Many years ago a tribunal army had made many swords to many warrior , 300 Cobra Blades to the Demons of the Underworld, 99 Dragon Katanna's given to the Anubis Army, 100 Guantlet Swords were sent to the Mobians, and 30 Soul, Dark, and Emotion Blades were given to many tribes of Halfbreed... Until a more powerful and Evil sword was forged, in the middle of the great peace that Darkstorm, Sonic and the friends they had made at the summet of Mount. Vesuvious the Dark Lord Inferno brought forth his armies from the firiey pits of hell itself and he called forth a young Hellion Forger,"I want you to Forge me an Ultimate Soul Blade, so the it can match Darkstorms Soul Edge Katanna", and with those word of terror from the dark lord Forger went to work on the terrible blade, when it was finished the Forger told Inferno to name the sword to complete it's Evil transformation," I will call it Ultimate Soul Caliber," and with that his sword awakened and it shared his hatred until the day the sword was stolen by Storm's wife and sealed it within a stone forever, but the overwelming hate had killed her after it was sealed, and the sword was never to be found for many years to come, at least that was our hope. Shall Darkstorm and the Hero's of the Triunal find and distroy the cursed blade? Or will darkness consume Mobius forever?





  • Toag the Goat (Sonicfan919)
  • Mar the Goat (Sonicfan919)
  • Vine "Growth" Oakwillow (Numbuh)
  • Electro "Storm" Zaptic (Numbuh)
  • Chimera Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Dark Lord Inferno/Firey Inferno(anyone who feels like it)
  • Predalien Darkstorm(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)
  • Cutlass the Hedgefox (Draon029)
  • Shintamato the Dark Hybrid (he looks a lot like darkness but no metal limbs and he has 5 claws on each hand Darkness has 4) (EAJ)
  • The Ultimate Triforce
  • Xenomorph 43
  • Metal The Wolf(MetalTheWolf)
  • Smilodon the Sabertoothed cat
  • Smilodons pack
  • Dark Dragon the Demon Dragon
  • Cold the Hedgehog(Tailsman67,he also plays a villain)
  • Hell soldiers
  • Hell Dragons


  • Darkstorms yautjan dreadnought The Black Scorpion
  • Vitani's yautjan dreadnought the Shadow of Death
  • Darkstorms old battle crusier

Hero and Villian Casualties

  • Tetrahx the Lycan
  • Dark Lord Inferno

Part 1:

After the death of his wife Darkstorm is now training in the Fear Realm while surfing on lava.

Darkstorm: Dark Strike (knocks Stone demon in the lava), Whahoo

???:Excuse me but have you heard of the ultimate soul calibur anywhere or maybe the soul edge Katana?

Darkstorm: Who wants to... Kirkinko is that you?

Toag:Allow me to introduce myself. I am Toag the goat. I did see a green hedgehog if that is who your refering to. Let's just say I convinced him to leave you alone for a day. (Elsewhere Krinkinko is eating a bunch of Twix and listening to Rick Aastley)

Toag: I am here for the sword.

Darkstorm:(pulls out his Soul Edge Katana) Then forget if those who poseses the sword you speak of will awaken the hate within it now take this Energy blast.

Toag:No you fool! I want to posess it!

Mar:No I shall posess it don't listen to him! Anyways his breath stinks!

Darkstorm: How bout I turn you into Lamb chops with this move, Magma Blast!

Predailen: Chestbuster Claws.

Darkstorm: Soul Sheild.

(They both uses fire horn to absorb the magma then flee off)

(in another part of Mobius)

Endac: *walking through a feild* hmm what should i do today......Eggman is too easy.........hmm

???: Death Blast

Jack: (Appears & Saves Endac) LOOK OUT!

Endac: O_O holy--............thanks......that was close

(a tree comes up out of the ground. a blue and yellow hedgehog is standing on one branch)

Storm: you guys see two hedgehogs come though here? one hydrokinetic and the other geokinetic?

Endac: look man, i was just having a stroll but i'll help you on your little bounty hunt, and no not really

Storm: im a girl. that's the guy. *points to another branc which seemed to be empty*

Jack: Ohhhh

Storm: *sees Jack's confusion* show yourself Growth.

Growth: *a brown hedgehog with green streaks jumps down from the seemingly empty branch*

Darkstorm: Chaos Claws!

Toag:Any of you guys after the ultimate soul caliber?

Storm: the what now?

Endac: huh *pulls out Dragonbane (his sword)*

Jack: I don't get it Toag:OOOh! Nice sword! (Takes the Dragonbane and runs off)

Growth: *to Jack* i control plants. the coloring of my fur let's me blend in with trees.

Endac: O_O PYRO AMBUSH MANUVER 36J *red dragon appears and steals Dragonbane back from Toag* this sword is too dangerous in the wrong hands. kentaru shinobi parincho rand *fire attacks Toag*

Toag: (Uses his fire horns to absorb the attack and steals back Dragonbane) How about this? Fire control! (He disapears)

Storm: alright.....

Endac: O_O NO......THAT STUPID JACKAZZ. HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TOO CONTROL THE DRAGON-HEART IN THAT BLADE...............>=( Pyro come on *the dragon shrinks too the size of an eagle and lands on his shoulder* yintoji vortento (follow Dragonbane) *dissapears after Toag*

Growth: rrriiiiiiiigggghhhttt.

(In the Great forest)

Isaiah: *Walking through the trees, sharpening his great sword, Angelwing* I wonder how E-dac is doing with his Dragonbane sword...

(the smell of smoke comes from deeper in the forest)

Isaiah: Huh? I bet Cutlass is behind this! *runs towards the smoke, brandishing Angelwing* YOU SICK HALF-BREED!!!!

(a forest fire is raging out of control. inside is a glimmer of white and cyan. some of the trees seem to be frozen solid, while others are practically melting from the heat.)

(A Goat arises from the smoke)

Toag: (Burning some trees with his horns)Do you have a sword?

Isaiah: *Snaps his fingers and his sword dissapears* Thats for me to know thank you.


(the white and cyan seems to be thrown towards Toag, knocking him down. it was a hedgehog girl. another one runs out of the flames, her red and orange fur had been blending into the fire)

White hedgehog: *jumps up and attacks the other with quick burst of cold*

Red hedgehog: *counters with quick bursts of heat*

Droget:Who are these goons? This is my job! (Spits outs rushing mucus at the fire)

Toag:The frog has a sword!

Krinkinko: (Tackles Toag)

Darkstorm:(appearing with Soul Edge Katana) Chaos Claws

Toag: (Transports away with Krinkinko)

White hedgehog: *grabs her opponent and throws her in a random direction*

Red Hedgehog: *slams into Droget. jumps up and continues the fight*

Droget:What are you doing!? I'm helping you put out the fire! (Contenues to put out the fire)

(they don't even realize they started a fire. they're too busy fighting each other)

(Who are they anyway?)

(Snap and Inferna)

Jonik:Snap!? Leave this to me! (Punches inferna)

Inferna: *hits the ground and jumps back up* stay out of this! this is between me and Snap!

Snap: *roundhouse kicks Inferna*

Inferna: *catches the kick and uses Snap's momentum to throw her into a tree*

Jonik:(Eyes Widen) I sense him! Watch out Snap!

(A giant anti matter blob is hurled toward Snap)

Jonik: (Pushes her out the way) That was close!

Mar:Hand over your Ice and Fire powers now!

Darkstorm:(Unsheathes Soul Edge Katana) Soul STRIKE!!!!

Inferna: i don't think so!

Snap: if you want our powers so bad come and get them!

Mar: (Smirks) With pleasure! (He starts draining their powers and he started getting ice powers and Fire powers)

Jonik:Listen! Snap, you don't know what your up against!

Toag: (Tries to slash Snap with the Dragonbane but Jonik kicks him)

Jonik:Don't you dare touch her!

Toag:OH, you have a girl friend now?

Predalien:(appears) Chestbuster Claws (aims attack at Snap).

Inferna: *catches the attack. leans in close* Snap is my enemy. not yours. *throws him at Mar*

Predalian:(Hiss)(teleports toward Inferna and shove's an xenomorph egg down Inferna's throat) You'll never live after it hatches with in you mortal.

Mar:(Absorbs some of Predalien's powers)

Jonik:Snap!, are you alright? Can you still use your powers!?

Toag:So? Jonik turned good and has a girlfriend?

Predalien: I know what you want, you want the Ultimate Soul Caliber, I know where it is and if you let me live I'll take you to it!

Inferna: *dissolves into flames. the egg hits the ground. it was a fire clone. about twenty more Infernas walk out of the flames* then it's a good thing i didn't swallow it.

Snap: *that Snap collapses into snow as well. twenty more walk out of the forest*

Predalien: I guess I missed the jugular next time I'll use the facehuggers.

(like i said. that was a fire clone. Predalien didn't even touch her. and now he's surrounded by twenty Infernas)

Toag:(Clamps Mar's mouth) I like your thinking! Now where is the sword!?

Jonik: (Twenty Joniks Come out of the ground)

Predalien: Grab my tail and hold on it is gonna be a bumpy ride.

Darkstorm: Inferna, douse your flames Predalien will just absorb them! Toag:(Grab's Predalien's tail and grips it tight)

Inferna #1: don't tell him anything!

Inferna #2: alright girls, let's get him! *Infernas 1-4 surround Toag*

Inferna #5: *jumps up high*

Infernas 1-4: *charge at Toaq. drop to the ground and slide towards him. kick upwards, sending him into the air*

Inferna #5: Fire Barrage! *brings her foot down and slams it into Toaq's stomach, sending him back into the ground*

Toag: (Holds on Predaliens tail tight so he doesn't fly up)

Jonik: Since he's in close range I can feel Toag's pain!

Predalien:Apocolyptic Chaos CONTROLL!!!!! (They disapear)

Jonik:Snap, do you consider me as a....boyfriend?

Snap: why wouldn't i? looks like they got away.

Jonik:I know where he went! Toag and Mar are from the same being as me!

Darkstorm: Hate to break the love fest. but I need your help to stop the from getting to the swords resting place, my wife died to keep it sealed!

Inferna: yup. *notices the forest fire* woah! when did this happen?! *absorbs the flames*

Jack: What's going on?

Snap: *to Darkstorm* and how does that concern us?

Darkstorm: *to Jack* How you doing *towards Snap* Because She Died TO Keep You Alive, that sword cursed with a hate that will consume a hero to turn him into a villian (Vomits away from Snap and faints next to Inferna).

Krinkinko: (Walks up) What's up jack?

Snap: great. the fight just ended and now all the random people show up.

(Growth and Storm jump down from a nearby tree)

Growth: hey Snap. *turns away slightly*

Storm: hi Snap.

Snap: finally! two people i actually care about!

Necrio: Sweet mother of all brown wolves it's Snap!

Turahk: you know this mortal?

Necrio: Knoooooooow her, she's famous all over the Tribunal.

Turahk: She don't look very strong.

Inferna: *blinks down at Darkstorm* uhhh...

Snap: first: how do you know me? second: weak am i? we'll just see about that. *cracking her knuckles*

Necrio: I know because of the rummers in the Tribunal they say you have the power level of 90.

Turahk: Yeah your weak, sure your Beautiful i admit but you couldn't beat me at a Comie-stick battle!

Snap: thank you. but i'm not as weak as you think.

Turahk: Whats the matter afraid af a little FEAR?

Jonik:Don't make fun of fear! That's my power you know!

Turahk: Fear is supposed to be my game and only mine, take this Traitor, FEAR BLAST!

Snap: *raises an eyebrow at Turahk* is--is there something wrong with you? i didn't say a thing about fear.

Necrio:(whisper into Snaps ear) Turahk like to assume his title of respect is being threatened.

Snap: *blocks the attack with a wall of ice*

Necrio: We're supposed to aid the good and destroy the evil not the other way around Turahk.

Quake: *comes up out of the ground nearby* there you are Inferna.

Tsunami: *runs over* we've been looking for you.

Growth: *vines come out of the ground and wrap around Quake and Tsunami*

Storm: and we've been looking for you!

Darkstorm: Energy blast, get away from me, get away from me, MAGMA BLAST!!!!!

Storm: *absorbs the energy* uuuuhhhh.......

Inferna: *absorbs the heat from the magma* ooookkkaaaayyyy............

Darkstorm: (eyes turn gold and his fever worsens and grabs Inferna's Neck) How'd I get here tell me now mortal or the more I squeeze your neck

Inferna: *body begins to heat up, burning his hand* uuhhh.....

From behind a burnt tree, a figure watched them fight. The figure stayed hidden, not revealing itself, and watched intently.

Inferna #2: *comes up behind the figure while the real Inferna stays in the clearing* boo.

Jonik:Only I control fear! (Makes causes Turahk to feat trees and Inferna)

Droget: (Watching from behind)Where is that sword!?

Jonik:Inferna is Snap's enemy! (Causes Darkstorm to fear inferna)

The figure gasped and jumped. Turning around, the figure revealed to be an orange female cat with white stripes. "W-Who are you?" She asked, obviously scared. And seeing that it was a fiery clone, that wasn't helping much. She backed up against the tree."W-why are you burning the forest!?"

Inferna #2: *smiles and dissappears*

Inferna: *walks over* i apologize. i didn't realize at the time that i was burning anything. i was too busy fighting my arch enemy.

She looked over at the real Inferna, and seemed to calm down a bit. "Okay..But what's their excuse?" She asked, pointing behind her at the others who seemed to be fighting again. "There were more people over here fighting. And the way they were, they could have hurt this place even more.."

Jonik:Her arch enemy happens to be my girlfriend!

Droget:Why do you care so much? Me and my friend ,Krinkinko happen to live in a jungle. It has trees.

She gave Droget a serious look. "I don't see your point. But how would you like it if suddenly your jungle started to burn up? And a flaming tree almost fell on your head?"

Droget:THAT DID ALMOST HAPPEN TO ME! My point is that it's too dangerous here! I'm on a mission to get a sword! I do dangerous stuff all the time so I can handle this!

Jack: Are you sure?

She closed her eyes. "My point is, you all are hurting the forest, so be more careful. And how was I supposed to know that it was dangerous here? There were no warnings on my way here. Anybody could've gotten hurt."

Darkstorm: (grab Inferna's arm) Listen up Fire Girl and Listen good, If any villian reaches the cursed blade before the heros of the Tribunal do everything will parish.

Inferna: oh. well that's different.

Turahk:Now there's fighter that speaks my language, Fight now, talk later, I like a person like that.

Storm: alright im bored. Electro Whip! *a whip made of electricity appears in her hand. she lashes out at the cat, aiming the whip at her throat*

Quake: *thrust his rock-covered arm in front of her just in time. the whip wraps around his arm and the rock protects him from the electricity* not this time. *to the cat* what's your name?

Darkness: (he comes in surfing on black energy underneath his black EX Gear called Black wings)

Darkstorm:: Not another Dark type, Energy Blast( (Does this to test new Dark Types if they are storng or not).

  • "3 people are watching from a nearby tree but is almost invisible from the shadows"*

Part 2

Jack: Whao didn't see that Coming

The cat tried to defend herself, letting out a startled cry, but then realized that she was safe after Quake stepped in. "Th-Thank you." She said. "...My name is Amber. And this forest, is my home."

Quake: nice to meet you Amber. my name is Terron Subrock. but you can call me Quake. *to Storm* and you. *grabs the whip with his free hand, also covered in rock, and yanks Storm toward him* bad idea to attack while i'm around.

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog

"It's nice to meet you both. And thank you, Quake." She said. "But...Now I'm concerned. I overheard a few things..." She put her finger to her lips and looked to the side, thinking about it. "Something about swords, evil, but what really got my attention was "Everyone will Perish"." She looked back at Quake and Jack, looking very worried. "What's going on?"

Quake: im afraid i don't know myself. this is the first i've heard of it.

Jack: Well it's about that Sword named "Ultimate Soul Caliber" uh I think

She gave a questioning look. "Ultimate Soul Caliber?" She repeated. "I don't think I've heard of it..."

Isaiah: *Appears* I think I might hold some detailed info about whats going on. I was there when it happened.

Amber turned around to look at Isaiah. "Who are you?" She asked.

(traveling threw Emerald Forest on Extreme Gear)

Dronic: I have to find this Soul Caliber. It could be a good fuse for My sword, Cataclysm. *speeds up*

Jack: How?

Cold:(Jumped out a tree)Hey don't I know you guys?

Flame:(Also jumped out a tree)Well where looking for a guy named Darkstorm.

Dronic: *rides up* Isaiah, There you are. Amber looked over at Cold and Flame, and shook her head. "No, I don't think so."

Jack: Who are you?

Isaiah: The name is Isaiah. *Unfurls his wings* I am an angel. I was one of many to witness the demonic creation of the hellion Forger from the skies. A dark day that was.

Amber stepped back in shock. "A-An...Angel...?" She gasped softly.

Cold: I don't know where he came from,but I'm Cold the son of Adam the Hedgehog and the teacher of Sonic.

Flame: I'm Flame Colds best friend.:)

Isaiah: *points at them* Didn't you burn down my beloved Forest?

Inferna: that was me, sorry.

Amber sighed, recalling the events that happened while the forest was burning down. She suddenly snapped out of her thoughts. "Wait, What do you mean by your forest?" She asked, curiously.

Isaiah: I loved that forest as a second home. I always came there every day...I helped plant over half of that forest mind you...

She then smiled a little. "Really? I'm glad I wasn't the only one." She said. "I always try to keep the forest in good condition."

  • 3 mobian silhouetes in a tree*

Growth: *snaps his fingers and the tree begins to shake violently*

Jack: What's going on here?

Metal:Somebody needs to stop talking.

Flame:Okay good I thought you were talking to me,cause I have fire powers.:D

Cold: What is going on!

Jack: I don't know.

Metal:Just shut up for a minute.

???: *low voice* DAM *black and red heddgehog hits the ground

???2: AAAAAHH *red and navy blue hedgehog falls ontop of the other ???*

  • arrow flies out of tree and misses growth by 5 feet then anther Hedgehog who looks like Rob 'o the Hedge jumps out of the tree*

Cold:What the!

???: get off of me Dusk

Dusk: sorry

???3: dam it tree-shaker you knocked off my precision

Growth: *crosses his arms* your welcome.


Dusk: Shadow-


Dusk: Shadow-


Dusk: SHADOW, calm down....hood did you hit it?

???3: no, the idiot who shook the tree made me miss

Dusk: damAmber looked over at Metal, wondering where he came from, and then looked over at the tree that suddenly started shaking seemingly on its own. Her eye twitched, and she took a few steps back away from everyone. "Okay, you people are starting to disturb me..." She said.

Storm: im still bored *grabs Amber*

Cold: That is it CHAOS CONTROL!


Hood: *dodges the Thunder attack*

Amber, now a little more annoyed than scared, turned around and slapped Storm with her claws out, intending to scratch his face as she jerked away from him. "Don't touch me!" She snapped at him.

(this storm's a girl)

Storm: that wasn't very nice. *pulls out Electro Whip.* i think i need to teach you some manners

Quake: *pulls out Rock Warhammer* leave her alone Storm.

Jack: What is that?

Amber leaped high into the air, nearly disappearing above all the trees, and landed a great distance away from Storm. "Stay away from me. I don't know who you are, but I have every right to defend myself from someone with an electrified whip!"

Flame: I like my women with a little fire.C:

Amber gave Flame a disturbed look before making sure that she was a good distance away from him, too.

Flame: She digs me.:D

Cold: Yeah, go touch her like what Skate did to Sally and she will dig you,a gave.


Quake: that's enough. *steps between Amber and the others, twirling his heavy, stone warhammer like it was nothing*


Amber stood up straight, taking on a serious face. "I don't know or care who you are." She said to Flame. "I am by far not interested in you. The only thing I'm interested in at the moment, is what this evil sword is that's threatening to kill us all! Are we just going to stand here goofing off and fighting eachother, or are we going to find out what's really going on here!?" This was the first time she had ever stood up and tried to take charge in her life. It felt different, like she was taking on a whole new responsibility.

Quake: i agree. if there is such a sword out there we must do all in our power to keep it out of the wrong hands.

Metal:Listen,there isn't a time to fight right now.

"I already stated that." Amber said.

Storm: *under her breath* i'll fight whenever i want.

Amber shot Storm a cold glare. "You can stay out of this for all I care."

Growth: *puts a hand on Storm's shoulder* she has a point.

(a handsome, blue Hedgewolf rides up on Extreme Gear)


Tsunami: and you is? Amber jumped from being startled, but then covered her ears because of how loud he was yelling. "QUIET!" She yelled at him before he could finish. "Can't I get everyone to be quiet and sensible for 3 Minutes!?"

Inferna: agreed

Cold:(With a grin) Hold on about your plan Amber I got a better one, I'll convert the emeralds into Ultimate Emeralds and then go get this sword and bend it with my bare hands and if I fail, I will skater the emeralds to the outer parts of the planet.

Flame: I'm going with that plan,I know Cold so he is right.


Amber looked at the two as if they were hopelessly stupid. "I don't even get that plan." She said. "I didn't even say I HAD a plan, First of all. We don't even know the first thing about this sword, We need more information about it-" She whirled around to look in the direction of the laughter. "Who's there!?" She was immediately on the defensive.

Predalien: Ask me who I was you PYRO.

She stepped back, a little startled but very confused. "What?"

Predalien:(Raged)You heard me ask me who I was.

Cold: But you were thinking of a plan,and the sword is the Ultimate Soul Caliber.

Flame: The Ultimate Soul Caliber!0_0

Predalien:(smileing) I know where it is.

Inferna: then will you take us?

Cold: I'll go,but I'll need a team.

Darkstorm: Energy WAVE(Aimed at Predalien), don't trust him he'll kill you when your back is turned...AHHH(Looks down and finds Xenomorph 43's claws buldging out of his chest)

43: Chestbuster Claws, die you Tribunal Scum, anyone else want to die?

Snap: no thank you.

Amber's attitude suddenly changed from determined to frightened. "W-Who are you people?" She backed up a good distance.

Necrio: Lightning SPEAR(finishes off 43) Did*pant* I*pant* Kill It?

Cold: Darkstorm,(turned hyper).

Darkstorm: I bet your still mad at me for calling you "imbisil"?

Jack: I guess he is

Predalien: Claws of Death (aimed at Jack).

Jack: LOOK OUT (Dodges out of the way)

Darkstorm:(trips Predalien in which brock Predalien's leg.)

Jack: Thank you DarkStorm

Darkstorm:(gets up as if there was no open wound in his chest) No prblemo.

Amber quickly moved a safe distance away from the attack. I get it, these people must have something to do with that sword, and that's why they're trying to kill us! She contemplated.

Darkstorm:we're not her to kill you Amber, mind opening my pack?

Jack: Well what are we gonna do now?

(She was thinking that.)

She looked at Darkstorm. "First tell me, who are you?" She asked.

(back with Endac)

Endac: dam, where are the others.........and my sword

Pyro: maybe they are around here Endac

Endac: i don't know Pyro.......oiy i wish i had stayed with those other guys.....*sigh* and just as i thought i was about too join some fun adventure or somthing *bumps into shadow* huh.....Shadow, Dusk, Hood

Shadow: apprentice

Dusk: hey Endac

Hood: before you asked they attacked us and we fled-

Shadow: no you guys fled.....i just strategicly evacuated-

Endac: you fled, anyway i wonder where the other guys are.

((Okay, now continue. Remember, Endac is in a different area than the others.))

Darkstorm: I am a Tribunal Chosen Halfbreed with armor like skin named Darkstorm the Halfbreed, been married more than one and lost my all of my 11 wives to the reaper and been training in the Fear Realm, second to best the Apocolypse Realm.

Necrio:Darkstorm we have a problem Predalien escaped.

Amber gave him a hesitant look. "..Can you?"

Darkstorm: Yes

She still seemed a bit hesitant, but she did as she was told and opened his pack. "What do you need out of here?" She asked.

Darkstorm: Pulled out the Blue Stim, then drang it in my chest wound.

She pulled out the Blue Stim. This? She thought. She moved around to his front and did as she was asked, draggin it across his wound. She wasn't exactly sure how it would help, but she figured he knew what he was doing.

Darkstorm: Yes, Poar it in my Chest wound.

Carefully following his instructions, she gently poured it over his wound.

Darkstorm:(Reheals thanks to Ambers help) You quite the medic Amber.

She looked away a bit shyly. "I-I only did what you said. It's nothing special." She said.

Metal:You don't even know who I am. Inferna,Tsunami and Quake are the only people I know here and who are you guys?

Amber glanced over at Metal. "I'm just a person who wants to keep this place at peace." She simply said.

Metal:Yeah right.

She stood up and gave him a firm look. "Have you a reason not to believe me? What are you here for then?"

Metal:I'm here trying to find somebody and stop anybody that is trying to destory the world. I don't believe anybody now because of something that happened 1 year ago.

Amber stopped. "Find and stop somebody..." She shook her head. "Okay. I think it's time we talked about this deadly sword." She said, looking at Darkstorm, but speaking to everybody. "I want to know about it. As much info as anyone of you can spare. I think we've wasted enough time fooling around."

Metal:Not to me we haven't Chaos Spear! *uses it on amber*

She gasped, and leaped out of the way. She sprung high into the air and landed onto the branch of a tree. "I knew I didn't trust you, but now I'm convinced that you're up to no good." She scowled at him. "I don't want to fight you, but I will if I have to."

Metal: don't trust any animal in fact. I will never do that. What people did to me in the first place. Chaos Spear! -uses it on amber again-

Darkstorm:Metal you don't want to do this, and I don't want to use this(conjures a sphere of dark energy).


Darkstorm: Now tell us why your here or you get blasted.

Metal:The same reason why you are here. You back off or you are getting it.

Darkstorm:Bring it on Mechanicle Wolf.

Metal:Is there even a point? Go on then blast me. *walks off*

Darkstorm:(prepare's to strike, then shaters the blast) your not worth the blast, I battled more stronger beings than you.

Metal: I am strong but I don't want a battle from you,from that cat I would like a battle from.

Darkstorm:(pulls out his Plasma Burnner he stole from Weyland-Yutani Corp.) That is a not a wise idea Robot Wolf.

Metal:*growls*I'm not a robot. I'm a wolf. Chaos Spear!_-uses it on Darkstorm-

Darkstorm:(the spear hit him direct and destroyed his fake layer of human skin and reavels his ture dark armor-like skin and his Wings and sharp tail) Energy blast.

Metal:-gets a direct hit- Why? -he picks up his sword and starts attack Darkstorm using it- Lighting Slash!

Darkstorm:(pulls out his Soul Edge Katana) Soul STRIKE

Metal:-gets hit again- Are you trying to kill me?

Dark Lord Inferno:(In Metal's mind) Kill him and obey me.

Metal:Grr... Chaos Spear!-use it on Darkstorm-

???: You guys should get out of here.

Flame: Cold your here and Ultimate,what took you so long?

Ultimate Cold:I had to stop for a soda.

Predalien:(hiss) Dowse those flames.

Metal:Your not going anywhere.Chaos Spear! -uses it on Cold and Flame-

Darkstorm: Metal stop this maddness and please go down the road like in 300.

Metal:*growls* Chaos Spear! -uses it on Darkstorm-

"STOP! All of you!" Amber yelled at the top of her lungs. "Metal, or whatever your name is, What is the matter with you!?" She dropped down from the tree she was hiding in. "I don't know what your problem is with me, but I never did anything to you. And I don't want to have anything to do with you! You're only wasting our valuable time, if what we heard is true, that evil sword Soul Caliber thing is gonna kill everyone! Including you and me! So everyone, Pull! Yourselves! Together!" She stopped to take a breath, but she was obviously getting stressed out.

Metal:I don't care. Chaos Spear! -use it on amber-

Amber rolled out of the way quickly. "Oooh, that's it." She stood up, her eye twiching with anger. "I have never been so ticked off in my entire life! If you guys aren't gonna help me, then I'm just gonna have to go out there and solve this mystery myself!" She yelled, waving her fist in the air before storming off.

Darkstorm:(using loud sonic beams) ENOUGH!!!!!

Amber held her ears in pain, and fell to her knees. Her ears were ringing loudly.

Metal:Chaos Spear!-uses it on Darkstorm&Amber-

Amber didn't have enough time to dodge because of the soundwaves, and was hit from behind. She was knocked back several feet, landing in front of the tree. She was badly hurt.

Darkstorm: Chaos Deflect, Helios (grabs both Amber and Metal w/ extreme rage and eyes turn blood red) we are gonna talk about whats going on here!

Amber looked at him weakly, just groaning in pain. Her eyes struggled to stay open. "Uhhnngh..I wanted to..but..." Her voice trailed off.

Darkstorm:(uses Healing spell on Amber)

Metal:Lighting Slash!-uses it on Darkstorm-

Dark Lord Inferno: Steal his sword.

Amber's strength returned to her, and she pulled away from Darkstorm. "Thank you." She said. She looked at Metal, and tried one more time to convince him. "Please stop! Aren't we trying to do the same thing? To find out what's going on and to stop it? Why are you fighting us?"

Dark Lord Inferno: It is because of me (decloaks)(laughs sinisterly).

She gasped as she saw him, and took a few steps back. "W-Who are you!?" She demanded, sounding intimidated.

Dark Lord Inferno: I am your destroyer, am the Darkness, I am Dark Lord Inferno.

"You..Then you must be the one Metal was looking for, right?" She asked, piecing everything together. "And that also means you have something to do with that Soul Caliber!"

Part 3

Darkstorm: Why are you here Inferno?

Dark Lord Inferno: Why else, to steal your sword to find Ultimate Soul Caliber, my favored and feared Blade.

Amber looked around anxiously. This is bad..This is really, really bad... She thought. What do I do..?

Dark Lord Inferno: Then I'll take your girlfriend to the underworld with you (Pointing at Amber)

Darkstorm:(blushing) She ain't me Girlfriend, we've just met.

"W-What!?" She exclaimed, blushing at the thought. She shook her head. "No way. I'm not going anywhere with you!" She turned around and leaped into the trees. She began jumping from tree to tree, trying to get away. Sorry, Darkstorm. Don't mean to leave you like this, but I'll be just a burden otherwise. She thought, regretfully.

Demon's:(they grab Amber and bring her back to Darkstorm and Dark Lord Inferno)

"Hey! Let me go!" She began clawing desperately at them, trying to throw them off of her. "H-Heeelp!" She cried out, trying with all of her might to throw them off.

Metal:Chaos Spear!-use it on Amber-

Her eyes shrunk when she saw the Chaos Spear coming towards her. She was completely held down, with no way of escaping. The attack knocked her away from the demons, rendering her unconscious.

Just then, something hard struck at Metal from behind. "How dare you. I never thought I'd see the day you'd stoop so low, Metal The Wolf!" said a stern voice from behind.

Metal:Who are you?

Standing over him, was a very ticked off blue echidna with short hair. "First you attack spectators in a fight, and now you're picking on innocent young girls? I think you've just crossed the line." Smash said with his arms folded. "And just who the heck is this other guy here?" He asked, looking at the Dark Lord Inferno.

Dark Lord Inferno: Kill him now Metal, do what I say my pupil.

"What, are you taking orders from this guy?" He asked snarkily, an eyebrow raised.

Dark Lord Inferno: How dare you talk about me ,the DARK LORD, like that.

Smash slit his eyes at Inferno. "Oh, and I suppose you want me to always address you by your full name, Mr. Dark Lord?" He asked sarcastically. "Look, I don't care who you are. You mess with my friends, I'll never let you live it down, I let you live at all. Besides, What's a "Dark Lord" doing in a regular forest like this? Shouldn't you be sitting on your high throne in an evil castle or something?"

Demon Tenvack: Bow to the Dark Lord or die.

Dark Lord Inferno: (Stabs Tenvack with wooden stake).

Metal:Chaos Spear!-uses it at Smash-

Smash dodged swiftly. "You'll have to do better than that." He said. Whoever this "Dark Lord" is, He thought, rolling his eyes at the words Dark Lord, He must have taken control of Metal. I'll have to beat him back to his senses. He's also about just as heartless as they usually are, seeing how he just stabbed his follower with a wooden stake. Sheesh. He came up quickly towards Metal and uppercutted at his chin with great force.

Dark Lord Inferno: Thats it,(trys to take over Smashes mind).

Metal:-gets hit- Lightspeed attack!-uses it against Smash-

Smash felt a weird sensation in his mind. He started having strange, random thoughts. Wait, hold up! This must be what he's doing to Metal. Gotta ignore it! He backed up a safe distance from Metal so he wouldn't get caught off guard. "I know what you're trying to do." He said.

Dark Lord Inferno: Prefect, Now finish him Metal and become my second in command.

Metal:-transforms into Dark form and Lightspeed attacks Smash-

Dark Lord Inferno: Awaken your ture hatred now Metal.

Dark Metal:*stares angrily at Smash and attacks him* Chaos Spear!

Chimera: Brilliant, Why didn't I think of that!!!

Dark Metal:...

Smash threw a mighty punch at Metal, deflecting his Lightspeed attack away. He then rolled out of the way to get away from the Chaos Spear. Where are these other guys coming from, anyway? He thought. He came at Metal again and performed a quick combo of strong blows, ending it with a straight punch towards the chest.

Dark Lord Inferno: Ignore him and unleash your ture hatred to kill Smash now!!!

Dark Metal:*stres at Smash angrily and then Thunderpunches him*

Smash held his hand out and caught the punch, but the electricity shocked him, causing him to go into a kneeling position. Dangit, I thought that was a regular punch! He thought. He took this as his chance to give him a sweep kick, hoping to knock him off his feet before following up with an uppercut to knock him into the air before he hit the ground.

Chimera: Death blast (aims at Smash and Metal)

Smash saw the blast coming at the corner of his eye. "Holy CraaAAAP!" He yelled as he tried to break his current move and scramble out of the way. The blast just barely missed him as he dove behind a tree for cover. "DANG that was too close." He said to himself. This isn't good at all. I need to think of something... He thought, desperately.

Dark Metal:*gets hit and he attacked Smash again* Chaos spear!

Darkness: *flying on Black Wings he see's the fight and heads down and blocks the spear with his EX Gear* damn that was close.

Dark Metal:Chaos Blast!

Darkness: *blocks it with Black wings until its sent flying out of his hands*

Predalien:(Bites Chimera and drains him of all power)

Chimera:Who were you?

Predalien: Originally I was Xenomorph your partner.

Darkstorm: Amber are you all right (Picking Amber up from a demons corpse).

Darkness: *grabs a black and fire sycthe off of a demons corpse* yo lets worry about this before we get into the introductions!

Smash peeked out from behind the tree. "Huh?" He saw two other peoplejoining the battle, seemingly on his side. I don't know who they are, but I'm glad they showed up. His gaze turned to Amber, who was unconsciously lying on the ground. I need to get her to a safe place... He climbed up the tree quickly, and swung himself around on a branch until he got enough momentum to throw himself towards Amber quickly. He landed just a few feet away from her and ran to her aid, only to be beaten to her by Darkstorm. "Who are you?" He demanded. "What are you doing with her?"

Dark Metal:Smash and Darkstorm your efforts have failed trying to beat me,now you shall die!Chaos Spear!(uses it on Smash and Darkstorm)

Smash whirled around to face the attack, and shielded the two from harm. His arms began to bleed from the injury recieved from blocking the attack, but he ignored the pain. "Leave Amber to Me." He said. "I know her personally, and I have a good place to let her rest."

Darkstorm: I am a Tribunal Chosen Halfbreed with armor like skin named Darkstorm the Halfbreed, been married more than one and lost my all of my 11 wives to the reaper and been training in the Fear Realm, second to best the Apocolypse Realm.

Darkness: no! *launches foward and grabs at Dark Metal with the sycthe in hand and slices at him*

Dark Metal:-gets hit but doesn't fell anything- Lighting Slash! -uses it at Darkness-

"Okay, that answers one of my questions." Smash said. "My name's Smash. Now hurry, Let me take her to a safe spot before she gets hurt."

Xenosix:Thought you'd never ask(grabs Smash's hand)

Darkstorm:Six what are you.... I don't to know, lets move to my place.

Darkness: *compeletly shaken from the strength of the attack but unwilling to give up backs away a few feet throws the sycthe at Dark Metal and forces it to explode after it missed Dark Metal* nice hit. *healing himself by something* but i took it to easy on you. forgive me. *he launches at Dark metal faster than the last time*

Dark Metal:Come any closer and I'll kill you Darkness. Now where is my master Inferno?

Dark Lord Inferno: Right here my pupil. Smash jerked his hand away quickly, somewhat startled. "Firstly, I asked twice." He stated. "Secondly, Who in the HECK are you? And where did you come from all of a sudden, grabbing my hand like that?" He sounded more shocked and disturbed than anything.

Darkness: *dosent stop but merely jumps into the ground* trust me *his voice echoing due to his magic* many have tried to kil me and only 1 succedded but at a cost which i killed him no sooner than he did me. revivng a vampire is rather easy. with blood i cant be killed.

Darkstorm: Move it Darkness, stand close to me people(Grabs out his Apocalypse Emeralds).

Darkness: *jumps out of the ground in a coffin of dirt* hmph. we will pick this up later. *jumps back close to Darkstorm*

"What are you doing?" Smash asked him, looking concerned. He looked skeptical about those emeralds.

Metal:_-distransforms out of dark form and transforms into Light ultimate form and Punches Smash-

Darkstorm:APOCALYPTIC CHOAS CONTROLL(Transports to Darkstorm's Weapons cave under his mansion).

Cold: Guys I'm alive I need help.

Flame: COLD!:D

Part 4

Darkness: nice place mr... ummm i never got your name.

Smash opened his eyes to see that he was in a completely different area. "..Where are we?" He asked, looking around concerned.

Darkstorm: Forgive the my skull trophies of rouge xenomorphs and the names Darkstorm the Halfbreed, welcome to my under-mansion weapons storage.

"Ehhh..." Smash looked around, a tad uneasily. The place didn't really sit too well with him, but as long as it was safe. He then stepped back to look at the group. "Alright, I already got your name, Darkstorm. Who are you other two...people?"

Light Ultimate Metal:Running away aren't we? Surrender or esle.

Darkness: and my full name is Darkness vlad Vercious. back on Drakerion im know as the "Emperor of the Vampires" reason being is because 4 years ago i was elected to end a war with many races working against the vampires. so my fellow king and queens selected me as true leader... sad thing is they want me as emperor... it SUCKS!

"Oh give me a BREAK, man!" Smash complained, throwing his hands up into the air in frustration. "That's it, if you're gonna stalk us, I'm just gonna have to take you out for good!" Seemingly with as much effort as a flinch, he let out a blast of energy as he transformed into his high tension state, his fur changing from blue to limegreenish cyan as a skyblue aura surrounded him.

Darkstorm: Back off vampire (pulls out curcifix) oh and take this Pulse Rifle.

Light Ultimate Metal:Lighting Slash!

Darkness: so im an enemy then? why is that? everybody always believe that Vampire's are evil and demonic... well some are but the clans that i myself and my other leaders run are not evil. also crosses dont burn or kill me.

Smash leaped up high into the air, avoiding the attack, and then came down towards Metal at a high speed. "Seven Stars!" He yelled, before throwing a powerful punch towards his head.

Darkness: *backs away as his hand glows red and for some reason his hand is bleeding* dont heal my arm yet.

Dark Lord Inferno: Metal fall back to Mt. Vesuvious.


Darkness: Forgive me Darkness I hardly trust Vamps. ever since the incedent.

Darkness: i dont blame ya. too many damn rouge Vampires are around... and i cant get rid of them all yet. but for you being nice i can help bring about something for you.... what happened that caused you to hate vampires?

Xenosix: It was his Vampric Brother named Vampric.

Jack: Uh I have no idea?



Darkness: alright... Vampric is the guys name? oh well no matter. (throws the small orbs and when they shatter on the ground 3 holograms are seen) Fentes, Verson, and Jill. its been some time... get word out for a rouge named Vampric. he must be captured.

????:Who are you people?

Fentes: so your already swearing more justice to people who need it Darky Sparky?

Jill: no joking Fentes! his wife's at my castle wishing she had more knowledge of what Darkness does!

Darkness: *just looks down sadly*

Darkstorm:(Accidentally Fires Pulse Rifle at hologrms) OOPPPPPP'S.

Darkness: *still dosent do anything even though nothing happened when the pulse shots went through the holograms* Darkstorm im trying to help you here. please be somewhat mannered.

Darkstorm:(Grabs Darkness right hand and flipps him on his back) Rule 1 in my domain keep your Trigger finger on the trigger.

"Okay, Thanks for helping out back there and everything, but now I need to ask you bluntly." Smash spoke up from behind everyone. "Just what the heck is going on here, really?"

Amber's eyes slowly opened. "Unngh..." She groaned as she regained consciousness. "I'm..alive?"

Blue:Oh right...So what do you think whats wrong?

Smash shot him a suspicious look. "I know you weren't here a minute ago. Who are you and where did you come from?"

Amber sat up and looked around. "W-where am I?" She asked weakly. Smash turned around and looked at her, his expression changed to a look of relief.

"Glad to see you're okay, Amber." He said, walking over to her. He bent down until he was at her height. "But you should still try to get some rest."

Amber smiled weakly. "Smash...Boy, I'm glad to see you...I had something important to tell you." She lied back down.

"Something to tell me?" He asked, his eyebrows raised.

"Yeah..." She let out a cough, then rubbed her arm in pain, and continued. "Listen closely. I heard of an evil sword. "Something Soul Caliber", I don't remember too well. But its out there somewhere, and it's threatening to kill us all."

Smash's eyes widened. "What...!?" He gasped.

"A bunch of people came in the forest today." Amber said. "So many of them were quarreling among themselves. They even caused a forest fire with their fighting."

"You GOTTA be kidding." He exclaimed in shock.

"I wish I was. But as time went on, more people showed up and tried to kill us all. Including someone called.."Dark Lord Inferno". I know he's behind everything. He just has to be."

Smash stroked his chin. "That guy must've been the one I saw earlier. He has Metal under mind control, from what I gather." He looked at her seriously. "Amber, we're in serious trouble if we don't find out where this sword is or anything else about it. But don't stress yourself out about it any more. You get some rest, I'll take it from here." He stood up. "Thank you." And then walked back towards the rest of the group. "Alright you guys. You brought me here, now I wanna know what's going on. In full detail, if you please."

Blue:I don't what is going on at all and Who are you?

Smash rose his eyebrow at you. "I asked you first. I don't know you in the least bit, and I know I didn't see you before we left the forest. How'd you get here?"

Blue:My name is Blue the Shadow Hedgewolf and you are? What happened to your friend Amber?

"Smash The Echidna." He introduced. "Amber was caught in a bad situation and got injured." He explained.

Blue:Oh okay. So your here for the same reason then to stop that guy. I'll help you.

"I don't know about being here for that reason, but yeah I intend to stop him." He scratched his head. "Thanks, but that still doesn't answer my question. How'd you get here?"

Blue:Chaos Control that's how I got here.

He scratched his head again. You know what, I'm not gonna ask if he got caught up with us by accident or not. He thought. "Alright. Well, We need more information on this sword and Inferno." He told him. He looked over at Darkstorm. "And I'm pretty sure you have the info I need. Don't you?"

Darkstorm: Yes, But there's a catch, you'll have to fight me to get them.

Smash backed up into a fighting stance. "W-What!?" He looked annoyed now. "Dang it, man! We're already in a tight situation, and you're challenging me!?"

Darkstorm:(Pulls out 2 lava Surfboards and 2 swords) If to afraid I'll just say I won and the answer won't be given.

Necrio:(to Smash) Take the challenge, it'll prove that you are better than a Tribunal warrior and chosen one.

Smash narrowed his eyes at Necrio. "No need to tell me that, whoever you are. I'm already in a bad mood, and I'm not gonna let someone make it worse." He got into a fighting stance. Bring it.

Amber looked at Smash and Darkstorm with concern. "Smash...Be careful."

Darkstorm:(Tosses Smash a Lava Surf Board and Sword with Smashes name on it)

Blue:Be careful Smash..

Darkstorm: You might want to gab somethin solid, (Opens a portal to the Fear Realm).

Smash glanced at the Lava Surf board and Sword in his hands. "Okaay...." He let them drop to the ground. I don't need something that I'm not good with, and it's not like I know how to surf. He then noticed the portal open up near him. "Uh oh." Taking his advice, he darted as fast as he could in the complete opposite direction, grabbing onto the nearest solid and sturdy object to keep himself from being sucked in. Amber as well grabbed the nearest sturdy thing, which might have been one of the spectators.

(Potal opens and Darkstorm grabs Smash by the arm and walks through to the Fear Realm)

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Soul Edge Katana) Better stand on your Board.

Smash stood on the board like he was told. "I don't know what you're trying to pull, but I'm more than ready for anything you can dish out."

Darkstorm:(Hits lava first and does standered handstand) Beat that!

Darkstorm: Magma Blast!!

Instinctively, Smash kicked his laval board back and did a small jump in the air with it. Using the Magma Blast as a boost by hitting the bottom of the board with it, Smash was propelled into the air. He jumped off, performing multiple somersaults while the board was 360 spinning rapidly beneath him, and then stopped close enough to throw a mighty punch towards Darkstorm's head. "Seven Stars!" A blow that would knock them off balance if it struck. He landed gracefully back onto his board, as it was ready for him under.

Darkstorm: (Strikes at Smash with his sword)

Smash swiftly dodged with a 360 spin, although the sword just nicked him on the arm. He spun to the side of Darkstorm and followed up with a left hook towards his head.

Darkstorm: Ouch man (Punches Smash in the teeth) Now that is funny (laughs).

Smash took the blow and was pushed back a bit. "Lets see you laugh through this!" He threw a hard punch at his stomach, followed up by a double spin kick to his side.

Darkstorm:(Coughs and falls defeated) You win (Bot Return to Darkstorms Home).

Smash flicked his thumb past his nose. "Nothin' to it." His face turned serious again. "Now are you going to tell me what's going on or do I have to beat you again?"

Darkstorm:(Grabs Smashes hands and nearly crushes them) Rule 1 keep your trigger finger on the trigger, Many years ago my wife Kirara the cat died to seal the dangerous Ultimate Soul Caliber, but the seal was brocken by human Archeologists, now the cursed blade is waking up and it's power is making people join Inferno, but in Metals case he was given the right of being Inferno's soldier 2nd in command.

Smash gripped Darkstorm's hands just as tightly or worse than he did. "Don't talk to me like you're the only frustrated person here." He told him angrily before listening to his story. "Let me guess, the sword belongs to Inferno, doesn't it?" He asked. "We need to destroy the sword completely, not seal it away. Lets not let history repeat itself and get rid of it, and then Inferno himself. Unless there's a catch?"

Darkness: *he picks himself after having a nap off the ground* hey Darkstorm... thanks for smacking sense into me.. NOT! they got word out and that the vampire that caused the incident that caused you to hate vampire's has been found and captured.

Darkstorm: No one can touh the sword other than Inferno himself if one poseses it you will be consumed by hate and turn evil.

Vampiric: (Attacks Darkness) Blood Lust Fangs!!

Darkness: *dodges and uses his cape to become sharp as dimonds and makes it stun Vampiric till he cant move* Blood Art. Dimond Cape Paralization.

Smash stroked his chin. "Figures. Okay then, let me take another guess. If we kill Inferno, the sword itself will be destroyed as it has some sort of link to him." He said. "Am I right?"

Darkstorm:Not even in the ball park, Only 7 Ultimate Elders and the Tribunal Army can defeat Inferno, I am an Ultimate Elder and you, Amber, Snap, Darkness, Cold, and Flame must become Ultimate Elders.

"Whoa whoa, hold up a sec." Smash said with his hands in front of him. "First off, I don't even know all those other people. And, no offense or anything, but I'm not sure if Amber's cut out for the job."

Amber shook her head. "None taken."

"And secondly, What the heck is an "Ultimate Elder"?" He asked.

Darkstorm: (Skin turns white and origonal skin color becomes a cloak with a hood and forehead bore a blood red yautja mark that looked like a "T" AND TRANSFORMS INTO ULTIMATE ELDER DARKSTORM) This is a Ultimate Elder and it doesn't matter is you too young or old your destiney can't be changed.

"My destiny can't be changed? Now you're getting weird." He said with his fists on his hips. "So what exactly is it? Some sort of super transformation?"

Darkstorm: Soon to be yours as well.

"Okay, that sounds kinda promising. But how does it work?" He asked again. "How can one achieve that transformation?"

Darkness: so just by knowing you i have to become another god? sorry but being the upper god of chaos and destruction is enough.

Darkstorm: (Removes a dead rouge Xenomorphs finger and pours Yautja blood on it) One must be blooded like me but different markings (Grabs Smash so that he can Blood Smash).

Darkness: oh. well when your done if its absolutly nessacary then Blood me.

Darkstorm:Yes. Smash jerked away, and said flatly "I don't trust you." He gave him a stern, suspicious look. "What promising features I thought this idea had has vanished. This is starting to sound like some sort of witchcraft or something." His eye twitched at the finger. "Are you absolutely sure that there is no other way? 'Cause I do not want THAT in my blood."

Darkstorm: (Laughs) The blood won't mix and the scar will disappear when return to origonal form, now hold still (Gives Smash Dachande's mark of a lightning bolt in a square) Your turn Darkness.

Smash frowned, but went along with it. If it was the only way to defeat this guy, he'd have no choice. After getting the mark, he hardly felt any different. And it wasn't nearly as painful as he imagined, either. He still felt uneasy about all of this, though.

Darkstorm:(Gives Darkness the mark that looks like a stone near a cresant moon)

Darkstorm:(Gives Amber the mark of a Yautja "S")

Amber had started to doze off a bit, but immediately woke back up when she was given the mark. "H-Hey..! What are you doing?" She exclaimed, jerking her arm away.

Darkstorm: (To Smash) I need you to find Flame and Snap, I beleive Cold is here.

"I don't even know who they are." He said. "Why do you need them, are they "Destined" to become Ancient Elders, too?"

Dakstorm:yes (Grabs a Wrist computer Guantlet and puts it on Smashes arm) Find them with this.

Smash looked at it. "Hmm...Alright, I guess." He looked up at him. "Mind if I take a little detour first? I have some friends who should know about this." He asked.

Darkstorm: Take as long as you need.

Smash nodded, and turned to leave before looking back at him. "Er...Where exactly ARE we, anyway?" He asked. "Is this place close to Green Flower City, or Station Square perhaps?"

Darkstorm: We are 10 kliks away from Station Square and we are under my home this place is my Trophy room/Weapons storage/Combat training room.

Darkness: alright. quick question. what is the element that you gave me?

"Okay, thanks. I think I can find my way back on my own from here." He said. He turned to Amber. "I'd take you with me, but you still need to finish recovering." He frowned. "Just sit tight, I'll be back soon."

Amber gave a weak smile. "I'll be fine. Just do what you have to do. And be careful...It could be dangerous out there."

Smash flicked his thumb past his nose. "I will. See you later." And with that, he left.

Darkness: Amber.. take this pill. *he hands her a small pill of healing* all it will do is speed up the natural healing inside your body. i will make sure Smash stays alright.

Amber took the pill in her hand. "Thank you...Are you going with him?" She asked before putting it in her mouth and swallowing it whole.

Darkness: just be very still. *summons a bed for her to lie down on* it becomes hard to move and it can make you sleepy but thats the prce for a sped up recovery. and yes i am. *walks out to catch up to smash*

Amber, already pretty tired, was now feeling exhausted. "" She said before drifting off to sleep.

Darkstorm:(Teleporting to Darkness) An Ultimate Elder is all the known elements in the multiverse.

(with Endac)

Endac: well where do you think we are now?

  • they are climbing some mountain range*

Hood: -_- a mountain

Shadow: we knew that Hood

Dusk hey look, there's Shana

Shana-Lee: *floats down and lands on the mountain side with them then furls her wings* hey guys

Endac: hey Shana

Hood: you get rejected from the "Power Rangers" too?

Shana-Lee: \=/

Endac: it's a joke between us humans, anyway do you know where we are

Shana-Lee: well you're not exactly on Mobius anymore

Shadow: we knew that

Endac: oiy

Xenorahk:(Screaming) who evers down there Help MEEEEEEEE (Lands on Shadow).

Shadow: why is it always m- oof *hits the ground

Dusk: ouch

Endac: *facepalm*

Hood and Shana help Xenorahk off of Shadow and help shadow up*

Shadow: why me

???: Magma Blast (aimed at Dusk)

Chimera: Death Blast!!

(back with the others)


Jack: Mmmm I really don't know about that part

(guys i'm not in the same part)

Xenorahk:If you people find any Plasma based weapons lying around their mine.

Turahk: Fear energy!!!

Jack: Say What?!

Xenorahk:Sheild Claws.

Predalien:(Looks at Shadow) Acid Claws!!

(At Mt. Vesuvious)

Dark Lord Inferno: Have patience Metal your vengence will come soon!

Ultimate Cold: You have met your end,ICE BLAST.

Flame: Cold let him.

Cold: Okay Flame.

Dark Lord Inferno:(Tries to take over Flames mind) Obey me mortal.


Cold: What's wrong Flame!

Flame: Move foolish Mortal.

Cold: Flame?

Dark Lord Inferno: Kill him now Flame.

Flame:(Turned Super)DIE(Punches Cold)!

Cold: (Takes the punch)Flame stop it.:(

Flame: SHUT UP AND DIE(Punches Cold in the gut)!

Cold: (Takes the punch)Flame take control.

Flame:(Takes control for a minute)Cold fight me I will be okay!

Cold: Flame:(.

Flame: I'm not Flame you fool.

Cold:That is it,I'm sorry Flame,CHAOS BLAST.

Dark Lord Inferno: Hatred Sheild ( Protects Flame and Transports Cold to Darkstorms home)!

(Back at Darkstorms Mansion)

Cold: What the crud where the heck am I?

Xenosix:(Yells to signal ADS Darkstorm ) Intruder alert!!

Cold: What the(turns Super).

ADS Darkstorm: Blinding Light!!!



Metal:Hmph..*he uses thunder kick right on Cold*

Cold: (Takes the kick and punches Metal back)take this!

ADS Darkstorm: That is Ultimate Elder to you, (Looks at Metal).

Metal:*gets hit* What do you want? *grabs onto Darkstorm,while looking for his Sword on him*

ADS Darkstorm: (pULLS out Combi-stick and transports Metal back to Mount. Vesouvious)

((Darkstorm can't be there if he's already at his weapons base with Smash and Darkness.))


((An Automatic Defence System shouldn't have him doing two completely different things at once. Unless it's some kind of robot over here, he physically cannot be here transporting Metal away while he's currently giving Smash and Darkness their necessary requirements to become Ultimate Elders. At the very least, he should have said something to Smash and Darkness about someone getting inside his mansion, or showing signs that he knew something was wrong or something.))

Metal: Master.

Dark Lord Inferno: About time, I want you to gather my army of rouges, traitors, and villians to attack every village in the world.

Metal:Yes,I will do that and where's Flame?

Dark Lord Inferno: Escaped my grasp, find her and leave none alive in your search.

(Meanwhile back in the Forest)

Jack: Darkstorm where are you guys?

Chenzick: Jack is that you?

((Jack shouldn't know Smash. They've never met before, and I don't recall them actually meeting when Smash was in the forest.))

Flame: Guys what happen where is Cold?

Jack: Chenzick is that you?

Flame:What ....

Jack: What the?

Chenzick: If my sense of smell is correct He is at Darkstorms Mansion!

Jack: Then Lets Go

Chenzick: Grab my tail (Pulls out Copied Apocolypse Emerald)

Flame:: Cool Chen.

Chenzick: Everyone ready?

Jack:(Grabs chenzick's tail) Ready !

Chenzick: Chaos Controll (Teleports Herself, Jack and Flame to Darkstorms mansion)

(At Darkstorms Mansion)

Xenosix: Who are you Intruder and give me a streight answer hate to give the ture queen of xenos a wrong answer now right?

Xenosix: Not answering me hugh well to bad (Prepares to bite Cold).

(At the beach with Claude and Giorgio, Rick is seen surfing on the ocean with his surfboard)

Rick: [riding the wave] Yeeeah!! Riding the wave! Yahoo!!

Claude: [sweatdrops] Your racing suit isn't water resistant! It'll become wrinkly if it gets drenched!

Giorgio: You know what they say, Claude, Rick is into extreme sports and surfing is one of them. -_-"

Claude: Ohh boy...

Blue Brow:(Throws Spear towards Rick)(Caws Loudly)

Rick: [sees the Spear hurtling towards him] WHOA! [dodges it while remaining his feet onto his surfboard]

Claude and Giorgio: RICK!!

Kaytlin:A fox,oclet,and wolf how nice.But I am here to get my shadow back from blaze,Silver and i will break them apart.

Blue Brow:(Caws Loudy and throws another spear at Rick)

Rick: !!! [ducks to avoid getting hit by the spear before losing balance and falls off from the surfboard] WAHH!!!


Claude and Giorgio: RICK!! [rushes towards him]

Blue Brow:(Throws chains at Cluade and Giorgio and Charges a Rick)

Gale:We caught up,Kate.

Giorgio and Claude: [jumps from the chains]

Claude: Dude, c'est quoi ton problème?! (what's your problem?!)

Rick: [coughs up the water from his lungs before staggering to his feet]

Darkstorms Son: (Bites Blue Brow on the tail and rushes to Kaytlin)

Blue Brow:(Sreeches in pain and claws at Claude) My problem is starvtion, I require meat and Rick shows more meat than you (Charges at Rick with jaws open)

Claude: !! [dodges and his cheek gets a graze]

Rick: WTF?! Do I look like I'm some sort of a T-bone steak?!

Giorgio: Oh great.

Claude: We gotta get out of here before that cannibal tries to eat him! [grabs Rick (with Giorgio assisting him) and dashes out of here]

Blue Brow: I am a Velociraptor (Starts chasing Rick at high speed of 998 mph) my kind are carnivors!

Rick: Whatever, but I'm not in your menu! [uses Earthquake, causing the ground to shake in a 5.9 magnitude, thus causing Blue Brow to lose balance]

Smilodon: Move in and Kill the raptor!

Blue Brow: (Caws for Help loudly)

Smilodon:(Knocks Blue Brow on ground and prepare to bite his throat)

(Meanwhile with Zen, she is fixing up her volleyball field so she and her friends can play, until Rick, Claude and Giorgio arrive at her backyard, with Rick collapsing from exhaustion)

Zen: Rick? [gasps and rushes towards him] Sweetie, are you okay?!

Rick: Apart from getting a huge wipeout and seeing a veloci-lunatic trying to turn me into yesterday's lunch and knowing my name... [coughs] never been better, Zen...

Smilodons Pack: (Charge at Zen preparing to kill her)

Zen: ? [looks behind and sees the Smilodons; screams]

Rick: Zen!! [grabs ahold on Zen]

White Tip:(Charges at the pack with a Smart Gun to protect Zen) Stay away from her!

Smilodon's Pack:(Hearing their masters feeding call they retreat towards Blue Brows falling ground)

White Tip:(Heading towards Zen with a White Stim) Are you injured Zen?, Have you been biten? (Grabs Rick and throws him out of the way) Answer me Zen, being the wife of Blue Brow isn't easy, in fact where is he?

Zen: I'm shaken, but I'm fine...

Rick: UGH! What was that for, and what do you mean she's the "wife of Blue Brow"?!

Zen: I have a fianceé, so I don't know who is this "Blue Brow". I'm with Rick.

Giorgio and Claude: [confused]

White Tip: I am a female Raptor, Wife of Blue Brow and I keep him in check but right now where is he, he is very ill and he is a danger to everyone.

Zen: I have no idea. Rick told me that he was being chased by this "Blue Brow", mistaking him for food so he, Claude and Giorgio were trying to escape from it.


Rick: [choking noises] He was... trying... to eat me... what am I... gonna do... use myslef as bait.... so you'd know... where he... is...?!

Zen: [gets teary eyed suddenly] Stop, you're hurting him!

(Giorgio and Claude stealthy walks off so the two can find Blue Brow and grabs a large portion of meat inside a small market, in order to lure Blue Brow)

Claude: Are you sure this would work, Giorgio...?

Giorgio: Yes. Nothing we can do. If she wants her "husband" back, let her... I just don't like seeing Rick and her fianceé being used as today's menu.

Blue Brow: (Smells the Meat and runs toward the smell)

(Giorgio and Claude quickly lures Blue Brow to White Tip, while hanging onto a large meat. Back with the others...)

White Tip:(Lets go of Rick) Forgive me, my Rage gets the better of me when I am pregnant.

Rick: It's fine, really... I used to be quite aggressive back then.

White Tip: (Sees Blue Brow) You might want to stay back, because my husband is running towards our position and right on your friends tails (Pulls out red stim with Blue Brows Medicine).

Blue Brow:(Sees Rick and Charges towards him)

(Giorgio and Claude quickly tosses the large meat and it lands in front of Blue Brow)

Kaytlin:(throws a net over Blue Brow)

Blue Brow: (Struggles under net) Pauk, stupid OOMAN.

White Tip:(pulls out silver Beretta and loads stim and aims for Blue Brows throat) Tie to take your meds Bluey (Fires and get's direct hit).

Blue Brow:(Fells the stim his throat and Roars in pain)

White Tip: (Grabs her Smart Gun) I will use this.

Kaytlin:Now to find blaze the cat and settle this.

Brandon:Kate,why do like shadow?

Kaytlin:We have the same past.

Darkstorms Son:(Runnig towards Kaytlin and trys to speak english) Kaatlin?

Kaytlin:Hi,it's you again and you said my name kind of!

Darkstorm's Son:(Jumps onto Kaytlin's head and purrs)

Kaytlin:You purr like Gale.

Brandon:Look its her now.

Gale:Guys wait up.

Darkstorms Son:(Cowar's away and hides in the bushes)

Part 5 (Smash's search)

After a long while, Smash had arrived at Station Square. He used his cell to call a cab to pick him up once he reached there to take him to Green Flower City. Soon after his ride, He reached his house. Along the way, he made a couple of phone calls. And as he stepped out of the cab, he saw two people waiting outside his door. A red cat and a red and blue multicolored hedgehog.

"Unfortunately, not everyone could come." The hedgehog said with a frown.

"We'll just have to make do." Smash told him as he opened the door. "Come on in."

The three of them walked inside, and sat in the living room. Smash began to explain the current situation to them, in full detail.

"And now I have to find these other "Chosen ones", using this." He held up his arm to show them the computer-like device strapped to his wrist. "I don't know who these guys are, but I'm supposed to take them to Darkstorm."

The other two were listening closely the whole time, until one of them spoke up. "So lemme get this straight." The hedgehog started. "There's an evil sword that threatens to kill us all, there's this Dark Overlord Inferno guy who threatens to mind control us all, and you need to become an.."Ancient Elder" to be able to beat him, along with several other guys you don't know?"

"That's the gist of it." Smash said with a shrug. "I know for a fact that I'm gonna need your help. That's why I called you over here. Splice, Gizmo, this is a dire situation. I don't know how much time we have. But we have to find these guys."

Gizmo held his fist up. "Then we will!"

"Don't sweat it, Smash!" Splice chimed in. "We gotcha covered."

"Thanks guys. Now lets start off by testing out this device." Smash opened the wrist computer and examined it. "Hmm..Controls are simple enough. Lets see here..." Gizmo and Splice looked over his shoulder as he began to search for the first person. "He said for me to get Flame and Snap, first. Lets try Flame." He typed in the name on the computer and waited for the results...

Lerahk:(Knocks on the door)

Kaytlin:*stares at them coming*People are coming you need to get out of the bush.

Darkstorms Son:(Emerges and jumps on Kaytlin's head and start purring again).

Gale:Their coming closer,we need to hide.

Kaytlin:Gale,we don't have to hide.

Gale This ain't no meet and greet!

Darkstorms Son: (Trys to get Gale's attention with his tail)

Gale:What do you want?

Darkstorms Son: (Speaks in halfbreed tone and pointing towards an air vent)

Gale:So,its just a vent?

Darkstorm's Son: (Jumps off Kaytlins head and start writing in the dirt) "Lets go through the vent and find help."

Kaytlin:Ok guys lets move!

Darkstorms Son: (Removes vent cover with his tail and Claws)

Lerahk:(Knocks Harder on Smashes Door)

Lerahk:(Impaitently Knocks harder on Smashes Door)

((Whoever's using Lerahk, Have some patience will ya? I can't reply very fast all the time. I was very busy at the time.))

Smash got up. "I wonder who that could be?" He walked to the door and opened it slightly, peeking out. He looked at the person at the door, and opened it a little wider. "Can I help you?"

Lerahk:(Distorted Voice) Are you Smash the Edchidna?

Smash's eye twitched at the sound of the voice. "...What if I am?" He asked, somewhat defensively.

Lerahk:(Pulls out Poison staff) Are you Smash the Edchidna.

"First tell me who you are." Smash demanded. Gizmo and Splice came up behind him to see what was going on.

Lerahk:(Distorted voice) I am Lerahk the lord of all poisons, one time I gave a guy food poisoning and laughed all night about it.

"You're sick, and I don't want anything to do with you." He slammed the door and locked it. "Step away from the door, you two." He said. They quickly did as they were told as Smash himself walked away from the door and checked his wrist computer for any results.

Lerahk:(Makes the Door turn green and disintgrate and Makes his way towards Smash) Don't mock me Mortal, your lucky I didn't give you a taste of my power, or maybe I will Poisonous Blast.

Truahk: Lets see if he can handle this brother, Fear Blast!!!

Smash sidestepped the two attacks, and in seemingly an instant, delivered a very powerful punch towards Lerahk's stomach. If he hit successfully, it would leave him in excruciating pain.

Splice and Gizmo jumped out of the way in opposite directions. Splice rolled behind the couch and popped his head up from behind it before holding his hand out, pointing it at Truahk. He began shooting several sharp blades of ice towards him, while Gizmo pulled out a small, compact gun and shot at Truahk. The bullets were tiny, electrified needles which were capable of paralyzing people.

Lerahk:(Vomits venom) That was last weeks rattlesnake.

Turahk:(Doges) Fear Blast.

Smash backed up immediately, startled from the color of the vomit. "You disgust me." He threw a hard punch towards his head, followed up by a double roundhouse kick.

Splice quickly grabbed Gizmo and yanked him out of the way. The blast knocked over Smash's table. Splice leaped at Turahk at high speeds and threw a fast kick towards his head, while Gizmo tried to snipe at him from a safe spot.

Lerahk and Turahk: (Pull out an Matrix Agent Gun and start fireing) Taste These Bullets for us.

"YIKES!" Gizmo yelped before ducking under his safe spot.

"Holy Cow!" Splice dove under the table and turned it over to shield himself.

Smash on the other hand, released a blast of energy to power up into his High Tension form. The intensity of the aura was enough to divert the bullets away from him. He used both of his fists to try to knock the gun out of their hands, and break them at the same time. "How about we don't?" He said darkly.

Lerahk:I sense great power within you mortal are you the part of the Ultimate Elder Chosen ones as the prophecy foretold?

"I choose my own paths. Thats all you need to know." Smash told him, before throwing another powerful punch towards his chest. "Seven Stars!"

With the guns knocked to the floor, Gizmo took this as his chance to shoot them with his dart gun. They began to get electrocuted, before a puff of smoke came out of them both.

Lerahk:But you dont understand th people of the world are depending on you the village of poison has been over run by Inferno's army.

Smash grabbed Lerahk's shirt and lifted him off the ground. "You listen here. You come into my house and wreck stuff, and expect me to help you? You stick guns at my friends in my house and ask for my help? You've got guts. I sent you away because you admitted to doing something heartless. I don't help heartless people. But since we both have the same enemies," He set him down. "I'll help. But after this, I don't want to see you around here again. Understood?"

Lerahk:(bows) I am at your disbosal anytime my lord.

Turahk:(Bows and sarcasticly says) What he said, *coughs* your gonna die.

Lerahk:(Hisses at Turahk) Gizmo and Splice came out of their hiding spots. "I was told to find two people named Flame and Snap." Smash told them. "This wrist computer should be able to point out their direction. How far away is your village?"

Lerahk: 10 Kliks away but there isn't anything there, anything that lives anyways.

Smash frowned. "Then we're too late?"

Turahk: Quiet(Turahk Messenger Hawk arrives) My Village is under attack.

Smash looked a bit confused. "Okay, so we're not too late?"

Turahk: Stay out of this Fool I'll see to my Village's saftey myself.

Splice stepped forward with his fist in front of him. "Hey, You came to US for help you jerks! And now you're telling us to stay out of it?"

Smash folded his arms. "If you don't want my help then get out of my house. You're wasting my time."

Lerahk:(To Smash) Turahk is arragant, I require your help your greatness.

"I noticed." Smash remarked. "If you really need my help, then I'll help you. Take me there...but remember, after this that's it. There are other guys just as powerful or even stronger than I am. I don't want to see you around here again, 'specially after what you did to my house." He looked around the room, seeing bullet holes, overturned tables and acidic vomit on the floor.

"You know...That's really disgusting." Splice said.

Kurrahk:I am on it(Cleans up the vomit).

Once the mess was cleaned up, Smash opened the door. "Alright, lets get a move on. We don't have much time to waste, 'cause I got another job to do as well."

Kurrahk:(Picks up Agents gun) Who stole these from me!!?

"You'd better have a good alibi for this." Smash rose his eyebrow at Lerahk and Turahk, as Gizmo and Splice just pointed at the two. "Anyway, we don't have time for pointing fingers. We need to go."

Anubis Soldier:(Speaks Arabic)

Lerahk: I will transport us to my village, Chaos Controll.

(Back with the three races and Zen, Rick's fianceé, after safely walking away from what happened, they have found themselves lost)

Claude: Oh wow, if we only have the map, so we could be LESS lost!

Giorgio: Stop bickering, Claude. We're not even lost anyway. -_-"

Smilodon and his pack: Lookie here boys four lost birds who seamed to forgoten how to cramble at danger, lets eat.

Zen: Rick... I'm scared...

Rick: Now now everything's gonna be all right, sweetie.

Claude: [whispers to Giorgio] Should we hire Oliver just in case, Giorgio?

Giorgio: [whispers to Claude] How? Oliver's not even here right now.

Claude: Ohhh....

Smilodon:(to his pack) Grab the girl.

The Pack:(Laughs and charges toward Zen)

Zen: [sees the pack] !!!

Rick: [sees the pack; growls] THAT'S IT! I'm tired of you using my fianceé as if she was a chew toy! Lay a finger on her, and you will regret it!

Giorgio: Claude, take Zen to safety!

Claude: [nods] Right! [to Zen] C'mon, we gotta take you to safety!

Zen: [nods] Right! [follows Claude]

Giorgio: [with fluent Italian accent] Count me in, Rick!

Rick: [looks at Giorgio; nods]

The Pack:(Draws Egyptian swords and charges towards Zen and her protectors)

(However, a large rift cracks wide open, caused by Rick's Earthquake, thus allowing Zen and Claude to flee to safety!)

Rick: [looks at the Pack, with an ominous look] You're not going anywhere...

Giorgio: That rift my friend did can be real dicey, so I'd say here if I were you.

Smilodon:(Stabs Rick in the back with his sword)

Giorgio: [gets in the way and blocks Smilodon's sword]

Rick: [smirks] Nice one, Giorgio.

Dark Lord Inferno:Obey me Giorgio.

Giorgio: [sneers] Sorry, but I don't know you! [uses Fire Breath on Dark Lord Inferno (and this attack cannot be absorbed since his kinetic powers are not villain-aligned)]

Inferno: (Laughs) I am a fire type you fool, Smilodon, kill them.

Smilodon yes my lord.

Giorgio: Sorry, but it'll be you guys who will die.

Rick: [uses Earthquake, causing more rifts to crack open and the Pack to fall onto the rift] Just who do you think you are into trying to steal my fianceé? You're messing with the wrong person...

Smilodon: Brothers, Thats it time to die(Charges at Rick and sharpens claws)

Inferno: I want her as my Dark Queen!

Rick: Sorry, but she's already with me, so find another queen to take!

Inferno:Out of the Question she wil be mine.

(Then, a yellow blur streaks by and collides at Smilodon at incredible speeds!)


Rick and Giorgio: J?

Smilodon: Show yourself Coward!!!

???: [voice is a lot different than J's] You think you can simply waltz in here and try and kill one of J's comrades and even trying to steal someone who is already taken, you and your pathetic "brothers" have brought yourselves a one-way ticket to hell. [chuckles malevolently]

Inferno:(Sykickly chocks the stranger)

???: [easily catches Informo's throat with extreme grip (and cannot feel being choked, due to being a masochist)] I see you're trying to take somebody who is already taken? [dark smirk] Pathetic. [to Rick and Giorgio] Go. They're all mine.

Inferno:Obey me(tries to take over the strangers mind)

???: [his mind is too dark and insane to be brainwashed; dark laughter] You really want to make that gamble? You really think I would serve a weakling like you? [sneers] I already have servants, unlike yours...

Dark Lord Inferno:(His Rage conjure a Fire storm) You have messed with the wrong kind of evil.

(Then, the stranger summons dark creatures from below the ground!)

Dark Creatures: [growls at the pack]

???: [sneers and turns into darkness before fading back to his groups] Your evil, or my evil?

Dark Lord Inferno: Your skull will be mine and I will make sure that you are alive when I rip your skull so you can feel every moment of the pain, Pack find Zen, Kill all in your path.

???: [chuckles malevolently] Actually, I'll easily destroy you before you can even touch me. In my hell you will never stand a chance against me or my creatures. [to the Packs] And how do you supposed to kill my creatures, [grins insanely] if they're already dead? Like I said, once you walked here, escape is impossible, and touching the barriers... can bring great consequences.

Dark Lord Inferno: (Teleports back to Mount. Vesovious)

(His ability is suddenly negated due to being surrounded by the stranger's darkness)

The pack: We are expendable, we are imortal (Charges towards the enemy army)

(When they charge towards them, they suddenly faze through, as if nothing's there!

Dark Creatures: [sneers]

???: [scoffs] Pathetic.

(Rick and Giorgio nods and runs off to regroup with Claude and Zen)

Smilodon: Your not going anywhere.

???: Actually, it'll be you who are not going anywhere. [several dark creatures form a dark wall to prevent Smilodon from pursuing Rick and Giorgio]

Smilodon:(Turns into Dark Elder Smilodon) Now Die Fool.

Anubis Commander:(Speaks Arabic and Kills Smilodon)

???: [smirks] That's not on my warranty, fool.


???: [smirks] In my world, once death is imminent, the darkness shall overwhelm you forever, thus rendering you weak. [chuckles in a dark manner]

Anubis Commander:(Speaks Arabic)

Dark Lord Inferno:(Manages to escape to Mount. Vesouvious)

Anubis Commander:(Turns to the stranger and Speaks Arabic)

???: [looks at the Anubis Commander] ?

Anubis Commander:(Speaks in sign language) "Nice job out on the feild"!

???: [nods] It's what I do.

Anubis Commander:(In sign Language)"You make one heck of a trooper man"!

Yautja youngblood:(Attacks the stranger without thinking)

(Back with Claude and Zen...)

Claude: [shouts] Hey, we need help over here! Our friends are in danger!

Vorahk: Someone Call me?

Zen: My fianceé's in danger!

Vorahk: Let me guess Smilodon tried to get you?

Claude: Yep, they tried to get her.

Vorahk: Then as Zen's guardian Angel or Human Rahkshi it is my duty to protect her.

(Zen doesn't know anything about being a guardian angel, since she was created by the GUN)

(Vorahk had no choice he was assigned to be Zen's Guardian)

Zen and Claude: [confused]

(Rick and Giorgio then regroups with Claude and Zen)

Claude: Guys!

Zen: [hugs Rick] Rick!

Rick: [hugs her back] Zen!

Giorgio: Man, I do not know what are their issues, but this dark stranger on what appears to be J.... he saved us either way.

Claude: I see...

Vorahk: I have two jobs, One to feed my hunger for power, the other to protect Zen until she learns her ture place in the war.

Panrahk::(Throws Fragmating spear near Claude's Legs)

Giorgio: Look out! [tackles Claude to avoid getting speared]

Flame: Super Nova!

Cold: Colur Ice

Panrahk:(Cackles) Darkstorms lookin for you.

Claude, Rick, Giorgio and Zen: ???

Kaytlin,Gale,and Brandon:*come out of the vent*

Darkstorms Son:(Comes out of the vent and jumps on Gales head and purs)

Gale:I wish Big would purr to me.

Kaytlin:Why do like him?
Gale:We are the same species.

Darkstorms Son:(Purrs)

Gale:Well,we should find some help.

Classic Predator

Kaytlin:Do you agree,Brandon & Darkstorms son?

Brandon:I agree.

Darkstorms Son:(Nods head yes)

Jack: (Appears)What did I miss?

Kaytlin:Who are you?

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog

Kaytlin:My name is Kaytlin Fence the fox.

Gale:I'm Gale Fence the cat.

Brandon:My name is Brandon Fence the fox.

Jack: It's very nice to meet you all

Kaytlin:We are on a quest to find Shadow the hedgehog!

Jack: (Shivering) Shadow the Hedgehog?!

Kaytlin:Scared of my x-husband?

Jack: Wait a minute, Shadow is your Husbund?!

Kaytlin:Shadow was my husband!

Jack: What do you mean was?

Kaytlin:I am not married to him anymore!

Jack: Ohhhh I get it, but the thing is that Shadow is my Rival

Kaytlin:Well any ways I am married to Knuckles now.

Jack: Ohhhhhh

Kaytlin:But I still will get Shadow!

Jack: Ok I get it

Darkstorms Son:(Tries to speak english) Jack, Angelous?

Angelous:Who else would I be (Face changes to Vampire Face) Barney?

Darkstorms Son:(Smiles)

Angelous: (See's Kaytlin) And who may you be Miss?

Jack: I don't know, maybe we need info about Ultimate Soul Calibur

Angelous: Lets go to Darkstorms place he knows about the sword.

Jack: Ok let's go

Angelous: Chaos Controll(Teleports Jack, Kaytlin and Friends and Darkstorms Son to Darkstorms Home)

Darkness: *he is following Smash while staying hidden*

Angelous:(To Darkness)What are you doing my territory vampire?

Darkness: following a friend. what you have a bad history of vampires to?

Angelous: If they are in my territory than yes (Pulls out wooden stake).

Darkness: how do you know im a vampire anyway? and besides a wooden stake? get with the times because it can no longer kill a vampire.

Angelous:(Throws away Stake) I here you have a kid of your own, is it ture?

Darkness: yeah and if you try to hurt her you will face death before you know it.

Flame:So your a blood sucker.

Cold:I don't believe it.

Jack: Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle!

Darkness: great more attention and the kind i killed a lot of G.U.N. soilders to end it.


Darkness: yeah.. im going back to what i was originally doing. goodbye. *teleports away*

Jack: I said "Well I'll be a...MONKEY's UNCLE" Alright?!

Angelous: Your child isn't safe from Inferno he'll kill you first then your child.

Darkness: *throws a kuni with a speaker attacthed to it* quit being so loud you guys! i like being stealthy and you guys are F%*KING IT UP!

Cold:Okay sorry Jack.-_-

Angelous:(Hands Darkness night vision binoculars) Seriously your child isn't safe.

Darkstorms Son: (Jumps on Darkness's head and purrs)

Jack: That's ok Cold

Darkstorms son: (Jumps on Cold's head)

Cold: What hell man,I'm starting to hate you more than your father.

Flame: Why not just do Chaos Control to freeze time and space to get in.

Angelous: Oh you shouldn't have said that.

Darkstorms Son:(Start cry-cawing Loudly)

Jack: Oh dear, now you made Darkstorms Son cry

Angelous: And your a chosen one we're doomed.

Jack: Who?

Angelous: Cold and Flame are supposed to be a Darkstorms placed to be blooded and become Ultimate Elders.

Jack: Oh Right

Darkstorms Son:(Cry-cawing Loudly still)

Cold: Hello shut him up.

Flame: What is wrong with chaos control.

Yautja Warrior: (Heard Darkstorms Son's cawing and Grabs Cold by the Throat)

Darkstorm's Son:(Cry-cawing Louder)

Cold: Why does things Flame do I half to pay for?

Yuatja Warrior:(Mimicks Jacks voice)You made Darkstorms Son cry!

Jack: Hardy Har Har, whoever you are

Yautja Warrior:(Mimicks Jacks voice) Hardy Har Har, whoever you are.

Jack: Ha, Ha, good one, but really stop it right now, it's very annoying

Yautja Warrior:(Removes mask and shows true face)

Jack: HOLY COW! What's in the Deep Blue Sea is that?!

Yautja Warrior:(Mimicks Darkstorms Voice) Yautja!!

Jack: Ok, who are you & What are you doing here?

Yautja Warrior:(Points at still Cry-cawing Darkstorms Son) Yautja!!

Jack: Oh No you don't, your not taking Darkstorm Son away from me!

Yautja Warrior:(Tosses Cold in a dumpster) Not to steal, to cheer up and protect.

Jack: Are you sure?

Yautja Warrior: Yes.

Jack: Whatever you do, don't Steal Darkstorm Son, you got that

Yautja Warrior: I promise, (Start making scary faces to cheer Darkstorms son up all failiures) He needs Cold's Apology.

Jack: How about you should say sorry to Cold

Yautja: Why?

Cold: Why,Flame said it.

Yautja: (Pulls out Cold and puts him in front of Darkstorms Son) Apologize.

Cold: Why don't you bring out your lipstick and kiss my ASS,ICE COLD.

Flame:Something bad is going to happen.

Jack: Like what?

Flame:Cold is going to get his ass handed to him on a sliver plate.

Cold: I heard that.

Yautja:(Pulls out Plasma Bunner and aims for Colds head)

Part 5-B (At the Village of Poison)

After the light from Chaos Control faded, they all found themselves at the village. Smash looked around at the place, which appeared to be in pretty bad shape. "Yep, he's been here alright." He confirmed with a nod.

Lerahk: Watch your step most of the holes are hot venom springs and the place is still a mess from New years.

The three exchanged uneasy glances, grimacing at the thought of what was going on here. "Alright, then..." Gizmo said. They began to walk forward. "This place..its kinda empty."

"You never did give me a straight answer when I asked "ARE we too late?"" Smash reminded them, with little hope left in him.

Lerahk: NO there is an Ultimate Soul Caliber seeker orb hidden here.

"An Ultimate Soul cal...Lets just shorten it to USC?" Splice suggested with a sideways frown.

"A seeker orb?" Gizmo asked. "What does it look like?"

(Scarlet Queen Boa appears)

Lerahk: Like that(points to the snake) I surgecly put the orb in her brain.

The three of them took a step back in surprise. "What for?" Smash asked in an exclamation.

"Rather, What IS a Seeker Orb?" Splice added.

Scarlet Queen Boa:(Licks Smash)

Lerahk: Ever heard of a crystal ball?, (To Smash) I guess she likes you.

Splice lowered his eyelids at him. "What kind of Crystal Ball? Just making sure."

Smash didn't look too pleased, but he tolerated it. "Eheh, I see..."

Scarlet Queen Boa:(Looks at Splice and Considers him an enemy)(Hiss)

Lerahk:Fortune tellers crystal ball.

Splice nodded. "Then yeah, I know about em. Who hasn't heard of them?" He looked over at the snake. "Hey, leave me alone!" He stepped back a bit.

Smash rolled his eyes and held his hand out in front of the snake. "Leave him."

Scarlet Queen Boa:(Strikes at Rattlesnake near Splices Leg)

Lerahk: She eats other snakes.

Splice yelped and leaped into the air, grabbing onto the branch of a nearby tree.

"Other snakes?" Smash suddenly looked concerned as he and Gizmo checked around them for more snakes.

Scarlet Queen Boa:(Licks lips and Chomps on the snake)

The three of them grimaced at the sight, and looked away making an identical "Eeugh.." sound in unison.

"Er, Care to continue?" Splice asked, still hanging from the tree branch.

Yautja Soldier:(Decloacks)

The three of them immediately looked at the soldier and got into a defensive position.

Kaytlin:DARKSTORMS SON,WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gale:Looks like he is not coming.

Xenomorph Dog:(Lands in front of Gale, it is dead)

Shady: what has happen?

Darkness: *jumps down from tress's* what is that i have missed?

Yautja: You know Darkstorms Son OOMAN?

Darkness: no. i didnt stay in the area around Smash before being surronded by attention lovers. after that they forgot i was far away from them because i left a speacker telling them to shut up.

Darkstorms Son:(Cry-Cawing still about Colds insult)

Darkness: im tired of hearing the crys of children. *his body fades into darkness and he picks up Darkstorms Son and takes him to the village of poison*

Yautja:(Now yelling at Kaytlin with rage) Answer me OOMAN!

Darkness: do you mean this child? *holding Darkstorms son gently in his arms*

Yautja: Put Bakuub down (Aims Plasma Claster at Darkness's head) or Die.

Darkness: you seem to assume were all enemies dont you? *puts Bakuub on the ground*

Yautja: That is Darkstorms Son yautja name he doesn't have a ture name.

Allied Xenomorph:(Walks over to Darkstorms Son)

Darkness: can you talk normally? i cant understand what you mean.

Allied Xeno:(Hisses)

Darkness: not you! the fricken Yautja guy! you i can easily understand! him not so fricken much!

Yautja:(Flips him off)

Darkness: *in a langugage that nobody understood* aaahhh the sensless youth hath death unto him.

Yautja: I speack english Youngblood.

Darkstorms Son:(Still cry-cawing)

Cold: Sorry DSS,now make him STOP!

Darkstorms Son:(Cheers up and Jumps on Colds head and purrs)

Cold: Besides I'm much stronger then that guy.

Flame: -_-.

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps and on Flames head and Purrs)

Flame: :D

Cold: ._.

Darkstorms Son:(Attemps english) Cold's sorry?

Cold: What ever kid(pats his head)-_-.

Flame: Lets go guys.:)

Darkstorms Son:(Talks in halfbreed tone and points to a sewer)

Anubis soldier:(Grabs Flame and Speaks Arabic)

Flame: Dude what the crap,I don't understand.

Darkstorms Son:(Uses first tail to cut off ARM of Anuis solider, uses second to cut off head)

Anubis Soldier:(Turns sand)

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps on Flames head and purrs)

Darkness: well then are we all set?

Flame: (Runs fast) Try to keep up with are speed.:)

Cold: (Also runs) Yeah!

Darkness: that wont be a problem. speed barrier errection! *runs faster than Flame and Cold* told you!

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps on Colds head and falls asleep)

Cold: Hold on DSS,SONIC BOOM!

Flame: NOVA BOOM! :D

Anjelous: Vampire Sonic Booom(Zooms past Darkness) catch you guys later!

Darkstorms Son:(Conjures gind guitar and lands on it and goes faster than Flame, Cold, Anjelous)

(Song playing:Metallic Madness bad future)

Cold: Know ones faster than me,I am SPEED(BURST THE SPEED OF LIGHT).

Flame: Wow.0_0

Darkstorms Son:(Plays guitar:Dethklok style)

((Hey, I'm getting confused. Where is all this happening? I made this specific part to only be at the Village of Poison because you guys were making it too confusing with the different areas. I understand Darkness was heading there, but also from what I understand Yautja was somewhere else. What's going on? ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 21:18, January 11, 2011 (UTC) ))

(((Have no idea manThe Purest of Fear and Evil 21:23, January 11, 2011 (UTC)The Purest of Fear and Evil

((Well, SOMETHING needs to be done because this is getting too confusing. I'll wait and see what everyone else says though.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 21:27, January 11, 2011 (UTC)))

(((Whats going on here 0_0?Tailsman67 61:09, January 11, 2011 (UTC)))

(hey Tailsman, Can i ask you something?)

(Yeah man. -_-)

(What Cold said was kind of harsh, What Darkstorm did to Cold then, I understand, he feels pretty bad about it already, but messing with his son now the messed up and he stop crying until Cold apologizes)

WTF,what did Cold say 0_0!?~Tailsman67~

("What hell man,I'm starting to hate you more than your father." thats what Cold said)

Ooooooooohhh o_0 well I was kidding dude,you know Cold hates Darkstorm more than Eggman,what would make you think that Cold hates anybody more than Darkstorm.:D

(Not me, Darkstorms Son)

Near an Allyway(Still in Lerahk's Village)

Lerahk:(Picks up Rifle and Loads it) Inferno's gone to far he must die.

Scarlet Queen Boa:(Licks Splice Hard core)

Splice moved away, his eye twitching. "You still didn't tell me what that Seeker Orb does."

Smash put his hand on Lerahk's shoulder. "You know you can't kill him, right?"

Lerahk: Darkstorm has the death guitar yet he never uses it, the orb works to seek out powerful objects so in the this case the Ultimate Soul Caliber.

"Ooohhh..." Splice nodded, taking it into account.

Smash gave him a weird look. "But what the heck is a death gui-"

Scarlet Queen boa:(Squeezes Lerahk nearly chocking him).

Lerahk: Help me I'll do anything man (Chocking).

Smash sighed and grabbed the snake. He forced it off of him. "Geez, we aren't gonna get anywhere like this..."

Scarlett Queen Boa:(Plays dead)

"Okay look. We need to get busy." Smash reminded them firmly. "We're wasting time, so let me get this straight real quick. Inferno raided this place. We need to drive him off, but from what I was told, We can't beat him without Seven Ultimate Elders. I'm supposed to become one, but we're going to challenge him now anyway? Also, What the heck is a Death Guitar? These are the answers I need. No Interruptions." He eyed the snake playing possum.

Lerahk: Teleport me to Darkstorms home and I'll show you.

Smash folded his arms. "You teleport Me. You're the one with Chaos Control. I don't have that kinda power on me."

Lerahk: Chaos Controll (Teleports Smash and his friends and his pet to Darkstorms Mansion)

(Go below this part)

Part 6 Becoming the Ultimate Elder (At Darkstorms Mansion)

Darkstorm:(Pactience weakens)

Darkness: *walks in* yo I'm back.

Darkstorm: Where are the others?

Jack: (appears) I'm here!

  • all of a sudden a green plasma oozes in*

Jack: Wasn't that the walls ooze Green Slime?

Darkstorm:No thats blood.

Anjelous:I am here.

Darkstorm:(To Darkness) I need you to bring your daughter here where she'll be safe from Inferno.

Jack: Oh wait, hi Anjelous

Anjelous: Whatsup.

  • the green ooze shapes into a a hedgedragon*

Anjelous:(Turns vampire) Who are you?

Jack: What are you doing here?

Darkstorm: How are you Turbo?

Jack: Yeah how's it going?

Anjelous: You know this blood bag?

Turbo:I'm an Hedgedragon!! Watch your trap!!!!!!!!


Jack: (Facepalm) Oh, This is gonna to be a very long week

Turbo:Have you ever seen the Element Nova?

Darkstorm:No we haven't, Turbo, I need you to find Smash, Darkness, consider what i said about your daughter, Anjelous and Jack, go wake Amber up.

Turbo:Do you have something that belongs to Smash?

Darkstorm: The info you requrie will be given when you find Smash.

Jack: Ok, wake up Amber, it's time to get up, Rise & Shine, Wakey Wakey!

Anjelous:(Pulls out air horn) this is taking to long.

Turbo:Chaos Control!! *teleports to the Zone Smash is nearby*

Darkstorm: Darkness are you alright.


Darkstorm: Dang it Necrio.


(Darkstorm hear's a newborn child sleeping)

Jack: I can't wake Amber up

"I'm..awake." She said groggily. She slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes. "What's going on..?"

Anjelous: Darkstorm wishes to see you madam.

Jack: Come right this way maam

Amber blinked, but did as she was told. She got out of the bed and followed them, still feeling a bit sluggish.

Darkstorm: (see's Amber) Great, your finally awake Amber how do you fell?

She stretched her arms and yawned a bit. "Better than before, thank you."

Darkstorm: We must begin and we must hurry.

Jack: Forgot my manners, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jack the Hedgehog

Amber blinked again. "Jack..? Oh, You're the boy from before." She recalled. "Nice to meet you again, under better conditions." She looked over at Darkstorm. "Begin? What are we doing?"

Soon, Smash and his team appeared near the entrance. "We're back." Smash called. "Sorry I didn't find them yet, but I'll get on it as soon as I can."

Darkstorms Son:(teleports in with Cold and Flame)

Darkstorm: that's my boy.

Smash put his fists on his hips. "Heh, Well it looks like I've got my work cut out for me."

Darkstorms son:(Jumps on Smashes head and scratches behind his ears)

"Ow, hey! Careful up there." Smash said with a little laugh.

"Okay, so we brought the guys you wanted, right?" Splice asked. "Now what?"

Jack: We need to find Ultimate Soul Caliber & Fast

Darkstorm: We have a day until the war and the sword awkening, Now it is time they get their new powers and weapons.

Cold: Lets go guys.

Flame: Yeah!

Jack: Come on Amber, let's go

Darkstorm: Hold it Cold and Flame you mmust first be blooded before you become an Ultimate Elder ( Pulls out the Xenomorph finger and prepares to blood Cold first)

Jack: Huh? What do you mean?

"Wait, WHAT?" Smash interrupted. "You failed to mention THAT. I never heard anything about a war! I knew about the sword awakening, but not a war. Let alone all of this happening tomorrow."

Cold: (Look at Amber then Smash and then Darkstorm) Do what you half to do,that don't mean where friends.

Jack: Aw Nuts

Flame: Whats wrong?

Jack: Never mind about that

Cold: Make it quick!

Jack: About what?

Cold: This blood thing.

Blaze the hedgecat:(Appears next to Jack)

Darkstorm:(Gives Cold the yautja "W") Your next Flame (Gives Flame the mark of the Plasma Claster targeter) We'll have do this without Snap.

Splice jumped back, startled. "Whoa, where did you come from?"

Smash folded his arms. "So what exactly do we have to do?"

Amber stood to the side, watching.

Flame: I know one thing,we must hit them hard,without even a peep, we must hit them hard.

Cold: I got the chaos emeralds.

Smash glanced at Flame. "That's not what I meant. I'm talking about becoming an Ultimate Elder."

(Song playing:K.West,POWER)

Cold: I'm going to scout the place out,chaos control(Warps).

Flame: What is the Ultimate elder Smash?

"Hey Wai-" He was too late, Cold had already left. With a sigh, Smash looked at Flame. "I don't know all the details, it'd be better if Darkstorm told you. But from my understanding, it's a type of Super Form that we need to achieve in order to defeat Inferno."

Flame: Why not just turn to are Ultimate form by turning the chaos emeralds into ultimate emeralds,isn't that stronger than him?

Smash blinked. "I already lost you there. Firstly, Not everybody has that type of power off hand. Even with the Chaos Emeralds, not everyone is able to utilize that power. Secondly, How in the heck are we supposed to do that? I've never even heard of Ultimate Emeralds before. And thirdly, As far as I know, the ONLY way to be able to kill him is through the Ultimate Elder form. I think it has something to do with the form itself, rather than brute strength."

Flame: Cold Will kill this dude,I'm shore of it.

Smash folded his arms. "Don't rely too heavily on him. Nothing personal, but you have to understand the situation. You can't always muscle your way through everything. Not to mention, if I recall properly, Darkstorm said we need seven people in Ultimate Elder forms. Seven."

Flame: Cold touched the Mystical Sub Crystal,he can do it or he will die trying,Amber, Jack do you believe Cold could do it?

Amber shook her head. "I don't know. But what I do know is, Inferno is powerful. I've seen what he can do. He is scary, and he can't be killed by regular means. Cold on the other hand, I barely know him so I can't say."

Blue:Too powerful it seems.

Turbo:I know something that would destroy him.

Smash sighed. "And what would that be?"

Turbo:I recently learned a new element that has the potental of destroying all defences. Also if you need a super form, I'm the person you might want.

Darkstorm: (Comes out with glowing suitcase) Inside this case are seven Ultimate Elder emeralds, you will absorb the energy when you touch them, but they are marked with the marks I gave, take the one that matches your mark (Opens case).

((Okay, let me put this here because obviously some people don't read the talk page. Don't derail the plot, to put it bluntly. DARKEST PART OF THE STORM, or let me just call him Darkstorm after his character, had a story planned out with the Ultimate Elder thing. Although I'm a tad iffy about it myself, it's his story. He has plans for how this is supposed to go down, we can't just dump it. And an element that has the potential of destroying all defenses sounds like godmodding. What kind of element does that?

Anyway, Let me end this little rant. Just stick with the plot and don't try to change it like that, okay?))

(Who solved the riddle of my name?)

Smash looked into the case. "More emeralds...?" He asked, his eyebrows raised. Powerful objects always seem to be jewels of some sorts... He picked up the emerald that matched his mark.

"Cool...Hey do we get one?" Gizmo asked, referring to him and Splice.

(Emerald glows and energy transfers through Smashes body)

Smash stared at his hands in awe at his glowing hands as they absorbed the power. He felt a new, mystical energy coarse through his body.

Turbo:Will these turn me into an Insane Psychopathic super form?

Darkstorm: No.

Jack: Super Form?

Blaze the hedgecat: Highly dout it, they were made to turn people into Ultimate Elders.

Turbo:Which one is mine?

(A emerald with dragon mark glows when turbo asked the question)

Smash lowered his eyelids at Blaze. "Uh, An Ultimate Elder IS a Super Form." He corrected.

Chiack:(Wakes up and Climbs out of her crib and crawls over to Smash)

Smash didn't seem to notice.

Jack: Uh Smash, Hello?

Smash looked over at Jack. "What?"

Chiack:(Howls nearly turning Smash to ice)

Necrio:(Wakes) Chiack, no!

Smash stiffened from the noise out of fright. His teeth bared and an expression that looked as if someone were scratching nails on a chalk board. Gizmo and Amber both held their ears in pain, but Splice was so startled, he leaped into the air and hit his head on the ceiling.

Turbo:*takes thje Emerald* I must leave. *leaves*

(Barrier surrounds the mansion and the emerald gives Turbo his Ultimate Elder powers)

Anjelous:(Hisses and falls to the ground)

Jack: I wonder what would happen if I had all of the Emeralds?

Darkstorm: It'll stripp the powers of the Ultimate Elders!

Smash, now holding his ears, yelled at the top of his lungs "WILL SOMEBODY SHUT THAT KID UP!?"

Darkness: *walking back in with his wife and daughter with him* i took your advice. but let me make this clear, anything happens to my family. nothing can or will stop my outrage.

Chiack:(Stops Howling and chases her tail)

Darkness: now Espiata. be on your best behavior. understand?

Espiata: papa... i dont want you to leave... please cant you keep us with you?

Darkness: im sorry but not until you inherit all of my powers and awaken your own i cant do much but keep fighting.

Smash uncovered his ears and let out a sigh of relief. "DANG that kid can scream!"

Splice was holding his head in pain from hitting it against the ceiling. But Gizmo and Amber were nearly on their knees in pain from the howling.

Darkness: *throws a pill to Splice, Amber and Gizmo* headache cure.

Gizmo looked up and caught his pill. Splice's bounced off of his head, and he just barely managed to save it before it hit the floor. Amber on the other hand, missed it entirely and it fell on the floor. "Oops..." She picked it up and frowned. "Another pill?"

Darkness: yeah. *throws Amber another one* i hope your feeling better Amber. dont worry no side effects on these ones but im just concerned about everyone's overall welfare.

Darkstorms Son:(Walks on all fours towards Espiata curiuosly)

Espiata: *is on Darkness's head she looks down at Darkstorms Son and crawls down darkness's side and walks up to him*

Amber caught the pill and swallowed it. "Thank you." She said, somewhat smiling.

Smash shook his head, still getting over his shock from the howling. "So, Anyway, Now that we've got our emeralds of choice, We can just transform with ease or is there another catch?" He asked, getting back on topic.

Darkness: nope i havent. *grabs his emerald with his mark*

Darkstorm: Try transforming.

Darkstorms Son:(Purrs at Espiata)

Espiata: hey Darkstorm? how old is your son? im 5.

Darkness: and how do you propose i do that. everyform has a soul incantition with me.

Smash shrugged. "I don't know how to help you there. But I'll give it a shot myself." He closed his eyes and began to focus. He was still for a few moments, before a sudden blast of aura surrounded him. He powered up into his High Tension state. Still focusing, he began to try to harness the new powers within him. Splice, Gizmo and Amber all watched intently.

Darkness: *takes his red robe and throws it off showing a black shirt with a skull in the middle and he takes that off showing that his right arm is metal and part of his back is metalic liquid and almost every bit of him is covered in scars*

Darkstorm:(To Espiata) He is only 2,(To Darkness) Think of all the people that love you and use it to turn you in Ultimate Elders.

Smash overheard what he said and took it into account. "So..That's how" He began picturing all of his loved ones, attempting to use that as his power.

Darkness: *head goes down* i only think of my powers as a curse. a normal hybrid shouldnt be able to *he takes a bottle and throws it and then shoots green plantish tentacles and destroyes the bottle* do that. and its because of G.U.N. that i have that. and the 7 realms living inside me.... i take their love and use it as guilt. why should people smile at me when im the reason they are living fake lives and meant to be dead?

Darkstorm: Careful with the anger, emotion may turn you into an Ultimate Elder, but others like tradgety, hatred and anger can turn you into a Dark Elder.

Jack: Oh my, that's dangerous

Necrio: If you think thats dangerous, try fighting my wife.

Jack: Why?

Frostless: Because your ass would be handed to you.

Darkness: i already have enough of every element. do i need more? i mean i hated everything about me and i still do. only when my revenge stays compelete will i stop hating myself.

Jack: Oh uh, Never mind

A bright light suddenly enveloped Smash, covering up the whole room. When the light faded, Smash had transformed. "...This..This is it?"

Jack: Wow Preaty

Splice and Gizmo looked at him in awe. "Whoa..!" Splice rubbed his eyes. "All that from one emerald!?"

"I know!" Gizmo agreed. "I really would like to study those things. I've never seen anything like it."

Amber just stared, wide-eyed.

Jack: What is that?

Darkstorm: That is the Ultimate Elder form.

Jack: Wow

Darkstorm: Yeah it is pretty cool.

Darkstorms Son:(Purrs at Espiata's leg)

Kaytlin:Hi Darkstorm and Darkstorms son.

Darkstorm: I see that your safe from Inferno's rath.

Espiata: *pets Darkstorms son* he's cute.

Gale:Who is the echidna girl?

Brandon:Yeah who is she?

Darkness: my daughter. *he comes back not in the ultimate elder form but his true hybrid where he has 4 wings 1 demon 1 angel 1 vampire and 1 dragon* this is what a true hybrid form looks like.



Darkness: and its now easier to gain access to my god form. yeah im a god so what!? i have seals in place therefore i cant die easily. so there.

Gale:Well,we should get back to our mission.

Kaytlin:Gale,we should stay a while.

Darkness: let me know when something happens. *he makes a coffin materalize around him*

Darkstorm:(Comes out of his Dojo with ture halfbreed skin revealed)

Espiata: *gently picks up Darkstorms son*

Kaytlin:Hi,Darkstorms son.

Darkstorms Son:(Speaks in Halfbreed tone)

Arhk the Microraptor:(Lands on the floor with injured wing)

Darkstorms Son:(Jumps out Espiata grasp and runs on all fours to Arhk)

Arhk:(Transforms to humaniod form)

(Back with Rai...)

Rai: [looks at his switchblade while sitting behind a rock]

Turbo:*appears* Nice Blade.

Rai: Why thank you.

Anubis cadet:(Throws down his sword next to the switch blade) How do you like the sword.

Rai: [looks at the Anubis cadet's sword] Impressive.

Badblood Yautja:(Comes Behind Ria and Stabs him with his Guantlet Knives)

Rai: [looks at the sword who stabbed him; smirks] That's it? [chuckles malevolently] It'll take more than a useless stab to kill me. In fact, it'll be the last thing you have tried to make an attempt to assassinate me. [his darkness from inside his body seeps through the sword and approaches towards Yautja]

(Yautja targeters come from all directions, all aimed a Ria, the Lead Badblood stepped forward)

Rai: [pulls out the Gauntlet Knives and disintegrates them into darkness; sees the targeters] What is this, bounty hunters?

Turbo:*transforms into Ultimate Elder Form* Want me to handle them?

Badblood Leader: Fall Back!!!

Badbloods: Time to run like pussies.


Rai: [sees the Badblood flee] -_-"

Badblood Sniper:(Shoots Rai in the leg) Take that douche.

Rai: ? [sees his leg shot, sees the Badblood Sniper] I hope you shot me by accident, because that was an uneccesary move.

Badblood: (Fires again) Those weren't accidents, they were death honor shots.

Rai: [narrows eyes and avoids getting shot again] You have 5 seconds to leave with your life before you end up signing your "death honor" warrant.

(Back at Darkstorm's Mansion)

Smash was floating a few feet above the ground, throwing a few kicks and punches at nothing. "I could get used to this." He said before landing. Splice clapped.

"Awesome, Smash. You just keep getting stronger, don'tcha?" He complimented.

Smash chuckled and scratched the back of his head. "Ah, but this time I had help." His face turned serious. "Shouldn't we be getting ready though? We need more than just power for tomorrow. We need a plan. If what you say is true, Darkstorm, then there's going to be a war and the awakening of the Soul Caliber. Both of those are disastrous events. What're we going to do?"

Gizmo shook his head and shrugged. "We need more information. Where's all of this taking place, first of all?"

Arhk:(To Smash)Help me my lord.

Ultimate Elder Turbo:*comes in* Hey Smash! I heard that you're the strongest Echidna on Mobius.

Smash looked at Arhk. "What happened to you? And who are you?" He asked. He bent down and lent him a hand, before looking over at Turbo. "Where'd you hear somethin' like that?"

U.E. Turbo:I've been around the block.

Arhk: I am Darkstorms Son's Uncle, and My wing/arm is brocken i think.

"In other words, you're Darkstorm's brother?" He helped him stand up carefully. "Gizmo, take care of him for me, will ya?" He asked, looking at the red cat. Gizmo nodded and escorted him to the bed, where he began to tend to his injury. Smash then stood up straight and looked at Turbo. "So there are rumors spreading around about me?"

"Hey, that's pretty sweet, Smash." Splice grinned. "You're reputation's exceeded from the Blitz Pit to all over!"

U.E. Turbo:*pulls out a large block of Diamondega*

"Oh, you mean that, what is that block?" Splice scratched his head.

Jack: I don't know

U.E. Turbo:It's Diamondega. It's the hardest metal on Mobius.

Jack: Oh I see your point

"Diamondega, eh?" Smash stroked his chin. "Well anyway, I can scarcely say that I'm the strongest echidna on the planet. I mean, I'm strong. And I'm getting stronger pretty quickly, but the entire world? That's a pretty broad subject to compare, don'tcha think?"

U.E. Turbo:Can ya break it?

Smash removed his hand from his chin. "Oh, I see where you're getting at here." He said. He dropped to the ground, his form vanishing. "I don't know the strengths of that Ultimate Elder form, but I will use my own strength for this." He said. With a blast of energy, he powered up to his high tension state. He continued to gather his energy. "Place it on the floor, Turbo. And the rest of you get back." He told him in a strained voice.

Splice moved out of the way, as far back as Amber was.

U.E. Turbo:Take your best shot! *puts the block on the floor*

Darkstorm:Save the energy for the upcoming war.

Smash glanced at Darkstorm. "Don't worry, I can handle it." He reassured. He forced all of his energy out. "URRGHII!" In a bright flash, his sky-blue aura changed to lime green, as did his fur. Cyan stripes appeared on his arms, and his eye color lightened. Gizmo turned to look at what was going on. In an instant, Smash was in the air above the block of Diamondega, his hand glowing brightly. His whole body then began to glow, slow after images appearing behind him. Those who recognized it would immediately think that he was performing an airborne version of his "Spirit Blast". However, he was giving off a much more powerful vibe than usual. "Divine FIST!" He yelled as he came down upon the block, pounding his fist into it. Another bright flash occured, shooting a blast of aura into the air-reaching the ceiling. When the light faded, his aura diminished as he reverted back to his original form. His fist was still on top of the block, which was now indented into the floor with large cracks around it. Upon removing his fist, he glanced at the block silently. He stared at it for a few seconds before squinting at it. He picked it up and held it up into the light. There were cracks all over it, but it was still held together. Splice and Amber walked towards him, curiously.

Arhk: Master Darkstorm, I failed you

Gizmo looked back at him. "Shh..It's gonna be alright." He told him. "Hold still." He continued to treat his injury.

Darkstorm:(Puts a clawed hand over the wound) Helios!!

Gizmo watched him curiously.

(Arhks wing/arm heals thanks to the healing spell "Helios")

Arhk: I am sorry Master, I failed you.

Darkstorm:(Slaps Arhk's face) Are you a soldier or are you a dead man?

Arhk: I am a soldier.

Tetrahx: Darkstorm, Inferno's army is advancing again.

"Oh, great." Splice groaned.

"To get back on topic, What are we going to do now, Darkstorm?" Smash asked.

Kaytlin:*flies and lands down besides Smash*

Gale & Brandon:Wait up,Kate!

U.E. Turbo:I'm bored.

Gale:*Runs into Turbo*AHHH!!!

Darkness: Darkstorm you said that emotions can affect which elder state i enter right?

Darkstorm: You are correct Darkness, your emotions controll your elder transformation, anger, rage and vengence turn you into dark elders.

Darkness: is there a real difference in them? i have had my dark powers since birth and i have fully mastered them and have full control over them but i would like to know if there really is a difference.

Darkstorm: Better I show than tell, Smash beat me up will.

Darkness: well i can try because like i said.... i hate myself for the things i was forced to do.

Scarlet Queen boa: (comes up behind Espiata)

Darkstorms Son:(Caws warning)

Scarlet Queen Boa: (See's Darkstorms Son and consider's him a snake)

Espiata: *fly's up onto Darkness's head* daddy...

Darkness: *looks at Scarlet Queen Boa* try that again.

Darkstorms Son:(Lands in front of Darkness and transforms into bone armor and Throws bone shuriken at the snake).

Scarlet Queen Boa:(Snaps at Darkstorms Son's Tail.)

Darkness: *grabs Scarlet queen Boa and cuts her up with sand*

Scarlet Queen Boa:(Swallows Darkness whole).

Darkstorm: You shouldn't have done queeny.

Darkness: *breaks out of Scarelts stomach rather easily holding her heart in his hand then crushing it*

Smash facepalmed. "You see, THIS is why you shouldn't keep a giant pet snake." He shook his head and turned to Darkstorm. "You want me to beat you down?" He rose his eyebrow at him, questioningly.

Darkstorm:Yeah sure, I need to show you what happens when your rage gets the better of you.

Smash shrugged. "Alright. But I'm not gonna be the one flying into a rage here, just so you know." He began to draw his power out from the energy he got from the Ultimate Elder emerald, and soon transformed into his Ultimate Elder form. "Here I come!" He came at him quickly, throwing a barrage of punches and kicks at him in a massive chain of powerful combos. He ended the combo with a rising uppercut, his fist bursting into its own aura. And just when they thought he was done, he twirled around and gave two kicks while still in mid-air. the last one going straight, and strong enough to knock him across the room.

U.E. Turbo:Got any Sandbags?

Dark Elder Darkstorm: This is the dark elder form the marks that are on my whole body are called Datuja.


Turbo:Ballistic Raging Demon!!!! *attacks Sandbag*

Bradon:*almost runs into darkstorm,but stops in a skreaching halt*That was close!

Smash floated downwards until he touched the ground. "Dark Elder form, eh? I can see the difference in appearance, but care to enlighten us on how it effects you otherwise?"

Splice looked at Bradon. "Can't you people watch it? You don't go running at full speed indoors, man!"

Gale:Come on Brandon,we have to find Kaytlin!

Brandon:Hey,have you guys seen my sister?

Splice gave them both a weird look. "Your sister? Kaytlin?" He looked over at where Kaytlin landed earlier.


Kaytlin:What took you so long?

Gale:We were worried about you!

Brandon:I wasn't.

Gale:Well I was worried!

Splice just scratched his head, looking a tad bit confused.

Kaytlin:Gale,stop acting like your my mom.

Gale:Sorry I am over protecti'ff

U.E. Turbo:It's getting tiring scrolling up all the time.

Kaytlin:Did you find Shadow?


U.E. Turbo:Who wants to fight? I really need to fight!!

Brandon:I will fight you!

Turbo:*powers down* Your on!!

Brandon:Here is my favorite move,X-Scissors!*use move on turbo*

Turbo:Chaos Lance!! *fires a red lance at Brandon*

Bradon:Spin dash!!!!!!!!!*Spin dashes at Turbo*

Turbo:Chaos Eraser! *aims a blast of Chaos Energy at Brandon* Die!!!

Tetrahx:(Turns Lycan)

???: CHAOS BLAST(blasts Tetrahx in the back).

Tetrahx:(Howls in pain)

Flame: COLD!

???\Cold: Sorry I took so long I had to stop for a chilly dog(turns super).

Tetrahx:(Turns Super) Mega Howl!!!

Super Cold: Get out of here guys, I call on the life and spirit of the planet the power of the master emerald it self,I call upon Angel Inland,to out due the evil on the panet,MASTER CONTROL!

Darkstorm:(Talks in sound waves) Don't harm my student!!

"STOOOOP!" Smash yelled at the top of his lungs. "What the CRAP is going on here!? We aren't supposed to be fighting eachother! We're supposed to be preparing for a war! A WAR, dang it! We should be getting a plan layed out! We should be getting ready, because we only have a freaking DAY until this war breaks out! Not to mention the Soul Caliber is going to wake up and start massacring everyone! And it's already sunset! Pull yourselves the heck together or we're all dead." He looked at Darkstorm with an intense expression. "I asked you a question earlier, and you never responded to it. What is our plan of action? You're the brains of this outfit, aren't you?"

Darkstorm: The plan is to steal the sword from the museum tomarrow early in the morning, any obejections?

"Objection!" Smash exlaimed. "Firstly, You need a more indepth plan than that. I doubt it would be that easy to sneak into a museum. And these people are typically loud, and that would definitely blow our cover. And Secondly, the most importantly, How are we going to get that sword? Didn't you say it pretty much destroys the mind of whoever touches it?" He stopped right there for a few moments. "..Come to think of it, How'd it get in there in that case?"

Darkstorm: If that is the fact, you make the plan Smash.

"Yeah, Smash. You shouldn't have much of a problem with it." Splice agreed. "After all, you've lead us for years."

"I trust you better at making plans anyway." Gizmo added. "Although it's probably 'cause you're the one I know best around here."

Cold:(Turns normal)F#ck man I've just learned that move.

(Song playing: Awaken by Dethklok)

Darkstorm: What is the plan Smash.

Flame: Hey Cold?

Cold: What?

Flame: Doesn't Skates sister have a air ship we can use?

Cold: Yes she does, we can use that.

Smash stroked his chin. "I still don't know how they got it in there if it drives people out of their minds if they touch it...Maybe they didn't touch it?" He contemplated. "But if that's the case, why would it be in there? I mean, think about it. Someone HAD to have touched it. The only reason they wouldn't is if they knew what it was. And if they knew what it was, they wouldn't have put it in a museum...I still don't get it." He shook his head, giving up. "But whatever the case, WE know what it is. Which means WE know better than to touch it. I say we only take a few people. Rather than waiting for the morning, We're going tonight. I don't know what time exactly that thing will wake up tomorrow, but if it just so happens to wake up WHILE we're smuggling it out of there, that would be a bigger disaster than we could handle. So we're taking it tonight. We'll need a large, thick sack to carry it in. Getting past the guards is another matter though. We can't just muscle our way through them, that would put us in bigger trouble. Not only are we dealing with a world destroying duo, we'd be dealing with the law, too. And in some ways, thats even worse, because you can't escape from it, no matter what. But thankfully I have a plan for that too. Gizmo, I'll need your help, along with Kitty." He looked at Gizmo as he said this.

Gizmo nodded, starting to realize what he was getting at. "You got it."

"You're going to have to get him right now. Where is he?"

Gizmo looked away. "He's visiting his father right now. But I'm sure he'll understand."

Smash nodded. "Alright then. You'll have to go and get him now. Bring him back here and I'll fill you in on the details."

Gizmo dug in his back of supplies. "Alright then, I'm on my way." He pulled out what appeared to be a basic Extreme Gear. Within moments, he was outside, heading off to bring back his friend.

Smash then looked back at Darkstorm. "In the meantime, We'll discuss other parts of the plan. We're getting the sword, But what are we going to do with it? We can't destroy it, and it's bound to wake up. Darkstorm, I don't have the information I need on this. What did you plan to do with it?"

Darkstorm:I have a ship, it is a Yautjan Dreadnought battle Craft, and to kill myself with it, if all else fails I will turn Dark Elder and plunge the sword in my chest.

Smash, Splice and Amber all took a step back, gasping in shock. "Are you serious!?" Splice exclaimed.

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold up a sec here." Smash said, waving his hands in front of his face. "You're planning to commit suicide with that thing? Just explain to me how that will help our situation?"

Darkstorm: If either of our plans to stop Infernno don't work than the only resort is for me to die and my Son to take my place.

Smash began to look worried. "Lets think a little more rationally about this." He said. "Lets go over this slowly, We are going to get the Soul Caliber tonight. And we're bringing it here, are we not? The sword is going to wake up sometime tomorrow and start killing us. This, does not sound like a good idea. In fact, it's a really, really bad idea. But you plan to kill yourself and take it down with you. But you ALSO said that you want to do that as a last resort in case our plans to stop Inferno don't work. So, putting all of that together, won't that mean that we have to confront the guy tonight?"

(Song playing: Lil wayne & Eminem,Drop the World)

Cold: Well guys it looks like it's war, where in The Battle for Ultimate Soul Caliber,the only thing I'm say is are you in or out?

Flame: Dude if your going to do something stupid I'm go to be by your side to you.

Darkstorm: My ship is prepare to take off in three minutes, but I need piolits and a crew, adding we'll need to find warriors to fight Inferno with us.

"Wha-Three Minutes?!" Smash slapped his forehead. "Dang it, Gizmo's the only pilot I know and we just sent him off." He shook his head. "But listen, We gotta have a plan for what we're going to do with the Ultimate Soul Caliber. Suppose it wakes up while we're fighting Inferno. Then what? We can't have it HERE, we need to keep it somewhere where it can't harm at least the people in here, this is our main stronghold. What are we going to do with it in the time we're fighting Inferno?"

Flame: I'll do it, I once flied a plane with no wings.:)

Cold: GOOD, I'll fly Skates sister Kim's battle ship.

Turbo:*Turns Ultimate Elder* I'll help on one condition.
Yautja Dreadnought

The Black Scorpion

Blue:What condition?

U.E. Turbo:Only Darkstorm can answer that.

Gale:Kaytlin,we have been walking for hours!

Kaytlin:We have to find Shadow!SHADOW!!!!!!!!!

Darkstorm: (Decloaks his battle ship) Lets get moving, and Kaytlin, I'll help you find Shadow.


Gale:Kaytlin,I don't know why you like Shadow!

Kaytlin:We were friends when we were little!

Darkstorm: And you used to be married to him, no thanks to Blaze the Cat I presume?


Gale:lucky me,no one goes after my big!

Darkstorm: My eldest Daughter ,Blaze the two tailed cat Halfbreed, tried but she broke up with him.

Gale:Well,he will like me when I show him,FROGGY!!!!!!

Darkstorm:Amphibians, discusting.

Gale:Well this one might have a Chaos emrald in him!

Smash cleared his throat loudly, getting everyone's attention. "Shouldn't we be doing something, right about now?" He reminded them.

"Errr...." Splice searched for something to say. "Oh yeah, um, Gizmo doesn't know about this whole ship thing. So someone has to stay behind to tell him since we're all gonna be gone by the time he gets back."

"I will." Amber offered.

(With Cold and Flame in the forest alone)

Flame: So Cold what is the plan?

Cold: Here it is,we will use chaos control to get in,then we get the TUSC and once put my hand on the sword I will be he strongest,and then we kill Darkstorm.

Flame: ._.


Flame: The last part.0_o

Cold: Kill DS.-_-

Flame: I'm going to skip on that. ._.

Cold: Find-_-.

Brandon:*in a tree listening to what they are saying*I better tell Kaytlin & Gale about this!

Flame: Cold this is wrong.

Cold: Does it look like I care,people like me never are loved,so I,m giong to take the world and drop it on their f*cking heads for taking them away from me.

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Ultimate Elder weapons: Smashes Earth sword, Ambers Double Razor Whips, His Soul Edge katanna, Colds Shuriken, Flames Guantlet Knives, and Turbo's Spear)

Kaytlin:*Pulls out her rope & Gale's maraca bombs*

Smash looked at the weapons. "Oh, so we each get our own weapons?" He inquired, raising an eyebrow. He looked through them until he saw the weapon with his symbol. "A sword...?" He frowned. "...Meh, alright. But I ain't much of a swordsman, if ya catch my drift."

U.E. Turbo:I kinda have a weapon already.

Kaytlin:we are taking this the air,Gale!*slips on metal wings*

U.E Turbo:I need to ask you a question Darkstorm.

Flame: We might not live though this so confess any secrets that anybody has,Cold.

Cold: Shut up dumb ass.

Flame: Any one else?-_-

((Who else is with Flame and Cold? Aren't the two of them in a forest alone?))

(((Darkstorms Son brought them to Darkstorms mansion)

((You have to show these things, you know. It gets confusing.))

Part 7 Stealing the Ultimate Soul Caliber from the Natural History Museum


(In the museum)

Guard: Hey where bill?

Cold: (dress up as a guard) Some guy showed up at his door and said he won a trip to a inland resort.

Guard: Why him and not me,oh well see ya.

Cold: Guys I'm in.

U.E.Turbo(Shadow Slime):*following cold*

Brandon:*dressed as Tails*Guys I'm in.

((Smash didn't get a chance to fully explain the plan...Oh, whatever.))

On the wrist communicator Cold recieved earlier, he could see Gizmo's face. "Great. Proceed down the hallway. The sword is real deep in the museum." He told him. "By the time you get there, Kitty should have deactivated the security system. But wait until I give you the signal, okay?"

Darkstorm: I see the exhibit for Ultimate Soul Caliber, I am going in.

Gale*dressed as blaze*I don't know why Kaytlin isn't here.

Brandon:Because she only has one tail!

"Stop, you fool!" Gizmo nearly yelled. "I said "Wait For The Signal". Do you want us to get caught? Even if there are no guards in there, There are cameras all over the place. If they see you, Everyone will get onto us."

U.E. Turbo:I wouldn't go in there.

Darkstorm:(Cloaks)I am in the Exhibit i can't see a thing, switching to nightvision.

Gizmo sighed. "Okay fine, you're invisible. But the Soul Caliber is quite visible. Whatever you do, Don't. Touch. It." He warned.

U.E. Turbo:*lets out a charge that reveals hundreds of lasers*

Darkstorm:Holy Sh(bad guitar note) didn't that .

Gizmo facepalmed on the screen, pinching his forehead just above his nose.

Meanwhile, Kitty, A small cat chao, was crawling through the air ducts of the building. In his hand was Gizmo's electric dart gun, which was about half his size. And over his eyes he was wearing infared goggles. Luckily there were no infared beams inside the air vents. Soon, he came to an opening to a room. Just below him was the Ultimate Soul Caliber. "Oooh..." He marvled at the sight of it on it's grand display. "...Gizmo, Chao mew?" He asked on his wrist communicator. Others could hear him, but only would be able to understand him if they knew his language. "It should be west from your position." Gizmo answered, and Kitty began to search further.

Darkstorm:(Places small EMP charge and set it off) I see the sword.

Blue:*looks at darkstorm* you do?

"Whatever you guys are doing, it had better not get us caught." Gizmo warned.

Kitty soon came to an opening. Looking down through the grate, he saw the security room. Only about two people were in the room. Carefully, he removed the grate and placed it to the side quietly. He flew down into the room, behind the two guards. Remembering having to do this before, He took aim with his dart gun and shot both of the guards in the back. The darts shocked both of them, and temporarily knocked them out. He then proceeded to shut down the system. After everything was down, he removed the darts from the two guards and returned to the air duct. "Mew! O-Kay!" He said over the communicator.

"Alright, guys. Go get it!" Gizmo said.

U.E. Turbo:I'll Get it.

Darkstorm: (Stops Turbo) No mortal can touch the sword, I'll get the sword,(Manages to reamove the sword)

U.E. Turbo:That's nonsense!

Ultimate Soul caliber:(Burns Darkstorms arm)

Darkstorm: Arrrrrgh, Doucefag sword.

U.E. Turbo:*grabs the sword* Must be my Chaos Energy.

((The sword burned his hand terribly))

"You see, THIS is why I said to get a sack." A voice came from behind. Smash entered the room with a large sack. "You told me yourself not to touch it. And I don't plan to."

Turbo:*Powers down and starts to steam with Chaos Energy*

Darkstorm: That sword burned my human half.

Smash walked past them towards the sword. "Lets not let that happen again then." He said. He threw the sack over the sword, and carefully grabbed it by the opening once it was all the way over it. He lifted it off the pedastle and was careful not to let the bag's exterior touch him any more than it already was.

Turbo:I'm dying from this burn.......*passes out*

"Turbo? Hey, Hang in there!" Gizmo called out over the com-link. Smash put the bag down and ran towards him.

"What's all this steam around him?" Smash asked as he knelt by him. "Hey! Are you alright?"

Blue:Don't touch it whatever you do!

"Kinda late for that, man." Smash muttered. He lifted Turbo up into his arms and stood up. "Darkstorm, I'm gonna need you to carry the sword. Remember, Just hold the bag by the top, don't touch the sword itself."

Darkstorm: *Picks up sword with demonic hand*

"Gizmo, We're getting outta here." Smash said over the comlink.

"Alright. There's an exit further back." Gizmo said. "It should be much faster, and safer, to go out that way. The guards are all hanging out by the main entrance. Once you get out, you should be running into Kitty, as he's coming out the same way."

"Got it." Smash turned to the others. "Lets get the heck outta here."

Darkstorm:*Gets beamed abourd his ship* I will beam the rest of you guys aboard (Targets the Beamer on Smash and the others and eams them aboard)

Blue:*goes aboard* Let's go there isn't anytime to waste. If Inferno gets that we are doomed.

Darkstorm:(Puts the sword in a case) Lets goe to stealth mode and get outta here, the sword is awake.

((How can he do that when he's inside of a building? Shouldn't he be at least outside to do that?))

(Was the building sheilded if it was than Darkstorm can't get beamed abourd the Black Scorpian)

((What kind of shield are we talking about here? I should think that a simple roof would be enough to prevent somone from getting beamed up, unless it's literally teleporting them into the ship.))

Cold:(turns Ultimate and grabs the sword)it shale be mine.

Darkstorm: Cold, lets be rational brother.

The sword burned Cold's hand as well.

Smash walked over to Cold calmly, and then kicked his leg. "I don't know what's gotten into that thick head of yours, but I specifically said DON'T. TOUCH. IT. What do you people not understand? I mean, Geez! You are not getting this thing for yourself. Have you not been listening all this time!?"

Cold: (Lifts the sword)Hit the road Smash.

((Music playing now: The Grudge))

Flame: Cold no!

Darkstorm:(Shocks Cold byond all reqonition) His mind is full of hate.

Darkness: *catches up to everybody* mind stasis is not fun.

A vein mark appeared on Smash's face. "Excuse Me?" He set Turbo down. "Blue, I'm going to need you to take Turbo somewhere safe." He said.

"What the heck is going on in there!?" Gizmo yelled over the comlink. "Why are you guys fighting!? You can't fight HERE!"

"Cold, I don't know where you get off." Smash said sternly. "Do you want us all to die? Is that it? Are you betraying us now?"

Blue:Sure thing Smash.

Cold: I really think that one of you guys would want to join me on my quest to take over the world.

"So it's World Domination now, is it?" Smash snarled. "All this time we thought you were trying to prevent that...But no, You're no better than the man we're trying to stop." He clenched his fists. "You used us to get the Ultimate Elder power as well. After decieving us, Who the heck do you think is going to join you?"

Brandon*Still in a Tails costume*He is trying to destroy you Darkstorm!

Cold: You wouldn't under stand where I'm coming from(cries).

Smash felt his arms droop. This is just sad. In more ways than one. He thought, somewhat disgustedly. "You've gotta be kidding me...Getta hold of yourself, man!" He exclaimed. "Dangerous Men don't cry on a whim. If you're breaking down now, There is no chance that you'll even get close to conquering the entire world." He shook his head, falling silent for a moment. "It's quite obvious that you have some issues that need sorting out. Lets go outside." He said in a more calm voice.

Cold:ICE BLAST 10x,first my parents were taking away from me!

Smash rolled out of the way of the attack. "I see you won't go quietly. Don't even START with the "Awful History" scenario with ME. You're parents were taken away, That's sad and all, But are you willing to risk Everyone's freaking lives for your selfishness!? Don't think you're the only victim here. Everyone's got a story to tell. You're parents were taken away? Mine are DEAD. But am I doing something so blatantly stupid?"

Cold: I was just born when they were taking.

Cold: CHAOS ICE 200x,second the person I loved most was taken by someone else!

Smash leaped above the attack, transforming into his High Tension state as he was doing so. He reached as high as the ceiling, and grabbed onto something and hung from it. "You're not listening to me. My point is, Whatever hardships you may have endured is NO EXCUSE for what you're doing now!"

Cold (stops)Master control(warps).

Flame: Where is he?

Smash landed on the ground, and shook his fist angrily. "Dang it...." He looked around all over the room, keeping an eye out on all sides.

"What happened in there, Smash!?" Gizmo asked frantically.

Flame: Cold went crazy.

"Yeah. He stole the Ultimate Soul Caliber and ran off." Smash added.

Gizmo could be seen covering his face with both of his hands, while making slight sounds of aggravation. In a moment, he looked back at the screen. "Okay look, I'm gonna see if I can track him down. If he still has his com-link on, I should be able to find him." He said. They could hear him typing.

Flame: You can't tack him,he use master control,master control doesn't leave a trace of the person.

"What do you mean it doesn't leave a trace?" Smash asked. "How does that even work?"

"The only way I wouldn't be able to track my own com-link is if someone destroyed it or took it out of range of tracking." Gizmo stated. "And if it were the latter, he'd have to be out of this world."

Metal:I wouldn't be so sure. Hand it over.

((Gizmo can't do that. He's not really there, he's talking to them through the com-link.))

Flame: He use the Master emeralds power,he could be any where in the galaxy!

Smash and Gizmo slapped their foreheads in unison. "Oh, GREAT. This is EXACTLY what we need." Smash growled.

"That idiot is going to get his mind scrambled if he holds onto that thing much longer." Gizmo said, angrily. "Doesn't he realize that!?"

"Apparently not." Smash muttered. "I absolutely hate it when something like this happens..."

Metal:Now that's just great. *picks up Flame by the neck* Your life ends here Flame.

Smash looked up and realized that it was Metal who was standing right there. In an instant, he threw a hard punch towards Metal's side, in an attempt to make him let go.

Flame: Thanks Smash,Metal what the hell is wrong with you dude I didn't know that he was going to leave.

"Flame, We need to get out of here, now. I'll explain along the way." He told him, quickly. "If the guards catch us here, We're in a heap of trouble."

Metal:All I want is the sword or esle you will die Smash&Flame.

"Metal, You're a day late and a dollar short." Smash told him. "The sword's gone, and we don't have it. Even if we knew where it was, we wouldn't tell ya." He looked at Flame. "Lets go, Now!"

Flame: Lets go!

(On the run to look for Cold)

(Sond playing: Sonic the Movies main theme)

Flame: Hm!

Once they were outside of the Museum, The two were met by an adult neutral Chao with cat ears and a long tail. He flew with them as they were running, not saying a word. When they were far enough away from the museum, Smash stopped. "Okay, Gizmo. Pick us up." He said. He turned to look at Flame. "Flame. Metal is under Inferno's influence." He said flatly. "Inferno is mind controling him to do his bidding."

Kaytlin:Hi guys,so the world is safe again!

"No." Smash said in an annoyed tone of voice. Soon, Darkstorm's ship came and beamed them up.

While they were inside, Smash continued. "We just might be in even bigger trouble than before, thanks to Cold."

Turbo:*all injuries healed* I sense something strong.

"Good to see you're better, Turbo." He said. "Alright, Everyone gather up so I can fill you in on the details of what just happened."

Turbo:Cold stole the sword right?

Kaytlin:I think he did!

"Unfortunately yes. He did." Smash confirmed as everyone came into the room. "Cold has betrayed us and ran off with the Soul Caliber, along with the Ultimate Elder equipment. He used something called "Master Control" to teleport away, and now he could be pretty much anywhere. But I have a hunch that he's still somewhere in this world, so Gizmo keep searching. One thing for sure, though, is that Cold has brought a crap-load of trouble down on himself. That sword wakes up tomorrow, and it's already after midnight. I don't even want to think about what's going to happen to him. But right now, Since we don't know where he or the sword is, We have no choice. We're going to have to go after Inferno."

Turbo:I know where cold is. Never Lake.

Flame: Yeah, that's where he met Sonic!

Turbo:My Energy sense is a bit hazy though..........I can't sense correcly.

Darkstorm:Everyone to the bridge!

"Wait." Smash said. He stroked his chin. "I don't know where that is, but someone's going to have to confront him." He said. "We'll have to split up. Some of us will go after Cold, the rest will confront Inferno. Flame, I volunteer that you go with the guys after Cold."

Turbo:I'll go after Inferno! That sword is 10% as Evil as my Super Form! That's Evil!

"Dude, that's not a good thing." Smash said. "Didn't Darkstorm go over this earlier? About corrupted forms?"

Turbo:Not corrupted, evil.

Darkstorm:(Grabs Turbo by the neck and begins squeezing it) the sword corrupts anyone that weilds it execpt it's master, Cold has become Inferno's slave he is a dark elder.

Smash grabbed Darkstorm's wrist, squeezing it tightly as he tried to remove it from Turbo's neck. "Stop it. You need to learn to control that temper, number one. And two, We're not talking about him getting the sword. He said he's going after Inferno."

Turbo:*pulls out his sword, The Dragon Slayer* I'm ready.

Darkstorm:(Tosses Smash on Turbo) Rule 1 keep your trigger finger on the trigger.

Smash quickly regained his composure and faced Darkstorm. "I'm tired of that rule." He said firmly, giving Darkstorm a warning look. "You're just going around choking people for no reason. We aren't getting anywhere like this, we're just wasting time with your itchy trigger fingers. Now lets get back to the point! Who's going after Cold?"

Turbo:I can use my Chaos Amulets to Negate the Swords Evil. Trust me it will work!

Smash looked at Turbo. "But you said you were going after Inferno. He doesn't have the sword, Cold does. And if what you say is true, Cold is somewhere else."

Darkstorm: (Heads to escape pod and launches himself away from Smash and the others) I'm sorry.

Smash facepalms. "Great, now he ran off too."

Black Scorpion Computer: What are your orders Capt. Smash?

"Uhhh..Hmm.." Smash thought for a moment.

Turbo:i'm outta here.

Black scorpion Computer:(In Turbo's voice) Coward, you think you can walk out on the mission, then you are mistaken.

Turbo:*stops* No, you're wrong. *blasts the computer with a blast of electricity*

"EEAAAUGH!!" Gizmo cried out as the blast hit him.

Black Scorpion computer: Automatic Repair system.

Jack: Repair system?! Are you sure, this is wise?


Jack: Uh, what?

A burnt Gizmo walked over to Turbo and punched him in the face. "WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!? DO YOU REALIZE THAT YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME IF NOT US ALL!? YOU COULD HAVE CRASHED THE ENTIRE SHIP YOU IDIOT!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

Flame: Guys I don't think Cold is Infernos slave,I think he is in control.

Jack: Guys, Guys calm down & take our time, so we can get along quite nicely

Turbo:*turns his hand into Electric Slime and starts to choke Gizmo*

Jack: Turbo Stop! (Tackles Turbo)

Turbo:*punches Jack with his other hand then lets go* Fine!

Flame: Amber where can I get a soda?

Gizmo fell to his knees, weakened. He began to cough until Splice came to help him.

Smash stood over Turbo with a frightening look on his face. "Give me the Ultimate Elder emerald and weapon." He demanded.

Amber glanced at Flame. "I don't know." She said with a frown. "" She looked to the side, hesitantly. "...What's a "Soda"?"

Xenorahk:(Lands the ship)

Turbo:In 20 minutes. SHADOW NIGHTMARE!!!! *causes smash to see a vision of his family being tortured*

Before he could even finish speaking, Smash grabbed Turbo by the throat. A blast of energy surrounded him as he entered his High Tension state. "NOW, Turbo. I don't have time to deal with your antics."

Turbo:Dang.....I'm running out of energy.........*uses the last of his power to teleport to safety*

Smash, still hanging onto him, teleported with him. "Turbo, You wanted out, You're getting "Out". But after what you did, I cannot allow you to walk away with those sacred items. You, are FIRED. Now hand them over, or so help me you will wish you never quit on us."

Xenorahk: What the Bloody (Bad Guitar note) is going on here.

Flame: (In cool way) Stop it,Smash here are the Time Stones we can go back in time and Cold from getting the sword.

((No Time Stones. We're not cheating our way out of this one. The Time Stones have been returned to Little Planet where they belong, Lets leave it at that.))

Flame: WHAT!

Turbo:I never quit.

Xenorahk:(Grabs Turbo by the Neck and inspects him for his old leaders bugs) Where is Darkstorm?


((Two people cannot hold someone by the neck at the same time, unless you intend to kill him.))

"You never quit, huh?" Smash growled. "You were clearly walking out on us when we were ready to head into the final battle. But now I don't care whether or not you quit, You are officially FIRED." He looked over Xenorahk. "Darkstorm left somewhere on his own will. Turbo had nothing to do with it."

Turbo:Fine.....But when the world ends, remember....I was going to help you.

Xenorahk: (Grabs Turbos shoulder) Come on I'll buy you a drink.

Smash took the weapon and emerald into his hands. "I can't accept help from those who can't stay in line." He said sternly before walking back into the ship.

Turbo:Smash, I will help later.....

Inside, Splice was supporting Gizmo to help him stand. After being choked, electrocuted twice and blown up, He was in bad shape. Amber was also beside him with a worried look on her face. "What happened?" She asked.

"Turbo is no longer helping us." He said before placing the items on a nearby desk. Amber gasped slightly, realizing that he was really kicked out.

Xenorahk: Computer, set a new coarse we are going to find Darkstorm.

Flame: Amber I'm going to show you the greatness of today days life!

Black Scorpion computer: New coarse set Search and capture: Darkstorm.

Amber looked at Flame oddly. "Eh? You mean Soda?"

"Alright now listen up everybody! And actually LISTEN this time." Smash called out. "I don't know where Darkstorm ran off to, but from now on, I'm the leader-like Darkstorm acknowledged me to be. We are on a deathly important mission. We screw up, We're dead. Anyone who wants to go wandering off, ignoring orders, blowing our own stuff up, and all in all causing trouble and/or wasting time, Get out of my sight. And you can leave your Ultimate Elder equipment behind. Everyone else, I want you to pull yourselves together and take this seriously. This ain't your usual "Oh lets go beat up the bad guy for the 468th time, like we always do". This is an all or nothing, one shot mission. I don't want any of you getting out of line, I don't want any of you underestimating Inferno OR Cold. And be on a lookout for Metal. He's dangerous, and he WILL stalk you. Our mission is split in two. Some of us need to find Cold and get the Ultimate Soul Caliber from him. The rest of us are going to fight Inferno. It will be a long battle, but we need to give it all we've got. The question is, Who is going after who? I have already assigned Flame to go after Cold, who was last detected at Never Lake. Since nobody else said they'd go with him, I will also assign Splice, Gizmo, and Jack. The rest of us are going after Inferno. Once you get the sword, bring it back HERE. Do NOT take it to our battle, do NOT touch it, And don't run off during the mission. Any objections?"

Turbo:One. Can you heal me first?

Darkstorm:(Appears) Count me in Smash.

Smash looked at Darkstorm and nodded. "We were wondering where you were." He said. He gave Turbo a warning look. "Only if you promise not to cause ANY more trouble. Got it?"

Turbo:Thanks! But if things get critical, promise me you'll run and leave me behind.

Smash shook his head. "I can't make that promise." He said. "The way I roll? No one gets left behind." He then pointed his thumb behind him. "Your stuff is back there. Also, I believe you owe someone an apology."

Turbo:Yo Gizmo!! I'm sorry for choking you.

Gizmo frowned at him, but then sighed. "Apology accepted. I'm just lucky the injuries were minor, AND that both Darkness and Darkstorm can help with that."

Turbo:Listen Smash. You need to abandon me if I steam Chaos Energy. It means I'm about to go super.

Smash recalled what he said about his super form being evil. "...We'll see what happens, Turbo. And lets hope it doesn't come to that." He said. "Alright, Is everyone ready? Flame?"

Turbo:Not yet. *pulls out the Silver Amulet*

Darkstorm:I found a way to destroy the cursed sword.

All eyes were immediately on him. "You did!?" Smash exclaimed. "Speak up now, Please tell us!"

Xenorahk:No way you ain't killing yourself so sword can shatter into many peices in your heart!!!

Turbo:I'm way Ahead of you.

"We already heard that plan anyway." Smash told them. "And he said that was a last resort. Darkstorm, Please tell us what your plan is."

Xenorahk: That was plan.

Darkstorm: Want me punch out all of your teeth and rip out your tongue?

"Don't even start with that, Darkstorm." Smash warned. "I'm NOT in the mood right now. If that was your plan, then no. We aren't doing that as our first attempt."

Turbo:I'll just Siphon the Evil out of it with the Chaos Amulets. That will work.

Smash looked at Turbo. "Even if that does work it won't solve our problem." He said. "Think of it this way. If you take all of the evil out of the sword and put it in the amulets, The evil still exists. And it will still start spreading and killing off people. We don't need to transfer it, We need to destroy it!"

Turbo:Impossible. Besides, the Amulets ABSORB Evil, not radiate it.

"I think this type of thing will. Besides, When something is absorbed, it generally has at least some sort of effect on the absorber. And for all we know, the effects could be bad." Smash said. "We don't know for sure whether or not it will work. But I sure as heck ain't taking any chances."

((The reason I'm objecting to the Chaos Amulets is because it makes things too easy. And the idea was to completely destroy the sword along with it's evil influence.))

Turbo:Suit yourself.

(HS664 Good Night)

Darkstorm:(Drops a picture of his deceased wife Kiara the Cat, his deceased daughter Blaze the Two tailed Halfbreed cat, and his still living son)

Smash looked down at the pictures. "I'm assuming that's your family?" He inquired. "..Are you really going to do this?"

Darkstorm: Yes, it is for my son's saftey, but when I am gone no one will want to care for him, i mean he is the heir to the Tribunal Throne.

"Do you really intend to leave him all alone?" Splice asked, sounding worried. "Isn't there any other way?"

Darkstorm: There is no other way, it is either me or him, and I prefer if it was me than my son, and I don't want him to be alone in this world he already lost a mother!

"But...But...!" Splice couldn't find anything else to say as Smash placed his hand on his shoulder. He didn't say anything, but he calmed him down somewhat. The whole room was silent now.

Xenorahk: Alright who is planning to throw a pie in my face right now?

"This isn't a joke." Smash said. "I don't like to leave it at just this, but we have no choice but to move onward. We'll see what happens. Right now, it's almost sunrise. We're short on time. We have to get to work."

Flame: Yeah, we should be looking for Cold!

Smash looked at Flame. "You're going with Splice, Gizmo and Jack to find him and bring the Soul Caliber back. What you do with Cold is up to you. But just remember that our top priority is the sword."

Darkstorms Son:(Teleports in the ships armory with Espiata, Chiack, Necrio, and Frostless)

Flame:(Turned super)What wait if I can turn super that means that my soul can feel the emeralds energy,and it also means Cold is near since he has the emeralds.

Darkstorm: (puts on yautja Elite armor and grabs his Death Guitar and puts the mode on "death")

"Alright then, Whever you're ready, Get going." Smash told him.

"I'm ready." Splice said, determined.

"I'm ready, too." Gizmo said, along with Kitty on his shoulder who had an amusingly serious face for a chao.

Darkstorm:(Puts on Death Metal marks) The chao stays on the ship, and I know your here my son.

Kitty shook his head. "Chao." He said plainly, with his arms folded.

Darkstorms Son:(Sticks up for his father)(Speaks in Choa tone to speak to Kitty)

What Kitty had said was just a plain "No.". He began to speak again, unfolding his arms as he spoke. From what Darkstorm's Son could understand, he said: "Gizmo and I are a team. We stick together always. We work together, We play together, We fight together. We are inseparable. One of us will not go into battle and leave the other behind, nor will either of us let the other go off into battle alone, knowing that they might die. He's got my back, just as I've got his. We go together."

"Kitty..." Gizmo said softly. He was surprised by his words, even though he knew it was true.

Flame: Let go!

Darkstorm:The chao stay's on the ship Gizmo.

Gizmo looked at Kitty. Kitty still had a firm look on his face, still disagreeing with Darkstorm. "..I have to agree with Kitty. Even though I don't really like bringing him into danger...I trust him."

Smash shook his head. "Since I'm technically the "Leader" here, isn't this actually my descision?"

Darkstorms Son:(Hisses at Smash assuming his father is still leader)

Smash simply ignored him. "You don't know Kitty like I do, much less like Gizmo does." Smash noted. "I've seen what he can do with Gizmo. Together, they are far stronger than they would be alone. And besides, We need all the help we can get. I see no reason why Kitty has to stay on the ship."

Darkstorm: Agreed, I hope all of you aren't claustrophobic, because we are going to use the ships escape pods.

Part 8: Heading to the Final Battle

Part8A (Journying to Inferno's Lair)

Darkstorm:(In his pod) Is everyone ok?

"I'm fine." Smash answered back from his own pod.

"Uh-er-um, I-I'm okay!" Amber called back, somewhat nervously. She was fidgeting around, trying to get comfortable. "I think."

Darkstorm: I am hearing sarcasm in your voice Amber, and we might want to strap in because when we land there will be serious pain.

((That wasn't sarcasm, that was unsurity.))

"Uh oh." They both said in unison. They both strapped in tightly and braced themselves.

Darkstorm:(His strap jammed) oh boy, I am screwed.

"Darkstorm? What's wrong?" Smash asked.

Darkstorm:(Detnates His pod from the inside and air glides on his Death Guitar) My strap was Jammed.

Darkness: *flies out on wings through space* i never liked escape pods and i can handle space.... i almost died in space when i was born.

Darkstorm:(Starts playing his death guitar)

Darkness: *summons up some clones for drums and whatever else is needed because he takes the other guitar* Darkstorm want to play some Dethmetal?

Darkstorm:Your on(Plays:Awaken)

Darkness: *plays Awaken as well more or less just filling in the parts 1 guitar cant fill*

Darkstorm:(Plays: Thunderhorse) try to keep up.

Darkness: me and my clones can keep up decently. (what he said is ture! because they are keeping up)

Darkstorm:(Plays Dethharmonic)

Darkness: yo whats that thing down there!? *pointing to someplace that seems important*

Darkstorm: That is Mt. Vesovious, Inferno's Lair!!

Darkness: *useing all of his power he transforms into his super form which should have been near immpossible for him but the seals were gone and his power raged so it wasnt* then lets go!

Darkstorm:(Turns into Ultimate Elder) It has been nice fighting with all of you!!

Darkness: oh trust me i have ways to bring back the dead. all i will need is just a body.. preferably your body. and a dark soul. meaning ap athetic punk will do and i can exchange your soul for his.

Darkstorm: When I die I turn to dust!

Darkness: fine fine you dont want to come back. fine geez. i always come back no matter how many time i have been killed.

Darkstorm:I died many times and the origanal elder keep bringing me back, but if I were to die permenatly die, I place my son under your care!

Darkness: alright. its a deal.

Darkstorm: Lets go.

Smash mumbled something to himself. Yeah, leave us to crash land in the escape pods, will ya? He thought. Both Darkstorm and Inferno were flying, but Smash and Amber didn't have that type of convenience. "Brace yourself, Amber. We're about to land!"

Amber held onto the nearest thing in her pod, just praying that the landing wouldn't hurt too badly.

Darkstorm:(Flies underneath Ambers Pod) Hang onto something Amber!!

"I Am!" She called out.

Darkstorm:(Uses his wing to reduce the speed of Ambers Pod)

"Huh..?" She felt the pod slow down. She began to feel a little more at ease now.

"Heh, looks like I just have to toughen it out." Smash commented.

Darkness: *on smashes pod slowing it down with black magic and metal thrusters* dont worry. i got this.

Smash smiled. "Thanks, man." He said.

The pods were almost at the ground.

Darkness: *he got the pod down safely and helped Smash out of his* i have seen to many friends die. im not willing to make another grave.

Smash climbed out the pod. "Thanks. But I don't think it was gonna be fatal. Just painful." He said as he dusted himself off as Amber's pod landed as well. She got out quickly and shook herself off.

"Thank you." She said.

(Three Hell Dragons appear and attack)

"Whoa, What the heck!?" Smash exclaimed, getting into a battle stance. Amber's jaw dropped in shock.

Darkness: *sensing a familiar pressence to him but unfamiliar to everyone else* i know your here..... Shintmato.....

Smash shot Darkness a weird look. "Hey! We got trouble. Snap out of it!"

Darkstorm:(Transforms into a Shadow Dragon and attacks the first hell dragon) Astla vista baby!!

It's "HASTA La Vista... Smash thought while shaking his head. He ran towards the second dragon and threw a powerful punch towards it's stomach.

Darkstorm:(Rips the Spine and skull out of the first dragon) Rip the head and claim it as your trophy, thats how they die!!

"Eeugh. That's kinda grotesque." Smash grimaced. "But alright." He charged up into his High Tension state to jump high enough to reach the dragon's head. He threw a powerful uppercut to it's chin as he was moving upwards.

Darkstorm:(Makes deminstration by act like he is puting his into the back of the dragon and makes pulling motions as if he is ripping the whole head and spine out of the body)

"You want me to tear that thing's head off with my bare hands? Are you kidding me?" He said while landing on the ground. "Ugh, That's not something I can really do. So I'll just resort to this." He drew his Earth Sword that he was given, and leaped up towards the dragon again, taking a heavy swing towards it's neck.

Darkstorm:(Smashes hand and forces it into the the Hell Dragon's open back)

Soon, they had defeated all three of the dragons.

"Well that was disgusting." Smash said flatly. Amber was shielding her eyes from the abundance of blood all over the place. Just then, Smash's wrist communicator began beeping. "Huh?" He flipped it open. "This is Smash. What's wrong?"

Darkstorm:(Senses Vitani)

"W-What!? What do you MEAN it flew away!?" Smash exclaimed. "...If anywhere, I think it'd be heading in this direction. Inferno must be using it's power to draw it towards him. Okay Gizmo, Tell everyone to drop everything and get over here. Over and Out." He closed the com-link and sighed heavily. "Darkstorm, we've got bad news. The Ultimate Soul Caliber flew away. I have a hunch it's heading in this direction, too." He said.

Darkstorm:(Stands there frozen in fear)

Amber's eyes shrunk. "Oh, no..."

Smash turned to look at the mountain in front of them. "We have to hurry. We're running out of time. Come on!"

Darkstorm:(Falls to the ground and starts speaking ancient halfbreed)

Smash looked over at him, uneasily. "Uhh..Darkstorm? Are you...having a mental breakdown or something?" He asked.

"Hey, are you alright?" Amber asked, looking worried.

Darkstorm:(Still speaking in Ancient Halfbreed)

(Very Little Moon light is getting to him)

"Darkstorm?" Smash's eye twitched. "...."

(A moon stone roles out of Darkstorms Pocket)

Darkstorm:Moon light, I need moon light.

"Moon light?" Smash looked up at the morning sky. "There ain't gonna be any moonlight for a while..."

Darkstorm: Activate the moon stone!!!

Smash bent down and picked up the moon stone. "This?" He tried to figure out how to activate it.

Darkstorm:Crush it in your hands.

"That was totally not obvious." He muttered. He squeezed the stone until it was crushed into several tiny pieces.

(Moon stone shards glow with moon light before forming mor moon stone)

Darkstorm: (Strength regained) We wait for Jack and the others, I sense that Vitani is near by (Flips open his yautja wrist guantlet) To all in range of this transmission, meet us at the following coordinates.

Smash frowned. "We don't really have much time, but I don't think we have much of a choice if we want to win here." He said. He began to wait, until his wrist communicator recieved a call from Gizmo. "Yes?.......Oh, for the love of-!" He slapped his forehead. "Why, WHY do these things keep happening!? For crying out loud, give us a freaking break already."

Amber gave him a worried look. "Uhh...Everything alright, Smash?"

Darkstorm: We wait, I know badblood rouge.

((They were already waiting.))

Darkstorm: (Pulls out rifle and loads it with quantum bullets)

Blue Brow:(Sticks to the shadow's)

White tip:(Sticks to the shadows)

Darkstorm:I know your there Blue Brow don't even think about it

"Show yourselves." Smash demanded.

Blue Brow:(Steps out with White tip)

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Smash asked sternly. His comlink then began beeping again. Without even looking at it, he flipped it open. "What now?"

Blue Brow:(Hiss)

"I don't speak "Hissish" or "Growlonese"." Smash snarked at him. "In english, now. Who are you and what are you doing here?"

White Tip: He can't speak until his medicine is worn off!

"Then you speak for him. I was talking to both of you, after all." Smash said. He then heard the reply from Turbo, and looked at the com-link seriously. "Wait what? That's not normal. You should already have your emerald with you though-" He then heard the sounds of fighting. "H-hey! What's going on over there? Hey!"

Darkstorm:(Fires Rifle)

Amber froze at the sound of the gunshot.

Smash looked up from the com-link, startled. "What-" He looked back at the com-link quickly as he heard screaming and yelling, and various blasts everywhere before the whole thing fuzzed out into static. "H-hey! Guys? GUYS!?!?"

Darkstorm:(Grabs Smash and Amber and runs at his top speed)

Darkness: *if anybody noticed he's gone without a trace*

Part 8B (Down at Never Lake)

Cold: This is the place that calms me the most.

Flame: Cold!

Cold: Damn.

Splice, Gizmo and Kitty stood beside Flame. "You caused so much trouble, Cold." Gizmo told him, his arms folded. "I want my comlink back."

"Cold." Splice began. "I don't know what your problem is all of a sudden, but you're going to have to give up the Ultimate Soul Caliber."

DarkClone Darkstorm:(Prepares to strum his Death Guitar)

((Shouldn't Darkstorm be with everyone else? Or did he decide to go after Cold as well?))

Metal:Finally,I found him.

DarkClone Darkstorm:(See's Metal and plays a song from Dethklok)

Kaytlin:I still didn't find my Shadow!!!*Starts to cry*

Blaze the hedgecat: Hello stepmother.

Kaytlin:Hi Blaze.

Gale&Brandon:Who are you?

Blaze the hedgecat: I am Kaytlin's future stepdaughter, Blaze the Hedgecat, I am the daughter of Shadow the hedgehog and Blaze the Cat.

Gale:So you are the reason Kate is searching for Shadow!

Blaze the hedgecat: That and also I have spotted him 50 kliks from this postion.

Kaytlin:Can you take me to him!!!

Blaze the hedgecat: Yes, now stay close.

Kaytlin:Ok*Follows Blaze*

Blaze the hedgecat:Chaos Controll (Teleports Kaytlin, Herself, Gale, and Brandon to Shadow's location)!!!


Flame: Super Nova(burns the trees and makes a circle of fire that separates him from his friends)There now it's just you and me!

Cold: Know it's just me.

Metal:*kicks Cold* Give the Sword foolish Mortal.

Flame: (Makes a fire wall between Cold and Metal)MY FIGHT!

Splice shook his head. "Flame, I just hope you know what you're doing. We'll cover you." He said. He held his right hand up beside him, and it began to catch on fire. He did the same with his other hand, and then held them both behind him. His flames grew larger as he seemingly charged his skill. "Take this! Flare!" He clasped his hands together and caused huge bursts of flames to come from all around Metal.

Gizmo began to equip his Claw Gloves, just as Kitty was equipping his own. "Lets do it." He said. Kitty nodded confidently.

Metal:*teleported to behind Gizmo and used Thunder*

Gizmo heard the thunder from behind him and turned around. "YIK-" He was cut off by Splice jumping towards them to get them both out of the way. He quickly stood back up to face him.

"So it's teleporting now, huh?" He said, slitting his eyes at him. He ran up to him at a high speed and threw a powerful kick towards his face.

Metal:*gets hit and uses Volt tackle at Both Gizmo and Splice with Incrediable power*

They both were electrocuted badly, and fell into a kneeling position."Darn..." Gizmo said with one eye open. "How are we supposed to avoid something like that?"

From behind Metal, Kitty began attacking the back of his neck with several scratches from his claw gloves. He quickly flew above his head in case he decided to turn around.

Metal:*got hit and thought"They aren't going to beat me in hundred years." and then soon teleported behind Gizmo and then used Flame Wheel

Splice jumped in front of the Flame Wheel and let himself get hit. He was completely unphased.

Gizmo stood up and dug in his pocket. He took out a small, crystal shard and placed it into his glove. His hand began to glow, then the glow left his hand as the rest of his body glowed instead. The glow faded and he looked back over at Metal as Kitty flew down beside him. "This isn't going to be easy..So we'll have to go all out, Kitty."

Metal:*transformed into His Hyper form and using Volt Tackle with More power* Fine by me Mortal.

Gizmo cried out in pain as he was getting electrocuted. Kitty managed to fly out of the way, but he looked back down at Gizmo who was being attacked mercilessly. "Gizmo..." He whimpered. He looked around frantically, almost at a loss of what to do.

Splice was fast enough to get out of the way, but he knew that Gizmo couldn't possibly dodge it. "Dang it...How are we-Aha! I've got it!" He held his hand out in front of him and began to create a huge block of ice. He then kicked it, and it slid over towards Metal. He ran in front of it as fast as he could, and managed to yank Gizmo out of the way. He then turned around and shot flames from both of his hands like a flame thrower. The ice melted almost instantly, turning to water right next to Metal.

Hyper Metal:*uses roar of time towards Gizmo,Kitty and Splice*

Kitty, already being high in the air, was able to dodge without a problem. Splice grabbed Gizmo's arm and ran as fast as he could to get away from the blast. The force of the energy threw them both down onto the ground face first, but they were safe from it.

Turbo:DRAGONBREATH!!! *fires a blast of energy at Hyper Metal*

Hyper Metal:*takes the hit leaving him frozen*

((You know the water should have short circuited him. And what is the Roar of Time? And the Spacial Rend? I don't know how to reply to that.))

((Roar of Time is an immensely powerful technique. The user focuses temporal (time-based) energy into their mouth, which takes the form of a sphere, and then roars, releasing the energy in a beam so powerful that it is capable of ripping through time itself. However, the attack requires so much energy that the user is left temporarily immobile.

Spacial Rend is a wickedly powerful technique. The user focuses spatial energy into one of their limbs (hands/claws for bipeds, forelegs for quadrupeds), and then slash with that limb, releasing the energy in a blade so powerful that it can tear through space itself.

He is frozen sorry about that))

Turbo:Chaos Slayer! *pulls out his sword and channels a chaos enhanced Dragon Ray*

((I see...Those sound rather godly. =/ Anyway...))

Splice and Gizmo stood up and turned to face Metal. "Now's my chance.." Gizmo said. He jumped back, and then reached behind his back to pull out a small cannon, specially made to fit his hand in the back of it. He inserted the rest of the shards of the crystal he placed on his glove onto a compartment on the side. On the other side, he inserted a large battery into the second compartment. With his hand fitted in the back, and a few clicks and clanks, he aimed the cannon towards Metal and began charging. The cannon itself began to glow with power, and a beam began to generate inside. "Splice! Cover me. I need time..." He said. Splice nodded and then ran back into the battle.

Hyper Metal:*just stands there trying to charge up Spacial Rend*

Turbo:Super Boost! *blasts a chaos slayer attack at metal*

With Metal wide open, Splice threw a powerful punch charged with ice power towards Metal's chest. If it hit, His body would began to freeze, and icicles would grow on him and stab him, then shatter.

Hyper Metal:*gets hit causing him to be back to normal form and he then lanches Roar of Time at Turbo causing him to be worn out after the attack*

Turbo:SH*T!!!! *gets charred in the stomach*

Metal:Serves you right.

Splice jumped over Metal's head, and threw himself down towards the top of his head, bursting into a fireball in the process. "Try this on for size!"

Metal:*got hit badly and snapped out of Inferno's control* What just happened?

Ultimate Cold: (Kicks Flame)

Ultimate Flame: (Punches Cold)

Ultimate Cold: (Spin Kicks Flame)

Ultimate Flame: (Head butt Cold)

Ultimate Cold: (Speed Kicks Flame 3 times in the face)

Ultimate Flame: (Grabs Colds 3rd kick and fire blast Cold in the gut)

Ultimate Cold: (tries to cut Flame with the Sword)

Ultimate Flame: (jumps over the sword and punches Cold in the head)

Ultimate Cold: (Punches Flame in the gut while he jumps)

Ultimate Cold: (bleeds from his head and mouth)Your weak.

Ultimate Flame: (bleeds from his mouth and has a black eye)Your the one bleeding a lot.

Ultimate Flame: (Super fire blast)

Ultimate Cold: (Ice Soul Caliber blast)

Splice stood up, his flames dying down, and looked down at Metal who was on the ground. Did he he free of the mind control? He thought Well, gotta test first before we know for sure. "Um..What are you doing here?" He asked, somewhat casually.

Turbo:SPLICE! Who should I fry? Flame or Cold?

Splice gave Turbo a serious look. "Flame is the one who's on our side." He told him. "But he wants to do this alone. Don't interfere unless he's really in trouble."

Metal:I don't what I'm doing here at all. All I remember that this guy Inferno was controlling me or something like that.(uses Roar of Time on Cold inflicting some damage)

((He shouldn't even be able to see through the huge collumns of flames. Remember, Flame put that up so no one would disturb them?))

Splice shook his head. "And you have complete control over yourself now?"

Gizmo gave them a weird look. "What's going on over there?" He asked. His hand cannon was still charging.

Turbo:*opens a visual portal* Let's watch!

Metal:*glares at Splice* Yes I do. Why are those 2 fighting and who is this Inferno?

"Okay, it looks like you're really back to normal now." Splice said, letting out a sigh of relief. "You were just trying to murder us like 2 minutes ago. Inferno is a guy who wants to pretty much either conquer or destroy the world. He mind controlled you so you could do whatever he wanted, pretty much. And those two are fighting because one of them just snapped and turned against us."

Ultimate Cold: I'm not being mind controlled!

Ultimate Flame: I know!

Ultimate Cold:(Thinks)Good.

Dark Lord Inferno: Come to me my sword!!

Ultimate Soul Caliber:(Begins to return to its master)

((I take it Inferno is just calling it from his lair, right?))

Splice suddenly felt extremely uneasy. "Something's not right here..." He said quietly as he was watching the battle.


Badbloods:(battle cries) Kill them Metal the Wolf make your master Inferno proud.

Rouge Xeno's:(Battle cries)

Inferno's Army:(Battle Cries)

Kaytlin:Don't kill Metal!!!!!!!

Badbloods:Better idea (Grabs Kaytlin) Kill the girl.

Inferno's army:(Battle cries)

Jack: Whao, now that's a big army

Darkstorms Son:(Throws bone shuriken at the badblood)

Jack: Ok, this is kinda Dangerous, but this is gonna be Awesome!

Rouge xeno's:(Attacks Jack)

Splice's eyes shrunk at the sight of the huge army. "Oh my god..."

"Looks like this won't go to waste then." Gizmo said to himself.

Splice ran towards the Badblood that was holding Kaytlin. "Hang on!" He called out.

Badbloods:(Stab Gizmo)

((Gizmo was way in the back.))

As soon as the Badblood got close to him, Gizmo fired his cannon with a huge blast of energy. It was enough to blow it away, if not completly obliterate it. The blast reached far out towards the other Badbloods as well.

Gale:Kaytlin,are you ok?


Splice nodded. "Good. Be careful now."

Jack: Guys, I need help with these Rouge Xeno's

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Burns the xeno's)they hate fire.

Splice smirked. "They hate Fire, eh? That shouldn't be a problem." He chuckled, holding his now burning hand up.

Jack: Thank you, Blaze the Hedgecat

Turbo:SPLICE!!!! *gives Splice a Chaos Ring!

Jack: Whao, what is that?

Splice took the ring into his hand. "What's this? An Elemental Ring..?" He asked.

Turbo:No Time! Splice! Now!

Splice put the Chaos Ring on. "Okay, I don't really know what to do but here goes!" He attempted to use it's power.

Jack: Whao, this is gonna be big

Inferno's Army:(Charges at Jack and the others)

Jack: Uh Oh

((Look at the Talk Page BEFORE continuing. And by the way, it's HS664's turn, so let him go first. He's supposed to deal with what happens with the Chaos Ring.))

Metal:Oh great just what I needed.*uses Roar of Time at Inferno's army*

Badbloods: Traitor (Charges at Metal)

((I said let HS664 go first. -_-))

*the Chaos Ring glows and boosts splices power and gives him invincible sparkles*

Jack: I feel Tingly

Splice looked at the wring on his wrist in awe, then looked at the sparkles around him. "Whoa..! This is awesome!" He exclaimed. "Alright, Leave it to me." He ran towards the army at full speed, ready to take them out.

Ultimate Cold: Ultimate Soul Ice BLAST!

Turbo:Get'em good Splice!

Jack: I wonder it's time for me to go Super

Ultimate Cold: Then do it!

Splice ran into the center of the entire army. "Come and get me!" He yelled. He began punching and kicking them all fiercely at high speeds, spinning around while doing so to make sure he got all the ones around him. He was moving so quickly, he was almost a blur. He soon stopped and crossed his arms as if he was charging something. "Now I'll show you what I'm really made of! Infernal..." He slowly caught on fire. "BLAAAAST!" He released a huge explosion of flames in a large colomn, reaching high into the sky. You could barely even see Splice anymore, and the pillar of fire grew larger by the second, slowly sucking in everything close to it. By the time the flames died down, the entire army was nearly completely wiped out.

Inferno's army:(We are a leigon we can't die)

Splice watched in horror as the soldiers began to rise again. His invincibility effects had worn off, and he apparently didn't even kill a single one of them. "You can't be serious..!" He gasped. He darted a safe distance away from the army and back with the rest of the group. "Well THAT didn't work. Now what!?"

"What can kill these guys?" Gizmo exclaimed. "I'm surprised that didn't work...but now that I think of it, These are soldiers from a guy named "Inferno"..." He rose an eyebrow at Splice.

Splice suddenly slapped his forehead. "Augh! I'm such a dolt! I should've known!"

Badblood rouge: Over here!

Splice whirled around to face the Badblood rogue, only to see Kitty come at it from behind with a flying kick. It was rather strong for a chao.

Jack: Ok (Turns into Super Jack)

Super Jack: Super Jack!

Bladblood:Come with me if you want to live!

Ultimate Cold: (Heads though the army) Ultimate Soul Caliber Ice Slash!

Splice suddenly looked disturbed. "Wait, what?" Kitty immediately flew away from him, returning back to Splice and Gizmo. "What're you talking about!?"

Metal:Why should I listen to you?

Super Jack: We have no time for that, we gotta stop Dark Lord Inferno from taking over Mobius

(Three hell dragons appear)

Metal:True but isn't it impossiable?

"Ack! Where did these things come from!?" Splice exclaimed.

"I think we're in trouble..." Gizmo said.

Super Jack: Dragons, Stay!

DARKCLONE Darkstorm:Go I'll handle the Hell Dragons!!!!

Super Jack: Uhh Dragons, Sit?

Splice facepalmed at Jack's futile attempts. "Guys, we need to go, now! It's getting too dangerous here. Lets meet up with Smash."

Super Jack: Ok, let's go & sorry about that, I was only trying to help

DARKCLONE Darkstorm:(Death-screams)

(Hell Dragons feast on the clone body)

Ultimate Cold: Lets do this!

Ultimate Flame: Yeah!

Ultimate Cold: CHAOS unification!

Ultimate Flame: CHAOS unification!

Ultimate Colame: CHAOS BLAST

(Hell dragon just laugh at Cold and Flame)

Splice cupped his hands over his mouth. "Flame! Cold! Lets go already! We don't have time for this!"

Gizmo and Kitty were already starting to run. He flipped open his wrist com-link and pressed a button on the side. "Come in, Smash. We've got a problem. Do you read me?" He said loudly as he was running.

Super Jack: Guys, I'm feeling Tingly all over, it feels like there's a zing inside of me!

(Four hell chao appear and attack Kitty)

Super Jack: Watch Out Kitty!

Kitty yelped and quickly held his arms up to defend himself from the attacks. His guard was nearly broken. They were stronger than regular chao, and he was outnumbered. He flapped his wings quickly and hurried to catch up with Gizmo. "Gizmo! Chao meow chao!!"

Gizmo looked behind him and gasped. "What on earth...!?"

Hell chao #4:(Attacks Jack)

Super Jack: Hey Shoo, Shoo

Turbo:Chaos Hurricane! *throws a vortex of Chaos Energy*

Super Jack: (Shoos the Hell Chao away) Shoo, go away. What am I, An oversized Chilly Dog?

???:Silver Claws(Kills the Hell choa on Jack)

Super Jack: Who are you?

???: My name is Vitani the lioness, and who are you.

Jack: (Turns back to his Normal Form) My name is Jack the Hedgehog


Jack: Thanks for your help, Dark Lord Inferno was about to Take over Mobius & we need your help to Save Planet Mobius

A sweat drop rolled down the side of Splice's face. "Um, He still is..."

Gizmo and Kitty hid behind a tree to get away from the Hell Chao, just as soon as Smash responded. "Smash! We've got terrible news. Cold is back to normal, that's good, but the Ultimate Soul Caliber flew away! We can't find it! And now we're being attacked by dragons and whatnot!"

Vitani:(Kills the Remaining hell chao) You two ok?

Jack: We're fine, but it's time to Believe in ourselves & that's how you go ULITMATE !

Vitani: I am not here to learn a few tricks, I am here to find my love!!

Jack: Your Love? Who is your love?

Vitani: The half breed that your helping!!!

Jack: You mean Amber?

Vitani:The other halfbreed that your helping!

Jack: You mean Darkstorm?

Vitani: Yes *Giggles*

Splice facepalmed. "Does Amber look like anything else other than a cat to you?" He groaned.

"Alright. I'm on it. Over and Out." Gizmo closed the com-link and came out to everyone else. "Guys, We gotta hurry. To Mount Vesovious!"

Vitani:(Picks up Kitty) Who might you be cute one.

Jack: I'm sorry,It's just that I'm getting confused

"Not to mention that they're both girls..." Splice mumbled.

Kitty smiled, feeling a little more at ease, but then remembered the situation they were in and flew out of her hands. He turned to look at her, and began speaking in a serious tone.

"Come on, guys! We don't have time to waste around here! We have to catch up with Smash and the others!" Gizmo called out again.

Jack: Gizmo is right, we got work to do

Vitani: I can get you to Darkstorm, I have a score to settle with him any ways.

Jack: But Why?

"Save the scores for later." Splice said. "We're already in a heap of trouble as it is. But we'd appreciate any help."

((Just so long as it doesn't include teleporting right in front of them.))

Jack: Oh right, let's go

Vitani: Follow me and please try to keep up.

Jack: Ok, but why?

"Darkstorm is with Smash, and Smash is where we need to go. Is there any reason why we shouldn't?" Splice shrugged as he said this. He then turned to Vitani. "I won't have a problem with that. Lead the way."

Gizmo dug in his bag of supplies and took out his jet board. "Lets hurry."

Vitani:(Starts running)

Jack: Oh that's why, Wait for me! (Runs in Super Sonic Speed)

Gizmo jumped on his jet board and activated it. It shot off at a high speed just after Kitty grabbed onto it. Splice ran after Vitani, showing that he wasn't going to be left behind so easily.

Vitani:(Feels sharp pain in her stomach)

Jack: What's wrong?

Vitani: Nothing.

Jack: It looks like your in pain

Vitani:I said it is nothing!!!

Jack: Oh dear

Vitani: If you are thinking I am pregnent than you better not tell Darkstorm!

Jack: Ok, Yes, Ok

"Wait, what?" Splice suddenly asked. He was staying out of the conversation until she blurted that part out.

Jack: Never mind that

Vitani:(Feels sharp pain) We have to hurry.

Jack: Ok let's go

Vitani:(Tries to stand, but the pain gets worse)

Splice ran over to her. "Hey, are you alright?"

Vitani:I can't stand, the baby is almost due to be born!

"Oh, well THIS is just great." Splice sighed. "Jack, you're a fast guy, right? You think you can take her to a hospital or something?"

Vitani:No, I'd rather have Darkstorm bring mine and his child into the world.

"Well then we're just going to have to carry you." Splice said. "But listen, it's REALLY dangerous where we're going, and I don't like the idea of bringing a pregnant woman there."

Jack: What should we do?

Vitani:(Tries to stand up again, but the pain knocks her back down) Arghh *Roar*

Jack: She is in Serious Pain, what should we do with her?

Badblood Rouge:I think you should hear this the message is from Darkstorm.

Gizmo opened his wrist communicator and recieved the message from Darkstorm. He then opened up communication with Smash. "We've got yet another problem. See, this girl here said that she'd take us to you guys, but apparently she's too pregnant to even move now."

Splice glared at the Badblood. "Give me one good reason why we should trust you? You guys were just trying to kill us earlier!"

Badblood rouge: My brothers tried to kill you, not me I am not appart of them.

Vitani:*Roar's in pain*

"I still don't exactly trust you, but we scarcely have any time." Splice said with his arms folded. "What is it that you need to tell us?"

Badblood rouge:(Picks up Vitani) Follow me, my brothers will return any moment.

Ultimate Colame: Get the your asses up and move!


Ultimate Colame: Shut the f*ck up and move.

Splice glared at him. "Shut your mouth! What's with that attitude all of a sudden!?" He turned and followed the badblood rogue without even waiting for an answer.

Badblood: He has a point, but you should watch your mouth, this is Darkstorm's new mate


Vitani:(Roars in pain)

"I don't care who's side it is." Splice muttered under his breath. Gizmo sighed and followed behind.

Ultimate Colame: THAT IS IT, GUYS GRAB ME!

Turbo:I have an Idea.

((No teleporting. A time skip maybe, but no teleporting.))

Turbo:Chaos...Control....*opens a pocket dimension where time is moving faster than in the outside world* I can only hold this for 20 minutes tops.

Ultimate Colame: I have super speed!

Rouge Badblood:I have a couple of speeder bikes.

((I didn't mean a LITERAL time skip. .__. I just mean skipping ahead in the story to when they get close to Darkstorm's location. i.e "Later..."))

Turbo:*cluches his chest in pain* Ahhhhhhrrrrrggg......Dangit!!!!!

"Turbo? Are you okay!?" Splice exclaimed. you think I can open a com link with Smash?

"Go ahead." Gizmo said. "If you need me to do it, I will."

Ultimate Colame: Guy we are almost there!

Turbo:*tries to reach Smash using a com link he has* I hope this works.

Darkstorms Son:(Glides to Vitani)

Smash answered the com-link call. "What now?" He asked, sounding exasperated.

Turbo:LISTEN SMASH THIS IS SERIOUS!!!! I'm having a chest pain that for some reason causes my powers to go Crazy later! I need my Emerald to drain the excess power!

Smash replied over the comlink. "Wait what? That's not normal. You should already have your emerald with you though-"

Ultimate Colame: DO IT SMASH!

Evil Xenomorphs:(Charge towards Vitani)

Ultimate Colame: WATCH IT!

Vitani:(too weak to defend herself)

Turbo:*a cluster of shadow energy explosions pop out* DAMN IT!

Blaze the Hedgecat: Fire claws (Defends Vitani)

Ultimate Colame:(Jumps in the way and uses Chaos Block)keep of him.

"H-hey! What's going on over there? Hey!" Smash exclaimed over the com-link.

Splice came at one of the Xenomorphs with a flying kick. "Oh, no you don't!"

Blaze the hedgecat:one, Vitani is a girl, two, who died and made you in charge of me, and three, we have to hurry and get to my Uncle Darkstorm.

Gizmo shook his head. "Does it MATTER who's in charge? We're already running short of time anyway. Anything will do to get rid of these distractions!"

Blaze the hedgecat:Shield your eyes, Volcanic Blast!!!!

Turbo:Oh SH*T!! *creates a super charged Chaos Blast in shock*

Evil xenomorphs:(Scream as the burn alive)

"Take Cover!" Splice cried out as he dove into a safe spot from the blast.

"EEK!" Kitty squeaked in shock before he and Gizmo dove after him.

Tetrahx:(Turns Lycan in front of Kitty) Howl of the Lycans!!!

Turbo:*keeps involuntarily creating blasts each stronger than the last*

Blaze the hedgecat:(To Turbo) Try to relax!!

Turbo:I can't!!!!!! *blast just keep getting stronger*

Blaze the hedgecat:Turn Ultimate Elder.

Gizmo grabbed Kitty and yanked him out of the way.

Turbo:Smash tok my Emerald! I can't! *Blasts starts turning into vortexes*

((Smash gave it back to him, remember?))

Ultimate Colame: I was talking to Evil Xenomorphs.

Ultimate Colame: GUYS MOVE YOUR ASSES!

"SHUT UP, COLD! You expect us to jump out in the open and DIE from those blasts!?" Splice yelled from behind a bush. Turbo:*all of a sudden his Emerald falls out of his spines* Yes!! * goes ultimate elder* Darkstorms son:(Turns into his Dragon form)

Evil Xenomorphs:(Scream and run like girls)


Darkstorms Son:(In dragon form turns to Ultimate Colame and growls)

Splice got out from the bush, now that the blasts were over. "Finally. Now that nothing else is standing in our way, Lets get going before something else happens."

U.E. Turbo:Okay!

Ultimate Colame:MOVE DRAGON ASS,now lets juice!

Ultimate Colame:(Splits apart)

Cold:What The Heck!0_0

Flame: I split us apart.


Flame: I was board.-_-

Cold: Forget lets go!

"I think it's better that way." Splice said, folding his arms while walking. "That way, Flame can't take the blame for that foul language you seem to love so much." He narrowed his eyes at him before walking ahead of him. Gizmo and Kitty hurried to catch up.

(a shadowy figure is quickly seen dissappearing and being followed by something else)

Splice noticed it at the corner of his eye. "Stay alert. Something's near. But keep moving!"

(if they listen well they can hear somebody and darkness's voices faintly)

Metal:Let's go now,we don't have much time!

Cold: We got to move faster!

Jack: Oh Yeah, lets

Turbo:I have an Idea. Is anyone here a Psychokinetic?

Jack: I don't know, let me think.

Turbo:It allows you to manipulate objects with Psychic force.

Cold: How about Chaos Psychokinetic!

Jack: Huh?

Turbo: Nope. I need an Advanced Pyschokinetic or Spectrakinetic.

Jack: Well, who has one?

"Not me." Splice said with a shrug.

"" Gizmo bit his lip. Kitty just shook his head and shrugged.

Jack: Sorry, don't have one at all

Metal:Try asking someone esle. Apart from me.

Jack: Anyone else?

Zulto simply watched them, understanding what they had said..unfourtantly he was no any of the thing's listed and continued watching them..

Jack: Anyone?

Turbo:Someones watching us. It's faint but it's there.

Jack: Have you ever had the feeling that you've been watch

Darkness: *is bing brought out of the ground by a shadowy energy dragon but is sent up and crashed back down* F%*K!

Vitani:(Feels her water break)*Roar*

Shintmato: whats wrong Darkness? cant handle your own elemnt!? *he is seen in a rainbow barrier that is unpenatrable by all means except one but only darkness knows and the shadow dragon is coming from his sword in his hand*

Darkness: *pushes the dragon back a bit but weak against it from it being a strong attack* no... im just letting you off to easy!

Turbo:This should be fun to watch.

Darkness: good. because if anybody got into this i might just end up killing more than my enemy.

Turbo:Do you want me to transfer some energy?

Darkstorm:(Moving into Vitani's position fast, with Smash and Amber)

"Where the heck are we going, Darkstorm!?" Smash exclaimed as he was being carted away with one hand. Amber was just holding on for dear life.

Zulto emerges from his position, puzzeld by the situation at hand, he asks: "Whats with all this fuss??"

Jack: Darkstorm you here

Darkstorm:(Turns into a Shadow Dragon)

"Whoa, what the heck!?" Smash jumped back, now free from Darkstorm.

Jack: Whao, I didn't know he can turn into a Dragon

Turbo:Hmph! He's not the only one.

Jack: What do you mean "Not the only one"?

Turbo:*facepalm* I'm a HedgeDRAGON. It's a natural ability.

Darkness: *is pushed a few feet back then breaks the shdaowy energy dragon in half* nice try but no avail Shintamato!

Darkstorm: I am the dragon,(Walks towards Vitani, now in labor)

Turbo:*notices Vitani* OH ****!!!!!!

Jack: Oh right, Vitani, wait for me!

Vitani:(Sweating) Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: It is me Vitani.

Shintamato: hmmm maybe i was wrong about you but i will still kill you! *sends three black shockwaves at Darkness which he dodges* light and darkn cannot co-exist in one body Darkness! quit trying to prove me wrong otherwise!

Jack: Huh? What? I don't understand

"You're not the only one, Jack." Splice said.

"Yeah." Gizmo chimed in.

Turbo:CHAOS ERASER!!!! *fires at Shintamato with a superheated beam of Chaos Energy* So you say Light and Darkness cannot co-exist in one body eh?

Jack: Wow Preaty

Darkness: *jumps up and blocks the attack* i said dont get involved! *his power is being collected with both of his hands at opposite sides* Light and Dark can co-exist in bodies... just look around!

Shintamato: i dont care about them. its you that it wont work for. shadow rain. *black blasts fly from his hand and only attack darkness which just get absorbed and help Darkness finish preperations for his transformation* oh shit.

Jack: Watch your Language, please

Vitani:*Roars louder*

Darkstorm: Stay back everyone, when Vitani is like this it is better to let her give birth to the child!

"Will somebody please explain to me what the heck is going on here?" Smash asked. Amber just stood to the side, looking baffled.

((Hold it hold it HOLD IT! No one said that they reached their destination! And now all of a sudden Darkstorm is here? I can understand Darkness, but Darkstorm? And you suddenly mentioned Smash and Amber being there too. What the crap just happened?))

((Darkstorm grabbed Smash and Amber and found them while Darkness ditched sorta and went after Shintmato One more soul to collect. EternalAbyssJustice 00:46, January 22, 2011 (UTC)))

((Oh, so THAT'S where he was going. I misread the one part and I thought it was Darkness who was moving with Smash and Amber towards Vitani.))

Turbo:I'll take care of Shintamato. Go now!!!!

(black energy swilrs and straps Turbo down)

Darkness: didnt i tell you nobody is getting involved but myself and my enemy. no interference shall be allowed.

Shintamato: pathetic Darkness. you cant win without help. hell your wife barely did a damn thing that day!

Darkness: Light and Dark put together equals a shipment of power! Twinaka Transformation begin! *his body completly strips itself in exploding thunderish energy and his body is now a being with a Yin/Yang sing on his stomach and a white demon wing and black angel wing but the white demon wing is on the dark side and the black wing is on the light side*

Jack: Whao, what's that?

(The newborn hallfbreed lion cub was born)

Vitani:(Exhasted and licks the newborn)

Darkstorm:Energy Blast (Throws blast at Shintamato).

Jack: Awww, no wonder, Vitani is having a Baby

Shintamato: THATS IMMPOSSIBLE DARKNESS! ONLY GODS CAN DO THAT! AND YOUR NO GOD! *the barrier blocked Darkstorms attack* and how come no one has yet to understand that they cant win without letting Darkness fight me solo?

Twinaka: funny last time i checked i was a god. an upper god of chaos at that. *his energy alone radiated hatred for the man who stood in his sights* antimatter spacial vortex. *creats a small space around himself and Shintamato and shrinks them down to 6 inches but the barrier is then encapsulated and handed to Darkstorm*

Jack: Do you think we should help Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: I am a god, Darkness is a god, the people with marks on their arms are gods!

Vitani:(Nips at the Newborns cord)

(The newborn curls in its mothers arms/paws)

(the capsule on it says a message) : im am here to make sure nobody enters this capsule and only 1 of the combantants is allowed to leave. that is meaning until 1 of them die they stay in there.

"Okay look, I don't know what's going on here." Smash said. "But we've got to get our priorities straight. We have to get back to Mount Vesovious right this instant. If my fears are accurate, then Inferno has the Ultimate Soul Caliber with him. We're already in grave danger as it is. We have to defeat him as soon as possible. Darkness will just have to catch up. I trust that he's going to show up, sooner or later." He gave the capsule a hinting look, despite knowing that Darkness probably couldn't see or hear him, before turning back to the others. "Lets go everyone. We don't have any time to waste around here."

Jack: He's right, lets go

Vitani: No, I need Darkstorm with me!

Darkstorm:(Picks up the newborn)

Turbo:*cracks knuckles* I can't wait!

Jack: Let's go stop Dark Lord Inferno from taking over

(the capsule flies up and follows the group going after Inferno): i will keep my master informed.

Turbo:*powers up the Ultimate Elder*

Darkstorm:(Transforms into Ultimate Elder) I'll be fine my love (Kisses Vitani)

"Alright, that's better" Smash said. "Is everyone ready?"

Splice and Gizmo walked up to him. "I'm ready for anything." Splice said confidently.

"I don't know how much good I'll be to you guys, but I'm going to give it all I've got." Gizmo said.

"As am I." Amber added. "I was never really good in these types of situations, but desperate times calls for desperate measures."

"Chao mew..chao chao Meow chao meowww...Meow." Kitty said in a serious voice.

U.E. Turbo:*in a serious tone* Do you remember what I said about what to do if I start to steam Chaos Energy?

Smash nodded. "Yes. I remember." He said, almost regretfully.

Jack: I am ready as ever!

Capsule: i hope master will be ready. these past battles have been getting to him. seeing as how he never ever rested once in his life.

Jack: Huh? What are you doing, Capsule?

Capsule: simple orders from master Darkness. following you guys while keeping him informed of status and the occasional warning to him or you guys about their fight progress. but only if you ask about it. i can try to summerize there fight.

Jack: Oh Ok

Capsule: and so far my doubts are towards Darkness winning. Shintamato is unreleanting but is leaving himself open but the way Darkness fights it may be a while before he manages to take his first move.

Jack: Are you Good or Evil?

Capsule: master darkness and his creations are good. if we werent none of you would have made it this far.

Jack: Oh right, now if you excuse me we have work to do

Capsule: have you forgotten im going to follow your little group? *it shows a small vision of where Darkness got his first move in and compeletly tore off Shintmato's right arm* oh he just got killed. its over now. *the vision shows Darkness ruthelessly killing shintamato by ripping off his legs and park of his back which when ripped off made itself into a wing and then Darkness ripped out his heart and essence and slashed the body into bits*

Jack: What the heck are you doing?!

Capsule: thats how master Darkness is. killing his enemies by ripping out their hearts. and its just something that he showed you guys. not me. its his powers that do it.

Darkness: *exits the capsule all repaired and full sized and everything looking normal but his power is not what it used to be. its calm controlled and no guilt is inside him* shut it Cain. you did that on purpose. i have no use for you now. begone! *the capsule dissappears*

Jack: Whao, didn't see that coming

((No..Just no. No breaking the fourth wall. This RP is already hanging by a thread. This is just pouring salt on the wound.))

Part 9: The Final Confrontation

The group finally reached Mount Vesovious.

Darkness: this mountain.... its hollow in a way.

Jack: What should we do?

Darkness: crack it open or find an entrence. your choice. my votes for blowing it up though.

Jack: Maybe I can blow a hole with some Dynamite (Sets the Dynamite in the Blocked Cave)

Darkness: Dyna mite is to weak. *throws a big chunk of nitroglyscerin at it*

Jack: Ok works for me, Oh & uh I have 4 words for all of you

"The CRAP do you think you're doing!?" Smash exclaimed. "Yeah, go right on and throw a parade at the doorstep of evil, why don't ya? Do You wanna alert the entire fortress to our position!?"

Darkness: *charges headfirst with a barrier and the nitrogylscerin being made* LEEEERRRRRROOOOOYYYYYY JJEEEEEEEEENNNNNKKKIIINNNNSSSS!

Jack: FIRE IN THE HOLE !!!!!

"YOU IDIOT!" Smash yelled as Darkness busted in.

Darkness: *yells back* i always do this crap just roll with it because its me that they will first go after! get moving! *truth to his words every enemy came after him first*

"Fine! Do what you want!" Smash yelled back. He looked at everyone else. "Leave him. Lets find another path. It will be less likely to be full of guards with Darkness blowing crap up over here. And don't you guys get any explosive ideas this time."

"Why on earth would someone carry around a chunk of Nitroglycerin...?" Gizmo wondered aloud.

Jack: Ka-Boom

(inside the guards are heard just dropping or not at all but their dead bodies are heard dropping and then the alarm goes up as in they cant find Darkness or over half the patrols)

((We should wait for the others before continuing.))

Jack: Oh Boy, oh what the heck, Lets go Destroy those guards

"The guards are not our concern, Jack. Focus on the mission!" Smash reminded him, sternly. "Darkness has that covered, anyway."

((Now lets wait.))

Jack: Oh right sorry

Vitani:(Stalking Darkstorm with The newborn in her arms)

Darkstorm:(Sniffs the air)

(a mysterious angel lands near them and walks in towards where Darkness busted in)

((Backing up again.))

Smash happened to noice the angel at the corner of his eye. "Huh...?" He said.

"What is it, Smash?" Splice asked.

"...Nothing. Lets keep moving." He said, pressing onward. Splice just shrugged and followed.

The group soon came across an opening. However, it was very small. Not nearly large enough for either of them to fit through. Smash peeked inside, and saw a small room. "Hmm...We need a way to get inside..."

"Chao." Kitty spoke up. He flew over to the hole, and managed to fit his whole head through. He popped back out and turned to them. "Chao chaomew Mreow, Meeew meow chao." He said.

"It's dangerous, but as long as the coast's clear then okay." Gizmo said, nodding.

Jack: Ok.

"Cha! Chao mew chao." Kitty said before waving and crawling into the hole. Inside, the room was quiet, but lit by candles. He searched the entire room, but found nothing. "Mew..." He said to himself, scratching his head. He then left the room, and began flying hastily down the hallways of the lair. Soon, he found what appeared to be an entrance. Flying over to it to get a closer look, he found a stone door without a knob. Instead, it had a bar handle in the middle with an arrow pointing upwards engraved into the face of it. He grabbed the handle and began pulling up with all of his might. No good. He opened up a com-link with Gizmo and began talking again. "Chao chao mew chao mew! Mew meow...Chao meow..."

Outside, Gizmo listened to what Kitty had to say and nodded. "Okay got it. We'll try to find it and open it from the outside. Stay right there and make sure no one see's you." He looked up at the others. "He says he found the entrance. It's a stone door, so it may be hard to see."

(the angel from earlier is thrown out from a nearby wall beatean battered and on the verge of death but still its forced to stand and fight)

Jack: Who's that?

Everyone whirled around to see what was going on. "What the..."

Darkness: *jumps out in front of him* Brother stop this!

"What's going on here?" Smash asked.

Jack: Darkness, what is he doing here?

Inferno:(Laughs from inside)

Smilodon's Pack:(All attack Jack)

((Oy, you guys are edit conflicting me pretty badly.))

((Arrg! Will you guys cut it out!? They were supposed to get INSIDE first! They were looking for the door! The entrance! Stop jumping the gun! Not to mention you left everyone else behind again. At this rate I'll never be able to bring my last two characters in.

Continuing now.))

"Jack, look out!" Smash exclaimed. As the pack closed in on them, one of them suddenly collapsed. An arrow was sticking out from it's side. As they got into a battle stance to defend themselves, a skyblue streak shot by the pack in a flash of light. Delayed reaction slashes began striking away at them, causing them all to collapse with the previous one.

"...What?" Splice looked bewildered.

Smilodon:(Attacks Splice) I never had edichna meat before.

Splice flipped backwards to dodge the attack. "I am NOT an Echidna! Get your eyes checked!"

"Do that and you'll have noticed an attack from behind!" A voice yelled from above.

"That voice..." Smash said.

A cyan hedgehog holding a light golden, glowing sword fell down from above and struck at Smilodon's head with the hilt of his blade. And standing on top of a nearby rock pile, was another cyan hedgehog, holding a bow in her hand. Her coat and ponytail drifted along in the wind.

thumb|right|100px|(Song currently playing)

Smilodon:(Attacks the stranger)

Smiodon's pack:(See's their leader attack the stranger and they do the same)

The hedgehog held his sword tightly and performed a spin attack, slicing whichever one got near. He stopped at the leader, and thrusted his sword towards his chest.

Smilodon:(Draws his fire sabre)

((Did the attack hit him or did he block it?))


Smilodon's Pack:(Draws egyptian swords)

Smash shook his head in disbelief. "This is a surprise." He said. "Well don't just stand there everyone! Fight!" As he said that, another arrow shot towards one of the people in the smilodon pack. Smash, Splice, Gizmo and Amber then blocked their way between them and their leader. "Bring it!"

The hedgehog's sword clashed against Smilodon's. He forced his blade back, in a battle of strength.

((Lets not leave the others too far behind.))

Female Smilodon:(Attacks the male) You've gone to far Half tooth.

Smilodon: That name is dead.

"Back down, or you shall be too." The hedgehog ordered, still pressing his sword against his.

Half tooth/Smilodon: Get off of me (Kicks the female off of him and point fire sabre at the stranger hedgehog's neck)

Before the sabre could reach his neck, he swung his sword vertically to deflect it. Swiftly staying in motion, he swung the sword towards his shoulder at full force.

Half Tooth: Blade of Flame (His sword ignites with flame).

Both swords clashed again. "Try as you might," He said. "Your flames will not burn me." His sword began to gradually absorb the flames as they were touching.

Half tooth: Blade of darkness (Sword turns black)

He stepped back and held his sword up to his face, the point facing the sky. "Gem of Ice, Lend me thy power..." One of the many gems on his sword's handle began to glow in response. He began to chant quietly, as his sword began to glow with an icy aura.

Half tooth:(Pulls out the other half of his tooth and slams it ito his sword) fear the blade of bones.

The sword was knocked out of it's direction, but not out of his hands. He decided to take advantage of this, letting the sword spin in his hands until he was holding it upside down. "Ice Crush!" The sword had completely froze, except for the handle, in a thick yet sharp casing of ice. He swung the sword upwards, attempting to slash his entire body, and flipped the sword into a proper position in his hands, and then used all of his might to bring the sword back down on him. The second slash, if it struck, would crush and shatter the ice from the blade all over Half tooth, dealing even more damage.

Smilodons pack:(Attacks the stranger)

Female Smilodon: Half tooth wake up!!!

Half tooth:(Groans)

Jack: (Dodges) What is going on here? (Punches the Smilodon's Pack) Take that !

Kat:(Tosses Bone Blade to Jack) Kill them with this.

Jack: (Grabs the Bone Blade) Got it (Slashes the Smilodon's Pack) Take this !

(the two brothers that were fighting finally ended in both being alive something that was unanticipated by Jyscal)

Darkness: lets go bro.

Jack: Let's go

Jyscal: but im no use to you in this state. you might as well have killed me.

Darkness: shut up bout it. Soko sokortarum asp en unt sorkota asp asp asperun *his body starts glowing differently and for some reason his inital colors are inversed as his body gets bulgier and veins start popping but on his outside is coffered by a layer of green and blue images* Accelerator exsist!

Jack: Wow Shiny

Smash defended the stranger from the pack, and threw a powerful punch directly towards one's head. Splice came at another with a flying kick, while Gizmo attacked with his claw gloves. "Amber! Lets go like I taught you!" Gizmo told her. She nodded and stood beside him as they both threw a powerful swipe at one of them. "Phantom Claw!" The both of them yelled in unison. Their hand's were moving fast enough to create illusions, and the attack itself was aimed to blind the enemy.

The stranger stuck his sword towards Half Tooth's throat. "I am not here to fight you. Surrender."

Jack: What are you saying?

Acc.Darkness: *rushes in and hits people 3 times faster and harder than normal but still blood was everywhere due to accelerator being activated and he is constantly heavily breathing*

Jack: Whao, what the? How the? Ohhhhh I didn't see you that your too fast

"Whoa, what the crap did you just do!?" Smash exclaimed.

Jack: What? I haven't done anything wrong

"I wasn't talking to you." He let him know.

Darkness: *his voice seemingly copied 3 time due to accelerator* a forbidden spell that gives power in exchange for life... not really i dont know the exchange but it increase body mass and all around stats while its on

"I think you should've saved something like that for Inferno, not these small fries." Smash shrugged.

Jack: Oh then what should we do now?

Zulto: *continues to watch* Interesting.

Jack: Then how are we gonna destroy Inferno?

"Oh, it's not like we used up our only chance." Smash said. "We can still take him, but we have to work together."

Darkness: *already charging and forcing every enemy into submission or surrendering from his brute strength lethal force and persicion* dont worry for the most part i can keep this up for 6 hours before it needs to end.

Jack: Ok, I get it now

Smash nodded. "Good." He said. With the enemies down, he turned around to look at what was going on with Half Tooth.

Kat: Fire Blaze?

Blaze the Hedgecat:Kitty Kat?

Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat, is that you?

Blaze the hedgecat:(Hugs Jack)

Jack: I'll take that as a Yes (Hugs Blaze the Hedgecat Back)

Kat: You know this handsome Hedgehog?

Blaze the hedgecat: He is my Boyfriend.

Jack: That is True

Kat: I am married to a strong, Handsome man.

Jack: Who is it & By the way what what happen to Half Tooth, is he Defeated or not?

Kat: Smilodon!!

Jack: Ok & by the way is Half Tooth defeated or not?

Darkstorm: (Checks pulse) He's dead.

The hedgehog twirled his sword once before sheathing it. "I am glad to have run into you all." He said as he turned around to face them with a smile. "I was afraid that we were going to have to do this ourselves."

The girl archer jumped down from the rock pile and walked over to them.

"It figures we'd run into you sooner or later..Kyle." Smash said with a smirk.

Kat:*Tears form and runs to Gizmo*

Jack: Let me check on Half Tooth (Checks on Half Tooth) You know what, I guess he IS dead

As Kyle and Smash shook hands, Gizmo gave Kat an odd look. "Er, yes? What's wrong?"

Kat:(In her rage she tosses Gizmo at Darkstorm) You murdered my husband.

"Gaah!" He fell on top of him. "What are you talking about? I didn't even kill anyone!"

Smash and Kyle looked up from their handshake, and in less than seconds Smash was in front of Kat. "Stop right where you are." He said.

Kat:(Her Front Canines grow into her sabre teeth) My husband is dead because of Gizmo!!

Gizmo stood up. "I don't even know you or your husband. And I just said I never killed Anyone! Who is he, anyway?"

"Before you go throwing people around, Lets get the facts straight." Smash said. "Who was your Husband?"

Jack: Yeah, tell us

Cold: Hey whats going on over here!?

Flame: Not a Thing,just trying to know who is her Husband.

Cold: Leave her alone she will talk,but she is not ready to talk.

Kat: Half tooth is my husband.

Flame: Didn't see that coming.

Darkstorm:we are sorry for your lose.

Kat:(Attacks Darkstorm)

Darkstorm: I possibly deserve this.

Cold:(Grabs Kats hand)this isn't going to bring him back trust me I know.

Kat: (Bites Cold's arm hard) Stay out of my work.

Turbo:I can possibly bring him back. IF his body is intact.

Kat:(In her rage she attacks Turbo)

Turbo:Sh*t. *turns into electric slime and hides in a crevice*

Blaze the hedgecat: Try to relax Kat!!!

"Gizmo is not the one who killed him." Kyle spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear. "...I am. I had no intentions of killing him. I intended to show that he could not win against me, and have him surrender. I fought to defend my friends, whom he was also trying to kill. However...I did not expect that last attack to be fatal." He closed his eyes regretfully. "You may not forgive me, but know that I am deeply sorry."

Kat:(Attacks Kyle and Claws near his right eye)

Kyle stood there, allowing himself to get hit. However, he was not struck. A metallic clank was heard instead. When he opened his eyes, the other cyan hedgehog was in front of him, blocking the attack with a sword. "As long as I'm here, I'm not going to allow any more sacrifices!" She shoved Kat backwards and off of the sword. "I'm sorry for your loss, but, We don't have time to be fighting eachother. It's only natural that one person would die in war. But would you rather fight us and die yourself? Along with everyone else in the world? The Dark Lord Inferno has recieved his sword. We are already fighting a near losing battle. We won't win by fighting eachother! If we do that, then he'll kill us all!"

Gizmo jumped up immediately. "Oh no!" He ran over ot the stone door and tried with all of his might to force it open. "Mmf! Grrck! S-Somebody, Help me open this-ngh-thing!"

Kat:(Shoves Gizmo away angryly and makes her hand bleed and places it on the stone)

Gizmo fell over to the side completely, but then jumped back up and began pulling at it again. It wasn't until Smash came and added his strength that they were able to open it. And once it was open, they could see that Kitty was helping from the other side.

"Mew..." Kitty wiped some sweat off his forehead.

Jack: What going on?

"I suppose that I must formally introduce myself." Kyle said. "I am Kyle Tyris the 4th. Wielder of the legendary Gemblade, Guardian of the village of Tillia." He bowed respectufully. "And this is my sister, Keela Tyris." He motioned towards his somewhat identical sister, who also gave a bow of respect. "As you may already know, we are here to put an end to the Dark Lord Inferno. How lucky of us to run into you along the way."

Jack: Hi my name is Jack the Hedgehog

"A pleasure to meet you, Jack." He said. "Now, let us move onward. The final battle awaits us."

"This is it, guys." Smash told them as he began to walk forward. "No turning back here."

Jack: Yeah!

Flame: Hi Kat I'm Flame,and hard head over there is my friend Cold.:D


Jack: (To Kat) My name is "Jack the Hedgehog"

Turbo:*powers up* Good....Wait, is that......magma!!

Jack: Magma?! Who? What? Where?

Cold: Who is Magma?

Jack: Yeah, who is he?

Inferno:(Tosses a dead Lycans body) Look familier?

Flame: Hey wait a minute!0_0

((Don't have him already in his transformed state! That takes the fun out of it.))

Smash looked at the Lycan, highly disturbed. His expression then turned to anger. "You..." He then heard two swords being drawn. To his side, both Kyle and Keela were the one's wielding them.

"Your time has come." Kyle said, gripping his sword tightly. "It is time for you to pay for all of the death and destruction you have brought upon this world."

"And for making us go through all of what we did." Gizmo rubbed his back as he said this, but then pulled out his claw gloves. He equipped every shard of the Power Crystal, splitting them both up into the back of both of his gloves.

"We've had enough." Splice said. "And now, we're going to stomp you into the ground."

"For the sake of everyone's lives...I will fight you to the death!" Amber exclaimed.

Darkness: you Inferno are like me... causing carnage and destruction with glee but i am different because i was forced. you however are doing this out of love. therefore i must partake in killing you. no questions asked.

Cold: Hard to believe that you guys haven't killed me yet.


Cold:Cause I got the Ultimate Soul.

Darkness: it would have been better if you didnt say a damn thing.

Cold: I know,but where is the fun in that.

Turbo:Crimson Boost! *doubles power* Electron Punch! *aims for the chest*


Turbo:*breaking through* It's electricity. Your shield is Chaos Energy!!

Cold: Try this,CHAOS ICE SHIELD(blocks it)!

Turbo:Crimson Boost....X2 *triples power* Electricity is hotter than fire!! That's why their opposites!

Cold: Chaos Boost....X3(double power)Yeah but ice cools (freezes the blast).

Turbo:*smirks* Keep going *a peice of Turbo's leg turns into shadow slime without notice*

((What the freaking CRAP are you guys DOING!? I'm not even going to ask this in character because this is just too absurd for words. W-Why are you guys FIGHTING EACHOTHER!? The enemy is RIGHT THERE! What the heck!?))

Jack: Oh for the Love of Hedgehogs, would you guys please stop fighting?!

Inferno:Volcanic ball (Throws sphear of fire)

Splice stood in front of it, and deflected the sphere away from the group with his arm. To counter, he held his hand out in front of him and shot a sharp icicle towards him.

Cold:Oh yeah my new trick(powers up)(turns into a Ultimate Elder).

(Song playing:Dragon Ball GT,Super Android 17 theme song)

((Tailsman, Stop. Were you not paying attention? Inferno summoned his sword in the last chapter. It was drawn away from him. Also, even if he did still have it, he #1: Shouldn't be able to change it, as I believe only the creator can do that. and #2: Should not have brought it with him here, as they were supposed to take the Ultimate Soul Caliber somewhere else so that Inferno wouldn't get the chance to get it. Do you understand?))

Turbo:*becomes whole* HA!!! *turns ultimate Elder*

Jack: Guys, we need to work together, as a Team

Flame:(Turns Ultimate Elder)HA lets do this!



U.E.Colame: Now lets take care of inferno ass over there guys.

Jack: Ok, lets Defeat Inferno Together!

U.E. Darkstorm: Jack is right, if we are united Inferno won't stand a chance!!!

Jack: Let's combine our Powers & Destroy Inferno for good

Blaze the hedgecat: (Transforms into her ultimate form: Super Nova Blaze the Hedgecat) Agreed!!!

Jack: (Transforms into Super Jack)

U.E Turbo:*powers up, increasing his muscle mass slightly*

U.E. Darkstorm: For Mobius!?

Super Jack: For Mobius !

U.E. Turbo:Cross Slash! *aims an "X" at Inferno*

Super Jack: (Pulls out his Orange Piko Piko Hammer with Black Strips) It's time for you to be Smashed (Smashes Inferno)

U.E.Colame:(Powers up)AHHHHHHHHH(A Dragon coming from Colames shadow appears over the him,way in the sky)AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

S.U.E.Colame:(static rows around him)I am the one who will put you in the ground inferno,I am a SUPER ULTIMATE ELDER.

S.U.E.Colame: DRAGON FIST 100X(aims at Inferno)!!

Super Jack: (His Piko Piko Hammer Grows 10x Larger) Now you're gonna be a Giant Pancake (Smashes Inferno even harder)

U.E. Darkstorm: (Stabs Inferno in the chest with Soul Edge Katanna)

U.E. Turbo:Give up! You're screwed either way!

Inferno: (Kicks Darkstorm off and tries to find his sword)

Jack: He's getting the Sword, Quick grab it

(Okay people, you can't just 1 hit kill someone! You know who you are! I LIKE CEREAL!!!! 02:35, January 27, 2011 (UTC))

S.U.E.Colame:(Spits apart)

S.U.E:Cold:Got it!

(The blade shatters in Colds grasp)

Super Jack: The Blade is now Broken

Inferno: I am losing my powers, NOOOOOOO!!!!

Cold:CHAOS DRAGON FIST 10000000000X(aims at Inferno)THIS IS FOR EVERYBODY YOU HURT(Punches and kills Inferno)!!

((Oh, I don't believe this. Are you going to really make this THAT EASY? I thought we needed 7 Ultimate Elders to kill him, He's already dying to 4! You guys went on without me and already he's dying! Are you serious!?~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 18:40, January 27, 2011 (UTC)))

((I'm going with the story,how the hell am I spouse to know what's going on?~Tailsman67~))

((I can understand that. But I'm surprised only one person commented on how this was going.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 19:15, January 27, 2011 (UTC)))

((One person commented on how this is going, ONE,man.~Tailsman67~))

((If this keeps up, heck, Why don't I take control of Inferno for crying out loud!? I mean, good grief! How many times have we had to back up this RP because someone either did something stupid or rushed things?~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 19:47, January 27, 2011 (UTC)))

((Can I play as Inferno,I can tell you this you know how Cold is a Super Ultimate Elder,if you let me play as Inferno it will take all the heroes in Super Ultimate Elder form to kill him))~Tailsman67~

((That's up to Darkstorm.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 20:32, January 27, 2011 (UTC)))

(( ... i dunno if my secret move could even help... but still this is supposed to be long. not rushed. if we rush it fucks up a lot. One more soul to collect. EternalAbyssJustice 21:34, January 27, 2011 (UTC)))

Inferno:(Laughs and begins to transform into firey inferno) You think you've won?, I am ot beaten so easily!!!!

((That's better, but still rushed considering the earlier events.))

Smash transformed into his high tension state. "Bring it." He said. He looked over at Splice, and then Kyle, who both nodded at him. They then all jumped at Inferno, Smash throwing a straight punch towards his chest, Splice coming from the side with a spin kick towards his head, while Kyle came at him from above, attempting to stab his head. Gizmo stood in the back, charging up his Hand Cannon, with Kitty sitting on the top of it. Amber waited by everyone else along with Keela, preparing for the next attack.

U.E.Darkstorm:This is for Tetrahx, Kirara, and Turahk whom for some odd reason I just wanted to put in there because I friggin hate my dad.

Inferno:Thats to bad because he hates you.

Super Jack: Uh, he what now?

U.E. Darkstorm: I friggin hate my dad.

((Ugh, I'm gonna stop this right where it is. Don't drag this on about Darkstorm's dad. You guys have got to stop getting so side-tracked. This is how this RP keeps going downhill. And you ignored my attacks against Inferno.))

(sORRY man, I am sick so very little attention)

Super Jack: We need to stop Inferno now

U.E. Darkstorm:(Falls to the ground head in pain)

Super Jack: Darkstorm, are you ok?


Super Jack: I'll take that as a Maybe

Darkstorm:(Yelling at Inferno) GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!

S.U.E.Flame:(Runs to Darkstorm)DARKSTORM!

Darkstorm:(Powers Down)

S.U.E.Cold: I failed my mission.

Demon Dark Elder Darkstorm:(Growls and Distortion in his voice) Inferno, you haven't gotten to know the true meaning of evil and that is me Demon Dark Elder Darkstorm!!!!

S.U.E.Flame:(Puts his hand on Darkstorm)Darkstorm are you okay?

"Everyone, GET AWAY from him!" Smash yelled. "Darkstorm is dangerous now!"

Super Jack: What's happen to him, you know the Down the Obivious

U.E. Turbo:*powers down* Ihave an Idea.

Super Jack: What is it?

Turbo:I'm going to try to drain out his negative energy. *starts chanting something in ancient Hedgedragon*

Super Jack: I think he's trying to tell us something



S.U.E.Cold: I'm going to help you Turbo(starts chanting something in Chaos Echidna).

Super Jack: Ok let's do it

Demon Dark Elder Darkstorm:(Charges at Flame) Oh no you don't!!!

Super Jack: Watch out Flame

Super Nova Blaze the Hedgecat: Solar Sheild (Surrounds Flame with a sheild of light)

Super Jack: Thank you Blaze my dear

S.N. Blaze the hedgecat:No Problem....(Feels claws in her adamine and shoulder)

Super Jack: Darkstorm has gone Evil & we need to snap him out of his Trance, it's some kind of Crazy Spell

Blaze the hedgecat:(Falls to the ground bleeding) Jack *Coughs*

Demon Dark Elder Darkstorm:(Laughs)

Super Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat, are you ok?

Blaze the hedgecat:*Coughs up blood*

Super Jack: Oh dear, you are in Serious Pain, let me help you

Darkstorms Spirital form: WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!??

Super Jack: Hold still, I hope this works, 'Chaos Healer!' (Heals Blaze the Hedgecat with his New Healing Powers) I didn't know I can do that

Spirital Darkstorm:You did it because you love her!!!

Super Jack: Yes, Yes I do (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Are you ok, My Love?

Blaze the hedgecat: Darkstorm's Spirit is behind you Jack, My sweet.

Super Jack: (Turns to see Darkstorm's Spirit) Oh dear, What happen to you?

Spirital Darkstorm:(Points at Demon Dark Elder self) thats what happened.

Super Jack: We have got to do something to Turn your Demon Side from Bad to Good, but how?

Spirital Darkstorm: I was known to Controll my inner demon.

Super Jack: But how will you Controll your inner Demon again?

Spirital Darkstorm: All you have to do is unit your powers and defeat him.

Super Jack: Ok, I'll try (Uniting the Powers) I'm getting Stronger


Super Jack: By Uniting our Powers, we know it's time for us to go ULTIMATE !

(White Aura surronds Jack & the others & with Explosion of the Aura, they turn into their Ultimate Forms)

Ulitmate Jack: ULTIMATE JACK !

Spirital Darkstorm: (Powers up in Spirital energy)

Ultimate Jack: Did you feel the Power of being United, My Love?

S.N. Blaze the hedgecat: Yes.

Ultimate Jack: Good, Now lets defeat Dark Lord Inferno Together, with 1 Big Blast

Inferno:Demon protect me.

Ultimate Jack: The Demon is about to Protect him if we blast the Demon now, Darkstorm will be a Spirit Forever!

Darkness: get out of my way! *his power was being charged and now almost tearing him apart from over energy*

Ultimate Jack: No Wait Stop!

Darkness:.. kinda cant..... without killing myself.... *he is still in accelerator and they can tell from excessive blood he isnt happy with this situation*

Ultimate Jack: We need to get Darkstorm back inside his Body, but how?

(Loud bangs eurpt because of Demon D.E. Self and Spirital Darkstorm's duel)

Ultimate Jack: Darkstorm is fighting his Demon self

S.N. Blaze the hedgecat: Darkness, can't you help my uncle?

Ultimate Jack: Please he is in Danger

S.N. Blaze the Hedgecat: Please, help him?

Ultimate Jack: His life is at Stake

S.N. Baze the hedgecat:(Hands Darkness her Stablizer necklace)

Ultimate Jack: What's that?

S.N. Blaze the hedgecat: It is a stablizer it has a Ultimate Emerald shard it help controll over reactive powers.

Ultimate Jack: I hope it works

S.N. Blaze the hedgecat: Put it on Darkness.

Ultimate Jack: Put in on & lets see what happens

Spirital Darkstorm: Hurry I am getting my tailed whopped out here!!!!!

Ultimate Jack: Let me help you (Puts on the Stablizer Necklace on Darkness) There you go

Spirital Darkstorm: Great now HELP ME NOW!!!!

Ultimate Jack: We're coming

S.N. Blaze the hedgecat: Jack wait up!!!

Ultimate Jack: Ok, it's time to turn that Demon from Bad to Good

Spirital Darkstorm:(Enters his orignal body) Hurry!!!

Ultimate Jack: Hold still (Use his Powers to Turn the Demon Body of Darkstorm from Bad to Good) I got it

U.E. Darkstorm:(Punches Inferno in the chest leaving his heart exposed.

Ultimate Jack: Quick, Lets Aim at Inferno's Heart


Ultimate Jack: 1, 2 & 3 (Fires his Chaos Energy at Inferno)

Blaze the hedgecat: Fire Sphere!!!

Darkstorm: Dark Ball!!!

Vitani: Desert Storm!!!

Darkness: *after saying the incantiation to activate his spell* Magna Blast Exsist!

Inferno:(Start's to turn to flames, but he would be vanquished) HEHEHE, YOU NEED THE AID OF ALL 7 ULTIMATE ELDERS.

U.E. Darkstorm: He is right.

Ultimate Jack: We have Cold & Flame, who else is an Ultimate Elder?

((Yeah, Way to leave EVERYONE Behind. Don't you know when to stop and WAIT for other people to reply?! Obviously some of us were offline and you guys keep on going! That's one of the main reasons this RP keeps falling apart! You leave people behind and they don't get a chance to do anything! I don't even know what to DO anymore, what happened without me is just too confusing in terms of how to fix it.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 20:31, January 29, 2011 (UTC)))

Turbo:*all of a sudden his spines flare up* hrrrggggggghhhhhhhh.....

Ultimate Jack: Turbo

Ultimate Elder Darkstorm: I am with the team all the way, I am an Ultimate Elder.

Ultimate Jack: so that makes 4, we need 3 more, anyone else?

((...I give up. There is no way I can keep this up. I'm just going to go with the flow for now. -_- ~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 21:26, January 30, 2011 (UTC)))

A flash of light caught everyone's attention, soon revealing Smash in his Ultimate Elder form. "Five, now." He said. "Six if you count Darkness."

Amber, who just happened to be right next to Smash at the time, suddenly began to glow. Her body seemed to react to Smash's transformation, and the marks of the Ultimate Elder began to appear on her. "W-What..? What's going...?" She asked, looking shocked. This caught Smash's attention.

"..Amber? You alright?' He asked. He then noticed the marks on her arm, and both of his eyebrows shot up.

Ultimate Jack: Look, Amber's body is beginning to Glow

U.E. Darkstorm: *Hands Amber her U.E. Emerald*

Ultimate Jack: It is time

U.E. Darkstorm: Amber still needs to absorb her emeralds power.

Ulttimate Jack: How about we combine our power into her body

U.E. Darkstorm: Amber will become unstable if we do that.

Ultimate Jack: Oh, so what should we do now, we only have 6 Ultimate Elders so far & we need 1 more to make 7

U.E. Darkstorm: *Forces Ambers U.E. Emerald in her hand*

Ultimate Jack: I guess Amber has to Transform into her Ultimate Elder Form all by her own

Darkstorm:(Powers Down)*Pants*

Ultimate Jack: What's wrong?

Darkstorm: I have barely any energy.

Ultimate Jack: Oh dear, what should we do now?

Darkstorm:(Crushes a moonstone) Thats better.

Ultimate Jack: Is that a Moonstone?

Darkstorm: A moonstone are stones made of pure pieces of the moon when crushed, they glow like the moon.

Ultimate Jack: Oh Yeah, so what should we do?

((Try not to leave me behind again, please? We shouldn't have too much going on in between certain events, Remember that Inferno is still there. This isn't the time for idle chatter.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 13:49, January 31, 2011 (UTC)))

As soon as the emerald entered her hands, her whole body flashed as she absorbed it's energy. Within moments, she had transformed into her Ultimate Elder form. She opened her eyes, and looked at herself in awe. She didn't have anything else to say, or if she did, she didn't say it.

"Guys," Gizmo tried to get their attention. "I have an idea. To finish him off, Channel all of your Ultimate Elder energy into this:" He held his hand up to reveal his hand cannon on his arm. "Do that, and it should definitely take him out."

U.E. Darkstorm:Agreed (Held out his hand and began to speak in tongue)

Splice walked up to Gizmo and handed him the Chaos Ring. "Here, this should help." He said. Gizmo nodded, and placed it into the compartment on the side.

Gizmo then held the arm cannon in place, aiming directly for Inferno as he began to charge the cannon, while Smash began to transfer his U.E energy into it. Amber, still feeling bewildered, attempted to do the same. She wasn't quite used to it, but she managed to pull it off. Kyle and Keela stood by, watching Inferno closely.

Darkstorm:(Drained of U.E. energy, He falls unconscience)

S.U.E.Cold:Get up Darkstorm!

Darkstorm:(Begins to sing in his sleep)

Ultimate Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat, what should we do?

((okay what the heck.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 04:47, February 1, 2011 (UTC)))

"There's no time, He's already given his energy." Smash told them as he finished channeling his energy into the gun. "Hurry up and put your energy into the cannon!"

"Guys, Inferno's beginning to reform!" Keela exclaimed, sounding a little scared. "We need you to hurry!"

Kyle held his sword to his face, the tip facing the ceiling, and he began to chant softly. They could make out only the first sentence. "Oh Gem of Water, Lend me thy power..." The rest was too quiet to make out. He then swung his sword forward, creating a wave of water heading straight for Inferno's flames. "I cannot hold him off for long, this is all I can do."

Ultimate Jack: We had to do something? I guess it's time for my New Power "Chaos Splash" (Creates a Giant Wave of Water heading Straight at Inferno)

Darkness: no. im still not in my ultimate elder state. im just useing a hell of an amount of energy to keep this up! *uses the other free hand to rip the stabilizer amulet off of him* never try to stabalize me ever again Jack. Next time you do il kill you. *his power now no longer restrained adds up even more and then he transforms into his ultimate elder state*

S.U.E.Cold:Jack promise me one thing.

U.E.D: *puts most of his energy into the gun just enough to say he helped* i need a lot more energy for this. *a ball of pure black energy appears in one hand and a pure white energy ball appears in the other* Demonic Oblivion!

((The dude is obviously offline! Can't you just wait for him to get on?~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 19:07, February 1, 2011 (UTC)))

Ultimate Jack: What's that, Cold?

S.U.E.Cold:That everybody gets out safe,I got one idea how to kill this guy.

((Aren't they currently already following out with an idea? I thought the idea was to blast him with all of their energy as the seven Ultimate Elders...~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 21:04, February 1, 2011 (UTC)))

((This plan is bigger!~Tailsman67~))

((Yeah, but we shouldn't just switch plans so abruptly. It wouldn't make much of any sense, especially since They were already in the middle of the first plan and people have already given up their energy. Why not wait and see if this one works first, then try the next plan?~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 21:12, February 1, 2011 (UTC)))

((Okay Smash :I.~T-man67~))

Ultimate Jack: Ok, I'll get everyone out to Safety

((You say "Okay", but you don't listen! I said not to switch plans for crying out loud. Please, PLEASE could guys LISTEN to me? I'm nearly in tears from this stress.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 00:54, February 3, 2011 (UTC)))

Ultimate Jack: Wait a Minute we're not doing this, Look no one is giving up, we need to Combine all 7 Ultimate Elders to Destroy Inferno

H.U.E.Cold:You mean 5,cause I'm a Hyper Ultimate Elder and Flame is a Super Ultimate Elder.


Ultimatle Jack: It's time to combine our Powers & Destroy Inferno

Darkness: sh**! *the power orbs in his hands decide to work against him and cause major damage by tearing open a sh** load of gashes and cuts on him and sends him into death's arm*

((Censor, censor...Whats with the sudden outburst of cursing?~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 17:52, February 4, 2011 (UTC)))

"D-Darkness!" Smash exclaimed before diving to catch him before he hit the ground. "Are you alright!? Darkness!?"

"Cold, Flame! Hurry up, you guys! Jack, Turbo, You too!" Gizmo called out. "I'm still missing your power! We're almost out of time! Come on!"

Metal:*uses Chaos Spear against DarkStorm*

Blue:*uses Lightspeed Attack at Darkstorm*

Splice gasped and dove towards Darkstorm. He managed to get him out of the way just in time. "What are you doing!?" He stood and faced them. "You..Did you lie about coming back to our side!?"

Metal:Yes I did....*draws his sword and slashes Splice*

Blue:*kicks Gizmo*

Splice was able to quickly move out of the way. "I should never have trusted you." He growled, regretfully. He threw a spin kick towards Metal's chest.

Gizmo had only just begun to turn to look at what was going on before Blue came to kick him. However, the kick didn't reach him. Instead, Amber stood in between the two. "I won't let you hurt him!" She yelled, getting into a battle stance.

Kyle, now realizing what was going on, turned around and stood by Splice. "You won't be able to take him alone." He said. Keela as well, stood by the two with her own sword drawn.

Smash on the other hand, had set Darkness down in a safe spot and was now floating over everyone, looking furious. "Turbo, Flame, Cold, and Jack. Don't bother with these two. Focus on your energy channeling. The rest of us can handle this..."

H.U.E.How mean of you guy know a 7 way fusion?


Ultimate Jack: Ok (Focusing on his Energy Channling)

Darkness: ...... the.... exchange... i took...... to much damage.... while fighting.... in accelerator..... this is its exchange.... where all damage is taken and times by 3........ but... i cant just lie here.... and do nothing.....

Metal:*uses Lightspeed Attack on Gizmo&Splice*

Blue:*uses Thunder on Smash and Amber*

Darkness: *starts standing up*.... that fricken amulet did this... i wouldnt have lost control if it wasnt for that!

Ultimate Jack: Watch out (Punches Metal & Blue) Leave them Alone

Metal:*dodges and uses Spacial Rend on Jack and then Metal Claw on Gizmo&Splice*

Blue:*Dodges and uses Meteor Mash on Amber&Smash*

Ultimate Jack: (Dodges & Grabs Gizmo, Splice, Amber & Smash ,puts them down & then Pulls out his Piko Piko Hammer) Take That (Smashes Metal & Blue with his Piko Piko Hammer)

((How can you grab 4 people, some who are no where near eachother, all at the same time and pull out a piko piko hammer? That's physically not possible. =/~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 21:45, February 4, 2011 (UTC)))

Gizmo stood his ground, resisting the pain, while Kitty was attempting to guard him alongside Amber, who was doing a much better job than him. Amber extended her claw gloves, and easily blocked Blue's Meteor Mash. "I won't lose to you." She said. She swung her arms at him in a wild flurry of slices and scratches. Her arms glowed with power from her Ultimate Elder form.

Splice held his arms up to defend himself from Metal's attacks, but Jack's attack stopped it from hitting him. "Thanks, Jack."

Smash descended upon Metal, nearly unphased. "We never did finish our battle, Metal." He reminded him.

Ultimate Jack: Your welcome Splice

Darkness: i.... can.... still.... fight.... *summoning a black flame sword to his hand* Black... Wave! *sends a shockwave of pure dark energy right at Metal*

Ultimate Jack: What is he doing?

H.U.E.Cold:Lets just end this,ICE BLAST 100x!


Darkness: *takes a vial of something* there my strentgh is back but not for long. *black flames start incasing his sword* Shimato! roar with the blackest flames!

Ultimate Jack: Ok, my Ultimate Powers are Increasing (Orange Aura builds up around him) CHAOS DRAGON (Orange Aura Surrounds Jack & turns into a Dragon & Charges at Dark Lord Inferno)

H.U.E.Cold:What's going on!?

S.U.E.Flame:What THE!

(Song playing:His World by Crush 40)

S.U.H.E.Colame:Jack I will take care of this guy,I AM A SUPER ULTIMATE HYPER ELDER!

Ultimate Jack: Alright, but I'm not going out without a fight

S.U.H.E.Colame:TAKE THAT(Punches Inferno)!

S.U.H.E.Colame:AND THAT(Kicks Inferno)!

Ultimate Jack: Ok, let's finish him off

Darkness: *in the middle of his next attack his obdy freezes itself and darkness is sent into his mind where he meets with his inner souls he has inside him* guys.... why? "Darkness.... do you remember what you promised me?" Sam... yeah i promised to get power and revenge for not killing Wolfman... "No.. you promised me that you would only hunt for power to help all of the people see peace. is this really your way of peace?" It's the only way i can think of. "but its time you remembered that your body is not recovered and yet your fighting to the breaking point of your body." i have no choice Sam! i cant stand by and do nothing as other fight for a common cause! "you do.... and that choice is letting us help guide you away from death and so far your doing a terrible job at it." I know. but can you blame me right now? "No. but thats why we are taking control now." Alright. i have no choice anyway. my body cant fight in its current state can it? "no but your soul cant. let it rest here while we fight"

S.U.H.E.Cold:(Comes out Colame)TAKE THIS YOU SON OF A B*TCH(Hits his head against Infernos head)!

Gizmo's hand cannon was brimming with power, it's glow was large and bright. "Everyone! Get out of the way!" He yelled. They did as they were told. "Here goes nothing!" Kitty held onto the top of the cannon. He looked towards Gizmo, and gave him the thumbs up before looking towards their target. "Ultimate Elder Cannon...FIRE!" He released the shot, and out came an enormous blast of energy, reaching up to the ceiling. The force of the blast threw Gizmo off the ground, and slammed him up against the wall behind him. The blast began to crumble the ceiling, tear up the floor, and completely obliterate the wall behind Inferno.

Inferno:(Burst's into flames and feels the pain) NOOOOOOOOOOO(Explodes and his scream echo's)


Cold:(Walks away)



Flame:(Does a thumbs up)you did it buddy.

Splice nudged him. "We. WE did it, you mean." He reminded him. "Didn't have Gizmo stuck in a wall for nothing." He glanced over at Gizmo, who was indented into the wall.

"" He asked, sounding like he was in pain.

Cold(Smiles walks away and does a thumbs up)

Cold:MY mission is complete, until we me again guys.

Jack: (Turns back to Normal) Goodbye Cold, we'll meet again

Amber and Kitty helped Gizmo out of the wall. "Are you alright, Gizmo?" Amber asked before turning back to normal.

"Yes..I'm okay." He said. He looked at the hand cannon and frowned. "The blast kinda fried this thing. Looks like it was too powerful for it to handle. Oh yeah, Turbo." Gizmo opened the compartment and tossed the Chaos Ring to him. "Here, you can have this back." He said.

Smash landed on the ground, returning to his original form, while Kyle and Keela withdrew their weapons. Suddenly, the ground began to shake. "What's happening?" Keela asked, startled.

"An earthquake..?" Smash wondered aloud. "I think the blast was too much for this cave-Wait, this isn't a cave. This is a volcano." Everyone's eyes widened. Their gaze slowly moved towards the hole in the wall that Gizmo made, in which they could see lava slowly beginning to rise. "Oh crap. RUN!"

No one wasted another second. They all ran out of the volcano from the entrance they came in, and slammed the stone door shut. They didn't even bother to stick around long enough to see if it worked or not. They continued down the rocky path until they reached safety.

((Once again, you guys COMPLETELY IGNORE the original plan. The plan was to combine all of their powers and defeat him with one blast. Not have two people go and finish him off. The whole reason they couldn't beat him before was because they needed the power of all 7 Ultimate Elders. Also, What the heck happened to Metal and Blue? You guys completely skipped over that. I'm not even gonna bother going backwards. I'm just going to add my parts on to this. I'm glad this RP is over.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 23:05, February 9, 2011 (UTC)))


  • Darkstorm gives a honorary tribunal member badge to the people that aided him.
  • Jack learned new Moves all by himself
  • Blaze the Hedgecat goes out to finish off the remaining Hell troopers.
  • Smash gave up his Ultimate Elder powers, and went on with his life normally.
  • Amber returned to her forest, and keeps a watch out for any new danger while she keeps the forest safe.
  • Splice, Gizmo, Kyle, and Keela returned to their homes safely.

  • Cold learned that in a small world your not alone.
  • Darkness and Jyscal parted ways from each other but not without a means of communication because they left a small gem in everyone's pocket secretly for future communications... years later though Darkness was unable to be reached.
  • Metal and Blue went on there life's normally causing trouble as always.
  • The son's of Inferno take over and plan revenge on Darkstorm and his allies.
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