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(The Plot's based on the game "Donkey Kong Country Returns")

Taking place after the game "Donkey Kong Country Returns", the Evil Tikis known as the Tiki Tak Tribe have been brought back to life by the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds' Positive & Negative Energy & then arrives on Planet Mobius with their Tiki Tong Tower Lair on the Darkest parts of Mobius on a Volcano & the 8 Main Tikis, Kalimba, the Maraca Triplets, Gong, Ukelele, Panflute, Xylophone, Accordion and their leader, Tiki Tong hypnotises everyone on Planet Mobius, including the Heroes, Anti Heroes & Villains into stealing all the bananas on Mobius & using them to create an Army full of Tikis, but only the Heroes we're not affected by their Tiki Music Hypnotising Magic & they are Jack the Hedgehog, Patricia the Skunk & her friends. Only the Heroes can stop the Tikis & free their friends from a Tiki Disaster. Can our heroes save Planet Mobius from those evil Wiki Tikis from the Tiki Tak Tribe?


  • Spongebob100 (Owner of the Roleplay)
  • JoshTheHedgehog12
  • Assassinhedgehog
  • Mr.Zaya
  • Fox,Fox,Cat
  • Spiderboy2012
  • Scroundernuts
  • DashthePegaGirl
  • Meme the Fox
  • KauaiGirl99


  • No G-Modding
  • No Bad Words, No Exceptions
  • Don't use someone else's Characters
  • Add as many characters as you like.
  • No breaking the 4th Wall
  • HAVE FUN !!!


Main Heroes (Who we're not infected by the Tiki Tak Tribe's Hypnotising Magic)

  • Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100) (Main Male Protagonist)
  • Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100) (Main Female Protagonist)
  • Josh the Hedgehog (JTH) (Male Deuteragonist)
  • The Ancienthogs (JTH)
  • Jess the Hedgehog (JTH)
  • Yuki the Hedgecat (JTH) (Female Deuteragonist)
  • Noa the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)
  • Kipper The Armchidna (Mr. Zaya [Kipper is an Armadillo/Echidna hybrid. Kapiche?])
  • Assassin the Hedgehog (Assassin)
  • Isaiah The Red Wolf (Mr.Zaya)
  • Sonia Flores the Hedgehog (apallo)
  • Kathy Bronze (Fox)
  • Rosadiya the Treecko(Fox)
  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed (Darkest)
  • Rage the Cat (Aurora's male counterpart) (Scrounder)
  • Navy the Zora (Scrounder)
  • Rainbow the PegaCat (DashthePegaGirl)
  • Felix the Lynx (DashthePegaCat)
  • Astarte the Hawk (DashthePegaGirl)
  • Tony the Panther (DashthePegaGirl)
  • Luke the overlander/dragon {meme}
  • Giana the overlander/angel {meme}
  • Shelby 'Strawberry' Ichigo the Fox (Kauai)
  • Cynphonique 'Mint' the Fox (Kauai)
  • StarrKeisha 'Lettuce' the Dog (Kauai)
  • Kelsy 'Pudding' the Fox (Kauai)
  • Alexya 'Pomeganate' Zakuro the Fox (Kauai)
  • SPARKY (Spongebob100)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Anyone)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Anyone)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Anyone)

Hypnotised Characters (Who we're Hypnotised by the Tiki Tak Tribe) (Need more Characters here)

Group #1 (Kalimba's Hypnotised Prisoners) (Min: 1, Max: Unlimited)

  • Donovan The Cougar (Mr.Zaya)
  • Tails (Anyone)

Group #2 (The Maraca Triplets' Hypnotised Prisoners) (Min: 1, Max: Unlimited)

  • James Kaida (Fox)
  • Amy Rose (Anyone)
  • Cream the Rabbit (Anyone)
  • Big the Cat (Anyone)

Group #3 (Gong's Hypnotised Prisoners) (Min: 1, Max: Unlimited)

  • Hannah the Cheetah (DashthePegaGirl)
  • Steel the Lion (DashthePegaGirl)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Anyone)
  • Rouge the Bat (Anyone)

Group #4 (Ukelele's Hypnotised Prisoners) (Min: 1, Max: Unlimited)

  • Luna the Hedgehog (Spiderboy2012)
  • Vector the Crocodile (Anyone)

Group #5 (Panflute's Hypnotised Prisoners) (Min: 1, Max: Unlimited)

  • Alphnose {meme}
  • Blaze the Cat (Anyone)

Group #6 (Xylophone's Hypnotised Prisoners) (Min: 1, Max: Unlimited)

  • Hilda the Sheep(Fox)
  • Espio the Chameleon (Anyone)
  • Charmy the Bee (Anyone)

Group #7 (Accordion's Hypnotised Prisoners) (Min: 1, Max: Unlimited)

  • Alice the Cat (JTH)
  • E-123 Omega (Anyone)

Main Villains (The Tiki Tak Tribe)

Villains that helps the Tiki Tak Tribe)

  • Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)
  • Kai the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)
  • Dr. EggRey (JTH)
  • Neo Rey the Dark Hedgehog (JTH)
  • Darkspine luke {is a different person from luke}[meme}
  • Reff the Ghosthog (JTH) (an enemy to EggPlankton, though)
  • Slenderhog (DashthePegaGirl)
  • Deep Blue the Alien (Kauai)


  • Templar Woody (Possessed by Kalimba)
  • Splasher, Sandy & Shellcrack (Possessed by the Maraca Triplets)
  • Magma Bomby (Possessed by Gong)
  • Driller Rocky (Possessed by Ukelele)
  • Sting Symphony (Possessed by Panflute)
  • Brutal Cranky (Possessed by Xylophone)
  • Steel Creepy (Possessed by Accordion)
  • Alphnose {possessed by panflute}

Voice Actors

(Add your characters with their voice actors.)

  • Jerry Trainor as Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)
  • Katie Griffin as Patricia the Skunk
  • The Big Show as Tiki Tong
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Josh the Hedgehog
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Aero the Wind Ancienthog
  • Hayden Christensen as Assassin the Hedgehog
  • James Arnold Taylor (JOHNNY TEST!) as Isaiah The Red Wolf
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic as Kipper The Armchidna
  • Myself as Noa the Hedgehog
  • Ashleigh Ball as Rainbow the PegaCat
  • Abraham Aguilar as Felix the Lynx
  • Conchi Lopez Rojo as Astarte the Hawk
  • Rob Dyrdek as Tony the Panther
  • Channel West Coast as Hannah the Cheetah
  • Sterling 'Steelo' Brim as Steel the Lion
  • Doug Lawrance as Dr. EggPlankton
  • Udo Kier as Kai the Hedgehog
  • Jessica Struss as Layla the FoxSkunk
  • Shelby Marsh as Shelby 'Strawberry' Ichigo the Fox (Amanda Brown as Mew Stawberry)
  • Cymphonique Miller as Cymphonique 'Mint' the Fox (Andi Whaley as Mew Mint)
  • Lily Allen as StarrKeisha 'Lettuce' the Dog (Bella Hudson as Mew Lettuce)
  • Kiley Fizgerald as Kiley 'Pudding' the Fox (Kether Donahue as Mew Pudding)
  • Alexya *No Last Name Found* as Alexya 'Pomegranate' the Fox (Molly Weaver as Mew Pomegranate)
  • Megumi Ogata as Deep Blue

"More Coming Soon"

Stages & Levels

Jungle Zone (Stage 1)

  1. L1: Jungle Jamboree
  2. L2: Jungle Heights
  3. L3: Violent Vines
  4. L4: Smelly Swamp
  5. L5: Tree Top Hop
  6. L6: Dino Jungle
  7. BL: Templar's Mound

Sunny Day Beach Zone (Stage 2)

  1. ?????
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. ?????
  7. ?????
  8. BL: Crabby Pirates

Angel Island Ruins Zone (Stage 3)

  1. ?????
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. ?????
  7. BL: Pheonix Roost

Underground Mine Zone (Stage 4)

  1. ?????
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. BL: Driller Train

Great Forest Zone (Stage 5)

  1. ?????
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. ?????
  7. ?????
  8. ?????
  9. BL: Double Trouble Run

Dino World Zone (Stage 6)

  1. ?????
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. ?????
  7. ?????
  8. ?????
  9. BL: Brutal's Highrise

EggmenLand Zone (Stage 7)

  1. ?????
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. ?????
  7. ?????
  8. ?????
  9. BL: Steel Fiend

Volcanic Zone (Stage 8)

  1. ?????
  2. ?????
  3. ?????
  4. ?????
  5. ?????
  6. ?????
  7. ?????
  8. BL: Tiki Tong Terror

Prologue: Rise of the Evil Tikis (Stage: Station Square)

Jack & Patricia: (relaxing on their backs on the grass)

Jack: (sighs) What a beautiful day

Patricia: Yeah, it's a nice beautiful day

Jack: Eeyup. There's nothing that can ruin this day

(We can hear a rumbling coming from the sky)

Patricia: What's that?

(A Giant Shadow covers the whole area)

Jack: Look ! (points up to the sky)

(We see a Giant Tiki shaped tower hovering above them & it's the Tiki Tong Tower)

Patricia: What is the heck is that?

Jack: I don't know, but it looks like the Death Egg

(The Tiki Tong Tower lands on a Volcano & the Tiki Leaders: Kalimba, the Maraca Triplets, Gong, Ukelele, Panflute, Xylophone & Accordion appears from the tower & starts hypnotising people on Mobius with their Music)

(The Tiki Tak Tribe Music plays)

Patricia: What's going on here?

Jack: I don't know, but I had a feeling that it's not Eggman & EggPlankton this time

Josh: (arrives) I hear that strange noise around here. I can't relax... What's goin' on?

Jack: Uh ask them (points to the Tiki Tak Tribe, hypnotising the people)

Patricia: Quick, we must hide !

Jack: There, the TreeHouse! Hurry there's no time to explain. Come one

(Jack & Patricia goes inside their Treehouse they just built & hides inside)

Jack: Quick Josh, inside our Treehouse.

Josh: (Treehouse?! o_O) 'Kay... (teleports in the treehouse)

Jack: Let's remain calm people. We'll be safe in here.

Josh: Hm? Someone's coming.

Aero: This is a big problem. (is on the field) That strange noise cometh out from the tower... That is it, it hypnotizes beings. (sees a treehouse) Right, I think I should be safe there. (teleports at the treehouse)

Isaiah:*grunts* You were saying? *looking at Jack and Patricia*

Kipper:COME ON, Isaiah!

Assassin: who

Noa: *runs towards treehouse* guys have you heard the tikis?

Patricia: No

Jack: The Tikis?

Isaiah:...So what exactly are we to do about this?

Jack: Not sure, but we should stay inside so we can be safe

Patricia: Guys look ! (points to the Hypnotised people, stealing bananas)

Jack: They're stealing a large load of bananas?

Isaiah:...Oh, wow. Is this some sick joke or what?

Noa: I wonder why bananas

Patricia: I don't think it's a sick joke at all

Kipper:There's a catch, I can tell, guys.

Jack: Ok then.

Assassin: I don't like this

Isaiah:Ugh. This is a total bust. Like a jerk. Someone to make you mad on good days and make it worse on bad ones.

Kathy:*Flies into the treehouse*

Jack: Hi there

Patricia: Who are you?

Kathy:I'm Kathy Bronze.

Rosadiya:I'm Rosadiya,the Treecko.

Isaiah:Why hello! *jive voice* I'm Isaiah, and this is Kipper!


Noa: Im Noa

Kipper:So, what's up?

Kathy:Nothing,but the fact that thoses Things stole the only thing closest to my heart.

Jack: You meant the Tikis stole all of the bananas

Kathy:I don't care about the bananas,they hypnotised James!

Patricia: (gasps) Oh dear.

Noa: They can hypnotize?

Jack: Eeyup

Patricia: And they're very good at it

Jack: Let's keep it quiet, so that the tikis won't find us

Patricia: In the mean time, just in case the Tikis came in. Everyone must get inside the closet.

Noa: Alright

Jack: While you guys are inside the closet, Patricia & I can handle these Tikis when they come inside.

Josh: Wait a second, lemme join, too, as a team.

Aero: That's right.

Josh: Let's do this. (gets his cellphone)

Jack: No, let me & Patricia handle this. It's too dangerous for you, even if your ancients. The Tikis can really hypnotise you, turning you into slaves.

Josh: Don't worry, I got myself my cellphone, it emits waves to protect ourselves from hypnosis. :D And so, it also has the Summoning App, so, they can't easily hypnotize. (smirks) Hypnosis of the tiki minions are useless to me, except the Commanding Officers of that Tiki group, especially... uh... Who's the leader?

Aero: Whoa, you underestimate us. Are you biased on your own?! (gets his cellphone) This might work.

Someone appears to be fighting against the tikis...


??? #1: Don't worry, we're Ancients as well.

??? #2: That's right, we're not susceptible to that foolish hypnosis.

??? #3: That hypnosis can't beat us, as we're deties or Ancients. If I were you, Assassin...

Patricia: Except the Tiki's Hypnosis. They say that the legendary Tiki Tak Tribe we're asleep inside a Volcano on an island back on Earth & it also says that after their first defeat, the Tiki Tak Tribe have chosen our Planet to conquer when their time is right.

Jack: And from the looks of it, it's today. If the Tikis are about to hypnotise them, there's no way that can stop the Tiki's Hypnosis, not even the Ancients themselves.

Patricia: I'll show you the scroll about the Profercy about the Tiki Tak Tribe

Josh: No need, it's embiggening. In our culture, our enemies known as witches or Rangdas, except Patricia or any good witches make fake prophecies. And I don't believe in the witches' prophecies...

Aero: You have a point, Josh, it's just fake & biased. Get me?

??? #1: As I've told you, we Ancients don't experience hypnosis, or any.

??? #2: Josh is the Chosen One in our continents.

Josh: Yes. And I'm born with complete resistance from afflictions, even hypnosis.

??? #3: (female voice) All those who're powerful enough, hypnosis, or even afflictions are useless.

Josh: And don't even think that I'm powerplaying, FYI.

Patricia: But the profercy says that the Ancients are not the chosen ones that can defeat the Tiki Tak Tribe. It says that 2 Chosen Ones will rise above the Tiki Tak Tribe & become 100% Immune to their Hypnosis Magic in their destiny to defeat the Tiki Tak Tribe & their Leader.

Jack: Sorry Josh, but the 2 chosen ones have to be 100% Immune to the Tiki's Hypnosis Music Magic

Josh: I know, but I'm completely immune to the hypnosis.

??? #3: Jack, Patricia, come here, I'll tell you anything.

Aero: I said, that's fake, Jack...

??? #2: So, go to Terra first, she'll tell you a thing.

Terra: Come to me first, I'll tell you something.

Jack: Oh ok then

Patricia: Sure thing.

Terra: Okay. 400 years ago, the Ancient Prophecy says that:

"The Chosen Ones are immune to hypnosis."

Terra: Do you know? Josh is also one of the Chosen One, but not as like you, he's a great chosen One in our continents.

Assassin: am I a chosen one?

Josh: Not sure... Chosen Ones have strong powers that the other beings in Mobius don't really have.

Jack: But there can only be 2 chosen ones that are the only ones that can stop the Tiki Tak Tribe, but who would that be?

Patricia: Not sure, but quick inside the Closet

Jack & Patricia: (puts everyone inside the Closet)

[Meanwhile, a figure watches them]

(The Hypnotised People steals every banana they can find for the Tiki Tak Tribe)

Patricia: Look! Those Tikis & the people that are Hypnotised are stealing all the bananas on Mobius

Jack: Aw man, I was looking for to a nice fresh banana in the morning

(A High-Rank Tiki Officer enters inside the Treehouse & goes in front of Jack & Patricia & it's Kalimba Tiki)

Jack: Who the heck is that?

Patricia: I have no idea what kind of Tiki I'm looking at.

Jack: Well it's Red & Blue & has Kalimba Keys for hair

Josh: Eh? Dunno him.

Kalimba: I am Kalimba, one of the high ranking tiki members of the Tiki Tak Tribe & we're here to take over this Planet you called "Mobius" !

Jack: The Tiki Tak Tribe?

Patricia: Who are they? And why have you come here?

Kalimba: How's about I give you a special treat?

Jack: What is it?

Kalimba: I'll let you have it

Patricia: Really?

Kalimba: Yeah. Here it is !

Kalimba tries to hypnotise Jack & Patricia as the Tiki Tak Tribe Music plays)

(But suddendly it's hypnotic powers had no affect on Jack & Patricia)

Jack: Uh, I don't get it

Patricia: Me neither, we can't feel a thing

Kalimba: What?! It's not working?!?! But how?

Jack: Alright, here's a treat of our own.

Patricia: And it's for you

Kalimba: What is it?

Jack & Patricia: Here it is !

(The Camera cuts to the Outside of the Treehouse & we can hear Jack & Patricia proceeds to deliver a massive beat down on the conniving Kalimba Tiki and then sent it flying with their Jack's Spindash & Patricia's Iron Tail)

Josh: That's impossible, he's a Tiki CO! (jumps & delivers a strong Rider Kick at Kalimba) I'll show you THIS! (hits it at him)

Kalimba: (gets hit very hard by Jack's, Patricia's & Josh's Moves, dealing heavy damage) (being sent flying) I'LL GET YOU TWO FOR THIS !!! (crashes into the Jungle & then retreats into the Jungle)

Jack: Watch out Tikis ! Cause Patricia & I are coming to get you!

Patricia: Yeah !

Jack & Patricia: (gets out of the tree house, by jumping off of it & then lands on both feet)

Jack: Come on Gang, let's go !

Assassin: Yeah *follows Jack and Patricia*

Noa: Alright *follows*

Kathy & Rosadiya:*Follows them*

Rage: [Still hiding; follows]

Kipper & Isaiah:*follow them*

Josh: o_O It's not improper for the two of 'em... (teleports)

Aero: (facepalms) It's abnormal... (teleports)

Jack & Patricia: (runs off together, while taking down the Tiki Grunts)

Josh: (runs off toward the Tiki Grunts) (takes out 100 of them, one by one)

Jack: (spindashes at 75 of them, taking them out like bowling pins) STRIKE!

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail to take out 25 Tiki Grunts) I believe that's a Home Run !

Aero: (his eyes turn green & wipes out 150 more Tiki Grunts with a tornado blast) Heh, you weaklings.

Assassin: Mom, you do make me laugh sometimes. *takes out more with Chaos Blast*

Kathy:*Pounces on a Tiki Grunt and starts biting and scratching it*

Rosadiya:*Uses Leafstorm on 10 Tiki Grunts*

Rage: [Picks up about 30 Tiki Grunts with his powers; about enough he can hold, then smash them until they're destroyed]

Jack: (notices Rage) Who's that?

Patricia: I'm not sure

Rage: My name is Rage, [Jumps off the log he was on] Rage the Cat.

Jack: It's nice to meet you

Rage: Hmph...

Josh: Hey. Uhh, pardon? Who are you?

Rage: I already introduced myself. Ya should've paid attention.

Assassin: Yeah, Josh

Jack: Yeah Josh, You should've paid more attention

Patricia: Anyways, let's go

Jack: Right

Josh: Whoa, they've the same minds, eh? (teleports)

Aero: Rage the Cat, eh? Alright. And you, Jack, try to understand.

Patricia: Be careful of the tikis, they could use mind control on you. But only 2 chosen ones we're immune.

Jack: And it feels like Patricia & I are immune to the tiki's mind control.

Patricia: And that means that we're the chosen ones.

Assassin: Well tell them not to eat me, will ya, Mom?

Rage: They won't listen to her...

Assassin: Now you tell me. *thinks* I'm their dinner for sure.

Josh: But, I can't be hypnotized by minions, you...

Aero: You're only saying 2, but... that's not really it. You're confirmed as chosen ones, but, in the prophecies, there are 3.

Terra: Hmm, I meant that.

Aero: Also, how did you beat a strong tiki CO that easy?

Jack: Not sure, but whatever Patricia, Josh & I did, we did awesome!

Aero: Not Josh. He followed up. You, Jack & Patricia, how did you kick him out that easy?

Jack: (shrugs) I don't know

Patricia: Jack & I are not affected by the Tiki's Hypnotising Magic.

Assassin: We heard you the first time, Mom.

Aero: That's not the point, Patricia. I meant-- why did you defeat him that easy, without problems?

Jack: I just don't know! All I can remember is using a Powerful Spindash on Kalimba & Patricia using a Powerful Iron Tail on the Tiki, both of these attacks must've cause the Tiki to be blown away.

Aero: (scratches his head) They're treating that Kalimba like a minion... And, they're not enough to blow a high-ranked officer like that. Or to his weight?

Jack: We don't know what do a High-Ranked Officer Tiki weighs, but we do know is that Patricia & I are the only ones that can stop the Tiki Tak Tribe

Patricia: But we can't do it alone. Will you help us?

Assassin: *hugs his adoptive mother* I will, Mom.

Patricia: Thanks Assassin.

Assassin: *nuzzles his Adoptive Mother*

Rage: Oh, how touching.... (Thinks - My parents died...)

Assassin: Rage, you do realise she adopted me, right?

Rage: Of course i do...

Jack: (to Josh) How about you guys?

Josh: (pupils gradually turn crimson red) Yes, of course. But, in 1 condition.

Jack: Ok, what's that?

Josh: Beware of the tiki COs. They're a bit tough to defeat, even you're Chosen Ones. Oops, I'm also one of the Chosen, too...

Aero: Listen. Don't embiggen, Jack. Understand?

Jack: Don't worry, I will & by the way, please cut that out with the Crismon Red Eyes, your starting to look like your turning evil.

Josh: Uh, no, I cannot cut it, it is natural. This is my hidden powers.

Aero: He's not turning evil. That power appears randomly.

Jack: Now I'm really confused. Josh, I know your my Childhood friend when I was 10 Years Old, but you must let loose & channel your energy.

Josh: Uh, I can channel it, but I can't fully control it.

Patricia: Uh guys, I hate to interupt your conversation, but there's more to defeat in Station Square

(We see about 400 Tiki Buzzers flying above them)

Josh: Alright.

Jack: What should we do? And why Josh is the 3rd Chosen one?

Aero: (facepalms) Did you hear what Terra said?

Jack: Sorry, all I can hear is the Music that the Tikis we're making outside. It's very catchy

Josh: Oh, that's fine.

Aero: Anyway, let's beat out those annoying tikis!

Jack: Right, here we go ! (spindashes at 50 Tiki Buzzers from the top)

Josh: (activates his hidden power, his eyes turn crimson red, thus destroying 100 more tiki buzzers)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail to smash about 25 Tiki Buzzers)

(Suddendly we see about 250 Tiki Dooms appearing even more larger than the Tiki Goons)

Josh: o_O This is getting tough gradually.

Aero: (jumps) I'll show how it is done! (activates a hidden power, his eyes turn crimson red, thus destroying 10 Tiki Dooms) They're tougher than the previous wave..

(Tiki Dooms attacks Aero using their strong attacks)

Aero: (activates his hidden power once again, repelling the attacks, destroying 20 Tiki Dooms) Strong ones, but dull brains.

Jack: Watch out (spindashes at 15 Tiki Dooms)

Patricia: (spindashes at 5 Tiki Dooms)

Jack: We still have 220 Tiki Dooms left.

Aero: Make it 200.

Jack: What do you mean?

Aero: I repelled 20 Tiki Dooms' attacks by my hidden powers.

Patricia: Oh ok then. Let's go stop the other 200 Tiki Dooms & Tiki Buzzers

Josh: Right.

Josh & Aero: (their hidden powers mixed & it destroyed 60 Tiki Dooms)

Josh: o_O

Jack & Patricia: (takes down 30 Tiki Dooms)

Josh: I'll show you. (levitates & flies at 45 Tiki Dooms, destroying them)

Jack: (his orange aura begins to appear) And I'll show you my true power ! (spindashes at 25 Tiki Dooms & 50 Tiki Buzzers)

Josh: ... (closes his eyes & opens it again) Eat this! (destroys 30 Tiki Dooms & 60 Tiki Buzzers via hidden powers)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on 15 Tiki Dooms & 40 Tiki Buzzers, destroying them)

Josh: (levitates) Ready, both of you?

Assassin: *shoots 50* Where's the challenge?

Rage: (Destorys 30 with his fire powers)

Josh: o_O That remembers me, Jack & Patricia just dealt heavy damage to that annoying tiki CO, while I deal small only! WTH! (pupils shine crimson red) I'll prove it to you that I'm stronger! (activates his hidden powers, destroying 50 Tiki Dooms & 70 Tiki Buzzers)

(500 more Tiki Dooms & 100 Tiki Tanks & 150 Tiki Torches appear)

Pyro: Aero's correct, Josh is apparently stronger than the both of them, and stronger than them combine.

Aqua: (scratches his head) Of course, yes. (summons rain to amplify water-based allies' powers)

Pyro: Would you look at that? My fire powers don't work...

Aqua: Sorry.

Jack: Patricia & I can tackle that Tiki Co easily.

Patricia: Because we used "Teamwork". We attacked both of them at the same time, dealing more damage than our original attacks.

Jack: Cause the power of teamwork triumphs all.

Patricia: Jack & I had a strong bond together as the best of friends.

Josh: Hmm... Creepy. How about in an instance, I'll give ya an example.

Assassin: *hugs his mother*

Patricia; (hugs her adopted son) I love you Assassin, my sweet adopted son

Jack: And uh, what example is that, Josh?

Josh: Uh, I'm an Ancient, apparently stronger than the both of you. But teamwork... You used it. But, with it, we're still evenly matched. My Rider Kick, I worked very hard to deal high damage, but... you beat him very easy, without problems.

Aero: Oh... That's not really nice to look at the both of you beat that tiki so easy, while Josh worked very hard to strengthen his Rider Kick...

Jack: Look I'm Sorry, ok? But that doesn't mean that a High-Rank Tiki Officer is blinded by the Golden Lights appeared on our eyes.

Patricia: Guys! Enough is enough!

Jack: All we know is the Tiki Tak Tribe is still in large & we're too busy arguing each other instead of saving our planet from World Domination!

Patricia: What Jack is trying to tell us is that it states that Jack & I almost unlocked our True Potential.

Jack: Meaning unlocking our true powers that is within us

Josh: You know, my Rider Kick is my signature move & I-- Huh? I noticed that my powers are going stronger! Thank you, both of you.

Aero: ...Wow, look at that. Josh's potential has been improved as well.

Jack: Hold on, why are you thanking me & Patricia for?

Josh: You shared me teamwork. :P

Jack: Oooh ok then

Patricia: It's only part of unlocking Jack's & my true potential, but Jack & I are getting closer to unlocking our True Potential

Josh: I'm much closer, b-bakas.

Jack: Anyways, after we launched that High-Ranked Officer named "Kalimba", where do you think Kalimba retreated to?

Josh: Uh, I saw him land on the jungle...

Aero: Ooh, that is right.

Aqua: So, what are we waiting for?

Jack: Right, let's go

Patricia: Okie dokie Jack

Jack: Come on gang, we got a Tribe of Evil Tikis to stop!

Luke and giana:Yeah!

Chapter 1: The Jungle Zone

Level 1A: Jungle Jamboree

Jack: This Tiki name Kalimba escapes in the Jungle Zone.

Patricia: We betta get moving & stop those Tikis

Jack: Right!

Giana:I found something!

Jack: Really? What is it?

Patricia: It must be important.

Tony: *Riding in on skateboard, accidentaly rams Rage* Ah, hehehe... Woops?

Jack: Are you alright?

Patricia: Are you being chased by those evil tikis cause they're hypnotising everyone.

Tony: Well, I saw one or two in that direction. *Points behind him* But actually, I'm looking for a friend.

Astarte: *Lands behind Tony* Hey, any of you seen a cheetah, red-orange hair, wears orange and black, runs kinda fast, usually only talks in internet memes?

Jack: Be careful, those Tikis have Hypnosis, especially the Tiki Tak Tribe's Co Officers!

(Some of the Tiki Goons appears & tries to hypnotise Tony & Astarte)

Tony: *Slams one in the face with skateboard* Face Shot!

Astarte: *Kicks others in the gut* Yeah, we've noticed...

Patricia: Whao! Your immune to their Tiki Hypnosis too?

Tony: Apperently, I'm so awesome that the hypnosis don't work on me!

Astarte: Or maybe it's just the hair in your ears.

Tony: And maybe it's the feathers in your brain! D:<

Astarte: Problem, Tony? :3

Jack: Is there anyone else that can help us take down this new Tiki Threat?

Astarte: Well, we have a few more friends, but last I saw of them, Rainbow was practicing her flying, and Felix was struck by lightning.

Tony: Don't worry, he lived... Actually, it's kinda normal for Felix... He has bad luck. :/

Jack: Well they better stop these Tikis now, cause those Tikis are heading they're way! (points to some Tiki Buzz chasing after Rainbow & some Tiki Goons chasing Felix)

Patricia: We gotta go save them!

Tony: Wow, that was a classic dramatic movie line, mind if I use that?

Astarte: *Smacks the back of Tonys head* Quit being such a smart @$$, Tony! *Grabs Tony by his the hood of his hoodie and flies upwards to where Rainbow is*

Tony: Hey, I wasn't ready yet! I can take care of myself!

Astarte: Want me to drop you?

Tony: On second thought, there's such a nice view up here, why waist it on the ground?

Jack: Come on, let's go find Rainbow & Felix.

Patricia: She must be in this Jungle, let's go!

Jack & Patricia: (runs off to find Rainbow & Felix in the Jungle)

Jack: (spindashs through the Tikis)

Patricia: (attacks the Tikis with her Fighting skills)

Jack: Where could Rainbow & Felix be?

Patricia: (notices Rainbow & Felix in the sky) There they are.

Jack: Come on!

Jack & Patricia: (goes up to Rainbow & Felix)

Level 1B: Jungle Heights

Jack & Patricia: Hey there, Rainbow & Felix.

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the Tikis that chased Rainbow & Felix)

Jack: (to Rainbow & Felix) Are you two alright?

Patricia: (to Rainbow & Felix) Nothing broken?

Jack: (notices more Tikis) Look out, here comes more Tikis. (Spindashes at the Tikis)

Patricia: We have to protect Rainbow & Felix from the Tikis & fast. (uses Iron Tail at the Tikis)

Jack: Your right & they're might be safe for now.

Patricia: (Pulls out her white hand held computor, SPARKY) SPARKY, can you scan the area for more people in distress?

SPARKY: Scanning, Patricia. (scans the area) They are about 14 more people that are surrounded by the Tiki Tak Tribe's Tiki's in this area.

Jack: Now then, let's go help more people!

Patricia: Okie dokie. SPARKY, can you help us?

SPARKY: Yes, anything for you Patricia. (transforms into her holographic form) Come my friends, let's juice!

Jack, Patricia & SPARKY: (runs off together to find more Tikis)

Jack: (notices that the people are on top of a cliff) How do we get up here?

Patricia: (hops on her flying broom) Hop on!

Jack & SPARKY: (hops on Patricia's flying broom)

Patricia: (flys up to the top of the cliff & attacks the Tikis by summoning magic orbs & fires the magic orbs at the Tiki Goons & Tiki Dooms) Take that you Tikis!

Josh: (appears, kicking at the Tiki Goons & Tiki Dooms with tachyon energy) Miss me?

Aero: (flies in the air, slashing at the Tiki Goons & Tiki Dooms with wind blades)

Pyro, Aqua, & Terra: (they land at the ground)

SPARKY: Hello everyone...your just in time...the Tikis are a bit hard to beat...

Josh: These weirdos underestimate the Ancient race. Time to wipe 'em out. (shoots compressed air from his right palm at the Tiki Goons & Tiki Dooms)

Jack: Nice work! (notices a couple of flying Tiki Buzz) Incoming flying tikis at 12 o'clock...! (spindashes at the Tiki Buzz)

Patricia: Whoa, those tikis just keep on coming...we have to make sure everyone's safe...

Aqua: You can count on us! (reaches out his right hand, causing large amounts of water to come out from the ground) Eat this! (the water splashes the Tiki Buzzers)

Jack: Chaos Zap! (uses Chaos Zap to electrocute the Tiki Buzzers, fusing water with electricity, creating a combined strong attack)

Pyro: (spews a mist of sulphur at the tikis) Taste the heat. Sulphur Ignixplosion. (breaths some fire at the sulphur mist)

An explosion occured.

Patricia: (jumps up & uses Iron Tail at the Tiki Buzzers, whacking them away)

Jack: Looks like those Tikis can fly too.

SPARKY: We might need all the help we can get on stopping an army of Evil Tikis.

Jack: Right, let's gather every single hero we can find that is immune to magic. The heroes that are immune to hypnosis are the chosen ones on stopping those Tikis

Patricia: Right, let's go!

Level 1C: Violent Vines

Jack, Patricia & SPARKY: (with all of the heroes who are immune to the hypnotic music of the Tiki Tak Tribe)

Jack: Well that's everyone. They are the only remaining heroes left.

Patricia: We must be careful everyone, we must make a stand against the Tiki Tak Tribe at once!

Sonic: Your right, Shadow, Silver & I noticed that our friends are in danger too.

Silver: They've been hypnotised by those Tikis

Shadow: Those tikis are a waste of time. We shall crush them, but first we must find their weaknesses & use it against them

Jack: Very well. Let's move.

Josh: I'm bored...

Aero: Be on your guard. Tikis may ambush us.

Patricia: Right. Let's be careful.

(More Tiki Buzzers appears from the trees)

Jack: Speak of the devils, here they come!

SPARKY: (electrocutes about 10 Tiki Buzzes)

Josh: Don't make me laugh! (teleports above) Weather Control: AERO. Tornado! (conjures an enormous tornado and attempts to suck the Tiki Buzzers)

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