"The Kids are our Future!!" Is a roleplay in which the parents decide they need to help their children gorw stronger, because one day, they're the ones that are going to have to battle. It is a freejoin roleplay that was created by the user SS3K


  • SS3K
  • Rio (RioFan01)
  • Legion
  • 09jhero
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Main Protagonists (Children Only)

The Adults/Parents/Whatever.


  • Razor the Shark (SS3K)
  • Massacre the Chaos Monster (SS3K)
  • Selwyn the Oni (SS3K)
  • Medusa the Succubus (Gurahk)



(Chronicle had called all the other parents and adults to a meeting)

Chronicle: Listen up, some day, we're gonna be too weak to fight villains, and when that happens we're going to have to train our kids, so, what better time than now?

JT: Any other time.


JT: Racist.

James: Why am I even here?

Chronicle: Meh, I don't know, you're just clever, *laughs* You probably want have kids anyway!

James: HEY!!

Chronicle: So we need to get J Jr., Jester, Max, Sparks, and the others to get trained to save Mobius.

Sparks: {Wait what? I'm eighteen for Gods sake!}

Chronicle: That's ten units too high. -.-

Falco: Train kids...... Meh, I got nuthin better to do! And I got a headstart on you guys cuz Sammy does Karate! Look, Sammy attack one of the kids!

Sammy: (high kicks Sparks in the balls)

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