From the PBC >> Taxageddon is safe from deletion during the Project: Epic era.

"Large taxes without approved faxes is ABSOLUTE TYRANNY!" or "Large taxes without faxes is absurd!" or "Taxes with no faxes is dictator-like!"
Let's face it, everyone has to pay taxes. Of course, taxes can be raised by maybe 1% every year, but this RP is filled with OUTRAGEOUS taxes! I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about: The Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg is considering passing the Military Tax Act 2010 to enact a new military tax of 19.6%!!!? But that's not all. More large taxes will come. How will everyone act with them?


Emeraldsbourg Parliament

Well, duh! Who would pass the big taxes?? Because it is SB's country, SB13 will control Parliament. They will be villains, but some may be helpful.


These guys and girls try to fight the taxes. How?


These guys and girls support and/or oppose the taxes. What are their motives, though?

  • Billy-Ray the Hedgehog (played by Vamp. His employer AND him both dislike these taxes, so he's been hired to assassinate all the MEPs.)


These people support the taxes and will do anything to stop the heroes.

  • MOST of the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg (SB13)
  • F.R.E Intelligence Bureau (Anyone)
  • Emeraldsbourg Federal Agency of Defense (Anyone)


Prologue: Passage of the Military Tax Act

MEP 1: We must raise revenue.

MEP 2: But HOW????

(Yelling is occurring on the House of Legislators floor, but then, another Parliament member steps in.)

MEP 3: We should raise taxes!

MEP 2: Are you BONKERS???

MEP 3: No, but look at the BENEFITS! (shows everyone the benefits.)

MEP 1: That's pretty good.

So then, Parliament took their final vote. However, an MEP from Chaos Lake figured out a way to raise money without raising taxes.

Chaos Lake MEP: Wait!!!!........

But by then, it was too late. Although the 19.6% increase in taxes was peculiar, Parliament still passed it 194 to 29 in September, and the Prime Minister....

Prime Minister: Oh well.......

Chaos Lake MEP: NO!!!!!!!! (He can only watch in silence as the Prime Minister SIGNS the act, making it a law.)

Prime Minister: And so, the Military Tax Act is passed.

Chaos Lake MEP: Oh my goodness.....

Part 1: Road to another tax?

[RP starts here]


Scooter: Ahhh....(Scooter is seen relaxing on Loka Beach, when he gets the news of the new tax)....HOLY FUDGECAKES!!!! A 19% TAX??? This is outrageous!

(Soon, other residents are getting the news as well.)

Person: Those fudgers at Parliament! TAXES WITHOUT FAXES IS ABSURD!!!

People: Yeah!

(Soon, everyone is chanting "Taxes without faxes is absurd". Ryu happens to hear the chanting...)

Ryu: Huh? What's going on...?

Scooter: Those bastards in PARLIAMENT made this 19% military tax! (Walks on, shouting)

Ryu: 19%?!

(Ryu-Although in all reality, I'm terrible at math and percentages! :B)

Person: It's a LOT of Mobiums. And look, they want to pass ANOTHER tax for 25%!

(However, there was one MEP that hated the taxes, too. He was watching from an unknown ledge.)

Chaos Lake MEP: Hmmm.....should I join?...

Ryu: This is ridiculous! I'm joining the protest!

(Ryu joins the protestors.)


(At the Legislative Center, Mobius Corners.....)

MEP 1: We should pass this act, too.

MEP 2: You know, we might attract protestors.

MEP 1: Do you WANT to get fired?

MEP 2: NO!!! (in a corner, he is cuddled up) I love my job....I love my job.

Speaker of the House: Order, order. We vote on the passage of the Levied Sales Tax Act.

(With the Protestors)

[Shahooter seems to be in the Protest, along with Cameron and the Imperial Guard, Space Guard, and strangely, the out-dated Windstalkers...]



MEP 1: I vote "yes".

Speaker of the House: Well, that was the last vote. So we will PASS the Levied Sales Tax Act.

[A series of boos is heard. Someone throws a rotten tomato.]

MEP 2: (out of the corner) Maybe we should repeal.....

MEP 1: NO!!!!

???: "Oh yeah?"

[A rotten tomato hits MEP 1's Shoe. The thrower appeared to be Cameron the Wolf, the crowd gasps.]

Cameron: "You are someone who tries and holds extreme power in the court....what do they call 'em now a days..?"

MEP 6: Sorry sir, but the High Court is not in session today.

(Shanoa, Albus, Kotuumath and Linebeck are also there!)

Linebeck: I know what to call 'em! A fat cat!

(Ryu-Not meaning to offend any cats out there LOL)

Cameron: "I don't care if it's not in session."

[Cameron opens a Data-slate over-looking pages of his History Book on "How a Law is made".]


MEP 1: How a law is made, NOT how a law is made in the F.R.E.

Cameron: "Pfft, here, hold this..."

[Cameron hands a Football to MEP 1.]

Kairu: (appears behind the MEP1) BOO! I say again, PROTEST FAIL!

MEP 1: And I say, (pulls an alarm) Warning! Intruder alert! (Robots and Midland Corps guards come in to apprehend.)

Cameron: "Rofl..."

[Random Windstalkers come in and snatch the ball from MEP 1, accidentally landing on Kairu.]

[Cameron clicks a button on his Wristwatch.]

(Kairu teleports out of the way.)

Kairu: Why has nothing exploded yet? This is a PROTEST, not a tea party!

Kotuumath: Yeah! Let's blow things up1

Midland Corps Member: ALERT!!! Apprehend by ANY MEANS NESSECARY!!

(Midland Corp troops and robots attack)

Kairu: Now THIS is more like it!

[The attacks turn into like a Barfight, the Robots suddenly deactivate.]

Cameron: "Wasen't called a Technopriest for nothin'."

[Cameron sticks out his tongue and shrugs.]

MEP 7: (sends out a radio message)

Kairu: W00T! (blows up something)

[More Windstalkers and Imperial Guardsmen come in...they seem to see the fight as a test of muscle and strength...Cameron deploys a weird looking thing.]

(Soon, federal troops and S.W.A.T Sullivan County officers come in)

S.W.A.T Officer: You are ALL under arrest!

Albus: OHSHI-

Cameron: "Well...we are just protesting, but sirs, I say you see this..."

[Cameron shows a clip from the weird looking device, it shows MEP 1 saying "Intruder Alert." as Cameron was protesting.]

Random Windstalkers: "Well, we only see this as a test of our mettle."

S.W.A.T Officer: Fine, but you (points to Kairu) are under arrest for destruction to government property!

Kairu: Nup. Screw ya! (vanishes)

S.W.A.T Officer: (on radio) All police officers, please be on the lookout for "Kairu the Hedgehog". He is WANTED for destruction to government property.

Cameron: "Well, seeing this protest act is done...smoothies anyone, excluding Kairu."

[Cameron gives off a nasty glare at Kairu for using a bomb.]


[Cameron was drinking a Vanilla Milkshake, everyone else has Strawberry, or Apple Smoothies...Cameron seemed to have a very good economy even though he's such a young boy in his teenage years.]

(On PBC One) Katie: I'm Katie Lambard with your update.....Parliament has voted to pass the Blountford Acts.....

Cameron: ..."Blight."

Katie:...these acts will create taxes on food, paper and fruit juice.

Cameron: "Excuse me for a moment.."

[Cameron walks into the males' restroom, a series of Cameron's jabbertalk is heard in there.]

Cameron: "Dang it Daggit! Of all the Jibber-Jabber!"

Shanoa: Um....

[Oddly, the only MEP who HATES the taxes is an MEP from Chaos Lake...]

Part 2: Meeting/The Food Tax

Chaos Lake MEP: Where can they be?? I want to talk to them.

[A hard knock is heard on the door.]

Chaos Lake MEP: I wonder who that is?

[The door is kicked open, it appears to be Cameron, with a grim look on his face.]

Chaos Lake MEP: WOAH!!! I oppose the taxes as well.

Cameron: "You wanted to talk with me?"

Chaos Lake MEP: My colleagues believe raising taxes without faxes is right, but I think it is ABSURD.

Cameron: "If they start a Glacian Tax, I'm sure they might draw in the Glacian Swordwielders..Then things'll look ugly ever since Shahooter's Rebellion."

Chaos Lake MEP: That's the reason why Stewburt repealed its laws but then passed the Windstalker Ordinance. It was amended later because of the Imperial Guard's formation. There is NO plan for a Glacian Tax.

Cameron: "The Windstalkers still exist...only a mere handful.."

(Meanwhile, the news is on...)

Katie: This is PBC NewsNet, the headlines at 5:30. Parliament proposes passing a food tax to make up for revenue....

(There is a collective groan throughout the small group.)

Linebeck: No wonder Parliament's also known as "The Ministry of F***"...

Katie: ....but they are also thinking about lowering the 19% Military Tax.

Ryu: Well, that's good.

(After the open)

Katie: We have breaking news; Parliament is voting on the Food Tax Revenue Act.

(Everyone watches the T.V intently.)

Speaker: Order, order. (2 votes left, it is 198 yea to 197 nay)

All: ..........

(Then, it is 198 each with 1 vote left, the Chaos Lake MEP!)

Scooter: Well, we can breathe a little easier.....

Kotuumath: Eh?

Scooter: Cameron met with him, he says he opposes the taxes too.

Shanoa: And he works for Parliament?

Scooter: Yes. He serves the city of Chaos Lake.

Ryu; Well, at least one of them's on our side.

(With the last vote....)

Chaos Lake MEP: I vote that....(collapses)

MEPs: (gasps, then some of them scream)

Speaker: Order, ORDER!

(Eventually, the Chaos Lake MEP gets up, but his pupils appear RED, not blue. So...)

Chaos Lake MEP: I vote.....(in a robot voice) Yes, the tax is needed.

Scooter: Gasp!thumb|100px|right

Ryu/Shanoa/Albus/Linebeck/Kotuu: OH NOES!! D:

(But then, the act must be SIGNED)

Prime Minister: What's this? A FOOD tax? WE ALREADY HAVE SALES TAX!!! (rips up the act)

MEP 1: I'll take that as a "veto".

Ryu/Shanoa/Albus/Linebeck/Kotuu: HOORAY!! :D

Prime Minister: But we could just raise the sales tax.

Ryu/Shanoa/Albus/Linebeck/Kotuu: OH NOES!! D:

Scooter: Are you guys gonna continue that?

Linebeck: That depends.

(Ryu-Lawl XD)

[Cameron kicks the door open.]

Cameron: "I object!"

Prime Minister: Overruled!

Cameron: "Did you see his eyes? Red."

Ryu: They were!

Prime Minister: Well, that was for the FOOD TAX, which was "vetoed". This is for raising the SALES TAX. He is currently in the hospital.

Ryu/Shanoa/Albus/Linebeck/Kotuu: ........

Cameron: "Then that proves your overrulement is unjust!"

[Most of the Crowd murmurs.]

Prime Minister: Sir, I advise you leave, as this is NOT a courtroom.

Cameron: "Yet everyone has the right to speak their mind. I say these new laws without any damned faxes is unjust!"

Kotuumath: Yeah!

Kyle: (appears) Did none of you people notice that his eyes were RED, and he sounded like A ROBOT!?

Albus: I noticed that!

Linebeck: Me too!

Prime Minister: SECURITY!!! It's Kyle, the WANTED hedgehog. Apprehend him and everyone else!

Ryu: Run away!! Run away!! Run away!!


???: "Not if I can do anything about it.."

Cameron: ??? "That sounds like!"

[Shahooter was standing against the wall.]

Shahooter: "Arresting people for what they say is tyranny!"

Kyle: You'll never take me alive! (vanishes)

(In Parliament)

MEP 2: Guys, let's end this! We DO NOT WANT another rebellion like the Stewburt one.

MEP 3: What about the taxes?

MEP 2: This country might as well go broke.

(Meanwhile on The Universe, Shahooter's Flagship)

[In the Shooting Range the Windstalkers and Imperial Guards are seen doing Firing Practice.]

(In the Parliament building...)

MEP 2: Yep, this country might as well go broke.

MEP 3: But then how will we provide services?

MEP 2: Just cut 'em. The people might as well die.....

(Ryu-Ooh, dat's cold.)

(And so...)

(Very cold indeed, but little does Parliament know that the Glacian Nation has a large Economy, they'd support people.)

MEP 3: Or maybe we can ask PBC to support us.

(Can I control MEP 2 right now?)


MEP 2: "No no no, you know that Prower is a friend of the Owl...And the Owl's a protester!"

MEP 3: I mean if we REPEAL every single tax we passed.

MEP 2: "Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding...but wouldn't the Glacian Nation end up bringing food?"

Part 3: More or Less Taxes; Counties get involved

MEP 1: But what about Stewburt?? They are still mad for what the Glacians did during the Rebellion......and Parkview is considering passing another ordinance about Windstalkers AND the Imperial Guard.

MEP 2: "Of course they're mad, but hey, They created the laws, so it's their loss...Parkview wants to prevent war because the Glacians are large in numbers, and the Owl has experienced War himself from such a young age."

MEP 1: Actually, the country is considering passing a GLACIAN tax to pay for Stewburt's damages.

MEP 2: "Unfortunately, that won't effect them, they are part of a different Nation..."

MEP 1: Oh well.

(in Hunter County, council board room)

Councilman: We still need to recover from the Rebellion.....

Councilman 2: We have bigger things to worry about....nobody will be happy until the owl that started it apologizes to Tails on LIVE TV and RADIO.

Councilman: Oh yeah. Then we will pass a TCUC TAX until further notice.

Councilman 3: How much?

Councilman: 2% for each day until that owl apologizes.

(Yet, that won't effect them, but this time, from the Glacian-Parkview Treaty..)

[Little do they know that since the Prime Minister signed the treaty, not the County or City, portions (but not all) of the treaty could be voided by the counties at any time.]

(in Parliament)

MEP 4: We're not the Ministry of f-word.......

MEP 1: I know. Anyway, Hunter County is thinking about passing a TCUC TAX, as well as Chaos and Mobo counties. Fow Toth Town, being international, should decide for themselves.

???: "Please, don't mention that name of the town to me..."

[It appears to be Shahooter, over-listening the chat seemingly...]

Shahooter: "Feh, I never want to see them ever again...the TCUC is LONG gone in F-T-T..."

Cipher's Lab!

(Meanwhile, again...)

Councilman: I want that TCUC TAX PASSED!

Councilman 2: Since the Rebellion, everyone has been MAD, and want to do something.

(But then, when a referendum was held, some residents wanted the tax to be 45%!)

Councilman: So be it, then.

???: "Not so fast!"

Councilman: ??

[It appears to be Cameron the Wolf and Cory the Blade Dragon.]

Councilman: Fred, hurry UP AND GET THAT TAX STAMPED!

Fred: I don't have it!

(Ryu and the others pop in.)

Ryu: Dun dun duuuuun!

Cameron: "Twirl..."

[Cameron seems to be twirling the stamp with his finger. How did he get that so fast!!?]

Cameron: "Now, I plead, Ammendment twenty-four of Section One in the Glace Handbook...Read 'em and weep."

[Cameron grabs a book out of his Techpack, it appears to have a Glaceon as the Glacian Nation's Mascot.]

(Ryu-Huh. i thought their mascot would be Articuno or Regice.)

Councilman: What will we do?

Councilman 4: Um, is this the tax you asked for?

Councilman: Yes. Oh, this is weird, the tax was ALREADY stamped!

Ryu: WAT

(Shanoa, Albus, Linebeck and Kotuumath perform simultaneous anime fall.)

[The next day, the Taxers come a knockin'. Ryu, Shanoa, Albus, Linebeck and Kotuu are lodging in a small apartment for the time being.]


Taxers: We demand your taxes, it's April 15th!!!

Linebeck: *whispering* Tell them we're not home!

Taxers: OPEN UP!!!!

Taxer: Do they have Plyphs? or Glyphs?

Kotuumath: (Pounds his fists together) Oh, I'll give those taxers "payment"...

Ryu: *whispering* Kotuumath, no!


Albus: No we're not! Go away!

(Ryu-LOL this is fun)

(Soon, Parliament has passed a 6% Food Tax, a 2% Education tax, and a 34% Towns Tax. That's 42%!)


Cameron: "Your violating Ammendment twenty-four section twenty-eight!"

Councilman: Well that's YOUR COUNTRY, not ours.

(Meanwhile with Johnny...)

Johnny: [wanders around] Hmmm... I wonder where Ryu and the others are?

Sylvia: In an apartment hiding from the Taxers.

Johnny: Really? [looks around] So, who are these "Taxers" I hear about anyway?

(Yelling is heard...)

Cameron: "Section Twenty-Eight states: Any other Country cannot tax one who is of a different Country than theirs' Priorus Lake isn't any of your part!"

Councilman: Well you can still be taxed while on this country's property!

Johnny: [hears someone yelling] Oh, I get what are "Taxes"! [runs off] Hang on, Ryu!

Cameron: "Screw you!"

[Cameron warps off, aparentally, the whole TCUC is also sent into Space...what's left of it's area is just a Tunnel.]

(Somewhere on the Moon)

[A mulitude of laughter is heard from the Windstalkers and Imperial Guard.]

Shahooter: "Well, they do not own the Moon, let's wipe the Trolls off this place."

(Back on Mobius..)

Taxers: OPEN UP!!!! We are here to collect your taxes!

(Johnny arrives at the apartment in search for Ryu. He spots one of the taxers and hides inside a large empty carboard box)

Taxer: Hang on guys....this is....a TAX RETURN, not a TAX COLLECTION!

Taxers: OK.....Open up!!! We need to give taxes BACK!!!

Johnny: [thinking] So those guys must be taxers. I gotta try and get to Ryu without anyone noticing... [slowly and stealthy approaches the room, while inside a large cordboard box]

Ryu: A tax return...?

Linebeck: Don't listen to him! He's a lie!! He's a lying cake!!

Johnny: [still inside a cardboard box; thinking] Hang in there, guys!

(Just as Johnny is about to arrive at the room where Ryu and Linebeck is, he begins to have trouble with his footing and falls to the ground)


Taxer: Someone's in that BOX!!! Forget the tax return right now!

Johnny: [struggles to get up to his feet] Ugh... [stumbles around (he's still inside the box) and falls down the stairs]

[SFX: Thump whud bang]

Ryu: WTF is that?!

Taxer: Call PBC One; we have a story for them today.

(SFX: Beep boop boop....)

Johnny: [groans as he staggers up to his feet (he takes off the cardboard box)] R...Ryu...?

Shanoa: Someone's calling you, Ryu...

(Ryu carefully opens the door.)

Johnny: [dazed] Oooyyy...

Ryu: Johnny?! What happened to you?!

Johnny: Trying to save you guys from them taxes crazies, Ryu. [shakes head] Ugh...

[Cameron's hologram appears in front of Ryushu.]

Cameron: "Guys, I have an idea...but not sure if it's a good one..."

Johnny: Cameron?

Cameron: "Yep, Shahooter needs your guys' clearance...please hurry, transmission is getting limited up here..."

Ryu: What's it for?

Cameron: "Teleporting to safer grounds.."

(Ryu looks at the others, who are nodding fervently.)

Ryu: Okay.

Johnny: So what should we do, Ryu?

(Meanwhile at the local PBC Station)

[There is a blip on the message box.]

Tails: What's that?

Shahooter [recordment]: "Okay, my Men and I are going to be living on the Moon, these Taxes are so unjust, even Cameron is pissed..However, also in response to these Taxes, people that come into any Glacian Town will be given a fourty-five cent tax-per-day."

Tails: Er........(Remembering the Rebellion, he deletes the message)

(Eventually, Parliament decides to pass the Coercive Trade Act. The Parliamentary Navy blocks access to Emerald Harbor and Mobibu Central Port. Parliament then says...)

Speaker: We do not wish to enter another war, but for the sake of national security, ports can only be accessed by a written permit from the Emeraldsbourg Sea Trade Agency.

[SB-Just to let everyone know, "taxes without faxes" means this: whenever Parliament propses a tax, a fax would be sent to officials calling for a vote. When faxes aren't sent, it is absurd!]

(Even though the Glacians do not have their Navy, the VS' Hover Fields would become great assistance for their land vehicles to become Sea vehicles...)

[Also, Cameron barricaded C&L's, a post near it is saying "Closed for the duration on the Worst taxes."]

(Thanks for the correction.)

(In Parliament)

MEP 3: We also need to levy a PBC Tax....

MEP 4: That would need Miles Prower's approval.

MEP 2: How about a licence fee, then?

(Most -but not all- of the MEPs murmur some approval)

MEP 5: And a Park Tax....and an Internet Tax!

(all -except the one from Chaos Lake- of the MEPs clap. By the end of the morning, over 50 new taxes are listed.)

MEP 14: THAT took a lot of typing.

MEP 6: You got that right!

(In the Glacian Mountains.)

Knight of Space: ....

Knight of Time: ....

Cameron: "I know, but if they take OUR internet, that's infringing OUR rights, Now that Shahooter's spirit is lingering in the Arcane Immortalium, I'm tasked with taking charge of the Glacian Nation."

(Literally saying, Shahooter's currently dead in the Real World and his Spirit is roaming the Darker parts of the Arcane Fields.)

(At Parliament)

Scooter: These stupid taxes are incredibly unjust! We'll just have to PURGE all of you!

MEP 4: What are you talking about, Hedgehog?

Scooter: ELECTION DAY is in 2 days.

MEP 5: AH!!! Hurry, we have to have these taxes passed!

???: "Ah ah ah, where's your stamp?...Twirling twirling twirling..."

MEP 3: Return that stamp to us.

???: "If you do you'll be pulling the Glacian Nation in another war."

[A figure with Shahooter's face pokes his head out and sticks out his tongue, however, Shahooter's believed to be dead!]

MEP 5: We don't want a war, if we have a war, it would be MOBIANWIDE. Scootania is our ally, Plance and Station Square, as well as Echidna Country. THAT's why we are not scared of passing taxes.

Shahooter?: "I'm not Shahooter actually, Fire-stripes decimated Station Square's Army years ago when Shahooter was declared hostile, I'm the New Leader of the Glacian Nation!"

[The face morphs back to Cameron's.]

Cameron: "Also Scooter is against you."

(Back in the apartment, the doors and windows have been boarded up. Albus peers out through a crack in the boarded window, watching for tax-collectors. He has Agartha unholstered and at the ready.)

(Then a Police Officer bangs the door down)

Officer: Freeze, you are ALL under arrest for....(is knocked down and dies on the floor by someone else in a shady outfit)

???: It's safe, quickly, move along!

(The five look at each other, shrug, and follow the cloaked stranger.)

Part 4: It Just Gets Worse...

(Because Election Day is soon, Parliament tries to pass incredibly stupid taxes, while training the military and increasing its size and power.)

MEP 1: If there was a war, we would have to declare martial law.

MEP 3: We should pass this Vehicle Tax...

MEP 17: ...and this Tree Tax.....

MEP 15: ...and this Lunch Tax!

(ALMOST everyone murmurs approval, but not everyone)

Chaos Lake MEP: *whispers* **** these taxes!


???: Quickly, there isn't much time.

[A Chimerro stops near them. The view-slide door opens. It's Cameron and Joshua.]

Cameron: "Get the Hell in if you want to live."

???: Okay.......(gets in)

(Ryu, Shanoa, Albus, Linebeck and Kotuumath follow.)

???: ...But don't try to harm us, because I DO have training with the Emeraldsbourg Public Patrol!

(Sadly, Parliament, thinking the Glacian Nation was a safety concern, finally lifted SOME of the taxes, but decided to isolate themselves and their possessions from the Nation, finding business elsewhere. While many economists believed it was a dumb move, many people were happy about this, especially after the Rebellion. Although most countries condemned this act, neighbors, such as Echidna Country, Station Square and the Republic of Plance welcomed this decision.)

Plench ambassador to the FRE: We believe that this decision was the right choice, especially for a country that has suffered so much during the Rebellion.

(People clap, but do not express complete sympathy because of the taxes.)

(Back in the Chimerro)

Cameron: "I'm not going to harm you, we are crossing the border in ten seconds."

Linebeck: Ooh! I got a brainteaser for you guys! If a plane crashes right on the border of two different countries, what side do you bury the survivors on?

Cameron: "You bury them in your Mother's backyard. Because that's what your mother said."

Linebeck: No! You don't bury survivors!

[They cross the Border into Glacian Territory.]

Cameron: "Of course you don't, because now you can joke all you want."

(Feel free to get on the chat.)

???: Yes! We're safe....(jumps out of the Chimerro)....but I sense something bad is happening.

Albus: Huh?

Cameron: "Yeah, the Glacians are expecting War right now..."

(But Parliament, having been isolated from the Glacians, did not declare war at all.)

Cameron: "They're just waiting, waiting for Them (The MEPs, excluding Chaos Lake) to try and tax them in their turf."

???: They won't try to. Haven't you heard about the Isolation Crisis?


???: Well, the F.R.E. decided that the Glacian Nation is a security concern, so......all ports, including Emerald Harbor, are closed to Glacians, all airports (Except Mobius Corners) must not send any flights to Glacian territory, some of the taxes were lifted, and you must have a permit to drive into this country from Glacian territory.

Ryu: Some taxes?

???: Yea, like the Military Tax of 19% and the Gas Tax of 6%.

Ryu: ........which ones did they leave?

???: All of the others, including the new Lunch & Tree taxes. *murmurs* Isolation.....between two countries??

Albus: Ironically those are all the stupid taxes...... -_-'

Cameron: "Pff, Permit, I don't even own a license, But I am the Colonel of the Windstalker Army..."

???: Then why were you driving in our country if you don't have a license?

[Cameron pulls out his Glacian Military ID.]

???: That's not an F.R.E. driver's license, that's a foreign miitary ID.

[Cameron points to small text.]

Text: "This will act as the owner's Driver's Lcnse. As well as a Card Key to opening Wndstker./Imperil Grd. Gates."

???: Yep, that's a driver's license, but not an F.R.E. driver's license.

Cameron: "Meh, I don't even care about Parkview anymore..."

[Cameron Begins to walk away, the Chimerro sputtering out of gas.]

???: Don't blame Parkview, the national capital is Mobius Corners!!

(Then, Johnny is turned into his human form!)

Police officer: Under United Mobian Resolution 3454, humans must be deported to Station Square. (Takes Human Johnny under arrest)

Johnny (human): [gets arrested] What the--? What did I do?! I'm not a convict! I just had no clue on how I became human!

Police officer: OK, then. But we will have to bring you in for questioning. Step in the car, please.

Johnny (human): Err... okay. [walks inside the back of the car, sighs and places his hand onto his chest (since he felt like it was a police brutality)]

(At the Police Precinct)

Questioner: We will ask you a few questions. First, is your friend J the Hedgehog building a race course in Pulaski County?

Johnny (human): Hmmm... I met J, but he never told me that he was building a race course. Maybe he kept it as a secret.

Questioner: OK. Second, do you know how you were turned into a.......OH MY GOSH!!! NOW I know why you're a human....

Johnny (human): You do? Well, it happens to me on the most rarest occasions so.... yeah.

Questioner: I've been to Station Square, and I've heard about the U.A.S.C.A. I heard about their wild experiments, so that's my conclusion. An invisible ray, remote control, etc.

Johnny (human): Wow. If I can remember something about the U.A.C.S.A., they're pretty much... evil.

Questioner: Yea, well, OK. You can go.

Johnny (human): Thank you, sir. [leaves the Police Precinct and encounters Alyssa] Alyssa?

Alyssa: (looks at Johnny in surprise (Johnny is 5' 9" and is not a fox)) Johnny? Is..Is that you?

Johnny (human): [looks down] Yeah... it's me, except... human. Don't know how I became human...

Alyssa: (hugs Johnny around the waist (since he is now taller than her)) It's okay! We'll figure this out! (smiles)

Johnny (human): [pats Alyssa's head (even though she is a Mobian Wolf)] Aww thanks, Alyssa!

Alyssa: No problem! I love you no matter what, remember?

Johnny (human): I know, Alyssa. [carries Alyssa onto his hands (since Johnny/Jonnathan is 5 feet tall and Alyssa is 3 feet tall, due to her Mobian form)] I know.

Alyssa: (looks down at the ground) Wow...I never knew human were this tall..

Johnny (human): I know, it's pretty weird, even though I'm still a Mobian. Except when I'm human, my abilities are very limited, but I'm still me, right?

Alyssa: (nods) Right. Though it may not look like you on the outside, you're still you on the inside.

Johnny (human): Sure is, Alyssa. [Alyssa wraps him around his back and walks] Sure is.

Alyssa: (starts humming)

(Johnny (in his human form) and Alyssa (in her Mobian form) heads to the portal that takes them back to Chaos City)

Johnny (human): Here we are, Alyssa. Chaos City.

(They arrive at Johnny's house and they look at each other (Johnny is wearing glasses like Alyssa, but that's because of his human form))


Anchor: Parliament is proposing, through the Mobian Assembly, passing taxes on Glacian soil. While the country is isolated, many contries, such as Plance and Scootania, prefer tax hikes on Glacian soil. Because Parliament has no authority to pass taxes in another country, the F.R.E. will try to get a resolution passed saying so.

Johnny (human): [hears someone (since he and Alyssa are in his backyard)] Did you hear that...?

(In the distance is a black news van with a female anchor reporting about Parliament's ultimate plan. Johnny then looks back at Alyssa)

Anchor: So this foreign development will spread to other countries, and soon the world could be under the taxes....

(Ryu-what if they tried to tax The Elemental Clans?)
(Ryu-Who'd go "boom"?)
[SB-The world.]

Anchor: .....through the Mobian Assembly.

(The Anchor is handed a card.)

Anchor: Actually, most of the world....

(Ryu-The whole world still includes the Clans though.)

Johnny (human): [sleeps on a hammock, while holding otno Alyssa]

Alyssa: (curled into a ball)

Johnny (human): [sleepily] Alyssa...?

Alyssa: (sleepily) Hmm...?

Johnny (human): [sits up and kisses Alyssa int he cheek (since he's human, he cannot kiss Alyssa (who is a Wolf) on the lips, knowing that it can cause zoophilia)]

Alyssa: (smiles, and kisses Johnny on the cheek)

Johnny (human): [lies down, while holding onto Alyssa like a cute toy doll, goes back to sleep]

(The next day, Johnny is no longer human, but a Mobian Fox!)

Alyssa: (wakes up) Johnny! You're back to normal!

Johnny: YAY!! [kisses Alyssa in the lips]

Alyssa: (kisses back)

Johnny: I love you so much, Alyssa ^_^.

Alyssa: I love you so much, too! ^_^

(But when they look up, they realize that they are not in Chaos City, but Loka Toka Island.)

Johnny: What the heck?! I thought we were in Chaos City...

Alyssa: Me too..

Johnny: [smiles] But at least we're together, right?

Alyssa: (nods) Right!

(Over at Tyker.)

[Freelancers and other air vehicles of the Glacian Nation were flying around for practice.]

(YOU FORGOT ABOUT TYKER ALREADY!!? (Btw I'm not really mad I'm just laughing))
[SB-Tyker Air Force Base??.....]

(Just to the south, Emeralsbourg AF&C soldiers receive training with their new anti-aircraft guns.)

Private: These will sure come in handy some day...

General: Who could be VERY soon......

Part 5: The Letter/Captive

(Chaos Lake)

Tails: Hey, Sonic! What are you doing here?

Sonic: Just reading The Pier.

Tails: Have you read the news lately?

Sonic: What do you mean?

(Tails shows sonic the latest headline in the newspaper: Chaos Lake MEP resigns amid tax controversy, Parliament has no internal resistance to new taxes.)

Tails: Generally, now Parliament CAN pass taxes; they have NO RESISTANCE!

Sonic: That's bad.....

Tails: And look here! There's a letter printed in here that's directly from Parliament:

Dear Citizens of the F.R.E.:

We will not tolerate resistance of any kind in this country. These taxes are not bad, they are simply a way of raising revenue to fund new services, hospitals, roads, and schools.

As a result, we will mobilize the Emeraldsbourg Public Patrol to crush any form of rebellion, and I am ready to declare a state of emergency at any time. Would it be best to kill

thousands of people? No. So it would be of the best form to cancel any kind of rebellion planned, or face dire consequences.

- Prime Minister Timothy Palmford

Sonic: Uh oh.

(Back with Ryu and the others...)

Ryu: ...something bad's gonna happen...I can feel it...

(Within the next 2 days riots brake out. The EPP violently crush the rebellions, killing over 100 people.)

Scooter: I call this MUTINY!!

(But by accident, he blows up a tank! Back in Parliament...)

MEP 3: Not him again! Tax him 68% percent! Or....70%!

(All of the members nod in agreement. Not only did his taxes increase, he was also held captive!)

Linebeck: Jeez Ryu, are you psychic or something?

Ryu: Never mind that now! We have to help Scooter!

(in Jail)

Scooter: I'm innocent until proven guilty!

Officer: (gives him a stare) Shut up!

Scooter: Fine. (He enters the jail cell.)

(Back with Ryu and the others...)

Ryu: Now, we just have to find out which jail he's being held at...

(There are 19 jails across the country: one per county (16,) then 1 in Parkview, 1 in West Allis, and 1 in Mobius Corners.)

Albus: I guess we have to check them all...

[SB-They'll have to check them all!]
(Albus: I just said that...)

Ryu: Quick! To the nearest jail!

[SFX: *Superhero Theme*]

(at the Hunter County Jail)

Guard: Hey, I see.....INTRUDERS!!! (radio) All guards take up defensive positions! We will not let the jail fall to the invaders!

Kotuumath: KILL!! (runs towards the jail but Ryu grabs him by the tail)

Ryu: You'll get shot into Swiss cheese, Kotuu! (pulls out Pokeball) I got a better idea! (throws Pokeball)


(Out comes a Shiny Steelix!)

Haganeru (Steelix): Steeelix!!

Guards: Intruders!! Attack!! Protect the inmates!

Ryu: Haganeru!! Use Double-Edge!!

(Haganeru begins to glow white as he charges at the building.)

Guard: Well, get the inmates to a safe distance!

Other Guards: Yes sir!!

(As the guards rush to get the inmates to safety, Haganeru crashes into the building.)

??? [On Ryushu's Comlink]: "Ryushu? (Static) Ta-- (Static) Force 41 is (Static) coming."

Ryu: Huh? [opens comlink]

[Spitfire Rangers are taking cover behind showers, shot at by Guards.]

Guard (to other guard): You know, the Glacians trying to take FRE property is an act of war.

Other Guard: You think we should report it?

Guard 1: Yep. (Turns on radio and reports attack to the EPP.)

EPP Officer (Radio): Okay....I've got 2 tanks heading your way E.T.A. 3 minutes. They do have orders to destroy the jail if nothing works.

Guard 1: Thank you sir.

[A flash happens, suddenly, all the power goes out! The Glacians have new Tech!]


Guard 1: (using mobile radio) We have a large power outage. No power...all inmates in a safe place.

EPP Officer: Still have tanks heading your way to clear resistance. Given orders to destroy the jail if nessecary. E.T.A. 1 minute.

Guard 1: Thank you, sir. Hold the jail until reinforcements arrive in 30 seconds!!

[The Tanks are hit by the EMP now.]

??? [Using Mobile Radio, Guards can get their signal]: "Afraid of the Dark?"

Guard: OK...we're retreating. (Mobile radio) EPP, report this to Palmford........the Glacians have taken the main jail, all inmates safe.

EPP: OK, I'll report it to Central Command and the Prime Minister.

Guard: Thanks. (They leave the jail.)

(Oh yeah, Glacians get more Modern now.)


MEP 14: Sir, sir!

Prime Minister: What is it?

MEP 14: We got a distresss call from the EPP. Read it.

P.M.: Let's see....(mumbles)......WHAT?? This is BAD, but I will NOT go to war, it will destroy us and the world. The Glacians are too superior......

MEP 14: Then what will we do?

P.M.: You know...bench new taxes for now.....we have a MAJOR security crisis. Where did this tussle happen?

MEP 14: At the Hunter County jail.

P.M.: Of course. After the rebellion, we enhanced our defenses and put in place an evacuation plan. ACTIVATE both of them!

MEP 14: Yes sir.

[But, due to the EMP, they won't activate!]

P.M.: OK, our defenses at the jail are ruined, but not the rest of the county! Get EVERYONE in Parkview to safety!

[SFX: Click, click, Kchrrt-Click!]

Guard: ???

[A gun pokes in.]

???: "Eclipse..."

Guards: ???. We think that's a the radio) Activate operation SHUTDOWN!

[The Guard is quickly shot down, Glacians were using Camoflague to hide in the area!]

(Soon, the Guards alert the EPP, who alert the Prime Minister.)

P.M.: THAT'S THE LAST STRAW!!! I'M CLOSING THE BORDER WITH GLACIAN Territory! (He signs the order. Within the next 15 days, the border is closed.)

Sign at the border: ALL pedestrians illegally crossing will be shot by the EPP, all planes will be shot down.

[But, the Glacians seem to have made Forts all over the Borders.]

(Central Command)

General: We don't want war! Closing the border was our only alternative. As long as the Glacians are on the other side of the border, and our tanks/troops don't march through it, we'll be fine.

Person: OK, sir...but what about the ports?

General: THE PORTS!! Why were we so stupid? WE FORGOT THE PORTS!! Contact the Prime Minister. He left a loophole....

Person: Why can't you just order troops to the ports?

General: Because I'm not the person in charge, HE is!

[They seemed to have set up an outpost at the Ports...]

Prime Minister: D'oh! Then what will we do?

General: Their OUR PORTS!! We have control!

P.M.: But we....great idea! But what about peace talks?

General: Your predecessor Laketree tried that, and he was almost executed!

P.M.: Then we need a plan. OK, when I say the border is closed, the border is closed! Get those Glacians off the ports IMMEDIATELY!

(Prower Manor)

Tails: Uh oh. Looks like Palmford wants the Glacians out of the ports.

Cathy: What will they do?

Tails: I guess they'll "boot" them out!

Cathy: We should tell someone.

Tails: No. I've interfered enough with the Glacians, and it ALMOST GOT ME KILLED!

Cathy: OK. Shouldn't they try peace talks?

Tails: Laketree tried it, and it...

Cathy:....almost got him peacefully executed.

Tails: Exactly! So I will not help the Glacians, because that's the same port where.....where.....I'll be in my room. (He leaves with a tear in his eye)

Cathy: Hmph!

[Gunshots are heard, Glacians are probably firing at their own equipment. Their acknowledgments are about if they get fired at, fired back is heard on Tails' Radio.]

(Last post, gonna go let off some steam.)

(Meanwhile, at Emerald Harbor....40 troops surge into the port followed by a G-Destroy tank.)

Soldiers: Hup hup!

(Back at Hunter County Jail...)

Ryu: Hello?! Scooter?!

(But he wasn't there...)

Ryu: the next nearest jail! (returns Haganeru)

(at the Parkview City Jail)

EPP Officer: (radio) Be alert....there was an attack at the Hunter County Jail. All guards be prepared.

Guard: We'll make sure they don't make it. (They put on bulletproof vests and arm themselves with sniper/regular rifles.)

(Close to Parkview City Jail, Ryu and the others are hiding.)

Albus: Maybe we could try something...less direct this time?

Guard: I the tank over here in front...we'll surround the other 3 sides.

(The G-Destroy tank parks in front while the Guards surround the Jail.)

Guard: You know, at this rate..I think their attacking the judicial system?

Guard 2: Maybe, maybe...

[The G-Destroy Tank is suddenly hit by artillery!]

Guard: ARTILLERY! Take cover! (The guards and inmates take cover)


P.M.: You know, one day I'll take a nice vacation and....

General: Sir, the Glacians have launched an artillery barrage at the Hunter County Jail!

P.M.: (spits out his coffee) They ARE risking a war, where BOTH sides will lose! Get a....(remembering the Rebellion)....declaration of war signed immediately!! I'll contact our allies as well.

(Pretty soon, the F.R.E. mobilizes its forces, as well as Echidna Country, Scootania and their territories.)

P.M.: They want a be it.

[P.M feels something hurting inside him...Then he passes out.]

General: OH GOD! Someone get him to the hospital!

Deputy: Yes sir. (3 minutes later an ambulance arrives and takes him to the Central Midlands Medical Hospital)

General: Just great. First Prower...THEN our Prime Minister?!

(Tails hears the news a few minutes later.)

Tais: This is an outrage!

Cathy: You're right.

???: "Tails, this isn't the Glacians' work, they never use poison...."

Tails: Then whose work is it?

[A Silver Wolf looking like Cameron steps in, having red hair and a Feraligatr next to him.]

???: "He's suffering from the very wrath of God."

Tails: Uh oh. If the Prime Minister recovers, we could be looking at trials, trials, trials!

Cathy: Then the war is not completely justified. I mean, the war was started for 2 reasons: Judicial attacks and the border shutdown. When will the Glacians leave the ports, anyway?

???: "The Glacians think they're fighting a defensive war here...My name's Silver, I'm a Schizo Personality of Cameron, or, was."

(The Ports. As the Tanks approach...)

General: Hold your fire! The P.M. is in the hospital, so we don't have to follow his orders for now! Turn back and head to your stations.

Tank Commander: Awww.....(they all turn back, sparing the Glacians for now.)

(Meanwhile, some construction workers are seen rebuilding the Hunter County Jail to make it usable. Back at Parkview City Jail...)

Head Guard: We have to stay on alert, that wolf (Cameron) has a lot of techno-gear, so we must be prepared! We will post guards and dogs around the perimeter and inside the jail in case they try to teleport. We will be fully armed. Report to your posts and report any activity brewing.

Guards: Yes sir.

(Back with the others...)

Ryu: Damn...

Shanoa: What is it?

Ryu: That was my plan; to have my Psyche teleport inside and look for Scooter...I don't want her to get attacked!

Albus: Why not teleport another Pokemon in there along with her?

Ryu: That's a good idea.

(Ryu releases Psyche (Gardevoir) and Capraz (Metagross).)

Ryu: Psyche, I need you to teleport yourself and Capraz inside that building over there. Look for this guy...(holds up picture of Scooter)...but do it as quickly as you can. We'll try to find another way in.

Psyche: Garde.

Capraz: Metagross!

(Psyche teleports the two of them inside Parkview City Jail. Inside...)

Guard: *patrolling the halls quietly with a gun* Look out for trouble, he says....what trouble???

[A click is heard.]

Guard: *radios main guard station* I've got intruders, Sector 6. (footsteps are barely heard in the distance.) As for that sound.....(gets his gun ready, as the footsteps come closer.)

[The Guard is suddenly hit in the ears, causing a shockwave to hit his brain.]

(A lot of muffled sounds are heard, such as "Man down!" and "Glacians! I knew they were up to no good!". They start firing. Meanwhile, one guard is guarding the Questioning Room.)

Questioner: So, I hear that you blew up a tank!

Scooter: It was an accident, sir.

Questioner: That's what they all say!! seem young for a *radio* We have a breach, Sector 6. Repeat, WE HAVE A BREACH IN SECTOR 6. *end radio* D***it! Sorry son, but you'll have to wait. All guards please report to Sector 6. (Presses a big red button and the alarm sounds, with a voice saying "Evacuation procedures activated.")

[A Wolfouse is seen in the shadows, obviously Glacian.]

Questioner: Who's that? *radio, again* I have a breach (somewhat) in Sector 7. *end radio* You are here for.....?

???: "This."

[The Wolfouse grabs Scooter and fades into the shadows.]


???: "They had you in deep, didn't they? I'm Lunar..."

Scooter: I'm Scooter. Thanks for getting me out.

(Meanwhile, with Psyche and Capraz...)

Psyche: {"He's not in any of these cells...!"}

???: FREEZE!!! Put your hands or something UP! (He seems to have an awkward Scope gun, and has the setting on "Magic Drainer".) You are working with the Glacians! Well we have special accomodations for POKEMON!


Superior: Never mind them! One of our inmates, Scooter the Hedgehog, has escaped with the help of a Wolfouse! Keep your gun on that setting and get help.

???: But sir, they're.....

Superior: NOW!!!!

(??? leaves, leaving the Pokemon spared. Psyche looks at Capraz.)

Psyche: {"Scooter's already out. There's no reason for us to linger."}

Capraz: {"Right"}

(Psyche teleports the two out of the jail.)

Part 6

(An emergency is officially declared for Hunter County! On WTTN-TV...)

Sylvia: Clearly this is a serious situation. 2 jails have been destroyed, and the federal government is willing to release Scooter the Hedgehog to spare Rebellion-esque destruction and chaos.

Cathy: Yeah, we ALL remember the Rebellion (sneers).

(Meanwhile......the Trolls get wind of these taxes!)

Bolt: What are taxes, Toxic?

Toxic: Laws that make people pay money for various things. Hmm...but how can this benefit us?

(On the TV)

Sylvia: The government is searching for this wolf (Cameron). A $200,000 reward and a tax-free year will be offered to anyone who has information on his whereabouts.

Toxic: That's PERFECT! We'll capture Wolfboy, turn him over, and get rich!

Frost: But, he's REALLY powerful!

Toxic: Hmm...yes...I got an idea! (turns around) OI! RUNT!

(Dismal cautiously approaches Toxic.)

Dismal: Yeah?

Toxic: See that wolf on the TV? (points to the TV)

Dismal: *nods*

Frost: Toxic, bro. We don't need to REALLY capture him; just get info on his whereabouts.

Toxic: Yes. So, Dismal, find out where Wolfboy is, and tell us!

Dismal: Okay...(he leaves)

[Toxic and Frost are both Shot!]

???: "Idiots, you can't really get him..."

(Dismal, hearing the gunshots, panics.)

Dismal: EEK!! (hides in a bush)

[A Blinding Light is unleashed. The Trolls are blinded, bar Dismal, who is hiding in the bush. The Mouse throws his weapon, which appears to be a greatsword (Dialga's Roar). A forbidden weapon of ultimate hits Toxic in the foot.]

Toxic: OWWW!! Hey, what's this? (looks down at the sword) Oooooooh....(grabs the sword's hilt)

???: .....

Toxic: Ha-HA! (yanks the sword out of his foot) OW!

[Toxic is then exploded into nothing when the Sword does it at it's own will with Temporal Energy...]

Trolls: O_O"

[The Sword floats back to the mouse.]


???: "Says the one that took my name."

Solar (troll): WHAAAAAAAA?!

Dismal: (Watching from the bushes)

Solar: "Yeah....So step outta the way, Troll."

[Solar shoots with Smite, landing a clean hit on Solar the Troll.]

Solar (troll): AGH!!

[Solar then uppercuts Solar the Troll. He lands in the same bush that Dismal is hiding in.]


Solar (troll): UGH!!

Dismal: *yelp*

Solar (troll): Ugh...

[Solar grabs Dismal and warps off.Meanwhile, at a meeting before Parliament...]

P.M.: ....and thus, I end with, SHAME on the Rebellion-causing maniacs! SHAME!

(Every government member there claps and cheers)

P.M.: As I have been elected for a SECOND term, I say, SHAME ON THE GLACIANS!

(Every government member celebrates. In secret...)

P.M.: I can't let this continue forever! I need to end this. (On the table next to him, he finds the Rebellion-era treaty.) This was broken, so I must try again! But the mistake last time was, Laketree signed it with a MILITARY commander, NOT the leader! (To his Security) I need to see the REAL leader of the Glacian Nation ASAP.

EIC members: Yes sir!! (They salute and leave.)

[So they enter the town near Tyker (Grace), they hear loud music in one of the most technological-looking buildings in it.]

EIC members: This looks like the place. (They have noice-canceling headphones.)

(So they enter.)

[The music gets silenter as they enter.]

EIC member: Something seems different on the inside.

EIC member #2: Should we put our weapons away?

EIC member: Yea. But keep your radar visor on.

EIC member #2: OK. (So they put their weapons away, but they keep their Tech Visors on.)

[They see Solar at one of the doors.]

Solar: "Hai guys." ^^

EIC member: Hello there. Hey, have you seen a wolf by the name of Cameron anywhere? (EIC intelligence officers are usually calm.)

Solar: "Yes sirs, ninety-nine floors up."


(Lawl, Glacians create high buildings.)

EIC member: The elevator will take too long. We need to use the teleporter.

EIC member #2: What about a Wyrd?

EIC member: You're right. We'll just have to take the elavator. (So they take the elevator. About 20 minutes later...)

EIC member: So you're sure that you turned the Telepathy Wall 3000 in your visor on?

EIC member #2: Yea, duh.

EIC member: Fine.

[The elevator doors open. There appears to be a stunningly pretty Ottsel (Otter-Weasel) operating the Elevator...]

EIC member: Good afternoon, madam. Do you know where Cameron can be found?

???: "Sure, going up."

[She presses a button and the elevator doors close as it heads up to Floor 100.]

EIC member: Glacians are pretty friendly.......why did there have to be a Rebellion?

(The doors finally open to Floor 100.)

???: "Because Shahooter is more hot-headed than Cameron."

EIC member: Oh. Well, we're here.

??? (In a cutesy voice): "Have a Nice Day sirs..~"

EIC member: Bye! Have a great day! :D

EIC member #2: Cameron? Hello?

Cameron: "Wha?"

[Cameron has a deep scar over his face, shaped like broken glass from a Parkview Alcohol bottle.]

[SB-Parkview Alcohol?! >:( I don't remember anyone throwing such a thing!!]
(Lawl, I think the people of Parkview probably raided his house in the border, that raided house, broke down two days later, Silverblaze High School is where it is now.)
[SB-Parkview can never be this big a city. Plus, remember, the border was guarded.]

(Yes, that's why Cameron's House has built in Defenses. X3)

EIC member: Gyahhh!, I understand that your house was raided?

Cameron: "Yes.."

[Cameron gets a popped vein from the thought.]

EIC member: But your house is on the border.....between the F.R.E. and the Glacian Nation. That area is heavily guarded thanks to the Border Closing.

Cameron: "I'm willing to make that place a school if people don't smash bottles in my f**kin' face."

EIC member: But here's a cultural thought for us......our mobs usually include sticks and pitchforks, but you're a technomage, master over almost every bit of technology. Don't you have a security system?

Cameron: "APPARENTLY SOME P-V (Parkview) officials shut down my Parkview side of security. With an Electro-Magnetic Pulse."

EIC member: Well, I don't get why, but maybe some jail guards were mad about the EMP power outage and one of their rare G-Destroy tanks being destroyed.

EIC member #2: Or maybe some of them were mad about the Rebellion. But if you want, we'll send a cleanup crew here from North Buckner. They're the best crew in the country.

Cameron: "No thank you, Wraithguards are cleaning up the heap, besides, Glacians were angry to hear that Scooter was being Interroed."

EIC member: Well, we'll try to sort out the vandals. But that's not what we were sent for. As you may recall, our old Prime Minister tried to settle disputes in peace talks with Shahooter, which ultimately failed. So we've been sent to try again with you. Nobody will stop these protests until this conflict ends!

Cameron: "We'll be dancing in circles if the PM does it."

EIC member #2: What does he mean?

Cameron: "A lot, Taxes with no faxes is dictator-like (Lawlref)."

EIC member: Well then, this is your lucky day! Primaries and debates are over, and the general election 2010 is on Tuesday! (:D

Cameron: "Wha?"

[Cameron is suddenly tackle-hugged by the elevator attendant.]

Cameron: "WTF?!"

EIC member #2: WTH?

[Her tails twirl like a propeller from excitement.]

EIC member: ???

[The Ottsel seems to be in love with him.]

EIC member: Oh no! A love affair! This will interfere with our goal! D:<

Cameron: "Yep..." @_@

(Back with the Trolls...)

Poison: WTF just happened?! >:1

[A knife hits Poison in the crotch.]

Poison: GAAAAAAAAHH!! [holding his crotch]

Frost: Uhhh........oh crap.

[Two knives hit Frost in the crotch.]


(Meanwhile, wherever Dismal got teleported off seems he's trapped in a Box.)

Dismal: Wh-Where am I?! It's so dark...and small!!

Joshua: "What's in the box? Let's see what's iiiiin the box."

[Joshua opens it.]

Joshua: "HOLY **** A SKELE!"

Dismal: *girly scream*

[He slides Dismal in a containment room.]

Dismal: !!

[He lands in, seeing Morales, his Ninetales, and his Gardevoir.]

Dismal: ???

Morales: "Oh, a patient!"

Dismal: *gulp* P-P-Patient...?! (he backs away)

Morales: "Aw don't worry, I won't hurt you..."

Dismal: (Has his back to the door) *whimpering*

Morales: "I said I won't hurt you."

(Dismal refuses to approach Morales.)

Morales: ...... "Please?"

(This definitely gets Dismal's attention. He walks over to Morales, however, he still looks scared.)

Dismal: .......

Morales: "Thank you....Psychea?"

[The Gardevoir nods and leads Dismal to a bed, with no restraints, no heavy gear, just a normal soft bed...]

Dismal: ........ (looks a bit confused)

Morales: "We aren't going to hurt you.."

Dismal: O-Okay...(hesitantly sits on the bed)

Morales: "Roll over."

Dismal: O-Onto my stomach...?

Morales: "Yes please."

Dismal: *low whine* (hesitantly but obediently lays down on his stomach)

Morales: "Psychea, if you'd will."

Psychea: "Voir...."

[Psychea starts to massage Dismal!]

Dismal: *gasp*

Morales: "See, we are not going to hurt you." ^^

(Dismal grips the bedsheets; he's not used to this. It feels nice however.....he eventually relaxes, releasing his grip.)

Dismal: Haaaaaahhhhh.......

Morales: "Doesn't that feel good?" ^^

Dismal: Yeah....

(Despite the fact he's relaxed, his back looks painfully stiff and crooked...Psychea straightens his back out as gently as she can.)

Dismal: Aah...!

Psychea: ^^

Dismal: Ahhhhhh....

(His back suddenly cracks loudly.)

Dismal: Ahh!! Wh-What was that?!

Psychea: "That was your back..."

Dismal: Wh-Why did it m-m-make that noise?! I don't think I like this anymore...!

Psychea: "Calm down, it's just ricked...."

[She applies Psychic pressure, making it feel nicer.]

Dismal: Haahhh....

Psychea: ^^

(A bit later, after the massage...)

Dismal: -w-

Psychea: "Feeling alright now?"

Dismal: Yeah....

Psychea: "Good." ^^

(Scene: L. W. Minten Housing Agency, Chaos City. Kasha-Na is sat opposite Lawrence Minten, who is at his desk searching his computer. There are several minutes of silence.)

Kasha-Na: Well...?

Minten: I have found one place for you to live, Miss Kasha-Na. But I don’t think you’ll like it...

Kasha-Na: Where is it? What’s it like? I’ll live anywhere now that I’ve abandoned the Council of Albion.

Minten: Well... it’s an upper-middle class house in a small housing estate just outside of central Parkview. There is a swimming pool out back, yadda, yadda, yadda... but there are no other places available for you.

Kasha-Na: Well... umm... what’s wrong with it?

Minten: The bills.

(Minten passes a long sheet of paper to Kasha-Na that has been waiting in the printer. She reads it.)

Kasha-Na: Woah! That’s ridiculous!

Minten: Yes, it is. But it’s only going to get worse.

(Minten goes back onto his computer.)

Minten: ' Apparently, the F.R.E. has already passed a new military tax of 19.6%, thanks top the Prime Minister! It’s ridiculous! We should really point out that the F.R.E. are a republic, so they’ll have to pay the taxes too!

Kasha-Na: Well... I have nowhere else to go... I guess Parkview is my only option...

Election Day

After 1 year of blunder, Rebellion and taxes, the stage is set for an excellent election. Will PM Palmford keep his spot? Or will the Emeraldsbourg Liberal Party and Mobian Green Party take the majority for the first time in years?

(Now on PBC One, the Election 2010 special.)

Katie Lambard: Taxes, Rebellion, what else? Oh yeah, the election. Will Palmford stay in office for another term, or will the ELP and MGP parties come back to claim victory and abolish these taxes? All will be certain by tonight. Welcome to the PBC's coverage of Election 2-0-1-0!

[An unarmed Marauder Buggy pulls in, bearing the Temporal, Space servants' symbols, and the Black Ops symbol.]

Cameron's thoughts: 'ELP and MGP....'

Guard: Sir, you're not allowed on PBC premises without a valid permit.

[He shows his Glacian Leader passbook.]

[SFX: Big drum sound, as if someone did something stupid.]

Guard: Sir, just because you're the Glacian Leader doesn't mean that this passbook is valid everywhere!

[He opens it, revealing stamps. It has a PBC stamp on it.]

[SFX: BIGGER Drum sound]

(How'd Cameron get it? He's a Technomage, he could've gotten the stamp fixing technology.)

Guard: You're a Technomage, so I'm not sure if this is a valid stamp.

[It's listed with Tails' Signature.]

Cameron: - -'

Cameron's thoughts: 'Is this guard biased or somethin'?'

Guard: Fine, you may proceed. And I heard that!

Cameron: "Mind Transmitter?"

Guard: Nope. By the look of your face.


Katie: Well, our exit poll will be revealed in about 10 seconds. Remember, if the poll was spot-on, then voting wouldn't be needed. (2 second break) And there it is! It will be a draped parliament, with the ELP as the largest party at 105 seats.

Cameron's thoughts: 'Hah...?!'

Katie: So now we will turn to our political analysts.....(blah blah blah)......

[SFX: Beep!]

Katie: Well we have our first result from Pulaski North, and it will be an MPP hold.

Cameron's thoughts: 'Boring...' - -'

(So we skip ahead 13 hours......)

Katie: And now our final result from Milner & Area: an ELP gain. So by the looks so far, it will be an ELP victory, which could mean no more taxes.

Cameron's thoughts: 'Hooray?'

(After the victory speech)

Katie: It is confirmed, Jesey Wildwood will be our new Prime Minister. His last word of his speech was: "We'll forgive the Glacians! We'll abolish the taxes!" Could that be a good sign? That will be on PBC National News at 5:00. Thank you for watching for over 13 hours. I'll see you soon! (and we're clear...)

Cameron: "Aaaaaaaah....?"

[Cameron's struck senseless as he falls over in a faint.]

Person: Sir? Quickly, we need paramedics! (phone) Hello? Yes....bye.

(2 minutes later, a StarMED ambulance arrives and they escort Cameron out on a gurney.)

[Cameron raises his head up.]

Cameron: "Ooof, that was a blood rush..." @_@

Medic: Dangit! (To the person who called 911) Don't call 911 unless it's an actual emergency.

Cameron: "Like checking the breathing perhaps?"

Person: Actually, he's right. I did overreact. Everyone has a blood rush from time to time.

[SB-PBC's logo has changed!]

It's simpler, yet more original!


Cameron: "Yeah..." ><'

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