Our heroes Hayden the Hedgeidna and Hector the Hedgehog are trapped in a massive cave. They are trying to escape but will face many dangers, meet heroes and enemies as well as obstacles trying to get out of the cave.


The people escaping the cave.


The people creating the obstacles and stopping the heroes from getting out of the cave.

Daisy the Bat (Play by Cherrysan)

Pitch the Echidna (Played by Hedgeidna97)

Selmah (Played by RandomFlab 2)


  • Citrus the Armadillo (voiced by no1 yet...)
  • Motoronic The Hedgehog (played by Aydey12345)
  • Ayden The Wolf (aydey12345)


Part 1: Devising a plan.

Hayden the Hedgeidna and Hector the Hedgehog were exploring the Great Cave when they got lost in the heart of this great cave system.

Hayden: Where are we?

Hector: I don't know. But we shoudn't stress, after all I have geokinesis!

(Someone is also in the cave)

Kayden: Kaia what now?

Kaia: Don't you have the map?

Kayden: No it was yours.


Kayden: Yep...


Kayden: Ow!

(BTW i'm going to guess this is the first time Hayden and Kayden met and they met for the 2nd time in Sonic and Kayden is that okay?)

Hayden: What are you doing here?

Hector: There aren't evil people in the cave you know.

Kayden: Takeing a brak form (Kaia look's at him) Uhhhh are job and going on a trip.

Hayden: Are you stuck in this cave as well?

Kaia: Yep.

Hector: Hi i'm Hector, I have geokinesis, and if we work together, we can get out of the cave.

Hayden: Hector, we'll never get out of these caves!

Hector: Don't stress! It's creates bad carma to stress!

Kayden: My name is Kayden Ouron. But just call me Kay!

Kaia: Kaia it's good to met you.

Hayden: My names Hayden, it's also nice to meet you as well. Now we need a plan to get out of here!

Hector: Or we could take apart the cave and escape.

Kayden: I like this guy.

Kaia: Do you want to get us crush'd?

Hector: I didn't think of that.

Hayden: Do you have anything that we can draw on?


Kayden and Kaia: AWWWW

Hayden: You don't have anything we can draw on, do you.

Hector: I say we we start taking apart the cave wall. Not the roof.

Kaia: Then the hole thing will come falling form the sky just to hit you.

Hector: I say we give it a shot!

Hayden: NO! We need to have a look around and find ways to get out of the cave! Who's with me!

Kayden and Kaia: Me.

Hayden: Hector, unfortunatly you're outnumbered.

Hector: Ok, just remenber my idea.

Hayden: Let's a go!

Kayden: Right!

(The four heroes start walking down a cave passage until they come to a dead-end)

Hayden: Not another dead end, this is hopeless. (starts crying)

Hector: Don't worry I'll carve a passage out!

Kayden: Uh-oh

Kaia: You ask'ed for it.

(Cave collapses over Hector and Hayden)

Kayden: GUY'S!

(Rubble goes flying into the air and Hector comes out)

Hector: Oh that's right, I have got to save him as well

(Hector blasts the rubble apart and Hayden comes out)

Hayden: You idiot! I told you not to, now look what you've done!

Kaia: Guy's time to go!

Hector: I didn't know the cave would collapse!

Hayden: Yeah, let's go look somewhere else.

(They walk off)

(The four heroes walk back down the passage, turn right, and head down a windier passage)

Hector and Hayden: This looks familiar.

Kayden: It's endless.

Kaia: Then how did we get in?

Kayden: The beter thing to ask is "HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET OUT"!?

Hayden: Well, thats what we are trying to figure out!

(The heroes reach a T-junction)

Hector: Which way?

Hayden: I say left.

Kayden: Ok.

Hector: Let's make a third way.


Hector: Sorry, let's go left.

Kayden: (In his head) This guy is out of control!

Hayden: It's a bit dark in here! (Snaps his fingers and creates some fire) There's spiders in here! And SNAKES!!!!! Wait snakes are harmless.

(The spiders and snakes start attacking are heroes)


Kaia: Shut up you baby!

Hector: I'll crush them! (Takes a massive chunk of earth wall)



(A loud rumbling noise is heard)

(Pause the roleplay)

(Hayden makes a massive ball of fire to try to prevent the cave wall from collapsing...again!)

(a huge water wave comes, Stableises the cave and washes away the spiders)

Jessiah: Need help, Hayden?

Hayden: How come your here Jessiah?

Hector: Who's he?

Hayden: I met him after a fight Hector.

(Jessiah electrifies the rest of the snakes)

Jessiah: i used to live in these caves and go out to protect the forrest. untill SOMEONE (looks at hector) changed the directions.

Hector: I thought that you could make paths in this cave out of the rock.

Hayden: Not in these caves, these caves are FRAGILE Hector.

Hector: I'm an idiot.

Hayden: Yes you are.

Jessiah: (walks over to th remaining snake that didn't attack) will you lead us out?

(the snake nods and goes to the right (=>) path)

Kaia: Glad (At hector) SOMEONE!!! knows what they are doing!

Hayden: I think the snake is telling the truth.

(Hector goes the way the snake didn't point to)

Hayden: Okay, let's go! (Noone notices that Hector goes the other way)

(The group hear a muttering voice coming from a nearby tunnel.)

???: I TOLD you we should have gone left!

???: You said go right!

Jessiah: hey is that



???: Is that... Hayden? That you?

???: Who's Hayden?

???: Friend of mine.

(Meanwhile, Hector reaches a bottomless pit)

Hector: Hey has anyone got some ideas? Hello? (Hector looks back and sees that they have not followed him) Oh well, I just have to go back and find them again. (Goes back the way he came)


Hayden: Is that you, Kairu?

(Hector comes back)

Hector: Hey, what's happenin.

Kairu: Ayup. We turned the wrong way at Chaos City.

???: You pointed that way!

Kairu: That's my left,and your right!

???: You said go left! As in THAT way!


Hector: Hey guys, calm down.

(Kairu and the other Mobian walk out of the tunnel. His friend is a meerkat with shoulder-length blonde hair, a green jacket, and camo pants.)

Kairu: Seriously! Brannan, YOU are the navigator!

Brannan: No I'm not! YOU are!


Kaia: Your a long way from Chaos City.

Kayden: You know him? (I'm sorry i type'd her i ment him)

Hector: Let's try to move the Earth a different way.


(Hector slowly takes the Earth out of the wall without it collapsing)

Hector: That's how you do it.

Kayden: Huh?

Brannan: You're joking. I can do that with one hand!

Kairu: He speaks truly.

(Brannan waves his hand down and causes all the earth to fall on Hector)

Kairu: HA! (high-fives Brannan) Take THAT, you tree-hugging hippie!

Hector: DO NOT CALL ME A HIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Takes a massive chunk of Earth from the cave wall and thows towards Brannan and Kairu)

Hayden: Gees Hector, calm down!

Brannan: (a large tree shoots out of the ground and shatters the chunk of earth)

Kairu: That how it DONE!

(Kairu and Brannan do their secret handshake)

(Hector charges towards Kairu and Brannan and takes a massive amount of earth from the floor and throws it towards the two of them)

(Jessiah uses air to redirect the earth chunk back to hector than faces Brannon and Kairu)

Jessiah: I always said you two were bad with navigation. :-)

(Hector redirects the Earth back towards Brannan and Kairu)


Kairu and Brannan: Rage face

Kairu: Get the cat-nerd.

(Kairu and Brannan perfom their ultimate team move, the Shadow Terra Smash. Jessiah's shadow wraps around him, cocooning him, and vines shoot from the roof, and catapult him into the air. Kairu creates many shadow portals, and Brannan uses a rock fist to hit Jessiah from all sides through the portals. Then, the shadows, vines and rock disintergrate into a giant orb of shadow, earth and plant energy which fires a huge beam which slams him into the ground.)

Kayden: (Hub's head) Well at lest at there won't be a cave to be lost in anymore.

Kaia: Stop your going to get us all killed.

Kayden: Aww this is fun to look at.


Hector: I'll crush those hippie accusing people! (makes the Earth their standing on rise up towards the ceiling)

Kayden: Uh oh....

Kairu: So you ARE a hippie! (flies into a shadow on the ceiling)

Brannan: (grins, and stomps his foot, causing the rock pillar they are standing on to shatter into many rock shards which shoot at Hector)


Hector: NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Takes many massive pieces from the wall, roof and floor and sends the

Hectorm towards Brannan and Kairu while the cave starts to collapse...again!!!)

Brannan: (all the rock shards fly back into the roof, wall and floor where they came from) Yeah, the red dude has a point.

Kairu: (sticks his head through a nearby shadow) Cave fighting is overrated.

Kaia: Are you trying to get us all kiled?

Hayden: At least someone (looks over at Brannan) want to stop fighting.

Hector: Yeah, we should stop fighting.

Jessiah: (weekly) ya THINK!

Hayden: I agree with Kairu, cave fighting is overrated. Now then we should all group up, settle our differences, and find a way out of this cave.

Jessiah: (finishes healing himself with hydrokinesis) agreed.

Hayden: Now then LET'S A GO!!

Hector: I think we should stay here Hayden.

(Hayden looks over at the mismatched earth walls, roof and floor) No thanks.

Jessiah: (uses ninja skills and wind to run on the wall of the bottomless pit)

(Hector wses his geokinesis to take a piece of Earth from the floor, stand on it and float over the bottomless pit)

(Hayden uses his pyrokinesis to make a fire underneath his feet to fly over the pit)

Kayden: This will be fun. (Run's on wall)

Kaia: What ever. (Just jumps over it)

Kayden: Show off!

Hayden: We still need to get Kairu and Brannan across.

Hector: Who cares,(whispers) I don't want to see Kairu get across after he called me a hippie.

???: Mhahahaah they will never escape from here.

Hayden: Who are you!?

Kayden: Mind telling us who "They" are?

Hector: Have you ever thought "they" could help us get out?

Hayden: Hector, I think their evil.

(Kairu merely flies across, while Brannan makes giant leaves come out of the sides of the pit and bounces across.)

Hector: Show offs.

Hayden: Kairu, Brannan, some evil person is hiding somewhere in the cave.

Part 2: Fighting out of the caves

Daisy: The name Daisy the Bat and i was here to kill anyone who try escape *Points katana to Hayden* and you're first to die.

Kayden: You kill me? HAHAHA Your funny!

Daisy: (then points katana at Kayden) Wanna bet pretty boy?

Kayden: Guy's stand back! She's mine.

Daisy: You made a bad desition there pretty boy. *made a cut with the katana on the sholders

Kayden: Gah! BAD IDEA!!! (Make's a opening of chaos energy and pulls his own blade out of it) Now let's try again. CHAOS WAVE!!! (He makes a wave of Chaos in the form of a slash)

Daisy: Cute trick, let see what you got. *Charged at Kayden* KEEEYA

Hayden: WE ARE DOOMED!!!!

Hector: Don't stress, I'll save us if the cave collapses.

(Hayden sighs)

(A wall of Ice come's up in fort of Kay and Daisy run's right into it)

Kayden: Nice timing girl!

Kaia: No prob!

(A shadow comes from nowhere and enters the battlefield. And Pitch, an evil echidna who wears nothing but black clothing appears)

Pitch: Muahaha, you will never escape this cave alive! (Pitch sends a beam of spectrakinesis towards Hayden. Hayden blocks the beam of spectrakinesis with multiple ice shields).

Hayden: Leave it to me! I'll fight him myself! (Sends a ball of icefire towards pitch)

Kaia: I'll help Hayden out. Hector go help Kayden!

(Pitch dissapears and reappears behind Hayden's shadow)

Hayden: Where are you?

(Pitch then punches Hayden in the head and Hayden falls to the floor)

Hector:HAYDEN!!!!! (Hector aims multiple balls of rock towards Pitch)

Kaia: CHAOS WAVE!!! (Her's is just like Kayden's but his is made out of wind and her's is made out of water)

Kairu: (yawns) I reckon it's time I show this loser how shadow-combat is done. (vanishes, appears behind Pitch) BOO! (karate kicks him in the head)

Kayden: Ok Just keep it coming!

Kaia: Fool...

Pitch: You'll pay for that! (sends a beam of spectrakinesis towards Kairu. Hector comes out of nowhere and slams into pitch with a suit of earth)

Pitch: Ah you want to have a fight as well! Oh well, I've always wanted to kill a hippie. (Sends a massive amount of spectrakinesis at Hector. Hector blocks Pitchs attack with a sheild of earth)

Hector: YOU'VE DONE IT THIS TIME PITCH!!!!!! (Summons two blocks of earth, one on either side of Pitch and send both of them towards Pitch at the same time)

(Hayden starts to wake up)

Daisy: Its time to die pretty boy. *pull out her katana*

Kayden: Okay that nick name is starting to tick me off!

Dasiy: I know it is *put the katana to his troat*

Kayden: O.O Cr... C**p!

Kaia: KAYDEEN!!! Okay Hayden you get Hector as your team mate I'm going to kick her a*s!

Daisy: *then took her katana and stab him in the hips*

Kaia: YOOOOOU!!! *stabs her with her saber* (And no it's not made of light)

Daisy: Oh you son of a Bi****h *Stab Kaia in the leg*

Kaia: I'm a GIRL! CHAOS TOWER!!! *A big tower of water blast Daisy*

Dasiy: Oooh water that sooo painful. Let me show you pain! *then her nails grew long and pointy*

Kaia: Ah you sure *The water on her become's ice*

Daisy: What? No!

Hayden: Alright Pitch, this time it will be a fight to the death!

Pitch: Have it your way, but Hector is not fighting!

(Hector walks off and joins the fight against Daisy)

(Pitch shoots a dark beam, at the same time Hayden fires two fireballs at Pitch. The dark power destroys the fireballs and in defence Hayden uses multiple ice sheilds to deflect the dark power back.)

Hayden: Time for a new move! (Makes a massive icefire wall 5 metres high by 5 metres long and sends it at Pitch. Pitch uses his umbrakinesis and steps out of the shadows near where Daisy is fighting.)

Pitch: You're useless, you know that! And so is your hippie freind over there! (looks over at Hector)

Hector: DIE PITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Makes the Earth pitch is standing on rise up to the ceiling. Pitch disappears and reappears near the shadows where Hayden is standing. Pitch then uses the shadows to create a massive ball of shadows and throws it towards Hector, Hayden then throws a ball of icefire at Pitch which succesfully hits him. Hector gets hit by Pitch's shadow ball and gets knocked unconsious.)

Hayden: That'll stop him for a while.

Jessiah: Good Job

Hayden: (sees Hector) AAAHHHHH HECTOR!!!!! (Runs over to Hector) Are you alright Hector?

Hector: (Weakly) I'm alright.

Hayden: No you're not.

Hector: Just fight on.

(Pitch starts to thaw, Hayden quickly throws a ball of ice at Pitch to keep him thawed.)

Kaia: Your ice aswell?

Hayden: Yep, I was originaly a pyrokinetic but I managed to get cryokinesis (See here).

Jessiah: i'm ice too

Kaia, do you think you could heal Hector while I watch Pitch?

Kaia: I don't know how.

Hayden: Curses! Hey Jessiah, could you heal Hector for me?

Jessiah: sure. come here kaia. i'll teach you how to heal with hydrokinesis.

(Hayden makes fire appear below yhis feat and begins to fly)

Hayden: Don't mind me, just ready to destroy Pitch when he thaws.

(after teaching kaia how to heal, jessiah's blue amulet glows)

Jessiah: (goes up to a wall, see a vision of his sister surrounden by bad guys) (Gasp, Growl) Hector, create a hole in this point on the wall! QUICKLY!

Hector: Alright! (Creates a hole in the wall were Jessiah told him to do so)

Hayden: Jessiah what are you doing!?

Jessiah: Saving my sister!

(Pitch thaws. Hayden sends a rain of fireballs on Pitch)

Pitch: See ya. (Dissapears and heads to another part of the cave)

Hayden: Curses!

Jessiah: Hector, close the hole, NOW! (jumps through quickly)

(Hector is about to close the hole)


Jessiah: (pops head through the hole) I have to take this into my own hands, like you and pitch, i'll see you later(goes back through hole)

Kayden: Crazy pal of your's!

Hayden: Hey Kaia, have you defeated Daisy yet?

Hector: I'm not sure if I should've closed the hole.

Kaia: No were still going.

Hayden: I'll help you then!

Kaia: Well thanks!

(Hayden throws a ball of icefire at Daisy)

Daisy: Ohh a little fire, eh well take this!! *she all of a sudden grew longer and stab him in the leg*

Kayden and Kaia: HAYDEN!

(Hayden screams in agony)

Hector: HAYDEN!!! DAISY!!!! FOR THIS YOU DIE!!!! (Runs towards Daisy and takes a part of the cave wall and throws it at Daisy.)

Kayden: Hector watch it! Don't take to much of the cave or you'll take us all out with him!

Hector: I DON'T CARE!!!! I WANT TO SEE DAISY DEAD!!!! (Takes more earth out of the cave wall and sends it at Daisy) After all, I've managed to figure out how to prevent that from happening now!!

Hayden: (weakly) Hector, I need you to get Jessiah and bring him over here.

Kaia: Hector go I'll hold him back!

(Hector goes back to the spot where Jessiah went through the hole. Once at the spot Hector starts taking apart the cave wall in an attempt to get Jessiah over to Hayden) JESSIAH!!! HAYDEN NEEDS YOU!!!!!

Daisy: Go head see what happens.

Kaia: *Runs at Daisy* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

(Hayden manages to crawl towards Hector)

Hayden: Any luck Hector?

Hector: Where is he?

Kayden: Hey what are you doing Hayden? You don't need to be moving with out help!

Hayden: (weakly) We're trying to get Jessiah in here, but Hector's having no luck.

Kayden: Maybe you can put me in there I bet I can fish that guy out!

Hector: Well, do you have geokinesis!?

Kayden: Do you have a Chaos power that's link'ed with that?

Hector: No.

Hayden: (Weakly) What powers do you have then?

Kayden: Elec and Wind.

Hayden: Hector, step aside, let Kayden blast the cave wall to pieces!

Kayden: I'll blow it to bit's! But I can take Chaos powers from others.

Hayden: Then take some chaos power and blow the cave wall to bits!

Kayden: The thing is. I got to get hit by that power first.

Hayden: What do you mean?

Kayden: Say you want me to lean Chaos Blast? well then I must take the full force of the Chaos Blast first.

Hayden: What about Kaia? Does she have chaos powers?

Hector: Should I try to break the cave wall again?

Kayden: Yeah but her's are all water type powers.

Hayden: That's perfect! Water will turn the earth into mud and allow us to break through the wall. With Hectors help of course.

Kayden: Hey that's right! Kaia I'll take your plaes over there!

Kaia: That'ed be nice! *They swap spots* Okay what do you need?

Hayden: I need you to throw a massive amount of water at that spot (points to spot) to get to Jessiah so I can get healed.

Hector: And I'll help you by moving the earth.

Kaia: You got it! CHAOS TOWER! (A tower of water shoot's at the "Spot") Help me out here Hector!

(Hector moves the weakened earth and puts the earth pieces into a pile)

Hector: How deep do you think this hole is?

Kaia: Unsure we'll have to find out.

(After about two minutes they reach a cavern. Hector moves into the cavern.)

Hector: Jessiah! Where are you? Hayden needs to be healed.

Jessiah: (appears behind them with his sister) i thaught i told you how to heal kaia

Kaia: I don't recall that! Anyway let's get going!

(Hayden gets healed)

Hayden: Now then which way do we go?

(Pitch comes back)

Pitch: Now then I think we have an unfinished fight with all of you!

Kaia: Haha done! CHAOS TOWER! *The tower hit's just above Pitch's head and mud fall's on him*

(Hayden throws a firewall 5 metres high by 5 metres long at Pitch. Pitch teleports out of the way and walks out of the shadows at the other end of the passage)

(Suddenly Jessiah gets grabbed by someone)

Sam: To Jessiah: If you want to defeat Pitch then listen to me.

Kaia: *See's it but does't act like it* Hey Kayden go see how Jessiah is doing!

Kayden: Got it!

Kaia: Watch it! *Grab's Kayden and jump's away from one of Pitch's Shadow move's)

Kayden: Whoa thanks!

Kaia: No prob!'

Jessiah: (faces sam and they start fake combat fighting while moving towards pitch at the same time)

(when beside pitch, jessiah and sam go to punch eachother but end up double punching pitch in teamwork)

Pitch: (Falls to the ground) Sam, what the hell are you doing!?

Sam: I'm getting sick of working for you! I've had enough! So get away from me before I use my five powers attack on you! (The five powers attack is a deadly comibination of ice, water, fire, earth and air)

Kayden and Kaia: Huh!?

(Pitch shadow teleports away)

Hayden: (To Sam) I never thought you'd turn on Pitch.

Sam: I was getting sick of working for him.

Kayden: You know this guy?

Hayden: He used to be Pitch's sidekick. He used to be a real meance but now he's suddenly switched sides.

Kayden: Odd

Kaia: I don't trust him

Part 3: A new ally

Sam: To Hayden: You know that map you had?

Hayden: How do you know we had a map?

Sam: Because Pitch stole it from you, and now he has the map, so he will probably keep attacking us constantly.

Hayden: Did you manage to see the map?

Sam: I did. We're in the middle of the cave at the moment. The nearest entry is about a days walk away.

Kayden: A DAY!?

Kaia: Sound's cloes we need to get moving!

Mason:hmmmm Chaos Control -drops Emerald and Teleports in cave on accident-wat the!

Hayden: Who are you!?

Mason:-gets out another Chaos Emerald and teleports away-

Hayden: That was odd.

Kaia: Giving how big this cave is. It's a good thing that it's a day away.

Kayden: Not for me!

Kaia: What you'ed like it to be a years walk away?

Kayden: *Glup*

Kaia: Yeah.

Sam: Unfortunately, we don't have a map, so it it could take a week to get out of here.


Hector: Don't stress.

Hayden: SHUT UP!!

Kayden: Oh man...

Kaia: Well we know who has that map anyway.

Sam: I think we should keep moving.

Kaia: Me too but... (Look's at Sam) If you try anything your dead!

Sam: What are you talking about?

Hayden: Guys, I think we should keep moving.

Jessiah: i agree... oh and, sam told me the idea of attacking pitch

Kayden: Hmm how are we going to do that?

Jessiah: how are we going to do what?

Sam: How we get out of the cave? Easy! We just have to wait for Pitch to attack us again, and this time we take the map.

Jessiah: (spots an emerald) Or we could use this chaos emerald that man just droped (pick up chaos emerald)

Kayden: Emeralds?

Sam: Jessiah! You can't use a chaos emerald when you're inside the cave!

Jessiah: but how come that other man, i cant teleport with chaos emeraldes

Kaia: Ummm don't ask me...

Sam: You can't teleport out of the caves, you can only teleport into the caves.

Kaia Awww dang it!

Chloe: within 30 seconds

Jessiah: (Quietly to self) Oh NOW she talks

Sam: The only way we're going to get out of here is to find Pitch and steal the map so we can get out of here.

Hayden: I agree with Sam.

Hector: I also agree with Sam, and to make it easier for us to get out of here, i'm going to make another path.

All but Hector: NO!!!

Kaia: You want to get us crushed!?

Hector: (Uses geokinesis and blocks light accidently)

Jessiah: Great now i'm the only one who can see! considdering i'm a cat (see in the dark)

(Suddenly Hayden gets grabbed without anyone noticing in the dark)

Sam: Hector. You are officially an idiot.

Jessiah: Hector. you must promise...

(Suddenly Hector gets grabbed without anyone noticing)

...Not to use Geokinesis in these caves

(no answer)


(turns around and sees hayden and hector aren't there)

(Suddenly someone grabs Chloe and starts to drag her away)

Jessiah: (amulet reflexes act and grab Chloe) LET GO OF HER

(A shadow ball hits Jessiah and knocks him into the wall making a long passage appear, while Chloe gets dragged into the shadows)

Jessiah: (a tear comes to his eye) CHLOE!!!!

Sam: This is the way out. (Rises into the air and and makes some fire beneath his feet and with supersonic speed speeds down to the exit)

Kaia: JESSIAH! (Run's over and try's to heal him)

Jessiah: ow, thanks.

(Sam comes back with about 5Rage face00mls of water)

Sam: Want some water?

Jessiah: (Gets 250ml and absorbs it into his amulet to increase water powers) thanks, youre quick

Sam: I know, I can fly at the speed of 2000 km/hour. Now then, we all have a choice, we can go and fight Hayden, Hector and Chloe 's kidnapper which is probably Pitch, or you can go down the passage and leave.

Jessiah, (Silent cry) for years... i've been trying to find my family. i finally found my...(sobs) sister, and now... i've lost her. Will you three help me? Please?

Kaia: (Puts her hand on Jessiah) Yes I lost my family too I know how hard that is... We will help you. You got my word!

???: Help with what?

Sam: No, I don't want to help you. I want to destroy Pitch.

Jessiah: this is also unfair kind of because i'm the only one that can see in the dark, i'm the only cat.

Sam: (Snaps his fingers and ball of fire appears) You were saying.

Jessiah: Save your power for the fight with pitch. i heard a voice from somewhere. Who's there?

Sam: I am very well trained with my powers Jessiah. I can use my powers for 24 hours and not get tired. (Hears footsteps) WHO'S THERE!!???

???: *no answer*

Kaia: A answer be nice.

Kayden: Seen's when has she ever theyed to talk frist shoot later?

Red: Heres your me, Red...Red the cat!

Citrus: *appears from shadows* Hello. Name's Citrus. I've been stuck here for 10 seasons. Been trying to find a way out without any progress.

Red: Umm, just so you know I do not know this guy...

Sam: To Citrus: The exits right there. (Points down the long corridor)

Citrus: I know that. I mean how to get out of these caves

Sam: To Red: Could you help us with something.

Jessiah: (puts hand out offering to shake Red's hand) nice to meet another cat, my name is Jessiah, and yes, can you help me?

Sam: To Jessiah: I'll tell him what we need to do.

To Red: Just before you arrived, Hector, who isn't here at the moment, took apart the cave wall and made it dark. During that time, Hayden, Hector and Jessiah's sister, Chloe were taken, probably by Pitch. What we're planning to do is to go after Pitch, save Hayden, Hector and Chloe and destroy Pitch. So, could you help us?

Jessiah: PLEASE!? :-(

Red: *smiles* Of course I-ll help! Im always willing to help anyone.

???: So will I.

Sam: Good. We need all the help we can get.

(A Shadow shillouet of pitch comes out of the ground)

Pitch figure: Glad to give some

Jessiah: Pitch, GIVE ME BACK MY SISTER, NNOOWW!!!!!!

(Pitch figure fades into a green cat with back clothes)

Green Cat: (friendly chuckle) works every time :-) the names Josh and i will help in any way i can.

Sam: GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!!!!! OR ELSE!!!!!!!

Josh: or else what?


Josh: Powers?


Josh: What!?


Josh: I don't even know pitch. the only enemy i have faught and have sworn to defeat IS JOSE!!

Jessiah: (Gasp of surprise)


Jessiah: NO


Jessiah: NO WAIT. you mentioned Jose, how do you know him.

Josh: he tries to kill friends of jessi, yes?

Jessiah: (nods)

Josh: well, that includes family

Jessiah: you're related to Jessi?

Josh: And Zoe. i'm their son.

(jessiah looks into josh's eyes)

Sam: How can we trust you!!! You acted like you were Pitch's shadow! How on earth can we trust you!?

Jessiah: because he is related to a good friend of mine. i can see it in his eyes. you have your fathers eyes.

Josh: cool. and... (closes his eyes and focuses with telepathy then opens his eyes) ...Sam, isn't it.

Sam: Yes, I'm guessing you were using psycokinesis, am I right?

Josh: yup, and sorry 'bout that shadow trick (chukkles a little)

Sam: That's okay. Could you help us with something?

Josh: (focuses) Yes, Dont explain

Jessiah: thanks

dr dragon: BAH!!! what are u guys doing in here.

Sam: Who are you?

dr dragon: dr dragon and ur in my cave (massive shine of light appears)

Sam: Your cave!? Why are you attacking me? I was forced to come in here by some psycho called Pitch.

dr dragon: well then im sorry i cant help you there ive been traped here for days ive been looking for a way out (moves into the light)

Sam: The exits right over there. (Points to the long corridor)

dr dragon: haha i no every inch of the cave but not the exit i take that on i go in circles

gr dragon: zaps sam.

Sam: (Recovers from zap) If you were actually smart enough, you would look down there and find a lake at the entrance. (Rises into the air) You mad a big mistake! (Throws a massive fireball at Dr dragon)

gr dragon: u just made the mistake of mistakes (energy atim cut)

BOOM everything goes light.

Sam: (comes up out of the ground) You know, if you're trying to get out of here, trying to kill me won't solve anything.

gr dragon: will u forces my hand dont make me destory the cave keeling all of you

Josh: You Fool. there are hotages in this cave and the least you could do is help me

(prepares for a kamehameha attack)

Josh: or would you like to fight for the desision

gr dragon: ok then well u dont have to go scyco lets go i no most of the cave and i belive i no where they are

Jessiah: thank you. and by the way what are you're powers

gr dragon: all in good time my friend dont wana spoil the supprese if ur lucky ill teach u a move anyone can do

Josh: ok then, lets go...(focuses) this way

gr dragon: if you wont to go the long way sure but u have to take into the account thier moving so i me go this may me can over take them and then go to them if u wont me can do a ambush.

Sam: Good plan, i'll lead the ambush, after all I've wanted to give Pitch the nastiest suprise since I turned on him.

gr dragon: ok u guys go ur way and ill take the others this way will wat for u there once u attack will join.

Sam: Alright, everyone, follow me! (Goes down the passage that Gr dragon said to go down)

Part 4: The rescue

(half way down the way Gr Dragon said to go)

Jessiah: hey guys. i have another idea. when we get there, you guys go as planned and i'll try to free the others.

Josh: good idea jessiah but just hang on a sec. Azione Furtiva! i just in creased everyones stealth.

Sam: Thanks, so how are you going to free the others?

Jessiah: you's fight, i save.

Sam: Well, you better stay behind us, because if we're going to kill Pitch we'll need the element of suprise on our side, so I'll start fighting and then you follow behind us and come out when it's safe.

Jessiah: okay, thanks.

Josh: i'll cover us in shadows

(covers everyone in shadows)

Josh: (walks ahead a little) what are you waiting for, (gestures come on) Dai

Jessiah: Si, scusa

Josh: Questo e ok.

Sam: (Disperses the shadows around him using aerokinesis and walks out of the shadows) I don't like being covered in shadows, besides it'll suprise Pitch when the shadows lift and everyone comes flooding out of the shadows. Josh: good idea, you lead

Kaia: Everyone ready then?

Citrus: It's funny when I pop out of nowhere when you least expect it! It's fun!

Red: >:) Ready...

(A mysterious hedgehog walks out of the shadows )

????: you guys are idiots

Citrus: HEY!!!!!!!!!!

Kaia: And you are?

gr dragon: well it depends what you mean bye idiot

gr dragon: whos theres anyway (lights up cave)

Sam: If we're going to defeat Pitch we'll need the elment of suprise on our side, and for that to happen I need you to be quiet.

gr dragon: will then come on bye how slow where moving the others are probly thier bye now come on go quick but go quite.

Sam: If the plan's going to work you're going to have to attack first, so I suggest you start running.

gr dragon: i got a better ill be there in no time opens energy portal come on guys.

Sam: You go through the portal, I'll lead the ambush, just remember that I will appear on my own before everyone comes out of the big mass of shadow.

gr dragon: go it.

Sam: So go through your portal and I'll take care of the rest.

gr dragon: ok see ya there come on guys.

Sam: See you there.

(1 hour later)

(At Pitch's cave base, Pitch's cave base is a circular earth cavern, with 3 cells, each of which contain Hayden, Hector and Chloe.)

gr dragon: come on what can be taking them so long

Sam: (does five powers attack to pitch from behind)

Pitch: OW! (turns around) so let me get this straight, I'm versing an idiotic dragon and a traitor. Oh well, It's more fun to fight two people than 1.

Josh in the shadows: your fighting more than that. (energy beam come out of the shadows)

(everyone comes out of the shadows)

Jessiah: (frees hayden) now, be quiet, follow me and probably freeze hectors mouth.

gr dragon: hay what you callin dum energy shock wave wave wave.

(Jessiah and Hayden go into Hectors cage and free him, but Pitch notices and goes into Chloe's cage and takes her out. Pitch is holding Chloe knife at knifepoint.)

Pitch: No more sudden moves! Or she gets it!

Jessiah: NO, (Ready to attack but is hesitating)

????:sorry i fell asleep with all your yammering,so you want to know my name?

Kaia: Uh oh shoot got to act fast. chaos melt (She turns to water) Hey Jess you want to save her right?

Josh: (uses psychokinesis to keep her from trying anything on pitch) of cause he douse but if you try anything on pitch, he'll kill her.

Jessiah: LET HER GO!

????:i guess you guys don't want to know who i am then

bl dragon: raaaaaaaaaaaah charge (JUmps in thin air ready to attack pitch)

gr dragon: bl stop

????: ill tell you anyway , im motoronic the hedgehog now STOP FIGHTING! cant you see what you are doing is worthless.

Pitch: I see, I can't trust you anymore. (Shadow teleports away with Chloe)

gr dragon: bl dragon watch out ( bl dragon falls on ground)

bl dragon: dam almost got him

Jessiah: (breathes angrily and heavily) raaaaaaAAAAAHHH

Josh: uh-oh GET BACK (uses psychokinesis to bring everyone away from Jessiah)

Jessiah:Rage faceCHLOOOEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (body full of HIGH HIGH HIGH electricl power at Amazing voltage)

gr dragon: sorry ur a little late bl

Motoronic: take a chill pill genious and you will feel better

(motoronic hands Jessiah a chill pill)

gr dragon itll take more then that mate

Sam: I'll cool him down! (Throws a massive ammound of water on Jessiah)

Jessiah: (get's electricuted by sam) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH (charges at sam)

Josh: Spegnimento!

Jessiah: (calms down)

Sam: Sorry, I've wanted to know what happens when you put electricity and water together.

Jessiah:Let me show you (throughs electric water ball at sam) now don't try again.


Hayden: Well we've learnt something today. Do not put water with electricity.

(crickets chirp)

Josh: moving on

GR Dragon: come on guys we better get going if we wont to catch pitch

motoronic: i hate you guys because now i'm wet, you idiots you could of made me shortcircuit

gr dragon: so what we have to get going so we need a plan.

Hayden: It will be almost impossible to find Pitch, he could be anywhere in this cave by now!

Motoronic:didn't i tell you this is my home i know it like the back of my hand and i can find him easily for you

Josh: i got a better idea. (teleports everyone using the shadows pitch teleported away with)

gr dragon: when i said we need i plan i met it do u wont what happend before to happen again. so where are we.

Pitch: What the? How the heck did you find me again!?

(Everyone fires up their signature move, Hayden throws a ball of icefire, Hector throws a massive ball of earth, Sam throws a five powers attack, Gr and bl dragons throw an energy beam, Josh throws another energy beam, and Jessiah throws a massive amount of electricity. Pitch quickly teleports away with Chloe)

Josh: (does the same with everyone else) >-( STOP! There is now nowhere in this cave that you can go without us finding you! Give us Chloe and give up!

gr dragon: (whspers to bl) go round the back this fight might change quickly take a protal.

Hayden: Pitch, where are you!?

Sam: This is very familiar.

(bl dragon opens protal behind the others and goes in)

gr dragon: come on pitch we no ur thier ( makes a energy ball that lights up the cave)

Jose appears behind pitch and blocks bl's attack.

Jose: nice to meet you, my name's Jose, from moibeous. Wait. where's Jessi?

Josh: if you want Jessi, you'll have to go through me. >-(

gr and bl dragon: and us ( both charge up massive attacks)

(Josh charges up with the dragons to make a tri-energy beam attack)

Jose: (teleports out of the way) missed me. i'll be back. (Teleports away)

Jessiah: so will I. Josh.

Josh: hmm?

Jessiah: i need you to come with me. connect with my mind and teleport us where i think.

Josh: (Teleports both away)

Pitch: ( Dark Ball of Death ccomes from the shadows) I see you've met Jose, we've teamed up to help destroy our enemies, (Looks at Hayden) and we're fighting to the death, ALONE!

gr dragon: will then u have to fight threw all of us first.

Sam: I'll fight Pitch, you go after Josh and Jessiah.

i belive where thier thier going ( opens dimintional rift and goes in)

Hector: I'll come with you.

gr dragon: good luck ( drops crystal behind him for sam)

(Everyone that disapered reapeares instantly)

Josh: You didn't need to do that everyone.

Jessiah: Name your weapon and Josh will make it appear. observe. Lightstaff [also known as double bladed lightsabers](Josh Makes lightstaff appear and jessiah grabs it) your turn.

Jose: (quietly to pitch) you do the same

Pitch: 2 swords, one for me and one for Sam, and this is a swordfight. To the death!

gr dragon: (else where) shock wave wave wave ( Attempts to blows jose back but he blocks)

Jose: You've got to stop doing that. You aren't going to hit me with that. yes, i'm looking at you 2 BL and GR. and yes, i know your names. Pitch, Gr, Bl, Hayden, Hector, Sam AKA. Betrayer, Kayden Ouron, Kaia, Motoronic, Josh(stares at him), Jessiah (does the same) and Chloe (makes her appear)
Chloe: help!

(Sam and Pitch start the swordfight, with the sounds of swords clashing)

Hayden: To Jessiah: So this is Jose.

Sam: (From swordfight) That's traitor!

Hayden: How does he know my name!?

bl dragon: will you dont look that scary

Josh: well you should see his powers. last time, it took the master emerald and the 7 chaos emeralds to defeat him. well, that's what i heard

Jessiah: well, you heard correctly. i faught with Jessi and Zoe that time. He killed Zoe

Josh: WHAT!!!!

Jessiah: (quickly) then after defeating him. we used the emeralds to bring Zoe back to life

Josh: (Places hand on chest where heart is) oh, thank god

Jose: Well don't bother fighting me. what power do you have chloe

Jessiah: She's nature

Jose: (charges up ice attack) you won't attack me

Jessiah: Yes i Will

(Jessiah attacks jose so Jose fires the ice attack at chloe witch would freeze her to death but doesn't)

Jessiah: (Brings chloe away) Did i mention she was ice as well

Jose: GAAAhh. fine. Light saber fight to the death

Jessiah: 1 light staff or 2 lightsabers max. you're red. and i'm blue

Josh: (activates 1 lightsaber) and i'm green

Jose: Fine

(LIghtsaber fight starts)

bl dragon: who said that i would do it sits back and watches

Josh: You did, just then. Other than that no one.

Pitch: You can't beat me Sam!

(Swords keep clashing)

Sam: Then try.

(Suddenly, time stops and Hydra the Bat steps into the battlefield and unfreezes time)

Hydra: I am Hydra the Bat, Pitch said he needed some help, and you'll be the first to die. (Points to Motoronic)

gr dragon: ( draws ruby sword) will then we cant have that

gr dragon (in attack position) lets see what you got.

Hydra: Pitch was right, your not just an annoying dragon, but a stupid one as well. (Freezes time, picks gr dragon and puts him in between Pitch and Sam's swordfight)

gr draon: ( in time freeze) lol and no im not dum starts sword fight with hydraand unfreezes time)

Motoronic: That's it, Pitch,Hydra Prepare to meet your DOOOOOM, im gonna make you regrett being born.

(motoronic transforms into a giant robotic beast and kicks Pitch into a wall just before he cuts off gr dragons head)

gr dragon: (gives hydra a cut on face) now who dum

(Motoronic turns towards hydra and gets ready to kick her)

Hydra: (Freezes time, puts gr dragon in front of motoronic's kick and presses his self destruct button, and then unfreezes time)

(motoronic Accidentely kicks gr dragon so hard he goes through the roof and flys into deep space)

Hydra: I am cool! I just killed Gr dragon and pressed Motoronic's self destruct button.

Motoronic: Uh OH that wasn't supposed to happen, son of a .............. bloody eggman putmy self destruct button down near my foot

gr dragon: (taps hydra shoulder) if u havent relised time freeze doesnt work on me (slices hydras nick) bye

bl dragon: she was really starting to anoy me

gr dragon: and they think where dum ome on lets help hayden.

Hydra: This is just to easy! 2 idiotred forevers down, 7 idiots to go.

gr dragon: now lets give jose a a moment hell remember

bl dragon: what about hydra

gr dragon: leave her shes been scraed for ever itll teach her not to miss with us

Josh: (Retracts lightsaber and steps away from Jose)

gr dragon: josh whats goin on (has ruby sword in hand)

bl dragon: (draws emrald sword)

Hydra: (Speaks to gr dragon in his mind and tells him to kill himself using mind control)

gr dragon: that doesnt work on me

Pitch: (Wakes up, and fires a dark ball of death at Sam)

Josh: (Fires a light ball of life at the Dark ball of death)

Hydra: Who's next!?

Pitch: Hydra! What about this guy!?

Josh: (Ready to attack position) Bring it!

(everyone hears an echoing voice)

???: hello,motoronic are you there

Motoronic: stop fighting until i come back, i want to watch this

(motoronic disappears into a shadow in the direction of the voice)

gr dragon: now wheres jose ( sword shines of light)

Hydra: (Freezes time and goes up to Josh who appears frozen in time) Oh, this is just to easy! This is just to easy! (Goes to punch Josh)

Josh: (grabs Hydra's punch) How easy? (Punches her back and charges up for an energy blast)

Hydra: (Dodges attack) For once, I'm fighting someone that can actually fight!

Josh: Why thank you. (Faces jose) Non c'è tempo di controllo.Hydra: (Goes to punch Josh in the back of the head)

Josh: (Teleports behind) Missed me (Punches Hydra) I Shall copie a quote from Sonic the hedgehog "You're to slow" (chuckles quietly)

Hydra: (Unfreezes Jose) You've put up a good fight, but failure is not an option for me, Jose, attack Josh!

Josh: Congelare! this fight is between you and me. but not here. (Charges towards Hydra)

Hydra: (Just dodges Josh at the last second) You're a coward Josh. Jose attack Josh!

Jose: (No Move)

Josh: that's not gonna happen. you see i have a special ability. i can say a command to someone in italian and they will obey. well... within a sertain limit that is. (Charges at hydra again) Besides. i'm not a coward. you are. you don't want to fight me personally. too bad. you'll have to do it... (within 1 m of eachother, Josh teleports them both to a different dimention) ...Here (Kicks Hydra) Wait. this isn't the open grounds. stupid cave rules.

Hydra: It's pretty simple (Moves towards Josh) you can't teleport out of the caves you can only teleport in to the caves, and I thought you were smarter than that. (Punches Josh and attempts to freeze Josh)

Josh: But something's different. it's hotter. Wait. Hydra. if you wanna fight, either follow or wait. (bursts out of the cave ruth to find a red hot different dimention) Where are we? and why is it so hot?

Hydra: (Looks at Josh and uses hynokinesis, psycokinesis and telekinesis and speaks to Josh) You will stop fighting me and you will help me kill the others.

Josh:NO... (trying to resist) Must...Fight...BACK (does a powerfull, light, dark, psychic, poison and energy attack)(Eyes become purple.) You are Banished...from this...Dimention( throws a space attach at hydra then sends a pre-message to everyone who will see him while evil. then eyes turn red)

(in an oasis jessiah appears) (Gurgling) OOWW!!!! HOT WATER!!! BOILING WATER!!!!!!!!!!!! (uses hydrokinesis to get out of the water asap) (speaks normally) that is the hottest water i've ever been in. wait. where am i. (wide eye) WHERE"S CHLOE!

Chloe: (lands on a large rock above lava in a volcanowith no where to go) help.

Red: THis isnt over yet!!! *smiles* Your gona get scorched you here me?

Hector: (Lands in the middle of a lake in a different dimension) AH!!! COLD, COLD, COLD!!!!!!! (Uses geokinesis and creates and earth path and walks out of the lake using geokinesis)

then suddenly a firgure appears and he hits him right in the face)

(Back in the cave)

Pitch: (Runs out of the cave entrance with Hayden and Sam in close pursuit, suddenly Pitch finds a portal and jumps in)

Hayden: Where is he going?

Sam: I don't know, we'll just have to find out. (Jumps in with Hayden)

(gr dragon and bl dragon follows hayden )

????: finaly its opend


(motoronic and ??? walk into the cavern and see no one is tthere)

Motoronic: were the hell is everyone

???: i have no idea but i feel a distortion in space just outside

(motoronic and ??? walk out of the cave and ??? opens a portal exactly in the same spot, going to the same place, motoronic walks in, ??? doesnt)

(This roleplay is continued in The Inferno Emeralds)

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