This roleplay is currently Free join. Keep in mind that if I get continuous god-modding and drastic plot-stealing/altering, I will kick the offenders and restrict the RP to those I invite.


The Elemental Gods are normally peaceful beings, who mingle among the Mobian folk via disguised forms. But knowledge of their respective Orbs have attracted the attention of those with...decidedly malicious intentions.

Any villains who have managed to learn of these fabled Orbs are now fighting for ownership of them; whoever manages to secure these fabled treasure are said to be able to control the Elemental Gods themselves! That is...if they can find them in the first place.


  1. Stick to the plot. Do not alter it to revolve around your character, do not change it drastically, etc.
  2. No Godmodding. You should all know what this means; no auto-hitting, no random attacks, no constant avoidance of damage, etc
  3. No Trolling.
  4. No picking random fights with others.
  5. Do not just randomly jump into a scene. Either ask, or build up your arrival accordingly (I.E "Suddenly, such and such and such" or "Meanwhile, somewhere else blah blah blah")
  6. No controlling other users' characters without their permission.
  7. No constant swearing. Swear words may be allowed on the wiki now, but that doesn't mean you can spam them. Keep the swears to a reasonable amount, and no usage of racial/sexual slurs.
  8. Put effort in your posts. I mean it; none of this "Person: Shadow Ball! *uses Shadow Ball*" crap.
  • Acceptable method: (Person: Shadow Ball! *charges up a concentrated ball of shadow energy, and then fires it at Person 2*)
  • Preferred method: ("Shadow Ball!" Person yelled. Cupping his hands in front of him, he began charging up a concentrated ball of pure shadows. After a few seconds he threw the ball at Person 2.)

Current Participants

Moderators are the peacekeepers of the RP (their names are in green). Listen to them if they tell you that you broke a rule, and don't throw a hissy pissy fit if they give out constructive criticism on how you RP. Only people that I (Ryushusupercat) absolutely trust get to be moderators.

  • Ryushusupercat - RP Owner/Moderator
    • Strikes: 0
  • VGN34D - Moderator
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  • MaxIrvaron - Moderator
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  • Flare - Moderator
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Banned People

None so far. Let's keep it that way.



  • Razer the Fox - Played by VGN34D. A pyrokentic fox with a much familiar past.
  • Schnee Ainekas the Hedgehog - A multi-gun/staff using hedgehog who loves tech and is the leader of her own team, named Team Saturn. A very ecstatic and energetic person, Schnee came here when Terra told her and Alexia about a rumor that intrigued them. Played by Max.
  • Alexia Wynter the Hedgehog - A timid, pacifistic fifteen-year old who is a lot braver after having been saved from roboticization, Alexia came along with Schnee and Terra to explore a bit about these "Elemental Orbs." Hoping to salvage some energy to restore to the Wild Wind Village's artifact, Alexia is ready for an adventure! Played by Max.
  • Terra Fauna the Ocelot - Team Saturn's second-in-command Terra Fauna is always ready for an adventure, especially when she missed out on some big interdimensional battle Schnee informed her about. Wanting to make up for not being there to help, Terra told her teammates about a rumor she'd heard, and they all wanted to venture deeper into the subject to get a look at it for themselves. Terra, trying to get some orbs for herself and use them for the Wild Wind Village's protection, Terra is ready to tag along with her teammates! Played by Max.


These are the neutral charas.

  • The Elemental Gods - Ryu. They'll start off in their Mobian forms most likely; please don't metagame by immediately guessing who they actually are.
    • Fortunata the Wolf - Mobian form of Fiamme; her Mystical form is that of a Salamander.
    • Konstantin the Polar Bear - Mobian form of Kyanos; his Mystical form is that of an Amarok.
    • Natalija the Seal - Mobian form of Neso; her Mystical form is that of a Sea Serpent.
    • Erick the Hare - Mobian form of Haeos; his Mystical form is that of a Thunderbird.
    • Zelda the Falcon - Mobian form of Khazri; her Mystical form is that of a Griffon.
    • Tristan the Bull - Mobian form of Temblor; his Mystical form is that of a Golem.
    • Cadence the Civet - Mobian form of Celeritas; her Mystical form is that of a Unicorn.
    • Velibor the Bat - Mobian form of Voidstar; his Mystical form is that of a Barghest.
    • Mairwen the Elk - Mobian form of Mokuhana; her Mystical form is that of a Mandrake.
    • Dietrik the Cobra - Mobian form of Dantamu; his Mystical form is that of a Cockatrice.
  • Crytus the Fox - A fox with interesting traits, and even discover something even more interesting within the Frozen Plateau. Played by VGN34D.


Villains who seek and capture the Elemental Gods for their evil purposes!

  • Dr. Eggman - The evil genius with the intent on seeking the Elemental Gods' true powers at any costs! And he'll stop at nothing to seeking their potential, either! Played by anyone (subject to change).
    • Orbot and Cubot - Eggman's robotic henchmen; one is a smarter robot, the other a dimwit who ends up committing mistakes. Played by VGN34D.
  • Δ the Kangaroo - Delta, Beta's sadistic counterpart created by the energy of demons and Beta's energy, is a servant of Keira who set out to capture and/or steal the Elemental Gods' power for Luna. Wielding an incredibly large sword, Delta will not give up in her journey to succeed. Played by Max.
  • Crys Wynter the Hedgehog - Alexia's long-lost brother, Crys is a psychopathic hedgehog who is usually out to murder Aqua, but this time, his goals are different. After hearing bout these so-called "Elemental Gods," Crys is assured that he can persuade them (either with words or with fists) to give him some of their power. Wielding his rapier Vincent and golden ice, Crys will definitely not take no for an answer. Played by Max.
  • Venus the Cosmo-Hedgehog - The Destruction God's amnesiac attendant, Venus is the reckless type who Crys stumbled upon in his journeys. Assured he could mold Venus into someone useful, Crys took him under his wing, while Venus tries to answer these pounding memories in his head that he can't remember... The aerokinetic purple hedgehog might not know exactly what he's doing, but he won't hesitate to remove any obstacle... okay, he'll hesitate a little. Played by Max.
  • Reaper and his team - Reaper and his team seem to have motives on multiple levels, both for the Trolls and for their direct commander. Played by Flare.
  • The Trolls - The idiotic armada of annoying interference, The Trolls clearly have an interest in the Orbs, though many simply clamor for them because they are shiny. Players TBC.
  • Calvin and Micah - They're likely the most noble 'antagonists' here; they want to help Orbot and Cubot find the Orbs so they can try to free the robot duo from being Eggman's slaves.


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