(Part 3 The Hive)
(Part 3 The Hive)
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Brittney: *blank face*
Brittney: *blank face*
Karina: *rolls eyes* Idiot.

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A day after the death of Cold the Hedgehog,Sonic went to Colds death place and wondered why is there no body at the bottom.Sonic used a chaos emerald to find Cold's died body to only find that his body is missing,Sonic wanted to find Cold's and give him a proper gave.Two day later which takes in the forest to find Cold's body,Sonic,Kirby,and Co. must find the person who stole Cold's body,the Dragon ball and the Chaos emeralds.



'Add yours'

Sonic the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

Kirby(played by Tailsman67)

Shadow the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

Naruto(played by Tailsman67)

Goten(played by Tailsman67)

Gohan(played by Tailsman67)

Trunks(played by Tailsman67)

Charmy Bee(played by Tailsman67)

Sai the Fox(played by Tailsman67)

Amy Rose(played by Tailsman67)

Miles "Tails" Prower(played by Tailsman67)

Flame the Hedgehog(played by sonic1000)

Cold the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

Skate the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

LT the Mouse(played by Tailsman67)

The Red Baron(played by Tailsman67)

Blaze the Cat(played by Tailsman67)

Shadow the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

Pheya Fence the duck

Rosa Fence the leporad geecko

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Bada the Gorilla (Spongebob100)

Bing the Gorilla (Spongebob100)

Peach the Cat (played by Amyroselove)

Rapid The Hedgehog Cody The Echidnahog(played by Knuckles the echidna/Sonicandknuckles)

Blaze the hedgecat


Teniahk the halfbreed lioness

Vitani the Lioness

Vinie the Cat

Kat the Smilodon

Espiata the Echidna Dragon Hybrid

Lily the Cat (played by Amyroselove)

Silver the Hedgehog (played by Amyroselove)

shadow clone by sonic1000

Pyro Oceania (Numbuh)

Flower "Karina" Prower (KayumitheWallaby4)

Brittney the Cat/Wolf/Dog/Fox (KayumitheWallaby4)

Sha-Sha the Shadow Chao (KayumitheWallaby4)

Jared the unknown (Frozen scorpio)

Shock The Hedgehog (Apallo The Hedgehog)


'Add yours'

Ashura the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)

Honey the Cat(played by Tailsman67)

Wechnia(played by Tailsman67)

Shadow Android(played by Tailsman67)

Mephiles the Light(played by Tailsman67)

Grave the Echidna(played by Tailsman67)

Hellis the Hedgecat(played by Tailsman67)

Mwan the Hedgehog(played by Tailsman67)


'Add yours'

Darkos The Regretful(played by Tailsman67)

Eggman(played by Tailsman67)

Bad Blood(played by Tailsman67)

King Dedede(played by Tailsman67)

Dark Wolf Fence the wolf

Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)

Dead Elise (played by Amyroselove)

Black The Hedgehog (played by Rapidthehedgehog)

Fiona the Fox

Scourge the Hedgehog


Part 1

Naruto:Are you sure you want to do this?


Jack: I don't know where we are?

Bada: Yeah it's kinda Dark

Bing: Yeah & Spooky over here

Cody:It's hero Time!

  • transforms into darkrai*


Sonic:This is the forest.

Espiata: well hello everybody! *coming down on her wings*

Peach: hello.

Espiata: my dad asked me to come here because he said him and mom would be busy with something else anyway im Espiata.

Peach: nice to meet you Espiata! My Name is Peach the Cat but you can call me Peach.

Darkstorm:(Lands Behind Peach in his Wyvern form)

Peach: is some one behind me?

Darkstorm: (In dragon voice) take a look.

Peach: (Peach than looks behind)

Peach: Who are you?

Darkstorm:(Tranforms to his true halfbreed form) I am Darkstorm the Halfbreed.

Peach: your.... not a bad guy are you?

Darkstorm: No.

Teniahk: (Appears next to Espiata)

Bakuustorm(Darkstorms Son):(Does the same)

Jack: Well we need to find Cold's Dead Body

Rapid: *walks to Jack* Sup Jack! Watcha talkin' 'bout?

Jack: Well we need to find Cold's Dead Body

Rapid: *eyes go wide* ... *flashback* Rapid: Mom! Dad! Black: Ha ha ha! Here are their DEAD BODIES<b/>! *flashback end* ...*gets determined*

Jack: What's wrong?

Rapid: *with a determined voice* When my parents were killed, I promised to help everyone of my friends. So now I must keep my promise.

Jack: Alright, let's go

Bada: Let's go find that Body

Bing: And Discover it over here

Rapid: *back to normal* Let's do this!

Jack, Bada & Bing: YEAH !

Rapid: So what now?

Jack: I don't know

Rapid: I'm not a forinsec searcher but I fount some blood on the ground.

Jack: Well let's follow it

Rapid: Kay.

Jack, Bada & Bing: (Follows the Trail of Blood)

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Soul edge Katana)

Peach: I dont Think I like the looks of this.

Skate:Guys stay on the trail.

Peach: o.k.

Jack: I wonder where it Leads

Kat: I am going with Skate.

Blaze the hedgecat: I'll go with Jack.

Peach: I Think I'm going with Skate too. if its o.k with you Skate.

Vinnye:(Lands next to Skate) *Purrs*

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Ok, My Love

Espiata: Mr Darkstorm! do you remember my dad Darkness? (when she said her dad and mom were busy she was lieing because she didnt want to say the truth)

Darkstorm:Aye, I do youngling, why do you ask?

(Whats the truth?)

Jack: Guys we need to work together to find Cold's Dead Body

Darkstorm:(Transforms into his Desert Wyvern Form)

Bada: Wow that's a good trick

Bing: Yeah it's amazing over here

Darkstorm:(To Espiata, Bakuu and Teniahk) Get on and hurry.

Jack: Let's go

Wyvern Darkstorm:*To Baba and Bing* Need a lift?

Bada & Bing: Ok

Wyvern Darkstorm:Well Get on.

Bada & Bing: Get on what?

Fiona:*Fires Desert Eagle at Blaze the Hedgecat's leg*

Jack: Look out (Saves Blaze the Hedgecat) Fiona Fox

Espiata: he's.... gone.. not dead but shortly after we got home we were attacked and he was taken from us... sorta... i dont know mom's extremely sick with a virus dad can cure but i am loseing hope for mom....

Lily: Espiata any way we can help?

Fiona:*Pulls out M16 and fires*

Darkstorm:hurry get on my back.

Jack: (gets on Darkstorms back) Got it

Wyvern Darkstorm: *Takes off*

Jack: See you later Fiona

Scourge:*Gets on Artillery gun and aims a Dark* Suck this.

Jack: Look out (Dodges the Gun Shots)

Fiona: *Jumps on Darks wing and unsheathes knife*

Jack: Look out Dark (Tackles Fiona)

Espiata: AAAAAAHHHH! *out of intsinct she spreads her wings which are larger than she is and she flies off*

Jack: Fiona, leave us alone

Scourge:*Fires even if Fiona is on Dark*

Darkstorm: *Takes hit*

Jack: (Tackles Scourge & Fiona) You two are in so much Trouble

(a mysterious black figure wearing black robes appears behind jack showing no harm to him but not the same for Fiona and Scrouge)

M.F.: *pulls off his hood to show an entirely made up of energy figure with no face only black eyes and forms up 2 black energy daggers*

Jack: Who are you?

Fiona: You wouldn't harm a pregnanat woman.

Jack: Uh, I wouldn't harm who now?

Fiona: I friggin pregnanat here.

Jack: Huh?

Skate:I didn't do it!

Goten:No one asked.

Scourge: I am the father of her kid!!!!

Jack: Who's Kid?

Fiona: I am pregnant with Scourges Child!!!!

Jack: Your What with who?

Scourage:(Cleans out Jacks ear) Fiona is pregnant with my child!!

Jack: Uhhhhhhhh, Wait what are we talking about

Bada: Sorry about that

Bing: He has no brains over here

Jack: It's true

Tails:You B%TCH!

LT:Scourage next time use a condom.

Jack: Uhh (Grabs Scourge & turns him into a Golf Club) FOUR ! (Hits Fiona with Scourge like he's playing Golf)

Fiona:*Puts Jacks brain back in his head*

Jack: Huh, what happen?

Tails:I'm going to kill you Scourage,then I'm going to kill that baby!

Jack: Wait, maybe if we turn the Baby from Bad to Good, we'll be fine

Skate:(Wispers)Jack Tails had a crush on Fiona,so please stop.

Jack: Ohh

Fiona: *Kicks Tails*

Scourge: Nice one.

Fiona:*Mood Swings and Kicks Scourge*

Jack: What is she doing?

Darkstorm: pre-birth mood swings

Jack: What's that mean?

Darkstorm: Her water broke.

Jack: Water Broke?

Fiona: I am friggin giving birth!!!

Jack: Oh Yeah Sorry


Sonic:(Turns Dark and garbs Scourge by the neck)Listen hear you son of a B%TCH,what are you DOING HEAR AND WHY ARE YOU HEAR!

Naruto:Cool it Sonic!

Scourge:Hey Blue, I was in the neighborhood.

Jack: Excuse me we are on a Mission so we really must Abiue

Peach: have you guys forgot something?

Lily: Peach is right!

Peach: are mission!

Jack: Oh right we need to find Cold's Dead Body

Dark Sonic:I didn't came hear to say hi,lets go!

Part 2 At a forest near the city

Sonic:A city.

Jack: Where should we go next?

Skate:Around it.

Jack: Around where?

Rapid: Which park?

Jack: Park?

Rapid: Turtle.

Jack: A turtle

Rapid: I'm just bored.

Jack: Well just find that Body

Lily: how long do you think we are going to be looking for the body? days? weeks? a year? years? FOREVER?

Jack: How about ten minutes because there's a sign that says "Cemetary 10 miles from here"

Rapid: 0_o'

Jack: Let's just follow the Signs we can't miss it

Peach: O.k.

Jack: Let's go

Lily: Let's do this!

  • Jack & the Others followed the Signs

Lily: did we make it?

Jack: I don't know just follow them & you'll find out

M.F.: *after sensing no futher threats he takes off his shadowy look but retains his robe and looks*

Espiata: did... papa send you?

M.F.: no. your uncle did. he sent me to help you in your greatest need.

Espiata: is papa safe?

M.F.: i dont know. but for now i am to stay with you as your guardian.

Jack: Ok we need to find Cold's dead body

Rapid: ...

Jack: Rapid?

Darkstorm:(Punches Rapid in the Jaw)

Espiata guys! no fighting!

M.F.: *summons his daggers and protects espiata*

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm: The youngling is right.

Peach: do you guys like to fight all the time or something?

M.F.: i dont and my name's Scain. Jyscal's guardian spirit.

Jack: We need to follow those signs

Scain: then lead the way.

Hungarian Horntail Darkstorm: Hurry, get under my wing!!!

Jack, Bada & Bing: Ok

Scain: *picks up Espiata and his robes turn into wings and he flies with them*

Jack: Wow

File:Shadow clone.PNE:Hello

Jack: Who's there?

Bakuu: (Turns to a juvinile wyvern)

Jack: Come out, whoever you are?


Shadow clone:shadow


Flame: this is no time to fight.

Flame:yoo stank fucks where are so-post to look for cold body.

Shadow & Shadow clone: (Growling)

Peach: Please stop fighting!

Jack: (Stops Shadow & Shadow Clone) Hold Everything

Darkstorm: Agreed)

Jack: Shadow & Shadow Clone stop fighting now!

Lily: Shadow please!

Jack: You two need to stop fighting now

Darkstorm: Bakuu, attack!

WyvernBakuu:(Attacks Shadow Clone)

Rosa:Rest over there Pheya!

Pheya:Got it Rosa!*Files down there*

Wyvern Bakuu: You wnat more pain!?

Rosa:Whats all the comotion?

Wyvern Bakuu:(Calms down and turns back to normal)

Jack: Bakuu can talk

Bakuu: In over 30 languages.

Rapid: I see something shiny over here! *points to a bush glowing blue*

Shadow clone:Any way I heard that bastard Cold is dead.

Sonic: (Turns Dark and punches Shadow clone)Shut UP!

Shadow clone: Find.

Rapid: *goes to the glowing blue bush* ! *pulls out a Chaos Emerald* WHOA! AN EMERALD!

Jack: What's that?

Bakuu:(Glides over to Sonic) Word on the street say your the fastest thing alive.

Espiata: Mr. Scain.... why do you look like papa?

Scain: i was forged from their blood. just Darkness gave me a bigger amount so i look like him on a bad day. but my appearence dosent mean a thing to me if i have a mission.

Bakuu:(Turns into a juvinile wyvern and lands in front of Espiata)

Wyvern dragon
Jack: Whao

Wyvern Bakuu:(Snarls)

Jack: Oh dear

Wyvern Bakuu:(To Scain) How can I trust you?

Jack: (To Scain) What are you doing here?

Wyvern Bakuu:Answer me!

Jack: He is not answering

Wyvern Bakuu:(Charges and energy Crackles)

Scain: because its my mission to protect Espiata. trust me if you knew what i knew you wouldnt be questioning what my mission is.

Bakuu:(Eyes turn Dark Red) I'd protect her with my life, and I'd do that because I love her.

Espiata: awwwwwwww thats soooo sweet! *she hugs Bakuu*

Scain: but orders are orders. im staying weather you like it or not.

Jack: That's it (Tackles Scain)

Scain: *sidesteps out of the way so that jacks runs into a tree* simpleton, always mindboggling to the end.

Jack: (Crashes to a Tree) This just in, I'm in Horrible Pain (Knocked out)

Espiata: oh Mr.Scain! your no better than my dad!

Scain: heh its his fault its all i have to say.

Espiata: your lucky my dad dosent fully hate Jack otherwise by now papa would have tried to do so many horrible things to him. *she goes over and pours water on Jack and wakes him up*

Jack: (Wakes up) What happen?

Goten:You okay Jack?

Espiata: Mr.Scain dodged your attack and you ran into that tree. *points to tree with indent of his head*

Jack: I'm ok

Scain: *helps Jack up* comeon. we have no time to waste. just remember dont pick a fight with me.

Jack: Are you Good or Bad?


Jack: Sorry about that, Scain

Scain: i was good when i was alive, dead and reincarnated as the form you see before you. i do not change from good to bad. my mission though wasnt from Jyscal... it was a whim from Darkness. during his fight before getting taken he sent a message to me telling me to protect Espiata at all costs from any threat. after i do so i am a free spirit. him and Jyscal agreed on those terms.

Jack: We need to find Cold's Dead Body

Scain: and my guess is that who ever stole that person's body has Darkness with them. but i hate to put a damper on this but Espiata... your mom only has 3 days left before the curse kills her.

Espiata: *she starts crying because she fears of being alone* i dont.... i dont want to lose mama......or papa...... i dont want to lose either of them........

Wyvern Bakuu:(Conforts Espiata)

Espiata: *she is trying to cheer up but the stress is overwhealming her and she cant*

Jack: Oh dear

Scain: i know im not your father but i can sympathize with you Espiata. i never had a family. more or less they died due to this same curse your mother has. and i can call it a curse because it causes the soul to be drained away and certain people know it. and so far out of all the worlds, Darkness is the closest we can get to.

Jack: Oh dear, again

Espiata: then how come i dont have it? this is not how life was supposed to go for me... papa said nothing bad would ever happen..... yet mama is close to dieing and we cant do anything about it....

Scain: Darkness's genes run through you remember? your immune to getting it but you can learn it from him if he was hear... but he aint....

Jack: We've betta be going

Wyvern Bakuu:(His two tailed cat instinct, Purrs at Espiata)

Jack: Come on let's go

Wyvern Bakuu: Have hope (Holds wing over Espiata)

Jack: Come on guys

Darkstorm: (Illuminates the area with an energy blast)

Jack: Whao

Darkstorm:Too bright?

Espiata: thanks Bakku. *she rubs his head to show his efforts were recieved*

Bakuu:(Smiles at Espiata, and gets Tired)*Yawns*

Espiata: *she hold Bakuu so he can fall alseep on her* if your tired then sleep.

Bakuu: I've been trained to sleep when the job is done *Yawns*

Espiata: *she rubs Bakuu's head* thats okay but dont overdue okay?

Bakuu:Okay (Kisses Espiata's Cheek)

Jack: Aw that's sweet

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Holding Baby Stardust) Jacky can you hold Stardust for me?

Espiata: thank you. *she blushes a little*

Jack: Ok (Carries Stardust) Aww, you like the Cutest Baby we've ever seen

Bakuu:(Accidentally falls asleep and turns to stone as he slept)

Stardust:(Baby giggles and grabs Jacks quils)

Espiata: *she continualy rubs Bakuu reguardless is he's stone or not to show that she inst getting up*

Jack: Aw, that tickles

Stardust:(Baby Giggles)

Jack: Aw that's sweet

Stardust:(Plays with her fathers quils)

Jack: (Giggles) That tickles

Stardust:(Baby laughs)

Jack: Isn't she Cute?

Stardust:(Puts Star dust in her fathers Quils)

Jack: Aw, she put Stardust on my Head

Bakuu:(Does a back flip in mid-air)

Jack: Stardust your the Cutest Baby we ever seen

Stardust:(Giggles and see's Bakuu to the Mid-air back flip and claps)

Sonic:We are headed into the city.

Bakuu:(Lands) Really?

Jack: Yes


Jack: (Cuddles Stardust) How's my beautiful daughter today?

Stardust:(Giggles and Yawns)

Espiata: *hugs Bakuu*

Bakuu:(Hugs Espiata)

Jack: Blaze, isn't she cute

Espiata: lets get going Bakuu we really dont have much time.. none of us do.

Jack: Oh yeah, lets go

Stardust:(Climbs to her fathers head)

Jack: You betta hold on to me, Stardust

Stardust:(Climbs down to her fathers arms and hangs on)

Jack: Let's go

Darkstorm:*Dives to the ground and starts digging*

Jack: He's digging let's follow him

Stardust:(Grabs hold and hangs on)

Blaze the hedgecat:(Conjures grind rails since the hole is big enough for grind rails)

Jack: Here we go, hold on Stardust, cause here we go (Grind on the Grind Rails)

Bada & Bing: (Grinds on the Grind Rails)

Darkstorm:*Becomes tired and slows digging*

Jack: I think he's getting tired

Espiata: Mr. Darkstorm let me take some time digging. *grabs a huge Drill out of a hammerspace hole*

Jack, Bada & Bing: Wow

Espiata: what? dad's big on inventing things.

Jack: Huh?

Darkstorm:(Regains his energy)

Bakuu: Drill Kick!!!

Darkstorm: Drill Punch!!!!

Espiata: big drill! *just drills with them*

Jack: Hold on guys

Bada & Bing: Ok

Darkstorm: Emotional Power Boost RAGE!!!

Jack: Wow

Naruto:Guys a cave!

Jack: Come on, we betta check this out

Bakuu:(In his mind) I'll be back father.

Part 3 The Hive

Amy:It's dark.

Jack: I can't see anything, it's too Dark, Guys do you have a Match?

Goten:(Turns Super Saiyan)There we go.

Jack: Ahh much better, where are we?

Bada: I don't know, where are we at

Bing: Me neither over here

Shadow Clone:How about we just walk.

Jack: Ok

Sonic:Wait,do you hear a buzzing sound?

Bada: It sound like a Bee

Bing: Where does it coming from?

Jack: Uh Guys, have you get the feeling that this is a BeeHive

Naruto:I hate bees!

Charmy:Guy what are you doing here!?

Jack: Hi Charmy, what are you doing here?

Espiata: Charmy? who's he?

Bakuu: A bee.


Gohan:What's wrong?

Trunks:He is allergic to bees.

Charmy:I'm here to make peace with this hive,but now they think you guys are spy's!

Darkstorm: I am friggin allergic to pollin and if I were a spy Charmy I'd have a badge saying "Part of the FBI"!

Charmy:Their coming to kill us!

Sonic:Damn lets go!

Jack: (To Darkstorm) You said it did you, now we'll be covered by Bee Stings

Darkstorm:(Pulls out plasma repeater) You guys go if I caused it I'll stay and sacrifice myself!

Jack: What do you mean, Darkstorm?

Bakuu: He is staying behind to give us 5min. run for it.

Jack: Ok let's go

Darkstorm: Hey you bee's over here!!!

Bada: Be Careful Darkstorm

Bing: Yeah be careful over here

Darkstorm:(Throws plasma grenades to get the bee's attention)

Jack: Ok Guys, let's keep Moving while Darkstorm is Disttracting the Bees

Espiata: *clings to Bakuu* i dont want you to leave me.

Bada: We betta leave now

Bing: Before we get stung over here

Pyro: (rises out of a nearby puddle)

Jack: Whoa, who are you?

Pyro: name's Pyro. who are you guys?

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Bada & Bing

Bada & Bing: Hi

Pyro: and why are you guys in a giant bee-hive?

Jack: We found a Cave & enter inside the Cave & then Poof we're here

Sonic:I'm going to find Cold.

Amy:May he rest in peace.

Jack: Come on Amy, let's go


Jack: What is it guys?

Bee hunter:Die FOOOOOLS!

Jack: I believe it's a good time to RUN !

Bada & Bing: Ok

Bee hunter:Tries to sting Trunks.


Jack: Guys, Run for it

Darkstorm:Hey pollen for brains!!!!!

Jack: Me?

Bee hunter:(Shoots stingers at D-storm and Jack)DIE!!!

Skate:Where is BlazeTHC!?

Jack: (Dodges & Saves Darkstorm just in time) Phew

Darkstorm: (throws fire grenade)

Jack: Blaze, we bettaa be careful

Darkstorm:Oh and you bees are to dumb FBI stands for Federal Beuro of Investiagtion

Jack: Don't get them Mad

Darkstorm: (Puts up Bug light)

Pyro: alright, now it's my turn. (unleashes a blast of fire into the hive)

Darkstorm: Fire Blast!!!

Pyro: what? maybe......(Advanced Ocean Eye activates) anyway, (closes right eye and glare deep into the hive with only his left) Amaterasu! (black flames begin to spring up inside the hive, but only at the spots that he focuses on)

Darkstorm: Combination Blood Blast!!!

Pyro: (blood begins to trickle from his left eye socket. closes the eye in pain)

Darkstorm:(Stops the Blast) You ok?

Pyro: yeah. just a side effect from Amaterasu. on the bright side, it takes longer for it to effect me than it does with other Water Beings. probably because im pyrokinetic.

Darkstorm: Lets try a combo attack.

Pyro: (blinks and opens his eyes) what kind?

Jack: I don't know

Pyro: that's why im not asking you

Jack: Oh right

Lily: this is geting bad.

Peach: Lily there is nothing to worry about.

Pyro: hmmmm..........what shall i use next? i've already showed off Amaterasu. i think these bees are too small for Kamui. Susanoo's too big. and i don't think Tsukuyomi will work on bees either...........

Jack: Ok, but How?

Pyro: (looks at Jack in confusion) that......question......didn't.......make.......sense...........

Jack: Huh? What did you say?

Pyro: im just gonna ignore you now

Jack: Ok

Bee hunter2:Lets kill them!

Bee hunter:Yes!

Jack: Guys, we gotta do something about those Bees

Bada & Bing: How?

Pyro: alright, looks like i'll just use Amaterasu again. (begins using Amaterasu. black flames flare up on whatever he looks at)

Darkstorm:Energy Blast!!!!!

Bee hunter2:(Hits the blast at Lisa)


???:Thunder slice(cuts the bees wings)!

???:Chaos spears(Cuts the bees other wings)!

Jack: Who's there?

Darkstorm:(Turns Werewolf and Curshes a Moon stone)

Jack: Oh Dear

Werewolf Darkstorm:(Howls at the crushed moon stones light)

Jack: Double Oh Dear



Jack: I guess this is getting out of hand

Blaze THC:(Knocks out)

(Random Bell rings)

Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat (Runs to Blaze THC) (Carries her) Wakey Wakey, Blaze

Darkstorm: She's Knocked out good.

Jack: We need to get her outta here

Trunks:(Blast the bees)COME ON!

Charmy:(Kicks a bee)OKAY!

Jack: (Pulls out his Piko Piko Hammer) Let's rumble

Darkstorm:(Throws Fire Grenades)

Bee Hunter:AHHH

Goten:THAT IS IT,Kamahama-HAAAAAAAAAAAA(blasts a hole up)!


Darkstorm:(Turns Dragon and flies ahead)

Jack: (Attack the Bee Hunter with his Piko Piko Hammer) Let's go (Follows Darkstorm)

Bee Hunter:OW!

Sonic:(Does spin dash in the hole)

Naruto:(Runs up the hole)

Goten&Trunks:(Flies up the hole)

Jack, Bada & Bing: (Goes up the Hole)


Jack: What?

Sonic:._.U (Points at the Queen Bee)

Jack: Holy Cow ! That's one big Queen Bee

Karina: *perks out of the hole, dressed like a bee hunter*...*grins then snickers mishevoiusly* time to cause some meschief around here! *grabs some honey then some pollin, puts the pollin on the honey then flings it at Darkstorm*

Jack: Oh hi Karina

Brittney: *also dressed as a Bee Hunter* I'ma bee! Wheres Sha-Sha?!

Sha-Sha: *as a bee* I'MA BEE TOO!!!

Karina: Oh gah..

?????: (Falls from the ceiling, looking like a giant red soldier ant) DIE!!

Brittney: *in deep voice with a moustache* It is you, my freind, who will die.

Sha-Sha: *with a deep voice, a monocile, and a moustache* Indeed.

?????: (grabs Sha-sha with pincers) ENOUGH FOOLING AROUND!!

Sha-Sha: HELPS!!! HE'S PNCHINGS ME!!!!!!


Karina: *facepalm* First, a friggin' Queen Bee NOW a friggin' Red Ant!!!!

Brittney: *starts biting the red soldiers leg* ANOMNOMNOMNOMNOM!!!!

?????: AND I'M NOT ALONE!!!! (tightens grip on Sha-sha)

Brittney: NNNNNUUUUUU!!!!! *jumps on his face and starts scratching him* THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR SQUISHING SHA-SHA!!!! ONLY BRITTNEY, THE CAT/WOLF/DOG/FOX CAN SQWEEZ HIM!!!

Sha-Sha: Yeah! You go Brittney!!

?????: (Shakes her off, then lossens grip on Sha-sha, and then stops moving)

Karina: Pft scew this *starts throwing honey at everyone* I'M AIMING AT EVERYBODY!!!!!!

?????: (Gets hit, then eyes start flashing random colors, then becomes non-ant)

Karina: The fu..?

?????: Uhh, my head. Where am I?

Karina: At a bee hive.

Brittney: Yeah! Why would you explains the honey and the yellow-orange-ness around here!!

Sha-Sha: Yea- ,I mean, double yeah!

(Hi newbe~Tailsman67~)


Karina: *throws honey at Skate*

Skate:(Eats it)ummmmm,i'm fine now.

Karina: *mummbles* Dangit, backfired..Well atleast I threw it at your freinds, luckly they actually got hit earlier by me, heck, I even hit that Queen Bee!...Hahaaa so worth it.

Brittney: What abot me-

Karina: *hits Brittney in the face with honey and has an annoyed look*

Brittney: *blank face*

Karina: *rolls eyes* Idiot.

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