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Part 1

Roy: I'm ready!

"Then let's go," Flare replies.

Roy:How does Creme de la Creme sound! It's a very fancy Restoraunt.

Flare shrugs, "Sure."

Roy:*teleports each other*Here we are!

"Cool," Flare replies half-heartedly.

Roy:Table for two, please.

Worker: Do you have reservations?

Roy: Yup! Roy the Hedgechidna and Lumina Lightbeam.

Worker: Ah, yes. Right this way.

Flare silently follows the worker.

(gotta go)

Roy: *sits down at the table* I'll take the Red Wine for now, thank you.

Flare sits across from him. "Nothing for me."

An akward silence passes*

"So......" Flare begins, "What's up?"

Roy: Well, my planet is being taken over by an evil echidna, and the life emerald is the only way to stop him. It's pretty streight forward.

"I see," Flare replies. After a brief pause, she continues, "How intense is the sun on that planet?"

Roy: Well, it changes depending on what contenent you are talking about.

"I mean, compared to the one here, how much energy does it give off. Light, heat, radiation, that sort of thing."

(what planet are they on now?)

(Mobius. I would guess that the sun on Mobius is about equal to ours)

Roy: It's very much the same amount. Do you know what planet I'm from anyway?

"Not at all," Flare answers, "Which one?"

Roy: Not many people have heard about it. I'ts called Suibom.

"I haven't heard of it. But I think I could be a pretty big help up there. Especially if there's a lot of solar activity there."

Roy: What could you help with? *listens close*

"I could help take care of that echidna you mentioned," she replies.

Roy: Really? That's great! you could help the resistance!

"Yup. And you know what's even better?"

Roy: What?

"I'm not the only new addition to your team. Even if my friends won't help, you have the entire Light Realm to back you up now," Flare replies.

Roy: Neojak will be helpless!

"You bet he will," Flare agrees, "The Light Realm military is one of the best in the multiverse."

Waiter:Here you are.*hands the wine to Roy*

Roy: Thank you.

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