This is meant to be an RP that's a bit... different!

For starters, the basis is that something strange has happened. Namely, a door - not a building, just a door - has appeared wherever the RP deems it necessary. In a city, out in a field - Wherever is most convinient for an RPer. There can be multiple at once, if necessary, meaning multiple people can be where it leads.

What's inside? The Interdimensional Curiosity Shop!

The proprietor is an odd lemur named Leraku - and he's clearly not from around here! He's pretty tall compared to Mobians, given that he's not one, and he's got quite an interesting stock of wares!

His appearance is a little out of the ordinary - His fur was a slightly dark forest green, with a ring-tail's usual black markings. His hair was brown, somewhat long but his pangs were parted to the side so he could see. His eyes were fully yellow, except for orange pupils, as was common of his species... however, you were lucky if you got to see his eyes, since they were usually squinted, akin to lines, for some reason or another. He wore a long, red coat with black lining and many pockets, black baggy pants over brown boots, a white collared undershirt, and had brown gloves. His tail was long, striped and somewhat poofy - not all fluff, but not exactly a flatted-down tail either.

Eventually, there will be a set area for characters to mingle and socialize - A living area, rooms, a dining room - All sorts. After all, Leraku does have to sustain himself, and he makes sure there's room for visitors! Good luck, and have fun!



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Honoo "Flame" The PyroFox (Flametfh)

Conrad the Wolf (TheSkullWolf)

Graviton the hedgehog (SonShadSilv003)

Speedy the hedgehog (LM)

Richard Bloodson (Monk the Cat)

Uila the wolf (Sonsofchaos)

Zorovar "Twilight" Hallstrom (Frost the Wolf)

The Roleplay

And so it begins. A strange door has been found - but by who?

Out in a vast grassland, a dark purple hedgehog stood at the edge of a large hill. His violet eyes stared blankly ahead as he was lost in thought. Never far from his grasp was the purple cylindrical gem held tightly in his ivory gloved hand. The Gyro Emerald was a mystical object and was the only clue to Graviton's origins. All he did was hone his abilities, but why? Such questions he felt would never be answered. A strange feeling enveloped his mind and he sharply turned around. Confusion filled his eyes as a door had appeared from seemingly nowhere. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and was thinking his mind was playing tricks on him. It still remained there and the hedgehog found himself approaching this stange object. A hesitant hand reached for the knob and a careful twist was used to slowly get it open. With the utmost caution, Graviton opened the door and peered his head inside to see where it lead.

As the hedgehog peered through, it seemed he was looking into a strange shop of sorts - It was lined with all sorts of strange and interesting merchandise - and the proprietor, as it might have seemed, seemed to be hanging from a strange ladder - It went up at first like a normal ladder, but when it hit the ceiling, it bent ninety degrees to go outwards towards the center of the room. He was hanging from it, adjusting some 'merchandise' on a hanging rack in the center of the room - otherwise, the ceiling would be pretty much empty, and that's some perfectly good space for items! Don't want to let it go to waste, after all. The lemur hesitated as he heard the doorbell open, and turned slightly to look towards the door. His eyes were oddly squinted - akin to lines - and they seemed to be staying like that. "Ah! A customer! Hold on a moment, I've just got to -" He unhooked his feet, causing him to swing down somewhat as he hung by his hands. As he did so, he let go, allowing him to drop neatly onto the floor, standing a good food taller than the Mobian. Speaking of which, he didn't look like a Mobian at all! "Sorry about that! Was just adjusting some of my merchandise. Really ought to organize the inventory more. But it always seems to just get even more cluttered regardless... Oh! Apologies, I'm getting off track. Welcome to... the Curiosity Shop!" He spread his arms in a somewhat welcoming gesture. He turned, vaulted over the counter, and put his hands palms-down on the counter. "So! How can I help you?"

Graviton took slow steps inside, his indigo eyes scanning the various items around the shop. His mind was still blown from what just happened and he was the one who crawled out of an emerald. "Well..." he began, not sure how to begin his reply. His attempts just came off as grunts and stuttering. Then with a sigh, he let out the one question that was pestering him the most. "Where exactly is this shop?" he asked, his mind still flustered.

The lemur scratched his chin, humming in thought, then spread his arms. "Everywhere! But... not exactly. A little bit here, a little bit there. It's not really anywhere in specific. Having a shop between the fabric of dimensions tends to make locations a bit... difficult, see?" He turned, looking at the shelves. "Hm. Maybe I should build more room for visitors... It might get too crowded eventually." He muttered to himself for a few moments. Somewhat odd fellow, though he definitely had his wits about him - although he hadn't even yet given his name.

A small ring of a bell came from the bell next to the door as a Small Pyrofox entered as he stepped in and looked around, He'd obviously been there before as he didn't look suprised "Hello." He said, greeting the Tall lemur, "You called for me, Correct? or have my Calculations been incorrect?"

A five foot tall muscular snow leopard was at his smithy on a mountain. He had just finished making a fine shield and was testing it out, to see if there were any flaws. Seven small chao were happily flying around him, chattering to each other. The leopard finished testing his craftsmanship and was satisfied, so he placed the shieldon a shelf to take a breather. As he was walking to go outside he noticed that therewas a strange door a few yards outside of his work shop. He walked up to the door and stared at it for a minute.

As the bell rang, the lemur quickly turned back towards the door. "Ah, welc- Oh. Called for you? Hm..." He scratched his chin again, before shrugging. "I'm not sure! Maybe, maybe not. I don't always plan when and where my doors will appear. Two people in here... ah, been awhile since this has happened. Two besides me, of course." He looked over his shoulder at some of the shelves, and turned to quickly rearrange some items. "Hm... Could you get me - no, wait, this will do." He dug around inside the large pockets of his long, red coat, before pulling out what looked to be some sort of spring-loaded claw arm. "There we are." He extended it across the room, picking up some random item and moving it over to another shelf.

"You asked me to help you re-shelf." The pyrofox replied "Do you still require me to do so?"

The snow leopard, being the somewhat curious fellow he was, knocked on the door to see if it lead anywhere.

"I'm not sure, to be honest! It's hard to be sure, with the circumstances I'm dealing with." He glanced around. "I think it's fine for now, although perhaps I might be able to use a little help once I begin the expansions... the place is starting to feel a bit crowded!" His gaze - more or less - focused on the door as a knock could be heard. "For starters, mind opening that, Flame?"

Flame nodded "Sure." He opened the door as he looked out he saw the snow leopard and stepped out the way, He was pretty sure that the Snow leopard was most likely confused.

The snowleopard stepped in, and was followed by his seven chao. He looked in amazement ateverything around him, "Quitea place you git here." He said to the lemur.

Speedy"where the heck am i?"

The lemur waved at the leopard. "Greetings! Glad you like it. Takes a lot of work, keeping all of this... uh..." He looked around at the varying items. "...Organized? I suppose that's a good enough description for it."

Flame laughs to himself "Organized? No thats not the word for it" He grins "Last time I was here I almost got crushed by a box of Bricks, I suppose 'Functional' would be a better word."

Speedy"Reeeper,Archer where are you?

"A black and gold wolf comes in crashing*Uilla: Owww...Okay this is weird since when is there a door here?

The lemur sighed, smirking. "Allright, that's a better word for it. It'll get cleaned up more eventually... anyhow." He looked up at the third newcomer. "Well, since now! Welcome. Now then..." He looked between the three customers - not including Flame, since he was more of a friend than a customer. "How can I help you?"

Uila: Huh,Wha... Where am I?

The lemur grinned, spreading his arms. "The Interdimensional Curiosity Shop. Not a bad inventory, if I could say so myself."

Uila: Curiosity shop?*looks around* this is impressive I will admit, there arent many stores I've seen that can put all this stuff away and not explode with this lack of space.

The lemur shrugged, smiling. "Well, this isn't... many... stores." He tilted his head. "Actually, it's just this one. It's not a chain. Just this one. Might turn it into some sort of inn later, seeing as there's likely going to be a lot of people around now."

"And seeing as that is the case, I have devised a system that will increase the size of the shop by 97.54828485%" Flame replied to the Lemur's statement "Roughly" He quickly added to his Pendantic estimate

The leopard's chao all flocked over to look at one item, they started chattering excitedly. "What is it?" he asked them. One flew back and started chattering in his face before flying back. The leopard shook his head and started laughing.

Speedywalked into the funny looking shop"Flame hey do you know where i am?"

The lemur tilted his head, looking over the strange creatures flocking around the leopard. "Seems you've brought some friends, mister..?"

The leopard nods his head, "Yep. These are my chao... and you can call me Richard." The leopard said. The chao flew back over to the item they were looking at and started chattering again, "I don't know why that item fascinates them so much..." Richard chuckled.

The lemur nodded, and bowed. "Good to meet you - I am Leraku, proprietor of the Curiosity Shop." Leraku looked over to the item, and walked up to it, leaning close to inspect it. "Ah... yes. It's a lightstone orb."

"Allow me to make an Explanation!" Flame said rather excitedly "A Lightstone orb, A usually spherical object made of 'Lightstone' A chemical compound of Brightstone and Illumin." Flame spoke very quickly "It has been said that they can magnetise life-forms to them, But It has never been proven." He gasped for air, as he hadn't breathed at all while saying that

Richard looked at the object, "Interesting... I know a lot about rock, metal and crystal, but I've never heard of such a thing... Where does it come from?" he asked.

Uila: Hey*notices orb and eyes turn wide*Shinyyyyy...

"Very good, Flame." He looked over to Richard, picking up the orb - it fit snugly in his hand. It wasn't very big. "Well, it depends - you see, Flame just explained the Majnec version of what Lightstone is comprised of - there are many dimensions, and most certainly more than one that has made Lightstones. I'm going to guess that this is, indeed, a Majnec Lightstone orb. It's an odd dimension, and I wouldn't recommend visiting it." He examined the orb closely for a few moments. "If you're interested in it, fantastic. I deal in trades, as well as money - with all of the dimensions at my disposal, it's not too hard to find a conversion rate."

"His trades are sometimes a rip-Wah!" Flame gets interupted by a box of bricks falling of a shelf, tumbling down towards him "De Ja Vu!" He dove out the way "Why do you even have a box of Bricks? It makes no sense."

Leraku sighed, glaring at Flame. "They are not. And in fact, I don't have boxes of bricks on the shelves anymore. Just in the back room. Please be careful not to bump into any boxes in here, Flame..." He reached down, and put the box back on the shelves - they weren't even bricks, just some knicknacks - thankfully, sturdy knicknacks.

Speedy"why is there an eye in a jar?"

Richard looks at the chao, who are now orbiting the lightstone. "I think they like it too much..." Richard says, "Are you interested in authentic medival armor?" One chao stops orbiting the lightstone and starts hovering a about a foot in front of Leraku's face, "Chao chao! Chao chao, chao chao?" it asks.

Leraku tilted his head. "...Perhaps? I don't quite have anywhere to display it at the moment, though. Metal by itself might be nice, however, I... tinker in my spare time. Which is a lot of time." He looked over the Chao speaking to him, and hummed in thought. "...Let's see... Sorry, I don't think I got that. I don't have my universal translator with me right now, though it should be in my pocket dimension somewhere... I'll find it later." Leraku turned to face Speedy. "That's not... oh. Look at that. I suppose I do have a jar of some kind of... eyeball looking things."

UIla:*was still looking at the stone althoguh he was now smiling*Shinyyyyyyy.......

"Consider it covered!" Flame said, With an enthusiastic grin "I have the resolve to your issue" A Universal Translator of sorts materialises in his hands "Is this what you are looking for."

[Removed this. The triforce couldn't be in the shop at all. -Ler]

Leraku blinked. "That... hm. I guess I left it lying around, since you can't access my pocket dimension, Flame."

Uila:*finally tears his eyes away from the stone*Ughhh, I hate when that happens

"I think? Maybe, It looks like one hand made so that would..." Flame replies "Never mind, Here." He hands the Translator to Leraku.

"Thank you, Flame." Leraku activated the translator, and it made a few beeping noises. He nodded towards the Chao. "So. Say what you said just a moment ago, please?"

The chao wasn't there any more. It had gone back into orbit and was nearly identical to the others. Richard let out a laugh, "That's my chao for you." He siad, "Very short attention spans..."

Uila: Aren't chao always like that or have I been away for so long?

Speedy"hmm cool looking bracelet and necklace hey how much are theese?"

Flame glances around "Some of this shelves look like the screws are coming out." He sighs "I don't really see that as safe."

Uila: Am I invisible or something?*Shouts*HELLO

Speedy looks at the price tag"rip off much"

Leraku shrugged at Richard, before sighing. "Allright, hold on. Flame! Please stop criticizing my building layout. If I wasn't certain it would work, it wouldn't be here. You there." He pointed to Speedy. "What do you mean 'rip off'? You dont' even know how much it costs. There aren't price tags because, well, trading. People can't take things out of the shop without my consent or they get frozen. I have some specific advantages being in a special dimensional fabric and all, and I can... bend it around me slightly. And on to you..." He nodded to Uila. "No, you are not, I am just currently dealing with several different conversations at once and it is difficult to keep pace at times."

Speedy"fine then how much are they"

[Monk: I think we should wait for S3]

[Ler:It's been several hours, so...]

Leraku scratched his chin. "Well, trading, something similar perhaps. Money-wise... hmm. What currency do you have in mind?"

Uila: Oh than forgive me, i dont like to be ignored that's all.

Graviton watched as a multitude of people piled into this shop. He was highly perplexed on such a thing. Multiple doors leading to this shop? It seemed highly unbeleiveable but yet the proof he was right in front of him. He wasn't exactly much of a social person and his mind was still working to comprehend things. He found a corner of the shop and exchanged glances between the group that piled in and ther various objects that adorned the shelves.

Speedy"i got rings"he went to get his rings out [This part was removed, as it was earlier stated that things cannot be stolen from the shop, due to dimensional complications][he owns the life orbLM][My fault then, I had thought you meant 'light orb', not 'life orb'.]

Leraku nodded. "Allright. How's... thirty?"

Outside of the shop, in some ancient looking ruins, a seventeen year old dingo dressed in dark clothing sprinted around a corner as though he was trying to escape a danger of some sort. A second later, a large, ferocious black dragon skidded around the corner, colliding into the wall before letting out a menacing roar at the dingo. He breifly looked back to see the dragon start crawing towards him at an incredible rate. Up ahead was a large opening out of the ruins. An exit.

The dingo started to make a mad dash for it. Before he reached it, he waved his right hand, causing a blackish portal to appear. He dove through it and reappeared almost instantly through another portal several feet ahead of the exit. Zorovar, as the dingo's name was, then looked at the dragon as it started to charge at him. If the dragon continued his pace, he would reach Zorovar in only a matter of seconds. Thinking quickly, Zorovar took out his crossbow, Harbinger, and fired a stream of explosive bolts at the celiling. The massive explosion caused the entire roof of the exit to fall. Just as the dragon was about to reach him, it was buried under a massive pile of rock and rubble. Only the front arm was visible under it all.

Zorovar gave a triumphant grin as he reached for something in a satchel he was wearing. A moment later, he pulled out what seemed to be a gold idol of some sort. He gave a satisfied smile, admiring the prize he earned on this treasure hunt. He carefully put the idol back into the satchel and pulled out a small brown bag. He carefully opened the bag and peered inside. It was filled with ancient looking coins; just one of these coins would be worth a lot by today's standards.

Suddenly, a door seemed to materialize right behind him. The dingo looked behind him and looked at the door with a raised eyebrow. "That wasn't there before, was it Eclipse?" he asked as though talking to someone. Suddenly, his shadow materialized and a person was now standing next to Zorovar. She was wearing an all black outfit and cloak. The only thing you could see of her head was her glowing yellow eyes and a few strands of white hair coming down from underneath the hood of her cloak. She looked at Zorovar as though to say something, but no words came out.

"I didn't think so." Zorovar said, as though replying to her. Despite the fact that Zorovar's companion was a mute, he could understand her because she could speak to him through his mind. Zorovar cautiously approached the door, debating whether or not to open it.

Leraku held onto the lightstone and the accessories since neither had been paid for. "Hm. Wonder if I should add windows eventually. Then again, it's a bit disorienting looking at dimensional fabric..."

After a few minutes of looking at the door, Zorovar finally decided to enter. "Alright, I'm going in." he said. Eclipse shimmered for a few moments before becoming Zorovar's shadow again. If need be, she would materialize again to aid him. Zorovar pushed the door open cautiously and entered.

Speedy "ok" he gives him 30 rings

Leraku nodded, and exchanged the accessories for the rings, and put the rings into one of his many pockets. "Pleasure doing business." He looked up as the bell rang again. "Ah! Greetings. Welcome to the Curiosity Shop."

Richard looked at the dingo, and nodded his head in greeting. Three of the chao flew over to Zoroaver and started chittering happily, as if saying hello. Richard turned to watch the lemur walk back in, carrying a sign for a new wing. "About what you were saying earlier," Richard spoke to Leraku, "I can get you some metal easily."

Uila:*To Zorovar* Hello

Leraku clapped his hands together once, nodding. "Fantastic. I can most certainly use that. I could trade you it now, if you had the metal. An IOU wouldn't exactly work at the moment, as though I'm sure you're a honest guy it doesn't hurt to be cautious until you know you can trust someone with that sort of thing."

Richard nodded, "I wouldn't have it any other way." He said to the lemur. He turned to look at the door, his long tail batting back and forth. He turned around to look at Leraku, "I could get it for you easily, but I don't know if this door will lead back to my workshop..." He spoke. He was curious at what the lemur would say in response.

Zorovar was greeted within seconds of entering by a group of chao. Zorovar stepped back in suprise, but the minute he realized what it was that had greeted him, the dingo relaxed. He then looked around, "Where am I?" he asked outloud, not to anyone in particular. As far as Zorovar could tell, it appeared to be a shop of some sort, full of all kinds of items, knicknacks, weapons, and a variety of other interesting items.

Leraku shrugged. "Well, once I know someone has the intentions of returning, I can lock that door into place for future use, so that might be useful for you." He looked over to Zorovar. "As I mentioned before, this is the Interdimensional Curiosity Shop! Might change later, but, I'll finish up business with everyone here first. Regardless, welcome again!"

Flame walks up to one of the Shelves and Picks something up, It appears to be a book of some sort "What are you willing to trade for this?" He shows the book to Leraku.

Leraku scratched his chin, looking at the book for a few moments. "Well, if you're going to be using rings... I'd say, hm, about fifteen to twenty rings. Or, if you have something to trade..."

Zorovar over heard the breif dialogue. I guess he works on a barter system. He thought to himself. He then glances at his satchel. I guess I could make a trade or two. He begins to look around to see if anything catches his interest. He notices an interesting crystal on display on the wall near the enterence and steps closer to take a look. He quickly gets out a small booklet from his satchel, flips through several pages, and finaly stops on one of them.

The picture was that of a storm crystal, a crystal imbedded with immense electrical power. He looked at the crystal to see that it was a perfect match to the one in his book. That crystal would give my crossbow electrical properties, the dingo thought to himself. He grabs the crystal and walks up to the counter where Leraku was. "How much do you want for this?" he asked as he placed the crystal down on the counter.

Leraku looked up at Zorovar. "Shall I assume you'd like to use the same currency?"

"No." Zorovar answered. He then pulls out a few gold coins from his satchel. The coins were once the currency of an ancient city. By today's standards, each one was worth a lot. "I picked these up in some ruins. Will these work?"

Uila: *sees coins and eyes grow wide* Shinyyyyyyyy....

Richard looks at Uila and facepalms. He then looks at Zorovar and Leraku and listens because he doesn't want to interupt.

Flame seems to seems to be thinking "Something I could trade..." Suddenly a large plate of metal appears in his hand "Will this do?" Despit it size it was apparently very light-weight; it seemed to be a very strong metal, almost unbreakable "I found it a while ago, It supposedly is can never be broken."

Richard looks at the object in Flame's hand. "Where did you get Adamantite?!?" He asked, very surprised at the find.

"This is Adamantite?" Flame replies "I thought it was Mythril..." He sighs "As for the location, I believe I found it laying on the ground in some ruins, Why?"

Leraku nodded for a few moments, murmuring quietly. "Yes, yes... Those will most certainly do, quite an understatement." He turned to Flame. "Yes, that will work!"

Zorovar was satisfied that the ancient coins were enough for the storm crystal. With the exchange made, he looked at the crystal that he now held in his hand. "You wouldn't happen to have a place where I can test this thing, would you? I want to see what this thing can do." If the text from his handbook was correct, the crystal would bestow electrical properties to the bolts fired from his crossbow. Mix that with different crystals, and the dingo could unleash a variety of powerful effects on his targets.

Leraku scratched his head. "Not now! Not yet, that is. A place to test it. And unless you'd be willing to fire at me - which might take a moment, as I would have to summon my combat gauntlets, which are no ordinary gauntlets mind you - you're going to have to wait after I complete the remodeling, which I should be able to work on as soon as all business here is taken care of. Similarly, I will have to ask those of you who have already gotten your shopping for the moment done here to leave for a little while. Just a few minutes for you, but, for me, well, I don't really know! Hard to tell the passing of time between dimensions like this."

Uila: *slaps his face and snaps out of it* I hate when that happens... what did I miss?

"Well, I'm not going to shoot at an old shop keeper just to see whether or not this crystal is the real deal ." Zorovar stated. "No offence." he added. The dingo then overheard Uila's comment. Just to tease him a little, Zorovar pulled out another coin from his satchel and did a slight of hand to make it disappear from view.

Speedy"did i hear at some point that you have rooms people can stay in or am i just daydreaming?"

(Frost: I'm guessing it would lock Uila into another trance?)

(Soc: Yeah, see he has this weird problem of his canine instincts going out of control and taking over, at least when his wereform doesnt go out of control)

(Ler: Well, to be honest, I'm quite certain that canines are not inexplicably intrigued/entranced by shiny objects. Canines include wolves, dogs, and foxes, and I've had many an instance with a canine and something shiny, and for the most part, they ignore it.)

(Frost: Yeah, and dingos are also a type of canine. Yet Zorovar doesn't get entranced by shiny objects.)

Leraku shrugged at Zorovar. "Well, you haven't seen my combat gauntlets... but if you insist." He then turned to look at Speedy. "Well, not yet. That's why I'm waiting for everyone to finish up in here, so I can start adding on to this. In fact, I might have to rename the shop - maybe the Interdimensional Inn?"

"Speaking of which!" Flame said rather loudly "I got those plans for the upgrades you wanted!" He seems to be holding some bluprints "Here, I hope they are sufficient, I took into the account the rough direction modifiers of the dimension shifting core, So hopefully these bluprints won't fail like the last ones."

(Trying to revive this ol' RP - Where did everyone go? -Ler)

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