This is my first roleplay that I'm doing. And it's also a holiday roleplay. I'm hoping it will work out.

Rules to this Roleplay

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  • No Sexual Content (I will allow kissing, flirting, and hugging.....even kissing under a mistletoe)
  • No Spamming
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Any result of any of these rule will result in a warning. But three stikes, and you will be out of the Roleplay.


It's that time of the season again, and there is only 12 more days of Christmas left. But until unknown occurences is happening around the town of Station Square, that someone or something wants to destroy Christmas. It is up to the merriful and spirited ones to teach the Bah Humbug creatures a thing or two to never mess with Christmas.

Story Thus Far....

A new enemy has approached and it appears to be Crymson's clone name Byrnette. She said that all od Crymson's spirit has been extracted by Crovax to create Byrnette. With the heroes trying to find their way to free Static and Crymson, they are now caught in the cross fire with the villans. As now that Byrnette told Static about Crymson's feelings, what will Static think of Crymson now?


  • CrymsonShokwave
  • Little michael
  • Flametfh
  • Spongebob100
  • HS664
  • Frozen Scorpio
  • Frost the Wolf
  • TheUltimateBlur
  • SPop120
  • Monk the Cat
  • Peanutjon

People who want to save Christmas

People who want to destroy Christmas

  • Crovax the Bah Humbug Master (CrySho)
  • The Bah Humbug Creatures (Anyone)
  • Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  • Marcel the Human (Frozen Scorpio)
  • Zoom the hedgehog (Speedies moebius counter part) (lil mike)
  • Death the hedgehog (Reepers moebius counter part) (lil mike)
  • Tom o Hawk the hedgehog (Archers moebius counter part) (lil mike)
  • Metal Speedy (lil mike)
  • Nightrush  (TheUltimateBlur)
  • Phonic the Trollhog
  • Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)
  • Static Nega (Frost)
  • Byrnette the Cat (Crymson's Counter part created by Crovax) (CrySho)
  • Marbot (Peanutjon)


12 Days until Christmas

(cuts the ribbon to open the Roleplay)

It's a snowy and winter day in the town of Station Square. Everybody is outside putting up their decorations with lights, maniquines, and blissful music for Christmas. All of the towns people are in merry and joy, knowing that this year's 25th of December will be a day they will always enjoy.....or so they thought.

Up in the sidwalk near the towns shops is a black feline cat, wearing a red dress, red gloves, red boots, and a red hat with fluffy cotton on the rims, is skipping merrily with a bright smile on her face. "Christmas is coming, here I come. Decorating everything has just begun!!" She sang to herself as she went to one of the stores to pick up decorations for her tree.

A short red fox is walking down the same sidewalk, Looking at a list confused, He is wearing a coat and a scarf, Its obvious that he is cold, he looks at the list "This is my first cristmas...I wonder if its like the Snow Festival on Moreaus..." He notices the list says decorations "Decorations? Ugh... How does one decorate an apartment? I need help" Without looking he walks right into Crymson, he doesn't actually notice its here "My appologies..." He doesn't look up.

"Oh no worr-." But as soon as she looked, she saw her best friend Honoo (but she call him Flame) right near the store entrance. "Flame, it's good to see you! What are youd oing here?" Her face lit up with joy.

Looks up (Yes, Hes that short) "Oh hey Crymson, I'm trying to figure this whole Cristmas back, On moreaus we had the Snow festival, Which was rather different... Hey, Do you know how to 'Decorate' an apartment?"

Apartment? Crymson thought. I've never decorated an apartment in my life. She thought for a moment until her mind hatched a bright idea. Even a lightbulb was shown over he head. "Hey, I got an idea. I was thinking of doing a Christmas party over at my place, and I got no one to ask. So, maybe you can come over and celebrate with me?" She asked Flame.

Flame nods "Yeah okay, And I'll ask Jad to come as-well, Meanwhile, I need to get decorations, How would you obtain Decorations?" He sighs "Why did Jad Allocate this task to me, All he has to do is Write greetings cards and Eat food, He even made me do the Cooking, Great now I remembered I have to get some Rice." He sighs "Ah well...One task at a Time."

Three hedgehogs came walking through town one was named Speedy,another called Reeper and one more called Archer  

Speedy" thats the story of the forsaken tournament guys"   

Reeper"your stories are coming along really well Speedy at one point we almost belived you"  

Archer"yeah do you really expect us to belive that?"     

Speedy"IT ACCTUALY HAPPENED!" he then saw Cymson and Flame "hey look two of the people i met there HEY GUYS IT'S ME SPEEDY REMEMBER ME?!" he started running towards them 

Crymson turned to the sound of her best friend, Speedy. "Speedy!!! It's great to see you here!!" She smile really wide and wave to him.

Speedy"it's good to see you too anyway these are the people i was looking for Reeper and Archer


Archer"hey how ya doing"

Speedy"so how have you been?"

Flame looked over at Speedy "Hey, Good to see you, Been a while, Right?" He puts a peice of paper in his pocket He looks over at Reeper and Archer (Note: Flame doesn't really talk to new people) "...Hmm..." He thinks to himself Who are they, Aw man, I hate Introducing myself... He looks around.

"It's good to meet the both of you. I'm Crymson." She smiles as she extends a hand for a shake. "Speedy has told me about the two of you back at the Foresaken Tournament."

Reeper"that really happend?"

Speedy"see i told you"

Archer"and Speedy has told us alot about you and Flame but we never beleived him"

Speedy"oh wait you gotta see this Archer show her your magic"

Archer"ok then, shakledeshoka!" he then started hovering

Flame looks at archer "N...Not bad, But...I can do better, J...Just watch this" He flies around them all, The stops and shuts lazers in the air, Which Explode into fireworks, and Finally he clicks his finger and speedy randomly flies into the air, and lands on his feet, "Not bad...Right?"

Archer:oh yeah?! 'profashoneyosh!" then a ton of rings apeared around them  

Speedy"Archer we not having another magician off"


"Anyway," She looks at Flame. "Flame, I'd be more than happy to help you with your shopping. But don't worry, leave the cooking to me. I'll be happy to make the Christmas dinner for the Christmas party." Crymson smiled.

Speedy"great catching up with you guys seeya!"

"Speedy, wait!! I want to ask you something!!! I want to know if you and yoru friends can come to my Christmas party this 25th?" Crymson hollered to Speedy before he stormed off.

Speedy"sure we'd love to!"

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"So, how many people are you inviting?" Flame asked. (re-editted for Flame)

"Actually," Crymson never thought of thinking the maximum number of people she wanted to invite. "I just want to have a chance to celebrate with my friends, since I have no one to celebrate Christmas with now that I'm alone." Crymson's ears lowered.


Reeper"have you started living on your own or something?"

Speedy hit them both in the ribs and shook his head

Reeper and Archer"oh yeah,sorry" 

Crymson sighed, but her face lit up from the Christmas spirit. "Grr, I can't let no Bah Humbug blues ruining my spirit!! C'mon, Flame. We should get shopping and prepare my house for the party." She looks at Speedy and his friends. "I'll catch up to you three later!" She waved and started storming into the store to get decor and food.

Speedy"bye then"

Reeper"i think i know who Speedy wants to go under the mistletoe with haha!"

Archer"yeah "

Speedy"shut up"

Just outside in the middle of Station Square, a white and blue Hedgefox was strolling along the town park, looking at the Christmas lights and decor in amazement. "Wow, I guess it's that time of the season again sin't it?" He said to himself. He keeps on walking, humming a Christmas tune to keep himself occupied.

Speedy "so keep to our list guys ok we'll meet back here in an hour ok "

Reeper and Archer "ok then"

Reeper"so i got you and Archer

Archer"and i got you and Reeper

Speedy"and i got Reeper,Archer,Flame and Crymson"

Reeper "why are you getting them two a presents"

Speedy"there my friends too ya know"

Speedy,Reeper and Archer went out to get there presents Speedy got Reeper a new rocket for his rocket skates he got Archer a super bow 3000 (a bow as in bow and arrow) he also got Crymson a crymson ring and he got flame and orange ushanka hat. Reeper got Speedy a new hoodie and got archer some armor polish and Archer got Reeer a sythe sharpener but didnt know what to get Speedy so he went to Reeper

Archer "hey Reeper"

Reeper quickly hid Archer present "yeah mate"

Archer"i dont know what to get Speedy"

Reeper"well how about a date with that Crymson girl"

Archer"good idea i think i'll do that" he then went to Crymson "hey excuse me miss"

Crymson was in the middle of shopping, getting decorations while helping out Flame. She was looking for presents for her friends, until Archer came by. "Oh, how can I help you?"

Archer"im trying to find a present for my friend and he kinda likes you so would you be intrested in going on a date with him,if not can you lend me some money please"

"Well, right now I'm busy at the moment. I'll think about it for a while and talk to you about it." Crymson answered, looking at her list of things to do.

Archer"if Speedy finds out i did this he's gonna kill me"

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." Crymson winked at him with a smile. "Now, if you would excuse me, I'd better continue on my shopping. I'm finding presents for all of my friends." She added, still smiling.

Archer"bye then" he then crosses Speedy off his list "ok thats Speedies present done so thats everyone

Reeper"i cant belive you did that just for my addoptive brother"

Archer"well he was a bit upset about Kate so i thought your idea was good so i did it"

Reeper"now all you have to do is get yourself one

Archer"and so do you"

Speedy met with Reeper and Archer 

Speedy"so we wont tell eachother what we got them ok?"

Reeper"except Archers gift for you"

Speedy"whats that then?"


Reeper"fine i'll tell him he asked out Crymson for you"

Speedy"YOU DID WHAT!?"

Archer"yur welcome"

Jack & Patricia: (appears, wearing Santa Hats) Merry Christmas!

"Jack! Patricia!" Crymson glistened a huge smile while she was hugging both of her friends. "Merry Christmas to you both, too. What are you doing here on a jolly day like this?" Crymson is now searching for Christmas lights.

Jack & Patricia: (hugs Crymson back)

Jack: We just wanna wish you a Merry Christmas.

Patricia: And we have both made a delicious fruit cake. (shows Crymson a plate of Fruit Cake) Would you like a piece of Fruit Cake?

Crymson took a piece of her fruit cake and ate it. " Mmm-mm! You got to teach me your recipe. This is to die for." She laughed and swallowed her food. "Hey, since you're over here, I was wondering if you can come to my Christmas Party this 25th. Plus, I also need help decorating my house and tree. Won't you two come?"

Jack & Patricia: Yes please

Flame isn't really saying anything he's just having trouble carrying the decorations and presents he bought, and eyeing the cake. he also seems to be looking at a list for what hes getting each person.

Speedy"do you guys wanna go skiing?

Reeper and Archer"sure

Speedy,Reeper and Archer were at the top of a mountain north of station square 

Speedy"hey do you guys wanna go speed skiing?

Reeper and Archer"no"

Speedy"too badd" he then starts shouting at the top of his lungs,causing an avalanche "see you at the bottom!"

Speedy and his friends started rocketing down the hill pulling stunts and tricks (btw you will get a better sense of it if you play this music)

NFS World - Race Music - Kustomize

NFS World - Race Music - Kustomize

the music they listen to while skiing

Crymson helped Flame getting all the stuff in a cart neatly while talking to Jack and Patricia. "So, do you two want to come along and help us decorate my place for the party?" She asked them.

Flame suddenly looks suprised, He jogs over to a display case and stares at it with awe, "So...Much...Want" Inside the display case is a Silver bass guitar. "If I save for 3 month I should have enough..." He sighs

the avalanche Speedy caused was heading for the town 

Reeper"Speedy this is all your fault you dumb-bass!"

Speedy"hey your on a snow board and there meant to be fast but you dont want so i had to force you

Archer"perhaps i could melt it using a pyrokenisis spell but i dont know how"

Speedy"great looks ike we are destroying station sqaure"

Archer"this may not be a good time but i dont think you will have a chance with Cymson now"

Speedy"i did not need that"

After Crymson was done with the shopping, she was walking along with Flame past the many stores from jewlery to the toy stores. All she is thinking right now is finding presents for her friends, even her crush: Static. What would be the best present to give to Static for Christmas? She thought to herself. When she passed though the jewlery store, she spotted something that really seem to intrest her. "Wow!!!" On desplay, she spotted a choaker necklace that is in a shape of fire with blue sapphire gems on it. It glistened beautifully through the glass. "Man, I would love to have that choaker necklace. But I don't have that much money on me." She frowned. But she focused her mind on decorating her house. "Come on, Flame. Let's head back to my place and set up the decorations."

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Flame nods "Okay, Lets go do that, If you want I can get Jad to come and help." Man, That bass was expensive, I wish I had it...Wait Crymson was looking at that...Well Factor in the cost of that then I'll have to save for a month longer but I can afford it, I'll buy that tomorow... He thought to himself "Did you get all the Decorations you needed...?"

"Oh, of course I do. Glad I had enough money to afford all of these." Crymson beamed a smile. But she remembered something. "Speaking of which, how's the hyeana doing? Have you kept him on a shorter leash than ever since the crisis?" She laughed a little.

Flame laughed aswell "You mean Zarex, I think its impossible to keep him in chains, And besides I think he went to Westopolis to see his parents"

Zarex suddenly appears behind Flame "For the last time, I'm not a puppy, And Flame, You're half correct, I did go to westopolis, But I dont have parents, ah well I'm back now, To make your Christmas a Misery and Make mine awesome!"

Flame looks sad "Sorry, I forgot..."

Crymson's hairs stand on end as she jump from the voice of Zarex. Crymson was about scold at him for what he said, but she is in high spirits and full of happiness. But in a very rare moment, she decided to hug Zarex. "Oh, come on Zarex. 'Tis the season to be merry and jolly. Everyone deserves a nice Christmas." She gave a warm smile to him.

Zarex smiled back "I guess your right, I'll leave Flame alone for now, Unless he does something wrong." He seemed to blush when Crymson Hugged him.

Flame notices Zarex Blushing "I think you know what I'm going to say, But if I do you'll go Ragemode, So a wont, be happy about that Spots"

Zarex Sighed "Still ticked off, And my name is Zarex, You know that Lame"

"It's 'Flame'." Crymson corrected Zarex. "But now that you're here, I wanted to ask you if you can come to my place to help me decorate. And also I have a Christmas party this 25th? You joining?" She asked.

Zarex's Face lit up "I love parties! count me in, And sure I'll help decorate."

Flame sighed "Just don't let him paints, Or everything will be covered in Spots"

"All right. It's set." Crymson got more excited. Then she turned to Flame. "Say, Flame. When is your friend, Jad, coming?"

Flame nodded "I'll go get him, He flies off..."

Zarex Looked around "Do we just wait until he gets back?"

"Flame, meet us at my house when you get him, okay!?" She yelled to Flame as she sees him fly off. "Let's go, Zarex. Not a moment too soon on the decorations!!" She grinned and she grabbed all the shopping bags with one hand and Zarex's hand with the other hand and ran back home.

Speedy,Reeper and Archer came crashing through along with the avalanche        

Speedy "LOOK OUT!!!!!" as he came crashing at them at break neck speed

Speedy in a muffled voice "HEY HEY HELP WE'RE STUCK!"

Zarex nods "Lets go..." He hears speedy "some guys are stuck under this avalanche, Can you thaw them out?"

Crymson throws a fire ball towards Speedy and his friends to thaw. "There we go. Let's head off." Crymson and Zarex sprinted to her house.

Speedy"thank you"

later Speedy and his friends went to a hospital to make sure there arent any serious injuries after that they went back to the highstreet

Reeper"so if you like her you need to get her a nice gift so what did you get her?"

Speedy"a cymson red ring"

Archer"oh how original"

Reeper see's the choker necklace "get her that"

Speedy looks at it "yeah if my lottery numbers come up"

Archer"we'll lend you some money"

Speedy"you know what fine but what i do with the ring"

Reeper"give it to her next year"

Speedy got the choker necklace for Crymson

Archer"great you got the present but now you need to woo her"

Speedy"im not listening to either of you for romantic advice" he then thought"i hope she likes it"

Speedy,Reeper and archer went back to their appartment 

Reeper"Speedy you do know one gift is not gonna make her like you now that Reeper has set you up with a date i would recomend taking her somwhere really nice"

Archer"yeah like the ice rink"

Speedy"you know what im gonna lie down for a bit"

Reeper and Archer"ok then"

Reeper"you know what we should go help her decorate you know get us a chance to meet your new friends"

Speedy"you can but i wont"

Archer"you can either come by will or we can drag you"

Speedy"fine! geez you guys are so annoying"

At Crymson's House...

Crymson have just finished setting up her Christmas tree in the middle of her living room. "Alright, that's one part done. Now on to the ornaments and garland. But I wonder where the rest of my friends might be?" She said.

Zarex shrugs "I don't know, What sort of Decorations did you get anyway?"

"Let see: Colored lights that twinkle, garland, assorted colored ornaments, tinsel, and a star to go on top." Crymson listed off the stuff that she need to put on the tree. "There's plenty of more decorations to put around the house, but right now let's focus on the tree."

Zarex Smild "Thats cool, I think my brother Mentioned Mistletoe, I'm guessing he's having a party aswell but knowing him, I'm not invited."

Flame and Jad Open the door, Jad and Flame are holding 2 Bags each, Flame waves "Hey, I'm here now, Sorry we took so long there was an Avalanche." I think I got all the presents... He thought to himself.

Jad puts the bag of stuff down "Okay, Flame told me there was a party on Christmas Day right? You want me to help you decorate?"

"Sure, Jad. everybody is welcome to help." You can set the stuff on that table near the kitchen doorway." She pointed to the table to the left.

"What, you're going to start without your own coisins?" A voice heard. It was a white and blue hedgefox named Burg that came in with his twin brother, Surg.

"Remind me not to pummel you to the snow when we head out later." Surg said in a monotonous voice to Burg.

"Guys, you're always welcome; family and friends alike." Crymson said with a smile.

Flame looks around "Nice place crymson." He looks at the decorations, "Where should I start."

Jad shrugged "Hey, I'm really good at building things, If you'd like I'll make some Decorations."

Jack: Patricia & l will set up the Fruit Cake for everyone.

Patricia: Would anyone like some Fruit Cake? Jack & I made this & Crymson tried it & she said it's delicious.

"Alright. Now that everyone is here, I'll assigned everyone a part." Crymson spoke. "Jad, you Zarex, and Burg will take care of the decorations outside. Flame, you and Jack will handle the inside decor. Surg, Patricia, you two will make the fruit cake. I'll get the tree started."

"Awesome, while I'm at it. I can use the spotted hound to be a maniquine for the outside." Burg laughed really hard.

Surg sighed. "I don't even want to know why I'm here with 'this' comedian." He facepalmed.

Speedy,Reeper and Archer knck on the door

"Come in!" Crymson yelled.

Flame nodded "Right, I'll do that...Its too cold to go outside anyway...."

Jad sighs "While I dont mine doing this job, Why am I working with spots?"

Zarex looks at Jad "You're lucky Its cristmas, Otherwise I'd pummel you."

Reeper and Archer" HEY!"

Speedy"hi"he hands Cymson and Flame their presents"merry christmas"

Flame Waves "Hey, Merry Christmas!" He Notices that He got a present "Hmm? Really? Sweet, Should I open it now?"

Speedy"if you like"

"Whoa, hold up." Crymson stopped them. We will open our presents when Christmas comes. that way, we will exchange gifts to one another."

Flame nods "Oh okay, I guess that way Its nicer, Anyway I'll start Decorating." Flame decorates (He reaches the Higher places by Flying, After-all he cant reach most things...)

Jad Nods "Well, I'll go decorate aswell" He and Zarex walk out with some decorations"

"Hey, wait!! Leave the spotted hound maniquine for me to display!!" Burg said as he was 'laughing all the way' outside. (Haha, get it? ~CS~)

"For the last time, I'm a Hyeana!!! And I am no model doll for display!!!" Zarex yelled to Burg. (Edited for Flametfh)

Speedy"thanks for helping us out earlier"

Patricia: (goes into the kitchen with Surg & starts making fruitcake by following the instructions)

Jack: (starts decorating the inside of the house with Christmas Tinsel which are Green, Red, Gold & White)

Speedy"how can we help?"

"Oh, you guys can help me with the tree." She smiled as she brought out the box of tree decorations right in front of her.

Speedy,Reeper and Archer"ok then"

Flame is Flying around, Decorating Fast and Well "Is Decorating usually this easy?"

"Sometimes, unless you put forth your imagination, you can decorate anything in a unique way." Crymson responded.

Outside, Jad climbs the walls and puts the things in place, While Zarex annoys him and Pass him the things and get them.

Burg was too much of a clown outside that he decided to put antlers with bells on Zarex's head. Then he laughed about it.

Speedy"yo Reeper pass me the tinsel gun!"

Reeper"here ya go bro"

Speedy"and speed comences"

"I'll go get the stockings from the attic, you guys keep decorating the tree." Crymson rushed up stairs.

Speedy"you know what guys this was a good idea"

Reeper and Archer looked at eachother and said "see we told you!"

Flame floats down to the floor, "Anything else I need to do?"

Zarex and Jad Walk In, Jad shivers "It's Really cold..."

Burg, right behind the two, put antlers with bells on Zarex's head. "Oh, look!! It's the spotted reindeer!!!" He laughed.

Patricia: Say Surg, can you please pass the ingredients for me please?

"Oh, no problem." Surg calmly said, passing some fruit and other ingredients to Patricia. "You seem to be a good cook over here. How did you got the touch?" He asked her with a small smile.

Patricia: (followed the Instructions on how to cook a fruitcake & starts making the batter) I've spent years cooking with my mother. My mother had taught me how to cook.

"Hmm, like mother, like daughter. Mind if I help you?" He starts to put his hand on the dough but accidently put it on Patricia's hand. He lift his hand quickly. "My apologieze. That was ungentleman like of me." Surg said, softly.

Meanwhile, in the attic, Crymson was counting out how many Christmas stocking she should bring out to hang on the fireplace. When she went to life up the last one, her eyes widen, and tears started to fill.

Speedy"Cymson been up there a long time, i think i will go help her" as he goes up he see's Ceymson crying "hey Crymson are you alright?"

Crymson, as Speedy is looking right now, is holding a stocking that has a name on the top that reads Shredder. She knelt down and started to cry so loud that everyone can hear her.

Reeper and Archer hear Crymson crying "what has Speedy done now?"

Speedy"Cymson calm down it's ok" he patted her on the back not knowing what else to do 

"Ngh...n-ngh...This'll be my first Christmas without my brother being alive." Crymson continued sobbing.

Speedy"well im sure he wouldnt want you to be sad about im sure he would like you to enjoy christmas"he then sat down next to her "look it's christmas be happy it's the most jolly time of the year so dont cry"

Crymson smile and nodded. Then she turned around and hugged Speedy. "Thanks. I guess you're right. There's no need to be sad on Christmas. Thanks for cheering my up." She smiled.

Speedy smiled"there you go!" he was thinking"omg this is acctualy hapening dont do anything weird"

From outside, the faint, but oddly familar sound of an explosion was heard.

Patricia: It's ok Surg, you can get the hang of it soon enough (wipes the dough off of her hand gently) Let's try this again, shall we?

"Of course. Just tell me what I should do." Surg said with a grin.

Outside, RedToxic (who made the earlier Explosion) is deciding betwwen knocking (he might accidently knock the door down) or making an Igloo.

Speedy"c'mon Crymson let's go downstairs"

Crymson nodded and started heading down. As soon she was out of the attic, with a small box of stockings, heard Burg saying: "Hey, who made that explosion?!" Crymson knew who made it. She ran downstairs with the box in hands and saw a familiar face at her doorway. "Toxi!!!!" Her voice rose a few knotches.

Jack: What's going on? I heard an explosion.

"I know that explosion anywhere. I've met him during our time of survival at Genocide City." She went to the doorway and hugged Toxi. "It's good to see you Toxi!" Her voice is gleeful.

"Oh hello." RedToxic said. "Came by by absolute chance"

Jack: Merry Christmas RedToxic.

Patricia: Yeah, merry christmas RedToxic.

"Thank You" RedToxic said. "May I come in Crymson?"

Speedy,Reeper and Archer "AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH A MONTSTER" and they ran and hid(note they were acctualy scared of him and they wernt messing with him)

Crymson grabbed the three hedgehog's collars and stopped them before they hid. "Guys, he is not a monster. He is just like us with a kind heart ans spirit." Then she turned to Toxi. "Sure, you can come in. What brings you here." She smiled.

Patricia: It's an honor to meet you RedToxic. (continues making Fruit Cake with Surg)

Jack: Please make yourself at home.

Crymson let Toxi in, but she sighed and looked down. I don't know is anyone else is coming. And I don't know if I'll see Static. I really wanylt to see him. Then she closes the door and heads bacl to the stockings.

Jack: So Crymson, what do we do first?

"Well, if anyone is hungry, I'll go make some of my homemade lasagna for dinner." Crymson suggested.

Jack: Well you know what, all this hard work is making me hungry. Let's go have dinner.

Archer goes up to Crymson"hey have you decide whether your going on a date with Speedy yet because i need to know just in case i need to get him another present"

"Archer, I have too many things in my mind. I'm so busy you don't even know it." Crymson laughed. "I'll go make the lasagna. If anyone hears a knock on the door, answer it and them come in." Crymson went to the kitchen to make dinner.

Speedy used his airbending powers to set the table "ah i love these powers"

RedToxic looked over at Speedy and his friend. "Don't worry, I can see your heart beat and the sparks in your brain. It's not only funny, but shows me that you're scared." 

Speedy "what it's funny that im scared?" 

Reeper"i dont like people who scare people for fun"


Speedy made himself flie using his airbending powers to make himself look intimidating

RedToxic just hit some buttons on his glove and in a flash of light, took the appearance of a aqua blue hedgehog. "Happy now?"  

Speedy"meh kinda"

Meanwhile, somewhere in Station Square.

Two figures are standing on one of the towers of Station Spires, the tallest pair of buildings in Station Square. One of the figures is an orange cat wearing a blue and gold jacket with a white shirt on underneath. He was also wearing a pair of white gloves and a pair of blue, gold, and white shoes. He looks over at the person standing next to him. "Station Square. So much has changed since that zombie outbreak. Mostly for the better. Right, Mimic?"

Mimic was the black mockingbird standing next to the orange cat. He was wearing a red fedora with a green stripe at the base of it. He was also wearing a pair of black and green shoes and a pair of white gloves; each of which had a silver stripe extending from the wrist up to the pinky finger. He gave the orange cat a smirk. "Yeah, it's a lot calmer here without a hoard of zombies chasing everyone down. I still can't believe our powers were disabled during that nightmare, right Static?" He looks down the side of the building. "Speaking of powers..." He looks at Static, "Race you to the store?"

Static gave a confident smile, ready to take Mimic's challenge. "You're on." He looks down the side of the building, "On your mark, get set..... Go!" He and Mimic jumped off the building. Half-way down, Static draws a small rod with an orb on the end out of his jacket. He flicks the rod, which extends into a whip, and casts the whip at a nearby building. He electrifies the whip with his electrokinesis, causing the orb end (the end that is at the tip of the whip) to become magnetic and sticky. The orb sticks to the side of a building, and Static swings above the streets of Station Square Spider-Man style.

Meanwhile, Mimic shapeshifted into Rouge the Bat and began flying high above the streets. Frequently, he would gain altitude, shapeshift back to his normal form, and pull off a series of aerial tricks before shapeshifting back into Rouge and resume flying. Sometimes he would shapeshift back to his normal form and swing from various poles along the sides of buildings and streetlights, and then shapeshift back into Rouge and continue his flight. Although he was quickly while flying as Rouge, he had some trouble keeping up with Static; who was switching between swinging and wall running. After a few minutes, Static reached a large store first. Mimic landed beside him and shapeshifted back to his normal form.

Static beamed a triumphant smile, "I win!"

Mimic shruged, "Frist time for everthing, I guess."

Static rolled his eyes, "I beat at plenty of other things too, Mimic. Anyway, let's take a look around." He and Mimic entered the store. While walking, Static notices a silver bass guitar and stops."Oh, wow! Hey, Mimic? Doesn't Flame play the base guitar?"

Mimic stops and looks at the guitar. "I don't remember, but I definitly think Flame would want that." He looks at Static, "But we don't have much money, remember? I don't think we could afford it, and I also promised not to steal anything at all while I was here."

Static's expression changed from a look of admiration to a look of disappointment. "Oh, right. Not enough money." He sighed, "Great." Static wanted to get a few gifts for some of his friends in Station Square. It was then that he remembered Crymson. He and Crymson had become very good friends in the past several months, ever since they first met at Emerald Island Academy. She had also stood by his side during the somewhat recent zombie apocolypse in Station Square.

"Mimic? Static? Is that you?" A voice said out of nowhere. A moment later, a person walked up to them. She was wearing a pair of black boots with a white strip on each side, a pair of black pants, a red hoodie with a white hood and a white stripe on each sleeve , and a pair of white gloves. The most intresting feature, however, was her head. She was wearing a helmet with a purple, opaque face visor; making it impossible to see her face. Except for her eyes; which were glowing a bright blue through the visor. Her white hood was covering the back, sides, and top of her helmet.

Mimic smiled as she walked up, "Robin? What are you doing here?"

"Christmas shopping." She answered, "Crymson's having a Christmas party at her house on Dec. 25th. So, I wanted to get her, and a few of my other friends, something for Christmas." She notices Mimic's red and green fedora, which was usually black and green. "I noticed you're getting into the holiday spirit, Mimic."

Mimic nodded, "Yes I am. Static here, however, refused to wear a red jacket."

"I told you already, Mimic..." Static turned away from the silver base guitar on display to face Mimic. "Red make me look weird."

Robin looks at the guitar, "Looks like you two were going to get some gifts for your friends, too."

Static looks back at the guitar, "Yeah. Flame would really like it."

Robin looks at Static, "I'll buy it for you so you can give it to Flame."

Static looks back at her in supirse, "Really? It's kinda expensive. Are you su-"

"Absolutly." Robin interupted Static. "In fact, I'll help you guys get presents for all our friends!" Robin seemed very cheerful.

Mimic cocked his head to one side, "Wow. G.U.N must give it's field agents very generous Christmas bonuses..."

"You could say that." Robin said with a faint smile, which was impossible to see through her visor. "Come on, let's go."

So Robin, Static, and Mimic all got gifts for their friends. Static got the silver base guitar for Flame; and a beautiful choaker necklace that is in a shape of fire with blue sapphire gems on it for Crymson. Meanwhile, Mimic got a set of high quality, very powerful and accruate golden handguns with a black comfort grip on each gun for Zarex. Robin bought  a wide variety of gifts for all her friends. After the got everything they wanted and gift wrapped them, the went on their way to Crymson's house.

As the were walking up to the house, Static's nose started to twitch. "Ah-ah-AAAHH..."

Mimic dropped the bags onto the snow and tried to cover Static's nose, "NO! DON'T SNEE-"

Too late. "AH-CHOO!" Static sneezed, causing a lightning bolt to come out of the sky; followed by a loud burst of thunder. Fortuantely, the lightning bolt was diverted to a lightning rod somewhere in the area, causing no harm done.

Robin looked over at Static, "Gesundheit."

Static starts to shiver, "T-Thanks. Is i-it j-j-just me, or i-i-is it r-really c-c-c-cold out here?"

Mimic picks up his bags off the sidewalk. "Yeah, it kinda is. Good thing there was a lightning rod nearby, otherwise Sneezy here would have blown out the power." He then realizes how cold it is, "Let's h-hurry up. I'm f-freezing my tail feathers off out here." They ran up to the door and knocked.

Back inside Crymson's house... Flame looked around "Thunder? Weird..." Wait...Static? He thought "Anyway, Any Idea who is at the door?"

Jad was Shivering "Nope, Go open it, Im to cold"

Zarex suddenly takes the Rainder hat off "Why am I even wearing this?"

Flame walks over to the door and opens it

[Frost: Please have someone comment on the sound of thunder from outside and then answer the door for my characters. They're freezing! (except for Robin, who has a thermostat within her suit. Lucky...)]

Crymson have just put her lasagna in the oven when she heard a sound of thunder. "Wait, it can't raining. The forecast said it'll be sno-" Until she realized who would make a thunder sound. "HE'S HERE!!!!" She ran towards the door and opend up to door. Her eyes grew wide with a smile and fur turnong red as she see Static with Mimic and Robin by the door. She ran to Static and gave him and hug. "Static, it's so good to see you!!!"

Static was completely taken off guard by the hug. But set down the bags and hugged her back; greatful that she was glad to see him. Not to mention the fact that Crymson's hug was keeping him warm. "It's great to see you too, Crym."

Robin gave a big smile, even though she knew no one could see it. "Merry Christmas, Crymson!"

Speedy saw Static and thought "oh it's that guy again god i hate him" he then used his airbending to make him fall over

Zarex looks over to the door "Shut the door its really cold..."

Flame looked suprised as Crymson Dashd past him "Wow...Anyway, Hey guys" He shivers "Its cold..." He closes the door after they walk in.

Crymson, along with Static, Robin, and Mimic, went inside before Flame closed the door. "I'm glad you're here. We are just about done with decorating my house. And I'm makig dinner after everything is done." She put the bags on the table. "I hope you don't mind helping us out."

"Whoot, Crym!!! Your boyfriend is here!!!!" Burg teased.

"E-enough, Burg." Crymson's fur turned bright red.

Mimic frowned, "Help? We just stopped by to-"

Robin elbowed Mimic in the ribs and then nodded at Crymson, "We would love to help."

Zarex didn't seem to like Burg saying that, But he didn't say anything, He just went back to teasing Jad.

Flame looks to Static Robin and Mimic "Whats In the bag guys?" He seemed rather Intriged as their bag was very large.

Mimic shrugged, "Presents. There's even one for you, Magic Boy."

Flame sighs "While I appriciate you guys buying me something, My name Is Flame! and besides, Your giving me a  Nickname of a Nickname."

Zarex Laughs "Woah! Don't Get the Nerd Angry!" He Seems to joking and avioding offending anyone.

Jad Looked around "Anything else we can do by the way?"

[Frost: Any chance Speedy could be a little nicer to Static? I was kinda hoping that Static and Speedy would be friends, even though Speedy's a little jealous of Static.]

[Mike:fine but at first Speedy wont like him but then they can be friedns how about that?]

[Frost: Sounds good. But Speedy and Static met in The Forsaken Tournament and a few other roleplays, right. I would have thought that they would have become friends back then, even though Speedy's a little jealous of Static because of Crymson.]

Speedy to Reeper and Archer "i dont like him"    

Reeper"oooh do i sense a bit of romantic rivalry"    

Archer"what does that mean?"    

Reeper"Speedies jelous of him being cloeser to Crymson than he is  

Speedy "thats rubbish"  

Reeper"just use your airbending skills to make him go"      

Speedy "huh fine then" he tried knocking him over again but ultimatley failed

Zarex walked over to Speedy, "What? Jealous that Someone that many people like is closer to someone than you are to her?" He sighs "How about you stop Trying to make trouble?"

Speedy made himself taller" how about you stay out of my buisenss"

Zarex still towers over Speedy "Are you trying to intimidate me? I'm a boxing champion, Just try and you'll see what happens

Mimic walked up, "Hey. Enough. It's Christmas for cyring out loud. Speaking of which; Robin, Static, and I got all of you presents.

Jad's Face lit up "Sweet! I'm guessing we have to wait 'Till christmas, Right?"

Flame looks confused "I have no idea what you got me, But Whatever."

Zarex Smiled "Hey Thanks guys, You guys are cooler than you first appeared"

Speedy making himself taller again"oh yeah well im an airbender and im the guardian of the life orb" he then walked off "your lucky i didnt have to fight you"

Zarex didn't look intimidated, He was still taller "I can controll wind too, Besides I'm not in the mood for Pummelling anyone right now."

Speedy"even if you were i beat you up anyday"

Reeper"Speedy stop your gonna get us thrown out"

Flame nods "Hes right, It was trouble enough to get Zarex not to beat us all up."

Zarex Sighs "Well, It is Christmas, And we should be nice."

Speedy"great im all annoyed now!"

Mimic shrugs, "Don't be. Here, open your gift early." He hands him a present with Speedy's name on it.

Speedy"nah i'll open it on christmas"

Archer"hey Reeper 10 rings say i cant shoot an apple off your head"

Reeper"your on!"

Robin walked up, "Are you out of your minds?!" She had overheard what Archer and Reeper had just said.

Mimic nods, "She's right. You'll end up breaking something. Do it outside instead."

Robin looked at Mimic, "That's not what I meant, Mimic. Reeper could get seriously hurt, or even killed!"

Flame sighed "Why am I surrounded by Morons...Not all of you are...But well you get it..."

Zarex Laughed "They aren't morons to me, I guess the world Is seen differently when you're a Nerd"

Reeper"nah it'll be fine"    

Archer"yeah!"how about 20 rings and i do it with my eyes closed"

Archer had his eyes closed and shot,he hit the apple but since his eyes were closed Reeper made it looke like it hit his eye "ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH MY EYE ARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!"  

Archer"Oh my god im so sorry"

Reeper took it out of his eye"HAH GOT YA"  

Archer"YOU BASSHOLE!"   

"ENOUGH!!!!!" Crymson yelled.

Zarex looked suprised "Hey, I wasn't trying to be mean."

Flame was startled "Please dont yell like that..."

Robin stood by Crymson's side, "She's right. All of you need to try to get along better than you normally do."

Zarex sighed "Hey, I'm trying my best, It's really tricky being nice to Flame and Jad"

Jad sighs "Yeah well Its tricky being nice to you aswell, So now were even"

Robin, after hearing Reeper shout in pain,walked away from Crymson and up to Archer and Reeper, "Didn't I just ask you two NOT to shoot arrows in the house?"

Reeper hands Archer 20 ring"yeah but we did"

Speedy "no Reeper you'll get us kicked out"

Reeper"shut up"

Robin left the area to talk to Crymson again.

Archer"guys stop fighting"

Reeper"if you want to impress Cymson all you have to do is prove your better that Static


Reeper"I dont know"

Mimic almost burst out laughing, "Wait. You're in love with Crymson?!" He starts to laugh almost uncontrollably, leaning on the table for support.

Speedy"when did you get here?! please dont tell her"

Archer"wait i have an idea you go have a conversation with Crymson then i'll use a growth spell to make some mistletoe it's bound to work"

Speedy"thats rubbish huh but it's the only plan we have got"

After several seconds of laughing, Mimic finally catches his breath. "This is too good to be true. I've got to tell everyone else!" And with that, he makes his way to the living room area.

Speedy didnt realise he ran off to tell everyone "ok im going to go do it"

Flame sighs "I suppose that makes 3 people who like Crymson."

Jad looks confused "Who's the third?"

Flame glances over to Zarex

Zarex Sighs "What are you staring at?"

Reeper"really he does aswell"

Archer"Speedy has more compotition than we expected"

Zarex Sighs "I don't Like Crymson, Shes just a friend."

Flame Laughs "He's OBVIOUSLY lying."

Jad Laughs as well "I'm going to save the insult I was going to say 'till after Christmas."

Zarex Growls "Stop it! I'll go back on my promise and PUMMEL YOU!"

Reeper"you know you think Zarex is OBVIOUSLY lying well i think your OBVIOUSLY hiding something mabye your the third person"


Flame looks confused... "Are you talking about me?" He sighs "No I dont like ANYONE in that way." He is obviously Not telling the complete truth, But its easy to see he doesn't like Crymson in that way.

Reeper"dude take a joke"

Jad Laughs "Yeah Man, Have you been playing S64 or how about KHSRPG?"

Flame sighs "Please don't remind me, Those were TERRIBLE"

Zarex Sighs "Please tell me what your talking about, Being a nerd must be a scary thing..."

Reeper"ha that was funny at least the 1st time you said now it's getting old"

Archer"yeah find some new material"

Zarex ponders "New material..." He keeps thinking.

Jad sighs "This may take him a While."

Reeper and Archer"HAH"

Flame Laughs "So speedy went to see Crymson, This I gotta see" He walks out, Jad follows him.

((((Where are they? ~HS))))

Meanwhile, in the living room area...

Static raised an eyebrow at Burg. "What did you mean by 'boyfriend'? Crym and I are just friends." Static was trying play dumb, but everyone seemed to think that Static and Crymson loved each other. We're just friends... Static thought to himself, though he had doubts about it.

"Come on, you got to be Crym's boyfriend. You two are in love with each other." Burg said to Static. (Edited for me)

Static shook his head, "No. We're just friends. I'm not in love with her." Still, Static seemed to be trying to convince himself just as much as he was trying to convince Burg.

"Okay, guys. enough with the fighting. We are here to have a good time, and I don't want anything to spoil it." Crymson said.

Flame and Jad walk into the Living room, Flame sits down and yawns. Jad looks over to flame "Hey Flame, How Do your Magic powers work by the way?"

Flame, Instead of going for a simple answer does a complex answer. By the time he's halfway through the answer, everyone is a totally confused and just looks at Flame.

Speedy"hey Crymson how are you?"

Crymson sighed. "Just trying to keep it together." Crymson feels a little bit sad right now. "I don't know if I'm going to confess to the person I like."

Speedy"confusing you never know when it is gonna strike"

Archer then used the growth spell to grow some mistletoe inbetween Speedy and Crymson

"Don't even think about it, Archer." Crymson said.

Archer"i think she's on to us"

Reeper"no ship sherlock"

Flame chuckles a bit "Maybe You should think about your plans a bit more."

Jad laughs aswell "That wasn't a good plan in the first place, Afterall Mistletoe is a Virus Plant, Like Ivy"

Crymson walked over to the fireplace and stared at the fire, still looking sad. She even sighed a deep sigh.

Flame walks up to Crymson "Hey are you okay?" He seemed very concerned, "Can I help in anyway?"

Speedy"sorry about the whole mistletoe thing but it think i can help with your problem"

"This'll be the first Christmas without my brother alive." Her eyes teared up. "I just wish I can do something to dedicate him." Just then a lightbuld appeared on top pf her head. "Maybe I can put the star up on the tree. Back when I use to be with my family, my brother was always the one to put up the tree." She laughed.

Speedy just rememberd something at the forsaken tournament Zooms death cube could play messges from dead loved ones "Crymson i will be right back" Speedy ran out

Reeper"Speedy where are you going"

Patricia: That's a great idea Crymson.

Speedy went far out onto angel island it took about 10 minutes he then held the life orb up and it used the master emerald as its conductor and Zoom appered out of the emerald

Zoom"aha orphan why have you brought me here

Speedy then talked about what happend with Crymson and why he needed the death cube

Zoom "why would you think i would help you"

Speedy"because deep down you feel the same way about it and you know you would too"

Zoom"fine but i want it back"

Speedy"you will trust me" and then ran back to Crymsons 

Meanwhile, RedToxic was working on something. The kitchen was filled with goods smells.

Flame sighs "So, Is anyone else bored?"

Jad thinks for a second, "Hey Flame, You have your HH right?" He pulls a handheld Game system out.

Flame nods "Yeah, I guess that would work" He gets one out too and he starts playing on it.

Patricia: Now that the batter is ready, Surg. Let's put the batter in the tray & put the tray with the fruit cake batter into the oven. (puts the Fruit Cake batter into the tray & put the tray filled with Fruit Cake batter into the over & sets the right time to cook) There. The Fruit Cake is ready to cook up to the right time.

Nightrush appears outside of the house, eying Patricia as he slowly reaches for his sword but he notices it has vanished from the area. "What kind of trickey is this!?" Nightrush said with his classical metallix voice. "Oh well... I have no right in harming somebody like the girl... yet." Said the monster as he got up, turning around wand walking off from the area and into the snow filled city. Due to being hired by Dr. Robotnik to help the christmas destroyers, Nightrush had awaited his next orders from his new commander (at the moment)... EggPlankton.

Dr. EggPlankton (in communicator) This is Dr. EggPlankton to Nightrush, come in Nightrush, report.

(Guys, guys, guys. You're messing up the plot, we're not suppose to introduce to enemies until Crymson puys the star up and everyone eats dinner. Ugh, doesn't anybody remeber to wait for me, since I'm the one who made this......wait, I got something. :) )

Just then, a mysterious shadow has tooken Dr. Eggplankton and Nightrush away from the heroes. A few minutes after Crymson put up the stockings, she is ready to put up the star. "Okay, everyone. It's time to put the final to this tree!" She said while holding the star.

Flame looks up from playing his video game, "Sweet, You wan't some help getting it on top of the Tree? I mean can you reach the top?"

"Don't worry, I got something in mind. Just you wait and see." Crymson said with a wink and a snile.

Speedy"hey crymson i think you need to hear this i know you are missing your brother this christmas so then i remembered the death cube could play messages from dead loved ones so here you

Crymson listened closely in her mind and heart to the message that her brother recieved to her. Her eyes welded up with happiness. She opened her eyes ans looked at Speedt. "Thanks, Speedy." She then gave him a warm hug.

Zoom appered at the window"give me back my death cube back orphan"

Speedy"fine here you go"he threw the death cube at Zoom"

Zoom"i'll be back soon and with an old aquaintace of yours orphan yours too orphan 2 and M.I.A"

At that moment, the same shadow took Zoom away from the house in a flash. No one seem to noticed Zoom disappearing.

Speedy"gosh i hate Zoom"

Reeper"you do know what you've done dont you?"



Archer"why are you angry they are not after you! they're after him!"


Speedy"oh shut up Reeper"

and with that all three hedgehogs began fist fighting but then they used their bending powers Speedy with his air Reeper with his water and Archer with his earth

Just as they were fighting, blue fire started to surround their bodies, but it didn't burn them. It's Crymson's fire. "Guys, stop fighting. We're here as a family, not enemies. I don't want any bah humbug aura to lift up in this room." She then turned to the tree. "Alright, is everyone ready for me to put the star up?" she asked everyone

As Nightrush was walking down the snowy hills, he heard his communicator go off. The creature started talking via using his metallix body as the signal. As he reported in to EggPlankton, Rush was somehow dragged away by an unknown creature. When he awoke from a long sleep after his capture, Rush looked around and stared down at EggPlankton as he clenched his claws. "What the heck happened."

As soon as everyone is near the tree, Crymson is standing in the middle of the group with the star in her hands. She walked up a few steps towards the tree. "I dedicate this Christmas star to my only brother, Shredder. May his soul and spirit live on." She closed her eyes, then her blue fire appeared on her back. They grew into medium sized blue fire wings. She flew up to the top to put the star on top, which made the tree lit up.

RedToxic was in the corner smiling, although holding an egg timer.

Flame smiled "Well are we done Decorating, We should most likely start on Dinner and stuff...Oh and the video games."

Jad laughs "Must never forget the Video-games"

Zarex Smiles, It was rather odd to see Zarex smile like that"Christmas is wonderful isn't it?"

Speedy"hey Crymson i think i know the awnser to your problem"

Dr. EggPlankton: (With Nightrush & only Nightrush) It's those creatures that hates christmas, the Bah-Humbug Creatures. What are they trying to do? What did we ever do to them?

Jack: (with the heroes) Yeah. Wow, the Christmas tree is beautifull

Patricia: You said it & I didn't know that Crymson has blue fire wings. Crymson, your wings are beautiful.

Zarex nods "Well Your right, They are both a Sight to behold"

Flame looks at crymson "Thats a creation spell right? I'm suprised someone other than me can conjure something so well."

Speedy goes up to Flame"hey do you know if Crymson will like this"he showed him the sapphie flame choker he got her

Flame looks at it "Woah..." He thinks for a second "She said she wanted it when she took me shopping earlier so I guess..."

Jad leans in "What, Is speedy getting some help for crymson, From Flame"

Flame sighs "Shut up Jad"

Speedy"yes im asking him because he's one of the only people i acctualy know and like and also knows Crymson better than me"

Jad looks at Flame "See that Flame, He 'Likes' You" He laughs to himself.

Flame sighs "I hope your not Implying anything there Greasy."

Jad sighs "My name is Jad Not Greasy"

Speedy"as a friend for fudge sake im not gay!"

Flame sighs "As am I, I am Completely Heterosexual."

Jad laughs "Ah, But did I Say you were, I just Implied."

Speedy"so anyway Flame will she like it"

Flame nods "Judging by the Implications she made earlier, I could gather that the fact of the matter would be, True"

Jad sighs "He means Yes"

Speedy"i know i speak some smart too you learn how when you live with a scientist and a living relic" he points to Reeper and Archer

Jad laughs "You speak some smart? Is that Grammar?"

Flame sighs "Well...You can't really make fun of him for Grammar can you, Mr. 'I is the Best at This game' can you?"

Jad growls "I only said that once!"

Speedy"i was saying smart is a language like me saying i speak english" &

Patricia: (hears the ding, meaning that her Fruit Cake is ready) The Fruit Cake is ready (goes up to the oven & puts on oven mittens & then carries the tray with a perfectly baked Fruit Cake, out of the oven & then sets the Fruit Cake on the plate) Our Fruit Cake is ready. Be careful it's still hot.

"And dinner is done!!!" Crymson went down and her wings disappeared. "Alright, everyone. To the table." She dashed to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

"Yum, all that work sure gave me an appetite!!" Burg said as he walkes over to tge kitchen.

"Becareful, it might be hot." Surg warned.

"And, when dinner's done, I've got the best (and most expensive) desert you'll ever taste!" RedToxic said cheerfully.

Jack: Oh boy, what is it, RedToxic?

Speedy"Crymson i think i have the awnser to your problem"

Flame yawns "I'm so hungry, Decorating is Tricky..." He walks to the Table and sits down.

Jad smiles "What is for dinner anyway?" He goes and Sits next to Flame.

"Lasagna with fresh mash potatoes, gravy, and vegtables." Crymson said to her guests.

Zarex walks to the table, And sits away from Jad and Flame, he didn't want to antagonise them today. "All I know, is that if Crymson made it will most likely be good, I'm just guessing."

Robin looks around, "Has anyone noticed where Static and Mimic went?" Indeed, Static and Mimic seemed to be missing.

Flame looks around "I have no idea, Not in the slightest..."

Speedy"how bizzare"

"Huh, I wonder where they went to?" Crymson wonder to herself, worried.

"Maybe he's going to get you a ring." Burg teased again.

Surg smack the back of Burg's head. "Enough nonsense."

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. Mimic and Crystaline were standing outside.

Flame teleports to the door and opens it, The wind blows very heavily when he opens the door, So much infact his contacts fall out, He squints "Hold on a second" He fumbles around looking for them.

Crystaline smiles a little, "Lose your contacts again, Flame?" The irises of her eyes seemed to glow a bright green. Strangely, her eyes were white where the pupils should have been. She was wearing a red and light green dress, black boots with white furry cuffs, white gloves with furry cuffs, a light green scarf, and a light green bow over her left ear. Her ghost chao, Ebony, was wearing a santa hat.

Ebony picked up a contact lense and gave it to Flame. "Chao!" It cried happily.

Flame smiles "Thanks" He puts them in "Oh hey Crystaline, I didn't see you...Because well..." He welcomes Crystaline in and Closes the door after Mimic and Crystaline "What brings you here?"

"Mimic came to me and asked me if I wanted to come." Crystaline said. "When he mentioned you and Zarex were here, I though it would be best if I came to make sure you two didn't destroy Crymson's home if you two got in another fight." She was smiling, clearly joking about Flame and Zarex's rivalry.

Flame smiled, "Okay." Suddenly, he looked a little confused, "But, don't you live in the Sol Dimension? How did Mimic get to you so quickly? Because even Warp rings take a while to get open and Ready, Also The Warp rings are not instantanous only moving a speed relative to amount of people, Is Speed of Sound + (0.25 x speed of light) /Number of people, Which would be...Yeah that wouldn't be fast." He looks around and sees everyone is confused..." Errrm...I'm going to stop talking"

Zarex laughs "That may be for the best, Oh and I appreciate the joke, But its christmas and I dont fight on Christmas, Even with Lame and Greasy."

Jad growls "My name is Jad! Not greasy!"

Speedy went outside to practice his airbending just then he heard a voice in the fog 

Voice"on  the   first  day  of  christmas  my true  love  sent   to   me   a     partidge   in    a    pear...........TREE"  

Zoom jumped out and knocked Speedy out "now that thats done,let the impersonation begin!"  

Zoom went back pretending he was Speedy "hello comrads!" (note Zoom has a heavy posh brittish accent) 

Reeper"hey Speedy what wrong with your voice?" 

Zoom"urh my voice cracked"  


Crystaline looked at Speedy with a glare, not because she didn't like Speedy, but because she knew it wasn't Speedy. It was Zoom. "Flame," she wispered to Flame, "That isn't Speedy. Can you use a spell to break his impersonation?"

Mimic scoffed, "Even I know a bad impersonation when I see one."

Crymson felt a little uneasy about Speedy. Something's odd. And I can't seem to put my finger on it."

Flame laughed to himself "What a terrible disguise, I'll get right on it" He pointed at Zoom and Closed his eyes, His hand glowed blue and zoom glowed Blue too, After a few seconds nothing happened "It's not a Disguise, Its definately Zoom though."

Reeper"yeah right"

Zoom"yeah its totally me im Speedy bro"

Crystaline turned invisible and went up behind Zoom. Meanwhile, Mimic got an idea. He went to his seat and raised a glass. "Attention everyone." He said outloud, and casts a sly grin at Zoom. "I would like to purpose a toast. To Christmas!"

"TO CHRISTMAS!" everyone cheered happily in unison.

"So," Mimic continued, "It is with a great happiness to note that love, no matter when, who or where, is capable of blooming in all seasons. So, I purpose a toast to a young guy that has taken the courage to speak his true feelings to the girl he loves. TO SPEEDY AND CRYMSON!"

"WHAT!!!" Crymson was shocked to here Mimic's comment.

Burg just laughed and fell off the table.

Zoom looks in shock, "What?! I don't like her!!"

Outside, Static was returning back to Crymson's house when he notices Speedy's body outside. "What happened?" He rushes up to Speedy and checks on him. Seeing that he's unconcious, he picks him up and carries him inside. Everyone stops eating and talking when they notice Static carrying Speedy over his shoulder.

"Hey!" Static called. "A little help here? Speedy's unconcious."

Zarex looks at Static in suprise. "Wait, is that Speedy over Static's shoulder?" He looks over at Zoom, "But Speedy's right here." He looks confused.

"Oh, no....!!" Crymson looked at the Speedy that is in the table.

Flame sighs, "That's because the one at the table ISN'T Speedy.

Zoom "That's acutally Zoom. I'm Speedy."

Suddenly, Crystaline appears next to Zoom. "No, you're Zoom. I can sense it. If you really are Speedy, then tell me this: What's Crymson's favorite type of precious stone?"

Zoom"urgh crymson rubies?"

Jad smiles "Strike one"

Flame smirks "I have something reserved for Final test, It involves Mind reading."

Zoom"sorry i forgot it's saphires isnt it?" 

Crystaline shakes her head, "Strike two." She's bluffing. She knew that Speedy would know beyond a doubt that it really was saphires. Zoom"fine whats the final test?"

Flame smirks "Time for the final test" He closes his eyes for a second and points at Zoom (Note: This is different to a normal mind control) He opens his eyes and his pupils are gone. After a few minutes Zoom's Thoughts project across the room.

Zooms thoughts go across the room "why is this fox doing this anyway i must send him to my home dimension" Jad looks at Zoom "A hah! Speedy is from this dimension" Zarex yells at Zoom "I wont be taken for a Fool, Time to get Creamed Punk!" He starts running at Zoom.

Flame's eyes return, He is obviously very hurt from using the spell "Why would he do that? Why would Zoom pretend to be speedy?"

Suddenly, Zoom grabs Crystaline and puts her in a choke hold, "NOBODY MOVE OR SHE GETS IT!!"

Zarex stops "Don't You dare."

Flame seems to be shaking with anger "Put her...Down or...I will...Make you...Pay with your life...!" 

Without warning, Crystaline breaks Zoom's grip and twists his arm. Then she throws him onto the floor and puts him in a choke hold. "Did you really think that just because I'm blind that I'm also incapable of defending myself?" She asked coldly.

Zoom urgh METAL!!!" and suddenly Metal Speedy crashed through the window and tries to pick up Zoom. But as he tried to grab Zoom, his hand merely went through him. Crystaline had turned herself and Zoom transparent. No one could touch them.

 Zoom"if thats the way you want to be fine" he held the death cube to her head"this can take all the life force in a second let go or i will make you"

Crystaline notices Mimic standing near them. "Mimic!" she shouted. She turns herself and Zoom nontransparent again. Without warning, Mimic stole Zoom's death cube right out of his hand. As soon as Mimic had the cube, Crystaline turned herself and Zoom transparent again.

Mimic holds up the cube, "Hey! Lookie what I got! Here Speedy, you hold on to it." He hands it to Speedy, who was just now regaining conciousness.


Zoom"Speedy give that back and i'll be on my way"

"Sorry." Crystaline said. "But you're not in a position to negotiate. Sweet dreams." With one smooth motion, she knocks Zoom unconcious with a well placed blow to the back of the head. She and Zoom then became nontransparent again.

Metal Speedy suddenly grabbed Zoom and the death cube out of Speedy's hands. "MOEBIUS HEDGEHOG AND DEATH CUBE AQUIRED RETURNING TO HEADUATARS"

Speedy"what just happend?"

Crymson stood in confusion after she has seen the predicament that just happened.

Reeper"our appoliges we shall get this window fixed"(note Reeper was the most sensible out of the three hedgehogs)

Speedy"yes we will" Flame yawns "I'm hungry now..." He points to the window "Let me fix that" The peices slowly move into place and very slowly glue themselves together.

Zarex laughs "A bit of an Obscure Spell..."

Archer"hey Reeper bet you Speedy will be with Crymson by the end of this year"

Reeper"i'll do you one better i'll get a girlfriend as well"

Archer"really who?"

Reeper nods his head at Robin



Archer"you must be desperate"!

[Okay, I'll be introducing the Bah Humbug Creatures into the story to close off Chapter 1. Plus I'm making a few edits to the plot. So stay in track and don't make any other edits. :) ~CrySho~]

[L.M so we are not alowed to make edits or not make any edits that make sideplots im confised]

In the outskirts of Station Square, where darkness roams in only one spot, the enemies who were about to infiltrate Crymson's house happened to appear in the jet-black darkness, with no sign of where they went. Dr. Eggplankton, NightRush, Zoom, and Metal Speedy are in one place together, finding a way to get out. Just then, a mysterious shadow that is in a shape of a dark black ghost, appeared right in front of them with a bunch of wierd looking creatures around them.

"You're all wondering why I've summoned you here in this dreadful night." The ghost like thing's voice is like a sheer cold wind, creating an ominous chil of terror.

Metal Speedy had been reprogramed and was sent there

Zoom had just regained conciousness "metal why have you brought me here? wow what the heck are you"

[LM, stop with the edits, we're closing off chapter one." ~CrySho~]

"That is none of your concern. But what I brought you here is important. I have a mission for all of you to accomplish." The dark stranger's brroding red eyes stared at the villans.

Dr. EggPlankton: Alright, we'll take it. Now what is the mission?

"It's about this...'Christmas' everybody is talking about. It makes me sick. The brightness, the happiness. All I want is chaos, all I want is people to feel, how you say, 'Bah Humbug'." It explained.

Zoom"ok i'll bite how exactly are are we going to do this?"

The mysterious figure appears in the dim light, showing itself what looks like a 14 foot tall dark ghost with a bunch of stitches all around him. It is named Corax. He grinned a sninister grinned. "We destroy Christmas!!"\

[Frost: I guess I'll introduce Static Nega later... Sorry about all the crazy posts from earlier, Crym. Flame, Lil Mike and I might have gotten a little carried away.]

9 Days until Christmas

Over the past three nights was havoc in Station Square. Decorations were destroyed, everything was pummeled, and everything in town is a wreck. Only half of the town's Christmas stuff was destroyed. Except for the area that is close to Crymson's house, which still has decorations up. Crymson, on the other hand, didn't know abou tthe occurances that it has been happening for the past three days.

While walking through the busy streets and shops, Crymson is on her way to the store to get some groceries for the Christmas dinner. "Man, it sure has been quiet for the past three days. I wonder how everyone is doing." As she walked past the electronic store, she sees the weather. "Hmm, snowing again, eh? Maybe I can invite my friends for a snowball fight." She laughed as she walked away.

Then the screen changed to the breaking news report. "We have some breaking news out of the west part of Station Square where we have a bunch of Christmas decorations being destroyed. Thousands of people are in an outrage seeing their decoration all torn up and being in a mess. We go live on the scene where Tom is position to where everyone is in an outrage. Tom?"

"Thanks, Jill."

Crymson sprinted back to the TVs, seeing what it looks like an outrages amount of decorations being desimated. "What?!"

up in the poorer part of station square Speedy and his friends were deciding what to do

Speedy"do you think i should die my hair darker you know brownish?"

Reeper"nah mate"

Archer"hey Speedy"


Archer"guess who Reeper likes"


Archer"you know that Robin girl"

Speedy"oh my god Reeper are you desperate!? i mean have you seen her"

Reeper"it's not about looks it's about personality"

just then an explosion was heard just a couple of miles away from there flats


Jack & Patricia: (goes up to Crymson)

Jack: Did you hear the news?

Patricia: Someone is destroying the christmas decorations!

Jack: Who would do such a thing?

Crymson saw Jack and Patricia walking towards her. "I have no clue. But whoever it is must have a good explaination for this destruction." Her voice sounded serious.

Jack: Come on, let's go find out who is causing all this destruction.

Crymson nodded. Just as she was turning to investigate, a trash can came flying past her and into what it looks like a pet store. Eh, how did that happened? She thought.

A big, black haired guy came storming out of the storm with a furious look in his eyes towards the person right across the street. "Hey, I saw you threw that trash can through my window.

The other person spoke in an Italian accent. "Me?? You gots to be jokin'. All I was doin' is sweepin' ove' heeya in front of the store, and you came bargin' in and accusin' me??"

"I saw you throw it. Now apologize and pay for the window or I'm going to call teh cops for vandalism." He accused.

"Huff, I will not!" The Italian scoffed. Then in seconds he was on the ground being pummeled like an orange.

Out of the corner of Crymson's eye, she see what it appears to be a pitch black looking creature, snickering at the two guy's argument and fighting. What in the hell is that? She thought. She then saw Speedy and his friends running to them.

Speedy,Reeper and Archer ran up to Crymson

Speedy"big explosion (breath) down town(breath) need help

Jack: Big explosion? Down Town?

Patricia: Someone might be at there now.

"Let's check it out!!" Crymson's voice grew more serious.

at the explosion site Zoom and Metal Speedy 

Zoom"hello i am doing this against my will Metal Speedy has been reprogramed"

Speedy"i know i overuse this phrase but,bizzare!"

"Hmm?" said RedToxic.

Crymson was so enraged to see Zoom in plain sight. She brought out her rod, extends into a staff, and her blue flames roared around it. "What are you doing over here!?" She roared.

Zoom"im here against my own will to destroy christmas hwnb look i will try to leave"

he tries to leave and Metal Speedy puts a machine gun to his back


Dr. EggPlankton: (in his Chum Pod) (evil laughter) And Christmas will be gone forever! (activates about 50 Jack-4 Bots) Jack-4 Bots, get them!

Jack: Not if we have anything to say about it! (spindashes at Metal Speedy & Zoom)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Jack-4 Bots)

Crymson summoned up two blue fire balls and throw it towards Zoom. "As if you would destory Christmas!!"

RedToxic created an explosive fireball in his hand, and proceeded to aim.

"Hey, how can you forget about us!!!" It was Burg's voice. He and his twin brother Surg jumped off of a four story building. Burg's arm formed of a huge ice stalagtite and pierced through one of the Jack-4 bots.

Surg, on the other hand, focused on all his energy in his hands to form an electric ball. He threw it to the other Jack-4 bot, causing it to malfunction. "Hmph, I thought this would be a challenge." he murmered.

Zoom does nothing"im not going to fight for this because i dont want to destroy christmas"   

Metal Speedy put's a gun to Zooms head "YOU WILL HELP WITH THIS MISSION"

Speedy"we have to help Zoom!"

Reeper"did you really just say that?"

RedToxic ran to Metal Speedy, and threw a punch with enough strength to chuck a car.

Metal Speedy grabbed redtoxics fist and twisted it"YOU WILL NOT INTERFIRE WITH MASTERS PLAN!"

Crymson went to Zoom. "As much as I've hated you, I feel in your heart that you wouldn't do something this henious." Her voice was serious.

Zoom bows"i would not thats why i would like to join you...........for now anyways"

Reeper"if we can shut down Metal Speedy we can reprogram him to be on our side"

She smiled a little. "Well, it is Christmas. So this will be a temporary truce. After that, we are still enemies."

Metal Speedy open fired on Zoom

Crymson saw the firing that is coming towards Zoom. In a rare act, Crymson decided to shove him away from the attack using her whole body.

Dr. EggPlankton: You will never survive for much longer you know.

Jack: You think so, huh? (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at the Jack-4 Bots)

Zoom to Crymson"thank you hwnb and im glad im on your team coz your hot!"

Crymson's ears went down and she blushed. "Uhh, no prob- AH!!" She winced in pain. She looked at her right arm, which is injured, witch a burn mark and blood flowing out.

"NO!" RedToxic sreamed as he saw Crymson get injured. He then proceeded to explode, creating a flood around Metal Speedy at point blank range.

"Urgh, h-how did this happened?" Crymson was still wincing. She put her other hand onto the wound to make sure the blood won't flow out more.

Speedy started crying with anger and charged at Metal Speedy and turned into his dark form  Dark Speedy"I WILL DESTROY WHERE YOU STAND!"  

Reeper used his scythe to attack Metal Speedy"i barely knew her but she was a friend of Speedies so she was a friends of mine" 

Archer got into full battle mode because seeing what Crymson did reminded him of the besrkhog wars and started firing rapid arrows  

Dark Speedy pointed at Zoom" THIS IS YOUR FAULT" and he charged at Zoom and started smashing Zooms head against the floor

"NO!!!" Crymson, with so much rage, exploded and transformed into Raging Flare. She clutched onto Metal Speedy's neck and picked him up in the air. "Don't ever hurt him!!" Her voice was furocious.

Archer"besrkhogs.....beserkhogs everywhere!"he then started shooting all around

Metal Speedy grabbed Crymsons arm and then aimed his machine guns at speedy

Metal Speedy"TIME TO RECREATE MASSACRE ON SHREDDER SHOCKWAVE!" ans started open fireing on Speedy

Something then grabbed Dark Speedy, attempting to restrain him.

Archer thinking Reeper was a besrkhog shot him in the back

Dr. EggPlankton: Get that girl! (points to Crymson)

Jack-4 Bots: (charges at Crymson)

Jack & Patricia: (protects Crymson)

Jack: (to the Jack-4 Bots) Stay away from our friend, you Jack-4 Bots! (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots)

Dark Speedy reverts back to regular Speedy he saw Crymson in her raging flare form which is dangerous but also Reeper has an arrow loged in his back he let go of Zoom 

The person holding Dark Speedy threw him like a missle at Dr. Eggplankton

Speedy"ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"he jumped off eggplankton while he was trying to sort out Reeper he said kind things to Crymson"calm down Crymson we all care about you and we hate to see you like this"

"I know, but I don't like people hurting my friends. I hate that!!!" Raging Flare still has her hand on Metal Speedy's neck.

Suddendly Layla the FoxSkunk appears, using Dark Iron Tail at  Speedy, trying to save Dr. EggPlankton.

The orange figure attacking Speedy decided to charge Crymson.

Speedy"NO!"he runs and rugby tackles the orange figure

"Get off you hyperactive idiot!" the figure said as he grabbed Speedy and procceded to crush his hand.

Reeper still with an arrow lodged in his back"get off my BROTHER!"he then used his water bending to make icicles to take him out  

Archer still in battle mode used his earthbending on him "BESRKHOG!" 

Zoom used his firebending on him "I DO NOT LIKE THE WAY YOU ARE LOOKING AT ME!" 

Speedy used his functioning hand used his airbending on him  

Layla: Guess who?

Patricia: Layla the FoxSkunk?!

Layla: I'm back to Destroy Christmas!

Jack: We won't let you!

Patricia: (Uses Iron Tail at Layla)

Layla: (uses Dark Iron Tail at Patricia)

((((Hey guys, Crym hasn't edited in a bit, so let's wait ~HS))))

[Frost: My turn.]

Suddenly, a series of electrical bolts fire out of the sky, destroying several of the robots. One of the bolts also hit Layla. Static landed in the middle of a group of bots and released an electrical blast, sending the bots flying. The bots exploded in mid air due to being overloaded with electricity. "Mind if I join?"

Meanwhile, a figure could be seen coming toward everyone at high speed. It was Robin using her speed booster ability. She was wrapped in a multi-colored field of kinetic energy. She ran right through several of the bots and came to a sudden stop in front of Layla. She then released a powerful kinetic shockwave with a blast radius of about 10 feet, knocking Layla several meters back and into a parked taxi.

Meanwhile, Mimic ran up and kicked one of the bots in the face. He then backfliped over one of the bots approaching from behind and lands behind it. He then trips the bot with a slide attack. Just as he got up from the slide, several bots charged at him all at once. Mimic threw a smoke bomb at his feet, creating a dense cloud of smoke. The robots charged into the smoke, only to collide into each other. Mimic had shapeshifted into Rouge the Bat and flew upwards at the last moment. He then shapeshifted back to normal and landed on the gound, admiring the pile of destroyed bots. "Whoever made these robots clearly forgot to install any intelligence in them."

[Frost: Sorry I'm late with the post. I don't know if I'll be on at all on tuesday, and I likely won't be on at all on wednsday. By the way, Lil Mike, you may want to check out Robin's character page for her physical description. I don't quite see how Reeper would be attracted to Robin. However, Reeper could be attracted to Crystaline (even though she has very unusual eyes). This would make a bit of a rivalry between Reeper and Flame that is similar to Speedy and Static's "rivalry".]

[Frost: I forgot to mention something. Due to Robin's condition, she did NOT eat anything at the dinner in the first part of the roleplay. Just thought I'd mention it.]

"Static?" Raging Flare heard Static's voice. She reverted back to Crymson and fell unconcious.

"Cousin Crym!!!" Burg ran over to his cousin for help. "Guys, she's unconcious again!!! We got to help her quick!!"

Robin turned around and rushed to Crymson's side. "Okay. I think I have a smelling salt." She takes out a small first aid kit and pulls out a smelling salt. She uses it on Crymson, immediately waking her up.

As Crymson smelled the salt, she opened her eyes quick, sat up sneezed. "AH-CHOO!!"

"Good, she's alright. But we got a bigger situation here!!!" Surg yelled as he destroyed one of the Jack-4 bots.

Zoom tackled Metal Speedy onto the ground and a big red button saying RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS  

Speedy"dont press that Zoom if you do he will go back to being evil"  

of course Zoom pressed it  

Zoom"HAHA SO LONG SUCKERS and M.S if you dont mind will you kill those three"  

Metal Speedy open fired on the three hedgehogs

Archer snapped out of his state , Reeper was staggering and was unable to remove the arrow out of his back  and Speedies hand was broken so it ment he could only do the basic airbending moves but couldnt do complex ones and that included a force feild  


"HRAAH!!" Crymson jumped about fifteen feet in the air before using her staff to create a blue fire wall upon landing to sheild the three hedgehogs.

Speedy"thanks "

Reeper had passed out from the blood loss

Flame walks by the fight, He scans over the people noticing all his friends he runs up and looks over who they are fighting "You guys need some help? I'm not much of a fighter, but I can help..."

"Be my guest. But you better make it quick because my fire shield won't last long." Crymson grunted, trying to keep her fire shield active.

Flame nods "Hold on" A sword appears in his hand and A scyth Floats about him (Note this is a new weapon, He's Not very good with it) and his tome appears floating around him aswell He points at the floor infront of crymson and a sheild appears "There, Now please explain whats going on" He starts healing Speed Reeper and Archer.


Reeper"thank you fellow sythe weilder""

Archer"many thanks"

Crymson let the fire sheild died down since Flame put up his sheild. She then looked to Flame. "Apparently, these villans are over hear saying that they want to, quote unquote, 'Destory Christmas'. But I have no exact clue why." Crymson explained to Flame.

Flame sighs "Does that explain why the decorations in my appartment randomly dissapeared?"


Zoom froze and then said"challenge accepted!"

"Destroy Christmas..... I can tell you why..." The orange figure said.

Burg landed right near Crymson and the others. "Why would anyone want to destroy Christmas? That obsured!!!" he yelled at the orange figure.

"Destroying Christmas would be the ultimate testament to the Troll Empire's power!" the Trollhog said.

Zoom got down from Metal Speedy "regular dueling rules apply?"

Speedy"of course"

Surg went in front of Speedy. "No, let me battle him. All I want to do is test out my abilities. Plus..." He looks at Zoom. "He doesn't seem that strong." He said in a calm but serious tone.

Speedy pushes Surg away "no i must be the one to battle him we've agreed to duel so to have someone else fight for me would take away my honor so let me do this"

Surg grabbed Speedy's jacket collar and pulled him towards his face. "Exactly, what honor you are talking about?" he growled.

"The honor you'll never have!" The Trollhog said to Surg.

"Who asked you for your damn opinion!!" Surg yelled to the Trollhog.

Speedy"look mate i hardly know you so please stay out of my buisness" 

Surg looked back at Speedy. "Look, just so you know I'm Cymson's cousin, but I treat her like a sister of mine since her brother is gone. I know you really like her a lot, but if you ever so make one tiny scratch on her, I'll eletricute you to the next century!!" He lets go of Speedy's collar and walks away.

Speedy"i would never hurt Crymson!"

Zoom"i think you have him mixed up with me"

Zoom"let us begin i will let you make the first move"

Speedy"very well" he launches a air blast at Zoom

Zoom"is that all you got"he returned fire with a fire blast

Speedy blocked it with a air sheild and returned with a mini tornado knocking Zoom to the floor

Zoom"lets see how you fight BLIND!" and he fired a fire blast into Speedies eyes

Speedy"ARRRGGGHHH!! fine then" he then used vibrations to sense where Zoom was then used an air blast to knock Zoom into the air

Zoom went behid Speedy and made rapid fire attacks on him With Speedy unable to see it was hard for him to pin point Zoom

Speedy made a tornado around himself with airblast shooting out of it hitting Zoom

Zoom made a flame tornado surrounded Speedy fataly burning him leaving him inches away from death "have i won?"

Speedy said weakly"yes you've won"

Zoom"great c'mon M.S lets go" and with that Zoom and Metal Speedy left

Flame keeps the shield up, Scanning over anything that he needs to fight.

Reeper and Archer did nothing but look solem

Jack & Patricia: (attacks the Jack-4 Bots)

"Okay, this is redundant, I'm ending this!!" Surg went up to the air with his electro magnitism abilty. He surround himself with lightning bolts and unleashed them to the remaining Jack-4 bots, causing all of them to malfunction

"Good" the Trollhog said. "Maybe you might scratch me."

Surg look down to the Trollhog with a smug look. "Pfft, don't get your quills in a knot." He landed safely on the ground.

"Don't have a hissy fit hobknocker." The Trollhog countered.

Surg chuckled in amusment. "Looks like the little orange kitten is having a temper tantrum. Want me to pamper you?"

"Want me to make this personal?" The Trollhog asked.

"Heh." Surg put his arm up and gestered the Trollhog to bring it.

"You're a fail at life" The Trollhog said. "Trying to keep your cousin stable, knowing you'll fail in the end. That is the full extent of my insults."

Surg gave the Trollhog a confused, glum look. "Is that the best you can do? My idiot brother can make more insults than you."

"Hey!! What does that suppose to mean?" Burg yelled.

while he was flying off Zoom shot a fire blast at Crymson "take that no bro!" 

Burg came in front of Crymson and created a thick ice sheild. "Go tend to Speedy."

"Got it!" Crymson went to make sure Speedy's alright.

Reeper"we can do nothing"

Archer"he lost he has to heal himself"

"You know what it means" The trollhog said to Burg. "She'd fall apart if anything would happen to you, and that's your greastest fear weakling!"

"That's...not....true!!!" Burg landed a punch at the Trollhog. He turned to Surg. "Go to Crymson."

"Hmm." Surg nodded and went to Crymson quickly.

"Aww, the wittle wittle baby thinks he can hurt me" the Trollhog said, catching the fist.

"Only I can do the insults, you little orange freak!!" Burg growled.

Crymson heard the word 'freak' from Burg. "Uh-oh, I know someone who is not going to be happy if he hears that word."

"Only when it's directed at me." RedToxic said.

"You call THAT an insult! That my friend is a show of your terrible school grades." The Trollhog said.

Zoom heard what the trollhog said "metal shoot them two down!"

Metal Speedy"AFIRMATIVE!" and he started shooting at surg and burg.

Crymson sprinted towards them and sheilded them with her staff, twirling fast. "You know what, I'm tired of this." She upper kicked the trollhog into the air. Then her staff extended longer and slammed him onto the ground.

The Trollhog got up. "Oh, so now the mentally unstable cat girl's gonna fight me."

Zoom got down "i like your style trollhog,you know what no bro Speedy is dying how does that make you feel? watching him die slowly knowing you cannot do anything?"

"That makes me feel happy knowing that another worm is off the face of this planet and out of our way" The Trollhog said.

Crymson walked up to the trollhog and put one end of her staff to his neck, putting pressure onto it. "Heh, I've heard better insults from my step-father. You are just a sad joke."

Zoom"you know what Speedy is more pathetic than your brother wait nothing is more pathetic than him!"

The Trollhog grabbed the pole with his mighty grip. "A sad joke with more of a brother than yours."

Crymson frozed as she is now hearing the insults the two give off. Her eyes grew to the size of dinner plates and she started to tremble.

Upon hearing this, RedToxic started to grit his teeth in anger. "What the H*** is your problem!

"Zoom"hey you know what it was better for the kingdom that your brother die if he was in archers time he would have been killed as an infant but atleast he was taken out he wouldve made the rest of us weak"  

Speedy stagered up still blind "hey if thats is true lets take out one more weakling"  

Zoom"oh i will" he then shot a fire blast at his head severly burning him followed by him stabbing him in the chest with his heart sclicer.

"SPEEEDDYYYY!!!!" Crymson yelled as she saw her friend getting stabbed. She ran to Speedy with her eyes welding with tears.

Flame looks over at speedy, He has a solemn look on his face, His hand starts shaking with anger.

Zoom"yes watch him die he wont be here for much longer theres nothing you can do"

Reeper"we cant help him after the fight the losers following injuries he has to sort it out himself"

"Bravo" The Trollhog said to Zoom. "You should join the Trolls"

Zoom"love to but i work for someone else"

Archer"wait a minute the stabbing happend after the fight ergo we could help" 

Reeper"thats true but even then we cant help Speedy he was stabbed in the chest so due to his astmah he will be dead in about 10 minutes" 

"Not if I can help." Crymson said. Blue fire roared around her and encircled her. Blue fire wings spread out and the fire died down, showing Crymson tranforming to Frozen Flare.

Layla: Oh yeah? (sprays her Dark Skunk Scent Spray at Crymson)

Frozen Flare used her blue fire powers to get rid of Layla's attack. "Is that the best you can do?" She said in a calm tone.

"Phonic's not done yet!" The ZTrollhog said, turning into Raging Phonic.

Reeper"you can only heal his knife wound if you can because the bending duel rules state you can not heal injuries caused in the battle because he lost"

"Really? My fire has the healing ability." Frozen said.

Just then, a huge band of Bah Humbug Creatures came and encirled the villans. "Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh!!"

Jack: Crymson! Watch out for Layla's Dark Skunk Spray, it's more powerful than Patricia's Skunk Scent!

Patricia: Who are those guys? (points to the Bah Humbug Creatures)

"Heal him so we can get back at Phonic." RedToxic said, rubbing a salve over Speedy's wounds

"Got it." Frozen went to Speedy and used her ability to heal him.

"Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh. We are the Bah Humbug creatures, out to cause poeple to lose their holiday spirits and destroy Christmas!!!"' One of the creatures said.

Speedy"Reeper,Reeper where are you?"

Reeper"im here bro"  

Speedy"take the life orb in heritance it know belongs to you and this belongs to you Crymson"he gave her his gift for her  "and Reeper dont break the rules"

after Crymson healed Speedies stab wound Reeper stopped her"dont break the rules"

'"What rules?" Frozen said, calmly confused.

"You know what?" Burg said picking one of the creatures. "These things are cute." he started teasing it with his finger, when it bit his finger hard. "YEOWCH!!!" He dropped the thing and put his finger in his mouth.

"Are you two wusses gonna fight me or not?" Raging Phonic said, powering down.

Jack: (to the Bah Humbug Creatures) Not if we have anything to say about it.

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail at Dr. EggPlankton's Chum Pod)

Dr. EggPlankton: Whao! (falls out of the Chum Pod)

Speedy"Reeper dont worry i wont be gone forever"

Archer checked Speedies pulse "he's dead"

Reeper broke down in tears


Frozen looked at Speedy's lifeless body. She is now going to do the unthinkable. "I'm sorry master. I have to use that move wheather you like it or not." She put her hand over Speedy's eyes as she hummed a soft, harmonic tune as she tries to ressurect him.

"Who else do you work for? Whoever it is, the Trolls will benefit you more in the end." Phonic said to Zoom

Zoom"i work for Nazo the hedgehog and i doubt the trolls could be the leader of the world"

"Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh, no you work for Corax." It said to Zoom. "DESTROY!!!" The Bah Humbug creatures started to destroy everything that has any Christmas stuff on display and inside until it is all done. Now all of the stores are a wreck.

Zoom"no i do not" 

the life orb started glowing and a light enveloped the dead Speedy   

Reeper"the life orb wont be able to reserect him we need something else wait i got an idea!" he used his water bending to heal Speedy Speedy  then took back the life orb

"I don't need the light orb. I am giving him part of my life to bring him back." Frozen calmly said, still humming.

Jack: Oh no you don't! (spindashes at the Bah Humbug Creatures)

Patricia: (to the Heroes) Plug your noses everyone, cause I'm gonna spray!

"Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh!! Goodbye!!" The Bah Humbug creatures, along with the villans, disappeared in a flash.

Patricia: Never mind.

Jack: They got away. So should we clean up the mess they made?

Patricia: Ok then.

"Hey, ley me help!!!" Burg ran to Jack and Patricia to help.

Jack: Ok Burg


Speedy got up and he had bangs on his forehead"bizzare, reeper give your sythe" when he did he chopped off his bangs and then hugged Crymson "thank you Crymson"

"You're welcome." She kisses Speedy's forehead before fainting, reverting back to Crymson.

Patricia: (catches Crymson) Gotcha. Are you ok, Crymson?

Jack: (starts cleaning up the messes that the Bah Humbug Creatures had made)

"Don't worry, that form won't cause her to go unconcious. She needs rest." Burg said, picking up ornaments.

Speedy"use your waterbending to get her some water for when she wakes up"   Reeper"sure thing boss" (Let me Edit ~HS)

Phonic, seeing that Crymson was incapacitated, powered up again. "TOO BAD THAT THE KISS SHE GAVE YOU WAS THE ONLY JOY YOU'LL EVER FEEL IN YOUR SORRY LIFE. BEFORE YOUR DEAD AGAIN FOREVER!" He screamed charging at Speedy.

Speedy did nothing but started crying

"Sorry, master needs you, nyeh, nyeh, nyeh!!"Shoadows form around Phonic and he disappears instantly.

Zoom "c'mon Metal lets go!" and with that Zoom and Metal Speedy fled

"Mm-mm?" Crymson woke up. "Huh? What happened?" She sat up and looked around to see everything a mess.

"Let's see: Go berserk, go cold, fainted the end." Burg said.

"Crymson just growled at Burg's remark.

Speedy"it wasnt really beserk it was more whimsical!"

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"So.....Who wants cookies?" RedToxic asked. "They'll cheer us up!"

"Just hopefully you didn't burn them." Crymson laughed as she took one of Toxi's cookies.

"What do you think I spent the whole first chapter doing?" RedToxic laughed.

Flame puts the shield down, He still looks to be filled with rage, But he seems to be trying to supress it, He takes a cookie and Eats one "They're...Tasty" He takes another and eats that.

Jack: I like one (starts eating one of Red Toxic's Cookies)

Patricia: I love cookies. Crymson are you ok? Good thing I've caught before you crash to the ground.

Reeper"i would like to thank you Crymson for saving my brother"

Speedy"yes thank you Crymson you can have your christmas present early"

"I may as well tell you mine." RedToxic said to Crymson. "I'm dragging Phonic to you so you can beat the Trollish crud out of him"

Jack: Remember, no bad language please.

"Let's have a good time. I love you guys, you're the best." Crymson laughed. Then everyone else around laughed in agreement.

Mimic frowned, "Cookies? I'd rather open presents."

Static rolled his eyes, "Of course you would."

Flame sighs "You stole the words right out of my mouth..."

Speedy"i hope you like it Crymson"

Back with the villans...

"Even though you did destroy everything in that area, but you DIDN'T ELIMINATE THEM!!!! What do you have to say for yourselves?!" Crovax was furiated at the villans who didn't get their mission done. He ia now pacing back and forth.

Dr. EggPlankton: I can't believe those Bah Humbug Creatures had tooken all the credit for taking down christmas for us.

"These Bah Humbug creatures are only a part of me. I create them to get rid of these 'jolliness' and bring in the glood and doom and darkness all around. They all deserve no merriful festivities. All I want you all to do is eliminate so my plan can proceed." Crovax ordered.

Layla: A very good touch Crovax

Dr. EggPlankton: But what about Crymson, Jack, Patricia & they're friends? They're filled with holly jolly happiness. I mean just look at them. They're fixing everything that those your creatures had destroyed.

Zoom"why dont you go suck a lemon i have a dead master tovreserect"

Without warning, a gray cat who looked similar to Static came up to the villains. "Why not hire someone who can eliminate them? Someone like... me." It was Static Nega, Static's clone. He gave a short nod to Dr. EggPlankton, someone that Dr. Eggman has ordered him to assist from time to time.

[Frost: To Spongebob100: For now, let's just say that Dr. EggPlankton and Static Nega know each other.

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"Ah, someone who actually has a brilliant mind. I have a special task for you. You know that black cat female who seems to, no, love your other you. I want you to disguise as him to lure her into my trap. She has the most spirited and most happiness inside of her. Do that, and I'll award you anything you desire." Crovax assigned Static Nega.

Static Nega raised an eyebrow, "You want her alive?"

"Yes, she is the one with the most kindred spirit. She has so much kindness, love, and brightness. I want her here using you to look like the orange cat she loves so much." Crovax said, his tone sinister and dark.

Static Nega sighs, "Fine. It would be smarter to have her killed, but I'll bring her here. However, I will need a few things." He thinks for a few moments. "First, I will need Layla. She can assist me if things go wrong. Second, I'll need something to quietly knock Crymson unconcious. Maybe a drug or tranquilizer of some sort. The third thing I need is for Zoom to stay here. Knowing him, he'll let his thirst for revenge get in the way and mess everything up."

Zoom thought "they want her alive do they? i may be able to make this my addvantige and i may get anything i desire hm probably shouldnt tell M.S that because he will just reserect Nazo as for me i want something much more" he then turned to Metal Speedy "take me to station square"

Metal Speedy"AFFERMITIVE!"

Suddenly, Static Nega put a hand on Metal Speedy's head and overloaded him with electricity. Metal Speedy fell to the floor, deactivated and disabled. Then Static Nega turned to Zoom. "I told you to stay here." he growled. "I don't need you messing everything up."

Zoom"i dont need your permission im leaving"he took Metal Speedy and tried to run away

Static Nega electrified the enterence. "Maybe you don't need my permission, but you do need his." He nods his head towards Crovax.

[Frost: It would be best to let CrySho decide whether Crovax let's Zoom leave or not.]

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"He is right. I only ordered Static Nega to go and get the black cat female. You stay here as commanded. You may leave." Crovax said to Sratic Nega.

Zoom"get bent im going!"he tries to run out before Static Nega

Static Nega grabs Zoom by the neck and holds him against the wall, "You will stay here. I don't need a coward to mess things up. Knowing you, the minute any of them have you against the wall, you'll be begging for mercy. Just like you did when Speedy hung you over the cliff back in the Forsaken Tournament."

"You WILL stay as I commanded, Zoom. Static Nega and Layla will take on this mission. Don't make me send you into the pitch darkness." Crovax warned Zoom.

Zoom"fine is there anything to do here?!" he then sees's Layla "hey there im Zoom,Zoom the hedgehog and by the way your hot!"" it was easy to tell he liked her 

"Zoom, stand down. Layla, Static Nega, go forth with your mission. And DON NOT FAIL ME!!!" Crovax ordered and sent the two to Station Square the next day.

Zoom"is there anyithing to do here?! jeez there isnt even anything to kill"

8 Days Until Christmas

Back at Crymson's house, Crymson is preparing Hot Egg Nog to her cousins Burg and Surg. After an intense day yesterday from the Bah Humbug creatures destroying the shops and such, they cleaned up everything neat and tidy. "Okay guys, here's your Egg Nog. Becareful, it'll be hot." Crymson warn her cousins.

"Who needs the heat when I can cool it down myself." Burg said as he uses his icy breath to make the drink cooler. He took a sip of it and was surprised at the flavor. "Mmm-mm!! Did you put cinnamon in here?"

"Yeah, I thought I would spice up the flavor." Crymson said as she sat down and took a sip of her drink.

"Very exquisite. You really did balance out the flavors. I got to give you kudos for this." Surg said in a calm, but happy manner.

"Aw, thanks you two." Crymson giggled from her comments.

A sharp wind gusts for a second, Then a knock on Crymson's Door, From behind the door You can hear muffled voices "Are you sure It's okay to come Un-announced?" "Yeah, I'm sure she won't mind..."

"Hold on a moment guys." Crymson got up and went to the door to open it. She opened up the door.

"I hope it's her boyfriend again." Burg laughed.

Surg slapped him onthe back of his head. "Enough nonsense." His voice got serious in a second.

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Flame, Jad and Zarex are at the door, Flame sighs "Sorry to come un-announced..." Jad Interrupts Flame "We were going to have a snowball fight, And hoping you 3 would come..." Zarex sighs "Why am I here again?"

At that second, Burg is already right beside Crymson. "Snowball fight!!! Count me in!!" He rushed down to the yard and turned to look at his friends. "What you are witnessing here is a 14-time snowball fighting champion, who even made the fastest snowball throw record!"

"Ugh, here we go again. Anywho, I'd love to. Hey Surg, you want to join?" Crymson called out to her other cousin.

"Thanks, but I have to help out with Patricia over at Station Square center to pass out her homemade fruitcake samples to the people." He went out and started flying. "Have fun."

Flame nods "Okay, So we are g-"

Jad interrupts "Theres a HUGE snow drift outside our apartment, Its like half the size of Flame, Which isn't that big because Flame is short"

Flame interrupts "I'm only 1 inch shorter than you!"

Zarex sighs "Flame can Teleport us there right"

Flame nods "Right, It will take a second" He reads a page in a book "So...I make that...Then Tiger...Okay" He does some handsigns and they are suddenly in a very large area of snow.

"YAY!!!" Burg created on medium sized snowballs. "Target sighted!!" He threw it onto Zarex's head with force. "Target eliminated!!!"

Zarex suddenly looks suprised "Huh?!" He blows it At Flame with some wind

Flame gets smacked in the face and falls in the snow, He is almost completely buried in snow "I didn't say Go!"

Jad yells "It's Time for a new Sediment!" He throws a Snowball back At Burg, He then goes and tries to get flame out of the snow.

"Multiple targets sighted!! Time to eliminate them!!" Burg laughed as he got pummeled by the snowball and threw one of his own at the others.

"Hey wait up!! This is my first time making snowballs!!!" Crymson said as she made her first snowball in her life. [Note, Crymson was born in the southern region where it doesn't snow. So this is her first time doing this.]

at Speedies house the three hedgehogs were making breackfast   

Speedy"FIRE FIRE!"  

Reeper quikly used his water bending to put it out "be more careful Speedy!" he had been a bit over protective after Speedy almost died  

Archer"Reeper stop doing this the reason Speedy almost died was because of the duel Speedy will be more stronger now"  

Speedy"ok guys heres breakfast bacon,sausage and beans enjoy!"  

Archer and Reeper "thanks Speedy"

after breckfast Speedy looked out the window "im bored you two got any ideas?"

Reeper and Archer"no"

Jack & Patricia: (arrives at Crymson's House)

Jack: (knocks on the door)

[Wait, everyone is already outside. ~CrySho~]

"Jack, Patricia!! What are you doing here?" Crymson said, now got hit by a snowball by Burg.

Zarex yelled "Hey! She was talking!" Zarex Using his superspeed throws roughly 2 snowballs a second.

Burg got hit. "Ooof, I'll get you." He threw two snowballs at Zarex.

Flame finally got out of the snow "That wasn't cool!"

Jad threw a Snowball at Flame who threw one back They seem to be laughing as they pummel eachother.

A aqua blue hedgehog walked past, but then turned, revealing RedToxic's face behing a hologram. "HI!"

Jack: Hi RedToxic (to Crymson) We're here to play in the snow with you

Patricia: Yeah, playing in the snow with your friends will be lots of fun.

"Well, come on. There's more fun where it came from." Crymson intived them.

A snowball hit the right side of RedToxic's face, which it was Burg's doing. "Oh, sorry!" he said as a few more hit him.

Flame aims at Crymson "Ready...Aim...Fire!" He throws one which he accidently melts and splashes into Crymson's face "Sorry, I didn't mean to melt it!"

Crymson shakes the wetness off. "No worries." She laughed as she threw one to Flame.

Jad throws one at Zarex "Haha! take that Spots!"

Zarex throws one at Jad "Take that yourself Greasy!"

RedToxic responded by exploding, making LOTS of snow, and then creating several watermelon sized snowballs. "challenged Accepted" he said as his hologram project created sunglasses over his face.

"Haha, bring it!!" Burg said as he prepares for his snowballs. Zarex grabs a huge clump of snow and Shoves it into Jad's Face "Eat it! I'm the victor" He then runs over to flame and Does the same thing "I am the Most Victoryful!" Flame spits some snow out "Victoryful isn't a word" Jad spits some snow out aswell "And besides thats cheating, And Thats really Unhealthy" Zarex yells "I Don't care! I still win!" He throws 2 snowballs at Jad and Flame they hit them in the face and knock them both over "Don't argue! Or I will defeat you!"

Speedy"hey look a snowball fight c'mon lets go!"  

the three made a snow wall Reeper made the snowballs Archer was the distraction and Speedy was the one that threw the snowballs Archer grabbed the snowballs and started throwing at them missing of course and while he was doing that Speedy snuck up from behind and got them all

"Ahh, enemies sighted!!!" Crymson laughed so hard and threw a snowball at Speedy.

Speedy wiped snow off his face "ok Reeper make us a tower using your water bending and be tower defnse Archer get their attention on you and i wil get my sledge ok?"

Reeper and Archer"ok!"

Flame rubs the snow off his face "That wasn't fair at-all" He grabs some snow and flings it at Zarex using Telekinesis.

Jad runs up to Zarex and slams some snow in his face, Zarex moves out the way making his collide with Surg "Gangway, Crashing Imminent! Its Aerofly all over again"

Flame runs up as well and tries the same, Same result "We really need to think this through more!"

"Hey Crymson!" RedToxic yelled. "Alliance?"

"Accepted!!" Crymson smiled and nodded to Toxi.

Jack: (throws a snowball at Burg) Take this.

Patricia: (thorms a snowbaall at Speed) Take that.

"Face my multi snow shots!!!" Burg started throwing multiple snowballs at Jack.

"Crymson!" RedToxic yelled. "Do you have ANYTHING that can produce an electrical charge?"

"Hey, only I have that electrical charge!!" It was Surg, who came flying back to help out. "Mind if I join?" He said to RedToxi, hovering beside him.

"Shoot me with some! I'll charge up, and we'll have an instant snow fortress!" RedToxic said.

Speedy returned speeding on a red sledge throwing snowballs along the way


Reeper made a ramp and Speedy flung into the air he jumped off his sledge and threw a line of snowballs

Flame gets hit in the face one "Thats not fair! Your not allowed Veichles!"

Zarex dodges the snowballs "Cheater!"

Jad looks over at Speedy, As soon as he sees he gets hit in the stomach "Aw...That...Was dirty....Ugh" He falls over clutching his stomach "That...Was Ice..."

Flame telekineticly pulls down the sled "That wasn't fair!" He throws a bunch of snowballs at Speedy.


Reeper used waterbending to make a wall to deflect the snowballs 

Archer then came running and threw snowballs at the others

Flame telekineticly grabs the snowballs and throws the back.

Jad throws some at them as-well

Surg gave RedToxic a static charge at full power. "A little gift for you, ally."

"Heads up!!" Crymson threw a snowball at Zarex. "Hee hee, got ya!!" She smiled and sticked her tounge out.

Zarex laughs "Nice throws, But you have gained an enemy" The throws some at her while laughing "Snow is awesome!"

"No!! I'm hit!!" She laughed as she got hit by Zarex's snowballs.

RedToxic jumps back, and begins to set up calculations for a full power blast.

Flame yells out at RedToxic "E = Mc2, F = MxA Fire = Oxygen + Heat + Fuel And Electrisity = Energy + Power! Calculate with that!"

Jack: Got it ! (throws a snowball at Reeper)

Patricia: (throws 2 snowballs at Archer)

Speedy and Archer ran back to the snow tower 

Speedy"i's time use blizzard snowball attack!"

Reeper then got hundreds of snowballs and fired them rapidly at his opponents

"Cheap Shot!" RedToxic yelled while firing fireballs at the blizzard.

"Hah!! A worthy opponent!!" Burg throws a bunch of snowballs at RedToxic.

Suddenly, a barrage of snowballs came flying out of nowhere, pummeling everyone with a flury of snow. When everyone recovered, the see Robin, Crystaline, and a large robot standing at one end of the field. The robot changes form, revealing that it was Mimic. He had shapeshifted into a robot to fire the snowballs like a machinegun. "Mind if we join?" He asked with a smrik on his face.

Flame gets hit in the face a couple times "Yeah, Okay As long as you don't cheat!"

Jad is rolling up a giant Ball of snow "This...Is...Really tiring..."

Crystaline turns invisible. Meanwhile, Robin and Mimic quickly make a snowfort. Robin makes a snowball and throws it, hitting Zarex in the knee. Mimic throws one, hitting Burg in the face. "Take that, Freezer-brain!" Mimic taunted.

Zarex falls over "Flame, While I hate siding with you, Why don't you melt it"

Jad sighs "Just avoid my Snow-Boulder!"

Flame grins "Hoping you'd say that!" He does some hand signs and Breaths-fire at the Snowfort, Melting it but not harming anyone, After he stops he pants "Why is fire so Spicy?!"

"In your dreams, bird-brain!!!" Burg taunted back, throwing a snowball at Mimic.

"Incomming!!!" Crymson hit Robin with a snowball.

Upon hearing Burg's insult, Mimic shapeshifted into a robot again and launched another flury of snowballs at Burg, burying him in a mound of snow. He then shapeshifts back to normal, "DON'T EVER CALL ME, OR ANY OTHER BIRD, BIRD-BRAIN!! IT'S AN INSULT TO ALL BIRDS EVERYWHERE!"

Jad laughs "What a Lazer-Brain, Get some anger management Up in there man!"

Flame laughs "He's almost as crazy as Spots"

Zarex Walks up behind Flame "You say something, Lame?" he looks really angry.

Crymson popped her head up from her fort. "Sorry about my cousin." She said to Mimic.

With their snowfort gone, Robin wipes the snow off her helmet visor and sprints for a nearby tree. She then aims her hand at a spot in front of Jad, and fires a repulser ray. The ray hits the snow and sends a wave of it into Jad, knocking him onto the ground.

Mimic tries to hid behind a small rock. "I just hate insults that are discriminating against a whole group of people. Unless they're bad guys." He replied to Jad and Flame.

"Geez, sorry. I didn't know about that." Burg said, after getting pummeled by three snowballs.

Jad is almost completely buried in snow "Thats cheating!"

Flame helps Jad up "Yeah, no Technology!" He telekineticly makes a dozen of snowballs and propells them.

"Sorry!" Robin shouted. She then threw a snowball at Surg, hitting him in the back of the head and knocking him into the snow.

"Mmmrf?" Surg muffled on the snow. He got up and laughed. "Time for a back fire!!" Surg yelled and threw snowballs at Robin.

Zarex throws a snowball at Mimic.

Mimic dodges the snow ball by bending over backwards (kinda like in the Matrix). "Missed me!" He taunted before throwing a snowball at Flame, though he misses and hits RedToxic instead.

"Wait a second!" Robin shouted. "How come you guys can use your powers, but I can't use mine?"

Flame laughed "Because we're using ours in moderation!"

Zarex Ran up behind him and tripped him up making him faceplant "Say you like the taste off floor and I'll side with you two nerds!"

Jad growls "Hey! stop that Offence" He throws some snowballs with tremendous force (But not tremendous accuracy)

"I only used my powers once. You guys used it multiple times!" Robin complained.

"I haven't used my powers even once! You all know I have fire abilities." Crymson complained.

Mimic saw something above Flame's head. "Hey Flame, didn't anyone ever teach you to watch your head?"

Crystaline was in a tree and had a huge mound of snow balaced on a shovel. She dropped the snow onto Flame's head with remarkable accuracy.

Flame looks up noticing the Snow above him, He looks forwards, Non-chalantly as the Snow lands on him "Fantastic..." The snow suddenly Erupts off him hitting some people "That wasn't fair Crystaline!"

Crystaline smiles back at him. "All's fair in love and war!"

Jad Picks up the giant snow boulder (Which is twice his size) "How did you know it was her?" He throws the boulder at Robin, With good accuracy.

Zarex just looks at the boulder as It Flies towards Robin "Might wanna watch out there, Headgear."

Robin notices the snow boulder and breaks out of cover. The snow boulder hits the tree that she was hiding behind recently and seperates. The snow lands and creates a small mound, which Robin uses as cover. Robin herself came out unscathed.

Speedy"ok Reeper get me some snowballs"

Reeper"ok then"

the Speedy used airbending to make a tornado around himself "throw the snowbals in here!"

when Reeper did the tornado shot them really fast at the opposition

"Hey, Zarex!" Mimic shouted. "How about a truce? You, me and Robin versus Magic boy, his ghostly girlfriend, and his pet wolverine?"

Jad sighs "I'm older than Flame!"

Flame looks at mimic "My name is Flame and Crystaline is not my Girlfriend."

Zarex laughs "Sure she isnt!" He walks over to Mimic "We're a team then."

Crystaline jumps out of the tree and lands in a mound of snow next to Flame. She gets up and stands next to him. "Ready?" she asks, her eyes glowing bright green with anticipation.

Speedy"c'mon guys lets win this Reeper amke a non stopping barrage of snowballs from the tower but avoid me and Archer,Archer you make it look like your main attacker and i'll do my tornado move again!

and the three did just that

Crystaline grabs Flame's and Jad's hands and turns them (and herself) transparent. All of Speedy's snowballs pass harmlessly through them. Meanwhile, Robin and Mimic take cover behind an improvised snowfort. "Zarex," Robin said. "Can you use your ability to redirect Archer's snowballs back at him?"

"Or better yet," Mimic added, "User your ability to control wind to disable Speedy's tornado?"

"Or better yet! Disable the tornado! and use the snow to our advantage!" He stopped the tornado, some snow fell infront of them "Yeah! Lets go!" He starts throwing snowballs at the other people who aren't on his team.

Flame is still transparent "Heres out plan, Jad build a fort, Crystaline me and you will use our powers to pummel them while not being hit!" Flame telekineticly pickets up a huge amount of snowballs while jad builds a fort.


Crystaline fires a ghostly ray of energy at Archer's tower, causing the snow to fall onto Archer; burying him in a mound of snow.

Burg fell on the snow, laughing at Archer.

Robin throws a snowball at Burg, but misses and hits Surg instead. Meanwhile, Mimic throws a snowball at Jad, hitting him in the eyes and blinding him momentarily.

"Hey, why am I always the target to you?" Surg said to Robin and laughed while he throws more snowballs.

Jad yells "Gah! My eyes" He wipes the snow out of it, And picks up a Large clump of slow "Hey! You want snow in your eyes aswell?!" he runs at Mimic and tries to slam some in Mimic's Face

Flame puts up a Barrier around the snow fort Jad build. "Guys! we have a Blockade!" He throws some snowballs at Robin

Mimic throws a smoke bomb down, causing Jad's attack to miss. He then grabs Robin and Zarex. "Come on! We gotta move!" He leads them to a couple of  large boulders. "This should work."

[Jad is lost in the smoke caused by the smoke bomb.]

Jad looks around "Thats not fair!" He spins round really fast Gathering up the Smoke and Shoots it at Mimic Robin and Zarex.

Zarex coughs "I didn't know you could do that..."

Flame runs up to jad "Here comes the Level 5 attack Guys!" He fires a bunch of snowballs at everyone who isn't on his team.

Robin looks at the incoming smoke and snowballs, "INCOMING!" she shouted.

"Zarex," Mimic says, "Use your powers to redirect the smoke and snowballs at someone else! Maybe at Speedy's tornado?"

Reeper quikly rebuilds the tower and continues the rapid fire attack while Archer dug underground and caused an earthquake making snow falling on the others Speedy was still using his tornado attack

Speedy"great work guys"

Flame yells "Okay! Lets stop for now, Why don't you all come inside to Mine and Jads apartment?"

Jad yells aswell "We have Hot-Chocolate and Egg-Nog"

Zarex sighs "Fine..."

Mimic shrugs, "Sounds good to me."

Speedy" guys does that mean we win?"


Archer"this all could be a rouse to get us off guard i've seen it may times in battle"

Flame sighs "No, Were friends man, Why would we do that?" Flame starts walking in.

Zarex Follow "Am I invited? I really want some Egg-Nog"

Jad Shrugs "Sure, As long as you don't mess anything up"

Speedy"this is a trick i know it"

Reeper"mabye they didnt like the way we played"


Speedy"i cant see why not it's how everyone on our street and at school plays"

"Hey, maybe I can make my cinnimon spice eggnog for everyone." Crymson said with a smile.

Reeper"i dont think this is a trick Speedy"  

Speedy"thats what they want you to think" 

"I'll finish this in the meantime." Charged RedToxic said to Speedy.

Flame opened the apartment door.

When the door is opened everyone walks in, The apartment is rather small and rather Cozy, theres a few rooms off to the sides but theres mostly just a Living room with a TV and A fireplace as well as a few armchairs with a kitchen connected Everything seems to be decorated tastefully, there seem to be alot of Hand-made Furnitures and Decorations everywhere

Flame smiles "Welcome everyone I guess, There's not much to see but I guess enjoy your time here?

Speedy "i dont think this a trick"

Reeper"what was your frist clue"

Speedy"quikly lets go"

and the three ran into the apartment

"Wow, this is a nice apartment. It has a little warm feeling in it." Crymson sighed a happy sigh.

"Yeah, too warm." Burg protested.

"If you're not happy with it, then go back outside." Surg complained.

"Nah, I'm thristy right now. Hey, cousin Crym. How abou that cinnamon spice egg nog of yours." Burg said to Crymson.

Mimic overheard Burg's request. "Egg nog? I want some!"

Robin shook her head, "Thanks, but I'm not thirst right now."

Flame Smiled "I'd like to try something, I have some ingredients I think that may be enough."

Crystaline looked over at Flame, "Could I help? I used to make some really good hot cider back when I lived in my homeland."

Flame shrugs, "Sure."

Jad comes in "Flame, Go turn on the Fire-Place will ya?"

Flame goes and Lights the fire he then sits down in one of the armchairs. "Sorry there isn't much to do here..."

Jack: Your room is warm & cozy, Flame

Patricia: Yeah & it's very beautiful, Flame.

Flame nods "Thanks but Jad made most of the Furniture"

"I'll help with the cooking." RedToxic said to Crymson.

Speedy"hey Crymson i think i have the awnser to your problem with telling the person you like"

"Not now. I have to help with..with the coo- AH-CHOO!!!" Crymson sneezed and sniffled.

"Gesundheit." Robin said.

Speedy"are you ok?"

Flame sighed "Are you allergic to something? If you'd like I can remove it..."

Jad lights the fireplace "You should probably fix that before she starts cooking"

"No, I think I'm getting a cold....and I- AH-CHOO!!!" Crymson sneezed again. "And I have a runny nose." She sniffled.

"Gesundheit. Again." Robin said.

Speedy"you should not be handling food then"

Flame walks up to Crymson and puts his hand on her forehead "You just have a Small cold, I have a fix" He walks up to a cabinet and takes out a herb "Here eat this It will help" he gives one to Her

"Thanks." She ate the herb. Though it tastes bitter, but she ignored it.

"I'll make come cider to help mask the bitter taste." Crystaline offered.

"I'll handle the cooking." Surg said.

Jad sighs "Yeah sorry, Just sit down for 5 minutes and you'll be fine" Jad walks to one of the Armchairs and Sits down

"Thanks, Jad." Crymson sat down on one of the chairs. It's wierd that there hasn't been any Bah Humbug activity lately today."

Flame gives Surg an apron "Well maybe its because we've all been happy today?" He then walks over and tends to the fire "Does anyone want to watch something on TV?"

Reeper"is the legend of korra on?"

Mimic shook his head. "Nah. I wanna see if there's a christmas episode of Psych on."

Crystaline gives the apple cider to Crymson. "Here. It will help mask the flavor of the herb you ate, and it will also help you get some rest. I hope you like it."

Crymson takes a sip. "Mmm. It's really good! Thanks, Crystaline!"

Outside of the apartment, some Bah Humbug creatures started to climb up the apartment's out walls to the floor where the heroes are. "Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh. I feel her spirit energy over here!!!" One said while climbing.

Speedy looked out the window"i think we got trouble"

Jack: Yikes. Those creatures are back!

Patricia: We gotta stop those creatures before they strike again.

The still charged RedToxic got an idea. "Anyone got a decoration?"

Speedy"here comes round 2!"

Mimic cracks his knuckles, "Thoses things just don't know when to quit!"

"Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh!!! Time to get the spirited girl!!!" All of the Bah Humbug creatures said.

Speedy used airbending to knock the bah humbug creatures away

"No Speedy! We need to use strategy, not force. " RedToxic said.

Speedy"guess your right"

"And who's the 'spirited' one they're talking about?" Burg said, looking out the window.


RedToxic already knew the answer, but he was not one to give spoilers.

Crystaline looked at Crymson. Like RedToxic, she also knew the answer.

Crymson is already asleep from the cold she got. "Zzz....zzz."

"Well, what's the plan on getting rid of these critters?" Burg asked.

Patricia: (tucks Crymson in with a blanket) There you go. All snuggly and warm

In the evil guys lair...

Zoom was getting restless "he big onimous cloud is there anything for a phsycotic twelve year old to do"

Crovax waved his arm and right in front of the villans shows a shadow monitor with a viewing of what is going on. It shows the apartment where the heroes are staying.

"Why must I wait here and not SLAUGHTER those worthless dumbbells!" Phonic said angrily!

Zoom"ok i'll go there then and the trolhogs right why do we have to stay here?"

Dr. EggPlankton: Anyways, my new set of Jack-4 Bots are ready to deploy & fight against those holly jolly heroes.

Layla: And I've already created my Dark Jack-4 Bots with my dark magic.

Dr. EggPlankton: Perfect.

Meanwhile, around Crymsons house, Nightrush had slowly hid on the roof and tried to bend down to stare through the window and directly at Crymson. But as Rush had quickly reached his arms downwards, he had fallen off the roof and into the snow slowly rising from the pile only to see another bouldoze of snow fall on top of his head and a red ball ornament. "This is not going as planned." Nightrush said with a calm yet frustrating voice. Slowly, Rush had dived back under the snow and made other plans to spy on Crymson.

(Lol, nice well thought out scenario. We can use some comedy in here. xD ~CrySho~)

Burg is trying his best to keep his ice shield active so the Bah Humbug creatures won't go through. "Hello!! Have you guys figured out a plan yet??" He complained.

"Not yet, Burg." Robin answered. "But we'll think of something."

Crymson is still sleeping. Only this time, she is shivering from the cold she still have.

On a nearby rooftop, Static Nega--disguised as Static-- is watching the scene through a set of binoculars. "Hmm. Crymson's out cold. That makes my job a little easier." He then makes his way to the appartment. "Best if I sneak in through the back. If I'm caught, I'll be asked to help fight. That would blow my cover, since my electricity's red and Static's lightning is blue." He enters through the back and looks under the door. Only some of the other hereos were there. He quietly opens the door and makes sure no one's looking in his direction. Nothing. Everyone else went out to fight the bah humbug creatures. He quickly holds a hankercheif doused with sleep medicine to Crymson's mouth and nose. She struggles for a second, but then passes out. He quickly grabs her and sneaks out the back door, deactivating his disguise as he does.

After he's a block away, he sets Crymson down and activates his wrist communicator. "Dr. EggPlankton, send me a transport back to the lair." He then notices Crymson's shivering. Static Nega rolls his eyes and wraps his jacket around her. "Can't have her freezing to death. Not yet, anyway."

A voice is heard over Static Nega's wrist communicator. "Right away, Static Nega." Dr. EggPlankton said over the communicator. [edit as you see fit, Spongebob100]

Flame looks up, Sensing a disturbance "Is that?" He looks around but cant see him "He's defiantely here..."

Crystaline could detect Static Nega too. "Oh, no." she whispered.

'I wouldn't take my cousin if I were you." It was Surg's voice, echoing while he was hovering in the air using his electro magnetism.

Speedy just got out of the toilet "Wheres Crymson?"

Zoom was in the evil lair. "Has your plan succeeded yet because I wanna go! and fix this robot Master Nazo will not be pleased if his robot is broken. HEY BIG WEIRD THING WHEN CAN I GO!?"

"I have a name you inconsiderate worm. It's Crovax. And no, I told you to stay here and wait. Static Nega, Layla, and Dr. EggPlankton are still on that mission. So far, Static Nega has that black feline girl." Crovax chuckled, darkly.

Zoom"what am i meant to do until then?"

"Just be patient. All good things come to those who wait." Crovax chuckled even more.

Zoom"so when they get the cat b*#*#h i can go?"

Crovax got a hold of Zoom with a tight grip. "Listen here, you insignificant abomination!!! You are starting to get on my last nerves of your fit. You will get your turn once they fulfill the mission. Understand?!" His voice boomed, creating a cold atmosphere around the villans.

Zoom spat in his face"who said i wanted a turn as soon as i get out of here im going to fix Metal Speedy then reserect Nazo and he will kill you in an instant"

"Nazo killing me?" Crovax said and gave a huge demonic laughter. "On the contrary, I seem to have revive him in your place."

Zoom"doubt it anyway where are your precious agents?"

"They're distracting the other 'heroes' while Static Nega get the girl. And I believe that your friend 'Nazo' is with them. They are just about to be close to them. Just watch." Cruvax said and the shadow monitor appeared again in from of the villans.

Zoom"nazo's alive?"he then check his monitor "no your wrong and right Nazo is still dead but alive?"

Back at the Apartment...

The Bah Humbug creatures are inches closer to the heroes, and time is running out. Burg tries his best to keep his ice shield intact. "Guys, hurry up!!! This shield is about to break!!!" He yelled.

Jack: We gotta get outta here!

Patricia: But how?

Jack: What should we do? Evacuate?

Flame sumgly smiles "I have a better Idea" he sets up a Large sheild around the whole place, "Everyone! get something to throw at these things!"

[Frost: um... Static Nega is already a block away. He's long gone.]

[Frost, Surg teleported to where Static Nega is. He's outside. ~CrySho~]

[Is crovax bluffing when he says Nazo is alive? L.M}

[Well, to be precise, he did resurrect Nazo. He is alive, but Crovax actually made him look like a puppet that is only bent under Crovax's command. So to answer that, Nazo is 'Undead'. ~CrySho~]

While everybody had their hands full, Nightrush appeared once again this time with a remote control Tails Doll. The creature had slowly hit a red button a remote control and sent the Tails Doll foward towards Crymsons house. But as the Tails Doll had traveled close enough to Cry's house, it had malfunctioned causing it to obviously explode. Nightrush had quickly burst out of the pile of snow that he hid inside of as he screamed angrily walking towards Cry's house planning to take care of it himself. "I will take care of this myself!", Nightrush said as he arrived at Cry's door and knocked on it very slowly.

[Okay...everyone. I told you that the roleplay is on hold until tomorrow. Secondly (@TheUltimateBlur) they are not a Crymson's house, they are at the apartment where Flame and Jad are residing at. Static Nega has a hold of Crymson, since he used the sleeping medicine to knock her out, and everyone else is still at the apartment fighting off the Bah Humbugcreatures. I'm not being rude or anything, but I'm just letting you know. ~CrySho~]

[Same goes with you, L.M. you have to wait as well....~CS~]

Back with Static Nega, Crymson, and Surg...

Static Nega looked up to see Surg hovering above them. I shouldn't have disabled the disguise yet. He thought bitterly. Regardless, I still need to make sure that I get Crymson to Crovax's lair. "I'm sorry, but I have orders to capture her alive." He answered Surg. "And I plan to see those orders through."

"Not unless you defeat me!" Surg charged up with massive electricity as he hovered down to the ground in front of Statix Nega. "Static is going to be furious about this one." He said in his usual calm tone.

"You're not in a position to negotiate." Static Nega pointed out. A diverson would be good right about now, Layla. He thought to himself. What was keeping her?

"Really?" Surg smiled as his electro charge intensify.

"Yes." Static Nega answered. "After all, Crymson is right between you and me. Meaning that she would be caught in the cross fire. Neither of us want that, right?"

Gah, he's right. Even if I try to hurt him, Crymson will have that same effect as well. I need to find an alternative to keep Crym from getting hurt. Surg thought.

"My orders are clear: capture Crymson alive." Static Nega said. "I will see those orders through by any means necessary." He waited a moment to see what Surg would say next.

Surg just stood there, eyeing Static Nega. "I'll never let you take my cousin away from me!!!!" He raised his hand and he electrifyed Crymson.

Static Nega aimed an electrified arm at Surg and his other arm at Crymson. Red electricity surged throughout his arms. "I only need her alive," Static Nega began. "But I was never ordered to bring her in unharmed." He waited a moment before continuing. "But I admire your dedication to protecting your cousin. I'll make you a deal: Let us leave here, and I'll make sure no harm comes to her. I promise."

"Agreed." Surg nodded.

"I'm glad we could reach an agreement." Static Nega replied. At that moment, a car came up behind Static Nega and stopped. One of Dr. EggPlankton's robots was driving. "And don't worry," Static Nega said. "I will keep my promise." He picks up Crymson and places her in the back seat and sits next to her. The car pulls out and drives off.

"NOO!!!!" Surg saw them take Crymson and drove off. "Grrr..I have to tell the others." Surg went flying the opposite direction.

Speedy got Reeper and Archer"obviously theese things have captured our friend Crymson" 

Reeper and Archer looked at eachother then said"your friend"

Speedy"ANYWAY! we have to go save her it may take awhile so get some food and take your weapons Reeper take some water" 

Reeper and Archer"ok?"

the three got ready 

Speedy"Reeper since we're doing this put on some insperational music"

Reeper puts on radiactive by imagine dragons 

Speedy"good song now lets go!" 

an hour into their journey they got lost

Archer"Speedy where are we meant to be going?"

Speedy"a big evil base" Speedy kicked in to a base "AHA!.......... oh this is Nazo's base c'mon guys lets find the right one" 

Speedy and his friends stopped for food  

Speedy"i dont think we're gonna find her but we must not give up c'mon guys lets go! we have to keep looking!"

Reeper"and how are we gonna do that? no offence but we havent really found anything that can help us find her"

Archer"yeah i think we should focus on getting us home"

Speedy" you guys can but im not giving up! it's how mum and dad raised us Reeper and how they taught you to be in the army"

Reeper and Archer"i suppose"

so the three kept looking

Jack & Patricia: (catches up to the three)

Jack: Hey there.

Flame and Jad appear near them all.

Jad looks around "Nice tracking flame, You're sensing ability is awesome."

Flame smiles "Hey, Thanks man, You guys need some help?"

"Huff.....huff', guys, slowdown next time." Burg came trudging behind them. Then he fellto the snow.

Jad looks down at him "Whoa, Are you okay" He helps Burg up.

Flame looks around "Where are you guys going...?"

Burg woke up. He remembered something. "Say, where's Crymson's boyfriend?"

Flame looks at surg "Which one, The two that force themselves on her, or the one she likes." Flame laughs

Jad laughs aswell "The latter I think."

"The orange one who seems to be oblivious to her feelings." Burg noted.

Flame laughs "Oh, You mean Static, I have no idea where he is."

Jad smiles "I wouldn't worry, If he falls of a cliff he'll land on his feet."

Flame turns his head suddenly "This way, I sense trouble" He runs off in run direction, Everyone follows him.

Burg grabbed their shirt collars. "I'm serious. I'm getting tired of that guy not noticing her feelings. He has to learn to listen up or I'll have to straighten him up!!!" He yelled.

Mimic, Robin, and Crystaline caught up to them. Mimic was the first to speak. "Would someone like to explain why Burg's yelling?" he asked.

Jad seemed a little bit intimidated but shrugged it off "Okay, I get it, I don't know why he's yelling I didn't say anything to antagonise him." He looks at Flame. "What do you sense?"

Flame waiting a second before answering "Crymson...Surg...Static Nega...And the people who are already here." He starts walking in the direction he senses them in.

Burg turned to the four. "I have a problem with your friend, Static. He is yet to know about Crymson feelings for him and he needs to listen up. If he breaks her heart if he hears her, I'll break his neck." He yelled, furiously.

Speedy,Reeper and Archer managed to get them selves stuck in  a forrest


Archer"Reeper has it"

Speedy"well ok then REEPER HAND ME THAT MAP!"

Reeper"ok then"

Speedy"i've realised how we have gotten lost"


Speedy"this is a lego land map" Flame teleports the 3 back to where Everyone else is "Please don't walk away from the group."

Jad looks at the map "YOU WERE USING A LEGO LAND MAP?!" He laughs

Flame laughs "What?! Oh...Gosh! Laughing...To...Hard..."

Speedy"i thought it was a proper map!"he then sighed"you know what we dont need this c'mon guys let go solo"

Reeper and Archer"ok"

Flame sighs "Sure go get lost again, We'll just be on our way with our Brand New GPS"

Jad laughs "Yeah, With its Global Positioning Markers." Speedy"we dont need that we have instinct and Archer has a teleport spell"

Archer"but it doesnt work that well"

Speedy"just use it!"

and Archer and the two teleported..................on to an iceberg

Speedy"OH COME ON!"

Back with the rest of the group....

Mimic shakes his head. "Burg, I'm pretty sure Static isn't oblivious to Crymson's feelings. Crymson kinda made it impossible to miss."

"Well, where's Sparky? I want to tell him!!!" Surg said.

"First off," Crystaline began, "Calling him Sparky within earshot will only get you electrocuted. Second, I don't know where he is. We haven't seen him all day."

Reeper looks at Surg"to be quite honest with you Crymsons a bit oblivious to someone elses feelings too"

Mimic raises an eyebrow, "Am I sensing jealousy?"

Reeper"not me,my brother on the other hand" he then looked at Speedy

"Guys, enough." Robin stepped in. "What's wrong, Surg?"

Surg landes right in front of the others with a glum look. "Static Nega took Crymson away. I didn't get her in time." Surg is enfuriated.

"What? No!" Robin was shocked. Crymson was a close friend of her's. "What happened?"

"I don't know, but Crymson is unconcious. She's still alive, but I don't know why Static Nega would take Crymson away." Surg answered.

Flame sighed "Oh man, We have to get her back."

Jad nodded "We can't let anything happen to her."

"Then we are in agreement." Robin said. "Alright, let's see what we can do."

[Okay guys, we're nearing the end of chapter 3. ~CrySho~ Also, you can edit ovet here while we go back to Crovax and the others]

Back with Crovax...

"Wonderful, Static Nega!!! Wonderful!!! You have served me well." Crovax said, applauding Static Nega's accomplishment. "And I hope you got him, too."

Static Nega didn't say anything. He was carrying Crymson into the lair. After setting her down, he took his jacket back from Crymson, since Crovax's lair was warm enough for Crymson to not freeze to death. "I did as you requested. In addition, I also captured Static before going after the girl." As though on cue, one of Dr. EggPlankton's robots dragged Static in. Static was wearing an inhibitor collar in order to prevent him from using his powers once he regained conciousness.

"Now, what about me mr plans doomed to fail?" Phonic asked.

"Now, you can all reek havoc and gwt rid od those heroes. I got somehing planned for the two." Crovax laughed.

And hour later.....

"Ngh....." Crymson started to wake up. As soon as she woke up, she sees bara above her. "W-where am I?" Crymson slowly said. She looked to her left, and she stood up in shock. "S-Static?!" She said as she is looking at him, still sleeping.

"You are in Crovax's lair." Static Nega answered as he walked up to her prison.

Zoom"hello fellow prisoner"

Static Nega didn't bother looking at Zoom. However, he was going to keep an eye on him. He didn't want Zoom doing anything stupid.

[Keep in mind that Crymson will be wearing an inhibitor collar in order to prevent her from using her powers. This also prevents her transformations into Frozen Flare, Raging Flare, or Stunning Flare.]

"What?!" Crymson looked at Static Nega. "Why have you brought me here?" She yelled.

"It was nothing personal." Static Nega replied. "I was only following orders. As for what Crovax wants with you, I don't know."

 Zoom"by the way now that you have caught the feline can i go?" 

"That's up to Crovax." Static Nega answered. He was hoping Zoom would leave. The sooner, the better.

"Hurk!!!!" Crymson tried to conjour up her flames, but nothing happened. "Hrahh!!!!" She tried again, but still nothing. "W-what happened? Why can't I summon my flames?!" She started to yell.

"Because of that inhibitor around your neck nulifies your powers, lass." Crovax came out of the darkness.

Crymson became infuirated. "Who are you!? Why are we here? Why are these things around my n-"

"Silence!!! There's nothing you can do to save yourself, and the person you love." Crovax interrupted her. "There's nothing in this world that will make you reach your words to him." He said, referring to Static.

"What are you talking about?" Crymson yelled. "There will be a day where I'll be able to tell him that I love hi-"

"He's in love woth someone else." Crovax interrupted, chuckling. "There is no need for you to interfere with someone he already loves. You're incompetent and naive. Can't you see it?!"

Crymson stood in shock. "What...?" She said, as she looked to Static's sleeping body and went back to looking at Crovax. Her face turned to anger. "No, that can't be true!!!"

"Oh, in fact it is. That's why he hasn't been able to look into you feeble heart and know about you emotions towards him. He was more focused on some other cute, mature, and beautiful female cat he is still thinking about. You are just a friend to him. You are so pathetic." Crovax chuckled, meniacally.

Static, tell me it isn't true. Crymson thought to herself as she stepped back several feet away from Static. She sat down in feedle position and cried. Don't tell me, you are in love with someone else??

Crovax chuckled and walked away. My plan is working. All I need to do is to let her spirit and merriful heart turn to depression and anger so I can thwart out my plan for a complete destruction of Christmas!!! Crovax thought as he chuckled loudly.

Static Nega looked on. He wouldn't show it, but he had a faint feeling of pity for the black cat.

Back with the heroes...

Flame looks around "They've moved locations, We have to find Crymson and Static..." He starts walking away "Lets split up and find them."

Jad nods and walks a different direction "Okay, If you need anything send a thought message to Flame, Anyone can send them to him."

"Except Zarex," Mimic said. "Thought messages require a brain to send." He laughs for a few moments. "I'm just kidding. But we need to find them, and fast."

Zarex appears behind mimic "You thought I didn't hear that because I wasn't here?" He sighs "I have more of a brain then you do."

"At least I know how to use my brain." Mimic retorted.

Zarex growls "Shut up!"

Speedy"if thats the case then me,Reeper and Archer will go as a team"

Flame nods "Okay, Sent me a thought if you need anything" He flies away.

Jad climbs a wall "Well I'll see you all later..." He runs on the rooftops.

"I guess I'll work with Zarex." Mimic said.

"In that case, I'll accompany you." Robin replied. "This way, I can make sure you two don't try to kill each other."

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Burg yelled, trying to lift up the mood.

"Yeah, let's go search up the two!!" Surg agreed with a smile.

"YEAH!!!" Everyone yelled in unison as the search begins.

((((Can Phonic attack them now? ~HS))))

[Frost: I have to leave now. I'll try to be on later today or tomorrow. No promises though. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Everyone.]

5 Days Until Christmas

For the past few days, the heroes searched everywhere and aywhere for Crymson and Static. But much to their search went by, not a single clue or anysign of them anywhere in the rubble. Ever since the disappearance of the two, more and more incidents of the Bah Humbug creatures are still terroizing Station Square. With nothing left to do, the heroes went back to Crymson's house to come up with a plan to get rid of these critters and save the two cats AND Christmas.

Flame is sitting down facing everyone "Okay, So what did anyone find on their searches?"

Zarex sighs "Who said you're leading the mission?"

Jad laughs "He's probably the smartest here, Why shouldn't he, Anyway I didn't find anything exept a weird looking building and a bunch of those Bah Humbug things."

Zarex sighs "I didn't find anything in the slightest, Except a Bird who has a terrible sense of humour" He glares at mimic.

"I found a leper who can't take a joke." Mimic retorted.

Flame smiles "I have bearings on where Static and Crymson are, Well I know the rough area but that place is teeming with the Bah humbug Creatures, I say we device a system so that we can defeat the creatures and Save Crymson and Static, any ideas?"

Speedy,Reeper and Archer were lost............again

Reeper"ya know Speedy im really questioning your power as leader"

Speedy"Reeper shut up"

Flame teleports speedy archer and reeper back

Flame laughs "Okay, As Its not dangerous to go alone, We will all split up and Report any finding"

Jad smiles "Who knows maybe this time speedy won't go to antartica"

Zarex laughs "Doubt it, They have a Knack for that"

Flame nods "Okay, Well Everyone should search a different part of town, Any questions before we leave?"

Speedy"ya know what shut up we will easily find this base as long as Archer doesent use teleport"

and the three walk off

Speedy"jeez what a bunch of jerks"

Reeper"yeah i know"

Archer"i dont care if they make fun of my teleport spell im a junior apprentice and that means im not a master yet"

Speedy"they'll see when we find them before thay do"

"It's going to be an eye sore finding them in this mess. Everything all around Station Square is teeming with those Bah Humbug creatures. How are we going to get rid of them and find Crym and Sparky?" Burg said.

"It's 'Static', brother. Never insult our cousin's love one." Surg smacked the back of Burg's head.

"Pfft, just saying." Burg said, rubbing the back of his head.

Archer"hey Reeper givce me the crisps"

Reeper"should i Speedy?"

Speedy"yes but share cut the crisp into three it's our only food"

at the evil lair

Zoom"hey crov max can i leave now?"

"You incompetent imbecile. It is Crovax. And I've already sent Phonic The Trollhog out twenty minutes ago. Stay patient ans keep guard of those cats." Crovax ordered.

Back in the cage, Crymson is still in a feedle position after three days of depression. Static hasn't woken up from his slumber yet, and Crymson kept on thinking about what Crovax said. it true that you're in love with someone else?She thought.

Right beaide the cage, just a foot away is a little Chao, looking at Crymson with confusion.

Zoom the go enraged and he used a type of firebending he didnt know he could do it was lightning bending he smirked and then repowerd Metal Speedy and took away the electricity of the doors and him and Metal Speedy ran for their freedom

Somewhere near the layer...

Flame is flying above the high rise buildings "I sense some people nearby, It's a bit...Obscured." He flies down a bit closes "Thats...Crymson? Maybe?" He looks around the bulding "How will I get there without being captured or...Without being noticed, There also seems to be no secret enterance, I need to think this through..."

Speedy was looking at the base from a tree "how do we get in though?"

Reeper"it's hopless we could try digging but someone thought we shouldnt bring shovels because the situation would never come up!"

Speedy"shut Negative Nancy"

Archer"hey look i can use earthbending to seperate rocks and dirt"

Speedy then had an idea "EURIKA!" he then fell out the tree "the awnsers obvious Archer uses his earthbending to dig us into the base!"

Flame flies up to them "Wait! Don't you'll alert them" He shakes his head "We want to be stealtly, If I teleport us in, We can sneak around, Okay?"

Speedy"no,everyone is making fun of out tracking and idea making so we will prove them wrong Archer,earthbend"

Archer started making a tunnel using earthbending and the three went through 

Reeper"wait now i remember why your leader it's because when you use your comon sense you come up with great ideas"

Speedy"excactly we'll be in the base in no time!"

Flame stopped them mid way and re-filled the hole "You idiots! You're going to get us killed!" He sighs "Would you rather they notice us and attack us, Or would you rather have us sneak in and get Crymson and Static without being noticed?" He starts looking for an entrance "I'm guessing the Latter, I have Devised a plan using all our skills, Archers Ability to...Arch, Reeper's ability to controll water, Speedy's Speed and My magic."

Speedy"question,i have more than just speed,i have airbending and Archer can earthbend and has Reeper now known for his waterbending?"

Reeper weilds his sythe"i have this you know"

Speedy"we do not need your help"

Reeper and Archer"yeah!"

and the three walked off

Speedy"ok new plan"he then whispered the plan to the two

Flame sighs "I cant do it by myself, I have to figure out a way to get them to come with me" He smugly smiles and says loudly "Its a shame, I can't eat these 4 large packets of Expensive Crisps by myelf."

Speedy and the two contiued walking"sorry Flame but its a no"

Flame nods "Okay, Well I'll get someone else to help me get into the base through the secret entrance I found, I'll send a thought message to Jad and Zarex."

Speedy"ok you go do that"

Flame runs over "Okay okay, Whats your plan?"

Speedy walked off"whats it to you,you have your own plan" he then secretly explained the plan in detail to Reeper and Archer, Flame was listing in. they then heard a voice  

Zoom"and how are you going to get throught the electrical fences?"  


Zoom"wait im trying to help for real this time but just this once" 

Speedy"but why?"  

Zoom wasnt sure himself,was it the fact he didnt like crovax or was it that he acctualy felt sorry for the two "i dont know but i can help Metal Speedy print the bluprints of this base"  

Metal Speedy"AFFIRMATIVE!"  

Speedy"great this will work" 

Zoom"so tell me again whats the plan?" 

Speedy"ok you take the electricity from the fence using your fire/electic bending and is any guards show up Reeper uses water/blood bending and when we reach the two Archer uses earth/metal bending to breack their prison cell or something and i'll take out the door and also take down er whats his name again?"  


Speedy"right and wear theese" he handed them ski masks  

Reeper"why do we need theese"  

Speedy"to protect our identity"

Flame walks over "I heard your plan, It's not bad, But how do you expect to get in?" He looks at the ski masks "Also, I think you could use my help, I'm a magician I have the ability to get us out of a tricky situation and move things with my telekinises along with other things, Are you sure you don't want my help?"

Speedy"to your first question,i take down the door and to the second yes we are sure we dont want your help"

Flame nods "Okay, I'll be teleporting inside and getting Crymson and Static out while you guys get captured, He starts glowing, I'll just use me a silent teleport spell and disapear."

Speedy"ok you go do that"

Flame teleports into a Corner where no one is, He hides behind a wall and looks into the base, He can see Crymson and Static, But not much else, Flame's Tail can be see behind the ball but other than that hes almost impossible to see. "Okay...I'm in, I just have to find a way to divery everyone else so I can free them."

just then the electirc fence lost it's electicity and Speedy smashed through it using a gust of wind then Reeper used blood bending to control the guards and made them attack eachother they then went to where Crymson and Static were being held captive

Flame who was hiding behind the wall, Telekineticly grabbed them and stopped them in their tracks "Don't move a step." There was a lot of Trip wires in the room, Alot were very hard to move through "Wait there While I go turn off the Trip wire system." He sneaks away quietly

Zoom used lightning bending to short circuit the alarm "already done it fox boy"

Flame teleports behind zoom "When adressing me, Use my actual name." He looks around the room for any more dangers, He suddenly runs over to something "If I over-ride the computer that controlls the main frame I could re-code the OS so I can control the base's security function." He seems to be typing on a computer

Zoom blows up the computer"over rided"

Flame yells at Zoom "You idiot! You're going to set off alarms, How about you take a better approach instead of Breaking anything that could actually be useful!"

Speedy"who cares if any guards try to stop us Reeper can just use bloodbending"

Flame laughs "Theres a limit to Bloodbending, It can't be used on too many people at once, Also we don't want to disturb anyone as people may attack us when we aren't here." He walks around "There should be another Computer I can Hack the Main Frame of, I just have to a apply a Flop code."

Speedy"or we could just get those neck things of them and get the heck outta here"

Flame sighed "No easy task, I suggest Turning them off first"

Before Flame can, however, a series of red lightning bolts come out of the darkness; stricking Speedy, Zoom, Archer, Reeper, Metal Speedy, and Flame. Only Flame and Zoom are left concious. Speedy, Archer and Reeper were knocked out and Metal Speedy was disabled.

Static Nega landed in front of them. "Not bad." He said. "But not good enough." He then glares at Zoom. "As for you, I should have eliminated you when I had the chance."

In Static and Crymson's prison, Static stirred a little bit. However, he didn't wake up.

Zoom smirked and stood infront Crymson "well nows your chance kill me"he threw his heart sclicers on the ground "go ahead stab me" he thought "if im not escaping may aswell make your plan fail"

Static smirked. "You must think I'm an idiot." he said. "I know that the minute I try to stab you, you'll leap to the side and I'll end up stabing Crymson instead." He then turned to Flame, "You shouldn't have trusted him." He then turns back to Zoom. "I have a better idea." He presses a button on his wrist communicator, and Metal Speedy reactivates. "Metal Speedy, capture Zoom and obey only my orders from now on!"

"AFFIRMATIVE!" Metal Speedy said, and charged after Zoom.

Flame didn't say anything, Instead while Zoom Static Nega and Metal Speedy were distracted he ran over to a computer and tried to hack it, Hoping to turn of the Rings around Crymson and static, As well as hack the security Systems and so on.

Speedy"urgh..what happend?"

Zoom"you must think i dont remember last time you did that" he then opened the flap on Metal Speedies back and pressed the restore factory settings button

Metal Speedy returned to normal again

Zoom"anyway i have some buisness to atend to hate to leave at deaths door....oh i'd love to" and he flew away on Metal Speedy "oh yeah by the way shoot Crymson,i want a bit of revenge by making there plan fail and making sure hwnb dies"


Speedy"huh Zoom ran away  and no is betreying us how would have thought it oh wait all of us"

Reeper"yeah but it was your idea to bring him along!"

A little black and neon purple devil looking Chao went inside the cage to look at Crymson. As it went in front of her and tilted its head, it made a sad face of remorse. "You okay?"

Crymeon just moved her head away and look at the other direction. She moved her eyes and looked at the unknown Chao, still standing and looking at her. "What, you like my misery?" She said quiet, monotonously after speaking for the past three days.

"Mm-mm." The Chao shook its head no. "I'm actually here to help you." It smiled wide, which didn't seem to effect Crymson.

Metal Speedy shot and Speedy deflected it "what is your problem Zoom and dont just say revnge we all know thats not the real reason is it?!"

Zoom said nothing and ran off

But, someone refused to let Crymson get happy. Phonic reappeared, laughing evily.

Flame stopped typing "Over-Ride succesful, Now Its Im-pawsible for anyone to Tail us." He notices Phonic "Oh great, One more person attempting to stop use Saving our friends."

"I'm 30 minutes late to kill you worms!" Phonic quoted.

"Guys, Distract him, I'll put the place off Lock-Down do we can escape" Flame yelled, He ran over to the computer and Starting typing again.

Reeper ran over to another computer "we could also reprogram the weapons and machines here to be used against the enemy and if we just overide the capacitor we can activate those mechs"he pointed at some robo walkers

Zoom saw Phonic and for some reason he rugby tackled him to the floor and threw him up against a window.

Phonic used the force of the throw to create a Sonicboom, capable of knock everyone down. He then charged a Crym. 

Flame suddenly jumped in the way and Telekineticly Held Phonic away from Crymson "I won't let you..."

Zoom drop kicked Phonic and held a knife to his throat "im sorry i cant let you do that" 

Speedy racked his brain thinking how to cheer Crymson up he then went up to her and said "look Crymson i know it's hard when you have found out someone you like dosent like you in the same way ok i have been through that trust me but there are so many people in the world and all of them would be lucky to have you"

Suddenly, a large laugter started echoing the place. Then a few red fireballs came towards the heroes.

One of the Fireballs hits flame, He abosrbs it.

"You honestly think you can stop me weakling?" Phonic said to Flame.

Flame nods "I'll do everything in my power to make it impawsible for you to hurt Crymson." He keeps holding Phonic back.

Phonics face turns red, as if angry, but one can tell he's giddy with Malicious glee.

Flame shoots him away at a wall, After he gets back up he then holds him in place. "That's enough!!" The same voice said, which is a female voice. On top of the cage, coming down from fligt, what aooears to be someone who looks juat like Crymson, but her hair is pink being tied up into a ponytail, her fur is light gray, she wears a long sleeve shirt and a skirt with boots. She landed on top of the cage. "And egeryone thinls that your puns are redundant, Lame Head." She smirked.

Speedy"who are you?"


"Face it, your puns suck, your telekinesis sucks, and YOU suck" Phonic said to Flame.

Flame seems to be getting very angry "Shut up! I'll show you I'm not a wimp, I'll beat your face so hard that it will be Impawsible for anyone to know who you are! Both of you, My superior Intellect will defeat you!"

"I've been blown into the Mesosphere before! Do you think your stringy, scrawny muscles can actually hurt me!" Phonic shouted at Flame.

Zoom held knives to phonic throat "well then you wouldnt mind proving it would you,troll?"

"Try it!" Phonic yelled cockily. ((((Keep in mind, you WILL fail to kill him ~HS))))

"I will not take a life, But I will make you eat those words!" Flame yelled, He breaths in heavily, Then yells an Ear-peircing scream, Assisted by his magic, The wind from the yell knocks over Phonic He then charges up a lazer "You asked for my Nerd rage, So here you can have it!" He fires a Lazer at Phonic.

As the blast engulfs him, a crimson light appears, and shows Raging Phonic delfecting the beam with his hand. "I told you that you sucked. Never use an attack against someone who mastered it."

"It doesn't matter, I will still defeat you!" Flame yelled, His eyes had gone Red, He short a Barrage of Energy balls then followed up by Breating a Screen of Fire.

Phonic started guiding negative energy in the form of a beam, that would have deadly potential.

Flame noticed the danger at set up a barrier "Try and Beat my Mana barrier, Its Impawsible to beat this Fang!" He charges an energy blast while inside the barrier.

Phonic gets ready to break the Barrier with Brick Break. "Challenge accepted!"

Flame laughs "You'll never do so, You can try and take my friends, But you can't take me, Or my spirit!"

"Get real. Crovax already extracred Crymson's spirit to create me. I am Byrnette." She floatly landed on the landed on the ground.

"What?! When I get my hands on that Crovax he'll have 2nd degree burns all over him and his Jaw will be wide SHUT" Flame yelled, He was still in his barrier, He was obviously very angry.

Phonic turned to Byrnette. "Do you want these losers or the one called RedToxic?"

Flame was still angry, though was still keeping the barrier "I AM NOT A LOSER! YOUR THE LOSERS!"

"Aww, da wittle wittle baby got mad! Maybe he's hungwy!" Phonic said jerkishly.

Static Nega had leaned against a wall to watch all this play out. He had enough. He walked over to the computer terminal and sent a massive current of electricity through it, destorying the terminal. Now the heroes couldn't remove the inhibitor collars from Static and Crymson.

Static was just beginning to regain conciousness. He shook his head. "Ugh... What happened?" he asked, barely aware of what was going on. He clutched his side.

"Thats it! No more nice guy!" Flame yells, Breaking the barrier "I'll go Flaring Flame, And Beat you Into submission!" He slowly starts going Yellow.

Static Nega shakes his head. "This is ridiculus." He said to himself. "The coward escaped, the troll's a showoff, and I have no idea what to think of Byrnette." He took a quick glance at her. He couldn't help but be impressed. Impressed? He thought to himself. I never had that emotion when it came to a female. He shakes his head again. Rrrr. I have no use for falling in love. If she's a worthy ally, I'll work with her. Static Nega glanced back into the prison. Static was just beginning to regain conciousness. Crymson seemed to be oblivious to what was happening around her.

Byenette chuckled. "Heh, why would I waste my time battleing an exploeing freak when I can ruin the spirits of everyone."

Crymson snapped out of her blues and stood up in shock. "No!!! Don't call him that word!!!!!" She yelled.

"To bad Mr. Waytoocolourful isn't here!" I'd just love to see his rage!" Raging Phonic said.

Flame's Transformation failed "I'll have to re-code that, No matter, I'll still burn you to a pulp!"

Without any warning, something latches on the Byrnettes back, and starts to hiss like a creeper.

"I've played enough video games to know thats not good!" He sets up a barrier.

Static struggles to his feet, using the prison bars to support him. "What's going on?" He asked. He seemed to be having trouble standing.

Static Nega walks over to the prison. "Long story short:" he said to Static. "I brought you and Crymson here. Your friends tried to bust you out. Now there's a battle between them and my allies. As for you two, you're stuck in there." His explanation was brief and put bluntly.

 Speedy"we have to stop this thing" 

Reeper"leave that to me" he then reprogramed the robo walkers  

Archer"im so glad we have someone smart in the group   

the three then got into the robo walkers  

Speedy"lets do this!" 

"I have a feeling somethings going to explode..." Flame said, He was standing inside a barrier he set up.

Static Nega quickly fired a series of red lightning bolts at the robo walkers, destorying each one with an overload of electricity. "Not your best idea, but definitly far from your worst." he said. He then breifly glances at Brynette, noticing that something was on her back.

Byrnette felt something creeping on her back with a hissing noise. She frozed in fear amd started to scream. "KYAAAHHH!!!! Get it off, get it off, get it off!!!" She said quickly.

Crymson eyed her clone. She furrowed her eyes and put her eata down. "Oh, come on. It's just a tarantula." She pointed out.

"I-I-I don't c-c-care!! J-just get it off of me!!!!" Byrnette shivered amd startes to cry.

Sheesh, what a baby. Crymson thought to herself as she facepalmed herself.

Static Nega felt slightly amused. After watching for a moment, he removed the tarantula by swiping it off.

"Huh?" Byrnette noticed that someone took the tarantula off of her back. As she turned around, she saw Static Nega and suddenly blushed.

Wait. Is she... blushing? Static Nega thought. Hmm. I guess she really is a clone of Crymson's. Still, I can't let her distract me from my tasks. "Stay focused." He said. "We need to prevent Crymson's friends from helping her escape."

"Hah!! At least I never hide my feelings, Crymmy!" Brynette teased Crymson while sticking her tounge out.

"W-what does that suppose to mean?!" Crymson yelles , blushing.

"Come on. Don't tell me you haven't told Static you have feelings for him. But wait!! I forgot that Crovax told you that he's in love with someone else." Byrnette laughed.

Crymson became dumbfounded into silence. She looked down as she fell into her depression again. She started to cry and blushed.

Oh, here we go again... Static Nega thought.

"Huh? What?" Static said. Something was wrong, he could barely hear what was being said. He closed his eyes. What's happening to me? He thought. Why am I in so much pain?

"Oh, come on, you orange, oblivious feline. Smell the aroma of love. Crymson actually loves you." Byrnette said to Static.

Static shook his head in a feeble attempt to shake off the pain. However, Crymson seemed to think that he was trying to not believe it.

"It is true." Crymson confessed. She turned to Static, blushing. "Static, all those moments when I was avoiding you was that I was too shy to admit my feelings to you. You have something that I felt inside you. You're kind, funny, generous, and a spot on gentleman. And I hid it from you because I don't know what you might say, or if you already have someone you like or love. So, it's okay if you like someone, but at least I have a chance to tell you my feelings." Crymson went closer to Static, her fur turning bright red. "Static, I love you."

Static couldn't hear what Crymson said. Her words were barely audiable to him. His head was starting to hurt like crazy. Aurgh! Static said. The pain! I can't think, barely able to... his thoughts trailed off.

"This is getting ridiculus." Static Nega said. "Brynette, make yourself useful and-" He stops and clears his throat. "I mean, please help me eliminate the intruders." He couldn't believe it. He was actually be polite to a girl, when it wasn't mission critical! What the-?! He thought. Me? Being polite to someone else who isn't my master? Inconcievable... He pushed his thoughts to the back of his mind. I'll deal with that issue later. He thought to himself.

Byrnette amieked amd hols up her hand in the air as many fireballs over above the cage. "First, let me deal with those two love birds." She release the hoard of fireballs towards Crymson and Static, creating a huge explosion which made the cage fall apart. Byrnette laughed but stopped when she saw a figure.

As the smoke died down, what appears is Crymson with her large blue fire wings that shielded her and Static from the barrage of fireballs. Crysmon looked up at Byrnette in anger. "Never in the world would you ever hurt Static." She said.

"For once, I agree with her." Static Nega said. "Hurting Static is my responsibility."

Flame looks around confused at whats going on If I devise a plan to escape with them, I'll do so while no one focuses on me. He thought. He was busy thinking up a plan.

Crymson stood up and everyone saw that the inhibitor is gone off of her neck. Byrnette looked confused. "How can that happened?! The inhibitor is strong enough to disable all powers!!! And how cam she be standing with no spirit left!!?" She yelled.

"It was me!" Everyone looked to where the voice led to. It was the namless Chao, who flew right besise Crymson. "I happened to help you recieve your spirit to its original capacity." The Chao smiled.

Crymson's eyes grew wide and loked at her hand. A fireball appeared on her hand. "Eh!? I didn't do that!" She was taking aback.

"Hee hee, that's actually me who did that for you. I'm actually the one that was suppose to be your hatched Chao." It smiled.

"My Chao?!" Crymaon repeated. Crymson never knew what a Chao is nor even looked at one in person. She eyed the cute little Chao-Devil and smiled.

"Okay this is ridiculous!! Little creatures, getvrid of Crymson!!" Byrnette lost her patience as a waveful of Bah Humbug creatures was ordered to getvrid of Crymson.

Flame nodded "I know what I must do" He ran up to the monsters and shot a huge wave of light, Blinding the monsters, "That should the trick"

Sure enough, it did blind the creatures. But thwn a huge roar made the ground shake like an earthquake. Coming out of the shadows was a huge ape looking Bah Humbug creature that is almost the aize of a five atory building. Byrnette smiled. "Seems like you've awaken the big one. He doesn't like anyone disturbing its sleep."

Flame stpped back, Looking up at the huge Creature. He thought about a plan, but there was no one on his own he could beat it. "What is that thing...I'm going to have to fight it..." He got into a fighting stance.

'Hey, how many times have I told you all to wait for us!!!" It was the sound of Burg, who is riding the flying Surg like a hover board. They landed beside Flame.

Surg looked at the new stranger that is standing beside Static Nega. "Crymson?"

"Back here." Crymson called from behind as she helped Static up to his feet. Her blue fire wings died down.

"Heh, watch the pro!!" Burg adjusted his coat and wipe back his quillhawk as he 'manly' stride towards Byrnette. "Hey, pretty lady. I'm Burg the Hegefox. It seems to me that you shine like a jewel through the sun. If you mind, I would love to ask to come to our side." Burg winked and showed his white, glistening teeth to Byrnette.

"Oh, geez." Surg and Crymson said in unison as well as facepalming themselves.

Byrnette looked at Burg for a moment. "Buzz off, creep." She said in a disgusted tone.

Burg felt heartbroken. "No!!! Doth not knowst thine heart is sweet as a fine rose. Thine heart hast been now in two!! Oh sweet sorrow, I'm dying!!" Burg avted like he was suffering a heart attack. He then fainted as he put his hands near his heart.

Everybody stood in silence from Burg's little gimick.

Flame looked at Burg "So errm...Are you going to be serious?"

Reeper"look Archer we have to go for broke give Speedy "thedrink" "

Archer"are you serious?"

Reeper"yes im serious"

so Archer made a drink made up of tango,j2o and vimto and they then gave it to Speedy

Speedy"whats this?"

Reeper and Archer "JUST DRINK IT!"

Speedy"ok" he drunk it and he had the most incredible sugar rush his pupils got smaller and with a hysterical laugh he turned into a tornado (like taz from that show) and started destorying everything in site

Archer"so what do we do know?"

Reper"let chaos insue"

Archer"how long till he's non hyper again?"

Reeper"about 2 hours"

"Well, i can fix that immediatly." A familar voice said.

while in his tornado Speedy said "well your stupid" he then started laughing

"Annoying little brat," the figure (who was RedToxic) said. "I just need to extract blood."

Reeper"i thought you were on our side"

"I am." RedToxic replied. But if you want me to manually stop this" He motioned to Speedy "Then I need to exctract blood."

Flame stares at Speedy "Wow, His sugar rushes are almost as bad as mine..." Everyone looked at Flame suprised, Flame was usually not hyper, He wasn't very calm, usually nervous, But defiantely not the sort to have bad sugar rushes.

Reeper"we dont we put him in this state as our teams last resort"

Static was barely able to concentrate. What's happening to me? He thought. He clutched his side, moaning in pain.

Crymson quickly glanced at Static and hold him up. "Static!!!!" Her voice sounded worried.

Static Nega breifly glanced back. The poison seems to finally be working. He thought. He had posioned Static breifly before Crymson's friends started their rescue attempt. The poison was to be a fail safe if something went wrong.

RedToxic looked at the team "So, what did I miss?"

Flame looks at Static nega "What poison?" He looks confused.

Static Nega ignored Flame and instead looked at Burg, who was still playing dead. "Pathetic." He said, before electrifing his arm, ready to hit Burg with a powerful electric blast.

"AAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!" Burg yelled in pain as he got electricuted by Static Nega.

"Hmph, serves him right for being a lamr joker." Byrnette sneered and laughed.

"Answer me." Flame replied angrily, holding Static Nega in place with his telekinesis.

Static Nega struggled to break free. After a few seconds of trying, he noticed that if he were to hit Burg with a second electric blast, Burg would collide into Flame. He decided that was his best course of action. He tried to release the blast, aiming to hit the hedgefox.

Flame noticed the blast and he held Static nega with one hand, Held the electrical surge with the other, He was obviously under huge strain, As holding someone in place was usually a 2 person job "Answer...My Question..." He said angrily.

Speedy was so hyper he thought they were playing rugby on a rugby feild so he rugby tackled Static Nega laughing while he done it

"What is even in the drink you gave him?!" Flame said, Looking at speedy,He was still under Magical Strain trying to hold Static Nega in place, as well as the Electrical blast.

"Grr, if you lie, I'l make sure I'll turn you into a barbequed cat in a matter of seconds." Surg angrily said, standing by Flame.

while in battle Zoom had an  epiphiny and then said "i've been fighting for the wrong side if i join the humbugs i get to kill him but of course they have the proper mesurements to bring master back to life so once i kill Speedy and get the stuff i can betray them,it's all so obvious now" he then jumped at Speedy extracted the sugar,making him un hyper he then whispered something into Speedies ear "you know crymson likes Static i mean like like and also while we're on the subject of Static he said your parents were a bunch of no good,lazy ,useless ,hobo drunks"

Speedy then growled and turned dark and rugby tackled Static to the floor and started punching him in the face 

Zoom"ah the art of lying and betrayl you gotta love it"

Flame stares over at Zoom, Holding him in a grip too, Flame was obviously under huge strain, Holding 3 things "You...Will...Not...Betray..." Flame's Eyes turn red.

Zoom"already happend look Speedies doing it right now" and he thought "time to turn allies against eachother ha these people are so easy to manipulae"

Flame stares at Zoom "As Long as I have you In my grip, You will never Turn me and my friends agaisnt eachother..." I can't hold them much longer, Otherwise I'll Burn out. He thought to himself

Zoom"like i said Speedy is the one thats doing he betrayl look at him"

Crymson stood in silence as she saw Static being tackled by Speedy. Ahe turnednto Speedy woth a feral look. "You...!!!!" She let out a rageful cry as her bark red flames exploded and caused the Bah Humbug creatures to disappear. As the flames died down, a rageful Raging Flare punced to Speedy amd clutched his neck tightly. "Why did you so that!?" She yelled.

Zoom"too late Flame boy my plan has already started"

Reeper"this is going to get ugly"

Archer"Speedies dark form vs Crymsons"

"Crymson! Cool it!" Flame yelled to Crymson, His grip on zoom started to turn into a strangle "And you, How about you just call me Flame, You're a crime against life forms, I'll asphyxiate you!"

Zoom"well then...REEPER,ARCHER HELP ME!!!!"

Reeper and Archer thought Zoom was still on their side so they attacked Flame 

Reeper"what are you doing Flame Zoom's on our side!"

Flame flew up in the air, He was in pain from using so much energy. "I'm doing you a favour! He sent Speedy into a rage! Who would you trust? Me or the guy who tried to kill us MULTIPLE TIMES."

Zoom"guys i've gone clan,turned over a new leaf but Flame wont trust me so he has blamed me for Speedies sudden outburst"

Reeper and Archer didnt know who to trust

Zoom"c'mon Reeper im technicly your brother i wouldnt lie to you trust me and Archer you can trust me too"

Reeper and Archer were persuaded Zoom was the good one and Flame had turned,Zoom can be very persausive when he wants to be

Flame's Strangle on Zoom increases as his eyes went a deep red "You...I will...asphyxiate death..." He looks over Archer and Reeper "You disgust me."

Reeper and Archer looked at eachother"Flames gone evil"

Reeper then jumed up weilded his sythe and attacked Flame 

Archer got out his bow and arrows and started shooting at him"

Flame flied out of the way, He grabbed Reeper and Archer Telekineticly "Don't attack me...I can read his mind..." Suddenly flame stopped and fell out of the air, Letting go of everyone he had grabbed, he reached his limit. Flame lay on the floor Knocked out.

Finally free of Flame's grip, Static Nega struggled to his feet. He looked around. Crymson was attacking Speedy for attacking Static; and Reeper, Archer, and Zoom ganged up on Flame. Hmm. Zoom is causing our enemies to fight each other. He thought. Impressive, but Zoom's still a traitor and a coward. But I'll deal with him later.

Static collapses and falls unconcious, due to both the poison, and Speedy's unwarented frenzy.

Raging Flare sensed Static falling unconsious. She looked at Dark Speedy and threw him before going back ro Static, revertong bacl to herself. "STATIC!!!!"

Static Nega decided to attack Zoom, Archer, and Reeper. He hits Archer and Reeper with a stun type electric blast. He then nails Zoom with a continuous stream of lightning, pinning Zoom to the ground.

Flame opens his yes and struggle to his feet, He looks around and looks at Static Nega, He gathers Energy in the form of an energy, He flings it at Static Nega. "I don't care if they attacked me, You shouldn't attack them."

Zoom redirected the electricity towards Static Nega and left Reeper and Archer

Reeper"what are you doing? help us"

Zoom"word of advice for futre referance listen to Flame" he then laughed and jumped off

Static Nega sees the attacks coming at him just in time and rolls out of the way. "You should care." He said. "Zoom is causing your allies to attack each other. And now, like the worthless coward he is, he's abandoning you again. Also, you have more pressing matters to attend to." He breifly looks at Static, who was unconcious against the wall of his cell.

"Leave him alone..." Flame Said to Static Nega "You've done enough damage, Its time for you to leave I think" He charges up an Energy ball and throws it at Static Nega.

Zoom held his heart slicers at static negas neck"do not call me a coward, you patetic waste of space"

Static Nega saw Flame's attack coming at him, "Look who's talking." He said to Zoom. He then electrifies himself, stunning Zoom and knocking him back a few steps. Static Nega then quickly dodges to the side, causing Flame's attack to hit Zoom instead.

Speedy while in his dark mode was oblivious to what was happening to his best friends he removed crymson hand from his throat

[Frost: There's no way for Zoom to dodge it. He's stunned. He CAN'T move.]

Flame seems to thinking up a plan He dodges the attacks that are obvious, I should think of some less obvious attacks He thought to himself.

By now, he should know that I can dodge attacks I can see. Static thought to himself. I better be careful, he may start using a different type of attack.

Another orange cat--one with dark orange stripes-- carrying a hi-tech musket and several other weapons, was walking a few blocks away. Soon he saw the fighting and signalled someone behind him, before running up. Holding his musket he was a block away. "What is going on here?!?" he shouted at everyone.

Flame stares at the cat Perfect, A distraction He thought. While everyone was staring at the Cat He disapeared, Being Almost Invisible, Thought still barely visable.

The cat started looking franticly at everyone, then in a thick French accent he yelled "Friend or Foe?!?"

Static Nega breifly cast a glance at the newcomer. But instead decided to ignore him and turn his focus back to Flame, only to see that he disappeared. Great. He thought sarcastically. He couldn't have gotten far, he must be here somewhere. He stands by, ready to move at any given notice.

Dark Speedy started building dark energy in his right hand and fired it at Static.

The other cat fired his musket at the dark energy, releasing its own shot of energy, when the energies collided there was an explosion that did not hit anyone.

Two wolves ran up behind the cat. One was orange wearing a black leather jacket, a pair of black pants and a modern pilot's helmet with a communicator. The other was white wearing a basic uniform and a hat with a medic's symbol on it.

While he was Invisible Flame was sending though messages to Mimic, Zarex, Crystaline and Jad, Not Robin as she couldn't recieve them. [Flame: Flame's attack won't be a while, he's sending messages to Mimic Zarex Crystaline and Jad.]

Static Nega saw that Dark Speedy was attacking Static. He quickly rushed up to Dark Speedy and kicked him in the side, "You're going to hit a guy while he's down?" He asked, half seriously and half mockingly.

The white wolf looks at Static, "What is wrong with him?' she asked.

Static wasn't moving. With the exception of him breathing, he looked dead.

"Static?" Crymaon said. But no response. "STATIC?!" Ahe started to cry.

The cat was re-charging his musket.

Dark Speedy grabbed Static Nega and threw him against the wall.

Static Nega hit the wall and fell to the ground. Gah. He's tough, but I'm stronger. He thought. He fired a blast of lightning at Dark Speedy.

Speedy dodged the attack and fired a dark blast at him

After the musket finished charging, the cat picked up a rock and stuffed it into the barrel and fired the rock at Dark Speedy.

The white wolf walked over to Static and tried to place a hand on his forehead.

Meanwhile, A few blocks away.

Mimic, Zarex, Robin, and Jad were looking around; trying to find where the battle was taking place. They were lost. "Well, that settles that." Mimic said. "Never ask a Hyena for directions."

Zarex glares at Mimic "Why don't you find it?"

"He's just teasing, Zarex." Robin said.

"Found it! I think." Jad yelled, He was standing on a roof top, "Follow me!" he ran in the direction of the of the battle.

Mimic, Robin, and Zarex followed closely behind. Jack & Patricia: (arrives)

Jack: Hi guys

Back at the battle, RedToxic had been setting up for a huge attack, but noone else noticed.

"Static, please stay alive." Then she realized something as she loked at Static, who his head is on her lap for support. "Oh god. It's my fault. I caused you to be like this. I caused this madness, and I wasn't there to protect you. Static, I'm sorry." She started to sob.

The namless Chao flew beside Crymson and looked at her. "Don't cry, Crymson. You still have that move." It said.

Crymson looked at the Chao and smile. She looked at Static and changed to her Frozen Flare forme. "You will not die before me, my love." She said. She out both her hands as they glow, and started to use her powers to extract tge poison and revive Static. "HRAHH!!" She let out a power cry as light blue flames surrounded the three for more power to commence. "Stay with me, Static. I will not let you die!"

Zoom whispered to Speedy"he doesent really like her Speedy he just pretends to to play with your mind it's psychological warfare" he shook his head "i wouldnt stand for that one bit ,he also said Kate was a ugly skank and she deserved to die" 

Dark Speedy roared and took Zooms death cube and started firing it all around

"Speedy, listen to me." Frozen Flare said in her clam tone, still healing Static. "What you are hearing from Zoom are complete and utter fibs. He is playing with your mind so he can easily make you the enemy. Static is no more than a kind, sweet, amd trustworthy friend. You may be jealous of him because of me, but that's no way to cause havoc to win someone's heart. Be yourself and strive to win her heart. Maybe in time she will accept you for who you are. Believe in yourself and separate the truth from lies." She said.

Zoom"she's the lying one Speedy she is just saying that to get you out of this form and beat you up she doesent care for you not one bit you are wasting your time on these losers my advice go my route keep your closest friends Reeper and Archer but dont trust her trust me i am you"

"Speedy, you know that I am a very caring person. I care about all of my friends and will not rest until I protect the ones I love and care about. That means Flame, Robin, Zarex, Reeper,Archer, my cousins, Static. And even you Speedy. I care about everyone. So, please trust me." She said, looking at Speedy.

Reeper"listen to her Speedy"

Archer"yeah trust her"

Zoom"dont trust her trust me there all lying to you"

"The one who is lying is you, Zoom." The nameless Chao said. He then turned to Speedy. "Speedy, there are friends that do care about you, and Zoom here is messing with your mind so you can make every one of your friends their enemy. You don't want that, don't you?"

Speedy turned back to normal "i guess not"

Despite her efforts, Static still remained unconcious.

Static Nega looked on. He then closed his eyes. She cares so much for him. He thought. Hmm. I guess that's what love is... Then he open his eyes. No matter. I still have my orders. Even if I don't like them, I must see them through. Static Nega glares at Zoom. But first, some unfinished business. He charged at Zoom, who was focused on trying to convince Speedy to continue his rampage, and knocked him against the wall. Before Zoom could react further, Static Nega started hitting him with a coninuous stream of lightning; thus pinning Zoom to the wall. After doing this for a few seconds, he decided to focus on someone else who was worth his time: Surg. He walked away from Zoom.

Zoom immediately went to the floor took his death cube and heart sclicers

Flame was still invisible planning a way to get him and his friends to escape. Going over a list of spells looking for a group teleportation spell without disturbing anyone.

Suddenly, Mimic, Robin, Zarex, and Jad jumped in. Mimic quickly looked around and noticed the giant, five story tall ape. "YIKES! It's King Kong!!"

Zarex looks up "Oh wow...Its almost as big as Mimic's Ego!"

"But it's probably only as smart as Zarex." Mimic retorted.

"Enough you two." Robin said.

Jad looks around "Wheres Flame?"

Mimic looks around but doesn't see Flame. "I don't know."

Robin then notices Frozen Flare. "Wait. Isn't that Crymson's super form?"

Flame is still hiding in the shadows; waiting for the perfect time to defeat the Giant Bah Humbug Creature.

Speedy"time to take this mofo down!"

Reeper and Archer"YEAH!"

The other cat leaned his musket against a wall, to draw two similar pistols to fire at the monster "Take this!" he yelled.

The white wolf had a bracer/health monitor on her left arm. As she placed her hand on Static's forehead she figured out he was poisoned. "...poison..." she muttered as she pulled her hand back. She formed formed a ball of blood energy between her hands, it enveloped Static in a red light and started healing him.

The orange wolf took a shotgun off of his bak and moved into a position to protect the white wolf "Katherine, how long is it going to take?" he asked over his shoulder.

Katherine replied "Not much longer. I'llbe fine Chopper, go help Raymond."

"Static!! Don't give up, I'm here!!!" After twenty minutes of trying to heal him, it was no use. Static isn't gettong out of his coma. Frozen Flare shifted back to jerself and cried. She petted Static's head. "Static, please don't die. If you can hear me, I want you to know that I really do love you and wish to stay by your side." She looked at him for a moment before she kissed him on the forehead.

Speedy"Crymson i can help this is my fault and i can help" he then pulled out the life orb

"Alright!" Crymson nodded. Hang in there, Static. She thought as she ans Speedy uses tge Life Orb to bring back Static.

"ROAAAAAAR!!!!!" The ape Bah Humbug figure started to destroy everything around itself. He staeted charging towards the heroes.

Speedy"i can bring him back but i cant cure the poisoning"

"How are we going to find the antidote!?" Crymson frantically said. She looked at her watch. "Hey, it's one o'clock already?"

Speedy"i dont know"

[Frost: To Monk: The poison can't be healed by other characters. There's only one antitode. No exceptions.]

[Frost: Let's wait for HS664 and CrymsonShokwave to make their edits. As well as Monk the Cat's.]

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[Let's Not forget about the Ape Bah Humbug creature...]

[We should probably wait for the other users (i.e. CrySho and HS664)]

[Frost: To everyone, If anyone attacks Crymson, Static Nega will block the attack. This isn't because he likes her. This is only because he promised Surg that he wouldn't let any harm come to Crymson.]

[Frost: To CrySho, I may have to alter Static's responses to Crymson's confession. Due to the poison, he barely understood what was being said.]

4 Days Until Christmas

Where we last left off on our heroes, Crymson and Static are already free from their cage. A new enemy has arrived, who appeared to be Byrnette, Crymson's clone. All of the heroes are present to bring Crym and Static back home, but things got tied up when Static is unconsious due to the poison in his system. And not to mention a huge ape-like Bah Humbug creature, who happened to cause a massive mess when the heroes accidently woken him up from his slumber. What will they do to get rid of the gigantic black ape?

Flame looks at Static "We should Examine the poison, Hopefully I can come up with a solution..." He thinks for a second "Now I just need to find out how to Examine the poison."

Surg is now hovering over the ground, ready to take down the huge ape. "Is anyone going to help me with this monstrosity?" He readied himself with electric pulses coming out of his hands.

Byrnette laughed. "Hah, just try and stop ot. It won't be that easy to defeat it." She looks at Static Nega and gave him a wink. "Am I right?"

Static Nega pretended not to notice; he just nodded.

Speedy"bizarre anyway time to take this monster down"

RedToxic had already set up for an attack to beat Static Nega, but it could be used to Kill the beast.

Katherine sighed her attempt to heal Static failed. She looked at Crymson and said "I know a way that will for sure cure him of the poison... it's just a little... gross."

Chopper and Raymond had both fired several shots at the monster, but they did very little damage. Chopper started to get angry that he was doing nothing. He looked at Raymond and a smug smile broke across both their faces as they both had the same thought. Raymond whispered to Katherine "Were going to go get the Eye in the Sky" as they ran off into another part of town.

Katherine's eyes went wide as she realized what they were going to do "J-Just be careful!" she yelled at them as they were running away.

She eyed Katherine. "Gross or not. I still want Static to be alive and well." Then, she remembered that she hasn't introduced herself to her. "Oh, by the way. My name is Crymson. I believe we've haven't introduced ourselves." Crymson smiled.

Surg fired a few electro shots to the ape, but it only left a slight burn. The ape swung its arms around to knock Surg down with force. But luckly, the injured Burg created an ice shield to protect his brother. Surg looked back at Burg. "Thank you, my twin." He said with a smile and continued battling.

"Heh, don't...mention it." Burg slightly smile, still not having enough strength to get up because of Static Nega's attack.

RedToxic fired a huge fireball at the Ape Creature, ready to explode.

Flame was thinking "If that monster has 200 kgs in weight...He has a high center of gravity so.." Guys, Aim roughly 0.5km down off the Philtrum."

Zarex looked at him confused "English please."

Flame sighed "Aim for his chin."

Katherine stared at Static, then closed her eyes and red balls of blood formed in her hands. She pointed her palms towards him and concentrated. She started to purify his blood stream so that the poison would be forced into his stomach, soon he should regain conciousness and throw it up. She stood up and looked at Crymson, "That almost always works, so he should be fine. But in the case it doesn't, I can call in a friend who can manipulate poison." Katherine started to walk away, then looked back at Crymson, "My name is Katherine Bloodson, G.U.N. Medic, nice to meet you." before starting to climb a building, getting ready for ''the Eye in the Sky".

Crymson smiled. "It's nice to meet you, Katherine." She looked back at Static. She petted his head. Static, I'll always be by your side. I swore on my life to protect you!! She thought.

Jack & Patricia: (arrives) Hi Crymson.

"Jack, Patricia. Late as usual. But that's not the point. Right now, we have to get rid of that ape there." She pointed to the Ape Bah Humbug creature.

"Assistance would be a bonus as well." Surg yelled while keeping the ape away.

Flame breaths in deeply.

Jad looks at Flame "Everyone! Cover your ears!"

Zarex looks at Flame "Why, He doesn't have that loud of a voice."

Jad looks at Zarex with a  'Don't say I didn't warn you' Face.

Flame lets out an Ear peircing scream, Shooting out a huge wave of wind knocking over the Giant Ape. Everyone who wasn't covering their ears had their ears ring.

Zarex looks around "wow...I can't hear anything."

Jad laughs "That was the best one yet Flame."

Speedy"did you have to scream so loud?"

"What in the-!!!" Burg woke up abruptly and jumped a few feet into the air. he then landed quickly. "Owch!!! Flame!!" He sat up and look at Flame.

"Ow...." Surg staggered in the air after the high-pitched shriek with his hands on his ears. he shook his head and maintain flight.

Flame looks at him "Sorry." His now quiet voice was a weird contrast to the scream he just did.

Robin was unaffected. Her helmet automatically muffled sounds that would otherwise cause hearing damage. Mimic wasn't so lucky, but he at least covered his ears when he was told to. "Wow." he said, "That's almost as loud as Static's 'ThunderClap' move."

Much to the heroes, the ape is now on the ground, flailing from the ringing in his ears.

Jad looks at the ape "Well now Its knocked over, Now We just have to beat it, Any ideas?"

Speedy"shave t and make a fur coat out of it"

Katherine had gotten to the top of the building and started looking around for the help that was coming. When she heard the attack, it hurt her ears to the point of taking a knee. When it was over she looked at Flame "Is that all you got? I've heard someone do better!"

Jack: How are we gonna do that?

Patricia: And the reason why we're late as usual is because of those evil creatures kept attacking us, but we've managed to escape everytime.

Crymson nodded. "That's great. Now we got more company!"

Speedy"we should shoot it in the head"

Jack: (to Speedy) You mean killing those evil creatures that are ruining christmas?

Flame looks at Katherine "What are you implying?" He looks at the monster knocked over and sighs "I'd like to see you do that."

Katherine looks at him "Oh, no, I can't do that, but my friend can. Perhaps you have met him, he goes by the name 'Blind'." she looks around and sighs, when are they going to get here? she thought to herself.

Flame sighs "Well thats just dandy" He looks at Katherine "When is who coming...Oh by the way, Mind reading."

Patricia: So what is the plan, Crymson?

"I'm thinking." Crymson bit her lip as she concentrates on the plan.

Katherine stares at Flame "...backup... that's who's coming...

Zoom"speaking of back up Death!,Tom!"

two hedgehogs smashed throught the window one with shadow styled red quills with white higlights and dual sickles with a white cape this one was Death the other had blue quills was wearind an assassins creed style hood and dual tomohawks this was Tom

Flame looked at the them "Oh, Look who finally decided to show up, Opposition am I correct?" He stares at Zoom evily "I'd suggest leaving after you tricked my friends I doubt any of us are happy to see you."

Katherine looked at the two hedgehogs "Ha! That's nothing compared to what's coming!" thinking please let it be a Blackhawk, please just let it be a Blackhawk.

Zoom"i guessed that anyway let me introduce my friends Death the hedgehogs and Tom O Hawk yes bezarre name but its named after his job,partly but they are moebius versions of two of Speedies friends i'll let you guess who"

Katherine furrows her brow "How am I supposed to know, when I have no clue who 'Speedy' is? And no, the name is not that strange, considering I know some one called Tom the Hawk..."

Flame looks at the two, He looks at Death "A wimpier version of Reeper with a ludicrous name." He looks at Tom O hawk "Archer with a lower IQ and also inferior in every single way." He shrugs "That is all."

Zoom"correct but know we are going to get Metal up and running and the we will kill you and the bah humbugs"  

Death and Tom"yeah" 

Flame laughs "You agree with my insults, Laser brains." He smirks "You really think you can kill me, I could take all 3 of you with my magic."

Zoom"but if you forget im a mass murderer"

Death"and there is a reason they call me death"

Tom"and im a skilled assassin from the middle ages"

Flame laughs "Am I supposed to be intimidated?"

Jad looks at the 3 "You aint nothing special."

Zarex nods "You're all Inferior compared to me."

"Heh, they seem like ordinary enemies to me. I'll give them a beat down in no time." Surg cracked his knuckles and smirked.

"No biggy." Burg stood up and walked next to his friends.

Katherine "Why not, just kill the 'bah-humbugs' or whatever they are then fight each other?" She smiles as she hears the sound of a helicopter in the distance.

Speedy"me,Reeper and Archer could take you three clowns on easily"

Zoom"you just called yourselves clowns because we are you"

Katherine looks in the direction of the sound, but frowns when she sees it is only a police chopper.

The chopper lands on the roof next to Katherine and Raymond and a black fox with a large red vest jump out.

Robin and Mimic look at the Giant Ape Bah Humbug  creature. "Any ideas?" Mimic asked.

Robin looks up to see an old sign above the monster's head. She quickly used a magnification function in her helmet visor to zoom in on the hinges. They were rusted and worn. "Yeah. Here goes." She aims her hand at the hinges and fires two blast from her repulser rays. The hinges break and the sign falls toward the giant ape, aiming straight for the head.

The ape suddenly flail even more now the sign fell on his head, causing more pain. It put its hands on his head and roared.

Static Nega eyes Zoom and his allies. So, the psychopath has friends. He thought to himself. He then shifted his gaze to Crymson. I promised Surg that no harm would come to her under as long as she remained my prisoner. He thought. Untill, she escapes, she's still my prisoner; therefore, I still have a promise to keep.

Crystaline had been hidding in the shadows for quite sometime now, waiting for her chance to make her move. She had arrived quite some time ago; following Flame into the hideout. She had remained invisible and out of sight since. She continued to stay hidden, waiting for the perfect oppertunity to somehow help her friends.

Chopper yelled out of the helicopter "Sorry! It was the only thing I could get in time."

Katherine, Raymond and the fox slid down a water drain to the ground. Katherine drew a hand-and-a-half sword. Raymond unsheathed a rapier and maine gouche. The fox pulled what appeared to be a dagger and some square sherukens out of a pouch at his side. All three got into battle positions.

Katherine looked at everyone, before charging at Zoom "I doubt you could beat me hedgehog!"

Raymond ran up behind Katherine to defend her back.

Since his partners ran away the fox quickly lost the will to fight, and ran to hide behind Mimic

Speedy"anyway Zoom could we skip to the part where we beat you into next tuesday?"

Zoom"not today ,and if i remember the last time we battled i killed you"he smirked"literally"

Speedy"bring it on then"

Zoom"sorry orphan i have some buisness to attend to,DEATH,TOM! help me find this crovax"

Speedy"(bleep)ing (bleep)"

Reeper"true also did thay hedgefox hit on that clone"

Archer"yes i think he did"

Speedy"wait a minute if thats a clone..he technicly just hit on his cousin thats gross"

Flame ponders for a seconds "Isn't that illegal?" He sighs "Well, We should probably take care of the Bah Humbug 'Creatures We can deal with the Low-Life coward later."

Katherine changed her target and started charging at the ape. Raymond still following her, shouted to Flame "Well then come on, let's just hit it hard and fast!"

Flame charged up a laser "Sorry, I'm a ranged Fighter."

Jad and Zarex charged at the Ape.

Jad yelled over at Flame "But if we charged It would be a level 5 attack."

Zarex nods while running "Besides, You can set yourself on fire."

Flame sighs and started Flying at the Ape, While on fire."Fine."

"WAIT!" RedToxic yelled. "Don't attack the ape!"

Jad stops and looks over at RedToxic "Why not?"

Flame stops as well and nods "Surely if we take it out now, Then It won't be a bother later."

Zarex sighs and Stops "Yeah, Whatever."

Katherine skids to a stop, "WHY?!" Raymond didn't stop fast enough and knocked over Katherine. "Ugh!" Katherine fellto the ground.

Speedy got out his glider and flew up to the creatures face and tried to kick it  

Reeper tried to stab the ape in the leg with his sythe

and Archer kept on shooting arrows at the ape

Speedy"wait your saying dont kill the giant monster that is trying to kill us?"

RedToxic pointed to a slime like substance on the ground, on the roof, and in many areas around the creature. "Hit those instead."

A pink fire cage suddenly appeared around the heroes, which left no room for anyone to get out. It happened to be Byrnette's flames as she floated in front of them while her pink fire devil wings are active. "Sorry, can't let you do that." She smiled and stuck her tounge out in a teasing way.

Crystalline happened to disappeared and moved away from the area before the cage became active, she tried to find a way to release her friends away from the trap.

"Dear God what is that on your back!" RedToxic screamed.

Katherine quickly braced herself and jumped through the fire, then rolled to put out the flames.

Byrnette kicked Katherine back into the fire cage. "Sheesh, what a witch you are." She scoffed.

"This one is even hard to deal with." Robin said, her opaque visor shined through the light as she looked upon Byrnette. She tried her best to disintegrate the fire cage with her attackes, but the fire forms back together. "Gah, I need a better idea."

Speedy"ha this cant hold me!"he ran for the flame bars and burnt his face

Mimic facepalmed himself when he watched Speedy burned himself. "You're an idiot." He then sighed and looked up from his fedora to the fire cage. 

Zoom looked at the heroes and laughed "ha,HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i laugh at thee stuck in the clones cage HAHAHAHA"

Byrnette came behind Zoom and shoved him into the fire cage. "What a joke he is."

"Crym Clone! I'm serious! There's something on your back!" RedToxic yelled.

Katherine got back up, and jumped out again. This time, however she was spinning in a circle and trying to cut Byrnette.

Zoom"your putting a firebender into a fire cage? well obviously your a genius and he bent the fire bars "i also bend lightning if you were thinking of making a lightning cage 

Jack: Hey I don't know, who you are, but I'm getting out of here. Chaos Splash (Uses Chaos Splash, which is a Water ability, at the fire cage & at Byrnette, trying to put out the flames that are on the cage)

The black fox curled up into a small ball. It was obvious that he was terrified of fire.

"You guys are pathetic. You think you are all talk and high and mighty. Well, guess what. We've already pass the time by while the little Bah Humbug creatures are finishing up destroying Christmas. It'll be too late for you guys to turn back the clock. You guys are worthless. Little poor Crymmy is now weak with no spirit, and now she can't lead her friends to battle. what a load of filth she is." She laughed, mockingly.

RedToxic had prepared for this. He started to his very loudly.

Speedy"wait a minute Reeper do you have any water on you?" 

Reeper"yeah why"  

Speedy"cover us"  

Reeper covered himself Speedy and Archer and they ran out of the cage

"I wouldn't go that far if I were you." A dark, booming voice called out.

Katherine got up and saw she missed, so she got into a defensive position to defend herself against Byrnette. "So you destroyed Christmas? Just exactly how did you do that?" she said sarcasticly.

Katherine looks at the fox "Bladelocke pass it here!"

Bladelocke gets up and throws her the dagger and the "sherukens". After this he runs back into the building with the heli on top.

Katherine catches the dagger, and the "sherukens" form the blade of a sword with the original "dagger" blade at the tip.

Zoom"hey look its the person we are attempting to assassinate"

"Assasinate by a mere hedgehog. HAH!!! Don't make me laugh, you insignificant abomination." Crovax appeared in plain sight before the heroes.

RedToxic used his Darkblast, creating a feild of darkness that only he could see through.

????: (appears & then snaps her fingers, making the flames go out of the cage) Leave these poor people alone.

"Hey, who turned off the lights!!!" Byrnette yelled.

Robin was able to put on her night vision through her suits visor. She took a look at everyone position and locations around her. She stayed put to her spot until such time is needed.

Crymson recognized Toxi's Darkblast move from the time in Genocide City. Good work, my friend. Now she couldn't see anything, but still feeling the unconsious Static on her lap.

"You know, I can see in the darkness, too." Crovax's voice boomed in the darkness.

((((Crym, Byrnette wouldn't be able to see ANYTHING at the moment))))

????: (to Byrnette) My name is FireBloom the Skunk & I am here to save christmas from these scary creatures, their leader, their helpers & you. And there's a tip I want you to know, I command fire, meaning I can start fires & can also end them. That's why I end the flames on your fire cage, now it's a normal cage.

RedToxic jumps at Byrnette and hits her with his fist.

Byrnette took the hit and fell to the ground. she sat back up. "Grr...You'll pay for this, freak!!!" She yelled loudly.

Crymson's ears went up. Her face is now in shock. "No...."

((((Wait for this edit ~HS))))

RedToxic's pupils shrunk, but the look of rage was clean on his face. "Freak?" he said. "You think I'm A FREAK" His voice got very tense and deep. "YOUR A SCIENTIFIC AND RELIGOUS ABOMINTION MADE BY A SUCKISH SATAN RIPOFF WHO'S BEING A STEREOTYPICAL VILLIAN!" He was redder than ever with rage. His hands were covered in a deadly poison. "NOT TO MENTION YOUR A RIPOFF OF MY BEST FRIEND!" RedToxic's eye flashed brightly. "I"M GOING TO RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB YOU SICK B***T"

Jack: (hears some smashing, bashing & crashing) What is that?

Patricia: I can't see anything, but whatever that is, it's sounds like it's destroying the city.

Jack: That's not good.

Patricia: Quick, get us out of that cage!

FireBloom: Don't worry, I'm here to help you! If I can find my way through the darkness)

Jack: Here, let me help. Chaos Bright Light! (uses Chaos Bright Light to shine through the darkness) Ahh, much better.

"Guys!!! Space away from Toxi and quick!!" Crymson warned her friends loudly.

Jack: Gotcha. I'll light the way, outta here.

Jack, Patricia & FireBloom: (steps back away from RedToxic)

FireBloom: Are you guys ok?

RedToxic ripped a hole in the surface they were on, and through the giant cement boulder at Byrnette. "DIE!"

Jack: How does he do that?

Katherine ran over to roughly where she heard Crymson's voice. When she got near, she sensed her blood and attempted to defend her.

Surg carried Burg to Crymson's location. Surg can sense fear from inside her and landed near her.

Robin ran over to Crymson's voice really quickly. Along with Crystalline and Mimic, they took cover around Crymson to make sure RedToxic's attack don't hurt them.

Raymond was getting very confused, so he ran back to the building the heli was on, but he ran into the wall and knocked hhimself out.

Patricia: (notices Layla appears, thanks to Jack's Chaos Bright Light) Layla?! What are you doing here?

Layla: Looks like we meet again!

Jack: Everybody quick, find my big bright light from my Chaos Bright Light & go towards it, that way you'll find me & Patricia.

Katherine hears Jack, "Bad idea! That will just make a big target!"

Jack: Doh!

Patricia: But how can we find ourselves through the darkness?

Just as the boudler almost hit Byrnette, Crovax happened to crumble it with his dark energy. "You shall not murder her!!!" His voice boomed as he launched the same dark energy towards RedToxic.

Patricia: Watch out! (sprays her skunk scent at Crovax & Byrnetta)

"Oh, no you don't!!!" Byrnette formed a large pink firewall to shiled the two.

Patricia: (notices the Skunk Scent turns into flames) Jack!

Jack: On it, Chaos Splash! (creates large ammounts of water to create large waves & then motions the large waves to splash at the large pink fire wall)

RedToxic shoots fire at the water. "THIS IS MY FIGHT! NOT YOURS!" He Then teleported behing the sheild and tried tohit Byrnette in the face.

"Time to leave!!" Crovax grabbed Byrnette and disappeared with a shadow flying towards the sky and outwards. Even the shadows took the other villans away from the area, leaving the heroes on the same spot.

[Monk: I think that we should wait for the others!]

RedToxic falls to the ground, landing silently.

Crymson made a ring of blue fire around her friends to make light for everyone to see. She held Static tightly. "Is everyone alright?" She looked around to look at her friend's conditions.

Without anyone noticing, Static's fingers twitched for a second.

Jack: (stops using Chaos Bright Light) I think we're good.

Layla: Looks like I still have time to defeat you.

Patricia: (gets into her battle stance)

Jack: Guess it's our turn to fight Layla

FireBloom: So your Layla the FoxSkunk that the citizens of the Skunk Village have heard about?

Layla: That's correct FireBloom.

Jack: Uh Crymson... (points to Layla) That's Layla the FoxSkunk, Patricia's arch enemy.

Patricia: And she's still here to fight.

[Okay, I'm done. Resume editing. ~CrySho~]

[Monk: I still think we should let other people catch up first!]

Interrupting everything, RedToxic exploded in rage, still looking up at the spot where Byrnette dissapeared.

Katherine looks around and sees Raymond, "*sigh* Well, I should go help him..."

"Burg, Surg. Keep a close eye on Static while I try to calm down Toxi." She set Static's head down before running to RedToxic.

"Got it." Burg and Surg said in unison.

Redtoxic looked over at Crymson. "What do you need?"

Crymson put her hand on his shoulder. "You okay, Toxi?" She said in a calm, but careful, tone.

RedToxic took her hand off, and turned around. "Listen, Everyone."

Katherine was walking towards Raymond, but she heard R.T. and turned around, "What?"

Jack: What is it, RedToxic?

Layla: (sprays her dark skunk scent at the heroes & then leaves on her Dark Flying Broom) Catch you later next time.

RedToxic blasts the scent with fire, knocking it away. "When the final battle comes, No one is going to attack the Crymson Clone BUT ME! Does everyone understand?"

Jack: Got it.

Patricia: We got it.

FireBloom: (to Crymson) Anyways, my name is FireBloom the Skunk. What's your name?

Crymson turned to FireBoom and smiled a little. "I'm Crymson, nice to meet you." She turned to RedToxic with worry written on her face.

Katherine "I have no objection."

Flame sighs "If you feel obliged to do so."

Zarex looks at Flame "English, I don't speak nerd."

Jad laughs "Zarex hasn't got a good enough grip on the english language to understand what people say."

Zarex growls "Yeah well...So is your face!"

Flame sighs "That makes no sense you idiot."

Jad laughs "I bet the spots have taken over his brain and re-wired it so he makes no sense."

Flame laughs hystericly "Thats a possibilty"

Flame and Jad both look over at Zarex who looks very annoyed and decide to stop teasing him.

Katherine kneeled down next to Raymond, and grabbed some smelling salts to wake him up.

Raymond sneezed, then woke up. "What happened?"

Katherine shook her head, "You ran into a wall, literally." She looked down at her hand-and-a-half sword, then at Flame, "I'm pretty sure you know what type of sword this is, but don't call it that." Then she looked at Burg and Surg, over by Static,"Here, try this!" she said as she threw the smelling salts to Surg.

Jack: Anyways, we'd betta clean up the mess, those evil creatures made.

Chopper and Bladelocke got out of the helicopter and looked over the edge of the roof.

Katherine threw the other sword to Bladelocke, who caught it and put it away.

Patricia: Your right Jack, let's clean up the mess that Crovax, Burnette & the evil creatures made.

Katherine looks at her right arm and notices some burn marks, she puts her left hand on them and starts to heal herself.

Crymson looked at everyone with a very worried expression, knowing how everything turned worse and Station Square's Christmas almost destroyed. She sighed deeply. "Okay, guys. Let's regroup back at my house and talk this over. We have to find a way to defeat Crovax and save this holiday, or we will be under his control." She stated.

Burg and Surg looked at their cousin and nodded. "I really do want another round with Static's other half for what he has done to you." Surg growled.

Katherine looked at Crymson with questioning eyes, "What do you mean, 'save this holiday'?"

Crymson looked at Katherine. "I have heard their true mission of why they brought me here and why Crovax unleashed all of those Bah Humbug creatures in Station Square." her voice was more serious than before.

Katherine "Then, what is their plan?"

Crymson stayed silent for a moment until she opened her mouth to speak. "They want to control the people under gloom and darkness and build a society where they only cast away any happiness and joy everywhere. Crovax want to create a perfect realm under his rule."

RedToxic looked over. "I doubt he'll succeed, even if he DOES kill us all"

Katherine pondered the information for a minute, then said "Hmm...My grandfather also wants to control everyone who opposes him, and he built a strong network... but that was before his plans were destroyed by his son... but he is rebuilding the network. Raymond," motions to him, "was part of the network."

Raymond shudders at the thought.

"Whoa, what is everybody talking about?" Burg complained. Then he was elbowed by Surg.

"What she means is that Crovax is now trying to control the town with the little oddball creatures lurking around. Plus, he's making a dictatorship under his rule." Surg explained.

"Which means Crovax will create only darkness in our hearts." The nameless Chao came by Crymson's side unexpectidly.

Flame sighs "Isn't it kind of hard to make a Autocracy."

Zarex looks at him "Whats an Autocracy? Is it like..." He seems to be thinking hard.

Jad laughs "Its like a Dictatorship except worse. You need more Academic abilities."

Zarex sighs "Shut up."

Katherine looked at Flame,"Well, it is much easier if you can just control someone's mind or kill them and revive them as a slave: both of which my grandfather is capable of doing..."

Flame nods "Yeah, I suppose everything is easier with mind control."

Zarex looks around "But why would he wan't to make an"

"Autorcracy" Jad said interrupting "And How should we know, Maybe they are power hungry and enjoy the Idea of controlling weaker people to do their bidding."

"Not really." The nameless Chao appeared in front of Jad's face without notice.

Jad looks at the Chao suprised, Wondering how it can just appear.

"Hmm? Really? Do you mind Justifying your point?" Flame replied to the Chao's remark, Despite the fact he knew it wasn't aimed at himself. "It would be interesting to know why Crovax is actually doing this."

"He wants to create people's other half from their spirits and happiness and control them. More like a village under siege and are held in control of the sole leader." The namless Chao answered to Flame.

Crymson was surprised to see her Chao acting all smart and such, she is now speechless.

Katherine "I'm willing to guess He's doing this because he had a bad experience with Christmas, and had no way to cope with it, which caused him to vent his anger, which ultimately let to him trying to get revenge by trying to ruin Christmas. Hm? Am I right?"

The Chao appeared in front of Katherine. "Correct!!" He said with a smile.

Katherine frowned "That's pretty much what caused my grandfather to do what he did, except he had it much worse..."

"Fool" RedToxic said. "I honestly don't care why, but he must go DOWN"

"Well, if you're going to act like a ticking time bomb, why don't you blow up a building or something to ease your mind off of things?" The Chao appeared in front of RedToxic.

"Uhh, what ever your name is, I don't think that would be nessecary to go near him after his little predicament with my clone." Crymson said, grabbing the Chao.

"Oh, I don't have a name." The Chao said.

"Wait, what?!" Crymson looked that the Chao that is in her arms.

After a few seconds, RedToxic responded. "Was that meant to be cruel humor?"

Crymson laughed nervously. "Sorry, Toxi. Seems like this one is a little stubborn. But I don't know why it's here anyway."

"I told you, I'm your Chao." The Chao flew to Crymson, face to face.

Katherine looks at the chao, then remembers her own. She makes a loud whistle and a white chao with red highlights comes out of the helicopter and flies to Katherine.

The other chao looks around at all the people then back to Katherine "Chao?"

Katherine just nods at her chao, then saysto Crymson, "This is my healer chao, Rebecca."

Jack: Crymson's right, we must regroup & stop Crovax, if Layla's his ally, then EggPlankton might not be too far away.

Crymson's Chao went to Katherine's Chao. "Aww, it looks so cute. But too bad I don't have a name." he started to pout.

"Huh? Why not?" Crymson asked.

"Because we were seperated when you were small. I haven't gotten a chance to see you grow. So, can I have a name, Crym?" The Chao asked.

Crymson was a bit stunned to know about him. She smiled, knowing that she had found a name for him. "Stun, Stun the Chao. You sure know how to have a stunning surprise when you pop out of nowhere."

Stun giggled. "Awesome!!!!" He flew around with happiness.

Patricia: The Chao is very cute.

Jack: So Crymson, shall we go back to your house?

Bladelock and Chopper were exiting the building to join the others, Bladelocke wasa visibly nervous. Chopper looked at Crymson "So where is your house?"

Flame sighs "Well, I hope we fix all this Idea before Christmas." He looks at the Chao "I have to say I've never met a Smarter chao...I've never actually met many chao..."

Jad laughs "You're contradicting yourself"

"No he's not." Stun appeared again in front of Jad's face. "He's stating a complement." He smiled.

Jad rolls his yes "I knew that, He is still contradicting himself)

Crymson smiled as she looked at her Chao. She took a sigh and move to being serious. "Okay everyone. We will meet at my house in one hour. Please make sure that you heal yourselves and bring anything that is necessary for the upcoming battle against Crovax and the others. Also, try to eat and drink as much as you can to have enough energy to get to my house." She turned to Chopper and gave him her address. "Here's my address, please don't loose it nor give it to anyone that looks suspicious."

Flame nods "I suppose we should all be ready, To lower the change of injury."

Jad looks at Flame "Even If we need energy, Don't have any Energy Drinks. We definately don't need tornadoes."

Chopper took the card, "Uh... you mean like that guy?" he points down the street.

A figure dressed head to foot in bone armor is seen running up the street towards the heroes brandishing two blades carved out of bone.

Flame stares at the figure, somewhat nervous "Who...Are you?!" Zarex gets in a fighting stance "Never go down a street Brandashing any weapons!"

RedToxic fires a warning shot at the figure, creating a crater at his feet. "Who are you?"

The figure swiftly dodges to the left, and keeps moving.

Bladelocke stared at the figure "Is-Is th-that...?" he asked himself.

Patricia: Okie dokie, Crymson.

Jack: You got it, Crymson. See you there in 1 hour.

Katherine unsheathes her sword and charges at the figure, "I got this!" she yells.

Bladelocke watches Katherine rush towards the figure, "K-Katherine Wait!...<Sigh> She's not going to listen."

Indeed, Katherine wasn't listening. As she got about fifteen feet away from the figure, she jumped up into the air and brought her sword down at it with great force.

The figure watched her attackand put its blades over its head and caught her blade between its two, then it proceeded to flip her over his back and continue charging.

Katherine landed on her hands and knees and turned her head to see the figure continuing its charge.

Chopper pulled out his machete and charged at the figure, when he got within range, he took a downward chop.

The being expertly angled oneof its blades to parry the slice, and forced the blade and Chopper to his left, where he pushed Chopper aside.

Chopper too fell down and turned around to see it continue.

Mimic looked up to see the figure approaching them. "Great. Now what?" He asked. But before anyone could answer, Crystaline was already on it. Still invisible, she ran up to the mysterious newcomer and decided that the best course of action was to just trip him up. She got to one side and stuck her leg out, right in the figure's path.

The figure tripped over Crystaline's leg, as it was falling to the ground one of the blades flew out of its hand. It skidded on its face for a minute then got up on one knee.

Patricia: Oh my, are you ok?

The figure just glares at Patricia, with its cold yellow eyes, through its bone mask, not saying a word.

Patricia: (gulps)

Jack: (to the figure) Who the heck are you?

It shifts its cold gaze to Jack, still not saying anything.

"Who is he?" asked Dena, coming out from nowhere.

It shifts its gaze to Dena, giving her the same response it gave to everyone else.

Bladelocke was nervously standing quietly. He knew who the figure was, he just wasn't saying anyhing unless he had to.

Jack: Hi Dena, long time, no see.

Patricia: Hi Dena.

"Hi Jack, hi Patricia," Dena replied cheerfully. "But seriously, who is this guy?" She notices Bladelocke. "...Bladelocke, why are you so nervous?"

Bladelocke jumped back, even more scared than before, "H-H-How D-Doyou know my name?!?"

"I've been following you guys for awhile," she replied, as if there was nothing creepy about it at all.

Katherine and Chopper ran up from behind and attempted to hack at the figure.

It saw them and lunged forward, doing  a rollat the end of the lunge and nabbed its other blade, before standing up in a battle stance.

Dena pulled out her whip and attempted to wrap it around the figure.

The figure caught the whip wih surprising reflexes, and pulledhard on it, hoping to pull it out of her grip, or pull her in to do a strong punch to the jaw.

Jack: Whao wait, whao whao. We need to work together to stop Crovax like Crymson said, we'll be having a meeting with her in 1 hour back at her house. (spindashes at the figure)

It drops the whip and focuses on Jack, although it was too late to dodge the spindash. So it took the full blow to the chest, knocking it backwards, which also caused its mask to fall off, revealing the very heavily scarred face of a raccoon.

Jack: (gets up) Who the heck are you?

The raccoon gets back up and gets into a defensive position.

Bladelocke steps in between the two "His name is Marrow, and he hasn't answered you because he is mute."

Jack: Oh right, so why did he attacked us?

Bladelocke looket at Katherine and Chopper, then back at Jack, "He didn't, you attacked him."

"That's true," Dena said, lifting herself off the ground. "Katherine and Chopper attacked him, so he retaliated."

Chopper stopped his attack, but Katherine didn't. She jumped over Bladelocke and swung her sword down, using the same technique as before.

Marrow blocked the sword with one blade, while he swung his other fist at her stomach.

Katherine took the blow and got the wind knocked out of her as she fell to the ground.

Bladelocke was starting to get concerned, "Noone attack him, I know what he is capable of doing!"

A ring of fire encircled Bladelocke and Marrow for protection. Crymson went inside the ring and the fire died down. "Guys, save your strength. We need that to battle Crovax." Then she took a look at the new figures around her and behind her. She forgot to introduce herself to them. "Oh, my apologieze. I believe we haven't met. My name is Crymson. May I ask what your names are?" Crymson politely asked with a smile.

"And I'm Stun, Crymson's Chao. Nice to meet you!" The little Chao flew right beside Crymson.

Bladelocke looked at the ground then at Crymson, "My name is Bladelocke, and this is Marrow, he is mute, so that's why I'm introducing him."

Katherine was on the ground catching her breath, "Y-you'll pay for that!"

Crymson took a look at Marrow's scarred face. She couldn't help but to feel sorry for the raccoon. "I hope I'll get to know you eventually." She said with a smile.

"And I'm Surg. This is my twin brother Burg. We are both cousins and brother-figures to Crymson." Surg said, still carrying Burg.

Marrow gave a slight smile, but only for a second, because he was preparing for Katherine's next attack.

Katherine was indeed attacking again, this time with three quick thrusts, followed by a blocking rush. followed by an uppercut punch.

Marrow parryed the thrusts, then put the flat of hisblade against her block, but was unprepared for the punch, he took it directly to the jaw and was stunned for a second.

"STOP!!" Crymson activate her blue fire and covered Marrow and Katherine. The fire didn't burn them, but only immobolized their movement for a moment. "Guys, I said we need our strength for battle tomorrow!!!"

Marrow pointed at Katherine.

Bladelocke does a minor facepalm, "Katherine I told you not to attack him."

Katherine growled as she struggled to break free, "If there is one thing my father taught me, it's never give up when someone else is in danger!"

"And just exactly who is in danger right now?" Robin asked, irked by Katherine's hostility toward the mute raccoon.

Jack: Marrow? We're sorry, we didn't know.

Crymson released the two before walking back to the still unconsious Static and picked him up like carying a kid to bed. "I'll be taking Static to my house. Any rejections?" She looked around.

"Seriously Katherine," Dena moaned and turned to Marrow. "Sorry Marrow," she then apoligized for attacking with her whip. She turned to Crymson. "My name's Dena, nice to meet you," she introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you Dena, I'm Crymson." She replied with a smile. She looked at Staic with a sullen look on her face. Static, I wish you can become concious again. She puts her head on his head, knowing that she will always be with him to protect him.

"Um, Crym?" Robin asked. "It might be better if we met up somewhere else."

"Sparks is right." Mimic said. "After all, if the bad guys nabbed you from Flame's appartment, then who knows what might be in store for us if we go to your place."

Crymson looked at Mimic. "Her name's Robin. And yes, we should. We also need to give Static some medical care." Crymson added.

Mimic raised his hands. "Woah. Easy, Sapphire. I'm not being mean when I call her 'Sparks'."

"It's alright, Crymson." Robin said. "Anyway, I think we should meet up at my residence. I can also give Static some medical care there."

"...I know someone who could help Static," Dena realized suddenly.

Crymson looked at Dena. "Awesome." Then she turned to her friends. "Alright everyone, we will meet at Robin's place. Make sure you come prepared." She turned to Robin. "I'll be coming along with you. I want to be beside Static and make sure he's alright." She down to Static's calm and peaceful face.

Robin nodded. "Alright. You and I will head over there right away. Everyone else, be there within half an hour; time is of the essence."

Crymson's blue fire wings became active as she is ready to ascend to the sky over to Robin's place. She hold Static tightly. "Alright, let's head out. Half hour guys, and come prepared." She took a jump and started to fly. She stopped and looked down to Robin. "Lead the way, my good friend."

"I'll get my friend," Dena assured everyone as she ran off to find her friend Harley.

Katherine was starting to cool down as she realized Marrow meant no harm.

Chopper looked at Robin, "Where do you live? I'll need an adress."

Marrow bent over and picked up his mask.

"Sending you the coordinates now." Robin said. Her suit had just sent the information to Chopper wirelessly. She then started to run. After about five seconds of running, her speed booster activated, causing her to run at incredible speeds. She had to skid to a stop to make a turn, but was able to resume at the same pace as before once she started to run in the new direction.

Meanwhile, Mimic and Crystaline decided to travel with Flame and Jad.

Marrow strapped his bone blades to his back and took off down the street after Robin.

Chopper figured the coordinates must have been sent to the helicopter, so he went to check.

Jack: What should we do now?

Raymond stepped forward, "Like Crymson said: get prepared for tomorrow, then go to Robin's house."

Chopper was on the roof. He found out that the coordinates were indeed on the helicopter's navigation system. "Hey guys, got the coordinates!"

Katherine watched as Marrow ran off. It was obvious she still didn't trust him. She looked up at chopper, "Can you print it off and pass it here?"

Chopper nodded his head, then ran backinto the helicopter. After a few seconds, he came back out carrying a piece of paper. He crumpled it up into a ball and threw it to Katherine.

She caught the directions and put them into her pocket. She then took off down the street.

Chopper was surprised. "Wait! You aren't coming on the heli?"

Katherine stopped for a second,, "No, I have something to do..." She turned and kept running.

"Wait up!" cried a small robot as he ran to the helicopter.

Chopper looked at the robot, "Whoa, calm down. But sorry, I'm not letting anyone on that I don't know."

From the bottom of the building, the robot called up to Chopper. "I'm Dena's friend, Marbot! I just want the coordinates because she forgot them!"

Chopper remained indifferent, "I don't know who 'Dena' is, so the answer is still no."

Marbot just stared for a couple of seconds. "The one who was spying on you? Didn't she say her name?"

Chopper maintained his composure, "Even if she did mention her name, I still don't know her. Besides, why would I trust someone who was spying on me?"

"...Well..." Marbot had no response for that. "But I want to help! Please just let me help you!"

Chopper was starting to get suspicious about why the robot didn't give up, "No. Too much has been happening for me to trust anyone that I don't already know."

Marbot sighed and walked away. Once he was far enough away from Chopper, he grinned to himself. "You leave me no choice..." As he entered something into his keypad, powerful electricity charged the controls of the helicopter. Marbot quickly fled.

Chopper sighed a breath of relief as the robot stopped. He walked to the edge and signalled, "Ramrod, Blade, come on!"

Raymond and Bladelocke raninto the building and started climbing the stairs.

"I don't trust that robot." Crystaline said, half out loud. She wasn't sure why, but she could sense something about that robot. Something bad. A loud humming could be heard as Chopper started up the heli's engine and waited for Raymond and Bladelocke. Soon they reached the roof and boarded the copter.

Jack & Patricia: To Crymson's house, please? Chopper looked at Jack and Patricia, "Sorry, but like I said earlier: I am not taking any chances. And we're not going to Crymson's house, we're going to...ah,what's her name?...Robin! We're going to Robin's house." the name Robin sparked something in his memory. Is she the "Robin"I'm thinking of? he thought to himself.

Jack: But why?

Raymond looked down at Jack, "Because too much has happened for us to know who to trust."

The three piled into the helicopter and lifted off. They started heading off in the direction of Robin's house. Everything was working properly until they got a few blocks away. The controls stopped responding, Chopper tried his hardest to get the vehicle to respond, but even with all his piloting experience he was failing.

Bladelocke looked frantically around the interior, searching for any parachutes. But it was to no avail: there were none. So they were stuck in a non-responsive helicopter about a hundred feet in the air.

Robin got an alert on her visor's heads up display. The helicopter Chopper was piloting was malfunctioning. "What's going on?" She asked over the helicopter's radio frequency. Meanwhile, she continued to pay attention to what was ahead so she could avoid running head first into a building.

The helicopter was starting to lose altitude, Chopper was pounding on the controls: trying to get them to work.

Bladelocke sighed, he knew what he had to do, even though he hated to do it. He took off his vest and slipped it onto his arm, revealing a pair of bat wings. He grabbed his lyre, and then Chopper's shotgun and fired twice: blowing apart the lock on the door, which swung open. He droped the shotgun and slipped the lyre onto his arm, then grabbed Copper and Raymond's hands and pulled them out the door and started flying slowly, but steadily to the ground.

The helicopter crashed into an already damaged building, but did not explode.

When they landed, Bladelock immidiately put his vest back on, "Can you guys keep my wings a secret?"

Chopper nodded his head.

Raymond was puzzled as to why it needed to be kept a secret, "Why? I think they make you special."

Bladelocke looked at the ground, "Special... maybe, but I have been killed before because of them."

Raymond was shocked at this statement, "W-What?!? Okay... I guess that is a good enough reason..."

Jack: (to Crymson) Sorry Crymson, due to too much of who we can trust, Raymond ordered us to get to his house.

Speedy got out his glider"sorry but i dopnt like comercial air travel" and the three went off 

Archer thought to himself "darn i need to get Speedy a real present now"

"Crym, you keep on leaving us behind!!!" It was Burg's voice. He and his brother, who is carrying Burg, flew right beside Crymson on their way to Robin's house. Even Stun went beside her.

"Sorry, guys. We need enough energy for the battle in less than half an hour. We need to make preparations when we get over there before we fight." Crymson said. She looked at Static that is still in her arms. She made a sad expression. Don't worry, Static. I'll make sure you are alive and well. I won't let anybody hurt you. That's a promise. She thought. "Let's go!!" She commanded.

"Right beside you, Crym." Stun said, making sure he is keeping up with Crymson's flying speed.

Jack: That's right, Patricia & I will be right beside you all the way.

Patricia: (riding on her flying broom, close to Crymson) Cause that's what friends are for. (hugs Crymson)

Crymson hugged Patricia back. "Thanks guys. Now, let's head to Robin's." Crymson commanded as she and her friends head towards Robin's place.

15 Minutes Later...

As soon as part of the heroes reached Robin's house, they became awestruck as to see her place being a mansion. "Wow, Robin!! Who ever knew that G.U.N. would give you a lot of bonuses." Crymson said with her mouth open in awe.

"Actually," Robin began with sadness in her voice, "This mansion isn't from G.U.N. This is my family's mansion. Or rather my mansion, seeing as I'm the only member of my family now."

while flying Archer dropped onto the ground when they were gliding in town

Archer"i'll be right back go home without me"

Speedy"ok then see ya"

FireBloom: I am quite intrigued about this mansion. Very fancy.

"Thank you for the complement, FireBloom." Robin said. "Anyway, as much as I'd like to give a tour, we need to get to my... room." She didn't quite want to tell them what her room was actually an enormous laboratory underneath the mansion. In fact, she didn't even want them to know that she lived in a mansion. But, considering the circumstances, this was an emergency.

Jack: Crymson, this is our new friend, FireBloom the Skunk, princess of the Skunk Village.

Patricia: FireBloom, this is our friend, Crymson.

FireBloom: (to Crymson) Please to meet you Crymson. I really like your fire type abilities.

Archer bought Speedy a 3ds 

Speedy"perhaps we should go help Crymson"

Katherine runs up to the mansion wearing a festive red sweater, and being followed by her two chao.

Speedy,Reeper and Archer got to the house

Speedy"nice place"

Reeper"very nice"

Archer"why does one person need such a big place"

Speedy"no idea"

Speedy rung the doorbell

Jack: Let's find out.

Marrow is sitting on a trashcan in an alley across the street, intently listening to and watching everyone else interact.

Bladelocke, Raymond and Chopper walk up looking a little beat up.

Patricia: (looks around to check to make sure that there's no villains around)


Suddenly, a voice is heard from a speaker above the door. "Guys," Robin said over the speaker, "Just go around to the back. The rest of us will meet you there."

Katherine, Chopper, Raymond and Bladelocke followed the directions and walked around back.

Marrow decided to wait until everyone else went around to enter.

Speedy and the other two went round the back

Speedy"hey guys"

Crymson carefully went around the mansion with the still unconcious Static in her arms. She came to the back seeing Robin in a large garden with a peculiar statue at it's center. "Thanks for inviting us over, Robin." Crymson smiled as she put Static on a long lawn chair.

Flame appears out of no-where "Man, I keep getting left behind." Flame looks around mesmerised "Woah...Fancy..." He sighs "Anywho..." He seems to be trying to initiate a conversation on what the heroes can do to sort out the problem.

Jad and Zarex appear with Flame, Suprised by the Decor of Robin's Mansion. "Nice place you got, Headgear" Zarex said, In a friendly voice.

 Speedy"guys wanna play hide and seek?"  

Reeper"ok the your it"  

Reeper and Archer ran off   


Kathrine grabs speedy by the arm, "Now is not a time for games!"

Speedy"why not?"

"Because Static is dying, you dummy." Mimic said. "And we have a bunch of bad guys that need to be stopped."

FireBloom: We still need to stop Byrnetta, the villains, those villianous creatures & their leader.

"Well, Toxi will take care of Byrnette. We will deal with the Bah Humbug creatures, the villans, and the leader.

Patricia: Okie dokie Crymson.

FireBloom: Sure thing, Crymson.

Robin walked over to a lamp post that was near where Static was. She put her hand against the side of the pole and a portion of the side of the pole slide up, revealing a small panel. She put her hand against the panel. "RECOGNITION CONFIRMED. WELCOME ROBIN." a male computer voice said. A second later, the large, stone pedistal of the statue at the center of the garden opened up, revealing a hidden elevator. "The elevator will take us to... well, you'll see in a moment." Robin said as she entered the elevator.

Flame looks at Robin confused "Huh?" He looks at the Elevator "Oh gosh! Thats so cool!" He seems to be mesmerised at the Impressive Tech.

Speedy"a lift urgh no thank you"

Reeper"Speedies kind of claustraphobic"

Katherine, Raymond, Chopper and Bladelocke step into the elevator, while looking around at the people around them.

Marrow had been secretly watching. As much as he hated to get close to strangers; he saw no other way. He Ran into the elevator and curled into a ball in a corner, hoping to be left alone.

Flame and Jad strided into the elevator, Both impressed.

"Wait...How do you fit an Elevator here without it being noticable..." Zarex says confused "Ah well..." He walks into the elevator.

Reeper and Archer went in the elevator "Speedy get in"

Speedy got in he then started sweating and breathing hard 

Jack: Are you ok, Speedy?

"Claustriphobia?" Flame said, Looking at Speedy "I have a temporary fix for that, Do you wan't it."

"Don't theres a 15% possiblity that you will be set on fire." Jad says laughing "Just kidding!"

Speedy"yeah i'll take it"

Flame's hands go blue as a blue fog goes over Speedy "This should be a 30 minute fix to a fear." Flame shrugged "Hopefully, I just learnt this spell."

Crymson went beside the still unconsious Static and petted his head. She made a deep sigh. "Please be okay Static. I really don't want you in this state for a long time. It worries me so." She said to herself.

Speedy walked into the elevator

Katherine stared at the raccoon curled up in the corner. It was obvious she didn't trust him or want to be near him.

Robin entered the elevator and waited for everyone else to do the same.

Mimic and Crystaline entered. "This isn't going to take us to some sinister laboratory, is it?" Mimic asked as he entered.

"Don't worry, I'll keep the "mad scientist" laughter to a minimum." Robin answered in a half joking manner. She continued to wait for the last of the people to enter.

Crymson picked Static back up as she gestures her cousins and her Chao to Robin. As they made into the elevator, Surg couldn't help but to joke around. "Well, my master. What kund of evil experiments shall we concoct?" He let out a fake evil laughter just for fun.

"Man, and I thought I was the joking person. But that's ridiculous." Burg laughed.

Mimic began to snicker, "Well, at least he looks the part!" he said before he started to laugh.

Jack, Patricia & FireBloom: (smiles happily for Crymson & Static)

Robin looked around for a moment. "I think that's everyone," she said after a breif moment. She pressed a button on the wall of the elevator. After a moment, the doors closed and the elevator started to move down at a gentle pace. Back outside, the stone pedastal closes again, hidding all traces that an elevator was once present. After about 15 seconds of waiting, the elevator comes to a stop and the door open. Before everyone is a long, well-lite hallway. The walls glistened with a goldish tint from the lights. The marble floor was a deep black color. At the end of the hallway was a door with a scanner of some sort next to it.

Everyone walked down the hallway and stopped in front of the door. Robin walked up to the scanner and placed her hand against it. A small confirmation sound was heard. Next, a small microphone extended out of the scanner, prompting Robin to speak.

"Robin Owsparr," Robin said into the mic. A second later, a turrent dropped out of the ceiling and aimed at the rest of the group, startling them all. Once again, Robin spoke into the mic. "Guests," Robin said, identifiying her friends as non-hostile. The turrent then retracted into the ceiling and the doors opened.

As the group entered, they were amazed at what was before them. They entered a very large, white room with a black marble floor and stairs leading down to the main floor of the room. On the wall on the opposite side of the room were giant monitors hanging above a large terminal with various lights and other structures. There were a small set of stairs that led up to the terminal. On either side of these stairs were desks, laptop computers, blueprints, and some other items that appeared to be gadgets that were still being developed. On the left side of the room were two doors. One of them appeared to lead to other rooms, possible testing rooms of some sort. The other door was open and seemed to lead to a garage-like room of some sort. On the right side of the room were two more openings. The one closest to the group was a small hallway that lead to a bedroom and bathroom. The other opening seemed to lead to a rec. room of some sort. A large, black leather couch and a few videogame controlers placed neatly on a small table could be seen from where everyone was standing.

Katherine looked in wonder at all the screens and other things around her in amazement, "Some lab." She commented, without stopping her looking around. She soon noticed the raccoon was missing.

Bladelocke also looked around in amazement. His sky blue eyes were large as he surveyed the area.

Raymond and Chopper were both amazed by the area and were silent.

Marrow had immidiately snuck off, and was sitting alone in a back corner of the lab, preferably under a table or something.

Flame looked in amazement, Examining everything and darting around.

Jack: That's a cool place

Patricia: Yeah. It looks awesome

Katherine looked around for Marrow, "Where did he go...?" She asked out loud, unintentionally. She started walking around searching for the raccoon.

Crymson, Surg, burg and Stun were all in awe as they looked into Robin laboratory. Surg looked at Robin and just smiled. "Such a fantastic place you have here, Robin." Surg said. Crymson and Burg happened to agree.

"Thanks, Surg." Robin said. "Now, let's get Static healed. Crymson, if you will follow me, I'll lead you to where I can help Static." She then walks down the stairs to the main floor and heads to the left, walking through the door that lead to a lab of some sort. In this room, there was a table that looked similar to an MRI machine."Put him down on there." Robin said. She then walked to a computer that was against the wall near the machine.

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