Part 1

In the Gelid Forest of Artika, Tunndrae Frostwind, the Ice Clan's leader, was walking around, as if trying to find something. She looked troubled.

"This isn't right," she mumbled to herself. "Why can't I sense Kyanos' presence?"

She leaned against a tree, sighing. Close to the Ice Clan village, a female hedgehog was busy engaging in target practice, her face calm and focused as she shot the center of the wooden training dummy with her bow, small shards of ice flecking off the frozen arrowhead as it lodged into the dummy. A rare smile spreads across her lips, as if satisfied with her marksman ability. She nocked another Ice Arrow into her bow, now aiming for the head of the training dummy.

Before she got the chance to fire again, a male pacarana approached her, carrying some kind of small pouch.

"Ark! Mind testing something out for me?"

The hedgehog turned towards him, raising an eyebrow.

"If you're asking me to drink some new concoction-"

He just shook his head, holding out the small pouch.

"No, no, I've got a better idea. Mind passing me that arrow?"

Slightly confused, she nevertheless handed him the ice arrow. He took it and examined it, before tying the small pouch onto it, directly behind the arrowhead. He then handed it back to her.

"Okay, now, shoot this at that dummy."

She smiled a bit, seeming to understand what he was doing, and locked the loaded arrow onto her bow, before firing it at the dummy. The arrow hit it square in the head, while the pouch broke open at the same time, releasing a large burst of snow and ice all around the dummy.

"Any kind of potion or elixir you can fit into that pouch, you could attach to an arrow and launch it!" said the pacarana, clasping his hands together. "Imagine the possibilities!"

Outside, an outsider, that looks to be a typical fox, was just approaching towards the village. If they were to see him, they'd likely notice that both of his arms were entirely made of ice. But he himself posed no threat and was merely standing outside, not saying a word unless stated otherwise.

Crytus stopped himself at the entrance of the village. All he had to do was wait for the entrance guard to check up, if necessary.

And just like that, a patrolling guard turned and happened to see the fox. He frowned, shouldering his partisan.

"Can I help you...?"

"Why yes, hello. This must be the village, correct?" The fox asked. If one were to notice, his arms were entirely made of ice, which gives an indication that he's anything but a mere Mobian fox.

The bearcat raised an eyebrow when he got a look at Crytus' arms, frowning a bit.

"...yes, it is," he said, looking wary.

He nodded before seeing the guard looking wary, and looked at his own arms. he gave a small chuckle and waves his hands a little. "Ah yes, don't mind my appearance. You see, I'm not a Mobian; I'm an Elemental, to tell you the truth. Just to get it out of the way."

The bearcat frowned, his posture relaxing somewhat.

"So they do exist on Mobius," he said. "I thought they were only found in the Realms."

"Well, I was created by scientists before I went rogue... the name's Crytus, by the way." Crytus introduces himself to him.

"I've been trying to keep in touch with a close friend of mine, Kyanos. Haven't heard or sensed him since..."

Crytus may be known for never losing his temper and crack jokes often, but even he knows when things were to get serious.

The bearcat was just looking more and more suspicious as he listened to Crytus speak, his grip on his weapon tightening.

"How exactly are you close friends with our God?" he asked, frowning.

Crytus could only wave his hand dismissively, just to try and calm the guard down. "Relax. I'm of no threat to the Gods, or Kyanos. If any... he and I share a similar bond, like I'm a sidekick of sorts."

He too had frowned, his arms crossed together.

"You could say I'm his younger brother, even though I'm not in any way related to him. Us Elementals aren't nearly as powerful as the Gods... but it doesn't mean we're weak. Now, if you don't mind me asking on what's your name?" Crytus asked the guard.

Viscol wasn't sure if he should be believing this or not; it was all very suspicious, especially since Kyanos had recently 'disappeared'.

"Viscol," he said.

"Viscol, huh?" Crytus nodded, and glances around.

"I see you're feeling the same thing."

"I'm trying to decide if I can trust you," Viscol frowned, arms crossed now.

Crytus did not spoke and lets Viscol think about this. All he can do is wait for his answer.

"...I'll have to discuss whether or not you'll be allowed into the village with Lady Frostwind," he said, turning away now.

He simply stood there and said nothing. He remained perfectly still without a single word. All he had to do was wait. With that, Viscol went back into the village, looking for the leader. She had returned from her walk now.

"Lady Frostwind," Viscol said, bowing slightly. "There's a visitor at the gate."

She frowned, looking rather tired.

"If they're not in need of lodging or medical attention, tell them to leave," she said. "We have more pressing matters."

"But he said he knows of Kyanos, Lady Frostwind."

Her eyes widened at that.

"Really? ...then I will speak to him outside of the village," she said, starting to walk forward, with Viscol at her side.

Crytus didn't moved and still waited. If one were to notice, he doesn't really blink like any other Mobians. Tunndrae and Viscol soon reappeared, with the vixen gazing somewhat warily at Crytus.

"You wished for an audience with me?" she asked.

"Who else? I'm by no means a stranger, ma'am." Crytus responded before asking. "And you must be...?"

"You are a stranger right now, I'm afraid," said Tunndrae. "I am Tunndrae Frostwind, the leader of this clan. What is it you want with us?"

He could only mutter, "Yeah I get that a lot, even Pyrhus call me 'a living ice cube' often times..."

"Tunndrae, huh? Interesting name you have. Just a small compliment is all. And as for your question? Well... to tell you the truth, its a long story. Been looking around near and far, and no sign of your ice god." Crytus answered.

She raised an eyebrow at his muttering, but said nothing.

"Oh? And why exactly are you searching for our god?" she asked, suspicion rising now.

Crytus said nothing for a brief moment, studying her wary expression.

"...because there's a far greater threat that could mean the end of our kind." Crytus spoke, his voice obviously low. He turns himself around, away from the duo for now.

He added further, "You may still think of me as a stranger, maybe an untrustworthy one, but if there's one thing I know... is that other Elementals from the realm knew this was happening. The problem is... we're unable to maintain contact with each other. We were mentally cut off suddenly. I tried reaching out to them and all I got was silence. Not to Kyanos, but rather, my fellow buds."

"Well, that's exactly what we're experiencing with Kyanos and our other deities," Tunndrae frowned, arms crossed. "Complete and utter silence. It's like they disappeared off the face of Mobius."

"The Elementals are still alive... and yes, you're looking at one. Crazy as it sounds, I'm indeed a living Elemental, Tunndrae. You may not believe me, but its obviously true. Others may have been 'born' from the realm, though I was taken by scientists and infused me to this body. I'll be honest; I never liked the idea of being used as some lab rat. Sure I worked as a mercenary before, but I got bored and looked for a much better purpose." Crytus explained even further, still facing away from them until told otherwise.

"That's... not what I even asked for," she frowned. "But okay. So you're a physical Elemental; that knowledge doesn't help my clan out in the slightest."

She was getting a bit irritated now.

"Unless you might have any idea where our god has disappeared to, you're really just wasting my time here."

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