Horror in Hayashi

Hayashi Forest, a beautiful land filled with humans, anthros, and youkai. It is known to be the most magic-based land. But, even though it was once a beautiful paradise, it is now suffering from a unknown disease! First symptom is muscle aches, then there's terrible cough, and then a strange rash starts to spread, and when the rash has covered the whole body, they will die....

After a while, the Village Doctor, Naoko, has declared that the illness is not natural and was "created". From this, the mortals have taken noticed that none of the youkai were getting sick, and they already have accused many, but it pinned down to a few...

Will someone help prove the accusations on the youkai aren't true? Or will it be too late and they will be exterminated?


  • The story goes into chapters, each chapter will be the story of a accused youkai, by each chapter you will prove their innocence and get a clue on who or what is really doing this!
  • You can add as many characters as you want
  • Don't alter the story more then it should be!
  • This will mainly take place in Hayashi, other places of Mobius are allowed though
  • No G-modding or swearing
  • Romantic RPing is not tolerated, hugging is as far as it will go!
  • You can make your character appear at chapter, since each chapter is it's own story


Arthur Shiranai

Age: Unknown, but older then the River Village

Species: Nue

Power: Able to hide his trueself and others

He is well known for guarding the River Vilage, Hieonkawa, eversince it was discovered. He is known to be very old, despite looking like a 17 year-old boy. His demonic features on his face prove he is not human, but, Youkai are known to become powerful and sometimes Insane when they reache a age limit. Could Arthur become corrupt and attack the very Forest he protects?!

"Why would I attack the very village my Father discovered?!" ~ Arthur

Keitaro "Koren" Faye

Age: 16

Species: Alchemtic Chimera (Human/Fairy)

Power: Able to use Magical Alchemy

A freakishly tall being known with the history of mockery. He hides his long ears under his hat, and carries a tomb. He was once human, but is no longer, could his childhood experinces of being made fun of, gave him a reason to cause a deadly epidemic?! This might be true since he almost burned down Hieonkawa from the same reason...

"I might be able to use magical alchemy, but I can't use pure magic!" ~ Koren

Kamori Sanjou and Shiri Darcie

Age: 150 Age: 100

Species: Demon Fairy Species: Banshee

Power: Manipulation over Shadows Power: Foretell future death by singing

Kamori, a demon fairy well known for a appetite for mortal flesh, and her servent Shiri. Kamori does not like mortals to well, except for the taste. Could Kamori be killing people with the epidemic so she could have easier human sacrifices? Or is her servent Shiri doing the killing for her master? Is one or both of them guilty?!

"Me eating a sick mortal is like a mortal eating a piece of 6 week-old raw meat!" ~ Kamori

"I do not do anything I am told not to do..." ~ Shiri

Kuro RoKubii

Age: 8

Species: Half- Rokurokubi

Power: Able to stretch his body unnaturally, and unknown power

Kuro, from a relative village like Koren, however is a constaint visitor. Kuro originally didn't know he was a demon, but now seems to accept it, maybe a bit too much... Kuro is known for scaring people, but does he harm them? At night he gains power, but what is it? Could this "power" be the cause of this epidemic? Could rokurokubi be no different then the nukekubi?!

"What? But... I'm half mortal! Does-Does that count as something!? I would never hurt anyone!" ~ Kuro

Kazuki Ruikumo

Age: Unknown

Species: Tsuchigumo

Power: Ability to control illusions and Miasma

Who would be the bigger suspect then a tsuchigumo? The Earth Spiders that cause deadly disease to those who are not carefull. Even though known to be friendly, but how can a spider really be friendly? Could he created miasma that caused such a frightening disease? It is fearfully possible!

"I...I.. would never do such a thing! My powers of miasma is to weak for something like this!" ~ Kazuki



(Those who know the youkai are innocent and would risk their life to save all theirs!)

  • Rodney Ayton (NoraKouba)
  • Kimi Sanjou (NoraKouba)
  • Frostless the Queen of ice (DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Necrio the wolf(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Shade "Tendril" Nightwing/Nightfall the Hedgehog (Numbuh)
  • Darkstorm
  • Smash The Echidna (Played by Smash Himself.)
  • Trenvahx the Lycan
  • Darkness (EAJ)
  • Vitani the lioness
  • Zulto the Hedgehog (Xab, "Experienced Player has now joined the game" XD)
  • Neko Miko (NoraKouba)
  • Minjonet of Hieonkawa (NoraKouba)
  • Hinahana Sanjou (NoraKouba)
  • Dusk the Hedgehog
  • Split the Fox
  • Cold the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)
  • Skate the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)
  • Flame the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)
  • LT the Mouse(played by Tailsman67)
  • Static the Hedgehog (ProtectTheShadows)
  • Mia MaJikku the Cursed (NoraKouba)


(Those whou don't really care about the youkai, and will do whatever they think would help their selves, but will or will not help them at times)

  • Baby Chiack the Ice wolf
  • Darkstorms Son
  • Blaze the hedgecat
  • Teniahk the halfbreed lioness (Newborn cub)
  • Sho Za Sora Takehiko (NoraKouba)
  • Gold the Echidna (E-113:Xi)
  • The Red Baron(played by Tailsman67)
  • Johnny D. the Fox (Jon; doesn't want to be involved unless he's forced to rescue the heroes, even if he would risk his life)
  • D(Played by Tailsman67)


(Those who hate, or think the youkai are the murderers! And will even try to get rid of them, themselves!)

  • Dark Lord Inferno
  • Chimera Darkstorm
  • Predalien
  • (Evil) Anjelous the Vamphog
  • Topaz the Hedgehog (E-113:Xi) May switch to the Hero side
  • Beserker the wolf
  • Dragoeith (fusion of Drago and Keith)(Drago55)
  • Wight the Nue (NoraKouba)

Chapter 1: The Accused Arthur

(Arthur ran as fast as he can, to get away from the exterminators, creating a spell of unknown helped him get away. He took it off as he got to the Spring... He sighed...)

Arthur- What did I do wrong?

(Rodney poked his head out of the water)

Rodney- What's wrong? Did something happen?

Arthur- There's a terrible unnatural illness hitting everyone in Hieonkawa, and it was just now reported Koren's home town was also hit... And they think I did it..

(Rodney tilted his head out of worry and confusion, why would anybody think Arthur would do such a thing)

Darkstorms Son:(Starts cawing for Help)

(Arthur turns around and runs to the rescue)

(Rodney shrugs and shakes his head)

Arthur- Hey! Is someone there?

Darkstorms Son:(Walks on all fours to Arthur curiously)

(Arthur bent down)

Arthur- Who are you? I don't remember you from this forest...

Darkstorms Son:(Speaks in Halfbreed tone and points west)

Predalien:Acid Claws

(Arthur sensed Predalien and jumped out of the way)

Arthur- Hey! What do you think you're doing?

Predalien: Trying to kill the youngling.

Dark Lord Inferno: Predalien, enough we have bigger fish to fry and kill, the child will have to wait, Take the person protecting the child.

Predalien: With pleasure, Chestbuster claws.

(Arthur growled and notice the boy he was just talking too, in a flash he snatched him to protect him from any harm the other two were going to do, and he ran, fast!)

Arthur- Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you. But if it's me they're after, I need to take you somewhere safe and away from this place!

Predalien: The DARK LORD wants you dead murderer,Chestbuster Claws.

(the shadows wrap around Predalien's legs, tripping and entangling him)

Predalien: Noo, The DARK LORD wants him dead he will not be denied.

Tendril: (steps out of the shadows nearby) dark lord, eh? i think i could take him.

(Evil) Anjelous:(Appears and turns Vampire) Highly dout it Shadow boy.

Tendril: and who are you?

(Evil) Anjelous:Your worst nightmare.

Tendril: really? who do you think you are? Batman?

Anjelous(Evil):*Runs, grabs Tendril and bites his neck* No I am Evil.

Tendril: (dissolves into shadows. a second one attacks Anjelous from behind) wrong one.

Predalien:*Breaks free And attaks Arthur* Chestbuster Claws

Tendril: (a third one charges out of the shadows at Predalien)

Chimera: Death Blast.

Tendril: (two more appear. one attacks Chimera from the front. the other from behind)

Chimera: Shadow Absorbtion.

Tendril: (the clones dissappear. the real one is nowhere to be seen)




Darkstorms Son:(Throws bone Shuriken)

Tendril: (steps out of the forest nearby) well, looks like my shadow clones are useless here.

Arthur- I'll have to get out of here! Behold powers of Non-Indentification!

(Arthur then creates a barrier like object, and when the object disappeared so did he)

(in a puff of smoke darkness appears)

Darkness: i hate you Reaver.. i hate you.

Tetrahx:(Runs into Darkness)Watch were your going (Turns Lycan and Howls) I am going to whoop your butt all the way to SATURNS MOONS (Howls).

Darkstorm: Tetrahx stand down.

Tetrahx: Yes master.

(Arthur fled back into the clearing with the giant spring, he took off the Non-Identification and became visable again)

Arthur- *sigh*

(Rodney pops his head from the water, and then decided to get out)

Rodney- If it's getting tough I'll help you!

(Arthur smiled, it's rare to see all of Rodney since he's always in the water, his fins shimmered a rainbow when light hit. He was defently the Rainbow Nixie)

Arthur- I can take care of myself... I have been since my father died...

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps into the water and turns Aquatic and swims after Rodney's tail)

Tendril: i used to think the same thing.

Darkstorms Son: (Swims towards Tendril)

Tendril: (sees him) uhh hi?

Darkstorms Son:( Summons his Base Guitar)

Tendril: (some nearby shadows mold into an ocarina in his hand)

Darkstorms Son: (jumps out of the water and grabs his Guitar and starts playing death metal: Thunderhorse)

Tendril: o.o' uhhhhhhhh...............

Darkstorms Son:(plays Bloodroucuted)

Tendril: uhhhhhh.........

Darkstorms Son:(Stops)

Tendril: uh, i don't think i can play that with this. (ocarina dissappears)

Darkstorms Son:(Plays:Awaken)

Darkness: *joins in on drums as one clone and other guitarist with himself for awaken* nice pick kid. i love this song.

Rodney- Huh? What the?

(Rodney got up on his feet and then made the water splash out everyone out, and splash on those already out)

Arthur- -_-* I'm soaked...

Rodney- Sorry...

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps in after Rodney while playing Go into the Water)

Darkness: water + me = i hate whoever splashed me. *tearing off his limbs to replace them*

Darkstorms Son:(Transforms into a water dragon and chases Rodney)

Darkness: where did i put *gets shocked to all hell*

Darkstorms Son:(Comes out of the water in his dragon form)

Darkness: *fried and still getting shocked*

Darkstorms Son: (Lands next to Darkness and heals him)

Darkness: *only the shocking stops* thanks for trying kid but without my metalic limbs unnatuarla healing is... well i cant heal just by useing magic... my metal arm acted as the medium to allow my body to process it.


Rodney- *scratches head* I'm out of the water...

Arthur- What do you want!?

Darkstorm:To keep you out of Inferno's hands.

Darkstorms Son:(Transforms into his Dragon Form infront of Rodney)

Darkstorm:The storm line were known to turn into Dragons!!!

Darkness: *takes the limbs and inspects them*.. not my type but it will serve until i find a dimond. *he uses some black magic and alchemy to fuse the arm together but when it was finished and the light died down a vinal stood out on the arm it said "E-299 Destroyer"*

Chiack: (Comes out from behind Darkstorms leg and cowars back)

Darkstorm: It is ok Chiack, he isn't evil.

Arthur- I can't believe all this was caused because I'm a demon....

(Rodney starts running away from Darkstorms Son)

Rodney- Man this is like the time with that Ninja Shark hybrid all over again!!!

Chiack:(Walks over to Arthur curiously)???

(Arthur looks at Chiack, even though Arthur at first looks human, but his demonic-looking purple eyes give it away.)

Chiack:(Gets under Arthur's arm)

Darkstorms Son:(Turns back to his origonal form and lands on Rodney's head and purrs)

Darkness: Darkstorm next time just bring me metal please. i know you did well on choosing parts but i dont use any brand i make my own so its better if you just bring me metal and maybe a dimond or 2.

Darkstorm: Gotcha.

Darkness: *looking down at his vinal* thanks for not killing me for saying that.. i wasnt trying to sound rude its just how i have been... for a long time.

Darkstorm: (Turns into a Shadow Dragon)

Trenahx: Your worried about Vitani aren't you?

Darkness: that person you mentioned. my guess is that she is important to you huh Darkstorm? its just like my wife. not a day goes by when im away from her that i worry about her and our daughter.

Darkstorm: Vitani is my wife yes, I worry every night I sleep for every time she is in the Tryanoya Quaritine Zone.

(Arthur smiles)

(But then some people came in, their strange clothing of spiritual attire showed they were youkai extermenators!)

Arthur- Oh no!

Darkstorm: Dark Ball (Uses the Sphere of dark energy to distract the exterminator)

Darkness: Shadow Rush ultimatium. *his body cloaks in shadows and rushes towards the nearest exterminator and he also draws his sword lightning quick while rushing towards it*

Darkstorms Son: (Plucks the bone shards out of his hair and uses them as bone shuriken)

(All of the exterminators ran off, except one little miko, a shrine maiden, it had the face and body of a seedrian, and ears and a long tail that curved, her elegence was that of a dream species)

Neko Miko- Looks like all the monks ran off, too bad they're not very high leveled!

(Arthur crawled back)

Arthur- It's Neko Miko, one of the most powerful shrine maidens, even I can't.....

(Neko took out her miko stick)

Darkstorms Son:(Turns Dragon)*Growls*

Beserker:(Target's plasma claster at Neko Miko)

(Neko Miko sat down and held the stick right next to her, she didn't look like she was wanting combat)

Neko Miko- Being a miko, you must know who is true or not, but modern ones keep forgeting that, Nya~!

Beserker:(Fires Plasma Claster)

Darkstorm:(Pushes Neko Miko out of the blast range) Sevahk!!!

(Neko Miko changes her miko stick into a umbrella, and somehow the umbrella blocked the attack)

Neko Miko- Defense is my forte, don't forget it!

Arthur- Phew, aren't I glad that you're on my side...

Neko Miko- I know many things, I know you are not repsonable for this plague... And I even know who is! Nya~

Beserker:(Declaoks) You lie, (Aims plasma burner at Arthur) He must fall.

(All of a sudden, Neko Miko disappeared at great speed, and placed a paper amulet on the plasma burner, as he disappeared again, the paper made the plasma burner explode)

Neko Miko- You're foolish, I am the true miko who can really summon the power of the gods!

(Neko took out even more of the same amulets ready)

Arthur- She's not lying, she's the strongest I know, infact, it is said she is over hundreds of years old...

Beserker:(Gunantlet Knives extend and attacks the shrine maiden) She lies and you must die.

Tendril: (a wall of shadows comes up between him and the others)

Chimera:Shadow Absorbtion!!!

Tendril: that cheap trick again? fine. let's see you absorb this! (Chimera's feet are magnetized to the ground and chunks of metal come up out of the ground, form into multiple spears, and fly straight at Chimera)

Meanwhile at the village, A blue echidna wandered into the territory. He was not from around here. He walked around curiously. "So this is that mystical village, huh...?" He said to himself.

An orange hedgehog was walking around, showing a photo to different people. He headed towards the echidna and asked, "Do you know where I can find this person? He got a bounty on his head. Oh, and don't tell me his name, 'cause I already got that info from several unhelpful people."

Smash shook his head. "No. No I haven't seen him." He said, and kept moving. "...Something's definitely going on here. I'd better investigate further. I might just have to spend the night here..."

Neko Miko- Idiot...

(Neko stops the attack with a barrier and flun Chimera across the clearing)

Neko Miko- Shrine Maiden cannot lie, along with the fact we need to stay virgins...

Tendril: (looking off in the distance. seems to be deep in thought)

(All of a sudden a girl from the River Village came)

Little Girl- Miss miko, I have a message from the village leader...

(The little human girl gives Neko Miko the message, as Neko reads it, the little girl runs off)

Neko Miko- Now, THIS is enteresting! This message tells of a clue of who the real culprite is... And the evidence shows Arthur is innoccent... A victim recalls seeing a beast-like form when he got sick... Now, if it was Arthur it would've been a humanoid, but that still leaves the question.... Who did it? Perhaps that Half-Fairy making chimeras?

Darkstorm:(While holding Chimera's throat) I am a half-demon!!!

Chapter 2: Koren's Bounty

Man1- That money is mine!

Man2- I'm getting that monster first!

Koren- Tik! Annoying...

(Koren placed a alchemy circle which caused a explosion, making trees fall in the two hunter's path)

(Koren comes to a stop, and straightens his hat)

Koren- Just because I'm not all human, they accuse me of everything!

Smash, while exploring the village, heard the explosion. "What the heck was that!?" Quickly, he rushed towards where he heard the explosion and the trees falling.

(Koren sits by a nearby tree and starts reading his book)

Koren- "What are people thinking these days... Just accusing those who are not all mortal..."

(Koren thought as he turned a page)

Smash caught up to the hunters by the fallen trees, looking around frantically for their bounty. "What just happened here!?" He called out.

Man1- That alchemetic freak just closed this lane down with fire alchemy!

"Alchemetic freak?" Smash repeated. He could only wonder who that was.

The orange hedgehog ran by in a flash, hopping the fallen trees. "That's all I needed to here," he said with a smirk.

"What the-" He saw the hedgehog run right past them all. "Hey..that's the guy from yesterday! Could it be that this "Alchemist" is his bounty...?" He shook his head. "I'd better look into this even more." He jumped over both of the trees and began to follow the Orange hedgehog.

Anjelous (Evil):(Laughs)

(As Koren was reading he heard someone coming)

Koren- Great, I knew that wasn't going to fully stop them...

(Koren placed his hand on the ground and waited, a alchmey circle was under his hand, waiting to be activated)

Some wind began to blow, carrying around fallen leaves. It was as if somebody was there, but there was no one to be seen. Suddenly, out from a nearby tree flew a spiked, metal ball on a chain, heading straight for Koren.

(Koren activated his alchemy and caused a great wall to appear and blocked the metal ball)

Koren- Come out and show yourself! *straightens hat over face*

The chain retracts, taking the ball with it. Leaves flew from the tree, and in a blinding flash of speed the orange hedgehog jumped behind Koren, and delivered a kick to his back.

(Koren fell down, along with his hat revealing his long ears. Despite the fact he's shy beyond belief about his ears, he payed no attention and got ready)

Koren- Argh!

(Koren created a alchemy circle directly behind him, his eyes turned blue)

Koren- Freeze to death from the Cryo...

(When the alchemy circle flashed, the forest started freezing instantly and it was spreading)

The orange hedgehog became slightly blurry; he was vibrating the molecules in his body. "A little trick I learned from my dad to keep warm. A cool breeze doesn't scare me," he chuckled. He pulled the metal ball from behind his back, which was now resting on a handle. While tossing it up and down, he said, "Oh, and I'm Topaz. Topaz the Hedgehog."

Koren- I am Keitaro Faye, the manipulator of alchemy! Of course everyone calls me Koren...

(Koren flips through his book which really was a tomb of many recorded alchemy circles)

Koren- You're a bit stronger then I thought, my Cryo abilities is not my forte really...

(Koren then placed one of his hands into the tomb and copied the alchemy circle, it floated infront of his hand)

Koren- Power of Destruction!

(Koren smash the circle against the earth and it shook, the earth cracked and stone pillers smashed through it)

Anjelous(Evil):Over here!!

(Koren didn't listen, instead, stone pillars also started heading towards Anjelous)

Anjelous (Evil);(Attacks Koren) Die mortal!!!!!

(Koren vanished0

Koren- Who are you calling mortal?!

(And Koren gave a deadly strong kick in Anjelous' face)

Koren- I'm no mortal, at least not anymore...

(Koren placed his hat on his head, once again covering his long ears. He then started to walk off, and then he disappeared into the forest)

(Later Koren escaped into his training grounds, the trees were still misshapen after the accident. Trees made of iron, ruby, gold etc.)

Koren- Ugh, for once I thank my fairy side to allow me hide in forests... but it's tireing...

(Koren sat up against the golden tree and started to take a rest)

Suddenly, Topaz's voice could be heard off in the distance. "Don't ignore me fairy," he cried, "I'll find you again, and this time there will be no interruptions!"

(an unfamilliar voice is heard nearby)

???: sup?

Smash made it to the clearing, only to find the whole place frozen and not a soul in sight. He looked around, highly disturbed. "Whatever the heck happened here, I'm too late..." He paced back and forth, his hands behind his back. "What on earth could have happened here...And who did this...?" He began to examine the area closely. He soon noticed a few scratch marks on a tree, next to another which had a huge tear in the middle of it. "Some kind of heavy weapon must have done this." He said to himself. He began to walk across the frozen ground, crunching upon ice with every step. "Those stone pillars don't look very natural, either. I'm willing to bet they came from the same place as the ice, judging by the earth quake I felt earlier." He stroked his chin. "My only question is...Who did this? And where did they go?" He folded his arms and closed his eyes, thinking. "Hmm....This is all so very strange..."

(a few black hedgehogs with purple streaks dash through the clearing. one notices Smash and stops)

Tendril: hey Smash.

(Koren got mad)

Koren- I'M NOT A FAIRY!!!

(He shouted hard, but relized he could've given himself away. He didn't do anything but sigh)

???: (leaning against a tree) hey. Koren right?

Koren- *sigh* Yeah.. If you're wanting to kill me, then you're a idiot...

(Koren tipped his hat over his face)

???: no thanks. name's Shade Nightwing. i prefer to go by Tendril.

(Koren lifted his hat from his face, revealing green eyes that didn't belong to any human)

Koren- Oh really? Very well then...

(Koren takes out his book and starts reading again)

There was some rustling in the bushes nearby, "Hehe, gotcha." Topaz jumped from the shrubbery and shot the metal ball once more at Koren.

Tendril: (the metal ball stops in midair) your going to have to do better than that.

The spikes on the ball shoot out in all directions. "Oh look, more distractions."

Tendril: (the spikes stop midair as well) haven't you noticed yet? metal isn't a challenge to me. (the spikes turn and face Topaz)

The spikes fall to the ground and disappear, only to reappear on the ball, which retracts back to Topaz. He puts it back in his vest saying, "Alright then, I've got more then one trick up my sleeve. Oh wait, no sleeves." He runs at Tendril with blinding speed.

Tendril: (a spinning ball of shadow, chaos and magnetic energy appears in his hand. he holds it in front of himself so Topaz would slam into it) Nightfall Tendril's Rasengan.

At the last minute, Topaz does a slide tackle, avoiding the Rasengan while still attacking Tendril.

Tendril: (gets hit and dissappears. reappears behind him) over here.

"Magnetism, umbrakinesis, and teleportation," Topaz began, "This might be fun." He pulled a power ring out of his pocket, which was carrying a Fire Barrier. "Time to crank the heat up!"

Tendril: (begins charging another Nightfall Tendril's Rasengan)

"Get a load of this!" Topaz shouted as he used his Fire Barrier to shoot a fireball at Tendril.

Tendril: (the rasengan dissappears. he absorbs the heat from the flames and becomes Darkfire Tendril)

Darkfire Tendril: not so easy is it?

Topaz looked at Darkfire Tendril with disappointment. "Oh, son of a--" he said in shock. He then turned to Koren, who was still watching from a distance. Right, the elf, he thought. Topaz began running again, this time in Koren's direction, with the Fire Barrier adding to his momentum.

Inferno IV:I grow tired of this, Magma Ball!!!!

(Koren closes his book and jumps in the battle)

Koren- If you know what's good for you, don't use fire in a forest...

(Koren then commaned a water alchemy that rained over the forest)

Inferno IV: Plasma Blast!!!!

(Koren avoided it, he then was on top of the golden tree he made)

Koren- Come on you can do better then that...

Topaz sighed. This is becoming a lot more complicated than it sounded on paper, he though. "That's it! I'm bringing you in and collecting my prize one way or another. This is where 'dead or alive' becomes fun." Eight pure white sparks appeared and began to orbit Topaz. He was surrounded with a red aura as his eyes whited out and his fur and flesh became red as well. Immense power rushed through him as he became Gem Shine Topaz. He pointed towards Koren and shouted, "You're finished!"

(Koren said nothing and vanished within the trees again)

"You won't escape from me that easily," Topaz called out as he moved forward. "I can and will find you."

???: You stay away from him!

(A girl's voice echoed in the forest, and then a shower of arrows came out)

Minjonet- I won't let you hurt him!

(It was a human girl from the River Village, just a mere innocence who's only power is to use her bow with grace)

Topaz looked at Minjonet with confusion. "Why do you people care so much for this lowly elf? Clearly he has brought suffering to have such a high bounty on his head."

(Minjonet sets her bow but doesn't shoot)

Minjonet- You have no clue! And he's not a elf, nor a fairy, nor a human... He's a chimera! A long time ago when he was just a little boy, his father used him in a research of the chimera, he used his own son! Fused Koren and a fairy together to make what he is now, and because of it, he was made fun of! He might not show it, but he is in alot of pain! So much! His father was also soon taken away from child abuse, but since his mother died when he was just a baby, I don't know how he was able to survive! I am Minjonet! Daughter of the Cheif of Hieonkawa, the river village! And Keitaro is my friend, I might just be a human, BUT I'LL USE ALL IN MY POWER TO HELP HIM!!!

(Minjonet fires)

Topaz caught the arrow with ease, but he did not counter-attack. Instead, he hesitated. "You would risk you life for him," he began, "Maybe it is true, that this one is innocent." The white sparks flew into formation in from of him. "Spirits of the fallen, show me the faults of darkness." Each spark flew in a different direction and scattered amongst the trees. Soon they returned and flew into formation once more. They began to show images of Koren's past. "Keitaro... Koren," Topaz started as he powered down his Gem Shine form, "Forgive me for my actions. I was overcome by greed. If you allow it, I will help prove your friend's innocense."

(Minjonet lowers her bow)

Minjonet- I know he is innocent... It is because I saw figure too little to be Koren...

Tendril: i know the same way i know your name, Topaz.

Topaz looked towards Tendril in confusion. "So now you can read minds, too? Heh, I'm going to have to be careful next time I run into you." He then focused his attention on the trees. "You can come out now Koren! That is, if you forgive me as well."

(Koren jumps out)

Koren- I believe, the culprit may be a fairy, a pure-blooded fairy that is...

As everyone was leaving, Smash had only just arrived. He looked around to see this place in a mess as well. "I missed everything again. I know I heard some more commotion over here, but no one's here....I'd better start investigating." He began to look around the area. The first thing he noticed were arrows all over the ground. One of them being snapped in half. "Well, it looks like we have an archer here..." He noticed a few areas were slightly burnt, but then also noticed a golden tree near him. "Whoa...What's this?" He walked towards it and felt it. It didn't feel quite natural. ".....Yeah, Something's definitely going on...." He turned around and folded his arms, closing his eyes. "But what....?" After thinking for a while, he sighed. "I'm finding too many "Clues" here, that probably don't have any meaning to me because I don't have any base information. So I think I'll head back to the village for a while, and try to see what I can learn." He unfolded his arms and began to head back.

Chapter 3: Kamori's Hunt, and Shiri's Issue

(Kamori slammed the doors of the mansion, to prevent others from coming in)

Kamori- Mortals these days, they make me sick!

(Kamori's little sister then came in)

Kimi- Onee-sama, is something wrong?

(Kamori straigtened her bowtie and shook her head, but the door was baning with people trying to get in...)

(an unknown voice is heard from above)

???: (standing upsidedown on the ceiling) well, looks like i found another one.

Smash returned to the village, only to hear a mob nearby. "What the heck?" He started to head in the direction he heard the angry people. Soon, he came to a mansion, the front yard flooded with hordes of furious villagers. "What the heck is going on here!?" He yelled.

(multiple shadows on the ground are moving toward the mansion)

Smash noticed them immediately. At first he looked startled, but then his eyelids lowered halfway. "...Tendril..." He said to himself. He then tried to get one of the villagers to shut up and answer his question.

Kimi- Onee-sama? Should I "play" with them, ze?

Kamori- No, they're humans. Foolish, but innocent humans...

(A banshee appears next to Kamori)

Shiri- M'lady, we have company...

(Shiri points up)

Kamori- I know, I can see it's shadow...

(Kamori looks up)

Tendril: (drops from the ceiling and lands in a crouching position in front of Kamori. stands) hello.

Kamori- Hello...

(Kamori's red eyes were steely and heartless, she was little but was able to levitate)

Tendril: (holds out a hand) Shade Nightwing. call me Tendril.

Seeing that he wasn't getting anywhere with the mob, Smash decided to just leave them and come back later. In the meantime, He decided to go and talk with someone of authority and find out just what was going on here.

(one of the shadows stands suddenly and bumps into Smash)

Tendril: sorry, Smash.

"I knew you were "lurking in the shadows" around here, Tendril." He said, shifting his weight to the side. "What brings you here?"

Tendril: i came to the forest to visit, found out there was some terrible disease going around, and sent as many shadow clones as i could make to search the forest for known suspects. one just reported that he found one in that mansion.

"Oh really?" He asked, his eyebrow raising. He glanced behind him towards the mob at the mansion. "What, did the angry villagers tip em off or does he have a clue that would lead him to mark him down as a suspect?"

Tendril: he's inside the mansion. we already know she's innocent, we just came to back them up if they come under attack.

"Oh, so she's innocent? How do you know that?" He curiously inquired.

Tendril: i can see into the shadows of people's minds. i made sure to pass that ability onto my clones as well.

Smash stroked his chin. "Pretty handy, if not an invasion of privacy." He commented, looking up as he appeared to be thinking. "Hmm...So we know she's innocent, but that leaves us with this one question: Who did it?"

Tendril: no clue.

"Hmm..." He shook his head. "Earlier, I was investigating deep into the forest. I found an entire clearing, completely frozen over. And stone pillars that look like they just ripped right out of the ground were spread out in random spots. And even further in the forest I found a strange golden tree." He folded his arms. "That was just too out of the ordinary to ignore, but I had to leave because I didn't have enough base information to make anything out of it."

Tendril: i think i know what your talking about. some of my clones witnessed a few fights between one of the suspects, which they found innocent, fighting a bounty hunter by the name of Topaz.

Smash rose his eyebrow. "A bounty hunter..? Yeah, I saw him. I couldn't catch up to him, though, as he ran right by me. I knew there was some sort of fight going on, I could see where they were fighting. Just what kind of powers allows someone to freeze an entire forest and make the ground shoot up like that? Then again, you have unusual powers yourself so it's not quite out of the question in comparison. Anyway, I'm going to talk with one of the head villagers. I wanna know what they have to say about all of this."

Tendril: alright, i'll go back up my clones. (becomes a shadow and slips into the mansion)

Meanwhile, a yellow echidna was walking around elsewhere. Distracted by the commotion, which had spread far beyond the mansion, he bumped into one of the shadow clones. "Ow! Sorry about that," he said. "You wouldn't happen to have any idea what's going on around here, do you?"

Tendril: yes, actually. one of my teammates found one of the suspects thought to have caused the disease going around.

Kamori- I wonder where Hinahana is...

(Kamori said, not paying any attention)

"Disease?" The echidna was worried now. "I pick the worst times to go places. By the way, my name's Gold. And yours?"

Tendril: call me Tendril. i really should be going now. (continues on in the direction of the mansion)

Gold followed, trying hard to keep up. "Wait! Maybe I can help," he called to the now distant Tendril.

Tendril: (stops and waits for Gold) we already know she's innocent, reinforcements were called in the event someone tried to attack her.

"You said she was 'one of the suspects'," Gold started, "I could help find the others, and maybe figure out who the real culprit is. I can't just ignore something like this." He seemed quite concerned, but he was just a natural helper. "My dad was a treasure hunter, and I picked up a few tricks from him. I just know that'll come in handy."

Tendril: i suppose you could help. can you read minds?

"What!? No. I'll show you what I can do instead," Gold said. He then looked around, and started walking towards a large boulder. Gold smashed his fists together and jumped into the air. He brought them down hard on the boulder which crumbled into dust. What seemed like a normal display of strength became interesting, as Gold's fur slowly became solid stone. He turned to look at Tendril again, saying, "Admitedly, I'm more brawn than brains. If you can read minds, then I'm sure you can more than make up for it."

Tendril: well then, it would probably be best if you contacted us as soon as you find a suspect and waited for us to arrive before showing yourself.

Gold stood still, looking almost shocked. "Um... ok then," he said before turning to walk away.

(The door slamming got harder)


(After Kamori's voice echoed harsly through the giant mansion, a fairy with a hammer as big as her came)

Hinahana- You called Kamori?

(The fairy was more older looking then most fairies, but still rather short. Kamori pointed at the door)

Hinahana- Okay! ^w^

(Hinahana got infront of the door, and she ready up her hammer as if she was playing baseball)


(Then the door finally bursted open, they used a tree appearantly, but they all stopped when they saw Hinahana.)

Hinahana- Haha!

(And then Hinahana hit all of the people to far part of the garden with her hammer in a single blow, in fear they scattered)

Hinahana- Okay! ^w^

Tendril: nice.

(with the door and crowd gone, they could see more Tendrils walking toward the mansion)

Kamori- Shadows?

Tendril: yup. most of them at least. the real Tendril is in there somewhere. i called them to help defend you, seeing as you're innocent.

Kamori- You're smart, but if I wanted to be protected I could've easily killed them... And those shadows do not impress me...

(Kamori floated to another part of the room, she souned snobish but also cold.)

(a slightly more familiar voice comes from one of them)

Tendril: Kimi and Kamori. haven't seen you two in a while.

Kimi- HI!!! Ze~!

(Kimi's hyper and positive attitude seems to make up for Kamori's cold personality)

Kamori- Hmm... Hello, but I need to attend business else where...

(Despite what Kamori just said, she didn't move. But her shadow did, and it soon detached itself and grew a red grin. It then flew off into the River Village)

Kimi- Onee-sama is checking to see if they still think she's a meanie...

Tendril: ah. hold on. (he opens his mouth and a wisp of cyan smoke came out. nearby metal magnetizes together, creating a body to house it)

Nightfall: hello again.

(Kimi flapped her wings)

(All of a sudden, exterminator came, it was a monk, a male miko. Shiri screeched and landed in his path)

Shiri- I won't let you harm my mistress!

(Shiri's voice sounded possess even though she wasn't)

Smash stormed out of the official's office, heading back to the mansion. You could almost see puffs of steam coming from his head. He was most clearly not happy. As he walked back towards the mansion, each footstep sounding as if he were trying to stomp a bug, He soon noticed that the mob was gone. However, he heard a loud screeching sound, it sounded like a young girl. He froze, his gaze immediately directing towards the mansion. "This time, I'm NOT missing it." He charged towards the entrance at full throttle. It wasn't long before he came up behind the exterminator. "Alright, I want answers. Who are you, and what are you doing here?" He demanded from the monk.

(The man said nothing, but then Shiri flew through him. And as she did, the man turned into nothing but paper. Shiri did screeching-laugh, probably how banshee laugh)

Shiri- It was a shikigami, I must saaaaay~, it was a bit high leveled~!

(She was singing in her words, her ghostly voice was chilling)

Smash was taken back in shock. "Wh-what the...crap..was that..!?" He said, more to himself than to Shiri. He had a very disturbed look on his face.

Tendril: O.O' uhhh, i don't think we're needed here, Nightfall.

Nightfall: neither do i.

(Kamori's shadow came back, and so did her conscious)

Kamori- Hmm... that's rather interesting...

Kimi- What is it Onee-sama?

Kamori- They switched targets... A hybrid strangly...

"Switched Targets?" Smash asked, confused. Although he knew that they weren't going to answer him. Who switched targets? He thought. And what does she mean by "Targets"...?...There are just too many things I don't know. How am I supposed to get anything done...? Hmm....

Chapter 4: Kuro's Problem

(Kuro hides in a tree)

Kuro- They shouldn't find me here....*whimpers*

(Kuro wiped his tear-covered face)

(one of Tendril's shadow clones is watching him from a distance)

Tendril: (puts one hand to the side of his head. whispers into a headset) i think i've found another one. he seems innocent as well.................right. i'll move in slowly.

(Kuro ties his out-stretched tail around himself for comfort, she shivered. He was no older then 8.)

Tendril: (lands in the tree, not far away.)

(Two shadowy figures watched in the shadows. One had red eyes, and the other, shorter one, had blue.)

(Kuro then coils his tail around him, he was shivering and shaking with fear)

Tendril: (whispers into his headset) i sense two more minds watching him. keep hidden when you get here. (turns off the headset and continues moving carefully in Kuro's direction)

(The shorter one with the blue eyes looks up at the other figure, and whispers something in a strange language)

???: Akbem kizar juxatim huphler hugex.

Translating: "He seems very frightened."

Tendril: (lands on a branch almost directly above Kuro's)

Kuro- *gasp* W-w-w-who's there?

(He then lowered his head in his coil)

(The first figure whispers to the shorter one, and the she nods and walks towards Kuro)

???: Excuse me. Are you okay?

Tendril: (jumps down to Kuro's branch. to Kuro) don't worry. im not going to hurt you.

(Kuro lifted his head from his coiled tail)

Kuro- Really? A-Are you sure? Alot of people are being so cruel to me because of the illness...

Tendril: im not like them. i know you didn't do anything.

(The second, taller, red-eyed figure steps forward)

??? 2: So do we. We wish not to hurt you.

(The shorter one seems to be female, and the taller one male)

Flame:(Falls out the sky and lands on the ground)Oww.

Cold: (Falls out the sky and lands on Flame)Your quills are so sharp T-T.

Skate (Falls out the sky and lands on Cold)PaiNNNNNN.

The Red Baron:(Falls out the sky and lands on Skate)Painful.T-T

Tendril: uhhhh......right.

Kuro - O.O;

While searching through the forest, Smash heard some strange noises off in the distance, like something heavy falling to the ground. He stopped completely and listened. He soon heard a few voices off into the distance. ...That way. He thought. He began to hurry in the direction.

(The younger one, [the shorter female with blue eyes] looked into the distance)\

???: Shh! Intruder! We must hide!

??? 2: Right!

(With a surge of smoke, the two dark figures disappeared, leaving nothing behind but their strange black robes)

Smash soon came into the area. He stopped and looked around. "Hmm...Oh?" He saw the four people on the ground, groaning in pain. "What happened here?" He asked.


Cold:And I thought this day couldn't get any whose.

Skate&The Red Baron:Who?

"What are you two doing here?" Smash asked, sounding kind of confused.

Cold:We were trapped in a dome,then Skate use chaos control,and then we appear in the SKY,and Flame forgot he could Fly

Flame:I forgot I can fly!:D

Skate&The Red Baron:Who is this guy?

Smash scratched his head. "Huh. Weird." His gaze turned to Skate and Baron. "My name is Smash The Echidna." He introduced. Right at that moment, something caught his attention at the corner of his eye. "Hm...?" He turned to look at it. Two robes lay on the ground nearby. Curiously, he walked towards them, bending down to examine them. "...Someone else has been here...Two someone's..." He said to himself. "Friend or foe, though...?"

Darkness: *he comes in from tunneling underground* i dont know but i'd be careful. i have found an old enemy of mine and he's better than i thought. *if they look at him they notice his metal arm is missing* apparntly he has a more important part of me inside him and he's after the accused. he just wants to kill them.

Tendril: (one of his shadow clones comes out of the forest nearby) hey Smash.

Skate:Handsome men,do any of you have a sisters?

The Red Baron:Hi Smash,and this bum right here is Skate.

Darkness: *eyes Skate* what?

Smash turned to look at Darkness. "What the-Darkness!? Where Why were you under ground?" He gave an aside glance to Tendril's shadow clone. "Hey there." He said, almost as if he expected to see him. He looked over at Skate and Baron. "And what's your name?" He asked The Red Baron.

Darkness: it was my means of escaping my old enemy searching for the accused. he wants them dead for power.

"The accused..You don't mean the several suspects of this disease, do you?" He gasped. "This could be trouble. Those officials are morons, we can't let judgement be passed down without a proper investigation." He turned to look at Tendril. "We need to hurry and find the true culprit. Our time is limited."

Darkness: no kidding its where i have been for the longest time and just now got away. he can be stopped but when we fight him make sure to avoid the lower chest area. its where all hybrids keep there essence until they move it but he isnt a hybrid so its stuck there and if anything happens to it im screwed because il die shortly after if its broken.

Tendril: (puts a hand to the side of his head. speaks through his headset) hey. we have some disturbing news on our end. we need to find these accused and secure their safety as soon as possible..........alright. good luck guys. (turns off the headset)

"Disturbing news indeed." Smash agreed. His eye twitched at that fact. "If we prove their innocence, that is, IF they're all innocent, Is it not possible that he would change his mind? Or would he kill them anyway?"

Darkness: shintamato is a power hungry tyrant. he wont stop weather they are proved innocent or not... also anybody got some metal on them?

"I don't understand what he would gain from killing them if they're innocent...Also no."

Darkness: remember what i said about the important part of me? every life he takes increases the power inside the essence and as the essence grows so does the beholder.

The Red Baron:My name is Red the Foxwolf.:)

Darkness: nice to meet you Red.

"That's even more disturbing." He said, making an equally disturbed expression. "We need to hurry and find out what's really going on." He turned to look at Red. "Nice to meet you. Although I wish it were under better circumstances." He looked over at Tendril. "Have you found anything else out?"

Darkness: once we beat him my essence will hopefully exit his body and allow me to take it. and by that i mean if we kill him and the essence leaves his body its up for grabs. and i only have a limited amount of days before i die from my lack of my essence.

Tendril: not yet. i've already called reinforcements to help protect Kuro. in fact, most of them have already arrived. though no one has reported seeing any of the remaining accused.

"Hm, I see..Well, we'll have to take him down then." He said to Darkness before continuing with Tendril. "Kuro?" Smash asked. "That wouldn't happen to be the next "target" they mentioned back at the Mansion, would it? The one in the forest?"

(Located nearby, among the shadows)

???: *looks at the taller one* Ixher lay umbra juxatan formala!

Translating: "They think that we're enemies!"

??? 2: Extel for hyfid. Hora maxidim forex jur hybify.

Translating: "I know that. We should try to remain hidden for now."

Tendril: (to Smash and Darkness) by the way, we're being watched.

Darkness: i know. i can sense them as well. vampires are more than what you know.

"I figured as much." Smash said. He looked at the corner of his eye, suspiciously. "Whoever left their cloaks here, I'm quite sure it wasn't by accident..."

Darkstorm:*Spins Beretta 96*

(With Johnny...)

Johnny: [asleep behind a rock]

Kuro- Uh guys, look!

(Kuro was pointing at a group of men chasing after a child)

Kuro- Look's like I'm not guilty anymore...

Darkstorm: (Transform's into his dragon form)

Chapter 5: Kazuki's Problemtic Powers

(Due to everyone going off topic, the chapter has been reset)

Kazuki- I already told you! I wouldn't do such a thing!!!

Darkstorm:*Crahs lands injured*

Smash noticed Kuro in the tree. He wasn't sure who he was, but he had an itching feeling that he was one of the accused. His gaze quickly followed the direction he was pointing in, and he gasped when he saw a group of exterminators chasing after a little boy. "...Alright..I think it's about time I physically assisted these guys..." He said, glaring. He ran after the group, soon stopping in between the exterminators and Kazuki. "Hold it right there." He demanded, facing the exterminators.

Tendril: (flying by overhead. spots Kazuki. speaks into his headset) i found the last one. got it. hurry though, he seems to be under attack. (turns off headset and lands in a tree nearby)

Wyvern Darkstorm: Who's there!!!

(Kazuki trips, and falls face-flat, the exterminators were coming close)

Tendril: (jumps down from the tree, landing next to Kazuki)

"As long as I'm standing here, You won't even get a chance to lay a finger on that kid." Smash told them. "You have a choice. You can scurry right on back where you came from, or you can get your butt kicked and THEN scurry right on back where you came from." He cracked his knuckles. "What's it gonna be?"

Wyvern Darkstorm: *Tries to scare off the Exterminators*

(The exterminators run off back to the village, Kazuki got up)

Kazuki- Why are you so nice to me?

"Ha! Yeah, I thought so." Smash scoffed. "Just a bunch of wusses." He turned to look over at Kazuki. "Why am I being so nice to you? Because the authorities don't know what the heck they're doing." He said. He bent down to reach his height. "I know you ain't guilty, Kid. And I'm gonna find who is." He reassured.

Tendril: same. all the other suspects have been proven innocent, so all of my clones, plus the real Tendril, are on their way to help defend you.

Cold:Hey where Good guys,it's what we do.

Wyvern Darkstorm: True, Now get on, I am a faster flier than a runner.

Skate:Then Lets Juice!


Flame:Come on.:)

Wyvern Darkstorm: *Takes off at high speeds*

"Hold on a second, what's the rush?" Smash asked. "Where are we going all of a sudden?"

Wyvern Darkstorm: A safe place L.A.

Skate:Hope they have some hot chicks.

Wyvern DARKSTORM: I thought you were going out with Kat and trust me she is smoking?

"No need to rush off." Smash said. "We still have some things we need to learn first. And I don't know where that place is, but it sounds completely out of our way."

Wyvern Darkstorm: We are heading to Earth, Kat is there and she manages to blend in nicly.

"Wait, what?" Smash looked dumbfounded. "Unless that's a town, which I highly doubt, There is absolutely no reason we should go there. I fail to see the logic in that. You can go if you want, but we're staying." He said. He turned around to face Kazuki, bending down to his height again. "My name is Smash The Echidna." He said. "I may not look like it, but.." He paused, thinking if he should actually mention this. "..I'm a Lawyer. I can help prove to everyone that you're innocent. What's your name?"

Cold:OKay lets go.

Tendril: i think Nightfall mentioned recognizing this one as well. Kazuki i believe?


Kat:(See's Skate)

Kazuki- But people don't like spiders, and I'm a tsuchigumo... I only look like a innocent child is because of my illusions... But, sometimes I wish it wasn't a illusion...

(Kazuki looked down, he was very depressed)

Tendril: don't worry. we won't let anyone get to you.

"Not everyone may like spiders, but that doesn't mean that you're not a good person." He said. "We'll prove to everyone that not all spiders are worth hating, while at the same time we'll find the one's responsible for this whole mess. I promise."

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm: Outta here!!!

Darkness: *feels shintamato's presence nearby* get ready guys... Shintamato may have found me...

Smash looked at Darkness at the corner of his eye. "Then, we really will have to leave to a safer place." He said.

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm:Anjelous is following him, i think.

Tendril: let's hope most of my clones return before they get here.

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm: Let me help you Tendril.

Tendril: im afraid all we can do about them is wait. they're scattered all over the forest.

???: *runs out, wearing a dark robe, but pulls the hood back, revealing that she's a black and white fox* Kazuki! Are you okay?

??? 2: *facepalm* So much for hiding...*steps out*

Smash turned around to look at the hooded figures. "It's about time you showed your faces." He said with his hands on his hips. "What were you doing, lurking around here?"


(an overwhealming dark presence that is similar to Darkness's presence but is distorted a lot by hatred and bloodlust is felt and within the darkn energy being summoned steps out almost a replica of Darkness but with 4 hands with 7ft long claws)

Shintamato: long time no see weakling.

Darkness: Shintamato.... took you a long ass time to find me. why are you here?

Shintamato: *his laugh was extremely intimidating to weaker presences* simple. regaurdless of their innocence i can steal their souls and grow stronger!

Smash got into a battle stance, facing Shintamato. "Not on my watch."

Shintamato: the first to die steps up but your not ready to face total dark energy yet.

"Hmph. The first to die is standing right in front of me." Smash retorted. "Tendril. Take the kid and go." He told him, quietly. He didn't let his eyes off Shintamato for a second.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Vanitas Battle~ Enter the Darkness~ music EXTENDED

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Vanitas Battle~ Enter the Darkness~ music EXTENDED

Song currently playing

Shintamato: you would think so wouldnt you. *before anybody could do anything he launch hidden shockwaves that came in zooming in on everybody but a quick move stopped them as they showed themselves as weird tentacles of black energy* now die! *launches all of them at Smash*

Smash leaped into the air, grabbing onto the branch of a tree to avoid the tentacles. He swung himself back and forth a couple of times before throwing himself towards Shintamato, attempting to kick him in the head with both feet.

Shintmato: *he smirks from Smashes attempt and right before he is about to get hit 2 of his claw hands grab smash and hoist him up*

Darkness: good job distracting him!

Shintamato: oh... forgot that the weakling was here.

Darkness: *charged in with both hands full of energy and does a strike to Shintamato's chest with open palms* Doubl Cobra!

Shintamato: *blocks just like before with his other two and does the same to Darkness as he is to Smash*

While Smash was being held up, he used his legs to try and clobber both sides of Shintamato's head repeatedly. He did this until he found a chance to break free from his grasp.

Shintamato: not like i anticipated this. *he digs the claws on each hand into them*

Darkness: *being strangled as well* Light...... wave... *he snaps his fingers and a light shockwave hits shintamato forcing him to drop them both*

Smash fell to the ground into a kneeling position. He was bleeding from where Shintamato's claws dug into him, but he ignored the pain. He stood up and went back into his battle stance. "We're gonna need a plan." Smash told Darkness. "He blocks our attacks too easily."

Darkness: i know... how many souls have you collected since our last fight?

Shintamato: wouldnt you like to know.

Darkness: i cant even read his patteren anymore.... this will be hard.

Smash shook his head. "He's got long ranged attacks, and can easily block and counter ours. We'll just have to work together and be extremely careful." He said. "Lets attack him together, aim for any opening you see." With that, Smash charged forward, his fist extended as if he were about to plow it into his face.

Shintamato: *his body right before getting hit did a full bend down to his knees but backwards like a matrix style and Darkness took that chance to attack*

Darkness: take this! *jumps down with an reverse uppercut (by that he comes down instead of up) and a big crack is heard and followed by Shintamato's laughing at how his skull blocked Darkness's attack badly enough to break his normal hand* F%$k! ah F$%king H%8ll!

Smash knew that Shintamato would dodge, and quickly revised his attack. He spun around, now behind him, and threw a powerful punch towards him using both of his hands.

Shintamato: Argh! *he was launched from the surprise of the attack but his body was naturaly enchanced so it hurt Smash's hands after hitting him*

"Urrgh!!" Smash grunted in pain. He held his wrists, which hurt pretty badly. Dang! That hurt! He thought. But I can't let up now! He ran towards Shintamato again and attempted to jump on his back, and repel himself off by kicking him to the ground while launching himself into the air.

Tendril: (charges at Shintamato, twin shadow blades at the ready)

Shintamato: *kicked up his power by doing something that almost broke Tendrils twin blade on impact and he didnt feel a thing when they contacted with him*

Darkness: Blood Art! thats why we cant hurt you! your useing my technice passed down through my clan!

Shintamato: figured it out huh boy? *he threw a black ball of energy at Darkness super fast which exploded and when it cleared Darkness was found at the bottom of the crater it made* Demonic Maggeto.

Tendril: (slices at Shintamato with one blade)

Shintamato: no matter how hard you try you cant win. just give up now and you can be spared. *Shintamato didnt feel a thing and because he kicked up the blood arts power the blade broke on impact so he grabbed Tendril before he could get away*

Tendril: (smirks) it doesn't really matter what happens to me. im expendable. (becomes a snake made of shadows. wraps around Shintamato and begins to squeeze)

Shintamato: heh to easy *grabs a part of it with his hand which is impossible right? wrong he infused light magic to make it grabable so he then grabbed Tendril and was about to kill him until Darkness tackled him*

Darkness: *has a disoriented aura on him* Blood art works both way Shintamato! *starts dragging him off into the distance away from them because they saw a glowing object in his hands*

Shintamato: you kill me and you kill yourself with your idea Darkness! *uses all four claws and digs into him and throws him off and into a building nearby*

Darkness: *now with around 12 holes in his back he can barely move because he has a scar now seen that he has a weak back* crap.... i cant fight..... but i cant stand by.... *his robotic body causes a shutdown of his parts and knocks him out*

Tendril: (changes back to normal. charges at Shintamato)

Shintamato: some dont study history. *middle of Tendrils charge he stopped him and caught him up in all four claws and is trying to rip him apart*

Tendril: never underestimate a shadow! (allows himself to be pulled apart. each piece becomes a small snake of shadow and wrap around the hand holding it)

Shintamato: heh. *the snakes are destroyed like before without much trouble again*

Smash saw this as his chance. He gathered up all of his energy, and threw his most powerful punch towards Shintamato's back. As he was attacking, a brilliant flash of light surrounded him, forming a sky blue aura that appeared to change his fur color from blue to limegreenish cyan.

Tendril: (dissolves into shadows and dissappears)

Shintamato: *this time his blood art couldnt hold back the force of the punnh and launched him into the same tree he threw darkness into* fine... if i cant win... il take his life. *the entire tree is just blown up in an angry rush and Shintamato is holding Darkness in 4 weak area's for him 2 on his back scar and two at his head* tempt me again and he will die.

((They're in a forest. There are no buildings.))

"Crap..." Smash growled. Think, Smash. Think! This is a desperate moment. One wrong move and he's done for....

(in the forest nearby)

Tendrils 990-1000: (arrive, watching the battle from a distance)

Tendril 2: (whispers) looks like thats everyone. shall we attack?

Real Tendril: (sees Shintamato grab Darkness) no. if we do, there's a good chance he'll kill Darkness. we wait. and watch.

(An orange hedgehog with a bandage round his left arm jumps out of a bush and fires a bolt of lightning at Shintimato)

???: C'mon, Darkness, again?

Shintamato: *he dodges with ease* so another one looking to die?

???: *hits a piece of armor on his right shoulder and in a burst of light, he is coated in dark blue armor* What, is this the 3rd time we met? And you know what happened all three times.

Shintamato: that was when i was weak and without his power. *holding darkness* and now that i have it. i will finish this off.

((Is it just a coincidence that I happened to put up BBS music for this battle? O_o; ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 03:33, February 13, 2011 (UTC)))

Smash looked at the hedgehog. Who the heck is he...? He wondered. Whoever he is, he's against him...If he knows what he's doing, I could use his distraction to save Darkness...

Shintamato: so yet you regaurlessly try to save a condemed soul? why bother his sins will never be forgiven to him.

(Actually yeah, it was a coincience.)

Static: Smash, go for the back of the head. (fires a bolt of lightning at Shintimato's leg*


Real Tendril: Tendril 3 through 7, shadow barrage on my mark. 8 to 12, prepare a rasengan cubed technique.

Tendrils 3-12:(get into position while staying hidden)

(back at the fight)

((Static and Smash never met as far as I can tell, so he shouldn't know his name. =/))

(He was a part of the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament.)

Way to blow my cover. Smash thought, as he was already sneaking towards Shintamato. But he did as he was told, aiming another powerful punch towards the back of his head.

Shintamato: *uses Darkness to block the thunderbolt shot at him* not good enough!

Darkness: *getting zpped*

((Okay. But hey, don't forget that Smash is attacking too. Did that hit or no?))

???: I wasn't using Precsision.

Shintamato: *his back scar from Darkness was reached and it sent him into a fit of pain and rage dropping most of his defences but sharply increaseing everything else* NO! NOBODY WILL EVER BEAT ME!

(sorry personal trouble on my end sorry havent gotten to fully give it my all here One more soul to collect. EternalAbyssJustice 03:55, February 13, 2011 (UTC))

((Ah, It's alright.))

Smash took this as his chance to quickly maneuver in front of him to try and slip Darkness out of his grasp.

(ah sorry forgot to mention his fit forced him to drop darkness also ProtectTheShadows just got offline One more soul to collect. EternalAbyssJustice 04:00, February 13, 2011 (UTC))

Shintamato: *he swipes down at Smash with incredible speed but missed as they got away*

Real Tendril: he's enraged. go!

Tendrils 3-6: (charge at Shintamato from four directions. each slides along the ground, then kicks upward, sending Shintamato high into the air)

Tendril 7: Shadow Barrage! (comes down from above. brings his foot down, slamming it into Shintamato's stomach, sending him into the ground)

Shintamato: *his roar when he missed Smash actualy broke the ground around him but it left him completely vunrable*

((Hey, please try to refrain from auto hits, okay?))

Smash, now holding Darkness in his arms, fled from the scene of the battle. He soon noticed an army of Tendril Shadow's standing by. "...Whoa. I didn't know you had this many shadows..." He said. "Well, as long as you're here, could you watch after him for me?" He showed them the unconscious Darkness in his arms.

Tendril 30: sure. we're just waiting for orders at the moment.

"Good!" Smash handed him to one of the Tendril clones, and dashed right back into the fray. He began to use up more of his energy, bringing out the full extent of his High Tension state.

Darkness: Smash Wait! i need my essence from him! its in his lower chest area.... it will be heavily guarded due to his fear of it being stolen from him... i need it to live past this night... and by that i mean i have less than 24 hours to live without my full essence.... please.. i need it... badly...

Tendril 8: now, master?

Real Tendril: not yet. we don't want to hit Smash.

"I know!" Smash called back. "I'll take care of it!" He charged at full force towards Shintamato and threw another powerful punch towards the side of his head.

Shintamato: not today! *he does a full body spin knocking smash into a nearby tree*

Smash took the hit, and flew into the tree. However, he flipped backwards, planting his feet on the tree, and launched himself back towards Shintamato to counter with another punch.

Shitamato: *jumps up and causes pieces of the ground to break and fly with him as an antempt to try and kill Darkness by time*

Tendril's shadow: (comes up out of Shintamato's shadow) surprise! (kicks upward, knocking him into the air)

Tendril 8: (jumps up at Shintamtao from below, a Tendril's Rasengan at the ready)

Tendril 9: (comes in from above with a rasengan)

Tendrils 10-13: (fly at Shintamato from the north, south, east, and west, each one with a rasengan)

Tendrils 8-13: Rasengan Cubed!

((I said watch it with the auto hits.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 04:29, February 13, 2011 (UTC)))

Shintamato: *useing Darkness's powers from the essence he hoped for this opportunity to try out the nightmare teleportation which splits the body into 2 holographic visions that become transparent and then dissapear and reappear somewhere else and he escapes their death trap to him and darkness*

Smash's fist drove through the ground, stopping at his wrist. He removed it and looked up. "Oh, no you don't." He growled. He leaped high into the air, his jump height extended due to his form, and reached the top. Not wasting another second, he was ready to attack him. However, he noticed that he split in two. "What?" He gasped, softly.

Tendril 8: uh-oh!

Tendril 13: not good!

(the six rasengans slam into each other, causing an explosion of shadows and destroying all six of them)

Smash ran in between the two Shintamato's, and attempted to attack both of them at the same time.

Shintamato: *the two holograms Smash saw dissappeared and reappeared in front of him but they fused and he was the normal strong one* sup. *slashes at Smash*

Smash held up his arms to block the slash. The attack ripped his gloves some, and sliced his wrists, but from not dodging, he had a chance to quickly counter. He threw a strong, spin kick towards his side, followed up by another kick with his other leg and a punch towards his jaw.

Shintamato: *took all three hits hard from comepeletly reducing his defence and they sent him flying down back to the ground and he looked at the sun right as he hit the ground* nice sunrise were hav-- *hits the ground hard*

Smash hurried over to Shintamato. "Tendril! One of you, bring Darkness over here quick!" He called out. He then looked down at his lower chest area. "I need to get that essense out." He said to himself as his aura began to fade slightly. He retained his form, but cut down on the energy he was burning up.

Shintamato: *most of his life gone he just focous's on keeping the essence in him to heal him so Smash meets more resistance getting it out than actualy fighting him*

"Dang, this guy's stubborn. If this keeps up, there'll barely be any left for Darkness." He grumbled. With a swing of his arm, he whacked Shintamato with the back of his fist. He then proceeded to try and bring the essence out.

Anjelous:*Turns Vampire*

Shintamato: *when the backhand hit him it knocked him out and therefore his entire defence system went down*

"Good. That takes care of him." He said. He then finally managed to release the essence. "Tendril! Bring him over here, quick!"

Anjelous:*Hisses Warning*

Darkness: *limply crawls his way to Smash* must... get there...... i just have to......

Tendril 30 & 524: (pick up Darkness and bring him over to Smash)

Darkness: dangit... oh well..

Once Darkness was there, Smash took his hand by the wrist, and made him take the essence. He didn't want to touch it himself in case he accidentally absorbed it.

Darkness: you knew... hehe be glad you had me do it because you would have absorbed it and myself and Shintamato... *he sticks it into his lower chest area and his body passes out due to its effect of a sleeping body to work with*

Anjelous: pathetic!

I'm glad that I was righ-His thoughts were cut off by Anjelous' sudden insult. He then stood up and faced him. "What the heck do you want? Are you just gonna stand there hissing and carrying on? Get outta here, ya nuisance."

Anjelous:Not without a few Bloody Mary's!

Darkness: screw your stupid bloody mary's... nobody needs them.

((I thought he was unconscious...))

(sorry but his souls can take over while he rests i keep forgetting that))

Smash sighed and shook his head. "Look. I'm tired of all of this. And I'm not in a good mood. Get out of my sight. NOW." He warned.

Darkness:*stands up and starts talking with a teenager voice* its best you listen to him.

???: *hits his armor piece and the armor retracts* So, you ok Darkness? And Smash, you must be wondering how I know you. I'm Static, and I was at the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament.

"Ah, I see.." Smash nodded. "I do seem to remember hearing about a Static, now that I think about it. Well, nice to meet you properly."

Darkness: yeah he's fine. but he's not in possesion of hi body. the fusion process is kinda hard on his weakened body so we the other souls that chose to live in him are keeping him going.

Static: So he's fine. Well, *lightning crackles at his fingers* What were you saying again, Anjelous?

"Personally, I don't give a crap about what he was saying." Smash retorted. "What I'M saying is for him to beat it."

Static: Eh, you know what, I'm going with you on this one, Smash. We have better things to do than fighting him.

Spike: Bullecks.

((Please. Try to make sense with your posts? I have no idea what that's supposed to mean, and "Spike" isn't even in the character list. Where the crap did he come from?~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 15:10, February 14, 2011 (UTC)))

Kazuki- Hey! AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!

(Kazuki got captured by something, and was taken into the deeper parts of the forest)

Extra Chapter part1: Demon of Misfortune

(a creature was taking poor Kazuki into the dark parts of Hayashi, filled with flesh eating demons)

Smash immediately turned around and gasped. "He-Hey! Oh, no!" He ran after them. "Hang on, kid! I'm coming!" He never did let his form fade out. With his sudden adrenaline rush, the form appeared to have restarted. His aura returned in another, less brilliant flash of light. He pushed himself to run as fast as he could after the creature.

(The demon snickered and ran even faster, while Kazuki blacked out)

LT:Wait a minute!


Flame:What dude?

The Red Baron:Yeah.

Skate:Yo Smash wait!

Smash looked behind him while running. "I don't have time to wait! Either hurry up or Hurry Up!"

Darkstorm:(Turns Dragon and follow the beast)

Tendril 1-7 & 14-1000: (become shadows and follow the demon at top speed)

Static: *sighs* Government's never right... *follows them*

Wyvern Darkstorm: Hang on Kazuki, hey Demon put the boy down, now!!!

Static: *still running* If it took him in the first place, chances are it ain't gonna stop!

(The demon turned around, but only to breath a purple fire from it's mouth, the fire turned into a poisonous smoke)

Static: Delightful!!! *covers his mouth*

Wyvern Darkstorm:Miazma, Atomic Breath!!!!

Smash covered his mouth and held his breath. He kept running forward, until he got close enough to try and deliver a kick to it's foot, in an attempt to trip it.

Cold:(Does a ice blast)

Wyvern Darkstorm: (Turns into Hungarian Hortail and Attacks without mercy) When I said Release Kazuki, I meant it Demon.


Kat: Hi Skate, Dark Spear!!

(The demon got angry and then slashed Smash at the throat)

???- Sorry, but I'll be using this miasma manipulator!

(The demon's voice was like a growl)

Smash held up his free hand to block the attack. The slash tore right through his glove, and pierced his skin. "I don't think so." He then threw a straight punch towards the demon's face.

Skate:Hey Kat.:D,CHAOS KICK!

???- HOLD IT!

(The demon lifted Kazuki in the way of the blow)

???- You don't want to hurt this innocent spider child, now do you?

Almost as if he expected this, His fist opened up just before striking, and grabbed Kazuki. He then attempted to release him from the demon's grasp.

Darkness: *jumps up and out of his tunnel he made behind the demon and grabbed it*

Tendril: (about ten of him come up out of the shadows, surrounding the demon)

Cold:Great more!

Kat: Hey Skate.

Darkstorm: Chaos Multiply (At least Seven Darkstorm's appear)

(The demon snickered and lets go of Kazuki. He then vanished into a cloud of darkness. The Kazuki he had was but a doll, and the real Kazuki is still with him)

Neko Miko- Ah, another nue? In all my life, the only nue I saw was Arthur, looks like there's now two nues currently living here...

(The "Shrine Maiden of the Gods" came, she was holding a lovely umbrella)

Darkstorm:(Powers Down and Turns to His Hedgehog form)

"I should have known..." Smash tossed the doll over his shoulder in disgust. "He got away..." He growled while shaking his fist angrily. He then turned around to look at the maiden. "...Who are you?"

Cold:Take it easy Smash.

Smash glanced at Cold at the corner of his eye. "I'm fine." He said.

Darkstorm the Hedgehog:(Hangs his head in shame)

The Red Baron:Wee mess-a-me he is fine.

LT:I'm teling you dudes not a thing seems right.

Skate:Cool it LT.

Flame:Shut up he might be right.

Darkstorm the hedgehog:(Punches a tree in his rage) I failed (Growls)

???2:Hmm...*look at Darkstorm* How did you fail this time?!

Darkstorm:(Eyes turn Demon) This my punishment.

(A strange voice is heard from nowhere, it's demonic and unfriendly)

Voice: I can understand you want to save Kazuki, the Spider Child...Well, the only thing that can hunt a demon...-

(Dusk comes out of nowhere in his demon form)

(Split comes out as well, in her demon form)

Demon Dusk: -Is another demon...*grins, revealing his razor sharp fangs*

Neko Miko- Hello Dusk, why being so demonic today~?

(Neko talked as if making a joke)

Neko Miko- I'm here to tell you that Rodney the nixie, is very depressed. You wouldn't believe it, but that tsuchigumo is his best friend. Rodney really wants Kazuki saved... And take a few of these.

(Neko took out beautifully and carefully decorated pieces of paper, but they were amulets)

Neko Miko- These are powerful amulets that are used to kill the strongest of demons, a nue is a extremely powerful creature with the awesome power to hide it's self and others. So it can appear as anything or anyone...

Smash, feeling a bit uneasy, took one of the amulets. " do we use them?" He asked.

???2:*looks at Smash* Hmph...

Neko Miko- Just place it on them, perferbly the head if you want to kill them. If it can't kill it, it will feel so much pain it wish it was dead.

Smash stroked his chin. "Hm. Alright then. I'll have to wait until the right moment to strike with this." He said, more to himself than to Neko. "..I still didn't catch your name, though. Exactly who are you...?"

Neko Miko- I am Neko Miko, the shrine maiden of the Spirit Shrine. And the strongest shrine maiden in all of Hayashi... or so they say.

"REALLY now?" Smash's eyebrows shot up with interest. "Well, it's nice to know that someone of your caliber is on our side. My name's Smash The Echidna. Thanks for your help."

Darkstorm:(Turns into Bonedust Demon) Meet my first Deadliest form.

Smash looked over at Darkstorm. "Just how many forms do you freaking have?"

Bonedust Darkstorm: This is one of my many Deadliest Dark Forms, and frankly they are hard to controll.

"I said how many, not which one." Smash shook his head. "Never mind. Miss Neko? Do you have any idea where that demon may have run off to?"

Bonedust:I think I know.

Neko Miko- Beyond Hayashi, is the the place called the Southern Border. It is where the most frightning and dangerous demons are banished to. I hope you like mountain climbing! Because it is a type of border. But if you don't, then just ask the magician who lives there.

Skate: Al right.

"As much as I don't mind rock climbing, I don't really want to use up too much time." Smash said. "We'll see when we get there. But what do they want with Kazuki..?"

The Red Baron:That depends does Kazuki have great power or worth a lot?

Neko Miko- Kazuki is a tsuchigumo, a demon that is able to manipulate disease. Once the God of Mischeif used him to make a mad inducing plague, even the Sanjou Fairy Kamori was effected by it. If this creatures's goal is to make the plague that is going on right now, he can use Kazuki to Re-create the Black Death. But as I said just talk to the magician that lives at the exit of Hayashi and entrance of Kijutsu. She has the power at make the trip, A LOT faster.

"That's a frightening thought." Smash said, looking worried. And I've only got half a canteen of Miracle water left, that's only enough to keep myself and a few others healthy. He thought to himself. Whats more, this Black Death sounds like it might not even work on it..."Exit of Hayashi, Talk to Magician, got it. Which way is that, though?"

Neko Miko- Her house is to the north, not far from here really since you chased the nue a great distance.

Cold:We will keep you safe.

Smash nodded. "Good. Alright then.." Smash looked up into the sky for a few moments. "..This way. Lets go! Thanks again for your help, Miss Neko!" He said before heading off to the north.

LT: Then lets juice!

(Meanwhile, closer to the border)

Topaz walked with a quick pace, while Gold lagged behind. "Are you sure you can trust this new lead," Gold began, "I mean, you were just hunting these people. You didn't have another one of your 'moral epiphanies', did you?" Topaz paused. He held his communicator up to his face, and a scope ejected from it. He peered through before stating, "There's a party on it's way. A large one. Looks like we're going to have some company."

Darkstorm:(Punches another tree in his rage)

Flame:Stop doing that.

Darkstorm:(Turns and growls at Flame)


Cold:That's why I don't like him.

Darkstorm:(Eyes ture Dark Blue for sadness and faillier)

LT:Dude what's wrong?

The Red Baron:Yeah.

Darkstorm: Stay Away Form Me, (Distorted voice) I am becoming my inner demon.

(A house came into view, but when it did a explosion came from the second floor window. Sounds of a girl shouting was heard)

???- Darn it, not again! *cough* *cough*


As Smash was running, he heard an explosion off in the distance, and smoke was beginning to rise over the trees. "Oh, boy..." Soon, a house came into view, as well as a familiar hedgehog along with an unfamiliar echidna. That's that bounty hunter...He thought. I don't have time to stop and chat, I need to find out what's going on! He payed them no mind and ran right by them. He soon came to the house, and skidded to a stop. There was smoke coming out of the second floor window. "Hey! Are you alright in there?" He called out.

The sound of the explosion streched far. Topaz immediately looked in it's direction. "Got it. Let's go bud," hesaid with a smirk. The two ran off towards the house.

Cold:(Spins his arms fast to suck the smoke)There.

(A human girl came out of the house, she had blonde hair and was dressed up in black and white, her hat was the shape of a witch's, she appeared to be 14 years-old)

???- Oi! *cough* That was the 8th time already! *cough* *cough*

(She took off her hat to blow the smoke away from her face)

Darkstorm:(Groans and then Growls)

Static: *raises his eyebrows at the girl* I suddenly feel like something's gonna happen. And it involves her.

Cold:Are you okay?

Darkstorm:(Eyes turn Red and Demonic) Get to Safety Quick.

???- Yeah yeah, I'm okay... *straightens the green bow in her hair*

Darkstorm:(Skin turns Darker) I said run NOWWW!

Cold:(Pulls out the chaos emeralds and Turns super)

Skate:(Turns super)

Flame:(Turns super)

???- Eh? Now what's going on here!?

(The girl dusted her hat and placed it on her head)

Static: I don't know. But I believe it has something to do with demons. *rolls eyes* The most common thing you see today.

Demon Darkstorm:(Attack the Girl)

Tendrils 30 & 205: (come up out of the shadows and catch Darkstorm by the arms, holding him back)

Super Cold:(Grab Darkstorms arm)Stop it now!

Demon Darkstorm:Apocalypse Blast!!!

Static: *creates a forcefield of lightning around Darkstorm, blocking the blast* I prove myself again.

???- Eh, if he wants to attack me. Let him...

Static: *looks at the girl* I oddly believe you. *puts down the forcefield*

???- Heh heh. Best way of taking out anger to take it out on someone, even if it doesn't do any good!

???:Hey girl are you single?

???- Yeah. And for a reason, who said that?

(A African American male walks out the shadows and looks about 15.)

???/D:ME the strongest fighter in the universes.

Tendril 205: wrong!

Demon Darkstorm:Approach me Witch NOWWW!

"She's not gonna do that, man." Smash rolled his eyes. "Sorry to interrupt this FASCINATING discussion, But I need to ask you a favor, miss." Smash said, looking at the girl. "If you're alright after the blast, could you please take us to the top of the mountain? I was told by Neko Miko to see you, and it's urgent."

Static: And get us away from the egostic guy. That would be nice. *glares at the boy*

Flame:Hey D,hows life?

D:Good so far,Now I'm so sexy and single.

Static: *fires a bolt in his direction* I beg to differ.

"I'm more worried about the raging demon behind us than the sleazeball." Smash said, pointing his thumb behind his back. "Lets try not to start up any more conflict than we've already got, okay?"

Static: *rubs his temples* Right. Kazuki and demon and Darkstorm first.

D:(Blot deflects off him)What was that a attack,you weak!

Static: I'm 37 and I've lived through 3 wars! Now shut up! It's wrong for me to feel old at this age. Right now, I do, and that's not right.

D:I'm 15 I have kicked ass in 37 mutant human wars,now you shut up.

Tendril: im fifteen and im the king of the shadow realm!

Smash flashed a fierce look. "I'm 21 and I've got a kid I need to save from a demon who's going to use him to recreate an incredibly deadly disease that will kill us ALL no matter how freaking strong we are, now all of you shut the heck up!" He yelled. He then glanced at Static. "Sorry, but it had to be said."

Static: Right. Thanks Smash. *turns back to the girl* Sorry, we're getting off-track. You know what's happening with the demon stuff?

"Any time." He then turned to face the girl again. "If you heard that, then you should understand how grave the situation is."

Demon Darkstorm:(Disappears)

Mia- Yeah yea, oh! The names Mia, people tend to call me Witch of the Wind. And sorry dude, you can't have me... I'm 1365 years old.

Demon Darkstorm:(Loud Growl)

Mia- *sigh* If you want to attack me, stop hiding and growling and hit me already!

Demon Darkstorm:(Throws Yautjan Shuriken and then charges at Mia)

(Mia doesn't do anything and takes the hit)

Demon Dusk:....I'm glad SOMEONE here can turn into a demon and keep their cool...Right Split?
Demon Split: Yeah.

Demon Dusk: Come on...Let's pull him back.

(Dusk and Split walk over and start to drag away Darkstorm)

Demon Darkstorm:(Roars in his hatred for being retrained)

Mia- Well, that hurt!

(Mia takes out the shuriken in her chest, the wound healed quickly)


Mia- I honestly thought you could do- *a explosion is heard from the 2nd floor again*

Mia- Darn it Se'ree! Don't mess with the potions!

(Mia took off her hat and sighed)

Demon Dusk: *puts a strange collar on Darkstorm* Don't bother trying to tear it off. It's indestructible. Now, if you even THINK any agressive thoughts, you'll get charged with 10,000 volts. *comes back* ANYWAYS.....Mia, we need your help. I'm certain the others filled you in....

Demon Darkstorm: Since when do rahi learn to talk (Roar in his hatred of being restrained) I feel like the friggin Lycans from Underworld Rise of the Lycans!

(Mia looked at Dusk)

Mia- If you're wanting me to open a Space Hole to the other side of the border, forget it! I don't trust you.

(Mia looked the other way with her arms behind her head)

Super Cold:What the!

(Mia takes off her hat and hides it in a spaciel hole)

Mia- You guys just went ahead and make a racket while one just wanted to plain attack me. And as far as I can tell, I see a couple of demons infront of me! And aside being the Guardian of the Border, I'm a demon exterminator! One of the best, too!

Extra Chapter part2: Witch of the Southern Wind

Mia- Fight me, and I'll allow you passage if you win!

(Mia takes out her hat, and a broom and slung it on her back)

"Whoa whoa whoa. Calm down now." The voice came from Topaz. He and Gold had arrived just in time. "There's no need for this... Mia, right?"

Demon Split: Your saying you don't trust us, because we're part-demon. Geez...

Demon Dusk: Did she just say she was a demon exterminator?!?

Demon Split: Yeah.

Demon Dusk: SHE IS SO DEAD!! *draws claws and rushes at her*

"Ugh, LOOK WHAT YOU PEOPLE HAVE DONE!" Smash yelled at the top of his lungs. "All I wanted was a safe, quick trip to the border, and YOU guys just HAD to mess it all up! Oh, that is freaking IT! Forget it, Forget this whole idea. I'm not gonna waste my time fighting someone I came to for help! I'm climbing the mountain myself!" After blowing his fuse, Smash stormed off to the rocky wall and began to climb it.

(Luckily, Before Dusk managed to get remotely CLOSE to her, Split restrained him. But that's when Dusk and Split's power went out.)

Dusk: What?!? NO!! *looks at his arms, as they started to sizzle in the sunlight* Split! I need my robes!

Split: I thought you had them!!

Dusk: YOU are the one who can sun-walk! I can't!

(Dusk suddenly dropped to his knees and continued to burn in the sunlight, as Split tried to shield him as best she could, but without Magicka, it was futile.)

(some of Tendril's shadow clones come up and make a wall of shadow between Dusk and the sun)

Mia- What? Woah woah woah! You're here for the nue? Why didn't you say so in the first place instead of trashing my front yard?!

(Mia hides her hat and broom)

Mia- I've been trying to hunt that thing down, but I have no clue on how it's getting past me! So I want to kill it full force! If you have a friend that he's got, then I'll help! Plus, you'll need me to get back here from the Southern Border.

Smash turned around. "I DID say so before. The problem is, THESE people completely overshadowed what's important with their freaking demon forms and whatnot." He said, frustratedly. "And lemme tell ya, I am SICK of Demons at the moment. Even if the guy I'm trying to save is a kind of demon, At least he doesn't ACT like it. Sheesh." He shook his head, calming himself down. "In anycase, I appreciate the help. I've been trying to waste little time, since they already got a head start on us."

D:Man your right.

Cold:Lets just go.

Mia- Okay, opening one large spaciel hole comin' up! Argh......

(Mia went into a pose as if opening something. Then a fine line around 8 feet tall appeared, a scarlet mist was escaping it)

Mia- Okaaay..... Opeeen...

(Mia strains, but as she did the line soon started to spread into a oval and something was able to be seen beyond it.)


(Mia exterted so much power that her back bent backwards in a VERY uncomfertable pose, but then the hole bursted open into a giant portal. The place beyond the border was there. Mia fixed her spine, and went down on her knees exausted)

Mia- There..... you.... go... one space hole... to beyond the Southern Border....

(Mia kept panting, she was tired out from making such a large portal)

Smash walked over and bent down beside her. "Hey..Are you alright?" He asked.

Demon Darkstorm:(Tries to run for it)

Mia- Yeah, I'm fine... It's just.... Space magic.... is a very hard magic to use... I am one out of very, very few magicians who were able to master it...

(Mia got up on her feet)

Mia- Well, you better go before it closes.

Darkness: *walks in as himself fully healed* im sorry it took me longer to fuse the essence's but im back and fully prepared.

Static: *looks at Dusk and sighs, then begins pulling him into a spot of shade because they're in a magical place called "forest"* Y'know, when your mother and I had you and your brother, we knida hoped you wouldn't go skipping hand-in-hand into the darkness.

Darkness: i need a quick update. can someone give that to me?

Dusk: Yeah yeah yeah...Heard it all before...Like I keep telling you, I really had no other option...After all, I was being experimented on!

Static: Have you heard of the term "C4" before, Dusk?

Darkness: give him a break static. *throws off his cape and onto Dusk which fits its self to help him cover up entirely* that is mine but keep it for as long as you need it.

Mia- Come on, I can't keep this portal open forever!

Static: Alright. *picks Dusk up and throws him into the portal, then beckons for Split to come on and goes through*

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"Alright, Thank you, Mia." He said with a smile. He then stood up and looked at Darkness. "Welcome back, Darkness. I'll tell you along the way. Now, Whoever wants to help me save Kazuki, but doesn't want to go mountain climbing, Follow me." He then walked into the portal, looking back to wave goodbye to Mia.

Darkness: thanks Smash. goodbye miss. i never got your name but i think it will sufice if we meet again to do proper introductions *walks through*

Demon Darkstorm: Adios Morons (Jumps through the portal and escapes)

(Mia gave a grin, and jumps into the portal)



D: :)

(On the other side)

Mia- Hmph! *lands out of the portal side*

Mia- Sorry, about the place. It's a bit gloomy I know, but alot of demons call it home.

(Different kinds of hisses and growls were heard)

Mia- Or Hell.... Either one...

Darkness: last resort home to me.

Demon Darkstorm: (Tries Picking the lock with his talons)

Mia- Here's a bit of warning, all the demons here hate me...

Demon Darkstorm:(Manages to get the callor off) I'll protect you, but I want something in return.

Mia- I don't need protection but you might need protection from me. HA!

(Mia threw a Exorcism Needle at Darkstorm's head, curing him of his demon form)

Darkstorm:(Hugs Mia) Don't take this the wrong way, thanks owe ya one.

Static: Wonderful. *hands spark* Why is it there's demons everywhere we go...?

Mia- Heh heh, no problem, it's what I do! ^_^;

"Okay, that's over with." Smash said in relief. "Now lets get going. But be careful..."


The Red Baron:(Laughs)

Darkstorm:(Turns into his Hungarian Horntail form)

Static: Go crazy, Darkstorm.

"Wait what? Hey, what're you doing?" Smash asked.

(Meanwhile, on the mountain)

"I can't believe they ignored us," Gold shouted. Topaz slowed as they climbed side by side. "They had more important thing to worry about. It was wrong of us to try and butt in," he replied, "Besides, you know how demons are. They get on people's nerves." The two continued climbing, progressively increasing their paced.

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm:(Flies over head to catch their attention)

Mia- There's demons everywhere is because this is the Southern Border! This is the land of banishment, where the deadlest and most cursed demons are sent to, of course uh... There's a border created by the circle of mountains so it's impossible to go in and out... well... at least it once was until that Nue found a loop hole!

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm: If your planning to take one of my scale you better do it now while I am airborn.

Mia- Hmm... now, I believe the nue would live in the rotted woods over there, and the smell of Miasma coming from there tells me your friend is there as well.

Darkstorm:What is the person's name?

Mia- Hmm? Weren't you trying to save Kazuki Ruikumo?

Darkstorm:Right, If your going to take out one of my scales do it now so I don't yell at the last minute.

Smash looked over towards the rotted woods. "Hmm..Alright, We'll head over there." He then glanced at Darkstorm. "And why would I take a scale from you?"

Darkstorm: not you Mia.

(Mia started childishly walking down with her arms behind her head, but then out of no where she throws a needle and the sounds of a demon dieing were heard)

Mia- Watch your step, he he!

Darkstorm:(Eyes change to Blood red)

Dusk: *still bandaging his burns*

Split: Dusk...You're part-demon. Maybe they understand our language...Try speaking to them. Say that we mean no harm...

Dusk: *nods* Okay...*ahem*...Kiglax foru a dersc ploratade. Ghast jus que emreg plor.

Translation: We mean you no harm. Let us pass through unharmed as well.


(The demons continue to hiss and growl)

Mia- Yeaaaah, that's not gonna work. It's either kill or get killed here...

Darkstorm:(Tries to scare off the demons with his raoring and growls)

Dusk:.....Whatever...*folds his wing over Split*

Split: We're almost there.

Dusk:...*rolls eyes* Thank you Split and your psychic powers...Geez. This forest must be a million miles wide. There's no way we're gonna be there THAT fast.

(Mia holds her nose)

Mia- Man, why does miasma reek?

Darkstorm:(Stops Roaring and starts chocking from the miasma)

Smash pinched his nose. "This is going to be a nuisance..." He said. "We have to hurry."

Cold:Yeah you said it.

Mia- Yo, those who are vunerable to illness might want to cover their mouths, this miasma is poisonous.

Dusk: Hm. I wonder how Nora gets through this just fine...

Split: She has that headset. It's an air-purifier. Remember? Her flowers need clean air.

Dusk: Oh yeah...Maybe if we were seedrians, we could use them...*snickers*

Split: *rolls eyes* Dusk...

Dusk: What? It's not like Nora can hear us...Besides, even if she did, it's impossible for her to get here...

Split: Still...

Darkstorm:(Chockes) Can't breath.

Split: *runs over and puts an air-purifier on his mouth*

Mia- Yeah, I should've mention it earlier. I've been so forgetful lately... *scratches head*

Cold:(Chocks)NEED AIR!


D:What is wrong with them?

LT:(Chocks)DAMN IT!


???:*grabs Flame by the Neck*

Mia- Oh, it's just the deadly Miasma floating in the air that's all...

(Mia kicks some bushes out of the way)

Mia- We're here!

(The nue glared at Mia as Kazuki was tied down, the miasma was spewing from his mouth)

Darkness: *rushes in at a fast speed meant to shame olympics and unties Kazuki with 4 cuts to the ropes binding him*

???:*looks at Mia* Who are you?

Extra Chapter part3: Wight, The Demon of Illusions

???- That pesky immortal again!

Mia- Long time no see... Wight.

Wight- Hmm hmm, take the pathetic creature he's too weak for what I have instore!

???:*looks at Wight and Mia* Who are you people?

Darkness: *flings Kazuki onto his shoulder* well then Wight what do you have in store?


???:*looks at D* Who do you think you are?

Wight- Human extermination...


D:Mia are you okay?

Darkness: if it was under my circumstance i would help you just due to the fact G.U.N. screwed me over with my powers that i shouldnt have but i do because they expirmented on me but here its different so i have to stop you.

Wight- It was humans that locked me away, it was humans who killed almost all my kind! All humans, should die. Including women and children.

Mia- Tsk, like I'm going to allow that!

Wight- But Mia, wasn't it humanity that abandoned you?

Darkness: humanity hunted me to no ends as well as other races for them not being humans and yet i have a chance to put them in their place.

((Yeah, thanks for leaving me behind.))

"I don't give a crap about your sob story." Smash snapped at him. "What you're doing is unforgivable, and I'm not going to allow it."

Darkness: *taking this in and actualy thinking of something* i might just have a way we all can be happy... did you ever hear of a place called Dimension X? its a place of neverending death and destruction caused by people who are bored. meaning you can blow everything up and within 15 minutes it resets itself to let loose endless amounts of killing to be done with no harm to anybody...

Mia- SHUT UP!!!

(The feeling of space being distorted was in the air)

Mia- You think all of humanity is bad, even the children who are innocent. Yes, I did indeed fled from humanity, but I already decided to be with them again!

Wight- Only to be hated again....


(Space began to distort to the point it was visable)

Darkness: being hated does have its bright side.. at least im never called for anything to be involved with them.

Mia- I was hated my whole life... Just because I was able to do. But I don't care, I've seen my mistakes and my punishment is already in action. Say as you please Wight, but you're dead...

(All of a sudden Mia's body went limb as if like a puppet just hanging on by it's strings. And then a spaciel gap as big as the one before came to being but it was scarlet in it instead of scenery, and something was moving in it.)

Wight- Are you performing your taboo spell? Tsk...

Darkness: *set Kazuki down* im not letting her do this alone. *jumps up and lunges towards Wight*

(Wight jumps out of the way and made copies of himself)

Wight- Heh heh, can you go past a nue's illusions?

(The giant gap behind Mia started to plus with dark energy, and then white flat paper-like arms started to reach out of it, a couple grabbed Mia and pulled her into the dark scarlet world. After she was fully consumed, the arms lashed out at amazing speed towards the real Wight)

Wight- No fair, you have The Eyes of Truth!

Darkness: heh i can see to. trust me those viral expirments gave me a lot of powers and zombie sight is one of the best types of sight there is!

Wight- Not you, the girl, she has the eyes of truth, she knows everything just by seeing-

(Wight got grabbed by the arms from almost all directions)

Wight- Darn it!

(Wight bursted out of the arms, ripping them but more came out along with hundreds of Exsorcism Needles)

Wight- You pest!

(Mia's body appeared from the scarlet mist of the gap, her eyes were different, they looked... inhumane)

Darkness: maybe its best i dont transform.

Split: O_O
Dusk:....Well...Might as well do something...*runs at Wight* BRING IT ON!!

(Wight goes behind a tree to avoid the needles, but then fled to avoid the homing-on arms, but Mia looked like she was getting tired)

Cold:Chaos control.

Darkness: *looking at Mia and makes a bold decision* life severence! energy gives it unto thy spirit of greater need. *his incantation of that and other anceint words starts draining him of life and giving Mia energy to fight on*


(Mia's head rose up, and then in a sudden burst, her gap started to suck everything in)


(Wight tried to hold on, but everyone was being sucked in. Mia already made her way into the black and scarlet world)


Darkness: *his near lifeless body fell and was sucked in as well*

(After another burst, the gap increased in size and the suction did as well)


(Wight got sucked in, but as he did... So did everyone else)

Extra Chapter part4: Taboo- [Nightmare World]

(The gap closed, as everyone fell into the scarlet world. The walls were moving and so was the floor, but was there even any walls or floors? It was a sub-world)

Smash stood up, shaking his head. "Where are we..?" He asked. He looked around. "What the heck did you do!?"

The Red Baron:OW!

Flame:No clue.

(Song playing [the world up lil wayne ft. eminem])

D:You killed her you bastard!

???- I'm not dead... yet...

(A sweet innocent yet sickly voice was heard, it was Mia, only she appeared to be no older then 4)

lil Mia- This is Mia's most powerful spell, she called it Taboo- [Nightmare World] *cough* *cough* I'm part of Mia, I'm her humane-side. Her demonic-side is furthur down this world tormenting Wight... *cough* *cough*

Skate:(Laughs)You can't date her NOW!:D

D:(Chocks Skate)SHUT UP!

Darkstorm:(Picks up Mia and Slaps D and Skate)

Cold:That's why I don't like him.

Static: Our day just gets better and better, doesn't it...

"Indeed.." Smash nodded. "Alright, I think we need to hurry up and get rid of Wight and get Mia back to normal before things get any worse."

Static: You might have just jinxed us, Smash.

lil' Mia- *cough* *cough* You must be careful, Mia can see everything...

(lil' Mia points up, and two eyes similar to Mia's Eyes of Truth was glaring down)

lil' Mia- *cough* *cough* I must meet up with my other half... If you are to leave this cursed world... *cough*

"Well then, lets do just that." Smash said. "We really need to get out of here."


(Evil laughs were heard down a tunnel of darkness, sounds of a creature in pain where also heard)

Dusk: *looking around*....Mmmm.....Inviting....(sarcasm)..........Well....*looks up* Hey Mia...You can see everything, right? Well, take a gander at- *about to make a rude gesture at her*

Split: *stops me* DUSK!! Are you nuts?!? She nearly killed you as it is...Don't risk anything like that. Honestly.

Dusk:...Whatever....*looks down the tunnel* Hm.....Too bad Nora ain't here....We could just zoom through there...Wait. Duh...*spreads wings* Hop on. I can only carry 3 riders, but I fly pretty fast.

"Take the people who need it." Smash said. "I can go on foot." He then hurried down the tunnel.

lil' Mia- *cough* Be careful... Mia's other half can kill you without thinking... *cough* *cough*

Darkness: *his body got up had headphones in and he kept going on holstering a sword*

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Ultimat soul Caliber shard 'Handle peice')

(Screams and shouts were becoming louder, along with a bright light piercing the darkness at a strange rate)


(Someone's chanting was heard, it sounded like Mia... only different)

"This isn't gonna be pretty..." Smash said to himself. He looked over at Lil Mia. "Now how are we supposed to do this?"

Darkness: i dunno and i can hear it over my music.

lil Mia- You can only try to talk her into common sense, but we must touch in order to *cough* fuse back together...

(The the place bursted into a room, the scarlet was brighter and moving faster. But in the center was Wight tied down by several paper arms and being harmed dreadfully, above him was Mia who was partially fused with the world. Her eyes were like that of Eyes of Truth, only heartless and careless)

Demonic Mia- HAHAHAHA! How do you like it? All the pain I have suffered for over 1000 years! Chop your arms! Slice your legs! Cut your head off! But you don't die! BUT YOU DON'T DIE! WAHAHAHA! So much pain, but you can't die! Feel it, feel it! PUNISHMENT WITHOUT DEATH!!!!!!


(Wight was feeling a invisable pain matching the pain Mia went through of her years of immortal)


"That's not gonna work, I don't think." Smash said. "Mia, you have to refuse! What do we have to do to get you close enough to touch her?"

Darkstorm:(Summons all seven Apocalypse Emeralds) Apocalypse FORM!

???:*uses Aerial ace on Demonic Mia*

(D. Mia shifted her eyes, and a bunch of paper arms grabbed ??? in midair and tossed 'em. While more attacked Darkstorm and others were after lil' Mia)

lil' Mia- EEEEEEEE!!!!

Tendril: (about ten of him come up out of the ground to protect each of them. 962 more come up in seemingly random spots around D. Mia, attempting to restrain her)

Apocalypse Darkstorm:Hey demonic Mia, why don't you pick on someone your one power level!!!

Demonic Mia- FOOLS, you have no idea where you are do you?! This is a sub-world I created, it is my world therefore I have full control over everything!

(Another wave of eternal pain lashed out on Wight, his screaching became a sort of weeping)

Demonic Mia- I envy you... I envy you... You can die... but I can't... it is a curse.. a eternal curse, a immortal curse.... Over the years I have grown stronger... while my other half withers... why? Hatered, Anger, Sadness, Grief, Jealousy... They've been growing, feeding me! Now, your bodies shall rotted in my ultimate spell!!! And now I shall destroy my other half, and I will become the REAL Mia! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(The paper arms lashed out at lil Mia was trying her best to run away)

Apocalypse Darkstorm: So if I controll my Apocalypse form, you can make it unstable?

Jason Voorhees:(Appears)

Dusk: Split! Distract her! I gotta save Lil Mia! *runs after her*

Split: *summons a spell card* Rock Spell: Pebblestorm! *throws the card out, creating a flurry of sharp stones flying at DM*

Dusk: *cuts the arms with his wings, then quickly grabs her, folding my wings over us both* Mia, it's me, Dusk! Just calm down. She's not going to hurt you. Not while I'm alive. *turns invisible, but since he's holding Mia, he turns her invisible too*

Jason:(Attacks Dusk with a hatchet)

lil Mia- It's no use, look!

(Mia's eyes sharpened into The Eyes of Truth again, and was able to clearly see Dusk and her counterpart)

Demonic Mia- You're appearance is lieing!!!!

(D. Mia summoned more arms to attack Dusk and lil Mia)

(D. Mia blocked Split's attack with more of the paper arms)

Dusk: She can't get us...My wings are Dragon Scale...HEY MIA!! Get an eyeful of THIS! *fires multiple throwing knifes toward the eyes*

Jason:(Grabs Lil Mia's Leg)

Darkness: *runs and jumps onto Jason and throws him off* you will fight me.

(The knifes hit D.Mia's eyes, she screamed while blood dripped from them. She then pulled them out with a paper arm)

lil' Mia- You must send me towards her, but becareful her wounds heal quickly!

(Mia was thrashing, but the fact she was partialy fused to the world, all she could move was her head. The arms holding down Wight fell apart and started squerming. Wight turned to dust and vanished, he was tormented to death)


???:You don't know my power level and nobody knows who I am...*uses Flamethrower at DM*

Jason:(Pulls out machete and Attacks DARKNESS)


(D. Mia was englufed by the flames, but her burns quickly healed. But her eyes were still closed shut)

Darkness: *copy's Jason sorta by drawing his sword and blocking his attack with it and then throwing a open palmed strike called Cobra strike*

Jason:(Grabs Darkness's arm and crushes it)

Darkness: *regenerates it due to blood art* i guess you truely dont care about your life. *he causes an blinding gas to emit from his blood and Jason cant see as Darkness slices him into little pieces*

Jason:(Turns Robotic and Attacks without mercy)

???:*uses overheat on DM*

Darkness: *dodges and blocks Jason's attacks* your to easy to read. *jumps over Jason and while over him rips through his metalic skin with his metal arm and rips out his brain and spine* thats how i do it.

(The paper arms start sqerming to the point that they're whipping, the burns on D. Mia once again healed but she was fed up with the pain)

Demonic Mia- THAT'S IT!!!

(D. Mia dettached her right arm from the space, scarlet was dripping from it)

Demonic Mia- EAT WIND MAGIC!

(D. Mia blindly attacked everyone with a twister being blown from her freed hand)

lil' Mia- Her eyes are almost recovered.

Darkness: *rushes over to lil' Mia* do you trust my words that i can help get you up there? because i dont care if she can control this world she cant control our actions.

(lil Mia coughed)

lil' Mia- If you can get her to fully dettach herself from this world.. *cough* She'll become vunerable.

???:(Takes the hit but seems unharmed and uses Spacial Rend on DM)

Darkness: depends on how we need to get her to detach from this world of hers. thats something i was hoping wasnt needed for you two to fuse together.

(D. Mia grinned. She destroyed the Spacial Rend and took in the power. She was able to open her eyes again)

Demonic Mia- Space x Space, no effect. Idiot!

(D. Mia reattached her arm to the sub-space and the paper arms redirected towards everyone in pursuit)

lil Mia- Just rip her off of it...

Apocalypse Darkstorm:(Grabs Lil Mia)

Cold:CHAOS Control!

Apocalypse Darkstorm:I need your help, this form is taking over.

???:Darkstorm...*uses Dragon Claw on DM*

Darkness: how? i mean its obvious that we can but in a manner of not trying to go suicide on ourselves how.

Dusk: SPLIT! Blind her!

Split: Light Spell: Solar Flare! *throws out a ball of blinding light*

Dusk: EVERYONE! SHEILD YOUR EYES! *makes a special dark bubble around himself*

Apocalyse Darkstorm:(Sheilds Lil Mia)

Darkness: *blocks his real eye* this is to easy.

Jason: (Regenerates)

Darkness: *jumps out towards Jason and show him his eye behind the fake eye and with that Jason turns into dust and cant be regenerated but blood curse takes effect and 3 huge gashes are forced upon him* Red.... Flash mofo... and stay down!

(The paper arms covered D. Mia protecting her)

lil' Mia- This... should paralyze her for a minute...

(lil' Mia takes out a Excorsim Needle)

lil' Mia- Even though apart, we are still the same person... Stab this through my head, and the effect take on my other side... *cough* *cough* Don't worry, I can't die...

Darkness: alright. *extends his hand out to have it handed to him*

LT:Can't you do it faster!

???:How about you just use a electric trype attack? *uses Thunder on Dm*

lil' Mia- It'll hurt a little, but I'll be okay...

(D. Mia's eyes shifted)

Demonic Mia- NO!!!!

(D. Mia tries to attack lil' Mia)

Darkness: *moves in front of the attack and takes the hit full blast on his back* here... hand it to me... *he is resisting it as much as possible but it hit his scar on his back*

((I got left behind AGAIN. But this time, I'm more irritated by something else. EAJ, That was some blatant godmodding you did there against Jason. And Where the heck did Jason COME from? And if that guy had a single molocule of sense in him, he wouldn't be trying to kill Darkness in this subworld. What the heck is going on with that?

At the moment, I don't even really know how I should reply. =/ ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 23:43, February 19, 2011 (UTC)))

(quite frankly smash i was really left with no choice against someone who could regenerate his body after it got cut into tin little pieces. and 2 he is a villian DarkestPartOfTheStorm made as a non known villian here just to cause trouble so i was left with no choice but to do that One more soul to collect. EternalAbyssJustice 00:57, February 20, 2011 (UTC))

???:*uses Thunderbolt on DM*

(D. Mia blocked the attack and went back to lil Mia)

Darkness: Mia.. please i need that needle if im going to be a better help...

lil' Mia- You must stab it into my head, my counterpart shall be consumed into it's power as well...

(lil' Mia carefully gives Darkness the Excorsim Needle, it's a bit stronger then the others)

Darkness: alright. *he does what Mia told him to do and stabbed it into her head where the end that would cause the desired effect into her* lets hope your plan works Mia.. im not really wanting to die to save others.

D.(Thinks)I know I must trust what Mia said.


((It was still blatant godmodding, but I know what you mean.))

"What is it?" Smash asked Cold.

((Sorry for the one liner, but I really don't know what else to do at the moment.))

(As the needle was struck, the whole world stopped. The paper arms were suspeneded in midair, and both Mias were frozen. Nothing moved... And slowly, D. Mia fell from the clutches of subspace and landed on the ground.)

Darkness: ... thanks Mia and good thing were not frozen. *grabs the lil' Mia and rushes her over to D.Mia and causes them to touch*

(In a bright light, both of them fused together to make Mia)

Mia- ............ghhhh

(Mia got up, and took out the needle from her head)

Mia- Well, sorry 'bout that. I guess my charm blew off...

You're gonna need much more than a simple "sorry". But I'll let it slide this time. Smash thought. "Don't worry about it. We have other things to worry about. Where's Kazuki?"

Darkness: *after realizing he's lost a lot of blood from his actions of Red Flash and saving lil Mia from d.Mia's attacks* dangit... blood curses.... i hate every last one i have forged into me....

(By the snap of her fingers, the sub-world shattered into reality. Mia went towards a bush and took out a green bow)

Mia- See this? It's a charm I made! *places it back on her chest* It's suppose to allow me to control my space magic, but since it feel off, that's kinda how I split apart like that... I guess you can say I'm very trouble-minded!

(On the ground next to Mia, was Kazuki, sleeping peacefuly)

Cold:We did it.

Final Chapter: Good-bye

(Mia opened another portal that led back outside the border, but due to extreme exaustion Mia fell on the ground unconcious)

Darkness: you and i both want to do that Mia but i have yet to fall... my family needs me to survive... and they dont want me dead...

???- MISTRESS!!!!!!!

(A fairy, about the size of a 10 year-old came from Mia's house)

Se'ree- Oh no! You used up all your magic again! Miss Miaaaa~...

(It sounded like it wasn't the first time Mia got this exausted)

Se'ree- Wake up! Argh!

(The fairy dragged Mia into the house)

Smash walked over to the two, and lifted Mia into his arms. "Allow me." He said. He then walked inside, ready to place her down somewhere where she could rest.

Darkness: *silently dissolves into shadows* im sorry but matters are at hand for me i cant stay any longer.

((Least I can do, since I didn't do much in the final battle.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 02:04, February 20, 2011 (UTC)))

Se'ree- Even though Miss Mia can't die, she still goes towards the point that she should've. Instead, this happens. Sometimes her naps can even last up to a week... *sigh*

Smash frowned. "Well...As bad as that is, At least she'll be okay. Right?"

Se'ree- Yes, mistress always needs a rest regain her energy. It's just how much she used depends on how long she'll sleep. It's sad that she doesn't have anyone else other than me to look out for her... and that cat shrine maiden...

Smash nodded. "Indeed..I probably would, but I live rather far away." He said. He then smiled a bit. "Well, when she wakes up, tell her I said Thank you." He said. He turned around to leave. "There's still one last thing I have to do."

Dusk: *rolls his eyes* (Geez...Not even a "thanks for saving me from my self" or a "thanks for the help"..)

Split: *kicks my shin and whispers* I'm a psychic....dummy.

D:Yeah how nice.



The Red Baron(Smiles)

Cold:Lets go guys.

Se'ree- It's just, the only family member Mia ever had was her teacher... But he died over a thousand years ago...

(Se'ree went into a praying pose and then snapped out of it)

Se'ree- Well, since the demon is gone, you can have the reward the cat shrine maiden has. Oh, I mean Neko Miko. (Note: Neko is the japanese word for cat, while Miko means shrine maiden)

Smash closed his eyes. "Reward?...I guess it wouldn't hurt. After all I did, might as well benefit from it." He shrugged, but then opened his eyes. "See you down the road." He then left the house. He walked towards the sleeping Kazuki, and bent down to lift him into his arms. "Alright, kid. It's time to go home." He said. He turned to face the forest, and headed back to the village.

Static: *smiles, then turns around and fades away like a ghost...*

Se'ree- Bye bye!


After the events of the Epidemic, people grew healthing in the River Village again and the Heros have gained their reward, the innocents saved, and the evil punished.


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