Angel of death

Angel of Death

Angel of life

Angel of Life



  • Pain the bear ( played by Aydey12345 ) why am i here, why is anyone here, if there is a meaning of life what is the meaning of death? I AM ME 01:38, August 17, 2010 (UTC)
  • monkeys (played by rocky2727)
  • Hydra the Bat (Played by Hedgeidna97)
  • Bane the Morph (Greatest Evil Morph in the Universe) (Charger's Rival)


Part 1: the Journey

(Motoronic and Ayden ae sitting at the table after sending a letters through space to thier friends)

Motoronic: when will they be here

Ayden: transt should be here soon but the others cant travel through space....... remember

Motoronic: oh yeaah. thats right

transt: who said i couldnt and wats the prob

Ayden: aaaah transt, i knew you would be here first, you cant say no to an adventure

Motoronic: here have an apple (hands transt an apple)

Ayden: some evil guys, the usual bad guys have gone to the ying yang dimension, probaly to see the angel of death

transt: and this is a problem how

bl dragon: yeah how

gr dragon: im curious

Ayden: well the angel of death is the most evil thing in the universe, so if we want to stop them being very strong we have to go meet the angel of life

Motoronic: the most nicest thing in the universe

transt: mew lets just kill the guy and every power has a weakness or his just godlike wich is impossible luckly i no his weakness i have a old book on him ayden: let me see that book (before transt can get it ayden has it from a spacial rift, ayden puts a pulse of power into the book, it disentegrates) Motoronic: a fake, damn, allwell, we still have to go to the angel of life than Ayden: yep ¤sighs¤

transt: thats not the book pulls it out i no it of by hert anyway his weakness is a blyde threw the heart hear it is ive got compys gr and bl have one

Ayden:(puts a blast of power into the book and it repels back knocking the wind out of ayden) real......his heat is somewhere different to the rest of us and i know were it is..... he keeps it in a box in a safe in a pile of lava in the middle of nowere

Motoronic: hhey isnt your sister in the ying yang dimension ayden

transt: hay thats my book (takes book) ill keep a hold of it and ayden you have a sister

Ayden: yes, i think we should start to head off, the others, if they come will meet up with us

(roger the charmeleon walks into the cave)

Roger: hey everyone, i got the letter, whats the problem, can i use my CHEESE BURGER BLAST

Motoronic: yes you can, maybe, anyway.....

(motoronic fills roger in, everyone heads off to the portal to the ying yang dimension)


bl dragon: blah

gr dragon: now what

(Sam Hector and Hayden suddenly appear)

Hayden: I didn't expect to see you guys here!

Sam: I've got bad news guys.

Hector: We should just relax.

Hayden: Hector! You know as well as I do that this is very serious!

Sam: Hydra is causing chaos again and she was last sighted here, in the Ying Yang Dimensinon.

Hayden: So we've been trying to find her. We've found some people here, and they said that she's joined someone called The Angel of Death.

Ayden:yes we know, she is with pain, alana and i think the other one is monkey, that right transt?

transt: yes

tyler: that sounds like monkey

Sam: Good! I still owe him a beating after last time.

Hayden: When you stole the crystal back in The Energy Dimension?

Sam: And I'm going to walk up to him and find some way to kill him when I find him.

tyler: that may be a little hard noing monkey and i think everyone wonts to beat the crap out of him

Sam: You clearly don't know me Tyler. When I want to kill someone, they will die at my hands, sooner or later.

Hayden: So what do you think would be the best strategy to take down Monkey?

Ayden: as i have already said we should go see the angel of life, he will be able to help

Motoronic: i have aan idea, i want to be like chinese people and eat his brains RAW

Roger: ill ( throws up) can i use CHEESE BURGER BLAST

Sam: If that's what it takes to kill Monkey, then so be it.

tyler: i think itll take alot more then that sam i new monkey way before you did

gr dragon: ok so lets go see the angel of life

bl dragon: so when does the train leave

Hayden: What's Monkey like? I've only seen him once or twice.

Sam: He's this incredibly annoying Monkey who I can't catch or kill, he's incredibly annoying.

tyler: yeah his is so anoying

monkey: yeah i am lays time boom then runs of

tyler: everyone down

gr dragon: what BANG

Sam: (Through Gritted Teeth) I am going to kill him now. (Charges up Supersonic speed and chases after Monkey)

Hayden: Sam! Come back!

Hector: Don't stress Hayden, he'll come back.

bl dragon: ok monkey is dead

tyler: thats just like monkey now what do we do

Sam: Now I feel so much better, it's a shame to see my most annoying enemy gone, but he's gone, and I'm happy.

monkey: no me still here (does cute face then dissapers)

tyler: i really hate monkey

gr dragon: whats that

bl dragon its a bom


Transt: ok his dead

Hayden: I don't think so, he's probably still alive. We should go and see The Angel of Life now.

Sam: (Through gritted teeth) I am going to kill him one day.

tyler: ill get him first trust me

transt: ok so where do we start

Sam: We start by killing Monkey.

Hayden: That's not going to get us anywhere.

Sam: Damn.

transt: no we kill monkey

Sam: See, Transt says so.

(a Hedgechilla walks up) did I hear kill a monkey cause if I did then Im in [pulls out Chaos Battle Axe]

Sam: Excellent! I don't have anything against normal Monkeys, but this Monkey is very annoying.

???: By the way my nams Charger the Hedgechilla

Sam: I'm Sam, the greatest Chameleon you'll probably ever see.

Tyler: yeah yeah (roles eyes)

gr dragon; hi im gr and this is my bro bl

Transt: im transt ok lets get going

monkey: ill se you their (plants a lot of trees and runs of) bye try and get threw thoose trees

Ayden: this is useles! we need to get going or we will never reach life soon, monkey go away, if you dont in 10 seconds than oi give roger permission to CHEESEBURGER BLAST

Roger: (suddenly becomes aware) CHEESE BURGER BLAST TIME?

Ayden: count to ten and if that annoying monkey stays for more thn another 10 seconds than i give you permission to so start counting down

Roger: ok........ 10.....

Hector: Cheesburger Blast Time?

Sam: (Holds on to Roger) Quick! Use CHEESBURGER BLAST before Monkey leaves!

Hayden: CHEESBURGE oh no! Roger, don't do it!

Roger: im confused, should i do it or not

Motoronic: do it


(As Roger shoots alana appears and freazes both roger and his CHEESE BURGER BLAST in time)

Sam: Good going! We could've killed Monkey! And you wrecked it!

Hayden: Thanks for that, I didn't want to get blown away by the CHEESE BURGER BLAST.

Ayden: Alana.....

Motoronic: Alana why, he is a menace, unfreeze Roger, hes our friend remember the old times

Alana: you are so pathetic, stop trying to make me do stuff motoronic, you live in the past, you are a fool, and hello Ayden, if you want him free, free him yourself

Ayden: Alana...... you need to fight the darkness, we are your friends, you must help us, we love you, please, this is your choice if you want than destroy us and leave, or free roger.... all your choice

Motoronic: AYDEN!!! stop the darkness will make her attack us

Hayden: Um, what's going on here?

Sam: (Unfreezes Roger) It's CHEESBURGER BLAST TIME Roger. (Holds onto Roger)

(Rogers cheese burger blast and him still wont ,move)

Alana: FOOL only either me or by brother can unfreeze him, i control time, he controls space, he is naturally uneffected from my powers like i am his

Sam: Don't you understand!? We're trying to kill the most annoying person in Mobius!!!

monkey: i would of eaten the blast anyways hehe (does worst fart ever) vine whips (everyones in vines

gr dragon: ok monkey when i gte out ur dead and also where all emuin to times freeze will beside a few

transt: (teleports out of vines) monkey your dead

(transt goes to hit monkey and he disapers)

trontan: no one kills my monkey bye

Sam: (Burns all the vines) Oh great, not you again! (Makes a massive Firestorm appear over Trontan, Trontan is surrounded by numerous fireballs falling from the sky, while Sam runs after Monkey and makes a massive Tsunami Wave and freezes it just as it catches up to Monkey)

Ayden: this is boring, (sends monkey to the gay dimension) there he should have fun were i sent him

Alana:(starts cracking up) i agree, yes he is a menace but for somereason i cant attack him or let him be attacked, as long as i can help it

Motoronic: that is the angel of death, i have a feeling that he is behind you being evil, and i also have a feeling that only the angel of life can help

Alana: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayden: dunno, but i know when top trust him. this is one of the times, we will save you from the darkside

Echo booming in everyones minds: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha fool, you will not defeat me, even with my foolish brothers help

Ayden: angel of death????

Echo: yup, now Alana attack them, right now!

Alana, okay

Ayden: alana, NO, you can fight him, you are way more powerful than him, you have people who love you, you can choose to fight him, others do not, you can do it, we will help, wont we guys?

Motoronic: im in

Roger: save alana? always

Hayden: Alana! Look into your heart Alana.

Hector: Being evil isn't cool Alana.

Sam: (Is ready to freeze Alana at any time)

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