watches J. He then mimics J's movements perfectly.)

Hali: Wow! The little guy's good!

(Shima watches quietly, slightly angry at herself)

Statyx: So now you see what he's capable of.

J: I see...

(Mel runs over to the group, and looks at all of them timidly)

Mel: W-was that.... g-good?

(J nods up and down to Mel as he smiles)

Shima: Y-Yeah...It was...

Hali: You were awesome!

Mel: T-thanks!

Hali: You're welcome!

(Shima looks from Mel to the tree worriedly)

Mel: *follows Shima's gaze, then looks up at Shima, scared/nervous* D-did I do something wrong?

Shima: Huh? (looks down at Mel and smiles) N-No, you didn't.

Mel: Honest?

(Shima kneels in front of him so they're eye-to-eye.)

Shima: Honest.

Mel: *smiles, then suddenly hugs Shima*

(Shima is shocked, but smiles, and hugs him back, a little hesantantly)

J: [smiles as he sees Mel hugging Shima] Aw, that's cute right there.

Statyx: *looks at Shima and Mel, smiling*

Part 2

Mel: Hey, Shima?

Shima: What?

Mel: Statyx said that we're brother and sister. Is that true?

Shima: Yes.

Mel: Then why did it seem like you didn't like me?

Shima: Ah....It's not that I didn't like you, I just wasn't....sure of you, is all.

Mel: Why?

Shima: W-Well...(rubs head) Um...It was a shock, you know, meeting you for the first time. I wasn't sure how you would act, and all...

Mel: It doesn't help that I was created by the people that hurt you a long time ago either, does it?

(Shima lowers her eyes and looks away)

Shima: It doesn't...Wait a sec...(looks back at Mel) How do you know all of that?  

Mel: I was told about it.

Shima: (thinking) Curse you, G.U.N...) Oh...But don't worry, we're related, and even though I'm not on good terms with your creators, I'm your sister, no matter what. 'Kay?

Mel: *smiles* I know. *hugs Shima* Statyx told me that even though he's a G.U.N. agent, you two still get along, and that you and I should be able to do the same.

Shima: (laughs lightly) I'm sure we will.

Kyle: Hey Mel, c'mere when you're done!

Mel: *looks at Kyle timidly*

Kyle: I want to see if you can copy this technique.

Mel: *looks at Statyx*

Statyx: *gives an approving nod*

Mel: *walks over to Kyle* W-what is it?

Kyle: Obviously I can't use my full-blown powers, so I'm showing you this! I call it Disturbia Technique! *his eyes take on an appearance similar to Byakugan from Naruto, his hands glow with a pinkish light, and the tree that Shima knocked down earlier is put back on it's stump* You can use Disturbia Techinique for just about anything, but it's best used at creating objects. Try it!

Mel: *his eyes change as well, and his hands glow with a similiar pinkish light. He looks at Kyle, and suddenly, Kyle sinks waist-deep into the ground* Like that?

Kyle: Woah! You're a natural! Now get me outta here!

Mel: Okay. *uses the Disturbia Technique to make Kyle blast right out of the ground*

Kyle: It took me a week to figure that out! You're almost better than me!

Statyx: The reason for that is because when he copies the technique, he copies it at the level you perform it. If he saw someone perform a technique that took them 10 years to learn at full power, even once, he would be able to perform it just as well the first time.

Kyle: Ah. I wonder if you could copy... Nah, no way you could copy that...

Mel: What? Copy what?

Kyle: Copy... my inventing skills.

Statyx: And I think I'll stop you there. Yes, Mel would in fact be able to copy your inventing techniques perfectly. However, I don't want him learning how to make explosives, so let's leave it at that.

Kyle: *under breath* Spoilsport...

Statyx: I heard that.

Mel: *laughs*

Kyle: You were meant to.

Statyx: Hey Kyle, what was the name of that technique you used on J?

Kyle: Oh, that. Chaos Kinesis, but it takes a lot out of you. It's easier to use the Disturbia Technique.

Statyx: Hm. Chaos Kinesis. *Kyle is suddenly slammed into a tree*

Kyle: What the hell? Okay. That's it. Mel, you might not want bother to copy this move. Dark Destructor! *a beam of black lightning fires from Kyle's chest, sending Statyx flying* And you won't be able to use that, no matter how hard you try. Becasue you haven't copied a Dark Form, and only someone with one of those can use this without burning themselves out. 

Ryu: So, he can copy abilities? (clasps paws together) Imma teach Mel how to make Poffins! ^w^

Statyx: Hold it everybody! This is exactly what I was talking about, Kyle! *looks at Kyle angrily* Remember, he may be able to copy abilities and techniques, but he is still a child, and he can still be overwhelmed if you push too much stuff onto him too fast.

Ryu: No Poffins? :(

Mel: *looks at Ryu timidly/curiously* What are "poffins"?

Ryu: Poffins are these pastry Pokemon treats! And, uh, I should show you what a Pokemon is, too! (pulls out a Pokeball and throws it)


(Out comes a female Shiny Lopunny!)

Lopunny: Lopunny!

Ryu: This is a Pokemon known as "Lopunny".

Mel: *yelps, and hides behind Ryu upon seeing the Lopunny*

Lopunny: .....lop?

Ryu: It's alright, Mel. She won't hurt you.

Mel: *stays behind Ryu, shaking*

Statyx: Ryu, I think you should wait a while to introduce your pokemon to Mel. At least until he's gotten a bit more used to everybody.

Ryu: Okay...(returns Lopunny to her Pokeball)

Mel: *peeks out from behind Ryu* I-is it gone?

Ryu: Yes, it's gone.

Statyx: Ryu, why don't you introduce him to a pokemon that's more his level?

Ryu: Uh....oh! (pulls out a Pokeball and throws it)


(Out comes a female Shiny Pachirisu!)

Pachirisu: Chipaa!

Mel: Huh? *steps out a bit further from behind Ryu, eyeing the Pachirisu with curiousity*

Pachirisu: Chipa.

Mel: Ryu, what's that?

Ryu: That is a Pachirisu.

Pachirisu: Chipachipa!

Mel: *looks at Pachirisu closer* "Pa-chi-ri-su"?

Ryu: Mmm-hmm.

Mel: Is it a Pokemon too?

Ryu: Yup.

Mel: It's not gonna hurt me, is it?

Ryu: Of course not. She's very friendly.

Pachirisu: Chipaa!

Mel: P-promise?

Ryu: I promise.

Mel: O-okay... *slowly walks over to the Pachirisu*

(Pachirisu obediently sits still and waits for Mel.)

Mel: *slowly reaches a shaky hand out to Pachirisu*

Pachirisu: (Continues to wait patiently)

Mel: *holds his hand out to Pachirisu*

Pachirisu: (Rubs her head against Mel's hand)

Mel: *smiles, and starts gently petting Pachirisu*

Pachirisu: Chipaaa... ^^

Mel: Well, you're not so bad.

Pachirisu: Chipa! ^^

Ryu: ^^

Mel: Hey, can I hold her?

Ryu: Of course!

Mel: Okay! *gently picks up Pachirisu, who promptly cuddles against Mel. Mel laughs* She's so soft!

Ryu: Yup! ^^

Mel: She's not scary at all!

Ryu: Of course she isn't scary! *laughs* She's a little sweetheart!

Mel: That's for sure!

(Ryu-Sooooo...what now?)
(Kagi: I don't know actually. Of course, I really need to finish up my P.E.)

Kyle: *to Statyx* Don't worry. When I met him earlier, I tinkered with my laser disc. *shows him a laser disc* If he copies it, he'll find he can only use it once before needing to copy it again. It's genetic, you probably don't want the full explanation.

Ryu: Why? Is it dirty? Hurr hurr...

Statyx: Ryu! We have a 10-year-old here! Get your mind out of the gutters!

Ryu: Whoops.

Statyx: Yeah. As for you Kyle; don't underestimate what Mel can do. His copying powers are limitless.

Ryu: Wow...

Statyx: Yeah... *looks at Mel, who is still cuddling Pachirisu* He's alot like Fou...

Ryu: In what ways?

Statyx: Both are tremendously powerful, but also retain their childish innocence.

Ryu: Oh yeah....

Kyle: 'sides, it's only a repeller. Doesn't do any damage.

???: "Childish Innocence you say?"

[Shahooter was standing against a wall, strange how he can faze in like a Ghost...he's along with his Jolteon, Jolt.]

Statyx: Yup.

Shahooter: "Too bad most of my Childhood was wasted like a Wet Barrel down into Molten Lava..."

Shima: Hmm...I don't think I was ever a child...If I was, I was probably only one for a month or two.

Statyx: I was never a child either.

Hali: (to Shima) But we were babies!

Shima: Yeah, but for how long?

Hali: Hmm...Good question...I don't know!

Statyx: Yeah. We never really got to experience the type of innocence Fou and Mel are privelaged with.

Hali: Lucky kids!

Shima: (looks at Mel with the Pachirisu and smiles) At least they'll be able to enjoy it...

Statyx: That's for sure.

Shima: Lucky kid...

Statyx: Yeah. He didn't have to go through any of the trauma any of us suffered. *clenches his fists as he thinks about Team Wolfe*

Shima: Yeah...(bites lip as she thinks about G.U.N.) But we need to try and keep it that way.

Statyx: *sighs* Shima, you know we can't do that. He was created to learn and grow through such experiences. One way or another, he will face adversities in his life. *watches Mel* We can't protect him forever.

Shima: (watches Mel, too) I know....

Statyx: We can however, make sure that those adversities don't shape his life, like ours have...

Shima: Right. (thinking) Whoa..This kid's making me go soft!)

Statyx: *chuckles* What's wrong Shima? Going soft?

Shima: (blushes from embarassment) N-No! Of course not!

Hali: Ooooh! I think you are!

Statyx: Hey, don't worry about it Shima. It's just your maternal instincts kicking in. *grins* Perhaps you should get the practice, before you and Sonic...

Shima: (muzzle get beat red) S-Statyx! I...I...(points at Mel) There are young children here! Take your mind out of the gutter!

Statyx: Oh he can't hear me. Besides, I happen to know for a fact that you've had "fantasies".

Phoenix: *Walks up to the others* Hello. In case any of you were wondering where I was, I was act Green Hill Zone. *Looks at Mel, who is petting Pachirisu* I see Mel is having a good time. *Looks at Shima and Statyx* .....Is everything alright?

Shima: Yes. (glares at Statyx) (whispers to Statyx) I know you've probably had them about Blaze!

Statyx: Yeah, I was just teasing Shima about her perverted involving Sonic.

Shima: Why you...! (tries to tackle Statyx, but Hail holds her back)

Statyx: *whispers to Shima* The difference is, my dear sister, I have actual proof about your fantasies*

Shima: Grrrr! Let me at 'im!

Statyx: Shima, you do recall my purposes for creation, don't you?

(Shima opens her mouth to argue, but closes it and crosses her arms angrily)

Shima: The creation card again.

Statyx: *smiles smugly* I thought so.

Shima: Cheater.

Phoenix: *To Shima* Hey, what did you whisper to Statyx?

Shima: (glaring at Statyx) Nothing of importance...

(Suddenly, J disappears!)

Shima: J! What the heck...?

Statyx: Where'd J go?

Ryu: D:

Mel: *walks up, still holding Pachirisu* What's wrong?

(Suddenly, they hear an engine sound approaching towards them. The two figures reveals to be J (who is standing on the roof of his trophy truck) and his truck, the Desert Hawk!)

J: Sorry I ran off like that, guys. Thought it'd be a good idea for me to give something for Mel. I did'nt want to get involved between you (Statyx) and Shima arguing at each other, so I decided to make myself scarce and come up with a fantastic idea. [he holds a toy model version of the Desert Hawk]

[Shahooter and Jolt Facepalm.]

Mel: *looks at the toy car curiously*

J: [bends down as he shows his toy car model to Mel] This is a pretty unique toy. It may look ordinary, but its quite indestructible, no matter how hard it can hit. It's not alive, though, because I designed this toy car to my truck, and it's for you.

Mel: *timidly* Th-thank you. *takes toy car, cradling Pachirisu in his other arm*

(Ryu-Trolls naow plz?)
(Kagi: Soon. I want to give Mel a bit more time to get used to everyone.)
(Ryu-Ooh! Now I has idea how Trolls be involved!)
(Kagi: How? I myself had an idea involving the trolls, possibly Rageik himself, but how do you plan on getting them in this in the first place?)
(Ryu-Besides Kotuu menacing them, I was thinking that, they finally meet Linebeck, and he shows Mel how to drive his boat. So they're (meaning Shima, Ryu, Statyx, Mel, Kyle, Phoenix and everyone else) on the boat, when they suddenly come across an oil spill! And later, they find out that the Trolls caused it!)

J: [smiles to Mel] That's what friends are for, Mel.

(Kagi: Hmmmmm.... maybe....)

Mel: *smiles back to J*

Kyle: *looks kind of worried*

Ryu: What's wrong, Kyle?

Kyle: It might not be safe for me to be around Mel anymore...

Ryu: Hmm, because of your powers?

Kyle: Yeah... The other day... I found out I could do something that if a child got hold of... It wouldn't be pretty.

Statyx: *sighs* That might be a good call Kyle. That "disturbia technique" alone could be pretty dangerous.

Shima: Um, don't you have the power crystals we gave you?

(Ryu-Hey Kagi, is there any large body of water right next to the G.U.N base?)

J: "Power Crystals"?

Kyle: Not him, Shima. Something... more powerful. It's called "Curse of Disturbia".

(Kagi: Not that I know of.)
(Ryu-Oh. Cuz I had an idea as to how the group would meet Linebeck, and then the Trolls.)

???: ...TROL! (A being emerges from a portal and collapses on entry) Whoa! Traveling 180 years into the past really takes it out of you!

Ryu: What the-?

(Kagi: Sorry. Any other ideas?)
(Ryu-Er, not right at the moment. Or they could just randomly go to a lake or something.)

???: I am sorry for my intrusion. I am Danny, one of the last of the Mimics. I heard from a friend that there was a young hedgehog with Mimic powers in this time, and I had to see him for myself. He, from what I've heard, is one of the most powerful mimics in history.

Ryu: Mimics?

Pachirisu: Chipa?

Mel: *his expression changes to fear, and he takes a step back, holding Pachirisu close to him*

Pachirisu: Chipa! (looks ready to defend Mel)

Danny: Yes, Mimics. Most of us have the ability to learn a person's abilities and powers through touch. However, once every few generations, one is born with the power to do so through witnessing the attack. Either born, that is, or CREATED. (He closes his eyes, then opens them again, revealing he had Kyle's Disturbia powers. A beer appeared in his hand)

Ryu: Oy! That's beer! No beer 'round a kid, kthxbye!

(Kagi: Flash, don't classify Mel as a "Mimic" please. I know it's accurate, but I just don't feel right him being classified as such without my permission. It feels like mimics are a species or tribe or whatnot that you came up with.)
(No, Danny believes Mel is a Mimic. He has had little experiance with the other people who can mimic attacks, such as those with the Sharingan Eyes. He claims that most people who can copy attacks are Mimics. Therefore, through what was described to him, he believes that Mel has Mimic DNA within him)

Danny: Oh, I am sorry, ma'am. (Incinerates the beer can with the Flames of Iblis)

Ryu: Thank you...I'm sure Statyx wouldn't want Mel picking up such bad habits...

(Kagi: Ah, so it's just an assumption.)

Kyle: Hello again, Danny.

(Mostly. Only you know what DNA is in Mel. - FF)

Danny: Hello, Kyle. Killed many more trolls recently?

Kyle: Many. *holds up Tonic's head*

(Danny laughs)

Danny: May the Force stop him from returning to bug us right now! I don't think a young Mimic wants to learn Pingas.

(Ryu punts the severed head out of Kyle's hands.)


Mel: *looks around frantically for a place to hide*

Danny: Who's the child?

Mel: *jumps when Danny notices him, and hides behind Ryu, clutching Pachirisu*

Ryu: (Holds up both paws, signaling "I'll try not to yell")

Danny: I'm sorry if I scared the poor lad. I haven't been around children in about 200 years, then I cam back in time 180 years to here. He your son, ma'am?

(Kagi: Bad move Danny.)

Ryu: *eye twitches* No he is not.

Danny: Well, I'm sorry. (Creates a block of chocolate, then guides it with Telekinesis over to the cowering child) Don't worry, my young friend.I shall not hurt you.

Mel: *shies away from the block of choclate*

Danny: Don't like chocolate? Well, times must have changed since my time. Who is his parents? (He looks around, making note of all the possible couples and parents around) Too many people around to guess. Well, I must be finding the Savior of the Mimics I was told about, but finding your family is more important.

Ryu: Uh...about his family...

Danny: What about his family?

J: [thinking] Guess he forgot about my truck, eh?

Ryu: He's an artificial lifeform.

Kyle: *holds up the memory-wiper from MIB2, and uses it on Mel* Now he remembers nothing of Tonic's head. Plus I have just sent it through Chaos Rift, totally obliterating it. All fixed!

(Danny falls to his knees)

Danny: The Savior of the Mimics is an artificial life form that a mind wiper from Men In Black? No, focus Danny. He couldn't be the Mimic Master, the one who mimics from sight alone.

Mel: *shakes head, then looks at Danny* What is he talking about?

???: " know nothing of Chaos Rift.."

Danny: No. I need proof before I will delude myself to believe that the Mimic Master is but an artificial child!

Ryu: What kind of proof?

Pachirisu: Chipa!


Danny: Well, proof of his mimic abilitys. I have to touch someone to mimic them, but he must be able to be able to mimic FROM SIGHT ALONE for me to say he is the Mimic Master.

(Ryu-What are we gonna do about this RP now that Kagi's gone...?)

(Chembur: one day, he will return, but until that day comes, this Rp can be kept on Hold, just like the Troll Wars)

(Just doing some stuff towards Project Reaper - FF)

(Meanwhile, with the Trolls)

Rageik: Is it true that the mimic has returned?

Toxic: Yes, lord Rageik.

Rageik: Exclent! With his DNA, we can finally execute phase 3 of Project Reaper...

(back with the others)

(Kagi: Alright, I'm here everybody.)
(Sweet! I'll detail Project Reaper: Matt the Hedgehog is in a coma, with a DNA condition. With the Mimic's DNA, they can transform him to Matt the Mimic. He appears, fights Mel and the others, loses, somehow has the DNA start seperating, so they combine him with Mel's DNA from blood that was spilt, transforming Matt again by combining him with machenery and other gear to create a being known only as Reaper. - FF)
(Ryu-Can we still use my idea with the oil spill?)
(Probably, it just means that they need to get Danny's DNA at some point. - FF)
(Kagi: Gonna have to deny Project Reaper. Blocked or not, Matt is still Sonichog's character. I'm not gonna use or degrade someone's character without their permission. As for the oil spill, if you can find a location for it, then it's clear.)
(Ryu-(To Flash) Can't we just use a different Troll? (to Kagi) Good. All we need is a large body of water and a reason to go there!)
(Kagi: Sorry Flash, I just wouldn't feel right about it.)
(Ryu-Oh yes, and when they get to the lake, can Abraham and soem G.U.N soldiers appear after our heroes meet Linebeck?)
(Ah well, yes, I can use a different troll. The true Reaper shall remain Matt (A different Matt, based off the original but my version) - FF)
(Kagi: 'Bout time we got back to the actual RPing.)

Statyx: *notices Danny talking to Ryu, with Mel hiding behind her. Walks over* Hey, what's going on?

Hali: (points to Danny) Who's that guy?

Danny: Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Daniel Taikus, but my friends call me Danny. I'm a member of the Mimics, a group that mimic people's powers and abilities by touch throughout every dimension to use to protect people from Trolls. I was told in the future that there is a Mimic who can copy an attack by viewing it, a very rare technique known only by a handful of beings called Mimic Masters. I'm seeking this Mimic Master, as well as a few others.

Hali: Mimic-wait-...what?!

J: Great. We got trouble on our hands.

Statyx: *expression becomes serious* And what would you want with Mel?

Danny: I thought he looked lost. And...he reminded me son. I was sealed in a crystal for 200 years about 20 years ago, but my son disappeared before then. I came back in time for help fighting Iblis who has returned...and to try to find him.

Statyx: What reason do I have to believe you?

(Shima looks at Danny with an untrusting look)

Danny: There's a giant fire crystal with a hedgehog sealed within it near Soleanna and the place where Solaris was defeated. I'm within it. Also, here. (closes his eyes and focuses. A small needle appears. Danny grabs it with telepathy and takes his own blood, before handing it to Statyx) I've heard of you, Statyx, isn't it? I know you could get GUN to examine that sample and tell you whether I'm a troll or not, whether some DNA similar to mine is in their databases...if they've seen my son. If not, I shall reject this reality and substitute my own.

(Kagi: ......Whut?)
(Danny has been to different dimensions...including a version of reality. He loves quoting other things. Also, he has time sight, so he knows the happenings of the 200 years he's been unconscious. He's also semi-insane, but as he gets used to the time period he's in, he adapts. - FF)
(Kagi: ........???)
(Don't ask. I can't explain him fully myself - I based him off a friend of mine. - FF)

Statyx: O-kay? Now what do you want with Mel?

Danny: Mel? Is that the little boy before me? I thought he was lost. I wanted to help him.

Statyx: No, I mean what do you want with Mel and his copying powers?

(Danny falls to his knees)

Danny: At first, I wanted help. Now, I want forgiveness. When I saw the possibility was a young child, I thought about training him, but you are doing a good job. I..I'm sorry. I'll leave you to it... (Danny leaves, not knowing he was walking towards the trolls)

Hali: Poor guy...

Will: Who was that guy? And, secondly, who's the little kid?

Part 3

Statyx: Will!? When did you get here!?

Will: I was sneaking up on that guy with the others, after watching a decent size group of trolls get chased by Kotuumath in the direction he's walking in.

Statyx: *worried tone* Kotuumath? Trolls? Ohhhh boy...

Will: Yeah, I'm worried for that guy. He looked pretty beat up.

Statyx: He can handle himself. I'm worried about Mel. *looks at Mel and the others* Neither Kotuu nor the Trolls would be a very good influence.

Shima: Yeah...Kotuu's a nice guy, but his power...If Mel sees him..(shakes head)

Will: Well, that is true. Most of the trolls are harmless, but if that brawl comes over here, might be some stuff the kid doesn't want to hear or see. Still, why are you so protective of this kid? Your cousin or nephew or son or brother or something?

Ryu: Here we go again...

Pachirisu: Chipa?

J: I think Statyx's mood is about to change...

Statyx: *sighs* Yes. Long story short, Mel is the newest ultimate lifeform created by G.U.N. He is able to copy absolutely any attack he sees, and can be very impressionable. I don't want him anywhere near the living slaughterhouse that is Kotuumath, or the Trolls.

Ryu: Ugh...imagine if he copied any Troll abilities...

Statyx: Ryu, please, don't make me imagine him copying "you know what".

Ryu: Whoops. (starts shaking had vigorously) GET OUT OF MY HEAD, DIRTY THOUGHT!!

Statyx: Exactly.

(Kagi: Now that would be RP shutdown disgusting.)

J: [gets up] There is one technique I want to show Mel, Statyx. Does he know Close Combat?

Statyx: No he doesn't J. And I'd like to avoid him learning moves like for now.

J: All right. [sits back down] Right now, let's stay on high alert about what this Danny guy mentioned...

(Ryu stops shaking her head. Her hair is now a mess and her glasses are askew.)

(Ryu-Sooo.....lake naow?)

Shima: Thought out of your head now?

Ryu; Yes.

(Ryu-Check out my crack pairing!)

Statyx: Good.

Ryu: (Straightens glasses) So, what now?

Will: Well, someone needs to get the kid outta here, while some of the others need to get go stop the Trolls from following them, and others have to fight those trolls. I call troll-smashing!

Ryu: Just as long as Kotuu doesn't kill 'em all first...

Will: Well, wouldn't he be focusing on that single yellowish one with the...attraction... towards him?

Ryu: Tonic? After he killed Tonic, he'd pick off the rest

Will: Then I have plenty of time. I can hear Tonic still yelling.

Tonic: (From a distance away) AAAAUUUUUGH!!

Ryu: Oh boy, here come the Trolls. Statyx, maybe we can take Mel on a walk...?

Will: I'll delay them. Get him outta here!

Ryu: Right.

(Will and the others run after Danny. A split second later, Tonic is seen flying through the air towards Ryu. Will performs a startlingly fast Jump Kick and sends Tonic flying right back...then Kotuumath catches Tonic in his mouth like a dog.)

Tonic: I love being in you... (Larry blasts Tonic's hand)

Larry: GROSS!

(Danny was attempting to incinerate a large group of Trolls with his pyrokinesis. With one swift shake of his head, Kotuumath snaps Tonic's spine. He drops the dying troll to the ground.)

Statyx: Uh, Mel, how's about we go for a walk?

Mel: *still holding Pachirisu* Why?

Ryu: Uh...because there's a very pretty lake near here! You'd love it!

Maddy: Yeah! (To Statyx and Ryu) I think the boys will enjoy themselves a little too much in that brawl...

Statyx: I just wish I could join 'em. I'd love to do some perv-blasting.

Mel: ???

Shima: Mind if me and Hali come along...?

Ryu; Not at all. Let's hurry up and go before Monster Man over there gets too into the Troll-smashing...

Statyx: Right.

Mel: But I don't want to go.

Ryu: Why not?

Shima: Aww, c'mon! It'll be great!

Mel: But why do we have to go?

Ryu; Becaaaauuuuuuuuse....(to Statyx) *whispering* What do I say?!

Statyx: *whispering* I don't know! Whenever I say we have to go somewhere, he just follows suit.

Ryu; *whispering* Then you say that we have to go somewhere!

Statyx: *whispering* I don't think that'll work.

Ryu; *whispering* Then what do we do? I don't want Mel to see that! (points to Kotuumath, who is seen snapping Solar's neck)

Statyx: *whispering* Allow me. *Chaos Controls behind Kotuumath, and taps on his back* Excuse me.

Kotuumath: HOLY-(turns around)-oh...I thought you were one of those troll scum.

Statyx: *blasts a troll that tries to jump Kotuumath from behind* No, I am not a Troll. However, I do have an issue with you.

Kotuumath: What did I do?!

Statyx: You see, I am in the company of a very impressionable young child. *points at Mel, who hasn't yet noticed the battle* And I am afraid that your... "fighting style" could potentially be very scarring for him.

Kotuumath: My fighting style...? Oh, you mean the neck-snapping and stuff...

Statyx: Neck-snapping, head crushing, tearing off limbs; none of those are very appropriate for a young child to see.

Kotuumath: I should I do? Lead the trolls away from here?

Statyx: No no, you can still kick their butts, I just don't want you mutilating, dismembering, or maiming them in front of the kid, 'kay?

Kotuumath: .....but that isn't very fun...

Statyx: Would you prefer to be responsible for the mental scarring of a young child?


Statyx: Then tone it down.

Kotuumath: Fine...(kicks a nearby Troll)

Statyx: Thank you. Also keep the foul language to a minimum, okay?

Kotuumath: I wasn't swearing!

Statyx: Just saying.

Kotuumath; Alright, fine. I'll go PG on the trolls.

Statyx: Thank you.

Ryu: Are we going to the lake or not?

Statyx: *chaos controls back to Mel and the others* No need. Kotuumath's gonna go PG on the Trolls.

Ryu; Oh, good. :)

J: Cool.

Desert Hawk: [arrives at the lake with the others] So this must be the lake, right?

(Poison goes sailing past them.)

Kotuumath: TOUCHDOWN!!

Will: Beautiful kick! Wait, where'd the mimic guy go?

Danny: Here. (Danny stood in an area where the trolls weren't, or at least, weren't at that moment) The dumb trolls took my DNA and ran...what do they need that for?

Kyle: *teleports him, Kotuumath, and a random troll to the middle of nowhere* There. Now that that kid can't see us, watch this! (uses Chaos Mayfly on a troll, ripping it to shreds, teleports them back) Was that move in your line of interest?

Kotuumath: OMG YES!! I WANT TO DO THAT!! :D

Kyle: Soo-ry. Only Chaos Manipulators can do that. But... we could come up with your OWN version...

Kotuumath: Yessssss!!

Kyle: What powers can you use?

Kotuumath: Hmmm...well, a lot.

Kyle: What is your favorite power then?

Kotuumath:'s hard to pick favorites, but Razor Wind is fun...

(Meanwhile, back with Danny and the others)

Danny: I must go and find out what the trolls need my DNA for. Live long and prosper. (Danny does the Vulcan salute and leaves. Will and Stave looks confused)

Kyle: Ciao, buddy. Now, Kotuu, I'm starting to see something here... What's your favorite element to use?

Kotuumath: Usually Fire, but sometimes Dark or Electricity...

Kyle: Okay, how about you trap the opponent with fire somehow, or electricity, or darkness, or whatever, then fire off Razor Wind, cutting though them multiple times, then finish by doing a Screw Attack with your sword! (Screw Attack = Culring into a ball, sword like a fin, then spinning, cutting through target like buzzsaw)

Kotuumath: Awesome!!

Kyle: What element do you think would work best?

Kotuumath: Oh! I was thinking of using Fire Spin to trap them first!

Kyle: Awesome! And how about after the Screw Attack, you finish with a giant sword slash, cutting the opponent's remains in half!

Kotuumath: Yeah!!

Will: Uh, you guys need someone to kill? I have an idea... (Will Chaos Controls out, before reappearing with Tonic in a bubble of Chaos Energy. The bubble shattered instantly)

Kyle: (Chaos Controls Kotuu, Will, himself, and Tonic to the middle of nowhere) Go on, show Will what we made up! We'll call it... "Dragon Aether!"

Tonic: Sounds sexy! :3

Kotuumath: Now!! (uses Fire spin to trap Tonic)

Tonic: Ooooh...hotness!

Kotuumath: (Begins to charge energy into his wings, then flaps his wings, releasing countless blades of wind, which tear through Tonic)


(Kotuumath then leaps into the air, and spins, with his sword out like a fin. He slashes into Tonic, cutting him in half. Kotuumath then slashes Tonic again, turning him into kibble.)

Kyle: Aw, yeah. Dragon Aether is go!

Kotuumath: That was awesome!!

Will: Scweet!

Kotuumath: Soo.....what now?

Kyle: Umm... (more trolls fall from the sky) Let's see how it works on multiple opponents!!!

Will: I can demonstrate my ultimate combo, the Inferno Lancer!

Kotuumath: Right, we'll split the Troll group into three, then have at 'em!

Will: Fine by me!

Kyle: Can I demonstrate my most powerful move first? With my group of targets.

Kotuumath: Okay.

Will: Go 'head.

Kyle: Chaos... STARSTORM!!! (Meteors made of Chaos Energy rain from the sky, crushing Trolls and sending them flying)

Will: If Mel's watching this, Statyx will kill us...but who cares?

Kotuumath: Yeah...this'll be so worth it!

Will: Kotuu? You want to go next, or shall I?

Kotuumath: You can go next.

(Ryu-I g2g anyways.)

Will: Ok then... (He closes his eyes, then forms a claw with his right hand, raising it. A 'cage of fire surrounds his set of Trolls) This is the strongest non-Sharingan technique I use regularly. Here. We. GO! (Will races in, his arms moving so fast they were blurs, striking each troll so fast they couldn't move to dodge a single punch. Will jumped backwards, before charging a Chidori and racing in and through, impaling all the Trolls with a single move. Will staggered, before regaining his balance) Whoa, that takes it out of you.

Kotuumath: Cool...

(Suddenly, they spot a brown fox walking by to the others.)

Kotuumath: Who's that?

???: [sees the others] Huh?

Kotuumath: (Waves at the stranger) Hi!

Johnny: [waves back to Kotuumath] I'm Johnny D. the Fox, but I can be called as Johnny. So who you might be?

Kotuumath: I'm Kotuumath, every Troll's worst nightmare!

Johnny: "Trolls"? If they must be one of the bad guys, then they're just begging to get their butts whooped!

Kotuumath: Yes! Like so! (performs the Dragon Aether attack on his group of Trolls)

Johnny: Cool! [to everyone else, besides Kotuumath] So who are you guys anyway?

(JMB-Johnny does'nt know who they are, besides Kotuumath)

Will: I'm Will the Echidna: Son of Knuckles and swordsman!

Kyle: I'm Kyle the Hedgehog, former human, inventor, and explosive mainiac

J: I'm J the Hedgehog, expert racing driver and mechanic.

Kyle: BWAAH! When did you get here?

J (telepathy): Figue I'd use telepathy on Johnny to introduce myself.

Kyle: That's not explaining how you got here, when I teleported us to the middle of nowhere!

(J then dissapears, seemingly made a mistake of appearing out of nowhere)

Kyle: ...o_0

Johnny: Guess he must've broke the 4th wall...

Kyle: Meh, I'm not worried. I've broken the 5th, 6th, and 7th walls. That's hard to do.

Will: Wait, there's a seventh wall? Weird...

Kyle: There's a lot more walls than you can imagine, and I've broken every single one of them.

Johnny: Wow. That's pretty unique. [sees his tail wagging and hugs it]

(JMB-Johnny has a strange habit of hugging his own tail.)

Kyle: Umm...

Johnny: [to Kyle] Huh? [looks at his tail and he seems to be hugging it] Oh. [let's go of his tail] Sorry. I seem to have a weird habit of hugging my own tail.

Kyle: S'okay. I do things a lot weirder. Like this, for example. I AM SPOONBENDER!!! (pulls out a fork, stares at it, nothing happens)

Kotuumath: -the hell?

Johnny: Hmmmm.... [looks at the fork] Lemme try this one, Kyle...

Kyle: Nah, I'm good. Say, have you ever tried Fizzer?

Johnny: "Fizzer"?

Kyle: Lemon Lime cordial watered down with Soda Water?

Johnny: No... but I assume its a cool drink.

Kyle: It's as bitter as a bunch of cats wearing lemons!

Johnny: I gotta try that one...

Kotuumath: Ugh...I hate bitter things!

Kyle: But the best energy drink of all time? The one I invented. It's quite sweet.

Johnny: Kewl.

Kotuumath: Energy drink? I don't need no stinkin' energy drink.

Johnny: Heh. Me neither, because I can do this! [materializes a fireball from his right hand and he throws it up high in the air, then opens his mouth widely and he swallows his fireball]

Kotuumath: Now try to breathe fire.

Johnny: [blows up in the air and breathes huge fire in the air (which can be seen miles away)] Hoo yeah.

Kotuumath: Oh yeah? Watch this. (he rears back, and spits out a massive stream of fire, as big as Johnny's)

Johnny: [sees a huge stream of fire] HOLY MOLY! That is HUGE!!

Kotuumath: Why thank you. Yours was the same size as mine, though...

Will: So? I can do one way better! (Will takes in a deep breath, then lets out a massive beam of fire in the shape of a dragon)

Kotuumath: (Not wanting to be outdone, he breathes another massive stream of fire; it collides with Will's fire dragon)

Will: HEY! My Dragons Tongue!

Johnny: [sees two fires collide each other] Wooowww....

(Meanwhile, with Danny)

Danny: The trolls went this way. If I follow them, then I should find their base...and be able to eliminate it.

(Danny slunk stealthily after the trolls, watching as they suddenly Chaos Controlled away.)

Danny: Crud. I can follow them though... (Danny Chaos Controls after them, sensing where their power went) Wait a minute, this is a hospital. WHY THE HECK AM I IN A HOSPITAL? (He walks around a corner, only to see a large group of trolls, including a black and red echidna, a bright green hedgehog in doctors clothes and A white hedgehog in a coma in the hospital bed) Crap. Looks like one of them is dying. Ear of the Dragon! (Flare's ear becomes more dragon-like, and his hearing becomes increased enough to hear the trolls talk)

Annie: How is he?

Bubonic: Fine, fine. The DNA is being accepted, but it's going very slowly. Everything I did wasn't enough to speed it up at all.

Rageik: Not GOOD enough, Bubonic. I want him awake, and I want him awake NOW!

Bubonic: Sir, the minimum remaining time is at least three hours, but premium chances require another six atop of that. (Rageik growls but doesn't comment)

(Back with the others)

Maddy: So, Ryu, Statyx, What's so special about Mel?

Statyx: Tell me Maddy, have you ever heard of "Emerl"?

Part 4

Maddy: Bits and pieces from my parents, nothing substantial.

Statyx: You heard about his powers, right?

Maddy: Yeah, I heard that. He copied people's powers.

Statyx: That would be Mel's powers, which far expand upon Emerl's.

Maddy: So, if I used any technique...

Statyx: Pretty much.

(Then, Kyle, Johnny and Kotuumath return.)

Johnny: [sees Ryu, J Statyx and all the others] Hey. I'm Johnny D. the Fox, but I can be called Johnny. So you guys must be?

Ryu: I'm Ryushu.

(Will arrives a split second later)

Maddy: I'm Maddy. My full name...well...Only Will knows that one.

(Maddy reaches out to touch Mel, but he shies away.)

Maddy: Aw, come on little guy. I just want to show you a new technique. (To Statyx and Ryu) Is it ok if I teach him my Water of Life technique? I mean, it is designed to heal.

Ryu: (To Statyx) Yeah! That'd be a good technique for him to learn!

Johnny: Hm? [tilts his head, looks at Mel, who is shy] Who is he?

(Maddy turns to face Will, who was staggering slightly.)

Maddy: You drained yourself, and twisted your ankle, huh?

Will: Pretty much...

Maddy: Fine. Mel, come here. I'm going to teach you how to heal. (Maddy pulls out a bottle of water and pours some into her hands, forming the water around them to form two gloves of water. She faces Mel expectantly)

Mel: *looks at Maddy with piqued curiousity*

(Maddy presses her water-covered hands against Will's ankle, reliving pain and repairing damaged bone and flesh. Within a minute, Will could walk)

Maddy: It works with any kind of clean water, so as long as it's either clear or blue, it will work. Now, try it. (Maddy summons her mum's hammer and smashes it into Will's leg, undoing all her good work)

Kyle: Ooh! That had to hurt! And you do realise he is probably going to copy that?

Maddy: Oh, crap. Still, it would have hurt worse if I reversed the technique, but still. (Maddy offers Mel the bottle of water as Will glares at her, shouting muffled curses)

Statyx: *facepalms* Really bad move Maddy. Observe.

Mel: *takes the bottle, and then looks at Will's leg. He smiles, put's the bottle down, and then summons the hammer. He raises it over his head, aiming at Will's leg*

Johnny: [thinking] This kid's pretty impressive.

Ryu: Mel, no!!

Kotuumath: Whoa... O_o

Johnny: "Mel"?

Shima: (grabs Mel's arm that has the hammer) Mel, no!

J: Uh oh.

Desert Hawk: This is not going to be a good day.

(Maddy reached for a second bottle of water, but instead of coating her hands in it, held it in her hands, as if daring Mel to try to hit Will. Will, on the other hand, appeared to have fallen asleep. He was recharging enough energy to shield himself)

Mel: *looks at everyone confused/innocent/oblivious* But, I thought I was supposed to try and use this technique?

Shima: (still holding Mel's arm) Not to hurt people. Use it on, um...(looks around)

Maddy: Use the healing technique on Will's leg, and use the hammer technique on that rock. (Maddy points towards a boulder) One hit should split it in two.

Mel: Ohhhhhh, okay. *takes the hammer to the boulder, reducing the boulder to rubble*

Maddy: Nicely done. Now, are you going to try the healing technique?

Kyle: Or do we get to see more stuff get smashed to pieces?

Shima: (to Kyle) Don't give him any ideas!!!

Desert Hawk: Scanning...

Johnny: [looks at Mel curiously] You know, for such a shy kid, he's got special powers of his.

Ryu: Yes. Yes he does.

Shima: And I would not want to get in the way of those special powers...

Kotuumath: Hmm...special powers, eh?

Kyle: Aww... I wanna see stuff get smashed...

Desert Hawk: [drives off to find something, with its roof lights on] Scanning for unknown...

J: Huh? [follows Desert Hawk]

(Then, the Desert Hawk's roof lights catch Xilax, Shima and Hali's father!)

J: [sees Xilax] Uh oh...

Desert Hawk: Enemy target found. [shifts into reverse and speeds off to escape Xilax] We must warn the otehrs, J.

J: Yeah! [jumps onto the roof of the Desert Hawk aas it speeds off to regroup witht he others]

Xilax: (sees J and the Desert Hawk) Hey! Get back here!! (chases after them)

J: [sees Xilax] Oh crap! Do something, Desert Hawk!

Desert Hawk: On it. [deploys really sticky oil from underneath it, hoping that Xilax can end up getting stuck from the sticky oil]

(Xlax gets his foot stuck in the oil)

Xilax: What?! Oh, come ON! (tries to get his foot free)

J: YES! That'll hold him off!

Desert Hawk: Indeed.

(However, they are suddenly stopped by The Trolls!)

J: Great. Trolls...

Desert Hawk: They will not make me pull over. [floors it and it goes faster]

(The Desert Hawk runs over Toxic, Tonic, Bubonic, Putty, and the rest of The Trolls as J and the Desert Hawk regroups with the others)

(JMB-is anybody RPing the Trolls after they just got ran over by J's trophy truck?)

(Back with the others...)

Pachirisu: Chipa?

Mel: *takes the water, and mimics Maddy's water healing ability perfectly, fully healing Will's leg*

(Comically, Pachirisu pulls a pair of pom-poms out of hammerspace and begins to cheer for Mel.)

Mel: *looks at Pachirisu and smiles*

Pachirisu: Chipa! ^^

Mel: *walks over to Pachirisu, picks it up, and hugs it*

Ryu: Hmmmm...Mel?

Mel: Yeah?

Ryu: How would you like to keep Pachirisu?

Mel: Huh!? Really!? *holds Pachirisu tightly*

Ryu: Yes. I can tell she loves you, and that you love her. Besides, it'd be good for you to have a companion.

Statyx: Whoa Ryu. You sure that's a good idea? Mel's no Pokemon trainer.

Ryu: Maybe not, but he's old enough to be one, if he wants to. Pachirisu's a good choice for a starter. Besides, look at how much they love each other.

Statyx: *looks at Mel cuddling Pachirisu* Well, they certainly have bonded.

Ryu: (Pulls out Pachirisu's Pokeball and hands it to Mel) I know you'll take good care of her, Mel.

Mel: ...Th-thanks Ryu!! *hugs Ryu*

Ryu: Aww, you're welcome! ^^

Pachirisu: Chipa!! (nuzzles Mel)

Ryu: And Pachirisu, you're going to take care of Mel, right?

Pachirisu: *nods* Pachipa!

Mel: And I'll make sure to take extra great care of Pachirisu! Thanks again Ryu!

Ryu: Yup! ^w^

Kotuumath: Aww...that's so sweet! ^^

Statyx: Well, okay I guess...

(Then, J and the Desert Hawk and J's trophy truck was covered with dents from running over the Trolls)

[A stop sign is seen being held by a VS Corpsman. Suddenly, VS Corpsmen land on the Desert Hawk with Nano-Dispensers.]

J and Desert Hawk: What the--??

(Will gets up, stretching.)

Will: Woah! Mel, that was magnificent! Just as good as Maddy! Oh yeah, can you copy Super forms and such?

(Back with Danny...)

Danny: Hmmm, obviously the white hedgehog is some sort of project. I should hang around and see what...AHHH! (Larradonic and Sam stood in front of Danny)

Larradonic: Well, well, well. Looks like we got ourselves a recolor trying to break in. What'cha think of that, Sam?

Sam: Let ME take him to lord Rageik. That way, I further myself in his eyes, and you get nothing.

Larradonic: What?

Danny: Uh, I'm not a recolor...

Sam: You heard me, Larradonic. Rageik already likes you, so you get the cushy jobs. I want to be the same rank as Toxic.

Danny: Um...not to interrupt...

Larradonic: Sam, that's the stupidest thing you've ever said. Mac and Rageik keep tabs on you, while the other general, Toxic, insults you. You aren't going to be promoted.

Danny: Um, hello?

Sam: Well, screw you then! (Sam pulls a knife out of his pocket and stabs it into Larradonic's stomach, then grabs Danny and runs off to Rageik)

Larradonic: BASTARD!

(Back with the others)

Will: Hey, has anyone seen that Danny guy? He appears to have vanished.

Ryu: Umm.....

Kotuumath: Who?

(With J and Desert Hawk...)

Desert Hawk: [to VS Corpseman] Who are you and why did you stop me?

J: We gotta get back with Ryu and the others.

???: "We are Shahooter's men, please stay put for repairs."

J: Ummm.... okay.

Desert Hawk: If you say so. [shuts off its engine so it can't drive away]

???: "Okay, dents..."


???: "Fixed...We also shined your ride."

(With the trolls...)

Omni: Mine! I'll get the promotion! (kicks Sam in the head, then grabs Danny, runs towards Rageik, then gets flattened by a hammer)

Mary-Sue: MY promotion!

Sam: MINE! (Sam withdraws a dagger from nowhere, hurling it at Mary-Sue. He then Chaos Controlled over and grabbed Danny.)

(Suddenly, a foul stench invades the air!)

Sam: Uh-oh.

(Everyone starts gagging as Stinkwad grabs Danny and runs off!)

Stinkwad: The promotion will be MINE!

(Fire and Penny step into Stinkwad's way)

Fire: Stinkwad, how much damage do you think Bubonic and Rageik are going to do to you for using your gases in a HOSPITAL? Seriously, it's not healthy, and could affect you-know-who.

Stinkwad: Uhh.....

(Danny is suddenly snatched by the combined forces of Biggie McLargeHuge and Nightshade the Fox!)

Nightshade: Too slow, I'm afraid! Let's go, Biggie! My promotion awaits!

(The biggest hurdle was approaching. Guarding the door into the room was Volcain10 and Annie. Annie pulled hammer out, at the same time as Volcain10 started using his Ultra Spaz technique)

Nightshade: Oh no you don't! (uses Shadow Ball)

(SOMETHING leapt from the room with super-being speed and strength. It caught the Shadow Ball and crushed it.)

Rageik: Impossible! By putting a loved one into danger, the biomodification sped up nearly infinately and transformed him! Well, I better see the captive. Well done, Nightshade, Biggie.

Nightshade: Thank you, Master Rageik!

(Biggie gives Danny to Rageik. Rageik examines Danny for a while then laughs)

Rageik: Well, well, well, it's the DNA source for our success. (Rageik hands Danny back to Biggie) Put him into a private room, then inform the Moebian working on the Chip Launchers to get a DNA sample. This could make the chips more likely to affect those with strong immune systems! Amazing!

(Biggie nods stupidly, then stomps away.)

Nightshade: How much longer until the Project is completed, Master Rageik?

(The being which had leapt from the room raises his head to reveal Matt's face. One eye was intensely bloodshot, and that wasn't going down.)

Matt: I'm just off complete. Upon contact with more people, I shall gain more powers, and eventually be able to crush all recolors and claim this world for the Trolls!

(The Trolls cheer. Danny twitches in the bed he's in, slightly awakening.)

Omni and Mary-Sue: (grumbles)

???: "Hold it right there..."

[A slight laughing is heard.]

Nightshade: Who the-?

Silver Rival Battle

[A figure with sharped Sunglasses is seen.]

???: "You all are SO pathetic...when are you idiots going to realize that you'll always lose?"

Ghost: Who are ya?!

Tantrum: Lemme attim lemme attim!! I'll throw him in the meat grinder!!

???: "Meat Grinder eh? I can turn it into a pile of rusting bolts once you throw me in.."

[The figure takes his Sunglasses off. It appears to be a Wolf.]

(Other words, Cameron)

Tantrum: YOU'RE DEAD MEAT!! (tries to run at Cameron)

Nightshade: Biggie, detain.

(Biggie obediently grabs Tantrum's tails and holds him back. He comically continues to run in place.)

[Cameron smirks.]

Nightshade: How'd you get in here, eh, wolf?

[Cameron puts his sunglasses back on.]

Cameron: "Whatsitoya?"

[A Bolt hits Matt in the Neck.]

Nightshade: ACK! He's attacking Reaper! Biggie, release!

(Biggie obediently releases Tantrum, who dashes at Cameron, laughing maniacally.)

[Cameron unleashes a Temp-Mega combo on Tantrum.]

Cameron's thoughts: 'First Target: Crotch'

[Cameron kicks Tantrum in the crotch.]

Cameron's thoughts: 'Second Target: Ribs.'

[Cameron jabs Tantrum in the ribs.]

Cameron's thoughts: 'Third Target: Creptids.'

[Cameron punches Tantrum in the Stomach.]

Cameron's thoughts: 'Discombobulate.'

[Cameron slaps Tantrum's ears, stunning him.]

Tantrum: @_@

Trolls: *gasp*

Nightshade: Hmmm....he's tough.....Biggie!

Biggie: Duh?

Nightshade: Crush! (points at Cameron)

Biggie: D'okay! (lumbers at Cameron)

[Cameron jumps up and kicks Biggie with his legs. Biggie is sent flying onto Nightshade.]


Nightshade: *muffled screams of pain and rage*

[Cameron looks over at Ghost with an Antagonistic stare, he kicks the Stunned Tantrum with a Roundhouse in the face.]

Tantrum: WAAUUUGH!!

(Stinkwad arrive.)

Stinkwad: Hey guys, what'd I mi-(Tantrum crashes into him) UGH!!


Techpack: "High Level of gases spotted in perimeter, initializing Code 010."

[A Black Helmet is placed on Cameron]

Ghost: Grr.....(throws a Shadow Ball at Cameron)

[Cameron gets out his AMPs and fires, the Shadow Ball is dissipated by Holy Ammo.]

Cameron: "Too...much...WIN!"

Ghost: ?!

Solar: (Walks in) Hey guys, what's go-(sees Cameron) RECOLOR!! (pulls out Vixen and begins to fire at Cameron)

[Cameron jumps up, making the bullets miss, he fires his AMPs at Solar, pelting him with Holy Bullets.]

Toxic: [walks in; angrily] I'm gonna wish that this stupid truck of his wouldn't have ran me over!!

(Back with J and the Desert Hawk, they reunite with Ryu and the others)

J: Finally! We made it!

Desert Hawk: Indeed J. The trolls were nothing but pests.

Ryu: What happened?

J: We just saw Xilax inside the forest, but the Desert Hawk managed to stop him.

Desert Hawk: Not only that, I had to run over some of the Trolls standing in our way, even though I received damage.

(Back with Cameron and the trolls)

Cameron: "Rrrofl...wait a sec..."

[Cameron looks at Toxic...]

Cameron: [coldly] "You...I'll bite your face until it's torn off!"

Toxic: Make me, wolf-boy!

[Cameron snarls and lets out a rather lupine-like laugh, he leaps on Toxic, biting out his eye and spitting it out..making the Trolls' Morale look destroyed because now that Cameron has bested most of the ones in the room.]

???: ENOUGH!!

(Cameron is hit by a Chaos Blast attack. He goes flying.)

[Cameron snarls, hitting the wall, but he starts to let out the laugh again, he seems to have absorbed the Chaos Blast with the assistance of something, he fires his AMPs at the Speaker.]

???: Hmph...pitiful.

[He then gets out a Device...those weren't bullets, they're Holy Mines! He lets out an evil grin. He clicks it, making the Speaker get hit by Holy Magic.]

(The Speaker is Rageik?)


(Then that deals High Damage)

Rageik: ARRGH!! (blasts Cameron) Insolent fool!!

[Cameron absorbs it again, he seems to have an Amplifier, the AMPs fire a lot faster now!]

(Chaos Power Helmets rule!)

(Rageik then hits Cameron with Fire Blast, and he cannot absorb it.)

[Cameron's fur ignites on fire, but his Techpack beeps and releases Extenguisher Cream. The Detonator releases the Holy Mines, pelting him with more Holy Magic!]

(Ironically, there's a lot of things burning, Cameron's Fur is scorching, Vixin is burning, and the explosion of the mines and Rageik's Skin is burning from the Holy Magic.)

Rageik: That's it...OUT!!

(He teleports Cameron away, then blocks the Moon Base so that only trolls can get in or out.)

[He seems to have set a LOT of mines of the ground..this'll prove to be a thorn in the side for Rageik.]

Rageik: Grrr...PUTTY!!

(Putty Chaos Controls in.)

Putty: Master rang for Putty?

Rageik: Get rid of these mines!!

Putty: Yes sir! (turns into an indestructible ball and rolls over all the mines, detonating them while Rageik uses Chaos Shield to protect himself)


(Back with Statyx and the others...)

Ryu: So.....what now?

J: At least Xilax is out of our way.

Desert Hawk: Indeed, J. He's nothing but trouble.

Johnny: Who's Xilax?

Ryu: Urgh...a sociopathic jerk!

Johnny: Wow. So this Xilax guy is pretty bad, huh?

J: Indeed. But he's out of our way.

Desert Hawk: And he won't harm us.

Ryu: So, Mel, what do you want to do now?

Mel: Um....

???: "Hey guys!"

[There's a Plusle and Minun on the Wolf's Shoulders.]

Ryu: Huh?

[It appears to be Cameron, he takes off his Nova Sunglasses.]

Johnny: [wonders who he is]

Cameron: "Now, who is this fellow?"

J: [points to Mel] His name is Mel.

Cameron: "I see...Mel..nice to meet you.."

[Cameron puts out his ungloved hand for a shake, there's a couple scars on it.]

(Meanwhile, with Danny...)

Danny: I've got to warn the others that there's a new uber-powered Troll on the loose! CHAOS CONTROL! (Danny emerges in Soleanna) What?! What am I doing here?! Ok, let's try again. CHAOS CONTROL! (Danny emerges in Central City, panting) Wow, this is harder than it looks. Once more, focusing on Kyle this time. CHAOS CONTROL! (Danny finally warps straight into the center of the group of people, collapsing with loss of breath.)

Ryu: Oh, there he is.

Kotuumath: Is that "Danny"?

Johnny: "Danny"?

J: Yup.

(Danny struggles to breath, but points towards his leg. Maddy uses her healing abilities to remove a small microchip from Danny's leg. As soon as it was removed, Danny sat up.)

Danny: Thanks. The Trolls are working on a couple of massive projects. The first one is the microchips, with specially designed Microchip guns called Chip Launchers. Two kinds of chip: positive and negative. Positive can make people transform, or at least power them up a fair bit. Negative can cause diseases, the Gender Switch, loss of forms and, for females, pregnancy with the child of one of the trolls. The second project was called Project: Reaper. I saw it. It's active. It's Matt. He's got some new abilities, and he's moving....differently. Almost as if he's holding something back. I don't trust this.

(Mark One Reaper status: Active)

Statyx: "Matt"?

(Kagi: Oh boy. You plan on using that pregancy bit here? Cause that may be a bit too much.)
(Don't worry. I got it covered. - FF)

Danny: Of course, Matt would have lain low until now. He was a reasonably low-level troll, born about 15 years ago. He quickly became a powerful Troll member, just below the Generals, Mac and Toxic upon Toxic's promotion. Matt is one of the most vicious Trolls, thinking he's unique because he wears pants and such. (Danny hunts around in the light jacket he wears, not fearing pricking himself on the microchip) This is one of the Pregnancy chips, I found it in the future. It won't affect males, but Tails should be able to make a counter, or at least another chip to make theirs useless. Anyway, I'd watch out for them. Matt's replaced his pants for a robe of sorts. He's a massive threat, but still......They said something about my DNA being used with him... That might be a problem.

(Ryu turns pale upon hearing the word "Pregnancy Chip".)

Kyle: Unless we unleash the ultimate troll killing weapon upon them! I made it last week. It's called the "ATMSRU". That's Anti Troll Matter Spontaneous Release Unit. It'll kill every troll in a one hundred kilometre radius, leaving us with not a speck of dust on us!

Kotuumath: Aww, that takes all the fun out of Troll killing...

Danny: Won't work. Matt has my DNA within him, and there is no real defining feature of trolls a weapon of that style could locate, and the individual species is generally hedgehog, so a weapon of species would wipe all of us out...however, if I could get one of the more 'explosive' chips, would you reverse-engineer it for us?

Kyle: One, with my eyes closed, and two, this thing will totally splatter anything recolored from a mile away!

Danny: Won't kill all of them. They'll just transform, and most of their forms aren't recolors. Also, Kyle, what about us? Most of us have clothes which is all that makes us not recolors. Will's classed as a recolor, even though he has a jacket. Ronan is, but he's not here. It's too risky.

(Knuckles runs up)

Knuckles: Guys! The trolls are here! They're at Glyphic Canyon, and practically tearing it down! There's more than I remember, and they have some weird new powers and members.

Will: Statyx, you know what to do. How are we going to do this with the 'kid' around? (Will gestures towards Mel)

Ryu: I won't let the Trolls get within a mile of Mel!

Will: Then keep him away from Glyphic Canyon. Kotuu, want to lead the charge? Be the first of us to smash Matt into the ground?

Kotuumath: (His longsword materializes in his left claw; he runs a finger down its nicked blade) You've read my mind. (grins viciously)

???: "Hold it right there..."

[It appears to be Shahooter.]

Shahooter: "If anyone is killing that Psycho, it's me! I killed his wretched Parents for giving birth to him!"

[Shahooter's eyes his Warlock Energies are in full-course.]

Danny: Of course. Although, he has my DNA, so he will be stronger...

Will: Meh, it's Matt. He's a fool. He and his 'legion' plus the regular Trolls won't be a problem.

Danny: Well, I'm coming. If it comes to being that one of us has to kill him, at least I can cause my DNA to be suppressed within him. Maybe even make his body reject it.

J: [sees Shahooter's eyes, which is black] Whoa...

Desert Hawk: He looks powerful.

Johnny: So who's he? [points to Shahooter]

Shahooter: "I'm the owl who saved your ass..."

Johnny: [gets an idea] You're Shahooter!

Shahooter: "Cooooooorect."

Kotuumath: Well......I call dismembering Tonic.

Shahooter: "My Magic will dismember Matt limb from limb, I'll DeathWatch him, and make him suffer for eternity!"

Danny: If that even works, these chips might have an affect on that, but we'll see.

Will: I call finishing off Larry. He annoys me. Try not to kill Emily though, she's less troll ever since she got pregnant....with Vic's kids.

Knuckles: Emily wasn't there.

Will: Forget that then.

(You can't 'kill' Matt yet, he's going to 'die', but I want him to become the Reaper from Fury of the Elemental Gods then fight Mel. Shahooter can finish him, and Danny can cut off the DNA, but Matt must be slightly alive - FF)


Kaizer: [wandering around in the forest] Uncle J! Where are you?

Vertigo: Yeah! Stop playing hide and go seek! We know you're good at it!

Kaizer: Man, we're lost!

Vertigo: 'Way to go, map boy! You just afforded the most worthless map EVER!

Kaizer: Hey, buying the map was your idea, cloud boy!

Vertigo: Yet you're the one who does ALL the spending with my cold hard cash, DUH!!

Kaizer: Wuutever! We still gotta find Uncle J while we still can! [out loud] Uncle J! Where are you?!

Vertigo: Olly-olly-oxen free!!

(Back with Danny and the others, Kotuumath's hyper-keen ears pick up the sound of Kaizer and Vertigo arguing.)

Kotuumath: Hey! You guys hear that?

Kyle: Yeah... I'll go find out who it is. (vanishes, reappears right behind Vertigo and Kaiser) BOO!

Johnny: Yeah...

J: [moves his head side to side nervously] ...

Vertigo and Kaizer: [sees Kyle by surprise] AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! IT'S THE BOOGEYMAN!!!!!!

Danny: I'm thirsty. (Danny uses the Disturbia technique to create a bottle of Coca-cola, necking the bottle)

(Suddenly, a giant thunder crash is heard, surprising everyone)

Part 5

Vertigo and Kaizer: [screams as he hears lightning] WAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! THE BOOGEYMAN IS HERE!!!!!!! [runs away from Kyle, only to run up with Ryu and the others]

J: [sees Vertigo and Kaizer, who are screaming] Awww crud.

Vertigo and Kaizer: [jumps onto J, who are panicked] SAVE US, J!!! THE BOOGEYMAN IS HERE TO EAT US!!!

J: [gets grabbed ahold tightly by Kaizer and Vertigo] Guh... Can't... [coughs] breathe...!

Kyle: Sorry J, I think I scared your little friends...

J: Calm down, you two! There's no such thing as a boogey man! Ugh.... [gets up] Sorry, guys. This is Kaizer, my nephew and Vertigo, my cousin.

(Suddenly, a giant thundercrash is heard!)


[Shahooter lets out a hiss, his forked tongue sticking out.]

Statyx: Excuse me people, but-! *points to Mel* We have an 8-year old child in our presence!! Has everybody forgotten that!?!?

Ryu: I haven't...

Johnny: [becomes deaf] OMG! There goes my hearing!

Desert Hawk: I am thankful that I am immune against ear-screeching noises.

J: I've never forgotten about Mel.

Kaizer and Vertigo: Who's Mel?

(Danny wanders off, so he's slightly out of view of the others. Suddenly, his head goes into his hands)

Danny: Kyle, do you sense that? Someone's coming, and they're emitting a lot of Chaos Energy... (Danny gets grabbed at the throat by a white hedgehog)

Matt: This is Matt. I found the Mimic, and he's with a group of recolors and edits. Shall I exterminate?

Mac (over radio): Wait for backup. These guys are skilled. Use your new Mimic powers to get their powers, then bring the Mimic to us!

(Back with the others, Kotuumath sniffs the air. He growls.)

Kotuumath: I smell trolls...

Johnny: Oh boy...

Kaizer and Vertigo: Trolls?! [panics]

(Kotuumath runs off towards the Troll scent. Ryu groans.)

Ryu: Better get Mel well out of earshot, Statyx...

(Matt sticks his head around the corner, seeing something about Mel that triggered his brain)

Matt: Mac, there's a kid with them, and it seems that he has something about him.

Mac: Grab him too then, then get him to us.

Matt: Rodger. (Matt knocks Danny out, then runs straight at Mel, leaping over Kotuumath with skill beyond any Troll seen yet.)

Kotuumath: What the-?! (pursues Matt, snarling) Get back here, scumbag!!

Ryu: (Sees Matt) Oh no...!! (hugs Mel to her body protectively)

(Before Matt can reach Mel, Statyx grabs Matt by the leg and throws him into a tree.)

Statyx: Bub, you picked the wrong kid to mess with!

J: Quick, Desert Hawk! We gotta protect Mel!

Desert Hawk: [opens up the window cover from the driver's side] We must take him to safety.

(Ryu jumps inside the Desert Hawk with Mel.)

Kotuumath: (To Statyx) Permission to rip out the Troll's spine?

J: [jumps onto the roof of the Desert Hawk] Let's go!

Desert Hawk: On it. [floors it (with Ryu, Mel, Kaizer and Vertigo inside) in order to escape Matt and the Trolls]

Statyx: Watch the language! *turn to Matt* Anyway, who is this guy?

Shahooter: "An.."

[Shahooter whispers "A**hole" to Statyx's Ear.]

Statyx: Not what I meant. I meant name, history, abilities, stuff I'd need to know if I'm gonna fight this guy!

Shahooter: "Matt the damn Hedgehog, used to be a so-called power hedgehog, I killed his parents because they were trolls, meaning he's one too."

Kotuumath: Can I at least rip off one of his limbs?

Shahooter: "I said I'LL be the one killing him, you can behead Tonic if you will."

[A Basilisk ATV comes out and lands on a Random Troll.]

Shima: Grrr... I HATE Trolls...

Statyx: Hold it.

Johnny: Huh?

[Cameron comes down from the Sky.]

Cameron: "Heheheh...sorry...that was me.."

Statyx: *takes a few steps foward* I don't know who this guy is, or what his deal is, but it doesn't really matter. My title is "The Ultimate Guardian": it's my job to protect the Ultimate Lifeforms, my family. This guy tried to hurt Mel, so I'm gonna be the one to take him down. *looks at the others, giving them a menacing glare* Got a problem with that?


Statyx: Thought not. Don't worry though, you aren't the only behemoth I can scare.

Kotuumath: *growl* What's that supposed to mean, eh?

Hali: What do we do about the trolls?

Kotuumath: I dunno 'bout you guys, but...(he shoulders his longsword)...I'm going Tonic Hunting.

???: Tonic Hunting, huh? Sounds like fun.

Matt: Ah yes, a Knuckles Clan member and the Ultimate Guardian, both here! This is the jackpot for a mimic! I'll take you all down! (Matt dives at Will and grabs his arm, coping all Will's abilities. Quickly, his hands sprouted retractable knuckle blades and he started getting control over a pair of Sharingan Eyes) I am Matt, once a pathetic base Troll, now the first Troll Mimic! I shall defeat all four of you with my skills!

Will: Careful, if he's got my Sharingans, then he has my Masenko Sharingans as well...

(The other trolls arrive from the other side, all ready to fight but none willing to get into Kotuumath's face.)

Statyx: Everyone stand back!! I'm taking him on one-on-one!

Kotuumath: (Salutes with his sword) Yer the boss. (turns to the other Trolls) Hello, tasty fleshbags...

Cameron: "Hello Fails.."

[Cameron was standing at the side of Kotuumath.]

Cameron: "Well, we'll make this fair, How 'bout a Skin fight?"

Kotuumath: You mean no weaponry?

Matt: Brave but foolish, Guardian. I have more than just what I've shown. (Matt closes his eyes, increasing his reflexes) I touch you, I get your powers. Then it's tactics that shall bring me down. Let this begin.

Statyx: *takes a fighting stance* Bring it!!

Johnny: [to Kotuumath, before facing the Trolls] This is going to be fun taking them Trolls down, right Kotuumath?

(Matt's stance blurs slightly as he moves, racing in with Chaos-enhanced Speed)

Johnny: [ears perk up] Hm?

Statyx: *cocky grin* Trying to fight me with Chaos Powers is a suicide move! *sends a blast of Chaos Energy at Matt*

(Matt flips through the blast, unleashing a massive combo of physical strikes through Chaos-enhanced reflexes)

Johnny: [looks behind (by moving his eyes to the side) and sees Matt absorbing Statyx's powers; thinking] Guess barbecuing Trolls won't be the smartest idea ever... [runs from the otehrs to find J, Desert Hawk and the others]

Statyx: *manages to block some of the blows, then grabs Matt* Making physical contact with me comes at a risk...! *electrocutes Matt*

Johnny: [thinking] J took that Mel kid and the others to safety... guess I'd better go with them. [runs to follow J, Desert Hawk and the others]

Cameron: "Ready to do this Kotuumath? Fang and Claw?"

[Cameron grins.]

Kotuumath: (Dematerializes his sword) Yeah!

Cameron: "Let's do this!"

[Cameron smashes a Wyrd to the ground, preventing EVERYONE (except Statyx and Matt) to use their Powers and Weapons.]

???: *smashes a trolls head into the ground* YES finally something fun to do *notices Cameron and Kotuumath* hey those guys might need some help over there *runs towards where they are*

(Back with the others...)

Vertigo: [looks a the Nitro button inside the Desert Hawk] Saaaayyyy I wonder what this button can do? [moves his finger torwards the button]

Ryu: Do not press that!!

Pachirisu: Chipa!

(Unfourtunately, Vertigo presses the Nitro button from J's trophy truck, the Desert Hawk, as the truck gains a lot of speed at 210 MPH.)

(SFX: BEEP! [after Vertigo presses the "nitro" button])

J: OMG!!! SLOW DOWN, DESERT HAWK!!! [hangs onto the roof lights]

Desert Hawk: That was not me!

Kaizer and Vertigo: [hangs on as the Desert Hawk goes fast from using Nitro] AAAIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!

Ryu: FFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEECK!! (pulls out a Pokeball) Mel, I'm sorry, but I need to bring out a scary Pokemon! (throws the Pokeball out the window) We need you now, Metagross!!


Metagross: Metaah!

Ryu: Psychic!! Hurry!!

(Metagross uses Psychic on the speeding Desert Hawk, trying to hold it in place. Eventually, the Desert Hawk's Nitro subsides, and Metagross releases it from Psychic.)

J: [growls and he looks down to see both Kaizer and Vertigo, while holding onto the truck's rollcage] Which one of you two pressed the wrong button?!

(Ryu points at Vertigo.)

Desert Hawk: Your cousin mistook my Nitro button for something else.

J: [growls and he pulls Vertigo out of his truck from the window] Vert, the Desert Hawk is NOT a toy! Even if it looks like a toy, it's a racing legend and I've worked so hard on making my own trophy truck back in Fow Toth Towh! You're lucky you didn't break anything, or you'll be in big trouble!

Vertigo: I sowwy, cousin! I sowwy!!

(Metagross stomps over to the others (yes, he stomps because he's very heavy.)

Kaizer: [mockingly at Vertigo] Ohhhhh you're in trouble, Vert!

Desert Hawk: [tightens its seatbelt on Kaizer] Stay out of it.

J: Yeah, Kai! I can't stand babysitting you two, especially when you end up getting yourselves into trouble!

Kaizer: [choking noises] Then what do you want me to say?! Them buttons are begging to be pressed!

Ryu: Well, you kids need to exercise some self-control.

Desert Hawk Exactly. You do not want to know if you kids mess up with my systems.

J: Yeah, especially since it took me months perfecting it.

Vertigo: [groans]

Kaizer: Oh fine, then! [crosses his arms, mumbles angrily]

J: Oh, and Vert? [throws Vert and he lands on Metagross] Don't mess with my truck again.

Vertigo: [lands on Metagross] Oh boy, a horsey!

J: Ugh... [facepalms]

Metagross: Meta.

Ryu: *thinking* There is no way in Hell that Metagross looks like a horse... >_>

Vertigo: [pretends to be a cowboy, and mistakes Metagross for a horse] YEE-HAW! Giddyap, lil' doggie!

(Metagross simply stands there. Back with the fight between Statyx and Reaper...)

Reaper: How subtle, electrocuting a cyborg. Well, this just means...(Reaper dives backwards, landing lightly, charging a very familiar one-handed attack)

Statyx: *grins* Think very carefully about using that attack, especially against someone like me.

Reaper: Indeed. (Reaper closed his fist, absorbing the energy of the Chidori. He suddenly spun, pointing at Will, and a lightning bolt left his fingers and struck Will, knocking him out) Lightning Redirection. I thought I'd forgotten it from my time as a standard Troll. I know the disadvantages of fighting you with Chaos or electrical techniques, but maybe this might... (Reaper started to liquefy, then solidified after liquid had surrounded him. He raised a hand, and an army or copies appeared, almost like Mephiles's copies.

Statyx: *still grinning, sighs* Tell me, do you know who you're dealing with?

Reaper: The Ultimate Guardian, Statyx. Are you aware of who you're dealing with?

Statyx: So, you do know who I am. Then you must also know the reason behind my creation?

Reaper: To attempt to guard the Ultimate Lifeforms. Didn't do to well when we drove Shadow insane, did you? Or when we attempted, that's classified. Still, your record at stopping us is low, but killing us is high. You're a glitch in the perfect system we have, a glitch I plan to delete.

Statyx: Bzzzzt! That's only half the answer. *looks at Reaper with a big, somewhat sadistic grin* The other half of my objective is to destroy the Ultimate Lifeforms, should they ever get out of line. So tell me, do you really think you can take on the person created to outclass the Ultimates?

Reaper: I surpass all the Ultimates as well. Your point is for naught. Even better would be the weapons I have been promised, and the skills I already possess. You may possess the remains of Solaris, but I possess the powers of one half of the great god of Space and Time, the mental side. I also possess powers of all the trolls, and now the heir to the Knuckles clan. What makes you think you can stop me? Only a mimic can do that! (Reaper's eyes turn red and start to split into three separate parts)

Statyx: I don't know who or what "Solaris" is, but I do know that you tried to endanger my newest relative, and that's all the reason I need to take you down!!

(Kotuumaths stops his Troll-slaughtering to watch Statyx and Reaper fight.)

(Meanwhile, with Mel...)

Malceus:* grabs Mel and runs off * muhahahahaa!

Johnny: Oh no ya don't! [uses Fire rope and traps Malceus, forcing him to let go of Mel]

J: [runs torwards Mel and grabs him] Got ya! [runs off with the group]

Desert Hawk: [drives off at 100 MPH] We must take Mel to safety]

Malceus: oh great time for plan B: Ice powers

(Back with Reaper and Statyx, Reaper smiled. He slid a hand over the left side of his face, which still looked like Matt, and it disappeared, revealing a titanium plate and the deeply bloodshot eye.)

Reaper: My true title should be Matt the Mimic, but Reaper suits me fine. (Reaper finished forming the Sharingan Eyes, then started transforming them to Mangekyo Sharingans, then Eternal Mangekyo Sharingans)

Statyx: *smirks* You under-estimate my knowledge of the Knuckles Clan, Reaper. *looks directly at Reaper, quite calm and serious* The "Sharingan" is a bloodline trait passed down throughout the clan. Its basic form allows the user to read the opponents movements and counter them, and copy an opponents techniques. However, the copying powers are limited, as they cannot copy powers unique to the original user through various reasons, such as the techinque also being a unique bloodline trait. The Sharingan is capable of evolving into a form known as the "Mangekyo Sharingan". This evolution grants the user two new abilities, at least. These abilities would be the "Tsukuyomi", an illusion that breaks the opponent's will and causes psychological damage. However, it requires direct eye-contact, easily avoidable through superspeed or Chaos Control. Next is "Amatserasu", a powerful technique that drenches whatever is within the user's gaze in an unstoppable jet-black flame, which is impossible to smother or douse. These flames are under the user's control, and follow the user's gaze. However, they too are easily avoidable through the same means as the Tsukiyomi. *grins* What's more, repeated use of the Mangekyo can cause great energy loss, and also gradually causes blindness. *looks directly at Reaper* You wanna catch me by surprise, you'll have to do a lot better.

Reaper: Well, firstly, the Eternal Mengakyo Sharingan doesn't damage sight, and Will achieved that level, so I can as well. Also, as per the point about surprise...have you checked on your princess lately?

Statyx: *eyes widen instantly. He then flashes behind Reaper, an evil tone in his voice* Don't you dare touch Blaze!! *charges his lower arm with electricity, then elbows Reaper in the back, hitting him with an explosive blast of electricity*

Reaper: Who said it was me? (Reaper repeats his Lightning Redirection technique, aiming at Cameron, but striking Bolt. He then retaliates by levitating a rock, with himself on top of it, before launching a series of smaller rocks, fireballs and lightning bolts at Statyx) I'd say look at Toxic and his specialist team for that. They left her bloodied, beaten and DISGRACED! I mean, four Trolls including a womanizer against a single princess? No challenge! 'Specially when one of them could create icy shields that, as she burned them, got thicker.

(For some reason, these words definitely get Kotuumath's attention. He leaves, presumably to hunt down Toxic and his specialist team.)

Statyx: *Uses Thunder Shield around himself to block the assault, as he looks to the ground, his face hidden* ....Thank you, Reaper.

Reaper: Heh, no worries. I've always thought Toxic's little conquests like this were just to anger the editors...and your kind. I guess I was right. That'll serve him right for doing the same thing to Annie. Anyways... (Reaper leaps, making sure to stay aware of Statyx's condition as he did so, jumping from his rock onto the ground. Quickly, he throws a series of rock walls up around Statyx, creating a barrier that Electrokinetic techniques would struggle to penetrate, finishing with a roof to make a full box.) I could sense the anger within you. If you should complete that transformation, then I may have to try the transformations I have. Oh well. (Reaper faces the other Trolls, then leaves, following Mel's faint energy level. Also, he followed the Desert Hawk's tracks, which was easier.)

(However, before Reaper gets too far, he senses a powerful burst of Chaos Energy, and turns around. Just as he does, Statyx releases a massive blast of Chaos Energy, blowing a huge hole through one of the walls.)

Statyx: That's not what I meant. *takes a few steps foward, then looks at Reaper, a near-psychotic look of rage in his eyes* I was saying "thank you", for giving me all the reason I need to tear you and the whole Troll Army to shreds!!! *Statyx's hands are covered in a huge amount of electricity, noticeably more powerful and wilder than before*

Reaper: Of course. I must get a recording of this. (Reaper taps on the mechanical plate over his left eye, then a green scouter folded over his eye.) As I thought, the darkness within you is fighting your self-control. Your brother would not be able to hold it back this long, but soon your Soulless transformation will be complete, and I won't hold back my transformations either! (Reaper quickly moves his hands, causing the ground at Statyx's feet to swallow his legs, as far as his thighs) That should let you cool off, or accelerate your transformation. (Matt is surrounded by an energy aura similar to Sonic's right before going Hyper. His fur also started to ripple, darkening and growing.)

Statyx: So that's the game is it? Trying to get me to go bezerk? Well then... *places his hands on the ground* you'll have to do better than this!! *his hands are briefly covered in green flames (Chaos Energy). An explosion occurs, concealing Statyx from Reaper's view*

(Reaper easily protects himself from shrapnel, and used the blast to launch himself into the air, completing his own transformation to his Hyper form, a deep gray recolor of Advanced Super Sonic)

Reaper: Hmph, using all that power as a shield? Did he forget that the Sharingan Eye can see energy, although faintly? (Reaper starts drawing upon Will's Sharingan Eyes again, his eyes easily taking on the same shape and style)

Statyx: *Chaos Controls behind Reaper* Not in the least. Now, take this!! *creates a Chaos Spear, but rather than throw it, uses it as an actual spear, impaling it through Reapers chest* Now, let's see you handle getting your body torn up from the inside out!! Chaos Dagger!!! *The Chaos Spear disperses into a cloud of lights, focused inside Reaper's wound. Suddenly, thousands of tiny blades rip out from Reaper's body. Statyx then lands on the ground* How's that you sunnuvab****!!

(Reaper staggers, but his metallic armor quickly starts to repair his wounds. Reaper quickly absorbs the Chaos Energy from the Chaos Spear and vents it, although it is obvious that it hurt him)

Reaper: So, you've got more power than I thought. Even so, Let it not be said that I'm not experienced myself. (Reaper gestures at Will) He bears a lot of power, although less than you. Now, try this! (Reaper draws a massive amount of Chaos Energy into his system, unleashing it's power along with the power holding him in his Hyper form in the form of a Chaos Blast Beam)

Statyx: *doesn't flinch as the blast heads straight for him, but instead grins* I have an admition to make. You see, my ability with Chaos Powers lies not in my raw power... *holds out his hands, successfully blocking the beam, though skidding back a bit* lies in my control!!

(Reaper cuts off the beam, and smiles)

Reaper: Such a broad beam, so easy to block. Try blocking something the width of your little finger for difficulty! (Reaper raises his left hand, firing a beam from his pinky, before raising his right hand, shooting a pair of beams from his index and middle fingers on both hands)

(Meanwhile, we can see Toxic. He looks quite satisfied with himself (although he is unaware that he's being watched by a mysterious piranha.)

Gnash: [spies on Toxic whilst keeeping his head up on the river; thinking] A troll... a bad time coming in here...

Toxic: Hehehe...Statyx's girl sure got trashed good!

???: You look like you've had a good time.

(Toxic stops.)

Toxic: Huh? (turns around)

(Toxic can see Kotuumath, leaning casually against a tree. His face is anything but casual, however; he's wearing an expression of utmost disgust and contempt.)

Kotuumath: Was it fun to beat, torture and violate Blaze? Was it worth it?

Gnash: [turns his head and sees Kotuumath; thinking] Who is he...? Either way, I can't wait for him to see maul that Troll.

Toxic: What? Why do you care, halfbreed?

Kotuumath: It's only in my nature to care. As for Statyx...well, it should be obvious why he cares. And I'm sure he's like to have a word with you...

Gnash: [thinking] Who's Statyx...?

Toxic: So, what, you're gonna hand-deliver me to him?

Kotuumath: Pretty much. But I prefer to call it, "bound and delivered".

Toxic: Bring it on, you halfbreed freakazoid! (pulls out his sword)

Gnash: [puts on his headphones (containing water, which allows him to breathe) and attaches it to his gills] Isso vai ser bom ... (This'll be good...)

Kotuumath: (His longsword materializes in his left claw; he points it at Toxic) You're lucky I'm not killing you myself!

Gnash: [to Toxic] Heh. One unlucky Troll you really are...

Toxic: Wha-?! Who said that?!

Kotuumath: (Charges at Toxic) RAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!

Gnash: [to Toxic (unseen)] I'd look out if I were you.

Toxic: Huh?! (turns around) O_O


(Toxic is sent flying into a tree.)


Gnash: Heh. Told ya so.

(Gnash then appears inf ront of Kotuumath. Gnash consists of having fins from his arms and his legs, including his tail, his sharp teeth is shown (whether he smiles or not), has red/yellow t-shirt, swimming trunks and blue sandals)

Gnash: [to Kotuumath] Looks like the Troll has left the building, right?

Kotuumath: Errrr....who're you...?

Gnash: I am Gnash, the Piranha.

Kotuumath: Uh...okay...

Gnash: And you might be?

Trogan: there's a whole hord of trolls over there and I don't know about you guys but I'm goin to kill'em *takes out the the gun he has with him*

Kotuumath: .......okay then. (to Gnash) My name's Kotuumath. Hey, you got a rope? (he points to the dazed Toxic) I need to tie this guy up.

(Gnash finds a nearby rope and grabs it and hands it to Kotuumath)

Kotuumath: (Takes rope) Thanks. (walks over to Toxic)

Toxic: Ugh...(gets up) head...

(Kotuumath kicks Toxic over onto his face. He holds him down with one foot.)

Kotuumath: Don't move now, maggot. (kneels down and begins to tie up Toxic)

Toxic: H-Hey! What are you doing?!

(Gnash stares at Toxic, and Toxic becomes scared of his sharp teeth (since Gnash is an anthro-piranha))

Malceus: [ running ] * trips over toxic tied up * Oww what the heck * looks at kotuumath and gnash* ... oh you two ... wait whos the pirahhna..uhh no matter i'll come back and finish off you two later * heads after the desert hawk *

Kotuumath: Okaaaaaaaay....(picks up the leftover rope and drags Toxic away) Oh look, Toxic! A fire-ant mound!

Toxic: (His mouth has been covered) MMMPH?!

(Kotuumath, whistling some tune that sounds suspiciously like "Taps", carefully steps around the ant mound, then drags Toxic over top of it.)

Malceus: [comes back] *scowls at Toxic*

Toxic: [thinking] I'm dead

Malceus: *cuts the ropes tied around toxic then punches kotuumath in the head* Toxic come with me I need u for a minute ...

Kotuumath: Ow...h-hey!! Get back here with the hostage!!

Malceus: NEVER * runs off to shamar *

(But Gnash pursues Malceus and Toxic while underwater)

Gnash: [swimming udnerwater] Don't think you can escape me that easily.

Malceus: Hmph I think I can * does a speed dash with his airshoes dragging Toxic along with him * [ in Shamar ] ahh shamar and the arid sand * runs of into the arid sands *

[ both malceus and Toxic have been running for miles now ]

Toxic: * panting * can we stop yet

Malceus: no * sees the desert hawk from atop a cliff * there they are c'mon Toxic

[ both jump off the cliff and land on top of the desert hawk ]

Malceus: * sticks his head over the side * hello Muahahahahaha!!!

Toxic: * sticks his head over the side * * points to Malceus * he scares me

Black Ops Troopers: "HELLO!"

[Black Ops Troopers tackle Malceus and Toxic.]

Malceus: * punches the black ops trooper in to the cliff wall then shoots an ice spike at the desert hawks wheel poping the tire * Ahahahhahaa * grabs Mel and then runs to the top of the cliff again *

(Malceus suddenly cannot move!)

(Suddenly, Malceus is still held back by Johnny's Flame Rope and the intense heat from the rope forces Malcus to let go of Mel, allowing J to grab him safely)

J: Got ya!

Desert Hawk: I am in need of changing the tires.

J: I'm on my way, Desert Hawk!

Johnny: No ya don't! [still grabs ahold of Malceus with his Fire Rope]

Malceus: Ahahahah that will not stop me * grabs the rope and freezes it with several layers of ice * * hits the rope and it breaks * good bye * runs deep into the catacombs of desert ruins *

Mel: *shaking* W-who is that person!?

J: Some dumb Troll, Mel. [hnds Mel to Ryu] Ryu, hold onto Mel while I change my ruck's tires! [runs and grabs the spare tire from the back of the Desert Hawk and replaces its shredded tire with a new once (ratcheting sounds are heard and its shredded tire is mounted onto its back)] There.

[ he's not a troll he's a dark and second part of lunas the god of the moon ]

Malceus: oh no you dont *shoots another ice spike but it misses* no * jumps on the desert hawk and semi freezes the engines then grabs Mel and goes into a cave on a cliff *

(Again, Malceus cannot move! Then, some power lifts Mel from Malceus' hands!)

Malceus: * creates clones * Attack * the clones grab mel then give him to malceus and then attack the desert hawk and the user of the strange powers *

(The clones cannot move now...they are being held in place with Psychic power!)

Desert Hawk: [easily dodges a barrage of attacks and rams Malceus head-on] Not happening. [Mel is sent flying]

J: [grabs Mel] Man, this guy is persistent! [lands onto the roof of the Desert Hawk] Let's move!

(So J, Desert Hawk, Mel and the others manages to escape Malceus, with the Desert Hawk's Nitro Boost, outrunning Malceus]

Mlaceus: * seems not to be hurt when he is * ahahahaha * turns into a shadow and fades into the ground*

Trogan: * jumps into the desert hawk * mind if i help. I can be really helpful when comes to fighting and escaping Malceus

J: [hadns Mel to Ryu, then turns to Trogan] I'm with you...

Black Ops Trooper: "Authorization to shoot..?"

(Kotuumath finally arrives. He grabs Toxic and glares at everybody.)

Kotuumath: MY HOSTAGE!!

Ryu: O_O

(Kotuumath flies away with Toxic in tow.)

[Cameron arrives too, kicking Malceus with Smash Kick.]

Part 6

(Meanwhile with J, Ryu, Mel, Vertigo, Kaizer, Desert Hawk and Johnny, they arrive back to Chaos City and brings Mel to safety)

Ryu: Finally...

J: yeah. This guy has some nerve into attacking my trophy truck...

Ryu: I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I'm more concerned for Mel's safety...

J: I know, Ryu. I know.

(Meanwhile, Kotuumath finds Statyx. He throws Toxic in front of him.)

Kotuumath: 'Ey, Statyx! Brought you a gift!

Malceus: * arrives in an sr-71 blackbird(plane) and lands nearly hitting Kotuumath * * grabs Toxic * Immediate recall and if your wondering where the plane came from ... long story short i conveniently got kicked near a gun base so I * sarcastically * borrowed it. * flies off with toxic only to find out the plane is nearly out of gas *

Kotuumath: (Flies after the plane) MY HOSTAGE, B****!!

Malceus: well time to use the gas in the plane wisely * flips a switch a presses a button making the plane break the sound barrier at a supersonic speed causing a sound like a very loud explosion *


(Kotuumath halts in mid-air, holding his ears.)

Kotuumath: AAAAGH!! TOO LOUD!!

Malceus: * while Kotuumath is stunned he quickly lands the plane, refules ,then launches the sr-71 again* bye bye halfbreed idiot

Kotuumath: Ugh....

malceus: *turns the plane around and does a sonic blast straight at kotuumath* muhahahaha sleep tight halfbreed

Kotuumath: !! (begins to charge up a ball of fire in his mouth)

Malceus:*launches a missile)

(Before the missile reaches its target, Kotuumath releases the fire in an enormous blast of white-hot fire!)

malceus: 0 0< he doesn't have a mouth) * quickly swerves the plane just missing the fireball by a second* that was close * notices the sun is going down * perfect now with the sun down i control all that happens... or most of it *lands the plane in an old team sapphire base then gets out and starts to glow faintly* prepare to meet your demise halfbreed

Kotuumath: *thinking* Looks like I'm going with Holy attacks for this guy...

malceus: * malceus is suddenly enclosed in an impenetrable field of dark energy* (echoey) Muhahahahaha!!!

[Cameron skids near Kotuumath, a strangely-different colored Quilava on his head (Solar).]

Kotuumath: Hey! Cameron!

Toxic:*curled up in a ball sucking his thumb* I'm scared

Cameron: "Hello Kotuumath, have you met Solar?"

Solar: "Qui quii!"

Kotuumath: No...hey, he's colored differently than other Quilava. Is he a shiny?

Cameron: "He's Empowered by a Sun Stone."


Malceus: * the ground begins to lightly tremor then suddenly the field of energy explodes sending a wave of energy straight at kotuumath and Cameron*

( he is in his night exclusive crystalline form that consists of a white mask covering his eyes but with hole in the middle for him to see, a long black trench coat, crystal spiked hands and crystal lined demonic ripped wings ,and lastly but not least much more energy that he for him to use do to the moon shining directly on him. he has to much energy so he excretes 1/3 of it through the crystal on him causing him to glow faintly in the dark so he cant hide anywhere. the catch is when the moon is covered by clouds he loses 2/3 of the new found power )

[The Energy is deflected by Holy Fire!]

Cameron: "That's why he's Solar."

Malceus: * lunges at kotuumath with great speed then punches him into a rock * fun huh cuz if u want more I'M barely gettin' started

Kotuumath: Ugh...(gets up) You want rocks, eh? (leaps forward and slams the blade of his sword into the ground, causing massive stone spikes to shoot up from below Malceus)

Malceus: hmm ow *gets up* If u like throwin' rocks at people then you'll love this *deepfreeze* * kotuumath is suddenly being frozen from the feet up with ice u would find on the dark side of the moon or the nearly unbreakable ice...nearly*

[Solar explodes with Flaruption, he manages to melt the ice! suddenly the ground starts shaking]

Malceus:huh thats not me but i'll catch u 2 later * gets in the sr-71 and flies off at 2000mph*

Cameron: "Yeah that's right, Run!"

(Meanwhile, back at Statyx's fight with Reaper, Statyx almost casually dodges the beams.)

Statyx: Hmph, the smaller they are, the easier they are to dodge.

(Kotuumath flies into the area, carrying a bound Toxic. He lands somewhat near the fight. Reaper seems to smile, as his hologram shut off again, revealing the cybernetic form of the white hedgehog)

Reaper: I don't need the hologram. Funny, I'm not even finished yet, and I can still give you my full strength in combat. (His hands rippled, and a scythe bearing all the signs of Flare's development materialized in his hands) I shall do my all to finish this! (Reaper closed his organic eye, his cybernetic eye burning still. He charged the scythe in Chaos Energy, swinging it around creating shockwaves in all directions)

Kotuumath: OHSHI- (jumps over the shockwave)

Statyx: Hmph. *slaps and backhands the shockwaves that come his way, dispercing them*

(Reaper starts to charge something up, and seems to seek out Statyx's gaze)

Reaper: You have warranted a technique I haven't used in years, Statyx. Soon, this shall end, so meet my eyes and face your death with honor.

Statyx: Sorry dude, I'm not prideful enough to fall for that! *charges Reaper head-on, then suddenly kicks him high into the air, and leaps up after him* Time to say nighty-night!! *grabs Reaper's feet, then starts spinning at high speeds, heading straight for the ground. At the last moment, he let's Reaper go, slamming him hard into the ground, creating a deep crater*

Kotuumath: I'm, uh, probably interrupting something important here, but...hey Statyx, I brought you that womanizer you wanted to punish!

Toxic: You will release me NOW, you filthy halfbreed!

Kotuumath: Filthy, eh? (grips Toxic by the throat) You're one to talk, you damnable lecher!

Toxic: I've had enough! CHAOS CONTROL!

(Nothing happens.)

Kotuumath: I must remember to thank Cameron for the Anti-Chaos Wyrd he gave to me.

Toxic: You put a Wyrd on me?!

Kotuumath: Yuuup.


Kotuumath: Yes?

Toxic: (Pulls out his rapier) I'll stab you in the-(Kotuumath grabs his sword arm)-WAH!

Kotuumath: I can rip your arm off right here and now, you little ba*****. You want me to do that? Just one tug...(pulls hard on Toxic's arm)

Toxic: GUH!!

(The ground around the crater starts to shake, as if something underneath is attempting to free itself)

Statyx: ??

Kotuumath: .....(grabs Toxic by the scruff of his neck and holds him out) Hey! You want him or not?!

Statyx: *gives Toxic a death-glare* Oh yeah, I've got plenty to give him. But not until I make sure the other punk is dead.

Kotuumath: Fair enough. (throws Toxic to the ground then places a foot on his back)

(The ground literally explodes, and Reaper stood there, coated with Chaos Energy, but the Chaos Energy dies off due to the Wyrd!)

Statyx: You really don't get it, do you punk?

(Reaper's scythe leaps into his hands, then he laughs)

Reaper: I do. I absorbed enough Knuckles Clan genetics and Ultimate Lifeform powers to become, by all means, immortal. Besides, I bear all the Troll abilities, including never dying. I cannot die until the mimic in me is destroyed, and that isn't going to happen! (Reaper points at Kotuumath, blasting him with lightning) I AM UNSTOPPABLE!

Kotuumath: GAAAAHHH!!! (is blasted backwards) UGH!!

Statyx: Don't get arrogant, you little rat.

(Reaper drew a circle in the ground with the back of his scythe, before smashing it into the ground, making it shatter.)

Reaper: Your end is upon you! You see, the scythe holds my secret weapon: beings over 50% Chaos Energy get eaten alive by nanobot Chaos Siphons! Your end is now, for only the circle drawn by the scythe is safe.

Toxic: And Kotuu, I know you like a fight, but...(Toxic liquefies, then reforms with six clones of himself) How'd you like this? (Each clone starts forming a Toxic Bomb)

Kotuumath: Dammit...

Horror: * lands next to kotuumath * unless you want to blow up fly up and do a drill dive ,if you can, into the earth creating a hole to put the bombs in got it

Kotuumath: I can't drill-dive, but I can do THIS! (flies up into the air like a bullet, then comes back down, doing a Screw Attack, burrowing into the ground)

Horror: thats fine now c'mon we need to roll these in the holes and bury them before they explode and * picks up Toxic and punches him in the neck knocking him out * doing u a favor and um could u give him to me I kinda wanna do extremely painful research on him.

(The unconscious Toxic liquefies, revealing that it was a clone. Three more Toxic's take it's place)

Toxic (Clone?): Do better than that, mate!

(Kotuumath climbs out of the hole.)

(Meanwhile, with Ryu, Mel and the others...Johnny walks away from the group, in search for Alyssa)

Mel: *scared voice* Ryu...? *holding Pachirisu closely*

Ryu: (Kneels down) It's okay, Mel. I will not let the Trolls hurt you. (wraps her arms around Mel) I promise.

(The silhouette of the winged wolf appears, as if watching.)

Mel: *huddles closely to Ryu, whines scaredly*

Ryu: *thinking* We just have to find someplace to hide, where the Trolls will never think to look...

J: Hmmmm....

Desert Hawk: I think going to J's house would be a good idea.

J: [nods]

(So J and the Desert Hawk drives off to J's house)

(Back in the fight)

Reaper: What, does the great Statyx have no response to being eaten alive by Chaos Energy drainers?

Statyx: *grins* Not really. All it means is that I have to beat you before the drainers can do too much damage. Basically, it just means I can't afford to hold back.

Reaper: Have you not heard of a power hedgehog? We all possess a three-phase super form. Phase one equals a Turbo form, or Super 3. Phase 2 equals Super 9 or Nega 2, so Kouki Blade Sonic or Kurai Blade Sonic. Phase 3 equals beyond that of LSSJ Sonic, close to that of Apocalypse Sonic. And the thing is, we can access them with a mixture of mindset and movement. Don't try, Statyx. You can only fail. (Reaper starts to motion, as if pulling something from his fur on his head)

(Kotuumath waves a claw at Statyx.)

Kotuumath: 'Ey, Statyx! You need some extra firepower?

(Reaper finishes the gesture, and suddenly the fur on his spines starts to turn black, leaving an almost skeletal shaped set of marks in his fur)

Statyx: Heh, you make it seem like I was fighting at full power. *his arm-braces suddenly release steam, and fall off*

Kotuumath: Well...guess I'll fight the Toxic clones then. (randomly punts one; it melts into sludge)

Reaper: Toxic, I'm afraid that my fight upped itself, while you're stuck with the one with no transformation.

Toxic: Fine by me!

(A group of Toxic clones start throwing Sludge Bombs, and from that sludge rose more clones)

Reaper: Well, Statyx, I highly doubt that you can surpass the power of a Turbo form, considering you have not even seen one in action.

Kotuumath: *snorts* I don't need a transformation to kick some Troll butt! (backflips away from the Sludge Bombs)

Toxic: And I don't to transform. I outnumber you, without even trying! All I need to do is make an army of clones, and every one summons clones with every attack that misses. There might be 100 now, but that soon will reach 500, then 1000, then just keep growing. They won't interfere with Reaper's fight, because his strength is well beyond what even 100 clones of mine can do. However, even 25 could easily equal you in power!

Kotuumath: Numbers are meaningless! They don't win wars!

Toxic: Oh, they win wars. Trench warfare in the Overlander War. Eggman's invasions. The Iron Kingdom. All of them rely on large numbers.

[Something strikes all the clones at once!]

Kotuumath: Huh? (looks around)

(The clones begin to reform, with even more arising at once)

Toxic: Stay out of this, whoever that was!

[A Silver Wolf in White and Magenta armor grips Toxic by the throat. It's Cameron, infused with Spacial Energy!]

Cameron: "What'dya say punk?"

Toxic: I said... STAY OUT OF THIS! (Toxic's hair started to flicker red, as his eyes got more and more bloodshot, his pupils disappearing into the whites of his eyes, which started turning black) Heh. Looks like you unlocked my Trollish form through my anger. Good luck with dealing with it. (His hair got more like a mixture of Hyper Sonic's and his own, while his fur locked red. His eyes finished turning black, and the red veins in his bloodshot eyes turned neon green) This is my DarkBloodTitan form! I trained with Larry until I mastered it! (The clones start to transform as well)

Kotuumath: Ooohhhh f***.

Cameron: "Oh please...I've seen worse.."

[Cameron seems to be in his ultimate form, Midnight Temporal Spacian. He's killed many trolls in Midnight form, and Spacial Form, but this is a combined form...]

DarkBloodTitan Toxic: I'm not afraid of you.

[Toxic is grabbed by an extreme force of strength, Cameron's eyes are Blue!]

Cameron: (In a Different Voice) "You should be, I am the Origin of Lightning!"

[The Origin of Lightning.....He doesn't mean?!]


DBT Toxic: Please. My father was an electrokinetic, as is one of my brothers. I do not fear the touch of lightning, and I can tap into the true power of a Troll, becoming truly indestructible.

Cameron: "This Electricity, isn't just any electricity..."

(Back with Ryu and Mel...)

Ryu: .......

(The wolf moves gently, jumping from his place with barely a flicker of his wings. Metagross eyes the wolf suspiciously.)

???: At ease, Metagross. I mean your Trainer and the boy no harm. As if I could bring myself to hurt her.

Ryu: ?

???: Heh, sorry for hiding but I've been watching a small group of Trolls in the area. (Flare slides forward out of the shadows, a grin on his face) Man, sorry for that. I look a lot like Mitch when I do that.

Ryu: Ah...that's alright, Flare. :)

(Metagross relaxes, knowing that Flare's an ally.)

Flare: Yeah. Who's the kid? He looks nervous.

Ryu: This is Mel; he's the newest Ultimate Lifeform!

Flare: Well, hey there little guy. (Flare smiles at Mel, before raising his head) I saw a small group of Trolls here, and there's a massive battle with Statyx and some white hedgehog, as well as a giant dragon-thing against an army of one hedgehog...

Ryu: Giant dragon...that must be Kotuumath...

Flare: Ah, so that's his name? Well, there was plenty of trolls for him there, but they all looked the same. Plus, Statyx looked like he was even with the guy he was fighting.

Ryu: That guy that Statyx was fighting wants to hurt Mel! (dark look) I hope Statyx takes his head off!

Flare: Well, there's a huge swarm of robots there, and the guy turned into a skeleton on his spines, so I'm not sure how he'll do it.

(Shima: (pops up out of nowhere) (whispering) Psssst! What's happening?)
(Flash: Recap time! Reaper and Statyx are locked in an all out brawl, while Cameron and Kotuumath are fighting an army of Toxic clones. Meanwhile, J has taken his nephew and cousin somewhere, Ryu and Flare are guarding Mel and I think that's it)
(Ryu-Yup. But I still somehow want to use my idea where they meet Linebeck, they go on his boat, but then they find a huge oil spill that was caused by the Trolls...)

[Back with Reaper and Statyx...]

Statyx: *grins* ......So?

Reaper: So what? (Reaper pulls back his hood in a sudden gesture, allowing his quills to become skeletal and energy to form around his body and scythe) The power of a Super 3, of a Turbo form, is upon you!

Statyx: Well, I see it this way: all I have to do is beat you before I'm too drained to fight. *points at the circle Reaper is standing in* And if I can get in there, I'm safe. This is just a no-holds barred time limit battle. And that's fine with me!! *the braces on his arms let out steam from the crevices, and fall off his arms* Because that means it would be a bad idea for me to hold back!!

Reaper: Yes, but how much energy can your body hold? A super-level form? Hyper level? If so, all I must do is ascend again, to my Second phase unleashed, and the fight shall be mine.

Statyx: Heheh, well if you beat me, it's no big deal.

Reaper: My, such a cocky attitude from a dead hedgehog. Or, soon to be dead.

Statyx: *chuckles* You don't get it, do you?

Reaper: I "get" that your time is short, and you're trying to prolong the inevitable.

Statyx: No, what you don't get, is that there's someone far stronger than you out there right this very moment.

Reaper: I know. Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog. Anybody who has faced Apocalypse Sonic and survived. They surpass my power.

Statyx: *smirks* Then it'll send a real shiver down your spine if you knew there was someone literally as strong as all of them combined.

(Reaper remains silent, although his face reveals surprise)

Statyx: This warrior has copying powers that far surpass that Danny fellow's, and yours. He need not come in contact with his opponent; he need only see the technique once. He does that, and he may as well have experienced all of the training and battle experience himself. His copying power is utterly flawless, and limitless; there are few if any techniques he can't copy. *grins* Let me give you a frightening example; if he witnessed the power of a god, every bit of that power would become his own.

Reaper: But the Chaos Beasts are not yet unleashed, so there is no god for him to witness. Only recolors to be exterminated.

Statyx: There are more deities out there than just whatever "Beasts" you're speaking of. Don't you get it? *grins* Against this warrior, your powers are inferior and useless.

Reaper: That, I refuse to believe! (Reaper tries to mask the uncertainty in his eyes)

Statyx: *chuckles* Oh no, I'm being perfectly honest. I was created to protect, or even destroy the Ultimate Lifeforms. But that warrior, he could easily copy and surpass my power, as well as Shadow's, Rageik's, and your own. And you wanna know the best part?

Reaper: No, I see no greater part, aside for your affront to the true nature of the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Continue.

Statyx: *grinning* This warrior was right under your nose, and you let him escape.

(Reaper's eyes widen, before he manages to close his eyes, as if releasing a telepathic message. He opened them again, and grinned cruelly)

Reaper: He won't escape. Not now.

Statyx: *smirks* It'd be unwise to send one of your stronger warriors after him. He'll only be defeated with his own techniques. You also don't even know what he looks like.

Reaper: Ah, but can he fight someone he can't see? We'll find him. Someone that powerful would have a presence about him unmistakable to a certain friend of mine...She'll track him, and with invisible hands defeat him and take him to Rageik.

Statyx: Heh, your ally had better know power, and potential, when they see it. They go after the wrong person, and they're as good as dead.

Reaper: She does. She has never let me down before. (Reaper gives a faint smile, retaining a tight grip on the scythe)

Statyx: Well then... *Chaos Controls behind Reaper, grabbing his scythe* I better finish this fast. *swings Reaper overhead with his scythe and into the ground, then sends a large amount of voltage through the scythe*

(Reaper easily matches the amount of power, and due to his transformation manages to stand up, although with effort)

Statyx: *pulls Reaper in by his scythe, and knees him in the gut*

(Reaper crumples, but manages to raise his head and blast Statyx with a Chaos Blast Beam fired from the eyes)

Reaper: A palatable touch, I do declare it, but not enough to stop me for long.

Statyx: *Chaos Controls at the last moment to avoid the blast, taking the scythe with him*

(Reaper's hands suddenly flick down a scroll, and the scythe reappears in his hands)

Reaper: They who can summon the scythe can use it. You cannot, so I return it to my rightful hands.

[Statyx's voice seems to come from no identifiable source...]

Statyx: I figured as much. But, mind a little tip?

(Reaper spins, trying to figure out where Statyx is)

Reaper: Speak, I have no choice but to hear.

Statyx: You should really redesign this scythe, so much metal...

[The staff part of the scythe becomes covered in wild currents of electricity. Suddenly, the top half of Statyx's body forms directly in front of Reaper, the lower half still converted to electricity and connected to the staff. Statyx then grabs Reaper's face.]

Statyx: ...Makes this scythe highly conductive. *his hand becomes covered in green flames, and he unleashes a powerful Chaos Blast*

(Reaper staggers backwards, more from shock than from pain)

Reaper: I shall remember that. (Reaper suddenly teleports above Statyx, unleashing a swarm of Chaos Spears directly downwards)

Statyx: *looks up, grinning* Do you never learn? *snaps his fingers, and all of the Chaos Spears dispel into dust made from Chaos Energy*

Reaper: Oh, indeed I do! (Reaper unleashes a massive ball of pure fire, followed by a wave of darkness)

Tipical: (Tipical falls unexpectedly,Seeing the battle. in great confusion of the situation.)

Statyx: Heh. *swings his arms across in front of him. The Chaos Energy swirls around into a circular shape, and blocks the attack*

Tipical: (Tipical hides behind a wall,Peeking at the battle,Curiously.) What are they doing..?

Reaper: You forget, my team is more than basic fire! (The remaining flames turn a pure white color and start burning brighter as Reaper drops through them, becoming coated in Inferno flames as he dropped, punching Statyx in the chest with a pure white flaming fist)

Statyx: *grits his teeth* And you forget that I've trained and fought several pyrokinetics!! *he charges a fist with large amounts of electrical and Chaos energy. He then throws a powerful haymaker at Reaper's jaw*

(Reaper seems to phase through the punch)

Reaper: Ah, so now I figure out how to control that part of Gaze's power! Take this! (Reaper reaches out, forming a ball of darkness, before throwing it at Statyx)

Tipical: (Tipical steps out of her hiding place,She wanted to run and stop the attack,but felt like her courage & speed ran away. Therefore,She only made small,Squeaky noises) E-Eh..

Statyx: GRAH!!! *slams his fists, covered in Chaos Energy, into each other, crushing the ball of darkness between them*

(Reaper ignores this as he starts throwing punches at Statyx, each one almost a blur)

Tipical: (Tipical Manages to shout something,it is not as loud,But it could be heard.) Try to doge it!!

Statyx: *uses a combination of Detect and his great speed to dodge the attacks*

Tipical: (Tipical steps forward,Eager to help defeat Reaper) Your doing great! Carry on doging those menacing attack!

Reaper: Yes, keep dodging! Eventually, one will slip through your guard and it will be all over!

Statyx: Or maybe all these punches... *dodges another one and gets in close* will leave you wide open!! *Statyx headbutts Reaper square on the forehead*

(Reaper visibly recoils, slightly dazed. However, he manages to steer himself through and attack by slashing a suddenly produced set of knuckle-blades across Statyx's left eye)

Tipical: (Tipical decides that it's time for her to attack,She summons her staff and runs towards Reaper)

(Reaper's scythe leaps into his hands, and he swings it straight down so that the blade was hooked around the staff)

Reaper: Now, now, let the big boys with the massive powers have our fight. Maybe later when the electrokinetic is dead, we can fight. Or maybe I'll turn him into a Chao. I think I learned that in preschool...

Tipical: Your command is not accepable,For as a computer I know all data. When you hurt somebody,I am hurt with sadness. I shall not give up. I will defend.

Reaper: A computer? (Reaper seemed to smile) Well, even better for me! (One hand flicks up off his scythe and unleashes a sudden surge of electricity into Tipical's body)

Tipical: I am being charged...Thank you for powering my body to my status. I am powered,I can now use my final attacks.

Reaper: Really? Well, what I give...I CAN TAKE! (The electricty starts flowing backwards into Reaper, draining Tipical of as much energy as he could)

Tipical: (Tipical Violently shakes as she has energy drained out of her,She begins to cry,And the tears fall down her cheeks onto the floor,Like the rain) Y-You..*Cough* Your..(Tipical couldn't finish her words,She gripped onto Reaper's shoulder,Crying..It made memories come back to her..She cried harder..Feeling sadness,Everywhere.)

Reaper: Oh, don't worry. I haven't killed you. Yet. There's enough energy left within you to enter sleep mode, I think. Hibernate. Let us finish. I'm sure my young programmer friend would LOVE to get his hands into you...

Tipical: (Tipical screamed and cried,She began to sing Rolling Girl until the lyrics came to "She scratches it all around,She scratches it all around" And then she lunged herself at reaper,Shouting in terrible sadness and anger) Your breathing is gonna stop now! (Tipical clutched her hands around Reapers neck,Screaming in anger.)

Reaper: Well...I hate to tell you...I don't breathe! (Reaper's jacket opens to reveal a torso wrapped with metal bands in varying directions) My bone structure and some of my external body has all been turned cyborg.

Tipical: ...You..What? (Tipical's breathing became more ragged,And she collapsed on Reaper,She was sleeping,Peacefully.)

(Reaper shrugs, then turns to face Statyx again, knowing that he would have used this time to build his strength back up. However, Statyx is nowhere to be seen...)

Reaper: Again? Must we play these games, Statyx? We both know that I will eventually win. Why fight reality?

(Reaper hears Statyx's voice behind him.)

Statyx: Because Reaper...

(Reaper spins, scythe passing around himself to hit where he felt Statyx was. Statyx however, is several feet away, kneeling on the ground. he is covered in an aura of green light. He grins, and stands up.)

Statyx: ...a certain blue hedgehog is capable of not just defying reality, but outright beating it to the ground. So I figure... *Statyx burts foward in a giant flash and boom, heading towards Reaper at light speed* why can't I!?!?

(Reaper smiles cruelly as his hand launches forward at lightspeed, directly in Statyx's path. In his other hand, a Trollish Emerald materialized)

Reaper: Fate! (Reaper attempts to catch Statyx as he flies, using the Trollish Emerald to slow time)

Statyx: Nice try Reaper, but take this!!! CHAOS CONTROL!!!!!

(Statyx disappears in a flash of light. Massive shockwaves erupt from where Statyx was. Reaper is completely immobilized as he feels every molecule frozen under a seemingly crushing force of raw Chaos Energy. Reaper's thoughts belt out suddenly, a telepathic roar of rage)

Statyx: Bet you've never seen this attack Reaper!!! It's something I call...

(A green, rasengan like orb of raw energy forms and grows directly in front of Reaper's chest...)

Statyx: CHAOS SHATTER!!!!!!!'

(The orb explodes, drilling Reaper with a massive tornado of raw Chaos Energy that tears through several meters, leaving a huge scar on the earth. Statyx is seen standing where the orb was, panting heavily.)

Statyx: heh, try copying that, punk.

Reaper: W-w-with p-p-pleasure! (Reaper stood at the far end of the scar, still standing, his body covered in massive gashes that seemed to be healing) Y-y-you c-c-cannot b-b-beat m-m-me on y-y-your own! Call your powerful friend in, and you might! (Reaper took a step forward, staggered then stood, more strength appearing)

Statyx: C'mon idiot, you can't take another hard hit... *Statyx forms a Chaos Grenade in his hand. From Reaper's distanceit can't be seen, but the attack is somewhat unstable* But, if you want, I can take you out with one of your boss' attacks.

Reaper: But I can still issue orders now! (Reaper seems to shout into thin air) GAZE! NOW! (A Chaos Spear strikes the Chaos Grenade, setting it off as a blue echinda-like thing moved, armed to the teeth) Call in your little friend. I should very like to see him.

Statyx: GAH!! *falls to the side onto the ground. Growls* Which friend would that be?

Reaper: The one you said was more powerful than me. I don't believe that this friend could be. (Reaper's hair start to become skeletal again as he mimes pulling down a hood)

Statyx: *cocky grin* Heh, from what I've just seen, you'll have to narrow the list down farther than that.

Reaper: He whom you said was more powerful than Apocalypse Sonic, the only form I know more powerful than my own Phase 3 Unleashed form.

Statyx: Last time I checked, the hyper form was at the top of the tier. But anyway... *struggles to get up* that fella doesn't have to waste his time on you.

Reaper: Your own brother hides some of the truth of transformation from you. There is greater than "Hyper", greater even than "Ultra". Many things. And I would say he would. You're outnumbered and underpowered. That last attack would have taken a lot out of you.

Statyx: *gives a confident grin* Heh, bring it. Then we'll see who's right.

(Kagi: Oh how I wish I could use Hyper Statyx against Reaper. (sigh) another time, however. Anyway, cue preparing attack.)

Reaper: As we shall. Gaze...?

Gaze: Understood. (the blue echidna-like guy dived into the ground, disappearing)

Statyx: Well?

Reaper: Let's get it on! (Reaper's hands ripple with electricity)

(Suddenly, an orange blur zooms behind Reaper. He clicks, and time slows enough for him to sneak a glance at the blur, which turns out to be Mel.)

Mel: *stops as he gets behind Reaper. His forearm is covered in electricity as he throw it at Reaper, resulting in a large explosion of dust and debris*

(Reaper gets up, dusting off the dust that stuck to him)

Reaper: Why, you... GAAH! (Reaper leaps at Mel, slashing at him with flame-coated fists)

Mel: *dodges norrowly at first, having to use Detect repeatedy. But as Reaper keeps attacking, Mel dodges his attacks smoothly and easily, almost as if he knows where they're going to go*

(Reaper stops, then swings his hand in a vertical swipe, swinging a whip of fire down at Mel.)

Mel: *his eyes glow blue, and he catches the whip without missing a beat*

Reaper: What the? HA! (Reaper launches a sudden punch, his fist spinning like a drill)

(Mel's eyes glow blue again, and he deftly deflects the punch.)

Reaper: How can a mere child stop every technique I use? (Reaper closes his eyes, and motions as if removing a hood again, refreshing his form time)

(Mel takes this oppurtunity to dash directly at Reaper. He lunges foward and does a spin attack, hitting Reaper in the gut. Reaper doubles over, apparently in pain, before grabbing Mel's covered feet)

Reaper: You missed the lesson, boy. I'm a cyborg. I don't breath, and I have armor all over my chest. That kind of trick doesn't help. Besides, I'm unleashed now, so I don't see you stopping me. (Reaper tries throwing Mel over his shoulder at Statyx)

(Kotuumath is now ignoring Toxic, engrossed in watching the fight.)

Mel: *uses Kyle's Disturbia Technique to make a wall of earth spring up in front of him. He jumps off of it, and spins, using J's spikedash to send several quills flying at Reaper, which rip through his body*

(The spikes emerge out the other side of Reaper, but he doesn't seem phased)

Reaper: Chaos Regeneration! (Reaper heals the majority of the damage, left only with bruising) Hey, stupid technique doesn't fully heal!

Mel: *his hand becomes covered with the same fire Reaper was using. He then lashes at Reaper with the same fire whip Reaper used moments ago!*

Kotuumath: *with awe* Coooooool....

(Reaper dives to the side, astonished)

Reaper: How? How is that possible? (Reaper closes his eyes and starts to form a Lightning Blade)

Mel: *his eyes glow blue for a moment, and he mimics Reaper's stance perfectly, forming a Lightning Blade as well*

Kotuumath: YES!! Cut off his ugly, bony head!!

(Ryu-Obviously he's directing this to Mel, telling him to cut off Reaper's head.)

Reaper: Take this! (Reaper starts racing towards Mel)

Mel: *charges directly at Reaper*

Reaper: Too slow! (Reaper disappears in a flash of blue light, the signs of a Chaos Control)

Mel: *skids to a halt, then suddenly turns around and thrusts his hand foward*

(Reaper reappears, directly in front of Mel's hand)

Reaper: OHSHI...(Reaper runs directly onto the hand, before sliding off, bleeding) Chaos Regeneration! (Reaper regenerates the wound so that it is smaller) Oh, crap. It's not designed for multiple uses. Oh well... NYAH! (Reaper leaps into the air, transforming again to become more skeletal)

Mel: *uses Chaos Control to teleport above Reaper. He starts spinning with his leg held out, which starts glowing red with friction and energy. He then brings his foot down directly on Reaper's head in a powerful Axe Kick*

(Reaper manages to grab Mel on his way down, swinging at him with a speed-enhanced Maximum Heat Punch with knuckle-blades extended)

Part 7

Mel: *uses the Disturbia Technique to stop his arm, then throws a drilling punch at Reaper's jaw, just like the one Reaper used*

Tipical: (Tipical awakes,And she watches,Still lying on the floor. She then reached for her staff and stood up..Ready to battle)

(Reaper spins with the punch, launching a Dark Chaos Lance at close range)

Reaper: This. is. not. possible! I refuse to lose to a child!

(Mel's eyes glow blue again, and he catches the Dark Chaos Lance, spinning it around and jabbing it directly at Reaper. Reaper dissipates it, and forms three clones of his old self)

Mel: *breaks from Reaper's grasp and lands on the ground. His eyes glow blue, and he creates three clones of himself as well*

Reaper: Wait, are you mimicking me? (Reaper's clones charge directly at Mel's, with Reaper preparing a Chaos Attack)

(Mel's clones all use the spikedash attack, sending a horde of quills that rip the clones to shreds. Mel, meanwhile, charges directly at Reaper, pulling his fist back to throw a punch. Knuckle-spikes extend from his fist, which becomes covered in a powerful red aura as he launches a Maximum Heat Attack himself. Reaper counteracts the Maximum Heat Attack with his scythe, coated in darkness)

Mel: *keeps pushing with the attack, his eyes glowing blue, while his clones charge towards Reaper*

(Reaper suddenly drops all the force in his scythe, dropping onto the ground and striking the Mel clones with a Chaos Fist. The clones are thrown back, while Mel drops down and grabs the scythe, slashing at Reaper's legs as he comes back up. Reaper dives backwards, ignoring the attack as his hands become blurs, flashing through all the summoning signs to return the scythe to him. When it fails, he looks stunned)

Reaper: What are you? (Reaper formed a Thunder Blade in each hand, charging in to attack)

Mel: *spins the scythe with the same expertise Reaper has, then stops as he charges the blade full of Chaos Energy* My name is Mel the Hedgehog! *Mel spins with the scythe sending three blades of Chaos Energy flying at Reaper*

(Reaper skillfully slices through all three blades of Chaos Energy with the Thunder Blades, before reforming one into a shield)

Reaper: Yes, but WHAT are you?

Mel: I told you, I'm Mel the Hedgehog!! *Mel swung down the blade into the ground, sending a wave of Chaos Energy towards Reaper*

(Reaper throws himself into the air, seeming to hang there as the energy passes underneath him as he lashes out with Will's Sky Drop attack, dropping down and smashing his fists into the ground to create an earthquake directed at Mel. Mel's eyes glow blue yet again, and he slams his fists onto the ground, countering Reaper's earthquake with his own. Reaper jumps again, before unleashing a wave of unusual white energy)

Mel: *dodges the attack, then throws a Chaos Fist at Reaper*

(Reaper deflects the Chaos Fist with his scythe, which he had managed to summon after Mel had released it, before hurling a scythe replica at Mel)

Mel: *charges his forearm with electricity and punches the scythe replica, shattering it*

Statyx: *has managed to get into a sitting position* Heh, don't bother Reaper, you can't win!


???: Mel!!

Reaper: What now? (Reaper starts to charge a Fist of Zeus)

(Ryu comes running up, followed by her Metagross (floating in midair with his legs tucked in). Ryu skids to a halt once she sees Reaper.)

[Cameron comes skidding in too.]

(Flab runs in but hides behind a pillar to watch the happenings before he interveins, having a worried look towards Reaper. Suddenly, Reaper is held in place by some invisible force, cmpletely unable to move.)

Reaper: Do you truly think that a field like this will restrain me? (Reaper easily frees himself by releasing a burst of darkness, with his quills rapid extending and taking on a skeletal quality) I am finished unleashing my own power. Show me yours.

Mel: *uses the Disturbia Technique again, immobilizing Reaper*

(flab in shock drops his axe making a clang noise)

Flab: *whispers* what are these people cxapable of

(Reaper easily breaks free)

Reaper: In this form, only Apocalypse Sonic could truly be a threat to me! You are nothing. Not even transforming once, although you forced me this far. Oh well...

Flab: (picks up axe) it's now or never (transforms to vulcan form) if i don't help out here right now, nothing can stop him

(Charges in, slamming head first into Reaper. Reaper appears to recoil, but has a grip on Flab, throwing him)

Reaper: Please. I have no issue with you. I'm only fighting the boy. He's the only threat.

Flab: (teleport axe away, and get ups angrily) WHAT DID YOU SAY? (dark aura circles flab) TAKE THAT BACK BEFORE YOU REGRET IT!

Reaper: Please. I have copied not only yours but your father's powers. You don't want me to get angry. Now, back down, because this boy is my challenge, not you. Perhaps later my masters might send me for you, but not now. Now is not your time. It's his. (Reaper points at Mel, and an explosion goes off at his feet)

Flab (calms down and aura dissappears, powering him down to normal) ... fine ... (turns to mel) kick his but, and give a holler of you need some back up. (sits down)

Mel: *is thrown into the air by the explosion, but uses Chaos Control to return to the ground. He then charges directly at Reaper with super speed*

(Reaper starts to run, his own speed being higher than before, and greatly exceeding Mel. He starts to fly in circles, appearing to most only as a blur)

Reaper: Catch me if you can, boy!

Mel: *his eyes glow blue, and he then cuts off Reaper, moving at the same speed Reaper was*

Reaper: A fast learner, huh? Well, meet the strength that defeated five powerful fighters! (Reaper stops, transferring his kinetic energy into his fist, which he brought straight towards Mel's nose)

(In a flash, Reaper's arm, dismembered from just below the elbow down, is sent flying through the air. Mel is standing in a battle-ready position, holding Reaper's scythe, the blade overflowing with Chaos Energy.)

Reaper: Argh! You're going to pay for that! SOUL RESTORE! (Reaper glows white, and his lower arm regrows, however, it appears wasted and weak) Damnit! Chaos Regeneration, now this! Both aren't designed for this kind of constant healing! I'll get you for this...(Reaper's eyes suddenly become Mangekyo Sharingans, and he aims Kamui directly upon Mel's arm)

(However, a Chaos Spear is suddenly thrown at him from a different direction, making direct contact with and exploding in his face. Reaper barely flinches due to his form absorbing the power from the Chaos Spear, but spins to see who had just blasted him)

Flab: Don't look at me ... i do a chaos attack and i turn into a demon!

(Statyx is seen, kneeling on one knee, holding out a smoking open hand]

Reaper: shall die, here and now! (Reaper's hands both fly up, one wasted away, the other normal. Each hand fills itself with purple-black energy, aimed directly at Statyx) SHADOW PULSE STRIKE! (Reaper launched a rapid series of dark pulses directly at Statyx. On the ground, Danny raises his head to see Mel fight Reaper, and starts to draw himself to his feet in anger)

(The dark pulses however, slow down then come to a stop in mid-air... Reaper growls, his hands rippling in flames as he formed a ball of fire, identical to the sun)

Reaper: What will it be? Save your master, or save the planet? If this attack hits, the entire world will die. SUPER NOVA! (Reaper hurls the sun-replica directly down on an angle, where the orb was to hit the ground further away than the pulses aimed at Statyx)

(The attack however, soon slows to a stop before making impact. The dark pulses soon reverse direction at top speed towards Reaper, while the super nova attack starts dissipating.)

Reaper: Impossible! Fine, if that's how it's going to be...

Danny: Mel! Knock him down to me! I'll finish this for good!

Reaper: You! (Reaper turns to face Danny, leaving his back turned)

Mel: *charges at Reaper from behind, preparing a Maximum Heat Attack. His fist then begin spinning like a drill, and he hits Reaper square in the back with the combined attack*

(Reaper fell directly into the hands of Danny. The two hedgehogs seemed to glow for a second, before Danny dropped Reaper onto the ground and turned to walk off. Reaper stood, his scythe in his hand)

Reaper: I'm going to kill you! (Reaper charged directly at Danny, right under Mel's attack line)

Danny: For challenging a Mimic more powerful than any of us ever to exist, and for putting the life of a being I believe to hold my son's DNA at risk, I sentence you to death. Mel, finish him.

(Kagi: I must admit, I wanted Statyx to explain just who and what Mel was. Ah well, not everything goes as planned, amiright?)
(Mel doesn't have to finish him, just paralyze him. Statyx can explain, then take his revenge. There you go. - Flash)
(Kagi: On Toxic or Reaper? And remember, I wanna use Nimbus, SO Reaper at least has to escape. Toxic... we'll see.)
(Reaper's still a troll, he regenerates as well. Besides, as will be discovered, the Mimic DNA is unstable now, so it's going to go away and Reaper needs to be finished due to that - Flash)
(Kagi: Ooooohhhh, okay.)
(I had it ALL in my mind. Sure, some things didn't go as scheduled, but either way you get your plans through eventually, so you will get to explain who Mel is, even if it's to either Reaper, Toxic or Danny - Flash)

Mel: Huh? Kill?

Flab: I gotta agree with Danny there (stands up) if you don't finish him, who else will?

Danny: Well, I could, as could Statyx, considering I disabled his mimicing abilities and my DNA within him, but that's not the point. Mel has to beat him. Doesn't have to kill him, but have him BEATEN.


Danny: As you wish. (Danny uses the Disturbia technique to form a roll of duct tape, taping Flab's mouth shut, before forming a can of beer, filling his mouth with the liquid to prevent himself from speaking)

(Flab gets groggy and falls to sleep)

Statyx: *kneeling and panting heavily* Mel is like the rest of the Ultimate Lifeforms; he's a child. He doesn't even know what the word "kill" means!

(Danny nods, motioning to Reaper with a questioning expression)

Statyx: *growls at Reaper*

(A loud swallow is heard as Danny swallows the beer in a single gulp)

Danny: You want me to deal with him, or do you want the honors?

Statyx: Oh, I'd love to, but I need my power braces to keep myself stable, and I want to save my energy for taking care of a certain chauvinist.

Danny: Oh, I hear that. I'll take him away from the kid, as well. I mean, I feel a bond with him, similar to you. I don't want him to see me get my hands dirty.

Statyx: Good.

(Toxic runs in, and attempts to grab Reaper to get out of there. However, a tree branch suddenly appears in his path and he falls face-first. Reaper, who was turning pale, accepted an emerald from Toxic and disappeared, leaving his ally on the ground)

Statyx: !! Da-*notices Mel, and almost literally bites his tongue* Grrrrrr, he got away!!

Danny: The bad thing is none of us can track him. That was a Trollish Emerald, so unless you want Mel's brain full of silly internet memes, then I doubt you'd want him to track Reaper, and I don't know how to. At least there's another troll here.

Statyx: *turns his attention to Toxic, his expression full of rage and fury* And that's fine by me.

(Kotuumath kicks Toxic in the back, pushing him towards Statyx. Toxic opens his mouth to make a smart comment, but shuts up when he sees Statyx's face)


Hali: Wonder where Mel got too....I hope the little guy's okay..

Shima: He's with Statyx, so he should be fine.

Hali: But let's go check, just to be sure! (runs off)

Shima: No, Hali, wait! (sighs then follows)

(Meanwhile, Toxic is slammed into a tree, Statyx holding him by the neck. Statyx's eyes are burning with cold fury.)

Toxic: Oh boy... this isn't good. Now, Statyx, can't we discuss this?

Statyx: Oh yeah, we can "discuss" this...

Toxic: Like gentlemen? So I'm not up against a tree about to die?

Danny: Troll, you aren't in a position to negotiate.

Statyx: Danny, Kotuu, can you guys go play with Mel somewhere else?

Kotuumath: Awwww.....okay.

(Kagi: Yo, you see this yet?)

Danny: Alright. Mel, you feel like an ice cream? I know a place where they make it as big as your head!

Mel: Um....

Danny: Well, what do you feel like doing?

Kotuumath: Hey, where's Ryu and the others...?

Hali: (walks up with Shima in tow) There you are!

Kotuumath: OHAI Hali, Shima.

Hali: Hey, Kotuu!

Shima: (slight wave)

Kotuumath: Where's everyone else at?

Hali: Not sure..

Kotuumath: Hmm...maybe we should look for them...

Hali: Sure! What do you think, Shima?

Shima: (shrugs) Sure, why not?

Kotuumath: Okey dokey!

Hali: Let's go!

(Kagi: ....Statyx holding Toxic against a tree by his neck?)
(Shima: Ah, sorry)
(Kotuu: But you told us to leave... >:I )

Shima: (notices Statyx and Toxic) Uh... (walks up to him) What's going on now?

Part 8

Statyx: We're having a "discussion".

Shima: (raises an eye) About?

Kotuumath: Awesome

Statyx: About exactly what this guy may or may not have done to a certain princess... *snarling*

Shima: Ooh. Well, I'll be going, then...(goes to walk off)

Hali: Aww but why?

Shima: 'Cause.

Statyx: Actually, I need a favor from you two.

Hali: Okay! What is it?

Statyx: *snarling at Toxic, who looks like he could wet himself* This "discussion" might get a little heated, so I don't want Mel to see or hear it. I think he'd feel more comfortable with family than with Kotuu or Danny here.

Kotuumath: *sarcastically, to himself* Oh, that makes me feel real good about myself... -_-"

Danny: Understandable. I mean, genetics don't show a link between people.

Mel: *notices Hali and Shima, smiles brightly, then runs up to and hugs them*

Hali: (hugs Mel back) Hey there, little guy! We can watch him, don't worry!

Shima: (thinking) Wait, what?!)

Statyx: Good. Because depending on this here lecher's answers, *snarls* I don't want Mel seeing a Dark Form...

Kotuumath: Does this mean I can stay and watch?

Shima: (slightly stiffens)

Kotuumath: I take it that's a "no"...

Hali: Okie dokie!

Shima: (to Kotuumath) No, it wasn't to you.

Kotuumath: Oh, okay then.

Statyx: Good. Mel, go with your aunties while I castra-talk with this bad man.

Mel: Okay!

Hali: (walks off with Mel)

Shima: (walks behind them)

(Kotuumath sits down Indian-style and grins evilly at Toxic. Danny creates a chair and a can of beer with the Disturbia Technique and sits down as a viewer)

Statyx: Now that Mel's gone, I don't have to worry about scarring him.

Kotuumath: Give him a FALCON PAWNCH to the balls!

Statyx: Oh no, he's not getting off so lucky...

Kotuumath: Oh. Then rip off his balls and make him eat them!

Statyx: Kotuu!! Let me handle this...

Kotuumath: Oh fine...(crosses arms) *muttering* I still think ripping off his balls and making him eat them would've been boss... >:I

Toxic: Yeah, stay out of this, halfbreed. It wasn't your b**** that I touched.

(In an instant, Kotuumath is practically at Toxic's throat, snarling viciously.)

Kotuumath: DON'T YOU EVER CALL VIRA A B****!!

Statyx: *glares at Kotuu, his eyes showing vicious rage and raw killer intent; barely able to hold back a snarl* Stay out of this, Kotuu...!!

Toxic: Yeah, "Kotuu", stay outta this, ya dumb beast.

(Kotuumath looks at Statyx, his lips curled in a snarl, his eyes burning furiously. But he obediently backs away, moving his eyes back to Toxic.)

(Ryu-Unless Statyx used a super form, he'd have a pretty hard time beating Kotuu, especially since the halfbreed has Geomancy and Hydromancy, both of which are super-effective to the Electric-aligned Statyx...and if Statyx DID kill Kotuu, he'd have to explain that to Ryu, and even worse, Vira.)

Kotuumath: ......

Statyx: *turns his glare to Toxic, his sheer killer intent intensifying. He tightens his grip around Toxic's throat, pressing his thumb against Toxic's adam's apple*

Toxic: Guh!

Statyx: *snarls viciously* Toxic, you should be begging for your life, not smart-talking the living slaughterhouse. And even then, you should be more frightened of me!

Toxic: *slightly choked* I'm not the kind of guy to beg, though...

Statyx: *growls. Vicious, almost beastly tone* Toxic, allow me to explain what is going to happen. You are going to tell me what you did to Blaze.

Toxic: And what happens if I don't?

Statyx: *his eyes flash white, and a wisp of frightening dark energy escapes him. Same vicious tone* If you don't tell me, or I don't like the answer, I will breaks every bone in your body. I will personally electrify and superheat barbed needles, and jam them into every pressure point in your body. I will tear out your spine and use it as a blunt instrument to beat you into a bloody pulp. I will tear off your "man"hood and balls, and stuff them so far up your @$$ you choke on them. *puts his face inches from Toxic's, his tone low, but still vicious and dark* I will beat and torture you until you beg for death. And then I'll give it to you; agonizingly slowly, and excruciatingly painful. Then, the moment you regenerate I will start it all over again, each time longer and more painful than the last. And you wanna know the best part?

Toxic: O_O" Uhhh...

Statyx: Just like you Trolls, I don't age. Which means I could keep your torture going for years, decades, even centuries. *snarling* An eternity of pain, torture, and suffering; you and I both know what that describes.

Toxic: ._."

Statyx: It describes the rest of your eternal life...!!

Toxic: I-I see that...

Statyx: *snarling* I'll take whatever Kotuu can dish out to you, and make it look like a spa treatment.

(Toxic cannot help but chuckle at this.)

Toxic: Hahaha..."spa treatment"...

Statyx: *further tightens his grip, pulls Toxic back, then slams him into the tree, hard enough to make it crack loudly*

Toxic: GUH! Ok, ok, I'll talk, but can I clear up one of your points... Trolls do age, and die of old age eventually...but that would take too long and be to peaceful for you right now...

Statyx: *growls viciously* How's about I call every girl you've messed around with, arrange a little get-together among them, and let them do as they will with you. *grins evilly* I'm sure they'll be glad to hear that you'd regenerate, even after repeated castration.

(Toxic visibly starts to lose more of his bravado and a genuine look of fear crossed his face)

Statyx: In particular, I'll make sure a certain purple cat and a few female hedgehogs get first dibs...

Toxic: And the other option is...? Anything is better than this...

Statyx: Tell me what you did to Blaze...!!

(Kagi: Remember, just touching her breasts and butt. That's it.)

Toxic: see...I only touched! I didn't go any further! I would have loved to, but time wasn't permitting. The plans accelerated too fast for me to act on any more than a feel of her chest and her nice behind! Can I go now?

Statyx: *lets go, a Lightning Whip formed around Toxic's neck* Sure. Express trip to Troll Moon Base, leaving now!! *swings Toxic around like a discuss until he's a small tornado, then sends Toxic flying off into the horizon*


Statyx: Hmph!

(Kotuumath watches Toxic become a speck in the sky.)

Statyx: C'mon, we need to go get Mel and my sisters.

Kotuumath: Yeah. *thinking* I wonder if Toxic will hit the moon hard enough to make a new crater...


Hali: So Mel, what do you want to do?

Mel: Mmmmmm.... I dunno!

Hali: Hmm...oh, I know! I can teach you some techniques!

(A large Shoop laser comes flying from a tree, with the mouth remaining behind. It spits out a wolf, before closing)

???: WOO! That was intense! I'm never traveling that way again!

Shima and Hali: ?!?!

Mel: WAAAAAAH!!! *runs behind Shima and Hali*

Pachirisu: Chipaaaa! (crackles with electricity and confronts the intruder)

Hali: (to the stranger) Uh, who are you?

Shima: (seizes her chance to sneak off while everybody is focused on the stranger)

(Shima's shadow begins to ripple...)

Shima: ...?

Kyle: (jumps out of her shadow) Going somewhere?

Shima: SSSH! (clamps a hand over Kyle's mouth)

Kyle: Mmmph. (holds up a file which appears to be G.U.N's entire data on her) (muffled) Nicked this off their computers. Thought you might want it.

Shima: (takes the file) Huh...thanks. But it'll only be a matter of time until they get it back.

???: Well, my name is Nova. No, nobody you already know. Full name and title, Novanic, Ancient Ultimate number 3.91, Troll Hunter. You're probably familiar with my siblings. I have traveling by Shoop, because it's that Trollish, but I've given up on normal transit for now, this Troll form will have to do.

Hali: Nice to meet you! My name's Hali!

Nova: Who's the little guy, if I may ask?

Hali: (brings Mel out in front of her) His name's Mel.

(Nova's smile expands greatly)

Nova: Hello, little guy. My name's Nova. (Nova reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lollipop) Now, you don't have to take this, but I know that all of you are Ultimate Lifeforms, the successors of my lineage. Think of me as a kindly ancestor.

Mel: *hides behind Hali, whining*

(Nova sticks the lollipop into his own mouth, before straightening)

Nova: I am not fearsome unless you are Troll. I mean you no harm, you are almost family.

Hali: What do you mean by that? (soothes Mel by stroking his head)

(Shima disappears while they're not looking)

Nova: Well, you could say that my family were the first Ultimate Lifeforms. The eldest surviving member is forty thousand...I think.

Hali: Cool!

Mel: *tugs at Hali's shirt, still hiding behind her*

Pachirisu: Chipaa..

Hali: Huh? (looks at Mel) What's wrong, Mel?

Mel: Um...where's auntie Shima?

Hali: Wasn't she right here? (looks around) Shima?

Mel: Where did she go...?

Hali: I don't know...(gives an apologetic smile to Nova) Sorry, but it seems my sister ran off somewhere. It was nice meeting you! (takes Mel's hand) C'mon, let's go find her.

Mel: Okay...


Shima: (throwing rocks into a lake with her Psychokinesis) Another ultimate...? Why...why can't they stop making them...?! (the rocks get thrown farther and more violent, until she picks up a boulder and throws it)

(With Mel and Hali)

Hali: (hears the splash) I think that might be her..

Pachirisu: (Sitting on Mel's head) Chipa?

Hali: Shima..?

(They come to the lake and see Shima sitting by it, drenched from the splash)

Hali: Shima? You okay?

Shima: Go away.

Mel: Auntie Shima...?

Shima: (hunches her shoulder) Go..

Mel: What's wrong? Did I do something bad...?

Hali: Shima, Mel's only a kid, if he did somehting wrong, I'm sure he didn't-

Shima: (whips around, showing that her pupils are gone) Go away!!

Mel: *shies away, tears welling up in his eyes*

Pachirisu: Pachipa... ;~;

Hali: Shima..!!!

Shima: (growling, turns her head back towards teh lake) Go..

Hali: Shima!!!

Mel: *sniffs* F-fine you big meanie!!! *he turns around and starts running, tears streaming down his face* You're a lousy family member!!!!

Hali: Mel! (turns to Shima) What was that for, huh?! All he was doing was asking what was wrong!

Shima: You wanna know what's wrong? Fine, I'll tell you! (stands up and points to where Mel went) He's the problem!

Hali: What!? Why?!

Shima: G.U.N. made him, he's another "Ultimate Lifeform" when there's three thousands of them out there..I'm sick of it!

Hali: He doesn't know any better!

Shima: I don't care! G.U.N. should!

Hali:...Mel's are a lousy family member.. (walks away)

Shima: ....

Mel: *he keeps running, until he accidentally trips and falls down. He gets up, looks at his scraped knee, and starts crying loudly*

Hali: (catches up with him) Mel!

Mel: *still crying loudly, he doesn't notice Hali*

Hali: (goes up and places a hand on his shoulder) Mel..

Mel: !?!? *starts, he jerks away from Hali*

Hali: Hey hey, tke it's me.

Mel: *looks at Hali, sniffling, before he resumes crying*

Hali: (hugs Mel) Sshh...

Mel: *keeps crying* A-auntie Shima... h-h-HATES me!!! *cries louder*

Hali: (hugs Mel tightly) No, no she doesn't! She just...

Mel: *still sobbing* Yes she does!!

Hali: (strokes his quills) No, she doesn't..(remembers what Shima said about G.U.N.) She just...has her problems..

Mel: B-but how can I be a problem for her!?!? I-I haven't done anything wrong!! H-how can I have something to do with her problems!?!? *keeps sobbing, occasionally choking*

Hali: (stroking his quills) I know, sweetie, I know...(thinking) I have to tell him about her and G.U.N...maybe it'll shed some light to him..) Mel..there's some thing you don't know about Shima...that can help you realize why she's not...fond of you..

Mel: *finally calms down a little* W-w-what?

Hali: know how you were created by G.U.N., right? A long time ago, they hurt her..really bad, and she was never able to forgive them for what they did. And now..

Mel: SO!? I didn't have anything to do with that!!

Hali: I know, I know..It's just..everything they do now..upsets her..

Mel: So what, I shouldn't event exist!? Would that make her happy!?

Hali: No! She...(sighs)

Mel: *crying softly* Sh-she what?

Hali: ...Has her problems....but you are NOT one of them.. trust me.

Mel: Then why...?

Hali: She's angry and frustrated about you coming, but give her time. She'll come to like you.

Mel: *sniffling; quietly* It's not fair...

Hali: (hugs him) I know..

Mel: *sniffles*

Shima: (walks up behind them) ...It's not fair...

Mel: !? *jumps a bit*

Shima: (standing behind them) ..

Hali: (glares at Shima) What now?

Mel: *sniffles, his expression showing hurt and anger*

(Pachirisu climbs onto Mel's head.)

Shima: Look, Mel..I..I'm sorry...

Mel: ....*turns his head to the side*

Hali: (mouths to Shima) Try harder.

Shima: (bites lip and goes over to them) I know I shouldn't have yelled at wasn't fair of me too..

Mel: *not looking at Shima* .....Why...?

Shima: wasn't your never knew..and I shouldn't have taken my anger out on you..

Mel: That's not what I meant!! *abruptly stands up*

(Pachirisu jumps off of his head in fright.)

Shima: ?!

Part 9

Mel: *tears welling* Why did you get angry at me!? Why do you want nothing to do with me!? Why do you hate me!?!? What did I do t you to make you hate me!?!?

Shima: You didn't do anything! It's just...what happened...because you're from them...

Mel: From who!? And even then, why does that matter!? I'm Mel the Hedgehog, not "from them"!!!

Shima: From G.U.N.! They ruined my life..and I though you being here would ruin it more.

Mel: Why would I ruin your life!? How would I!? I'm more than just some weapon made by G.U.N!!! Why can't you see me as more than that!?!?

Shima: I...(turns speechless)

Mel: What!?!?

Shima: ...A weapon...

Mel: ???

Shima: Huh..(pained smile) If you are supposed to be a weapon, I know how you feel..

Mel: *stomps his foot* I'm NOT a weapon!! I was never SUPPOSED to be a weapon!!! I'm just ME!!! I'm MEL!!! Why can't you see that!?!?

Shima:'re not a weapon..

Mel: What?

Shima: You're not a weapon...not if you don't want to be.

Mel: Then why treat me like one?

Shima: Just because G.U.N. created you...and that's all I've known them for was making weapons..

Mel: >:(

Shima: ...(sighs) I can just see I'm making it worse.

Mel: ?

Shima: Trying to explain..I just make it worse.

Mel: *snorts* Just say what you're trying to say!

Shima: You don't think I'm trying?! (sighs) I'm just trying to say I'm sorry for yelling at you and all that.

Mel: But why did you?

Shima: I was angry and upset..because there's more and more of us every day and I'm just tired of it..I thought G.U.N. would know better than to make another "Ultimate Lifeform"..

Mel: Then why yell at me? I'm not G.U.N!

Shima: (grits teeth) I know! Like I said, I was angry and upset about it...and you were there and....(sighs)

Mel: And what?

Shima: ..I needed to vent...I'm sorry...

Mel: ........

Shima: ...

Hali: (looks at the two)

Mel: .........

Hali: (goes over and places a hand on Shima's shoulder) Mel, I know how Shima is, and if she says she's sorry, then she really means it.

Mel: Well.....

Hali: She really is sorry, Mel.

Mel:' ......okay......

Shima: !

Hali: Really?

Mel: .....*nods*

Shima: (smiles)

Mel: *soft smile*

[The others then run up to the trio.]

Statyx: Yo!!

Hali: Oh, Statyx!

Statyx: *comes to a stop* Finally found you guys!

Shima: Did you take care of that guy?

Statyx: Yeah, for now.

Hali: Well, at least he's gone.

Statyx: Yep. So, everything alright here?

Hali: Uh-huh.

Statyx: Well, that's good.

Shima and Hali: (nod)

Kotuumath: what do we do now?

Statyx: How about we just relax after all this mayhem?

Shima: Sounds good to me.

Statyx: Good. You Mel?

Mel: Yeah, I'd like tha-*yawns*

Hali: I think that's a yes.

Mel: *nods, and yawns again cutely*

Hali: Aww :3

Mel: *sleepily* I'm tired...

Hali: (smiles) Then let's get you somewhere where you can sleep.

Mel: *holds up hands to be picked up and carried*

(Pachirisu jumps up on Mel's head.)

Hali: (smiling, picks Mel up)

Mel: Thank you... *dozes off*

Hali: ^_^

Mel: *snoring lightly*

Shima: So..where to?

Statyx: *shrugs* My place?

Kotuumath: (Crosses arms) That "your place" the G.U.N base?

Shima: (shrugs) Okay.

Statyx: Heheh, no it is NOT.

Kotuumath: Alright. I don't feel like having soldiers eye me suspiciously...we should probably find Ryu too.

Statyx: *chuckles* C'mon.

Kotuumath: Okay.

[Later, the group is standing in the shadow of an enormous 2-to-3 story house on the outskirts of Station Square]

Kotuumath: WOW.

Shima: (blinks in surprise)

Hali: (jaw drops)

Statyx: *chuckles* Perks of being a G.U.N. agent, even with my AWOL record.

Kotuumath: Daaaaaang, dude.

Statyx: Yup.

Hali: I never knew THIS is where you lived...!

Statyx: Heheheh.

Shima: (looking up at the house)

Statyx: So you guys gonna gawk, or wanna see how big it is inside?

Kotuu: And gawk some more in there? Why not.

Shima: (shrugs) Sure.

Statyx: Alright. *claps* "Sol Princess".

[The large doors open upon Statyx's speaking that phrase.]

Shima: Nice.

Statyx: Well of course I'd have some security.

Hali: Yeah.

Statyx: *walks inside*

Mel: *yawns, still asleep*

Hali: Aww..^_^ (goes inside)

Shima: (follows)

[The inside of the house isn't really extravagant, but quite huge.]

Shima: Nice.

Statyx: All top of the line.

Shima: Ahh.

Statyx: *chuckles* Yup.

Kotuumath: Man, it's big!

Hali: (smiles and looks down at Mel) Does Mel sleep here?

Statyx: Yeah. For now, put him on the couch.

Hali: Okay. (goes and lays Mel on the couch)

Mel: *quiet snoring*

Hali: ^_^

Statyx: Well, now that Mel is sleeping, we can all relax. Anyone want anything?

Kotuumath: I want a house like this. Nah, just kidding.

Statyx: *rolls eyes* Anyone else?

Shima: I'm good.

Hali: Me, too.

Statyx: Ya sure?

Shima and Hali: (nod in unison)

Statyx: *shrugs* Alright.

Shima: what do we do?

Statyx: Check the place and ourselves for any sort of tracking devices, then make sure we weren't followed.

Shima: Um..okay..

Statyx: Shima, these people tried to kill me, Mel, and targeted others as well; it's not the usual screwing around we're used to from the Trolls.

Shima: Ouch..okay, then.

Statyx: Yeah, they're getting serious now.

Shima: Apparently..

Kotuumath: *snort* Hard to believe they're capable of actual intelligence... >_>

Statyx: You saw that fight, didn't you?

Kotuumath: Yeah. Who was that new guy with the scythe? He looked more like a demon than a Troll...

Statyx: You're telling me. *looks at Mel* It's a good thing Mel decided to get involved, or I might not be standing here.

Kotuumath: [Kneels down to get a better look at Mel] I've never seen anyone with his kind of power before...

Statyx: Good thing too with that.

Kotuumath: Why?

Statyx: Being able to copy absolutely any ability he witnesses, and use it perfectly doesn't sound dangerous to you?

Kotuumath: It'd be dangerous if he was a villain...

Statyx: My point exactly.

Kotuummath: Buuut he's not a villain...

Statyx: And that's what I meant.

Kotuumath: So I don't see why this is so dangerous.

Statyx: A young, impressionable child, capable of copying the strongest, most vicious, most dangerous techniques in the world? Capable of gaining the power of a god if he witnessed it?

Kotuumath: Okay you got me at impressionable. But who's to say he couldn't learn to choose what he does and does not copy?

Statyx: He can; the point is he doesn't. I have to tell him to forget abilities he may have copied, or he'll hang onto them.

Kotuumath: That's a bit problematic...

(Meanwhile, with Ryu...)

Ryu: *sigh* Where'd everyone go...?

Metagross: Metuuuh...

(Ryu-What if one of the Trolls *coughToxiccough* tried to go after Ryu?)
(Kagi: I was gonna have Statyx pick her up in a bit. And Toxic was thrown at the moon; I don't think he'll be moving anytime soon.)
(Ryu-Pick her up? He knows where she is? :/)
(Kagi: Chaos Control?)
(Ryu-I guess so.)
(Kagi: ?)
(Ryu-Just seems sudden and unannounced.)
(Kagi: Oh. Well, we need to pick her up to continue the RP, right?)
(Kagi: Well, that's how I figured we could get it going quickly.)
(Ryu-Okay, then.)

Part 10

[In a sudden flash of green light right in front of Ryu, Statyx appears]

Statyx: *wearing a big grin on his face* Boo!!

Ryu: AAAHH!! [reflexively lashes her foot out in a defensive manner]

Statyx: *takes Ryu's foot right to his face* ....Ow.

Ryu: !! Oh snap! I'm sorry man! D:

Statyx: *muffled* It's alright. I deserved that.

[Ryu takes her foot off of Statyx's face.]

Ryu: So, what's going on?

Statyx: *shakes head slightly* Mel's safe, and everyone's at my place. Came to pick you up.

Ryu: *looks relieved that Mel's safe* Good. [returns Capraz to his PokeBall]

Statyx: Yeah. So, shall we go?

Ryu: *nods*

Statyx: Alright. *puts a hand on Ryu's shoulder, and Chaos Controls them back to his house*

[Meanwhile, back within the Troll hospital, Bubonic is pacing beside Reaper's bed, the hedgehog's body now lacking clothes and cybernetics. Rageik and Anne both entered, and Bubonic frowns at them]

Bubonic: How? How can I repair this damage when the Mimic so easily reverted my repairs?

Rageik: Maybe the blood of a Demon can revert some of this?

Bubonic: What?

Anne: Yes... Power Hedgehogs are a waypoint... between Demons and Celestials.... Demon DNA could cause a... repair of sorts...

Bubonic: A reboot of his system?

Anne: With DNA close enough... to his, from me... it may just work....

Bubonic: (grabs a set of needles) Let's find out then, shall we? [Bubonic plunges the needle into Anne's arm, taking a large blood sample. Rageik removes his jacket and performs a skillful maneuver, taking a sample of his own blood and providing it to the scientist. Quickly, Bubonic ran the blood through a machine. Half an hour passes, and both Rageik and Anne await the response from the scientist, who exits, sweat obvious on his face] It is done. Be warned, though, the results may stun you. [Reaper is revealed, with quills now half-way between Rageik's and his own. His life signs were stable, and Anne could feel his mind starting to reawaken] He lives, but he won't be ready to get up for a few weeks yet. Rageik, you need to prepare. He may need...

Rageik: Tutorials in the new power he wields. I shall aid. He is, after all, now of my blood.

[With that, Bubonic and Rageik both leave. Anne walks over to Matthew and sits beside him, and simply watches him, talking to her love through their telepathic bond]

(Back at Statyx's..)

Shima: (watches Mel sleep) ...

Mel: *lightly snoring, he lazily turns around and mumbles lightly*

Shima: (smiles a bit) Cute... (hesitates, then gently pets his head)

Mel: *smiles in his sleep, repositioning himself and lightly pushing his head against Shima's hand*

Shima: (smiles and pets his head) (thinking) Poor kid...I shouldn't have been too hard on him...)

Mel: *lightly snoring*

Shima: (petting his head) (thinking) I'm sorry..)

[Suddenly, Statyx and Ryu appear in the room in a flash of green light]

Shima: ! (looks up from where's she at next to Mel)

Statyx: *waves* Yo, I'm back. *looks around* Good to see you guys haven't broken anything.

Kotuu: Please, we're not like bulls in a fine china shop. >.>

Statyx: *opens mouth, about to say something* ......Actually, nevermind.

Ryu: Wait, wasn't there this thing on this one Mythbusters-like show where they proved that a bull in a china shop is not as destructive as once thought?

Kotuu: ......oh yeah! They set up these shelves and loaded them with fragile knickknacks inside of a bull pen, and they were avoiding them and stuff...crazy stuff.

Shima: (rolls eyes and moves her hand to her lap)

Mel: *mumbles and starts to wake up*

Shima: (looks at Mel)

Statyx: Yeah, real interesting. Now, let's get back to the fact that the Trolls are posing an actual threat at the moment.

Shima: (nods)

Ryu: What??? What are they doing?!

Statyx: Um.... well aside from some freaky powerful guy and possible going after Mel, we don't really know...

Shima: We just gotta be on guard.

Ryu: Yeah...

???: What you need is intelligence. May I suggest interrogation on their current plans?

(Flare is seen lazing just outside, listening to the others)

Shima: Interrogation?

Flare: A simple capture run on any of the generals but Mac or Toxic. Mac is more than happy hiding in the Troll Moonbase, and Toxic never seems to know anything good.

Statyx: *waves hands* Hold up people. For now let's keep from making a full on invasion of the Troll Base or anything.

(Flare waves his hands around)

Flare: Isn't that what I was saying? Either we get someone inside to get info, or we capture a Troll General outside the base...With a team of this caliber, we should easily be able to do it.

Statyx: That was before someone with a whole arsenal of wild powers showed up. I battled him personally and Kotuu saw it; that guy was beoynd anyone like Toxic. With someone like that out there, we can't really go out and hunt down a Troll.

Flare: How did you beat him? From what it sounds like, I may have run into his people before.

Statyx: Just... a whole arsenal of wild abilities. *explains the abilities he witnessed while battling Reaper*

Flare: There's a race of Hedgehogs with powers like that, known as Power Hedgehogs. They live on a city that flies above a fixed point in the ocean, and eat...well...their idea of meat is Dragon-type Pokemon. They breed them to eat, and in legendary dragon breeding's not pretty. I've run into them once before. I know a bit about their culture, but not much.

Ryu: *snorts angrily* Those idiots...Pokemon are not food!

Shima: Apparently to them they are..

Statyx: Yeah, but there was more than that. This guy could use Will's powers. This guy could use my powers.

Flare: Hmm....... Have you ever heard of a Mimic? I think I met one earlier, but again, I know a bit about their culture.

Statyx: Well, aside from Mel being referred to as such by G.U.N Operatives, no.

Flare: Well, the Mimics were again, a race of hedgehogs. These guys had the ability to copy the powers of whoever they touched. Most Mimics were killed out by a group of followers of Iblis, an ancient demon and Chaos Beast within the Yellow Emerald, but a small handful, including a child with a rare power, evaded the massacre. The child could copy any technique he saw. I think that the foe you faced was a Power Hedgehog/Mimic hybrid, which is more likely to have been an artificial creation than a biologically occurring phenomenon.

Statyx: Oh perfect. Because we all know how great artificial genetics are. Darwin's Law and selective breeding all in the matter of moments rather than decades.

Flare: Considering that comment is also upon your own creation, that's more than slightly hypocritical, but nevertheless, we need to deal with this threat, and only a Troll General has the knowledge we need. Perhaps Mel could copy some kind of summoning technique and drag one of the generals here?

Statyx: I wasn't being sarcastic. And no: Mel needs a break.

Flare: Well, the other option is more dangerous. We're going to need a plane, and a pilot. It involves the Power Hedgehogs and their capital, Sky City. Who wants to come?

Kotuu: I do! :D

Statyx: No, no, no. We can't just go gung-ho like that. For now, I think we should just... wait. Recollect, recharge, and relax.

Flare: Oh, so getting the Power Hedgehogs to aid us ISN'T letting us relax? We tell the Power Hedgehogs, who have a bounty on the head of a traitor, that they've been seen amongst the trolls. They send in a military response. While they attack, we get either G.U.N agents or Freedom Fighters to get in, grab a general and get out. Simple. You don't even need to take part, Statyx. All I need is you to accompany me and whoever else wants to come to Sky City, because I need you to describe the hedgehog you battled. It may provide them with the information you need. And Kotuu, if you do come, be careful. They eat dragons, so don't be surprised if they try to slay you to simply try the meat of an exotic dragon.

Ryu: S***, they eat regular and anthro dragons too???

Kotuu: So what? I'm still going.

Flare: Unfortunately, yes. I had to persuade them that I wasn't some exotic kind of dragon, and even then, it took the intervention of a man I couldn't trust to make the hunters give up. One day, Ryu, you could lead an army of Pokemon Trainers against them, but for now, we need their aid in dealing with this issue. As for Kotuu, well, carry a big sword, and defend yourself, don't pick a fight. They are nasty fighters. Omnikinetics, who can fly, and have extremely high speed, extremely high strength, and abilities I don't even understand, a form of paternal ability sharing power where certain abilities run in certain bloodlines.

[Statyx holds his hand up in the air and snaps his fingers, using his electrokinesis to give it the sound of thunder booming. The loud noise makes Mel immediately jump from his half-asleep state in shock and fright, causing him to latch onto Shima instinctively. Both Ryu and Kotuu jump from the massive thunderclap; Ryu had leaped into Flare's arms while Kotuu fell onto the couch, holding his ears, his eyes watering slightly.]

Statyx: ENOUGH!!! You guys are getting ahead of yourselves! This plan involves almost complete and total speculation! We have no guarantee these "Power Hedgehogs" will help us, or throw us off the island, and me plus ocean equals lots of dead marine life!! What's more, that "Reaper" is just one of an entire army of Trolls!! On top of regeneration and chaos abilities, we have genetically modified soldiers with who knows WHAT type of abilities, ranging from military expertise to being made out of putty! Then add to that small army's worth of bots and demons: that's three armies with a vast array of unknown and unpredictable powers, on top of regeneration and chaos powers. We have no reason to believe those Power Hedgehogs will send an entire army against three armies, all for the sake of one Power Hedgehog. On top of that, add Rageik. Rageik. A demonic entity with numerous powers and centuries if not millenia of experience in battle. Then, add the fact that we'd have to raid the Moon Base: adds a whole new level of risks and danger. And you want us to get innocent bystanders and our friends involved- if not KILLED- over plans that we know nothing about in terms of goals and motivations?

[Ryu and Kotuu are silent.]

(Kagi: FYI I changed Flare's post, since Anne never revealed herself to any of the characters affiliated with the heroes. Also: I enjoy showing Statyx's strategical expertise :P)

Shima: !!! (thinking) I didn't even say anything..oh well.) (listens)

[Flare sets Ryu down gently, then meet's Statyx's gaze with his own, revealing a more intense flame than he had ever shown]

Flare: So you refuse to act upon the shatterpoint? A master of chrono-sight pointed this out to me, I felt that none would be blind to it. The third option I have not voiced is now my plan. See you on the other side. (Flare's wings appeared on his back, and he strode out, his figure suggesting his rage)

[A whip of electricity binds his leg, numbing it.]

Statyx: You, not going anywhere.

Flare: And my reasoning for staying is? Be glad that caught my leg. In my mood, I may just have redirected it into a wall should it hit my arm, and I wouldn't want to trash this nice apartment...I'd prefer to trash a Troll base.

Statyx: One: this is my house, not "apartment". Second, Ryu has become a motherly figure to Mel. As his current guardian and primary masculine influence, Mel more than likely sees me as a fatherly figure. *smirks* Now, you wouldn't want the young and impressionable Mel to get the wrong idea about who's who in Ryu's love-life, would you?

[Flare's eyes visibly twitch]

Flare: Ok, fine. I'll stay. Don't want the kid getting the wrong ideas, but what, you expect me to relax and let the shatterpoint pass? What if we don't get another shot at this?

Statyx: *shrugs* With my luck, the "shatterpoint" is more than likely passed. For now, we might as well recuperate and let little Mel over here rest. Besides, we also have to go over the powers he got and make him drop anything to risky or too powerful for him.

Flare: Well, one idea along those lines - why not let Mel use pieces of some of these techniques he's copied, and create a signature move? I mean, you have how many? Mel doesn't have any, and he can learn anyone's moves just by seeing them, but if he creates a technique, it might just help him in creativity and also teach him that practice makes perfect, not just mimicry. Heck, even Danny, that Mimic I met, created his own signature the last few days, I admit, but he still made one.

Statyx: *shakes head* He's able to adapt his body to meet the requirements when he copies a technique, but building a technique from what he's copied means his body has to be able to handle it in its natural state. Mel doesn't have the training or discipline for that just yet.

Flare: Well, why not start his training? If I'm not allowed to act upon the shatterpoint, maybe we could start Mel's training, to make him into someone capable of striking the shatterpoint Reaper's bound to have. Maybe even get someone who can sense them to allow him that technique.

Statyx: He's a kid. He needs time to relax.

[The Shiny Pachirisu hops onto the couch with Mel.]

Pachirisu: Chipaa!

Shima: (nods in agreement with Statyx)

Mel: *climbs out of Shima's arms and sits down next to Pachirisu, petting it*

Pachirisu: *chitters happily*

Shima: (looks at Mel and Pachirisu and smiles)

Mel: *laughs a little as Pachirisu chitters, continuing to pet it*

Shima: So, what are we going to do? Keep a watchful eye out for a while and see if the Trolls attack again?

Pachirisu: [Rolls onto her stomach, wanting belly rubs]

Mel: *smiles and rubs her belly*

Statyx: That's the idea.

Pachirisu: *purrs*

Shima: (nods)

Flare (shakes head) Well, if I'm not allowed to act upon the shatterpoint, then I have contracts to finish. Can't just sit around here doing nothing. I have to keep weapons flowing through my forge.

Statyx: *shrugs, and disperses the Lightning Whip* Fair enough. The rest of us will take the chance to relax.

Kotuu: Fair enough. Hey, maybe I could cook everyone some-

Ryu: NO.

Kotuu: Okayguy

Statyx: Gonna take that as a cue that I don't wanna know.

Mel: *looks up from petting Pachirisu* ?

Pachirisu: ?

Ryu: What? He's just bad at cooking.

Kotuu: Notimpressedplz

Ryu: Sorry man, but it's true.

Shima: If you're hungry, why don't you just order something?

'Statyx: There's an idea. Mel's never had takeout before.

Shima: Then let's order something.

Statyx: Alright. Whaddya guys want?

Shima: I'm good for anything.

Statyx: *shrugs* Alright. The rest of ya?

Ryu: Hmmmm.....[looks at Mel] Do you want pizza?

Mel: *looks at Ryu, then tilts his head* What's pizza?

Ryu: Pizza is this tasty food that has cheese, sauce, pepperoni, ham, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah-

Kotuu: It might be better to show him instead...

Shima: it is?

Kotuu: I'm for it.

Statyx: Alright then. So, toppings?

Shima: Cheese is okay with me, but whatever you guys want is okay, too.

Statyx: Okay. Hali? You've been awfully quiet.

Hali: Oh, sorry. I was just listening to you guys talk. ^_^' I don't care what kind of toppings we get.

Statyx: *raises eyebrow; sarcastically* Wow, I sure have picky relatives.

Shima: -_-

Statyx: Alright. Any objections to cheese?

Ryu/Kotuu: Cheese!! :D

Shima: I'm thinking that's a no. XD

Statyx: Alrighty then. Any other suggestions?

Ryu: Ooh! Ooh! Get ham on it!

Statyx: *shows a less than thrilled reaction* Errr, alright. Any objections? *raises hand*

Shima: Mmmm...ham... :3

Statyx: Geh. Personally I'll take sausage over slick, slimy ham.

Shima: Then either pick the ham off or order another pizza with sausage.

Statyx: Alright, alright. Anyone else have an objection to ham?

Ryu/Kotuu: No.

Statyx: Nyeh... alright, I suppose we'll get ham. *mumbles* On one half.

Ryu: Hater >.>

Statyx: Yup.

Ryu: If this was a comedy show, I'd slap you with a fish.

{SFX: *laugh track*}

Kotuu: Umm...

Statyx: *thumbs to the kitchen* There's some in the fridge, help yourself. Then I can claim self-defense.

{SFX: *laugh track*}

Statyx: *sighs, grumbling to himself* What did I tell Fou about messing with the sound system...

Kotuu: O.o"

Statyx: What?

Kotuu: You have a sound system in your house??

Statyx: Yes. I believe most people do.

Kotuu: I don't... ;~;

Ryu: You don't even have a house, Kotuu.

Kotuu: The wilderness is my house >.>

Statyx: *rolls eyes*

Ryu: Are we getting pizza or not?

Statyx: Yeah yeah yeah. Geez, Toxic would love to be here right now.

Ryu: What is that supposed to mean? >.>

Statyx: Because I have to tell you to keep your pants on!

{SFX: *laugh track*}

Statyx: *facepalms, groaning*

Ryu: I must admit, that was a good one.

Statyx: Thank you, I'm here all week. Then again, it's my house.

Shima: (chuckles)

Statyx: So, any other toppings? Or should we just continue Comedy Central?

Shima: I'm good with the toppings we have. Let's just order. I'm hungry!

Statyx: Alright, alright. Anyone else?

Kotuu: Yes!

Ryu: FOOD!

Statyx: Got it, got it. Hali, Mel?

Hali: Food sounds okay with me. ^_^

Mel: Well, if everyone else wants food, then I'll go with that too.

Statyx: Potentially vulnerable to peer pressure. Gotta make note of that. Alright then, food it is. *calls in and makes the order*

[Later, while everyone's doing their own thing while waiting...]

{SFX: Ding dong!}

Statyx: *averts his attention from a video game* ! Well, that must be the pizza.


Mel: *bounces up and down* Yay, I won!!

Statyx: !? What the- hey, no taking cheap shots Mel!

Pachirisu: Chipaa chipaa!! [jumping up and down, cheering for Mel]

Statyx: Geez, beat in a boxing game by a little kid; is there anything worse?

Shima: (listening to her iPod with only one earbud in; chuckles) You could be beat in REAL boxing by a little kid.

Statyx: *looks at Shima* If that's the case, then what does that say about you?

Shima: Hm?

Statyx: I can beat you any day of the week, yet I can be beat by a little kid. What does that say about you then?

Shima: (turns back to her music) That's because half of the time I'm not really into the fight.

Statyx: Uh-huh. So you weren't giving it your all when I attempted to put your personal diary on the internet?

Shima: (growls) Shut it, Statyx.

Statyx: *chuckles* Now now, watch the language around the child~

Shima: Hey, I could've said something a lot worse.

Statyx: Perhaps.

{SFX: Ding dong!}

Statyx: Oh, right! Pizza! *heads towards the door*

Hali: Good.. (stomach growls)

[Ryu is in the backyard, training her Pokemon. While she can't help but miss her Pachirisu a bit, she knows Mel will take good care of her. She then hears the doorbell.]

Ryu: Hmm?

Statyx: *looks through the eyehole* Yup, it's the delivery guy!

Kotuu: Yay! =D

Statyx: Alright everybody, *opens door* prepare for pizz- *suddenly get blasted by a big blast of water* AAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Mel: Waaah!! *hides behind couch*

Kotuu: Not yay! D=

[Ryu runs inside the house, closely followed by the female Shiny Lopunny she was training.]

Ryu: I heard a scream...!!

[The heroes see that Statyx is slumped against a wall, jerking as electricity is painfully forcefully pulled out of his soaked body. Statyx is still conscious however, glaring up at a familiar face: Toxic, wearing the pizza-delivery uniform and holding the pizza in one hand while he sneers at Statyx.]

Statyx: *growls*

Kotuu: Pizzaman is spah! D8

Ryu: Spah is Toxic!! D8

Statyx: *growling, obviously trying but failing to move*

Toxic: Ha! Sorry bub, you're stuck! That water was mixed with a neurotoxin: even you aren't immune to something absorbed through the skin. You're about as mobile as a tank in a pitfall! *throws the pizza at Statyx's face*

[Ryu then steps towards Toxic.]

Ryu: Alright you little s***bag, what do you think you're doing here?!

Toxic: Lesse.... payback, kidnapping, maybe a little murder. Only if things get violent of course.

Ryu: You want Mel, don't you?

Toxic: Ding-ding-ding! And the prize goes to the fine purple kitten.

Ryu: Well you're going to have to go through my fine dead body!!

Toxic: Ohhhh, don't be like that kitten. Tell you what: hand over the kid peacefully and you can have regular visits. Not for free of course, buut we could figure something out. *smirks*

Ryu: I'm going to hurt you now.

Toxic: Uh-uh-uhhhhhhh. *casually flicks his hand, sending a few droplets of highly corrosive acid in Ryu's general direction, which land in front of her and quickly eat through the floor* I wouldn't want to leave any scars on that fine figure of yours. And besides, *aims his hand at Statyx* I've got much better target right here. Both not-female and unable to move or counter.

(Ryu-Technically, she could use her Metagross to defend against his attacks, since it'd be immune to acids.)
(Kagi: Water, Chaos Powers. And um.... Flash? Could you do script format? Just for consistency ^^|)
(Ryu-Water is only Neutral against a Steel-type. Not to mention Metagross is half Psychic, and Toxic is weak to Psychic attacks.)

[Flare starts to appear behind Toxic, looking stunned and gesturing for Ryu to keep his arrival quiet]

Toxic: Now, what to do... *his gaze switching between Ryu and Statyx causes him to notice the new shadow coming from behind him* !! S**t s**t GODDAMNED F***ING S**T!!! I did not come here expecting this friggin weapon-obsessed troll hunter to show up!! Okay, screw doing this under the radar: anything Rageik can dish out that I've seen before is better than whatever these psychos can come up with!! *looks at Ryu* Sorry kitten, but it seems doing this smoothly isn't possible anymore... *holds up his other hand and snaps his fingers, causing several Anonbots to crash through the roof and windows, surrounding everyone*

Flare: Ryu! Get Mel out of here! I've got your back! [Instantly, Flare's swords were out of their sheaths and coated with elemental energy]

[Ryu runs over to Mel and picks him up, at the same time returning Lopunny to her Pokeball. Before she can get far however, several Anonbots focus around her and Mel, the others aiming their weapons at Kotuu, Shima, Hali, and Flare.]

Toxic: *turns around, grinning arrogantly at Flash but obviously sweating a little* Sorry bub, but if any one of you make wrong move, the others get minced and blasted. *pulls his spear out of hammerspace* Now, I believe kitten can fill you in on the scenario.

[Flare's posture becomes slightly less aggressive, but remains tense.]

Flare: Fine. Don't want to risk the kid copying my stands. Too risky.

Ryu: [Hugs Mel to her] .........

Toxic: Now, I believe I was saying something about taking the kid without casualties?

Ryu: ...... [she looks at Mel]

Mel: *cowering and sniffling, holding onto Ryu and closing his eyes, as if doing so will allow him to hide or make the trolls go away*

Statyx: *growls furiously* If I could use my electricity right now....

Toxic: Ha! Even if you could use your electricity without moving, it's useless. Your electricity is directly tied to your nervous system, constantly traveling through it: it's the only place it can go without causing massive injuries to your own body. If your nerves are shot, you're a flashlight without a battery.

Statyx: *snarls*

Kotuu: Don't do it, Ryu...!!

[Flare suddenly smirks]

Flare: Without casualties, huh... so what would you do if I stabbed myself? Because I don't think you know what happens when I start dying.

Ryu: What?! No!!

Flare: Ryu, please. Ever wondered about my scars? This is a little trick I've had to use twice before, and I doubt the Trolls can counter it. Nobody else can. Besides, I don't exactly die.

Toxic: I really wouldn't suggest that. One wrong move on your end, and everyone else will be dead before you're even close.

Flare: Fine. I was offering you a way out. But if you want the kid, there's one problem - take him, hurt him at all, and the Ultimate Guardian will be coming after you, and not as he would normally.

Toxic: Blah blah blah. He got his butt handed to him by Reaper, and that Kotuu guy couldn't do s**t against me.

Flare: Good to know you can talk big, but I bet, one on one, Kotuu would prove you wrong. Beside, Statyx wasn't transformed. Take Mel, and he will be.

Kotuu: Yeah, thanks for the kind words, Flare. But even I'm not dumb enough to mess with whatever that transformation of Statyx's is...I just know it was something vicious...

[He remembers the wisp of pure darkness coming from Statyx much earlier today, when he was confronting Toxic.]

Flare: No problem, big guy. [Flare turns back to Toxic] So, you going to risk it, without your allies at your back?

Toxic: Excuse me? Look around you! You guys are all surrounded!

[Ryu continues to hold Mel tight, glaring at Toxic.]

Flare: I'm assuming here, but I guess that this house, considering it belongs to a G.U.N. agent, has an alarm system connected to the mainframes, just in case Statyx or Mel need assistance. So who knows how many silent alarms you might have triggered. I mean, seriously, you might just get a full squad of soldiers, a couple of mechs, or even Statyx's half-brother and Team Dark storming here. You've risked all that, purely for a kid, and this is a Mexican standoff. We are outnumbered, but don't put it past Shima or Hali to generate a Chaos Shield around us to allow Kotuu and myself the chance to attack. Plus, Ryu just has to drop a Pokeball, and let whatever is inside come out, in order to stop you that way. The question is, considering your reinforcements are mechanical, you feel big enough to risk it.

Toxic: Heh, all of these guys have their weapons at the ready. One wrong move without absolutely perfect synchronicity would get the others killed.

[Ryu looks at the Anonbots surrounding her and Mel.]

Ryu: *thinking* If only I could sneak one of my Pokemon outside...I could send it for help...

(Kagi: What to do.... what to do....)
(Ryu-It's too bad Statyx couldn't use Chaos Control to speed up the poison filtering...Toxic would notice it.)
(Kagi: I thought he could question if Statyx was preparing a Chaos-based form [though Statyx doesn't have one], but I'm not sure about how that would work.)
(Ryu-He could taunt him about it..)
(Kagi: You mean provoke Toxic? Thought of that possibility too.)
(Ryu-Well, I actually meant Toxic taunting Statyx about "wasting energy" by trying to prepare a Chaos-based form.)
(Kagi: Toxic's more tactical than that. And I had an idea: maybe we could do some sort of TP as well? Like with Liger Zero?)
(Ryu-Okay. Wondering who I should use, though...)
(Kagi: I wonder how the Random Rangers would act around a hair-triggered 8-figure robot with a bad attitude :P)
(Ryu-There'd probably be running, screaming and cursing the name of G.U.N. =P)
(Kagi: Shall we~? We could also use a new section for this RP.)
(Ryu-Let's do it! And yeah, that'd be a good idea.)
(Kagi: Okee. Who start?)
(Ryu-I will)

Part 11

Shima: (her eyes dart to the Anonbots surrounding them) (thinking) I could take them out with my Psychokinesis, but...)

Ryu: [Looking around frantically now]

Statyx: *snarling, his fingers twitching and body shaking as he attempts to move*

Ryu: .......[very subtly reaches for a Pokeball]

[Meanwhile, Linebeck is standing at Ryu's front door, having already knocked, and getting no answer...]

Linebeck: Hmm...that's weird, Ryu's usually home...maybe she's at Statyx's house. [walks to Statyx's house]

[When he finally gets there...]

Linebeck: That's weird...the front door's open. [walks inside]

[Linebeck sees the entire scene when he walks in.]

Linebeck: HWO-[covers mouth]

Shima: ...? (her ear twitches, sensing Linebeck; her eyes dart over and see him) !

Toxic: !? *whips around to see Lineback* What the-!?

[The Anonbots likewise temporarily remove their focus upon noticing Linebeck.]

Linebeck: Ohhhh...s***. owo"

Ryu: !!

Statyx: !! NOW!!!

Shima: (growls, then grabs two Anonbots with her Psychokinesis and slams them together)

[Ryu throws a Pokeball, releasing Capraz.]

Ryu: Zen Headbutt!!

[The moment the Metagross is released, he tucks in his legs and rams into one of the Anonbots.]

Kotuu: [Pulls out his sword and drives it through another Anonbot]

[Flare's swords arc out of their sheaths as he slams an Anonbot into the ground, burying one of his katanas through the robot's eyesocket]

Flare: Wait, who's got Toxic?

Toxic: No-one, sucker!! *holding his spear by the rear half, Toxic thrusts it toward Flare. The other hand is aimed at Statyx, firing a high-powered stream of steaming acid* Good luck, bub. Even if you could normally block my attack, the distraction of your friend being the target of a powerful acid attack should be plenty distracting!

[Flare dropped his swords and did nothing to defend against the spear, instead focusing all his strength on using electricity to neutralize the acid]

Capraz: [Eyes turns to Toxic; uses Psychic on him to try and halt his attack]

[Sensing Flare's electricity, Pachirisu jumps away from Mel and uses Thunderbolt on the acid as well.]

Pachirisu: RiiSUUUUUU!!

Linebeck: OMG what have I started? Oh well. [runs to an Anonbot and jumps, his tail glowing pure white]

[Ryu, still carrying Mel, retreats to a safe distance.]

Shima: (yells to Hali) Go with them! You know what to do. (uses Chaos Missile on a number of the Anonbots)

Hali: (nods and runs after them)

Ryu: Where do we go...??

(Back in the battle)

Flare: Let the spear hit me! I can take it, but Toxic won't be able to cope with the power it unleashes. [Flare focuses more and more electricity into the acid, which was starting to lose it's color]

[Hearing this, Capraz halts its own attack, allowing Toxic the chance to attack Flare. Pachirisu continues to electrocute the acidic stream as well.]

[Seeing that the stream's not disappearing, Capraz uses Psychic on it, trapping it in place.]

Toxic: *growls* Dammit!! *breaks the stream and throws a Chaos Spear at Capraz, while stabbing Flare in the chest with the spear*

[He counters the Chaos Spear with a Meteor Mash, causing a small explosion. Flare crumples around the spear, but his wings unfold, growing to almost three-times normal size.]

Flare:! [Flare's eyes appeared to be getting more and more gold, as he spoke, plus his body was...changing. He easily pulled the spear out of his chest, snapping the head clean off with one hand]

[Again, Capraz heeds the call. Using Psychic to lift Statyx up, it expertly maneuvers him out through the open front door and onto the front lawn, following shortly after, tucking in its legs and turning its body to the side to squeeze through.]

Flare: You...guys...too! Get...out....NOW! [Finally, Flare seems to surrender into whatever was engulfing his body, his eyes seeming to burn with flames from within as his wings alter into a massive pair of phoenix wings. He growls menacingly as he took another step towards Toxic]

Statyx: *watching the events unfold, his expression showing anger and frustration* Dammit, I can't do a single thing!!

[Capraz's face seems to show sympathy.]

Toxic: God damn it!!! *quickly grabs and pulls his spear back, flipping it so the other edge was facing Flare. He thrusts the spearhead forward, but at the last moment diverts the spear and thrusts his other hand into Flare's face, releasing a powerful Smog attack point-blank*

[Flames burst from Flare's mouth, and the Smog instantly dissipates in flame as he continues to approach, starting to speed up as he did so]

Linebeck: OHSHI- [runs out the front door]

Kotuu: Wait up!! [follows]

Toxic: *blasts a Water Pulse from his mouth towards the flames, leaping back as he did so*

[Flare growls as the water strikes the flame, but lets it push him slightly, increasing the strength of his flame to convert the water to steam as it hit]

Toxic: Che! .....*quickly darts out of the doorway* You want me!? Come n' get me!!

[Flare roars, almost like all conscious thought was gone, as he charges after Toxic, his wings starting to flap]

Shima: Alright, Flare! (runs over to Statyx) Oh boy.. (picks him up and slings him over her shoulders, then runs after Linebeck)

Statyx: *expression shows a combination of indignity and anger*

Toxic: *quickly turns around* Got ya!! *suddenly, Toxic glows with a blue aura, holding his hands together as a black, smoke-like ball forms in between his hands* Take this!! *Toxic throws the black mist-ball up into the air, where it explodes into dark clouds covering the area, which within moments release a downpour of rain* How do you like my Rain Dance, idiot!?

[Flare growls menacingly, a cloud of steam forming around his body, before a large bolt of lightning leapt from his fingertips, straight at Toxic]

Toxic: Whoa!! *leaps out of the way* Just my luck: fire and lightning! *growls* TAKE THIS!! *fires a Hydro Pump at Flare*

[Flare lowers his head and charges straight into the water, forming a thick cloud of steam as his flames increase in strength. He roars as he vanishes into the fog.]

[Ryu, meanwhile, reached the back door, still carrying Mel.]

Ryu: We can get out through here, Hali!

Hali: Alright! (follows, looking behind her in case they're followed)

[Ryu then notices that it's started to rain, thanks to Toxic.]

Ryu: Well crap.

Pachirisu: Chipaa? [climbs onto Mel's head]

Hali: Ah! What the..?

[Suddenly, one of Ryu's Pokeballs rattles. It opens on its own, releasing a female Shiny Brutiger.]

Ryu: Canavar...!!

Canavar: Bruu!! [runs off towards the fight]

Ryu: Get back here...!!

Hali: Wh-What is she doing?!

Ryu: She's battle-crazy...can't stand missing out on the action...

Mel: *still clinging to Ryu*

[Ryu hugs Mel protectively.]

Hali: We need to get somewhere safe...!

Ryu: Right...!!

Hali: How house!

[At the scene of the battle...]

Toxic: Oh no you don't!! *Creates a massive wave of water, then sends it surging forward.*

[The mist suddenly starts to glow from within with a blood-red might, a roar following a second before the wave struck]

[At that point, Canavar appears.]

Canavar: Bruu! [sniffs the air; she detects Flare's scent, but it is tainted to her, thanks to his beastly transformation]

Toxic: *growls* Take this!! *thrusts both palms forward, and releases a barrage of high-speed globs of poison into the mist*

[Flare's voice, still husky, rises out from the mist]

Flare: I am dead. You cannot poison the dead, and in five minutes, my body will regenerate, and I will survive, simply with more scars. You, on the other hand... [Flare suddenly leaps from the mist, his body still in it's Perfect form, and manages to get his hand around Toxic's throat with his surprise attack] shall be interrogated and die.

Toxic: *choked* Maybe you can't be poisoned, but... *grabs Flare's head* I don't recall corpses being immune to acid!! *blasts acid from both of his hands*

[Flare instantly recoils, the slight shred of control disappearing as he pumps electricity over his body to neutralize the acid, with the side-effect of some being pumped straight into Toxic]


[Flare's growls intensify as he pumps more and more electricity into Toxic's body, trying to both neutralize the acid on his body, and to fry Toxic to stop more acid from being produced]

Toxic: *working through the pain as his body shakes from the electricity, he puts both hands on Flare's chest and fires off a double Water Pulse, knocking him back*

[Canavar watches them both, contemplating on whether to attack Toxic directly or go to assist Flare. As the wolf fell, with obvious twitches indicating that he was about to shut down and start to regenerate, he flicked a knife down into his hand from a small sheath within his knife, and threw it at Toxic as he collapsed]

Toxic: *panting, he uses Bubble to send a single bubble at the knife, which pops on contact and cancels out the momentum of the knife, causing it to drop to the ground*

(Kagi: Who's Canavar?)
(Ryu-Ryu's Brutiger (Brutiger is a Purugly evo I made up)
(Kagi: Ahhhh.)
(Kagi: What to do do do.....)

[Meanwhile, back with Shima, Statyx, Capraz, Kotuu and Linebeck...]

Linebeck: what the hell did I run into back there?

Statyx: *snorts* Toxic blindsided us...

Linebeck: Was he after Ryu again?

Statyx: No, he wasn't....

[Linebeck stops dead in his tracks.]

Linebeck: Wait...does this mean the world's ending now??? How could he have not been after her?!

Kotuu: He was after someone else, and no, it was not a girl.

Statyx: Well, that's yes and no. He was after someone who could cause the end of the world.

Linebeck: O_O"

Statyx: Yeah. And I ended up being utterly useless...

Linebeck: So that explains why Shima's carrying you..

Statyx: *growls* -.-

Linebeck: At least she's not dragging you by your foot...

Statyx: Doesn't matter...

Linebeck: Are you still gripin' about this?? You should be thankful that your friends were there to watch your back, instead of bawwing over your inability to do anything!

Statyx: Well gee, I was only created to protect my friends and family, and failed miserably!

[Linebeck facepalms.]

Linebeck: Forget it...

Statyx: *snorts*

Linebeck: *mumbling* Sweet Chaos, you G.U.N people are so ungrateful sometimes...! [walks off towards the front of the group]

Statyx: *rolls eyes*

Kotuu: Ugh...okay, can we please stop arguing and figure out what we're going to do here?

Statyx: Got me. Until I'm able to move, I'm.... *growls* useless...!

Linebeck: [Rolls his eyes]

Statyx: I saw that - -

Linebeck: Good.

Capraz: Metuhh. {"Stop arguing."}

(Kagi: So, where were we?)
(Shima: Don't really lost again.....)

Shima: (shakes her head)

Statyx: *snorts*

Shima: Oh knock it off you two. You do realize we have a bit of a problem, right?

Statyx: Yeah, but I can't do a thing.

Shima: Then I guess we'll have to fix that, won't we?

Statyx: You got an idea? I'd love to hear it.

Shima: (shifts Statyx on her shoulders) Not really.

Statyx: Hmph. Anyone?

Linebeck: .....


Statyx: *looks at Capraz* How bout you?

Capraz: {"If your ailment is caused by a poison, then a Poison wielder should be able to help."}

Statyx: ...Of course, I can't understand Pokémon.

Capraz: *sweatdrops* ...... *thinking* I wish I could facepalm...

Statyx: Anyone else?

Kotuu: Still no...

Statyx: *falls back* Well, THAT'S just- ....Was that gravity just now, or me?

Kotuu: Uhh....I don't know.

Statyx: .....*tries flexing his fingers* I still can't feel anything; did that work?

Kotuu: I think your finger twitched a bit.

(Ryu-What does he mean, did that work?)
(Kagi: Yeah, he just can't feel it.)

Shima: Let's hope so. Then we know you can at least move.

Statyx: *tries flexing his fingers again; he can't feel it, but they do react a little bit* How about that time?

Shima: They moved a little bit.

Statyx: Alright, let's try.... *tries sitting up, and manages to do so* ....Hm. It seems that while my nerves are again reacting, their sensory function is offline. *looks at Shima* Try punching me.

(Kagi: He fell down onto the ground Shima ^^|)
(Shima: Mm. Didn't know that. Oh well)

Shima: ....What?

Statyx: What, afraid to punch your parole officer, miss "Psycho-Sis who has fantasies about So-"

Shima: ! (snarls and gives him a hard punch in the face) ......He made me do it.

Statyx: And "he" didn't feel a thing. *completely unfazed, despite the big bruise on his cheek*

Shima: (cracks her knuckles) Want me to try again?

Statyx: Yeah you'd like that, wouldn't you? Just like you'd like to get in bed wi-

Shima: (punches him again, yet harder) -_-

Statyx: *smug grin* Still nothing!

Shima: (growls)

Statyx: Heheh.

Shima: Hmph...So, any more bright ideas?

Kotuu: [Picks up a pretty big rock] Want to try this on him, Shima?

Shima: Hmmmm... (evil grin)

Statyx: Save the murder attempts for later, please.

Shima: Aww...okay. (punches him again) Just trying one more time, that's all.

Statyx: And still nothing. But you won't have that fortune when I pay you back.

Shima: (shrugs) Fine by me.

Statyx: So long as you're aware of what you're in for.

Linebeck: Wow, Statyx, you'd really hit your sister? >.>"

Shima: Yes, yes he would.

Statyx: That a problem? We do live in a society of equal gender treatment, for better or worse. If it were you who punched me you wouldn't get any less or more. It would just hurt more.

[The ferret just snorts.]

Kotuu: C'mon you guys, break it up already.

Statyx: Fair enough. *gets up, a little bit wobbly, but manages to stand all the same* C'mon, we need to get moving.

Shima: What's the plan?

Statyx: Find Toxic, kick his arse ten ways to Sunday.

Shima: Sounds good.

Kotuu: Ryu's gonna be sad if she can't be there to watch. We should record the beating if she can't be there!

Statyx: Priorities, man! We can tell her about it later; right now we need to find Toxic and protect Mel. *starts trying to run, but trips over his own legs because he can't feel where they are* ....Shut up. Just, shut up.

Kotuu: could probably ride on Capraz' back until you can feel your legs again...

Statyx: Fine, fine! Let's just go!

Kotuu: Okay, just chill. [He picks up Statyx and sets him on Capraz's back.]

Linebeck: We don't really have an idea as to where Toxic went, however...