GUN forces are launching a retaliatory offensive against the Anti Mobian Army at their Moebian harbor at Black Turtle Island! AMA forces have not exspected an trans-dimensional naval and air assault at one of Moebius's most calm and civilian freindly regions. Now your characters can either side with the agressors (GUN), or the defenders. (AMA) Shall your character aid the humans in getting revenge on the AMA attack on Station Square, or will they aid the AMA in their defense of this rightfully owned naval harbor?


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[[Fun in the Sun/Part1]]

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Part 1: Fun In the Sun.

Grief the fox:  (Grief is relaxing on the beach near the Black Turtle Naval Port. His father recently "assigned" him to this naval harbor in an attempt to please him, as well as fool him inot getting him away from the violent battles happening on Mobius Prime, and some isolated parts of Moebius.) *Griefan yawns.* Boy nothing like being reasigned by my dad to a nice relaxing beach patrol on one of Moebius's most nice and soothing naval bases. Especially with all the cute native girls. I mean look at this place! Nice water, calm cool wind on a sunny day, and barely any problems to deal with!

???: *A tan-brown fox with large black ears, wearing a red vest, felt cap and gloves was sitting on the beach. He looked around as if he was entirely new to the area, yet felt at home.*

Grief: "Hm, must be tourist. Dad told me this place is known for tourism as well. "

???: *Continues looking and walks past Grief. He has his hands in his pockets and has a small necklace dangling from his neck. The necklace reflects a small glimmer of sunlight into Grief's eyes.*

Grief: Hey! Grrr...  *Walks up to him.* What are you doing?

???: Just walking. Why? Do you need something?

Grief: This area is sort of not open to the public.

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