Tournaments on Mobius are a way to show your strength, to gain fame and fortune but not this Tournament. Few scholars are aware of this but the 500-year Forsaken Tournament has officially begun. Historically the Forsaken tournament has been used to test man-kind in a brutal tournament where seven commanding shamans summon monsters from a dome to try and kill the contestants in hope to eliminate man-kind. Though things are a little more advanced this time around, instead of using monsters robots are fighting.


This is free-join

The main-plot isn't as strict towards the beggining so your allowed to make tiny side-plots as long as you get to your fight on time.

No sexual content

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Dalton the Cat (Hunter1034)

Joshua "Wolfgang" Caesura (Hunter1034)

Gi the Hedgehog (Shadowsic)

Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon

Crymson the Cat (CrymsonShokwave)

Jin the Hedgehog (Shousenka)

Shousenka the Echidna (Shousenka)

Krinkinko the Hedgehog (sonicfan919)

Frederick the Rabbit (Sonicfan919)

Static the Cat (Frost the Wolf)

Mimic the Mockingbird (Frost)

Frost the Wolf (Frost)

Robin Owsparr (Frost)

Crystaline the Wolf (Frost)

Static Nega (Frost)

Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox (Flametfh)

Zarex The Hyenhog (Flame)

Occulus Rayz (Flame)

Marcel the Human (Frozen Scorpio)

Galahad the Dragon (Delar)

JT the Androhog (SS3K)

Kyo the Hedgehog (SS3K)

Fotiagos Imperium  (SonShadSilv003)

Speedy the hedgehog  (lil mike)

Zoom the hedgehog (lil mike)

Gabriel ??? (Monk the Cat)

Austin Willow (Monk)

Richard Bloodson (Monk)

Augustus Stormer V (Monk)

Isaac Lowder (Monk)

"Blind" the Serval (Monk)

Shocke Stormer (Monk)

Nightrush (TheUltimateBlur)


non participent 

Crimson whisper (lil mike)

Phantom the Serval (Monk)


A newly built factory spews out viscious gas into the air. No one knows when it opened or when it was built, it just showed up one day. Maybe it was always there just not emitting so much smoke.Despite this, was a very peaceful day in Station Square and all was well...or so it seemed...

Little did the innocent citizens know, a select few of them would become fighters in the prophetic Forsaken Tournament.

A purple spotted green hedgehog was trotting down the sidewalk when he noticed the smoke and grimaced. "What the heck is that foul crap!? It's pulluting the air!" he protested.

Gi: I think this is the place. But just to be sure..... Hey, you!

Krinkinko turned around towards Gi. "Yeah? What's up?"

Gi: Do you know what this place is? I just got a letter saying I should come here. Do you know anything about it?

Krinkinko shook his head. "Sorry pal. A lot of people are invited to Station Square it's a pretty rad place to be."

Crymson: (Jumps off a building as she smelled the air, then lands on a light post) Where is this smell coming from?

The white echidna didn't seem to be as perplexed or as distraught over the sudden change it atmosphere upon most of the city. Rather, he was more excited at the prospect of being able to fight whatever had caused this, if in fact the cause was man-made. Regardless he jumped from the edge of an awning overhead a series of shops and to the paving below. "This could be fun."

Crymson: (looks down and sees the White Echidna) Hey, down there. You smelled it too?

Shou didn't bother to turn to whomever was addressing him, instead lifting his right hand and waving it off to one side as it passed through and parted a streak of smog that seemed to envelope everything at ground level. "You can hardly miss the stuff, let alone smell it."

Crymson: (tail twitched and sighs) What's that suppose to mean? (Lands on the ground, wrinkled her nose as the smell is more foul up close)

The echidna gave a small sigh of his own to the fact that he had to spell it out for the young girl. "Just look in front of you," he exclaimed as he was starting to lose what little patience he had in the first place. "you can see the smog in front of you clearly. Such a viscous element is almost as offensive to the eyes as it is to the nose."

Crymson: (looks away, irritated that hes right, but looks back at him) So, you got a name? I'm Crymson. (Extends arm for a shake)

Turning to his conversation partner he noticed that she was a beautiful-looking cat which almost gave him a sense of guilt over his lack of courtesy, but he was still correct nonetheless. In any case the subject seemed to have passed in light of introductions. "Oh, yes of course," he replied but did not extend his hand for a shake, not out of ignorance but out of lack of knowledge upon such customs. He instead gave a small bow. "Shousenka. Shou, for short."

Crymson: (blushes as she sees him bowing, but gives a warm smile) It's nice to met you, Shou.

He looked back up to her but doesn't seem to notice the blush due to her black fur. "Yes, likewise," He responded to her courtesy in a rather straight and short fashion. Standing straight he looked on around him to notice the smog flowing slowly around the environment. "So I'm not the only one clueless about what's happening, then?"

Crymson: Beats me. (puts her hands on the back of her head) But I got this invitation (pulls out a piece of paper from her pocket) saying that I should be coming to this specific site. Odd.

The green hedgehog. made a smart-alecy smile. "Awww! Maybe you got invited to a date. Beautiful thang' like you." he said. "I don't really know what that factory is for. It just kinda' popped up." he explained.

Crymson: (turns to see the person with tail all twitchy) And....who might you be?

The green, purple spotted hedgehog smiled. "ME? I'm just the coolest, toughest, funniest, smartest and most handome guy you'll ever meet." he bowed down. " Krinkinko the Hedgehog." he got up from his bow and smiled.

Crymson: (one ear moved down, but she gave him a smile, tail still twitchy) I'm Crymson the Cat. It's nice to meet you.

A rabbit vomited in a near in a nearby waste basket. "My god! What IS that foul stench!?" he asked angrily. He looked up and saw the fog. He made a fist and growled. "That did NOT go through regulations!" He barked as he jumped up one the top of a building and began charging fireball in his hands.

Krinkinko facepalamed. "Frederick what are you doing!?" he asked annoyed.

"Indicating the potential of toxins in the area." A voice said

Crymson: (ears twitched up and looks around) Who said that??

???:Look at the black slime at your foot.

Crymson: Eh!!?? (she sees some black slime on her shoe. she tries getting it off) Augh!! Get this thing off of me!!

The slime forms into in to a hedgehog-like figure with wings. "Relax, this stuff is pretty clean"

Krinkinko looked at Frederick. "So you're gonna' blow it up!?" he yelled.

Frederick nodded. "I can't sense any heat in there so no one will die." he launched the large fire ball at one of the towers in which the smoke was coming from. The e group saw a large explosion then it died down, showing the tower still intact. "What the...!" then Frederick fell to the ground and clutched his hand which had ironically caught on fire.

Krinkinko knelt beside him. "You okay." he asked.

Frederick growled. "Get away from me mutt! I can fight this pain by myself!" he yelled as he used his other hand to try and cool off his burning hand with no avail.

Krinkinko's hand quickly caught on the same green fire and he yelped in pain.

???:*facepalm* Krinkinko..... *breathes volcanic clouds at Krinkinko and Fredrick, choking the fire with minerals*

Crymson: (stunned) What's going on??

???:*starts forming a wall made of his electric slime* It's the radiation! You should run if you can't create a strong sheild!

Crymson: (smirks and brings out her rod which extends into a staff) Heh... not a problem!! (the staff started covering in blue flames, puts the staff vercially on the ground and a blue fire cage appeared)

The mysterious hedgehog-dragon hybrid's hand catches on green fire, giving him an unbearable amount of pain and the same is done to Crymson's hand.

Crymson: !!! (winces and clutches her hand which is on green fire) this.......on me???

???:*starts to concentrate, a blade like shape appearing in his hands, albeit slowly*

Crymson: (still wincing) Can someone tell me what is going on here!?

"Hmm, interesting," Shou gave a small hum as he placed his hand over Crymson's, using a small amount of water ability to douse the flame out, although the burn left was irrepairable by his own powers. "It seems these flames are supernatural. Fel. Demonic, perhaps."

Crymson: (blushes again and looks at her hand, burned) Thanks, Shou. (shakes her hand to heal)

???:RRGGGGRGGAAAA! *slices off his hands with his blades, making an ungodly noise*

Shou turns to look at the figure giving off such a noise and gave a small eyebrow raise to the person's actions. "... I think he has a problem."

???:*starts re-absorbing the Electric slime, causing his hands to regenerate slowly*

Crymson's hand quickly re-caught fire and Shou's hand was engulfed with green fire as well. As the strangers hands began to grow back the fire began to come back as well.

Crymson: (winces and shocked) What?! How can it come back??

???:Get away.......GET AWAY......*holds his head in pain, taking a rock a crunching down on it to numb the pain*

Crymson: (still wincing, looks at ???) By any chance, can I know your name and your problem!!!

All of a sudden, a different voice comes from the direction of ???* His name is Turbo, and you should know that fire is his worst weakness. But I have a solution.

Crymson: H-how??

Voice:I've drained his energy to the point of unconciousness, so he won't feel any pain*

Crymson: (shudders)

Gi:That 's just weird. Handy, but weird.

Crymson: (shudders again) But how long will that last until he wakes up? Or, what if he doesn't...

Shou gave a small smirk at Crymson's concerns although to him it mattered not whether he would regain consciousness or not. "In any case we don't have to put up with his ridiculous yelling," Shou gave a blunt remark as he began to envelope his own hand in ice to stop the flames for as long as he had to. "Regardless perhaps we could get some information as to what's happening here, perhaps?" The echidna turned to the direction of the voice as though addressing it primarily.

Crymson: (stands up) Yeah, that's a good idea. (Closes her eyes, concentrating with her blue fire on her hand to keep the green fire from doing more damage to her hand) But the main concern is that building. (points to the mysterious building)

All of their flames faded leaving a green tree tattoo on their hands that shone through gloves if they wore one.

"Whao! This is awesome!" Krinkinko gawked. "It's a tatoo without the needle or possible diseases!" he proclaimed.

Frederick looked at Shou. "Using ice to nullofy your pain? Pathetic. Pain makes you stronger."

Voice:Wish to test that? I'll give you so much pain, you'll be unstoppable.

Crymson: Guys, stop it. No one needs pain. (then glares at Frederick with detest) And you need to let Shou do what he wants. No one needs your opinion.

Frederick chuckled. "Short of hearing woman? I told you why we beings need pain. Another thing, I wasn't stating an opinion I was stating a fact." he chuckled some more. "Hey pathetic!" he said to Shou. "You find it empowering that you have a little girl defending your honor?" he laughed.

Crymson: (growls and tail moves swiftly)

"Awww! You're feral!" Frederick mocked.

Crymson: (gripping his neck) You want a piece of me, HUH??

Frederick's whole body is coated in flames, resulted in Crymson's body catching on fire as well.

Crymson: (smirks) So what, I'm fire, too! (blue fire surrounds her to counter-act Fred's flames)

Turbo:*gets up, but Eyes are yellow voids* Guhhh....

Crymson: So what are you going to do now? (Still clutching Fred's neck)

Shou didn't care much for the rodent's attitude towards him, but he felt that perhaps the boy could do with a beating to show him some courtesy. "Oh? I didn't think rodents were so non-courteous," He said as he placed his hand upon the hilt of his sword. "But I see this young girl is putting you on the spot. You're hardly worth my time."

Crymson: (turns to Shou) What are you doing?

The echidna gave a small smirk, keeping a hand gripped upon his sword. "Watching you put the hurt on that little scrub in your hand," He said with a toothy grin. "If you get bored with him I'll gladly give him a cut or three."

Crymson: (a sight of a huge blush came onto her face, plus feeling her heart pounding quickly)

"Hey hon," Shou said with a little smile on his face. "You might wanna keep an eye on the target, don't you think?"

Crymson: (turned wide-eyes, then her fire turn completely bright red) Hon...?? (looks at Fred, still blushing, then punches him and her blue fire dies down)

Shou gave off a small chuckle as her eyes got wider. It was as he suspected; it seemed as though the little kitty had a crush on the echidna. Shou wasn't much a man of the world but he found that teasing this girl to be more fun than carving through the necks of demons. "Come on hon, put more effort into it."

Crymson: (still blushing, shaking her head) Guh.... (looks at Fred) Why don't you show some respect next time!!! (kicks his stomach, sending him a few feet away from her)

"yeah, that's more like it." Shou complimented her on her strength as he watched her vicious actions.

Crymson: (takes out her staff, twirls it a few times, and aims it a Shou in a battle stance, with a grin) I'm not just your typical little girl. (staff returns to a short rod and she stands up straight)

The echidna wanted to feel impressed at the fact that she had an extendable staff, but to him it paled in comparison to the might of a katana. "Oh? Forgive me if I find that a little hard to believe," he said as he unsheathed a little of his katana, showing the gleam of the pure steel blade. "But I don't think staves are the best of offensive weapons when compared to the edge of a blade."

Crymson: (looks at his sword, then back at him and gave him a smile) Say whatever you say, but all of us has our own way of having an offensive weapon. But it's a really nice blade you got there. (suddenly looks at the sky) Man, has it gone dark that quick??

Krinkinko had run away from the area and for a good reason. Since Turbo had spoken Frderick had been surrounded by a black aura once after Crymson had kicked him he had stood up. After Crymson had commented on the time Frederick quickly threw his hands to the side and let out a violently large explosion of fire, ice, and psychic energy. The explosion was purple, both cold and hot. The explosion was extremely powerful and it tore the ground resulting in there being a large smoke cloud after the explosion. When it cleared several buildings were destroyed and several people were on fire or frozen. If Crymson and Shou were conscious they would have a horrible migraine. Frederick, being the man who made the explosion remained unscathed. "Don't f*** with me".

Crymson: (as the smoke cleared, she was in front of Shou, with her staff twirling it to protect the two) Really?? But right now, lets save the fighting for later, because it's getting late. We need to rest before we head out to find out what that place is. (looks at the building)

Shou wasn't one to take an attack lying down, especially if the opponent was issuing a challenge. Sure enough the attack was strong but an ice barrier of simplistic design protected him from much of the blast, although he felt a spout of dizziness overcome him briefly. It wasn't too bad, fortunately. "You looking for an early death, rodent?" Shou exclaimed, drawing his sword fully and letting it swing down to his side. "I'll be sure to carve your headstone when I'm done desecrating your corpse."

Crymson: (appeared in front of him blocked his attack with her staff) Stop!!!

The echidna couldn't help himself but he shoved her forwards to separate the pair of them. "Move," The echidna warned once and once only. "I've no qualms with killing you as well."

"That's my line little missy." said a bulldog rat atop a building. He jumped down causing a mini earthquake and smiled, showing his teeth were all covered in solid gold grills. He wore a purple hat with a feather on it and a large purple shirt that went down to his crotch area where you could see sagging blue jeans. He also wore solid gold shoes. Due to being a bulldog rat he was naturally dark furred and fat.

Frederick looked puzzled. "You sure look out of place." he said.

It was true he was a bulldog rat, a mammal that has been extinct for many many years. The bulldog rat noticed their hands. "I see ya' got ya' marks little main." he said with a strange accent where he pronounced his a's like o's making "mark" "mok". The rat laughed. "You'll get to kill him soon enough." he pronounced "enough" "enoff" and "kill" "keel".

???: What? Who said anything about killing?

(Four characters enter. The first is a handsome, orange cat with electric blue eyes. He is wearing a blue and gold jacket with a black shirt on underneath. His blue and gold shoes seemed to match his jacket quite well.

Next to him, a black mockingbird named Mimic is wearing a green and black fedora. His shoes are black and green as well. His gloves are white with the outer edge of his hands being a silverish color, from his wrists up to the tip of his pinky fingers. The cuffs of his gloves are green and black.

Behind the cat and mocking bird are two more characters. The first one is a tall, powerful looking gray wolf. He was wearing a ragged scarf with an odd insignea on it. He was also wearing a pair of black combat boots. He was wearing a pair of black pants and a black outer jacket with the same insignea that was found on his scarf. He was also wearing black fingerless gloves and a deep red shirt under his jacket. His white, military style mohawk was very short.

The last of the four new arrivals is perhaps the most bizarre of the group. She was wearing a pair of black shoes with a white strip on each side, a pair of black pants, white gloves, and a black hoodie with the white hood pulled up over her helmet. Her face was completely hidden behind the opaque, purple visor of her helmet. Only her eyes, which were glowing a faint blue, were clearly visible through the visor. In addition, her tail feathers seemed to be made of metal.

The orange cat, who's name is Static, spoke first)

Static: We got a weird invitation to this place, then a crazy explosion rips through town, and now this? Could somebody explain to us what's going on?

"You're always causing trouble, aren't you Shou?" A small voice could be heard from the street corner of what was once a small corner shop. A black hedgehog with closed eyes, a blue robe and pants and black boots turned to face where Shou's voice was coming from but at nothing else. "You can save your violence for the tournament."

"You're kidding, right," Shou stated bluntly in disbelief that there was some sort of tournament, but also because Jin was entering; the poor hedgehog hadn't even regained his sight yet and he was ready to enter a fight. "What tournament are you talking about?"

"Oh, that's right," Jin said with a smirk, holding up a piece of paper; a written invitation to the tournament. "You didn't get one of these did you?" Before Shou could reply the hedgehog shifted a finger and thumb to reveal a second invitation. "That's good that I stopped by to grab yours. try checking your mail once in a while. Oh and, before you ask, they kindly put some braille underneath the text. How thoughtful of them."

A short red Pyrofox arrives, Well...Actually he teleports, And looks around... He clears his throat "Errrm... I got a weird... Invitiation of sorts to come here...E...Explainations would be in order" He stutters over his words as he scans the area, Although he doesn't look over detail at who each person is.

An elderly green frog with a purple robe walks into the area with Krinkinko laughing.

Frederick raised an eyebrow. "Sweet...more girls are in this thing....and Krinkinko's grandfather."

The green frog looked at the purple bulldog rat. "I recieved an invitation to come here. I hear the Forsaken Tournament's back in town."

The bulldog make smiled. "That's true old man. Oh, I see some of you haven't got your marks yet." he snapped his fingers and all of the new fighter's hands caught on green fire. He then closed his eyes. "Frederick of the late Hopstick clan, Krinkinko of the Geruga clan...."

Krinkinko's eyes widened. "W-what?

A small green flame seemed to float in the air next to Static. There was a suprised yelp and a young, female wolf wearing a dark gray and green dress, a pair of black boots, and a green bow over her left ear materialized into view. The most unusual thing about this wolf was her eyes. The irises of her eyes are glowing a bright green and her eyes are faded white where the pupils should be. Next to her is a ghostly chao.

Static: Crystaline?! I thought Frost told you to stay back home?

Crystaline: Sorry, Static, but I received the invitation too. For some reason, I was teleported here. I guess I wasn't given a choice.

The bulldog rat contenued with his weird accent. "Waizu Kawazu of the frog Village in Twerunka Jungle, Shousenka the Echidna of the Twilight Clan, Jin the Hedgehog, master of Ninjutsu." He opened his eyes and laughed. "This is gonna' be one hell of a show."

The tall and powerful looking wolf that had recently came with the new arrivals, Frost, looks at the bulldog rat with distrust.

Shortly after a gust of wind blows as A hyenhog appears "This better be important, I'm kinda busy" he scans over looking at everything "Can one of you people explain what is going on?" he sighs.

Along with the Hyenhog there is a Squirrel, Who seems to be half made of Robot parts he nods as the Heynhog speaks, "It's weird, We got a odd Invitation we came" he too scans over, though he looks to be scanning more thoroughly.

Crymson: (feels like she is surrounded by men, put her eara down in embaressment) Jeez, am I the only girl here..... Well, whatever this tournament is, we got a serious situation.

Robin: (walks up to Crymson) No. You're no the only girl here, Crymson. However, you're right. We do have a serious situation. *sigh* This could end very badly. (shakes her head after a breif moment) No. I shouldn't look at this situation so bleakly. Anyway, It's good to see you again. I haven't seen you since we entered that digital world to stop that virus. Remember?

Crymson: Oh, Robin! I didn't notice you! It's good to see you again.

Flame scans over everyone. He doesn't know many of the people there. He sighs, but after looking again he notices Static, Robin, Crystaline, Frost, and Mimic. He slowly walks over to them.

A pale-skinned human wearing a white shirt, grey pants, a black tie, and wielding a large axe walks right in front of Flame without noticing him, accidentaly knocking both of them over.

Flame gets up and dusts himself off, "M...My Apoligies... That was my fault..." He looks up almost intimidated by the axe.

The man gets up, then proceeds to say "No, no. It's my fault. I didn't see where you were going." After that, the man moves out of the way for Flame to proceed...

Frost: (Turns to the Bulldog rat, speaking with a russian accent) You seem to be the only one who knows what's truly going on. Who are you?

Gi: Right. Friend or foe? Did you send these letters?

Crymson: (takes a look at the letters and ponders) And whose idea was this to give us these letters? [Thanks, Robin.]

The bulldog rat took a bow. "My name's Dmitri. Welcome to the forsaken tournament. Where the only rule is do or die." he said with a chuckle.

Crymson: (just looked at him with her tail moving quickly)

Turbo:*appears with a look that just screams "I haven't slept in 3 days* What? Forsaken....Tournament?

Crymson: (just as confused as everyone else)

Static: "Do or die"? Sorry, but I don't think any of us are interested in dying for someone's entertainment. [turns to leave] Anyone who doesn't want to stick around to get killed, follow me to the exit.

Dmitri chuckled. He turned to Static. "Some of us are trying to kill eachother already. If you didn't want to fight you shouldn't have heeded to the invitation. It mentioned the stakes were high. But no matter. Now your forced to duel." he clapped his hands and all of the newcomers hands were enveloped in a green flame.

Crymson: Ack!! (looks at her hands then back at Dmitri) What's going on here? Why have you invited us?

Turbo:*looks at his hands* Meh....dosen't really hurt anymore.

"It does not matter," A dark, echoed, wailing voice seethed into the air between the contestants as a cold, ominous wind began to blow through the hair and faced of those present. A dragon, taller than most combatants, stepped slowly upon the concrete as the steel of his boots rang thundering upon perked ears. "You will all die for my entertainment." The person unsheathed what could only be described as a greatsword forged within the heart of the tundra itself. "I look forward to seeing each of your demise. Do not disappoint me."

Crymson: (turning to the new arrival, grinning with anticipation) And who might you be? You seem a lot more different than anyone over here.

Shou couldn't help but feel wary of the new arrival. Despite the dragon's rather old and ancient appearance he could not help but feel a sense of terrible danger among this unholy knight. The white echidna kept one hand upon the his of his sword in case the man would attack. "I sense... destruction about you, knight. Who are you?"

Turbo:*looks at the dragon, with a type of ferocious intensity in his eyes* You.....who are you?

A low hum began as the dragon began to build up to a powerful, low burst of laughter. The distortion in his voice began to mix violently with the undertones of what could only be described as ghostly. His head reared back as he cackled but then began to gaze through the heart and souls of those who questioned his presence. "I suppose an introduction is in order," the knight began slowly, his voice was low, mumbling, but clear to those whose ears it infected. "I am your death, but I am also your life. I am the king who will bring annihilation to the living, and I will usher in a new world made in my image."

Crymson: (her fur standing on ends and sends a small chuckle being fired up) King?? In your new world?? I wonder who the world crowned you??

Turbo:Relax. Like world Domination Plans EVER work. *pulls out Dragonsoul, just in case*

Galahad did not even so much as pay attention to those who would prepare themselves against hos onslaught although he did not intend to attack them head on. He would rather they did it for him. "As I have said, rodents, it does not matter," He began to walk past the crowd of fighters that only the flow of his long, royal cape would meet their eyes; his vision did not gaze upon a single soul as he trekked. "As each of you die, one by one, in this tournament, I shall raise you from death as part of a new army. My army." The dragon began to walk away from the group as he began to fade into the shadows.

Crymson: (watches him disappear in the darkness) Pfft, over my deceased brother's soul you won't make me your undead soldier. (growls under her breath)

Turbo:It's gonna hurt having to fight another dragon.

It seemed as though Shou and Jin were taking on a lot more than they bargained for. For the two ninjutsu experts they were adept at sensing the powers of others. The pair of them did not take heart to the threat of those who were there prior to the inclusion of the knight, but his presence seemed to shake the two as the dragon's necrotic aura began to eat away at their senses.

"Shou, what do you think about him?" The blind hedgehog spoke towards his echidna friend. "I don't like the sense of him. His voice, his movement... his whole being cries the word "death".

"I know, Jin," Shou began to relax as the dragon make his way out of sight, loosening his grip upon his sword and dropping his arms to his side idly. "Something about him... is just unnatural. Keep a close eye on him. Or not, because... you're blind."

Crymson: (closes her eyes real tight as tears began to fall thinking to herself) Brother, I swear on my life I will NEVER be in the same fate as you. Even if he makes me his undead soldier. (puts her hands closer to her heart)

Robin looks at Crymson, and sees the pain in her feline friend's eyes. Robin knows all to well that Crymson is thinking of her dead brother. Robin herself had lost her brother, Jay Owsparr, when a G.U.N research station was attacked several years ago. To this day, she still partly blames herself for what happened to him.

Crystaline: I don't like this. I may be blind, but I can recognize a tyrant when I hear one. (she senses the presence of a ghost. Turning, she senses Crymson's deceased brother standing beside Crymson.)

Dmitri was beggining to become annyoed. The participants were not listening to him. He sighed and hoped they'd at least listen to what he had to say next. "Each of you go to the hotel. Each one of you will be sharing a room with one other person. Be up early tomorrow to meet me outside of the diner." he then abruptly walked away annoyed.

???: Well, this ought to be fun.

(Static and Frost whip around at the sound of the familiar, yet unfriendly, voice. Standing there was a gray cat with red eyes. He wore a black and red jacket with a black shirt underneath, white gloves, and a matching pair of black and red shoes. He also had a wrist communicator on his left wrist. He looked almost exactly like Static--except for the coloring and outfit, of course. Dmitiri stopped walking away to see who had just arrived.)

Static: Static Nega?! What are you-?

Static Nega: I came to see what you were up to. I can't say I'm necessarily happy to see you in this mess, but at least you can't interfere with my master's plans if you should parish. Part of me hopes you succede, however, because I want to be the one who destroys you. Untill I do, I am nothing more than a mere clone. Regardless, I think I'll enjoy watching this.

[Just so you know, Static Nega will probably be more of a spectator for two reasons: 1) He can't be turned into an undead soldier because he lacks a soul (he is a clone after all), and 2) He can't be controlled by the main villain because he is already possessed by an alien symbiote.

Let me know what you think about him just being a spectator. If you want him to join the fight, let me know. --Frost]

Mimic: Well, this just keeps getting better and better...

Static Nega: (Turns to Dmitri) I only heard bits and pieces, but from what I can tell, that dragon want to take over the world by finding the best warriors he can find and turning them into undead soldiers. Why not just kill his "gladiators" here and now, and turn them into his warriors? And what exactly happens to the winner of this deathmatch?


Krinkinko slyly smiled. "So, any of you ladies wanna' share a room?"

Frederick facepalmed. "Your hopeless..."

The group would then be met by yet another new arrival. A jade streaked, brown creature would approach the mound of individuals. His half green dreadlocks of various lengths bounced freely as he neared. Tan and dark brown facial markings were visible as a stern and rigid visage greeted them. His choice of attire consisted nothing more than a pair of baggy tan pants and a brown belt with a rather interesting belt buckle. What his most outlandish trait was the circular green markings on his hands, feet and the more ovular one in the middle of his forehead. Gripped confidently </span>in his right hand was a dark brown staff that bestowed great power and was composed of divine rock. This weapon, much like the markings scattered across his figure donned a vibrant green glow. He had finally reached a safe distance before making his presence known if it wasn't already.

“My home.” Terrador Bellator started, sounding rather angered and frustrated. “The smoke emanating from this city disturbs the peace I enjoy in my mountainous abode. I wish to speak with the one responsible. I ask any of you about the location of such an individual.” He went on, aiming the tip of his staff at each of the combatants, who would most likely be responding with strange expressions given his bizarre actions.

Mimic points to Dmitri, "He did it!"

Crymson: We definitely need some rest before the tournament starts. Lets find the nearest hotel and rest. Okay, we need a room buddy. But only one.

Static walks up to Crymson. "A room buddy? Why?"

"Tournament?"Terrador questioned, narrowing his eyes at Crymson. "Of what sorts? And where can I enter such a tournament?" he went on with his questions.

Static turned to Terrador, "Trust me. You don't want to enter this one. We're going to be forced to kill each other. Had I known that earlier, I never would have came."

Mimic nodded his head, "Same here. I'm a theif and a master of disguise, not a murderer."

Crystaline is the next one to speak, "And it gets worse. Those who are killed are brought back to life; only to be forced to become a member of an undead army, which is being led by an evil dragon with dreams of world domination." Her eyes seemed to glow a brighter green than usual. That, and the fact that her eyes were also faded white were the pupils should be, seemed to make Terrador, and anyone else who didn't know her, feel uneasy.

"I see." Terrador stated. His staff had been placed back in its rightful place, stangely hanging diagonally and unsupported across his back. His arms were crossed and he also replied with a series of nods. "That sounds rather unpleasent. Unfortunately for me, I am a Bellator, and as such, I never turn down or flee from battle." he went on somberly, acknowledging the foolishness of his family's demeanor. Instead of going back to his mountain home, he was choosing to stay here and run the risk of being some dragon's undead slave. Was competing in such a climatic battle for survival sound compelling for the hybrid? His fate had obviously brought him to this location for some reason. Deep in his mind he was only hoping he wouldn't regret his actions.

Flame overhears the Conversation that they are having "What?! We have to Kill eachother?!" He shudders "I really should of just Stayed home and done something else..."

Gi: Well, the only thing you guys should be worried about is me! I don't mean to be cocky, but..... what am I saying?! Of course I'm trying to be cocky. I have nothing to worry about.

Static turns to Gi. "I wouldn't underestimate any of us if I were you. Most of us are much more powerful than we look."

Gi: When you're an undead zombie, you just keep repeating that to yourself. (chuckles)

Static starts to get annoyed with Gi's cockyness. "Pride comes before a fall. Just what exactly makes you think that you could win?"

Frost walks up to the group, but says nothing. There is something about the tall wolf that is enough to at least intimidate Gi and anyone else who doesn't know Frost.

Gi: Sup' Tall and Clumsy. 

Hearing such arrogance from Gi, Terrador let out a dismissive exhale and nodded his head side to side. "Leave the cocky fool to his own foolishness. We shall see how confident he is after tasting defeat." the hybrid added in to Static's statement. Terrador was undeterred by the towering canine and simply spared him a brief glance.

Flame, Despite the fact that he knew Frost, still seemed Intimidated, "I wouldn't suggest Annoying Frost..." He seemed very Aggitated by Gi's Arrogance, "You're almost as bad as Zarex..."

With a flick of his wrist, Frost encases Gi in a thick pillar of ice. The pillar is about 12 feet thick in diameter. Frost didn't bother to taunt Gi. He had very little time to waste on overconfident hedgehogs.

Mimic, on the other hand, had plenty of time to taunt. "Wow.Talk about giving him the cold shoulder."

Flame stared at mimic "That was terrible, I could do better!" He sighs and looks over at Gi, About to say something but then stops.

Only a slight smile tugged at the corners of Terrador's tan muzzle. While the actions of the wolf were rather childish, the badgermolechidna couldn't help but find this slightly amusing. He was contemplating on using his Geokinetic abilities to add a layer of dense rock to the blockade of ice, but he discarded such a frivolous idea.

Static turned to Terrador, "I don't think you introduced yourself. What's your name?"

 Static was met with a confused expression at first. Considering this was his first social gethering in 5 years, such customs vanish within ones mind. "Right. My apologies." he said, looking as if a light bulb turned on in his brain. "I am Terrador. What are you called?" he asked.

"Static. My name is Static the Cat. It's good to meet you, Terrador." Static gives a slight bow. Normally, he would have shaken the person's hand, but something about Terrador made Static feel that such were not his customs.

The white echidna shook his head at the scene that took place before him; it seemed ridiculous that these people would rather run their mouths and show off their barks instead of putting their own foot forward. The swordsman turned to Jin to direct his words to him. "Jin, I believe we're done here," he starting, patting his friend on the shoulder. "We should go book that room Dmitri was talking about earlier."

The black hedgehog gave a small huff in humour; even he was beginning to see the hilarity in petty squabbles taking place nearby him. "Sounds good. Any more of listening to the kids and my brain cells just might die." Shou nodded in agreement, so the two of them began to make their way to the hotel nearby.

Frost nodded his head in agreement. Though he didn't trust the two, he respected that they were at least  taking the situation seriously. He followed them to the hotel. While walking, he breifly glanced back at Gi, who was still frozen in the column of ice. Normally, he would have just ignored Gi. However, Frost feels that he probably did everyone a favor by effectively getting the overconfident hedgehog to shut-up. He looked away and continued to follow Shou and Jin to the hotel, keeping alert for any more trouble.

The ice encasing Gi starts to rumble. The ice breaks and Gi is enraged. 

Gi: MIMIC'S...JOKE... WAS...TERRIBLE! (unsheaths a katana and a flamethrower) Bring it on Frosty! You're gonna DIE today!  

Static facepalms, "Oh for crying out loud. This guy's just asking for it."

Flame looks over at Static "I'm glad we agree Static" He turns to Gi "Frost's Actions actions were somewhat fair to the situation, I wouldn't suggest aggrivating Frost, Because if you didn't notice, Alot of his friends are here, and when in first impressions, It's never appropriate to get on the wrong side of the other person." Flame stops talking for a second "...W...Well if...N...Nevermind"

Gi: Static is right. I AM asking for it. So come on over Frosty. Show me your ULTMATE power.

Flame shakes his head "I doubt a fight before a fighting tourney is a good idea, you'll just tire yourself out for no reason, are you an Idiot or something?"

Gi: Yes. Yes, I am. And I never get tired out.

Flame seems to be slowly getting more annoyed by Gi "H-How about you...Be quiet for a while...My mind cannot grasp the stupidity and lack of thought in the words it spews out..."

Static sighs, "Save it. You're unlikely to beat him. Besides, he's already on his way to the hotel."

Crystaline doesn't say anything, but she seems to be a little nervous. She doesn't want any harm to come to her older brother, Frost.

Flame looked over at static "Theres a hotel? I didn't know..." He ponders for a second "Wait so why are people going there?"

Gi: (fake cries) I guess nobody's bunking with 'ol Gi.

Flame talks to himself quietly "And I can see why no-one would..." he sighs.

Gi: Now there's a dilemma! Nobody wants to share a room with me, so everybody will pick somebody else, until there's only one left. That he/she shall be ridiculed and will come out of the room next morning bawling his/her eyes out. The perfect revenge.

Static gives a small smirk, "When you're an undead zombie, you just keep repeating that to yourself."

Flame looks confused at Gi "Errm... Y-Your really annoying me, S-So I'm going to the hotel so I can stop being Ridiculed and bothered..." He walks in the direction the others went in.

Gi: (Looks around, then follows the others to the hotel)

Crystaline turns invisible and runs in the direction of the hotel, her chao friend following closly behind.

Static stays behind, looking around. "How are any of us getting out of this alive?" He said to himself.

Mimic sighs, "I wish I knew, Static. I wish I knew." He turns and walks off to the hotel. This was perhaps one of the few times that Mimic didn't give a smart aleky remark about the situation. It was also one of the few times that he called Static by his name, instead of calling him "Sparky" like he normally does.

Crymson: Let's find a safe place to rest. Then we need our strength onward. So who wants to come? (looks around the remaining people standing with her)

Static is the first to speak, "I'll come. The others are going to the hotel. That might be the best place to go."

Robin is the second to speak, "I'll come to." Even though you can't see her face through her helmet's visor, you can tell by the sound of her voice that she's worried about what will happen next.

Static looks at Terrador, "What about you?"

Terrador glanced at the cat as he was spoken to. The thought of being in a confined space as apposed to the open air of the mountians brought much uneasiness to the badgermolechidna. He decided to bare through it and replied to Static with a nod. "Yes, I shall join the others as well." he said, making his way to the hotel.

Flame stands outside the hotel, Looking a bit confused to what he should do, He talks to himself and sighs "Why did I even bother coming here..."

Crymson: (appeared before Flame) Oh hey there. Were you waiting for us?

Flame yells, "Since when were you there?!" He gasps "You startled me..." He shakes his head "Anyway, I suppose I was... I have nothing better to do..."

Crymson: (ears droped, a little bit annoyed) Anywho, so what should we do? Hey, guys? You there?? (hollering to her company)

Static, Robin, and Terrador catch up. Static looks at Flame, "You look like you've seen a ghost."

Suddenly, another Crymson walks up, "Hey. Took you long enough to get here."

Static shakes his head. He knows that the second Crymson that had walked up was actually Mimic in disguise.

Flame seems to be gasping for air "I think...My heart jumped into my throat... And...Why are there 2 of you? E..Either one is Mimic or...You have duplication abilities" He seems to be startled. (Note: Flame is very easy to startle)

Terrador remained to himself as he approached the hotel. He was lost in his thoughts about his current objective. Then it struck him. Was he really choosing to throw his life away? He still needed to find out what had happened to his mother and father. Time could not be wasted here. Since he was already in the city, he decided to seek out answers, Without a word, the badgermolechidna vanished from sight.

Crymson: (eyeing the person who looks like her, unmoved) Who are you? Show your true self, or I might have to take drastic measures. (brings out her staff, but in a split second smiles) Or, I should say hi to an old friend, Mimic.

Suddenly, the Crymson look alike shapeshifted into Mimic. He gives a smile, "Okay. How did you know it was me?" He joked. "Anyway, we should probably go in. It's kinda cold out here."

Suddenly a voice was heard out of nowhere, "Indeed it is." Suddenly, Crystaline appeared. She had been there the whole time, she was just invisible. "But I grew up in the cold, so I hardly noticed it."

Flame yelled "Ahh! Why does everyone keep doing that?!" He stops for second and checks his pulse, He then stops and takes a deep breath "Anyway...Shall we go inside? It's freezing..." He is Shivering

Crymson: Mimic, I've seen you shapeshift into a monster before. [recap: FREEJOIN: Log In. Download] (starts to shiver) Yeah, it would be better to get in. I, on the other hand, am not use to the extreme cold.

Speedy:hey have you two seen a red and black hedgehog with a black cape that kinda resembles shadow the hedgehog and a purple hedgehog in armor?

Crymson: (ears shot right up and turned to see who was speaking) And may I ask who you are please? (show a little smile, being polite)

Speedy:Speedy,Speedy the hedgehog gaurdian of the life orb

Mimic looks at the newcomer, "Well, we did see a brown and black hedgehog that kinda resembles Shadow."

Static rolls his eyes, "Don't remind me. That guy, whatever his name was, was such an arrogant jerk."

Mimic nods, "Yeah, he thought my joke was stupid. And I think his name was "Gi", but I'm not quite certain."

Static looks at Speedy, "Anyway, no. We haven't seen either of the people you described. Sorry."

( What? GI isn't even red. Shadowsic)

[Frost: Oops. Sorry! He kinda looked red in his picture on his character page. I'm really sorry about that.]

Speedy:ok then thanks anyway and do you have any idea what this is? (shows them his invatation)

Flame speaks up "Errm...W-Well, I don't think anyone has any idea what is going on...It seems to be an invitation to a tournament, But im not all that sure..."

Crymson: (looks at the invitation Speedy was holding) Ah, so you are invited to the tournament like the rest of us huh?

Speedy:coooooooool hmmm i will find Reeper and Archer after i win this tournament

Static doesn't look as excited. "If you win this tournament. Trust me, you don't want in on this."

Speedy:who are you to tell me me what i want and dont want 

Crymson: (ears went down and looks at Speedy) You don't get it. This is a tournament of your life. Either you perish, or survive. Though I don't like the sound of it, but I'm doing this for someone.

Turbo:*Looks away* You should try and get as far from here as possible when I fight.

Crymson: (looks at Turbo) Why's that? (raises one eyebrow)

Turbo:Because when I get REALLY stressed, things get REALLY messy, and if this tournament isn't a pushover, that could happen.

Crymson. Ah! Kind of reminds me of Toxi and his explosion ability. (thinking to herself)

Moments after, another individual was making his approach. He had arrived on the scene late and had traced down the hotel by tracking down the others. A red and blue wolverine adorning a black trench coat and black pants. X shaped, dark gray straps were wrapped around the ovual tuft of purple fur on his chest. A purple scabbard of a similar shape rested on his back that housed his twin blades. The purple soles of his duel-toned, crimson and cobalt shoes tapped against the ground as he made his approach. The midnight eyes of a predator scanned his opponents upon reaching his destination. Fotiagos Imperium was more than ready for this tournament to begin.

Speedy:(under his breath) luckily i have a secret weapon (looks at the life orb)

[Ah, It'll be easier if I do paragraph form... ~CrySho~]

Crymson, still gazing upon the life orb Speedy is holding, caught glimpse of a red and blue wolverine, standing and looking at her and the others. "Hey, you just got here?" She shout the newcomer.

Speedy ,only just noticing the wolverine looking suspisious and said "who are you?"

Fotiagos simply replied with a nod to the cat as he made his way closer to the hotel. He wanted to get inside and further prepare himself for the competition. As he was close to passing the group, a question was thrown his way. His multicolored head turned in the direction of the hedgehog. "I am Fotiagos." he responded simply and coldly. He faced forward and proceeded on to the hotel.

Speedy looking excited "im gonna go train for this tournament"

Static looked at Speedy, then at Crymson, and then the rest of his friends. He sighs. "I really hope I don't have to fight any of you. I won't kill a friend."

Mimic shrugs, "I won't kill. Period. Like I said before: I'm a theif, not a murder."

Flame sighs "I don't think anyone here will actually kill, None of us are murderers..."

Crymson nodded. "I'm no murder. I rather make someone unconscious than to kill one. And I would never hurt or kill a friend."

Flame shrugs "I suppose, But it also because I lack the skills to kill anyone, Or knock anyone out."

"But let's just hope that not one of us will be able to face off each other. Though, it's unlikely not going to work, but we better hope for it." Crymson sighed.

"Hope is about all you have now." Static Nega walked up to the group. "But that by itself won't save you."

Static glared at his clone, "What do you want?"

Static Nega looked at Static, but there was no pride or pity in his eyes. "No need to be hostile, brother."

Static grew a little angrier. "Save it. You're no brother of mine."

"No, but I'm the closest thing you have to one." was the grey cat's reply.

Crymson stepped in front of Static to shield away from Static Nega. She stared at him with her furious crimson eyes. "We all do have hope. And it's no way for you to say if it saves us or not!"

Static Nega smirks a little, he admired Crymson's zeal. "Maybe. But I do know this," He looks at Static, "Hope was the only thing the other prisoners had. Remember that Static? They only had hope to cling to, with you leading them. They put their hope in you for their freedom, a mistake that cost most of them their lives."

Static closed his eyes, remembering all to well the escape attempt that he led for his fellow prisoners' freedom. While his memory was erased soon after the attempt, he soon remembered it after helping Blaze collect the Sol Emeralds. Sometimes, Static wished that the memory of this costly escape attempt had never been remembered.

Crymson became more furious. "Whatever you said of what he done, but all of us still have hope within us, even if it means losing ours or someone else's life." Tears weld up her eyes. "I thought I had hope for my brother to survive that accident, but when he died right in front of me, I thought my life would be lost." A tear fell. "But I just got to remind myself that hope is a way for all of us to survive, even in the worst of times."

Robin gave Crymson a sympathetic look. She had a very similar feeling when she was informed that her father and brother were killed in a raid at their research station.

Mimic looked a little uneasy, he had worked with Static Nega before to help him steal the Sol Emeralds. However, he soon switched sides when he found out that Blaze's dimension would die without the emeralds. Ever since, Static Nega had seen Mimic as a double crosser, and therefore deserving of death.

Crystaline was hit with a wave of sadness from Crymson. Because she was part ghost, Crystaline could sense emotions as auras and used them to help determine how others were feeling. She also used it as a means to identify the world around her since she was blind.

Static Nega didn't smile anymore. "I wouldn't know anything about that. I have nothing to put my 'hope' in. I'm a clone, a duplicate of someone else. The only way I survive is by refusing to fail."

from the fog a voice was heard"hope is just a word,nothing else but that hope is something made up by our leaders to strop us panicking at a time of sadness or fright so my advice dont put hope into anything because that is what will take you  down"

Static Nega turned toward the voice, "My point exactly. Now, identify yourself."

Flame looks around nervously "Would people stop doing that..." He sighs, Its obvious he doesn't want to know who the anonymous person is.

A hedgehog came out of the fog he looked almost exactly like Speedy except he had a darker red as his fur colour and a red hoodie instead of red "a friend of Speedies my name is Zoom" 

Speedy glared at Zoom "your no friend of mine" 

Zoom smirked "now now Speedy dont be sore" 

Speedy started to get more angry "what have you done to my friends?!"

Zoom smirked even more "who said  i had your friends?, but i can assure you if i did they would have a slow and painful death with the help of this beauty (gets out death cube) hmm but anyway if your all wondering Speedy and I are the same person well not exactly im from Moebius he's from Mobius"

Speedy "why are you here?"  

Zoom"i was invited to this tournement i then realised you were here so im gonna kill all of your new friends, savy?"

Static Nega showed minimal emotion, "Be my guest. They are none of my concern." He had a feeling that this new hedgehog, "Zoom", had very little idea of who he was dealing with.

Speedy "just tell me why do you want to kill my friends,why not me?"

Zoom"because true sweet revenge is watching you kill yourself"

Crymson stared at Zoom. "There will be no way that neither one of us will get killed by you."

Zoom glared at Crymson"did i ask for your opinion women?"

Speedy"if you DO succeed in killing my new friends i will just bring them back to life with the life orb"

Zoom"Speedy if that is true why didnt you bring your parents back?"

Speedy"the life orb only works on death cube victims"

Zoom"well then i will have to take of you"

"Whoa, hold up guys. Save your stegnth for the tournament. You're going to need that." Crymson stated.

Zoom"HEY did i say you could speak?"

Flame finally decided to speak up, Due to his anger at Zoom's Words, He calmly, Yet firmly stated "Hey, How about you get your act into the current times, If anyone shouldn't be speaking, it should be cocky people like you." He slowly exhaled out, To get rid of his anger, "Please dont antagonise me or my friends."

Zoom"do you know what i've done i hae maneged to kill my entire city in my home dimension and my intensions are not with you they are with Speedy here i am gonna make him suffer until he kills himself" 

Flame closes his eyes and sighs "Your really a nice person aren't you? Is It really a good thing to end a life? What do you gain?"


Speedy"why do you want vengance on me so much?"

Zoom"you stopped Nazo's vision of world peace"

Speedy"world peace my foot!"

Zoom"enough idle chiti-chat all i can say Speedy your parents deserved to die!"

Static notices that Zoom is standing in a puddle. He thinks about whether or not he should fire an electric shock into the puddle, electrocuting Zoom with enough power to knock him out. Meanwhile, Crystaline bids her time; waiting to see whether or not she would need to user her powers to subdue Zoom.

Speedy sighs angrilly 

Zoom"now now Speedy your girlfriend dosent like like when your angry OH WAIT I KILLED HER HAHAHAHA!"

A tip of a staff was just inches away from Zooms face. It was Crymson's staff. "You're getting on my nerves. Vengence will never solve a problem and just kill him right then and there won't get you anywhere. If you want to settle your vengence, do it in the tournament. That way you can let your anger out with ease." Crymson suggested.

Zoom"wait a minute" he gets out his death cube "let's see Crymson is it? well lets see if anyone close to you has died hmmmmmmmmm AHA! your brother huh he was weak no use to anyone so who cares"

Speedy"your a sick creature you know that Zoom?"

Flame growls, His hand sets on fire And he thrusts it at zoom, he stops fight infront of his face, And hits him on the head with the fire lightly "Please, Leave this place, Before I do something to hurt you... Or antagonise anyone who doesn't like me."

In a split second, Crymson's hands are already on Zoom's neck, clutching with rage. "Dare talk about my brother like that, I'll make sure your body will be in shred in about a blink of an eye!!!" Crymson's voice changed to womething feral and her hair started to form of dark red flames. And her eyes are widen and blood shot red with fury.

Zoom"why are you angry at me i only speak the truth and you know YOUR BROTHER WAS WEAK!"

Flame growls loudly at Zoom  and his eyes go red"Leave...My friends...Alone!" His hand sets onfire and he punches him in the jaw, Knocking him over, His eyes turn blue again and he looks at his hands "I didn't know I could do that..."

Zoom got up and looked back at Flame"most peole dont when i say most i mean the weak"  He then  looked at Speedy "why so angry Speedy do you remember what happend that day? the way you couldnt save your parents they way you had to watck them perish in the flames there screams of horror? but still they deserved to die they didnt use the life orbs true power so they were stupid too"

The life orb Speedy was holding turned a dark red"you take that back"

Zoom"or what?"

Suddenly Speedies fur turned a dark maroon and his pupils dissapered and a dark aura surronded him and started rocketing at Zoom saying nothing

Zoom"huh i never thought it would come to this" he shot a blast from the death cube at Speedy wich was meant to be instant death but it did nothing "why isnt it doing atything?"

Speedy grabed Zoom's neck and held him over a cliff 

Zoom"oh my god Speedy please dont kill me please!"

Speedies grip on Zoom tightend 


Zoom while being choked" i am i am please wait remember Speedy you dont kill it's against your moral code you didnt kill Nazo you just sent him to another dimesion remember?"


Zoom"im sorry Speedy please dont kill me please im sorry i take it back i take it back please Speedy dont kill me!"


Zoom"i never said that please i dont know where the are please but i have something to tell you"

Speedy"WHATS THAT!?"

Zoom"let me go and i will tell you"

Speedy put Zoom down 

Zoom still in fear"ok so the death cube yeah records peoples last words of spirits so heres three peoples you may find intresting

voices came from the death cube the 1st was Speedies mother "Speedy and Reeper i may be dead but dont worry i will always love you i will be with you forever" the next was Speedies dad "ok Speedy,Reeper i can say this with us being men i can trust neither will cry while i say this I love you two are my son and i could not want any better you two are perfect so i hope you two stay strong ok?" and the last was Speedies girlfriend Kate "Speedy i never thought it would end this way but i love you and i will forever and you have my ful purmission to find another girl you shouldnt have to die alone Speedy i think i have to go now we will meet again i love you"

Speedy returned to normal as Zoom ran away

Zoom "i'l be back for the tournament!" 

Speedy just stayed silent

Flame looks at Speedy and stays silent.

[Flame: Hey, Not trying to be irritating, but Zoom didn't react to Flame...]

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After Zoom left, the dark flames returned back to her hair. But soon after, Crymson fainted and fell to the ground.

Speedy goes to Crymson"are you ok?"

Crymson was unresponsive. Due to the intense rage from Zoom mocking about her brother being weak create a black out, which Crymson almost turn into one of her Super Forms: Raging Flare [Note: I'll be making this shortly to give you the full detail], but luckly her friends took care of it. Because of all the rage inside of her, she returns to her normal self, blacked out and goes unconcious.

Speedy"hmmm if those first aid lessons have taught me anything is to first check she's breathing" he checks if she's breathing "and then put her into the recovery position" he puts her into the recovery postion "i think i would have got and A+"

Flame sighs "I'm glad to see shes alright, That guy was a jerk..."

Speedy"yeah but you get used to it"

Crymson, still unresponsive but breathing, has tears coming out of her eyes.

Speedy flicks through the first aid mannuel "it says nothing on unconcious crying is that dangerous? im not sure looks like i have to figure this out myself"

In a flash of light, Turbo came in, right after picking up the energy of Crymson almost transforming. He scanned the room, wwith both of his best weapons in hand.

Speedy looks at turbo "ur who are you?"

"My name is Turbo." the hedgedragon said.

Speedy replied with "im Speedy,Speedy the hedgehog 4th fastest hedgehog in the world "

"Sh...S....Shredder...." Crymson spoke, regaining conciousness"

"what does she mean by shredder" Speedy said to himself

"I remember earlier" Turbo said, "That she had a brother"

Flame nods "Yeah, That would make sense, I could go into pychology about why, But I won't."

Speedy"yeah thats why she went beserk was because my anti-mobius counterpert insulted him"

"N-ngh...." Crymson starts to regain conciousness.

Speedy"we should probably get her some water"

Turbo twitches at the mention of the substance, but shakes it off.

Speedy"whats the matter with you? have you got aquaphobia?"

Turbo simply replied. "When you can't swim, you develop aquaphobia over time."

Speedy"are you scared at the sight of it?"

Flame sighed "You mean 'Hydrophobia' aquaphobia isn't a word!"

Speedy"oh right but still Turbo are you scared at the sight of it?"

Crymson slowly sat up and hunched over while she was sitting on the ground. She rubbed her head with her hand from the headache she have after the black out. head... She thought.

Speedy was reading his book "so what does it say? headaches may occour after they regain conciousness if that happens offer them water,so Crymson would you like some water?"

Crymson looked up to see Speedy. She gave him a small smile. "Yes, thanks Speedy."

Speedy "your welcome and sorry about Zoom i dont know whats his deal"

Crymson nodded and flinched in pain from the headache. "It's okay. Ngh... I just wish he can keep his business to himself. I almost got enraged a moment ago." She looked down for a moment.

Flame sighs and sarcasticly says "Almost...Just Very nearly went Ragemode."

Crymson looked at Flame, annoyed, and pointed at him. "Hey, if I would go to my full Super Forme, this town would've gone into rubble. So be happy that you're still alive."

Flame smiles "Ok, I suppose your right, Welp I guess you'll have no trouble with this tournament if you do that..."

Speedy" i did go ragemode and almost killed Zoom but he was right i dont kill  i may injure alot but i never kill but Crymson the book says you should take it easy for a bit after going unconsious"

Turbo turned away, because he remembered his horribly evil Super Form.

[Frost: Aww, i wanted to have one of my characters attack Zoom! Oh well, I guess I might as well come in here.]

Static helped Crymson up, "You okay, Crym?" He wouldn't say it outloud, but he was really worried about her.

Turbo then came to a simple conclusion. He was REALLY BORED. But, friends came first.

"she may suffer from dizzyness so she may need a seat or to lie down" Speedy said while reading his first aid book

"Well, if I can help, just call me, but I'm super bored, so I need something to do, even if I have to run on the walls of this prison-hole" Turbo said, cracking his neck.

Speedy"i think im gonna go to bed" Speedy got out his Sleeping bag and got in it "good night everyone"

Crymson looked at Static and gave him a warm smile. "Thanks for caring about me. Right now we should get some rest."

Mimic spoke up, "How am I supposed to rest easy knowing that this might be my last night alive? Heck, it might be any of our last night alive."

"Wait!" Turbo said. "Take this, you need it more than I do" Turbo said handing Crymson a Platnum Mobius Ring. "Just use it when you need a power boost."

Crymson took the Platinum Mobius Ring from Turbo's hand. "Thanks. I owe you one." She puts in her pocket.

Speedy thought"what the heck i helped just as him in fact more but he gets more credit! and now he's tottaly hitting on her what a butthole!"

Mimic sighed, "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight."

"Well, I am. I need to regain my physical and mental strength after what just happened. I don't want to battle in a unstable situation." Crymson opposed.

Speedy"no worries  with this the life orb i can generate a force field that will stop us dying the only thing that could get through is the one who has the death cube who is Zoom"

"Or we have someone not sleep." Turbo said. "Which I can do," 

Mimic frowned, "I guess. Still, I don't like this. It's worse than having to sit through one of Flame's long, boring speeches." He turns to Flame, "No offense, Magic Boy."

Static spoke up, "Well, if Zoom does come around again, he better hope he doesn't fight me. He's just lucky I didn't attack him when I had the chance. I would have too, if Crymson didn't get to him first." He turns to Crymson, smiling.

Speedy"i may wake everyone up because i have night terrors"

"Actually, I like Turbo's idea." Crymson spoke." That way if anyone would try to hurt of even kill any one of us, he'll be there to fend them off."

"More like I could wake you up" Turbo said. "Even my powers require recharging."

Speedy thought "oh my gosh Static's hitting on her again i think, gosh i wish i could do that but i get to nervous wow i didnt know i thought so much but still i need some more courage to do that"

Crymson turned to Speedy, who seems to be in some kind of awkward situation. "Speedy, are you okay over there?"

Speedy"um yes im fine um goodnight" Speedy lied down and thought "what does he have that i dont? 1 he's a different species than me but i cant change that 2 he's taller so mabye i need stilts 3.he's better at this than me well that was enllightining urr mabye i think of something in my dreams"

[~CrySho~: wait, everyone is still outside...<(o_o)>/)]

"We should head to a room. Goodnight everyone." Crymson smiled and walked inside the hotel to find herself a room.

Speedy"WAIT THERES A HOTEL!? man i need to see an optician even though there is one i still dont have enough so camping under the stars it is then"

Crystaline smiled. "At least you aren't blind like me, Speedy." She followed Crymson in, along with Static, Mimic, and Robin.

Turbo simply stayed awake. However, he did fly off.

Crymson is already on the third floor, looking for a vacant room to rest for the night. "Aha! Found one." She went to the door that has 301 on the front of the door. She turned the knob and headed inside.

Static called out behind her, "Hey, Crymson! Got a minute?"

Crymson turned to see Static right near the doorway. She blushed a little. "Sure, come in."

Speedy "hey flame"

Flame looks over to speedy, "Yeah?"

Speedy"do you know how to get a girlfriend?"

Flame looks at speedy, With a confused look on his face "How would I know...I'm 13...I suppose just be yourself?"

Speeedy"hm guess your right"

Flame sighs "Anyway, I'm going inside" He walks into the Hotel

Speedy"see ya" he then got out a miniture t.v "yeah time to watch some south park" he then started watching south park

As Static came inside the room where Crymson is staying, she closed the door and went towards the window on the opposite side, gazing at the full moon. Then she turned to Static, still blushing. "So, what do you want to talk about, Static?"

Static walks to the center of the room. He was about to speak when he noticed something at Crymson's window.


Gi slowly crosses to the window of room 301.

Gi: A Platinum Mobius RIng, eh? Well I think it's as good as mine! (He tries grabs it.)

[Hey, wait a minute, the window is still shut... ~CrySho~]

Crymson's right ear twitched. She sighed and did a twirl kick to Gi and retrieved the ring while it was in the air. "Sheesh, learn how to keep your mitts off of peoples stuff." She said to herself, then went back to Static.

Speedy"you know what im gonna make my move granted she's three years older than me but still that dosent mean i dont have a chance let's go"Speedy goes to a jewlery store and bought a necklace "this should be perfect" he knocked on Crymsons door left the necklace and ran away "I DID IT!"  

As soon, as the door knocked, Crymson went to open the door. She looked around and saw no one but a a beautiful blue sapphire necklace. Her eyes twinkle. "Wow, what a beautiful necklace, and it has my favorite blue sapphire gem in it." She giggled as she puts it on her neck and closes the door to talk to Static. "Heh, busy night isn't it?"

Static smiled, "Yeah. It is. Who was at the door?" He then notices the necklace. "Hmm. Looks like someone left you a gift. A pretty good one, too."

Speedy thought "move made!"

Gi walks by, rubbing a bruised cheek.

Gi: (sarcastically) Oh you stud. I bet the girls fall all over you. (walks away)

Mimic walked by Gi. "Nice bruise. Did Frost give you a beat down, or did you tick off someone else?" He walks away toward Room 301.

"Well, I didn't see who was at the door. But this sure is a lovely necklace." She looked at the necklace around her neck. "It seems like someone has a crush on me. But any who, what do you want to talk to me about?" She asked Static.

Flame yawns and walks by mimic and Gi, He looks at Gi "What happened? Ticked off someone before the Tournament?" He chuckles to himself "If so I can see you do so..."

Speedy"i think my necklace plan worked"

Gi: I'm going to enjoy killing you both. Especially you, birdy.

Flame chuckled, He was obviously Intimidated but he Shrugged it off "Yeah...Right Even I could beat you."

Speedy goes up to gi and mistakes him for Reeper"Reeper is that you mate where were you man!" Fotiagos was in a room not far from the group. With plenty of room to move about, the wolverine confidently gripped Ignis and Glacies in their respective hands. He was practicing his strikes and occasionally applied a swift twist on each handle, revealing a set of prongs on the bottom of each hilt. This allowed him to connect the blades and form Adnecto, a staff-like doubled bladed sword. Although his strikes had reduced speed, the increased range was more than helpful. He was alternating between these actions to increase his proficiency in weapon swapping. The conversation emanating</span> from the hallway beside him interrupted him. He unlocked his twin blades and sheathed them in the violet scabbard on his back. He stood in the doorway and watched his opponents interact. He let out a dismissive huff before taking a break from his training.

Gi: (smirks) Nice sword, chump.

Hearing Gi's comment caused Fotiagos' ears to perk up. He instantly knew it was directed at him. He approached the hedgehog and glared at him with a cold stare of firey hatred. "When you and I face off in battle, my swords will strike your heart before you can react." he retorted. The red fur on the right side of his body donned a brief glow as he spoke. Anybody in the vicinity would feel an equally brief rise in temperature before it restored to normal.

Mimic rolled his eyes, "Ignore him. He's just bragging for attention."

Gi: That.... that comeback was actually a good one. Which only encourages me to repeatedly shoot you in the face. And as for you, hot and cold. You'd have to have skill to beat me.

Flame looks at Gi confused "Hot and Cold..." He looks at Gi confused "With Intellect like that I'm pretty sure I could..." He chuckles at Gi

Gi: Oh really? We'll find out tomorrow, Honoo.

(Shadowsic: Wait, I wasn't even talking to you. I was talking to FOtiagos.)

[Frost: Oops. Sorry.]

Mimic frowns and thinks for a moment, "You should be more focused on getting 'revenge' on Frost, Gi." He knows that, although Gi was powerful, Frost had an incredible military and spec op history. This meant that Frost had a really good chance at turning Gi into forzen yurgert.

Flame sighs "I'm going to go train, See ya Mimic!" He runs off.

Fotiagos had distanced himself from the russet hedgehog, "I'd rather not waste my breath on trash like you. When the time comes, action will speak more than frivilous words." he told Gi. The wolverine had calmed himself and decided to take Mimic's advice. He would keep an eye on the arrogant hedgehog. Fotiagos only hoped he would get the first match with him to finally silence that relentless banter of his.

Mimic shrugs, "On second thought, don't bother trying to attack Frost, Gi. If you see him, just run." He walks off.

Back in Cyrmson's room...

Static looked at Crymson, "I was wondering what happened back there. You know, with Zoom talking badly about your brother and everything. What happened? One minute you looked like you were going to explode with anger, and the next moment you pass out unconsious." His eyes clearly showed that he was concerned for Crymson's well being.

"Oh, my Super Forme:Raging Flare only goes off if anyone ever mentioned about my brother being weak. I don't like going into that forme, otherwise I'll destroy everything on sight, even my friends and love ones. But when I revert back to myself, when there is a certain amount of rage that was in my system I bacl out for a certain amount of time. My form is the same like my brother in appearance, but with furiosity." Crymson explained. "And I really don't want to hurt anyone, even you." She looked down.

Static nodded. "I think I understand what you mean. I'll go into a rage if anyone badly hurts my friends. Of course, I have a harder time controling my powers when I'm that angry."

"Heh, yeah." Crymson agreed. She felt really wierd being alone with Static. She started to fidget a little. What should I say to him? I mean, I really like him, a lot. He has a bunch of things that no other guy have. But how can I come with the courage to confess to him that I really like him? Crymson thought as she blushed.

Static seemed a little nervous as well. Suddenly, a knock on the door is heard. Mimic was standing outside.

"Come in." Crymson called to the person who is knocking on the door.

Mimic walked in, "So, Robin and I are goi-" He stops talking when he sees Crymson and Static. "Am I interrupting something?" He said with a sly smile.

Static shakes his head, "We were only talking, Mimic."

Mimic shrugs, "If you say so." He obviously didn't believe it. "Anyway, Robin found a piano in the lobby and I found a kareoke machine. She and I were going to do a song. Wanna come watch?"

Static looks at Crymson, "Sure. What about you Crym?"

Flame walks by Crymson's Room and over hears, He stops "Your doing a song? Mind if I come and watch?"

Mimic turns to look at Flame, "I though you were going to go train?" He asked half jokingly.

Flame sighs "I was, but then I got irritated when my bass knocked over the lamp which landed on my foot, I'm okay but I got too iritated"

Mimic raises an eyebrow, "I didn't know you played an instrument."

Flame looks at Mimic "Yeah...Well, What song are you going to play?"

Mimic thought for a moment, "We haven't decided yet. Speaking of instruments, Static knows how to play the guitar." He looks at Static, "But he's too shy to perform in front of anyone."

Static looks down at the floor. He didn't really like admitting that he could play the guitar because he didn't like performing in front of crowds.

Flame Looks at static "Are you okay? You seem sad..." He sighs "Well, You should probably Decide what to play BEFORE playing, Trust me, I've tried without its a disaster"

Mimic looked offended, "Well, it's not like we were going to play BEFORE deciding. We were going to decide on a song, and then play." He turns to Crymson, "I'm taking requests, Sapphire."

Flame sighs "Your going to have trouble staying in time without a Maestro part, And by maestro part I mean Drum Metronome Bass or Synth..."

Mimic sighed, "Flame, it's kareoke. All the music is provided for. Though Robin might be playing the piano every now and then."

Flame laughs "Then thats cheating isn't it? Ah well, I'll watch anyway."

Mimic laughs too, "Cheating? Hardly. It's only cheating if you lip synch. Anyway, like I said, I'm open to requests."

Flame thinks for a second "Requests? Hmmm how about 'Man in the Mirror' By Michael Jackson? I kinda like that song."

Mimic smiles wide, "Oh, heck yeah! See you downstairs!" He quickly turns and runs off.

Static closes his eyes and shakes his head, but he can't help but smile. "Oh boy. This is going to be a sight to see."

Flame shrugs "Maybe, I guess I'll go see" He walks in the direction Mimic went in.

Static looks at Crymson, "So, you want to come with?"

[Frost: The reason Mimic calls Crymson "Sapphire" is because of her fire is blue like a sapphire. Also, Mimic knows that the two colors are nothing alike, so he does it to tease and be ridiculus. Plus, sapphire is apparently Crymson's favorite gem.]

[That's great, I like that nickname Mimic calls her. <(^w^)>/) ~CrySho~]

"Oh, of course. But I have to warn you, I tend to get shy and nervous when I sing." Crymson blushed. Crymson is a good singer, but she gets very embarressed when it comes to singing in front of people. She starts thinking of a song to sing. "Hmm... I can probably sing 'My Immortal' by Evanesence." She blushed again.

Static smiles, "Well, that makes two of us. I can sing pretty well, I guess. Not nearly as good as Mimic, but pretty well none the less. However, when it comes to a guitar; I've been told that this: Others can play a guitar, but I can make it sing. Anyway, let's get going." He waits at the door. "After you."

Crymson smiled as she giggled and blushed. "Alright." She got up and went out the door.

In the Lobby of the hotel...

Flame walks into the lobby, Shortly after mimic. "Man, You're really Pumped for this."

"Of course I am!" Mimic beamed proudly, "I'm really good at singing. Plus, I'm a great dancer. If this was a kereoke contest, I'd be the winner. No questions asked!"

Flame sighs "But It's not a Karaoke contest is it, But I guess you can change your voice so you'd most likely win" He shrugs "Is anyone else going to be In the karaoke?"

Mimic shrugs, "Beats me. And I know it's not a contest. I'm just saying." He thinks for a moment, "I do know, however, who won't be there."

Flame looks confused "Who?" He thinks for a second and then looks at mimic "Oh, And by the way, No, I'm not going to perform."

"I didn't think you would." Replied Mimic, "But I was thinking of Frost. He might have his hands full, since Gi might want revenge on him before the tournament."

"I'm Glad your not Going to pry, I'm not A good singer, I MAY Give it a try, May" Flame replies "It doesn't seem like a thing that Frost would do."

"Your probably right about that," Mimic answered, "But I heard his sister, Crystaline, likes to do duets." He casts a sly glance at Flame.

Flame looks at mimic "What are you Implying..." He thinks for a second and says Quietly "I'll do it..." and sighs Crystaline likes to do Duets? Who knew. He thought.

Mimic checked on the kareoke machine for a minute. "Huh? You gotta be kidding me."

"What's going on?" It was Crymson, along with Static, who came down to join in the kareoke.

Flame looks confused "Whats wrong? Is there some songs missing?" He sighs

Mimic looks at Flame, "Sorry, but this thing doesn't have 'Man in the Mirror' as one of its songs." He thinks for a moment, I might have to do 'Bad' by Michael Jackson instead."

Robin came up to Mimic, "Wait. You said we would do 'Piano Man' by Billy Joel. Not to mention that Crystaline offered to play the harmonica for the song.

Mimic nods, "Alright. We'll do that first."

Flame Sighs "I'll offer to use my bass, To help you keep in time."

Mimic shrugs, "Nah. All we need for the song is a piano, harmonica, and someone who can sing like Billy Joel. We have all three."

Speedy sighs"im bored"

Crystaline walks up to him. "Well, it looks like there's going to be a kareoke contest in the lobby soon. Want to come?"

Speedy"sure why not" He and Crystaline walk into the lobby.

Flame notices Crystaline and Speedy Walk in "Hey Speedy, Hey Crystaline." He looks at the songs on the Karaoke Machine

Crystaline nods, "Hi, Flame."

[Frost: Lil Mike, if you want Speedy to comment on Crystaline's eyes (which are white where the pupils should be and the irises glow a bright green), feel free to do so. This also goes for every other character that doesn't know Crystaline.]

Flame Looks at the Karaoke machine "Are you going to Sing anything Crystaline?"

Crystaline shakes her head, "No. I don't usually do any singing. I prefer to play the harmonica."

Mimic overhears what Crystaline says. Oops. Busted. he thought.

Flame looks at Mimic with a Death Stare  He talks under his breath, "Liar"

Crystaline shrugs, "Well. Occasionally, I've done duets. But, like I said, I prefer to play the harmonica."

Flame looks at Crystaline "Duets, Huh?" He is about to ask Crystaline to do one with him but stops.

Static Nega walks in, but stays near the enterence.

Flame looks at Static Nega Its obvious he doesn't like him, He glares at him for a second then turns away.

Static Nega notices Flame's glare. He simply dismisses it and resumes looking around.

Flame shrugs "Do you all know what your Singing? I dont."

Speedy" i do"

"Well," Mimic started. "I'm going to sing 'Piano Man' while Robin and Crystaline play the piano and harmonica, respectively. Then I might perform 'Bad' or 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson."

"Emphasis on the word 'perform'." Static added. "Mimic can dance exactly like him. I still don't know how he performs the 'Anti-gravity lean'. And his 'Moonwalk' isn't to shabby either."

Mimic looked offended, "For your information, I'm very good at the 'Moonwalk'."

Flame laughed "Well your probably better than me, I can do the Anti-Gravity Lean though." He looks at the list of Songs "Do you guys have any suggestions for me As long as I like the song I'll do it."

Mimic raised an eyebrow, "You can do the Anti-Gravity Lean?"

Flame nodded.

"Without any magic?" Mimic continued.

Flame nods "I learnt a while ago, I'm not too good at it, Hey Mimic, What do you think I should Sing?"

Speedy"im ready to sing"

Flame looks over at Speedy "What song are you doing?"

Speedy"runaway baby by bruno mars" he then started his vocal excersises which consisted of him hitting his throat to make his voice change pitch

Flame looks at speedy with a confused look "What are you doing?"

Speedy"vocal exersises"

A yellow teenage serval wearing a headband completely covering his eyes and also some basic gloves and short brown boots, and a teenage clouded leopard wearing a tough cloth garb brandishing a shield and spear strapped to her back and a short blade attatched to the end of her long tail walk through the door chatting about something. they notice everyone else and the serval asks "What's up?"

[Frost: I haven't seen Zarex or Occulus in a while. They're in this tournament, right?]

[Flame: They'll come when the Karaoke starts]

[Frost: To Shadowsic: Is Gi going to try to do anything to Frost before the tournament starts?]

(Shadowsic: No, Gi's gonna hold off for a while. P.S. But watch out.)

Meanwhile, something strange was in the air as a black shadow seemed to cloak a being of some sort on the roof of a nearby mechanical factory building. The being's eyes lit up bright red as it's name was known only by Sonic. Nightrush. The cloaked being had stayed calm leaning on the rooftop as nothing could see it without the ability to see through infared and/or X-rays. Nightrush had chuckled watching over the beings as they started to practice singing while he, himself had been playing the night-flute created by none other than himself. He began to practice by himself... alone on the factories rooftop.

Gi suddenly senses he's being watched. Turning his head, he looks at the factory rooftop, but it seemed nobody was there........ But he does here a whistling in the wind.

Gi: Eh, it's probably nothing. (turns back around)

"I'll be outside for a moment, I just need to strengthen up my staff techniques." Crymson said as she went outside. She passed by Static Nega, but doesn't look to see him. She took out her rod, which extended into a staff, and leaped to the top of a three story building to train for the tournaments.

Speedy"you know what im going to train too"

As Cry had started practicing, Nightrush made his move and slowly traveled towards her in a cloaked invisible body. As the creature made his way towards Cry, het had quickly grabbed her from behind and went un-invisible with a deadly smile on his face. He had quickly turned around holding Cry in his right hand as he walked off into a portal that vanished when he and Cry were inside of it. The 2 had arrived back on the rooftop that Nightrush had first made his apperance on top of as the monster laughed very silently. "'Ready to die?", he said with a mettallix voice.

Flame starts to walk out "I'm going to go Practice."  He walks outside, Noticing Nightrush "What...The..." He flies over assesing the situation "What are you doing?!" His eyes go red "Explain yourself or Expect Defeation!"

Crymson stared at the newcomer with shivers corsing down her spine. "Who are you and hwy are you over here?" Crymson said in a calm, monotonous tone, clutching on her staff with anticipation.

Flame Teleports next to Crymson And lands next to her, Gets ready for Fighting "Whats going on?" He Stares at the newcomer.

Speedy was oblivious of what was going on he just assumed it was a warm up fight so he tried to do an airbending move again he failed "i must try harder" (note this is before Speedy had learnt airbending properly)

"Whatever he is," Crymson said to Flame. "He looks battle hungry." Crymson said in a serious voice.

Speedies life orb lit up and teleported im to Crymson and Flame "the fudge" he then saw nightrush "hey you better not be messing with my friends" he then tried airbending again but only created a small breeze

Flame's Eyes Go A deeper Crymson "Then lets beat the Battle Out of him." His eyes go Blue "Pre-Emptive Strike! We get a Speed boost" He Charges up a Beam. "I've been practicing Get ready to Eat it!"

Speedy"y-yeah!"he wasnt so sure he could help that much because he doubted the life orb would have no effect on it because he assumed it was a robot and his airbending skills wernt all that great!

Nightrush had quickly vanished into the air through a portal. His apperance in the entire tournament was very short as he had came to the area only to assist himself. The creature quickly had lit up into flames exploding in the air as it was not flame that had harmed him nor was it any other heroes. Something unknown had caused him to explode and vanish into pieces.

Flame looks suprised "I didn't do that!" He sighs "Whatever I can go back to training and go back inside later."

Crymson nodded, but still stayed standing even after the mysterious being exploded. I have a funny feeling about this one. I'd better be on my guard if he ever comes back. crymson said to herself and presumed with her training.

Speedy"hey i dont suppose either of you know anything about airbending do you?"

Flame smiles "I know a thing or 2, Care for a Demonstration" A creates a small tornado in his hand "I'm not the greatest but I can atleast use it on command"

Speedy"can you teach me?"

Flame nods "Sure, First you have to learn the propeties of air, Which is made mostly of Nitrogen If you control that you controll most other things, Or you can Conjure an Unstable element that will atract other things, Forcing other particles to follow it." He stops the Tornado in his hand "Try"

Speedy"ok then"he tries but fails

Crymson is still on the roof of the smae three-story building, meditating atop of her staff vertically. I have to keep my rage at a down-low if I'm ever going to face off against Zoom. She thought to herself, breathing slowly.

Flame looks over at Crymson "Hey, Your Breathing Slowed, Are you Feeling alright?" He turns back to Speedy "speedy, Focus, Visualise before then Cast."

Speedy visulised then "hey im doing it!"

"I'm fine, Flame." Crymson said, maintaining her meditative posture.

Crimson Whisper"airbending isnt about science my young friend it's about chi"

Flame nodded "Yes But I'm not an Airbender, And I told him to focus, which brings up his 'Chi' Right?"

Crimson Whisper"that may be true but Speedy has trouble focusing dont you?"

Speedy bows "yes teacher whisper"

After a few minutes of meditation, Crymson trained on her Kung Fu arts. She stopped for a second to look down at Speedy and Flame. "You two okay?"

Speedy"yes fine thank oh right this is my airbending teacher Crimson Whisper"

Crimson Whisper"pleasure to mmet you"

Crymson dropped down to meet Speedy's master. "It's an honor to meet a sensei of Speedy's." Crymson bowed.

Flame smiled "Pleasure to meet you." He looks around, Sensing someone "I have a feeling...somethings watching me..."

Crimson Whisper" now Speedy i hear your entering the forsaken tournement?"


Crimson Whisper"then we have to get your airbending perfect come with me young on"

Speedy"ok then"

Crymson looked at Flame for a moment. "What are you sensing?" then Crymson's right ear started to twitch.

Flame looks confused "I dont know...Its too muffled to check, Its really Ominous..."

Crymson's ear still continued to twitch. "Let's keep our guard up just in case if anything goes awry." She suggested.

Crimson Whisper"so move your arms like this"he moves his arms in a curved way

Speedy done the same and failed

Crimson whisper"try this"

Speedy"whats this?"

Crimson Whisper"an airbending staff it will improve your airbending powers and it converts into a glider"

Speedy tried it with the staff and succeeded"thanks for the lesson but i gotta go now"

Three people walk up to Flame(the first is a short white fox with light blue fur on stomach, muzzle ear tufts and forearms that freeze into sharp points where they come into points wearing a belt with a sheathed sword, the second is a tall clouded leopard wearing two side pouches and a belt with  a large iron disk in the front carrying a few axes and hammers, the third was a giant (5'1") snow leopard with heavily bandaged arms and a red crystal in his forehead, carrying a large sack on his back.)

The clouded leopard "I heard someone needed to know about airbending? That's my element... so who wanted help?"

The fox looks at Flame"Hi, what'syour name?"

Flame looks surpised "M...Me? I'm Flame...Whats your name?" He looked confused Why would anyone talk to Me? He thought.

The snow leopard simply leaned on the wall and took out his invitation to read it again. After a minute he frowned and quietly said in a deep Russian accent "Can someone explain what this whole 'tournament thing' is about?

Speedy looked at the clouded leopard"thanks but my sensei is here and he can now teach me"

Crimson Whisper looked at Speedy "now to finish your lesson young one"

Static had left the hotel and made his way to where Crymson, Flame, Speedy, and the other arrivals were. He landed a few feet away from Crymson. He breifly glances at the new arrivals, then rests against a wall. "Well, Mimic and Robin finished their part." He said casually.

Flame looked over at Static "Oh and who Is going next? And what are they doing?"

Static Nega had arrived a few moments later. He just rested agains a ledge, watching everyone else. Those who knew him seemed a little wary of him.

Crimson Whisper showed Speedy some moves with the staff and Speedy copied them almost perfectly

Crimson Whisper"you are doing well Speedy now i am going to teack you how to fly"


Crimson Whisper"just push this button use airbending and you should be flying"

Speedy"i dont think i can"

Crimson Whisper"mabye you just need a push" and he pushed Speedy off the cliff "PUSH THE BUTTON!"

Speedy "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGH!" he then heard his sensei and pushed the button and used airbending "HEY IM FLYING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Static Nega raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything.

Flame sighed "If you keep yelling you will lose focus and plumet!"

Speedy"meh i'll be fine"

Static Nega continues to look on in silence, observing anyone he didn't already know to see if they had any weaknesses.

The clouded leopard just looks up and thinks a minute ago he was asking directions, niw he is FLYING?!?, he shrugged "suit yourself, but who is your 'sensei'?"

The fox just smiled at Flame" My name is Isaac," Isaac motions to the clouded leopard "and that is Augustus, he is my gaurdian," then he motions to the snow leopard "like Richard said; does anyone here know what this 'tournament' is about?"

Flame shrugs "I have no idea...I just got sent an Invitation, So I came."

Static frowned. "It's a trap. The contestants will be forced to fight each other to the death. Those who are defeated will be turned into undead warriors. The person behind this wants to collect the strongest warriors possible for his undead army so that he can take over the world."

Just then, a voice was heard at the bottom. "Hey! Mind if we join you?" It was Mimic, along with Robin and Crystaline.

Static looked down at them. "Sure, here." He takes out his whip (a small rod with an orb on one end) and with a flick of his wrist, the whip extends down to the ground. The orb at the tip of the whip clanks against the ground a little. Crystaline grabs hold first. Static then retracts the whip, and Crystaline is pulled up at great speed. Static grabs her and helps her up onto the roof.

Meanwhile, Mimic had shapeshifted into Rouge the Bat and flew himself and Robin up to the roof top. After setting Robin down gently, he shapeshifted back to his normal form. "So, why's everyone up here?" he asked.

Speedy looked at the leopard "he is" he pointed at Crimson Whisper

Richard looked at at Static "thank you for the explaination, although someone is going to turn me into an undead? Ha! I beg to differ!"

Augustus looked at crimson whisper, "Hrmph, Can he do this?' he throws one of his axes and uses his aerokiinetics to make it fly back like a boomerang, and caught it.

Crimson Whisper "he will when he is ready Speedy come down here!"

Speedy"yes sensei"

Crimson Whisper"show this person what you have learnt"

Speedy done a couple of moves using airbending

"So, we're training for the tournament up here?" Mimic asked.

"Some of us are." Static replied.

Static Nega breifly glances from one person to the next. He then rests his gaze on Richard. "If I may ask," he began, "What makes you certain that you won't be turned into an undead?"

[Keep in mind that Static and Static Nega look similar. The difference is that Static Nega is gray with red eyes and a white muzzle, his jacket is black and red while his shirt is also black, and he wears black and red shoes. He also wears a device on his left wrist (a wrist communicator). Look here for Static's appearance.]

Richard looks at S.N."Because I am hemokinetic, I can reject anything that would control me out of my body. That and someone tried to make me undead before and it failed."

Augustus watched Speedy's moves "A good start, but still it is more challenging to team up with someone to form a multi-elemental attack" he nods at Isaac.

Isaac shakes his head no.

Augustus shrugs "I guess he just doesn't want to do it right now..."

The other clouded leopard and the serval walk out of the hotel, the serval is holding the keys to three rooms and hands one key to Augustus.

The other clouded leopard "Brother, what are you doing?"

Augustus "Well Shocke, we were discussing aerokinetics. And thank you for the keys, Blind"

Blind "Where are Gabe and Austin? I thought that they were coming too."

A green cat with a large sack on his back, with a war scythe in his hand, walked up to the others.

The green cat "We are right here."

At hearing the word we a second (non mobian) black cat with a yellow stripe pokes his head out of the sack, looked at everyone, and started quietly purring.

Speedy"me and my friends can do join up to do multielemental attacks if they were here i'd show you"

Flame shrugged "Isn't one Fighting skill being able to work with people even if you don't know them?" He sighs and looks to Speedy "If you can do them with Archer and Reeper you should be able to do them with anyone else, Correct?"

Speedy"i guess so"

Static Nega looked at his right hand and electrified it. The red electricity cast an eerie, red light around his arm. As the electricity surged up and down his right arm, he looked around as though to see if anyone wanted to challenge him. He looks at his arm again and stopped electrifing it.

Augustus looks at Static Nega and tightens the grip on his axes before loosening them once he sees the electricity stop.

The cat in the sack stares at Static and the others on the roof briefly, then jumps out of the sack, stretches, then shifts into a human wearing monk's robes and a cloak with a black bandana covering his face. He folded his arms into the sleeves and just stod there.

"Another shapeshifter?" Mimic asks with an eyebrow raised.

"..." The human does not reply but simply nod his head.

Crymson is on the top of the three story building while the dicussion was still happening on the ground. Crymson sighed for a moment and gazed at the full moon. She closed her eyes as her blue flames encircled her to transform into Frozen Flare. She used her form to practice in secret.

Speedy got out his glider and started flying then something hit and broke his glider 


Zoom was the one who broke his glider "BULLS EYE!"

Static quickly rushed to the edge of the rooftop and cast his whip at Speedy while he was falling. The orb at the tip of the whip stuck to speedy's torso. He then pulled Speedy onto the rooftop, unharmed. "Are you okay?" He asked Speedy.

[To CrymsonShokwave, all the characters are on the rooftop.]

(Really?! ~CS)

Crymson revertes back to herself to look over the edge ans seeing Zoom on the ground. "Zoom!!!" She yelled.

Static Nega's ears perked up at the mention of Zoom's name. "That coward is back again?" he asked casually.

Zoom"what a guy cant try and commit murder without any hard feelings any more?"

[I'm pretty sure Crymson was on a different rooftop, and my characters are still on the ground]

Shocke turned to face Zoom, and drew her spear and shield and and started walking towards him in a battle stance.

The human slowly turned his gaze to at the people on the roof, then to Zoom, before pulling down his hands out of his sleeves revealing a pair of gauntlets with sherukens attatched on long chains, and pulled his hood(his mask still on) and drew two serated single edged blades from their sheaths, and briefly stabbed one into the ground to put his hood back up, and pointed one tip at the people on the roof, and the other at Zoom.

Flame glares at zoom "How about you get some morals there, Maybe then people would respect you"

Zoom"morals? i lost them years ago"

Speedy got up "so what do you want"

Zoom"to train"

Flame sighs "And Training to you, Is trying to kill someone?"

Zoom"just tell me then what is the aim of this tournament"

Crymson looked at Zoom, still with her staff on one hand. "How should we all know. All we know is that this tournament is a fight for our lives." She jumped down to the ground in her fighting stance. "But if it's training you want, it's training you'll get!" She said.

Static uses his whip to rapel down to the ground. "That makes two of us." He said as he came to her side.

Static Nega landed next to Static. "Make that three." He said coldly.

Shocke continued towards Zoom still in her battle stance started to electrify her shield to launch the energy towards him, and gave the "bring it on" signal with her spear.

Richard looked at the fighters before drawing the massive Gaia Blade from his sack and driving it into the ground, "Fight all you want, I am a healer."

The human gave a crooked smile under his mask and re-sheathed his blades, and strapped an strange medium sized shield to his back, then he started spinning the sherukens on his gloves in rapid circles at the end of their chains, protecting himself from everyone.

Augustus moved in front of Isaac in a defensive position

Zoom"ganging up? (sigh) a bit low of you but all right"he then got out his death cube and heart sclicers "this should be fun"he then turned to Speedy"why arent you attacking me?"

Speedy"as much as i hate you i dont belive in ganging up"

Flame flies down "Don't Mess with me, Or my friends" He got In a fighting stance, Then looks over to speedy "This guy tried to kill you, By making you fall to your death, Openly!" 

"And not to mention insulting!!!" That's one thing I could never forgive him. Anybody who insults my deceased brother is considered an enemy to me." Crymson growled with her tail moving swiftly.

Flame nods "It's time for a new Sediment!" He gets in a fighting stance "Here comes a Level 5 attack! You ready?!"

"I wouldn't consider this 'ganging up,'" Static Nega said. "Especially since I have no reason to work with anyone else here. I just have no patience for those who are cowards. Like Zoom, for example. Leave while you still have the chance. Or were you planning on begging for mercy again?" He taunted.

Shocke continued towards Zoom "I was attacking first, and I have never met these other people attacking you, nor am I with them, so I am not ganging up!" she shouted at zoom with disgust.

Austin wasn't taking alliances, but still he pulled out his bull-whips and prepared himself for an attack.

Blind jumped high into the air then jumped off a sound wave and landed on the roof, then pointed his large ears at the people on the ground.

Zoom"Speedy i think we all know the reason why you wont fight your too much of a coward"

Speedy"you know what now i suddenly belive in stuff like this"

Zoom"i'll let you have the first attack then"

Speedy thought "this is one of his mind games i just know it" "no you first"

Zoom"ok then" he then ran up to Speedy and broke his arms "and by the way that wasnt a mind game now that you cant do anything to stop me" he then kicked him off the cliff "farewell one and all" he then ran off

Flame flies down to speedy and Grabs him "If someone gives you the first attack, Take it with caution" he flies speedy back and Puts him on the floor, His hands glow green as he slowly heals speedy's arms

Richard walked over and put a hand on Flame's shoulder "allow me, my main skill is healing"

Flame stepped back "Okay..." He sighed "I hate that Coward..."

Shocke watched Zoom run away, "Run Away, Coward!" she yelled at him.

Static Nega stepped forward. "Allow me." He then ran after Zoom and broke into an electric slide. In a few seconds, he caught up to Zoom.

Richard put his hands in front of him and two red tendril-ish things came out and touched Speedy's arms and healed him after a few seconds. Then he took a step back "There ya go, all better," and walked back to his sack.

Shocke turned Flame "I don't blame you... uh, I didn't seem to catch your name."

The human and Austin started training with their mid ranged weapons for a while.

Blind turned to Crystaline, Robin and Mimic "I don't believe we've met, my name's Blind; Blind the Serval"

Crystaline gave a short bow, "I'm Crystaline the Wolf. Nice to meet you, Blind." The irises of her eyes were glowing a bright green.

Mimic tipped his fedora. "Name's Mimic. Mimic the Mockingbird."

"And I'm Robin Owsparr." Robin said. "Oh, and I should add that Mimic lives up to his name." She warned jokingly as she looked over at Mimic.

Blind didn't seem to notice Crystaline's eyes. "Well, nice to meet you." he smiled.

Blind's shadow started to change shape until stood up behind him wearing a white cloak fastened with a gold buckle. It drew a (shadow)dagger and raised it to strike him in the back. Blind didn't sense it.

The shadow's eyes opened revealing two glowing yellow irises. Then it struck Blind in the back.

Blind fell forward and rolled onto his back, and stopped moving.

Flame looked at Shocke "Oh, Right, my name is Honoo, just call me 'Flame' I prefer that."

Shocke looked at Flame "Well met, Flame. My name is Shocke Stormer" she glanced at Augustus who was now relaxed against a wall "And he is my brother."

A moment later, Static Nega returned, holding Zoom by the neck. He then held Zoom over the cliff. "Are you going to beg for your life like you did last time, coward?" He asked Zoom coldly.

Flame looks at Static Nega "Don't..." He sighs "Take him out during the tournament."

Static Nega didn't look back at Flame; he was making sure he kept his focus on Zoom. "And give this psychopath another chance to attack? No."

Augustus looks at Static Nega and Zoom "Why don't you just shock him to unconciousness and tie him up or something?"

Austin and the human kept using their weapons until one of Austin's whips caught hold of the human's mask and ripped it off, revealing his scarred face.

The human was stunned for a second, and quickly covered the back of his head, before quickly shifting back into a cat to retrieve his mask. Once he got it he went into an alley to put his mask back on. After a minute he reappeared in human form with his mask on.

Flame sighed "I suppose your right, Don't kill him, If Pawsible I suggest knocking him out."

How come I am the only person who seems to me more quiet than the others? I mean really!! Crymson thought, with her ears down. She turned to Flame. "You're right. At least save your strength for the tournaments."

Flame nods "See someone Agrees with me on this Fang. If Pawsible, I suggest we knock him out and Leave him somewhere."

After a breif silence, Static Nega makes his choice. "Fine." He elbows Zoom in the face, knocking him out. But he keeps his grip on Zoom's neck, still holding him over the edge. It would be smarter to just let him fall to his death. He thought to himself. Why would they even want this... thing alive?"

Speedy"ow my arm"

Richard looks at the unconcious Zoom, then reaches into his sack and pulls out a small cage, before looking back at Static Nega "Here, do you want this?" he asks holding up the cage.

Static Nega looks over the edge of the cliff and then back at the cage that Richard was holding. "It would be better to let this thing die, just throw him to his demise." He said, looking back at the unconcious person in his grip. "Why would anyone want to let him live?"

Flame sighs "Because Everyone deserves a chance, something to make him learn his lesson."

Speedy just got up"put him in the cage let him compete then you can have your chance to kill him"

Richard "Just throw him here. I can drain his energy to the point where he can't fight. then when i is time I can restore him..." then he thought for a few seconds "Or I could just kill him now, and revive him for the fight." he said without emotion.

"Hmph." He looks at Flame. "Zoom is a psychopath. It's impossible to teach him a lesson." He then turns to Richard. "I'll put him in the cage, but we should just hang the cage over the cliff; make it harder for him to escape if he ever comes to."

Flame nods "Okay, Thats fair enough, Hang him over the Cliff or whatever." He sighs "I suppose he deserves it."

He deserves death, not a suspended sentence. Static Nega thought bitterly. Hmph. Look who's talking. I deserve the same thing, but at least I'm not a coward and a psychopath. I'm just a clone that's controled by one half the time.

Richard folds his arms, "No, I can just keep him in my sack, drained of energy. I've done it before with other 'misbehavers' remember Isaac?"

Isaac shudders as he remembers.

The shadow being that stabbed Blind silently melted back into his shadow.

Zoom woke up in the cage taht Richard built. "Huh? Get me outta here!" He tries to kick open the cage, but fails he then made a phycotic smile and started jumping in the cage making it move closer to the cliff till eventualy he was falling of the cliff "bye,bye" he then laughed "for now at least" he then laughed even more phsycoticaly and more louder

Speedy looked down the cliff "well that was unexpected"

Static raised an eyebrow. "Does he even realize that he'll fall into the ocean and drown?" he asked.

"Like I said. Psychotic." Static Nega replied. "At least now, he's dead."

Speedy"knowing Zoom and i do he will find a way to live look there he hasnt fallen in the water he fell on the rocks,shattering his cage and Zoom is a great swimmer and can hold his breath for hours so he's probably not dead"

Mimic notices Blind fall to the ground. "Uh, guys? Could someone help the guy? He looks like he's been stabbed. By a shadow."

Robin kneels next to blind and pulls out a first aid kit. "Hmm. Wait. Where's the wound?"

Suddenly he sits up revealing he had no would, and starts laughing for a second but then he stops, "I didn't expect him to do that yet, but let me introduce you to my brother, Phantom"

Phantom reforms into the shadow being, before forming into a melanistic serval wearing the same cloak "Uh, hi..." he stutters.

Flame looks down the Cliff "The concept of Swimming makes no sense to me."

Speedy"not a good swimmer are you?"

Flame sighs "I suppose you could pawsibly say that."

"Robin doesn't have a problem with it." Mimic said. "After all, her suit let's her breath underwater."

Not just that. Robin thought to herself.

Speedy"could you jump down and see if he is alive,just to make sure"

Isaac ran towards the cliff and lunged off it yelling, "Well I am a good swimmer!" as he went off the edge, a few seconds later there was spash as he entered the water. He swam to the surface and started looking through the water for Zoom, soon he saw him and froze him in a block of ice.

Zoom melted the ice with fire bending stabbed Issac and said "im baaack!"

Isaac blocked the stab with a shield of ice, "Nice try, but it's not the best idea to take on a hydrokinetic in the middle of the ocean" he said with a smug grin on his face. He proceeded to launch a tight beam of water at Zoom, Then form icicles from the water from all sides and fire them at Zoom.

Zoom blocked them all and grabbed one and tried to stab him again

Isaac shook his head "You just don't learn" the icicle that zoom was holding grew another branch that spiked him in the hand. Then Isaac made a platform of ice under his feet.

Augustus was visibly anxious thinking it is my duty to protect Isaac, but how to do that now... he shrugged and pulled a tarp out of one of the sacks at his side at used some rope from the other one to make a basic kite, then he jumped down to where they were fighting and landed on the ice platform.

The human ran silently into an alley. A minute later Monk the Cat walked out carrying his sniper rifle. He quickly climbed a fire escape to get into the building. When he got in, it he moved to a room by the cliff and took up a position to aim his rifle out the window at Zoom. (it would be hard to notice.)

Gi: (points a gun at the back of Zoom's head) Calm down, before I make you calm down.

Zoom felt the ripples in the water and kicked the gun out his hand "now im going to make you keep this secret you understand?"he then got out his heart sclicers and started hypnotysing them "you didnt see anything ok?"

Gi: (slaps the slicers out of Zoom's hand) What the heck?!

Isaac was preparing another attack, but then he saw Gi "What are you doing?!? I'm trying to kill this guy..."

Monk got Zoom in his crosshairs "Got you now..." he whispered. He pulled the trigger sending a bullet straight at Zoom's chest, in half a second it would hit him. The shot made minimal sound because of a silencer.

Frost had just recently left the hotel and noticed that a large crowd had gathered near the cliff. He decided to investigate. "What did I miss?" He asked.

"The short version?" Mimic asked. "Well, lots of stuff happend, then the crazy hedgehog jumps off the cliff and into the water, now lots of people want to kill him. Oh yeah, Gi's also down there."

Frost noticed out of the corner of his eye that Monk was about to fire a shot. He heard it go off. With a quick gester of his hand, he sent a massive wave of ice over everyone that was in the water, Freezing all of them solid. The bullet that Monk fired was caught in the ice, a mere foot away from Zoom!

Frost jumped down and landed on an ice platform he made. He pulled Zoom out and hit him. Hard. The ice broke and Zoom was left unconcious. With a second hand movement, he unfroze Gi. He didn't need to give Gi any more reason to hate him. Not that he cared, anyway. Now he, Isaac, and Gi were standing on a platform of ice. Zoom was unconcious, and probably would be until the tournament.

"Well, that's one way to stop a fight." Static said.

"Oh no. Gi's down there, isn't he?" Crystaline asked. "I hope he doesn't try to hurt my brother."

"It'll be okay, Crystaline." Robin reassured her.

"Yeah." Mimic said. "If Gi tries anything, Frost will just give -"

"Don't even think about saying it." Static Nega warned. Even he agreed that Mimic's previous pun was terrible.

Flame stares at Mimic "If pawsible, Please never make a pun again. The one you made befur was absolutely horrid."

"As was that one." Static Nega said as he rolled his eyes.

Augustus landed on the platform and checks if Isaac is okay. After he saw Isaac was unharmed he glared at Frost "and who might you be, Mr. Cryomaniac?"

Monk slammed his fist on the window frame in anger.

Static used his whip to rapel down onto the ice platform. "You okay, Frost?" he asked.

"I'm fine." Frost answered. He didn't bother casting a second glance at Issac or Augustus.

Augustus started to get angry "Who are you?!?" he shouted at Frost.

"This is Frost the Wolf." Static said. "Don't take it too personally if he doesn't talk to you. He doesn't talk much."

Isaac melted a spot of ice, before making a pillar of water to get himself back to the top of the cliff. He left Augustus at the bottom because he knew that he could get back up on his own.

Blind took off the headband, revealing his eyes, the pupils of his eyes were faded out and the irises were a clouded light blue-ish gray, and took out a pair of opaque sunglasses with a wire coming off the side and leading to a small pad. he put the glasses in front of his eyes and put the pad on his mouth. "now let me get a better look" he whispered, while looking at everyone around him.

Phantom shifted back into Blind's shadow and dissapeared.

Zoom woke up, grabbed the gun, and shot himself in he head.

Augustus looked at Frost "Hrmph" he muttered.

Blind was looking at Crystaline and noticed her eyes "uuh.. did something happen to your eyes?" he asked.

"No." Crystaline answered. "My eyes have been like this ever since I lost my ability to see." She could have given more details, but decided it would be better not to.

"Wait, you can't see either?!?" he asked, shocked.

"Well, yes and no." Crystaline began. "I can't see with my eyes, but my powers allow me to sense the world around me."

"Same as me..." Blind replied. "I use advanced echo-location to find things. But I do have a special pair of glasses that let me see."

Gi: Kind of a coward's way to go out, isn't it? It was very unexpected.

Frost nodded in agreement, probably the first time he actually agreed with Gi about something. After Gi made his comment, Static Nega jumped down and landed. A few red sparks of electricity emitted from where he landed, but the sparks didn't harm anyone. "Unexpected, but at least he's out of the picture." Static Nega said callously. "That's one less psychopath to worry about."

it turned out the Zoom that shot himself was a fake ands the real Zoom was in a cave deep in the ocean

Augustus kicked the body into the water "Well, it is apparent that he wants to be dead, so I'm not letting Richard get him." he picked up the gun and handed it to Gi, "I believe this is yours?"

Speedy "why is there blood in the water?"

Augustus looks up to the top of the cliff, at Speedy, "Figure it out kid..." and with that he grabbed his kite and used it to fly back to the topof the cliff.

Gi: (starts climbing the mountain) I need rest after this.

Frost summoned an column of ice under his feet, launching himself high up into the air. He landed on the edge of the cliff with plenty of room to spare. Meanwhile, Static Nega began to look for a way to get out. Something's not right. He thought. It couldn't possibly be this easy. No. Zoom mustn't be dead. He just wants us to think that...

At the top of the cliff, Mimic yawned a little. "It's getting late. Might as well get some sleep; it might be the last night that some of us do." And with that, he started to head back to the hotel.

Gi: (climbs to top) Hey, Static Nega. Whatcha looking at?

"Something tells me that twerp Zoom isn't really dead." he answered to Gi. "He'll be back..."

Speedy thoguht "alright time to hopefully make crymson like me" he then went to Crymson "hey Crymson"

Crymson was about to go to bed, but happened to be stopped by Speedy. She turned to see him. "What is it?" She asked.

Speedies muzle went a dark red "well um i urgh was wondering if you urgh would like to go on a date with me after this tournament?" he then thought "what are you doing you idiot!!"

Crymson was all wide eye, staring at Speedy with her heart rate increasing. "U-umm, excuse me...." She turned around and ran to her hotel room.

Speedy thought"well done GENIUS oh and by the way i was being sarcastic!" he then went outside "how could i be so dumb!?" he then decided to get in his sleeping bag and go to sleep.

The next morning....

Speedy couldnt sleep partly because he had mild insomnia and partly because he was kicking himself (not literaly) for what he had done just hours ago

Gi, however, lept out of bed rested and started shining his sword, excited for the day ahead.

Frost had spent the night resting against one of the walls in the lobby. He opened his eyes and began to walk out of the hotel.

Static got up and headed out of his room. A moment later, Robin, Mimic, and Crystaline did the same thing. They all headed to the lobby together, keeping silent as they were worried about who might even be alive at the end of the day.

Static Nega had spent the night outside. After waking up, he decided to wait just outside the hotel for everyone else. Static had better not disappoint me in his fight. he thought to himself. I, however, won't fight, seeing as it is unneccesary.

Speedy thought"Great, this loser again. Hopefully, Crymson forgot about last night"

Static Nega noticed Speedy looking at him, but he ignored him.

Speedy got out his ds and started playing pokemon

[Frost: To Lil Mike: Just so you know, Static Nega looks similar to Static, but has a different color scheme. He's gray and wears a black and red outfit. He also has red eyes and wears a wrist communicator on his right wrist. Just wanted to clear up that he doesn't look exactly like Static.]

[Frost: To shadowsic: How does Gi even know most of my characters. This tournament takes place before Breaking the Crimson Flow of Rage and none of my characters would have met Gi yet. At least, as far as I know.]

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