A massive portal to the energy dimension has open sucking the hole planet in the dimension. the dimension cant hold all the pressure can are hero's stop it before we all die.






Part 1: The Opening

gr dragon: whats happening ( see's massive dimensional rift open) where going in (every thing goes dark)

bl dragon: where is everything

gr dragon: its happening again

bl dragon: what do you mean again

gr dragon: every 500 years a massive portal to the energy dimension opens sucking all of mobious in the portal cant hold the pressure and explodes the past 500 years we've been lucky to stop it

bl dragon: but how

gr dragon: find the crystal an destroy it on grows every 500 years

bl dragon: well we better hurry ( lights up again)

gr dragon: where in

Part 2: Enemies and Friends

gr dragon: lets go find them

(1 hour later)

bl dragon: come on we only have one week to find the center crystal or were all dead at this rate we wont find any one that we no we have all the energy crystal so lets just go look we can handle everything that happens were

gr dragon: i no but they all have a right to no anyways well find it quicker

bl dragon yeah well be dead before we find them

gr dragon: just be quite and move

bl dragon: ok

gr dragon: k where at haydens lets see if his inside hayden you there

Hayden: Hey, Gr and Bl.

Hector: Hey, you were in those caves, weren't you.

gr dragon: yeah and we have a problem every 500 years a massive portal to the energy dimension opens sucking all of mobious in the portal cant hold the pressure and explodes the past 500 years weve been lucky to stop it we need to find the portal crystal to stop it I've been looking foe everyone for around an hour we have 1 week

???: Maybe I can help

(JJ: By the way. it's a chick)

gr dragon:so who are you

transt: yes who are you

gr dragon: hi transt

Hayden: So where are we?

bl dragon: if u haven't of caught up the energy dimension and we have to find the dimension crystal or where dead now lets go

gr dragon: we have plenty of time now lets go we need to find everyone takes out a dimension emerald puts in the air show me friends and enemies and where to go

(sees jessiah am and hydra) guys we have a problem

bl dragon: what

gr dragon: ( draw blade) hydras close she herd i all the race is on

(Meanwhile with Sam)

Sam: (Talks to local) So there is this crystal, and if I find it I have power over the Energy Dimension. Thanks. (Walks off)

(Meanwhile with the other group)

Hayden: Well we better get moving. Gr, do you know any ways that we can get to the crystal faster and without making contact with Hydra?

gr dragon: I'm to not to sure and no its completely random so we better hurry

Hector: We'll win the race. Don't worry.

Hayden: (Fire appears beneath his feet) Well I better get moving.

Hector: (Stands on a massive rock) If you want to get going then hop onto this big rock.

gr dragon we need to find more people it takes a several people to collapse the portal lets go

Hector: (Moves rock at a slow pace)

Hayden: So, about this crystal.

gr dragon: yes its power is so great it takes 500 years to create one and it takes several people to control one ( throws 9 crystal in the air) their are seven crystal fire earth wind shadow water ice darkness space and time their is only one crystal left when i get the last one they will form the dimension crystal is small enough to fit in my blade (shows blade) when i get the last one ill be able to control the dimension ( with draws sword and crystal)

Hayden: So, we have to go and find this other crystal and find the main crystal?

gr dragon: yes lets go.

Hayden: Just to let you know, Sam loves having powerful objects in his position, Pitch is just the same, he's been lying low for a while though.

gr dragon: i herd about that his been getting hydra to do his dirty work. now i think we should start where the portal just opened

transt: okay for some reason i cant access my powers

gr dragon: yeah i forgot your powers wont work hear the dimension runs on power energy only energy powers will work unless you have a power sources i suggest we spread the inferno emeralds round so well only be able to access fire powers but me I've got the energy crystal

Hayden: Because I'm the only pyrokinetic in this group, I think I should have most of the Inferno Emeralds.

gr dragon: ok will lets spread them round

Hayden: Ok

Hector: I've never heard of an Inferno Emerald.

Hayden: An Inferno Emerald is the Chaos Emerald of the Fire Dimension, hey, have you got the fire emerald?

bl dragon; yeah i just escaped with I'm with drako( gives everyone one)

gr dragon: ok here's a energy crystal ( paces them round) ok so we can use2 powers now lets go we need to stop hydra and sam also we need to find jessiah

(Meanwhile with Sam)

Sam: (Reveals Fire Emerald) Those dragons might have been able to trick me out of The Inferno Emeralds but they didn't take The Fire Emerald.

(Meanwhile with the others)

Hayden: I'll take the Fire power.

Hector: And I'll have the Earth power.

gr dragon: how

Hayden: You're sharing the elemental crystals around aren't you?

gr dragon: yes now we better go we have to go now now i believe it was the mountain tip the portal opened without powers it'll take us around 5 days to hike it doesn't leave much space for errors now lets go

Hector: (Makes a giant rock and lifts out of the earth) We'll get there faster if you hop on to this rock I made.

Hayden: (Jumps on to rock) What are you waiting for? Hop on!

gr dragon: ok but how can you use your power

Hector: You all hop on the rock and then I move it through the air.

Hayden: Do you want to get to the crystal sooner or later?

gr dragon: ok lets go (gr bl nd trant hop on)

Hector: (Moves the earth rock and our heroes go flying through the air at 20 km an hour)

Hayden: I told you this would be quicker!

gr dragon: ok but this is what i was afraid of ( the energy fluctuation) watch out ( energy blast hits rock) we cant take another hit

Hector: Don't worry. (Grabs a massive chunk of earth and fixes the spot)

Hayden: Don't worry Gr, Hector knows what he's doing, at this rate we should make it to mountain in 4 days.

gr dragon: yes but that was a small one ( sees massive energy flux coming) pull up

Hector: (Slows the rock down)

Hayden: What are these energy influxes?

gr dragon: they are created by the energy dimension crystal they are unstable and can destroy a hole house giving us more pressure they kill so we better hurry( energy flux comes and his rock gr goes flying)

Hector: So do you want me to make another rock?

Hayden: I don't know, what do you think Gr?

gr dragon: we cant risk it well have to go on foot

transt: i agree i believe that we should camp for the night and then go well have 6 days to get to the to crystal

bl dragon: remember we are racing hydra


transt: everyone wake up

gr dragon: guys we have a problem them portal isn't holding i guess we have only 3 days left we need all time we can get

Hayden: Well, I think we'll have to do what we did before and let Hector take us to the crystal on his rock.

(Meanwhile with Sam)

Sam: (Wakes up and hears stirrings) I better get to that crystal quickly. (Rises into the air, and using supersonic speed races towards the crystal0

(Meanwhile with Hydra)

Hydra: (Sees the others, and freezes time, Hydra sneaks into the camp and takes Hector and then wanders away and unfreezes time)

gr dragon: hydra you'll never win draws blade

Hydra: Hector! Make a big earth rock and get us out of here! OR ELSE!!!!

Hayden: Hydra! (Makes a massive icefire blast)

Hydra: (Freezes the icefire blast)

Hector: (Makes a massive rock)

transt: my powers are working now

gr dragon: yeah when its about to collapse it stops drawing power energy but that means we don't have alot of time

now lets take out hydra ( energy wave)

transt: world wind

bl dragon: energy wave

Hydra: (Freezes time and jumps on rock and then unfreezes time) Hector! MOVE!

Hector: (Gets on rock and starts moving it)

gr dragon: hector don't you must fight it

transt: teleports over to hydra hello i don't think we've meet (punches of rock)

Hydra: (Falls off with Hector, looks at Transt and using telekinesis, psycokinesis and hypnokinesis, tells Transt) You will not fight me, you will fight the others until I get away.

transt: (goes to attack gr) smiles at gr) turns around and attacks hydra)

gr dragon: (energy blast)

Hydra: (Freezes time, grabs Transt and puts him in front of the energy blast, turns to Hector and uses Psycokinesis, telekinesis and hypnokinesis speaks to Hector) You will make a large rock and get us out of here, if anyone attack us you will attack them back with much power. (Unfreezes time)

transt: ( time freeze) goes to hydra hahahaha cuts hair

Hydra: (Turns around and kicks Transt, then gets on the rock and unfreezes time) Hector! Move!

Hector: (Makes a very strong, massive earth wall and moves the rock away from our heroes)

Hayden: NO!!!!

bl dragon: this aint good we have to run now

transt: crap my powers aren't working again

gr dragon: ok this aint good the portals fluctuating we could have a month or a minute either way we have to hurry (gr thinks) hahahaha we've been going the wrong way i just remembered this mountains to low the portal has to be higher it must be the energy mountain this quest is going to be rough so we better get going hydra well soon realise were not following and come after us

transt: lets go

Part 3: The Energy Mountain

( 1 hour later )

transt: quite somethings coming ( hide in bush)

gr dragon: its a energy dragon there hard to kill were gonna have to avoid it

bl dragon: ( starts to move) gr dragon run run run

(energy dragon attacks)

Hayden: (Runs and uses a massive ice shield to protect himself)

(dragon brakes ice shield)

transt: run

bl dragon: energy tornado

(makes dragon go flying)

(dragon comes back)

gr dragon: oh crap

Hayden: Transt! GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!!

transt: ahh thies stell not working

gr dragon: everyone down ( mini atum split) BOOM

bl dragon: we have to go i think hydra would of seen that

transt: that's a good idea

monkey: that's if you make it banana split

gr dragon: run

monkey: my crystal

bl dragon: its the crystal

gr dragon: the field has collapsed where going in

(back at mobious)

bl dragon: we have a problem all the energy monsters have come back with us looks like where gong on a killing spree where gonna need back up

gr dragon: ok we must find monkey lets go

Part 4: Killing Spree

transt: ok are powers working and their the first

gr dragon: ok there's a total of 20 that came and each harder then the the last it id be good if we find metronic and sam

bl dragon: ok let go

transt: rain cloud ( rain cloud appears above energy crocodile )

gr dragon: energy tornado

Hayden: So we're going to have to kill people?

(Meanwhile with Sam)

Sam: (Flies at supersonic speed and stops and decides to rest near this crystal) I think this might be the crystal the local was talking about, in any case I might keep this hidden.

(Meanwhile with Hydra and Hector)

Hydra: Hector!

Hector: What do you want master?

Hydra: To Self: So my hypnotic skills have worked after all.

To Hector: I want to find that crystal, and I think I might have found are enemies, and Hector, get us over to where the crystal is. (Looks at mountain) Hector, get us over to the top of that mountain.

Hector: Yes master. (Makes a massive rock and starts moving it towards the mountain)

( back with transt)

transt:ok one down 19 to go ( hears scream) ok this ant good its a energy dinosaur

gr dragon: this is gonna take a while ( energy wave )

bl dragon: ok energy tremer

transt: this thing wont go down

Hayden: Stand back! (Fire appears beneath his feet and flies into the air and then makes a massive amount of fireballs come raining down on the energy dinosaur)

transt: wind blow ( wind coles heat making the dragon covered in concrete

gr dargon: ok tired ( ground burst open ) ok crap its a energy worm

Hayden: (Lands on ground) Ok, this dimension is starting to creap me out now.

gr dragon: yeah that monkey must of sent all the energy animals threw the portal we have to stop him

bl dragon: (throws energy grenade in worms mouth

trant: ok we better go we have 17 animals to take out and a monkey to find

gr dragon: so hayden do u no where jessiah is


transt: i don't have clue

gr dragon: yep and bye n he could be anywhere in mobious or the energy dimension where gonna need help

bl dragon: yeah

Hayden: Ok, I never thought a monkey would be trying to kill me.

(Meanwhile with Hydra and Hector)

Hydra: (At the top of mountain) Well this crystal the others are looking for isn't here. Hector!

Hector: Yes master.

Hydra: I'm going to rest here for a while, in the meantime, you're going to search around this mountain for the crystal.

Hector: Yes, mam. (Makes a big rock and starts looking)

( back with gr )

gr dargon: i hear something coming

Hector: (Sees Gr dragon) I won't harm you, as long as you tell me where the Crystal is.

Hayden: Hector! Fight it! You're being hypnotized by Hydra!

Hector: (Turns to Hayden) You're going to be the first to die!

transt: (taps hectors shoulder) hello (punches hector of rock)

Hector: Unfortunately, I've gotta go. (Surrounds himself with a massive earth collum and sends out at all angles and disappears under the Earth)

Hayden: (Flies over the earth wall using fire and comes back to the ground) I can't believe Hydra would do such a thing.

gr dragon: well get him back one day

transt: everyone down (energy hawk swops down)

bl dragon: run

Hayden: (Fire appears beneath his feet and Hayden flies away, while at the same time, hurling thousands of fireballs at the energy hawk)

(motoronic walks in at mega form with ayden on his shoulder, grabs the hawk and eats it)

Motoronic: mmmmm yummy

gr dragon: glad you could join us motoronic and ayden ok we have 16 guys left

transt: ok we better find monkey

monkey: hello ( banana boomerang)

bl dragon: ow y i oughta

Motoronic kicks monkey in the air and roundhouse kicks him into a tree)

Motoronic: i don't know who you are but these guys hate you so, BOOM!!!!

Ayden: nice kick motoronic

Hayden: Hey guys, I'm guessing you're stuck in this hectic dimension, we have to kill 20 enemies. It's incredibly tiring, trust me. I've had to use a lot of fire power against these creatures. It's not easy, so glad you came.

monkey; (monkeys lefts up tree and throws it at motoronic) hehehe (banana squash) throws at ayden hehe bye (walks of)\

bl dragon: lets go

Hayden: Like I was saying we have to kill 20 creatures, we also have to find the Crystal and save Hector.

(Meanwhile with Hydra and Hector)

Hector: (Comes back) The others have found us master.

Hydra: Well then lets keep moving, we've got to find the crystal before the others.

Hector: (Makes a big rock) Yes mam.

Hydra: Let's move!

gr dragon: well your a little late (energy beam blats hydra and hector of rock

bl dragon: well then we meet again hydra

Hydra: (Freezes time around everyone except Hector) Hector! Make a massive rock of earth and get us out of here. (Looks at Gr dragon and uses Pyscokinesis, Hynokinesis and telekinesis and speaks to Gr) Gr, you will kill Bl dragon.

Hector: Hurry, master!

Hydra: (Jumps on rock) Let's get out of here!

Hector: Yes, mam! (Moves rock)

Hydra: (Unfreezes time) See ya later suckers

transt: (teleports infront of hydra) were do u think ur going

gr dragon: energy beam (rock incinerates)

bl dragon: now lets talk about this give us back hector

Hector: (Grabs Hydra) You're not going to take my master. (The earth cracks and Hector and Hydra go under)

Hayden: (Arrives) HECTOR!!! NO!!!

transt: this aint good

bl dragon: yep and it keeps getting worse ( energy lion appears )

Hayden: (Moves towards the Energy Lion and makes an icfire whirlwind)

(Meanwhile with Sam)

Sam: (Looks at crystal) I wonder what powers this has? It's a shame I don't know how to activate it.

monkey: that's mine (takes crystal) jungle growth (jungle grows up and monkey runs of)

Sam: (Rises up into the air) You're going to pay for taking my crystal! (Uses supersonic speed to catch up to the monkey) Ok, hand it over. NOW!!!

monkey: hehehe have a banana smoothy banana blast hehehe (runs of)

Sam: (Uses hydrokinesis and quickly heals himself and then rises into the air and uses supersonic speed to catch up to the monkey, once on the ground he throws a five powers attack at Monkey)

monkey: you are getting annoying (monkeys digs into the ground bye)

(back with gr)

transt: wind blow (wind makes heat turn into stone) ok 5 down now wheres that monkey

monkeys: wops wrong spot

gr dragon: get him

monkey: bye (goes back under ground)

bl dragon: ok lets go we better hurry we don't wont him having that crystal any longer then possible

transt: ok (energy beam blast out of a forest)

gr dragon: it a energy dog its so cute dog nearly bites grs hand of that's it energy beam (dogs is stunned) hayden finish him

Hayden: (Makes a massive ball of ice and throws it at the energy dog)

Sam: (Catches up to monkey) GIVE ME THE CRYSTAL!!!! NOW!!!!!

monkey: nohoho aha (swarm of monkeys come and attack sam)

gr dragon: i think sam is trying to get the crystal of monkey we better go help him

Sam: (Goes under the ground and does a mole attack on Monkey) This is wasting my time, just give me the crystal and I will leave you alone!

monkeys: you are getting annoying (burst out of the ground) not you again

gr dragon: ok monkey cough up the crystal

Sam: (Grabs Monkey by his shirt) Give me the crystal now, or you will cease to exist.

gr dragon: hi sam we need that crystal and this monkeys getting annoying

monkeys: ok you got me jungle stink ( hole places is gased monkey runs of )

(1 hour later)

gr dragon: i wonder how long we where under

bl dragon: i feel very lite headed

???: *appears* hmm? who are you?

Sam: I hate him.

Hayden: Sam! It's nice to see you again.

Rane: Seriously? Whats going on?

transt: ok im gonna kill the monkey oh and we have to take out the other 14 energy monsters bzzzzz and there's 4

gr dragon: there energy wasp you get stung you die

bl dargon: well lets hurt them before they hurt us

Sam: I'll track Monkey down for you, while you kill those things. (Uses supersonic speed and blasts off)

Hayden: (Makes massive column of icefire and throws it at one of the monsters)

transt: (telepots on a wasp) ye ha (uses wasp to sting other wasps) my new pet (pats wasp)

bl dragon: ill go with you sam

Sam: You need to kill those monsters Bl, I'll get the crystal for you.

bl dragon: yeah but i still think monkeys a tricky character you'll need all the help you've got lets go

trants: ok lets go yee ha ok we have 10 left

gr dragon: i think we should start over there (boom) i believe that's right ok mystery guy can you help us

Hayden: Why is this happening!?

(Meanwhile with Sam and Bl dragon)

Sam: It'll take us ages to find him, but I will Monkey sooner by myself. (Uses Supersonic speed and starts searching for Monkey)

(bl follows with super super sonic flight)

monkey: smoothy blast( sam and transt loses balance) hahahahah

Sam: OUCH! I am sick of Monkey! (Goes under the ground and does a mole attack on Monkey and then throws a five powers attack at him)

monkey: monkeys attack (a swarm of monkeys attack) hehe

(back with gr)

gr dragon: what the these are only myths its 2 lockness monsters from the energy dimension we cant kill them we have to capture him

energy stun ( stuns there legs)

transt: come on boy sting him (sting knocks one of them out)

(Meanwhile, with Sam and Monkey)

Sam: (Makes a five powers whirlwind and all the monkeys go flying) This is getting ridiculous! Just give me the crystal.

bl dragon: come on lets not make this worse

monkeys: lets monkeys attack them monkeys is gone

( back with gr)

gr dragon: hayden fire him the transt cole him down go

Hayden: (Makes 2 massive fire jets and aims them at the creature)

transt: wind blow

(energy lochness monster turns to stone)

gr dragon: ok lets take these guys to the zoo

(1 hour later)

gr dragon: i wonder how sam and bl are doing

(with sam and bl)

bl dragon: ahh these monkeys are pulling my hair out ahhh energy shock shield now lets find monkey

Sam: (Uses supersonic speed and finds Monkey and makes a firestorm around Monkey)

monkeys: hehe rain storm ( every where starts raining) haha

bl dragon: now monkeys give us the crystal

monkey: no snakes come and crocodiles to

bl dragon: that doesn't sound good RUN

Sam: (Gathers all the rain around him and makes a massive Tidal wave and sends it at Monkey)

(crocodiles jump out of tidal wave and heads for sam and snakes follow)

bl dragon: ok monkeys getting annoying energy stun now run

(monkey is gone and cannot see be seen)

bl dragon: he gave us the slip again

(back with gr)

gr dragon: i wonder where we should look next hayden do you have a idea

Sam: (Gets really angry and a massive ring of fire comes from Sam) I AM GETTING SICK OF THIS!!!

gr dragon: i see sam and bl have a problem and i believe we have three energy gremlins on the lose look

transt: ok now what

gr dragon: we follow the tracks

(10 min later)

trant: wow they're ugly

(grimlens hear that and jump on transt and start biting him)

transt: arr (throws one in the sun and disintegrates) well these are gonna be easy

gr dragon: bata bata bata swing (hits one into the sun) hayden you get the last one

( it grows super sive)\

transt: good luck

Hayden: (Grabs bat and covers it in fire and then swings the gremlin into the sun)

gr dragon: well he surly burned up

transt: we have 5 left lets go

gr dragon: i think i hear the energy bear twins lets go

transt: duck (log comes flying)

gr dragon: what did they do to my house arrrrrrr ATUM SPLIT (makes shied around the nuck and incinerates the bears) r r r r

transt: calm down

gr dragon: we have three left lets find sam couse the last three are vicious there massive pure energy blubs there hard to kill well need sam and bl


bl dragon: rrrr im gonna kill monkey
monkey: no your not banana split

(sam and bl slip)

bl dragon: arrr energy wave

Sam: (A rumbling noise is heard and a massive tidal wave rains down on everyone and holds on to Bl dragon to stop him from slipping away) DIE MONKEY!

monkey:no oh oh ah ah monkey swarm

transt: wind wave (monkeys blow into the jungle)\

bl dragon: ahh now we have to find him

gr dragon: no time we have to stop the energy blobs they well destroy the world any minute

bl dragon: but we need all the crystal to keel im

transt: ok brb( comes back with monkey in hands) now monkey cough up the crystal

monkey: no cough cough cough (crystal comes out) oh no

transt: now run along

Part 5: The Fight for the Energy Dimension

blob 1: lets go back to the energy dimension and take it over

blob 2:ok

transt: ahh we mest im

gr dragon: not for long teleports away with others

gr dragon: blobs give up or die

transt: come on wasp lets kill them

bl dragon: no don't

transt: ok

gr dragon lets wop but ( gr dragon merges crystals together ) ahhhh

blob 1: arh time to dies

transt: attack energy wave

bl dragon: energy tornado

gr dragon: smipe of death (blob 2 dies/\

blob 1 : nooo rrr goes super sive\

gr dragon: this aint good

(blob stomps on everyone but hayden motoronic and gr)

gr dragon: don't get hit or ur out now every ready lets go ahhhh smipe fo death (does nothing) dam we have to kill it everyone ready go energy wave

Hayden: (Makes a shield of icefire and holds it at the ready)

Sam: What do we have to do to get rid of these blobs!?

gr dragon: they usually have a weakness

monkey: oh oh ahah attack my blob

gr dragon: ah monkey he must of taken control of it when he had the crystal ok lets kill this guy

( sword boomerang cuts of on of the blobs legs )

blob 1: rrrr (leg grows back)\

monkey: incinerate them

blob 1: energy tremor

gr dragon: ahhh

gr dragon: watch out remember when he stomps don't get hit now everyone at once (energy wave)

Sam: (Grabs the Crystal and hides it)

(Meanwhile with Hector and Hydra)

Hydra: Hector!

Hector: Yes master!

Hydra: Where did you take us?

Hector: Away from those idiots master. We can find the crystal much faster now that they're gone master.

Hydra: Good, now then lets keep moving.

Hector: Right you are master. (Makes a massive earth rock) Hop on master.

( massive portal opens)

transt: ahhhhhhh (everyone comes out of portal one hits hector and knocks him out of his trans)

gr dragon: hydra its u

bl dragon: give hector back

gr dragon: (in head: dam we have to find blob and monkey)

Sam: (Energy Crystal portal opens) What do you know, this Energy Crystal is great! I could use this to save the Energy Dimension! (Sees everyone) Damn it!

Hayden: (Shocked) You have the Energy Crystal!

Sam: (Makes an Energy Crystal portal and jumps in and closes it)

Hydra: (In the chaos she grabs Hector) Hector! Make a rock! NOW!!

Hector: Anything for you master! (Makes a massive rock of earth)

Hayden: Hector! No! (Jumps onto just as it starts moving)

transt:wind blow (hydra knocks of rock) teleports hector over with gr

gr dragon: hector snap out of it

Hector: You're not my master! (Goes under the ground and appears where Hydra is) You will never take me and my master alive! (Goes under ground with Hydra and doesn't reappear)

Hayden: This is just great! Hector is still with Hydra, and Sam has the Energy Crystal and he isn't going to hand it over easily, we're doomed!

blob: rrrrr

gr dragon: wheres motoronic when you need him

transt: ahh world wind

(blob goes in the air)

Ayden: woah what happened

Motoronic: were we frozen in the time- space continuum

(roger appears)

Roger: hey guys i like pie

Hayden: (Sees Roger) Hello Roger\

gr dragon: hi now motoronic kick him out of space to the energy dimension

transt: im gonna find monkey lets go sam

Part 6: The Search for Monkey

Hayden: Um, Transt, Sam's some where else in the Energy Dimension.

transt: arh the portal must of been unstable hayen you=r with me we must find sam

gr dragon: will take monkey you guys are with me

Hayden: I had a slight feeling that Sam would start working for himself.

gr dragon: im not to sure we must find monkey he probably went threw the portal with sam

(with sam and monkey)

monkey; ohoh ahah ur are my prisoner (sam is in a unbreakable cage)

(back with gr)

gr dragon: lets go

gr dragon: hayden any ideas to start

Hayden: Hmmm, I'm out of ideas at the moment.

(Back with Monkey and Sam)

Sam: To Monkey: You said this cage was unbreakable right? (Disappears deep under the ground and resurfaces behind Monkey) I don't think so.

(Back with the others)

Jessiah: Hi Guys. Sorry you may not have seen me in a while but I've been training for ages in my Simulator. My stats have increased so much, i think i might be able to enter the Energy Dimension Tournament. Go to Physically attack me GR.

gr dragon: we believe you ok now lets find sam hmm (hears loud scream) that sounded like sam let go

(with bl and hayden)

bl dragon: ok lets check that out

(all head to the scream and see sam im a head lock from monkey)

transt: (teleports and puts monkey and puts in a head lock position) now talk

monkey: ok ok i need the crystals to feed my family

transt: stop lying

monkey: ok ok i ow money to a friend and i need the crystal to pay him back

transt:ok now stop following us through money on floor

transt: ok now what

gr dragon: we have to head to the mega dimension and reunite the crystals you guys in

Jesse: if you are going in there, be prepared to be small. I've been there recently and... let's just say it's really crowded. but if we need to go there, Let's. (opens a dimension portal to the Mega Dimension)

Hayden: The Mega Dimension. (Walks through the portal with the others)

(Meanwhile with Sam)

That Monkey couldn't stand a chance against my power. I am to strong for this dimension. (Makes a portal and enters it)

(Meanwhile with Hydra and Hector)

(A portal opens and Sam comes through)

Hector: What are you doing here Sam!?

Hydra: He has the Crystal! Get him!

Sam: (Makes a thick Fire Wall to stop Hydra and Hector from coming through) I will give you the Crystal, but I want you to find Monkey and bring him back to me.

Hydra: Who's Monkey!?

Sam: He's this annoying Monkey, you can't miss him.

(Hector and Hydra disappear under the earth)

(Over with the others)

Jessiah: OK. I know we're small compared to our planet but on this one, THIS IS RIDICULOUS! hey Giant Mega Mushroom. (Runs towards it. then get's squished by it)

Josh: hi guys. i found the crystal to undistort space. it's rrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllyyyyy biiig. you cant miss it. in fact, from my side of the story. it's a little hard to get to

Hayden: That's annoying.

gr dragon: yep we need that crystal to return this dimension back to normal and reunite the dimension crystal

transt:lets get going

(bach with hydra)

monkey: oh oh ahah banana boomerang and monkey swarm(monkeys come and attack hydra goes up and takes hydra and sams stuff) thx by

Hector: (Grabs Monkey just before he disappears) Give up right now Monkey!

monkey: no pukes on hector and runs of

Hydra: Take me to him Hector!

Hector: Yes master! (Goes under the Earth and arrives in front of Monkey)

Hydra: (Uses Hypnokinesis, Psycokinesis and Telekinesis and says to Monkey) You will stop fighting me and Hector and you will come with us.

monkey: my mind works differently then most that doesn't work on me monkey storm (swarm for monkeys attack hector and hydra)

Hydra: (Freezes time and unfreezes Hector and her and Hector move out of the way of the Monkey Storm and Hydra unfreezes time)

monkey: arh ur starting to annoy me (monkey disappears)

(back with gr)

gr dragon: ok guys now what where is the mountain hmm

bl dragon: yeah we need away to lead us to the forming crystal

(sword starts to glow)

transt: arh whats going on with the sword

gr dragon: i don't no hmm (gr dragon gets sword and pints it around it glows stronger in some direction) this way

Hayden: I hope we find this crystal.

(Back with Hydra and Hector)

Hector: Master, we lost him!

Hydra I'm not dumb you idiot!

Hector: Sorry master.

Hydra: I need that crystal, Hector!

Hector: Yes, master!

Hydra: I want you to find Monkey again for me.

Hector: Yes master! (Grabs Hydra and the two go under the ground)

(back with gr)

gr dragon: ok lets go this ill get rough so who ever is in stay who ever isn't don't

bl dragon: im in

transt: im in

Hayden: What's this plan of yours again?

gr dragon: find the crystal and reunite the dimension crystals and then reunite the dimensions

Hayden: Oh yeah, but Sam's got the Energy Crystal, he could be anywhere by now!

gr dragon: ok well split into 2 groups hayden bl ur with me will go to the mountain transt jessiah u go looking for sam when uve found him rendezvous with us at the reuniting crystal

Hayden: Where do you think we should start looking?

gr dragon:where the sword points now transt start looking for sam

transt: jessiah lets go (teleports jessiah and transt to mobious)

Hayden: Gr, I think we should try and find Hydra and Hector, if they get the Energy Crystal off Sam, the Energy Dimension is doomed.

gr dragon: ok lets go lets go find a dimension portal

Hayden: Okay.

(Meanwhile with Hydra and Hector)

Hector: (They both resurface and find Monkey)

Hydra: Get him!

Hector: (Disappears under the ground and reappears in front of Monkey and reaches out his hand to grab him)

monkey: (licks hector and hector creeps out and lets go of monkey) by (monkey disappears)

Hydra: I can't believe we've lost him again!

Hector: Then we'll have to find him again Master.

Hydra: (Walks over to Hector) Let's follow him.

Hector: (The 2 go underground and speed off towards Monkey)

monkey: hehehe puts banana bomb and stand behind it (then hydra and hector come out of the ground under the bomb BOOM) HAHAHAHA

(Hector and Hydra are wounded but still conscious)

Hydra: This is ridiculous! I should've done this earlier. (Freezes time and unfreeze Hector) Hector!

Hector: Yes Master!

Hydra: I want you to knock him out, then I'll unfreeze time and then I'll find Sam and I'll get the Energy Crystal and rule this place!

monkey: one problem (eats hector then poos him out) haha u stink now (monkey runs of)

Hydra: Well, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Sam: (A portal appears and Sam comes out of it) Any luck capturing that annoying Monkey.

Hydra: None, but you could help us.

Sam: I'm not fighting for anyone, I'm fighting for myself.

Hector: Why am I covered in poo?

Sam: (Dumps some cold water over Hector and the stench and poo vanish) Like I said before, I can't help you. But if you can find Monkey, then you can have The Energy Crystal. (Opens a portal and steps in and the portal closes)

monkey: (snicks up to sam and takes energy crystal then runs of) hehe

Sam: Get him! (Uses Supersonic Speed and catches up to Monkey) Give the Crystal back, or I'll kill you.

monkey: eats crystal the tails whips sam and runs of when sams distracted

Sam: (Catches back up to Monkey and makes a massive hole in the earth underneath Monkey) (Flies down the hole and stops the air around Monkey, allowing him not to move) Monkey! Give me the Energy Crystal, or I will kill you.

monkey: (calls offer monkeys and they jump on sam and the black hole collapses then monkey runs of) you'll never get me

bl dragon: arhhhhhh (falls from the sky) hi sam can i have the energy crystal

Sam: (Stops the air around Bl dragon so he can't keep falling) I don't have the Energy Crystal. Monkey's stolen it.

bl dragon: i hate the]at monkey what way did he go

Sam: I don't know, we better start looking. (Lifts Bl dragon out of the hole using Aerokinesis, and uses Supersonic Speed to catch up to Monkey)

bl dragon: yeah or where dead

(Hydra and Hector have disappeared by now)

(all of a sudden it gets really hot)

bl dragon: arh its so hot what happening (every dimension starts to merge)

(Hayden appears)

Hayden: Bl, are you alright!?

Sam: (Finally catches up to Monkey) Okay, just give me The Energy Crystal or I'll never attack you again! Just give me the crystal, and everything will be alright.

bl dragon: hayden gr transt how did u get here and im right but look

transt: oh snap

gr dargon: not good the dimensions are surging

monkey: haha ur to late

Tyler: no where not punches monkey and knocks him out

gr dragon:ok got it lets go oh and hit tyler

transt: (teleport everyone to the mountain) ok lets go

Hayden: Well, at least we've got the Energy Crystal now.

Sam: (Takes the Energy Crystal out of Transt's pocket and makes a portal) I have to love the Energy Crystal.

Hayden: Sam! No!!

Sam: (Walks through the portal and closes it)

(Hydra and Hector appear)

Hector: Master! It's revenge time.

Hayden: Master!? Hector! What's wrong with....

(Hydra freezes time and unfreezes Hector)

Hydra: It's revenge time! Hector! Kill anyone who stands in your way.

transt: luckily i can follow him (transt teleports away) SAAAAM give the energy crystal or die will thx anyway (shows energy crystal and teleports away) ok, sam cant be trusted luckly it wos a decoy gem worth leik one dollar

Sam: What!? Then where's the real Energy Crystal!?

(Back with the others)

transt: here

(back with hydra)

trontan: ok who are u or il beat u up

Hydra: (Uses Hypnokinesis, Psycokinesis and Telekinesis and speaks to Trontan in her mind) I am the greatest mind controller in Mobius. All people bow down to me, except for the idiots behind me, now, attack those idiots over there and show them that I am the greatest Mind Cotroller in the world.

trontan:i no who the idiots behind u are and im not gonna kill them because u said because i wont to isnt that right brother.

transt: ok this aint good hedge run or ur screwd trust me

Hydra: Hector NOW!!

Hector: (Makes a massive hardened rock prison cell around Transt and Trontan and puts 7 reinforced earth walls around the prison) Is that what you wanted me to do Master?

Hydra: Thank you Hector. Now all we have to do is get everyone on to our side, and The Energy Crystal is ours!

(transt and trontan teleport out)

transt: youll have to better then that

trontan: transt you die now

transt: hayden run take the crystal ill hold them off

(back with gr dragon)

gr dragon: ok where here now where are they

(back with transt)

transt: hayden run ur are only chance ok now i cant take u all so lets even the party

(tyler appears)

Tyler: im here now lets get the party on

Hayden: Okay. (Takes the Energy Crystal and runs)

Hydra: Hector! After him!

Hector: Yes Master! (Grabs Hydra and the 2 go underground and immediatly reappear before Hayden)

Hayden: Hector! Don't do this! Look into your heart! Your a good guy, just like us! You can't work for Hydra!

Hydra: Don't listen to him Hector! Every word he speaks is a lie!

Hector: My Master's right. I'm sorry, but The Energy Crystal is ours! (Starts making a massive Earth prison, bigger than the previous one)

Hayden: (Fire appears beneath his feet and he flies up just before the Earth prison traps him)

transt: go help hayden ill hold of trontan

Tyler: im on it mutation (kicks them both up the but) haha come on what ya got fire vine (wraps them in a vine with fire on it)

trontan: come on transt

Transt: im already here (punches trontan) (trontan appears on top of transt and clobers him) (transt teleports from attack then round house kick tronatn grabs his leg and flips him on the ground then transt punches him) run guys run i cant hold him of forever (trontan teleports and the punches transt)

(ok because im getting bored of this the fight will just keep goin when then talking ok)

tronatn: give up transt

transt: no guys run run run

Hayden: (Is floating high in the air)

Sam: The Energy Crystal! (Flies up to Hayden really fast)

Hayden: Sam! What are you doing!

Sam: Look, if you give me The Energy Crystal, I will hide it.

Hydra: Hector!

Hector: Yes Master!

Hydra: I want you to get us up to their (Points to Hayden and Sam) height. Now!

Hector: (Makes a massive earth platform and makes it rise up to Sam and Hayden's height)

Hydra: Hayden! Give me The Energy Crystal! Now!

Sam: Hayden! Don't listen to her or Hector! You don't know what they'll do with The Energy Crystal!

Hydra: I thought you were with me Sam!

Sam: Your going to use The Energy Crystal for evil purposes aren't you!?

Hayden: Hector! Look into your heart! Your not supposed to be like this! Please Hector! Look into your heart, and let your real self come out!

Hector: I have no inner self, Hydra has always been my Master!

Hayden: No, she hasn't your a laidback 13 year old from the Tropics, not some mind controlled slave to Hydra. Hector, please, look into your heart, and break Hydra's hypnosis spell.

Hector: (Thinks deeply) You know, maybe I'm not a slave to Hydra, I'm a laidback 13 year old teenager. (Suddenly he jumps from the platform and lands onto Hayden and grabs The Energy Crystal and drops to the ground and goes underneath)

Hayden and Sam: NOOO!!

transt: NOOOO

Tyler: time to die uve betraed us to many time mutation (stomps on kicks to another universe then vinewhips back arhhhhhhh) give it of ur dead

transt: (speaks to hectors mind) ur good this isnt you you must might it where counting on you hestor i dont wont to sight for ur control cause it will hurt you you must no better then this you can fight it you must no reach inside and listen(shows picture of him hanging out with everyone) hector fight it

Hector: (Speaks back to Transt in his mind with the connection that Transt has with him) You brought that picture out of nowhere! I wouldn't hang with THEM!!!!

Sam: That's it, I'm going to get him and yank The Energy Crystal!

Hydra: Sweet victory, you never thought I could singlehandedly get The Energy Crystal, did you!? Well I did!

Hayden: I don't see it.

Hydra: Hector's got it. And any minute now, he'll come back to the surface, and we'll rule The Energy Dimension!

Transt: the energy crystal is pure good whoever holds it will be good and protected from evil and also u cant hold it cause ur evil hector what does your heart say acces the power of the crystal use ur heart and beleve u must remember remember (shows another picture) its the place we meet you must remember u must no if u dont remember remember ur time as evil u cant cause thier is none hector use the power

Hector: I, I don't know, I'm not good, I mean not good!

Hydra: (Realising the Hypnosis with Hector is fading and decides to keep strengthening the link) Hector! You couldn't live with those people!

Sam: (Catches up to Hector underground and sees him) What's going on!?

Hayden: We've got to stop Hydra! (Throws Icefire at Hydra)

Hydra: (Freezes time, move out of the way of The Icefire and unfreezes time)

gr dragon: is infront of hydra arhhhhh dimintion beam (knocks crystal out of hydras hand and takes it) i got boored of waiting\

transt: ok now e have to go the dimintions colpasing

bl dragon: to late

(dimintion colapses and everyones in space)

Part 7: Too Late

gr dragon: everyone hold on to me i can keep on dimintion open with the crystals arhhhh

bl dragon: got you

transt: my dimintion powers are gone wait no there not one dimitons open everyone hold on

(transt teleports everyone to the energy dimintion)

gr dragon: bad trip will we better hurry we have to get the crystals

bl dragon: ok this aint good its hydra

Hydra: This is just what I wanted! Hector is hell-bent on killing you. The Dimension is collapsing, and me and Hector will survive and make a new super evil race, which will scour Mobius, and plunge it into a world of darkness!

Hayden: Kill her!

Sam: (Throws a 5 powers attack at Hydra)

Hydra: (Freezes time, moves out of the way and unfreezes time) You can't beat me! I can freeze time and no one can kill me!

(Hedge: On a side note, JJ wants to find Mitchell in this roleplay)

gr dragon: time freeze doesnt work here so ha

transt: hayden i managed to send everyone form the dimintions here will only some i surrounded the others with a shield so they wont die

Hayden: Thank you.

Hydra: HECTOR!

Hector: (Comes out of the ground) Yes Master!

Hydra: Take the Energy Crystal from Transt and throw it to me.

Hector: (Goes underground and reappears in front of Transt and is reaching out to grab The Energy Crystal)

Sam: (Punches Hector) Your not taking The Energy Crystal from us again.

Hayden: Sam, what are you doing!?

Sam: If we can't make Hector good with Psycological force, then we'll punch the evilness out of him!

transt: ok im sorry hector (uses mind powers on hector and this cause hector to have great pain to make him good_) im sorry friend

Hector: (Is turning good because of Transt, but is still being made evil by Hydra, the two have both equal power, so it is causing him great pain) Hydra! Please stop! My mind feels like it's going to explode!

Hydra: (Makes an even stronger attempt at making Hector evil) You're supposed to call me Master! You will pay for your disobedience Hector!

Sam: (Punches Hector really hard) HECTOR!!! SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

Hector: Too...many....things...happening!

gr dragon: energy blast (hits hydra long enough so hector can be himself) hector is it you

Sam: (Kicks Hector in the head) Come on Hector. You know better than this!

Hector: (Is back to normal again. But he has a massive headache) Ughh, what happened?

gr dragon: its a long storie (creates static charges around everyone to protect them from powers)

trontan: ive hurd alot about the crystal and it will be mine

monkey: hi boss these are the idiots i was talking about

bl dragon: (mouth drops) WHAT THE ok where dead

Sam: (Charges at Monkey, full speed and makes a massive tidal wave and aims it at Trontan and Monkey) HAYDEN!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!!



Transt: ok ill get you out of here (teleports everyone out but gr)


Sam: DIMENTION CONTROL!!! (Warps back to the fight and charges straight at Monkey with a 10 metre high Tsunami and aims it straight at Monkey and Trontan)

Monkey: arhhh mmm ( eats mave ) ok i need to go potty brb

trontan: (teleports behind trontan and round house kicks him then punches his heart so hard it stops) get up (round house kicks)

Sam: DIMENTION CONTROL!!!! (Warps back to the others) Trontan's killing me! Literally!

Transt: he does that ill come help(teleports into the battle and the in air round house kicks trontan and trontan goes to the ground) it just you and me brother

Part 8: Round 1 Trontan vs Transt

(Back with the others)

Sam: I've got to see Trontan getting beatan up! DIMENTION CONTROL!!!! (Teleports to the fight) I'm just a spectator! Not a fighter!

( fight but my com shut down so just to wrap it up transt won)


Jessiah: Go Transt

Chloe: You won!

Zoe: Hi!

Jessiah: You probably wondering how we got here. we were teleported here by... Jose? He said something about getting the crystals and Stopping the Dimensions from collapsing.

Zoe: It may sound Strange but he seems to be on our side this time.

Sam: Go Transt!

Hayden: (Appears with the others) Jessiah, where's Jesse and Josh?

Zoe: Jesse is at the portal between here and other Dimentions attampting to give us more time.

Jessiah: And Josh... I Don't know where Josh is.

Josh: (Suddenly appears from the Sky and Starts Falling) AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Chloe: (Flyes up and Catches Him) I've got you. (Slowly lowers him to the ground)

Jessiah: Can't you fly?

Josh: That doesn't Matter. I Came here to Tell you something that might interest you Jessiah and Chloe. There's a Tornament going on and the Winner Gets a "Red Amulet" that belongs to the Boulder Kid

Chloe: Red amulet? Jessiah, Do you think...

Jessiah: It could be. (Looks at Chloe than at Josh) Is there a Doubles tournament?

Josh: Yes and This so called Boulder kid is competing in it although he doesn't have a partner. in fact, because he's won this tournament four times in a row, he's the only one that can enter the doubles tournament alone. Besides, I hear he wants a challenge.

Chloe: (Quietly to Jessiah) If it is him, he's given himself a nickname, and if he's done so, then mabey we should have a nickname as well.

Jessiah: Hmm? Chloe and I will enter this tournament but we need a good nickname. Reminding everyone, our main powers are Nature (Points to Chloe), and Electricity (Points to himself)

Chloe: How about "Natures Lightning"?

Jessiah: That's One option. What else guys?

Hayden: (Finishes speaking to Sam) Okay. Me and Sam have decided to enter The Energy Tournament.

Sam: And we're calling ourselves The Elementals.

Hector: No more tournaments for me, not after what happened last time.

Jessiah: Ok but if we verse each other, you need to loose or something because we believe that Boulder boy is our brother

Josh: I'd say we're set to g... wait, we're missing something. you all need costumes.

Jessiah: (Shakes his head) Nu-uh nope, nope, nope, there's no way, I am wearing a silly costume

(5 minutes later Jessiah and Chloe are wearing costumes that go with their main powers)

Chloe: This is so not me.

Jessiah: Tell me about it.

Sam: (Comes out with a 5 powers suit, with dark blue, light blue, brown, red striped suit) I don't like this.

Hayden: (Is wearing a suit which is entirely covered in red) Cheer up Sam. And look what I can do! (Turns the suit on fire and then extinguishes the flames, with no damage to the suit whatsoever)

Josh: Next up, Energy Dimension tournament!

Zoe: Good luck guys!

Jessiah: Thanks.

Chloe: I'm sure we'll need it.


Gr Dragon: ok next up we have to teams, Team Nature's Lightning Vs Team Sci-fi ok now lets se what happens

Round one, Battle 16


Hayden: (Is in the crowd) Go Jessiah!!

Jessiah: Team Sci-fi hey? I think i have an idea of what this team is. hey Chlo, Let's Take this fight into the Future (Hands her a Lazer Crossbow)

Chloe: OK (One of her advantage is medium to long range weapon battling, especially weapons like Bow and Arrows)

(Jessiah and Chloe walk out of the tunnel and onto the ring)

(Two Energy dimension people step onto the ring, wearing hi tech gear, or what Jessiah would call...)

Jessiah: Woah, Sci-Fi!

Team Sci-fi: (activate their Light saber on Hi power)

Anouncer: Just a Quick reminder, contestants, the idea is to knock your opponents out of the ring, not to kill them.

Team Sci-fi: (Lower the Light sabers to minimum. Sci-Fi Guy 1 has a Red lightsaber and #2 has a Purple one)

Sci-Fi Guy 1: You ever had a Lightsaber duel?

Jessiah: (Activates his Green and his Blue Lightsabers) All the Time

Sci-Fi guy 2: Then Let's Fight!

Chloe: (Lowers Lazer Crossbow Power to minimum) Trust us, It's not going to be much of a Fight.

(All in Battle Ready position except Jessiah who Combines his Lightsabers to make a double-bladed Lightsaber first)

Jessiah: (Quietly to Chloe) Chloe, when the bell goes, Use your nature powers to hold him up and i'll use ice to do the same to him. I don't think they have any powers so this will be over quickly. Leave their hands free so i can cut their lightsaber hilts, you then do the rest.

Chloe: (Nods)


(Chloe Quickly Uses Thick Vines to hold guy one up and jessiah freezes #2 in place. Jessiah then runs toward them and cut's their hilts so their lightsabers are useless. Jessiah Runs back to let chloe do the rest. Chloe rushes toward #1 and vine wipes him out of the ring, then fires at the frozen Sci-fi guy unfreezing him then points the gun straight at #2 who has his hands in the air)

Chloe: What's the word? (Vine wipes the ground to scare him)

Sci-Fi guy 2: I surrender.

Jessiah: Too easy.

(15 Battles later)

Round one, Battle 32


Josh: FINALLY! one of ours.

(Two Energy Dimension step on to the ring, they are both clad in Metal armour, one guy has a Sword and a Mace, while the other guy has a Ball and Chain)

Guy 1: (Has the Sword and Mace)Your going to be beaten by our medieval power!

Guy 2: (Has the Ball and Chain) YEAH!!! So just save yourself the effort and let us win!

Sam: As if!

Hayden: We know our Elemental power!

Guy 1: We got to the finals last year! But the Boulder Kid beat us!!

Sam: (To Hayden) When the bell sounds, I'll run for guy 2, you go for Guy 1)


Sam: (Rushes towards Guy 2 and makes a Magma wave which melts his armour)

Guy 2: My armour!

Sam: (Freezes him, grabs him and literally kicks him out of the ring)

Hayden: (Runs towards Guy 1 and makes a massive Icefire Blast which freezes Guy 1) Sam, care to do the honours?

Sam: With pleasure! (Kicks him out of the ring just like Guy 1)

Hayden: That was to easy!

Sam: Your telling me, if we work together we'll win this tournament!

Zoe: Yeah, go Elementals! At this rate, our teams will Zoom through that table.

Josh: But what'll happen if they have to fight each other?

(Josh and Zoe look at each other nervously)

Anouncer: We now have Sixteen teams left. For now, we will have an intermission.

(Over at the Restraunt counter)

Jessiah: One Extra large chocolate milkshake please. triple the flavor.

Bar tender: The man Likes chocolate. (Fills up a Extra large Milkshake Cup with Chocolate milk then adds extra chocolate flavouring)

Jessiah: I have a Sweet tooth.

Bar tender: I can tell. 5 bronze coins please

Jessiah: (pulls out of his pocket 5 mobian bronze coins) Do you accept mobian coins?

Bar tender: As long as it's money. (Put's money in cash register) Thank you very much, Please come again (Smiles)

Jessiah: (Smiles back) Thanks, and trust me, (Takes Milkshake) I will. (Goes over to a table with the others) Nice guy.

Chloe: (Uses Hydrokinesis to make a really little Milkshake Ball Than Drinks it) PPPFFFTTTT!!! uuaahh! How Can you Drink that stuff? It's got too much chocolate in it.

Jessiah: I have a Sweet tooth for chocolate flavouring.

Josh: At least you're not the one wearing it (Shakes some off as the others chuckle and giggle)

One guy from the other table: Hey! you two, you're team Nature's lightning aren't you

Jessiah and Chloe: Yes

Other guy: You better start planning you tactic to use on us. We're team Aqua Red and We've won the previous tournaments we've been in. The Aqua Tournament, the Hydro tournament, Quite a lot.

Jessiah: Why? What powers do you have?

Aqua red Guy one: We're Team Aqua red. you figure it out.

Chloe: What Was that all about?

Josh: I don't know but like they said, you better plan a good tactic to use on them, Because I sense Something weird about those two.

Chloe: Can you Sense their Powers?

Josh: ..........Hydrokinesis, but be careful, they seem to know something you two don't. I can't sense what but it's tricky to sense.

Jessiah: Hmmm. Aqua Red. Aqua Obviously means water and ( Makes a Small Milkshake ball) a few liquids with a fair quantity of it, (Drinks the Milkshake ball) But, since when do you find something like that colored red?

(No one relises this but Jose is there watching them behind a menu)


(Two Energy Dimension people step onto the ring, they are clad in ancient armour, one guy has a bow and arrow, one guys has spear and is on a horse, and another guy is standing on the ground with a sword in his hand)

Hayden: I thought it was 2 on 2 battle.

Guy 1: (Has the arrow) We FORCED the judges to let us have 3 people in our team.

Sam: (Whispers to Hayden) You take Guy 3, I'll take the other 2.

Hayden: So, how'd you convince the judges to let you have 3 people on your team?

Guy 1: We threatened them with death. We have the Warriors tournament and the Ancient fighting tournament. We're now trying our hand at The Energy Dimension tournament, of which we'll win!


Hayden: (Rushes for Guy 3 and throws Icefire at him)

Guy 3: (Knocks it back with his sword)

Sam: (Makes a massive wave of Magma and sends the massive wave at Guy 2)

Guy 2: LAVA!!! (Literally jumps off his horse and jumps clear of the magma)

Sam: Impressive.

Hayden: (Coats himself in full fire and charges at Guy 3, while throwing a ball of ice at him)

Guy 3: (Knocks the Iceball away with the sword but gets hit by Hayden)

Hayden: (Freezes Guy 3 using Icefire)

Guy 1: (Fires a flurry of arrows at Sam)

Sam: (Freezes all the arrows and throws a 5 powers attack at Guy 2)

Guy 2: (Gets hit by the 5 powers attack and gets knocked unconscious)

Hayden: (Freezes Guy 2 using Icefire)

Guy 1: (Fires 15 arrows at Sam at top speed)

Sam: (Freezes all the arrows and charges at Guy 1)

Guy 1: (Fires an arrow at Sam)

Sam: (Freezes the arrow and knocks Guy 1 to the ground)

Hayden: (Freezes Guy 1 using Icefire) Care to do the honours?

Sam: With pleasure! (Kicks Guy 1 out of the arena and does the same with the other 2)

Hayden: That was TO easy!

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